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Sheila set Wyatt and Katie up and hired someone to tempt Quinn. Liam said his helping Sally was none of Steffy's business. Bill vowed to get revenge on Liam.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 2, 2017 on B&B
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Eric walks in on Katie and Wyatt Eric walks in on Katie and Wyatt
Monday, October 2, 2017

At Forrester, Quinn called Ivy's work inspiring. The flattered Ivy noted that Quinn seemed happy and at peace, and she'd heard that Quinn and Eric's marriage was recovering well. Guessing Ivy had heard it from Ridge, Quinn agreed that it was true and added that it hadn't hurt that they hadn't heard from Sheila in a while, either.

Ivy wondered how certain Quinn was that she'd gotten rid of Sheila. Quinn didn't mean to lull herself into a false sense of security, but she didn't want to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life, either. Quinn asserted that even if Sheila tried something, Sheila wouldn't get her fangs into Quinn's husband.

Ivy was glad Sheila was gone after Sheila had wormed her way into the mansion. Quinn replied that it had been Sheila's goal all along, and Quinn had played right into it. Quinn needed to keep Sheila from Eric and the family because, when Sheila was around, trouble followed.

Quinn didn't think all the extra hours Ivy was working could be good for Ivy's social life. Ivy started to say something, but she quickly changed her mind. She didn't want to talk about it because it was new, and she didn't want to jinx it. Quinn hoped Ivy was happy with whomever it was because Ivy deserved to be happy.

Quinn felt her son deserved to be happy, too, and she wondered why Wyatt hadn't returned her text message. Ivy asked if he was dating anyone. Quinn didn't think so, and it worried her. She wanted him to be with someone. Ivy suggested that he might be keeping it quiet.

Quinn insisted that she and Wyatt shared anything and everything. Quinn was confident that she'd know if Wyatt was dating anyone. She felt blessed to have Eric, and she wanted Wyatt to find a woman who'd make him just as happy.

At Il Giardino, Sheila memorized the specials. The manager approached to say that Sheila was doing a good job her first week there, and the regulars really liked her. Sheila said she just wanted everyone to have a good dining experience, and she remarked about the celebrity clientele. The manager conveyed that Forrester Creations was nearby, and their employees had been dining there for a while. Sheila feigned surprise.

As Sheila returned to her server duties, she saw Katie at the hostess station. She kept an eye on Katie and saw Wyatt greet Katie at the door.

At the restaurant entrance, Wyatt said he should have gotten a reservation because the place was packed. The hostess said the wait would be twenty minutes, and Wyatt and Katie took a seat on a bench at the entrance.

Wyatt could wait for lunch, but he couldn't wait for a kiss. Katie said that it was too bad they were in public and didn't know who could be watching. He bargained for a kiss on the cheek, but she asked if he could really stop there. Wyatt decided they needed to leave and eat lunch at her place. She asked what time he had to be at work and if Liam had fired him already.

Quipping that Katie was funny, Wyatt revealed that his tofu-loving brother had asked him to help run the company, but Wyatt had remained loyal to Bill. Wyatt was anxious to stop talking and get out of there. Katie offered to drive and drop him back off at his car later.

Wyatt insisted on just a little kiss and promised that no one was looking. Sheila got an eyeful of Wyatt and Katie smooching on the bench.

At the mansion, Eric met with Mateo, a property worker. Impressed with Mateo's work, Eric wanted to discuss Mateo's future. Eric liked Mateo's organic solutions on the grounds. He said Quinn did, too, and was just as impressed with Mateo as Eric was.

Mateo had instructed the gardeners to use natural compost, too. Eric said he appreciated Mateo's initiative. Eric believed that managing the estate was a huge effort. He said his estate needed to be safe and private for his family. Eric credited Mateo for the changes at the estate, and he liked the way Mateo treated his employees. Eric offered to officially make Mateo the estate manager, and Mateo readily accepted.

Later, Eric answered his front door and was surprised to see Sheila on his doorstep. She said she wasn't there to cause trouble and asked if she could enter. He remarked that he thought she'd left town, and she clarified that he thought she'd left after he'd thrown her out of his house. She wanted to talk to him about that, too, and said she'd made significant changes in her life since that time.

Sheila guessed that Quinn was home, and it was why Eric wouldn't let Sheila in. Eric said Quinn was at work but would be home soon. Sheila offered to make it brief, but Eric stared in disbelief. "Eric, please?" she persisted, and he let her into the house.

Eric inquired about the changes in Sheila's life, and Sheila told him about her new job. It wasn't her dream position, but it was consistent and had fringe benefits. Eric stated that he was afraid to ask what those were. Sheila knew her life wouldn't change overnight, but the job was a start. She said she might be a famous restaurateur someday.

