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To the chagrin of Forrester employees, Eric took Wyatt's advice about hiring Sally. Liam agreed to hold off on a wedding, and Bill continued to blackmail Steffy. Hope became ill enough to require a pregnancy test, and a creepy threat appeared in the comments on HFTF's website.
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Wyatt prompts Eric to consider hiring Sally Wyatt prompts Eric to consider hiring Sally
Monday, June 25, 2018

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt and Sally stared at the wall to the right of his window seat, by the door heading to the bedroom. Wyatt was telling Sally that he'd met a female artist at the Bikini Bar, and she'd talked him into putting up a beach scene mural. Sally was curious about his relationship with the artist, and Wyatt asked what kind of guy Sally thought he was.

Sally sat on the sofa, and Wyatt asked permission to sit on what was technically her bed. She said she wasn't planning on making it a habit. She'd just had nowhere else to go. He replied that he'd asked her to stay because he hadn't wanted her to go anywhere else.

As Wyatt and Sally began kissing, Eric and Quinn arrived. Quinn was saying Wyatt was probably at the beach. Wyatt and Sally nervously hopped up from their seats. Wyatt asked what Eric and Quinn were doing there, and Quinn asked what was going on.

Later, everyone sat down with drinks Wyatt had handed out, and Quinn stated that Wyatt and Sally had encountered each other at a bar. Wyatt asked if that was so strange, and Sally whispered that his mother didn't trust her. Quinn quipped that, as a jewelry designer, she recognized patterns. Sally acknowledged her track record but swore she wasn't using Wyatt.

Eric assumed Sally could understand if Quinn had questions. Sally explained that she hadn't asked Wyatt if she could stay. Wyatt said he'd made her. Sally continued, saying she'd been about to stay on the beach. Wyatt interjected that he hadn't let her. Sally said Wyatt hadn't taken advantage of her. "Of course not. My son would never do that," Quinn readily replied.

Sally started apologizing for misspeaking. Wyatt cut in, telling everyone that his mother had raised him right and advising Quinn to calm down because Sally hadn't had anywhere else to go. To Eric, the situation seemed like more than a friendly arrangement.

Wyatt thought it was too early to label it, but Quinn replied that she liked labels. Wyatt joked that his mother wanted to know Sally's intentions. Sally said Quinn was worried about him getting mixed up with the likes of her. "Ding, ding, and the winner is..." Quinn mirthlessly chimed in.

Sally said she had been in Los Angeles before to make something of herself, and she could have done it if it hadn't been for Bill. She thought it was something Quinn might be able to relate to because she and Quinn had both suffered at the hands of Bill Spencer.

Quinn couldn't deny that Bill had treated them all terribly. She asked if Sally knew what Bill had done to Wyatt. Sally said Wyatt had told her Bill had cut Wyatt out and had forced Wyatt to end his last relationship. Quinn expressed that she was actually relieved about that one because the relationship had been wrong on a myriad of levels. "But this is how you rebound?" she asked.

Eric didn't think Quinn was trying to be cruel, and due to the Forresters' history with Sally, he didn't think Quinn's concerns were unfounded. Quinn asserted that Sally had stolen from them. Wyatt said it had been because of the position Bill had put Sally in. Sally regretted what she'd done and said Bill had made her regret her talent. Eric assured Sally that she was talented.

Getting an idea, Wyatt noted that it would be a shame to let the talent go to waste. He doubted sleeping at his house would be long term for Sally, who needed a job, not a knight. Eric froze with his drinking glass in his hand, poised halfway to his mouth. Quinn glared at Wyatt. Wyatt wondered if a talented place like Forrester had room for just a little more talent.

Eric asked if Wyatt wanted him to give Sally a job. Wyatt said it would be up to Eric, and Wyatt asked if Sally wanted one. Sally didn't know what to say. "Oh, come on. You didn't know anything about this?" Quinn asked. Wyatt said he'd just thought of it, and he hadn't even known Eric and Quinn would be there. Sally reasoned that the idea was kind of crazy.

Recalling that the same had been said about Quinn working at Forrester, Wyatt asked them to look at how that had turned out. Wyatt believed Forrester hadn't gotten ahead by playing it safe. Wyatt felt that fashion was in Sally's blood, and no one had worked harder to get to where Sally was. He reasoned that Sally had just had a little bad luck.

Quinn was shaking her head negatively. Eric said he'd consider it. "You will?" Quinn and Sally said in unison. Quinn looked miserable, and Sally thanked Eric and Wyatt. She said that if Eric gave her the opportunity, she'd make the most of it.

At the cliff house, Liam was confused about why Steffy wanted to delay getting married. Steffy mumbled that she needed to figure it out. She flashed back to Bill threatening to put Taylor in jail and stated that there was a lot going on.

Liam replied that they'd already had a big ceremony, so they didn't have to do it again. Steffy was moved by his desire to recommit. She just didn't think it was the right time to get married. Liam said it was okay to tell him if she felt pressured.

Steffy wanted to get married and loved Liam's excitement about it, but she wanted the wedding to be romantic. Liam assumed that she was saying they had their hands full with the baby. Steffy wanted to do it -- just not yet. She said they had a lot to look forward to. Liam guessed she wanted to focus on that and on being the best parents that they could be.

Steffy hoped she wasn't disappointing Liam. He was the man she wanted to spend her life with. Knowing he felt the same meant more to her than words could say. She hoped she was making sense. Liam said she was and agreed that their wedding shouldn't be a quickie event. Steffy said all that mattered was that Liam wanted to marry her and that he loved her. She asked if he knew how long she'd waited to hear those words.

