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Brooke decided that Eric wouldn't know about Ridge and Quinn, but Katie enjoyed tormenting Quinn with what Katie knew. When Sally broke it off with Thomas, he declared that he loved her. Darlita saw an eyeful on the Spectra spycam.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 3, 2017 on B&B
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The family wants answers about Brooke and Ridge's wedding The family wants answers about Brooke and Ridge's wedding
Monday, April 3, 2017

In the backstage area, Eric observed a gown Rick had put into production from one of Eric's designs. Rick and Maya were eager to hear about the two weddings. Eric showed them his phone pictures of Steffy and Liam's wedding reception. Maya noted how happy Eric looked in a photo with Quinn and said he'd looked that way since the day he'd gotten married.

Rick admitted that he'd told his wife that he'd been wrong about Quinn. Rick said that Eric believed in people when others didn't, and Quinn was a lucky lady. Eric replied that he was the lucky one. Maya knew what it felt like to be an outcast, but Eric had always made her feel welcome. She said he'd done the same with Quinn when others had feared Quinn would let him down. Eric stated that Quinn wouldn't let him down.

Eric was continuously amazed that he'd found a woman that he could love and trust the way he did at that stage of his life. Maya and Rick hoped it was the same for Brooke and Ridge, who should be married by then. Eric notified Rick and Maya that the wedding hadn't happened.

Dismayed, Rick recalled that Eric had said something about a problem when the men had talked by phone. Eric relayed that an upset Brooke had gone to him at the hotel, but Ridge had taken her away before she'd been able to say anything. Rick divulged that the couple hadn't returned together. Eric replied that Brooke might be back in town by then.

Rick believed that Ridge had done something, but Eric asked his son not to jump to conclusions. Maya asked if R.J. knew. Eric didn't know but advised against mentioning it to R.J. Taking out his phone, Eric decided that he was ready to get to the bottom of things.

Later, Eric had gone, but Rick was still puzzled by what had gone on in Australia. Maya reminded him that Eric had warned against jumping to conclusions. "No, no. They need to get their act together," Rick declared.

Rick expressed that Ridge and Brooke needed to take a page out of Quinn and Eric's marital playbook and remarked upon how everyone had once hated Quinn. Maya believed everyone had accepted Quinn except Katie. Rick and Maya noted how quickly Eric and Quinn had gotten together, and Rick decided that Eric and Quinn needed to give Ridge and Brooke a lesson about trust and honesty. "Without all the drama," Maya added.

In the design office, Brooke arrived with Katie, who disclosed that it hadn't taken much for Ridge to reveal why he and Brooke hadn't gotten married. Brooke replied that Katie had been right, and Brooke had found him kissing his father's wife. Katie was sure Brooke was back to tell Eric.

Brooke told Katie about the promise she'd made to keep quiet as long as Ridge and Quinn stayed away from each other. Katie responded that Brooke couldn't be serious, and Eric deserved to know. Brooke said she was thinking of Eric and the family, and she added that Katie knew what it would do to Eric. Katie felt that it was better for Eric to know sooner rather than later and announced that, if Brooke wouldn't tell him, Katie would.

Brooke asserted that it wasn't Katie's place to tell Eric. Katie refused to let Quinn make a fool out of her dear friend. Brooke replied that it would destroy Eric, and the thing between Quinn and Ridge wouldn't continue. Katie asked why she and Brooke should believe any promises Quinn and Ridge had made.

Brooke declared that she'd made her decision, and Katie would respect it. Katie questioned why Brooke would protect Ridge and Quinn. Brooke raged that she wasn't protecting them; she wanted to strangle them, but she needed to protect Eric, who'd had a serious medical condition. Katie contended that Eric had recovered and was capable of handling the truth.

Katie posited that Eric would be upset with her and Brooke for keeping it from him, and Katie exclaimed that he was married to a psychopath. Brooke asked what Katie would call Ridge. Katie concluded that Ridge was stupid, which he had been for most of his life, and he had no self-control with women. Brooke replied that Quinn and Ridge knew Brooke was watching, and Brooke, not Katie, would go to Eric if anything else happened.

