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Sasha warned Nicole to reunite with Zende or lose him. Quinn made Steffy an offer she'd be dumb to refuse. Brooke finally chose between Bill and Ridge.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 28, 2016 on B&B
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Bill and Ridge have big plans for Brooke Bill and Ridge have big plans for Brooke
Monday, November 28, 2016

At Forrester, Rick and Maya found a table of pies with a note that read, "eat me." As Rick dug into the apple pie, he chuckled that Pam had a way with words. Maya remarked that the pie had been Zende's favorite at the holiday dinner. She said Zende and Nicole had been glum at the meal. Maya blamed herself for it, but Rick said Sasha and Zende's actions were the problem.

Maya couldn't change other people's actions, but she felt that she could look at herself. She reflected on how people had seen her as selfish when she'd been doing what she'd needed to do to become Maya Avant. She felt she'd had no choice back then, but she wondered if it was time to ask if some of the people had been right at times.

Later, Maya returned from taking the pies to the sewing room. She and Rick discussed hiring a model they'd met on their honeymoon, and Rick said he'd talk to Thorne at International. Maya wished they could send Sasha to International. Rick replied that Sasha was still Maya's sister.

Maya quipped that Sasha didn't seem to care about family ties after harping on not having any while growing up. Maya kept imagining Nicole walking in on Sasha and Zende in bed. Rick suggested concocting an assignment for Nicole and Zende at International, but Maya replied that Nicole probably wouldn't set foot on that jet.

Maya stated that she and Rick meant well, but they probably should stay out of it at that point. Maya believed that Zende and Nicole were still desperately in love. Stating that he knew something about being that way, he kissed his wife.

In the photography studio, Nicole arrived as Zende had requested. She asked what he wanted, and he explained that he wanted to fix what he'd done so they could move forward. Nicole replied that it hadn't been the first time. He understood that he hadn't acted like a person in love with and loyal to only her, but he promised to be those things if she'd let him.

Zende produced the engagement ring and asked her to marry him. Nicole said to put it away and asked what had changed. Zende replied that he'd changed, and what she'd seen hadn't been what it had looked like. Nicole said not to make her think about what she'd seen. He didn't know what he'd done, but he'd thought he'd lost her at the time.

Nicole said Zende had just decided that it had been over because she hadn't done what he'd wanted her to do. He didn't think he was the only one who'd made mistakes. She felt that he was right about hearing him out. She said she had because he was the most important person in her life; however, what he wanted didn't take priority over what she might feel was right.

Still holding the open ring box, Zende asked if Nicole still planned on having another baby for Rick and Maya. Nicole doubted they'd let her. Zende thought it was good news and asked if she could give them another chance. She asked if they'd already gone the second-chance route.

Zende said that the thought of another man's child growing inside of Nicole had made Zende feel like a joke and as if he and his feelings didn't matter. Nicole replied that he mattered, and she loved him; however, enough time hadn't elapsed to make things okay, which some people said time normally did. Zende wanted to find a new starting point.

Nicole asked how Zende could turn to Sasha overnight. She said she'd never do that to him. Zende stated that he might not be what he'd thought he was, but he believed he could change. She replied that people didn't change because someone wanted them to. She said he was a good person inside and out. She just didn't think he cared about her enough.

Insisting that it wasn't true, Zende got down on one knee. He asked Nicole to take the ring and promised that she wouldn't be sorry if she would be his wife and let him prove himself. Zende had never been more serious about anything in his life. Loving her was the only thing that meant anything to him, and he'd give anything to spend his life making her happy. He implored her to accept his proposal.

Sobbing, Nicole held the ring box in her hand. She said she believed in Zende. He was like a prince in a fairytale to her, and everyone who saw him knew he'd be something. Nicole recalled her childhood daydreams about that moment, but she said one didn't get married to prove oneself. The proving should happen first.

Nicole said that what Zende had proven thus far was that he would hurt her so badly that she couldn't eat, sleep, or get through a day without crying. He'd proven that he could be sorry, but he'd do it again. She told him to take the box back. He refused several times before taking it.

Nicole said she wasn't as tough as she'd thought she was, or she'd have gotten through it. However, she couldn't get through it if it meant having a marriage like her mother did to a man who loved her when things were easy but turned to another when they weren't.

Zende figured it was too soon for the ring; however, he'd ask her again, and she'd eventually be his wife. "That is something I will never be," Nicole stated as she walked out. By the door, she sobbed.

In the CEO's office, R.J. watched Ridge work on some gowns worn by two models. Aside with Ridge, R.J. noted that one model kept eyeing him. Ridge joked that she might think R.J. was cute. R.J. said he didn't want to be cute, and Ridge asked what his son wanted to be. R.J. pondered the question and said "hot." Ridge suggested that R.J. grow a beard because women liked them.

Ridge asked his son's opinion of how a dress draped, and R.J. joked that the backs of the women looked good to him. R.J. wondered where his mother was, and Ridge said to relax because they still had time. The models left, and R.J. stated that women looked at him as if he was a ten-year-old. Ridge quipped, "Not from the way you're looking at their backsides."

R.J. received a phone alert from Jake and told Ridge that things were set up at the beach. Back to the models topic, R.J. asked what he could do about looking at the models when his father kept asking for R.J.'s opinion on the dresses.

Ridge replied that R.J. had said he'd wanted to learn, and R.J. was a Forrester. R.J. replied that his last company name badge had said "Logan." Ridge stated that R.J. was indeed a Forrester, and so was Brooke. "She always will be," Ridge concluded.

