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Ridge and Caroline's romantic evening turned sad when the couple agreed to dissolve their marriage. Eric broke up with Quinn but was thrilled when she showed up to surprise him in Monte Carlo. Liam coped with seeing Wyatt and Steffy happy together. Steffy warned Wyatt to keep Quinn away.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 25, 2016 on B&B
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Eric break up with Quinn by text Eric break up with Quinn by text

Monday, July 25, 2016

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline arrived in the living room, dressed for a date with her husband. Ridge said she was beautiful. She complimented him and the setting he'd put together. As he poured them drinks, she cooed over the Champagne, caviar, and chocolates. He claimed he'd picked the flowers, also, and they laughed. Ridge toasted to Caroline.

Caroline was happy for the alone time. Ridge believed they'd needed it -- plus Thomas needed to bond with Douglas. She remarked that Ridge had been good about giving Thomas the time. Ridge claimed that he was being selfish and taking advantage of the opportunity to admire Caroline and tell her that he loved her. He asked her to never doubt it.

Caroline didn't know how she could after all she and Ridge had been through together. Ridge toasted to Caroline Spencer Forrester and gave her a solemn gaze. She loved that he'd created a special night for her and gaily remarked that she didn't even remember who she'd been before him. Ridge had changed her. He said she'd done the same for him.

Caroline had arrived in Ridge's life when Ridge's talent and identity had been gone. It scared him to think of what would have been if she hadn't found him. She said not to be scared because she wasn't going anywhere. She stated that her wedding promise had been forever, and she kissed him.

Ridge's head bowed as he recalled Caroline yelling that she couldn't believe that it was true that Thomas had taken advantage of her, because Thomas was Ridge's son. Ridge had demanded to know who Thomas was to her, and she'd yelled that Thomas was the father of her baby.

Caroline snapped Ridge out of it, asking what had just happened. Ridge strode to the fireplace. Caroline turned him to her and asked what was bothering him. He replied that he'd been talking to Brooke, and between the two of them, they'd made a lot of mistakes in life. Caroline remarked that everyone made mistakes. Ridge said some mistakes were bigger than others. He believed he'd been selfish, and kids deserved "us" to be there for them, including Douglas. Caroline didn't get what Ridge was saying.

On the jet, Liam was talking to Eric about his foundation. Wyatt remarked that he and Bill wanted to turn a profit while Liam wanted to save the world. Eric thought both goals were good and saw no reason that they had to be mutually exclusive. Wyatt asked Eric not to encourage Liam.

Wyatt took more social pictures of Steffy and decided they needed to get one of her in the cockpit with a pilot hat on. Liam asked if Wyatt would really post all those pictures. Steffy said Wyatt was creating buzz about the summit. Wyatt added that he was building anticipation for the beautiful and talented Steffy's arrival. Liam noted that Wyatt had the camera constantly in Steffy's face, just feeding "the machine" before eyes fell on something else.

Eric seemed amused as he observed the Steffy, Wyatt, and Liam. Wyatt claimed it was how it worked, and he and Steffy were having fun working. Steffy asked Wyatt and Liam to stop bickering in close quarters. Wyatt apologized to his wife and said, "Let's just go over here."

Eric resumed talk with Liam about the foundation. Looking over his shoulder at Wyatt, Liam exclaimed that he was doing his part to save the planet. Wyatt asserted that they didn't need to lose focus of their mission -- to grow the Spencer brand and make profits. Wyatt decided it was time for him and Steffy to take a nap, and Liam stared off thoughtfully as they exited.

Eric was about to comment to Liam, but Liam said it was okay. Liam asked to hear about Eric's new lady, whom Liam felt Eric should have invited on the trip. Eric replied that it wasn't that kind of relationship, and he didn't see it going anywhere.

Observing Liam, Eric offered not to tell anyone if Liam let his guard down. Eric could see that the forced exposure to Wyatt and Steffy was wearing on Liam. Liam remarked that it was hard to imagine that one woman could cause "so much damage." Liam didn't know how Quinn could take a man with a brain injury from his life and family, and it had been why he'd lost Steffy.

