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Brooke insisted that Sheila get on her feet and get out the door pronto. Katie hid her new lover in her bathroom. Bill instructed Justin to send Spectra up in flames.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 21, 2017 on B&B
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Brooke calls James's bluff Brooke calls James's bluff
Monday, August 21, 2017

At the mansion, Brooke expressed that it was a bad idea for Eric to let Sheila recover in his home and that Sheila should be in a hospital if she were that bad off. Eric explained that James had said the treatment would be the same, and hospitalization would complicate things. Brooke didn't know what could be more complicated than having Sheila bedridden in his home.

Upstairs in the guest bedroom, Sheila spoke on the phone with Beatrice, who thought Sheila was avoiding sittings and didn't want the portrait anymore. Sheila very much wanted the portrait and assured Beatrice that she'd be paid. Sheila was just trying to figure out where to put it.

Sheila received a call on the other line and clicked over. It was James, saying he couldn't go along with the scam. She asserted that he'd better do it, or she'd go to the medical board about his prescription drug abuse.

Hearing voices in the hallway, Sheila clicked off the calls and hopped into bed. Brooke and Eric entered the room, and he remarked that Sheila was asleep. "Or is she?" Brooke asked.

Brooke still couldn't believe Eric had the woman in his house like that. Eric said he realized it was a risk, but he was willing to take it. Brooke called to Sheila, but Sheila pretended to be asleep. In her head, Sheila said Brooke would go away if Sheila didn't open her eyes. Brooke stated that she wouldn't leave until Sheila spoke to her.

After a while, Sheila stirred and acknowledged Brooke. Brooke explained that she knew Sheila had bumped her head and needed rest, but Sheila couldn't do it there. Pulling at the covers, Brooke decided that they were going to get Shelia up and moving. Sheila quizzically turned to Eric. Brooke suggested that Eric take care of Quinn, and Brooke would handle "this."

Brooke got Sheila out of the bed, saying that Sheila would recuperate somewhere else. Eric indicated that they should wait for James, who'd be back with some medicine. Brooke said that Sheila was doing fine, and Sheila was fine. "Want to bet?" Sheila said in her head. Sheila faked a weakening of her legs, and Eric hurriedly helped her back into bed.

Eric received a message on his phone that James was at the gate. Brooke stated that they'd get James to reexamine Sheila to determine exactly what was going on with her.

After Eric had gone, Brooke asked Sheila to sit up and talk to her. Brooke warned that she didn't buy it, and it had better not be another of Sheila's stupid stunts. Sheila wouldn't look at Brooke, who continued talking. Brooke didn't care about Quinn, but she did care about Eric. Eric had been in Brooke's life for decades, and she vowed to protect him.

James entered with a white paper bag. He and Brooke greeted each other with a hug and noted that it had been a while since they'd seen each other. James said that Eric was with Quinn, and Eric had said Sheila had gotten weak at the knees. Brooke affirmed it but wondered if Sheila was just faking.

James asked if Brooke disbelieved that Sheila was injured. Brooke replied that she might if it were someone else, but he and Brooke both knew what Sheila was capable of. Brooke asked for the truth. James said it was a complicated situation that needed extreme caution.

Sheila complained of a headache, and James asked Brooke to turn down the lights on her way out. Brooke said she wanted to stay while he examined Sheila. In her mind, Sheila willed James to get Brooke out of there. James didn't get the mind vibes and started the exam.

Upon taking Sheila's pulse, James determined that it was normal. James shined a light in Sheila's eyes, and she winced. Brooke asked if it was normal. He thought Sheila was slow to react. Brooke said she just needed to know if Sheila could be moved, and Brooke believed James would agree with Brooke that it wasn't appropriate for Sheila to be at the mansion.

James relayed that the fall hadn't made anything worse, and Sheila seemed to be improving. Sheila's face crinkled in displeasure, and in her mind, she began warning James. He advised against moving Sheila. He offered to call an ambulance if Brooke insisted, but he reminded Brooke that Eric hadn't wanted publicity.

James advised that Sheila should rest there a few days. He said that if she improved, then he wouldn't have to return. Shocked, Brooke asked if that was the end of it. She was surprised by how brief the exam had been. James replied that they'd taxed Sheila enough.

Brooke asked what was going on there. Brooke wanted to know if Sheila was hurt or just trying to manipulate her way back into Eric's good graces. James was silent, and the incredulous Brooke asked if he was helping Sheila or protecting her for some reason. In his silence, Brooke demanded to know the truth.

At Spencer, Liam still couldn't believe that Steffy wasn't seeing how messed up the whole situation was with Thomas, Caroline, and Sally. Steffy didn't feel good about lying, but seeing Thomas with his son did make her feel good. Steffy loved Liam's caring nature. It made her want to do the right thing -- like he always did. "Well, not always," he mumbled.

