The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 26, 2018 on B&B
Katie and Wyatt revealed their engagement to Bill, who retaliated by banishing Wyatt and drafting court documents to take custody of Will. As more people grew enraged with Bill, Bill decided to go after what he really wanted, and he proposed to Steffy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 26, 2018 on B&B
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Bill gets some surprising news Bill gets some surprising news
Monday, February 26, 2018

In the CEO's office, Steffy and Hope went over ideas for HFTF. Steffy groaned and caressed her stomach. She was feeling flutters from the baby. She said she didn't think she'd be able to share any of it with Liam, but thanks to Hope, there might be a chance.

Hope said the baby deserved a family. "You can do that, right? If you get back together. You can be respectful, loyal..." Hope asked. Agreeing that she could, Steffy noted that she'd already told Hope that. Steffy asked why Hope kept asking if Steffy could do it.

Hope admitted that being back there had stirred some memories of when she and Liam had been together, planning a future. Hope hadn't forgotten it, and she believed that Liam deserved the best. Steffy intended to give Liam that. She asked if Hope believed it. When Hope didn't answer, Steffy asked if Hope was having feelings for Liam again.

In Hope's silence, Steffy presumed that Hope was avoiding the question. Hope reasoned that Steffy also hadn't answered Hope's question. Steffy felt that she had, but she was starting to think Hope either didn't believe the answer or was hoping for a different one. Hope claimed to be still in shock that Steffy had turned to another man, Liam's father of all people.

Steffy deemed it a mistake and asked why they couldn't leave it at that. Steffy pointed out that she hadn't asked for Hope's help; Hope had volunteered. Steffy needed to know if Hope was still in Steffy's corner. Steffy hoped so because her daughter's family was at stake.

Steffy decided that Hope didn't know and hadn't been there to see Liam and Steffy's happiness. Hope asked how what had happened had happened. Steffy said she'd messed up, but being pregnant with Liam's baby had been like a sign that they could move forward as a family. She'd felt that she could breathe again and focus on the family.

Flashing back to her fantasy of Liam playing with a child, Steffy said it had been their last happy day together, and she could see their future. It had been beautiful to her, and she'd been happy and free in her fantasy. She knew that she and Liam could be happy again, and she asked Hope not to do anything to threaten it.

Steffy understood why Hope questioned Steffy because Steffy also questioned herself and how she could have done what she'd done. Steffy said she honestly didn't know, but all she could do was move forward and focus on her daughter. She wanted to give the child a home with two parents. Steffy knew how precious is was because she'd had it for a short time, and she knew that Hope knew how precious it was, too.

Steffy said that the baby was beautiful. She retrieved the sonogram photo for Hope to see. Steffy wanted the child's family reunited before the child was born, and Steffy wouldn't let anyone stand in the way. Hope said that she wasn't trying to do that and wouldn't. Hope asserted that she genuinely wanted the reunion, and she wanted the child to have the stability that Steffy and Hope hadn't had. Hope said it would take a rock-solid commitment. Steffy stated that Hope never had to question Steffy's devotion to her family or Liam.

In the design office, Brooke and Thorne discussed what a good fit Brooke thought he'd make with Hope's line. Thorne brought up how well Steffy and Hope got along, and Brooke stated that it was uncanny, given the ladies' history. She hoped it would last.

Brooke admired one of Thorne's designs, which featured a brunette modeled after Katie. Brooke asked if there was a woman inspiring Thorne. He became bashful, and she asked if she knew the woman. "It's Katie," Thorne replied. Brooke scoffed in surprise and asked how long it had been going on. Thorne said it had been since the wedding.

Brooke stated that she'd had no idea, and Thorne responded that he wasn't one to kiss and tell. Thorne hoped that Brooke didn't have an issue with it. He said he and Katie were single, and Katie was no longer with Wyatt. Brooke was surprised that Thorne knew about Wyatt. Thorne said Wyatt hadn't been any good with Katie. Though Wyatt was fun, Thorne didn't think Katie could have a real future with Wyatt.

At Katie's house, Wyatt asked Katie to repeat herself. Katie said she'd agree to marry Wyatt. He stated that he'd make her "so happy." She replied that she'd agreed to it because he already did. She asked if he knew what it meant.

Wyatt said they'd be blissfully happy for the rest of their lives. Katie agreed but said others would not be so blissful. "We have to tell Bill," she said. Wyatt stated that he and Katie would tell everyone, just not at that moment. He wanted them to celebrate on their own first.

In bed with Katie later, Wyatt said he'd almost messed it up. Katie agreed and said she'd thought things had been over. Wyatt replied that they still would be if Thorne had a say in it, and deleting the text message had been kind of shady. Agreeing, Katie felt the need to address it. She grabbed her phone, and Wyatt asked if she was really doing it right then.

Katie called Thorne and asked if he had deleted her text message. Caught off guard, Thorne said he was guilty of it, and he'd thought he'd been doing her a favor. He apologized. Katie said she had some news, and Wyatt was there. Thorne assumed they were back together. Katie replied that it was permanent. Thorne assumed she meant exclusively.

