The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 10, 2016 on B&B
Wyatt's decision to tell Quinn the truth about Eric's power of attorney caused Steffy to walk out on Wyatt and into Liam's arms. Maya and Rick asked Nicole to be a surrogate again, and Zende urged Nicole to decline. Sasha broke it off with Thomas to let him be a family with Douglas and Caroline.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 10, 2016 on B&B
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Wyatt decides what side he stands on Wyatt decides what side he stands on
Monday, October 10, 2016

At Forrester, Ivy stood on the runway, veiled and wearing Steffy's old wedding dress from the Ajax Mountain wedding. Liam called out Steffy's name. Ivy strode to the end of the runway, lifted the veil, and revealed herself. Ivy said that Steffy wasn't the only woman in the world. Ivy could give Liam what he needed and much more.

"Can we talk about this dress?" Liam asked. Ivy shrugged. She'd just wanted him to see that the garment had no significance, and the woman who'd previously worn it was married to someone else. Ivy, however, wasn't married to anyone else, and she loved him, as she always had.

Liam stated that Ivy had changed and become more assertive. Ivy figured that one couldn't wait around for the universe to give her a turn. She urged him to end the humiliation of pining after his brother's wife. She felt he deserved better and to have a woman who put him first. "You?" he replied. She said it was their time, and she wanted to take it.

Liam was flattered and honored. "The reason we ended -- " Liam started to say. Ivy cut in and concluded that it had been because of Steffy. Liam explained that Steffy was inside him, and it didn't just go away. Ivy argued that he wouldn't let it go. She said he was in love with a woman who'd married his brother. Liam couldn't deny it, but he loved Steffy. He didn't think he'd ever give up on a future with Steffy.

Liam began to tell Ivy how wonderful she was. "Just -- just stop. Just not Steffy," Ivy said.

At the beach house, Steffy implored Wyatt to keep her and Ridge's power of attorney secret. She said it was the only way to protect her grandfather, her family, and Forrester. Wyatt asked if he was supposed to forget what he'd heard. Steffy exclaimed, "Yes! Yes!"

Wyatt couldn't do it. Wyatt felt that Ridge and Steffy were crossing the line and stealing Eric's power of attorney. Wyatt said that Ridge was making decisions for Ridge's father but had no right to do it because the right belonged to Wyatt's mother.

Wyatt asked if Steffy understood that the truth would be known the moment Eric woke up. Steffy wanted Eric to wake up, but in the meantime, she had to worry about "that woman" making decisions for her grandfather and the company. Steffy claimed that Wyatt should know how dangerous and unpredictable Quinn "is."

"Was," Wyatt corrected. Steffy asked him to see how far Quinn's charade had gotten her. Steffy asserted that Quinn had suckered Eric into marriage. Thanking God that it wasn't legal, Steffy asked him to imagine if Quinn had the power of attorney. Steffy believed that she and Ridge were doing the right thing, and they needed to take control. "And you can't tell your mom, Wyatt! My God! Eurrrgh!" Steffy yelled.

Wyatt wanted to do anything that Steffy wanted, but he believed that the thing in question was illegal. He said his mother hadn't even done anything to be shut out over. Steffy declared that Quinn had taken advantage of a lonely widower. Wyatt countered that it wasn't how Eric saw it. Steffy said that Wyatt should be on his wife's side. Wyatt didn't know how he could support it.

Steffy didn't trust Quinn with Eric's life. Wyatt reasoned that Eric obviously did because he'd married Quinn and given her the power of attorney. Wyatt didn't know why Steffy couldn't see the whole situation and that Eric and Quinn were crazy about each other. Wyatt stated that if anyone could help Eric get better, it was the woman that Eric loved.

Steffy couldn't believe Wyatt was defending Quinn. Wyatt said that Quinn was good for Eric, and Steffy had to stop trying to keep them apart. Steffy claimed that she wouldn't if Quinn was even a marginally decent person. Steffy claimed that Quinn had tormented Steffy's life, and after being with Eric for a few months, he was in a coma. "So, yeah. You bet. I'm gonna do anything to keep them apart!" she yelled. He quipped that she'd proven it.

Steffy didn't want to fight Wyatt. She just wanted Quinn out of her life. Steffy started sobbing. She was tired of having her guard up and feeling blindsided, so she'd do whatever she could to force Quinn out. Wyatt said that it was okay for them to disagree, but Steffy said she didn't want to be against him. He replied that he wasn't against her, but "negating one of the most important things that Eric has ever decided on..."

Steffy claimed Eric hadn't been thinking clearly, but Wyatt replied that it was for a judge to decide -- if it came down to that. Wyatt felt that Eric's wishes had to be respected, and Quinn needed to know. Wyatt had followed Steffy's "demands" before, but he couldn't that time.

Wyatt grabbed his keys. Steffy asked where he was going. Wyatt said that Quinn had messaged him that she'd try to see Eric at the mansion. Steffy begged Wyatt not to tell Quinn. He left, and Steffy grunted and kicked her suitcase.

Later, Liam arrived, and after observing Steffy's boxes, he noted that Steffy was settling in. He thought maybe it wasn't a good time, but he'd thought she should know something. He began to tell Steffy that he'd been backstage with Ivy, but he cut himself off and asked what was wrong with her. Steffy said she didn't think Quinn would ever be out of her life or family.

At the mansion, Ridge, Dr. Andrews, and a nurse settled Eric into the master bedroom with all the equipment Eric needed for treatment. Andrews felt that it was like being in the hospital but better, because Eric was in familiar surroundings. The brain trauma would take time to heal, and Ridge asked what he could do. Dr. Andrews advised talking to Eric and letting Eric know that everyone was there, waiting for him to be back.

