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Coco learns she was a pawn in her family's plan to garner success Coco learns she was a pawn in her family's plan to garner success
Monday, April 17, 2017

During the Spectra show finale, Jarrett said into his recorder that the designs were too good to be true; every one of the gowns could have come from Forrester, and they probably had. Thomas walked out on the show, and Sally rushed off the stage to follow him.

Shirley and Saul took the stage to conclude the showing. Coco stepped up on the stage and told Shirley that the designs were stolen. Shirley took Coco backstage as Saul remained up front to take orders. Shirley instructed Darlita to get the Champagne going while Shirley took care of something. The models wanted to know where Sally was and said the designs were great. Coco replied that they were ripoffs.

Shirley pulled Coco to a corner, and Coco demanded to know where Spectra had gotten the gowns. Shirley explained that it was what they'd arrived in the city to do, and their dreams were happening. Coco asked how Shirley had done it.

"You did it, Coco. You did it," Shirley replied. Coco said she'd declined to be the spy, so Shirley couldn't pin it on her. Shirley was amused by the word "pin." Coco stated that she'd go on stage and expose the theft if Shirley didn't say how she'd done it. Shirley asked if Coco recalled the jewelry gifts she'd received. Shirley indicated that they'd contained cameras, and everything Coco had seen, the Spectras had seen.

Coco was upset that her family had used her. Shirley thought Coco should be proud that she'd pulled through for her family. Shirley said Coco was and would always be a Spectra. Coco couldn't believe Sally had done it to her and asked if Sally had known. Shirley affirmed it. Coco rushed off, ignoring Shirley's orders to return to the conversation.

Back on stage, Saul took orders from customers who wanted fifty of one gown and seventy of another grouping. Jarrett approached Saul to discuss the "new direction" Spectra had taken. Saul asked the people in the room to get their orders together, and he'd be with them. Jarrett insisted that Saul say whether the gown designs really belonged to Sally Spectra.

Saul accused Jarrett of trashing Spectra in his review of their preview. Jarrett asked if the answer to it had been pilfering a collection from Forrester. Saul stated that the review had nearly finished them off, but they'd bounced back. "So write a story about that, why don't you," Saul quipped. Jarrett claimed that he already had his title: "Spectra Fashions Turns Back to the Dark Side." Saul replied that he hadn't said anything that proved Jarrett's accusation.

Jarrett stated that Saul hadn't had to. Jarrett knew a Forrester Original when he saw one. Sally had raw talent, but designs as sophisticated and elegant as what Jarrett had just seen had originated from the hands of a master. Jarrett turned to the buyers and said the gowns weren't authentic. Saul yelled for Darlita and Shirley. To Jarrett's shock and Saul's delight, all the buyers wanted to know was how to place their orders.

Sally caught up to Thomas at the end of a hallway. She said she could explain. He stated that Forrester's entire collection was on the Spectra runway, and she'd stolen from him.

Thomas and Sally went into her office, and Thomas asked if Sally had played him the entire time. He said he'd stood up for her to his family, but she'd just wanted to con him and stab him in the back. Thomas had never showen Sally his designs, and he asked how she'd gotten them. Sally didn't reply. He said he'd told her that he loved her, and if it meant anything to her, she'd tell him the truth. Sally said she'd never meant to hurt him.

Thomas laughed at himself for thinking that a Spectra and Forrester could be together. He invited her to laugh at it, too, and was irritated that she had nothing to say. Thomas recalled how they'd met and how devastated she'd been after Jarrett's review. Thomas didn't believe she'd really wanted to steal designs, but she'd become desperate with the weight of her family and business on her shoulders. He said if she'd asked, he would have helped her.

Thomas asked if Australia had been just a ploy to suck him in and steal from him. Sally denied it. She'd been honored to attend the wedding as his date, and she'd fallen in love with him on the trip. Thomas asked how she could steal from someone she loved.

Sally stated that her grandmother had said it was the way fashion worked. Thomas assured Sally that it wasn't so. Sally said the only way Spectras got breaks were to make them for themselves, and he was going to dump her anyway. He replied that she'd dumped him. Sally was adamant that he would have left her for someone with more polish and class.