Katie agreed that it was and said Wyatt had proposed. She stated that she'd wanted to tell Thorne herself that she'd accepted. She thanked Thorne for his friendship -- message deleting aside. She guessed that things had been deeper with Wyatt than she'd thought. Thorne supposed that congratulations were in order. He wished her the best. Katie wished the same for him, and clicking off the line, she tossed the phone on the bed.

"Done and done," Katie said. Wyatt felt sorry for Thorne. Katie asked if it was true. "No," Wyatt replied. He thought Thorne would be just fine. Wyatt, however, wouldn't be because it had been over a minute since she'd kissed him. Katie kissed Wyatt and decided that they had to get moving. The secret was out, and they needed to tell Bill before someone else did.

Back in the design office, Brooke was shocked to hear that Wyatt and Thorne were engaged. Thorne said he had the feeling that it had just happened. "Oh, my God. Wait until Bill finds out!" Brooke exclaimed.

Brooke was shocked that Wyatt had proposed. Thorne replied that it was also surprising that Katie had accepted. Brooke wanted her sister to be happy, but Brooke stated that loyalty meant everything to Bill, who'd feel deeply betrayed.

In Bill's office, Sally loaded a gold gun and fired it. Bill gasped. On the floor, Bill was on his stomach. He hopped to his feet, holding "Sky," which had a bullet hole burned into it. Bill raved at Sally for shooting his "baby." Justin rushed in and lassoed Sally with his arms. Bill snatched the gun from Sally and roared that he wouldn't flinch even if she had a bazooka. He said she had no idea what it would take to shake him.

An employee dashed in and said the employees had heard a shot. Bill claimed that his vintage gun had gone off accidentally. He instructed the man to calm the other employees down and to let them know that their leader was okay. There was no need to call the cops.

After the employee had gone, Sally figured Bill was afraid that she'd tell the cops the entire story. "You're welcome," Bill replied. He said that the authorities had no idea what "Sky" meant to him. Sally quipped that if she'd aimed at Bill, they wouldn't be having the conversation.

Justin snapped Sally's arm to yank her out of there, but Sally slipped out of his grip. Bill said to let Sally go. He handed Justin the model and asked Justin to gently take "Sky" to get fixed up while Bill handled "six-gun Sally."

After Justin had gone, Bill advanced on Sally, who backed up a bit. He said she thought she could go there, pull a gun on him, and back him into a corner; however, making a move like that on a guy like he was would never turn out the way Sally wanted it to. Bill figured that if Sally had known what had been good for her, she would have run her "ass" out of there the moment he'd pulled the gun out of her hand.

Sally said she wasn't afraid of Bill, and he was wrong to think he could get away with ruining lives and treating people like garbage. She suggested he watch his back because she'd be there when he least expected it. Bill snatched Sally up by the shoulders, and in her face, he said that she'd shot a gun at him. He could put her in prison for it.

Sally wrested herself out of Bill's grip. Bill warned her not to get near him again. He said he could kill more than her company; he could take her freedom. Bill reasoned that she'd given him that power, and if she went at him again, he wouldn't hesitate to use it.

Later, Bill was alone. He was checking the gun's chamber when, behind him, his office door opened. Aiming the gun, Bill swirled around to face the door. Wyatt shrieked and cowered at the entrance of the office. Bill put his hands in the air and apologized for being jumpy. "Where you been?" Bill rasped.

"What did I miss? A gang war or something?" Wyatt asked, closing the door behind him. Bill said it had been assault with a deadly weapon and explained that the "flame-headed" nut job, Sally Spectra, had shot at "Sky." Bill gestured to the model, but remembering that it wasn't there, he said "Sky" wasn't there because Sally had shot at her.

Wyatt asked why, and Bill explained that he'd refused to give the circus clown another handout. Bill was adamant that if Sally wanted to relocate, she'd do it on her own. Wyatt groaned, realizing that Bill had broken his promise. Waving the gun as he spoke, Bill asserted that she'd been Liam's problem, not Bill's. Wyatt guessed they were the bad guys in the drama.

Placing the gun on the desk and sitting down, Bill said they were professionals with shareholders to answer to and couldn't toss money to every Tiny Tim out there. Bill asked if Wyatt agreed. Wyatt did, and Bill said it was because Wyatt was a pragmatist, like his daddy. Bill said they had a lot in common, and Wyatt replied that it was more than Bill knew.

Bill was counting on Wyatt, who was the future of the company and the family. Wyatt said that he was there to talk about the future, and there was something he needed to tell Bill. Bill said to hurry up because he wanted to check on "Sky." Wyatt wanted to get something first, but Bill complained that he'd just said he was in a hurry. Wyatt asked Bill to hold on a second.

Opening the door, Wyatt beckoned someone. Katie entered and greeted Bill. Bill asked why she was there. Wyatt stated that she was with him, and they had something to tell Bill.

Wyatt and Katie began stammering about the time they'd spent together and asked Bill not to think they hadn't considered things a lot. Bill remarked that they'd been working together. Katie replied that they had been, and they made a good team. Bill replied that he'd told them so himself in Monte Carlo. He said that if they had an idea, they could just send him a proposal.