Liam said the kidnapping had fundamentally changed his life. Eric asked what the time in the cabin with Quinn had been like. Liam didn't know how to reconcile who Quinn had been with him at the cabin versus who he'd known her to be. Eric asked if it had been totally different. Affirming it, Liam said that to let Quinn tell it, she'd fallen in love with him, and it had made her want to be a better person.

Liam said Quinn wanted to find a good man. Liam felt sorry for the new man. He said none of her good intentions mattered because she was a human wrecking ball. Eric admired Liam. It wouldn't have bothered Eric if it had worked out with Liam and Steffy, and he was sorry for Liam that it hadn't. Liam thanked Eric and admitted that it drove him crazy to see the "stupid" wedding bands.

In the separate cabin, Wyatt proposed that he and Steffy take a mini honeymoon after the summit. Steffy liked the sound of it, if they had time. He said it was okay with him either way because he'd married the sexiest woman on the planet. Steffy grinned with a faraway look in her eyes.

Later, Steffy watched Wyatt sleep for a moment. She opened her cabin door in time to overhear Liam and Eric talking. Liam was saying that his father was on his case about respecting Wyatt and Steffy's marriage. Eric asked if there was any other choice. Liam wished he knew how to respect vows that had been made under false assumptions. Liam said he loved Steffy, and he didn't care if pursuing her was wrong. Liam wouldn't give up until he and Steffy had the life they'd planned.

Steffy slipped back into her room. Liam decided to get some sleep. Eric sat down in another part of the jet to text-message Quinn. He wrote that he'd enjoyed their time together, but he couldn't see it going further. It had been what it had been, and it had been a joy for him. "But all bad things -- whether they are really good -- must come to an end," Eric texted.

At Quinn's place, Deacon tried to dissuade Quinn from taking the trip to Monte Carlo. He declared that it had disaster and her name written all over it. Quinn showed off her outfits as she packed them. Deacon couldn't believe the lingerie she'd chosen and noted that her outfits were mostly black. Quinn had been getting away from black, but Eric seemed to like it.

Deacon called Quinn's decision to go to Monte Carlo reckless and asked if she cared about her son's marriage. Quinn replied that Wyatt wouldn't even know she was there. Deacon noted that Quinn hadn't even made a plan and was going off half-cocked. She replied that she'd stay in Eric's hotel room -- as her and Eric's sexy secret. She ordered Deacon to stop trying to talk her out of it because it was final.

Quinn demanded that Deacon book her a window seat in first class, but Deacon said she couldn't afford it. He'd only found coach tickets for a middle seat on "Discount Airlines," the only carrier with flights out that night for Monte Carlo. He felt that it was an omen and urged her not to go. Deacon had a feeling that "this thing" would backfire big time.

Deacon insisted that Steffy could find out, and if she did, she'd blow. He was certain it would ruin Wyatt's marriage because Steffy had warned Wyatt enough. Deacon said Quinn had worked too hard to let one misstep overseas ruin the marriage she'd worked so hard to make happen -- unless Quinn had changed her mind about the marriage. Quinn replied that she hadn't.

Deacon warned Quinn again that it was too risky to go to Monte Carlo. Quinn began to consider Deacon's warnings. Restricted access to her son was bad enough, in her opinion, and she considered that she might not have thought things through. She didn't want to lose Eric, either. She thanked Deacon for being there and helping her not to risk the best thing that had happened to her in a long time.

"On second thought, I think you'd better catch that flight," Deacon joked. Quinn thanked him for being a good friend. Just then, she received an upsetting text message from Eric, who was breaking up with her. Quinn exclaimed that she hadn't done anything wrong. Deacon was sorry about it.

Quinn wouldn't accept it. She ordered Deacon to book that flight because she was going to Monte Carlo.

