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Eric and Liam covered for Steffy after she shot Sheila. Sheila exchanged her loyalty for Eric's kiss. After offering to help Caroline, Bill set Thomas straight about his priorities.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 17, 2017 on B&B
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Liam, Eric, and Sheila cover up for Steffy Liam, Eric, and Sheila cover up for Steffy
Monday, July 17, 2017

At the hotel, Eric rushed to Sheila, who was on the floor. He asked Steffy what she'd done. Steffy stammered that Sheila had a gun. Eric wanted to call emergency services, but Sheila claimed that she was okay. Liam located the bullet hole in the wall and determined that Steffy had missed. Eric decided to call himself. Liam figured that someone else had already called, and he asked what they'd say when police arrived.

Steffy insisted that Liam get Sheila's gun. From Sheila's purse, Liam retrieved an electric razor. Eric exclaimed that it was his razor from the house. Sheila said she'd been about to show it to Steffy as proof that Sheila was helping Eric. Liam took Steffy's gun, and Eric ranted about Steffy busting in and shooting up the place. Liam said that Quinn had told them that Sheila had a gun.

Eric asked when Liam, of all people, would believe Quinn. Liam noticed a rip in the shoulder of Sheila's shirt and a little blood. Eric decided that they had to call emergency services. Gesturing to Steffy, Liam asked if Eric was sure he wanted to call.

Steffy and Eric directed Liam to get something from the bathroom to disinfect the wound. Sheila said it was just a flesh wound, and she hardly even felt anything. Steffy was sure Sheila would feel it later. Eric stated that Steffy didn't get to judge how bad it was, and Liam didn't get to decide whether to call the police or not. Steffy replied that she'd been told her whole life that Sheila was dangerous. Eric asked Sheila what she wanted to do and said it was up to her.

Later, Liam and Eric had patched Sheila's arm with a face cloth. Eric wanted the gun to stay there, but Sheila asked what they planned to say at the hospital. She reminded them that she was a nurse, and she believed she'd be fine from the noncritical injury.

Steffy had never thought she'd be apologizing to the woman who'd shot her mother, but she expressed sorrow for shooting Sheila. Sheila said that Steffy had had every right to be afraid.

Hotel security knocked on the door. Eric offered to say he'd done it, but Sheila said she'd handle it. She took all the wound dressings into the bathroom and closed the door. Eric and Steffy stood in front of the bullet hole in the wall, and Liam answered the door. Liam thanked God to see security on the other side. He said they'd heard a gunshot and had been about to call.

One of the officers indicated that everyone had heard it and asked if they knew what direction it had emanated from. Steffy said they couldn't tell. Eric thought it had sounded close. Liam thought he'd heard running in the corridor. One officer said they were doing a building sweep, and the other asked if they could look in the bathroom.

Steffy leaned on the wall to better cover the hole as the security officer strode over and tried the bathroom door. It was locked, and he asked who was in there. Sheila emerged in a robe and asked what was happening. Seeing the officers, she said it really had been a gunshot. She said she'd been about to shower when they'd heard it, and she asked if they'd found out who'd done it. The officer said they would find out, and they were sorry for the disturbance.

After the security officers left, Sheila took off Eric's robe and revealed her street clothes. Steffy said Sheila hadn't had to do what she'd done because Steffy had planned to explain things. Sheila replied that they'd all be headed to the police station. Liam thought the way they'd handled it was a lot simpler, and Eric thanked Sheila. "I mean it," he added.

Steffy thanked Sheila for covering, but Steffy still didn't understand what was going on. Eric claimed that Sheila had just gotten him things that he'd asked for, and he insisted that he and Sheila weren't shacking up. It didn't make sense to Steffy, who wanted to know why Eric wasn't at home. He replied that he just chose not to be.

Steffy asked if Eric and Quinn had fought. Eric stated that he hadn't said so, but Steffy replied that Quinn had. Eric decided that Steffy had her answer. Steffy told him that she'd shot another human being because she'd thought he was in trouble, and she still thought so. She was confused by him acting as if it was the most normal thing in the world, and she insisted that somebody had better tell her what was going on.