Wyatt nervously laughed at the word "proposal." Rubbing his forehead, Bill remarked that he had a busy day, and a lot of it had already been taken up by the neon-billboarded nutjob, Sally Spectra, assaulting him. Katie looked shocked. Bill said Wyatt would explain. Bill had a lot going on and asked if their discussion could wait.

Kate said it couldn't because it impacted the entire family. Bill asked if something was wrong with Will. Katie stated that their son was fine, but it involved them all. Wyatt repeated that he and Katie had spent a lot of time together. He said they'd developed a relationship.

Spinning his hand in circles, Bill said he got that they'd worked on outside projects. He asked them to move on with it. Katie stated that she and Wyatt had been discreet, but it was time to go public. They wanted Bill to know first. Bill asked them to hold on a second. He asked if Wyatt had gone over it with Justin. Bill said Wyatt knew that Bill needed him, and Wyatt had a contract.

"Well, it isn't a business relationship, Bill," Katie responded.

"Well, what other kind of relationship is there?" Bill asked. Wyatt slowly pulled Katie closer to him. Bill stared blankly at the pair. After a moment, he said, "You're kidding me. This is a joke."

Wyatt and Katie replied that it wasn't, and Bill stood up from his chair. "The two of you. This is why you've been running around? This is what you've been hiding from me? Wyatt is my son, Katie. You're my ex-wife!" Bill bellowed.

Katie agreed and said it was why Bill had better think about what he was about to say. "This is disgusting!" Bill yelled. Wyatt said they were adults, and they hadn't expected it to happen. Bill asserted that it wasn't going to happen, but Katie insisted that it was official. Bill yelled that it wasn't happening, and it stopped right then, at that moment.

Wyatt declared that it wasn't. He revealed that he'd asked Katie to marry him. Flashing her ring, Katie said she'd accepted. Wyatt told Bill that Wyatt and Katie were getting married. "Oh, you're getting married. I didn't understand that you were getting married..." Bill replied with a cynical calmness, adding, "Over my dead body!"

Wyatt and Katie argue with Bill Wyatt and Katie argue with Bill
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
by Pam

At Spencer, Bill was furious with Katie and Wyatt after they announced their plan to marry. Bill insisted Katie remove her engagement ring, and he refused to allow their marriage. Katie and Wyatt told Bill they were not asking for permission. They were telling him out of courtesy.

"We have a son together. How embarrassing," Bill said to Katie. "You're not doing this, Wyatt. I won't allow it," Bill added. "It's not up to you," Wyatt countered. Bill called Katie and Wyatt's relationship "twisted." Bill accused Wyatt of being "Judas" after Liam had turned on him.

Bill turned again to Katie. "What's going on here? Get that ring off," Bill ordered. Bill reminded Wyatt that he was the "heir apparent" to the company. He roared that Katie and Wyatt were hypocrites who had condemned him, but they had been running around behind his back.

Katie and Wyatt reminded Bill that he had slept with his son's wife. Bill insisted that Katie and Wyatt's relationship was disgusting. "It ends right here, right now," Bill shouted. Katie and Wyatt glared at Bill.

Katie was angry and told Bill she demanded his respect because she had forgiven him twice for affairs with her sister and a variety of other things. She reminded Bill that it was none of his business who she dated or married. Bill argued that it was all payback for his time with Brooke. Bill accused Katie of seducing his son. Katie and Wyatt scoffed.

Bill warned Wyatt that he would cut Wyatt and Liam out of his life. No more houses, cars, jobs, and money. "Think long and hard. Choose very wisely, Wyatt," Bill said.

Wyatt angrily told his father that he'd expected Bill to be surprised but also expected that he would be a little happy for Wyatt because he'd finally found someone to love. Bill sneered and asked who else had known about Katie and Wyatt. They responded that Quinn and Brooke knew and had given their blessings. Bill made fun of Brooke and her approval.

Bill threatened that he would fight not only Wyatt but Katie, too. Bill promised to gain full custody of Will and recalled Katie's instability and depression. "How dare you," Katie shouted. She reminded him of the mental abuse she had endured during their marriage. They argued, and Wyatt seethed that Bill was a bitter, hateful man.

Wyatt said Bill loved his skyscraper and money more than anyone, and he noted that Sally Spectra had shot the skyscraper. Wyatt wished Sally had shot Bill because he was such a liar who had made many enemies.

Bill grabbed Wyatt's sword necklace and pulled it off. Wyatt warned that if Bill did anything to try to take Will from Katie, "it will be the last thing you do." Wyatt and Bill glared at each other.

At Forrester, Ridge told Steffy that he and Brooke had settled into marriage, but Steffy wasn't listening. Ridge asked what was wrong, and Steffy said she was worried about Hope and her feelings for Liam.

Steffy still wanted to believe Hope was in her corner, and Steffy said that she had shown Hope her ultrasound. Steffy said she knew that Hope probably wished she and Liam had a baby. Ridge was worried. He encouraged Steffy to watch how much time Hope spent with Liam.

