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Liam staged a sit-in at Spectra to save it from demolition, but Bill and Liam's explosive game of chicken turned deadly when Bill imploded Spectra with Sally and Liam in it.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 30, 2017 on B&B
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Liam refuses to let the majority rule Liam refuses to let the majority rule
Monday, October 30, 2017

At Spectra, Shirley entered Sally's office with a handful of invoices, and Sally said to pay them. Shirley asked where Sally's "boy" was. Sally replied that Liam wasn't her boy, and he'd stopped by to tell her that Bill was back at Spencer. Worried, Shirley dropped her stack of invoices.

Cleaning up the papers, Sally asserted that they owned the building, and Bill couldn't hurt them. "Says who? The boyfriend?" Shirley quipped. Sally corrected that Liam was the benefactor, not boyfriend. Shirley saw it written all over Sally's face that Sally was crushing on Liam Spencer, and Shirley wondered how much longer Liam would be married.

Sally denied having a crush on Liam, who'd merely helped her through rough times. Shirley stated that Sally needed the man. "We all do," Shirley said. She believed Steffy would eventually bounce back. Sally insisted that she wasn't a homewrecker, but Shirley said that Sally needed to start seeing Steffy for who Steffy was -- Sally's number one rival.

Later, Shirley pinned a photo printout of Liam on the wall. She said he deserved a spot on the wall of fame after what he'd done for them. Sally said they had no wall of fame and told Shirley to take the photo down. Shirley replied that they were alone, and Sally could be honest.

Sally confided in Shirley that Liam was the greatest man she'd ever met, and he'd turned her life around. Shirley replied that Sally had been let down many times, but she'd finally met a man who treated her with respect, which was a rarity. Sally stated that he was helping to make her dreams happen, and Spectra was back all due to Liam.

At Forrester, Brooke and Steffy checked out Zende's sketches. They were impressed with his growth and the European flare in his work. Brooke remarked that Zende and Nicole were enjoying Paris. Assuming it was quiet at Brooke's house, Steffy asked how Brooke was doing.

Brooke said leaving Bill and filing for a divorce was difficult. Steffy reminded Brooke that she had two men who loved her. "Almost as much as they love themselves," Brooke rejoined. Steffy said that, being a Spencer, she could see that Bill was hurting. Brooke asked what Steffy saw as Ridge's daughter, and Steffy admitted that she'd like to see Brooke and Ridge back together.

Steffy noted that Brooke hadn't filed for divorce yet and asked if Brooke had made a decision. Brooke hadn't. Steffy wondered if it would help to know that Liam and Bill had forgiven each other. Steffy retold the intense moments at Spencer when Bill had arrived to reclaim his business. Steffy hadn't known what Bill would do, but Steffy said it had been beautiful when the men had hugged and reconciled.

Brooke was surprised to hear that Bill had agreed to run the company with his sons. Steffy believed that the number one thing Bill wanted -- besides Brooke -- was peace in the family. Thoughtfully, Brooke repeated the words.

Brooke was impressed and grateful that Steffy had helped the Spencer men reconcile. Steffy said that Bill loved his family, and someone had needed to step in. Brooke admitted that she should have been the one to do it because she'd been married to him. Steffy corrected that Brooke still was married to Bill and would be until she filed the divorce papers.

Brooke expressed that there was a gentle side to Bill. Steffy replied that he wasn't the same man Brooke had walked out on. Though Brooke was grateful for it, she still knew there was a very aggressive and stubborn side to Bill. Steffy believed that Bill had learned his lesson. Brooke hoped so because she wanted the father and son truce to last.

Brooke inquired about things between Steffy and Liam. Steffy said they had their challenges. Brooke assumed that Steffy meant Sally and said Sally hadn't torched a building. Steffy replied that Liam hadn't had to ride to the rescue, either. Brooke said Liam loved to cheer for the underdog, and she hoped the couple was working things out.

Steffy believed the situation had worked itself out, and there wasn't any place for Sally, whose influence over Liam was finally over.

At Spencer, Liam wanted to know what was going on with the skyscraper. He had thought that he, Wyatt, and Bill were supposed to be equals, but Liam felt out of the loop. Bill replied that Liam had left and returned, so he was still in the loop. The only thing that had happened in Liam's absence was that Bill had announced that the skyscraper would go up.

