The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 19, 2016 on B&B
Quinn's Christmas surprise for Eric afforded Ridge an eyeful in the garden. Brooke accepted Ridge's marriage proposal, but Bill vowed that he and Brooke would be together. The Forresters learned that Christmas just wasn't Christmas without the ones they loved.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 19, 2016 on B&B
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Ridge spies Quinn naked in the garden Ridge spies Quinn naked in the garden
Monday, December 19, 2016

In the evening, Quinn stood outside the front door of the mansion. She received a message and wandered around to another part of the grounds. There, some workers informed her that they'd finished installing the outdoor shower. Delighted, Quinn said her husband had always wanted an outdoor shower, so she'd gotten him one for Christmas.

After the workers had gone, Quinn cooed as she observed the wall shower. She flipped the water on, and as it cascaded down, she peeled off her clothes and put her hair up. From the foliage, Ridge stared at her. Quinn enjoyed the water flow until she heard rustling in the garden around her. Thinking it was Eric, she warned him not to get closer. She didn't want him to ruin the surprise.

"Ridge," the naked and wet Quinn said when Ridge stepped onto the patio. "Well, the least you could do is hand me a towel," she told him in a matter-of-fact tone as he observed her. He didn't oblige her. She switched off the water and asked what he was doing. He said he'd arrived to see his father and had heard a noise out there.

Still naked, Quinn advised Ridge to be careful when arriving there because he'd never know what he'd walk in on. She asked if he was there to pick a fight. "Sure, why not. Get dressed," he told her. She asked why and if he didn't like what he saw. She stated that lurking had afforded him the chance to see her in the buff, and she wondered if he was excited for his father and what his father got to return home to each night.

Ridge wasn't impressed by Quinn controlling Eric with sex. Quinn asked if Ridge had been born cynical. Ridge replied that she didn't inspire optimism in people. To him, she was just as scary as she'd always been, and he had to make sure she stayed away from his father. She replied that he didn't scare her. He warned her that maybe he should.

Ridge asked what was with the shower. Quinn replied that Eric had always wanted an outdoor shower, and it was her Christmas present to him. She'd been testing the shower, and she commented that it was nice. "Since you're not going to be a gentleman and get me a towel...nightie night, Ridge," Quinn concluded and strode past him, naked.

Quinn went to her bedroom in a towel. Eric was reading on the bed. He asked if she'd taken a swim. She didn't want to elaborate on her activities, and he joked about keeping secrets. She believed he'd love that particular secret, and they kissed.

Quinn asked if Eric was okay after laying in on Liam, whom Quinn knew Eric liked. Eric replied that he'd said what Liam had needed to hear. Quinn smiled, noting that Eric had taken Wyatt's side. Eric explained that Wyatt and she were his family. There was nothing he wouldn't do for them, and they'd always be able to depend upon him to defend them to anyone.

Eric flirted with his wife, asking if she knew what the sight of her in only a towel did to him. Quinn said that towels were overrated, and she tossed it aside.

While cuddling in bed later, Quinn talked about how fast the year had gone by. It had been a record year and the year that everything had changed for Quinn. They discussed how they'd found each other right where they'd been all along. Eric didn't want her to go overboard on the presents for him. She'd already given him more than he'd ever thought he could have.

Quinn replied that Eric wasn't the boss of her, and she intended to give her husband a special gift for their first Christmas. She hinted that she might shower him with gifts. Eric told her to "shower me with this," and they kissed. Quinn suggested that they spend all day and night on Christmas in bed. Eric said it was ambitious for his age.

"Oh, get out of here!" Quinn exclaimed. Chuckling, he said he meant it, and some thought he was too old for her. He suggested someone Ridge's age might be more suitable. Quinn dismissed it. She said that Ridge had his assets, but he didn't compare to Eric, who was more than a pretty face. Eric was kind, warm, charming, and funny. She said he treated her like a queen.

Eric replied that Queen was his queen. Quinn stated that she knew it, and he'd imbued her with confidence. She admitted that, sometimes, she awakened fearful to look at his side of the bed because he might not be there, and she'd learn that it was all a dream. Putting her hand over his chest, he asked if she felt "this."