Steffy said that Hope had agreed to support her marriage, and Ridge noted that Hope would be busy with the relaunch of her line. Steffy advised her dad not to worry about her. Ridge maintained that everything bad had happened because of Bill.

In another office, Hope took a call from Liam, and they agreed to meet for lunch.

At Il Giardino, Hope was happy that Liam was cleaned up and had even worn a tie. Liam promised to be a sounding board and wanted to help with her line. Hope said she had a lot of ideas and needed to focus all her energy on the line.

Liam promised to help. Hope was glad that he had gotten out of his hotel room. Liam and Hope agreed they were both excited about the line and what it stood for. They agreed they had similar vision and planned to get to work.

Everyone wants to kill Bill Everyone wants to kill Bill
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
by Pam

At home, Katie and Wyatt discussed that Bill had been cruel in his response to their announcement that they planned to get married. Wyatt blamed himself and said he'd had no idea that Bill would be so upset. Katie freaked out that Bill would try to take Will from her. Wyatt believed that Bill was trying to scare her.

Wyatt tried to calm Katie, but she was frantic. Wyatt couldn't believe any judge would allow Bill to take Will. Katie lamented that she'd spent a lot of time trying to look for the good in Bill, but after all he'd done, it was clear it had never been there. "I hate him," Katie said. She repeated it.

Someone knocked on Katie's door, and Wyatt wondered if Katie was ready "for this." Katie said she was. Eric and Quinn entered, and Quinn wondered what they had wanted to discuss. Wyatt said they had news -- very good news.

Quinn wondered if she should sit down for the news. Wyatt begged her not to freak out like his dad had. "I asked Katie to marry me," Wyatt said. Eric and Quinn looked at each other in surprise, and Quinn looked at Wyatt and Katie and pursed her lips.

Eric quickly warned Quinn not to say anything negative. Quinn argued, but Eric pointed out that Katie and Wyatt's relationship was unconventional -- but everyone had disagreed with his relationship with Quinn. "And now look at us," Eric said with a smile. He reminded his wife that everyone had boycotted their wedding, "but it didn't stop us," he said.

Quinn softened and noted that Eric was always right, and she offered her support. Wyatt and Katie thanked Eric and Quinn, and Quinn asked what had happened with Bill. Wyatt admitted it had been ugly. He made reference to how Liam had left the company because of what Bill had done to Steffy, and Wyatt said he blamed himself for staying at the company.

Eric and Quinn were shocked. "Bill did something to Liam and Steffy?" Eric asked. Wyatt explained the situation about the fight Liam and Steffy had had and that Steffy had stayed at the guesthouse, but Bill had joined her.

Quinn gasped, and she and Eric remembered that they had found Steffy's bracelet. They were shocked that Bill had been there and wondered what had happened. "Dad and Steffy slept together," Wyatt said. Eric was angry, and Quinn groaned.

"This happened in my guesthouse," Eric shouted. He ranted that Bill had forced himself on his granddaughter, but Wyatt and Katie explained that Steffy had said it had all been consensual. Eric was distraught and had to sit down. Quinn, Katie, and Wyatt tried to calm him, but he was livid. "I want that man out of our lives. I swear to God, if I were younger, I'd get rid of him myself," Eric seethed. Quinn, Katie, and Wyatt were surprised.

At Il Giardino, Bill and Justin met over lunch. Bill told Justin about Katie and Wyatt. He announced that he wanted full custody of Will, and Justin tried to advise against it. Bill ignored him and said Katie could have visitation, but he wanted full custody. Justin argued that Bill might have a hard time after what had happened with Steffy and Brooke.

Bill countered that Justin would have to handle that. He wanted Katie to lose Will, and he wanted Wyatt to lose everything. He wanted Wyatt to be out of the company and out of his family. Justin responded that that Bill was asking for a lot of revenge. "Make it happen, Justin. Make them pay," Bill ordered.

Justin promised to draft the papers, but he wondered how Bill could be comfortable when he'd alienated his two older sons. Bill said Will could run the company, and Justin reminded him that Will was a toddler. Bill said he planned to be around for a long time. He added that if anything happened to him, Justin could run the company because he had always been loyal. Bill wanted Liam and Wyatt to have regrets, "but not me, never me."

At another table, Steffy and Ridge ate lunch, and Steffy wondered why Ridge had wanted to eat there when Sheila was a server. Ridge hoped that the management would catch her "spitting in our food." Steffy looked across the restaurant and saw Bill and Justin. Ridge turned and saw them also. "I despise that man, and you should, too," Ridge said.

Sheila overhead the conversation at Bill's table and noticed that Bill, Ridge, and Steffy were all staring at each other. Ridge walked over to confront Bill and warned him not to even look at Steffy. Bill made jokes, and Ridge told him to never have contact with Steffy ever again. "She's my daughter-in-law," Bill crowed.

Bill and Ridge were in each other's faces, and Sheila stepped between them and said they had to leave. Bill sent Justin for the car, and Ridge sent Steffy back to work. Ridge and Bill threatened each other, and Bill smirked as he walked away. Sheila asked Ridge if there was anything she could do. He grabbed and her told her to do what she did best. "Kill Bill Spencer before I do," he said. Sheila stared at Bill.

