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Bill planned an impromptu wedding for him and Brooke. Ridge made a last-minute plea to convince Brooke to marry him instead. Brooke followed her heart and married the guy for her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 15, 2017 on B&B
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Bill tells Ridge about Thomas' betrayal Bill tells Ridge about Thomas' betrayal
Monday, May 15, 2017

In the Forrester CEO's office, Ridge reviewed Zende's designs, which Steffy had given him. Ridge said Zende was the son of two designers, and it was about time Zende showed an interest in the profession. Ridge couldn't mentor Zende at the time because too much was going on. Steffy said she'd tried to tell Zende that. Ridge asked her to massage Zende to meet them, and he'd talk to Zende himself.

Ridge turned his attention to R.J. and Coco, who'd been waiting quietly behind Ridge and Steffy. Ridge thanked Coco for her loyalty and said that she could stay on at Forrester. Coco promised to never take her position for granted. R.J. asked if Ridge had heard about Bill's article. Ridge stated that as wrong as it had been, it didn't condone Sally's actions.

Steffy told Coco that Forrester was glad to have her. Steffy believed that Coco had a future in the business; however, Sally didn't because of what Sally had done.

In the design office later, Zende was ecstatic about what Ridge had just said. Zende stated that it wasn't a designing job, but Ridge was giving Zende a shot. Nicole congratulated him and said she'd heard that Coco had regained her job. Coco stated that she was happy to be there and hadn't been so sure it would happen. Nicole prompted Zende to say that he'd been wrong to jump to conclusions about Coco. Zende did it but added that he'd never trust Sally.

"Don't go giving these to Sally, either," Zende said of his sketches. Nicole admonished him, but Coco said she could take a joke. Coco added that she'd checked her jewelry before heading to Forrester that day. Nicole stated that there wasn't a Spectra Fashions to worry about anymore, but Coco revealed that Spectra was still around, thanks to funds from Thomas.

Nicole and Zende were amazed that Thomas had forked over a hundred thousand dollars to keep Spectra in business. R.J. predicted that his father would be furious. Zende stated that it would be rightfully so, and there shouldn't be any last-minute saving after what Spectra had done. Zende said Thomas was out of his mind.

Coco replied that Thomas wasn't crazy; he was in love. Zende didn't care what feelings Sally had for Thomas and stated that Sally should have gone to jail. R.J. said their grandfather had dropped the charges. Zende contended that their grandfather had done so under the condition that Spectra would fold. Nicole wasn't sure if they'd insisted upon it legally. She said they'd all just assumed that Spectra would be done.

"Thomas just walks in, hands over a ton of cash, and what? Spectra lives to see another day?" Zende asked. Coco said she knew it didn't seem fair. R.J. remarked upon the review Bill had written, and Coco said if that had happened, then Sally had never had a fair shot to begin with. Though Coco believed that stealing was wrong, she wondered how else Sally was supposed to go legit. R.J. stated that Thomas was giving Sally the chance. Coco believed that Thomas and Sally would look back on it as the start of it all.

Back in the CEO's office, Steffy and Ridge worked, and Steffy remarked upon how happy Ridge had just made Zende. They began discussing Bill's review, and Steffy wondered if she should have told Thomas, who'd taken off for Spectra, anything about it.

Bill stormed in, and Ridge blurted out, "What the hell?" Bill said that was exactly his thought, and he asked "what the hell" was wrong with Ridge's son. Ridge thought Bill meant R.J., but Bill clarified that he had a problem with "Captain Pencil Pants."

Steffy told Bill that she wasn't a Sally fan, but what he'd done with the review hadn't been right. Bill said it was business, and he expected the co-CEOs to understand doing tough things to get the job done. "Just for a building?" she asked. Bill yelled that it was for the property, and he'd be erecting a magnificent creature on that property if "Prince Poseur Junior" hadn't shown up to Spectra with his big-boy checkbook in his lunchbox to help keep Spectra in business.