At Eric's bedside, Ridge welcomed Eric home. He said Eric was with people who loved him, and they would bring him back. Ridge saw Dr. Andrews out, and Andrews said Ridge could call him if need be. Quinn arrived at the open door, and upon seeing the doctor, asked how Eric was. "I got this," Ridge said to the doctor, who then brushed by Quinn and wordlessly exited.

Ridge asked what Quinn wanted. Quinn had heard from the hospital that Eric had moved home, and she wanted to see him. Ridge tried to get rid of her, but she wouldn't go without seeing her husband. Ridge replied that Eric wasn't her husband. Claiming to have the power of attorney, Ridge demanded that Quinn leave.

Quinn entered the house and noticed that Ridge hadn't wasted any time putting Stephanie's portrait on the wall. Ridge claimed that his father hadn't been thinking clearly when he'd put Quinn's portrait up. Quinn didn't care what was on the wall. She said if Ridge wanted to punish her, it was working because it was hell to be without Eric. She wondered if Ridge understood that he was punishing Eric, too. She felt Eric reaching out to her, and even if Ridge hated her, Eric loved her. She said that seeing her was what Eric would want.

"Five minutes," Ridge uttered. Quinn raced up the stairs. She sat at Eric's bedside, kissed his hand, and let him know that she was there. She asked the nurse to give her and Eric time alone. The nurse left, and Quinn said that she was finally there. She explained that Ridge and Steffy were misguided and thought that keeping Quinn away was protecting Eric. Quinn had missed Eric, and she felt as if she'd been missing a piece of herself.

Quinn asked how Eric was feeling and chuckled about not letting him get away without giving her a honeymoon. Quinn missed talking and laughing with him and his naughty twinkle. She believed that they'd get through and be stronger. Eric stirred. He slowly opened his eyes, and she was excited that he was awake. "" he uttered, staring at her.

Eric said Quinn's name, and Quinn promised him that she was there and always would be. "Don't...leave..." he said. Quinn promised that she wouldn't go anywhere. Eric seemed to strain, and he fell back asleep.

Ridge entered to tell Quinn to leave. Quinn tried to explain what had just happened with Eric, but Ridge thought she was lying to buy more time with Eric. Ridge yanked her out of her chair and dragged her out of the room. On the way down the stairs, Quinn tried to tell Ridge about Eric opening his eyes, but Ridge thought she'd say anything to get what she wanted.

Quinn got loose from Ridge in the foyer. Ridge wanted Quinn out of his and Eric's lives. He wanted a woman in Eric's life to love and complete Eric but said it wouldn't be Quinn. He stated that he'd filed a restraining order against Quinn, and there would be guards at the mansion gates.

Ridge asserted that he had the power of attorney, and he was in charge, so she could stay away or go to jail. Quinn implored Ridge to stop talking about restraining orders and control and listen to what she was telling him about Eric. She admitted to having been dangerous in the past, but she'd changed. She was sure Ridge had changed a few times in his life, and she stated that Eric knew she'd changed. Ridge said that Quinn was good at lying to people.

Ridge opened the front door. Quinn promised to tell Eric about the way Ridge had been treating her and believed the power grab would end. She said it was exactly what Eric didn't want -- which was to be treated like he was so feeble that he didn't know his own mind. Ridge grabbed Quinn's arm. She yelled that she wasn't leaving, and he roared, "Get out!"

Wyatt arrived in the foyer and asked what was going on. Quinn asked him to help her reason with Ridge. In a rush of breathless words, Quinn said Eric had awakened, said her name, told her not to leave, and had called her his love. Ridge called her a liar and grabbed her arm. Wyatt ordered Ridge to let go of Quinn and leave himself.

"Excuse me?" Ridge said. Wyatt revealed that he'd overheard the little conference between Ridge, Steffy, and Carter at the beach house. Quinn asked what Wyatt had heard. Wyatt said that Ridge had thought he could get away with it, and he'd called Wyatt's mother a liar. "Eric didn't give you power of attorney. He gave it to my mother. So you have zero authority here. Why don't you tell my mother the truth?" Wyatt told Ridge.

Wyatt asks if Steffy will fight for them Wyatt asks if Steffy will fight for them
Tuesday, October 11, 2016

At the mansion, Wyatt said he wouldn't have believed that Carter, Ridge, and Steffy had been conspiring against Eric's wishes if Wyatt hadn't heard it for himself. Ridge replied that Wyatt knew the repercussions of it more than anyone. Quinn asked if it was true. Wyatt told her that she was in charge of Eric, the company, and pretty much everything Forrester. No one could keep Quinn from anything, and until Eric was on his feet, she had complete control.

Quinn asked if it meant she could stay there. Wyatt affirmed it, saying that Quinn lived there. He said that if anyone was leaving, it was Ridge. Quinn asked if she could tend to her husband. Ridge stated that Eric wasn't her husband, but Wyatt replied that it was just a technicality.

Ridge asked if Wyatt wanted their parents together. Wyatt replied that he wanted to be realistic. Wyatt might not have been comfortable with the relationship at first, but he definitely wasn't comfortable with lying and cheating. "Because your mother's never done that," Ridge quipped.

Quinn started toward the stairs, and Ridge demanded to know where she was going. Quinn was headed to see Eric, but Ridge said Eric was with his nurse. Wyatt told Quinn that she could go. Quinn decided that she could give the nurse a few more minutes. She wondrously said she could see Eric whenever she wanted, and they'd have a lifetime together.