Steffy insisted that she had to think about Thomas and Douglas. Saying she didn't want to be at odds with Liam over his father's lie, Steffy kissed and hugged Liam.

On her phone, Steffy saw a post of Thomas with Douglas and Caroline, who were picnicking in Central Park. She read that they'd also gone to the zoo. Liam quipped that it was what one did with a dying person. Steffy understood that Bill's plan was ruthless, but in her view, it was also working. Liam mumbled that it wasn't working for Sally.

Steffy received a message from Quinn and said Sheila was staying at the mansion. She raged that Sheila was worse than Quinn and shouldn't be anywhere near Eric. Liam asked if Steffy wanted to check on Eric. Steffy wanted to be able to enjoy the alone time with her husband.

Liam knew how much family meant to Steffy, and he knew she'd do anything for them. Steffy fought for the people she loved, and Liam was grateful to be one of them.

At Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie kissed. Seeing a binder in his hand, she hoped he hadn't planned on working. Wyatt relayed that his truck was in the shop, so he'd taken a car there. Katie had invited him to dinner, and he asked it if would just be them all night. She affirmed it. He said it was interesting. She stated that she had a surprise new recipe. Taking her into his arms for another kiss, he said it was very interesting.

Later, Wyatt sat on the sofa and asked if Katie needed help in the kitchen. She responded that she'd told a lie, and she hadn't cooked. Exiting the kitchen in a black teddy and thigh highs, she said they'd have to order out. Wyatt wondered who needed food. "What is this?" he asked, gesturing to her outfit. Assuming he didn't like it, Katie began incoherently stammering.

Wyatt told Katie that he hadn't said he didn't like it; it was just unexpected. He loved how unpredictable she'd been, and as he kissed her neck, he called her a gorgeous, talented woman who looked incredibly sexy. They kissed and chuckled, going up the stairs.

A saxophone instrumental played over the scene as Wyatt and Katie reached the bedroom. They peeled each other's clothes off and had sex on the bed.

Afterward, Wyatt and Katie lay tangled in the sheets, and he asked if she always wore sexy getups beneath her clothes. She said he'd have to investigate more often to find out.

Katie said it was a big step for her. Wyatt replied that it was for him, too. Katie had had her heart stomped on, and she wasn't sure if she could trust her feelings. He said she could trust his feelings. With others, he'd asked the same questions and worried about the same things she'd worried about, "but not us." He believed it was good between him and Katie and had no doubt that it was their time.

Bill is glad Katie's getting some Bill is glad Katie's getting some
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

In the guest room at the mansion, Brooke demanded to know the truth about Sheila's status and if Sheila was trying to manipulate everyone so she could stay at the mansion. James wouldn't give Brooke the answer she wanted to hear, but he figured he could tell her the same thing he'd told Eric. James thought it was best if Sheila recovered there for a few days, and he asked Brooke to imagine Eric's guilt if Sheila left and collapsed somewhere else.

Deciding to defer to the professional, Brooke said she'd be back in a few days, and when Brooke returned, she wanted Sheila gone. Brooke left to talk to Eric.

Sheila hopped out of bed. She thanked James but warned him that she would expose his secret if he ever decided not to play along. James asked what Sheila had to gain from it and if she really thought the Forresters would let her back into their lives. Sheila told James that Quinn had betrayed Eric and had an affair with Ridge. Sheila was there to protect Eric.

James agreed that it was quite a betrayal, but he advised Sheila to be realistic. James said Sheila didn't have a chance, and Quinn wouldn't be in the house if Eric hadn't forgiven her. Sheila told James to mark her words -- she would be a part of Eric's life again, and her portrait would be the next to hang over the fireplace. "And I will make that happen," she asserted.

James stated that Sheila wanted her portrait hanging downstairs. She said it wasn't as absurd as he made it sound. He asserted that it was beyond absurd. Sheila replied that she desperately wanted the life that she'd had before she'd given in to her darkest demons. She believed Eric would love her again once he saw the woman he'd once thought Sheila could be.

Sheila was sure Quinn would disappoint Eric again. Sheila needed that life and Eric's love to make her whole. Sheila said life wasn't worth living without it, and there was no way that she'd leave. James said Quinn would never let Sheila, the threat, stay. Sheila affirmed that she was a threat, and she was Quinn's worst nightmare.

Downstairs, Brooke asked Eric where Quinn was. Eric said Quinn had gone for a run and wanted to stay as far from Sheila as possible. Brooke believed that Sheila was trying to work her way into Eric's life somehow and asked how he felt about his marriage. Brooke said Sheila was looking for a weakness and might find one if Eric wasn't over the things with Ridge and Quinn.

Eric claimed that hanging Quinn's portrait had been the proudest moment of his life -- until Quinn had turned to Ridge. Brooke noted that he'd forgiven Quinn and had let her back in. Eric replied that Quinn regretted it and wouldn't do it again; however, she despised Sheila for telling him about it.

