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Ridge approved the relaunch of HFTF, and Liam and Thorne joined Hope's team. Bill told Sally to get lost, and Sally aimed a gun at Bill and fired. Wyatt asked Katie to be his wife.
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Hope and Thorne accept Ridge's offer Hope and Thorne accept Ridge's offer
Monday, February 19, 2018

At the hospital, Liam and Steffy marveled at the sonogram photo. Liam had been hoping they'd have a girl. Steffy said the child had been made in love, and even if Steffy didn't deserve forgiveness, the little girl did. Steffy asked Liam to forgive her for the sake of their daughter.

Steffy didn't want to ruin the moment, and she hated the tension between them. She hated that she'd ruined the family and had hurt the little girl before she'd gotten there. Liam asked her not to think that way. He said they'd find a way for it not to affect the child's life. Steffy replied that they knew that it would affect the baby, but they could change it. She asked Liam to let them be a family for their little girl.

Later, Dr. Phillips was filling Steffy in on taking folic acid. Liam mentioned that he'd discovered that it was good for brain development. Dr. Phillips was glad that Liam was taking an active role and said Steffy would need him to treat her with extra special care. The doctor could tell that Liam was doing a good job thus far because Steffy was doing great, and the baby was healthy and doing well. Dr. Phillips congratulated them and exited.

Steffy said she hadn't put Dr. Phillips up to saying the baby needed Liam, but the baby did. Steffy stated that she and the baby both needed him. She was grateful Liam had attended the appointment. Liam said it was one of those days one never forgot, but he'd almost missed it.

Liam promised to be there for their daughter no matter what happened. Steffy didn't doubt him. She could see what the baby meant to him. He stated that it had all become real to him that day. He knew that it hadn't been an easy time for them, but he also understood he wasn't the one who had to eat right and stay healthy through it. He was proud of Steffy for doing all she could to take care of the baby, despite all that was going on.

Steffy said she was trying her best to give the child a calm, loving environment, but it was hard being away from Liam. She decided that she had to ask if, at some point before the baby was born, they could live together as the family they'd always wanted to be.

Later, Steffy and Liam prepared to leave the office. Steffy decided that Liam should have the sonogram photo because she had the baby with her all the time. Liam agreed to take it. Steffy said she believed in them and the future they wanted for their daughter. She believed they could make it work. She said he could take his time, but he should know that she was thinking of him and loving him more than she ever had.

Steffy asked Liam to promise he'd think about what she'd said, their daughter, and the family their daughter deserved. Liam replied that it was all he thought about. He wanted to forgive her. He wished he could. He wished that night had never happened. He believed in forgiveness and second chances. He was doing his best, but it was in his head. He couldn't get over it yet.

Steffy noted that Liam had said he couldn't yet, which meant there was still a chance. Liam asked her not to read into it, but she said she had to hold onto to it for them, their baby, and their future. She said she loved Liam, and she always would.

At Katie's house, Thorne pressed Katie into the sofa and plied her with kisses. He advised her to stop thinking about Wyatt and to start thinking about moving on. Katie pulled Thorne closer and kissed him. After a few moments, she made him sit up, and she said she couldn't.

Thorne stated that they could slow things down a bit, and doing so would give them something to look forward to. Katie thanked him and was glad they were on the same page. She just wasn't ready so soon after Wyatt had ended things.

Thorne received a message from Ridge, who wanted to meet with Thorne at the office. Thorne decided to leave. Thorne told Katie not to think about Wyatt while Thorne was gone.

At Forrester, Ridge met with Hope, whom he'd invited to the office to thank for supporting Liam and Steffy. Hope said that the child was all that mattered. Ridge noted that Liam had shown up for the ultrasound, and Hope replied that it seemed to be a good sign. It was a good time for Liam and Steffy, and Hope was rooting for them.

Ridge stated that Hope was a remarkable woman, and being so was what had led him to decide to rerun the numbers on reviving HFTF. He had no doubt she'd make the line a success again. Gasping, Hope asked if he was serious. Ridge was serious, and he asked what her answer was. Hope exclaimed that she'd do it. She thanked him again and again.

Ridge wanted to support Hope in any way he could, but he didn't have the time to design for the line. Hope said she could put together a team. Ridge said he had already given thought to it.

