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Liam implored Eric to snap out of the Quinn fairytale, but Eric snapped Liam out of the rescue ranger fantasy with a dose of truth about himself. Quinn quelled her dark tendencies toward Katie, but Katie recorded Quinn unleashing it on Liam.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 12, 2016 on B&B
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Quinn makes herself clear to Katie -- again Quinn makes herself clear to Katie -- again
Monday, December 12, 2016

At Forrester, Rick apprised Brooke of Eric's pick for CEO. Brooke thought it would cause more problems in the family and asked how Steffy could accept the job. Rick replied that Steffy wouldn't turn down the chance to run the business. "Steffy?" Brooke quizzically replied.

It didn't make any sense to Rick, either. He felt he had a better record and experience. Steffy had never run the company before, but Rick had. Rick felt that if anyone should have the chance to run it again, he should. In his view, he'd already be in charge if Eric were thinking rationally. Brooke said Eric had to have considered Rick, but Rick said it wasn't so.

"That's how it is these days," Rick griped. He said Eric didn't care about what was happening with the company or the clients -- he just did what Quinn told him to do. Because Steffy hated Quinn, Brooke was confused at why Quinn would step aside as interim CEO and ask that Steffy be CEO. Rick figured Quinn wanted something from Steffy. "But Steffy would be her boss," Brooke said.

"Mine, too, which is horrible!" Rick exclaimed. Brooke stated that Steffy had been president, but she'd never run the whole company, any divisions, or the day-to-day business. Brooke reasoned that Quinn might be out to set Steffy up or drive a wedge between Ridge and Steffy.

Rick thought it could be possible, but he suspected that it was about Wyatt, who hadn't given up on Steffy. Brooke and Rick considered that Quinn might be using the company as bait to reunite the couple. Brooke was surprised that Eric had made the decision without questioning Quinn, Rick, or Ridge. Rick said the marriage had put Quinn in control.

Brooke decided she needed to talk to Eric, and she marched out of the office. She wordlessly brushed by Nicole on the threshold and left. "What was that?" Nicole asked Rick. Rick griped to Nicole about Eric's decision about Steffy and said that Quinn was more dangerous than ever. He quickly apologized for laying it on Nicole, who'd been through a lot already.

Nicole said it was fine, and she was there if Rick wanted to talk. Rick stated that he was there for her, too, and was sorry about things with Zende. Nicole replied that things didn't always work out as one wanted, and she flipped the topic back to the CEO position, which she hadn't known that Steffy even wanted. Rick replied that Steffy hadn't accepted it yet.

Nicole assumed Ridge might be the reason for Steffy's reluctance. Rick said that Ridge would complain no matter who was in "that seat," and Quinn should be the one Steffy was worried about. Rick reasoned that Quinn was probably the reason Steffy hadn't accepted the job yet.

Nicole figured there was still time to change Eric's mind. Rick replied that it could be true of the job, but not about Quinn. He said that the longer Eric and Quinn were together, the more attached Quinn got. Rick was really worried and said it was scary how much influence Quinn had over Eric.

At the mansion, Quinn stared at Katie's lifeless body on the floor. Beside it was a bloody candlestick holder. Quinn gripped the banister to steady herself.

"Quinn?" she heard Katie's voice say. Quinn glanced down at the floor. Katie wasn't there. Instead, Katie was standing nearby with her phone in hand. "I didn't see you standing there," Katie said. Quinn stared at the candlestick holder, which was on the table, as it had always been, without a spot of blood on it.

Quinn said she didn't think she had to announce herself in her own house and asked if Katie was visiting Eric. Katie replied that she had done so and was just leaving. Quinn didn't think Katie should rush off on her account and asked if Katie was all moved in. Affirming it, Katie said Quinn should see it. "Now?" Quinn asked and fixed her gaze on the candlestick holder. Katie didn't see why not. She said Quinn should see the view. It was "to die for."

At Katie's house later, Katie handed Quinn a glass of water as they toured the kitchen and wandered into the living room. As Katie prattled on about her decorator, Quinn stared at Katie in fuming silence. Katie hoped her fireplace would be fixed by the holiday.

As Quinn opened the glass door to see the view, Katie apologized for yammering and asked if Quinn wanted her to fix a cheese plate. Quinn unceremoniously declined. Katie suggested they sit outside and enjoy the view. "Is that my house?" Quinn asked, her eyes fixed directly on what was in front of her. Katie affirmed it and said on a clear day, one could see straight to the ocean.

Quinn flashed to Katie's kiss on Eric's cheek and to her fantasy of swinging the candlestick holder down on Katie. "I know Eric loves me," Quinn said, still staring ahead. Katie's face wrinkled in surprise. "I'm sorry -- what?" Katie asked.

Quinn said she wanted Katie to know that Quinn wasn't jealous or insecure, but she had to reiterate that she didn't want Katie spending time alone with her husband. Katie started to explain, but Quinn said she'd seen Katie with her own eyes. Katie asked what Quinn meant, and Quinn replied that she'd seen Katie kissing Quinn's husband.

"Are you talking about that peck on the cheek?" Katie asked. Quinn replied that it had been inappropriate. She said she and Katie had already talked about it, but the first thing Katie had done after moving in had been to spend time alone with Quinn's husband. Quinn was sure Katie hadn't meant anything by it, but Quinn had to wonder what was really going on.