Bill said it would be a landmark moment for the Spencer family. Liam figured that they should find some land for it, and he suggested building in Anaheim. Citing that they already had a building there, Bill declared that "Sky" would be built on the Spectra lot, and he wanted Liam to be on board with it. Liam said the property belonged to Sally, but Bill explained that it belonged to the Spencer trust, like everything else in the company.

Liam agreed that it had been the case before he'd signed it over to Sally. Justin stated that no one could sign over anything from the trust without the trustee's signature. Bill added that Spencer publications owned the building, not Sally.

Liam asked if Bill planned to go back on his word about the three Spencer men running the business. Bill replied that he'd meant every word and didn't intend to change it. Bill even intended to keep a lot of the programs that Liam had implemented in Bill's stead; however, Bill would not give in on "Sky." Wyatt said it was a good compromise -- Liam got his programs, and Bill got his building. "Our building," Bill corrected.

Liam assumed that Spectra would just get the wrecking ball. Bill suggested that Sally relocate. Agreeing, Wyatt said it wasn't like it was the end of Sally's business. Liam asked how Wyatt could be okay with it after all Bill had done to Sally and asked if anyone cared about honor, fairness, and decency. Bill asserted that they all did, including him.

Bill said he was working on himself, but he had a problem with gifting a prime piece of Los Angeles real estate to someone who hadn't earned it. Liam accused Bill of being so frightened by Sally's success that he'd torched her building to ruin her momentum. To Liam, it translated into Bill's confidence that Sally had earned the building.

Liam said that Bill was proud of the way he'd built Spencer himself, but if someone had sabotaged him as he'd sabotaged Sally, none of them would be where they were. Liam believed that Bill owed it to Sally, and Liam didn't intend to let Bill take the building from her.

Later, Bill closed the door after Justin had left, and Liam said he knew he shouldn't have trusted that guy. Bill replied that Justin wasn't the problem. Family was important, and Bill wanted them to stick together on issues "like this." Assuming Bill meant the building, Liam said it had become an obsession to Bill, who'd even given it a name and talked to it like a girlfriend.

As Bill polished the model, Liam stated that it was weird. Wyatt agreed. Bill was okay with being a little weird, and he liked to fly his freak flag. Bill believed the building would make them a major real estate player. They'd employ thousands and increase the value of the surrounding property. Bill said they'd contribute to the growth of downtown Los Angeles, and he asked what was wrong with that.

Liam quipped that it wasn't good for the person who owned it. Bill replied that it was great for the owners, because they owned it, not Sally. Liam said it would be Sally's if Bill signed and notarized the agreement, like Bill knew he should.

That wasn't happening as far as Bill was concerned. He offered to set aside funds to relocate Sally. Liam huffed, and Bill said Liam needed to meet Bill in the middle. Liam replied that Bill could build the thing elsewhere. Liam and Wyatt threw out names of other cities, but Bill roared that he'd had enough.

Bill had looked at it from every angle, and the Spectra spot was the perfect place. Bill knew that it was upsetting to Liam, but he assured Liam that years from then, Liam would see the Spencer name on the building and beam with pride -- as would Liam's wife and children. Liam doubted it because he wouldn't let Bill put the building on the Spectra lot.

Bill insisted that the Spectra building was going down, and he and Wyatt were standing firm on it. Liam asked Wyatt if it was true. Wyatt said that he agreed with some changes that Liam had made, but Bill was right. Liam huffed. Wyatt agreed with Bill that the gift had been way too much. Wyatt also reminded Liam that he knew how his wife felt about Sally.

"Dude, I'll handle my marriage," Liam replied. Liam asked if Wyatt was just going to be Bill's butt-kissing yes-man. Wyatt claimed that he'd disagree whenever he needed to, but that time, he agreed with Bill. Wyatt believed the skyscraper would be their Spencer legacy, and it should be impressive. Liam replied that it was about ethics.

Wyatt replied that they ran an international corporation, not a charity shop. Looking helplessly back and forth between Wyatt and Bill, Liam asked if majority ruled. Bill affirmed it. Liam decided he didn't care about majority. Liam refused to let Bill tear down Spectra Fashions.

Bill wanted their fighting days to be over and said it was time for respect. Liam asked if the respect was for just Bill. Wyatt reminded Liam that they were keeping some of Liam's programs and asked if that was respect enough. Bill said he and Wyatt had compromised, and it was time for Liam to do the same.

Bill declared that he was Liam's father, and the company was Bill's life's work. Bill knew what was best for it and for the family. Liam said Bill had admitted that he'd ruined Sally and asked if it meant that Bill owed her. Bill believed Sally would succeed wherever she landed. Liam contended that Sally wanted to stay where she'd been before Bill had burned it down.