A relationship ends A relationship ends

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

by Pam

On the Spencer jet en route to the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo, Liam sat wide awake while Eric slept. In the private cabin, Steffy was awake, and Wyatt awakened and asked if she was excited about the event. He noted that it was good for the company and good for Eric.

Steffy agreed. It was a good time for Eric to return to his position as CEO at Forrester. She said he had been lonely without Stephanie. Wyatt agreed, and he asked about the "lady friend" that Eric had mentioned. Steffy said she had no idea who it might be.

Later, Steffy and Wyatt joined Eric and Liam in the main cabin of the plane, and they discussed what to do if the media asked why Bill had not attended the summit. Steffy pointed out that they didn't want to mention any marital issues. Wyatt added that they wanted to make sure they conveyed the right messages to the media and stayed focused on their mission and that Steffy got plenty of attention as the social media star. Liam rolled his eyes, and Wyatt reminded him that philanthropy had to wait.

Later, Eric, Wyatt, Steffy, and Liam arrived in Monte Carlo, and crowds gathered to see Steffy, shoot photos of her, get autographs, and talk to her. Wyatt laughed and enjoyed it. Liam scoffed, and Wyatt told him to lighten up.

At Quinn's place. Quinn lamented to Deacon that Eric had broken up with her, and she had to get a flight to Monte Carlo to change his mind and rekindle their romance. Deacon said it was a bad idea, but Quinn refused to change her mind.

Quinn wanted to move her relationship with Eric to a more committed level. Deacon insisted it was a mistake. Quinn packed her bags, checked that she had everything, and headed to the airport.

Later at the airport, Quinn boarded the plane and discovered she would be seated between a husband and wife who did not like to sit together. "She likes the window, and I like the aisle," he said. Quinn found herself wedged between them. "Monte Carlo, here I come," she said.

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline and Ridge had time alone because Thomas had taken Douglas for the night at the loft. Ridge noted that Thomas had texted Caroline numerous times, and he wondered if everything was okay at the loft. Caroline answered that it was just a father and son doing things that fathers and sons did.

Ridge joked that they were drinking beers and watching sports, and Caroline said Douglas was more likely to have a "baba" and want to stay up late. Caroline showed Ridge a photo of Douglas. "He's cuddled up in his daddy's arms," she said. "Thomas' little boy," Ridge noted. Caroline worried that something was wrong.

Ridge admitted that he felt they needed to discuss what would happen when everything went public. He said he felt he had not made good choices. He had never meant to hurt Thomas or Caroline, but he knew he had because he hadn't understood what had really happened the night that Caroline and Thomas had been together. "The three of us understand much better now," he said. Caroline said nothing.

Ridge said he had overheard Caroline and Thomas talking. He said he had always known that Thomas loved Caroline, but he had never realized how much she cared for him. He felt he was the one in the middle.

Caroline said her feelings for Thomas had taken place "a thousand years ago." Ridge added that Thomas had matured and become more respectful because of Douglas. "Being a father has been the best thing that could happen to him," Ridge said.

Ridge noted that he could tell that there was something between Thomas and Caroline because of the way they had looked at each other and had related to each other. Ridge said he'd made a mistake in taking Douglas from Thomas, and he had hurt both Thomas and Caroline.

Ridge had never meant to hurt them, and he respected Caroline more than anybody else. "I got to make it right for you, for Thomas ... make it right for your little family," Ridge said. Caroline begged him not to say anything else.

"It's time, Caroline," he said. She asked him to sit down with her. He told her he had cherished every moment they'd spent together. He lamented that he didn't know when he'd lost her, but he missed it. "And I am sorry," he lamented.

Ridge was grateful that she had spent her time with him. She had set the bar high for the next woman who entered his life because he knew "what love should be." "You've got to know there isn't a man in the world who loved you more, and there never will be," he said. They were both emotional, with tears in their eyes.

