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Xander believed he'd given his stalker ex her walking papers, but Zoe wound up prancing down the Forrester catwalk and back into his life. Bill showed Steffy a picture of her future -- stuck between Liam and Hope -- and he urged Steffy to marry him instead.
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Xander offers his theory on the HFTF stalker Xander offers his theory on the HFTF stalker
Monday, July 16, 2018

In the backstage photo shoot area, Zoe watched Emma and Xander kiss. Emma was suddenly full of questions about Xander, such as whether he had a phone full of women awaiting his return texts. He claimed not to be that type. Emma was sure he'd had a relationship or had been in love before. Xander flashed back to kissing Zoe. He said he'd thought he'd been in love, but it hadn't worked out that way.

Emma wanted to know about the ex-girlfriend in England. Xander said she'd been fun, unpredictable, adventurous, and a little crazy. The woman had been up for anything, but things had become intense. The girlfriend had become possessive. She'd apologize for it, but it had kept getting worse. Xander said he'd ended it, and it was part of the reason he'd moved to Los Angeles. He'd seen it as a shame because the woman had been a talented artist.

Emma thanked Xander for opening up to her. Xander figured she knew all his secrets. She received a message on her phone that instructed her to meet the manager at the Bikini Bar to scout the place for a possible after-party location. Emma asked that he let Pam know where Emma was, and Emma took off.

Zoe stepped out from the shadows. She flashed back on fun times that she and Xander had had while lying on a bed. Xander spotted Zoe by the clothes rack and asked what she was doing there. He started to ask how she'd done something, but shaking his head, he asked again why she was there. Zoe said she was there to see him, and he was as hot as ever.

Xander assumed Zoe had tracked him down, and he asked how she'd known he'd be there. Zoe replied that she hadn't had much luck finding him in London. She asked how many times he'd told her about his famous cousin Maya and about Forrester. Zoe reminded him that he'd said they'd go to L.A. together; he'd get started at Forrester, she'd get her paintings in the posh galleries downtown, and they'd spend weekends at the beach.

Zoe said it had been a brilliant plan -- until he'd dumped her and disappeared while she'd been out. She assumed he'd feared changing his mind if he'd done it in person. Xander said he'd had to get away and start fresh. Zoe wanted to do the same thing. She said her place wasn't far from Forrester, and they could go there to get reacquainted. Xander noted that he was at work, and she said they could do it after work. "I don't think so," he responded.

Zoe apologized for whatever she'd done to make him want to end things. Xander replied that she knew why he'd left; she had been too possessive and had been doing things "like this." She claimed that he loved her surprises, and it was her cooking that he hated. She felt that she could change and admitted that traveling there had been extreme. She said he'd just disappeared and had shut off his phone. She asked how she could apologize if he wouldn't let her talk to him.

Zoe said she'd traveled there because she knew that she and Xander could work things out like always. She asked if they could give it another go. Xander decided that he needed to get back to work. He advised her to go back to London, so they could go their separate ways.

Xander exited the area, and Zoe let herself out of the building. Once outside at the top of some stairs, she saw Emma walking through the parking lot with a set of keys in hand. After Emma had passed by, Zoe descended the stairs and walked in the same direction as Emma.

In the CEO's office, Hope told Liam that she couldn't step aside. She felt she had to tell the truth for the sake of their child and future. Liam said she could always be honest with him. Hope wanted honesty to go both ways. He claimed he wasn't holding back, and she concluded that he just needed more time. Though it was hard, Hope was willing to give it to him.

Just then, Sally charged in, raving about what was being done to her. Katie and Thorne followed Sally, and Katie yelled that she was calling security because Sally couldn't be in there. Hope asked what was going on. Sally said she didn't know, but she shouldn't be fired over it.

Hope stated that she hadn't fired Sally. Thorne took credit for the firing, saying Sally was a threat to Hope and the company. Sally insisted that she hadn't written the comments. Hope didn't know what comments Sally meant or what they'd said. Liam interjected that he hadn't involved Hope or security because the threats hadn't been violent.