Katie stated that Quinn and Ridge worked together, and if they couldn't keep their hands off of each other the day before Ridge's wedding, Katie didn't know what made Brooke think they could behind closed doors. The decision wasn't like Brooke, in Katie's view. Katie said Brooke was being played for a fool, and there was only one reason Brooke would allow it. "You're going to forgive him," Katie concluded.

Brooke asserted that no one was forgiving anyone. Katie asked if Brooke was sure. Brooke told her sister to just stop because it was a lot for Brooke to handle at the moment. Katie said that Brooke was right and apologized. Brooke conveyed that Ridge had said it had been nothing, but what she'd seen hadn't been a simple kiss on the cheek.

Katie stated that it had been going on for a while. Brooke said Ridge had tried to explain it. Katie added that he'd tried to explain it to her, too. Brooke asked how he could do it -- and with his father's wife. Katie claimed that she'd never trusted Quinn. Brooke replied that Eric did. The thought of Eric's trust in Quinn scared Katie.

Brooke received a text message that Eric wanted to talk and find out what had happened. Katie urged Brooke to tell him, but Brooke refused. Insisting that she had everything under control, Brooke advised Katie to leave it alone. Katie believed that her friend deserved the truth, and she didn't know how to face Eric while knowing what she knew. Brooke admonished Katie not to say one word.

In the CEO's office, Ridge and Quinn discussed that he hadn't heard from Brooke. Quinn blamed herself, but Ridge said he shouldn't have kissed her. She wondered if they could really trust Brooke not to tell Eric and said they had to make sure Brooke didn't tell anyone. Ridge revealed that he'd told Katie the previous day about the kiss.

Quinn grew upset, but Ridge contended that he'd had to tell Katie because she'd jumped to a worse conclusion. Quinn said Katie had been on a witch hunt, but "now" she had proof. Ridge relayed that Katie had talked to Brooke about it, and Quinn asked what Katie had said. He replied that it didn't matter because Brooke had agreed to remain silent about it.

Quinn reasoned that it didn't mean Katie would. Quinn stated that Katie hated Quinn, and Quinn was sure that Katie would go straight to Eric with it. Ridge and Quinn received messages from Eric that he wanted to meet and talk about the wedding that had never happened. Quinn was alarmed by Eric including her in it. Ridge assumed Eric wanted his wife's perspective.

Brooke arrived, and Ridge tried to talk to her before Eric got there. Brooke said not to bother, but he insisted that it wasn't worth throwing away what they had. Quinn said it had been a silly infatuation. Brooke quipped that she could only imagine what Quinn would do if Quinn's fiancÚ had had a silly infatuation. Quinn asserted that Ridge loved Brooke, not Quinn.

Eric entered. He took Quinn's hand and said Brooke and Ridge knew what Eric, the head of the family, was concerned about. Ridge replied that there was nothing to be concerned about. Eric assumed Ridge's response meant that the couple had made up and would get married. Brooke replied that it wasn't so, and Eric asked to know what was going on.

Eric noted that Ridge and Brooke had been acting like newlyweds already while on the trip. Turning to Quinn, Eric asked if she'd been aware of anything. Quinn stammered, and Eric began questioning her about Ridge mentioning having second thoughts. Ridge asserted that he was right there in the room and could hear Eric. Ridge contended that it wasn't a family matter, and it was just between Brooke and him.

Eric begged to differ because it would affect R.J., and Eric was in disbelief that the couple would give up so easily. Ridge replied that it wasn't easy. Eric said Ridge was the one who always advised talking it out and had asked to do so when Eric had started seeing Quinn. Ridge recalled that Eric had said to stay out of it. Eric replied that he'd heard Ridge out then Eric had expressed how much it meant to have the love that he had with Quinn.

Eric believed that Brooke and Ridge should have the same kind of thing between them. Eric noted that they didn't. He wanted to help them and added that Quinn did, too. Brooke became visibly upset, and Eric implored her to open up to him. He noted that she was just as upset as she'd been in his hotel room. He was sure she'd been the one to call off the wedding, and he wanted to know why. Eric decided that no one was leaving the room until he knew why Brooke wouldn't marry his son.