Liam decided he was fine with the delay, and he didn't want either of them to worry. He said they'd get married after they figured out the parent thing, and there was nothing to interfere.

In the Forrester design office, Xander hoped the kiss made Emma feel better. He leaned in, offering another if she needed it. Hope entered the office, and the interns conspicuously scattered away from each other. Hope asked if she'd interrupted something.

Xander claimed he and Emma had been discussing how lucky there were to intern there. Emma backed Xander up, saying it was true, especially after the way she'd disappointed Hope. Emma felt that she should have revealed that her uncle was best friends with Hope's least favorite person, but Hope said it was all water under the bridge.

Hope became distracted, and Emma and Xander asked what was going on. Hope revealed that Liam had told her that he and Steffy would be getting married soon. Xander expressed that he was sorry about it, and Emma wondered how Liam went from marrying Hope to marrying Steffy.

Later, Hope was working alone when Liam arrived. Liam said he'd talked to Steffy about the job offer, and Steffy had been cautious. Hope assumed that Steffy hadn't liked the idea. Liam said Steffy had been concerned about it being difficult for Hope, but Steffy wouldn't stand in the way. Hope assumed that meant Liam would consult on the line.

Liam said he would return to work on the website. Hope was happy and didn't think Steffy had anything to worry about because Steffy would also be at the company and would marry Liam soon. Liam explained that the plans were on hold, and Steffy didn't want to get married right away. Hope asked why that was.

At Brooke's house, Brooke led Bill into the kitchen and expressed surprise that he was there. Bill said he'd made sure the poser wasn't around before he'd rung the bell. She warned that Bill wouldn't fare any better with her than with her husband because Bill's manipulations had led to Hope's newest heartbreak.

Bill figured that Brooke wanted to let him have it. Sighing, Brooke said Bill knew what he'd done. She just didn't get why he'd done it after years of claiming that family was so important to him. Brooke didn't get how Bill could be so cruel to the people he claimed to care about.

Bill thought it was a shame that Hope and Liam hadn't gotten together, and he said it hadn't been his intention to derail the wedding. Brooke replied that she knew what his intentions had been. "This is what I get for trying to make everybody happy!" Bill exclaimed.

Brooke retorted that Bill cared only about his own happiness. Bill asked why she'd hurt his feelings that way. He'd figured that she'd be understanding of his viewpoint because she knew how good Liam and Hope were together. Bill insisted that Liam was perfect for Hope.

Brooke stopped cutting vegetables, and pointing at him haphazardly with the knife, she told Bill that Hope wouldn't be a part of his agenda. Brooke wouldn't let him use her daughter to get what he wanted. Bill thought that it was about what Hope and Liam wanted, and in Bill's view, there was still time to set things right and for Hope and Liam to get married.

Brooke moved to slicing up bread. Bill said that Liam was trying to do the admirable thing with Steffy; however, it wouldn't make Liam happy, and Liam wouldn't be able to ignore his feelings for Hope. Brooke asserted that Hope wouldn't get between Liam and his child.

Bill asked if Liam and Hope would deny their future so that Kelly could grow up in the same house with mommy and daddy. Bill didn't think it was the answer. He said some couples belonged together, and some didn't. Brooke stated that Liam had made his choice. Bill didn't want to see everyone suffer for it. He was trying to prevent heartache and breakups.

Brooke thought it all sounded very convenient and noted that Bill's suggestions could lead Steffy to Bill. Bill claimed to be thinking of what was best for his son -- and Steffy and Kelly, too. Brooke asked if Bill was best for Steffy and Kelly.

Bill believed it was an untenable situation. He sensed Brooke knew it, too. Bill wanted to repair his relationship with his son, but first, Bill had to right a wrong. Bill felt that Brooke wanted to see Hope and Liam together as much as Bill did. Brooke reminded Bill that Liam and Steffy had a child, and they'd be married soon. "I wouldn't buy them a wedding gift just yet," Bill advised.

Back at the cliff house, Bill arrived. He guessed Liam wasn't there. Steffy said Liam had gone to the office. Bill assumed Liam was at Forrester -- with Hope. Steffy said she hadn't asked Bill to the house for all that talk. She wanted to get something straight about his blackmail scheme.

Bill wished he hadn't had to do it, but he couldn't let Steffy do something she'd regret. "It's too late for that," Steffy quipped. She explained that Liam wanted to get married right away. Bill asked what she'd told Liam. She said she'd told him the truth, that nothing would make her happier than to be his wife -- but she needed time to figure things out.

Bill hoped Steffy would do just that. Steffy replied that what he was forcing her to do wasn't reasonable or normal. Bill thought the stakes were too high, and even if Steffy didn't want to hear it, the truth was that Liam was still in love with Hope. Bill didn't "give a damn" about what Liam said because Bill knew that Liam wasn't as committed as he should be to Steffy. "And certainly not in the way that I would be!" Bill asserted.

Steffy stated that they were done talking. Bill insisted that his way was best for everyone. She declared that it wasn't what she wanted at all. She asked if he got that and if it was registering with him. Steffy said he was threatening her mom with jail if Steffy married the father of her child. It was disgusting and wrong, and she said he wouldn't get away with it. Steffy vowed that Bill wouldn't get what he wanted, and she'd end his manipulations once and for all.