Thomas yelled that Sally was wrong. He said he would have supported her and helped her make herself a success. He had loved her first, but she'd made a terrible mistake. He'd never look at her the same way again, and what he saw before him was a thief.

Sally decided that it wasn't worth it. Nothing was worth losing Thomas. She said she'd let everyone down, but she'd destroy the gowns and cancel the orders. Sally stated that he was right. She should have trusted him instead of panicking. She begged him to give her another chance. Thomas said he couldn't, and he left on the freight elevator.

At Forrester, R.J. wanted to know if Brooke was really okay. Brooke said that she was, and they'd always be a family, even if she hadn't married his father. Talk turned to Coco, and noting that Coco was at the Spectra show, R.J. wondered how it had gone. Brooke guessed that it wasn't easy for Coco to keep her life separate from her sister's. R.J. figured it could be why they hadn't wanted him at the fashion show.

R.J. decided to check for an update on the Spectra showing. He pulled news of it up on is laptop and gasped, horrified. Brooke asked him what was happening. Showing her the screen, he said that the designs were the Forresters'. R.J. didn't know how it had happened. Brooke replied that they'd given it to the Spectras.

R.J. assumed Brooke was saying Coco had done it. Brooke reasoned that stealing an entire collection had to be an inside job. Brooke exclaimed that it was terrible and a major problem. She left to tell Ridge right away.

R.J. stared at the computer for a moment. He looked up and saw Coco in the doorway.

Sally regrets stealing Forrester designs Sally regrets stealing Forrester designs
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke, Ridge, Thomas, Rick, and Maya discussed that Spectra had stolen all the designs for their upcoming fashion show. Thomas admitted that Steffy had been right about Sally Spectra. Steffy agreed the Spectras had never changed.

Ridge lamented that Spectra had stolen one of their dad's favorites -- and Spectra had only changed the color. Brooke wondered how it had happened. Ridge agreed they'd had advanced security, but they had a Spectra working in the building as well. The Forresters blamed Coco almost immediately.

Rick worried that they had practically handed their designs over to Sally. Steffy asked if Thomas had any information. Thomas said he had shown up at Spectra at the end of the fashion show and recognized all the designs. He'd left, but he admitted that Sally had followed him and apologized.

Steffy was surprised, and Thomas shared that Sally had wanted to make it on her own, but Jarrett had given her such a terrible review the first time she'd had a showing that she'd been desperate. Sally knew it didn't justify what she had done, and it was no excuse, but she was sorry.

Maya made fun of Sally. "Boo-hoo," Maya said. She suggested they contact Carter to see if he could do something to stop them from selling the designs and sabotaging the upcoming Forrester fashion show. Brooke noted that Eric and Stephanie had been unsuccessful in pressing charges years earlier because Spectra had tweaked the designs just enough to get away with it. Ridge refused to let them get away with it.

At Spectra, Sally was sorrowful that she had stolen from Thomas and his family. Shirley told her to suck it up because orders were pouring in. All they had done would pay off, and they would be able to pay off Shifty and start fresh as a viable business.

Sally said she would give it all up to have what she'd had with Thomas, but it was over. Sally lamented that Thomas had told her he loved her, and he'd said he would have helped her if she'd needed it. He'd had faith in her and her designs.

Sally wished she had never listened to Shirley. Shirley countered that Thomas would have dumped Sally anyway. It was just over sooner than she'd thought it would be. Sally was angry and wondered where Coco had gone. Shirley admitted that she had told Coco what they had done with the cameras. Sally was despondent. Shirley told her to cheer up because she had been the spark and the passion that would resurrect Spectra.

Sally said she was thinking of finding another way to spin it. Shirley told her to stop -- the orders were rolling in, and everyone knew the designs were copies, but she would not allow Sally to pull the plug over a fling with Thomas.

Sally said she could say it was all a publicity stunt as a tribute to the old days when Spectra had copied the Forresters. If she didn't fill the orders, she could make it work and keep Thomas happy.