Katie confronts Quinn about her affair Katie confronts Quinn about her affair
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
by Pam

At Forrester, Eric had told Brooke he didn't want to be interrogating her about her failed wedding while Ridge and Quinn looked on. Eric recalled that everyone had been happy when Steffy and Liam had been married in front of the opera house in Australia. After the reception, he had assumed that she and Ridge would get married. "That was the plan, right?" he asked.

Eric wanted to hear from Brooke why she had changed her mind about getting married. Eric had figured that she and Ridge would work things out and had just postponed everything. Eric asked Brooke, Quinn, and Ridge to explain what had happened. "Brooke, you wouldn't have done this without a good reason. It was especially important to R.J. He hasn't been told?" Eric asked.

Ridge explained that they had to "work through some stuff." Eric countered that he had to ask, "Is there another woman?" Quinn looked guilty. Eric didn't notice, and he begged Ridge and Brooke to work things out and tell R.J. before he heard it from someone else.

Brooke asked Eric to stop his inquiry because she didn't want anyone else to be hurt. Eric promised to stop. He had a meeting to attend but didn't want to leave Brooke if she needed him. Brooke encouraged him to leave, and he kissed Quinn before he left.

After Eric left, Quinn thanked Brooke, but Brooke angrily said she hadn't done it for Quinn. As long as Quinn and Ridge promised to stay away from each other, she wouldn't let it affect Eric.

Ridge noted that more people knew about it. He told them that Katie had confronted him. Brooke informed him that she had already told Katie to keep quiet. Quinn thanked her again, but Brooke was angry and reminded Quinn that she could have broken Eric's heart and ruined the company. However, no matter what happened, nothing would affect Quinn. Brooke warned that if there was even a hint of betrayal, she would tell Eric. Brooke told Quinn to leave. Quinn exited.

Ridge noted that they had to deal with the problem. Brooke was livid. "I will never understand what you did on the eve of our wedding with Quinn -- Eric's wife. How could you?" she asked.

Brooke reminded Ridge that she had returned to him only because he had promised that she was the only woman for him. Yet he had betrayed her. Brooke chastised Ridge because Eric loved him and respected him even when they were at odds. She mentioned that Ridge was Massimo's son, but Eric had loved him like his own. She was in disbelief that Ridge could be so self-destructive.

Brooke added that Eric had supported him and treated him like gold. He had also trusted Quinn and looked for the good in her. "And this is what you do -- seduce his wife?" Brooke asked.

Ridge admitted he had been a fool. Brooke replied that she hoped Quinn had been worth it. She removed her rings and set them on the table. Ridge stammered that he didn't know how to make things right. He didn't know what to say, and he agreed that he had made a huge mistake. He begged her to stay with him because she had always been the better part of him.

Brooke wiped away tears. Ridge admitted that when he made mistakes, they were big. "I don't even know why. It's senseless. I don't even like the woman," he said.

Ridge lamented that he was losing the woman he'd loved his entire life. He said it wasn't about hurting her. It was about him being foolish. He hoped that someday they would look back on that time as how she'd preserved their relationship.

Ridge promised that he had meant what he'd said when he'd proposed that they were destined to be together. He grabbed the ring and held it up to Brooke. He got down on one knee. "Marry me," he said. He didn't care where. "Together, we can face anything. I can't do this alone," he said. Ridge said he loved her and always had. He held out the ring and asked her again to marry him. Brooke cried.

In another office at Forrester, Maya and Rick discussed that Liam and Steffy had married, but Ridge and Brooke had called it all off. Rick wondered what had happened. Pam and Charlie interrupted and asked why the wedding hadn't happened.

Pam asked if Rick knew anything, but he said his dad was trying to figure it out. Pam wondered if there had been any clues that Rick had noticed. Rick said his mother would have told him if something had gone wrong. Pam said it could have all been due to a giant misunderstanding. Rick and Maya left.

Charlie insisted to Pam that there had been no misunderstanding. He recalled that she had wanted him to forget about what he had seen when Ridge and Quinn had been at the mansion. He was confident that Quinn and Ridge had something going on, and someone had found out.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn entered and called out to Eric, but Katie answered. She told Quinn that she had been hungry, and the housekeeper had prepared a snack for her, but she needed tea. Quinn ordered Katie out of her home and reminded Katie that she was not welcome there without an invitation.