Just then, Thorne arrived. He asked what Ridge had wanted from him. Ridge said that Thorne had returned to town to join the design team. Ridge had reviewed Thorne's designs again and had decided that they were good. Ridge corrected himself, saying they were better than good, which had been why the Aly line had worked in Europe.

Thorne quipped that it had to have been hard for Ridge to say. Ridge replied that Thorne had no idea. Ridge explained that Hope wanted to revive HFTF, and since their most experienced and talented designer was unavailable, Ridge had thought Thorne, a slightly younger and less experienced designer, could help Hope. Thorne guessed it was Ridge's way of asking Thorne to design for Forrester Creations. Ridge asked what Thorne thought of the idea.

Thorne said it was a definite agreement. Hope and Ridge were glad Thorne was on board. Hope thought of all the movements and causes they could tap into. She couldn't wait. Ridge advised her to get started. She thanked Ridge again and told Thorne that she'd call him with concepts.

Hope left, and Thorne expressed his excitement. Ridge was glad because he hadn't known if Thorne would be into it. Thorne said he'd returned to town with pride for what he'd already done, and he'd been eager to make an impact at Forrester. Thorne stated that he'd actually wanted to get along with Ridge. Ridge quipped that Thorne had had a strange way of showing it.

Thorne admitted that he'd had a chip on his shoulder. "But then, you asked me to be your best man," Thorne stated. He added that Ridge had just given Thorne the opportunity to design, so Ridge might not be that bad, after all.

Ridge joked that he was glad Thorne had realized what a great guy Ridge was. Ridge said he could have handled things better when Thorne had returned, but Ridge hadn't wanted to do so. Ridge apologized for it and thanked Thorne for standing up for him. Ridge handed Thorne a gift bag and said it was something he thought Thorne should have.

In the bag was Stephanie and Eric's engraved martini shaker. Thorne said their parents had known how to have a good time. Ridge replied that it was a reminder not to take life so seriously. Thorne said their mother would appreciate them getting along. Ridge quipped that Stephanie was probably taking credit as they spoke.

Ridge urged Thorne to read the card with the gift. "Dear Big Brother, use this in good health. Cheers, Ridge,'" Thorne read. "Big brother, huh?" Thorne asked. He said it was okay for Ridge to just call him brother. Ridge told Thorne that he was glad his brother was home. Thorne replied that he was glad to be there.

Steffy thanks Hope for her help Steffy thanks Hope for her help
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
by Pam

At Forrester, Ridge and Steffy celebrated that Steffy's sonogram had revealed that she would have a little girl. "I'm having a little granddaughter," Ridge announced. He wondered how Liam had reacted after he'd heard the news. Steffy said it had clearly meant the world to Liam.

Steffy was happy that Liam had attended the ultrasound. She was elated that Liam had seen their daughter for the first time "and we were together." She added that it had made an impact, and although Liam was not ready to forgive her, he had said "not yet." That gave her hope.

Ridge agreed with Steffy. He said that it was special for a man to share time with the woman who was carrying his child. "He'll come around," Ridge encouraged.

At Liam's hotel room, he and Wyatt celebrated that Liam and Steffy would have a daughter. Wyatt teased that they needed to raid the mini bar to celebrate. Wyatt asked what it was like to see his baby on the screen. Liam credited Hope for her encouragement to attend the ultrasound. Liam said that someday his daughter would be taking on the world.

Wyatt asked if seeing his daughter had changed Liam's opinion of reuniting with Steffy. Liam said his issue was that he couldn't get the image of their dad and Steffy together out of his head. "I can't be pressured on this," Liam said. Wyatt understood. He said that their dad deserved every ounce of anger that Liam had.

Wyatt also decided to admit that he would not leave the company in support of Liam because someone had to stay and help with the business. Liam understood and called Wyatt "the heir apparent."

Wyatt argued that someone had to keep the business going, but Liam changed the subject. Discussion turned to Katie, and Wyatt admitted that they had broken up. He told Liam that he had seen Katie kissing Thorne after Ridge and Brooke's wedding. Liam wondered what had happened to the idea of a "no-strings" relationship.

Wyatt understood and admitted he was confused about what he wanted in the relationship. Wyatt and Liam drank beer, and Wyatt encouraged Liam to get out of the hotel and get back into life -- Liam needed some sun and fresh air because the room was starting to stink.