Ridge went to look for Brooke, and R.J. got a call about the beach. He told the caller to just say the beach was closed and to try to sound official. Ridge returned and said he hadn't seen Brooke around. Handing a phone receiver to Ridge, R.J. stated that a great artist had taught him to have a plan B. Ridge corrected that the artist was legendary.

At Spencer, Bill told Brooke that holidays with the Forresters were fine, but he wanted to start his own traditions. Brooke replied that her family was her family. He knew it; however, he was her family, too, and in his opinion, her husband had to be first.

Bill wanted Brooke to tell Ridge that "as of tomorrow," she'd be a Spencer. She asked where they'd go. Bill replied that the yacht was in Saint Barts, fully stocked for a honeymoon. All she needed to do was tell Ridge that she'd resolved any residual feelings she'd had, she was done, and there was nothing Ridge could do about it. Bill felt he'd given her the space to resolve it, and there would be no more waiting. "This is our time," Bill said.

Brooke's phone rang. After checking, she said it was Forrester Creations. She answered, and Ridge was on the line, asking where she was. He needed her for the photo shoot in Malibu. She said it might take her a minute. Ridge said he'd message her directions and see her there.

After the call, Bill stated that it was almost as if Ridge had read Bill's mind. "You're gonna feel much better once you cut the cord," Bill told her. Bill said the plane would leave in five hours. Brooke didn't think that was a lot of time. In his opinion, she didn't need a lot of time -- all she had to do was to go, say what she had to say to Ridge, and leave.

Brooke asked how it could be that simple. Bill said it was because he and Brooke loved each other, and it was a new day, "our day." Bill kissed her and said he loved her. He stated that their new life together started in five hours. "Five hours," she repeated with a smile.

After Brooke had gone, Bill got on the phone and ordered the million-dollar Champagne with the gold label and diamond inset. Instead of an ice bucket, he wanted an ice sculpture of a stallion. "I don't know the French word! It's a huge horse with big -- yes, yes, exactly," Bill said into the phone. He stated to get it done and that he'd see them in less than a day.

At the beach, Ridge looked down over some cliffs and smiled. Jake arrived with a shovel and said they'd done it. Ridge stated that all they had to do was keep people off the beach. Jake replied that his "lackeys" were down there. Ridge stated that he liked lackeys. Jake was glad, as long as Ridge was happy. Ridge replied that he was, and as Jake walked off, Ridge said he just needed to figure out how to stay that way.

When Brooke arrived by the cliff, she asked Ridge where everyone was. Ridge claimed the people were in the trailer and asked the anxious Brooke what was wrong. Brooke said that she didn't think she could stay. Ridge assumed it was Bill, who'd put pressure on her

Brooke fiddled with her engagement ring, and Ridge asked if it was burning her finger. He suggested that Brooke throw the ring out. Brooke replied that she was engaged. Though Brooke hadn't wanted to do it, Ridge had forced her to build a life without him. Ridge asked if she wanted to marry Spencer. "That's what you want? Don't do it," Ridge stated.

Ridge draws a line in the sand about Brooke Ridge draws a line in the sand about Brooke
Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In the design office at Forrester, Sasha found Nicole deep in thought. Sasha said she'd stayed away at Thanksgiving because she'd known that Nicole was still hurting. Sasha claimed that it didn't change how she felt about Nicole, the sister Sasha had been unable to claim for years. Sasha asked Nicole to not let bad feelings about Sasha dictate how Nicole felt about Zende.

Nicole didn't speak to or look at Sasha. Sasha said she wouldn't make excuses, but she and Zende hadn't known Nicole had changed her mind about the surrogacy. Nicole asked if the statement was supposed to make the act okay, and she quipped that she'd thought Sasha wasn't going to make excuses.

Sasha said she was just trying to help Nicole understand how hard it had been for Zende, and she felt that Nicole should let Zende explain it himself. Nicole stated that she'd just been with him. Sasha asked if the couple had worked things out. Sasha said she "sure hoped so." Nicole asked if Sasha actually expected Nicole to believe her. Sasha claimed it was the truth.

Nicole asserted that Sasha wanted Zende for herself but didn't want people to know that she was that selfish. Nicole didn't trust that Sasha was rooting for Nicole and Zende and asked how she could trust Sasha at all. Nicole asked how she could trust Sasha ever again.

Nicole decided that Sasha was only making it worse. Nicole wondered if Sasha was really "that" jealous of Nicole, a jealousy that stemmed from being their father's secret. Sasha scoffed and claimed she wasn't. She said she actually cared for Zende, but she'd respect it if he and Nicole were getting back together. "So, are you? Are you back together?" Sasha asked again.

Nicole admitted the error in her ways of not talking to Zende before changing her mind with Maya and Rick; however, Nicole's problem was how Zende had acted out by taking her sister to Hawaii. Nicole didn't know how to get rid of the image of Zende and Sasha in bed on the jet. Sasha groveled about how sorry she was and asked Nicole to find a way to get past it.

Nicole scowled as Sasha went on to ask Nicole not to take it out on Zende, who was more in love with Nicole than ever. Nicole stated that she'd told Zende the same thing she'd told Sasha -- that Nicole could never trust him again. Sasha deduced that Nicole just needed some time before pushing Zende away.

Nicole stated that it never would have happened if it hadn't been for Sasha, who'd taken advantage of Zende when he'd been hurting the same way she'd done before. Nicole asked what kind of woman or sister did that and questioned if Sasha had morals at all. Sasha claimed that she did and noted that Nicole was acting as if Sasha was a tramp.