Eric couldn't say what it had been like to find Sheila on the floor. He'd thought Quinn had killed Sheila. Brooke said he was good at putting damaged women back together, but he couldn't do it with Sheila. Brooke told him not to forget all Sheila had done or to trust her ever. Eric appreciated the support, but he was sure Sheila would be out of there in a few days.

Grabbing her purse, Brooke said Sheila wouldn't be out of Eric's life if Sheila had anything to say about it. Brooke planned to return and make sure that Sheila left for good the next time. Brooke left, and Eric stared at Quinn's portrait. He recalled times at the hotel with Sheila and her saying that he was helping her believe in herself.

At Spencer, Justin and Bill had a meeting. Bill wanted the status of the Kepley acquisition, but Justin said Wyatt would have to fill Bill in on it. Bill replied that it would require Wyatt being there, and he wondered where his son was anyway.

Justin didn't think it was like Wyatt to blow off meetings, so he assumed Wyatt had gotten caught up with something. Bill decided he'd end the meeting and take the time to catch up with his other son Will. Justin gave Bill a binder to review, and Bill took off.

In Katie's bedroom, Wyatt and Katie frolicked in bed. She groaned when he called her "Katie Logan of the Logan sisters." She didn't want to be compared with her sisters and said she was the brunette, so she was obviously the boring one. Wyatt called her strong and determined. He liked brunettes with a sense of who they were. He said she hadn't been fully appreciated yet, and she was insanely sexy.

As Wyatt and Katie made out, they heard Bill downstairs, calling to Katie and Will, asking if they were home. Wyatt and Katie panicked, and she ordered Wyatt to hide in the bathroom.

Bill entered the bedroom as Katie was covering herself up. He was surprised to see her in bed and asked if she wasn't feeling well. Picking up one of her thigh highs, realization washed over Bill. "Is there a man in there?" he anxiously asked, pointing to the bathroom.

From the bathroom, Wyatt listened as Katie got upset by Bill's incredulous tone. Bill said he was happy for her and asked her to introduce him to the guy. She doubted that the man wanted to meet her ex-husband at that moment. Bill said they were all adults there. Katie claimed the guy was in the shower, but Bill stated that he didn't hear any water.

Back in the bedroom, Katie ordered Bill to get out. Bill strode toward the door. He tossed her stocking at her and said "this" was great. She yelled at Bill to leave, but Bill wanted one more thing. He asked if it was a good guy. Bill reminded her that they had a son together, and he just wanted to know if he'd like the guy. Katie replied that she could almost guarantee it.

Wyatt listened as Bill asked if Katie was saying he knew the guy. Katie complained about Bill barging into her house, but he said he hadn't done so because she'd given him a key. Bill asked if his son was there. Katie repeated the question and tried not to look at the bathroom door. She said Will was at practice and then he'd spend the night at Donna's.

Bill had forgotten about the practice. He offered to pick Will up and take him to Donna, "since you're...ah..." Katie stated that she was none of his business. Bill replied that she'd always be his business because they had a child together. Katie asked him to take an overnight bag by the door that Will had forgotten. "And, Katie..." Bill said and gave her a thumbs-up.

Katie threw her shoe at the door as Bill exited. She scrambled over to lock the door, and Wyatt emerged from the bathroom. She complained about Bill, mocking, "'A man. A man, Katie! Are there pigs flying in a frozen hell?'" Wyatt said not to let Bill get to her.

"If he only knew," Katie replied. Wyatt asked if Bill really had a key. Katie decided that she had to do something about it. She didn't care what Bill or anyone else had to stay. She planned to stay in the moment with Wyatt.

Downstairs, Bill grabbed Will's bag and happened to see a Spencer binder on a table. Bill picked it up and began pondering its presence.

Liam extinguishes a fire at Spectra Liam extinguishes a fire at Spectra> Liam extinguishes a fire at Spectra Liam extinguishes a fire at Spectra
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

At Spencer, Bill pitched to Brooke the idea of living on the entire penthouse floor of "Sky." He reasoned that he could work from home. Brooke didn't like the idea of him living at work, and she worried about earthquakes. She also wondered what would happen to their pool and garden. Bill admitted that the truth was that he'd been eyeing the penthouse for his office, but he'd wanted to offer the best of the building to Brooke first.

Brooke called the gesture sweet but warned Bill not to count his chickens before they hatched. She stated that Spectra was still standing, and its new line could be a hit. Bill replied that they also might be abducted by aliens.

Bill called to have someone send Jarrett in before Jarrett left for the Spectra preview, and Brooke asked what Bill was planning besides world domination.

Jarrett arrived with Justin, who quizzed Jarrett on the difference between libel and slander. Jarrett didn't see the point of going over it, but Justin insisted and also asked if they could be sued for libel for anything they published. Jarrett said it would only be so if the print was untrue, which meant Sally had a case against them for "the last time."