Liam laughed and said that Hope had said the same thing. Liam said that he and Hope had discussed that he might join Hope in reviving the Hope for the Future line at Forrester.

Wyatt was surprised, but Liam said that Ridge had given the project a green light. Liam hoped to work on the philanthropic side of the brand. Wyatt noted that Hope continued to help Liam through some tough times. Liam agreed.

Wyatt left, and Liam looked at the ultrasound photo and flashed back to seeing his daughter for the first time. He recalled sharing it with Steffy and smiled.

At Forrester, Hope, Maya, and Rick met. "Hope for the Future is back," Hope announced. "How did you get Ridge to agree to that?" Rick asked. Hope said she'd reminded Ridge how passionate she was about the line, and they'd discovered that the numbers supported a revival. Hope called it her baby.

Hope added that Thorne would be working on designs with her. Rick was again surprised that Thorne and Ridge rarely saw eye to eye. Hope agreed, but she was glad to have Thorne on her team.

Rick wondered if the fashion world would accept Hope for the Future, but Hope noted that the brand still had a following in the fashion world and with social outreach. Maya agreed. She and Rick left, and Steffy entered.

Steffy asked if Hope was busy, and Hope said she was working on reviving the Hope for the Future line. Steffy said it was a good idea. Steffy thanked Hope for her influence on Liam to attend the ultrasound. Hope was happy that Liam had attended. Steffy announced that the ultrasound had revealed that she and Liam were going to have a baby girl. Hope smiled and said she was happy. Hope hugged Steffy and said she was happy for both Liam and Steffy.

Steffy said it was an exciting time and would be karmic payback that she would probably get a daughter who was just like her. Hope noted that it didn't matter what the baby's gender was. Steffy agreed, and she added that their little girl would have Liam wrapped around her little finger. Steffy thanked Hope multiple times for encouraging Liam to attend the ultrasound.

Steffy admitted that it wasn't enough to convince Liam to return to Steffy, but she felt there was hope because Liam had said "not yet" when asked if he was ready to forgive. Hope agreed it was good sign and indicated that he only needed more time. Steffy hoped he could work through it. She again thanked Hope for her influence over Liam.

Steffy and Hope discussed that Hope for the Future was back and that it had been Ridge's idea. Steffy said that Hope would have her full support. Hope encouraged Steffy to have faith in Liam.

Hope said that Liam would never abandon his family. Steffy agreed and said that after everything they'd been through, she marveled that Hope still supported and encouraged Steffy to pursue Liam.

Outside the office, Pam, Maya, and Rick discussed that Steffy was back. Maya and Rick wondered what had happened with Liam, and Ridge overheard them. He encouraged everyone to be supportive and not gossip about Steffy, Liam, or their marriage. Rick agreed and teased that they would gossip about Brooke and Ridge instead. "And congrats, Grandpa," Rick said. Ridge smiled and said he hoped his granddaughter would pull the family back together.

Ridge advises against trusting Hope Ridge advises against trusting Hope
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
by Pam

At Spencer, Wyatt met with Bill and shared the news that Liam and Steffy were expecting a daughter. Bill stated that Liam had wanted a boy, but Wyatt disagreed and said there were more than enough Spencer men in the family. "We could start our own bowling team," Wyatt joked.

Wyatt explained that Liam had been with Steffy at the ultrasound, and Bill hoped that had been a sign that Steffy and Liam would work things out together. Bill asked if Liam had "that happy face he gets." Wyatt said Liam seemed happy, but Bill had wanted Liam's exact words.

Wyatt was surprised, but Bill said he knew he was the "town pariah." As the grandfather, he felt he had "the right to be part of my granddaughter's life." He added that Liam needed to reconcile with his wife. Wyatt agreed, but added that there would be no reconciling with Bill.

Bill asked for a copy of the sonogram image and begged Wyatt to get one by having his "lady friend" call and pretend to be Steffy, and then he needed Wyatt to dress up in a chauffeur's costume to pick it up. Wyatt refused and added that he no longer had a mystery date. "Dumb choice?" Bill asked. "Not as dumb as walking into this office," Wyatt replied.