Ridge didn't believe it. Bill said he had no reason to lie -- "about this." Bill had no patience for wannabe heroes. Steffy asked what had gone on. Bill explained that Thomas had paid off the Spectra debt, and Steffy wondered why Thomas would do such a thing. Bill told Ridge that Sally had conned Thomas once, but anyone with common sense wouldn't let it happen again -- except for Ridge's son, who'd written a check with Forrester money.

Steffy stated that Spectra was supposed to close down. Bill replied that it was staying open due to Forrester money. As Bill ranted, Ridge said it was enough. Agreeing that it sure was enough, Bill demanded that something be done. Ridge said it would be, and he hurried out of the office.

Steffy didn't know how to believe what had happened. Bill quipped that there wasn't a Forrester man in the world who didn't act like a puppy when falling for a girl, and it was why Thomas was throwing money at Sally. Bill vowed that he'd have that property, and he didn't care how many checks Thomas wrote. Steffy asserted that Thomas wouldn't be writing any more checks once their father was done with him.

At Thomas' loft, Sally said the place was bachelor living at its finest. Thomas offered to clean up a bit if she'd close her eyes, but she replied that he should see her place. She figured that a guy like Thomas, who'd made it so she could stay in town -- and who had a place in Venice Beach -- might be a keeper.

Sally and Thomas joked about him scoring points with her. She appreciated that he'd invested in her and promised that he wouldn't be disappointed. Thomas said he'd better not be, because he was also keeping up with the points she was scoring with him. Sally asked if he'd been nervous about Bill, but Thomas wasn't sorry about a guy whose physique looked like he'd "skipped leg day" at the gym.

Thomas and Sally made fun of Bill's brash behavior at Spectra earlier. Thomas didn't believe Bill deserved the property after what he'd done. Sally replied that she didn't know if she deserved it, either. Thomas wanted her to stop beating herself up because she'd been Bill Spencer's victim. Sally doubted the Forrester CEOs would agree.

Sally asked if Thomas had thought of what his family would think. Thomas said he hadn't at all and asked what difference it made because it was done. Sally predicted that his family would be furious, but Thomas reasoned that his family knew that impulsivity was part of his charm. He claimed that it very charming indeed. He said there had been a lot of hand-wringing over him inviting Sally to "crash Steffy's wedding with me," but they'd eventually relaxed. He said she'd needed a real shot at starting a fashion house and asked how his family could be mad about it.

Sally stated that she'd stolen from the Forresters. Thomas was convinced that it was Bill who had forced Sally to the dark side. Sally promised that her poaching days were over. He believed her and believed that his family would, too.

Sally was awed by the way Thomas believed in her and looked at her. His forgiveness was more than just words, and she could feel it. Thomas said it was new for her to receive it and new for him to give it. He told her that she made it impossible not to believe in her. She replied that he made her feel the same about loving him, and they kissed.

Ridge's pounded on the front door and yelled for Thomas to open it right then. Sally panicked at Ridge's bellowing and wondered if she should hide. Thomas told her not to. Ridge rattled the door hinges with his knocking until Thomas opened the door. "What have you done?" Ridge asked, entering the loft. He saw Sally, pointed at her, and said, "You, out!"

Ridge yelled that Sally's family had taken from his and Thomas' from the start. "And what did you do now? Give her money?" Ridge asked. Thomas said he'd invested in Sally's company. "You invested in this?" Ridge asked, gesturing at Sally. "What is wrong with you?"

Thomas replied that nothing was wrong with him. Ridge said that they had been "thisclose" to getting rid of everyone in her family. Ridge asked Sally what part of "out" she didn't understand. He stated that no one wanted her there, but Thomas told Ridge that he didn't get to talk to Sally that way.

Ridge said it was his error and decided that Sally could stay -- until she repaid the money. Ridge declared the little romance to be over. Thomas said it wasn't, but Ridge asked if Thomas thought Ridge would let any Forrester associate with "this criminal."