Sasha stated that Nicole thought she could talk down to Sasha, but Sasha asserted that nothing could affect her after the life she'd been through. Nicole wanted her future back and claimed Sasha had taken it. Sasha responded that Nicole had messed it up on her own when she'd decided to be the surrogate again. It had been too much for Zende -- or anyone, really.

Nicole told Sasha not to dare talk as if she knew Zende better, because Sasha only knew him because of Nicole. Sasha expected that kind of answer from a person with a cushy life. Sasha said Nicole's sister had gotten her all the opportunities in Los Angeles, and Nicole had been coddled. Sasha wasn't sure Nicole was even mature enough for a relationship.

Sasha added that having the baby might have messed Nicole up a bit because there was no such person as Prince Charming, and Nicole's actions had pushed Zende away. "Right into your arms," Nicole concluded. Sasha said Nicole was right about it. Nicole declared that she was done, and Sasha could have Zende. Nicole warned Sasha not to be surprised when he realized that Sasha was a self-absorbed play toy.

Sasha figured Nicole's anger had more behind it than just Zende. She stated that Nicole was harboring old resentment. Sasha believed that Nicole blamed her for arriving in L.A. and messing up Nicole's perfect life, "not because I wanted to, but because Julius Avant made me carry around his little secret." Nicole said to stop blaming their father for everything. Nicole clarified that the problem that day was Sasha, who could have befriended Zende without crossing the line.

Again, Sasha blamed it on not knowing Nicole had changed her mind about carrying another baby. Nicole said she should have considered Zende's feelings more before taking on the surrogacy again, but Sasha had taken advantage of the situation, of Nicole, and of Zende. Nicole felt that Sasha had to live with it.

Sasha asserted that she hadn't taken advantage. She had real feelings for Zende and had never met a man like him. Sasha warned that if Nicole still wanted him, she had to "speak now" or risk losing Zende forever. Nicole silently walked out the door.

At Spencer, Bill worked out on his punching bag in his office. Steffy arrived and seemed disconcerted. Bill welcomed her and assured her that it was fine because she'd seen him shirtless before. Steffy rolled her eyes. As Bill put on a shirt, he took a call from Justin, who wanted to use Bill's office while Bill was gone. Bill declined but said Justin could keep Alison in line in Bill's stead. Bill stated that he'd tell "her."

"Tell who?" Steffy asked after the call had ended. Bill called her a nosy little thing then explained that he and Brooke would get married that day on his yacht. Steffy asked if he was worried about Ridge talking Brooke out of it. "Do I look worried?" Bill asked.

Bill said he and Brooke were inevitable, and there was no way Ridge would get another shot at keeping them apart. Steffy said not to count out Ridge, who'd stopped Bill's weddings to Brooke twice before. Bill asked if Steffy knew that Ridge had proposed to Brooke.

Steffy was shocked to hear it. Bill stated that he guessed it was a proposal -- a proposal to have some kind of future together. Bill revealed that Ridge had used Stephanie's ring and gravesite to play upon Brooke's feelings for Stephanie in hopes of getting Brooke to be with Ridge. Bill concluded that Stephanie wouldn't get her final wish, and Ridge just had to accept it once Brooke made it clear to him that there was no future for them.

Joking again, Bill said that since Steffy had just willingly approved of his impending marriage, he wondered what else had led her to stop by. Steffy didn't recall saying she approved but conveyed that she was in the building to see Liam, who wasn't in his office. Gesturing to the window, Bill guessed that, with some binoculars, they could spot Liam on the corner, helping on old lady across the street.

Steffy didn't know what to make of Bill's lighthearted joking. Bill said he'd never felt better in his life, and it was due to being set to marry Brooke in Saint Barts. He remarked that he'd been trying to teach Liam how to live life, but Liam was more concerned about polluting oceans than partying on them.

Steffy guessed Bill thought it would be simple to deal with Brooke and Ridge and wondered if Brooke should be back already. She joked that Brooke might have run off with Ridge. Bill replied that Steffy couldn't rattle him, and he was completely confident in his bride's devotion to him.

Steffy gave Bill props for sitting at the holiday dinner table with his arch nemesis. She didn't know how she'd tolerated hers. He assumed that she was referring to Quinn. Steffy conveyed that she'd only done it for Eric. Her opinion of Quinn hadn't changed. She was hoping Quinn would self-destruct. Bill noted that his stock was the key to getting Quinn out of Forrester.

Bill reasoned that Quinn would be gone by then if Ridge hadn't blown it by interrupting another of Bill's weddings. Steffy replied that it wasn't too late to sell; however, Bill repeated that Ridge had blown it, and Bill would never let Ridge interrupt Bill's happiness with Brooke again.

Steffy wished Bill luck but asked if it was risky to send Brooke to tell Ridge farewell. Bill had a successful career in assessing risk-to-reward ratios, and he was very confident in "this one."

On the cliffs at the beach, Ridge called Bill and his sword ring a joke. Ridge asked Brooke to say she wouldn't marry that clown. Ridge remarked that R.J. was on site to help with the photo shoot. R.J. was still hoping for a reunion, and Ridge asked Brooke what he should tell their son. Brooke replied that she'd just been with Bill, and she was there to tell Ridge that she was leaving that day to get married to Bill.

Ridge assumed Bill had sent her to end things with Ridge. Brooke stated that Bill had been patient and had waited long enough, and Ridge had been the one to crash the last wedding. She asked Ridge why he wouldn't leave them alone. Ridge asked if it was what she really wanted. "Walk away from me and R.J.? Walk away from us?" Ridge asked.