Wyatt and Sally deepen their relationship. Wyatt and Sally deepen their relationship.
Tuesday, June 26, 2018

At Wyatt's house in the evening, Wyatt and Sally had wine on the floor in front of his fireplace. He said he liked "this." Sally did, too, but she didn't know if Eric and Quinn did. Wyatt thought about getting another bolt for his door. Unable to blame Quinn for her feelings about Sally, Sally admitted to having a sketchy life. Wyatt said he'd remind his mother that she'd had one, too.

Sally appreciated Wyatt defending her and trying to get her a job. It had been a long time since she'd had someone there to defend her, and she didn't think he knew how good it felt. Wyatt stated that it felt pretty good from his view. Sally had expected to be alone with nowhere to turn, but instead, she was with Wyatt. "With me," he repeated, and they kissed.

Wyatt stated that Sally was stronger than she knew. He remarked that Bill had destroyed her life, and Thomas had "laid waste" to everything she'd had left. In Wyatt's view, it had been her breaking point, but it meant that there was nowhere to go but up. Sally said she'd never met anyone like Wyatt. He stated that he was glad they were getting to know each other.

Sally hadn't expected "this" and asked what was happening between her and Wyatt. Wyatt asked if it scared her, and she replied that it wasn't scary enough to run away. Wyatt shared the same feeling. He said she wasn't just physically attractive, but she was fun, smart, and talented, and had a quirky way of thinking.

"All I want to do to you right now," Wyatt uttered. Sally kissed Wyatt. The two began pulling each other's clothes off and fell back against the pillow pallet they'd made on the floor.

After Sally and Wyatt had sex, they cuddled under a blanket near the fire. Sally had never thought she'd let another man get close to her ever again. Wyatt was surprised that she'd planned to keep "all of this" to herself. She replied that celibacy had its place. "Not in this house," Wyatt quipped. Sally was glad Wyatt wasn't the type of guy to take advantage. He was funny, sweet, and supportive, which was exactly what she needed.

At Forrester, Pam entered the design office and saw Liam and Hope inside. Pam asked to go over some designs with Hope. Hope asked if it could wait because she and Liam were in the middle of something. Pam agreed but flashed a curious look as she exited.

In the Forrester corridor, Charlie was ready to leave for the night, but Pam still had a couple of things to do. He noted her distraction and coaxed her to state her problem. Pam was uneasy about Hope being alone with Liam in the design office. Charlie figured that Hope and Liam were just working. Pam wondered what Hope was up to.

Charlie suggested that he and Pam mind their own business, but Pam said that Stephanie's namesake was Pam's business. He asked if Pam had witnessed anything inappropriate. Pam hadn't but said Hope needed to have the decency to leave Steffy and Liam alone. Pam stated that "that girl" was just like her mother.

Back in the design office, Hope wanted to know why Steffy would put off marrying Liam. Liam said that Steffy had just given birth, and though the baby was wonderful, she was also a lot of work. He explained that they were sleep-deprived and barely caring for themselves, and a wedding would be added stress. Though it sounded reasonable, Hope still didn't understand why Steffy wasn't in a hurry to get married, and Hope believed Liam was disappointed.

Liam admitted that he was a little disappointed. Hope didn't understand why Steffy wasn't anxious to have what Liam wanted to have with her. Liam began babbling about the intensity of parenting when he and Steffy didn't know what they were doing. Liam asked Hope not to give him "that look," and she laughed. He concluded that he understood Steffy's need to focus on Kelly.

Hope understood what Liam was saying, but something still didn't seem right about Steffy not wanting to secure the relationship after all they'd gone through. Hope asked if Liam thought something could be holding Steffy back.

Liam decided that it was time to head home to relieve Steffy. Hope said Kelly had a good father and role model in him. Liam replied that he wanted Kelly to know Hope, too. Hope thought Steffy might not agree, but Liam said Steffy, who knew that Hope was a good influence, wouldn't deprive the child. Hope decided to wait and see on that one.

Liam and Hope expressed that they looked forward to working on the line and launching the website. Hope decided that Steffy might have gotten it right, and there might not be a reason to rush into marriage.

At the cliff house, Steffy told Bill that she'd met his blackmail demands. Bill didn't like her calling it such, but Steffy didn't know how else to term it when he was using her mother to get what he wanted. Bill believed he was trying to save Steffy from herself until she could see what her future was. Steffy said she'd never see what Bill wanted her to see, and she didn't want Bill.

Steffy had faith that Bill would someday have to drop it, and at that point, she and Liam could get married as planned. Bill was sure that Steffy would appreciate that he'd tried to protect her as soon as Liam left her again for Hope. Offended, Steffy said it should be the happiest time in her life, but it wasn't because Bill was trying to use her mother against her to disrupt the life that she and Liam were trying to give Bill's own granddaughter.

Bill decided not to be upset about anything Steffy had said because she was hormonal. Steffy said his words were insulting. Bill didn't think so. He said it was just a fact that she was hormonal after having a baby, and she was in full mommy mode. He stated that he was on the outside and had an objective view that enabled him to see how it would end up.

Steffy insisted that she was secure in her relationship, but Bill didn't know how that could be because she was with the flip-flopper. Bill reasoned that Liam was still somewhat consistent, though, because he always cycled back to Hope. In Bill's theory, "like attracts like." Hope and Liam were alike, and Steffy and Bill were alike.

Bill asserted that there was a reason he and Steffy had "made love" that one evening. Steffy insisted she'd been out of her mind and under the belief that her marriage had been over. Bill thought she was making excuses to deny the chemistry they'd had from day one. Bill asked if -- before she'd succumbed to guilt-- she'd felt a peace and fulfillment with Bill that she'd never felt before and never would with Liam.