Sally wanted to make and sell her own designs like she'd always dreamed of doing and survive on her own skills and success. Shirley disagreed. "We did what was necessary. This is how the world works," Shirley said.

Sally said she made Spectra a dirty word. Shirley argued that it was a proud name that stood for hustle and moxie. She reminded Sally that they were not swordfish but rather bottom feeders.

Sally angrily told Shirley they were thieves, and they had ruined any possibility for Coco or Sally to rise above dishonesty. Saul interrupted and told Sally and Shirley that orders were pouring in and people loved the designs. Sally said she didn't want to know. Shirley told her to get with the program. Sally asked Shirley to leave. Sally stood alone in her office and shook her head.

At Forrester, Coco told R.J. that she was sorry. She had been set up. Her grandmother and sister had installed cameras in her jewelry, and that was how they'd had access to the Forrester designs. She felt awful.

Coco apologized and left, but R.J. asked her to stay. He said he believed her and felt horrible that her sister and grandmother had treated her like that. He asked if they had said anything about using her to steal the designs after the show. Coco said Sally had run off to talk to Thomas, and her grandmother had acted like it was no big deal.

R.J. hugged Coco and said he would tell his family. Ridge, Brooke, Thomas, Rick, Maya, and Steffy entered and chastised Coco for what she had done. R.J. and Coco tried to explain, but the Forresters were furious and told her to leave.

R.J. tried to argue Coco's case, but she told him his family would never trust her again. She didn't blame them. Ridge insisted she leave. Thomas sympathized with R.J. but said their father was right. It was best for Coco to leave.

Coco left, and R.J. followed her to the elevator. She slipped off the corsage he had given her. R.J. objected, but Coco turned away. She looked back and said she would never forget him. Ridge watched from down the hall.

Steffy paid Sally an unexpected visit Steffy paid Sally an unexpected visit> Steffy paid Sally an unexpected visit Steffy paid Sally an unexpected visit
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill flashed back to when he had given his sword necklace to Brooke, and he fondly recalled embracing Brooke at the opera house in Australia after she had decided not to marry Ridge.

Jarrett and Wyatt entered and said they had news. Bill assumed the Spectra fashion show had been an epic fail. Jarrett shared that buyers and reporters had been amazed at the quality of the show, but the Spectras had clearly ripped off the Forresters.

Bill was amazed that the Spectras had jumped on Forrester designs again and beaten them to the runway. Wyatt wondered what would happen when buyers found out the designs were Forrester knockoffs. Bill and Jarrett explained that no one cared because the quality and prices were attractive. Bill was frustrated. "My skyscraper, dammit!" Bill screamed.

Wyatt wanted Bill to calm down, but Bill was really angry that his dream was on hold. He refused to allow it to happen. Wyatt wondered if Thomas had something to do with the Spectras stealing designs from Forrester. Bill said Thomas was involved with Sally, but he would never have sold out his own family. "She duped him," Bill said.

Bill added that Sally had sold her soul and the relationship with Thomas so that Spectra could come out on top. "This will turn around and bite them on the ass," Bill said of Spectra. He insisted Spencer would move ahead with their plans to take the building. "That building will be bulldozed as planned," he said.

Bill threatened Wyatt and Jarrett that Spectra would not stop his dream. He wanted a crew on scene at Spectra to take down the building in the morning. He added that Wyatt had better not argue with him, and Jarrett had better give Spectra the scathing review Bill expected. Wyatt and Jarrett left.

Later, Brooke showed up, and Bill was glad to see her. He said he had given her space, and Brooke said she appreciated it. Bill said that he had known Forrester would let her down. He guessed it had to be something pretty bad for her to cancel her wedding the night before it was scheduled. Brooke agreed. Bill asked if she wanted to discuss it, and she said she didn't.

Bill guessed that Ridge had begged for forgiveness. "Don't tell me you forgave him," Bill said. Brooke said she had not. Bill wondered what Brooke wanted to discuss. "I have something for you," she said, and she presented his sword necklace and put it around his neck.

