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Bill finally found his senses about his future with Steffy. Steffy announced that she no longer wanted to wait to be married, but Liam revealed that Hope was pregnant with his child.
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Liam told Steffy that Hope was pregnant with his child
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Hope decides to tell Liam she's pregnant Hope decides to tell Liam she's pregnant
Monday, July 2, 2018

In Bill's office, a frustrated Justin realized that Bill hadn't heard a word Justin had said. Bill claimed to have other things on his mind, but Justin yelled that Bill only had one thing on his mind. Justin told Bill to snap out of it and start respecting the fact that Steffy and Liam had a child together.

Bill uttered that he'd been obsessed. Justin replied that he hadn't said so. Bill stated that he was saying it himself. He'd been doing things he wouldn't even approve of to get Steffy. Justin was relieved to hear Bill admit it. Bill said he wasn't much for personal introspection, but Steffy had said things to make him realize that he'd been making her life miserable.

Though Bill insisted that there was something undeniable between Steffy and him, he'd figured out that she just wasn't in a position to see it. Bill understood her wanting a life with Liam because of the baby, but Bill said it hadn't stopped him from doing foolish things to make her resent him. Bill was upset that he'd put her in an untenable position.

Justin stated that Bill really care about Steffy. Bill said that he was in love with her and wanted the best for her, but she was the only one to decide what was best for her. He wondered what he'd done with his life and noted that his relationships with his sons were in shambles. Bill said he had to stop creating damage. Justin was sure Liam and Steffy would remain a family. Bill added that there was nothing in the way to stop the couple from marrying.

In the design office, Thorne and Liam were puzzled by who could have posted the creepy comment on the HFTF website. Thorne and Liam discussed ways to track down the commenter, and Thorne wondered if it was just nothing. Liam decided to save the comment but delete it off the site. He and Thorne agreed not to tell anyone about it until Liam found out if it was a prank or real. Thorne said the comment didn't make sense because everyone loved Hope -- or had.

In the design studio with Emma and Xander, Maya shared her disappointment about not modeling the HFTF line. Emma was likewise disappointed because Hope had dropped the dance moves and said it didn't seem fair to her or Maya. Maya said that Hope should have at least talked to Maya personally. Emma asked if Maya and Hope had had problems before, and Maya said they hadn't, to her knowledge.

Emma was confident that Hope still had a problem with her, and Emma said Charlie had made it worse by insisting she'd been taking more pictures of designs when Emma had really just been texting a friend. Emma was very frustrated. "And when I get frustrated -- " Emma was saying. Thorne cut her off as he entered, asking what would happen if Emma got frustrated.

Emma greeted Thorne, who asked what was going on. Xander started to explain but Thorne cut in, concluding that they were expressing their frustration with Hope. Thorne asked if it was how Maya felt, too. As she exited, Maya snapped that if it was, it was between her and Hope.

Thorne told the interns that they all got along; however, they had to remember that Hope was their boss, and as such, she had to make tough calls at times. He stated that there was a human resources department, and there were proper channels to report unfair treatment. Xander said it was nothing like that. Thorne looked at Emma, and when she nodded, Thorne suggested that they get back to work.

Later, Xander and Emma finished an assignment. She wondered if she'd ever get back into Hope's good graces. He replied that Emma would because she'd done nothing wrong. He said he'd still defend her if she had done something wrong. Emma said she could defend herself, but knowing he had her back meant a lot. The two hugged.

At the cliff house, Steffy watched the baby and thought of Bill's threats. Liam arrived home, and he and Steffy joked about the females getting pedicures earlier. Liam didn't want the baby to grow up and asked Steffy if she could imagine the child's first crush or date.

Steffy asked if Liam had gotten the HFTF site going. Liam stared thoughtfully, and Steffy asked what was wrong. Liam saw a box from Amazon on a table and got excited that the mobile had arrived. He said Kelly had been fascinated by bird sounds during one of their walks. He wanted to show the baby, but Steffy said Kelly was asleep.

Steffy noted that Liam hadn't told her if something had happened at the office. Liam asked what else would go on besides the website, and she asked how long it would take. He didn't think it would be long and said he'd just launched the beta site. Steffy claimed that she and the baby missed him. Liam said he liked being a stay-at-home dad.