Ridge asked Brooke to think of what the marriage really meant. He said Spencer wouldn't let her spend holidays with Ridge and R.J. Brooke stated that Ridge knew she'd always wanted to be a Forrester. "So for me to just walk away..." she uttered. She'd always love Ridge, but she insisted that he and R.J. had to accept that "this is what I want. Bill is who I want."

"Then you should go to Bill," Ridge replied with resolve. Claiming he had work to do, Ridge climbed higher on the cliff boulders. Huffing, Brooke couldn't believe he'd said he was getting back to work. She asked if he'd heard a word about her saying she was marrying Bill, and she and Bill were about to head to St. Barts. "Okay," Ridge responded, scrolling through his phone.

"'Okay?'" Brooke replied. Taking off her heels, she asked if Ridge was even listening. She stated that it was a life-changing moment for them and for R.J. Brooke made it to the cliff overlook, and her eyes followed Ridge's down the beach.

Below them, Brooke saw a replica of the enormous Ridge and Brooke heart in the sand that he'd made for her the last time she'd been about to take a plane out of Los Angeles. Smiling, Ridge said that Brooke wasn't leaving him then or ever.

Ridge makes his final pitch to Brooke Ridge makes his final pitch to Brooke
Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Atop the beach cliff, Brooke gasped upon seeing the Ridge and Brooke heart in the sand. She was awed that Ridge had done it for her. Ridge said he and R.J. had done it with their bare hands. Giggling, Brooke replied, "Uh, no, you didn't."

Ridge said they could have, and R.J. wasn't there at the time because he knew how important the moment was for his parents. Ridge proclaimed that it was his and Brooke's moment. It could mark the beginning of the next chapter -- if that was what Brooke wanted.

Ridge helped the barefoot Brooke down from the rocks to the spot where they'd been earlier. He noticed that she wasn't upset about what he'd done, and she called it a beautiful gesture. Ridge said it was more than that -- it was about their beach, their heart, their son, and their connection.

Brooke said they always would be connected. Ridge remarked that, no matter where they went or what they did, it was always that way. At times, they made promises to people that they really couldn't keep because, in the end, they always ended up there.

Continuing, Ridge said it wasn't about Bill or him -- it was about the children. Ridge asked how happy R.J. would be for their reunion and how happy others would be not to need to explain to Will that his stepmother was his aunt. Brooke groaned. Ridge said it was complicated. He knew it bothered Brooke. He wanted her to be happy, and they could fix it all if she'd take off the God-awful ring, tell Bill it was over, and return to being a family with Ridge.

Later, Ridge arrived in the CEO's office at Forrester. R.J. was hot on his father's heels, anxious to know how it had gone with Brooke. Ridge wasn't sure. He said he and Brooke had their own way of communicating and didn't really need words. They'd talked about history, how things had been, and what they could be. Ridge had just wanted to convey his love for Brooke and tell her how much he wanted a life with her. Ridge hoped he'd reached Brooke.

At Spencer, Bill exuded confidence about marrying Brooke later that day, but Steffy noted that Brooke was taking awhile with Steffy's father. Undeterred, Bill said to leave it to Mr. Drama to draw out the final curtain call on Ridge and Brooke.

Bill was rearing to go to Saint Barts. Steffy asked if he'd stop by the courthouse for the wedding. Bill explained that he and Brooke would wed on the yacht. Steffy remarked about risking Ridge showing up on a speedboat. Bill joked that he had set up water cannons. Bill felt that he'd been patient, and once Brooke had dealt with things, nothing would get between them again.

Steffy loved Bill's positivity. Bill stated that he'd waited a long time for the moment, and he couldn't wait to put his feet in the sand and toast with his wife. Steffy remarked that it was a new side of Bill, and she liked it. Bill said she could get used to it. He'd never been that happy before. It was the new "Dollar Bill 2.0."

Steffy considered Brooke lucky for not getting stuck with the last version. "Oh, come on. Was I that bad?" Bill asked, and Steffy chuckled. Bill said Brooke hadn't had to give him another chance after he'd left her at the altar. Even though Ridge was making inroads with Brooke, Bill believed she knew what Bill had to offer and that what they shared would last a lifetime. He felt it was why she would bid Ridge farewell and become Mrs. Bill Spencer.

Steffy began to take her leave and asked Bill to let Liam know she'd been there. Bill figured he'd be long gone by the time Liam returned to the office. She thought Liam would want to wish Bill a bon voyage. Bill asked about Steffy's well wishes.

Steffy wished Bill the best but worried that he might be setting himself up. He said he wasn't, but she asked if he wanted to know how many times she'd heard the same from her mother. Steffy advised Bill not to underestimate the connection between her father and Brooke.

Later, Bill was alone and on the phone, giving orders to stock the boat as if they were headed to a desert island. Brooke entered as he was saying he wanted it to be as if he and Brooke were the only people on the planet. After ending the call, Bill updated Brooke that things were ready, and all he had to do was call for the car to take them to the jet.

Brooke looked around wordlessly and sad. Bill asked if she'd talked to Ridge, and she indicated that she had. Bill figured that Ridge would get over it and added that Ridge had Quinn and Eric to worry about, which meant Ridge would go from moping to control freak soon.

Bill said the good news was that Brooke wouldn't have to deal with it because she'd be sailing to paradise with him. He and Brooke wouldn't be worrying about what other people thought, and they could make the future what they wanted it to be. He concluded that it started right then.