Ridge blasts Thomas for his actions Ridge blasts Thomas for his actions
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
by Pam

At Thomas' place, Ridge wanted to talk to Thomas, and Sally wanted to leave. Thomas wanted her to stay, and Ridge insultingly asking her to leave. Sally insisted she did not want to get between Thomas and his and his father. She left.

"What's wrong with you?" Ridge asked. He reminded Thomas that Sally had stolen from them and cost them a lot of money. Thomas countered that Bill had stolen Sally's chance at a career. "So that makes it okay?" Ridge asked. Thomas understood that it was not okay to steal from Forrester, but he added that Sally had learned from her mistakes.

Ridge continued to chastise Thomas for investing in Spectra and saving Sally, but Thomas fought back. He felt that Ridge would never let Thomas out of his shadow. He complained that Steffy had become the CEO when she had never designed, yet Eric and Ridge were designers and had served as CEOs.

"She is running our company with you. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?" Thomas asked. Ridge argued that Steffy had other experience, but Thomas countered that she had experience in publicity stunts and millions of social media followers.

Ridge promised that Thomas would get his chance in time. Thomas shook his head and said he had always been second or third when it came to the company. He felt he deserved to know his future with Forrester because he had plans of his own. Ridge looked surprised.

Ridge lectured Thomas about loyalty. He noted that Thomas was talented, and he demanded to know where Thomas thought that talent came from. Ridge insisted that he had taught Thomas the same way Eric had taught him. Ridge reminded Thomas that Ridge had been in the shadows for years.

Ridge added that Thomas needed to understand he had hurt the family and the company. Thomas said he felt he was the one who had been hurt -- not the company. Thomas argued that he had respect for the family and the company, but no one had shown him the same respect.

Ridge shouted that Sally had stolen from Forrester -- one of its best collections. Thomas said she would pay it back. Ridge scoffed that she would continue doing it because that was what Spectras had done for years -- since long before Thomas had been born. Ridge called Thomas a spoiled brat. "Your relationship with Sally proves that," Ridge said.

Thomas reminded his father that he had been treated like Thorne, Felicia, and Kristin, who had never been given the opportunities that Steffy had. Ridge shook his head, but Thomas said that Ridge and Steffy were the favorites. "I know what it's like to be like Thorne," Thomas said. Ridge accused him of sabotaging the company.

Ridge insisted that Thomas didn't exercise good judgment. Thomas reminded Ridge that Ridge had a history of poor judgment as well. He wondered if that was what had influenced Brooke to back out of their wedding. Thomas added that he loved Sally.

Ridge was furious. He suggested that Thomas needed some time away from Forrester to figure out what he wanted and to show respect for his father and his sister. "Get back that money, get rid of Sally, and get your head on straight before you come back to Forrester," Ridge ordered. "What are you saying?" Thomas asked. Ridge fired Thomas, and then he left. Thomas looked shocked.

At Forrester, Charlie and Steffy discussed that Sally had stolen from the company. Charlie speculated that she deserved to lose her company, but Steffy said she was talented. She was worried about Thomas because he had defended Sally and given her the money she needed to stay in business.

Sally barged in. Charlie offered to escort her out, but Steffy said it was fine. Sally explained that she had been with Thomas and Ridge at Thomas' place. She explained that Ridge was furious. Sally insisted that she didn't want to make any more trouble for Thomas.

Steffy said that Sally was trouble. She was using Forrester money to keep Spectra afloat, and she warned that Sally would never hurt Thomas again. Sally agreed and promised to go "legit." She praised Thomas because he believed in her, loved her, and respected her. She begged Steffy for a chance to someday be friends. Steffy smirked and said they couldn't be friends until Sally got out of the fashion business and returned Thomas' check. However, Steffy knew that Sally would not comply with her terms.