Brooke reminded Bill that when he had given it to her, he had told her it had guided him and given him strength. She thanked him because it had done the same for her.

Brooke said she wanted to return the necklace to Bill because it had given her strength and returned her to him. She said she planned to take control of her life. She called the necklace a symbol of love and honesty and respect. "And everything that you've shown me," she said. She promised to never take him for granted, and she called him her stallion. Bill made his horse noises, and they kissed and smiled.

At Forrester, Brooke, Thomas, Steffy, and R.J. discussed what had happened, and Brooke noted that it had happened frequently with the original Sally Spectra.

Steffy was angry, and Brooke said it didn't matter what they did. Ridge and Rick were meeting with Carter to see if something could be done, but in the meantime, they had to have a plan.

Steffy said they had to scrap the designs and start over. Discussion turned to how they had to go back to the drawing board. Steffy and Brooke agreed they could give no credibility to Spectra. Thomas pointed out that it would be costly to start over, but Steffy said they had no choice. She refused to allow Spectra to get away with stealing a collection.

Brooke and Steffy ordered R.J. and Thomas to have absolutely no contact with Sally or Coco. Thomas said there was no chance of that. Steffy acknowledged to R.J. that Coco had probably not been involved, and she understood that Sally had used Coco. R.J. defended Coco, but Steffy said there was nothing they could do, and he had to stay away from her and Spectra.

Thomas and R.J. met in another office, and R.J. professed that Coco had had nothing to do with stealing designs. Thomas said he wanted to believe Coco, but it didn't matter. No one would agree to allow her to stay on as an intern. R.J. objected, but Thomas said it was over for Sally and Coco. "Move on, R.J. Let it go. It's what you need to do," Thomas advised, and he left.

At Spectra, Sally met with her sister, and Coco wondered how Sally could use her own sister as a spy, especially after Coco had made it clear that she had refused to be a spy. "I thought you were being nice and giving me a gift with the jewelry," Coco said.

Coco angrily accused Sally of never caring. "I never thought my own sister would betray me," she said. Sally insisted that Coco had not been involved, and R.J. would understand. She had to tell him. Sally promised to tell him the truth.

Coco said she had already told R.J. the truth. "He believed me," Coco said. But she added that his family had thrown her out and never wanted to see her again. "We had amazing opportunities," Coco said. Sally argued that it would have never lasted because they were Spectras. She parroted her grandmother's opinion that the Foresters would never have real feelings for the Spectras.

Coco disagreed. "You ruined it for both of us," Coco said. Sally confided that she had felt like a failure because their grandmother would not let up on how Thomas would leave her and she would never be good enough for him. Sally lamented losing him and stealing from him. "The thing I regret the most is hurting you and ruining your dream," Sally said. "You ruined both our dreams," Coco replied, and she left.

Steffy showed up at Spectra and entered Sally's office. "I just wanted to stop by and say thank you," Steffy said. She explained that Thomas and everyone would finally see Sally for who she really was. Sally said her sister, Coco, hadn't known anything about the plan to steal designs. She begged Steffy not to punish her. Steffy scoffed.

Steffy told Sally that she had made a huge mistake. Thomas had really liked Sally, and the entire family had liked her. "You had a place in his heart," Steffy said.

Steffy wondered what had happened to Sally's desire to be a respected designer. "Why would you resort to stealing?" she asked. Sally explained that Spencer had given her the terrible review, and she had been desperate. Sally said that Steffy lived in a platinum world and wouldn't understand. However, Sally, her grandmother, and Coco had needed to scrounge for everything they achieved after her parents left.

Steffy argued that Sally could have done things differently because, after her stunt, she had ruined any chance she had of being respected. Sally admitted she had thrown it all away, but she couldn't go back and make it right. "All I can say is I'm sorry, and I'm disappointed in everyone, including myself," she said.

Sally added that on the plus side, Spectra was alive again, and she owed it all to Steffy and her family. She hoped someday she would have the approval of the Forresters and could at least be friends with Thomas. She hoped he would forgive her one day.