Mateo interrupted to let Eric know he'd gotten a defective pressure balance valve replaced in the outdoor shower. Mateo exited, and Sheila repeated Mateo's name. Eric liked to refer to Mateo as Mr. Fixit. Eric said he had to be somewhere, but Sheila wanted to say one more thing. She said she'd seen something at work that she wouldn't have believed if she hadn't seen it herself. Eric became curious, and Sheila revealed that Katie had been kissing Quinn's son.

Eric was in disbelief, but Sheila swore that it was true. He asked why she was telling him. Sheila didn't want to cause him trouble, but she'd sworn to herself that she'd never keep anything from him. She assumed Quinn didn't know. Eric really doubted it because of the way Quinn felt about Katie, and Sheila asked if he'd tell Quinn. Eric asked if Sheila was mistaken about what she'd seen, but Sheila was sure he'd agree that it had been involved if he'd seen it.

Eric wondered if the pair in question was still at the restaurant. "No. I had someone cover my tables for me, and I followed them," Sheila told Eric. He grimaced, but Sheila swore it was "nothing like that." She claimed she'd left work to see Eric. She'd been stuck in traffic, and Katie and Wyatt had happened to be stuck, too, right next to Sheila -- on the way to Katie's house.

Eric expressed shock. Sheila said Wyatt and Katie were over there at that very moment, and she encouraged Eric to go see for himself.

Later, Sheila opened the front door. Mateo, who had been about to knock, asked if Mr. Forrester was inside. Sheila asked if Mateo had forgotten to tell Eric something else. Mateo decided to return later, but she told him that she was just teasing. She explained that Eric had gone next door and should be back soon.

Sheila asked for Mateo's name again, and after he gave it, she said he sure was handsome. Recognizing Sheila from when she'd stayed there, Mateo said it was nice to meet Miss Carter. She responded that her name was Sheila Carter, and the pleasure was all hers.

Later, Wyatt and Katie kissed their way into her house. She broke away to go to the kitchen to make lunch, but pulling her back, he said that all he wanted was "this." The couple made out passionately on the sofa until Katie pulled away to put on some music.

Wyatt insisted upon playlist approval, and Katie was shocked that he didn't like her taste in music. "I love your taste -- but in music?" Wyatt joked. Katie clicked her remote, saying she loved the song. Loud, sensual music blared as they kissed, and Katie couldn't hear her phone as it alerted her to a call from Eric.

Outside the door, Eric put his phone away, knocked, and yelled over the music that he was at the door.

Back in Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie made out in a chair, and as she kicked her shoes off, her gaze wandered in the direction of the front door. "Oh, Eric!" Katie screamed. Eric stood in on the threshold, staring knowingly at Wyatt and Katie.

Sheila concocts a plan to become the next Mrs. Eric Forrester Sheila concocts a plan to become the next Mrs. Eric Forrester
Tuesday, October 3, 2017
by Pam

At Katie's. Eric walked in on Katie and Wyatt making out on her couch. Eric said he hadn't meant to interrupt. Wyatt and Katie tried to concoct some excuses. Wyatt said Katie had lost her contact lens. "Wyatt, give it up," Eric advised. Katie and Wyatt were embarrassed.

"Well, I have to admit I'm a little surprised," Eric said. He asked how long it had been going on, and Katie said it had started after the fashion showdown. Eric promised not to judge Katie and Wyatt. Katie and Wyatt agreed it was an awkward situation. They stammered that they didn't want anyone to know. "Especially my mother," Wyatt said. Eric agreed it would be somewhat inappropriate, and he noted that Wyatt's father would find it somewhat awkward. Katie said Bill could not find out.

"I kind of want to be the one to tell her," Wyatt said about his mother. He begged Eric not to tell Quinn. Eric left.

Wyatt and Katie were nervous that Eric would tell someone. "So much for our little secret," Katie said. Wyatt and Katie were unsure if Eric would tell Quinn, but they were confident Eric wouldn't tell Bill. Katie agreed Eric had ducked the question about Quinn. Katie was unsure that Eric would keep a secret from his wife.

Katie said she hated putting Eric in such a position, but Katie and Wyatt agreed Quinn and Bill would go ballistic if they found out. Katie suggested to Wyatt that they reconsider their relationship. Wyatt disagreed, but Katie said it was infatuation. Wyatt disagreed. "I can tell you it's more than that for me," he said. He praised her as talented and sexy and said there was nothing they couldn't tell each other. They made out and agreed it could have been worse.