Bill went on about how emotional the day would be and said he and Brooke could say whatever they wanted to say and feel whatever they wanted to feel. "I love you," Brooke stated, and he responded, "Yeah, just like that."

Brooke wanted Bill to hear and know how important he was to her. She appreciated what she'd learned from him about courage and passion. He inspired her with his strength and stubbornness. She didn't know if she was saying things right. Bill said it couldn't be more right, but she might want to save some of it for her wedding vows.

Brooke looked downward. Bill tried to reassure her that she wasn't being selfish, even though Ridge might have tried to make her feel that way. To Bill, her happiness was just as important as Ridge and R.J.'s. "No, it's not that," she replied.

Bill believed that Ridge should have been emphasizing that R.J. would still be Brooke's family, regardless of the marriage, instead of making last-ditch efforts to win her back. Bill knew that Brooke wanted everyone to be okay with her wedding, and eventually, they would be. Brooke was tearful and quiet. Bill said that day was about them getting married.

Bill wanted Brooke to be as happy and excited as he was, and he said he loved her. Brooke replied that she loved him, too. "I always will, but..." Brooke stated. Bill said not to tell him that Ridge had gotten into her head. In Brooke's tearful silence, Bill said, "Brooke, come on. Whatever Forrester said, you -- you got to forget it!"

Bill asserted that Ridge's fate and destiny talk was just words, and Ridge was toying with Brooke's emotions. Bill said that Ridge didn't really want her back; Ridge just didn't want her to be with Bill. Bill said they were getting on the jet, flying to the yacht, and saying their wedding vows. Bill asked Brooke to say that she still wanted to do that and still wanted to be his wife.

In the Forrester design office, Nicole and Maya discussed Nicole's choice about Zende. Nicole remarked that Sasha was defending Zende. Nicole questioned whether she was wrong in her feelings and reasoned that Sasha and Zende hadn't meant to be vindictive in their actions. She said they felt terrible about what they'd done.

Maya was sure they did; however, they'd hurt Nicole, and it hadn't been Sasha's first time targeting Zende. Maya believed she'd been wrong to ask for another surrogacy, but in her opinion, Sasha had gone way too far. Nicole admitted that it was Nicole's own fault -- as far as Sasha was concerned -- and Sasha had said that Nicole had pushed Zende into her arms.

Maya believed that Sasha's agenda was to be with Zende. Nicole replied that Sasha had asked Nicole to take him back, and it would be Nicole's last chance before Sasha considered him to be fair game. Maya asked if Nicole wanted him back.

Nicole wanted things to be the way they had been. She didn't want to lose Zende, but she couldn't trust him. She knew that he was sorry. She wished he could take it back; however, it had happened, and it was time for her to make her own decision. She couldn't be with someone who could do such a thing to her.

Later, Nicole was alone, flashing back on the beginning of her relationship with Zende. She recalled his marriage proposal and then flashed to seeing him in bed with Sasha.

In the photo studio, Sasha found Zende, who appeared deep in thought. She expressed excitement about their photo shoot for International and said Rick might set up another. Zende snapped out of it and asked Sasha to repeat what she'd been saying.

Sasha assumed Zende had been thinking about Nicole. Sasha empathized with Zende, but she concluded that, if Nicole wouldn't give him another chance, it might be time to move on. Zende felt bad about how things could affect Sasha's friendships with him and Nicole.

Sasha didn't want Zende worrying about her. She felt that Nicole wasn't even considering the role she and the second surrogacy had played in it. Zende stated that he couldn't blame Nicole. Sasha refused to let Zende keep beating himself up about it. She figured he wanted to fix things because it was the kind of guy he was.

Zende replied that it was very messed up, and he didn't like hurting people. Sasha said that no one liked the situation, but at least "now you know" what life would be like with Nicole, who decided things regardless of his feelings.

"It's like, 'Another baby? Sure. I mean, my boyfriend's probably not down with that, but eh, whatever,'" Sasha mimicked. She asked what was next. Zende replied that nothing was next because Nicole had broken up with him. Sasha believed that it meant he had the chance to be with a woman who would put his needs first.

In Sasha's view, Zende deserved a woman who'd appreciate him. Zende believed everyone deserved that. Sasha added that the woman needed to be realistic and know that people weren't perfect. The woman should be able to lighten up and have fun. She said he needed to find someone who loved adventures and enjoyed the unpredictability of life. Zende replied that it wasn't so simple, and he couldn't just move on.

Zende appreciated what Sasha was trying to do, but he said that what he'd done in turning to her had made a bad situation worse. Sasha reasoned that making a choice on bad information didn't make him an awful person. It also didn't give Nicole the right to make him feel like one.

Sasha touched Zende's shoulder. "I can't," he uttered. Sighing, Sasha replied that it was okay, and he knew where to reach her. She said she was there for him.

One man finally gets the girl One man finally gets the girl
Thursday, December 1, 2016

At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy rushed in, wet from swimming at the beach. They made out as they toweled each other off. Liam made them hot drinks, and when she took her mug, he asked how her finger was. She said the removal was going along, and there would be a few more treatments. He couldn't wait to put a ring on it, and she said the ring would never come off.

Liam asked if Steffy wanted to start planning their wedding yet. They were excited about the idea of it, and she remarked that they weren't the only ones with wedding plans. She informed him that Bill and Brooke were jetting off to get married that day. Liam was surprised. He hadn't heard anything about it yet.