Katie said that nothing was going on. Quinn asked if it was all coincidence that Katie made spur-of-the-moment visits, had asked for help with Will's fancy school, and had moved next door. Quinn wondered if Katie was trying to get close to Eric. Katie replied that she wasn't after Quinn's husband. Quinn deduced that Katie was after something.

Katie stated that she and Eric had been friends for years. Quinn indicated that things would change if Katie's behavior persisted, and Quinn wouldn't allow Katie to play on Eric's sympathies. Scoffing, Katie said it wasn't what she was doing. Katie decided that they didn't have to make it a big deal and said it wouldn't happen again. She explained that the kiss had been friendly, and she was sorry if Quinn thought it had been inappropriate.

Quinn claimed to understand why Katie, who was in the big house on the hill alone, wanted companionship. Katie replied that she had her son, but Quinn noted that Will wasn't there at the time. Katie affirmed that he wasn't. "So you're here all by yourself. You must feel so alone," Quinn stated. Katie asked if Quinn was trying to make Katie feel uneasy -- because Quinn's words had sounded a little like a threat to Katie.

Katie asked if Quinn was trying to make her uncomfortable. "Oh, like you made me when I saw you kissing my husband?" Quinn asked. Quinn said she was just trying to understand why Katie would do it after Quinn had opened up and explained her feelings. Quinn stated that she was trying to behave herself and act like Mrs. Eric Forrester, because it was who she was.

Katie replied that she knew it, and the last thing she wanted to do was to make Quinn feel disrespected or insecure. Quinn didn't believe that Katie was going after Eric, but Quinn also didn't believe that Katie was being completely honest. Katie repeated that it had only been a friendly kiss of gratitude, and she'd never meant to upset Quinn.

"I'm so disappointed in you, Katie," Quinn stated, and Katie scoffed. Quinn said she'd told Katie that she admired her and had been hoping to be friendly. Quinn asked again what else was going on. Katie asserted that nothing was going on. Quinn asked again if Katie and Eric were just friends, and Katie affirmed it.

Quinn remarked that Brooke and Rick were Eric's family, but Eric wasn't getting advice from his family those days. Quinn wondered if Katie had thought that Eric might listen to her, and Katie had kissed him on the cheek to soften him up. Katie replied that Quinn had it very wrong, and it had meant nothing. Katie said it hadn't been a come-on or manipulation, and she didn't know what more Quinn wanted to hear.

Quinn wanted to hear that Katie understood that Quinn was trying to support her husband. Quinn admitted that she was being overprotective. She said that Eric's family had hurt him, and she wouldn't let it happen again. Quinn stated that it might seem like "crazy Quinn" was overreacting. She added that the entire family called her that, but Katie didn't have to worry because if Quinn had those urges again, she knew how to handle them.

Quinn was grateful for her new life and the love she had with Eric. Quinn wouldn't jeopardize it for anyone. She asked if she'd made herself clear. After studying Quinn for a moment, Katie replied that Quinn had made herself perfectly clear.

Back at the mansion, Brooke and Eric were having coffee. Eric was glad she'd visited and remarked that Ridge had mentioned the reunion. Eric was sure that R.J. was happy about it. Brooke said they weren't making a big announcement about it because of what Eric was dealing with and the uncertainty of the company.

"Yeah, but this is exciting! Eric beamed. He thought the couple should share the news. Eric didn't want her to think the problems with Eric and Ridge would dampen how good Eric felt about the reunion. Eric wanted to see Ridge happy, even if Ridge couldn't be happy for Eric. Eric felt that she eased Ridge's temper and brought out Ridge's better nature.

Brooke appreciated the support. She wished Eric showed as much support for Rick. "Rick?" Eric repeated. She said Rick had told her about the decision. "Of course he did," Eric replied. Brooke stated that Rick was their son, and his commitment and devotion to Forrester had to count for something. Eric agreed, and she asked if he was just saying it to be saying it.

Eric said he meant it, and Brooke stated that Eric had chosen Steffy over the highly qualified Rick. Eric figured Brooke wanted to know why. Brooke replied that she knew why, and she and Rick were upset about it. She stated that Rick had said the idea had been Quinn's. Eric affirmed it. He said Quinn thought it could unite the family, and he agreed. "I don't," Brooke replied.

Brooke believed it would cause more tension. She noted that Rick would have to answer to someone far less qualified than he was, and Ridge would have to take orders from his daughter. Eric joked that it would take some getting used to. Brooke gave him a serious look, and he reminded her that he'd taken orders from his sons -- and from her, too, for that matter.

"It's not a punishment, Brooke. Forrester is a family business. We all have a stake in its success, and it's all our responsibility to get it done," Eric said. Eric didn't want to keep talking shop, but Brooke stated that she still had her concerns. Eric agreed to deal with them if they ever became an issue. He insisted they were finished with it and changed the topic to Katie.

Eric asked if Brooke knew that Katie had moved next door. Brooke noted that he seemed excited about it. He agreed that he was. "What is it? You're a little cooped up here at home?" she asked. He said that wasn't it. He just thought Katie was a terrific girl; she was accomplished, caring, and thoughtful. He claimed that he'd always been fond of her.