Eric said "this" was the two of them in the room and house together. It was real, and it was them. It was their life, and no one would ever take it from them. Quinn said that he meant everything to her, and she hoped that wasn't too much. Eric replied that he could take all the love she had to give and ordered her not to hold back. They kissed.

In the design office at Forrester, Rick asked Ridge if he could do lunch with some international buyers who'd be in town. Ridge was distracted, and Rick asked what was up. Ridge replied that Rick would be out of sorts, too, if he'd seen what Ridge had seen.

"Your new stepmother...naked," Ridge said. Rick decided that Ridge needed to explain himself. Ridge began with saying he'd been in the backyard, but Rick cut in, telling Ridge to get to the Quinn naked part. Ridge repeated that he'd been in the back of the house and said Quinn had been taking a shower. Rick replied that Eric wanted a shower back there, but there wasn't one.

Ridge wondered how he was the only person who didn't know that about Eric and the shower. He relayed that Quinn had gotten it and had been testing it when Ridge had arrived. Rick was surprised and intrigued by Ridge's story. Ridge conveyed that there was more. Stammering, he described a weird vibe between Quinn and him.

"Yeah, I get it now," Rick said in a sly tone. Rick hated to burst Ridge's inflated ego, but Rick had to say that Quinn was committed to Eric. "So she says," Ridge replied. Chuckling, Rick asked if Ridge really thought Quinn had hit on him. Ridge said something had been happening, and it hadn't been from him. Rick replied that the statement was pretty vague.

Shrugging, Ridge reasoned that Quinn wouldn't be obvious about it; however, what she had done was to stand there as naked as the day she'd been born, as if it had been the most natural thing in the world. "So, yes. I think she was flirting with me," Ridge concluded.

Thoroughly amused, Rick said that Ridge's ego was something of a wonder. Ridge replied that he wasn't making it up. Rick didn't doubt that Ridge thought every woman was ready to jump in the sack with him. Ridge claimed that Rick was just quoting historical facts, and in the case of Quinn, Ridge knew what he'd witnessed.

Rick said Quinn would have to be crazy to flirt with Ridge. Ridge raised his eyebrows in response. "Yes, there is that, but still, I don't see it," Rick replied. Rick suggested that she'd just been messing with Ridge, whom she couldn't stand just as much as Ridge couldn't stand her. Rick joked that, even naked, Quinn had all the power.

Ridge stated that Rick could be right, but Quinn should have run away when she'd seen Ridge. Instead, she'd stood there, bold and brazen. He concluded that she might be more unhinged than they gave her credit for.

At Katie's house, Brooke entered, back from dealing with R.J.'s emergency, which hadn't been an emergency at all, according to her. She asked what was going on with the pensive Katie. Katie said she was trying to respect Eric's choices about Quinn, but Katie was starting to dislike it. Brooke asked what had happened, and Katie said she'd overheard Quinn threatening Liam.

Brooke asked if Katie had heard an actual threat. Katie replied that it had been -- kind of -- but she wasn't sure. Katie decided that Brooke could see for herself. Brooke was surprised that Katie had recorded it. Katie said her phone had been out, and she'd just reacted. She asked if it was bad. "Of course it's not. Play it," Brooke prompted.

Katie played the portion of the conversation between Quinn and Liam during which Quinn told Liam to enjoy his days with Steffy because they would be his last. It sounded like a threat to Brooke, but Katie wasn't sure if Quinn was threatening harm to Liam or threatening action against Liam's relationship with Steffy. Brooke replied that it was better to be safe than sorry.

Katie didn't want to accuse Quinn if she was "perfectly innocent," because it would harm Katie's relationship with Eric. Brooke asked if Quinn had sounded perfectly innocent to Katie. Katie replied that Quinn hadn't been breathing fire, but she could be hard to read at times.

Brooke concluded that it was when Quinn was the most dangerous and asked if Katie would show Eric the video. Playing the video back had made Katie uncertain about what she'd seen. Brooke insisted that if Quinn was faking it and still a lunatic, then Eric was vulnerable.

Katie figured she could watch things from next door, but it would only be if Quinn didn't perceive Katie as a threat. Katie wanted to believe Quinn had changed for Eric's sake, and the last thing Katie wanted to do was be wrong in her accusations. Brooke said that Quinn could talk around anything. Katie replied that she'd become the bad guy and just another naysayer to Eric.