Bill chimed in, saying it wasn't so because it had been a review, which was opinion. An opinion was neither true nor false, and according to Bill, as long as Jarrett stuck to opinions, they were good. Jarrett assumed Bill wanted Jarrett to write a bad opinion. Bill asked if he'd ever told Jarrett what to write, and Jarrett asked if the question was rhetorical.

Liam arrived and asked if Jarrett was ready. Bill glared at Liam when he said he was going to the preview with Jarrett. Bill asked what part of "exclusive" Liam didn't understand. Liam doubted Sally would throw him out. Bill quipped that Liam got his clothes from, and Jarrett was their fashion expert. Liam claimed to have learned a lot as Jarrett's editor.

Though Bill believed that Liam and Jarrett made a lovely couple, Bill wanted to talk to his son alone. Liam acted as if there wasn't time, and he rushed out of the office with Jarrett, promising that Sally would succeed or fail on her own merits. Brooke told Bill that Liam meant well, and Bill said that was the problem.

Later, Bill insisted upon getting Brooke's opinion about the tower. No one's opinion mattered more to him, and in his view, she'd been sweet to refrain from giving one without him asking. Brooke assessed that "Sky" was tall and looked as if she could blow over in a strong gale of wind. Bill asked if that was really what Brooke had for him.

Brooke called the building impressive. She knew that Bill was happiest when he was building, creating, and scheming. "And winning," he added. She decided that she'd let him win the argument, but he hadn't known they were even arguing. Brooke contended that they could argue about whether they were arguing. Chuckling, Bill said he loved her. Brooke predicted a long, happy future, and they kissed.

After awhile, Bill became anxious because he hadn't heard from Jarrett or Liam. Brooke packed up her stuff, and Bill became distressed about her leaving him in his hour of need. She quipped that every hour was his hour of need, but she had a job to get to. Bill was under the impression that women liked being needed. Brooke could take it or leave it, but she loved being adored.

Bill stood and warned that he'd deny it if Brooke told anyone what he was about to do. He bowed to her in praise. As he repeated the action, he said the only other time he'd ever bowed in praise like it was when he'd flown over Fort Knox. Bill's gesture won him an extra fifteen minutes with his wife, and the two kissed.

Bill decided he wanted to have a date night with his wife. Brooke said she thought every night was date night. He explained that he was envisioning a romantic night outside with the finest wine, white tablecloths, and candles. "And a wrecking ball flashing in the moonlight again and again until that Spectra Fashions is a pile of rubble," Bill said. Brooke asked if they did demolitions at night. Bill assumed he'd have to pay extra.

Justin arrived, and Brooke decided to take her leave. Bill neighed when she kissed him, and Brooke left. Justin conveyed that the demolition team had an opening in about two weeks. Bill stated that he just needed something to demolish.

At Spectra, Sally wanted Saul's help to prepare for the mini preview with Jarrett, but Shirley said Saul was too busy with the real showing, so Sally had to settle for Shirley and Darlita. Shirley was hoping Thomas would show up. Sally said to forget about him riding to the rescue because he had other responsibilities.

Jarrett and Liam arrived at Spectra, and Shirley became skeptical upon seeing Liam, the son of Satan. Sally, who'd just changed shirts, said Liam was doing an interview follow-up. Liam complimented Sally's shirt and tried to discreetly pull it down in the back where it had folded up, revealing flesh.

Sally assumed that Liam was there because Jarrett wasn't able to stand up to Bill. Liam said Sally deserved a fair shake. Sally offered Liam Champagne, but he said it was too early. He saw a bottle of kombucha. She explained that it had been Thomas', and she didn't know if she should stock up again.

Later, Darlita plugged a radio into a socket. In front of the window, Sally stood. She said it wasn't a fashion show, but a preview sampling. Jarrett asked if Thomas' designs were grouped together. Sally replied that there were no Thomas' designs, just hers. Jarrett asked if the partnership had broken up. Sally said it was a leave of absence, just as his magazine had reported, and they missed Thomas, who was seeing to some pressing issues.

Darlita flipped on the music, and a model emerged from behind a screen in a navy blue gown with a feathery skirt. Behind the desk, electric sparks flew out of the radio plug slot.

Liam and Jarrett seemed to enjoy the show as the models appeared one at a time from behind two screens in front of the window. The Spectras previewed two more designs, and Liam and Jarrett clapped for them. Sally turned up the lights, and Darlita turned down the music. Sally hoped the men had liked what they'd seen.

Liam wasn't sure the designs were for Forrester clients, but he believed others would like them. Jarrett concurred. Sally was glad they could see beyond Spectra's past reputation as a low-rent, shabby operation.