Eric was proud of Katie for moving forward and starting a whole new future. He remarked that Katie wasn't upset or angry, and he'd thought she'd be upset that Brooke hadn't married Bill. Brooke replied that she wouldn't blame Katie if she was upset. Eric stated that Katie was focused on moving ahead. He explained that Katie had a bright future, a new house, and a wonderful school for Will. Brooke added that Katie had the best neighbor ever.

Brooke thanked Eric for taking care of Katie. Brooke knew that Katie could do it herself, but she didn't want Katie to feel alone. Eric was sure he'd see his neighbor a lot. He hoped that Katie and Quinn could become friends. He said that Quinn didn't have many friends and would be the first to admit that she wasn't the easiest person to get along with. He believed that Quinn had made big changes and said it would be nice to see Katie and Quinn be friends.

Will she or won't she take the job Will she or won't she take the job
Tuesday, December 13, 2016
by Pam

At Liam's, Liam made a smoothie, and Steffy prepared for work. He reminded her it was a big day. He was not comfortable with her working with Quinn. They discussed that Eric had offered the CEO position to Steffy. Liam wanted her to turn it down because it was part of Quinn's manipulations.

Steffy said she hadn't forgotten about how Quinn worked. Liam maintained that Quinn was diabolical, and he wanted Steffy to distance herself from Quinn. He felt it was a huge step backwards. He wanted her to join him at Spencer and start a fashion house. He believed that Forrester was a toxic environment.

Steffy understood how concerned Liam was, but she maintained that it was for her grandfather. Liam wanted to protect Steffy. Liam knew that Quinn was maneuvering to get Steffy and Wyatt back together. Liam knew how ambitious Steffy was, but he was willing to do anything to keep her away from Quinn. Steffy appreciated Liam, but she refused to let her grandfather down again. Liam begged her not to take the job. Steffy said she had to leave.

At the Forrester mansion Eric was dressed for work, and Quinn told him how dapper he was. He said he was looking forward to going to the office and "goofing off" while the interim CEO, Quinn, did all the work. Quinn hoped that Steffy took the job away from her.

Eric said he wanted Wyatt to join them at the meeting at Forrester, and he sent Wyatt a text. Quinn thanked Eric for including Wyatt. "He's family now, and I trust him -- like you," Eric said.

Quinn gushed that she was in awe of Eric. She was happy he was healthy enough to return to work. Eric thanked her because he was only healthy enough because of Quinn. Quinn nodded and smiled.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Bill discussed what had happened with Brooke. Bill maintained that Ridge had gotten inside Brooke's head. He added that when Brooke broke up with him, it had been all about R.J. "She never said Ridge was the love of her life," Bill said. Wyatt received a text message to meet with Eric at Forrester. He acknowledged that it was about Steffy becoming the CEO.

Bill noted that it was clear that Quinn had set it up and was obvious in her efforts to reunite Wyatt and Steffy. Wyatt argued that they were still married. Bill stated that Steffy lived with Liam and planned to marry him. Bill added that Quinn's manipulations had caught up with her again.

Wyatt refused to accept that Quinn was trying to interfere again. Bill disagreed and reminded Wyatt that his mother had clearly attempted another matchmaking effort. Wyatt left.

Liam later entered Bill's office and vented about his frustrations with Quinn and her offer of the CEO position to Steffy. Bill said he had heard, and Liam guessed that Bill's "mini-me," Wyatt, had told him. Bill asked about Steffy's take on it, and Liam said he didn't know what she would do. Bill understood that Quinn was jockeying for a position of power, but he knew that the offer was prestigious and emotional because it was from Steffy's grandfather.

Bill agreed with Liam that Quinn had ulterior motives. Liam worried that Eric and Steffy were blind to what Quinn had planned. Liam worried about what would happen to Steffy.

At Forrester Creations, in the CEO office, Rick and Ridge discussed that Eric had offered Steffy the job of CEO. Rick said she was not CEO material. Ridge disagreed. He said it was not her time yet, however.

Quinn and Eric arrived, and Pam welcomed Eric. Ridge and Rick also greeted Eric and noted how well he looked. Eric said it was due to his wife. Pam, Rick, and Ridge were glad that Eric was ready to return to work.

Eric said he planned to hang on at Forrester but would step back for a bit. He would continue to work but had no intention of running the company. Rick pointed out that he and Ridge could run the company together as co-CEOs. Then Eric wouldn't have to choose one son over the other. Eric said the decision had been made.

Steffy entered and told her grandfather how well he looked. They hugged, and Steffy said she had missed him in the CEO office. Quinn piped up that she felt the office could use a feminine touch, and she hoped it would be Steffy's office soon.

Quinn admitted it was her idea -- with Eric's approval -- to offer the CEO position to Steffy, but Steffy asked her grandfather again if he would return. Eric declined. He said he wanted to design from home.

Ridge felt Eric was punishing his sons. Eric said he had made a number of changes and was adding to the executive team. Wyatt entered. Eric announced that he had planned for Wyatt to join the executive team as the head of public relations. Steffy was surprised. Eric praised Wyatt for his proven skills in marketing and social media.