At Liam's, Hope and Liam met to discuss the new line. Liam said he was really excited about something and felt he had something to pour his energy into. Liam added that he was glad Hope had returned to Los Angeles. He acknowledged that Hope had been uncomfortable when she had seen the ultrasound. Hope agreed. She flashed back to how she'd become emotional when she'd seen the picture of his daughter.

Hope and Liam discussed that it was hard to pick up working together after they'd had so much history. They agreed it wouldn't be easy, but it was worth it. Liam was glad for the distraction from his emotional turmoil. "I remember who I am and who I used to be," he said.

Hope tried to encourage Liam and added that his marriage didn't have to end. Liam agreed he was confused. He admitted that the ultrasound had been an emotional moment for him with Steffy, and seeing Steffy had hurt. He knew he would always have a connection with her, but he didn't know what he wanted to do about it. He added that he always felt at peace when he was with Hope, and he liked that feeling. Hope and Liam smiled.

Hope said his peace alleviated her guilt. Liam asked why she felt guilty. She reminded him that when they'd first met, Bill hadn't been in his life at all. Hope was the one who had encouraged them to meet and give it a chance. Bill had caused a lot of trouble since then.

Liam added that his mother had tried to keep him from meeting Bill. She had tried to protect him. Liam and Hope recalled all the times that Bill had interfered in their relationship. Liam winced at the memories. Hope promised to always care about Liam and vowed that he would never be alone. She would always love him. Liam promised the same to Hope. They hugged.

Quinn lashes out at Bill to protect Wyatt. Quinn lashes out at Bill to protect Wyatt.
Thursday, March 1, 2018

In Brooke's bedroom, Brooke dressed and talked to Hope about Liam's ideas being a good fit with HFTF. Brooke said it meant that Hope and Liam would spend more time together. Hope said she'd be working with Liam, and Brooke asked if it would be a problem. Hope didn't want it to be. Brooke probed for more insight into Hope's feelings, and Hope wondered if she were doing the right thing by urging Liam to go back to Seffy.

Because Brooke was married to Steffy's father, Hope felt bad talking to her mother about it. Brooke stated that she was Hope's mother and asked what she could do for Hope. Hope joked that Brooke could convince her that Steffy was being honest and wouldn't do it again.

Brooke sighed. Hope wanted the right things for the baby, but at the same time, Hope knew that she'd turned out okay after growing up with separated parents. Hope wanted to support the marriage, just not at the expense of Liam's happiness. "Their happiness," Hope corrected. Brooke asked if Hope believed Steffy's promise not to hurt Liam again. Hope wanted to, but she had started to wonder if Steffy deserved another chance.

Brooke advised Hope to be honest with herself. Hope asked if Brooke thought that Hope's motives were insincere. Brooke just wanted Hope to remain self-aware. Hope said she knew that her feelings for Liam were growing. Brooke was glad Hope could realize that. Hope wondered if she should just go back to Europe.

Brooke wondered what leaving would accomplish. Hope said it would give Liam the space to make his own decision. Brooke figured Liam would do that no matter what and asked if there was a man in Europe that Hope liked. Hope said she'd traveled the world and had never found another man like Liam. She wondered if she were being naive to support Steffy.

Though Brooke wanted Hope's happiness, Brooke didn't have the answers. Hope said she'd been happy with Liam. A montage of Hope and Liam's past played on the screen, containing images from Italy, Aspen, and Cabo San Lucas.

Brooke said that memories could only hold a person back. Hope believed it could have turned out differently. She said she and Liam could have their own family if it hadn't been for Bill...and Steffy. Brooke said Hope had had her share of challenges.

Hope questioned whether she was being a fool to support Steffy after all Steffy had done. Hope wondered if she should believe Steffy would do the right thing by Liam that time. Hope asked her mother to tell her what to do.

At Forrester, Steffy stared at a picture of her mountaintop wedding to Liam. Pam entered and noted that her favorite niece was there early. Steffy said she was getting a handle on the HFTF reboot. Pam asked if Steffy was okay, and Steffy said that she and the baby were hanging in there. Liam arrived, and Pam left to get Steffy some fresh water.

Smiling, Steffy stated that it was a surprise to see Liam. Liam said that he was there to drop something off for Hope. Steffy's smile faded as she acknowledged that he was there to see Hope, and Steffy asked if he was doing something for Hope. He replied that he'd agreed to help Hope with the charitable part of her line.

Steffy bit out that she hadn't known that, and Liam and Hope would probably be spending a lot of time together. Liam said he and Hope would be working, and in case Steffy was wondering, Hope knew there was a baby. Steffy asked what he was getting at and questioned if he had feelings for Hope. Liam asked what the point of the question was.

Steffy claimed she wanted to know and wasn't as fragile as she looked. Liam believed the only thing that mattered was that he'd promised to be a loving and attentive father to the child. She guessed she couldn't ask for more than that, and Liam said he didn't think either of them could.