"Our time together is over, isn't it? Caroline asked. "What we had -- those are the best moments of my life," she said. She understood that they had both tried to get back what they'd had before. Caroline and Ridge hugged. "I couldn't give you the one thing in life that you wanted most," he said.

Caroline said they still loved each other. She whispered that her time with him had been a magnificent journey, and he had taught her "so much" about herself and about life. They both were tearful, and Ridge picked up a pencil and a sketch of a design. They drew together, and he kissed her neck.

Flashbacks revealed Ridge and Caroline's first times drawing together with his hand on top of hers, her experience of learning to walk again after her accident, and him painting a portrait of her, and then they had painted each other and made love. Flashbacks continued to their wedding day.

The flashbacks stopped, and Ridge set the pencil down. He removed his ring and so did she. They set them on a table in front of their wedding picture. They tearfully hugged.

Quinn travels alone to Monte Carlo Quinn travels alone to Monte Carlo

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

by Pam

In Monte Carlo, Eric, Steffy, Liam, and Wyatt arrived at the Spencer Summit. Eva greeted them and said they would be next on the red carpet, where the media would greet them. Eva suggested that Eric should make his announcement to the media on the red carpet rather than inside during his speech. Eric, Steffy, Liam, and Wyatt agreed it was a great idea.

Once Steffy and Wyatt were on the red carpet, media representatives quizzed Steffy about how she had become a phenomenon on social media -- the new "It Girl." Steffy gushed, and Wyatt claimed he was proud of his wife and "everything we are accomplishing together."

Eric and Liam stood on the red carpet, and media reps asked why Bill Spencer couldn't be there. Liam acknowledged that their father couldn't attend, but he and Wyatt were honored that a legend like fashion icon Eric Forrester had agreed to speak at the summit. "Everyone will be inspired," Liam promised.

Reporters asked Eric how he felt about Steffy's marriage to a Spencer, and Eric quipped that she would always be a Forrester. Reporters asked about his rumored big announcement. Eric promised a scoop and said that he had founded Forrester Creations 50 years earlier and had recently decided to step back, but he had since decided that "retirement isn't for everyone." He announced that he was returning to his position as CEO of Forrester Creations. Everyone smiled and cheered. Media members took photos of Eric. He said he had more to give.

Liam spoke about giving back and making a difference, and Wyatt added that his wife had surpassed two million followers. He promised it was only the beginning. He added that Spencer planned a revolutionary online experience for readers. Spencer would be at the forefront in all news and social media platforms.

After the summit, Eva met with Eric in his hotel room and congratulated him on his successful speech and announcement at the summit. She left, and Pierre, the hotel manager, greeted Eric and asked if everything was okay. Eric thanked him for his attention to detail, and Pierre congratulated him for becoming CEO once again. Eric thanked him. Pierre wondered if anyone had accompanied him to Monte Carlo. "No one else -- just me," Eric responded. Pierre left, and Eric flashed back to kissing Quinn.

On the beach, Steffy and Wyatt ducked between raindrops and found a spot under an umbrella. Steffy said they had a few hours before their next event, and they kissed. Wyatt said she probably had more than three million followers, and they both laughed.

Steffy said that her grandfather had delivered an inspiring speech. Wyatt agreed, and he added, "You were just magnificent, sexy, and wonderful. You impressed me." Steffy wanted to celebrate with Champagne. Wyatt agreed.

Liam watched from a distance. Wyatt left to get Champagne, and Liam joined Steffy. He worried that there was not enough security for Steffy. She wasn't worried because Quinn was in Los Angeles. Liam was doubtful. Wyatt showed up with Champagne and told Steffy and Liam not to worry. Wyatt told Liam to lighten up. Liam walked away.

Wyatt said they needed some photos of Steffy sipping Champagne on the French Riviera. Wyatt shot photos of Steffy, and they laughed and kissed, and Liam sullenly watched from a distance.