Sally agreed. Steffy added that Sally had crashed her wedding and had taken advantage of everyone including Coco. Sally admitted that she had hurt her sister, but she told Steffy that not everyone was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She added that she had made some bad choices, but so had Steffy.

Steffy noted that Sally had no class and integrity. She would never let Thomas "fall into your clutches." Sally grew angry and advised Steffy not to start a war with her. "You do not want to do that," she said.

At Brooke's place, she and Bill canoodled. "You wrote that review?" Brooke asked. She stated that Jarrett had clearly felt that Sally had promise. Bill was unapologetic. He discussed his skyscraper and said that he would have Brooke by his side when he built it.

Brooke and Bill smiled and kissed. Bill added that no one would have learned the truth about the bad review if Liam hadn't told Steffy. Bill added that he was sure Ridge was furious, as well, because Thomas had cut a check for $100,000 to save Spectra. Brooke teased that Bill might be too busy for a wedding, but Bill said he was ready immediately. They kissed.

RJ shares his feelings about having Bill as his step-father RJ shares his feelings about having Bill as his step-father> RJ shares his feelings about having Bill as his step-father RJ shares his feelings about having Bill as his step-father
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill talked to Justin, Wyatt, and Liam about how Liam had told Steffy about his horrible review of Sally Spectra's designs. Bill lamented that Liam's honesty had cost them the Spectra property.

Wyatt and Liam noted that Bill had been obsessed with the building. Bill denied it at first, but then he said he had a new focus. Conversation turned to Bill's wedding to Brooke. Bill announced that they were getting married that day, and he wanted the three of them to join him.

Justin, Wyatt, and Liam teased that they had try to fit it into their schedules, but they all said they wouldn't miss it for the world. Bill announced that he was marrying the girl of his dreams.

Wyatt and Liam noted that Bill had never given up on Brooke, and it had all worked out. Bill agreed, but he added that Ridge had to have done something really bad to screw up his wedding to Brooke in Australia.

Bill made calls about flowers and security for the wedding. He explained that the ceremony and everything would be simple because all he and Brooke needed was each other. Wyatt, Liam, and Justin agreed.

In Quinn's office at Forrester, Quinn, Ivy, and Katie discussed some of the big statement pieces they had created for the new line. Katie asked if Ivy and Quinn had looked at the designs that Katie had done the previous day. Katie knew she wasn't a designer, but she wanted them to add a few tweaks and run it past Eric. Ivy and Quinn exchanged a glance, and Katie said she had to leave because Brooke was getting married.

Quinn assumed Brooke was marrying Bill, but she wondered if Ridge had given up on her. Katie said Ridge would never give up. Quinn hurriedly said she had to talk to Brooke before she left.

After Quinn had gone, Katie said it was odd that Quinn was in a rush to see Brooke. Katie noted that Brooke had feelings for Ridge but intended to marry Bill.

At Forrester, R.J. asked if Brooke was going to wear her tacky ring for all eternity. He asked what had happened with Brooke and Ridge. Brooke said she would always love Ridge, but she was going to marry Bill. R.J. questioned if Brooke might change her mind because she and Ridge always wound up together again. He advised her not to marry Bill because she might "realize it was Dad you wanted to spend the rest of your life with." Quinn barged in and said she had to talk to Brooke. R.J. left.

Quinn wondered why Brooke was in such a rush to marry Bill. She wondered if Brooke had really ended things with Ridge. Brooke wondered if things were really over between Ridge and Quinn. Quinn maintained that she'd had no contact with Ridge.

Brooke reminded Quinn that she had seen Quinn and Ridge kiss in Australia. It had made Brooke call off her wedding and her engagement. Quinn tried to convince Brooke that it was over. She was committed to Eric and her marriage.