Katie wondered if Wyatt was worried about it. He seemed less worried than she was. Katie said she had been fighting her feelings for him for a long time. Katie said she wanted to keep the world out for as long as they could. Wyatt agreed. "You make me feel beautiful and sexy and wanted, and I like it," she said. They kissed.

At the Forrester mansion, Sheila chatted with Mateo and told him she wanted to get to know him better. She said she had some extra work for Mateo, but he stopped her and said he was full-time at the Forrester mansion as the estate manager.

Sheila heard Quinn call out to Mateo. Sheila asked Mateo not to mention that she had been there, but she wanted to chat more about an arrangement with him. Sheila hid in an adjacent room and listened. Quinn congratulated Mateo on his promotion. He was grateful. Quinn asked if Mateo had told his girlfriend. He admitted that they had broken up. Quinn said that he would find someone else. She thanked him for all his work, and she was happy he'd made organic additions to the garden. Quinn left.

Sheila emerged from her hiding place. She wanted Mateo to discuss some business opportunities with her. He said he was well paid at the mansion and couldn't do anything while he was working full-time. Sheila assured him she could help him and his family with more money than he could imagine. She asked him to meet her later to discuss business, and she wanted him keep their discussion between them. She wrote down her address on a piece of paper. She flirted with him, smiled, and said she would see him later. Sheila left, and Mateo held the paper with her address.

Eric returned to the mansion, and Quinn said she had been looking for him. She asked where he had gone, and he said he'd had something he had to take care of. Quinn noted that she had met with Mateo, and he was very excited about his new job. Eric said that Mateo had earned it. Quinn quizzed Eric again about where he had been. He repeated that he'd had some business to take care of. "Don't you want to tell me what it is? What is it? Eric, what's going on?" she asked.

Eric was surprised at her inquisition. Quinn admitted that she worried about Katie. Quinn figured that Katie woke up every morning and looked out her window, waiting for her daily Eric sightings. Eric laughed and said it was impossible to even look at another woman since he had married Quinn.

Quinn laughed and said she wanted to discuss some things she wanted to do at the house. She wanted to rearrange some of the furniture. Eric balked, but Quinn tugged at one of the couches. Suddenly, she had thrown her back out. Eric went to get some ice, and she looked up at her portrait. Eric put ice on her back and said she had a great view of her portrait. She teased that she better be his last wife. He said he couldn't imagine ever taking down the portrait.

At her motel room, Sheila unveiled her own portrait, and she flashed back to happy times when she'd been married to Eric. She smiled, and Mateo knocked on the door. She invited him in, and he asked what she wanted. He complimented her portrait. Sheila held a wad of cash in her hand and said that she had a lot of money, and she knew his family could use it. Mateo responded that it would depend on what she wanted. Sheila noted that Quinn liked Mateo. She added that Quinn was a beautiful woman. Mateo agreed.

Sheila said she needed Mateo to work closely with Mrs. Forrester. Mateo looked at the money in Sheila's hand. He refused to do anything illegal. Sheila said she would never ask him to do that. She loved Mr. Forrester. She said that she had been married to Eric at one time. She told Mateo that Quinn had cheated on Eric with his son. "With Ridge?" Mateo asked in shock. Sheila said yes and stated that Eric deserved better.

Sheila felt Quinn had an eye for him. She said Quinn loved Mateo's obvious charm. Mateo didn't want to do anything that Mr. Forrester would fire him for. Sheila said that her own portrait would look much better above the mantel than Quinn's. She promised there was a lot more money for him if he did what she wanted. Mateo took the money. She told him that Mr. Forrester would thank him as well someday. Mateo left.

"I will be your wife again, Eric," Sheila said, and she laughed an evil laugh.

Liam plans a trip ... with Sally Liam plans a trip ... with Sally> Liam plans a trip ... with Sally Liam plans a trip ... with Sally
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
by Pam

At Brooke's, Steffy and Brooke discussed that Brooke had left Bill. Brooke said that Ridge was convinced that Brooke should leave Bill for good and return to him. Steffy was surprised that Brooke would leave Bill and return to Ridge.

Brooke said that Steffy had to know that she had left Bill because of what Bill had done to Spectra. "Just to build a skyscraper," Brooke said. Steffy agreed it was crazy, but she wondered if Brooke was really going to return to her dad.

Steffy noticed that Brooke wasn't wearing her rings. Brooke said she had returned them to Bill. Brooke added that Ridge had promised not to pressure her. Steffy confided that Brooke should seriously consider her choices. Brooke agreed and said she loved Bill. Steffy wondered if Brooke was truly ready to end her marriage to him.