Steffy understood helping with the site, but she thought that the less time he spent with Hope, the better. Steffy asked if Liam agreed with her, and he said it was the reason he'd only taken a short assignment. She asked if Hope was okay with it, and Liam replied that Hope had said she was. Liam said it didn't matter because he wanted to be with Steffy and Kelly. He didn't want to miss anything, and sharing it with Steffy made it more special.

Steffy loved Liam and the life that they were building. She felt that Kelly deserved a loving home with two parents who were committed to each other and her. It was why Steffy believed that cutting ties with Hope was for the best. Steffy knew he cared about Hope, but Steffy said they had a child to think about.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Hope stared at a pregnancy test stick. Brooke was anxious to know if Hope was pregnant with Liam's baby, but Hope was silent. Brooke urged Hope to tell her, and Hope sobbed that it was positive. She was pregnant with Liam's baby.

Hope couldn't believe it and said she'd always dreamed of it. Brooke hugged Hope and said she'd be a great mother. Hope stated that Liam was happy making a family with Steffy and Kelly. Hope cried, saying she and Liam couldn't have anticipated it. She didn't know what to do.

Brooke tried to assure Hope that things would work out. She said Hope needed to focus on the miracle growing inside her, and the rest would be for another day. Hope had thought she and Liam would have been married, and he would have been overjoyed about them having a child and a family. Hope stated that Liam was already married and already had a family.

Brooke believed that Hope was getting ahead of herself, but all Hope needed to focus on was that she'd just learned she'd be a mother. Hope said she'd thought she'd have to move on without Liam, but they were still connected through the baby. She wondered how he'd react and if it would complicate things with Steffy. Brooke said it might be fate that Steffy had decided to wait to get married. Brooke believed things happened for a reason.

In an admiring tone, Brooke said Hope and her little baby would have amazing moments. Hope asked about Liam, and Brooke replied that Hope knew what she had to do. Though the situation wasn't ideal, Hope loved him and loved that they'd created a baby together. Hope said it was a miracle, and Liam needed to know she was carrying his child.

Bill pays a surprise visit to Steffy Bill pays a surprise visit to Steffy
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

At Forrester, Hope and Brooke discussed how to handle the pregnancy. Hope felt that she needed to confirm the test she'd taken, and Brooke decided to call a doctor.

Later, Hope was in Dr. Phillips' office, getting her vitals checked. Brooke was with her, and the nurse said the doctor would be in shortly. Hope joked that bad timing was a running theme in her life. She cited her birth in the cabin, missing Liam in Aspen and Paris, and running through the streets of Italy in her wedding dress. Brooke asked if it was good or bad timing that Steffy and Liam hadn't gotten remarried.

When Dr. Phillips arrived, she asked how Hope felt about being pregnant. Hope was nervous because it would affect a lot of people. Dr. Phillips asked if Hope wanted to talk to a counselor, but Hope said she wasn't scared, unhappy, or unable to provide for a child. She said that if the pregnancy was confirmed, the big questions had already answered themselves.

As they awaited the results, Hope wondered how Liam and Steffy would handle it if Hope was pregnant. Brooke said Hope hadn't done it on purpose, and legally, Liam and Steffy were just roommates. Hope clarified that they were co-parents. Brooke believed the history of betrayal would keep Liam and Steffy from being anything else. Brooke said that when Liam found out about the baby, it would be clear to him and everyone else that he and Hope belonged together.

Dr. Phillips returned to the room with Hope's result. The doctor said home pregnancy tests yielded more false negatives than false positives, which made Hope's case rare. Hope assumed that meant she wasn't pregnant. Dr. Phillips said that Hope's was an exception because she'd gotten a true positive, and Hope was indeed pregnant.

Hope and Brooke gasped in excitement, and Dr. Phillips gave Hope some pregnancy literature. The doctor left, and Hope couldn't believe it was happening. She'd imagined having Liam's child, but not that way. Brooke didn't want Hope to think that way. Brooke believed that kids could be inconvenient, but they always came first.

Hope said Liam would have two children with two women. Brooke noted that they were two very different women. One woman had betrayed him, and one woman loved him unconditionally. Hope uttered that she had to tell him. Agreeing, Brooke said Hope had to fight for what she deserved. Liam had always been Hope's destiny, according to Brooke, and they would have a baby together. Brooke was happy for Hope.