Later, Liam arrived with a white paper bag. Eric asked how it had gone. Liam relayed that two disinterested police officers were talking to security in the lobby. He detailed the contents of the bag: gauze, saline, ointment, and tape. He asked if Sheila would be okay. Sheila thought so.

Steffy didn't believe that Sheila had just happened to be staying down the hall. Steffy wanted Eric to go home, but Eric refused. Steffy said everyone knew his face. "Not here, they don't," he replied. Guessing that Eric just wanted to be under the radar, she asked why he didn't just stay at the guesthouse with her father. Eric doubted Ridge was still there. "Since when?" she asked.

Eric didn't want to talk about it, but Steffy said that Quinn was frantic. Eric didn't see it as his problem. Steffy asked why he hadn't just kicked Quinn out. Eric said it wasn't always about who was right or got the spoils; sometimes, it was just about needing space, something Eric was sure Liam knew about. Liam gleaned that Quinn had somehow shown her true colors.

Steffy figured that Sheila knew and demanded answers from her. "Or else what?" Eric asked. Steffy stated that Eric had said he wasn't in trouble, but "this" looked like trouble. She asked how she could know that Sheila wasn't holding him hostage. Eric stated that Steffy had to trust him, and he had to trust her and Liam not to tell anyone where he was staying.

"Except Dad," Steffy stated. Eric replied that Ridge especially couldn't know. Steffy recalled that Eric had said to ask her father about what was happening. Eric replied that she could ask Ridge anything she wanted, but Eric forbade her from telling Ridge where Eric was.

Steffy asked why and said she needed answers. Eric told her that she was more trustworthy than Ridge. Eric asked her to promise not to reveal his location or else she wouldn't find him again -- or at all. Reluctantly, Steffy and Liam agreed. Steffy hugged Eric and left with Liam.

Sheila noted that Steffy loved Eric. Eric thanked Sheila for not saying anything about the issue to Steffy. Sheila didn't think it was her story to tell. Eric believed Steffy's next stop was Ridge, who'd have a story to tell. Eric apologized again, and said "this" never should have happened.

Sheila believed a lot of people would think it should have happened awhile back. She hinted that she'd been through a lot since they'd parted ways. Eric stated that Sheila had turned out the better for it somehow. Sheila hoped so, but she didn't believe it was for her to say.

Eric tended to Sheila's wound and said it could have been worse. He asked if it hurt. "Not when you do it," Sheila replied. He told her that she'd always been a flatterer. She said he was good at bandaging the wound. Eric claimed to have had a lot of practice. She remarked that he couldn't take a compliment, but he replied that he didn't forget one, either.

Sheila figured that Eric also remembered that she could handle of a lot of pain, but Eric claimed to have no idea what she was talking about. She asked if he'd shave off his beard. He said he'd just planned to trim it up. She thought it was good because he looked handsome and worldly with it. She insisted he shave something because the razor had almost been the death of her.

Eric felt bad about it and knew that Steffy did, too. Sheila stated that Quinn had put the idea in Steffy's head that Sheila had had a gun, but Sheila admitted fault for not letting Quinn believe otherwise. Eric stated that Quinn apparently hadn't gotten over being erratic. Sheila thought she wasn't the one to judge Quinn.

Sheila said that, while serving time in prison, she'd fantasized about moments alone with Eric like "this" one. She hadn't been bleeding in her fantasies, but she joked that she might have been bleeding in his fantasies. Chuckling, he said, "No."

Sheila stated that she did judge Quinn and Ridge for what they'd done behind Eric's back. Eric guessed that nice guys finished last. Sheila asked what made him think he was finished.