Ridge asked if Wyatt understood what he'd done, and Wyatt replied that he was aware that he'd told the truth. Ridge stated that Eric's health and assets were in "that woman's" hands. Quinn said she didn't care about assets; she cared about Eric. Ridge claimed to care about Eric, too, and it was the reason Ridge had set up the power of attorney -- to protect Eric from Quinn after all Quinn had done to Eric and the family.

Quinn didn't blame Ridge under the circumstances. She'd rationalized bad behavior in the past, too. She'd learned from Eric, and that bad woman no longer existed except in the minds of people who still wanted to hate her. "I don't hate you, honey. I just want you out of here for my father's sake," Ridge replied.

Quinn said she wouldn't debate it with Ridge, and all Eric had wanted was his family at the wedding; however, they'd refused because of her. She stated that Ridge didn't accept Eric's love for her, and it had broken Eric's heart. Wyatt added that Ridge had made a mistake and compounded it with the power of attorney stunt.

Quinn said it wasn't about blame. Eric had opened his eyes and asked her not to leave. Quinn said she never would leave, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. "Now, I'm going to see my husband," she stated and went upstairs.

Upstairs, Quinn let the nurse know that Quinn would take care of Eric. The nurse asked if Mr. Forrester knew about it. Brushing the nurse aside, Quinn advised her to ask Ridge herself, but Quinn was never leaving Eric's side. Quinn sat beside Eric's bed, took his hand, and said she was never leaving him again.

Back downstairs, Ridge told the nurse that it was fine and thanked her for checking. She went back upstairs, and Ridge told Wyatt that he should have stayed out of it. Wyatt replied that he'd tried, "but after what you pulled..." Ridge claimed that what he'd "pulled" had been trying to keep his father out of harm's way. Wyatt said that, at times, he felt the same way about Quinn, who did crazy better than anyone, but she'd changed.

Ridge stated that Quinn was a chameleon, not unlike Wyatt. Wyatt hadn't ever seen Quinn "like this" and said Ridge hadn't, either. Ridge believed that Quinn had gotten better at acting. Wyatt asked if Ridge thought Eric was too stupid to see it. Ridge yelled, "Hey!" He asserted that Eric was ill and also vulnerable to Quinn.

Wyatt said he hadn't seen it at first, either, but whether or not they liked it, Quinn and Eric were in love and married. Ridge deemed it illegal, but Wyatt asked if Ridge really thought the couple upstairs cared about a marriage license. Wyatt declared them married and said there was nothing anyone could do to change it. Ridge asked if Steffy knew about what Wyatt was doing.

Wyatt stated that he couldn't believe Steffy had kept it from him. Ridge couldn't believe that Wyatt had effectively ended his marriage. Wyatt hoped not, because he loved Steffy; however, his mother had had a right to know. Ridge said that Wyatt didn't know Steffy at all.

Back upstairs, Quinn stroked Eric's hand and flashed back on their relationship. She told him that she was thinking of their wonderful times together. It felt as if they'd been together a long time, but it was just the beginning. She called his condition a speed bump and said she'd make sure he got through it. She said she'd fight for him.

Quinn conveyed that she knew about the power of attorney. The faith and power Eric had entrusted her with meant the world to her. She said she'd make him proud. She'd protect him, the marriage, and the company. She wouldn't let anyone get in her way. Eric had given her a new life and changed her into someone she'd never thought she could be. He had protected and defended her, and she'd do the same for Eric. She said he was safe with her until he was ready to return.

Quinn kissed Eric's cheek. Eric's eyelashes fluttered, and he opened his eyes. When he saw Quinn, he strained while saying that she was still there. Smiling, he said, "Monaco..." Quinn recalled their kiss in Monaco and said it had been the beginning of something grand. She vowed that nothing would keep them apart. Eric stroked her arm and uttered for her not to leave. Quinn said she never would leave him again. Quinn climbed into bed with him and cuddled against his chest.

At the beach house, Liam said he'd thought things had been settled with Quinn for the time being. Steffy explained that it turned out that Ridge didn't have Eric's power of attorney -- Quinn did. Liam figured out that Ridge had tried to convince Carter to bury the truth that they'd discovered the power of attorney. "I did too," Steffy replied. She said none of them had felt good about doing it, and Wyatt had overheard her, Carter, and Ridge debating it. She didn't think she'd convinced Wyatt not to tell Quinn.

Steffy stated that the power of attorney gave Quinn control over Eric's affairs, including the company and the house. Liam reasoned that Wyatt had had time to think about it. Liam believed that Wyatt knew best about his mother, and even though Quinn was his mother, Steffy was his wife. Liam said that Quinn was a threat to Steffy and Eric.

"Not to mention what she's done to you," Steffy said. Liam added Hope and Ivy's names. Liam said Wyatt had an obligation to protect Steffy and her family, and Wyatt wasn't doing so if he told Quinn about the power of attorney, because all it did was ensconce Quinn more in Eric's life.

Steffy flashed back on discovering Quinn in Monte Carlo and telling Wyatt she couldn't take it anymore. She told Liam that Wyatt was probably with Quinn by then. Liam suggested that Wyatt could have changed his mind on the way there. Liam said Steffy could call him. Steffy replied that she'd said everything she'd needed to say.

Steffy said she'd moved because of Quinn and had moved back because Steffy had thought they had control over Quinn; however, if Wyatt told Quinn about the power of attorney, then not only was she back in their lives, but they'd given her power. Steffy said that Quinn had control of her father, the company, Eric, and Steffy's marriage.