Bill maintained that he had a lot of charm, money, and magnetism. Wyatt added that Bill had an ego the size of Alaska. Bill wondered if Wyatt's girlfriend knew that his "daddy" was incredibly wealthy. Wyatt replied that everyone was familiar with Bill Spencer. Wyatt refused to participate in "any fraudulent scheme" to get a picture for Bill.

Bill said he was glad that Liam had shown up for the ultrasound. Wyatt noted that Hope had convinced Liam to go to the ultrasound. Bill groaned. Wyatt wondered what Bill had against Hope. Bill said she was "circling," and while he felt she was "helping at this point," he didn't trust her. He felt Steffy should watch her back.

Wyatt wondered about Bill's advice, and Bill said no one wanted his advice, but they wanted "jobs, money, and occasional beach houses." Bill hoped Steffy and Liam could patch things up, and he didn't want Hope Logan "to waltz in."

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge met, and Steffy said his granddaughter looked like him. Ridge laughed. He asked how Steffy was doing, and she said she had bad nights where she would wake up in a sweat but realize everything was okay. Ridge was glad that "Liam is stepping up." "I owe it all to Hope," Steffy said, and she was thankful that Hope had persuaded Liam to attend the ultrasound.

Ridge seemed suspicious of Hope's good intentions. He was afraid she might have good intentions, but he advised Steffy to be wary of the time Hope spent with Liam. Steffy couldn't imagine that Hope would do anything underhanded. She defended Hope. Ridge said he liked Hope. "I have to like her. I'm married to her mother, but she has a deep connection to Liam," he said.

Steffy maintained that she wasn't naive. She knew that Liam would listen to Hope, and Hope had helped Liam see that he needed to be involved with his family. She planned to lean on Hope.

Ridge was understanding, but he added that something could trigger memories that would remind Hope how much she had loved Liam and that she might have a chance to get him back. Steffy looked worried.

At Liam's hotel room, Liam looked at the sonogram image and said he was glad he got to meet her. Liam smiled and recalled that it was Hope who had convinced him to go to the ultrasound appointment. He flashed back to the moment he had seen his daughter's ultrasound and held hands with Steffy. Liam smiled.

Liam recalled that Hope planned to relaunch Hope for the Future and wanted to give a percentage to charity. She had asked Liam to help her set everything up. Liam pulled out his computer.

In another office at Forrester, Hope met with Katie, Pam, Thorne, Maya, and Rick to discuss the relaunch of Hope for the Future. Hope announced it was the first meeting, and Ridge had named Thorne the designer. Katie teased that "a little best manning" could be a big help. They all joked about past successes and failures at Forrester.

After everyone had reviewed the business plan, most of the team members admitted some confusion. Hope said millennials were tired of being called "lazy, entitled, dependent, and shallow."

Hope said she planned to launch a line that had sustainability and showed it with treatments, finishes, hiring, and more. She wanted to choose and donate to charities that empowered women and others. She said she had the perfect consultant for the program. Everyone agreed and said they were on board, and they left.

Liam called Hope, and she congratulated him on learning that he would have a daughter. Liam wanted to meet to discuss nonprofits for her new line. Hope agreed to meet, but Liam didn't want to meet at Forrester. Hope understood and promised to meet him as soon as she could.

At Liam's hotel room, Hope showed up and noted that Liam had cleaned himself up. "Look at you," Hope said. Liam answered that Hope and Wyatt had told him he "looked like hell." He felt it had been time to clean up.

Liam teased that Hope had to have a pilot's license in order to get to his place so fast. Hope countered that Liam drove "like a little old lady." They started to discuss business. Liam showed Hope his spreadsheets and suggested that he had ideas for nonprofits he'd worked with. Hope listened at first but eyed the ultrasound photo and started to cry.

Liam was surprised. "She's beautiful," Hope said. Liam was shocked and didn't know what to say or do. Hope grabbed her stuff and said she had to leave. Liam was shocked. Hope exited his hotel room and continued to cry outside in the hall.

Wyatt and Katie confess their feelings Wyatt and Katie confess their feelings
Thursday, February 22, 2018

At lunchtime, Katie was home alone. Brooke arrived. Brooke noted that Katie seemed distracted; Brooke asked if the visit had interrupted something Katie was supposed to be doing. Katie murmured that she wished there was something she was doing, but Wyatt had broken things off with her. Though Brooke was surprised to hear it, she remarked that it had been a no-strings relationship. In Katie's silence, it seemed to Brooke as if Katie missed Wyatt.