Brooke considered that it could be a real threat against Liam, whom Quinn had already harmed once. Brooke asked what would happen if Quinn attempted to hurt him again -- or worse. Katie felt that they should hold off on telling Eric because Quinn would intervene with her spin to cause Eric to question Katie's motives and distrust her.

Brooke and Katie agreed that Katie should hold onto the footage in case they needed to use it. Katie added that they hopefully wouldn't have to. Brooke asked if they were really giving Quinn the benefit of the doubt. Torn, Katie replied that she didn't know. To her, Quinn seemed genuine in her feelings toward Eric, and the marriage seemed solid.

Brooke hoped it wasn't wishful thinking. To keep herself in the loop with Eric, Katie felt that she needed to play along with Quinn, but Katie wouldn't forget how dangerous Quinn was. Katie said that Quinn had Eric in her clutches. Brooke thought it needed to change. Agreeing, Katie stated that they had to be smart about prying him away from her.

Liam tells Steffy Eric has a plan Liam tells Steffy Eric has a plan
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
by Pam

At Liam's, Bill and Liam discussed that it would be a weird holiday. Bill would not be with Brooke, but he maintained that they should have been spending their first Christmas together. He insisted he would not give up on Brooke. He knew that she would do anything to keep R.J. happy.

Bill asked about Liam's mood. Liam explained that Eric and Wyatt refused to believe that Quinn had never changed and never would. Liam worried that Eric had become one of Wyatt's biggest cheerleaders.

At Forrester, Ridge, Steffy, and Rick met. Ridge worried that Quinn could pull rank at any time on Steffy, but Steffy maintained that it was a benefit that she was in charge. Ridge worried that Quinn and her son had Eric's ear, and Eric had become Quinn's puppet. Steffy maintained that she would deal with it like any competent CEO.

Rick noted that Liam had to dislike the fact that Steffy would be working with Wyatt and that his mother planned to get them back together. Steffy responded that she was committed to Liam. She left.

Later after Steffy had gone, Rick and Ridge discussed that Quinn was crazy, but Eric was convinced she could do no wrong. Ridge told Rick that he had seen Quinn naked at the outdoor shower that she had installed for Eric. Rick laughed and said Ridge was paranoid, but Ridge worried that Quinn was more dangerous than they had thought. Rick wondered where Steffy was, and Ridge said she had gone home to discuss things with Liam.

At Liam's, Steffy entered, and Bill left. Steffy and Liam discussed that Eric and Quinn had been working against them. Liam maintained that Eric had targeted them. Steffy was surprised, but Liam explained that Eric had told him he was no good at relationships. Liam said that he was convinced that Eric had "regurgitated Quinn's opinion" and that his new wife was the biggest reason why he worried about their relationship. Steffy told him not to worry, but her phone rang. It was Wyatt, and he wanted to schedule a photo session for the social media campaign.

Steffy said she was in the middle of something. Steffy hung up and worried about Liam's concerns about Eric and Quinn. Liam said he dreaded holidays with her family. Steffy said she wanted him to know that he was in her life, and Quinn and Eric could do nothing to keep them apart. She was looking forward to their first Christmas back together again.

At Forrester, Wyatt and Quinn met, and he told her that orders had rolled in since the last fashion show. Quinn was elated and maintained that even her staunchest critics would have to concede that she had been a positive influence on the Forrester company.

Quinn added that Eric was on Wyatt's side. She shared that Eric had prevented the tattoo removal doctor from seeing Steffy. Wyatt worried that she and Eric needed to stay out of it. He didn't want them to meddle.

Ridge was in his office at Forrester, and Quinn entered. She wondered how he felt about the previous night when he had seen her naked. Ridge was ambivalent.

Quinn flashed back to encountering Ridge the previous night when she had proudly shown off her nude body for him. Quinn asked if he had thought about it. "Seeing you naked?" Ridge asked. Quinn countered that it had been the highlight of his day. She assumed that he had been a Peeping Tom.

Ridge disagreed. He'd had no intention of seeing Quinn naked. She asked how she rated in comparison to all the beautiful models he had seen in his life. "Real men don't rate women," Ridge said. Quinn pressured him to praise her and how she had looked "au naturel."