Later, Steffy was alone when Wyatt arrived. She guessed he'd gone to see his mother. Wyatt said that Ridge had been trying to throw Quinn out. Steffy wasn't surprised. He added that Eric had briefly awakened. Steffy asked why no one had called to tell her. He continued, explaining that Quinn had said Eric had wanted her to stay, and Ridge had called her a liar.

Steffy guessed that Quinn hadn't left. Wyatt asked why Quinn, who had power of attorney, would leave. Steffy started deep breathing as Wyatt explained that he'd had to tell Quinn because being away from her husband had been killing her, and he hadn't wanted Quinn to go through it again. He figured that Quinn shouldn't have gone through it in the first place.

Steffy asked how Ridge had reacted. Wyatt replied that Ridge hadn't had the power to do anything, and Wyatt had told Ridge that if anyone had to leave, it would be Ridge. Steffy asked if Wyatt was okay with Quinn being in charge even if Eric never woke up. Steffy asked how Wyatt could do it. "You know how I feel about your mom. She's ruined my life, our marriage!" Steffy asserted.

Wyatt stated that he'd done it because the success or failure of his and Steffy's marriage had nothing to do with his mother. It had everything to do with them, their strength, and their love for each other. Wyatt knew they could get beyond it but asked if she knew it. He asked if she was going to stick around and fight for their marriage or just leave.

Steffy walks out on Wyatt Steffy walks out on Wyatt
Wednesday, October 12, 2016

At the beach house, Wyatt and Steffy expressed that they loved each other. He asked why it couldn't be about only that. Steffy didn't know how to when Quinn was more entrenched in their lives than ever. Wyatt said that he'd fight to the last breath for the marriage. "The question is -- will you? Or will you walk away?" he asked.

Steffy said Wyatt had to know it was going to happen if the family and Eric were back at Quinn's mercy. Wyatt asserted that it wasn't about her family; it was about her and Wyatt as a couple and whether they could stick together through what had been thrown at them. Steffy claimed that they'd tried. He asked if that meant she was done trying and said he wouldn't be done trying until she told him it was pointless. He asked if it meant anything to her.

Steffy indicated that it did, but she couldn't see them moving forward with Quinn as such a big factor. Steffy claimed that they had a chance if he told her that Quinn would tear up the papers and leave town. "What if I can't? We don't?" he sadly and knowingly asked. He needed to know.

Wyatt said he'd always tried to respect Steffy's wishes and desires. He asked if he wished that Quinn hadn't gotten involved with Eric and if he wished that Ridge hadn't lied, so Wyatt hadn't needed to go to Quinn. He said "yes" to both things, but he asked Steffy to allow, for just one second, that Quinn had been different since being with Eric.

Steffy denied it. She said Eric had almost died because Quinn was in his life. "Oh, my God, it's a brain hemorrhage, Steffy! It was a medical condition. She wasn't even in the room when he collapsed. You and your family were!" Wyatt yelled. Steffy gasped, offended. As he said he hadn't meant it how she'd taken it, she muttered that she couldn't believe he'd said it.

Wyatt hated that they were the way they were and that his mother was hanging over his head in their relationship. He and Steffy were supposed to be newlyweds and happy. He said she'd moved back in again. Steffy sobbed that it was because she'd thought Quinn was completely out of her and her family's lives. "Well, that's not gonna happen, so...where do we stand? Is this where you want to be?" Wyatt dismally asked.

Steffy claimed that Wyatt knew her answer. It had been why she'd married him, and if she didn't want to be there, it wouldn't be so hard. "All because of my mother?" Wyatt asked. Steffy asserted that Quinn was in the mansion again, and Wyatt had no idea the damage Quinn could do with the power of attorney. He countered that Quinn wasn't even thinking about it and only wanted to be with her husband to help him through the crisis.

Steffy exclaimed that it was a crisis indeed. It was a crisis for Eric, the company, and the family. The Forresters had never experienced anything like it before, and Quinn was toxic and dangerous. Steffy said Wyatt knew all of it but had told Quinn anyway. It told Steffy that his mother would always be in their lives. It wasn't easy for Steffy, but she could no longer put up with it.

Wyatt asked Steffy not to paint their marriage into a corner. Steffy replied that Quinn had done it each time she'd defied Steffy's warnings. He asserted that it was the reason he'd tried to stop his mother -- because he'd known that if he didn't, it would lead to that very moment. He felt as if they were being torn apart through no fault of their own.

Steffy said she'd always cherish her and Wyatt's experiences, but they had to be honest with themselves. She didn't know if she and Wyatt would be married if it hadn't been for Quinn's manipulations. Wyatt replied that Quinn had manipulated them to the altar, but Steffy had said herself that she wouldn't have said the vows if she didn't love him.

"Of course I love you. I'm always gonna love you," Steffy replied. She said that they might have wound up together, but they'd never know because of Quinn. Steffy stated that Quinn wouldn't change, and he knew it deep down. She concluded that they'd tried, and they'd honored each other and the marriage. She didn't see another way.

Steffy kissed Wyatt, said she was sorry, and strode to the door. Wyatt asked her not to walk out on him. She closed the door behind her and sobbed on the porch.

At Forrester, Caroline and Douglas visited Thomas. Mother and son were temporarily living with Bill, and Caroline felt that it was good company for her uncle. "Especially after his own wife and child left him," Thomas replied. She stated that Will got to see his father all the time, but it wasn't the same as living as a family. "Don't you agree?" she asked.