Wyatt said it was an unexpected offer and he "humbly" accepted. Quinn was thrilled and gushed to Eric and Wyatt. Rick and Ridge were angry. Wyatt promised not to let anyone down. Eric pressured Steffy to make a decision to accept the CEO position.

Rick and Ridge wondered what they were supposed to do. Eric answered that they would keep their jobs. Rick would remain the head of Forrester International, and Ridge would continue to design. Rick and Ridge balked, but Eric said it had been decided, and there would be no discussion.

Eric announced that he needed people he could trust at Forrester, and Wyatt qualified. Rick and Ridge were unhappy, and Quinn asked Eric for permission to talk to everyone. Eric reminded her that she didn't need to ask permission. If Steffy turned down the offer, Quinn would remain CEO. Quinn thanked Eric for his kindness to Wyatt. She pointed out that Wyatt and Steffy had worked well together in the past, and they had loved each other.

Quinn wanted everyone to put their differences aside and move forward. "Steffy, I have so much admiration for you, and I believe you can succeed at anything," Quinn said. Ridge and Rick smirked at each other. Eric said that Steffy was as brave as her namesake grandmother. Eric urged her to accept the offer. Steffy looked conflicted.

The new CEO contemplates the future The new CEO contemplates the future
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
by Pam

At Forrester, Eric, Quinn, Wyatt, Steffy, Ridge, Rick, and Pam met to discuss the CEO position. Steffy was reluctant to make a decision, but Eric insisted that she needed to choose. He made it clear that if Steffy did not choose to become CEO, Quinn would retain the position. Steffy said she was honored, and they embraced. She quietly agreed to become the CEO.

Rick asked who would take Steffy's place as president, and he volunteered. Eric announced that it would be Quinn, and Ridge and Rick would be vice presidents. Rick was insulted. Steffy looked sick, and Ridge looked disgusted. Eric said it was not up for discussion. Quinn said she was surprised. She gushed that she was happy. Eric said that Quinn and Steffy would work well together, and Steffy looked surprised. Everyone balked at Quinn as president.

Rick was angry that Quinn and Wyatt had a place in the company after all he had done -- he noted that he'd had some of the most profitable quarters in the company's history. Pam agreed. She objected that Wyatt and Quinn had powerful positions in the family company, but Eric countered that they were family -- his family -- and he trusted them.

Ridge worried that Eric was upset with him and Rick. "This is how you want to run this company?" Ridge asked. Eric responded that he wanted to run it on trust. "I don't trust either one of you," he said to Rick and Ridge.

Everyone grumbled, and Eric wanted to adjourn the meeting, but he asked Steffy if she had anything to say. She did. She said her first order as CEO was to get everyone to put their differences behind them. She wanted the company to succeed, and she couldn't do her job if they didn't do theirs. She promised to lean on her dad, and she expected to be fair with Rick. She expected the same treatment from him.

Quinn and Wyatt were gushing. Quinn said Steffy would make history. Steffy excused herself to speak to Ridge, but he refused to discuss it. Eric and Quinn left, and Steffy whispered to Ridge that it was best that she was in charge and not Quinn. She was confident she could handle Quinn.

Ridge shook his head and said that Quinn was already in charge. She had Eric under her control and under her thumb. "And that's where you're gonna be too," Ridge said. Steffy was disappointed.

Later, after everyone had left the office, Steffy leaned on the CEO chair and smiled. Wyatt walked in and admired her new digs. She said it was pretty overwhelming, and many people were unhappy. Wyatt joked that she would be bossing everybody around. He teased that she better not let it go to her head. He reminded her that her grandfather believed in her, and it was awesome. "I am so proud of you," he said. Steffy smiled.

Steffy sat in the CEO chair and spun around. Wyatt said she was just what the company needed. "Youthful energy," he said. Wyatt added that working with Quinn wouldn't be so bad. He knew she was skeptical, but he had been living with Eric and Quinn. "They're cute together, and fun, and they're good for each other. I like being around them. They're inspiring," he said.

Wyatt said it was an improvement that being around Quinn didn't scare Steffy anymore. He hoped Quinn was like a caterpillar ready to turn into a butterfly. He hoped she had at least turned into a moth. Steffy smiled. Steffy looked at her wedding ring tattoo. Wyatt held out his hand and noted that her tattoo had faded, but it was not gone. He encouraged her to remain married to him.

At Spencer, Liam and Bill discussed Eric and Quinn's offer of the CEO position to Steffy. Liam was concerned that Steffy was in danger if she took the job. Bill hoped that Quinn would stay home if Steffy became CEO. Quinn, he added, might be happy to have everything she wanted and might stay away from Forrester. Liam doubted it, but Bill said Quinn might be content to enjoy the good life.

Bill and Liam agreed that Quinn had ulterior motives. Liam worried that Steffy was not safe around Quinn. Bill reminded Liam that Steffy would make a great CEO of the international company. Liam agreed. Liam reminded his dad that Steffy and Wyatt never should have been married, but Quinn had kidnapped Liam and interfered. He worried she would again.

Bill agreed, but he told Liam that Wyatt and Steffy were still married. Liam understood. Bill promised that Quinn would someday pay the price for what she had done. He was sick of her interfering in their lives. Liam said he and Steffy would be married after the divorce. Bill warned that Quinn would be working on matchmaking.

