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Lieutenant Baker hauled Sally off in handcuffs, but Thomas' speech to the judge might save Sally from prison. Zende resented it when Steffy and Thomas declined to help him join the Forrester design team. Ridge refused to give up on Brooke unless she told him to.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 1, 2017 on B&B
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Shirley worries about the future of Spectra Fashions Shirley worries about the future of Spectra Fashions
Monday, May 1, 2017

At Forrester, Lieutenant Baker placed Sally Spectra under arrest. Thomas stopped the procedure and asked for a moment alone with Sally. Steffy didn't think it was a good idea, but after Thomas implored her, she and the others quietly left Sally and Thomas alone in the CEO's office.

In the corridor, Lt. Baker, Carter, R.J., Coco, and Steffy gathered around Pam's desk. They updated Pam on what had happened with Sally, and Pam said it let Coco off the hook for having to turn her sister in. Baker said the only thing left was to book Sally and take her downtown. R.J. believed that if they gave Thomas and Sally a moment, the two could work something out.

Coco asked if it was really possible to do so. Steffy said Sally had committed many crimes against the Forresters. Steffy didn't want to see Sally go to prison, but Steffy believed that Sally had brought it upon herself and had to pay the price.

R.J. and Coco went into the design office. Baker grew impatient waiting. He became happy when Pam said an intern would deliver him another hot dog with her special mustard on it. Steffy said she didn't relish sending Sally to prison, and Carter replied that Forrester didn't have to go through with it. Steffy insisted that they did or else it would be open season on Forrester for other design thieves. She asserted that Sally had crossed the legal line, and Forrester had to respond accordingly.

In the design office, R.J. asked how Sally had wound up confessing. Coco explained that she'd gone off on Sally, but she might have been too harsh on Sally, who'd been really stunned by Coco's feelings and the charges. Coco conveyed that Sally had said she'd take care of it, and R.J. knew the rest. Suddenly realizing that she had to tell Grams, Coco whipped out her phone.

At Spectra, Saul and Shirley were thrilled about the orders that kept rolling in. Saul stated that he could use some help. Shirley replied that Darlita would soon arrive. "But you're standing right there," Saul meekly replied. Rolling her eyes, Shirley sat beside Saul to help him sort orders. She asked where Sally was, and Saul replied that Sally wasn't in the building.

Shirley received a phone call from Coco and told Coco that Spectra could use help with all the orders. Coco said that they might as well stop because Coco and Sally were at Forrester, where Sally had just turned herself in. Coco didn't know what would happen but believed that Sally was in big trouble. Coco said she'd keep Shirley posted and clicked off the line before Shirley could ask any questions.

Saul grew upset when Shirley gave him the news that Sally had walked into Forrester with her big mouth and confessed everything. "To grand larceny?" he asked. Shirley guessed so -- if that was the crime. "Oh, how could she! All the beautiful orders," Shirley said, pouting and hugging the invoices. Saul told her to forget the orders and asked what would happen to Sally.

Back in the Forrester CEO's office, Sally told Thomas that she'd never been more sorry. Thomas quipped that it would be great if regrets happened before incidents did. She said she should have listened to her heart, and none of it had been worth the look in his eyes. She'd thought a successful relaunch had been the most important thing in the world, but she'd figured out that she'd already had something much more valuable.

Though Sally knew what she'd done was inexcusable, she asked if Thomas would let her explain why she'd done it. Thomas said he'd love to hear it. Sally claimed she'd gotten caught up, and her family could be relentless. "My Grams with the 'in-your-face,' and my Aunt Sally with her velvet glove," Sally said. She claimed that there had been a lot of pressure to get Spectra back up and running. She'd had many people counting on her, but she'd wanted to do it right.

Sally had wanted a company in her image and with her vision, but Jarrett's review had thrown her for a loop. Sally had doubted herself. Sally said Grams wouldn't let up about moving forward and returning to their old ways in order to get out of debt and pay their employees. Sally conveyed that Shirley had had the idea of getting Coco to steal the designs. "You just went along with it," Thomas gleaned. Sally replied that he made it sound as if it had been easy.

Sally explained how hard it had been to think about using her sister and betraying the Forresters, who'd been so nice to her. Thomas stated that, in the end, it had been exactly what she'd done. "Damn it, Sally. I loved you. I would have been happy to help you with anything if you had just asked," he said. He told her that he'd believed in her, and all she'd had to do was to reach out; however, she'd stolen from him and his family instead. He asked how she could do it.

Back in the Forrester corridor, Steffy stood off to the side with Carter. She asked if he thought she was doing the right thing. He said that, from a business standpoint, there was no doubt.

Coco and R.J. emerged from the design office so that Coco could speak to Steffy. Coco said that her sister was far from perfect, but Sally was a good person and had been there for Coco. Coco explained that Sally had confessed because she'd seen that it was killing Coco to have to turn Sally in. Coco knew it didn't change things, but her sister had a conscience. Coco felt that Sally knew she'd made a mistake, and Coco implored Steffy not to send Sally to prison.