"Every situation is different, I guess," Thomas responded. He said their son didn't have to worry because both parents would be there. Agreeing, Caroline hinted that it could be better if they were living together as a family. Thomas told Douglas that his mommy was trying to make a point.

Sasha paused on the threshold of the door, saw Caroline and Douglas, and retreated out of sight. She listened in as Caroline expressed that she might have thrown Thomas for a loop the other day, but she wondered what he thought about it. She really wanted to be a family with Thomas and Douglas, but she needed to hear Thomas say that he wanted it, too.

Sasha entered the room before Thomas could answer. She noticed that she was interrupting and offered to leave. Caroline claimed that it was time for Douglas' nap anyway. As she prepared to leave, she asked Thomas to give thought to what she'd said. Caroline bid Sasha farewell, and once Sasha and Thomas were alone, Sasha said he was an awesome dad.

Thomas showed off a phone picture of Douglas and said he wanted to be a father like Eric. He added Ridge to it, too, and said he and Ridge were still working on issues. Sasha assumed it was about the night Douglas had been conceived. He said he'd been out to reclaim Caroline's heart, and it sickened him that anyone would think he'd take advantage of Caroline.

Sasha cited that Thomas had said he hadn't seen the signs that Caroline had been impaired. Sasha knew the type of guy Thomas was. Though he was labeled a playboy, she believed that he'd never cross the line in that way, and it was what made it harder for Sasha to end it.

Thomas asked what Sasha meant. Sasha said it wasn't like they'd been hot and heavy anyway. They'd just been having fun. She stated that even if they had been more, she couldn't stand in the way of a father and child because she knew what it was like to grow up without a father. She was sure he'd get back together with Caroline, and things would be as they should be.

Thomas asked about Sasha. Sasha claimed that she'd be okay. She said that it wasn't a big deal, and they'd just been hanging out. "We weren't anything," she said. Sasha said she'd be lying if she didn't think it could have been more, but his son needed him. She told him to go and be a father to his son, and she hugged him.

At Il Giardino, Rick ended a call, and Maya asked how Eric was. Rick said that Eric was improving, and Rick and Maya agreed that Eric being at home had been a good call. Rick noted that it had been Quinn's decision before they'd found out she wasn't married to Eric, and because Ridge had power of attorney, Quinn couldn't make any more decisions for Eric.

Rick was nervous about what he and Maya were about to do and didn't know if it was a good time because of Eric's condition. Maya reassured her husband and said it was okay that it was happening then. Nicole and Zende arrived, and when Maya said some encouraging words about Eric's health, Rick called her a wonderful mother. Maya noted that Nicole had given Maya the chance to be a mother, and she and Rick could never stop being grateful.

As the meal progressed, Nicole sensed that something was up with Rick and Maya. Nicole decided that she was just reading into things. Rick suggested that Maya go ahead and tell Nicole and Zende, but Maya replied that she didn't think she could. Nicole asked if it was Lizzie and if everything was okay.

Maya and Rick assured Nicole that Lizzie was fine and growing bigger each day. Rick said that one day, Lizzie would know what a loving thing her aunt had done for her. Maya added that Nicole had given them a blessing. She stammered while wondering about asking for more but said they just wanted to know if it was an option. Nicole asked what option they were talking about.

"To give Lizzie a little brother or sister," Maya said.

Nicole's lips parted as if she was taken aback. Rick knew it sounded crazy. Maya said they didn't even know if they had the right to ask. Rick stated that Nicole had put "so much joy" in their lives. "Would you consider doing it again?" Maya asked. Zende and Nicole exchanged looks.

Maya and Rick conveyed that it seemed sudden, but they'd been thinking of having another child for a while. They didn't want to pressure Nicole but said she knew the joy of having a sibling. They wanted Lizzie to have the bond and possibly be best friends with a sister like Maya and Nicole were. Rick added that they wanted to know Zende's view, too.

Maya recalled the strain it had put on the younger couple and said that if there was any worry, Zende and Nicole should say so. There were other options to pursue, and Rick and Maya would never ask again if Nicole declined. Rick said it was a lot to ask, but they just wanted to give their child the best life possible. Maya said that Lizzie was a miracle, and they were merely asking Nicole to think about giving Lizzie a brother or sister.

Zende and Nicole disagree on a new pregnancy Zende and Nicole disagree on a new pregnancy
Thursday, October 13, 2016

At the mansion, Quinn was happy see Wyatt at the front door. She'd thought the visitor would be the morning nurse who'd relieve the night one. Having round-the-clock care for Eric was really comforting for Quinn. Wyatt asked how Eric was. Quinn believed it would be a long road to recovery, but she'd make Eric better no matter what anyone thought. Wyatt believed it and quipped that Quinn was good at always getting what she wanted.

Wyatt saw Quinn's portrait on the wall. Quinn claimed that Eric had had her to put it back up after Ridge had taken it down. Quinn was sorry that Steffy wasn't with Wyatt and said she didn't want Steffy to think that Quinn would keep Steffy from seeing her grandfather. He said he didn't know what Steffy thought because Steffy had left him.

Quinn was upset to hear it, and Wyatt warned that he wasn't there to enlist her help. Quinn asked if Wyatt's honesty about the power of attorney was the reason for the separation. Wyatt said it was the breaking point in a long list of problems, apparently -- all stemming from Quinn. She apologized and knew she was to blame. She'd followed an incredible love, and she needed to be there.