Katie answered that she had made herself at home because she had learned all about what Quinn had done. "Getting involved with your husband's son," Katie said. She said Quinn had really messed up.

Quinn told Katie to keep her voice down, but Katie announced that Eric was not at home. Quinn looked furious. Katie wondered how Quinn had been so stupid because she knew Quinn was far from stupid.

Katie chastised Quinn because Eric had unshakeable faith in her. Quinn said that it had only been a couple kisses. Katie laughed. "A few kisses with your husband's son?" she asked. Katie reminded Quinn that Eric would never accept it and would kick her and her portrait to the curb.

"One word from me, and your whole life is done," Katie said. She ordered Quinn to get her some tea. Quinn turned and walked toward the kitchen. Katie sneered at Quinn and then at her portrait.

R.J. gets some bad news R.J. gets some bad news> R.J. gets some bad news R.J. gets some bad news
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
by Pam

In one of the offices at Forrester, Zende, Nicole, R.J., and Coco discussed how Nicole had risen from an intern to marketing guru at the company. "And Forrester wife," Coco added. Nicole smiled and said she was an overachiever.

Zende advised Coco to take advice from Nicole, and Nicole advised Coco to always anticipate "so you are never surprised." R.J. was anxious to see his parents -- they had returned from Australia, and he wanted to hear all about the wedding.

Zende, Nicole, and Coco acknowledged that R.J. had been excited to have his family back together. R.J. said Forrester men were romantic, and Nicole agreed -- she recalled how Zende had courted her with a horse and carriage. "It's in our blood -- no one does romance like Forester men," R.J. said.

R.J. left to see his parents. Zende asked how Coco liked being at Forrester. She said she loved her job. He looked at her with suspicion. After Zende left, Coco asked Nicole about Zende because she said she got a weird vibe from him. Nicole said he was very protective of his family. Coco said she knew she had a lot to prove.

Nicole asked about Coco getting close to R.J., but Coco said they were just friends. She knew that he was looking forward to his parents getting back together. She was happy for him.

In Ridge's office at Forrester, Ridge, on bended knee, begged Brooke to marry him. He explained that he didn't know why he had done what he had. He promised to make it up to her. He asked her to forgive him and become his wife. "Marry me," he said. Brooke had tears in her eyes. "Get up," she said.

Ridge said he couldn't lose Brooke and that he'd been caught up in something. R.J. entered and told his parents how happy he was they had been married. Brooke and Ridge looked at each other. "Married at last," R.J. said. He pulled them into a group hug and told them how happy he was to have his parents back together.

Brooke stopped R.J. She admitted that she and Ridge had not gotten married. R.J. said he didn't understand what had happened. "Look, we will always be a family," Brooke said. She apologized for disappointing him, but she said she had not been ready to get married.

R.J. pointed out that all the photos he had seen at Steffy's wedding had indicated that Brooke and Ridge had been happy -- laughing and dancing. He wondered if Bill Spencer had been involved. Brooke said it had nothing to do with Bill.

R.J. said he had wanted his parents together but would respect their decision. He asked if his dad was moving out of the house. Brooke said they were concerned about R.J. and would work out details later.

Ridge encouraged R.J. that if he was sad or angry, he needed to let it out. R.J. said he was disappointed and didn't want to lose his family. "Please stay connected. Forgive each other. I don't want to lose us," he said. Brooke was tearful. Ridge hugged R.J. "We are always gonna be family. As far as the wedding goes, I'm sorry, son," Ridge said. He looked at Brooke and repeated, "I'm sorry."

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn served Katie tea with a silver tea set. "See what I did?" Quinn asked. She reminded Katie that it would only happen once. But Katie noted that Quinn was the lady of the manor and had served her properly. Katie said the tea wasn't hot enough. Quinn argued that it was fine.

Katie warned that Quinn had better be nicer to her. She threatened that she could tell Eric everything. Quinn countered that she knew Brooke and Ridge had asked her to be quiet. "Brooke's not the boss of me," Katie said.

Quinn understood that Katie wanted to be smug and gloat that she could destroy Quinn's marriage, Eric, and the entire family, but Quinn added that the entire family would never forgive her. Quinn maintained that if she drowned, Katie would go down with her.