Ridge said she was a beautiful woman and had clearly taken care of herself. "Thank you, Ridge," she said. Ridge replied that his father had fallen for many women like her before. "The good news is it never lasts," he said. He advised her to enjoy the shower with his dad.

Quinn called Ridge a grumpy old grinch. He further advised that it would be her first and last Christmas as a Forrester. Quinn shook her head and disagreed. Ridge left, and Quinn smiled.

Ridge offers a special gift Ridge offers a special gift
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn decorated the Christmas tree together. They discussed uniting their families, and Quinn wondered if all the Forresters would be at the house to celebrate. Eric said he hadn't discussed plans with the family. He planned to invite them, but he didn't know what to expect. He said Thanksgiving had gone well. He added that Steffy as CEO might not have united the family as he had hoped.

Eric took out ornaments that his daughters Kristen and Felicia had made "as little ones." He knew they would not attend because they no longer lived in Los Angeles. Quinn sympathized. She wondered if they knew how important Christmas was to Eric.

Eric said he couldn't expect everyone to drop their plans to spend time with him. He was grateful to be healthy again and to have the company in good hands. "We have a lot to celebrate," he said. She wished she could get all the family to join him. She hoped the holiday was more like Thanksgiving and not like their wedding. "If they care, they will show up," Eric said.

Quinn noted that the family had made it through a lot of crises, and she hoped they would all be together for Christmas. Eric agreed. "Christmas in this house has always been a great tradition. I'm sure they'll honor it," Eric said.

Quinn carried around Christmas stockings and asked if Eric had some photo albums with old photos that would show her how the family expected to see the stockings hung. Eric said it would be fine, but she didn't want to mess with tradition. Eric promised to make his famous eggnog, and it would all be fine. Quinn asked if the eggnog had magical qualities, but Eric joked that it had more medicinal qualities -- if one had enough of it.

At Forrester, Rick and Maya discussed the holidays, and Maya held a sleepy Lizzy. Maya and Rick joked that Lizzy was excited about the holidays, but not excited enough to stay awake. Maya was excited about all the firsts they would experience for the holidays. She and Rick agreed they wanted to do that together with immediate family. Maya noted that Eric would be expecting them. Rick agreed.

Nicole entered and held Lizzy. She said she needed to do some shopping and wanted to take Lizzy to see all the pretty decorations at the mall. Maya agreed and offered to accompany them. Maya asked if Nicole would join them for the holidays. Nicole said she had no one else to spend them with.

Zende entered, and Rick said they had been discussing holiday plans and how they would spend Lizzy's first Christmas. Rick said it was a tradition to be at Eric's, but he didn't want to be forced to get along. "I still got problems with Quinn," Rick said. He joked that even Eric's eggnog might not cure that.

Rick wanted to spend the holiday with his wife and daughter "and have the magic as a family making their own Christmas memories." He hoped his dad would understand. Talk turned to what the Avants did, and Eric called and interrupted the discussion. Eric said he was looking forward to seeing Maya and Rick and Lizzy -- her first Christmas. Rick said that they had considered spending it at home alone and making traditions of their own. "This has nothing to do with hurting you or Quinn," Rick said. Eric said he understood. Maya and Rick left the office, and Zende and Nicole were alone.

Zende told Nicole he wanted to be with her, but he didn't want to make it harder on her than it had to be. He planned to spend the holidays with his parents, but he was not over her. "I love you, Nicole," he said.

At Brooke's house, Ridge put gifts under the tree, and R.J. teased that he better up his game with gifts for Brooke. Ridge said it would be quite a Christmas with a lot of gifts for Lizzy, since it was her first Christmas. R.J. agreed. He was grateful for the gift of having his parents together again.

R.J. wanted to know what Ridge had found for Brooke's gift. Ridge said it was a secret. Brooke interrupted "What are you whispering about?" she asked.

R. J. said Ridge had planned something big. Brooke assured them she would love whatever it was. They all had a group hug and discussed that they would spend time alone as a family, but R.J. wondered if his grandfather was expecting them. Ridge said they would figure out how to schedule time with everyone. R.J. again reminded Ridge to step up his game for Brooke and left the room.