Quinn wondered if Brooke had reconsidered her marriage to Bill. She wondered how Brooke could turn her back on Ridge. Brooke said that Ridge and Quinn were a lot alike. They both had a dark side -- a deep flaw. Quinn continued to quiz Brooke about Ridge, and Brooke questioned Quinn about what she would do if she were in Brooke's position.

Brooke said she had two men interested in her, and she wondered who Quinn would choose. Quinn said she was happily married. But Brooke pressed her for an answer because Quinn had had relationships with both Ridge and Bill. Quinn answered that she and Bill had never gotten along, but they shared a son. Quinn added that Ridge and Brooke also shared a son. Brooke asked if Quinn would be upset if she chose to marry Ridge.

Quinn noted that Ridge meant nothing to her, and it was a ridiculous question. However, she added that Brooke seemed conflicted and confused about her relationship with Ridge. Quinn was convinced that Brooke was having second thoughts.

Ridge entered, and Quinn left. "Don't do it. Don't marry Spencer. You will regret it," Ridge said. Brooke told Ridge that she had discussed her wedding with R.J., and he seemed to be all right with it. Ridge returned the conversation to why a wedding with Bill would be a huge mistake.

Ridge wanted to travel back in time to change things that had gone wrong. Ridge added they had both made mistakes over the years, but they always found their way back to each other. Ridge tried to convince Brooke not to marry Bill Spencer.

Ridge said he would return to her house and wait for her by the fountain that afternoon, the same place they had reconnected the last time. Brooke flashed back to Ridge's return for her when she had seen him at the top of a staircase above the fountain that flowed down to where she had been waiting. Ridge promised to wait for her to start their next chapter.

"Come home to me," Ridge said. He asked her to spend the rest of her days with him. "Marry me. Be my wife," he said. Brooke smiled.

In another office, R.J. met with Coco. He told her that his mother was going to marry Bill Spencer. Coco wondered how he felt about that, and R.J. said he wanted his mother to be happy. Coco wondered if Bill Spencer would be an intimidating stepfather. R.J. said Bill wasn't so bad once he'd gotten to know him.

R.J. added that his parents always seemed to find their way back to each other. He knew that his dad wouldn't give up on his mother. R.J. and Coco discussed that Ridge could turn on the charm and might still win Brooke back. They joked that it was a Forrester trait that ran in the family -- turning on the charm. They laughed and kissed.

Quinn makes a provocative phone call to correct a mistake Quinn makes a provocative phone call to correct a mistake
Thursday, May 18, 2017

At Forrester, Brooke took a call from Bill, who was dressed in a tuxedo at the house he said would soon be theirs. The house was decked out for the wedding, and Bill asked if Brooke was going to get ready at Katie's house. Brooke said she was still at work because "something" had developed. Bill told her to hurry up because he was ready to make her his bride.

After the call, Ridge asked Brooke not to make her decision based upon Bill's disappointment. Ridge said that a love as intense as the one he and Brooke shared didn't just disappear. He promised that his latest screwup would be his last. Ridge planned to wait for her at her house. He hoped that she'd meet him, and they'd pledge vows to each other. Brooke walked out of the office without saying anything.

Ridge called Pam on her cell phone to let her know he'd be gone the rest of the day. Quinn entered, and he told her the same thing. She asked what was going on. Ridge said he was going to Brooke's house, and if all went well, he and Brooke would get married.

Quinn asked if Ridge thought it would really happen. She noted that Brooke was set to marry Bill that day. Ridge recalled that Quinn had spent time with Brooke and asked what Quinn thought Brooke would do. Quinn replied that Brooke had kept turning the topic to Quinn. Ridge pressed for details, and Quinn said Brooke had asked what Quinn would do if she were in Brooke's position, caught between two men.

Ridge figured he'd won that round because Quinn couldn't stomach Bill. Quinn said Brooke had also asked how Quinn would feel about the marriage. Quinn conveyed that she'd told Brooke that it wouldn't bother her. Quinn added that she'd had to remind Brooke that whatever had been between Quinn and Ridge was over.