Steffy felt the baby kick, and Liam got excited. She asked if he wanted to feel it, and she placed his hand over her stomach. As she held his hand in place, Liam felt the movement and exclaimed that the baby really wanted him to know she was in there. Cupping his hands as they rested on her stomach, she marveled about their little girl.

Liam decided that he should probably be going. He asked if Steffy knew if Hope would be there soon. Steffy didn't and guessed that he wanted to make his delivery himself. Liam said he had things to talk to Hope about.

As Liam turned to leave, Steffy asked if he wanted to have dinner that night. She'd been cooking more, and the baby liked vegetarian. She claimed that the baby took after its father. Liam replied that he wasn't sure. She asked if he was still in the "not yet" mode. She was holding onto the hope that he was. She wanted to be a family again, and she loved him.

At Katie's, the wind whistled through the open patio as Quinn and Wyatt discussed Bill. Quinn raged that Bill was evil and needed to be dealt with. Wyatt felt betrayed by the father he'd grown to love and trust. Quinn said Bill wouldn't get away with it, and someone had to stop him.

Wyatt thanked Quinn for her support even though she didn't like Katie. Wyatt felt as if his rift with Bill was putting him in a dark place. Quinn knew that place and urged Wyatt not to go there. She said that Bill could turn his back on her, but she wouldn't allow him to do it to Wyatt.

At Bill's office, Bill went over his will with Justin, and Justin stated that Wyatt and Liam would be completely cut off. Bill couldn't believe it had gotten to that point. Bill had tried to be all about family, but he realized that in the end, he was alone. He guessed it was meant to be.

Bill wheeled in "Sky." Justin said he hadn't fixed her yet, but Bill said it didn't matter. The place had felt naked to Bill without her. Justin steered the talk back to the will and asked if Bill was good with Justin being next in line if something happened to Bill. Bill said he had to be, and Justin was the only one Bill could trust. Justin said times were tough, and Bill replied that something told him things would only get tougher.

Later, Bill angrily swiped photos of his adult sons off his window table and shoved them in the trash. His door flew open, and he saw Quinn breaking away from Justin, who was apologizing for letting Quinn slip by him. Justin left, and Bill sneered about Wyatt running to his mama.

Quinn asserted that she was the only parent Wyatt could count on. Bill asked if she was okay with Wyatt marrying his father's ex. Quinn admitted that she wasn't, but she said it was Wyatt's choice. Bill rejoined that choices had consequences. Quinn called it unacceptable, and she refused to let Bill cut Wyatt out of Bill's life.

Quinn asked how Bill could do it to the son who'd stood beside him. Bill corrected Quinn, saying Wyatt had been standing behind Bill's back, getting with Bill's ex-wife, and it was disgusting. "So says the man who slept with his son's wife!" Quinn countered. She took pleasure in saying she knew about Bill's dirty secret with Steffy. Bill said there hadn't been anything dirty about it, and Wyatt telling Quinn about it gave Bill another reason not to trust Wyatt.

Quinn called Bill evil and despicable, and Bill said she was the crackpot queen of those traits. She said she'd never done anything to hurt her son, but Bill had treated his sons like doormats. Bill believed he'd treated them too much like princes. Bored with Quinn, he asked her to leave so he could run his company.

Quinn said the company was all Bill had after he'd lost Liam, Wyatt, Katie, and herself. Bill figured he might still have a shot with Quinn and asked how things were between the sheets with her and Eric. Bill guessed it wasn't so hot, and Quinn said she hated him. Quinn declared that she wouldn't let Bill touch her with a HAZMAT suit on.

Quinn refused to let Bill rob their son of what was rightfully his. "Then you know what needs to be done," Bill said, advising her to talk some sense into that boy. She asked if Bill would respect Wyatt for not following his heart. Realizing that Bill had no heart, Quinn said she'd stop him. Bill asked how, and she replied that he knew her and what she was capable of.

Bill retorted that Quinn knew him, and there was nothing he liked more than a good threat. She asked if he really thought he was a good father for Will. Bill quipped that it was better than a half-brother who slept with the child's mother. Bill said Wyatt was out, and Bill would go for full custody. Quinn warned Bill to wait until a judge heard what she had to say.

Laughing, Bill thought Quinn would be "real credible." Quinn said she could be when needed. She ordered him to put their son back in his life and his will. "Or else what, Quinn?" Bill asked. Quinn warned Bill not to test her and insisted that they couldn't control who Wyatt loved.

Agreeing, Bill reasoned that he could control his interest in that, which was Will. Quinn said that Bill wouldn't take Will from his mother if Bill really cared about the boy. Bill said it was the exact reason he was taking action. He asked her to imagine being raised in a house where the stepfather just happened to be her half-brother.

Quinn said it was better than having an egotistical maniac raising her. Bill owned the egotistical part but said the maniac part was all her. She asked if he ever had a good look at himself. "In every mirror I pass," Bill boasted. He said he saw a bastard son there who'd risen above it to create an empire. Quinn added that he'd wound up alone.

Bill asked Quinn to look at where being a family man had gotten him. He wasn't afraid of Quinn or her threats, and he ordered her to get out. Quinn warned that there was nothing she wouldn't do in defense of Wyatt.