Bill said Liam was fighting against his own father for a woman he barely knew. Wyatt added that it was a family project, and they'd pledged to put family first. Bill argued that Liam was standing in the way of the most significant project for a generation of Spencers because he was enamored with a pretty little redhead.

Liam advised his father to stop it with the "pretty little redhead" routine. To Liam, Sally was a human being whom Bill had treated unfairly and disrespectfully. Bill said the point was taken. He claimed that he was learning from Liam and had even offered to relocate Sally. Bill believed there were limits, and he asked about Liam's loyalty to the family, the company, and the employees.

Bill decided that he was demanding that Liam learn from Bill, too. "Sky" would go up on the Spectra property, and Bill wanted Liam to accept it. Even more, Bill wanted Liam to be a part of the greatest chapter in the family's history. Bill didn't want to go back to warring. He wanted Liam to accept what was happening.

In Bill's mind, Liam had to accept it. Bill asked that Liam be smart and stop with the defense of Sally and Spectra. "Be one of us. Be a Spencer," Bill proposed to Liam.

Steffy confronts Sally Steffy confronts Sally
Tuesday, October 31, 2017
by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt, Bill, and Liam discussed the Spectra property. Bill reminded his sons that he wanted the three of them to run the company together. He added that the Spectra property did not belong to Sally Spectra because of the way Spencer was structured.

Bill said he was willing to relocate the Spectra team, which he originally called "bozos," but he corrected himself. Bill insisted that "Sky is gonna be built." Bill and Wyatt encouraged Liam to accept it. "Or what, guys?" Liam asked. Liam said it sounded like a threat. Bill maintained it was all about family and compromises.

Liam argued that moving Sally was unfair because she was in the middle of reorganizing. Liam reminded his dad and brother that the property was an investment, not a gift. Liam believed that there were many options.

Bill disagreed. "Who are you kidding? That building is coming down," Bill said. Bill added that all Sally had to move was a few mannequins and sewing machines. Liam responded that he didn't understand how their reconciliation was going to work, and he wanted to know if Bill had ever meant any of what he had said.

Liam wanted Bill to put himself in Sally's shoes. Bill maintained he had become a more compassionate person, "but the sky is going up." Bill explained that the skyscraper was no ordinary skyscraper, and its construction was nonnegotiable. Liam understood that Bill had made a decision, and Bill had Wyatt to side with him when the three of them voted.

Justin entered and announced to Bill that "everything is set to have Spectra flattened whenever you're ready. Permits are in order." Bill told Justin to leave and that he would speak to Justin later. Liam shook his head and was angry.

Bill said he would send a team "to help Sally pack up all her junk." Wyatt defended his dad and said he had tried his best. Liam lamented that they were taking the heart out of Spectra after Bill had already burned it down.

"I'm sorry, son," Bill said. He explained that Liam was going to have to compromise, as well. Liam suggested that he would go to Sally and propose one year in the current building with location help after that and a loan arrangement with a fixed percentage. He insisted it was win-win for everybody. Liam looked at Wyatt and said they needed to consider that restitution to Sally would be in the millions due to the damages Spencer had caused. Bill was impatient and said to put it to a vote.

Wyatt voted with his father. Liam couldn't believe what they had done. Bill said it was the new reality and ordered Liam to tell Sally to start packing. "Spectra's coming down, son," Bill said. Liam countered that he would stop Bill.

At Spectra, Saul and Darlita joined Sally in her office, and they were dressed in costumes. They discussed attending a party later, and Sally told them they were adorable. Darlita said that the new sewers had made the costumes and had one for Sally as well. Darlita ordered Saul to turn his back, and she helped Sally into her costume.

Sally looked in a mirror and saw that she was dressed as a princess. She noted that she was competing with Steffy, the true princess.

Steffy entered. "Well, well, aren't you all festive," Steffy said. "From one princess to another," Sally replied. Sally encouraged Saul and Darlita to wrap up their work so they could all attend the party later. They left.

Steffy said she'd had a quick tour of the building, and she noted that the fashion house was back in business. Sally said she had twelve designs. Steffy picked up a portfolio, and Sally stopped her. "We don't want Forrester stealing from Spectra," she teased. Steffy noted that Spectra had moved quickly because of her husband's help. Sally agreed and said that Spencer had righted a wrong. She let Steffy know that she had figured out that Bill Spencer had had the fire set.