Steffy thought the way Coco felt about Sally was admirable. Steffy said she felt that way about Thomas; however, Sally had broken the law, and there were consequences. Steffy opened the door to the CEO's office, but Thomas asked for just a few more minutes. Steffy closed the door.

To Carter, Steffy said she wished Sally hadn't put them in that position. She recalled that she and Sally had had a moment. Carter seemed surprised to hear it. Steffy said Sally had been genuine, and Steffy had seen what Thomas had seen in Sally. Steffy didn't want "that" Sally to go to prison; however, "this" Sally, the thieving Sally, would get what she'd asked for.

Coco approached Steffy again to ask for a different resolution. Coco suggested that Steffy sue Sally and Spectra and take the money and the building. Coco figured Spectra would go out of business, but she implored Steffy not to send Sally to prison. Steffy was silent, but her expression was full of conflict.

In the CEO's office, Sally said that whatever happened, she'd brought it upon herself. She'd sent her sister in there without her sister's consent and jeopardized her sister's career and happiness. Sally added that that was also what she'd done to Thomas and his family. Thomas understood Sally's circumstances, but he didn't understand why she hadn't gone to him for help.

Sally asserted that she'd told Thomas who she was. She was a Spectra, and lying and stealing were in her blood. She figured she had to stop thinking she was better because of her talent. She stated that Jarrett had schooled her on just how talented she really was, and she was a joke, just as he'd written. She called herself a criminal, headed to prison.

Sally promised Thomas that she'd stop production at Spectra. The company would go further into debt and have to close its doors, but she vowed she'd do what she could to make it right. She stated that they'd always have Australia. She began to cry as she recalled the wonderful things he'd said to her. She decided if someone was handed all he'd given her and managed to screw it up, then she hadn't deserved it in the first place.

Sally said that she was no good. "So do yourself a favor. Don't walk. Run," She advised Thomas. Thomas told her that she couldn't order him to stay or to walk away. Sally said he'd have no choice if she was in prison -- unless he wanted to visit. She didn't know why he would. He replied that she wasn't in jail yet.

Sally claimed not to care if she went to prison. Thomas joked that it was because she'd fit in so well with the inmates. Sally claimed not to be a shrinking violet. She said she'd roll up her sleeves and get to swinging, and people would soon know not to mess with her. She stated that she was going where she belonged and would be with people who thought like her.

Sally wanted Thomas to know that she was ashamed. She said she'd thrown away what they'd had, and she should go to prison for doing that alone. She asked Thomas to get Baker because she was ready. Thomas went to the door. Sally turned around and stifled her sobs. Thomas touched her shoulder and drew her into a hug.

Baker entered and asked if they were doing it. Steffy affirmed it and said to arrest Sally. Coco ran to Sally and hugged her. The sisters cried and said that they loved each other. When Baker pulled out his cuffs, Thomas asked if it was necessary. Baker replied that it was just until they got to the station.

Everyone was sad as they watched Lieutenant Baker cuff Sally and walk her out of the office.

Ridge feels pangs of guilt as Eric gives him relationship advice Ridge feels pangs of guilt as Eric gives him relationship advice
Tuesday, May 2, 2017
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric met with Ridge and asked what had happened in Australia that had ended Ridge's relationship with Brooke. Ridge looked uncomfortable. He had to answer a text message on his phone and later admitted he'd made a mistake. Eric said that Bill was in the picture again with Brooke. Ridge agreed, and he added, "We all make mistakes." Ridge reminded Eric that Brooke had overlooked his mistakes in the past, and he had overlooked hers. He refused to give up on Brooke.

Eric agreed that Ridge could not give up on Brooke. He added that he had never given up on Quinn, and he said that instincts were very important. He added that he'd trusted Quinn from the very beginning. Ridge understood. "I know how much you love her," Ridge said. Eric admitted that he and Quinn had had some rough patches and had broken up for a while, but he'd never been happier in his life. Ridge smiled and added that Eric was happy even though Spectra had "stolen all our work."

Eric said it was important to have someone in one's life to count on. He added that having Quinn at his side made him feel that he could handle anything. Eric felt that Quinn was the wind at his back and never let him down. Eric said he was especially proud of Ridge. Ridge smiled and left.

At Forrester, Quinn admitted her issues with Ridge to Ivy. She also discussed her problems with Katie working at Forrester. Ivy was amazed that Quinn had kissed Ridge. Quinn maintained it was nothing, and she had been worried because Brooke belonged with Ridge. Ivy said she could understand why Brooke felt the way she did.

Ivy told Quinn that Ridge had kissed his father's wife. It was not easy to understand. Quinn agreed, but she said it was over, and the worst of it was that Katie had been threatening her ever since. "I am not going to live that way. I love my husband and would never betray or disappoint him ever again," Quinn said.

In another office, Katie and Brooke discussed that Brooke had ended her relationship with Ridge because of his relationship with Quinn. Brooke planned to marry Bill because she couldn't trust Ridge. Katie wondered if Brooke could trust Bill.