On the commercial flight to Monte Carlo, Quinn sat between a loud married couple, and they sang and harmonized. Quinn reminded them they were singing loudly on an airplane. The husband noted that they didn't sound half bad. Quinn offered to change seats many times, but they reiterated that the wife wanted the window seat, and the husband wanted the aisle.

Quinn wanted a blanket, and the wife said she always carried a blanket, and they shared it with her. They sang again, and Quinn grimaced. The wife showed Quinn pictures of their son and their dog.

Talk turned to why Quinn was visiting Monte Carlo. Quinn explained that she was hoping to patch things up with a man she had met at work. The couple hoped she was successful. She added that she had a son with a wife of his own.

Turbulence hit, and the couple grasped hands over Quinn. The woman said she was queasy, and her husband tried to calm her, but she vomited in Quinn's lap. The couple continued to irritate Quinn with their eating habits, snoring, and more. When they parted after the flight, Quinn was relieved.

Eric is surprised on the pier Eric is surprised on the pier

Thursday, July 28, 2016

In Monaco, Liam lurked behind some beach umbrellas as Wyatt conducted a beachside photo shoot of Steffy with his cell phone.

Afterward, Wyatt and Steffy settled back on their lounge chairs beneath the umbrellas, and he asked if she was good. Steffy called it perfection. He replied that it might be if Liam wasn't skulking around. "Wyatt..." Steffy said in a warning tone. Wyatt asked if he'd brought up Liam, apologized, and said he wouldn't do it again. "Good," she responded. Wyatt decided to live in the moment, which was good.

Wyatt said he'd told Steffy that their life would be good, and it had been -- from the Malibu beach wedding to the Côte d'Azur. The only issue was sharing her with millions of followers. She warned that he was talking about her public. He said they had to do what they had to do in public, but in private, they could do what they wanted.

Wyatt sneaked onto Steffy's chaise chair and claimed something was on her neck. He nibbled at it, but Steffy shrank back and giggled that they weren't in private. She claimed she was sweaty and working on her tan. Wyatt didn't see any sweat. With a playful stubbornness, he pretended that he didn't want it anymore. Steffy scanned the area to see who was looking, and Wyatt swooped back down on her and kissed her neck. She erupted in giggles.

In Eric's hotel room, Eric was wistful as he checked cards from flowers and gifts on his coffee table. He recalled times with Quinn and tossed the cards aside. Eric's doorbell rang, and he answered the door for Liam. He told Liam that Wyatt and Steffy were on the beach.

Liam knew it; he'd just wanted to congratulate Eric again. Liam remarked upon the gifts on the table and guessed the city had beaten him to it. Eric replied that the citizens had been kind. Eric enjoyed public speaking. He joked that Stephanie had always said he just loved the sound of his own voice.

Liam said he'd never heard Eric's point about culture, clothing, and protest. Liam agreed that people wore their passions about life and causes on their faces and displayed it through their clothes. Eric replied that they also just "mooned" people. Liam wanted a shirt that read, "My life was fuller before Quinn Fuller." Liam asked if Eric wanted one, because Quinn had pushed his niece off a bridge and had had his son tossed out of a helicopter.

Later, over Champagne, Eric asked Liam what he'd do. Liam didn't know and remarked that creating a foundation seemed like a good idea because fixing the world was more manageable than fixing his own life. Eric was sorry. Liam knew that there wasn't much Eric could say because he was Steffy's grandfather. He was just glad Eric wasn't giving the "respect the marriage" speech.

Eric asked if there was any man in the world who never wanted a woman who was absolutely forbidden for one reason or another. Eric said he'd done it, and a younger man would do it. Eric believed that time healed all wounds -- just not always properly -- and life had the uncanny gift of surprise. Eric had learned not to expect anything but the unexpected.

Outside the airport, Quinn marveled at the beauty of the city as she tugged her wheeled bag down the brick paved sidewalk. She hailed a cab and watched the sites from the window as the driver took off. The taxi pulled up at the curb of the Spencer Summit event site, which buzzed with vendor activity beneath red canopies. High above the site, a huge screen showed shots from the red carpet. Quinn grinned upon seeing Eric on-screen.