Steffy explained that she'd found out when she'd gone to see Liam at the office but had wound up seeing Bill in Liam's stead. Sarcastically, Liam said he loved how his father kept him in the loop. She figured that Bill could be keeping it quiet because he wasn't sure it would happen. Liam asked why she'd say that. " dad..." she replied in a leading tone.

Liam asked what she meant about Ridge. Steffy said Ridge wasn't out of the picture, and Bill had been "kind enough" to grant Brooke one final goodbye. Liam said Ridge had to have seen it coming; Bill had wanted to marry Brooke for years and was psyched about it. "If it happens," she responded.

Liam conveyed that Bill might misplay his cards once in a while, but the man got what he wanted in the end. Steffy said Liam hadn't been around for the whole Ridge and Brooke thing. Steffy hated to admit it, but the couple had more chemistry than even Ridge and her mother.

Steffy said that Ridge had always been the one for Brooke. Liam responded that if it were any other man, he'd believe that there was no other man for Brooke; however, he felt that Ridge had met his match in Bill. Liam believed that Bill was going to get the job done.

Steffy acknowledged that Bill and Brooke had been through a lot and said it was more power to them if they could endure. Liam noted that he wasn't discounting Ridge and said Ridge and Brooke had an incredible bond. Steffy wondered if people would talk about her and Liam that way. Liam asserted that they would. He said he wasn't sure about much, but he was absolutely certain about him and Steffy.

At Forrester, R.J. reasoned that Brooke should be really into Ridge after the heart in the sand and proclamations of love. Ridge said he didn't know about all that, but he had asked Brooke to return to him and give Bill Spencer's ring back. Ridge didn't know what Brooke would do. R.J asserted that she wouldn't marry Spencer -- not after that day.

Ridge looked unsure, and R.J. didn't understand why. He asked if Ridge still thought Bill actually had a chance. Ridge said that along with the great moments, he and Brooke had experienced some not-so-great ones. Ridge hadn't always been an angel. R.J. said it was common knowledge, but Ridge had made up for it. R.J. thought Bill was all flash and no substance, but Ridge and Brooke had something special.

Ridge said he and his son knew it, but Brooke didn't see Bill that way. R.J. didn't know how Ridge could work with all the suspense about Brooke. Ridge stated that it was better, sometimes, not to know. R.J. asked why, and Ridge explained that one didn't always get the answer one wanted.

Ridge wasn't losing faith, but he didn't want R.J. to get his hopes up. R.J. felt that it would be awesome to have his parents back together, but he'd be fine either way. He wanted it for his parents, though, because he believed they'd be miserable without each other.

Ridge stated that, for some reason, Brooke cared for Bill Spencer. R.J. believed that she cared for Ridge more, and Brooke and Ridge had something real. It was something that people needed to make it last a lifetime. Ridge knew that R.J. wanted his father to be convinced of Brooke's return, but Ridge said he didn't know what Brooke would do.

R.J. refused to leave until Ridge believed it, and he urged Ridge to think positively. He stood over Ridge's shoulder, making sketch comments as Ridge worked. Ridge groaned. R.J. said Ridge wasn't getting anything done. He offered to take Ridge out for a sandwich. "By the way, can I have twenty dollars?" R.J. asked.

Ridge thanked his son for the distraction, but he didn't think anything would work. R.J. didn't know why Ridge was worried and remarked that R.J. wasn't. Ridge conveyed that he might have lost Brooke, and he asked if his son knew how extraordinary she was. She was one of a kind to Ridge. Ridge would love to spend the rest of his life with her if he had one more chance.

Though Ridge knew that it was corny, he relayed that his and Brooke's names combined into a word. "Bridge," R.J. guessed. Ridge referred to it as signifying the bridge between their hearts. It didn't matter where he and Brooke were in the world; they always had a connection. R.J. thought it was cool. Hoping he hadn't lost her forever, Ridge decided to leave for some fresh air.

At Spencer, Bill asked Brooke to look at him and tell him that she still wanted to be his wife. Brooke said that she loved him, and there was "so much" she wanted to say to him. Bill told her to say it in Saint Barts, because they had a plane to catch.

Brooke had always admired Bill's commitment, loyalty, and perseverance. The way Bill had gone about planning the wedding showed her how much he really loved her. She was proud "to have been" a big part of his life. She'd always be grateful for it. Bill asked why it sounded as if she were saying goodbye.

Bill stated that he and Brooke had gone through a lot to get there. They were finally free and deserved that moment. Brooke replied, "Being with you has been so wonderful." Bill felt that they were just getting started and had their entire lives as a couple ahead of him. He knew that she was under pressure and assured her that they'd do what they could to make everyone happy; however, at that moment, it was time to make Brooke and her happiness the priority.

Bill told Brooke that she couldn't settle just to appease R.J.'s fantasy. Tears streamed down Brooke's face. Bill asserted that the past was a prologue, and Brooke knew exactly what Ridge would do in a year -- or even within three months. "He will leave you again," Bill declared. Brooke turned, but he pulled her back and said, "Listen to me -- because that's what he does."

Bill knew that Brooke didn't want to hear it, but that was the Ridge and Brooke history. On the other hand, Brooke could count on Bill that day and forever. "So let's go get married. The jet is waiting, and so is our future," Bill stated.

Bill asked what he could say or do to make Brooke see that it was right. He had to know that he was what she wanted. Brooke replied that it wasn't that simple. Bill said it never had been, and they'd had to fight and sacrifice with unwavering love. "At what cost?" Brooke asked. She noted that they'd broken up Will's family, and R.J. wanted to see his family together.