Brooke responded that she thought Bill was a good man. Steffy pointed out that good men made mistakes too. She asked if Brooke could think of one person she knew who hadn't made mistakes. Steffy urged Brooke to consider that if she left Bill, she could lose him forever. Steffy left.

At Forrester, Bill barged into Ridge's office, and Pam apologized that he had gotten past her. Bill rudely told Pam there was no need for lemon bars. Ridge told Pam he could handle it. Bill said that he wanted Ridge to respect his marriage -- and he and Brooke were working on some problems.

Ridge scoffed and said he respected Brooke. "What did you do to push her away?" Ridge asked. He added that Brooke had removed "that hideous ring off her finger." They exchanged some more insults, and Bill said that Brooke needed a man who would fight for her. Bill vowed that he would show everyone "what true devotion looks like." He said that he and Brooke would get through their problems like they always had in the past. He wouldn't allow Ridge to get in the way.

Later Ridge showed up at Brooke's and offered to have food delivered, but she said it was unnecessary. Brooke and Ridge discussed that Steffy had been there earlier. Ridge promised to support Brooke, no matter what she decided.

"I'll be right here," Ridge said. He promised never to let her down again. Brooke looked skeptical, but Ridge claimed that life without her was miserable. Brooke smiled. Ridge added that he'd learned his lesson. Ridge joked about how they would grow old together. Brooke said she would lose her memory, and Ridge said that would be a good thing because she would forget all the bad times.

Brooke and Ridge laughed together. Ridge promised he would take care of her when they were sitting on the porch in their golden years -- he pictured them on a porch. He added that lingerie entered the picture. Brooke was flattered. Brooke said some things never changed.

At Spectra, Sally and Shirley discussed that they were tired of trying to figure out what to repair first because they had to rip things up to find out what had been damaged in the fire. Liam entered and asked if Sally could join him for a business trip to San Francisco so she could meet the contractors and architects who had been placed on retainer to build Bill's dream skyscraper. Sally's was shocked. Shirley started to comment, but Sally sent her out of the office.

Liam explained that he had to meet the architecture firm to discuss that the tower would not be built. However, they had already been placed on a non-refundable retainer. Liam felt Sally could find a way to use their services for her renovation.

Sally was grateful. She promised to brush up on her "architecture lingo." Liam added that they would dine in the best places. She said that Liam made the trip sound like fun. She thanked him for all he had done and promised to repay him. Liam smiled.

Later, Sally told her grandmother that she was going to San Francisco with Liam. Shirley said Liam was "handsome, extremely wealthy, and powerful." Sally worried what Steffy would think.

Shirley said that Steffy wanted them to be out of business. She noted that Sally seemed to "light up around him." Sally said that Liam had been generous. Shirley said he was unlike his despicable father. Shirley felt Liam had feelings for Sally. "Liam is not doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He feels something for you, too. ... Take the first steps. He's the one for you, Sally girl. I'm sure of it," Shirley said.

Later, Steffy and Liam discussed that Steffy had visited Brooke. Liam wondered what her motivation had been. Steffy said she wanted Brooke to understand that if she left Bill, she might never get him back. Liam was uninterested, and Steffy promised to change the subject. She wished she could go with him on his trip to San Francisco. He wished she would accompany him, also, but he said she wouldn't like the company. He admitted that he'd asked Sally to go with him. Steffy was angry.

Liam reminded Steffy that the architect and others were on non-refundable retainers, and Sally needed the help. Steffy fumed. She wondered why Liam felt he had to do more for Sally even after he had already given Sally a building.

"Why does it have to come from you? Explain that to me," Steffy said. She reminded Liam that he had already done way more than Sally Spectra deserved. Steffy was clearly angry.

Bill flashes back to kissing Steffy Bill flashes back to kissing Steffy
Thursday, October 5, 2017

At Bill's house, Wyatt entered and found Bill in the living room, sliding papers into a shredder. Wyatt asked if his father didn't answer the door anymore. Bill quipped that he didn't answer the phone, the door, or the mail. Too many reporters were trying to get a comment from him about his "early retirement."

Wyatt hoped Bill had told them they'd been misinformed. Bill raged that it was no use because the reporters smelled blood in the water, and the blood was coming from the knife his other son had plunged in his back.

Wyatt was glad to see Bill had a hobby. Bill retorted that he'd go to needlepoint after he finished shredding the tax-sensitive documents. He'd photographed what he needed, and the rest would be shredded. "Because I'm never going to be blindsided again, Wyatt. Never," Bill declared.