At the cliff house, Liam decided that he needed to get back to Forrester to work on the website. Steffy wondered why some sites got done in a day while others dragged on. Liam stated that it was a huge corporate site, and they wanted to get the right attention from the right people.

Steffy took a nap and was awakened by someone knocking on the front door. She answered the door and became frustrated that it was Bill. She said she'd already heard his threats. He asked if she'd take an apology. Bill entered and asked if Liam was there. Steffy said Bill knew the answer, and she guessed that Bill usually waited down the street for Liam to leave.

Bill said he didn't recognize himself due to the things he'd done to get close to Steffy. Steffy said she'd thought he'd had more of something. Before she could say what that something was, Bill asked if it was dignity. She answered that she'd thought he'd had stronger feelings for his family and respect for her. He claimed to have those things. His actions, however, had made it hard for Steffy to believe that.

Bill replied that he'd thought he'd had to do something. Steffy asked why her answer hadn't been enough. Bill said it hadn't been the whole truth, but Steffy insisted that she'd meant it when she'd said she wanted her husband and marriage. He told her that she hadn't said the one thing that he needed to hear to believe she was being truthful. He'd assumed that she'd wanted him to force it out of her.

Steffy asked what the one thing was. Bill replied that it was that there was something special between them and always had been -- and that she was too scared to admit that the night between them had meant something. He asked if she could admit it yet.

Steffy said there wasn't a single word that could describe what Bill had been to her over the years. He'd been someone she'd cared about and an enemy and bully to her father. "A lover. You still can't say it," Bill replied. She told him that she'd never blamed him for their night together. He said she hadn't embraced it, either. For Bill, it was the most intimate and defining moment of his life. "And all you can say is 'I don't love you, Bill,'" he stated.

Steffy asked Bill to look at how he'd treated her. Bill said that Liam might be a better man than Bill, but Bill wasn't a monster. She asked if he thought she'd give herself to a man she had no feelings for. Bill thanked her for that much and turned to leave.

Stopping Bill, Steffy said she wasn't afraid of him, but she was afraid of what he'd do to her mother. Bill said he wouldn't do anything, and she could trust that the secret would go to his grave. Steffy wasn't sure how to know he wouldn't change his mind. He said she'd have to take his word.

Steffy told Bill that she'd never minimize that her mother had tried to kill him. Bill said he hadn't held it over Steffy's head to make her love him; he'd thought she already had loved him. He'd just wanted to make her say it. He'd forgotten that she was the only person more stubborn than he. She asked if he was giving her life back and if she was free to marry the father of her child.

"If that's what you think is best for you," Bill replied. Steffy replied that it was best for everyone. Bill disagreed. He asked if he'd ever be in her life again. She said it was up to him and Liam. It didn't sound promising to Bill.

Steffy and Bill heard the baby on the monitor. Bill asked if Kelly was eating well and growing. Steffy nodded. Bill decided to leave. At the door, he said she could call him at any time or not at all. He asked if she could say she forgave him. She asked if he'd believe it. "Okay, then. Not today," he said, and he left. Steffy returned to the living room and said nothing was in the way anymore.

Back in the CEO's office, Thorne stopped Ridge from peeking at the HFTF designs. Liam arrived, looking for Hope, but Ridge asked why he wasn't at home with his wife. Liam began talking technical stuff, and Thorne joked that it was a lost cause to do so with "grandpa." Ridge asked why Liam needed Hope, and Ridge noted that the site was done.

Liam said he didn't want to sign off on it until he dealt with the security issues. He remarked that someone had made a negative comment when the site had gone live. Ridge asked if that wasn't what people did. Liam clarified that it had been about Hope in specific. Ridge asked in what way it had been negative. Liam claimed it wasn't a big deal, but he still wanted to keep an eye on it.

Liam showed Ridge the threatening message in which the poster told Hope to watch out because he was coming after her. Liam didn't want to worry Hope about it, but he didn't want to ignore it, either. Thorne asked if Liam had considered how the poster knew the site had gone up so fast. Liam replied that he'd thought Katie or Hope had announced it on social media.