"Ah, fire!" Shirley screamed as flames blazed out of the plug behind the desk. Liam grabbed a wall extinguisher and quickly put out the blaze. He apologized for the mess he'd made. Sally quipped that he should have let them all boil then she thanked him for his help.

Later, Sally was on a call, saying she'd just shut off the power for the evening and call the electrician in the morning -- or whenever she could afford it. Shirley asked Jarrett if they liked everything despite the fireworks. Jarrett thought it was hard to judge from a preview where one usually put their best foot forward. Shirley said Jarrett and Liam hadn't seen the best yet.

Agreeing, Sally said they'd saved the best for their full showing. Liam believed if that was true, then Sally would have no problem affording an electrician.

Liam stepped out to call Bill. Bill asked what the word was, and Liam said Bill wouldn't like it. Bill wanted to talk to Jarrett, but Liam said Jarrett was chumming it up with Sally's grandmother. Liam described the work as good. He said it had polish, wit, and guts. Bill called Liam a dimwit and said one couldn't sell wit.

Sally walked up behind Liam as he was telling his father that Spectra would stay in business. "Hello?" Liam said into the phone after Bill had hung up on him.

Sally asked if she really didn't have to worry about a bad review. Liam replied that Bill understood he'd only be embarrassing himself. "And me," she added. Liam tried to tell Sally that Bill wasn't a bad guy, but Sally glanced at him sideways. "He's my dad," Liam hopelessly said.

Sally asked if Liam didn't just love people, even those that drove him crazy all the time. She babbled that the sun was shining, the building wasn't burning down, "and you just love them!" Smiling, Liam said he believed that he knew the feeling.

Back at Spencer, Justin guessed they didn't need the demolition permit yet. Bill replied that he'd never broken a promise and wasn't about to start then. Bill vowed to build exactly where he'd said he'd build, and he'd wipe Spectra off the face of the earth.

An electrical fire sparks ideas from Justin An electrical fire sparks ideas from Justin
Thursday, August 24, 2017

At Spectra, Shirley saw Sally pondering designs and warned her not to change a thing because Saul was poring over his work in the cutting room and would lose his mind if Sally changed a button. Sally didn't intend to change anything because Jarrett had liked her designs as they were.

Shirley was proud of Sally, but Sally said she hadn't done it on her own. Shirley responded that Mr. Muscles had had nothing to do with the work, and it had been all Sally. Grinning, Sally conveyed that she was actually beginning to think that they could do it. Sally was worried because the Spencer journalist had only seen a sampling, and positive feedback didn't pay the bills.

Sally said they needed orders and lots of them. Shirley was sure they'd get them. Things weren't happening the way Sally had expected, but she hoped that with no tricks or stunts, Bill and Steffy would finally see them as a legitimate fashion house.

Later, Pete, the handyman, arrived to check Sally's plug. As he checked it, he asked how much they'd had plugged in. Shirley said it had just been a boom box, but Darlita added that her plug looked like an octopus. Sally relayed that the building was super old, and she had no idea what was going on in the walls. Shirley said the last thing they needed was people talking about another disaster at Spectra Fashions.

Shirley wanted it fixed pronto, so the showing wouldn't be littered with "under construction" signs. Pete said he wasn't an electrician, but it wouldn't happen Shirley's way because, in his opinion, the whole building needed to be rewired. Shirley retorted that he'd said he wasn't an electrician. He replied that she was going to need a good one.

As Pete left, Shirley asked about the plug. He told her not to use it. Pete left, and Sally said concentrating on the showing was how they'd fix the building and Spectra. She believed that Thomas had put them on the right path. They just had to take it from there and make it a success. Once they had the money, they'd update the building with the latest technology. She declared that they had a future, and Spectra was there to stay.

Later, Sally, Shirley, and Darlita went over show details, and Sally was happy no one had canceled. She wanted Jarrett in the front row. Sally thought they were ready, but Darlita said, "Except for the designs." Shirley assured them that Saul wouldn't let them down.

Sally was grateful for her team. When Thomas had left, she'd had a moment when she'd wondered how she'd do it on her own. She'd later realized that she wasn't alone. She had the most dedicated and loyal team in the business, and she believed they were doing it for themselves and for everyone who'd been told they weren't good enough.

"I am a Spectra. I've heard that my entire life. I'd heard it so much that I actually started to believe it -- even when I knew it was a lie. But not anymore. Not after this showing," Sally said. She vowed that she'd prove herself as a designer, and Spectra would rise again.

At Spencer, Liam asserted to Bill that they'd print the review "as is." Jarrett stated that he hadn't written it yet, and Justin advised him to check the terms of his contract before he did. Liam replied that he'd been there, too. Jarrett believed that the collection would be successful. Bill reasoned that they'd do something about that. Liam stated that they wouldn't, and Bill had done enough as it was.