Later, Quinn exited at a hotel that sponsored the summit. She wore a black floppy hat, sunglasses, and a gossamer, flowing blouse. To her surprise, Eric, who was having wine on a hotel veranda, called her. He asked if it was a bad time. She said a bad time had been the previous day when he'd broken up with her. He was sorry he hadn't handled it well, even if it had been the right thing.

Eric thanked Quinn for encouraging him to retake the company reins. It was the best thing that had happened to him. She asked how he'd been received and how his speech had been. Eric relayed that he'd been thunderously well received. She was glad. "I just wish --" she said.

"Yeah, me, too," Eric replied. He said he missed Quinn, too. Quinn asked him to say it again. He repeated the part about being thunderously well received. She imagined that he was surrounded by fans and well-wishers. Eric replied that he was more like an old, ancient relic that people paused to admire before moving on. She believed people were intimidated by Eric, a monument to something greater than themselves. Eric said that all he'd done was follow his passion. "For design?" she asked.

"For the bodies of women," Eric responded. Quinn said she'd offer hers, "but..." Eric replied that he wished she was "here for that." She replied that she could be, but he noted that they had thousands of miles between them.

Quinn asked what Eric was doing, and Eric said he was sitting and gazing at the Mediterranean, which was the color of her electric blue eyes. She asked if he'd do something for her. "Is it illegal?" the titillated Eric asked. She instructed him to go to the water and think of her.

Back on the beach, Liam could hardly order a drink from the hut bar on the beach because he was laser focused on Steffy and Wyatt, who canoodled by the water. The bartender asked if Liam was awaiting someone, and Liam remarked that he was with his brother and his brother's wife. The man asked if Liam was having a good time. "Nope," Liam said and slammed down his glass.

As Liam left the bar, Wyatt was sneaking out his cell phone in the middle of a kiss with Steffy. Steffy told him not to because some moments were private. He claimed it was what people wanted to see most. Steffy snatched the device and threatened to throw it in the water.

Approaching, Eric said Wyatt would just buy another one. Steffy asked if Eric wanted to join her and Wyatt, but he replied that he had a date -- with the beautiful Mediterranean.

A song sung by Scott Clifton played over scenes of the seaside city. Liam roamed aimlessly, much like he'd done in Paris. He flashed back on times with Steffy and recalled what he'd just seen between Wyatt and Steffy on the beach. The lyrics lamented, "How you and I became the song that never played..."

Liam glanced out at the sea, and when he gazed up to the street, raised on an overlook behind him, he stopped cold. He'd spotted a woman in a flowing outfit, a black floppy hat, and sunglasses. "No..." he said and ran toward the steps to access the promenade. He scanned the crowd, but the woman had disappeared.

Later, Liam raced up to Wyatt, who was still on the beach with Steffy. Liam demanded to know if Wyatt had heard from "her." Wyatt asked who. Liam snatched Wyatt's phone from him, asking if she'd called him. Wyatt asked who Liam was talking about. Wyatt rolled his eyes when Liam said he believed he'd just seen Quinn, but then she'd been gone. "Was Elvis with her?" Wyatt asked.

Steffy asked what the point would be of Quinn being in Monte Carlo. Liam asked if the point Steffy inquired about would be in reality or in Quinn's mind. Steffy assumed Quinn was haunting Liam, who seemed to be experiencing posttraumatic stress, because there was no way Quinn was there. "Can I have my phone back, please?" Wyatt asked.

On the pier, Eric rested his arms on a guardrail and stared at the water. He thought of being there because Quinn had asked him to look at the water and think of her. When he turned, a woman removed her black floppy hat as she strode toward him. His mouth gaped as she removed her dark glasses. He studied Quinn in wonder as she neared him.