Bill asked if Wyatt had seen anyone that day, because Bill sure hadn't. Wyatt noted that he'd seen Eric, but Bill asked about Brooke. Wyatt hadn't seen her. Bill said it was because she was staying away for the sake of appearances, and she had to punish him a bit. Bill asked why he hadn't been able to leave Spectra alone. Bill had learned his lesson, and next time, he'd just let the inevitable happen.

"Ivan the Terrible?" Wyatt asked, picking up an open book. Bill said he and Justin had been researching child/parent ligation. "Oh, it says here Mr. Terrible murdered his son," Wyatt noted, reading the book. Bill was sure Mr. Terrible had been provoked.

Wyatt decided to tell Bill something before he learned it elsewhere. Wyatt revealed that Liam had asked Wyatt to run the company with him. When Wyatt said he'd turned the offer down, Bill called it a wise choice. Wyatt didn't want to do such a thing to his father. Bill said he loved Liam, but if Liam didn't stop the nonsense soon, Bill would make Liam wish he'd never heard Bill's name.

At Spencer, Steffy didn't know how Liam couldn't see the problem with him jetting off with Sally on a business trip. Steffy didn't believe there was anything romantic behind it, but she asked how many times she'd told Liam that Sally was her archenemy. Liam replied that he'd only thought it was a figure of speech, but he questioned what it had to do with him if it wasn't. "You're my husband," Steffy responded.

Liam claimed that taking over Spencer meant something, and it was a part of a plan that was bigger than Steffy and bigger than himself. His obligations to right his father's wrong were separate from his obligations to her as a husband. "I'm sorry. You're taking something personally that has nothing to do with you," he told her.

Steffy was over Liam's new strategy of telling her that his work wasn't any of her business. Liam said he'd just told her not to take it personally. Steffy didn't know how not to when he was propping up the woman whose family had stolen from Steffy's family for decades. Liam claimed that those days were over, and Steffy asked if he thought so because it hadn't happened in a few months. Citing that Liam had given Sally a building, Steffy said he was also giving her architects and engineers, and Steffy wondered when it would be enough.

Liam claimed that when he thought of what it took to make a change, it was easy to explain why the building hadn't been enough. Steffy grimaced. Liam said he'd seen that Spectra had been on the verge of a comeback, and it wouldn't have put Forrester out of business. Liam felt guilty for opening his big mouth to Bill. Steffy said she'd never approved of Bill torching the building.

Liam asked how much restitution it would take to cover the designs, the gowns, the building, and the success Spectra had been about to enjoy. He didn't think he could hand Sally a pile of ashes and wish her luck. Liam said Bill had taken out a monstrous retainer for the shrine to himself, but the skyscraper wouldn't see the light of day anytime soon. Liam asked what was wrong with giving Sally a little bit more of what had been stolen instead of wasting the retainer.

Steffy argued that Sally had never owned that building, and Liam was giving Sally something she'd never had. Steffy reasoned that he could spend every minute of every day, trying to patch up someone's life without even making a dent. Liam guessed she meant that they'd gone down that road with Quinn and Wyatt.

Bypassing the statement, Steffy said she was very disturbed that Liam kept saying he owed Sally when he really owed one person. Liam gave her a look of impatience. Steffy asserted that it wasn't her; it was his father.

Later, Wyatt arrived in the doorway as Liam talked to a reporter about an article he'd written about foodborne diseases. Liam was more interested in the bacteriologist quoted within, and he wished he was reading her story instead. The reporter said Bill didn't like human-interest stories and had said the readers only wanted beauty, sex, fear, and food. Liam asked for a companion piece about the doctor and asked how Marsha was.

Surprised that Liam knew his daughter's name, the reporter said they'd thought they might lose her while waiting for the transplant, but the new healthcare plan covered dialysis. He guessed they had Liam to thank for it. Liam said the plan had needed a facelift.

The reporter left, and Wyatt entered. Wyatt said Liam would make them love him and then follow him off the cliff. Liam asked what cliff it was. Wyatt said it was the "bankrupting of the company after Liam's spending spree" cliff. He added that their father had sent greetings. Liam said it wasn't true and asked if Wyatt had reconsidered the proposal.

Wyatt hadn't, but he had figured out a way for them to be useful. He felt they needed to scout locations for the Spencer Skyscraper, but Liam declared that it would never happen. Wyatt said the plan was to break ground in the spring. Liam asserted that there was nothing he'd done or planned to do in that chair that was as wasteful as that eighteen-hundred-foot eyesore.

Wyatt said it would create hundreds of jobs, and they were too deep in the hole to stop moving forward. He asked if Liam knew how much they were into with Whitman and Associates. Liam said it was the reason he was "making" Sally sit in on a meeting with Whitman and Associates, so they could revamp Spectra instead.