In another office at Forrester, Quinn was elated that Eric had made her president, and Eric added that she was not interim president. She could keep the job as long as she wanted it. Quinn worried that she would be spending less time with him. Eric teased that it gave him an opportunity to sneak in burgers and fries every day. He said he was joking because he had to maintain a healthy diet to keep up with her.

Quinn thanked Eric for Wyatt also. She knew a whole new era was about to begin. She wanted to be a force for peace in the Forrester family. She also hoped that Wyatt and Steffy could find their way back to each other. Eric agreed. "I'm the reason their marriage broke up in the first place," Quinn said.

A man knocked on the door and said he was there for Steffy Forrester's appointment for tattoo removal. Eric looked up and said she would not able to do it because she was too busy. Quinn smiled.

Eric and Liam clash Eric and Liam clash
Thursday, December 15, 2016

In the CEO's office, Wyatt and Steffy discussed the fading of her wedding ring tattoo. Steffy remarked that "it" hurts, and he said, "Yeah, me, too." Steffy was taken aback. He envisioned that gold would be depleted in the future, and there would be holographic mood rings that would fade if one was upset and glow for the world to see when one was in love.

Liam arrived. He guessed the meeting was over. Steffy said that her workday was almost over, too. Wyatt decided to go alphabetize something and left. Liam asked Steffy how it had gone, and she welcomed him to her new office. Liam stared at her, and she asked if he'd congratulate her. In his silence, she defended herself, saying she hadn't been able to turn the job down.

Liam asked why. Steffy said that Eric wouldn't give it to Rick or Ridge. Steffy had felt compelled to take it, or else Quinn would remain as CEO. Liam noted that Wyatt had been at the meeting and asked her to tell him why that was. Steffy replied that Eric and Wyatt had bonded, and Eric had even called Wyatt "son." Liam's eyebrows rose, and she said it was because Eric felt betrayed by his own sons. Liam asked why Eric didn't feel betrayed by her.

Steffy said that Eric did, but he didn't. She stated that she'd been relentless about Quinn but not underhanded. Steffy claimed that Eric knew that she had good reasons for her feelings. "Namely, the marriage she tricked you into and the future she tried to steal from us, right?" Liam asked.

Liam stated that Quinn was apparently still trying, which was the reason Eric had invited Wyatt to the CEO appointment and not Liam. Steffy replied that it was because Eric had changed the executive team and appointed Wyatt to head PR. Chuckling, Liam said it was perfect, and Wyatt loved nothing more than posting pictures of her. Steffy was sure there would be a little of that.

Liam realized that Eric wanted to reunite Wyatt and Steffy. Steffy replied that Eric had never said so. She asserted that people could want what they wanted, but where she slept at night wasn't in the job description. Liam concluded that the message in it all might be intended for him.

Steffy asked Liam to take a minute and think of what it meant to her. She stated that every male member of her family would have to die before she'd ever get a chance to run the company. Liam apologized. He said that, in his mind, she was the most capable person on the planet, and he didn't get surprised like she did when people thought the same.

Steffy decided that she shouldn't make rules as to how Liam reacted, but it was all a big deal for her. Liam asked how Rick and Ridge had reacted. Steffy acknowledged that it had been hard for them and humiliating. Liam asked who'd be president, and Steffy said it would be Quinn. Liam got upset. Steffy insisted that she could handle it. He asked how many times Wyatt had made the same promise. Steffy couldn't take more of debating in circles about it.

Liam conveyed that he was there for the laser appointment. Steffy realized that her doctor had never shown up. Liam looked at her finger and said, "It's still hanging on." Steffy replied that it was taking longer to remove than it had taken getting it put on.

In the photo studio, Rick talked to Nicole about how the meeting had gone. He griped that Eric would probably make a Quinn museum and sprinkle Quinn's baby pictures around. When Nicole learned that Rick still had International and had become a co-vice president, she guessed she still had to get his coffee. He joked that the co-VP position was one step above intern.

Rick thought that Steffy would be okay in her position because, unlike her father, she listened to people and would ask the right questions. Rick said Steffy didn't see that Quinn was using her.

Nicole grimaced when she heard a click. Wyatt was taking her picture as he walked in. She said it was impolite to do it without permission. Wyatt said he was photographing all the beautiful women for Forrester's social media. Nicole contended that she helped with it behind the camera, not in front of it. Wyatt said she'd help him a lot more because he was heading PR.

"Only because of your mother," Rick murmured. Wyatt added that Eric was also responsible for it. Wyatt asked for suggestions on the media blitz campaign for Steffy. Rick guessed Nicole would do all the work, and Wyatt could take the credit. Nicole stated that Wyatt had taught her a lot, and she was proud to be on his team.

Rick decided to take his leave, and Wyatt said that, before Rick listened to rumors -- or spread any -- Rick should remember that Quinn had been a good interim CEO. Wyatt believed she'd almost make a good president. "While my dad gets more and more isolated," Rick added. Wyatt asked when Rick had seen Eric happier. "Before any of us ever laid eyes on the two of you," Rick quipped.

Back in the CEO's office, Steffy was alone. As customary, she'd put her family pictures behind the desk. She smiled and thought of a time when she'd been a child. A little girl's voice giggled, and Eric's voice was heard as he joked with the little girl about whose desk it was and whose marbles she had.