Thorne suggested that the person might be in the building. Ridge immediately started defending Steffy, but Thorne said he'd overheard Maya, Xander, and Emma venting about Hope earlier. Liam doubted it was any of them.

Thorne claimed not to be accusing anyone, but he knew people liked to vent on the Internet. Thorne remarked that Sally wasn't happy with Hope, either. Liam said that Sally was much more confrontational than a six-word post and reasoned that not everyone would love every choice Hope made.

Later, Liam and Ridge were alone, and Liam started to exit the office. Ridge asked where Liam was going. Liam replied that he couldn't work in Ridge's office. Ridge said the right answer was that Liam was going home to his family. Liam replied that he'd just been there, and he had a lot of work to do. Ridge said he just wanted Liam to be careful. Liam didn't know what that meant.

Ridge asked Liam to suppose he was being judged by the time he spent with people. "You're spending a lot of time with Hope," Ridge pointed out. Liam said Steffy completely understood his temporary assignment. Ridge countered that life was temporary, and he asked why he wasn't Liam's father-in-law. Liam said that Steffy wanted to wait, and Ridge asked why.

Liam discussed how drained Steffy was while caring for the baby and said she was tripping over his shoes and socks. Ridge said he had an idea and advised Liam to pick them up. Liam replied that he'd been given that advice already. He affirmed that he'd marry Steffy. Liam claimed that he loved her too much not to.

The Fourth bursts with baby fireworks for Liam The Fourth bursts with baby fireworks for Liam
Wednesday, July 4, 2018

At Wyatt's house, Sally decorated while wearing a bikini and sarong. Wyatt barely noticed the decorations when he entered because he was distracted by Sally's figure. He'd just gotten the grill ready and was surprised that he'd even had the Fourth of July decorations. She said she'd found them in the garage. Wyatt wanted to put the cooking on hold and heat things up inside.

Picking up her laptop, Sally said she had to send something first. She went into the bedroom but returned quickly, leaving her device behind. Wyatt asked if the message she'd sent had been for work. Sally joked that Hope had no confidence in her. Wyatt was sure Sally would win Hope over. Sally was thankful for her opportunity, and she didn't want Hope's negative opinion of her to ruin it.

Night fell, and Sally and Wyatt walked back into the house with used plates and beer bottles. Wyatt was saying that things couldn't be that bad with Hope. Sally said she wasn't complaining. She was grateful for all Wyatt had done for her. Wyatt claimed that keeping her there and happy had been all for himself, but he was starting to realize that his life was better with Sally in it.

Later, Sally and Wyatt cuddled under blankets on his window seat. Sally said that Wyatt was sweet, but he asked her not to let that get out. She stated that a lot of men would have kept their relationship secret. He asked why he'd do that. Sally replied that his father hated her, and his mother thought Sally was a con artist.

Wyatt didn't care what his father thought, and as for his mother, he felt that she was one to talk. Wyatt was proud to be involved with Sally, whom he admired. He thought she was smart, talented, driven, ambitious, strong, and sexy. He wouldn't hide his feelings for her, and he wanted to show her how he felt about her in every way that he could.

Fireworks exploded above the beach house, and Sally and Wyatt kissed.

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope arrived back in the CEO's office from the doctor's visit. Hope was experiencing a range of emotions, and she wondered how Liam would deal with her having a baby. Brooke said Hope would have to tell him soon. Hope wanted Liam to be happy about it. Brooke was sure that he would be.

In Brooke's view, Liam had been miserable during Steffy's pregnancy because he hadn't been able to forget Steffy's betrayal. Brooke believed that Hope's pregnancy was a sign and that Hope could have a future with Liam. Hope said it was complicated and would impact a lot of people, including Kelly and Steffy, and Brooke and Ridge.

Brooke didn't want Hope worrying about what other people thought. All Brooke could see for the future was joy, and she felt that Hope and Liam deserved it. Noting that she'd seen Liam's car when they'd returned from the doctor, Hope decided that she needed to tell Liam.

In the design office, Maya, Xander, Liam, and Thorne were talking about Maya not modeling for HFTF. Thorne guessed Hope wanted something different from couture. Xander said Hope's vision didn't include Emma's dance concepts, either.