Sally hoped she could be friends with Steffy one day, too, just like their namesakes had been friends. Steffy glared at Sally. "You're just trash. Don't come anywhere near my company or my family," Steffy said coldly. She also warned Sally to communicate the message to her little sister and her grandmother. Steffy turned and left.

Katie makes an unannounced visit to Quinn to collect on a promise Katie makes an unannounced visit to Quinn to collect on a promise
Thursday, April 20, 2017

At Spencer, Brooke and Bill kissed. He hoped she didn't have to get back to work. Brooke wasn't in a hurry to do so because of the design theft chaos. Bill said he'd normally be happy about something like that, but he didn't want disappointment near Brooke. She replied that it was only business. Bill normally didn't like that phrase, but he was beginning to understand it.

Bill wanted to know when Brooke would tell him why she hadn't married Ridge. Brooke didn't want to talk about it. Bill pressed, but all she said was that it hadn't had anything to do with him. "Hardly had anything to do with me," she added.

Bill guessed he really wanted to know if Brooke was done with Ridge for good. Brooke stated that people believed that she and Ridge always returned to the same place. She'd figured out that the place she and Ridge always returned to was the end of their relationship. She didn't want to be on the roller coaster anymore.

Brooke asked how Bill had known where she'd be when they'd encountered each other at the opera house. Bill replied that he hadn't known. Brooke recalled that she'd been crying in the hotel and had left her room to get some sun on her face. She'd been drawn to the ocean and hadn't known why. Bill replied that when one didn't know what he was looking for, one could count on the Pacific. She asked if he thought it had been a sign.

Bill entertained the idea. He said he'd been trying to figure out what would be next -- or if anything could be. A flashback of Bill and Brooke encountering each other outside the opera house played. Brooke said that, like magic, he'd just been there. He replied that he always would be. Brooke apologized, but Bill declared it in a no-apology zone.

Brooke conveyed that she'd gotten lost in what she'd thought she should have and the kind of life she'd thought she'd be in. She vowed to never turn her back on Bill again. She appreciated how good and patient Bill had been through it all. Bill didn't know if "patient" was the right word.

Brooke asked how he liked the terms "loving and loyal." It hadn't been her experience with men, and she hadn't known if she could trust it. Bill replied that she'd changed him. She stated that she hadn't wanted to change him.

Bill explained that he'd always wanted more -- more money, more attention, and more women. He still wanted more money, but the only woman he wanted more of was Brooke. Bill knocked files off his desk and tried to lay Brooke down on it. "Whoa, Stallion," she said. Brooke wanted them to have a proper reunion and decided they'd have just that later in the evening.

Bill put his hand over Brooke's eyes and claimed that it was already dark. Brooke asked for the keys to the house and for him to meet her there later. She said he'd made a big investment in her, and it was time to cash in. Bill replied that she was speaking his language, and they kissed.

In the Forrester kitchen, Quinn was startled when Katie appeared as Quinn made tea. Quinn said she hadn't heard the doorbell. Katie claimed that she'd never known there was a side entrance to the mansion, but that morning, she'd seen it. Quinn stated that it was the service entrance and asked if Katie was delivering something. Katie replied that she was there to collect on a job offer and reminded Quinn that she'd said there might be a place for Katie at Forrester.

Quinn responded that the operative word was "might," and Eric was busy with his lawyer at that time. Katie stated that she could wait, and Quinn rolled her eyes. Katie began having a craving for hummus with crunchy celery sticks and asked if Quinn had anything like that. Quinn said Katie had miscalculated if Katie thought Quinn would let Katie bully her.

Quinn explained that she was hospitable to Katie because Katie was Eric's old friend. Quinn loved her husband, but she loved her autonomy more, and if telling Eric about the kiss would get Katie out of there, then it was exactly what Quinn would do. Katie figured that if might be true if the kiss had been with any other man than Eric's son. Quinn replied that even Brooke had the decency to respect Eric's feelings about Ridge and Quinn.