Quinn uttered, "Hi," and Eric repeated the word, still amazed to see her. She asked if "they" were still the same color of blue. "You're here?" Eric asked. Quinn replied that she was -- only if he wanted her to be. Eric drew her in for a long kiss. He stared at her and kissed her again. She laughed as the kisses trailed down her neck.

Eric wants Quinn to stay Eric wants Quinn to stay

Friday, July 29, 2016

In Monaco, Quinn told Eric that she'd flown in that morning. She'd had to see him after the message he's sent her. She said he'd never answered her about the blue of her eyes and of the water. Eric pulled her in for a kiss.

Eric and Quinn went to his hotel room. Quinn didn't want to add drama to his life. She'd arrived there to see him, and with it accomplished, she was willing to leave. Thrilled that she was there, he replied that she absolutely wouldn't go. He'd been out of sorts when he'd sent the breakup message. She asked why he'd sent it. He said he'd spent most of the flight there talking to Liam.

"Say no more," Quinn replied. Eric stated that Liam was a good man. Quinn agreed. Her biggest regret of all others was hurting Liam. She claimed to be different. Eric replied that he was aware of it and had realized it a while back, if she'd recall. She wished she had a fraction of his positivity and said that he was good for her. He felt that she was great for him. He hadn't felt that good in a long time.

Eric asked if anyone could know that Quinn was there. Quinn replied that it would start a world war with his granddaughter, but Quinn's solution was to never leave his room. She was sure he had business to conduct and wanted time with his family. He asked where she'd go, and she said she'd slip out of the country under the cover of darkness.

Quinn figured that Eric had gotten an earful from Liam, who had a right to hate her. Eric said her actions had been wrong. She said it wasn't who she was anyone, and she had Liam to thank for it. Liam had helped her find another side of herself. Eric was glad to get to experience it. She planned to never turn back, even if their relationship didn't work out.

Quinn vowed to never be "her" again. Quinn figured she'd eventually find someone else who was kind and gentle -- the way she wanted to be and the way Eric was. They kissed.

In bed together later, Quinn and Eric shared a glass of Champagne. She couldn't believe they were in Monte Carlo together. He asked about her flight. Not wanting to discuss it, she conveyed that sometimes, it was about the destination, not the journey. She remarked that it had been wild. He replied that she was the wild one. Quinn asserted that he was wild and sexy. "Yeah, that's me," he replied, kissing her. To her, he lived a rich existence, and she was happy if she could add just a bit more.

Eric said that Quinn added to it and did "so much more." Lying on his chest, Quinn admitted that she'd been nervous on the way there about his rejection and about Steffy. Quinn said that they couldn't let Steffy know about Quinn's presence because it would jeopardize Wyatt's marriage. Eric agreed that Steffy could not find out.

On the beach, Liam watched as Wyatt took cell phone photos of Steffy and a group of people. Once the session ended, Liam approached to discuss the next day's agenda. Wyatt recalled that there would be events on the Stella Maris. Liam was surprised Wyatt hadn't commandeered the boat for himself.

When Liam disclosed that he was meeting Prince Albert, Steffy suggested using the boat. Wyatt intervened, saying that the yacht was for Spencer events, not Liam's thing. Wyatt walked off to take a call. Steffy told Liam that she supported his foundation and respected what he was doing.

Later, in a hotel room, Liam looked as if he was barely holding it together. Eva snapped him out of it when she said that Eric's speech had gotten good coverage, and she'd done Liam a favor and confirmed his meeting. He thanked her.

Eva admired Liam's determination. "It's hard waking up a sleeping world," she said, but she had the impression that there was more troubling Liam than that, and he was running from something. Liam said she was perceptive, and he was running from the fact that he'd been robbed of the life he should be living.

Eva and Liam discussed what a miracle it would be if Bill got on Liam's project. Eva joked that they'd name a fish after Bill. Liam didn't believe there was a fish big enough, but she said there were plenty of fish in the sea. "But when you've been involved with someone like Steffy..." Liam said.