In the CEO's office, Quinn arrived and asked Ridge if he'd heard from Eric. Ridge hadn't, and Quinn remarked that she hadn't heard from Steffy. Upset, Ridge asked what Quinn had said to Steffy. Quinn conveyed that she'd only said that she and Eric had had a fight, and she'd never tell anyone about the issue. Ridge replied that Eric wasn't good at keeping secrets and hadn't kept his last secret -- which had been Quinn -- for very long.

Ridge had been calling Eric's friends, trying to ask without asking, and no one had seen Eric. Quinn wondered if Sheila would hurt Eric, and Ridge said Sheila hurt anyone that said "no" to her. Quinn stated that she'd said worse to Sheila. Dubbing Quinn lucky, Ridge advised her to just give Sheila whatever she wanted if she showed up again.

Quinn asked if Ridge had filed a missing persons report. Ridge complained that everyone would find out, and he said it wasn't a conversation he wanted to have with his kids. Quinn replied that they'd done a sorry job explaining it already and wondered why they couldn't think up anything better to say than "a few meaningless kisses." Ridge said it was hard to explain what he didn't understand, but it wouldn't be long before Steffy put it all together.

Later, Ridge and Quinn reviewed some "pairings." Ridge didn't like what Quinn had compiled, and she asked what he wanted her to do. He ordered her to make it better. As he rubbed his temples, she guessed that his heart wasn't in it to hurt her. He apologized for not giving his worst, and she apologized that it wasn't her best work.

Ridge decided that the personal crisis had to go on hold because they had a deadline to meet. Quinn wished him luck with it. Ridge didn't know what to do when Steffy confronted him about him and her granddad's wife. Quinn knew that he was freaked out, but she reminded him that she wasn't the enemy. He said it had been easier when she had been.

Later, Ridge was working alone when Steffy arrived. He said his Jedi mind tricks were working. He'd been thinking of the one person he'd actually wanted to see, and she'd appeared. Steffy poured herself a drink, and he asked what she was doing. She said everyone did it, and he replied that she didn't. Steffy conveyed that she'd had a rough day, but they fortunately hadn't had to bury any bodies.

Steffy asked if Ridge knew that her grandfather had disappeared. Ridge replied that Eric wasn't home or at work. Steffy asked why they hadn't called the police. "What if Quinn offed him?" she asked. Ridge asked if she thought Quinn had done that. Steffy stated that Eric had gone off with Sheila. Ridge replied that it meant Eric wasn't missing and had just lost his mind.

Steffy explained that Quinn wasn't blaming Sheila and had said that there had been a disagreement. Ridge thought that explained it, but Steffy wondered what the disagreement had been. She figured it had to be bad to make Eric go off with Sheila. Ridge didn't know what to add to it if Quinn hadn't said what it had been.

Steffy sensed that Ridge's intent was to match stories with Quinn. Ridge said he wasn't telling a story. Steffy believed that Ridge knew something. She asked if Quinn and Eric were breaking up and if it had anything to do with Ridge. Steffy didn't want to think the unthinkable.

"What? You and Quinn?" Steffy asked. Ridge started to speak, but Steffy said she knew Ridge and Quinn hadn't had an affair. Ridge was silent. "Right, Dad?" Steffy asked. She cocked her head, disappointed by the silence that answered her.

Steffy confronts Ridge Steffy confronts Ridge
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn returned home and wished Eric was home. Inside, a man walked around with a gun in his hand. Quinn entered, and she called out to Eric. Liam walked into the foyer, and he was carrying a gun. Quinn screamed.

Liam told Quinn he had returned to the mansion to return the gun. He reminded her that Steffy had taken it because Quinn had said that Sheila had a gun. Quinn begged Liam to tell her where Eric was or if Steffy had spoken to him. "Is he okay," she asked.

Liam played dumb and guessed that Eric was angry, but he wondered what Eric was so angry about. Quinn wondered how she was going to fix her marriage if her husband wasn't willing to see her. Quinn lamented that she had messed up, and she was sure the family felt she deserved to lose Eric because she had hurt so many people. She insisted she would not allow Eric to disappear from her life. Liam wondered if she had done something to drive him away.