Brooke scolded Katie and said that Bill had never let her down, and she worried that Katie had been blackmailing Ridge and Quinn. Brooke wondered how Katie had gone to work with Quinn at Forrester.

Katie reminded her sister that she had run Forrester before, "and did a damned good job." Katie was miffed that Quinn could have ulterior motives, but Katie couldn't. Brooke balked at Katie's reasoning.

Katie noted that Eric had offered her a position, and she was inclined to take it because Will was in school. Brooke reminded Katie that Eric could never find out about Quinn and Ridge. "Katie, don't undermine his marriage," Brooke advised. She added that Katie did not need to work side by side with Quinn. There were other jobs at Forrester that she could enjoy.

Quinn and Ivy barged into the meeting between Katie and Brooke. Quinn professed her total commitment to Eric and said nothing would ever happen again with Ridge. Quinn noted that Brooke was wearing Bill's ring, but Ridge still wanted to have a life with her. Brooke maintained it was her business and not Quinn's. "You need to be with Ridge," Quinn blurted out to Brooke.

Brooke said that they all needed to focus on work, and Katie needed to stop threatening Quinn. Brooke added that she would not be returning to Ridge. She wanted everyone to agree that no one would tell Eric about Quinn and Ridge. Ridge entered and said they had to stop arguing and move past the issue.

"My dad is happier than ever, and the only people who know are right here in this room. Let's put this to rest once and for all," Ridge said.

Katie smiled and said that as long as nothing happened between Ridge and Quinn, she would never say anything. Quinn maintained that she and Ridge did not have feelings for each other -- it had been a senseless mistake.

Ridge maintained that he loved his father very much, and it was important to him. He told Katie to get past her sense of justice needing to be served. Ridge, Brooke, and Quinn agreed it was not Katie's job to hold threats over their heads.

Ridge maintained that he had already lost the most important relationship to him -- with Brooke. He wondered if Katie wanted to destroy the entire family.

"I have paid the price. Do you want my dad to pay, too?" Ridge asked. Katie smirked and again stated that as long as nothing else happened, she would remain silent. Everyone but Brooke and Ridge left the office.

Brooke said she was committed to Bill. Ridge begged her not to leave him because he needed her in his life. "I am marrying Bill and committed to Bill," she said. Ridge looked away but promised to fight for her. He whispered that she would always be his Logan. A tear streamed own Brooke's cheek.

At home, Eric sketched, and Pam delivered lunch. Pam noted that Sally had stolen his entire collection and had to be punished. "I have Quinn, and that makes everything a lot easier to deal with," Eric said. Pam nodded.

Eric recalled that he hadn't felt he had anything left to give and had been prepared to retire, but Quinn had persuaded him to return to work. He had a new spark because of her, and Quinn had pulled the whole family together, he noted. He knew things would be better. Pam agreed. Eric said he had renewed his special connection to Ridge. "No one supports my marriage more than Ridge does," Eric said.

Zende believes he's not a Forrester Zende believes he's not a Forrester> Zende believes he's not a Forrester Zende believes he's not a Forrester
Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In the Forrester design office, Zende said he didn't relish seeing Sally go to prison. Nicole and he discussed him being human after all. As they kissed, the newlyweds remarked upon how they might have conceived the previous night. She said they'd been trying since the honeymoon. Zende didn't mind trying as much as possible.

Talk turned to the Forrester designers trying to churn out a whole new collection within a matter of weeks. Zende said that they couldn't do it without help. He handed Nicole a sketchpad and said to take a look. Nicole was surprised to see designs inside. Zende asked her what she thought he'd been doing each night after she'd gone to bed. The designs were his contribution to the Forrester crisis. "I mean, I knew you could draw, but..." Nicole said.

Zende asked if Nicole liked them, and she asked if he'd shown them to anyone. Zende hadn't, but he planned on it. Being a photographer had been great for him, but what he really wanted to do was to design for the company.

Later, Nicole was working behind the desk and explaining Zende's new career passion to Maya. Nicole said she'd just learned about it, but Zende had been sketching every night. She said he really wanted to do it and had just gone to talk to Steffy and Thomas. Maya wondered how they would react. Nicole hoped it would be well because it was important to Zende, who really wanted to make his mark as a Forrester.

Maya hoped Zende knew that becoming a designer didn't happen overnight. Nicole remarked that it hadn't taken Thomas that long. Maya recalled that Thomas had paid his dues, and his father had mentored him. Nicole said that Ridge might do the same for his nephew. Maya thought it was possible, but at that time, the team had its hands full.

Nicole said it was why Zende thought it was the time to step up. Maya reasoned that there might not be time to train, but Nicole said he might not need training. She thought his designs were good. Maya replied that Nicole was a loyal wife. Nicole explained that Zende was an artist. He wanted to design and have a connection with the family.

Maya hoped that Zende didn't get his hopes up too quickly. Nicole remarked that Zende wanted to be a contributing member of the Forrester family. Maya and Nicole agreed that if he wanted it nearly as badly as he'd wanted Nicole, then Thomas and Steffy would have their hands full.