Maya asked where Emma had gone. Xander reminded Maya that they'd volunteered to work the holiday, but Emma had had a previous commitment. He planned to see Emma later. Thorne and Liam mentioned that they'd wrap it up soon. Maya asked if something was wrong with the website. Liam said he had a couple things to do, but Ridge and Thorne would help him.

Liam noticed that the website was picking up traffic. Maya and Xander said it was good. Liam got a strange look on his face. He stared at Thorne with a doomed expression. Thorne made up an errand for Maya and Xander to go on. When Maya and Xander left the room, Liam said a new message had arrived. He read, "'There's no Hope for you,' skull and crossbones." Liam believed it had to be the same person.

Thorne remarked that trolls were persistent. Liam hoped it was just a troll. He said the line was the most important thing to Hope. Thorne replied that Hope, who'd grown up around the business, knew that those things happened. Liam was worried because "the girl" had been through a lot. It wasn't fair that a creep was trying to poison her work.

Hope arrived and asked if she and Liam could talk. Liam said he wanted to talk to her, too. Thorne exited, and Liam asked who went first. Eager for good news, Liam asked if Hope's was about HFTF. He knew it was her primary focus in life. Hope replied that it had been, but she had to make another plan. "We both do," Hope added.

Just then, Xander returned to the office to get Liam. Dragging Liam out of the room, Xander said the fireworks were going off, and they could see them from the roof. Hope followed the men out.

At the cliff house, Ridge visited and talked about the holiday. Steffy hoped the fireworks wouldn't be too loud for Kelly. Ridge noted that Steffy sounded like a mom. Steffy wondered what Liam's mom would think of it all. Ridge said Kelly senior would probably wonder why Liam and Steffy weren't married yet. Ridge asked why Steffy wanted to wait.

Ridge mentioned that Liam had said Steffy was delaying it. Steffy replied that she no longer wanted to delay. She desired to marry Liam as soon as possible. She admitted that she'd wanted to get her bearings first. She'd done so, and all the craziness had been handled. She couldn't wait to tell Liam, and they'd be the family she'd always known they could be.

At Brooke's house, Ridge arrived home and smelled pepper steak, his favorite meal. Brooke said it was almost ready. She hadn't known when to expect him. Ridge mentioned that he'd seen his daughter and granddaughter because he'd wanted to know why Steffy had postponed the wedding. Brooke asked what Steffy had said.

Ridge replied that Steffy had thought it was a lot to handle. It made sense to Brooke because of the newborn. He stated that it was fine at that point, and Steffy wanted to go ahead with the wedding as soon as possible. Brooke wasn't so sure it would really happen. Ridge was sure, citing that Steffy had said so. Brooke stated that something had happened that would change Hope, Liam, and Steffy's lives forever.

Ridge asked what was going on. Brooke stalled, telling him to look at it positively because it would be good for the family. Ridge asked what Brooke was saying. Brooke reminded Ridge that Hope and Liam had been about to get married. Ridge acknowledged that the two had feelings for each other and that it was complicated; however, Liam was with Steffy, and the couple had a fat little baby.

Brooke stated that something else was about to happen. Ridge didn't know what his wife was getting at and said Steffy and Liam were a family. "Hope and Liam are a family, too," Brooke revealed. Ridge stared blankly at Brooke. She explained that she'd taken Hope to the doctor. Ridge asked what was going on. "Hope is pregnant," Brooke announced.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy was alone, watching the fireworks from her back door.

Back at Forrester, Liam and Hope joined other Forrester employees on a balcony to watch the fireworks show. After a few burst in the sky, Hope grabbed Liam's hand and took him further upstairs to another balcony to tell him what she'd been trying to say earlier. Over the noisy fireworks, Liam yelled that she'd been hinting that it was something unexpected.

Hope agreed. She hoped Liam would be as excited about it as she was, but she'd understand if he didn't know how to react. Hope knew he had a daughter with Steffy; however, Hope loved Liam and believed things happened for a reason. She said they'd always had a connection. She'd had a hard time believing that it was over, but it wasn't. They'd be linked forever.

Liam seemed to barely hear anything Hope was saying because of the fireworks. Hope said she was pregnant, but a loud firework exploded, drowning out her last word. It happened again when Hope repeated herself, and Liam figured she was saying that she was happy. Nodding, Hope grabbed his hands and agreed that she was. The fireworks show paused as she was saying again that she was pregnant. Liam's smile faded.