Steffy didn't want Bill talking to her about that night. She didn't want to even think about it. Bill thought it wouldn't be easy, but Steffy claimed that she could easily pretend the night hadn't happened. Bill stated that it was called denial, and she was denying it because her feelings for him didn't fit into her plan of boring domesticity with Liam.

Steffy looked away, but Bill turned her chin back toward him. He said she was fire, just like him. Steffy asked what it would take to get Bill to accept her commitment to Liam, which existed regardless of a wedding. Bill said it would until Liam inevitably left her out in the cold. Bill stated that Hope and Liam had already been lovers, and once that door opened, one couldn't close it. "Can you?" he asked.

Bill repeated that Steffy needed a man who was totally committed to her. "You need me, Steffy. You need me," Bill declared. Steffy rejoined that she was incapable of loving a man who'd prey on his son's family. Bill said he was claiming what should have been theirs all along. She asked why it was always only about Bill. He replied that it was about her, too.

Bill said that when Steffy could see Hope and Liam for who they were, then he and Steffy could have a life together. Steffy replied that when she looked at Bill, she saw an angry, selfish man who didn't feel guilty about destroying his granddaughter's future or manipulating Steffy with her mother's freedom. Bill conveyed that he'd taken her mother's bullet in the back for Steffy.

Bill said he could have Taylor rot in prison, but he'd refrained because of Steffy. Everything Bill was doing was for Steffy and what was best for her. Steffy told Bill to leave. He stated that she just couldn't see it yet. "Not ever," she retorted. Bill said he loved her, he could be patient for her, and their day would arrive. Steffy rolled her eyes and gazed out a window.

Hope sets a bitter tone for Sally at work Hope sets a bitter tone for Sally at work
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

In the Forrester corridor, Charlie and Pam talked about her concern that Hope wouldn't keep her distance from the husband of the namesake of Pam's sister. Charlie pointed out that Steffy and Liam were not married, and Pam asked if Charlie wasn't the one who always claimed that marriage wasn't for everyone. Charlie squirmed in his seat.

Later, Charlie, who'd left, returned with two Caucasian ceramic figurines. He'd thought Pam could use something cheerful and asked if she thought the figures were cute. Pam assumed she seemed pretty childish to him, and she said her mother had kept her in an eternal state of preadolescence. Charlie denied having said that.

Pam continued, saying that there were a few adult things that meant a lot to her, and marriage was one of them. Pam figured people would say she overvalued it because she'd never been married, but she'd seen her sister struggle to save her marriage. Pam saw the same thing in Steffy, who'd never give up, either.

Pam emphasized that a child was involved, and even though marriage was just marks on a paper, not having the paper didn't mean it was open season on Liam. Pam asserted that Hope was really wrong if she believed it did meant that.

In the CEO's office, Quinn and Eric met with Hope and Thorne about designs and jewelry for HFTF. Eric was pleased, but he said it wasn't why he'd asked them there. Eric remarked that Wyatt had become involved with someone who had a background in fashion, and Wyatt had asked that she work at Forrester. Eric wanted Hope to make a spot on her team for the woman.

Happy for Wyatt, Hope inquired about the woman's experience. Eric said, "She's young. She's brass. She's Sally Spectra." Hope recalled that Eric had empowered her to hire her own staff. Eric agreed but said to think of Sally as extra help. Thorne asked why Eric would even trust Sally. Hope said Sally had stolen designs from them.

Eric expressed that he was aware of the Spectras' history, and he was also aware that Bill had tried to ruin Sally, as he'd done to the Forresters in the past. Eric claimed not to be excusing any of Sally's misdeeds, but he felt that everyone at the table had benefited from a second chance. Eric wanted to accommodate Wyatt, the stepson who hadn't ever asked anything of Eric.

Quinn assured Thorne and Hope that Wyatt would keep Sally in line. Eric asked for a number, and Quinn said she'd sent it to his phone. Pulling out the device, Eric made a call to Sally.

At the beach house, Wyatt and Sally awoke to realize they'd slept on the floor by the fireplace the entire night. Sally joked that her meeting his mother meant that they were practically engaged after only a few days. Wyatt asked if it meant they were inseparable. She replied that the only thing she was inseparable from was "this." She revealed a bag that had been by her side all night and said it was all she had besides what was in her aunt's storage unit.

Sally's phone chimed, and Sally wondered why Eric was calling her. Sally answered the call, and Eric invited her down to Forrester to hear about a possible job for her on the HFTF line. "Hello?" Eric said after a few moments. The stunned Sally said she'd be there right away.

After the call, Sally told Wyatt that Eric had offered her a job for no good reason. "What about me?" Wyatt asked. Sally quipped that Wyatt was no good, and Wyatt was the reason.

In the design office, Katie and Thorne were kissing. Katie asked what the kiss had been for. Thorne thought it was better than strangling her ex. She replied that Wyatt was a sweetheart, and Thorne added that Wyatt had a sweetheart.

"Already?" Katie replied. She said she couldn't begrudge Wyatt, whose happiness still mattered to her. Thorne advised her to remind herself of that when she started working with the woman.

Later, Katie was shocked to hear that Hope would hire Wyatt's girlfriend. Thorne didn't know if the woman was at that level yet with Wyatt, but Thorne relayed that Hope wasn't happy about the decision, which had been Eric's decision at Wyatt's behest.

Katie believed Wyatt was no fool, and she asked to hear the woman's experience. Thorne said the woman had experience driving her family's fashion house out of business, and he revealed that the woman was Sally. Slapping his arm, Katie dismissively said he'd had her going.