"And here you are," Wyatt replied. Quinn clarified that she meant she needed to be who she was with Eric. Wyatt quipped that he wouldn't dream of standing in the way of her self-improvement. Quinn said that Eric only responded to her. Eric needed someone to advocate for him, and he needed someone without an agenda. She thanked Wyatt for revealing the true power of attorney. It had made all the difference. "Sure did," Wyatt bit out.

Quinn acknowledged that Wyatt had always stood by her. She was grateful. She said that it was hard for Wyatt. She knew it, but she reasoned that if Steffy would go back to Liam, then Wyatt should let Steffy have Liam. "We're never going to go back to the way we were," Quinn asserted.

Quinn believed that she and Eric would sign the marriage license and said she was a Forrester. It meant a whole new world for her and Wyatt, and she believed he'd see the good in it someday.

Quinn was sorry that Wyatt had lost Steffy. She knew that he'd loved Steffy. Wyatt said he still loved Steffy, and after he'd asked Quinn not to interfere, Quinn had fallen in love with Eric. "My life is turned upside down. My marriage is over because of you," Wyatt accused.

Alone by the balcony later, Wyatt flashed back on Steffy being hysterical about Quinn after Steffy had chased Quinn down and slapped her in Monte Carlo. He recalled Steffy yelling that she'd thought he'd had it under control. He remembered asking Quinn if she'd considered him at all and saying that her marriage could be the end of his.

Quinn returned downstairs, babbling about Eric looking a lot rosier. She asked if Wyatt had eaten breakfast. Wyatt wasn't hungry. Quinn was sorry about Wyatt's marriage. He asked why he always ended up in the same place. Quinn said it might feel as if the hurt wouldn't leave, but he knew it wasn't true. He asked if she was trying to give him a pep talk and quipped that nothing ever got down Quinn, even when people hated her guts and wanted her in jail.

Wyatt claimed that it wasn't fair. He guessed he had to put on a smile and tell everyone that it was all in the past and that Quinn had changed. Quinn affirmed that she had changed, and they wouldn't let people get the best of them. He replied that it all might turn out fine for her, but not for him.

At the door, preparing to leave, Wyatt remarked that people had told Liam to respect Wyatt's marriage, which Liam had done for the most part; however, Quinn had accomplished what Liam had wanted. Quinn asked Wyatt to stay. She said they could go to lunch or a movie, and they'd always been able to make their own fun.

Quinn wanted to help, but Wyatt replied that misery didn't love company. He reasoned that he might give Steffy what she wanted, after all, which was for him to walk away from Quinn.

At Forrester, Steffy arrived in a motorcycle outfit. Ridge, who'd slept on the CEO's settee, remarked upon the outfit, and she asked him if he'd slept there. He claimed it was comfortable, and he had lemon bars. She replied that he should have been at Thomas' the previous night, and she wasn't going to work that day because she was packing. Ridge guessed that she and Wyatt had fought, and she replied that it was more like giving up the fight.

Ridge was sorry about it. Steffy replied that there was always a risk with marriage. She believed it was Wyatt's last chance to get away from Quinn. Loyalty was a good quality, but Steffy had been no match for years of codependency with Quinn. Steffy asked if she'd been foolish. Ridge denied it but reminded her that he'd believed she'd married too quickly.

Steffy asked if she should have annulled her marriage the moment she'd found out what Quinn had done. Ridge replied that it wasn't for him to say. Steffy claimed that she'd been in love with Wyatt, and she believed that they'd still be together if it wasn't for Quinn. Ridge countered that if it hadn't been for Quinn, the couple never would have been together.

Steffy asserted that her feelings for Wyatt were real. "I think they're real to you, yeah," Ridge responded. Steffy said, "Okay. Yeah, I take that in. But it wouldn't have happened without my permission." She guessed she needed a reason to believe she was able to give up the life she wanted. Ridge asked what it would be "now."

Steffy couldn't turn back the clock. She wasn't like Quinn and didn't have a magical power to change decisions she wished she'd made differently. Ridge said he'd reached the same conclusion with Caroline. "Maybe it's like grief or shock that I found out that Liam didn't leave. It's like everything started to unravel. I didn't have the marriage I thought I had. It's like the tension overshadowed everything that was good between Wyatt and me," she theorized.

Ridge thought it might be cliché, but "now that you're not married, maybe you can be friends." Likening herself to Eric, Steffy guessed she did the right things for the wrong reasons. Steffy said that Eric believed that life was short, and happiness was always the right choice, "but Quinn..." Ridge asserted that Quinn was a disaster, but Eric had the ability to always see something good right in front of him. Ridge said he'd never had the ability, and it had skipped a generation.

In the design office, Zende was working when Nicole arrived. Zende said he missed taking pictures of shoes, because they didn't scowl. She noted that he was scowling. Zende said he was sorry, but he couldn't believe the audacity of Maya and Rick to ask for another baby. Zende was angry that the couple wanted another nine months from him and Nicole.

Zende asked how many times Rick and Maya had said they hadn't known what they'd been asking for and were sorry it had been hard on Zende and Nicole. Nicole replied that, just like everyone else, Rick and Maya couldn't help wanting what they didn't have. She said that they were just asking her to consider it. Zende asked if she was.

Nicole wondered if it wasn't the least she could do, and she considered that asking had to have been hard on Rick and Maya. Zende replied that it had seemed pretty easy. She said Maya and Rick had talked about it and probably prayed about it. She asked if she shouldn't do the same. Zende was getting worried. She conveyed that it was a serious question that deserved a serious answer.