"You're pregnant?" Liam stammered. Hope tearfully confirmed it. Liam grabbed her and hugged her. Fireworks continued to go off around them.

Ridge and Brooke majorly disagree about Hope Ridge and Brooke majorly disagree about Hope
Thursday, July 5, 2018

At the cliff house, Eric and Quinn visited Steffy and Kelly. Eric was anxious to get his Kelly fix, and Quinn thought motherhood made Steffy look even more beautiful. Steffy was happy to have Liam and Kelly as a family. Eric said Ridge had to be thrilled to know that nothing stood in the way of Steffy's future.

Steffy, Eric, and Quinn discussed Liam working late on Hope's website. Eric figured Liam wouldn't stop until the site was second to none. Quinn asked if Steffy was okay with Liam spending so much time with Hope. Steffy agreed with Eric about Liam's work ethic. She figured it had to be hard for Hope, who had to watch Liam show off pictures of Kelly. Eric said the site would soon be done.

Steffy stated that Hope could move on, and nothing would tie Hope and Liam together. Quinn asked what the next step was and said she'd been surprised that Steffy had delayed the wedding. Steffy conveyed that the delays were behind them, and she was ready. She told them not to tell Liam, who didn't know it yet, and Eric expressed that Liam would be very happy.

Quinn and Eric went in the bedroom for a while to look in on Kelly. They returned to the living room and said Liam and Steffy should be proud. Quinn wanted to help Steffy clean up a bit before Liam got home, but Steffy joked that the clutter reminded them of their new roommate. Steffy couldn't be happier and said there was nothing but love in the house.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke ate in silence. Ridge threw his napkin on the table and started pacing. Brooke said that a doctor had confirmed Hope's pregnancy. He asked if they could be sure it was Liam's. Brooke affirmed that Hope was pregnant with Liam's child.

Ridge was in disbelief. He wondered how Hope was doing. Brooke explained that Hope was showing early signs of pregnancy. "Apart from that?" Ridge asked. Brooke indicated that Hope was good. Brooke assumed that he was worried about his daughter. Ridge corrected that he was worried about Brooke's daughter. He didn't want to see Hope disappointed again.

Ridge wondered how and when it could have happened. He blamed it on Bill, who'd caught Hope and Liam up in a web of lies. Brooke said Steffy was in it, too, but Ridge claimed it would be tough on Hope. He asked how Brooke was doing. "Me?" she asked. Ridge figured it would be hard for Hope, but they'd support her as a family. Brooke said new mothers needed support.

Ridge said he hadn't meant that. He told Brooke that she knew it would be devastating to Hope. Brooke claimed not to know it and asked what he was getting at. He explained that Hope was just getting back into work, and she had to watch Liam and Steffy be together and raise their daughter. "Now she's got this," said Ridge, who was concerned about Hope.

Ridge was concerned because Liam and Steffy were getting married soon. Brooke bit out that Steffy had suddenly decided she hadn't wanted to wait. Ridge didn't see anything sudden about it and said the marriage was inevitable. He was worried about Hope, who had to watch it all while pregnant with Liam's baby. Ridge said they'd help Hope pull through it.

Brooke stated that Ridge's concern was appreciated, but the child was a gift to them all. Ridge agreed but said Liam and Steffy were married. Brooke replied that they weren't. Ridge insisted that they would be, and nothing had changed. Brooke's view differed from Ridge's because everything had changed for Liam, who had another child on the way. Ridge assumed Brooke thought Liam wouldn't marry Steffy.

At Forrester, Liam took Hope into the CEO's office. He wanted to know if he could get her anything, but she said she was okay but overwhelmed. She asked if it was okay, and he asked if she was sure about the news. "I'm pregnant. We -- we're pregnant," Hope replied.

Liam asked how Hope was. She said she hadn't known much longer than he, but she was already in love with the life inside her. Wondrously, Liam said they were having a baby. Hope explained that she'd taken a pregnancy test and had gotten it confirmed with a doctor. Part of her felt terrible for Liam, who had a life with Steffy. Hope hadn't meant to put him in that position.