Brooke told Ridge she didn't need a gift. Reuniting the family and knowing that she'd made the right decision was all she needed. Ridge assured her that the most important woman in his life deserved something special.

Ridge presented Brooke with a large box. She wanted to wait until the family was there, but Ridge urged her to open it, and he helped. He said they had shared years together and apart. They'd shared passion, inspiration, support, and more.

Ridge said he didn't want to be apart anymore. Brooke opened the box and found another box inside -- and inside that box was a ring box. It was Stephanie's ring. Brooke was in awe.

"My mother always wanted us to be together. She was a wise woman, and she loved you as much as I love you," Ridge said. Ridge added that Stephanie was looking down on them and smiling, but she was not happy about his dad's choices. "What do you think, Logan? Will you marry me?" Brooke tearfully agreed. They kissed, and Ridge slipped the ring on her finger.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric was disappointed that Rick and Maya might not be at the house for the holiday, and he had wanted Lizzy to hang her first ornament on the tree. Eric understood Rick and Maya's wishes to celebrate quietly as a family. He remembered wanting the same thing when his children had been young. Eric said that Rick had been gracious and had said it wasn't meant to be hurtful. Quinn hugged him and hoped that the family would reconsider.

Eric's Christmas plans get all wet Eric's Christmas plans get all wet
Thursday, December 22, 2016

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge sat on the floor by the Christmas tree and admired Stephanie's ring on Brooke's hand. Brooke said that she and Ridge were finally where they were meant to be. Ridge stated that it would be forever that time, and they kissed.

R.J. entered and admired his parents' closeness. He never tired of it. Ridge said they had some news and announced that they were getting a puppy. Brooke stated that it wasn't the news. Displaying the ring on her hand, she exclaimed that she and Ridge were getting married. R.J. charged toward the floor to hug his parents. Ridge flipped his son over and tickled him.

R.J. said he'd wanted the family together since he'd been old enough to talk. Abruptly, he decided to leave to start holiday shopping. Brooke exclaimed that Christmas was the next day. Before leaving, R.J. stated that he didn't need a gift. The engagement was the best thing ever.

Alone with Ridge, Brooke asked if they could just stay at their house for Christmas. Ridge was very easily persuaded because things were weird with Eric and because Quinn was at Eric's house. Ridge just wanted to go talk to Steffy first. Brooke couldn't believe he was proposing and leaving, but Ridge said the sooner he left, the sooner he'd be back. He stated that he'd learned his lesson, and he'd never leave her again.

After Ridge had gone, Brooke received a knock at the door. She opened it and was surprised to see Bill on the other side. Bill said that he'd had to see her and wish her a merry Christmas in person. Brooke invited him in, and he said he'd thought he'd be with Brooke at the holiday. It hadn't worked out that way, but he wasn't giving up on them.

Bill said Brooke had chosen Ridge for the sake of R.J. and her family. He stopped mid-sentence when he saw the engagement ring on her finger. Brooke said she hadn't wanted him to find out that way. Bill stated that it was hard for him, and it was a very humbling experience. He had to swallow his pride like never before in his life.

Brooke didn't want to hurt Bill, and she hated that she'd let him down. She hadn't expected that things would turn out that way herself; however, she was getting married, and R.J. was happy. She said Bill should have seen the look on R.J.'s face. Bill said nothing.

Brooke figured it was hard to understand, but she'd realized that she couldn't just follow her heart all the time. Bill asked who she was trying to convince, and if she wasn't following her heart, "what else is there, Brooke?" She replied that she was done hurting people. She had to think about her and her family.

Bill guessed it was about doing the honorable thing and what was best for R.J. Brooke agreed and added that she thought of Katie and Will, too. Bill said Brooke was putting everyone ahead of herself, and it was a matter of time before Ridge left her or disappointed her. Bill was there, swallowing his pride -- something he never did -- to fight for them. He wouldn't stop fighting, and he vowed that they would have their life together.

Bill left, and Brooke shed tears as she twisted the ring on her finger.

At Eric's house, Eric was excited about the holiday the next day and told Quinn about the tradition of caroling by the piano. Quinn reminded him that his kids were older and had families. He remarked about Rick and Maya wanting to spend Lizzie's first Christmas at home, but Eric wouldn't let it ruin his and Quinn's first Christmas together.