Zende wanted Nicole to render the answer quickly, so as not to get Rick and Maya's hopes up. Nicole noted that the couple had said there was no pressure. He countered that even asking was pressure, and Rick and Maya knew it. Zende believed Nicole knew it, too.

Nicole reasoned that she and Maya hadn't been raised together, but Nicole knew her family. They fought, said devastating things to each other, and asked way too much of each other. "We know it's too much, but it comes from a good place," she explained. Zende asked if Maya and Rick knew it was too much. Nicole was sure they did; however, they'd looked at the little girl and asked what they could give her. Nicole reasoned that a brother or sister would be kind of nice.

Zende argued that it was something that Nicole, not they, could give. He asked if Nicole had given enough. "Maybe. Probably," she replied. He didn't hear a decline in her words. She replied that he'd thought the pregnancy had been a terrible time, but really, only thinking she'd lost him had been terrible for her. He asked if she was actually considering going through it all again.

At the cliff house, Liam was on the phone with Bill, discussing the next year's budget for the summit when an old social media post of Steffy in Monte Carlo popped up on his laptop. Liam stammered about the algorithm he'd developed. Bill told him that it was fine, but they had an accounting department for all that.

In Bill's office, as Bill's call with Liam ended, Emmy arrived with some paperwork, saying it was signed, sealed, and delivered. Bill said he could kiss her. "Are you sure about that?" she bitterly asked, and Bill looked as if he might be caught in something. He asked if she was upset.

Pointing at Bill so aggressively that he bent over the desk, Emmy asked why she'd be upset. She bit out that he'd said it just because he owed her a rain check for a drink and dinner at his Las Vegas rooftop restaurant at his hotel and a night of drinks and movies together. "And we -- we will," Bill stammered. He said he'd been busy. She asked if he'd been too busy to tell her that he was marrying Brooke Logan.

Caressing Emmy's shoulders, Bill said he'd wanted to tell Emmy himself, but he hadn't wanted to upset her -- and talk was cheap. Emmy exclaimed that talk was everything, and winking, she said that it was always the right time to talk. She blew him a kiss, and he chuckled, realizing that she was messing with him.

Admitting to it, Emmy said that if Bill had told her, she would have congratulated him and said Brooke was a lucky woman. "And if it goes south, you know where to find me," Emmy added. Bill agreed and gave Emmy a big hug.

Back at the cliff house, Liam flipped through Monte Carlo posts of Steffy and sighed when he saw one of her and Wyatt. Out on his back deck, Liam flashed back to times he'd expressed hope to Steffy that they'd reunite.

Steffy, who'd ridden her bike to Liam's house, found Liam outside and gazing over the cliff. He greeted her. She said that Wyatt couldn't keep his promise, and she might have been foolish to ask. Liam was sorry. Steffy said that Quinn had everything -- Eric and the company -- but didn't have Steffy.

Steffy proclaimed that she was free. Liam asked if the marriage was over. Steffy said it was over, and it was why she was there. Liam gasped.

Steffy tells Liam that she wants him back Steffy tells Liam that she wants him back
Friday, October 14, 2016

At Forrester, Ridge met with Carter, Brooke, Thomas, and Rick to deliver some bad news. Rick wondered what Ridge had done that time. Ridge claimed he'd acted to protect the family and the company. Rick, Thomas, and Brooke figured that Ridge was using the power of attorney, and Brooke asked if Quinn had tried to challenge it. Rick didn't think Quinn would have a leg to stand on, but Carter disagreed. Ridge revealed that Quinn had the power of attorney.

Brooke assumed Eric had changed the paperwork. Ridge stated that he'd lied and had never had the power of attorney. It had always belonged to Quinn, and they were all in trouble. Brooke asked how he could lie about it. Ridge explained that he hadn't thought he'd been lying. He'd thought he'd had it, and he'd started acting on it. Carter added that when he'd found out that Eric had really appointed Quinn, Carter had had to break the news. "This is a disaster!" Rick exclaimed.

Brooke figured Carter had told Quinn and Ridge together. "Well, I didn't exactly want Quinn to know, so..." Ridge conveyed. Brooke, Rick, and Thomas were astonished that Ridge had lied. Rick didn't know what Ridge had been thinking and asked how Ridge had thought he wouldn't be caught. Rick asked how Ridge hadn't thought it would be a thousand times worse when Eric awakened to learn that Ridge had taken over the power of attorney.

Ridge yelled back that he didn't know. He said it didn't matter because Quinn would have been gone, and he would have found a way to smooth it over. Thomas stated that the incident would make Eric trust Quinn more. Ridge said that because he'd already thrown Quinn out of the house and hospital, it had been easier to keep the lie going. Ridge asserted that they would have done the same thing because having Quinn in charge of the business was unacceptable.

Ridge also said he hadn't wanted Quinn to take advantage of Eric for one more day. Rick and Thomas said they got it. Rick believed it never would have worked, but he got it. Brooke asked what would be next. Ridge muttered that it was all because Wyatt had overheard Ridge talking to Steffy. Thomas asked if Steffy had known the whole time. Ridge affirmed it and said Steffy had tried to keep it from Wyatt, who'd regret telling Quinn for the rest of his life.

Later, Thomas closed the door after Carter had left. Talk turned to the state of Wyatt and Steffy's marriage. Brooke wondered if it was over. Ridge said it was the last straw. Thomas stated that Steffy had warned Wyatt countless times that Quinn was not allowed to be a part of their lives.