Katie couldn't imagine Eric hiring Sally -- or Wyatt having anything to do with Sally. Katie added that Sally was in New York, shacking up with Eric's grandson. Thorne said it could be a reason Eric wanted to keep Sally in Los Angeles. Katie said she wasn't buying it. In Thorne's silence, she realized that he wasn't kidding. He asked if she was jealous.

Katie claimed not to do jealousy and said all the hours she'd tried to cling to her last marriage weren't even worth minimum wage. She wondered if everyone had forgotten what Coco and Sally had tried to pull there. Thorne stated that Eric believed being generous and forgiving would make others act the same way. Thorne asked if Katie was more worried about Sally and Forrester or Sally and Wyatt.

In the CEO's office, Sally arrived and shook hands with Eric as Hope and Quinn glared at them. Eric started out by saying that despite the history between the Spectras and the Forresters, Sally senior had turned into a good friend of his late wife and his family. Sally junior's design theft had betrayed that friendship, but Eric had realized that Bill had been out to destroy the new Spectra.

Sally was sorry that she'd done it. Eric thought that Bill ruining Spectra was a far greater punishment than Forrester would have levied on Sally. Eric wanted to start over with the friendship and give Sally another shot at the fashion world. Sally didn't think Eric had any reason to give her a shot, but every day, she'd give him reasons to validate his choice.

The tight-lipped Quinn welcomed Sally and told Sally to be good to her son. Sally asked how anyone couldn't be. Hope knifed Sally with a sharp stare. Sally smiled at Hope.

Once Hope and Sally were alone together, Sally remarked that she hadn't expected Quinn to be so nice. Hope said that Quinn was talented. Sally noted that it wasn't the same as being nice. Hope explained that there was a lot of history between the people in that building, and some interactions Sally would see might have a story behind them that Sally knew nothing about.

Hope mentioned Sally dating Wyatt, and Sally noted that Hope had been married to Wyatt. Hope asked if it meant that Sally had moved on from Liam and Thomas. Sally corrected that there had never been anything with her and Liam. Hope stated that when Sally hadn't been able to make it happen, she'd latched onto Thomas, but that hadn't worked out, either. Sally expressed that she was excited to be there, and she'd been hoping they'd talk about her duties.

Sally tried to give Hope some designs that Sally thought went with HFTF. Hope refused to take them and said Sally wasn't hired to design. Sally said she'd probably have to work her way up, but Hope wanted to be clear that Sally would never be a designer there. Hope was merely giving Sally something to do as Eric had requested, but Thorne was the HFTF designer.

Hope warned Sally not to photograph the designs. Though Hope wouldn't make Sally turn in her phone while she was in the building, Hope hoped that Sally understood the concern due to Sally's hidden camera stunt with Coco. Sally said that was in the past, and she wouldn't do it again. Hope replied that it had happened, and those were the consequences.

Hope knew that Sally wanted to prove herself and noted that she'd already improved the opinions of her from Eric, Liam, and Wyatt. Hope felt she had something to prove, which was that she could supervise her employees while safeguarding Forrester's intellectual property. Sally said Hope thought her job was to babysit Sally. Hope didn't prefer to put it so unpleasantly.

Sally asked how Hope would put it pleasantly. Hope noted that they didn't know each other. Hope didn't want Sally to take Hope's words the wrong way, but Hope admitted that if it were up to her, she'd send Sally packing.

Back at Wyatt's house, Liam was with Wyatt, showing off baby photos. Liam said Wyatt had to put up with the boring show because he was Liam's brother. It wasn't boring to Wyatt, but he asked how long Kelly had to stay "born out of wedlock." Liam said he was working on it.

Wyatt joked that Liam didn't have to overdo it because the vows were anticlimactic when the bride was already nursing. Liam said Steffy wanted to wait and focus on the parenting thing. Though he sounded skeptical, Liam claimed to get it.

Observing Wyatt's patch job of the hole over the fireplace and mentioning the commissioned mural, Liam asked if Bill hadn't thrown Wyatt out. Wyatt guessed that Bill had forgotten to. Wyatt decided that he should tell Liam about the new woman in Wyatt's life. Liam asked if he knew her. "You remember Sally Spectra," Wyatt said, and Liam flashed his brother a long look.

Liam said he'd heard about Thomas going back to Caroline, but he hadn't known Sally had returned to town. Wyatt explained that he had encountered Sally at the Bikini Bar, and after they'd had too much to drink, he'd invited Sally back to his house. "Dude!" Liam exclaimed.

Wyatt stated that it hadn't been like "that," but then he changed his mind, saying it had almost been like that. Liam asked what it was like at that point. "Yeah, it is like that," Wyatt quipped, grinning. Liam asked what it had to do with the hole in the wall, and Wyatt replied that things had started out with a bang.

Later, Liam asked if Wyatt was sure about it. Wyatt replied that Liam had been so sure of Sally that he'd gotten blown up with her. Liam said he was her biggest fan, but she might not be in the best place if she was going around shooting things. Wyatt thought he and Sally might be a match because he wasn't in a great place either.

Liam tried to express his serious concern, but Wyatt said Liam had so much concern for others that they wound up judging themselves. Liam implored Wyatt to keep an eye on Sally, who'd had a rough time. Wyatt said he was looking out for Sally, which was why he'd gotten Eric to hire her at Forrester.

Even more concerned, Liam stated that Sally wasn't the best at processing her emotions. He feared what Sally might do around Hope or Steffy if Wyatt wound up hurting Sally. "What if she hurts herself? What if she hurts someone else?" Liam asked.