Pam and Charlie entered, wearing elf and Mrs. Santa aprons. They'd been baking in the kitchen and asked how many they should expect for dinner the next day. Eric looked sadly at Quinn.

Later, Pam said it was too bad, and she was sorry to hear it. Charlie cooed that it was more food for them. Quinn stated that they understood, and people had their own lives. Pam replied that it wasn't the only reason that Rick and Maya wouldn't be there. Eric said that they were aware of the issues some had with his marriage, but it was the time to put differences aside. All he wanted to do was celebrate Christmas with peace and harmony in "this home."

Later, Pam and Charlie were alone in the living room. Pam straightened decorations on the tree. She admitted that Quinn had done a good job decorating and hoped the food and decor wouldn't go to waste. Charlie hoped "this" wouldn't go to waste. Pam turned and saw him holding up mistletoe. "Oh, what the heck," she said and kissed him.

Charlie called it a Christmas miracle. Pam told him to be serious and asked what it would be if they were the only ones who showed up the next day.

Outside, Quinn led Eric through the dark estate grounds. She'd made him close his eyes and was directing him along the pathways. Eric asked where they were going, and she reminded him that she'd said she had a surprise. Eric exclaimed that he'd said no surprises until the next morning. She said that particular surprise couldn't wait.

Quinn recalled that she'd said she'd shower Eric with love and affection. "Prepare to get wet," Quinn added and told him to open his eyes. Eric was ecstatic when he saw the outdoor shower. He'd always wanted one but had never gotten around to it. He imagined it had been a huge undertaking. Quinn said the hardest part had been having it installed in secret. Eric said she'd done it, and the shower was a total surprise.

Eric couldn't wait to try it out with his sexy wife. Quinn revealed that she'd already tested it. Eric asked if there was enough privacy and if anyone could see her. "Not unless you're lurking in the bushes," she responded. Eric said it was a wonderful gift, and he loved it. They kissed.

When Quinn and Eric went back inside, Eric wanted Quinn to open a gift. Quinn wanted to stay in suspense about her gifts. Eric couldn't wait to show off the shower and said Ridge would very envious. Quinn suppressed a grimace. Eric whipped out his phone to call Steffy and ask what time she'd be there the next day.

At the cliff house, Liam and Steffy kissed. Having Steffy there on Christmas Eve was the greatest gift, in Liam's view. The two needed to decide where to spend Christmas Day. Liam asked it if would be where they wanted to spend it or where they should spend it. Liam assumed Eric expected everyone to go over to his place.

Steffy said she'd spent the holidays with her grandfather for as long as she could remember, "and if you managed to survive Thanksgiving..." she added. Liam replied that it hadn't been without a few cocktails, and it hadn't been easy sitting at the table with Quinn. Things were complicated that year, especially after Eric had said he didn't support Liam being with Steffy. Steffy asked if Liam was saying he didn't want to go.

Steffy didn't want to spend the holiday with Quinn, either. "Let's not," Liam murmured. Steffy said Eric was counting on her to be there and wanted the whole family to be there. Liam wished him luck with it because Quinn had alienated everyone but Wyatt. Liam said they certainly didn't want him around. He wondered if it would be so bad to skip it that year.

Liam reasoned that by the next year, Quinn might not be in the picture. He wanted it to be a merry Christmas for him and Steffy. He said he wanted to curl up by the fire with Steffy and listen to Nat King Cole. Steffy replied that it sounded good to her, and they kissed.

Ridge arrived to talk about holiday plans, and Liam expressed his feelings about going to Eric's house. Ridge didn't blame Liam for not wanting to be around Wyatt, Quinn, and Quinn's imaginary friends. Liam added that it was awkward because of how Eric felt about Liam's relationship with Steffy. Steffy felt it would be weird without Eric, but she and Liam were thinking of staying home that year.

Liam welcomed Ridge to visit with Brooke and R.J. Steffy said Liam was making Tofurkey. Liam protested as she explained that it was turkey, but not at all turkey. Ridge thanked them but said he, R.J., and Brooke would spend much needed time alone because they'd officially be a family. Steffy asked if Ridge had proposed to Brooke. Grinning, Ridge replied that he'd given Steffy's grandmother's ring to Brooke, and he and Brooke were getting married.