Liam didn't blame Hope and said it took two. It was a lot to wrap his head around. Hope exclaimed that they'd made a baby, and she had another chance to be a mother. Tearfully, she said he had to understand how beautiful it was to her. For Hope, it was more than being a mother; it was being a mother to his child. She loved him and knew that he loved her, too.

Hope figured it was bad timing, which was the story of their lives, but the only thing that mattered to her was the child growing inside her. She wouldn't apologize for the one night they'd made love or for the baby. Liam said he wasn't looking for apologies. Hope felt that the child had chosen them. She believed that they'd provide it with the best life, but she didn't know what it meant for her and Liam going forward.

Liam was speechless. Hope figured the situation was less than ideal, but she was sure they would make it work. Liam said they had to be logical about it. She didn't want anyone to get stressed out about it and said she had to keep her endorphins up for "this little critter."

Liam figured she was loving it. For Hope, it was a dream, but she didn't expect him to feel the same way. She was surprised he hadn't fainted when she'd told him. Liam said he might have if it hadn't been for the look on her face, the glow.

Hope stated that it had been like the night they'd conceived the baby. Liam replied that they'd made love just once, and the child was a product of that love. The baby would complicate things, but he was certain it would bring them joy they couldn't comprehend.

Hope asked if Liam really felt that way. Liam had never thought they'd end up "here, but this" was what they'd always wanted. He said they'd wanted to bring a child, a part of each of them, into the world and to raise it. He saw it as a blessing and nothing bad. Liam didn't want there to be anything to feel guilty about. He called it an amazing gift from her to him. Becoming emotional, he said he'd be a father again "with you. With you, Hope Logan." Liam hugged her tightly.

Liam tells Steffy that Hope is pregnant Liam tells Steffy that Hope is pregnant
Friday, July 6, 2018

In the Forrester CEO's office at night, Hope thanked Liam for finding joy in her announcement, even if it complicated his life. Liam said he'd meant it when he'd called it a gift, and they'd treasure it for the rest of their lives. Hope figured that Steffy wouldn't be thrilled about it. Agreeing, Liam said he'd do his best to help Steffy through and to figure things out.

Liam believed that there would be enough love to go around for both of his children. He chuckled at the thought of having children. Hope replied that she was already feeling protective of her child and the life it could have -- should have -- and she didn't want to be in a situation where she had to share Liam. She didn't want to be the woman on the sidelines or the "other" family. Hope wanted to share her life with someone fully and completely.

In Liam's silence, Hope said she wasn't pressuring him or putting out expectations. She knew there was another child to think of; however, she wanted to raise her child with both parents under one roof if it was possible. Noting that Liam wasn't married yet, she said it might be possible, but she'd made her commitment to doing it, even if she'd do it alone.

Liam conveyed that he supported Hope's decisions. He'd be there whenever he could. "But Steffy," Hope concluded. Liam repeated, "But Steffy." Hope said he had a lot to think about.

Liam believed he had a lot of explaining to do when he got home. Hope offered to be there for him if it didn't go well. He said he was there for her, too, and would be for the whole experience. He didn't know what the future had in store, but they'd figure something out. Liam said it was a miracle -- their miracle.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke were in the kitchen, discussing what Hope's pregnancy meant for Liam and Steffy. Ridge guessed Brooke thought Steffy would get her heart broken. Brooke indicated that Ridge probably needed to be there for his daughter. Ridge knew that Brooke wanted Liam and Hope to be together, but Ridge said Liam wouldn't leave Steffy.

Ridge stated that Steffy and Liam had been through a lot, but Brooke replied that it was the same with Hope and Liam. Ridge added that Steffy and Liam had a cute baby that they were raising. Brooke concluded that Liam had two women, and because there would be two babies, Liam would have to decide where he'd be. Ridge didn't like where it was headed.

Brooke didn't get what Ridge meant, but she said it wouldn't affect their marriage. Ridge said, "As long as your daughter doesn't make a play for Liam." Offended, Brooke asserted that Hope didn't do things like that. Brooke asked what he was talking about and said the notion was ridiculous. Ridge gave Brooke a calming kiss and apologized.

Ridge said that everything would be okay. He and Brooke hugged, and he wondered if Liam would tell Steffy that night. Ridge became tearful because his daughter had been so confident and happy. He was sure it would be a bombshell.