Sally gets a cold reception at Forrester Sally gets a cold reception at Forrester
Thursday, June 28, 2018

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt was surprised to see Katie on his doorstep. She said she would have called, but her phone had died. She guessed he was wondering why she was there. Katie expressed that she was worried about him because she'd heard he was seeing Sally Spectra.

Wyatt affirmed it and assumed Katie didn't like it. Katie stated that she was surprised by it, and despite their breakup, she still cared about him. He guessed that Katie thought something terrible would happen to him. "Well, it's Sally," Katie replied. She asked what she had to do to convince him that seeing Sally wasn't a good idea.

As Wyatt began a speech in defense of Sally, Katie noticed the patch job above the mantel. Wyatt stated that Sally had shot at the picture of Bill that had been there. "Are you serious?" Katie yelled. Wyatt stammered to explain the events of that night but quickly decided that he wasn't going to get into the long story with Katie. He knew Sally had lost it, but he asked Katie to understand Sally's anger toward Bill, who'd taken everything from her.

Though Katie understood Sally's feelings, Katie didn't approve of Sally shooting off a gun in Wyatt's house. Katie thought the unstable Sally might not be the right woman for him. He agreed that Sally might be a live wire, but he felt it was part of who she was. He thought Sally was real and the kind of person he needed at that point. Katie relented. She said she'd accept that he knew what he was doing, but she wanted him to be careful.

In the CEO's office, Sally put away her designs. Hope said she didn't trust Sally, and the only reason that Sally was even there was due to Wyatt. Sally wanted Hope to see that Sally had changed, but Hope said that HFTF represented strong morals and values. Hope expected everyone on her team to live up to those things.

Just then, Quinn and Maya arrived with Thorne and Xander. Maya was surprised to see Sally, but even more surprised when Hope gestured to Sally and asked them to welcome the newest member of their team. Despite the crew's shock, they sat down for a meeting.

Hope apprised the group of Liam's involvement with the website, and Xander, who had web experience, offered to help out if need be. Hope said she'd definitely need everyone's help -- on some level. The topic turned to confidentiality for the designs, and Maya offered to send out a memo to the entire staff. Hope remarked on the issue of one member photographing the designs. Looking at Sally, Hope emphasized that it wasn't to happen again.

Later, Sally was no longer at the table in the meeting, and Hope told the others that she'd sent Sally on an errand so that they could talk privately. Maya guessed that Hope didn't trust Sally. Thorne noted that he didn't, either, and Xander asked why Sally was there. Quinn explained that her son had asked Eric to help Sally. Quinn appreciated everyone making an effort despite their differences. Hope was worried that there was too much at stake to be taken advantage of.

Maya felt that Sally wasn't the only person to worry about and reminded them that they'd already had an incident with Emma. Quinn stated that nothing was foolproof, and she recalled that Coco had worn a camera in her jewelry to capture images of a Forrester line. "What a minute. For real? Okay. Yeah, that's shady," Xander concluded.

Thorne replied that Xander understood the need for vigilance. Xander did, but he guaranteed that Emma was there for the right reasons. Hope believed that the element of surprise was just as important as the designs themselves. Hope stated that because Forrester had been played before, they all had to keep their eyes on Emma -- and especially Sally.

In the design office, Eric alerted Ridge to his hiring decision. Eric wanted things to go smoothly for Sally, but Ridge asked if Eric had forgotten about the things she and her family had done to the Forresters. Eric hadn't forgotten, but he noted that Ridge would hardly work with Sally because she'd be on HFTF with Hope. Ridge wondered how Hope had taken the news.

Eric believed Sally was sorry for what she'd done, and she'd paid the price. Ridge asked how she'd done that. Eric felt that Sally had suffered at the hands of Bill and Thomas. Ridge asserted that Thomas had reunited his family. Ridge assumed that Sally had pulled Eric's heartstrings, but Eric revealed that Wyatt had asked Eric for the job opportunity. "Wyatt?" Ridge asked.

Ridge wanted know more about how it just so happened that Wyatt had asked for a job for his girlfriend, and Ridge asked what would happen when Sally and Wyatt broke up. Eric didn't believe it would happen and said the two were smitten with each other.

"Just two minutes ago, he was smitten with Katie!" Ridge pointed out. Ridge also noted that Sally had been with Thomas and asked what Eric missed about it being a rebound.

It hadn't looked that way in Eric's view. Ridge asked how it had looked, and he stressed that they couldn't trust Sally. Eric insisted that he admired the woman the same way he admired her great aunt, with whom Sally shared a lot of traits. "And one of them is dishonesty," Ridge quipped. He feared the hire would blow up in their faces.

Later, Ridge saw Sally in the hallway. He called her into the design office and asked her to close the door. He explained that he'd just heard that Eric had hired her. Sally told Ridge that she already knew how he felt about her. She knew how his whole family felt about her. She'd just heard it all from Hope, who did not want Sally working there.

Ridge suggested Sally calm down, but Sally said she was just telling it like it was, which was just "what I do." Ridge believed that Sally tended to made bad choices, and it worried him. He said she played dirty like her aunt, and her family had cost the company a lot of money. Ridge said he remembered all the stunts and noted that Forrester was still recovering from the last one.

Sally stated that she'd apologized for it. Ridge asked if she could see how it would make people uneasy, and he asked why she'd fired a gun in Bill's office. Sally just stared at Ridge in response. Ridge straightened the collar on her sleeveless jean shirt. He said she was dangerous, but she wouldn't be working there if she tried anything like that at Forrester.