Brooke took notice of Katie's telescope and asked how the neighborhood watch was going. She noticed that it was pointed at Eric's house and asked if Katie was spying on Quinn and Eric. Katie claimed not to be spying on anyone. Brooke replied that she'd just been joking. Apologizing, Katie decided that she could take a joke, but not that day.

Brooke stated that Katie and Wyatt had been free and easy. Katie claimed to just be surprised that he'd broken it off suddenly, right after the wedding.

At Spencer, Quinn arrived in Wyatt's office with sandwiches for an early lunch. Wyatt seemed cranky to her, and she hoped there was trouble in paradise. Wyatt asked her to contain her enthusiasm, and he revealed that he and Katie were over.

Wyatt explained that he'd ended things, and Quinn asked why he was upset. He said he'd had to do it because he'd seen Katie kissing Thorne. "What? Where?" Quinn exclaimed. Wyatt stated that it had been at the wedding, and Quinn replied that he hadn't been there. Wyatt quipped that, thanks to Katie's trusty telescope, it had been just as if he had been.

Wyatt thought it was ironic that he'd asked for a non-committed relationship, but he was the one with his heart hanging out after Katie had taken the noncommitment seriously. Quinn said he'd get over it, and he had to. She reminded her son that Katie was his father's ex-wife. Quinn advised Wyatt to forget the past and go forward.

Wyatt couldn't. He said he'd text-messaged Katie, but she hadn't responded. Quinn thought that was because Katie had figured out that there was no future for them, and it was why Katie had given Thorne her attention. Grabbing his phone, Wyatt said he wouldn't end it that way.

Wyatt called Katie and said he needed to see her. Katie asked why, and he said he needed to talk to her. He asked where she was, and Katie said she was at home with her sister. "I'm on my way," Wyatt said and ended the call. As he marched out of the office, Quinn called after him, asking him to at least finish his lunch first.

Back at Katie's house, Brooke decided it was her cue to leave. Katie didn't understand why Wyatt wanted to see her. Brooke replied that he might have figured out that he'd made a mistake.

When Wyatt arrived, Katie said she didn't know why he was there because they'd said they weren't doing it anymore. "Yeah. About that..." Wyatt said, entering the house. Wyatt felt that he should have told her some key information about the night of the wedding, which had been the whole reason he'd done what he'd done. Katie replied that she'd really like to know.

Wyatt explained that he'd arrived with flowers and candles to surprise her. He claimed that she'd been taking a long time, so he'd looked out the window to see if he could spot her and gauge how long it would take her to get back. "But then, I looked into your telescope over there..." Wyatt said.

"Okay..." Katie responded. Wyatt revealed that he'd seen Katie and Thorne kissing on the patio.

Katie groaned. She apologized and said he should have said something. Wyatt claimed that he'd been confused, and he hadn't known how to justify being hurt and jealous of another guy. "Jealous?" Katie asked. Wyatt replied, "No," but she said it had been what he'd just said.

"Maybe," Wyatt decided. He said it had been then that he'd realized how much he cared about her. He'd gotten freaked out, and he'd broken things off. He said he was crazy about her, and being without her was awful. It had been why he'd sent her a text message.

Katie responded that she hadn't gotten any text. Wyatt and Katie compared their phones. He pointed to the message on his phone, but Katie didn't have it on hers. Wyatt pondered the reason for the mix-up, and Katie recalled the phone mix-up with her and Thorne. She saw that Wyatt had sent the message when Thorne had had her phone and guessed that Thorne had deleted it.

"Wow...I mean -- I mean, that's kinda crazy, don't cha think?" Wyatt asked. Katie stated that Thorne hadn't had a right to do it. Wyatt advised her to give Thorne "hell" another time, because Wyatt didn't want to talk about Thorne anymore. She asked why Wyatt was there, and he said he didn't want it to be over anymore.

Katie stated that nothing had changed, and she didn't want to hold Wyatt back. Wyatt didn't want the past to hold them back, but Katie said they still had the same problems about Bill, Wyatt's career, and their families. Wyatt knew it and said he'd always loved a challenge. Katie asked if Wyatt was serious, and he said he'd never been more serious about anything.