Eric entered. "Everything okay?" Eric asked. He and Katie exclaimed how nice it was to see each other and how they couldn't believe that Ridge and Brooke hadn't gotten married.

Quinn thanked Katie for the visit and encouraged her to return for dinner sometime. Katie said she wasn't in a rush unless she was unwelcome. "Don't be silly," Quinn said. Eric said he had some designs to finish, and he headed to the den. Katie promised to take him up on the dinner invitation. After he left, Quinn said that she and Ridge had only had a few kisses and had never crossed the line. Quinn admitted it never should have happened and never would again. "Just leave this alone," she advised. Katie replied that if she told Eric, Quinn and her portrait would be out the door.

Quinn countered that Eric would be devastated, Katie would alienate his son, and the family would be resentful of her. Quinn added that she would not be blackmailed and controlled. Katie advised Quinn to take control of her own truth and tell Eric what she had been doing behind his back with his son.

Quinn said they had gotten off on the wrong foot. She wanted to start over with Katie, and Katie laughed. Quinn apologized, and Katie said that Quinn would clearly do anything to keep Katie quiet. Quinn noted that they had a lot in common. They'd both been single moms and career women. Quinn encouraged Katie to return to work at Forrester.

"You will do anything to keep that dirty little secret," Katie answered. Quinn reminded Katie that her kisses with Ridge had been a momentary lapse -- something stupid that had been meaningless. "I feel terrible it cost Ridge his marriage to Brooke," Quinn said. She didn't want stupid kisses to ruin the family and the company. Katie stared at the portrait of Quinn and said she had a lot to think about. Quinn wondered what that meant, and Katie advised her to "wait and see." Katie left.

Eric returned, and he and Quinn discussed that Quinn seemed shaken. Quinn said that she and Katie were making progress in their relationship. Eric worried about Ridge and Brooke, but Quinn wanted to set that relationship aside because it had been years of drama.

Eric and Quinn kissed. They were grateful to be together, and Quinn worried that she would screw things up. Eric told her to stop worrying. He noted that he loved her, and she was loyal. No one could mess up their magical life together. They embraced, and Quinn flashed back to all the times she had kissed Ridge. She closed her eyes.

Shirley demands that Sally get on board Shirley demands that Sally get on board
Thursday, April 6, 2017

At Forrester, Steffy talked to Nicole, Zende, Ivy, Thomas, and R.J. about her wedding. Steffy and Thomas were sorry for R.J. that Ridge and Brooke hadn't gotten married as they'd planned. R.J. said nothing had changed about them being a family.

Standing before an easel, Steffy showed off Ridge's newest design. It would be the showstopper for their next fashion showing. Steffy decided that the sketch had to stay locked in the vault unless it was needed by the cutters.

R.J. volunteered to take it to lock up, but Zende suggested that they have Charlie do it. R.J. said he was headed that way anyway. Zende stated that R.J. had a lot of responsibility around there, and it meant that R.J. had to be a lot more careful with his work and his friends.

The meeting ended, and R.J., Zende, and Nicole left the office. Ivy still couldn't believe that Thomas didn't think having Sally at the wedding would cause problems. Thomas said it hadn't, but Steffy contended that Sally's mere presence created problems. He replied that Sally hadn't taken any pictures, she'd respected Steffy's wishes, and Sally had even offered to leave.

Steffy asserted that Sally hadn't been invited. Thomas agreed that he'd pushed it, but he said he hadn't done it to upset Steffy. He admitted that he liked Sally. Steffy knew that he did and that he wouldn't have taken Sally to Steffy's wedding if he didn't care for Sally.

Ivy left, and Steffy continued to express her concerns about where things were headed with Thomas and Sally. Steffy insisted that Thomas be careful, just as Zende had advised R.J. to do. Thomas assumed it was because Sally was a Spectra. Steffy insisted that Sally was guilty by name and association, and Steffy didn't want history to repeat itself.

Steffy and Thomas were happy that they could discuss things, even if they didn't agree. She was glad he'd gone to her wedding. Thomas was glad, too, and believed that she and Liam would be happy together. Steffy agreed, but Thomas said it was actually the part where she was supposed to say that he'd be really happy when he found his special person someday. Steffy stated that any woman would be lucky to date him, but he deserved better than Sally.