Steffy was surprised, but Sally knew that Steffy had known. Steffy didn't condone what Bill had done, but she reminded Sally that Sally had stolen from the Forrester family.

Sally said she appreciated Steffy's husband for being a "kind decent man." Steffy noticed a picture of Liam on the wall behind Sally. Sally explained that her grandmother had done it. "She was just goofing around," Sally said.

Steffy maintained that Liam had gone overboard in helping Sally, but it was over. Sally wondered if Steffy was jealous, but Steffy sneered that Sally was "not even in my league." Steffy warned Sally to steer clear of Liam. "Stop leaning on Liam," she said. Sally said she was grateful to Liam. "Don't try for more," Steffy advised, and she left.

Liam prepares to defy his father again Liam prepares to defy his father again> Liam prepares to defy his father again Liam prepares to defy his father again
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Bill paced, and Steffy entered his office. She said she had a company to run and wondered what he wanted. He said he wasn't having fun running his company because of Liam. Steffy wanted an explanation, but she saw the statue of Sky in the room and asked why it was there. Bill explained that he was going ahead with his project. Bill said he would be building on the Spectra site as soon as he could, with demolition crews ready to go. Steffy argued that Liam had given the Spectra building to Sally.

Bill explained that the sale had not been authorized, so Liam did not have the power to sell the property. Steffy was surprised, and she was upset that Bill and Liam were fighting again.

Bill maintained that he owned the property, but Steffy said that Sally knew Bill had been behind the fire. Bill didn't care because there was no evidence. Bill complained that Liam wanted to give Spectra a year to move. "Liam isn't like you and me," Bill said. He worried that Liam didn't appreciate the jobs and development his skyscraper would bring to the area. Bill joked that the mayor might give him a key to the city. Or Bill might even become mayor.

Steffy wanted to know what had happened to the breakthrough Liam and Bill had achieved. Bill said Liam had lectured him on the Spectra building's legacy and that Liam had defended Spectra needing its building even though Bill had offered a compromise -- to find another building and help Spectra relocate immediately. "I'm trying to be fair and decent," Bill said of the compromise he had suggested to Liam.

Bill was angry that Liam had become too involved in the success of Spectra. Bill concluded that Spectra was too important to Liam, and Bill questioned why Liam was so interested in Sally. "What exactly are you implying?" Steffy asked. Bill wondered if there was another reason for Liam's interest in Sally. Steffy said that her husband was trying to help Sally. Bill and Steffy agreed that Sally was getting too attached to Liam. Steffy explained that she had already visited Sally to discuss that. Bill decided that Sally had caused too many problems for his family, and he wanted to get rid of Spectra.

At Spectra, Shirley admired designs that Sally had done and claimed they were better than anything in the previous collection. Shirley said Liam had helped to ensure the future of Spectra, and the collection would turn the business around. Sally and Shirley agreed they had a lot riding on the new collection.

Sally reviewed designs. Liam entered and broke the news that his dad had retaken ownership of the building. Sally argued that she had already hired more employees, and she'd promised to repay every penny of the loan. Sally didn't understand how it had happened. She was worried that the building was her Aunt Sally's legacy. Sally said she couldn't take it anymore. She blamed Bill for all his lies, bad reviews, and the fire. "I just can't keep doing this -- fighting and losing," she said. Sally wondered why Bill hated her so much.

Liam said that Bill had nothing against Sally. Bill was obsessed with his building. Sally said she kept getting so close, but something always prevented her from succeeding.

Shirley, Darlita, and Saul entered and announced that Spectra had a call for an interview and preview of the new line, but Sally and Liam shared the bad news about the building. Shirley, Darlita, Sally, and Saul agreed they couldn't relocate before the new line was out. There just wasn't time.

"This building is my sister's' legacy," Shirley said. She refused to leave. Liam noted that it might work. They could stage a peaceful protest -- a sit-in. Liam said that Bill wouldn't listen to him anymore, but if they all participated, it might work.

Shirley, Darlita, Sally, and Saul agreed to protest and not let Bill take down the building. Darlita and Saul left, and Liam left. Sally worried to Shirley that it was dangerous, and she worried they were all risking their lives.

Sally couldn't believe Liam was so committed. She noted that he always fought for what was right. Sally added that Liam had nothing to gain and would put his job and his relationship with his father in jeopardy. Shirley said that Liam was doing it for Sally.