Brooke reasoned that family was important. She asked if she was supposed to mother Katie's child but turn her back on her own. Bill asked what she was talking about. "What happened in Malibu? What did Ridge do to you?" Bill wanted to know. Brooke said R.J. had been there, too.

Bill wasn't surprised to hear it but said it was about the love that he and Brooke shared. Brooke claimed that she didn't love one man more than the other, and each of them had a special place in her heart. She couldn't stop thinking of the children. She noted that she had a son with Ridge, and Bill had one with Katie. "So where is the decency?" Brooke asked.

"Come on!" Bill roared. Bill said all the kids would be surrounded by love and have more of it than any other kids on the planet. Brooke interjected that she also couldn't stop thinking of the harm she'd caused Katie. "You gotta take a breath. You're all over the place," Bill observed.

Bill asserted that the topic was about "us." Brooke contended that it was about family, decency, order, legacy, and doing what was right. Brooke had followed her heart all of her life, and it had only gotten her into trouble. She felt that she was older and wiser; however, she said Bill was saying that she needed to put herself first. "No, Bill, I need to put the children first," she decided.

Brooke wanted to do what was best for the children. Bill asked what it meant for her and Forrester. In her tearful silence, Bill said she was blind, and Ridge had used every trick in the book, including her son, to manipulate her. Bill stated that there they were again on the verge of getting married. With an impatient chuckle, he said he'd been understanding and "so patient," but it didn't matter because, from what he was hearing, they might never be together.

"We can't do this anymore," Bill said. He touched Brooke's face and walked past her out the door. Brooke sobbed.

Later, Brooke sadly walked toward the Forrester Creations building. She spotted Ridge on the bridge leading to the building. She called his name, and he turned. She strode up to him, and the two met in the middle of the bridge. He silently lifted her left hand. There was no ring on her finger.

Wordlessly, Ridge and Brooke stared at each other. Brooke smiled, prompting him to do so, as well. "Yeah," she uttered, and Ridge pulled her into his arms. They hugged, and Brooke said, "I'm back, Ridge. And I'm here to stay." He called her "my Logan."

"Yes. Your Logan," Brooke responded. She and Ridge kissed.

Quinn offers Steffy a chance to run Forrester Quinn offers Steffy a chance to run Forrester
Friday, December 2, 2016

On the Forrester overlook bridge, Ridge and Brooke kissed. Ridge was excited that Brooke was there. He said he'd just been telling R.J. about the significance of Ridge and Brooke's combined names, and afterward, Ridge had wound up there on the bridge outside Forrester. Ridge asked what Brooke would call it. She replied that he knew what she'd call it. He uttered that it was destiny, and they kissed more.

Brooke and Ridge went to the CEO's office. She felt as if she'd been caught in a whirlwind. He was sure it hadn't been easy for her but said they could turn their focus to their family and the future. He asked her to say she was there in the moment with him. She replied that she was.

R.J. knocked and entered. "I'm back!" Brooke exclaimed. As R.J. hugged her, Ridge said, "We're back." R.J. was overjoyed that his mother had made the right choice for herself and the family. Ridge stated that he liked the day, and Brooke said it was a good day. Ridge asked for another hug and pulled R.J. and Brooke to him.

R.J. left, and Ridge told Brooke that it was all about timing. It had been his instinct to find her when he'd returned from Paris, but it hadn't been their time yet. "This is our time," he concluded. It was their time to put their family back together. Brooke replied that she wanted it more than anything, and they kissed. Brooke hugged him with a tear in her eye, and she smiled in his embrace.

At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy had sex, and he uttered that she tasted like the ocean. Afterward, Steffy got dressed. She intended to pay Eric a visit. Steffy was happy to have given Eric a peaceful holiday, but she insisted that her feelings for Quinn hadn't changed.

The front door flew wide open and slammed behind the angry stallion, Bill. "Oh, gee, Dad. Please come in," Liam sarcastically said and asked what he could get Bill. Bill snarled, and Liam asked what was wrong. "Brooke's going back to Forrester," Bill bit out, and Steffy gave Liam a look of "I told you so."

Liam and Steffy tried to console Bill. Steffy believed Brooke did love Bill. Bill replied that it just wasn't as much as Ridge-slash-family and what was best for the children. Liam asked what he could do. "Scotch," Bill answered. Liam suggested a pep talk. Bill just stared at Liam. "Scotch," Liam repeated and walked off to get it.

Later, Liam and Bill were alone. Bill tossed back his drink. He said Brooke loved him, and it didn't just disappear. Liam remarked that Brooke had done a number on Bill and asked if Bill wanted some advice. "No," Bill replied.

Liam advised Bill not to give up. Liam said he hadn't let go with Steffy, and Bill shouldn't with Brooke. "You're right," Bill decided. Bill said that Forrester had gotten into Brooke's head. Bill had underestimated Forrester, but he declared that Forrester was underestimating Bill if Forrester thought Bill was just going to go away.

Bill changed the subject to Liam and Steffy's relationship. Liam thought it would be awkward to discuss because of Bill's problem. Bill said that just because his relationship was over -- for the time being -- didn't mean he didn't want to know about Liam's.

Liam said that he and Steffy were closer than ever, but Liam felt bad about Wyatt's hurt. Liam believed that once Steffy's divorce was final, he and Steffy would get married. He asserted that nothing would stop them that time around.

At the mansion, Eric and Quinn remarked upon their wedded bliss and his trust in her to run the business. She asked if he thought it was time, and he pushed up from the couch to head upstairs. "No, not that," Quinn said. She was referring to him returning to work. Eric wasn't sure he wanted to. He liked being away from all the drama and pressure.