In the CEO's office, Thomas showed Steffy the designs he and Eric had been up all night creating. Eric had left Thomas' place around one in the morning, but Thomas had remained up the whole night. He said designing took his mind off the whole thing with Sally. Whenever he took a break, he'd envision her in handcuffs. Thomas remarked that Sally was out on a bail, and he'd hate to see her go to prison.

Steffy asked how the talk had gone with Sally before the arrest. Thomas relayed that Sally had a lot of regrets. He said Sally had been under her grandmother's influence, and he wished Sally had just turned to him. He let Steffy know that Spectra would stop production. Steffy didn't know what good it would do because the designs had been exposed, and some knockoffs had probably shipped out. Thomas still wished he could help Sally through "this."

It sounded to Steffy as if Thomas had forgiven Sally. Thomas still felt betrayed but said Sally hadn't set out to screw him. Steffy said Sally had wound up doing just that, and thanks to the Spectra crew, Forrester was in crisis mode. Steffy asked how much longer until the collection was done. Thomas replied that he didn't know.

Zende entered and asked how things were going with creating a whole new line. Thomas wished they had three more designers. Zende asked how Thomas felt about having one more. He handed Thomas a sketchpad and requested that Thomas take a look. As Thomas flipped through the designs in the pad, Steffy asked who'd drawn them. "Me," Zende replied.

"Since when?" Steffy asked. Zende replied that he'd been doing it for a while, but it had started to pick up after the Spectra show. He said that he had more, and he really wanted to help out. "Interesting," Thomas murmured. Steffy said Zende was a photographer. Zende reasoned that he was way more valuable in the design room. He said he'd taken to heart what Thomas had said about looking out for one's own future.

Zende wanted to contribute, even though he was still learning. He said it was family tradition to work hard, move up, and excel. He knew that he could do it. He asked his cousins to take another look because there was good stuff in there. Steffy gave Zende a fake smile and looked over Thomas' shoulder at the sketches.

After a long period of silence, Zende asked what his cousins thought of the work. Steffy agreed with Thomas' previous assessment that the designs were interesting. Zende replied that it wasn't the word he was looking for. Thomas stated that Zende really did have some talent. Zende asked if Forrester could work with it. Thomas said that Zende knew the situation.

Zende said the situation was that Forrester was desperate after Spectra had stolen the designs. Steffy stated that they didn't have time to train a novice right then. Zende asked if they thought it was the work of a novice, and Thomas reasoned that Zende didn't have experience. Zende believed that "this" would give him just "that," in the same way that Ridge had fast-tracked Thomas. Zende asked them to be straight and tell him if he'd ever get a real opportunity there.

Steffy replied that there was always opportunity for growth. "But these don't cut it," Zende concluded. He asked if not even one of them could be passed along to Ridge or Eric. Zende asked for pointers to modify the work, but Steffy said he was really putting them on the spot. Thomas emphasized that they were in crisis mode and needed experience.

Zende doubted that Ridge had said that to Thomas when Thomas had first wanted to design. Thomas asserted that Zende knew how hard Ridge had been on Thomas and how hard Ridge still was on Thomas. Zende wanted to get real for a moment, and he said that Forrester kids got all the breaks. Steffy stated that Zende was one of them. "Then give me a break," Zende said. Thomas asked Zende to understand that the timing was bad.

Zende said he had to wonder if he'd ever get a real break there. Steffy asked why he'd say that. Zende reasoned that he wasn't really a Forrester. He said he was a Dominguez. He had hoped it didn't matter, but he was starting to think it did. Steffy told him that he was as much of a Forrester as the rest of them. Zende asked if he'd been asked to design or even considered.

Thomas replied that they hadn't known that "Zen" wanted to design. Zende said that he'd just told them, and he asked if he'd honestly get a shot based on his work. Zende concluded that he wasn't the same as they were because he was adopted. "By Kristen Forrester," Thomas noted. Thomas insisted that Zende was family and asked where the doubts stemmed from.

Zende replied that it was just something he'd been thinking about. He'd taken a risk by asking for a chance, but they'd shut him down. Steffy and Thomas said Zende was off base. Zende concluded that he wasn't a Forrester; he was a Dominguez and proud of it.

Later, Steffy closed the office door and wondered where all of that had originated with Zende. Thomas understood that Zende was trying to find out where he belonged. It reminded Thomas of Sally, who'd been slammed on her first preview. Steffy said Zende might need to learn the same lesson. Thomas replied that it wasn't easy, and Sally hadn't been the same.

Steffy hoped Zende wouldn't go down the stealing road. She advised Thomas to get over the betrayer Sally, who wasn't worth the heartache. Steffy left, and Thomas immediately began flashing back on his relationship with Sally.

At Spectra, Sally thanked Saul for bailing her out. Saul said he couldn't stand the thought of her behind bars. Sally replied that she still had prison time looming over her. Sally instructed Saul, Darlita, and Shirley to stop all production because they were shutting the rathole down. Shirley asserted that no one was sending Sally to jail, and they weren't shutting down.