Liam added that Steffy would find out what had happened because she was meeting with Ridge. He noted that Steffy was concerned and would learn what had happened. Quinn looked nervous.

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge met, and Steffy demanded to know what had happened that had made Eric so angry at Ridge. "Is it you and Quinn? Tell me I'm wrong," Steffy said.

Ridge looked sheepish, and he didn't deny it. "What the hell is going on?" she asked. Steffy noted that her grandfather was not speaking to Quinn or Ridge. "Is it because of you? Are you the reason Granddad left? Did something happen between you and Quinn?" she asked.

Ridge answered that he was the reason. He said he shouldn't have lied to her grandfather, and he wouldn't lie to her. Steffy guessed that he'd had an affair with Quinn. Ridge said it wasn't an affair, just a few reckless and stupid kisses. Steffy reminded him that it had been with his father's wife.

Steffy shook her head. She wondered what had happened because Ridge had despised Quinn.

Ridge said he hadn't known Quinn very well. He regretted that he had kept the secret so long. Steffy felt for her grandfather because he loved Quinn and Ridge so much. "How could you do that?" Steffy asked. She didn't wait for an answer. She accused Ridge of losing control. She added that it had been the same thing his entire life. She guessed that Brooke had known, and that was the reason she had canceled the wedding.

Ridge agreed it was the reason Brooke had called off the wedding. Steffy said that he had hurt the people he loved the most. Steffy wondered what had made him change his mind from hating Quinn, and Ridge answered that he had misjudged her.

Steffy wondered if Ridge had been mad at Eric for making her CEO. Ridge said he had no excuses and no reasons. Steffy said that Ridge was her father and her mentor; she loved him, but she didn't know what to think of him.

At Spencer, Caroline and her young son, Douglas, visited with Bill and Alison. Bill enjoyed playing with his great nephew. Bill reminded Caroline that Douglas was part Forrester and part Spencer. He got Douglas to give him a high-five.

Alison took Douglas to the cafeteria for some ice cream. After they left, Bill wondered why Caroline had returned. She answered that Douglas needed his father, and she missed Thomas as well. Bill noted that Caroline was hung up on Thomas.

"Douglas needs his father," she said. She added that Thomas had visited New York, but she hadn't been ready to be a family at the time. "I blew it," she said. Caroline lamented that Thomas had moved on with Sally.

Bill told Caroline not to worry about Sally. He felt she was a passing fancy. Caroline noted that Thomas obviously cared about her. Bill maintained that the idiotic fashion show Spectra had planned with Forrester was a distraction to Thomas. Bill worried that Thomas had been playing champion and savior at Spectra, and he had partnered with Sally. Bill didn't want Caroline to let Sally stand in her way. He felt Sally didn't have a chance against Caroline. She thanked him for offering to help her.

At Spectra, Thomas finished a design and said that nothing Forrester could design would compete with Spectra designs in Monte Carlo. Sally worried that it was crazy to agree to a fashion duel with Forrester at the Spencer Summit. Thomas wondered if she lacked confidence, but Sally said she felt they would win if it were a fair fight. She worried that Spencer would sabotage them, especially in enemy territory.

Thomas told her they would get more attention at the summit, and he planned to put Spectra on the map. They kissed. Sally worried about Caroline, and Thomas said she would always be in his life, but there was only one woman he returned home to at night. They kissed and smiled.

Later, Bill entered Thomas' office and told him he was throwing his life away at Spectra. Bill warned that the Spencer Summit would be a big stage. Thomas said Spectra would be ready.

Bill advised that Thomas belonged with Caroline and Douglas. He needed to take care of his family. Bill made fun of everything Thomas had done and said Sally had been a distraction, and Thomas needed to get back together with Caroline. Thomas glared at Bill.

Bill gives Thomas some advice Bill gives Thomas some advice> Bill gives Thomas some advice Bill gives Thomas some advice
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy flashed back to her dad's confession that his relationship with Quinn was to blame for Eric's disappearance. Quinn entered and said that she hadn't realized that Steffy had arrived.