Wyatt's time without Katie had made Wyatt realize that he wanted her. He wanted everything, including the costumes and warm and fuzzy feeling she gave him. Wyatt called himself an idiot for thinking he could let her go. He said that the funny thing that had happened on the way to that moment was that he'd fallen completely and madly in love with her.

"You did? I love you, too," the tearful Katie said and kissed Wyatt.

In Bill's office, Bill was complaining to Justin about how long it was taking to build "Sky." Justin told Bill to relax and asked what else he wanted to go over. Bill announced that he would have a granddaughter. As Justin replied that it was bittersweet news, Bill cocked his head at Sally, who was listening behind the office door, which was slightly ajar. "Can I help you?" he asked.

Sally entered. She'd overheard about the baby and said it put a new spin on things. Bill remarked that he didn't have an appointment with her. Sally said he kept canceling all the appointments, but they needed to talk. Justin asserted that Bill was a busy man. Bill said he had it, and Justin left.

In the interest of full disclosure, Sally revealed that she knew Liam had moved out on Steffy and was furious with Bill. Bill asked how it was Sally's business. Sally explained that Liam was preoccupied, so she'd decided to talk to Bill about rebuilding Spectra -- like he'd promised.

Sally had found three options for her relocation. They were all within the same price range, and she just needed Bill to sign off on one of them. "Sign off?" Bill asked. Sally said it was what Liam and Bill had graciously agreed to do, and she had a ton of ideas in her head because she'd had so much time off.

Sally set before Bill three folders and said he could pick the best option. Bill decided that he'd go with option four. Sally stated that there were only three choices, but Bill quipped that there was always another choice. His choice was "none of the above."

Sally reminded Bill of his promise to give Spectra whatever it needed to rebuild. Bill claimed that the promise had been linked to Liam, and Bill had promised to help as long as Liam was working at Spencer. Bill pointed out that Liam was not working there anymore.

Sally argued that Bill had just created a giant caveat that hadn't been there at the start. She asserted that he'd agreed to pay her restitution for blowing up her building. "My building. Mine!" Bill replied. He ordered Sally to get out and said he never wanted to see her again.

When Sally wouldn't budge, Bill said Liam had a soft spot for her, as Liam did for stray pets, but Liam didn't work there anymore. Bill said the charity train stopped there, and there would be no more handouts. Sally asked how Liam had ever been born of Bill. As Sally angrily reflected upon all the monstrous things Bill had done to her, Bill popped candy into his mouth.

Sally was sure Bill had probably done worse things that she didn't know about. She saw Bill as being smug and acting as if being rich gave him the right to destroy people's lives. Bill began buffing his framed photo with his sleeve. Sally said all the money didn't disguise what Bill really was, a coward.

Bill asked if Sally was done. Sally asserted that Bill was done, and someone would put an end to his reign of terror when he least expected. Chuckling, he asked if she were threatening him. Sally claimed to be telling him that he'd be stopped. Bill said it wouldn't be that day, and it wouldn't be by her. She seethed that she'd never hated anyone as much as she hated him.

At Forrester, Pam was in the CEO's office, fawning over Steffy, the namesake of Pam's sister. Pam was thrilled for Steffy and Liam and hoped the baby could help smooth over whatever was going on with the couple. Steffy didn't seem to want to talk, but Pam said she was there for anything that Steffy needed.

Ridge arrived, and Pam left. Ridge guessed that Pam was still curious about Liam and Steffy. Steffy said she also wanted to know why she and Liam were apart with a baby on the way. Ridge replied that it was due to Bill Spencer. Steffy set Ridge straight once again, saying that she hated what had happened, but she'd allowed it.

Ridge said that Steffy had been in pain, and Steffy decided that Ridge just wouldn't listen. Ridge insisted that Bill went after what he wanted, no matter if it destroyed Spectra or Liam and Steffy's lives. Steffy said Ridge was making it sound calculated, but it had been an "in the moment" thing. Ridge insisted that Bill had been anticipating the moment, and he'd taken advantage of Steffy, just like Bill did with everyone else.