Katie wasn't sure that Quinn deserved decency, and because Brooke was going through a grieving process, Katie felt that it was up to her to watch Quinn at home and at Forrester.

In the living room, Eric met with Carter and fumed about the similarities in the Forrester and Spectra designs. Carter stated that it was the subtle changes, like a strap or the length, that made the difference in whether Forrester could win a lawsuit. Eric said that Spectra knew it and had done it for years. Carter was willing to sue -- if it was what Eric wanted -- but Carter believed Eric would be handing Spectra more publicity and another win.

Ridge arrived and eagerly asked how much they planned to sue for. Eric said Carter didn't think they'd win. Noting that the theft had happened on Ridge's watch, Eric demanded to know how Ridge could have let it happen. Ridge asserted that they'd thought Sally would be different, but she'd turned out to be in a gang of thieves. Carter exited to let the men talk alone.

Eric pressed to know what had happened, and Ridge said that Eric already knew about Ridge deciding not to fire Coco after she'd saved R.J. from the forklift. Eric couldn't believe that Sally had done it to them after how welcoming they'd been to her in Australia. Ridge didn't think it had been personal and assumed that Sally had been desperate. Eric concluded that he, Thomas, and Ridge had to work triple time to create a whole new line.

Standing to leave, Ridge decided that he'd better get to work. Eric asked what had happened in Sydney and why Ridge and Brooke hadn't gotten married.

As Ridge avoided giving a direct answer, Quinn and Katie entered. Katie asked if they were interrupting something, and Eric asked if Katie knew why Ridge hadn't married her sister. Katie replied that she knew. She asked if Ridge wanted to tell Eric or if she should.

Ridge didn't think it was anyone's business, but Eric said his family's business was his business. Katie hinted that Ridge had failed Brooke the same way he'd done many times over the years. Eric asked for specifics. Katie replied that the answer was probably staring them in the face.

Eric concluded that Katie wasn't going to tell him, either. Eric stated that Ridge had a problem with commitment and had deserted Brooke many times. Ridge quipped that he was the deserted one that time, but he'd try to make it right.

Eric was sorry that it had turned out not to be a good time for Katie to visit. Katie said she didn't mind a little arguing between neighbors and claimed that Quinn had invited her for tea. Eric decided that he'd love to have tea. Katie sat down and noticed that Quinn had forgotten the honey. Quinn replied that Eric didn't use honey. Eric believed there was honey in the kitchen. He looked expectantly at Quinn. Katie did, too, and Quinn left to retrieve it.

Eric persisted in questioning Ridge about the breakup, but Ridge said that the matter was private. Katie remarked that Quinn was taking a long time to find the honey, and Eric sent Ridge to help Quinn. Ridge blinked at Eric, and Eric wondered if it was too much to ask. Silently, Ridge walked off.

In the kitchen, Quinn was trying to reach for something high in a cupboard. When Ridge entered, she seethed, "To hell with her and her honey. Is she gone?" Ridge said Katie wasn't gone, and he'd been sent help with the honey. Standing behind Quinn, he reached where she was also reaching in the cabinet. She decided to step back.

Ridge retrieved a few plastic containers. Examining one, Quinn asked why Eric had a cabinet full of expired honey bears. Ridge replied that it hadn't been Eric; it had been Katie's sister, Donna. Quinn stated that Katie was trying to blackmail Quinn, and Quinn didn't want to lose her husband. Ridge replied that Katie could blackmail Quinn but wasn't doing it.

Checking labels on the honey containers, Ridge advised Quinn to just keep loving Eric and not to push Katie. Quinn feared returning to the life she'd had before Eric, especially over something that hadn't even been real. Ridge reminded Quinn that she'd said something on the beach in Australia, and he wasn't sure where to put it. He asked if she recalled what it had been.

Quinn flashed back to telling Ridge that she'd found love twice. Quinn claimed that she'd been tipsy, jetlagged, and emotional. She added that she'd already said she didn't know her way around feelings. Ridge asked if she hadn't meant any of it. "No, no...I just wish I didn't have to see you anymore. That's how I feel," Quinn decided.