Ridge said he'd told Brooke the same thing, and he thought she'd actually believed him that time. Ridge didn't discount Brooke's relationship with Bill, but Ridge felt that Brooke would be with him if he hadn't screwed up. He knew that what had happened between him and Quinn could cost him Brooke, but he was still going to Brooke's house. He hoped she'd show up, and if she did, they'd start their life together.

In the design office later, Ivy was trying to work on something with Quinn, but Quinn got up in the middle of it and called Bill. She wanted to know if the wedding had started yet. Bill asked what it was to her and told her that she wasn't getting a wedding invitation. Quinn knew they weren't besties and said she wasn't expecting an invitation. She remarked that Bill had proven his love for Brooke time and again. "Thanks?" Bill quizzically replied.

Bill stated that it was true, and Ridge had done nothing but let Brooke down. Bill wondered if Quinn knew what Ridge had done in Australia. Quinn said she didn't and asked why she would. Bill figured that Eric had told her. She replied that Eric knew as much as Bill. Bill conveyed that he intended to find out what it was. Quinn advised him to focus on marrying Brooke, especially with Ridge putting on the full-court press.

Bill asked what Quinn was talking about. She revealed that Ridge had been with Brooke earlier, and Quinn believed that Ridge wasn't giving up on Brooke. Bill asked why Quinn would tell him that. Quinn claimed that Bill and Brooke had overcome a lot to be together, just like Eric and Quinn had.

Quinn started to say that Ridge might sway Brooke with history, but Bill cut Quinn off. He said Ridge's ploys wouldn't work. Bill asked if Ridge and Brooke were together at that moment. Quinn said they weren't. Bill wasn't surprised. He insisted that Brooke knew who she wanted, and there wasn't "a damn thing" Ridge could do to stop the wedding.

After the call, Quinn busied herself with work, but Ivy, who'd found the call hard to ignore, asked if Quinn thought Brooke might really marry Ridge. Quinn murmured that she didn't know. Ivy asked if Quinn would care if Brooke did marry Ridge. In Quinn's silence, Ivy asked why Quinn would care if the thing between Quinn and Ridge had ended -- even if it had cost Ridge a marriage with Brooke. Ivy asked if Ridge might have gotten through to Brooke.

"Can we not do this? We have a lot of work to do," Quinn replied. Ivy apologized and left to get some supplies. Quinn removed her glasses and flashed back to memories with Ridge, starting with them standing on the runway together and ending with the kiss in Australia.

At Brooke's house, Ridge arrived. As he waited, he flashed back to revealing himself to Brooke at her fountain staircase.

In Katie's bedroom, Brooke rushed in, apologizing for being late. She revealed that she'd been talking with Ridge. Katie relayed that she knew Ridge wasn't giving up on Brooke. Katie asked what was going on. Brooke asserted that she was getting married, and she was glad her little sister was helping her touch up her hair and makeup.

Brooke asked how Katie thought Brooke should wear her hair. Katie thought Brooke would be beautiful no matter what, but Katie figured that the groom would have an opinion -- unless Brooke had changed her mind about marrying Bill.

Katie began helping Brooke with her hair and noted that Brooke still hadn't said what she'd do. Brooke replied that she was focusing on getting married. Katie asked whom Brooke would marry. Katie figured that Ridge had given Brooke another passionate plea, and Katie asked if it had changed things. Katie said that Brooke would put the wedding dress on, but the question was whether Brooke would marry Ridge or Bill.

Later, Brooke concluded a call with Donna. Brooke relayed that Stephen was much better, and he relied on Donna, who planned to stay in Dallas longer. Katie said Donna might not want to be in the middle of things as she'd been the time Ridge had shown up when Brooke had been about to marry Bill. Brooke asserted that it wouldn't happen the same way that day.