Steffy was not friendly. Steffy glared at Quinn, and she quizzed Quinn about her relationship with Ridge. Quinn wondered who had told Steffy, and Steffy said that her dad had told her about it himself. Quinn maintained it had been stupid and a few kisses. "Come on, Quinn," Steffy challenged. Quinn tried to defend herself that it had been a few kisses in a moment of vulnerability, and it would never happen again. "We deeply regret it," she said.

Steffy chastised Quinn and said she wasn't surprised that the truth had finally surfaced. She was deeply disappointed in her dad, but not surprised by Quinn. Steffy confessed that she had desperately wanted to believe in Quinn and that Quinn was good for her grandfather. Steffy reminded Quinn that Eric had loved Quinn and married her in spite of the family refusing to attend the wedding because of Quinn's past.

Quinn responded that she was torturing herself over the loss of the love of her life. She clenched her fists and said she was sorry for what she had done to the family. Steffy said that Eric had fought hard for Quinn, and she wanted to believe that Quinn was good for her grandfather.

Quinn maintained that her relationship with Ridge had been a stupid mistake. She lamented that Eric had changed her forever because he had loved her like no one else ever had. Quinn tried to appeal to Steffy to remember that she and Eric loved each other and what they had meant to each other.

Quinn wanted to patch things up with Eric, and she thanked Steffy for supporting their marriage. Quinn hoped they could heal. She begged Steffy to help her get Eric back. "Don't do it for me. Do it for him," Quinn begged. Steffy gasped and looked tearful.

At Forrester, Brooke, Ridge, and Katie discussed plans for the Spencer Summit and fashion show. Ridge was clearly distracted, and he explained to Katie and Brooke that he'd had to admit to Steffy what had happened with Quinn. Ridge was concerned that he had heard nothing from Eric. He hoped his dad and Steffy could forgive him.

At Spectra, Bill continued to pick on Thomas and encourage him to back out of the Spencer Summit, but Thomas refused to cave. Thomas warned Bill not to threaten him, but Bill maintained that Thomas needed to take responsibility for his family, and he called Sally "trailer trash." Sally overhead the conversation. Thomas defended Sally and warned him not to overstep. Thomas added that Spectra would put on a show in Monaco, but Bill maintained that it was just crashing a Spencer party.

Bill encouraged Thomas to give his son a stable environment. Thomas scoffed, but Bill said he was counseling Thomas and wanted to take care of his niece and his great-nephew.

Thomas reminded Bill that Caroline had left him, and he had moved on. Bill maintained that it didn't matter. Bill said Thomas could not abandon Caroline and Douglas.

Thomas said he had no intention of abandoning his family. He had plans to take care of his son, but he was committed to Sally and Spectra. Bill advised that Thomas belonged with Caroline and Douglas. He needed to take care of his family. Bill made fun of everything Thomas had done and said Sally had been a distraction, and Thomas needed to get back together with Caroline. Thomas glared at Bill.

Thomas opened the door and said he would see Bill in Monaco. Bill didn't let up. Thomas added that Spectra would make a name for itself in Monaco, but Bill believed that Thomas would be known as the Forrester who deserted his family. Bill encouraged Thomas to take his chance at redemption and get back together with Caroline and his son. Bill left.

At the outdoor restaurant, Caroline and Sally met for lunch, but it didn't last long. Caroline claimed she knew what Sally wanted. Sally reminded Caroline that Caroline had left Thomas. Caroline agreed, but she said she wanted to reunite her family.

Sally noted that Thomas was with her. Caroline was unconvinced. Sally said that Thomas would not want to return to New York with Caroline. She added that plenty of kids grew up with their fathers away from home. Caroline agreed, but she wanted to give Douglas a chance at life with both parents in a loving home. Sally told her it wasn't going to happen with Thomas. She left, and Caroline looked angry.