Quinn located a bottle of honey that she deemed to be okay, but as she thought to pour it in a container, Ridge grabbed it, and honey bubbled out of the spout and onto his shirt. She grabbed a napkin to clean it up. Suddenly, she stopped and said that she couldn't. "The stolen kisses, they mean absolutely nothing. Please...never again," she implored him. Ridge seemed affected by the moment, but he replied, "Yeah, I got it."

Ridge quickly catches onto Katie's scheme to get back at Quinn Ridge quickly catches onto Katie's scheme to get back at Quinn
Friday, April 21, 2017

In the kitchen at the mansion, Ridge agreed with Quinn that whatever they'd had between them was over. Quinn wished he could be happy, too, and Ridge replied that he would be once he got Brooke back. Quinn felt guilty that she had her marriage, but Brooke and Ridge didn't have theirs. Ridge said he and Brooke would end up together. He had to believe it. Quinn touched his shoulder and said she'd believe in it, too.

In the living room, Katie began to feel as if she were in a horror movie because people kept disappearing on the way to the kitchen. Eric joked that it was "Nightmare on Willow Lane, Part Two: Stephanie's Revenge." When Katie offered to go to the kitchen and call off the honey search, he said they weren't supposed to split up, according to horror movie rules. Besides, he knew how much the Logan girls liked honey, he added.

Katie exclaimed that they'd finally returned when she saw Quinn and Ridge enter the living room. Quinn and Ridge told Eric and Katie about the honey mishap that had waylaid them. While the others had tea, Ridge put on his jacket to leave. Katie told Eric that his wife was hiding something and asked Quinn if she'd tell him what it was.

Amid the curious looks in the room, Katie revealed that Quinn had offered her a job at Forrester. Ridge was surprised to hear it. Quinn said she hadn't been keeping it from any of them. She just hadn't had the chance to discuss it with Eric yet. Quinn wouldn't call it a job offer. It had been more like Quinn just talking out loud. Eric loved the idea and asked what Quinn had in mind.

Quinn said she hadn't talked to Eric about it yet because she wanted to make sure that wherever Katie would land would be a good fit. Eric wanted to talk about it more later but announced that he and Ridge needed to get to the office. Quinn was surprised Eric wanted to go back to the office that night. Eric explained that he and Ridge had to make a new collection in record time, and he looked forward to discussing Katie's job offer more.

As Eric exited the house, Ridge stated that he'd be right behind his father. The moment the door closed, Ridge asked Katie and Quinn what was going on. Quinn readily announced that Katie was blackmailing her. Katie called it a lie. She said Quinn had been the one to bring up the job offer, probably to keep Katie quiet; however, it wasn't blackmail.

Ridge asked why Katie would go along with it. Katie didn't know why she wouldn't and cited that she'd been the CEO before. He asked if that was what she was looking for -- to be CEO again. Katie suggested PR or marketing. She was sure they'd find something. He asked why she was doing it. Katie replied that she'd been meaning to go back to work.

Noting that there were plenty of places to work, Ridge asked if Katie was trying to keep an eye on him and Quinn in hopes that they'd betray Eric. Katie asked why she'd hope for that. Ridge asserted that there was nothing going on between Quinn and him, and Katie knew it. Katie asked what the point of it had been and if he'd been satisfying his ego.

Ridge acknowledged that some of it had been about that. "Some?" Katie questioned. Ridge replied that the very questioning and threatening attitude Katie had just exhibited was the reason he didn't want her at Forrester. Katie replied that she wasn't threatening them, and then she asked how she was threatening them.

Ridge reminded Katie that they'd once cared for each other and had been engaged. He asked what she was doing. Katie claimed to still care about him and to be just accepting what Quinn had called an olive branch. The rest was in his imagination. Quinn asserted that Ridge was not imagining the blackmail. Katie exclaimed that it wasn't blackmail.