Katie asked if it was because Brooke would marry Bill or because Brooke had told Bill that she was marrying Ridge. Brooke didn't reply. Katie said she'd seen no evidence that anything was happening with Ridge and Quinn. Katie said Ridge loved Brooke, and Brooke loved him.

Katie stated that R.J. had been a big part of the reason Brooke hadn't married Bill before. In Brooke's silence, Katie said that Brooke was about to put on the dress. She asked what Brooke would do. Brooke stared at the sword ring on her finger.

At Bill's house, Wyatt, Liam, and Justin had arrived, and Liam noted that Bill was becoming a pro at throwing weddings on the fly. Wyatt and Liam made jokes about Bill's numerous wedding plans, and Bill threatened to kick them out of his will. Bill said that Brooke would get ready at Katie's house, but Brooke was still at the office. Liam and Wyatt guessed that Ridge was making a last-minute pitch, but Justin wondered if Ridge was planning to crash the wedding.

Wyatt asked when the minister would get there. Liam wondered if Bill had remembered to hire one. Bill pretended that he had forgotten but then revealed that Justin would officiate the wedding. Justin said anyone could be commissioner for a day in California with the proper paperwork.

Wyatt asked about vows, and Liam got nervous when Bill said he'd just speak from the heart. Bill told his son to listen and learn because he wasn't all talk and no follow-through like Ridge. Bill was confident that Brooke knew she could trust him to support her, and that was his vow -- to love her, support her, and stand by her side until one of them croaked.

Liam said it was impressive. Wyatt agreed that it had sounded good until the croaking part. Justin said no one could compare or measure up to Dollar Bill. Bill added that Brooke knew it. He asserted that Ridge had had his chance and would never get another with Brooke.

Later, the men stood around, drinking Champagne, and Wyatt said he didn't get why Quinn had called Bill. Liam guessed it was to stir up trouble. Wyatt reasoned that his mother might want Bill to have a courtesy heads-up. Justin told Bill that Bill would not go to Brooke's house to get into it with Ridge. Bill said Ridge just wanted to trot out of the old tripe about destiny, but it was bull. "Brooke's destiny is with me," Bill concluded.

At Brooke's house and at Bill's house, the front doors started to open. Ridge stared at the door and said, "Logan?" At the same time, Bill looked at his door and said, "Brooke?"

Brooke marries the right guy for her Brooke marries the right guy for her
Friday, May 19, 2017

In the Forrester design office, Zende and Nicole babysat Lizzy. Being with Lizzy made Nicole realize how much she wanted a family with Zende. Nicole couldn't help being excited about being parents, and she said she'd loved being pregnant. Zende was sorry he'd missed a lot of the pregnancy. She believed it would be different the next time.

Nicole was anxious to get pregnant. She loved their life as it was but felt that a baby would make it better. Zende reminded her that they couldn't rush it. She replied that there was no harm in checking. She revealed that she had a pregnancy test with her and excitedly told Zende, "This could be it!"

Later, Zende sat behind the desk with Lizzy. They played as Nicole entered the room. She announced that she wasn't pregnant. Zende said that it was okay, but she replied that she'd been hoping. Nicole noted how cute Zende and Lizzy were together, and she believed he'd be an amazing father. Nicole said they could have a whole house full of kids or just one. All she knew was that she wanted to get their family started.

At Brooke's house, Ridge was surprised when Quinn walked through the front door instead of Brooke. Quinn advised Ridge that Brooke wouldn't be there. Quinn had just gotten a message from Wyatt that Brooke had arrived at the wedding. Ridge exclaimed that Brooke couldn't do it, and there was still time. Quinn replied that time was up.

Ridge said he'd let R.J. down about putting their family back together. Quinn reasoned that they were still a family, and the mature R.J. would be fine. Ridge concluded that the love of his life was marrying another man because he'd had to keep playing games. He'd played games with his father's wife, and he'd lost Brooke as a result.