Sally conveyed that the Forresters would take Spectra's inventory and assets. In her view, they were out of business and had to close their doors. Saul didn't want to see Sally's dream die, and Darlita asked what would happen with the orders. Sally said the orders were bogus, and they couldn't ship anything because the cops were all over them.

C.J. arrived and said the place looked like a locker room after a defeat. Shirley quipped that it was halftime, but Sally asserted that it was over. C.J. agreed that it was over, and it was because Sally had confessed, something his mother never would have done. Sally expressed that she had had no choice and had needed to spare Coco from turning in her own sister.

Sally instructed Saul to put everything in the warehouse, and the Forresters would figure out what to do with the stuff. C.J. said that the building would be demolished. Shirley told C.J. that he wouldn't close up on them. C.J. said they hadn't paid him any rent, which was how foreclosures happened. Darlita remarked that she'd been buying lottery tickets.

Sally asked what was owed. C.J. said it was one hundred thousand dollars. Shirley got upset, but he repeated that they hadn't been paying him. Sally said they'd had a good run, and C.J. replied that they'd lasted longer than he'd thought they would. C.J. believed they would have lasted longer if Sally had owned up to her heritage.

Sally guessed he meant being a thief. C.J. didn't think his mother would appreciate the term. He called it pirating instead. Sally said she'd learned that she wasn't like her aunt. C.J. advised Sally to take the medicine, clear out, and be done with it.

After C.J. had gone, Shirley tried to convince Sally that it was time to buckle in and not bail out. Sally told Shirley to stop dreaming. Because they'd stolen, it was time to pay the piper. Sally said they'd been shamed and humiliated -- "at least I was." Sally said she was facing jail and still had a nut to pay off. She asked for some time alone, and Saul, Shirley, and Darlita walked out of the office. Once she was alone, Sally's thoughts turned to Thomas.

C.J. asks if Zende knows a buyer for Spectra C.J. asks if Zende knows a buyer for Spectra
Thursday, May 4, 2017

At Spencer, C.J. let Bill know that Saul had bailed Sally out. Wyatt asked what it meant for Bill and the building. Wyatt was sure Bill had named it by then. Caressing his model, Bill said to never refer to her as an it. He did have a name for her, but he wouldn't share it because it was just between him and her.

Bill vowed to get the property, but C.J. said that if Sally could produce a hundred thousand dollars, she could stay in the building. Bill asked what the odds of it were. C.J. relayed that Sally had managed to pay "Shifty" before she'd been arrested. Bill believed it meant that Sally was broke, and the contract would expire. Wyatt said Bill would finally get the land. Bill wondered if he should invite dignitaries to the groundbreaking ceremony or save all the limelight for himself. "And her," he added, petting the model building.

Bill saw C.J. out, and Wyatt said things were happening in Bill's favor. Bill bragged that his sour review had gotten the ball rolling. Wyatt asked if Liam knew Bill had written it. Bill replied that Liam didn't. Bill didn't want Liam to know, either, because it would bend Liam's merit badge out of shape.

Just then, Liam arrived and asked what he was missing out on. Wyatt claimed that he and Bill had been discussing Bill's impending wedding. Liam asked if Bill was sure about it and cited that Brooke had a history of bouncing back and forth. Bill got defensive, and his sons said that no one was putting Brooke down.

Bill asserted that Brooke had never stopped loving him; she'd just gotten "lost in the past." It was the way she'd put it to Bill. In his view, the "poseur" had blown it, and the poseur and Brooke were done for good.

Later, Liam and Wyatt were working, and Liam guessed that Bill's "outside meeting" was really Brooke. Wyatt said that it was, of course, and Liam asked why Bill couldn't just say it outright. Wyatt said that Liam knew Bill, who liked to keep things under wraps. Liam reasoned that it was no secret that Bill loved Brooke. "This is true," Wyatt replied and exited.

When Wyatt returned, he said one had to admire their dad. Liam said Wyatt wasn't required to because Bill wasn't there. Wyatt said he was serious, and he expressed that Bill never gave up. Liam agreed. Wyatt cited Bill's loyalty to Brooke, and Liam said it was nice to see their father happy again. Wyatt felt it was Brooke and Bill's time to be together, and Bill would make sure of it.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke and Steffy discussed having to redo an entire collection due to Spectra. Brooke believed that the Forrester men would pull it off. Steffy conveyed that Zende wanted to try his hand at designing. Brooke asked if Zende was any good. Steffy thought he had talent, but things wouldn't happen overnight. Brooke was sure Zende understood that, but Steffy replied that he'd reacted unexpectedly.

Katie entered to ask if Steffy had gotten an email that Quinn had had Katie forward to Steffy. Steffy wondered if Quinn didn't have better uses for Katie's time. Steffy also thought it was weird for Quinn, Katie, and Ivy to be working together. Katie changed the subject by asking where Ridge was. Brooke was sure he was designing in a sequestered location.