Eva understood about losing someone significant. Liam seemed surprised that it had happened to Eva. Eva said that everyone had probably experienced it but moved on eventually. "Or you start a foundation," Liam reasoned. He'd wanted to do something profound after losing everything that had mattered in his life. Losing it had made him see that other things also mattered.

Eva was proud of him for taking on the challenge. Liam said he should be living it up in Monte Carlo. Eva asked if he wanted to explore a little and mentioned that she knew of a great karaoke bar. It sounded good to Liam, but he said he probably wouldn't be good company.

Liam thanked Eva for visiting and hoped he hadn't bummed her out. With her hand on his shoulder, Eva said that if he needed a listener -- or anything else -- he could give her a call.

In her hotel room, Steffy stared out the window. Wyatt handed her some Champagne and marveled about her five million followers. She continued to look out the window, and he warned his "little superstar" not to get too excited. She acted as if nothing was on her mind, but Wyatt said he knew her. She admitted that it was Liam's foundation. She felt Liam could use their support.

Steffy noted that the sun was peeking from the clouds. Wyatt remarked that she was even more beautiful. She said she could say the same thing about him, and she called it the Monte Carlo effect. Steffy wanted to do her part. Steffy said they were fortunate, and they had her platform and followers.

Wyatt asked what Steffy was talking about doing. Steffy replied that she wanted to make a difference. She said Wyatt had to admit that Liam's plans were impressive. Wyatt admitted that Liam was a good guy. She asked why she and Wyatt couldn't be, too.

Steffy had read up on environmental challenges for the oceans and cited a landfill of garbage that had formed in the Pacific due to the current. Wyatt admitted that he knew about it. She believed there was more to the world than profits and followers if they just rose to the challenge.

Later, Steffy was alone. She dropped a folder, and Liam's headshot picture fell out, along with hers and Wyatt's. Wyatt entered the room, stating that he'd set up the Stella Maris event. He added that he'd reserved a casino table for them to play at after the event. He showed her all the hits she'd gotten since the press line earlier, and Steffy said it was getting to be a big thing.

Wyatt figured Steffy was starting to impress herself. Steffy half-laughed, and he said he was impressed enough for them both. Earlier, he'd heard her name mentioned several times in the lobby. She replied that they also recognized him, but he claimed to be just the arms behind the selfie.

Wyatt remarked that Steffy had said she'd wanted to do something, and she was doing it already -- and on the biggest stage possible. He claimed that millions watched her, and she inspired them with her drive and success. She inspired him, too, he said, and they kissed. He reported that they'd do the yacht thing the next day, but that night, the town was theirs. They hugged, and her smile faded.

As Wyatt and Steffy dressed for the evening, Wyatt remarked that the phone was charged. He had an extra battery pack and a selfie stick. Steffy suggested that they take a break from the camera and let the night be just the two of them. Wyatt realized he was kind of intense with the photos and wondered if he was burning her out.

Steffy said she was having fun working with Wyatt, and he'd boosted her followers and Spencer's image. Getting an image of his own in mind, Wyatt slipped his arms around her waist and said he might want to stay in that night. Steffy kissed him, and he said he realized how lucky he was.

Wyatt noted that he had Bill's support for the promotion and was hosting the summit in Monte Carlo. Steffy replied that it wasn't shabby. Wyatt stated that none of it mattered without her. He knew it hadn't been easy. "I mean with Liam tagging along and everything that happened with my mother," Wyatt said. Steffy replied that like Liam, she couldn't stop thinking about Quinn, either.

Wyatt stated that Quinn wasn't in Steffy's life. Steffy replied that Quinn was in his life, and Steffy was a big part of his life. He claimed to be the rudder that could steer Quinn, and Steffy quipped that he should steer Quinn far away from Steffy. He vowed to do all he could to protect Steffy. Steffy said that he needed to keep his mother far, far away from her family. They hugged, and over Wyatt's shoulder, Steffy donned a look of dread.

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