Justin questioned how good the designs could be if Sally had done them. As they complimented Sally's work, Jarrett and Liam chuckled about it being electric. Bill asked if that was some kind of joke between the lovebirds and told them that he wasn't in a laughing mood. Jarrett revealed that there had been an electrical fire during the preview, but Liam had put it out quickly. "So once again, Spectra Fashions avoids disaster," Bill grumbled.

Later, Bill asked if Liam was sure he didn't want to run off and help his new best friend write the review. Liam thought Jarrett would be fine by himself. Bill noted that he didn't have to print it. "But you will," Liam determined. Bill asked Justin if Marcus talked to his father that way. Liam hoped Marcus didn't have to and said it was a "pain in the ass" to be Bill's conscience.

"By the way, do you know what he told Thomas about Caroline?" Liam asked. Bill said the subject was off-limits, but Liam could discuss the preview if he wanted. Liam claimed he wanted to tell Thomas the truth about Caroline not being sick. Bill interjected that if Thomas was only in New York for that reason, Liam would be right; however, the time had given Caroline and Thomas a chance to reconnect, and if Thomas was a better father for it, then Bill had nothing to feel sorry about. "And neither do you," Bill added.

Liam said Bill hadn't done what he'd done for Caroline and Douglas. Justin thought Liam had Bill there. Bill disagreed. Bill said he'd killed two birds with one stone, and Liam got to enjoy the spoils of it. Liam was adamant that the line wouldn't tank, and Spectra really could take off.

Bill conceded that if it happened, then he would have done what he could. In disbelief, Liam asked what Bill was saying. Bill said he'd been doing "this" a long time, and not every investment paid off. Justin and Liam exchanged quizzical glances. Bill said that if Caroline suddenly got better, Thomas could make up his own mind.

Liam asked about Spectra being a success. Bill said that if it happened and if Thomas found his way back to Sally, Bill would wish them well. "You will?" Liam asked. Bill asked what he could do after Liam had ended the negative review that could have stopped the show. Bill felt that Liam had given Sally another chance, and Bill's hands were tied.

"You mean, no matter what happens?" Liam asked. Bill replied that he'd deal with it. Gasping, Liam said he really wanted to believe his father. Bill told Liam to believe it and get back to work.

Liam exited, and Justin asked Bill if he'd meant what he'd said. "Hell, no," Bill replied.

At Forrester, Ivy, Brooke, and Steffy set up for a working lunch, and Brooke told Steffy not to expect any family dinners anytime soon because Liam and Bill were butting heads about Spectra. Ivy was surprised that Sally had been confident enough to give Jarrett another preview and that "Liam wanted to go along with it." Steffy wasn't surprised, and Brooke said Liam had been determined to give Spectra a fair shot. Steffy said that was her husband, a man who couldn't stand dishonesty of any kind.

As Ivy, Brooke, and Steffy ate, Steffy said she didn't care what Spectra showed, as long it wasn't Forrester's designs. Brooke said Sally had done the work herself. Ivy was surprised to hear that Thomas hadn't been involved and even more surprised that Brooke and Steffy didn't expect him to be at the show. Steffy said he was concentrating on his family, as he should be. Ivy thought the timing was weird and wondered what had happened to take his focus off Spectra.

Checking online, Steffy said Jarrett hadn't posted anything yet. Ivy figured Jarrett had to eventually say something. Steffy quipped that Liam would make sure it was the truth. Brooke asked if Steffy would go to the show with Liam if he was invited. Steffy joked that she was sure Sally had a reserved seat for Steffy in the front row.

Ivy took that as a "no" from Steffy. Deciding not to unduly slam Sally, Steffy said she'd be impressed if Sally made it happen on her own, and Steffy acknowledged that a lot of obstacles had been thrown Sally's way. Brooke replied that Sally had made them on her own. Steffy admitted that it hadn't been that way for all of the problems, but one couldn't ignore Sally's tenacity. Steffy said that Sally Spectra didn't give up.

Later, Steffy greeted Liam at the door of the CEO's office. She mentioned that she'd heard he'd gone to the Spectra showing, and she assumed he'd provided a buffer between Jarrett and Bill. Guessing that Bill had called Brooke to vent about it, Liam shrugged and said Sally's designs were good. Steffy asked if he thought Bill would interfere.

Liam replied that Bill had said he wouldn't interfere. Steffy closed the door as Liam entered the office and said Bill wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted. Liam reasoned that a good businessman knew when to cut his loses. Steffy said that Bill didn't like to lose. Liam revealed that Bill had said he'd wish Sally well if the line was a success. Steffy blinked in response.

"I know! Exactly, right? That's the look I had on my face!" Liam exclaimed. Liam relayed that he'd been skeptical, too, but Bill had said he'd just have to deal with it once people saw the collection. Liam really hoped Bill had been honest.