Wyatt asked how far Liam would go for a hard luck case. Liam replied that Sally hadn't been that before Bill had made her into one. Wyatt replied that Liam had given Sally choice real estate. Liam stated that it had been a burned-out building. Wyatt noted that it was in downtown Los Angeles, and Liam had paid twice its worth.

Liam reasoned that they were into Whitman for ten to twelve million dollars. With his thumb, Wyatt signaled to up the figure. "So what?" Liam asked, figuring it was all the more reason to make Whitman work for the money, and that way "we" had something to offer Spectra besides "Sorry we burned down your building. You can have it back now."

Wyatt asked Liam to say he had not told Sally about the cause of the fire. Liam replied that he hadn't. Wyatt asked if all the other people had become Liam's family. Wyatt listed Sally, the reporter who'd just left, the wolves, and the farmers of Uganda. Wyatt said they were Liam's new family, and Liam had no use for his old one.

Liam said he'd asked Wyatt to partner with him. Wyatt corrected that Liam had asked Wyatt to help kick Bill while Bill was down. Wyatt didn't think Liam's wife would be happy about Liam taking a trip with the "Anti-Steffy." Wyatt asked if Liam wanted to lose Steffy or if Liam was just plain stupid.

At Spectra, Sally told Grams that they'd agreed to stop stealing from Forresters, and that included husbands. Grams replied that Sally had agreed, but Grams was still on the fence. Wondering if Sally read the tabloids, Grams said the Forresters never stayed married for long. Grams advised Sally to ask Liam, who published half of them. Dumping spouses was in the Forrester genes, and Grams saw no reason Sally couldn't put her bid in early.

Sally was upset by the immorality. Grams said to just let it happen and added that the man had asked Sally to go away with him. Sally emphasized that it was a business meeting; however, Grams said Sally lit up when she saw Liam. Steffy was a cold fish in Grams's view, and Grams asked how Sally could respect someone who gave no respect in return.

Sally asserted that she didn't always want to be the person Grams wanted her to be. Grams stated that Steffy had tricked Liam into marriage the first time, and Steffy had left him for Paris. Those were just some of the things social media buzzed about regarding Steffy. Sally said that, if it were true, the couple had to be solid to still be together. Grams was ready to pack for Sally and put it to the test. "No, no, no!" Sally yelled.

As Steffy entered, she realized that Sally did know the word. Steffy said she was there to teach Sally when to use it. Sally hustled Grams out of the office and guessed Steffy was unhappy again. Steffy said Sally wouldn't go to San Francisco with Liam.

Sally asked if she had to say aloud that nothing was going on with her and Liam. Steffy didn't think that, but she wanted to know how willing Sally would be to sit back and let people "do" for her. Sally claimed to know nothing about renovations, and Steffy told Sally to hire a contractor.

Sally said she'd intended to. Steffy guessed it had been before Sally had found a cheaper and easier way. Steffy was tired of emotional freeloaders taking advantage of her husband. She challenged Sally to act like a CEO. "Spectra isn't Liam's problem. It's yours. You fix it!" Steffy yelled.

Sally sensed that Liam was doing it out of guilt for what Bill had done before the fire. She knew that Bill wasn't responsible for the fire, but Liam wanted to make up for prior misdeeds. Sally said she'd kept telling Liam it was too much, but she sensed that he wanted her to take the offers. Steffy asked if Sally would accept diamond earrings and a necklace from Liam.

Sally said she wouldn't, but Steffy asked why Sally justified taking a building worth millions. Steffy called Sally a sugar baby who got gifts from men. Sally stated that Steffy was mischaracterizing Sally's slight connection to Liam. Steffy cited that Thomas had given Sally millions, too. Sally said it had gone into producing the new line and asked who'd known it would go up in smoke.

Sally didn't think there was a way to redeem herself in Steffy's eyes. Steffy suggested giving back the gifts, the loans, and the appointments in San Francisco. Sally asked what she'd have left. Steffy replied that Sally would have nothing, just as before. Sally thought it was easy for Steffy to take the moral high ground because Steffy had never faced adversity.

Steffy guessed Sally would keep being a victim and keep leeching off anyone who fell for it. Before leaving, Steffy said she'd thought there was more to Sally than that.

At Bill's house later, Steffy arrived, and Bill asked for a progress reported. Steffy quipped that she had a lack-of-progress report. Bill asked what was wrong with the boy, who'd once listened to her. Disagreeing, Steffy said Liam had spent the first year going in the opposite direction, but Bill had always been on her side. Bill said he'd known her longer. Recalling that Liam had been a selfish brat back then, Bill said it should have been a warning.