Steffy advised her father to let it go, but Ridge said she was his daughter. She added that she was his grown daughter, and she asked why Ridge kept making her admit her actions with Bill. Ridge insisted that she'd wanted to be alone in the guesthouse, but Bill had refused to leave. Steffy said that the last person she wanted to discuss was Bill.

Ridge apologized. He said Steffy would become a parent, and no matter her daughter's age, her daughter would always be her little girl. Ridge claimed that he'd vowed to keep Steffy from harm, and no matter how she saw it, what Bill had done had caused Steffy harm. Ridge wouldn't let it happen ever again. He vowed to do whatever he had to do to protect her.

Wyatt asks Katie to marry him Wyatt asks Katie to marry him
Friday, February 23, 2018

At Katie's house, Wyatt and Katie stood face to face as they kissed and realized that they'd professed love for each other. Wyatt said that he didn't want to hide his feelings for her anymore, and Katie figured it meant that they'd have to tell Bill about them.

Wyatt wondered if he and Katie would have made it to that moment had he not seen her kiss Thorne. Katie felt bad about it, but Wyatt didn't blame her because he was the one who'd shied away from a commitment. She asked if he'd really thought he'd lose her. Wyatt had thought so, but it had been the wakeup call that he'd needed. He said he'd never lose her again.

Katie still couldn't believe Thorne had deleted the text message. Wyatt said it had luckily worked out anyway. He said things were okay -- even better than okay. Katie hoped others felt the same way. Wyatt wasn't worried about people because it was his and Katie's life and relationship; all he and Katie needed to focus on was their happiness and their future. Katie agreed.

Wyatt hopped up to leave. Katie asked where he was going, and he said he had to pick up a small surprise. Katie cooed that she loved surprises. He was sure she'd love the one he had. Katie decided to wait for him upstairs with a surprise of her own. They kissed, and he left.

Later, Katie was in her bedroom. She wore lingerie and lit candles. She flashed back on her romance with Wyatt. She heard a knock at the door, and Wyatt said the plumber was there about a recurring problem. Katie opened the door for Wyatt, who was still in a suit. She said she was expecting the pizza boy. "The kid in the mustache with the pizza box?" Wyatt asked.

Wyatt claimed he'd told that guy to get lost, and Katie said it was too bad because she was hungry. Wyatt stated that he was, too, and they kissed. After a while, he stopped because he had something important to tell her. She asked if it could wait, but he said it couldn't.

Wyatt sat Katie down to say that they'd been unlucky in love, but sometimes, one had to go for it because it felt right. What they had felt right to him. He'd almost lost her once by playing it cool, but he wanted to change all that. She asked how he wanted to change it. Wyatt said he'd had to leave earlier to get something to prove what their future meant to him.

Wyatt figured that it was easier for someone who knew the jewelry business to find that special something, and a while back, he had. He said he'd put it back with the hopes of finding a woman to give it to someday. That woman was Katie.

Opening a box, Wyatt revealed a ring with a dazzling dark gem in a diamond-framed setting. He didn't care how others would react because he loved Katie. Katie said he'd brought much to her life. Wyatt had taught her to love, to be loved, and to take a leap of faith. He made her really happy, and she loved him, too. "So, is that a 'yes?'" he asked.

Katie exclaimed, "Yes, yes! I would love to be your wife!" Wyatt slid the ring on her finger, and the two kissed.

At a gun range, Sally fired rounds as Saul and Shirley watched. Saul said it was "so hot," and Shirley asked what had gotten Sally riled up. Sally seethed about hating Bill, and Saul asked if Bill was still dragging his feet. Sally said Bill was totally reneging on the deal because Liam no longer worked at Spencer. Resuming her shooting stance, Sally repeated that she hated Bill.

Shirley figured that Sally was imagining Bill's face on the human-outline target. Shirley urged Sally to shoot the guy and said she wouldn't miss him. Saul stated that he wouldn't, either; however, they would miss Sally, who'd have to go to jail. Sally claimed that Bill didn't scare her or mess with her and hers. She said someone would put Bill in his place.

After Sally fired more shots, Saul asked who'd taught her to shoot that way. "Who do you think?" Shirley asked. Shirley said she'd been a single woman with two young girls, and she'd had to make sure she could protect herself and her loved ones. Motioning as if she was holding a weapon, Shirley hinted to what would have happened to a robber in her bakery.