Later, Brooke was alone when Hope arrived. Brooke was delighted to hear that Liam was shocked but happy about the baby. Hope could tell that he was already in love. Brooke stated that Liam loved Hope and the baby. Hope said they still had things to figure out. Brooke asked if it would be as a couple, but Hope wasn't sure. Brooke inquired about Steffy, and Hope replied that they'd know about her "soon enough."

Brooke suspected that Hope felt guilty. Hope didn't want Steffy to get hurt. Hope said Liam had his future laid out, but she was asking him to consider another option. Brooke glanced around to make sure Ridge wasn't around, and she uttered, "You are the better person." Hope was shocked, but Brooke insisted that it was true. Brooke said everyone knew it, including Liam.

Brooke thought Liam needed to figure out what he wanted. Hope said it might be Steffy. Brooke doubted there was a contest but insisted that Hope couldn't be passive. She had to make Liam see it. Hope readily declined. Brooke noted that Steffy wouldn't decline, but instead, Steffy would be manipulative and would interfere everywhere. Hope replied that she wasn't Steffy.

Brooke stated that Hope was a gentle woman who'd waited her whole adult life to be with the man she loved, and she was pregnant with his child. Hope said the exact thing about Steffy, who already had the child. Agreeing, Brooke added that Steffy had blown it by sleeping with Liam's father. Brooke believed Liam needed something better, like Hope.

"Here's hoping," Hope replied. Brooke said Hope had to do more than that. She had to be assertive, stay focused, and go after it. Brooke believed Hope would have the life she dreamed of, and she'd finally have Liam.

At the cliff house, Quinn and Eric sat with Steffy at her dinner table with pens and pads. Eric called dibs on making Steffy's wedding dress, and Steffy said they were getting ahead of themselves because Liam still didn't know she was ready to get married yet. Eric remarked that, in all the excitement, Steffy was still trying to find a nanny.

Quinn wanted to discuss the most important part of the wedding -- the jewelry. Steffy said she and Liam would probably keep the same rings. Quinn offered to make a necklace or tiara, but Steffy didn't think there would be time before the wedding. Eric felt that Steffy deserved the reunion after all she'd been through. Steffy agreed and said Kelly deserved it, too. Steffy concluded that they deserved all the happiness ahead of them.

Later, Steffy exited the bedroom and saw that Liam was arriving home. He apologized for being late. She asked how things had gone with Hope. Nervously, Liam asked what Steffy meant. Steffy clarified that she meant the website. The stammering Liam said he had some news. Steffy had some for him, too. He decided they should sit down.

Steffy told Liam that they shouldn't wait. Liam stared curiously, and she said she didn't want to wait to get married. He stammered more, that time about her previous desire to wait, but Steffy said that they should just make it official. Though she knew that she was being confusing, she explained that a weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and she felt she could finally focus on their family. Steffy wanted to be a mother and his wife.

Steffy mentioned Eric wanting to make a dress. "Before we make any plans -- " Liam began saying. Steffy said it didn't have to be big. She just wanted them to recommit themselves, and there was nothing stopping them. "Yeah, you would think," he responded. He reminded her that he had news. He said it had been a shock for him and would be for her, too.

Liam tried to get the grinning Steffy to sit down, but Steffy urged him to just tell her. Liam explained that Hope had just found out something. Steffy asked what it was. Liam stated that Hope was pregnant with his child. Steffy's smile faded.

Steffy repeated Liam and asked how Hope knew. Liam replied that she'd seen a doctor. Steffy asked if it was his. He said Steffy's name. "Well, did you ask?" Steffy insisted. He said it was his baby. Steffy began to get visibly upset. Liam said it had been one night. Steffy exclaimed that it had been one night, and their world had changed.

Calming herself down, Steffy stated that their family was growing. "'Our?'" Liam asked. She replied that it was because he was having a baby, but it wasn't hers. Steffy said it hurt "like hell." She repeated that the family was growing and asked if that meant the child would be with them half of the time. Liam said he guessed so, but he and Hope hadn't talked about that part.

Steffy said she and Liam would be there for Hope as a married couple. It was a shock, but it was out of their control. Steffy didn't want it to affect them and said they could deal with anything as a couple. Liam agreed, and they hugged.

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