Steffy laughed to herself. Wyatt arrived and asked if she'd given out any orders. She joked that she'd accidentally buzzed Pam. Wyatt said the position was a huge deal, and he was happy for Steffy. He asked if his brother was. Steffy replied that Liam would be, and Liam just wanted what was best for her. Wyatt gleaned that Liam didn't think "this" was.

Wyatt realized that Steffy was his boss and asked if she wanted to order him to do anything. She didn't know, and he suggested a striptease. Steffy replied that she'd seen it, and he offered to work on her new CEO announcement campaign. Steffy agreed. She wanted to look adult and sexless in it. Wyatt replied that it wasn't possible for her to be sexless. Steffy gave him a look, and he decided that he should stop sucking up to his boss.

In the design office, Steffy's doctor asked Eric if he was sure that Steffy wanted to skip the appointment. As the doctor questioned it, Eric whipped out money to pay him for his time, and Quinn grinned cunningly. The doctor wanted to call Steffy for a follow-up, but Eric ushered him out, saying Steffy would be in touch.

"Eric," Quinn mindfully said once they were alone. Eric replied that if the appointment had been important, Steffy wouldn't have forgotten it. Quinn decided that he'd had a long first day back, and it was time for him to go home. Eric agreed, and they exited.

Once they made it home, Quinn noted that Eric was quite the showman and loved his little surprises. She mentioned the surprise of Wyatt's new job in public relations, and Eric said it was a perfect fit for Wyatt, who was the real showman. Eric liked having Wyatt around and said Quinn had raised a loving and loyal person in Wyatt, who was the same as Eric's new president.

Quinn asked where the presidency decision had come from. Eric said he had confidence in her. She asked if he wanted to keep tabs on her. Eric joked that seeing how upset his sons had been over the CEO choice had made him want to upset them a little more.

Eric said Quinn didn't have to go into the office if she didn't want to, but when she did, he wanted her to have authority. He wanted to know if anyone disrespected her. Quinn, who'd given up on respect a long time back, merely hoped that Steffy would work with her. Eric replied that he hadn't really given Steffy much choice.

As Eric and Quinn cuddled on the sofa, she asked if anything was permanent. Eric said death, and Quinn said it wasn't if one believed in reincarnation. A psychic had once told her that she'd been Mata Hari in a past life. Quinn reasoned that ink wasn't permanent, or else Steffy couldn't laser her ring off.

Quinn asked why Eric had sent Steffy's doctor away. Eric wasn't sure why he'd done it and asked if Quinn thought it had been a mistake. He was sure that when Steffy found out, she'd ask the same question. Quinn asked what Eric would say.

Later, Quinn and Eric discussed how Wyatt and Steffy had blamed Quinn and Eric for the trouble with their marriage. Quinn thought Wyatt was beyond it. Eric believed Steffy was getting beyond it, too. He thought that Steffy would soon realize that no one had forced her to marry Wyatt -- or to leave Wyatt, either. In time, she'd remember why she'd married Wyatt.

Eric said that every marriage wasn't meant to last, but ending it should be harder than a tattoo removal. Quinn was grateful that she wasn't alone supporting Wyatt in the fight for his marriage.

Quinn kissed Eric and went to the kitchen to start dinner. Eric was about to get wine from the wine cellar, but he heard a knock at the door. When he opened it, he saw Liam on the doorstep. Eric stated that it wasn't a good time because he'd had a long day. Eric tried to close the door, but Liam pushed it back. "So I hear," Liam said and entered the house.

Eric's displeasure for the action showed on his face, and he asked what Liam wanted. Eric guessed Liam had heard about Steffy's promotion and assumed Liam was proud of her. Liam wished he could be. Liam had thought he and Eric had a mutual respect. Eric affirmed that they did. "And yet you seem to be playing matchmaker between Steffy and Wyatt. Quinn's idea, obviously, but Eric, your doing," Liam stated.

Eric dismissively replied that he and his granddaughter made their own minds up about things, and Steffy's love life was hers alone. Liam questioned it because Eric had dangled the irresistible position in front of Steffy in exchange for her playing nice with Quinn.

Quinn returned to the room when she heard raised voices. Liam demanded to know what she'd done to Eric. He advised Eric to double-check his medications to make sure Quinn hadn't switched them. Eric yelled that it was enough, and Quinn told Liam to leave.

Liam suggested it was brainwashing. He asked if Quinn had revealed her traumatic childhood or offered to whisk Eric away to a cabin in the woods. Eric said to stop it. Liam raged that he saw Quinn for who she was. Liam said she was a predator, and she had her teeth so deep in Eric that Eric was hardly there. "This is my house!" Eric yelled, inches from Liam's face.

Liam stepped back. Eric told Liam that he didn't stand in Eric's house and talk about Eric's wife that way. Liam replied that she'd been his wife first. "Isn't that right, Eve?" Liam asked, and Quinn's eyes narrowed on him. Liam told Eric that he'd been where Eric was, and there was a way out. Eric had to remember his old life and want it back.

Eric replied that he had what he wanted. He was sorry that Liam was a man incapable of happiness for himself. "And really, why would I want that for my granddaughter?" Eric asked.