At home, Liam walked into the bedroom, and Steffy cooed that he had just missed a chance to take a shower with her. They kissed and discussed Bill's most recent takeback of the Spectra property. Liam claimed his dad had played him and tricked him into backing down to what Bill called a compromise. Liam said he'd had to break the news to the Spectra team, and they were "shellshocked."

Steffy argued that Bill had offered to relocate Spectra and move it to a newer facility that didn't need to be updated. She put a positive spin on the news because Bill wasn't trying to put Spectra out of business.

Liam countered that Spectra was in the middle of production on a new line with new employees. Moving would mean losing time and money that would mean missed deadlines on a line that had a lot of potential. Liam believed Spectra needed to stay put and plan a long-term move. He told Steffy about the sit-in that would prevent Bill from destroying the building. Liam planned to pack and camp out with the Spectra team to prevent Bill from tearing down the building.

Steffy told Liam to stop. Liam defended Spectra's attachment to the building as a family legacy. Steffy was angry. Liam said his defense of Spectra was about fairness and doing the right thing. Steffy refused to allow Liam to risk lives -- especially his own -- for Spectra because Bill planned to dynamite the building. "I'm not gonna let you do that," Steffy shouted. Liam glared at her.

Liam and Bill play an explosive game of chicken Liam and Bill play an explosive game of chicken
Thursday, November 2, 2017

At Forrester, Steffy was still adamant that Liam not stage a sit-in at Spectra. Bill planned to demolish the building that very day. Liam said it wouldn't happen with him and the Spectras in it. Steffy let him know that she'd seen Sally, and Steffy didn't know how he'd been able to tell Sally about Bill's part in the fire. Liam replied that Sally had just figured it out. Steffy said he could have denied it, but he asserted that he wouldn't lie for his father.

Steffy hadn't liked seeing Liam's picture on Sally's wall, either. Liam stammered that it was something Sally's weird grandmother had done. Steffy believed that Sally had a crush on Liam, and by spending time with Sally, Liam was making it worse. Liam claimed that Steffy was the only woman for him, and there was nothing between him and Sally.

Liam didn't know why he'd kidded himself about Bill changing. In Liam's view, Bill would do or say anything to get what he wanted. Liam believed he had a way to stop Bill, and stop Bill was what Liam would do. Liam kissed Steffy and rushed out. She called after him, to no avail.

After a while, Wyatt arrived. He was looking for Katie. The dismal Steffy hadn't seen Katie. Wyatt noticed Steffy's mood and guessed it had to do with the Spectra demolition. Steffy said Liam was too involved, and all he thought about was how to rescue Sally.

It was making Liam reckless, and it really worried Steffy. She clarified that she didn't mean "involved" on an intimate level, but the lengths he'd gone to had been inappropriate. Wyatt understood her concern but said there was nothing Liam could do at that point.

Mirthlessly, Steffy announced that Liam's new plan was a sit-in. Wyatt was stunned that his brother had convinced those people to stay in a building that was about to implode. Steffy said they wouldn't be alone because Liam was joining them. She loved her husband, but she felt that he was going way too far, and though she understood and admired what kind of man her husband was, Steffy questioned the fact that Liam was doing it all for Sally Spectra.

At Spencer, Alex filled Bill in on the status of the demolition. Alex's crew had pre-weakened the building and placed the explosive chargers. The building would fall on the east side of the property. Bill said that, when he gave the word, he wanted Alex to "demo" the building into nothing but dust and memory. To "Sky," Bill stated nothing would stop her from going up.

Later, Justin was with Bill, who was staring at the skyscraper model. Justin said it had to feel good to have nothing standing in the way. Just then, Liam arrived, and Bill told Liam to say what he needed to say. Liam knew that they could find a better solution, and Liam asked Bill to work with him instead of destroying the Spectra building.

Justin wordlessly exited. Liam said that Bill could build a skyscraper tall enough to see from Santa Monica, but he could do it in a year. Liam argued that the time was nothing to Bill, but the time could make or break Sally. Bill said Liam hadn't listened to a word Bill had said about what was involved in a project of that magnitude. He'd already agreed to relocate Sally anywhere within reason, something she could never do on her own. Liam said it wasn't about money. It was about family legacy, and he knew Bill could appreciate family legacies.

Liam said Sally should be able to relaunch in the spot where it had all begun, and if Bill wanted to make it right, that was the way to do it. Bill quipped that if he cared for sentiment, he'd put out a line of greeting cards. Bill insisted that Sally could design anywhere else, but the lot belonged to Sky. Liam whispered that Bill wasn't budging.