"We'll talk about it," Eric said as Wyatt entered the house. Quinn was glad to see her son, who'd been keeping to himself. Eric asked if something or someone was on Wyatt's mind. Wyatt replied that he couldn't compete with how happy Quinn and Eric were. Looking at his ring tattoo, Wyatt added that he still couldn't stop thinking about "her."

Quinn was sorry about his marriage and her part in it. Wyatt replied that what was done was done, and Steffy was with Liam. It made him smile to see Quinn and Eric happy and at peace. Wyatt pretended to groan about their happiness. He smiled, saying he was happy for them.

After Wyatt had gone to raid the kitchen, Quinn wished that she could do something to help her son. Eric offered to do anything he could to help because he cared for Wyatt.

Wyatt returned with a plate of pie. Eric decided to go upstairs to rest, and Wyatt remarked that Eric should do it while he could because he had to return to Forrester. "I'm not sure I'm gonna do that," Eric replied. Eric was enjoying home life.

After Eric had gone upstairs, Wyatt asked if Eric really meant it and wondered who'd be CEO. Wyatt guessed it could be Ridge or Rick, but Quinn didn't think so. Steffy was Quinn's pick. Quinn believed that Steffy was qualified, and as a bonus, Wyatt could see Steffy more.

Wyatt said the divorce was a go, and Steffy was already in the process of removing her ring tattoo. Quinn conveyed that she felt terrible about her happiness being built on Wyatt's broken marriage. Wyatt didn't blame her anymore, because he'd seen how happy Eric and Quinn were.

Quinn wanted it for Wyatt, too, and said the marriage didn't have to be over. Wyatt figured that it was a little late for that because Steffy was back with Liam. "So what?" Quinn asked. She didn't think it meant that Wyatt had to give up, and she urged him not to.

Later, Wyatt went to see Eric, who was upstairs, drinking a smoothie that looked awful to Wyatt. Eric said it was his wife's special blend, and he didn't want to know what was in it. Wyatt inquired about Eric not returning to Forrester as CEO. "You want the job? Take it," Eric replied. Wyatt asked if it was an offer. "Yes. It is," Eric replied. Wyatt became pensive.

Eric empathized with Wyatt about losing his marriage but said that, as long as death didn't take a spouse, there was still a chance. He advised Wyatt not to give up on Steffy. Wyatt replied that his mother had said the same thing. Eric told Wyatt to listen to her because she was wise.

Wyatt stated that the problem was that Steffy had gone back to Liam. Eric liked Liam and respected him. Even so, Eric's advice was to fight for Steffy. Eric said if he and Quinn hadn't fought, they wouldn't be enjoying their wonderful life. "So the odds are against you. That just means you have nothing to lose," Eric reasoned.

Downstairs, Quinn was surprised when Steffy walked into the house. Quinn thanked Steffy again for helping with the holiday togetherness. Steffy said she'd done it for Eric, and it hadn't changed her feelings about Quinn. Quinn was saddened that Steffy couldn't see that Quinn was capable of change. Steffy didn't want to go another round and decided to leave.

Quinn stopped Steffy, saying she wanted to talk to Steffy about something. Steffy didn't want to discuss how good Quinn thought she was for Eric. Quinn said it wasn't what was on her mind, and it was about Steffy and her future at Forrester. Quinn conveyed that it had been amazing to run Forrester, but her position had always been temporary.

Steffy was glad Quinn realized that she'd be out of the CEO chair once Eric returned. Quinn informed Steffy that Eric might not want to return to his position. Steffy accused Quinn of angling to have the job permanently. Quinn denied it and said she had another candidate in mind.

"You," Quinn said. Quinn stated that Steffy had been a heartbeat away from being CEO when she'd been the president. "Until you unseated me," Steffy quipped. Quinn said she might have been hasty, but it was easy to fix. Steffy stated that Ridge had been the CEO. Quinn didn't think he would again because he'd betrayed Eric too many times. "And I haven't?" Steffy asked.

Quinn said it hadn't been to the same extent, and one could argue that Ridge had swept Steffy up into things that Steffy would have done differently. Steffy accused Quinn of trying to drive a wedge between Steffy and Ridge. Quinn replied that she was trying to make a future plan that benefited the company and the family.

Steffy still believed it was some sort of ploy for Quinn to wind up running the company herself. Quinn wondered why she'd want to do that. She said Eric had put a lot of faith in her to handle his legacy. She'd sworn not to betray his trust, and she declared that she hadn't.

Quinn was proud of what she'd accomplished at Forrester, but she said the next CEO needed to be a Forrester. The person needed to inspire trust and loyalty, and Steffy fit the criteria. Quinn hadn't discussed it with Eric yet because she'd wanted to run it by Steffy first. Quinn was sure that she and Eric would be in sync about it, as they had on other things.

Quinn added that something like a stock takeover wouldn't even be needed if Steffy were willing to work with Quinn and Eric. "Partner with you?" Steffy asked. Quinn repeated, "And Eric." Quinn believed that, together, they could take the company and family into the future, even if it happened with kicking and screaming.

Quinn imagined how good it could be if Steffy let go of her animosity and realized that Quinn was a different person. Quinn was still Steffy's mother-in-law, though, and she loved Steffy. Quinn wanted to be close to Steffy and for Steffy to be close to Eric. Quinn believed Forrester would need new blood and a makeover. "And that's you," Quinn decided.

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