Steffy said it gave Ridge the great excuse to avoid her questions. Katie asked what Steffy wanted to question him about. Steffy stated that Ridge wasn't giving up on Brooke, and Steffy didn't understand what had stopped the Australia wedding. She asked if Brooke cared to clue her in on it.

Later, Brooke and Katie were alone at the conference table. Katie saw that Brooke was still wearing Bill's ring. Katie said it wasn't like she thought Brooke wouldn't be, but things seemed to change quickly around there. "Yeah, like you coming to work for Forrester Creations," Brooke noted. Katie asked Brooke to say it didn't bother Brooke like it did Quinn. Brooke replied that it wouldn't bother Quinn if Katie meant what she'd said.

Katie asked what she'd said. Brooke told her sister not to be coy. Katie said that, as long as Ridge and Quinn stayed away from each other, Katie had no reason to tell Eric. Katie added that she wouldn't tell Bill, either, and Bill would just love to hold it over Eric's head. Katie wondered, though, if Brooke was really ready to let Ridge go.

Brooke didn't want to do "this." Katie said she was just giving Brooke someone to talk to. Brooke admitted that she and Ridge had a long history and a child together, so there would be feelings there. Brooke added that Ridge wouldn't give up on her. "And here you are again, caught between two desirable men," Katie stated.

Brooke asserted that there was no way that she'd overlook what Ridge and Quinn had done. Katie added that it was especially because Brooke couldn't be sure it wouldn't happen again. Katie began to discuss Bill proposing to Brooke that time around, but Bill entered, correcting Katie that Brooke had proposed to him that time.

Katie was surprised to hear it. Bill felt that the poseur would be, too, and asked Brooke which one of them would tell Ridge who'd proposed.

Katie decided to get back to work, and after she exited, Bill and Brooke kissed. Bill wanted to meet at Il Giardino later to discuss their wedding plans. Brooke said they could do it right then. Bill informed her that he had a meeting, but he would like it if Ridge walked in on them making plans. He asked if Ridge would be his best man.

Brooke giggled and said it was the last thing Ridge would do. Bill said he loved her smile and giggle. He would have waited for her forever. He said that they were one step away from fulfilling their own destiny. A flashback played of their romance, from their time in Aspen forward. Bill said he'd always be there for her, and she didn't have to question his commitment. Bill claimed to be hers for forever and a day, and he kissed her.

In the design office, Nicole and Zende discussed how Steffy and Thomas had reacted to his desire to become a Forrester designer. Nicole suggested that Zende talk to Eric or Ridge because Steffy wasn't a designer. Zende stated that Thomas was.

Nicole noted that Thomas hadn't said Zende didn't have talent. Zende contended that Thomas hadn't offered any insight or a helping hand. Nicole reminded Zende that everyone was focused on getting the collection out.

Zende said that Forrester was in need of designs more than ever. He'd only asked for one chance. He was looking out for the future of the family he wanted to start, but he was beginning to realize that it would always be someone else. He said he couldn't live that way and needed to know that he wasn't an afterthought to his family.

Nicole suggested that Zende talk to his mother about it. Zende wanted to do it on his own. He doubted Ridge and Eric would listen to his mother anyway. Nicole asked if Kristen had also felt overlooked. "Probably," Zende replied, but he added that Kristen had never expressed that to Zende. Kristen had been all for Zende getting to know the family. Zende had expected to be accepted as a Forrester even though he was a Dominguez. "How na´ve," he decided.

Nicole still felt it was a good idea to let Eric know how Zende felt. Zende thought that Eric would just say all the right things about being proud of his grandson. Zende said they both knew he wasn't like the Forresters, and he wondered if he'd ever be accepted by them. Nicole said he was a remarkable guy who had overcome things no one could imagine. She believed that his dreams -- their dreams -- would be made true.

Later, Nicole and Steffy were in the office together. Steffy was discussing whether to release her wedding photos. Her followers wanted to see them, and she said releasing her wedding dress pictures might serve as a teaser for the upcoming line. She noticed that Nicole was distracted, and Nicole said she'd talked to Zende about the meeting he'd had with Steffy and Thomas.

Steffy conveyed that Zende had surprised them, and she'd thought Zende was happy there. Steffy understood Zende's desire. She loved Nicole and Zende, who were family. Steffy thought it was great that he wanted to design, but she asked if Nicole saw that the timing was off. Steffy asked if Nicole could help Zende understand that it was nothing against him, but they just didn't have the time to train him at that moment.

At the bar at Il Giardino, C.J. saw Zende having a drink and introduced himself as Sally Spectra's cousin. Zende made no response. C.J. sat down, ordered whatever Zende was having, and remarked upon the drama in the fashion world. Zende said that Sally had stolen from the Forresters. C.J. replied that he just owned the building and had nothing to do with it.

C.J. kind of understood why Sally had done it. It had been her dream, and she'd spent a ton of money upgrading the building. C.J. said he was left with a full fashion house that would have to close because he didn't have a designer to run it. Zende looked at C.J. with interest.