"You would have blown them away," Saul concluded. Sally believed that someone needed to do it to Bill. Shirley asked if they hadn't suffered enough from Bill, the blowhard. Sally stated that he'd basically laughed in her face when she'd recounted what he'd done. Saul said Bill would take her seriously if she'd tell him that she was an excellent marksman. Sally stated that Bill would take her seriously, all right. Shirley asked what Sally had in mind.

Sally put her earmuffs back on and resumed a shooting stance. Saul and Shirley also covered their ears. Sally said that Bill had taken their honor and had undermined them. To her, the world and their lives would be much better without Bill Spencer. Sally began firing again.

At Spencer, Justin asked if Bill had really gone back on his promise to Sally. Bill stated that a lot had been going on when he'd said those things to Sally, and she'd been Liam's pet project, not Bill's. Liam didn't work there anymore, which relieved Bill of any burden caused by Liam's charity cases. Justin didn't think Sally could have taken it well. Bill said she'd lost it and gone at him like a raging mad woman.

In a raised voice, Bill declared that he would not resurrect the so-called fashion house -- end of story. Justin decided to switch the topic to Liam and if there had been any improvements. Bill said there hadn't been, and Justin asked if Bill had reached out to Liam. Bill raised his voice again, asking how he was supposed to do it if Liam didn't want to hear from him or talk to him. Bill was frustrated at the prospect of being shut out of his granddaughter's life.

Justin asked Bill to simmer down and said Bill still had Wyatt. Bill agreed, saying that he did have Wyatt, who was loyal to him. In Bill's view, Wyatt had really stepped up in Liam's absence, and Bill trusted him. It had made Wyatt and Bill closer.

Back to the subject of Liam, Bill said he had only himself to blame, but enough time had passed. Liam had to find forgiveness -- if not for Bill, then for Steffy. Justin asked what would happen if Liam couldn't and if Bill had lost Liam. Bill wouldn't like it, but he reasoned that he had other sons to consider. He'd thought he'd pass things to Liam, but it might be meant to be Wyatt.

In Bill's office later, Justin was returning to the room and saw Bill pulling a gold pistol out of a box. Bill said it was a beauty and worth a fortune. Justin asked where Bill had gotten it. Bill said it had been a gift, and at Justin's quizzical expression, Bill said he couldn't help it -- people loved him.

Bill had seen the gun while cleaning the safe and said he'd been meaning to take it home. Justin asked if Bill really wanted a gun lying around the house. Displaying it in his hands, Bill claimed it was more than a gun; it was a work of art.

Just then, Sally entered. Putting the gun on the desk, Bill asked what she was doing there. Sally said she'd decided to give Bill one last chance to follow through on his promise. Bill yelled, asking what part of "it ain't happening" she didn't understand. Sally insisted that they'd had a verbal agreement. He replied that they'd had nothing.

Sally asked if Bill was calling her a liar. Bill said he was calling her what she was -- a grifter who'd roped Liam into championing her cause. Liam didn't work there anymore, so in Bill's view, she needed to find another sucker to con. Bill declared that she'd get nothing from him. He ordered her out. Justin took her arm to escort her out.

Sally broke loose from Justin and warned that Bill couldn't make promises and break them. She warned that he was messing with the wrong woman. Justin offered to call security. Bill said it would be pathetic to do so. He said he had it, and Justin could go.

Justin left, and Sally wondered how a father and son could be so different. In her view, Liam had wanted to help, but Bill couldn't care less. Bill quipped that they agreed on that statement. Sally asserted that she could have lived her dreams and revamped her aunt's business if it hadn't been for Bill. Bill advised her to wake up and said it never would have happened.

Bill yelled that Sally had to have talent to succeed. Framing his face with his fingers, he said, "This is what talent looks like." He told her that she didn't have what it takes. Sally insisted that she did, but Bill had done all he could to stop her. In her view, he'd left her broke and had blown up her building for that "damned" skyscraper.

Bill had had enough. He again told Sally to get out, and he never wanted to see her face again. Sally said he wouldn't get away with it. Bill ordered her to leave, and he turned to the window. Sally grabbed his gun and loaded it with a bullet from the gun box on the desk.

Hearing the gun click, Bill turned around. Sally fired the gun, and Bill moaned.

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