Steffy revealed that Liam was taking Sally to San Francisco to meet with Bill's contractors to work on the Spectra building, not Bill's building. Bill asked if it was with his retainer money. Affirming it, Steffy said it was excessive and crazy, but not in light of what Bill had done to precipitate things. Bill yelled that he'd owned his actions already, but he hadn't known it would set up such a brawl with his kid.

Steffy said she and Bill loved Liam. "But you lit this match. Now it's gonna burn," she stated. Bill flashed back to saying the exact same thing to Steffy before they'd passionately kissed.

Bill snapped out of the memory. The look on his face startled Steffy. She hopped up from her seat and asked him what was wrong.

Liam asks Sally not to go to the police Liam asks Sally not to go to the police
Friday, October 6, 2017

At Spencer, Wyatt urged Liam to reconsider making himself an enemy of their father and causing turmoil in his marriage over Sally. Liam was adamant about making up for what Bill had done, and Liam believed that he was doing what was right for the company and the family.

Wyatt was at a loss for words. Liam quipped that it was good because he had to go. Before leaving, Liam said he appreciated the concern, but there was nothing Bill could do to him.

Later, Katie arrived as Wyatt was leaning pensively on the desk. He wondered how she'd known that she was the one person he wanted to see. Katie said she'd swung by and dropped off proofs for another department, but she could swing back out if he was busy. Wyatt instructed her to swing over to him, and the couple kissed.

Katie asked if Liam was off saving the world. Wyatt replied that Liam was only saving Sally, whom Liam had taken on the jet to San Francisco. Katie was surprised to hear it and said she could think of a couple people who would not be okay with it.

Wyatt was worried about his brother. Katie said Liam felt the need to fix everything his father had broken. Wyatt noted that the business had been in Bill's life for longer than Bill's sons had been, and it was like Bill's real firstborn. Wyatt added that Bill had lost it on top of losing Brooke.

Katie recalled that Bill being left stirred Bill's feelings of abandonment. To her, the predicament might be Bill's most difficult challenge. Wyatt had never seen Bill "do difficult." Wyatt had only seen Bill shake it off and go after whoever had hurt him.

It concerned Wyatt that Liam would risk Bill's wrath to be Sally's savior. Though Wyatt and Liam were opposites, Wyatt loved Liam, and it worried Wyatt to watch Liam's innocence and ability to see the greater good slip away. Wyatt said that it was commendable to put on a cap and save Sally, but Liam was paving his path to destruction.

Wyatt stated that no one just took things away from Bill Spencer or sidelined him. Wyatt was afraid that Liam would wind up in the crosshairs of Bill's revenge.

Later, Katie sat in Wyatt's lap. Wyatt said Eric hadn't promised to keep quiet about them. Katie figured Eric would give them notice before telling anyone. They joked about how Bill would respond. Wyatt said it would be nothing in comparison to what Bill would do to Liam, and it was only a matter of time before Bill made Liam pay.

At Spectra, Saul complained to Shirley about not knowing about the San Francisco trip sooner. He said he could have helped prepare a presentation of the things they needed. Shirley seemed tickled as she said Sally had everything she needed. Darlita and Saul could tell Shirley was dying to spill the beans about something, and Shirley cooed about Sally going to the meeting with Liam Spencer.

Saul believed that Shirley was mistaken, but Shirley said Liam and Sally were supposedly going for business. "Supposedly?" Saul repeated. Shirley was sure he'd noticed. Saul asked what he'd noticed. Shirley asked Darlita, who said Sally's face lit up whenever Liam was in the room.

Shirley pulled out her phone to text words of encouragement. Saul raged that it was wrong, and Liam was a married man. Shirley didn't believe that marriage was always a permanent condition and said Liam was going to realize that he'd be lucky to have Sally. Saul felt that any man would be, but he suspected that Steffy Spencer might have something to say about it.

On the Spencer jet, Liam met with Sally. He discussed the great opportunity they had to renovate Spectra or bulldoze and start all over. Though Sally was grateful for the opportunity, she really didn't think she could go on the trip with Liam, who'd done way too much for her already. Sally felt he'd gone beyond anything anyone had ever done for her.

Liam said that Bill had done the untenable. Though Sally agreed, she said it wasn't Liam's job to fix it. She was touched that Liam wanted to make her whole again. "Maybe I should just go back home and lead a simple life," she said. Liam didn't believe she wanted to do that. Sally said that all she knew was that Liam had given her too much.