Bill yelled that he had budged. Even though it was against his better judgment, Bill offered to budge even more. He said he'd put Spencer's full support behind Sally's relaunch and have Jarrett write comeback stories. Liam said it was all good until Wyatt and Bill voted it down later. Bill offered to put it in writing and notarize it. "You can stamp it on your forehead!" Bill roared.

Liam thought it was almost funny. Bill was over the matter and insisted he was building "Sky" on that location. Liam had thought he could reason with Bill on behalf of the person Bill had wronged so egregiously that Bill would be in prison if anyone found out about it. Liam whined that Bill didn't care about any of those people, so Bill could do what he had to do and demolish the building. Liam said Bill should know that he'd have to take Liam down with it.

Bill asked what that meant. Liam said the Spectras were staging a sit-in, and Liam planned to join them. Bill hysterically laughed at the idea. He asked if Liam would tattoo a peace sign on his "ass" while he was at it. Bill figured Liam was living in a time warp.

Liam claimed that people of conscience held sit-ins all the time, and it was what they did when oppressed. Bill guessed he was the oppressor. Agreeing, Liam said Bill had bullied the Spectras. Sally was completely at Bill's mercy, and Bill had never shown any mercy. Liam believed that was what oppression was. "That's what business is, son," Bill countered.

Bill conveyed that he hadn't always been king of the mountain. There had been a time when sharks had tried to eat Bill alive and take everything Bill had. Bill hadn't had anyone there to fight his battles, and no one had shown him any mercy. Bill yelled that he was willing to do it. Bill asked why he was willing to do it and answered himself, saying it was because he'd heard his own son. Bill said he'd been willing to pay for the relocation, and he'd already gotten her place all packed up for her.

Liam stated that Bill owed Sally more than that. "No, I don't, and I'm not giving her another year!" Bill roared back. Liam asked what Bill expected Liam, who felt passionately about righting the wrong, to do. Tapping his head, Bill said it was easy -- Liam needed to think. Bill suggested that Liam remember who he was and that Spencers were loyal to each other above all else. Liam disagreed that it was that way if something went against what he believed in.

Liam asked again what Bill expected of Liam, and Bill said nothing less than family loyalty. Liam replied that he didn't agree with such a thing and never had. Liam guessed that Bill didn't know his son. Liam didn't want to be at war and had thought they were beyond it. Bill argued that they had been, especially with all he'd done to compromise. Bill didn't want to be at war, either.

Bill urged Liam to stop worrying about Spectra's legacy and start worrying about his own. Bill believed "Sky" would benefit them for generations. Bill felt that Liam should embrace "her" and be proud of "her." Liam refused to let Bill decimate the little hope that "these people" had left. Liam accused Bill of taking Sally's confidence, destroying her love life, and torching her building.

"Now you want to take what's left? That's not fair. And you know that's not fair," Liam said. He planned to be in the building with the Spectras. Bill said there was nothing Liam could do. The explosives were already in place. Liam decided that Bill would have to blow Liam up, too. Liam walked out, and Bill growled in frustration.

At Spectra, Sally, Shirley, Saul, and Darlita sneaked into Sally's vacant office. Darlita wondered what had happened to all their stuff, and Saul guessed that Spencer moved quickly.

Later, Saul told the group that the sewing machines were gone, and so was everything else. Sally didn't want the group to feel obligated to stay. It would be dangerous to do the sit-in, and at the very least, they could get arrested. Shirley, Darlita, and Saul committed to standing by Sally. Sally said the sit-in was a long shot, but it might work.

The Spectra crew set up their pallets and chairs in the empty office. Sally said it was dangerous to be there, and they'd probably be put out eventually. It reminded Shirley of the sixties. Darlita felt like a revolutionary. Saul said they were in it with Sally until the end.

Alex arrived with some construction workers and was upset to see the group in the building. After Sally identified herself, he told her that she and her people needed to get out because they were demolishing the building. Sally joked that she was looking forward to the show. "Excuse me?" Alex said. Sally asserted that they weren't leaving.

Alex didn't think they understood that he was talking about live explosives. "Hell, no! We won't go!" Shirley yelled. Darlita said they were having a "sit-down" with bottled water and frozen dinners. Shirley asked if Darlita had brought frozen food. Darlita explained that it would take time to thaw and would last longer.

Alex said Bill Spencer wanted the building gone by that evening. Sally replied that she couldn't control what Bill wanted, but she could control how she reacted to it. She claimed that the building was her legacy, so she'd go down with it if she had to.