As Steffy and Liam congratulated Ridge, Eric called Steffy to ask when to expect her the next day. Steffy explained that she and Liam wanted to spend the holiday at home. She said they had just reunited and wanted to lay low, just the two of them. Eric claimed to understand.

Ridge wanted to talk to Eric. Steffy handed over the phone. Ridge told Eric that he and Brooke had gotten engaged. Eric was happy to hear it. Ridge added that he, Brooke, and R.J. planned to spend Christmas together. Eric replied that Ridge had reunited his family. He told Ridge to give Brooke and R.J. his regards.

After the call, Quinn asked if she'd heard right about Ridge and Brooke's engagement. Eric said it was true, and they wouldn't be there for Christmas. Eric added that Liam and Steffy wouldn't, either. Quinn believed that it was because of her. Eric replied that it wasn't at all, but it was a shame that they wouldn't have the traditional family Christmas. Quinn asserted that they'd have a great Christmas no matter what, and she hugged Eric.

Liam surprises Steffy with a set of keys Liam surprises Steffy with a set of keys
Friday, December 23, 2016

At the cliff house on Christmas morning, Steffy wore a holiday adult onesie pajama suit as she read clues and hunted down gifts that Liam had hidden around the house. The clues led her to a pair of fuzzy socks beneath the sofa cushions. Liam said she wouldn't have freezing toes after surfing again.

Liam thanked Steffy for understanding why he'd rather be there with her for Christmas instead of at Eric's house. Steffy got it and added that they wouldn't be able to do "this" at Eric's house. She tossed Liam down on the sofa, sat on his lap, and began to slip on the socks in a sassy way. With his mouth, Liam made stripper-toned music.

At Katie's house, Katie walked in on Bill teaching Will about stock, using stuffed animals as props. Bill assured her that Will was absorbing it, and it would bear fruit in a few years. "Five years," Will said, and Katie laughed. Bill wanted to see Mr. Potter in action, but Katie said Mr. Potter wasn't the hero of It's a Wonderful Life. Bill begged to differ, and she wondered how many years they'd debate it.

Katie gave Will a five-minute warning about his nap. Katie conveyed to Bill that Sarah was there to watch Will. Katie wanted to drop in at Eric's house to wish him a happy holiday and invited Bill to join her. Bill grimaced.

At Eric's house, Eric walked through the living room, silently observing the holiday decor. Quinn walked down the stairs and wished him a merry Christmas. She said it would be a nice, quiet Christmas at home for their first one together. Eric remarked that it was quieter than he'd like, but it would be wonderful to have it with her. He supposed people and traditions changed.

Eric received a message that Charlie and Pam would take longer at the mission. Wyatt arrived. He let them know that Ivy was enjoying spending time with her parents. Eric remarked that he'd text-message them later. He sadly added that it seemed it would be how a lot of them would convey holiday sentiments that year.

Eric ended a call with Kristen, who was glad to have Zende home for the holiday. Quinn urged Eric to call "them." She knew Eric's look, and she knew he wanted everyone there, singing around the piano. Eric replied that it was just one song, and it wasn't asking too much. Quinn agreed, and Eric began to make a call. "Ridge sings?" Wyatt asked.

Eric called Ridge, who was taking pictures of Maya, Rick, and Brooke by the fireplace as Rick read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to Lizzie, who lay in Maya's lap. Eric asked Ridge to visit for a Christmas carol. It would be short and sweet, and Eric wanted to see R.J. and Brooke.

Ridge said it sounded good, but they had a lot going on with Rick and Maya over. Lizzie had a sleep schedule, and Ridge added that Eric knew Ridge wasn't good at caroling. Ridge offered to catch up after the holiday and ended the call.

Charlie and Pam arrived at the mansion. Eric felt bad that Charlie and Pam were doing all the work when hardly anyone would show up. Pam called it nonsense and said Eric deserved a proper holiday with all the trimmings. She stated that it was tradition and got her into the spirit. As Pam and Charlie "Fa, la, la-ed" their way into the kitchen, Quinn made a motion with her hand for Eric to make another call.