Bill decides to take what he wants most Bill decides to take what he wants most
Friday, March 2, 2018

In Brooke's bedroom, Hope wondered if she was being nave. Brooke said that putting Liam and Steffy's marriage first wasn't being nave; it was being a good, selfless person. Hope replied that she didn't know how selfless she'd be if a baby was not involved.

Hope stated that Liam was the love of her life, but things had happened. She'd respected Liam's marriage because she'd thought he was happy. Knowing what Steffy had done had made Hope wonder if Steffy deserved Liam. Hope wondered if she should trust Steffy and if Liam should trust Steffy. Brooke advised Hope to follow her instincts and said Steffy would have lost her marriage if Brooke hadn't helped Steffy rescue it.

Hope believed she'd been doing the right thing. Brooke stated that it was because Hope was a good, principled young woman. It wasn't something Brooke could say about Steffy, no matter how sorry Steffy was for sleeping with Bill. Hope said that Steffy was taking responsibility and not blaming it all on Bill. Hope still couldn't understand how Steffy could have done what she had done with Bill. Hope asked how Steffy could betray Liam that way.

The women began discussing Ridge's feelings about the matter, and Hope said Ridge thought Steffy was completely blameless. Brooke wasn't sure Ridge had taken it that far. Brooke said Ridge knew that Bill and Steffy had flirted with disaster once before, and the two had been reckless. Hope stated that Bill was still reckless, but she questioned whether Steffy still was.

In Brooke's view, Ridge was a protective father and hated Bill. Hope stated that Steffy had promised not to do it again, but Steffy might have made a promise she couldn't keep. Hope asked if Steffy could really be certain that she wouldn't break Liam's heart again.

In Bill's office, Quinn assured Bill that there was nothing she wouldn't do for Wyatt. Bill scoffed at her threats and ordered her to get out. Quinn said that Bill had alienated everyone, and Will would despise his father once he knew what his father had done to his mother. She stated that the rich and powerful man who'd had everything, had nothing.

Sure that valet parking had her broomstick on the curb, Bill suggested that Quinn leave, jump on it, and fly back to Eric. Quinn warned that Bill would regret fighting with Wyatt because he'd fallen in love with Bill's ex-wife. Bill said he'd never thought Quinn would be the couple's cheerleader. Quinn stated that she had made it clear that she wouldn't pick Katie for Wyatt, but it was no more Quinn's decision than it was Bill's.

Bill asserted that it was his choice who inherited his fortune and company, and it wouldn't be Wyatt. Quinn exclaimed that it was Wyatt's birthright. Bill corrected that it was a privilege; it was a privilege that Wyatt would not enjoy if he continued the nonsense with Katie. To Quinn, it was no wonder Bill's greatest fear was to be walked out on. She called him a bully and asked who'd want to stick around for it.

Bill called it loyalty, something that was in short supply those days. Quinn reasoned that his sons had been nothing but loyal and had walked around with the stupid sword necklaces on, following every word he said. Quinn said it wouldn't happen anymore, and no one would do it anymore. In her view, the world would be better without Bill.

Chuckling, Bill rejoined that he'd heard that one before. He'd had enough of Quinn's cuckoo's nest for the day and said it was unfortunate for Wyatt that Quinn hadn't been put away awhile back. The crazy had rubbed off on Wyatt, who'd become involved with his half-brother's mother. Bill said it was all thanks to Wyatt's psychopathic mother. Quinn asked about Bill and Steffy. "Talk about sick!" Quinn exclaimed.

The office door opened, and in walked Justin, who asked if Bill wanted him to get Quinn out of there. Waving his hand, Bill said Justin or security could do it. Quinn admonished Justin not to touch her. To Bill, she said he couldn't treat their son that way. "You won't get away with it, Bill," Quinn warned.

Later, Jarrett was in Bill's office, expressing shock that he was being fired after his years of loyalty to Bill. Bill said that Jarret had lacked loyalty when Liam had blackmailed Bill for control of the company. Bill stated that Justin and Alison had been loyal, but not so with Jarrett. Jarrett stammered. Bill roared for Jarrett to take his sweater vest and get out.

The dumbfounded Jarett couldn't believe it. He promised that Bill would rue the day. Jarett stormed out, and an administrative assistant entered to say that Thomas Forrester was in town and on the line because he wanted to see Bill. Bill said to get rid of Thomas. The assistant exited, and Justin asked if Bill thought Thomas had found out. Bill replied that he didn't "give a damn." Steffy's brother was the least of Bill's concerns.

Justin conveyed that he'd almost finished the two sets of documents. One set was to petition for child custody, and the other contained instructions to remove Liam and Wyatt from the company. They'd be ready soon for Bill's signatures. Bill noted that someone was anxious to take control after him. Justin replied that it was like Bill had said, "who better than your loyal, trusted friend?"

Bill grabbed his jacket, and Justin asked if Bill was going somewhere. Headed toward the door, Bill said it was something he should have done awhile back.