After Alex and his crew had gone, time ticked by, and the foursome wondered what they'd do if the construction crew tried to carry them out of there. Sally hoped it wouldn't get that bad because Liam was involved. Saul asked why Liam wasn't there yet. Just then, Liam arrived.

Liam said the construction crew was checking their explosives. They'd tried to stop him from entering, but he'd blown them off. Liam said he'd told his father about the sit-in. Sally figured that was it then. She said Bill didn't care about the Spectras, but he wouldn't blow up the building with Liam inside. Liam shrugged nervously.

Outside, Bill was in an area near the Spectra building. Justin arrived, excited about the big moment. Justin had gotten some cigars and exclaimed that the next step was, "Ka-boom! Groundbreaking ceremony, baby!"

Bill wished he could enjoy it, but roadblocks kept getting in his way. Bill explained that Liam had convinced the Spectras to stage a sit-in. "In there? With demolition about to begin?" Justin exclaimed, pointing at the building. Bill said his bleeding heart son was participating in it.

Justin received a call from someone who said Liam had darted into the building. Justin asked what Bill wanted to do. Bill wanted to show that he meant business and ordered Justin to cut the power.

Back inside, the power went out, and Sally asked what message Bill was sending. Liam said Bill wasn't backing down. Sally refused to believe Bill would blow up the building with his own son in it. Saul said it had escalated to a dangerous situation, but Sally asked Liam to say Bill wouldn't blow up the building with them inside it. Liam said nothing. Sally asked what they should do.

Bill realizes that he made a deadly mistake Bill realizes that he made a deadly mistake
Friday, November 3, 2017

At Forrester, Steffy and Wyatt were concerned about what was going on at the Spectra building. Steffy said Liam hadn't contacted her back, and Wyatt suggested that she call his brother. When she did, Liam answered, and she asked him to say he wasn't going through with the protest.

Liam explained that he was there, the place was wired with explosives, and his father had just cut off the power. Steffy urged him to get out of there, but he said he was fighting for a cause. "Sally Spectra?" Steffy replied. Liam knew Steffy didn't want to hear it, but it was so. She asked him not to go through with it, and he wished she was more supportive, even proud, of him.

Steffy replied that she just didn't have a good feeling about things and begged Liam to get out of there. He promised her that everything would be fine. He said he loved her and would call later. Steffy blinked in disbelief when she called his name, but he had just clicked off the line.

Later, Wyatt and Steffy discussed Liam remaining in the wired building with no power. Wyatt believed that Bill and Liam were trying to see who'd flinch first. Wyatt believed that Bill was trying to get Liam to back down. Steffy said that Bill could be very stubborn. Wyatt felt the same way about Liam.

Steffy was worried about it; however, Wyatt was sure one of the men would cave, and they'd all have a good laugh about it at the holidays. She wished she had his optimism. Wyatt said he knew his father and brother, and the men would find a way to work it out.

Steffy became worried about explosives accidentally going off. Wyatt tried to calm her and offered to call his father. Steffy asked if Bill would listen to Wyatt, and Wyatt doubted it. She didn't understand Bill choosing a building over his son. Wyatt believed that Bill put family first, but the problem was that Bill thought the building was in the family.

Convinced that something bad was going to happen, Steffy grabbed her purse and rushed out.

Outside at Spectra, Bill ranted to Justin about the merry band of protesters inside the Spectra building that he'd had a crew wire with explosives for demolition. Justin asked what Bill would do. Bill didn't intend to be stopped and insisted that the old relic tumble down that very day.

Liam was on Bill's last nerve, even though Bill sort of admired Liam rooting for the underdog. Justin added that it was fine, as long as it didn't get in their way. In Justin's view, Liam seemed pretty devoted to Sally. Bill replied that, sooner or later, it would bite Liam "in the ass."

Later, Bill was alone and pacing when Alex approached to let Bill know it was all set for whenever he was ready. Bill said his son was still in there, and Alex asked if they should call it off. Bill declined to do so and said the building would go down that day. Alex walked off, and Bill pulled out his phone to make a call.

Inside the Spectra building, Liam received a call from Bill, who wanted to work things out. Liam was willing to do so, as long as retaining the building was a part of the deal. Bill said he'd already offered to relocate the fashion house at his own expense, and they'd be in a better building.

Claiming it was the principle of the matter, Liam refused to let Bill level what was essentially the Spectra home. Bill cited that it was an old building, and it was falling apart. Liam claimed that it had history, and it was their legacy. Liam refused to leave, and he hoped that if Bill planned to take the building down, he was prepared to do it with Liam inside. Liam hung up the call on Bill.