Eric called Steffy, who was still opening gifts from Liam. She lit up to hear from Eric. It made it more like Christmas for her. Eric said he knew that she and Liam wanted to start their own traditions, but he asked for just one carol and glass of eggnog. It sounded good to Steffy, but she hadn't even gotten out of her pajamas. Eric offered to put on his, too, and said it was one carol. Steffy said it sounded tempting, but she'd definitely see Eric before New Year's Eve.

After the call, Quinn guessed that Steffy and Liam had passed. "What's one carol, anyway?" Eric griped and slammed down the piano cover. Quinn asked if he was okay. He replied that he was; it was Christmas, and he had her. The two hugged.

To Quinn and Eric's surprise, there was a knock at the door, and Quinn answered it. "I texted you. Did you get my text?" was the first thing out of Katie's mouth as she stood on the doorstep with Bill. "Are you kidding? It's fine. Come on in!" Quinn beamed. She hugged Katie and wished her a merry Christmas. Quinn greeted Bill, who rendered a terse smile as he entered behind Katie.

Katie and Bill greeted Wyatt, and when Katie hugged Eric, he said she hadn't had to show up there. Katie replied that she certainly did. Katie looked at Quinn, who nodded and smiled.

Back at Liam's house, Steffy was feeling guilty about not going to Eric's. Liam suddenly decided he had one more gift for her. He instructed her to close her eyes, and after she'd done it, he balled up something in wrapping paper and held out his hand. She opened her eyes, unraveled the paper, and found car keys.

Liam said he'd made a big stink about not going to Eric's, for obvious reasons, but Liam wanted Steffy to have the best Christmas possible. Steffy squealed. She said he'd been a good boy, and Santa would make all his dreams true that night. "Just to be clear -- you are Santa in this scenario, right?" Liam asked.

At Brooke's house, R.J. said he loved caroling and finding the first kindergarten ornament Ridge had ever made after Eric had hidden it on the tree. Rick reasoned that they didn't want Eric to think they were boycotting. Ridge said not to look at it that way, and they had their own thing they were doing. Ridge added that they were having a great time there. Everyone else looked as if something was missing but smiled and agreed anyway.

Back at Eric's house, Katie and Eric were talking, and a harmonica sounded outside the front door. Everyone looked puzzled as they heard what sounded like a chorus tuning up outside. Quinn opened the door, and the doorway filled with faces. R.J., Maya, Rick, Brooke, and Ridge crouched together, grinning at Eric.

Eric's face lit up brighter than his Christmas tree. "We're here for you, Dad!" Ridge announced. Eric stood stunned, and Rick asked if Eric was going to let them in or what. As everyone entered, Eric asked Rick about his own holiday plans. Rick pretended that he'd forgotten Lizzie, but Maya informed Eric that Nicole and their parents would be over with Lizzie after Lizzie's nap.

Brooke kissed Eric's cheek and said Christmas wouldn't be the same without him. The house filled with chatter, and Quinn and Eric shared a smile. After some time of congregating, Eric gathered them around the piano.

"Did we miss it?" Steffy asked as she and Liam rushed in. Eric replied that they were right on time. He was glad that they were there. "Both of you," Eric emphasized, looking at Liam.

Eric decided that it would be Deck the Halls, played in the family's key. Eric cued Quinn. She handed her drink to Ridge, rounded the piano, and pressed two keys. Eric looked delighted that she'd done it correctly. He played the piano, and the family sang.

A montage of socializing played on-screen. Ridge said that they'd planned to spend the day separately, but "this is who we are." He said they were Forresters, actual and honorary, and "this is what we do." Steffy thanked Eric for making them realize how important it was to keep the traditions alive, and she toasted to the leader of the family.

Everyone was full of smiles as a montage of them playing games, pinning items on the tree, and enjoying food together played. The Spencer men took a picture together. Eric said that the simplest and beautiful gift in the world was song. He'd asked for one song, but he'd gotten memories to last a lifetime. He thanked them and wished them happy holidays.

Couples kissed, and family members hugged. The solo Katie glanced around and grinned. The family began chanting, "One more song! One more song! One more Song!" Eric again sat at the piano for We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and on-screen, the entire cast and crew appeared to wish the viewers happy holidays.

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