Later, at Spectra, Thomas and Sally had a discussion about their encounters with Bill and Caroline. Thomas said nothing killed a relationship faster than jealousy and insecurity. He added that he was committed to Sally. They kissed.

At Spencer, Caroline and Bill discussed that Sally would not go away quietly, but Caroline added that she could not give up easily on Thomas. Bill applauded her efforts. She thanked him for his help to get her back together with Thomas. Bill said that his niece and great nephew were important to him, but he eyed up his skyscraper model as he hugged Caroline.

Preempted by a CBS News special report Preempted by a CBS News special report
Thursday, July 20, 2017

Due to CBS News coverage of O.J. Simpson's parole hearing, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes due to the news coverage.

Regular programming resumed on Friday, July 21, and picked up where the Wednesday, July 19, episode concluded.

Sheila asks Eric for something in return Sheila asks Eric for something in return
Friday, July 21, 2017

At Forrester, Ridge was determined to fix the family problems before it cost him his daughter. He believed that the family could get through it if they got the psycho out of the way. Brooke assumed he meant Sheila. Ridge believed that they had to get rid of Sheila, who was a danger to Eric and the whole family.

Brooke couldn't even believe Sheila was back or that Sheila was the only one who knew where Eric was. Ridge stated that Eric was vulnerable. Brooke hoped Eric wasn't with Sheila at that moment. Ridge tried to contact Eric, but Eric wouldn't respond to the text message.

Brooke asked Ridge how upset Eric was with her. Ridge said Eric was upset with everyone, but Brooke didn't want a sugarcoating. She'd rather know what she was in for. Ridge conveyed that Eric was upset that Brooke had known but hadn't told him. She said she hadn't wanted Eric to be unnecessarily hurt, and Quinn and Ridge had assured Brooke that they hadn't crossed a line and that it had been over.

Ridge stated that those things were true. He wished he and Quinn had gone to Eric sooner. Brooke noted that Sheila had gone to Eric first, and Sheila was the only person Eric trusted. "And that is incredibly terrifying," Brooke concluded. Ridge vowed not to let "that psycho" take advantage of his father. Ridge said he'd try everything he could, but he wouldn't just leave Eric with Sheila.

In the evening at the mansion, Steffy was upset that Quinn wanted her to overlook what Quinn and Ridge had done. Quinn asked Steffy not to overlook it, but to rise above it. Quinn couldn't undo what she'd done, and all she felt she could do was beg for Steffy's forgiveness. She promised that Steffy wouldn't regret it if Steffy chose to support Quinn and Eric.

Just then, Wyatt arrived and asked what was going on. Quinn claimed it was nothing. Needing to run something by Eric, Wyatt asked where Eric was. Steffy bit out that Eric didn't live there anymore. "I'm sorry -- what?" Wyatt asked. Steffy said to talk to his mother, and she left.

Wyatt asked Quinn what Steffy had been talking about. Quinn believed that with love, they could get through anything. Wyatt asked what the "current anything" was. He'd thought things had been good between Quinn and Eric. Quinn said they had been. Wyatt asked why she was so upset. She said the part of her that couldn't be truly happy had reared its ugly head again.

"And did what?" Wyatt asked. Quinn said she'd ruined everything, but she wouldn't take it lying down. She wondered what kind of a monster she was. Still not understanding what had gone on, Wyatt advised Quinn to go to Eric and force a conversation. Quinn said she'd do it; however, she didn't know where Eric was, and that was what scared her the most.

Wyatt asked if Eric had just gone for a drive. Quinn revealed that Eric had taken clothes and accessories. Wyatt asked what had happened to drive Eric from his own home.

Just then, Ridge arrived. Wyatt said he'd just learned about Eric and asked if Ridge knew where Eric was. When Ridge said he didn't, Wyatt exclaimed that it had to have been some fight. Wyatt felt an obligation, separate from his mother, to be there and help with Eric because Eric had been accepting of Wyatt. Quinn said they had to find Eric first.