Zende asked how C.J. felt about closing up shop. C.J. said it wasn't what his mother wanted, but there was a hot shot who'd offered a lot of money for the property. C.J. didn't know of a way to save the place unless someone happened to want a fully functional fashion house. C.J. asked if Zende knew anyone who would and said it only needed a designer and a dream -- plus cash to pay the bills and keep the old girl afloat.

C.J. believed there was still something to the Spectra brand. He said Zende didn't have to worry about things like that and was lucky to be a Forrester. "Not too sure about that," Zende replied. C.J.'s phone chimed, and he said he had to go. C.J. left Zende to his thoughts.

A chance run-in leads to an awkward lunch between Brooke and Ridge A chance run-in leads to an awkward lunch between Brooke and Ridge
Friday, May 5, 2017

At Spencer, Bill was impatiently awaiting Jarrett. Wyatt said Bill had just summoned the reporter. Bill stated that it took Jarrett two minutes, forty-two-point-six seconds to go from his cubicle to Bill's doorstep. Seeing Wyatt's incredulous glare, Bill said he'd timed it before.

Bill asked if his hurry was obvious. Wyatt said Bill hadn't even been paying attention to the profit discussion earlier. Bill couldn't believe he was saying it, but he stated that he had more important things on his mind. "Than money? Who are you right now?" Wyatt exclaimed. Bill relayed that he was in a hurry to meet Brooke and make their wedding plans.

Later, Jarrett had arrived and was saying that Bill wanted an article to sound like an obituary. "I don't want it to sound like an obituary. I want it to be an obituary. 'Spectra Fashions, Rest in Peace,'" Bill replied. Wyatt thought it was a little soon to call it just yet. Bill said that Wyatt had heard C.J. say that Spectra was folding.

Jarrett thought it was too bad that Sally had resorted to knockoffs. Bill shrugged, stating that the talent hadn't been there. Jarrett disagreed. Jarrett had seen potential, and he believed that Sally would have made something of herself if they hadn't sabotaged her. Bill said Jarrett's words made Bill question Jarrett's judgment.

Bill asked what kind of man thought it was okay to steal someone else's work. Jarrett began stammering that he wasn't saying that. "And yet, here you are, yammering on about poor Sally and if she only had a chance," Bill said and mock whined. Jarrett insisted that he didn't condone the actions, and he'd been the one to call Sally out for the bootlegs.

Wyatt figured that Jarrett was saying that Sally wouldn't have stooped so low if Bill hadn't done so with the first review. Bill asked who gave a "damn" and said everyone won in the end. Jarrett cited that Forrester had lost a collection, and Spectra would go under. He asked who would win. Bill corrected that he'd win in the end, and it was all that mattered. "I get my property. I get my building. And most importantly, I get my Brooke," the grinning Bill concluded.

Later, Wyatt and Jarrett were alone in Bill's office. Jarrett guessed Bill would get his building. Wyatt said his father always got what his father wanted eventually. Jarrett was irked by the way Bill went about things and said Bill couldn't see that his actions had precipitated Sally's. Wyatt assured Jarrett that Bill did see, and Bill liked what he saw.

Wyatt didn't think it did any good to call Bill out on his actions. Jarrett figured that he needed to learn to keep his mouth closed. Wyatt replied that job security was a good thing, not that Jarrett had to worry about such a thing. Wyatt said Jarrett was their best reporter, and Bill knew it -- at least Wyatt hoped so. Jarrett revealed that he was seeing his therapist weekly instead of monthly, thanks to Bill. Wyatt believed Bill would be mellower once he married Brooke.

At Il Giardino, a server was escorting Ridge to a table. Ridge spotted Brooke at a table and indicated to the server that he'd be just fine in the empty seat across from Brooke. Ridge sat down and told Brooke that she looked beautiful. He said that the only thing that would make it better was "this." Ridge dropped a napkin over her left hand to cover the engagement ring on it.

Ridge wanted to start ordering, but Brooke decided she'd wait for her date. She said Ridge could order, but he should get it to go. Ridge claimed to enjoy bantering with Bill. Brooke informed Ridge that she and Bill would be discussing their wedding. Ridge asked if she'd chosen a color scheme and said black on black was his favorite.

Ridge noted that Brooke had been planning a wedding with him five minutes earlier and asked what the rush with Bill was. Brooke replied that she was ready, but Ridge warned that getting married wouldn't make her feelings for him go away. She said she'd always have feelings for him, but they didn't have to mean something.

Ridge told Brooke that she could get married and push him away for a time, but he was there and part of her. Brooke replied that he'd be there, unsatisfied and looking over her shoulder at every woman. He said it wasn't true; he'd made a mistake, but she didn't need to compound it with a bigger mistake. He insisted that she knew that they'd be together in the end.

Brooke said that she appreciated Ridge's belief in them. Ridge said that "BeLieF" had been something she'd been working on for a long time. Touching his wrinkle-free clothes that had been treated with her BeLieF formula, he said, "And look. It's good! Don't give up now."