Later, Nicole found her preoccupied husband setting up for a photo shoot in the backstage area. Zende was concerned about R.J.'s crush on Coco Spectra and stated that it wasn't the only Spectra crush they had to worry about. Zende said that Sally had been at his cousin's wedding -- and he hadn't even been there. Zende was in disbelief that Sally had flown there just because Thomas had wanted her to be his date.

Nicole guessed eagerness ran in the Spectra family. Zende was familiar with how the Spectras had taken advantage of the Forresters in the past, and he didn't want it to happen to R.J. Nicole understood Zende's concerns. Zende decided that he agreed with Steffy, who'd said it wasn't a bad idea to be extra careful at work -- especially with so many Spectras in the mix.

Nicole had spent time with Coco, and Coco had seemed all right to Nicole. Zende said earning trust took time, and Coco hadn't been there long enough yet. Nicole liked how protective Zende was of his family; however, she suggested that he let the co-CEOs keep an eye on the Spectras. Kissing him, she stated that she and her husband had other things to do.

At Spectra, Coco arrived before going to work at Forrester. Sally was working hard on her own designs and refused to let one bad review get her down. Before Coco left, Shirley gave Coco a new brooch for her outfit. Coco pinned it in the center of her shirt. She blushed and giggled as she remarked upon how much she was learning at Forrester with R.J.

After Coco had gone, Sally said Coco had a crush. Saul and Shirley decided that the sisters thought about Forrester men too much. Shirley didn't know why Sally thought the two families were compatible. Sally retorted that she didn't know why the Spectras thought they could steal from that family.

Later, Shirley and Sally were alone in the office as Sally worked on a sketch. The two debated about whether Sally's budding relationship with Thomas would end in disaster, as did every other relationship in Sally's life. Saul arrived with some sketch boards printed with images of the designs they'd lifted from Coco's jewelry camera. Shirley told Sally that Sally's designs were good, but they couldn't compare to "these."

Sally was impressed by the elegant and refined sketches and asked where Saul and Shirley had gotten them. Shirley said Sally knew where; they were Forrester, but soon to be Spectra, designs. Shirley reminded Sally that they'd had a plan before Sally had gone to Australia. Sally guessed that Coco's new brooch had a camera in it, too.

Saul and Shirley explained that they had front row seats to everything at Forrester, and Shirley remarked that they needed to spruce Spectra up a bit because Forrester had stained-glass windows. Shirley said Coco had no idea that she was saving Spectra, and Shirley beckoned Sally to take a look at the live footage on the laptop.

In the design office at Forrester, Coco was working when R.J. arrived. She was sad to hear from him that his parents hadn't gotten married. He believed that his parents loved each other, but they wouldn't tell him what had happened. Coco asked if he was okay. R.J. replied that he was better with Coco there.

R.J. mentioned he was on his way to the vault, and Coco guessed he had something important. R.J. stated that it was his father's newest design and possibly a showstopper. He didn't think he should show it to Coco. She advised him not to. R.J. stated that she was there to learn, and he trusted her. He flipped open the sketchpad that had been under his arm and displayed the gown for Coco.

Back at Spectra, Sally, Saul, and Shirley were impressed with the design. Saul called it groundbreaking. Shirley replied that it was all theirs. She sent a picture of it to Saul's computer and instructed him to turn it into Spectra's next masterpiece. Saul left, and Sally began to skulk. Shirley warned Sally not to go soft on them at that point.

Back in the design office, Coco and R.J. discussed how well he was handling the news about his parents. R.J. didn't know how he could remain sad about it when good things were happening in his life. He was glad he'd met Coco. Coco felt the same way. The two kissed.

At Spectra, Shirley stared dreamily at the laptop screen, but Sally, upon seeing the romantic exchange between R.J. and Coco, refused to keep using Coco or to steal from Forrester. Shirley sensed it was because of Thomas, but Sally replied that it was her aversion to going to prison.

Shirley remarked that her sister had made knockoffs for years, and all they'd had to do in Shirley's mind was tweak and deny. She said they were giving beauty and elegance to the working stiffs, just as Sally Senior had done, and they'd do it before someone else beat them to it.