Ridge was sure they would find Eric and talk to him, and everything would be normal. Wyatt asked if Ridge knew what had happened. Ridge replied that he knew what went on between married people, which was that they fought and then they fixed it.

Quinn told Wyatt to go because there wasn't anything to do, and she wasn't good company. Ridge said he'd be there in case Quinn needed something. Wyatt left, and Quinn asked Ridge where her husband was. She felt as if her husband was slipping away from her, but she refused to lose him.

At the hotel, Sheila administered Eric's medication to him. She wanted to make sure he was all right. He took the pills and rasped, "There. I'm all right." Sheila hated to see him feeling so hurt and betrayed. Caressing his hand, she said he was the last person who deserved it.

Sheila was expecting the Forresters to burst through the door at any moment. Eric stated that his granddaughter was a woman of her word and wouldn't reveal where he was. He strode to the door, opened it, and said he just wanted to be by himself. Sheila conveyed that she was just down the hall if he needed her.

As Sheila walked to her room next door, she heard the elevator around the corner. She ducked into her room, and Steffy walked down the corridor that faced Sheila's door. Steffy turned left at Sheila's door and continued to the next door, which was Eric's. Sheila peeked out of her room as Steffy knocked on Eric's door.

Eric let Steffy into his room. Inside, she hoped it was okay that she'd returned. She'd been worried about him. The two hugged. Eric asked if she'd talked to her father. Affirming it, she added that she hadn't told Ridge that she'd talked to Eric or where to find Eric. Eric thanked her for it. Steffy said she'd do anything for him, but she didn't think he should be staying in that place alone.

Eric didn't want to face anyone or answer any questions. He didn't even have his own answers. He recalled that he'd been happy about Ridge and Quinn's closeness and had encouraged it. He couldn't imagine what they'd been whispering behind his back. Steffy didn't think they'd been laughing, and she revealed that the two were pretty tortured.

Eric asked if Steffy had seen Quinn. Affirming it, Steffy wasn't sure if she should tell Eric about what a wreck Quinn was, but Steffy stated that Quinn felt horrible. Steffy stated that Quinn loved Eric and had never stopped. Eric thought of the vows he'd made and hissed that Ridge was his son. Steffy said she wasn't defending anyone, but she needed to be open-minded and fair, something she hadn't been in the past. She'd heard how remorseful Quinn and Ridge were, but she believed that only Eric could decide if it was too late or not.

Eric said his life had changed. He needed time to think of what was next. Steffy stated that she'd fought the relationship, but she'd begun to think Quinn had been good for him. Steffy didn't know what to think anymore, but she could see that, despite everything, Eric still loved Quinn.

As Steffy prepared to leave, Eric thanked her for her discretion. Steffy said that she needed something in return. She asked him not to let Sheila back in. Steffy believed that he knew better than anyone how dangerous Sheila was, and Steffy urged him not to gloss over all Sheila had done just because she was there for Eric in the moment.

Steffy asserted that Sheila had an agenda, just as always. Steffy promised not to tell the family where Eric was, but she asked him to keep Sheila away.

Back in Sheila's room, Sheila flashed back to marrying Eric. She looked out her peephole and saw Steffy headed back to the elevator. She waited for the chimes indicating that Steffy had gone on the elevator then she slipped into the hallway to head to Eric's door.

Eric let Sheila in, and she asked if she'd just heard Steffy. Eric affirmed it. Sheila remarked that it had to be nice to see family, and he had to miss them. He stated that Steffy had told him not to be around Sheila. Claiming to understand, Sheila offered to leave. She said it was "just so hard" because he seemed to need at least one supportive and loyal person to talk to.

Eric questioned whether anyone had ever been loyal to him. Understanding that it seemed that way, she believed there was a person, and he'd figure out who it was. He asked her what the standard for loyalty was. Sheila replied that it would be someone who'd tell the truth even if it hurt. Eric stated that she'd done nothing but tell him the truth ever since she'd been back.

Sheila wondered if she could ask for one small thing in return. Eric asked what it was, and she kissed him.

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