Steffy asked about Thomas, and Liam suspected that Bill would let that situation play out, too. She asked how Liam felt about it. Liam didn't know and stated that Thomas seemed happy. Steffy agreed. She'd just received a message from her brother about how grateful he was for the time with his family. She thought Thomas might stay in New York, even if things changed between him and Caroline.

Liam had thought Spectra wouldn't survive something like that, but he said Sally was doing it all on her own. Steffy replied that Sally should. Steffy didn't have a problem with competition or Sally, as long as Sally wasn't stealing designs or using Thomas to prop up her business. Steffy just couldn't forget what Sally had done to them.

Liam couldn't help but root for Sally. Grasping her claws at air, Steffy said that was what Liam did -- root for the little guy. He replied that it was just one show, and either Sally would save the business or sink it. Steffy and Liam joked that Sally was scrappy. He said Sally was doing everything she could to prove herself, and he hoped she did it.

Back at Spencer, Bill wondered what he had to do to put that low-rent rag shop out of business. He was frustrated with how many times Spectra had been pulled from the fire. Justin had thought it had been crazy to tell Thomas that Caroline was dying, but the closeness of the little family afterward had to count for something.

Bill ranted about C.J. turning down five million more dollars and caving to his mommy and conscience. Jason told Bill to forget Spectra and build his baby elsewhere. Bill refused, saying that just because he hadn't found a solution, it didn't meant one didn't exist. Bill urged Justin to think of something, anything to create a spark.

"A spark...a spark is dangerous, Bill," Justin said, adding that Bill could just ask Liam, who'd put out the fire at Spectra.

"I could kiss you right now," Bill said with a gleam in his eyes. "Electrical issues. Now that's something I hadn't thought of."

Looking at "Sky," Bill admired her lines and said Spectra was a dump. In his eyes, "Sky" was the future. Justin stated that Jarrett thought Sally had talent. Bill replied that no one would see it, and the fashion show wouldn't happen. Bill had put off his dream long enough.

Bill intended to build an iconic structure that would change the skyline. The place would employ thousands and generate billions. He refused to let Spectra stand in the way. The Spectra building was falling down, and it had been vacant before Sally and her bozos had moved in.

"By this time next week, I'm going to be standing in that empty lot with a photographer and a gold-plated shovel. You know what needs to be done, Justin," Bill said.

"Oh, I know, Dollar Bill," Justin replied.

Spectra Fashions erupts in flames Spectra Fashions erupts in flames
Friday, August 25, 2017

At Spencer, Bill flashed back to telling Thomas about Caroline's "illness," and he thought of Justin's remarks about sparks. Liam entered to find out if Bill had reviewed a Hong Kong investment. Bill said he'd do it that evening. Liam mentioned the Spectra showing being the next day and said it was big because it would determine whether Bill got to build on the land or not.

Liam reminded his father that Jarrett thought Sally had talent. Bill said to consider the source, who'd been known to wear kilts on occasion. Liam had seen the designs, too, and though Bill didn't want to hear it, Liam suspected that Bill would have to find another site. As Liam left, Justin was entering. Liam said having another plan wouldn't hurt.

Justin closed the door behind Liam, and Bill uttered that he already had another plan. It started that night. Justin said it would if Bill wanted it to. Bill stated that they'd put a stop to Spectra and make sure the show never happened.

Justin asked if Bill was sure about it. Bill asked if they'd met each other. Bill had waited long enough and had tried to be civil. There was no more being nice, and he wanted every piece of dirt Justin had on that rat-infested heap of dust. Handing Bill a file, Justin said to check the date.

"Expired? Well, that leaves them extremely vulnerable, doesn't it?" Bill said. Justin assumed that C.J. had not renewed the insurance policy. Bill replied that it might be the end of Spectra.

Justin relayed that there were a few ways they could handle it. Bill wanted the problem handled as quickly and cleanly as possible. Justin replied that there was only one option then, and Bill said to do it. Justin reminded Bill that once it started, there was no going back.

The emphatic Bill wanted the building gone. No one should be hurt or killed, but there could be nothing left of Spectra Fashions. Justin had already talked to someone. Bill said it had better be someone Justin could trust. Affirming it, Justin repeated that Bill needed to be sure he wanted to do it. "Make it happen, Justin. I want Spectra Fashions to disappear," Bill commanded.

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge worked in the CEO's office. They discussed how strange it was that Eric had let Sheila recover at the mansion. Ridge asked if Steffy had spoken to her brother and whether Thomas would be there for the Spectra showing. Steffy asked what was more important than Thomas being with Caroline and Douglas.

Ridge guessed that nothing was, but he was confused because his son had been gung-ho about Sally and Spectra. It was surprising that Thomas would just pick up and head to New York. Steffy reasoned that her brother might have been reminded of his priorities, and distancing himself from Sally to be with his family wasn't a bad thing for Thomas to do.