Rick muttered that they'd all thought Ridge had the power of attorney. Brooke exclaimed that Quinn had almost been out. Ridge said he'd gotten Quinn out of the company and the house and had filed a restraining order. Thomas asked if Wyatt had ruined it. Ridge believed that Wyatt had tried to keep Quinn out of it. "But mothers and sons, you know? That's a tough bond. But Steffy can't live her life like that," Ridge said. Thomas concluded that Steffy would return to Liam.

The group discussed Steffy and Liam's new chance and agreed that Liam hadn't given up. When Rick remarked upon Liam's disappearance, Ridge stated that Quinn should be in prison after what she'd done to Liam. Ridge said she was dangerous and in the house with Eric. Thomas added that she controlled the finances, the company, and them.

Rick said Stephanie was rolling over in her grave. Thomas said it sucked that Wyatt had to get hurt, but at least Liam and Steffy would reunite. Ridge said that Steffy might finally be happy.

In the design office, Zende asserted that Maya and Rick already had their half Forrester and half Avant child, and asking for another one from Nicole was too much. He asked if she saw that. Nicole didn't know what to say. She agreed that giving up another nine months was too much, but she felt as if she had to consider it because Maya was her sister.

Zende replied that being sisters didn't mean Nicole had to give up her body to Maya. In his view, there were other ways to give Lizzie a sibling. Nicole reasoned that Rick and Maya would probably consider other methods if Nicole declined. Zende didn't like hearing "if." He said Nicole had already given the ultimate gift, and Rick and Maya couldn't ask again.

Nicole reasoned that the answer was always "no" when one never asked, and it was probably what Rick and Maya had thought. Zende believed that some things should not be asked. Nicole stated that they hadn't been pressuring her, and they'd been apologetic. He asserted that it was because they knew that it was ridiculous to approach Nicole with it, and Nicole's parents would agree.

Nicole said her parents loved Lizzie and loved being grandparents. Zende conveyed that the Avants were grateful that Nicole had birthed Lizzie, but it didn't mean they wanted her to put herself through it again. Zende believed that enough was enough, and she had to turn them down. Zende asked if Nicole agreed. Nicole replied that she did, and he was right. She said she'd turn it down.

Zende was glad to hear it. He hadn't been worried, but she'd been sounding like he might need to be. Nicole wasn't Lizzie's mother, but the thought of giving Lizzie a sibling was exciting to her. Part of Nicole couldn't help wanting to be the one to do it. She said something maternal stirred inside her at the thought of giving Lizzie a sibling and being the one to make it happen. Zende was sure it was why Maya and Rick had asked.

Nicole reasoned that Rick and Maya wanted what was best for Lizzie. Zende didn't fault them for it but said Nicole had to do what was best for her. She wondered if she was selfish to turn it down. Zende said asking her had been selfish, and after she'd already given them Lizzie, he didn't know how they could ask for more. Nicole stated that the idea was intriguing. She wondered whether it would be a boy to even out the family.

Zende stated that Rick and Maya could guarantee a son through adoption. Zende decided that Nicole's attention needed to be on her boyfriend, not a pregnancy. Nicole joked that he was kind of needy. He didn't even know how she'd find the time for a pregnancy. The couple kissed, and Nicole looked as if she were still pondering things.

Outside at the cliff house, Liam couldn't believe that he was hearing things right. Steffy said that it was over with Wyatt, and she would start the separation process. She had to think of herself and her family, which meant that she and Wyatt were over. Steffy said that no matter how much Wyatt had tried to side with her, it wouldn't happen, and his loyalty was ultimately with Quinn.

It hurt, but Steffy couldn't blame Wyatt because Quinn was his mother. Steffy wished Wyatt had just gone along with it, but he'd had to tell Quinn. Doing so had cemented Quinn with Eric and in the business. Steffy said that Liam had been right all along. Citing that she and Wyatt had gotten together because of manipulations, she asked how it could have lasted.

Steffy had wanted the marriage to work and said she knew Liam knew what commitment meant to her. Liam said he also knew how stubborn she was, and if the marriage had had any chance of surviving, she would have found it. Steffy exclaimed that there was no rebounding from "this." She needed Quinn out of her life, and if Wyatt had just gone along with it, Quinn would have been out of the company and their lives, and Eric would have been safe.

"But he had to tell her, so I'm moving on," Steffy concluded. Liam hugged her. Liam was ready to move forward in whatever way was comfortable for Steffy and at whatever pace. She replied that he'd never given up, and he'd tried telling her. He didn't want her to feel guilty for trying to fight for her marriage. Steffy said her marriage had been based off Quinn's manipulations, and Quinn had made them all her victims.

Liam said it had been until they'd stood up to Quinn, and Steffy was standing up to Quinn again. "All of her lies, all of her manipulating...we could put that behind us. That could be a memory," Liam said, but Steffy shook her head, saying not for Eric. Liam thought it was different because Eric had made the decision with his eyes wide open and hadn't been tricked as Steffy had.

Liam stated that Quinn had made Steffy think that he hadn't cared about her. Steffy said she shouldn't have believed it, and she knew "now" that his feelings would never waver. They discussed how he'd known she'd needed him when he'd had amnesia and how he'd still cared about her even after she'd gotten the tattooed ring. She said it was her turn, and he'd see that she believed in them, too.

Liam didn't think Steffy had anything to prove. He could see it in her eyes. Steffy said she wanted him back. It was clear to her that she needed him. Hearing the words felt good to Liam. He said he'd never given up, especially after all they'd been through and after waiting years for that very moment. He knew Steffy had had her doubts and had tried to make it work with his brother, but in the end, Liam got to say that he was right. He said they'd made it, and the two kissed.

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