Sally was willing to let someone else beat them to it, and she added that the someone else could take the rap for it, too. Shirley asserted that Coco and Sally were living in a dream world; it would all blow up for the sisters, and Shirley wanted to make a few bucks before it did.

Sally replied that she'd wanted to rebuild their legacy. Shirley asked if Sally thought the Beverly Hills elitist Forresters respected the Spectras. Citing Brooke's humble beginnings as a caterer, Sally said Shirley was wrong about the Forresters. Sally doubted Thomas would speak to her again if he found out that she'd done such a thing.

Shirley regretted sending Sally to Australia because Sally had returned a lovesick puppy. Shirley had raised Coco and Sally to be tougher. Shirley had made an investment in Sally and had traveled to the golden city to cash in. Shirley wouldn't be dumped for Mr. Muscles.

Saul interrupted the argument when he entered to show the ladies a design board with Ridge's showstopper on it and a board with an altered design. Saul presented the design in pink and turquoise. Shirley thought they were glorious and believed the collection would save their butts. Sally stated that people would know they were knockoffs.

"Not if we show them first," Shirley contended. She said Sally would have a ton of men in her life, but just one grandmother. Shirley felt that she was looking out for Sally, and if they didn't do it, every single one of them would go down with the ship. She asked if it was what Sally wanted. In Sally's silence, Shirley declared that she wouldn't let it happen, and Sally's feelings for Thomas wouldn't stop them. She ordered Sally to buckle up because they were taking that ride all the way to the bank.

Darlita receives the surprise of her life Darlita receives the surprise of her life
Friday, April 7, 2017

In the photo studio, Thomas arrived to retrieve something and overheard R.J. and Coco laughing and chatting. Coco left, and Thomas guessed that the intern was working out. R.J. said she was fitting in, and he called her super sweet and intelligent. Thomas noted that he and his brother had something in common -- they were both under the Spectra spell.

Thomas advised R.J. to prepare for some reactions. R.J. didn't think he was broadcasting his interest, but Thomas replied that R.J. was, whether he knew it or not. R.J. asked about Thomas and Sally, and Thomas said they were good. R.J. wanted to know how good. "The woman flew all the way to Australia just to me see me for a wedding," Thomas replied. Thomas was optimistic and said that the Forrester brothers and Spectra sisters had a bright future ahead.

In the design office, Nicole, Rick, and Maya discussed the fun of working with family and spouses. Nicole remarked that Zende had become preoccupied with R.J. and a certain intern. Twisting her lips, Maya replied that she couldn't blame Zende. Rick stated that they all had a reason to keep their guard up around Spectras.

Maya and Rick felt it was good to be friendly but cautious. Having no problem with Coco, Nicole planned to just be a mentor and friend. Rick left for the shipping department, and Coco arrived with some old photos Nicole had wanted from storage. Coco noted that Rick didn't seem to like her and wondered if she could do something differently.

Prefacing that it wasn't fair, Maya stated that Coco had more to prove than others normally did. Coco assumed it was because she was a Spectra and asked if it was why Rick wouldn't look at her in the hall. Nicole explained that Rick was protective, and the Spectras and Forresters had a history. Coco understood and promised that she could live up to the higher standard. Maya said that no one was rooting for Coco to fail. They wanted her to succeed.

Maya complimented Coco's brooch, and Coco let Maya try it on. Modeling the jewelry, Maya recalled that Stephanie had been known for her brooches, and Maya was starting to feel like a Forrester matriarch. Coco received a message from R.J. and took off, saying she'd retrieve the brooch later.

At Spectra, Sally didn't feel right using the Forrester designs. Shirley said it was because Sally feared that Thomas would kick her to the curb, and it was best to get the inevitable over with. Sally reasoned that a breakup might not be inevitable. Shirley stated that all Thomas wanted to do was to get Sally into bed. Sally replied that he wasn't that type of guy.

Shirley asked Saul to tell Sally what they had found out about Thomas online. Saul stammered as he revealed that Thomas had a baby. Sally chuckled and said Thomas didn't. Shirley added that the baby was with Caroline Spencer, the very type of socialite Thomas was meant to end up with. Shirley decided that Sally was just the flavor of the month, so there was no reason for Sally to feel guilty about the designs or to protect an imaginary relationship with Thomas.