Liam said that he wanted to help Sally; he needed to. He tried to convince her that the meeting would accelerate things for her, and the firm had already been paid a fortune. He said it would make her better than whole, but she just had to let him help her. Sally said it would be easy to get swept up in his enthusiasm. Liam urged her to do it.

Sally kept going back to the moment she'd discovered the fire and had seen her dreams shattered by a stupid accident. She'd been done, but all of a sudden, there Liam had been with his generosity and incredible spirit to give her a second chance. It had been major, and she wouldn't have the building without him. Sally believed Liam had made up for his father tenfold and didn't owe her anything.

Liam said Sally would be much further along if it hadn't been for Bill. Sally agreed, but she said Bill hadn't started the fire. Sally stated that it had been an accident. Liam stared at Sally, and she asked what else it could have been. In Liam's guilty silence, Sally figured out that it hadn't been an accident, and Bill had had Spectra burned down.

Liam revealed that it was true, and Sally sighed in disillusionment. Liam said he hadn't been able to let Bill get away with sabotaging her again. "But to go against your father..." Sally uttered. Liam replied that Bill hadn't given Liam much of a choice if Liam wanted to live with himself. Liam said that he needed her not to go to the cops or tell anyone.

Sally realized that it was the reason Liam was in control of Spencer. She said Liam had used the fire against Bill to force him out, and the entire thing with her was Liam making up for what Bill had done. Liam explained that it was disgusting that Bill had ruined lives to put his name on another soulless high-rise.

Overwhelmed, Sally exclaimed that no one had ever done anything like it for her, and he had been a godsend to her. She kissed his cheek and hugged him.

At Bill's house, Bill snapped out of a sensual memory of him and Steffy. "Are you okay? You're looking at me like -- I don't know what," Steffy said. Bill claimed he'd been thinking about what she'd told him, and he asked what Liam was thinking to decide to take Sally on a trip.

Bill asked if Steffy had told Liam how she felt about it. Steffy replied that Liam had ignored her wishes and had practically said it wasn't her business. Bill found it disrespectful for a husband to treat his wife that way, and he said he'd never treat Steffy that way.

Steffy didn't want Liam taking the trip and throwing away more money on Sally. Steffy insisted that he'd done enough already. Bill asked what Liam had said, and she replied that Liam felt obligated to right his father's wrongs. Steffy began regurgitating the consequences that had befallen them thanks to Bill, but Bill stopped her, saying he couldn't keep getting beaten up over it. He felt that he'd acknowledged his wrongs, but he couldn't take them back.

Bill asked where things stood. Steffy explained that when she'd been unable to reason with Liam, she'd appealed to Sally. Steffy had said Sally couldn't just take advantage of every man, and instead of being a victim, Sally needed to solve her own problems. Steffy had made it very clear that she didn't want Sally flying with Liam.

Bill doubted Sally would listen, and Steffy said they'd just wait and see. Bill didn't know what had gotten into Liam. Steffy replied that Liam was definitely changing, and nothing was more important to Liam than rebuilding Spectra -- not even Liam's wife. Bill called Liam an idiot.

Steffy realized that she was talking about herself instead of being a friend. Bill likened them to soldiers in the trenches, dodging bullets together. Squeezing her hand, he said he didn't know where he would be without her support, and he appreciated her more than she knew. Steffy said she cared about the family, and she cared about Bill.

Checking her phone, Steffy noted that Liam hadn't messaged her and said it was probably because he was on the jet. "So much for the power of persuasion," she snapped. Bill said it was one stupid move after another with Liam. With Sally around, Steffy felt like she didn't even know her husband anymore. Bill said Sally played the victim, and Liam had "Sucker" stamped on his forehead.

Steffy said Sally was taking advantage of Liam, but Bill stated that one had to be a willing participant. Bill knew it hurt and said Steffy didn't have to hide her feelings. Sobbing, Steffy said her husband was off saving another woman, buying her buildings, and riding her around on his jet. Liam was doing it for a woman he should know Steffy couldn't stand.

"He does know it. He just doesn't care," Bill responded. Bill felt that Liam was betraying them both. Bill was fine with Liam going after him, but Bill stated that Liam should be doing backflips to keep Steffy happy.

Steffy didn't feel like much of a prize. Bill told Steffy that she was a grand prize, a queen, and the total package. He said she should never doubt how extraordinary she was. Steffy said she appreciated it, and Bill replied that he appreciated her. "You deserve a man, but you're married to a mouse!" Bill asserted.

Getting upset, Steffy asked Bill to please not go there about her husband. Bill roared that he was sorry, but he was at the end of his rope with Liam, who wouldn't meet his father in the middle and who'd disrespected his wife. "Well, he's going to pay for this. I will have my revenge," Bill declared.

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