Ridge didn't blame Quinn. He blamed himself. He noted that Bill had always been there for Brooke, who hadn't had to question Bill's loyalty or who Bill was. Ridge didn't know himself anymore. He'd thought he was a knight in shining armor, but he'd figured out that he was an insecure man who needed every woman to love and adore him.

Ridge said Brooke had grown up, leaving him with another failed relationship. Quinn felt that Brooke just hadn't listened to him. Ridge responded that Logan had heard him; she just no longer understood him. He said that if Logan couldn't understand him, no woman could. Quinn replied that she could.

Quinn called herself an expert as self-sabotaging. She reminded Ridge that they were alike, but her luck had changed when she'd married Eric. Ridge replied that he'd been hoping that his luck would change that day. Quinn conveyed her belief that there was a woman out there for him. She said the woman might accept his flaws and might not need him to be perfect or to be her savior.

Ridge wanted to be left alone and said Quinn should go. Quinn walked toward the door, and he sat on the couch with his head bowed. Before exiting the house, Quinn stopped by the sofa's armrest and stroked Ridge's hair. After she'd gone, Ridge glanced around sadly.

Alone, Ridge flashed back on his times with Brooke since his return from Paris. He stared around the empty room and sighed.

At Bill's house, Brooke arrived in a white sheath gown, and the men awaiting her complimented her on how stunning she looked. It was amazing to Wyatt how happy Brooke and Bill were. Liam didn't think they could thank Brooke enough for the joy she'd given Bill. Brooke said he'd done even more for her.

Maya and Rick arrived. Bill said that everyone was there, and they could get started. Rick asked if they were it for guests. Brooke explained that they'd wanted to keep it small and intimate. Justin asked the bride and groom to join him in front of the fireplace. The guests took their seats, and Justin welcomed them to the wedding.

Justin thanked Brooke for making Bill happier than Justin had ever seen. Justin also had never seen Bill more eager to close the deal. Justin asked if there were any objections to the wedding. Maya wanted to say something but assured them all that it wasn't an objection.

Standing up, Maya advised the bride and groom to never forget what had gotten them to that point. She assumed everyone knew that marriage wasn't as perfect as the first day and said that, when there were tough times, the couple should remember how hard they'd worked to get to that point. She asked them to never stop trying to win each other's hearts.

Wyatt spoke next. He said everyone knew what the day meant, and it meant a lot to the guests, too. Wyatt said they'd watched Brooke and Bill exert determination to get to that moment, and Wyatt was happy to witness it.

Liam stood and said he'd prepared a sonnet called "Father." Bill glared at Liam, and Liam said he was kidding. Liam decided that he wouldn't talk about how long it had taken to get to that moment. "You're here now because you're ready now," Liam stated. He was happy to see Brooke by his father's side. He wished them a long and happy future together.

Rick was determined to be the one to make his mother cry. He stood and said he hadn't always appreciated how courageous of an act it was for his mother to constantly follow her heart. Taking Maya's hand, Rick said he finally understood it. He thanked his mother for teaching him to follow his heart and said the couple had his blessing and support.

As the guests looked on, Justin prompted Brooke and Bill to exchange vows. Brooke couldn't believe they were there. She said that Bill had given her a sense of strength and courage. Touching his necklace, she said, "A sense of stability." She felt that he was the guy for her, and she could count on him. She vowed to love him as fearlessly and ferociously as he loved her. "For the rest of my life, I am yours," she said.

Bill stated that they weren't there because of him; they were there because of Brooke and what she meant to him. Bill couldn't imagine his life without Brooke, and she was the air that he breathed. He said he'd cherish her and take on the world with her. He vowed to love and be there for her for forever and a day.

Justin produced the rings and asked the couple to wear them as symbols of their unending love and commitment to each other. After Bill and Brooke had put the rings on each other's fingers, Justin pronounced them husband and wife.

Justin instructed Bill to kiss the bride. Everyone cheered as Justin presented "Mr. and Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer."

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