Eric tells Liam what Liam's real problem is Eric tells Liam what Liam's real problem is
Friday, December 16, 2016

In the CEO's office, Wyatt made Steffy laugh as he encouraged her to get her sexy on for his publicity shots. She giggled that they couldn't post pictures of her with her feet kicked up on the desk, but she thanked him for being happy for her. "How could I not be?" he asked. Steffy's face darkened, and he guessed it was because of Liam. Wyatt asked how upset Liam was, and Steffy asked how high Wyatt would score storming off to see Eric.

Pam and Nicole arrived with a special delivery. It was a CEO nameplate for Steffy in a gift box. Steffy was surprised and delighted to see it. Pam tacked it to the door herself, and she and Nicole left to get back to work.

Admiring the sign, Steffy said she probably shouldn't be so happy about such a little thing. Wyatt disagreed and said she should be proud. He was proud. Steffy felt that she should be thanking his mother, who hadn't power-tripped or anything. Wyatt added that, instead, Quinn had handed Steffy the power. He believed Quinn wanted the best for the family. He stated that Quinn didn't have to be a problem for Steffy -- or for "us," either.

Steffy admitted her surprise that Quinn hadn't been a complete disaster for the family or business -- yet. Wyatt asked to see Steffy's hand. She hesitantly held it out. He observed her tattoo band and said it was fading, but not gone -- just like them. He believed it was why California had a six-month waiting period. It was to give people like them a chance to reverse bad decisions.

Steffy said Wyatt's name. Wyatt stated that they still had time, and the ring didn't have to fade away. "It could look like this again," he said, looking at his own tattoo. Steffy appreciated Wyatt's feelings. "But Liam," Wyatt said. He noted that Liam was showing where he stood by going off to scold Eric for giving Steffy an opportunity that Liam should be proud she had.

A device chimed, and upon checking it, Wyatt and Steffy were amazed that she had ten million followers. Recalling when they'd reached one million, Wyatt exclaimed that it was crazy. Steffy acknowledged that it wouldn't be happening without Wyatt and his support. "And your mom's support, too," Steffy added, grimacing through the pain of crediting Quinn. Steffy said they'd helped her to get where she was that day. "To new beginnings," Wyatt replied.

At the mansion, Liam believed that Eric was speaking Quinn's words and asked if Eric would really support Wyatt with Steffy over Liam. Eric said he did. Wyatt was Eric's stepson, which meant Wyatt was family, and Wyatt was loyal. Liam emphasized that Wyatt was loyal to Quinn, but Liam was loyal to Steffy. "Until Hope walks in the room. Or Ivy," Quinn added.

Liam implored Eric not to listen to the woman who'd kidnapped and almost tried to kill Liam. Liam said that Quinn was still manipulating people but didn't need a cabin for Eric, because she had Eric hidden away in his own home. Liam said Eric didn't even realize that Quinn was using him for his company, power, and influence, and Eric couldn't let her get away with it.

Eric wasn't swayed by biased opinions of Quinn. Liam contended that it wasn't opinion; it was fact, and Liam was living proof of what Quinn was capable of. Quinn inserted that it was what she "had been" capable of. Liam began a retort to Quinn, but Eric roared that people could change. Eric said everyone made mistakes. Liam said Quinn was proud of what she'd done.

Eric didn't want to hear negative talk of Quinn in his house. He said that if Liam couldn't be respectful, Liam needed to get out. Liam didn't mean to disrespect Eric; Liam was just looking out for Steffy. Eric said he was doing the same thing. Eric liked Liam "well enough," but Eric strived to differentiate between friends whom he liked and family whom he loved. There was nothing Eric wouldn't do for his family.

Eric said that Quinn was his wife; Wyatt was her son. Liam wanted Eric to make it clear that Eric was indicating that he was part of Quinn's plan for Steffy to go back to Wyatt. "Like I said, there's nothing I wouldn't do," Eric replied. Liam was astonished that Eric would go to the lengths of appointing Steffy as CEO to accomplish it. Eric asserted that Steffy was well qualified, and he didn't need to explain his decisions to Liam. "I don't have to," Eric added.

Liam stated that if the point was to destroy his relationship, then Eric "kind of" had to. Eric decided that they'd do it "this" way -- "Could it possibly be that you have such a dismal history when it comes to relationships?" Eric asked. Liam asked Eric to excuse him, and Eric asked if Liam denied waffling back and forth between two ladies Eric cared about.

"The only time you have any kind of commitment to Steffy is when Hope is out of town, and vice versa, let alone stringing Ivy along just for fun," Eric contended. Eric called it appalling and said there was no commitment from Liam at all. Wyatt, on the other hand, stuck to his commitments. Eric asked which man Liam would prefer if it were Liam's granddaughter.

Eric understood Liam's intentions and assumed Liam saw himself as the hero in his relationships; however, Eric advised Liam to step back and see the bigger picture. Citing the situation with Steffy, Eric said she was a married woman. Liam uttered that Steffy was getting a divorce. Eric repeated that Steffy was married but living with Liam. Eric didn't think it was a good situation for a high-profile CEO.

Eric said Steffy had many fans and followers, and he thought there could be a more suitable living arrangement for her. Eric decided to ask Steffy to move in. Liam stated that it meant living with Wyatt. Eric asked if Liam knew what it would mean to Eric to have Steffy living with him and her husband while running the company.