Sally stated that one couldn't believe everything they saw online. Saul replied that the source was a reputable blogger, and there had been a Forrester press release about it. Denying it, Sally said she knew Thomas. Shirley quipped that it wasn't well enough.

Saul left the office, and Shirley showed Sally the online information about Thomas. Sally didn't think it was the first time a man had had a child with a woman he wasn't interested in. Shirley harped on it not being just any woman, but Caroline Spencer, a famous designer and gazillionaire. She asked if Sally thought she could compete.

Sally replied that Caroline was in New York and wasn't in Thomas' life, but Shirley reasoned that the mother of a man's child was always in his life. Shirley believed that Thomas was in Los Angeles, having flings, but it wouldn't be long before he'd want to be a part of Caroline and the baby's lives in New York.

Shirley insisted that Sally get her head on straight and be loyal to her family. Shirley urged Sally not to let the company fail over a man with a child in New York. Shirley ordered Sally to call Thomas, set up a meeting, and end the relationship that day. Shirley figured that Sally owed Shirley as much after all she'd done for Sally.

In the corridor, Saul asked how the feed was. Darlita asked if she was supposed to feed someone. He reminded her that she was supposed to watch the live feed of Coco at Forrester. Darlita had forgotten, but focusing on a laptop, she said her peppers would be glued to the screen. Saul replied that he had complete confidence in her and her peppers.

Later, Darlita was returning to her desk after retrieving some snacks. On the laptop screen, Darlita saw Nicole leave an office, and Rick walk into it. Rick approached the hidden camera. After a few moments, Rick walked back to the door and locked it. Darlita almost choked on her popcorn when Rick took off his jacket and began making out with the wearer of the brooch. "Coco Spectra, what do you think you're doing!" Darlita raged.

The hanky-panky moved to the office couch. Darlita urged Coco not to do it but then wondered how Coco couldn't do it because of how attractive the guy was. Deciding that she had to help Coco, Darlita called Coco, and Darlita's mouth dropped open as Rick threw off his tie and descended on the brooch wearer.

At Forrester, Coco was folding clothes as she answered the phone. Darlita told Coco to stop what she was doing. Darlita was aware that the guy was hot but said it wasn't worth it. Coco figured that Darlita had the wrong number. Darlita watched Rick untuck his shirt and asked Coco how she was even talking to Darlita right then.

Giggling, Coco said it was because Darlita had called. Coco asked what was going on, and Darlita replied that she had no idea. Stating that she was in the middle of something, Coco said she'd have to call Darlita back. Coco clicked off the line. Focusing on her laptop, Darlita murmured to herself that Coco sure knew how to multitask.

Back in the Forrester studio, R.J. joked about catching Coco on the phone with the Spectra receptionist. He decided he had to put a stop to it. Coco asked how, and he kissed her.

At Il Giardino, Thomas kissed Sally and sat down at her table. He said he'd gotten her message, and she thanked him for meeting her. He joked that she sounded formal and asked what was going on. Sally said she'd learned something that she believed should have been mentioned in the course of their conversations. He asked what was bothering her.

Sally asked if she should be bothered that he hadn't mentioned that he had a child with Caroline Spencer. Thomas admitted that it was true. It wasn't something he was comfortable talking about, and he'd been waiting for the right moment with Sally.

Sally replied that she and Thomas weren't serious, and they both knew that Caroline was the type of woman he should end up with. Thomas asked what she was saying, and Sally concluded that the thing between them had to end.

Thomas explained that he hadn't purposely hidden his son, and she would have met the child if he lived in Los Angeles. He knew he should have told Sally sooner, but he didn't want to hear about ending it when they'd just gotten started. Sally persisted in ending it sooner rather than later because they could walk away with no hard feelings.

Thomas asked if Sally was doing it because of his son. He said Douglas was amazing, and she'd love the boy. Thomas wanted Sally to be a part of his life and his son's life. Thomas said Sally had put a lot into his life, and he cared too much to let her walk away. Sally burst into tears, hopped up, and skirted away from the table.

Thomas caught Sally by the hand as he stood to pursue her. Wiping a tear from her face, he said he wouldn't let her walk away, and he loved her. Thomas kissed Sally.

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