Agreeing, Ridge said he was just interested in what would happen at Spectra's show. Steffy felt that was on Sally. "If Bill doesn't mess with her like he did last time," Ridge added.

Later, Liam had arrived and was telling Ridge and Steffy how good Sally's designs were. Ridge was in disbelief, but Liam insisted that Sally was trendy and could rival top fashion houses. Steffy said he'd only seen a few pieces. Reasoning that it was true, Liam said the rest of it could be garbage, but he doubted it. Liam thought Sally knew what she was doing. Steffy said Sally couldn't match Forrester. Liam agreed but said Spectra wasn't going anywhere.

Liam informed Ridge that Bill had agreed not to interfere. "Well, if that's what your dad says, then we gotta believe him," Ridge quipped. Shrugging, Liam felt he had to believe it. Steffy replied that Bill sometimes couldn't help himself, but it would hopefully play out on its own. Ridge raged that it was Bill's review that had led Sally to steal from Forrester and kill their whole collection, and Ridge asked if anyone had forgotten it.

Expressing that he was well aware of it and hoped it never happened again, Liam hoped they'd all moved on from it. Ridge said Thomas had moved on from Sally and Spectra. "Yeah, well, actually -- " Liam started to say. Interrupting, Steffy said Thomas would return eventually.

Ridge just wanted to know if Thomas would remain in New York or return. Steffy didn't think her brother knew what the future held. Liam believed it would be a challenge without Thomas, but they should wait to see if Sally had what it took to do it on her own.

Later, Ridge had gone, and Liam convinced Steffy to kiss on the couch instead of doing her "so lame" invoices. She thanked him for staying there while she worked, and he thanked her for not being upset with him for rooting for Sally. Steffy said he always rooted for the little guy -- or in that case -- the tall redheaded woman.

Liam believed that everyone deserved their shot. He wanted Sally to succeed or fail on her own, without manipulation from Bill.

At Spectra, Sally received a call from Thomas, who called to wish her luck and say he wished he could be there. She asked if he'd gotten the emails with her designs. Thomas said they were amazing. Sally informed him that Jarrett and Liam had been impressed by the preview. Thomas said he had total faith in her.

Though Thomas had a lot going on in New York, Sally wondered if there was a chance he would be at the showing the next day. Thomas wanted to be there, but without knowing how much time Caroline had left, he didn't know if it would be right. Sally replied that it was just one day, and he could fly in and fly right out.

Thomas apologized for being unable to leave. He said being there with his son and Caroline had been a great experience. He said he would be thinking of her, and he'd be there in spirit. Sally looked at the phone after Thomas had clicked off the line.

Later, Shirley, Coco, Darlita, Saul, some other workers, and Coco buzzed around Sally's office. Coco asked what had happened to the blackened plug. Sally said it had caught fire, and Shirley dismissively added that the wires in the old building were probably eighty. Coco imagined that it had been scary, and Sally said it wasn't a big deal.

Darlita explained that Liam had put it out. Coco thought they should have it fixed. Sally said they would when they could afford it. Saul added that they had the fire extinguisher just in case. Shirley exclaimed that the fashion show would set Spectra ablaze, and no one would put it out.

Later, Pete was looking at the plug again, and Sally asked if he couldn't patch it up for cheap. Pete reminded them that he wasn't an electrician. His advice was to shut off the power and not turn it back on until the wires were repaired. Saul said they had a showing the next day. Pete didn't know what to tell them except to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Pete left, and Coco offered to check around for an electrician. Sally thought they'd be good for one more day and asked Coco to work with Darlita on the guest list. Darlita conveyed that they'd only gotten a few declines. Darlita believed everyone was excited, and they'd be the hottest ticket in town.

The beaming Coco believed they'd kill it. She said Sally didn't need Thomas to succeed, and Sally got to show that to the entire world. Coco didn't think anything could stop Sally, not even the big, bad Bill Spencer.

Night fell, and Sally told Saul that his work on a gown was impeccable. Only Darlita, Shirley, and Saul remained, and Sally offered to take them to dinner to show her appreciation for them. The crew agreed, but Shirley said they'd return afterward to keep working. Sally didn't know how she'd gotten so lucky to have them, but Darlita said Sally was a fearless leader.

The topic turned to Spectra's rough start. Sally had thought of how different things would have been if Bill hadn't hijacked their first preview, but she said that, somehow, they'd survived. Shirley squealed about being on the verge of the biggest fashion show in their history. Sally believed it was their big moment, and they were there to stay.

The crew left the office, and Sally turned off the lights. She looked at the racks of gowns and said everything rested upon them. She closed the door and left.

Back in Bill's office, Bill received a text message from an unknown sender. "Done" was all it said.

Back at Spectra, the wall plug sparked into a fire, and the flames shot up the walls. Fire engulfed the desk, the pictures, and the racks of gowns. Glass broke, and the flames stretched higher.

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