Sally understood Ridge's reservations; however, she explained that Bill had knocked her down, and she'd been dumped twice by Thomas. Ridge said Thomas was putting his family back together. She didn't blame Thomas for that, but she said he'd led her on and gotten her hopes up. Sally had lost everything she had except one shred of her dignity.

"And Wyatt. And a place to live at the beach house, a place to work," Ridge replied. Sally explained that she'd run into Wyatt at a bar after she'd run out of places to go. Ridge quipped that meeting in a bar was a shocker.

Sally insisted that the opportunity at Forrester meant more than she could express. She said she'd been there less than a day, and she already felt everyone looking down upon her. She claimed she could buck up and take it. Doing so was kind of her "jam." She vowed to prove her worth and to win over Ridge and Hope.

Back in the CEO's office, Hope was alone after her meeting. Wyatt arrived. Sheepishly, he said she looked good, and Hope reluctantly replied that he did, too. He told her that she didn't have to say it if she didn't mean it, and she could be mad at him. She admitted that she was a little.

Wyatt readily apologized for ruining Hope's wedding. Hope said that his timing could have been better, but she didn't blame him for telling the truth. Wyatt explained that he couldn't keep something like that from his brother. Hope agreed that Liam needed to know the truth. She said Liam and Steffy were moving on with their family, and Hope was burying herself in her work.

Wyatt had arrived to thank Hope in person for giving Sally a chance. Hope revealed that she had major reservations about Sally being a part of the company and a part of Wyatt's life. Hope added that Sally was only on HFTF because Eric had insisted. Wyatt admitted that he'd asked Eric to give Sally a chance. Hope said that if it were up to her, Sally would not be on Hope's line.

Hope was upset because she was putting her all into HFTF to get over her breakup, and she felt that Sally did not represent what HFTF stood for -- not at all. Wyatt asked what Hope was talking about. He claimed that all he'd asked for was a shot. He said that Sally was artistic and driven. He believed Sally wanted it to work.

In the corridor, Sally slinked up to the cracked CEO's door and peeked in. Hope was saying that it sounded like Wyatt cared about Sally. Wyatt said they were just beginning, but Sally was great. Hope cited that she and Wyatt had been married. She cared about him and always would. She felt she knew him, too, and he was in limbo and feeling lost in many areas of his life.

Hope didn't want to meddle in Wyatt's life, but she wanted him to keep his guard up -- or maybe quit while he was ahead. "Wow," he uttered, crossing his arms. Hope believed Wyatt was an amazing guy who deserved the best. She knew he'd find the right woman, but she didn't think it was Sally. Wyatt chuckled wryly.

Hope revealed that she knew Sally was staying at his house, which probably meant she was in his bed. Wyatt quipped that news traveled fast. Hope asked him to say that "that" was all it was and that he was not falling for Sally Spectra.

The sickly Hope takes an important test The sickly Hope takes an important test
Friday, June 29, 2018

In the studio by a clothes rack, Emma raised her phone a bit. "Busted!" Charlie said, walking up. Charlie accused Emma of photographing designs, but she said she was just texting. He replied that it didn't take a "rocket surgeon" to see that Emma had been holding the phone too high for texting. Emma offered him a look at her phone. Charlie refused, calling it evidence, and Emma scowled in confusion.

Maya and Xander arrived, and Maya asked what was going on. Charlie accused Emma of industrial espionage. Emma tried to deny it, but Maya couldn't believe it had happened again. Xander asserted that Emma hadn't done anything wrong either time. Maya asked how he knew it, and Xander replied that he knew it because he knew Emma, who was innocent.

Maya asked to see Emma's phone. Xander said Emma didn't have to hand it over, but Emma asserted that she had nothing to hide. Maya checked the phone, and Emma said it proved she'd just been texting. Maya replied that even though Emma had been warned, she'd still pulled out her phone around the designs.

Xander said checking phones was just a subconscious thing people did. "Rules are rules," Charlie said. Agreeing, Maya added that it was unacceptable for anyone to break the rules, especially if the person in question was Justin Barber's niece.

In the design office, Liam worked on the website and talked to Thorne and Brooke about Liam's wife taking the brunt of the night shift with the baby. Thorne asked if he'd missed the wedding. Liam realized that he'd referred to Steffy as his wife and said it was a habit. Brooke asked if there was a date set, and Liam explained that Steffy wanted to wait because they had a lot going on with the baby and work.

Thorne asked if Steffy was okay with Liam working with Hope. Liam said he'd talked it over with Steffy and wouldn't be a part of it if she'd disagreed. He said it wasn't a long-term gig, and after he built the site, it would just be maintenance.

Brooke remarked that Hope was grateful, and Liam added that she'd been motivated. Agreeing, Brooke said Hope had had to first find something to lose herself to. Liam acknowledged that the breakup had been hard, and Hope was leaning on her work. He said it was all the more reason that it needed to succeed.

In the CEO's office, Hope asked Wyatt to say he wasn't falling for Sally after everything she'd done. Wyatt corrected that it was after everything that had been done to Sally. Hope didn't want to see him get hurt. He replied that he'd gotten over it when other women had hurt him. Hope asked him to say it was just a fling. Sally listened carefully outside the door.

Hope didn't want Sally to take advantage of Wyatt. Wyatt listed people who'd taken advantage of Sally. He said he liked the person he was getting to know. Hope asked him to promise to be careful, and he asked Hope to promise to give Sally a chance.