Katie said that Quinn could see it as an insurance policy. If Quinn kept Katie happy, Katie would keep Quinn's dirty little secret. Quinn stated that she didn't need an insurance policy and threatened to tell Eric herself that very night. Katie goaded Quinn, saying to do it as soon as Eric walked back in the door. Ridge decided that no one was telling anyone anything.

Ridge agreed to find Katie something at Forrester, but first, Katie had to accept that there was nothing between Quinn and Ridge. Katie asked why Ridge wasn't either fighting for Brooke or with Brooke at that moment. Ridge replied that Brooke wasn't ready. Katie said the Ridge she knew was neither patient nor without a woman.

Ridge declared that Brooke was the only woman in his life. He hoped that Brooke knew that he was the only man for her. He understood that Bill was trying to creep back into Brooke's life, but Ridge refused to give up on Brooke. Katie hoped it was true. She didn't want to see Eric hurt.

Ridge asked for time alone with Katie. Quinn agreed, saying she'd see one or both of them at the office the next morning.

Once Quinn had gone, Ridge asked Katie why she was doing it. Katie claimed she wasn't doing anything, and Ridge was the one who'd kissed his father's wife. Ridge pointed out that it was in the past, and he was paying the price for it. Though Brooke wasn't answering Ridge's calls or messages, he believed that they could put their family back together.

Katie asked about Quinn. He replied that he wasn't interested in Quinn. There was just one woman in Ridge's life; it was Brooke, and he vowed to get her back.

In Bill's candlelit kitchen, Bill entered, and Brooke exclaimed that she wasn't ready. She wanted five more minutes. Taking her into his arms, he said they'd waited long enough.

Because she'd just put their dinner in the oven, Brooke served appetizers with Bill's favorite single malt scotch. She also had sushi and the finest caviar. She said she was grateful to be back with Bill, who'd never given up. He asked how he could ever give up, and she said she'd just been conditioned to feel and expect it. "Not by me," Bill replied.

As a flashback of times the couple had together played, Bill said that after all they'd been through, and even though he'd accepted that she'd marry Ridge, there had never been a possibility that he'd give up on them. Brooke stated that Bill had been there for her when Ridge had let her down, just as Bill had promised. Bill replied that it was because his promises meant something.

Brooke conveyed that she was back where she belonged, and so was the sword necklace. Bill asked if she knew what it meant to him that she'd returned to him and had been the one to put the necklace back on him. The two expressed their love for each other and kissed.

At the conclusion of dinner, Bill thanked Brooke. She tried to get him to eat seconds, but he said he couldn't wait any longer. Brooke told him that he'd have to, and Bill balked, warning her not to delay him with things like doing the dishes. She wanted him to count to a hundred while she went upstairs. He agreed to count to fifty. "Slowly," Brooke instructed.

Brooke said to trust her, and it would be worth it. As she left, Bill counted, "One...two...three, four!"

After counting to forty slowly, Bill entered his bedroom with his hands over his eyes and asked if Brooke was ready. From the bathroom, she announced that she was. Bill uncovered his eyes and saw a money symbol made of hundred dollar bills on the bed. Brooke exited the bathroom in a teddy made of paper dollar bills. On the dollar bills was printed Bill Spencer's face.

Bill said that Brooke had combined his favorite things into one hot, sexy package. Brooke asked if he was ready to cash in. "Oh, yeah," he uttered, and they kissed. Brooke stopped Bill because there was still a gift for her to give him. He said that she was his gift.

Brooke walked over to an object with a cloth over it. She whipped off the cloth and revealed a statue of a rearing horse. Brooke said the life she wanted was in her stallion's corral. She wanted to spend the rest of her days rewarding him for his loyalty to her. She asked what Bill thought, and Bill neighed. Brooke said she wanted to spend the rest of her days as his wife. Bill asked if she meant "filly." She said, "Yeah, that, too."

Brooke opened a box, revealing the sword ring inside. She wanted to see it back on her finger and asked Bill if he'd marry her. Bill replied that there was nothing he wanted more. He placed the ring on her finger and said he'd be honored to be her husband. They expressed love for each other and kissed.

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