Sally assumed Bill wasn't backing down, and the flustered Shirley wondered what she'd gotten herself into. Darlita said she didn't want to die that day, and she had things she wanted to do with her life. Saul replied that if he'd die that day, he needed to delete his Internet history.

Sally said they wouldn't die there, and Liam told them that they could leave at any time. As for Liam, he intended to see it through because he believed in making the point peacefully. He said the Spectras wouldn't be Bill's last casualties unless Liam taught Bill the lesson that greed and power had limits and that destroying lives wasn't a legitimate business model.

Liam proclaimed Spectra as "your" legacy and history. He'd "be damned" if he'd see it turned into a graveyard over one man's ego. Sally told her crew that they could leave if they were scared, but even though she was afraid, she was staying because she was more afraid of what would happen if they didn't stand up to Bill. Sally planned to stay until the end.

Back outside, Alex offered to call the police to arrest the protesters, but Bill felt there had to be a better way to handle it. Alex said they could reschedule, but Bill replied that the building would be dirt that day. Justin wanted to make sure Liam got out safely. Bill said it went without saying.

Alex offered to start on an outbuilding that wasn't connected to the main building. It was the warehouse, located about two hundred feet from the main building. Bill instructed Alex to blow it up and hoped it would be enough to scare the squatters out of his building. Bill asked Justin to watch the back door and let Bill know when they ran out.

Justin grabbed a hard hat off a table and left. Bill said to give them a jolt, and Alex left.

Back in the building, the protesters wondered why things had been quiet for a while. Liam and Sally didn't think they should get their hopes up, but Saul believed the silence meant that they'd won. He, Shirley, and Darlita grew excited, and Shirley wanted to celebrate with a drink.

Just then, an explosion rocked the building, and debris-filled smoke plumed outside the window. The three screamed in terror and headed for the door. Liam stopped them and said it was okay because it was over. Liam stated that they were still there, and the building was still standing. He asked if everyone was okay. "No! We gotta go outside!" Saul yelled.

Sally asked what had just happened. Liam believed his father was trying to scare them. Saul said it had worked, and they had to get out of there. Darlita, Saul, and Shirley ran out of the office. Sally told Liam that they needed to go, too, because it wasn't worth it. She said she was sorry to her Aunt Sally, and she and Liam went into the lobby with the others.

Saul, Darlita, and Shirley couldn't call the elevator because there was no power. They decided to take the stairs, and as they left, Sally told them that she'd be right behind them. Sally had a flashback of all her times in the building with Saul, Darlita, and Shirley.

Shirley snapped Sally out of it by yelling at her that she needed to get her butt in gear. Liam stated that they should go. Everyone left through the stairwell door.

Back outside, Bill was satisfied that he'd scared the squatters out. From Justin's post, Justin saw Saul, Darlita, and Shirley exit the building. He called to tell Bill. Bill asked about Sally and Liam. Justin saw them next and said everyone was exiting. Bill asked if they were at a safe distance. Justin watched the group run for a while and then affirmed it. Bill grinned. He clicked off the call and told Alex, "Let's do it."

On the other side of the building, Liam stopped running and told Sally that he couldn't let his father keep doing it to her. Liam was going back in to make his stand. Sally said she was going with him, but he told her that it was too dangerous. She insisted. Liam shrugged anxiously and ran back into the building. Sally followed.

Saul, Darlita, and Shirley had stopped running, and as they caught their breath, Saul asked where Sally and Liam were. Shirley got upset and tried to run back to the building, but Saul held her back, saying they couldn't go back.

Justin looked through binocular and located Saul, Darlita, and Shirley. He panicked when he didn't see Liam. Justin frantically called and text-messaged Bill. Unbeknownst to Justin, Bill had put on soundproof headphones to protect his ears from the blast.

On Bill's side of the building, Alex handed Bill a detonator. Bill grinned. Steffy ran onto the scene just as Bill flipped the switch. The explosives rumbled, and the building crumbled into an enormous cloud of dust.

Car alarms blared. Shirley fell to the ground, sobbing. Justin winced at the sight of it.

"Just like that, Sky is born," Bill said, chuckling. He handed Alex the controller. Bill heard his phone whistle. When his checked it, his smile faded. There was a message from Justin, urging Bill to stop because Liam and Sally were still in the building. "No!" Bill screamed in horror.

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