As Wyatt turned to leave, Sally rushed away. Wyatt went to the elevator, and Sally returned to the threshold of the CEO's office. Hope was still inside, trying to regulate her breathing. Pam approached and told Sally to be in the office or out of the office, but not to block the doorway.

Hope asked what Pam needed, and Pam said Liam, who was in the design office, wanted to see Hope. Pam left, and Hope asked what Sally needed. Sally mumbled, "Respect." Hope hadn't heard the mumble and asked what Sally had said. Piping up, Sally said she didn't need anything from Hope or anyone, and she could take care of herself.

Later, Hope was in the design office, sitting close to Liam, who was giving her a tour of the HFTF website. Hope cringed at the sight of the comments section, but Liam said she needed to let the fans give feedback and suggested an intern monitor it. Liam asked her to choose between a photo of herself or of her team for the landing page. Hope chose the team photo.

At the door, Pam was watching Liam and Hope. Liam said he needed to do a few other things, and then the site would be ready to go live. Hope thanked Liam for all of his work and patted his arm. Pam scowled, and she ducked away from the door as Hope stood to exit.

When Hope entered the corridor, Pam said she'd heard about all the Logan antics. She'd always thought Hope was different, but it seemed that Hope was the same as Brooke and Donna. Hope didn't understand what Pam was talking about. Pam ordered Hope to respect "their" marriage and family and to stay away from Liam.

In the CEO's office later, Hope met with Maya, Emma, and Xander. Hope wasn't pleased to have to issue another warning about photographing designs. Xander defended Emma, saying it had been an honest mistake. Hope asserted that it could not happen again. She warned that if the designs leaked, there would be no showing.

Maya turned the topic to the show and noted that she hadn't gotten her wardrobe fittings yet. She wondered when she'd find out what she was wearing. Hope, who'd been meaning to talk to Maya about it, stated that HFTF wasn't couture, and she wanted to use fresh faces for the show.

"Are you saying that you're not using me?" Maya asked. Hope replied that it wasn't personal. Emma asked if Hope was still using her choreography. Hope didn't know. She said it had been fun, but she wasn't sure about the logistics of it. "You are so excited!" Emma replied.

Hope wanted to move on to the next item. She struggled to speak. It was as if she was getting sick. She suddenly excused herself to take care of something and ran out of the room.

Xander said that had been strange. Maya quipped that strange was not using the lead model in a showing. She told Emma and Xander to have fun at the next meeting, where Maya felt she wouldn't be needed. Maya strode out of the office and slammed the door.

Emma asked if the day could get any worse. She thought Hope was turning on her. Xander didn't think that. Emma said Hope wasn't using the dance moves. He replied that Hope hadn't said that, but to Emma, it was obvious.

Xander said Emma had merely been texting, and it wasn't fair to single her out for something they all did. Emma appreciated his support. Xander replied that she shouldn't be punished for who her uncle was, and he always had her back. The two kissed and hugged.

A montage of people working played, and it ended with Charlie and Pam together at her desk. Pam was deep in thought with a lemon bar in her hand as Charlie puzzled over the incident with Emma. It had been fishy to him, and he planned to keep his eyes on it. He realized that Pam wasn't listening. Pam said she was too upset.

Charlie didn't think Pam should feel bad about the overcooked lemon bars. Pam said it didn't have anything to do with the treats. In her view, Liam and Hope were way too friendly, and "that girl" needed to stay in her lane and away from Steffy's sweet family. Just then, Hope wordlessly strode past them and entered the CEO's office.

In the backstage area, Sally was alone, looking around to make sure no one else was there. She sat at the lit vanity and opened the tablet in her hands.

Back in the design office, Liam showed Thorne the HFTF website that had just gone live. As comments rolled in, Thorne grew nervous about what people might say about the line after the show. Liam read positive comments. "'Love you and Liam,'" Thorne read. Liam said some people had to catch up. Liam was startled by a dark comment that popped on the screen. He said he should have known the comments section would bring out the worst in people.

Thorne had been looking elsewhere, but he turned back to the computer. "I'm coming after U. Watch out!" was the next message that had shown up in the comments section, accompanied by a large red outline of a skull and crossbones GIF with red flashing eyes. Thorne said it was creepy, and as his brows furrowed, Liam agreed.

In the CEO's office, Brooke greeted her daughter. Brooke was at the desk, looking over the HFTF website. Hope seemed distracted, and Brooke asked what was wrong. Hope revealed that she'd been sick for a few days. Brooke thought it was understandable for Hope to be a bit run down due to stress in her work and personal life.

Hope admitted that she and Liam hadn't exactly been careful. From her purse, Hope pulled out a pregnancy test, and Brooke gasped. Hope wasn't sure if she was pregnant, but she'd had similar feelings the last time she'd been pregnant. Hope wanted Brooke to wait for her as she took the test. Brooke hugged Hope and said she was always there for Hope.

Back in the CEO's office, Hope returned from taking her test. Brooke couldn't believe it was happening. Hope said she was probably just sick. Hope was a nervous wreck and asked what she'd done. Brooke said that Liam wasn't married. Hope refused to interfere with Liam's family and said he'd made his decision. Brooke noted that Liam would have a family with Hope, too, if she was pregnant.

Hope couldn't believe the timing, but Brooke believed it was never bad timing to bring a baby into the world with the man one loved. Hope's timer on her phone chimed, and she asked if her mother was ready to find out.

Hope pulled the stick out of her purse. She removed the napkin she'd wrapped it in and stared at it. Brooke asked what it said and if Hope was pregnant with Liam's baby.

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