Liam said that he'd been where Eric was and had been immersed in Quinn's fairy tale. Liam insisted that Quinn wasn't who she said she was, and Wyatt wasn't some golden boy. Eric said that Quinn and Wyatt were good people, and Steffy had once known it about Wyatt, who'd made her laugh and feel secure -- unlike Liam, who had one crisis after another. "I have chosen Steffy to take this company into the future. And that future is without you," Eric concluded.

Still trying to reason with Eric, Liam guessed that Eric believed in Quinn enough to say things that he was sure Eric would apologize for one day. Liam said he knew the truth. He'd had Quinn's dagger at his throat and had seen in her ways he hoped Eric never had to. "But you will," Liam concluded.

"Good night, Liam," Eric said. Quinn sent Eric upstairs and said she'd make sure Liam got off the property. Eric complied, and Quinn said that Liam should leave. Liam replied that she should, too, and she would someday.

At Katie's house, Katie gave Brooke a tour. Brooke thought it was perfect for Katie and Will. Katie was excited that the place was all hers, unlike Bill's house, where he'd picked out everything. Brooke asked if Katie had talked to Bill. Katie indicated that she hadn't discussed Brooke's relationship status with Bill.

Brooke said to let her have it, and Katie replied that Brooke had gone back to Ridge as everyone had known she'd do. Brooke asked if Katie hated her. Katie didn't and said Brooke had made the best choice for herself. Katie was doing the same thing. Katie was happy, and though she'd listen to and be there for Brooke, she didn't want to be in the middle of Brooke, Bill, and Ridge. Katie had enough drama of her own anyway.

Brooke asked what was happening. Katie replied that she lived next door to Quinn, and there was a lot Katie needed to catch Brooke up on, apparently.

Later, Katie asked if Brooke wanted more tea. Brooke said to forget about tea. She wanted to hear about the kiss. Dismissively, Katie conveyed it had just been a peck on the cheek. Brooke felt illuminated on the drama and stated, "Of course she would be jealous." Katie replied that Quinn claimed not be so, and instead, wanted Katie to know her place.

Katie elaborated that Quinn thought Katie was after something. "Her husband?" Brooke asked. Katie indicated that it wasn't that -- maybe the company or something. Quinn had just relayed that Katie was behaving inappropriately and might have a point. "Do you have feelings for Eric?" Brooke exclaimed in response.

"Of course not," Katie claimed. She said Eric had always been good to the Logans. Brooke stated that a crush was understandable, but Katie responded that it wasn't middle school. Katie was concerned about Eric, whose wife wasn't right in the head. Katie said the Quinn inside hadn't gone away. Brooke believed in change, but it was hard to know when Quinn was the one they were discussing.

Katie had already seen glimpses of the old Quinn. Brooke didn't think Katie could count the reaction to Katie kissing Quinn's husband. "On the cheek!" Katie exclaimed. Brooke thought it would still be threatening to any woman. Katie believed it was more than that, and Quinn hated her. Quinn looked at Katie as if she were ready to strike.

Not liking the sound of it, Brooke suggested that Katie tell Eric. Katie replied that Eric had heard it from his family already. Brooke advised against telling Eric that Quinn was crazy. Instead, Katie should just report what she'd observed, the tones in Quinn's voice, the looks on her face. Brooke said to let Eric draw his own conclusions, and he'd remember Katie's words when he was ready to see Quinn for who she was.

Katie and Brooke prepared to leave the house. Katie said that Brooke didn't have to accompany her, but Brooke wanted to so that Eric could know they were both serious about it. R.J. messaged Brooke with a teenaged emergency. Katie told Brooke to attend to R.J., and that way, Eric wouldn't feel they were ganging up on him. Katie was sure she could handle Eric. "But can you handle Quinn?" Brooke asked.

Outside Eric's house, Katie was texting a message to Quinn to get permission to visit. She growled that Quinn was "so annoying." Before sending it, Katie, who was standing near the guesthouse, saw the front door open and heard Quinn saying it was time for Liam to go. Katie ducked behind the plants.

On the porch, Liam said he should have locked Quinn up when he'd had the chance. Quinn wanted him to know that she appreciated that he hadn't, and she appreciated what they'd had. She insisted that caring for him had begun the change in her. "Oh, stop it," Liam ordered.

Quinn insisted that Liam needed to hear it. He'd made her realize that she could care about others beyond herself and son. Being with Liam had opened her up. She'd become unafraid -- even excited -- about being vulnerable. She asked Liam to see that she was in her first healthy relationship with a man, and Liam had shown her that she could do better than Deacon or Bill. Quinn had found the best in Eric, and she wanted the same for her son.

Katie began recording the interaction on the porch. Quinn said that Wyatt would have the best in Steffy, and Liam couldn't stop it. Quinn told Liam that he could go up against her and probably succeed if she were alone, but she wasn't alone anymore. She had Wyatt and Eric, Eric's company, and Eric's legacy. Liam said he wasn't listening to any of what Quinn was saying.

Quinn advised Liam to listen to it. She said to enjoy his time with Steffy, to really enjoy it, because those days would be his last.

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