Brooke scoffed and started laughing. She wondered how Ridge could make her laugh when she didn't want to. Ridge replied that it was either laugh or cry, but they had to figure it out and work through it. He said he'd never give up on her.

"Beat it," Bill ordered as he approached the table. Ridge said that Bill had arrived on cue. Bill stated that he didn't know what Ridge had done yet, but Brooke was where she belonged. Bill asked what Ridge had done to make her finally kick him to the curb. Brooke told Bill to leave it alone, but Bill said he wouldn't until Ridge left her alone.

Ridge said he and Brooke had a history. Bill retorted that Brooke was looking to the future. "Aren't you?" Bill asked Brooke. She quietly looked at each man. Bill asked if Brooke needed to tell Ridge once again that it was over. Brooke asked Ridge to just go.

When Ridge didn't move, Bill said Brooke had to be even clearer so that Ridge understood there was no chance of a future with her. Brooke told Ridge that he'd betrayed her for the last time, and she needed to move on. She said she was wearing Bill's ring, and they were getting married. Ridge said that if Brooke told him that there was no place in her heart for him and no future for them, then he would back off.

At Forrester, Carter packed his briefcase to leave for a preliminary hearing for Sally. Steffy was surprised that there already was one, and he said things moved quickly when one had Forrester connections. He asked if Thomas or Steffy wanted to go along. Steffy said she wouldn't stop Thomas if he felt the need to go, but Thomas replied that he didn't.

Later, as Steffy and Thomas worked, Steffy's phone chimed. Thomas asked if it was Carter, but she said it was Liam. Thomas guessed it was too soon to get news. She figured that her words wouldn't help, but she had to say that Sally had brought it on herself. Steffy stated that actions had consequences. Agreeing, Thomas said that if it had been anyone else, he wouldn't have a problem watching that person rot in prison.

Steffy said that the judge would decide, and something had to be done. Thomas agreed that the Spectras should pay, but Sally going to prison didn't feel right to him. Steffy didn't like the idea of Sally wasting away in prison but thought that a month or two of Sally in an orange jumpsuit might be entertaining. Thomas asserted that Sally shouldn't be going at all.

Thomas conveyed that he had thought that he and Sally could have a future, but she was going away to prison. Steffy replied that it was only if a judge thought Sally deserved it.

While awaiting a judge in his chambers, Saul, Shirley, and Sally met with a lawyer who didn't wow them with his experience or put them at ease -- even when he said he'd brought his lucky penny, so things would go Sally's way that day.

Later, the judge and Carter had arrived. The judge was reading paperwork as the tense Spectra gang looked on. The judge concluded that no one could confiscate the warehouse because they were renting. He noted that Sally had confessed. Sally's lawyer said she was truly remorseful. Carter responded that they needed more than an apology.

Sally's lawyer knew that actions spoke louder than words, and he said Sally had canceled all orders so that Spectra wouldn't profit off the designs. He hoped the charges could be dropped. Carter balked at the idea. The judge said that Sally had a clean record, so it was likely she'd get five years instead of the maximum. The Spectra crew became visibly upset. The judge said that, due to the nature and seriousness of her crime, he didn't think she should expect anything less.

The judge asked if the Forresters wanted to proceed. Carter asserted that his clients had been robbed and had lost months of hard work and revenue. He affirmed that they wanted to proceed. Shirley asked if her granddaughter would really be in prison for five years. The judge reasoned that it might be three if Sally maintained good behavior. "I guess that's what I have coming," Sally concluded.

As the judge checked his docket, Shirley asked him to have mercy because her granddaughter couldn't go to prison. She asked if someone could speak on Sally's behalf, but he said the confession spoke volumes. The judge added that they could present witnesses at the trial, but they shouldn't waste his time with biased relatives.

Saul hopped up and said he wasn't a relative. The judge indicated that Saul was a paid employee of Spectra. Shirley said Saul hadn't gotten much. Saul stated that there had to be someone who could testify for her. "There is. Me," Thomas said as he entered.

The judge's interest was piqued when he learned that Thomas was a Forrester and Carter's client. Carter asked what Thomas was doing, and Thomas replied that he was doing the right thing. The judge asked if Thomas had something to say to affect the upcoming trial. Thomas said that he did, and the judge let him speak.

Thomas wanted Sally to pay for betraying Forrester personally and professionally. He told the judge that he'd heard her out about her awful lapse of judgment, and he believed that she regretted her actions. He said she'd take it back if she could and had learned her lesson, something that it took people in prison a long time to do.

Thomas believed that Spectra Fashions should pay and cease to exist, but locking up Sally wouldn't make up for what Forrester had lost. Thomas didn't see the point of putting a woman with so much potential behind bars.

Thomas thanked the judge for hearing him out. He left, but Sally stopped him in the hallway to thank him. She said he might have just kept her out of jail. Thomas told her that he'd just said what was true. She asserted that she loved him more than she'd ever loved anyone, and she kissed him.

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