At the cliff house, the wind whistled through the open kitchen patio as Steffy, dressed in a black lace top, spoke to her father, who'd arrived with a rieseling that the liquor store owner had said would pair well with Steffy's vegetarian dish. The wine for was Liam, and Ridge asked when his son-in-law would be there for dinner.

Steffy hoped that Liam would be there shortly, but she said he'd only agreed to think about joining her. She wanted to stay positive and hoped it could be a step toward forgiveness. She figured that Liam might have forgiven her already if it hadn't been for Hope. At Ridge's prodding, Steffy explained that Hope had asked Liam to work on HFTF, and Liam had agreed to it.

As Steffy stirred a pot on the stove, she and Ridge discussed the possibility of Liam and Hope spending more time together. Steffy recalled that it was something Ridge had cautioned her about, despite Hope's support of Steffy's marriage. Ridge asked if Steffy was questioning the support. Steffy said she had to question whether it was innocent on Hope's part or if Hope was unconsciously trying to be closer to Liam.

Steffy set flowers on the dining table, and Ridge said she was going all out for the dinner. Steffy said it was for her daughter's sake and hers, too. Ridge stated that Liam loved the baby already. Steffy knew and said Ridge should have seen Liam's face when he'd felt the baby kick.

Ridge was proud of his daughter and how she'd fought for her family. He began lamenting Bill showing up that night, and Steffy asked Ridge not to get into it again. Ridge apologized and asked to touch her stomach. She let him and thanked him for visiting.

At Forrester later, Brooke arrived in the CEO's office and asked Ridge, who was sketching, not to be upset that she'd only just arrived when the day was almost over. Ridge stated that he'd gone out for a few hours himself. He announced that Steffy was making dinner for Liam, and Ridge hoped Liam would forgive her and that Bill wouldn't do anything to make it worse.

Brooke figured that Ridge was still upset about what had happened at Il Giardino the other day. Ridge roared that Bill took everything he wanted, and Bill wanted Ridge's daughter. "Sometimes, I just wanna -- " Ridge seethed and snapped his pencil in half.

Brooke expressed worry about Ridge and his anger. Ridge didn't want her to be worried and said Liam and Steffy would find a way to reconcile. Brooke hoped it worked out. She said they all wanted a reunion, and even Hope was doing her part. Ridge admired Hope for supporting the couple, but he wondered if they were asking too much of Hope, who could still have feelings for Liam.

Ridge was concerned about Liam and Hope spending time together, but what got Ridge more than anything else was Bill. Ridge talked about Bill leering at Steffy at the restaurant. Ridge said Bill was sick, and Ridge would put a stop to Bill if he did anything else to hurt Steffy.

Back at the cliff house, Ridge had gone, and Steffy was sending a message on her phone. She heard a knock on the door, and expecting the visitor to be Liam, she smiled as she opened it. Her smile disappeared when she saw that it was Bill, and she told him that he couldn't be there. Striding into the house, Bill stated that she needed to hear him out.

Bill looked at the table and said she was expecting someone. Steffy conveyed that she'd invited Liam for dinner, and Bill needed to leave. Bill replied that what he couldn't do was put up with another slap in his face, the latest one being Wyatt proposing to Katie.

Steffy exclaimed disbelief. Bill guessed Steffy didn't know about it and said Wyatt and Katie had been running around behind Bill's back for months. He said they wanted to be married, but there was "no way in hell." Bill and Steffy talked over each other. She was saying that he had to go, but he was telling her about how he'd written his sons out of his company.

Grabbing his arm, Steffy again said Bill had to go. Bill grabbed her back by both her arms and said he couldn't. Steffy was the only one he could talk to. He was alone, and no one cared if he lived or died. He asked why he should "give a damn" what others thought. He'd always been happiest when he took what he wanted. "And I want this. I want you," Bill uttered.

Steffy said it was enough and reminded Bill that she was married to his son. Bill agreed that it was still true, but it didn't stop him from worrying about her and the baby. Steffy spoke in urgent tones as she said she and the baby were all right. Bill disagreed and said there was nothing all right about any of it. Bill yelled that Liam should be there, not licking his wounds in a dank hotel room. Steffy stated that they'd hurt Liam.

Bill asked if it meant Steffy was supposed to stay stuck in limbo, wondering if Liam would return or run off with Hope. Bill asked how many special dinners and apologies it would take before Liam decided that she was genuinely sorry. Bill said they'd apologized again and again for what had happened that night, but the night had happened for a reason.

Bill insisted that he and Steffy had genuine feelings for each other. He believed that Liam recognized it, and it was why Liam couldn't forgive. Bill said it was why Liam would never look at her the same way again. Steffy told Bill to stop, but he ordered her to listen.

Bill said that he loved Steffy. He didn't care what anyone thought. He loved her, and he'd always be there for her and the baby. Bill stated that he'd raise the child with her. He asked her to let him love her and allow herself to love him back, so that they could start a life together. Bill felt that he could give her and her daughter the life deserved.

The camera cut to a view of Steffy and Bill from the front door's side window panel. Bill knelt before Steffy, and Steffy gasped. The camera view returned to inside the house.

Bill asked Steffy to sign the annulment papers so they could start their future. He asked her to marry him and be his wife.

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