Thorne and Katie explained that an IT person had traced the comments to Sally's IP address. Sally insisted that she hadn't done it. She didn't know how to explain it, but she swore she hadn't threatened anyone. Sally wanted to talk to Hope, but Thorne and Katie refused to let Sally do it alone. Thorne picked up the phone to call security.

Hope intervened. She said the comments hadn't been violent, according to the others, but she wanted to know why she was just then hearing about it. Liam said she'd needed to focus on the line without distractions. Katie asserted that she and Thorne had taken care of it.

Sally disagreed. Hope asked if Sally was saying she'd do something else if Hope didn't let her design. Liam advised Sally not to give anyone an excuse to call the police. Sally thought calling the police might be a good idea because Katie and Thorne's detective work had been bogus. Sally stated that someone had sent the messages, and the person was still out there.

As the debate about Sally continued, Xander wandered into the office. He heard the word "stalker" and asked what was going on. Thorne said it was a private conversation. Xander apologized for interrupting and asked if someone was being stalked. Sally replied that she wasn't the stalker, but everyone thought the messages had been from her computer. Sally asked why she'd do it.

Katie figured that Sally was angry about being unable to design. Sally noted that everyone knew how she felt about it, so there was no reason for her to vent online. To Sally, the threats weren't even that bad. "'Oh, watch out. I'm coming for you,'" Sally repeated in a dopey voice. Xander inquired more about the messages, but Thorne said they had it under control.

To Liam, Xander asked if the messages had seemed dangerous. Liam said they'd been creepy, but that was all. Xander asked to see them. Liam said he'd archived them in case they'd needed to give them to police. Thorne threatened to do it if Sally wouldn't accept the firing.

Xander stated that he needed to see the comments. Thorne gave Xander a look. Xander said he knew that he wasn't part of it; however, he believed Sally hadn't made the comments. Xander claimed to have an idea of who had. Thorne believed they knew who'd done it, but Sally urged Thorne to at least let Xander take a look.

Everyone gathered around a laptop at the desk. Xander reviewed the comments and the images that had been beside them. Katie and Liam explained that the comments were directed at Hope because she was in all the pictures that the stalker had commented on. Xander noticed that the other person in every photo with Hope was Emma.

Hope asked what Emma had to do with it. Xander replied that he once would have said that Emma had nothing to do with it, but he'd found out that his ex-girlfriend was in town and had been at Forrester. He'd had no idea that she'd traveled to Los Angeles. Liam asked if the woman could have something to do with it.

Xander said his ex could be intense and possessive. He cited that she'd figured out where he worked, and she'd seen him with another girl. He didn't think the threats were aimed at Hope. He believed they were for Emma.

At Bikini Bar, Emma concluded her meeting with the manager, and on her way out, she bumped into Zoe again. Emma was excited to see her again. Zoe said she hadn't gotten Emma's name the last time. Emma gave it to Zoe, who asked if Emma wanted to split some chips. Emma said she was on business and needed to get back to work. Zoe was sure they'd see each other again.

Laughing, Emma remembered that Zoe had said they'd meet again, and she'd been right. Zoe thought that Emma could stay a few moments and was sure no one would miss her right away at work. "Probably not," Emma replied and sat at a table with Zoe. Zoe claimed that Emma had been on her mind. Zoe felt bad about the clothing stain. She added that Emma was practically the only person Zoe knew in L.A.

Some shirtless guys passed the ladies, and Zoe asked if all the guys were hot there -- like Emma's boyfriend. Emma said the guy she'd been with wasn't her boyfriend yet. Zoe figured he would be. Zoe could tell how much Emma fancied the guy because she hadn't given the other guys at the bar a second glance. Zoe wanted to know about the relationship, but she said Emma could say so if Zoe was being too pushy.

Emma thought it was nice to have someone to talk to. Agreeing, Zoe said she'd done a lot of socializing back home, but she'd been mostly alone in L.A. Emma replied that she knew the feeling. Zoe noted that Emma had someone and asked his name. Emma revealed Xander's name and said he was from London. Emma asked if Zoe was, too.

Zoe claimed not to be but said she knew the city well. Zoe turned the topic to Emma's origins. Emma said she'd moved to the city for work, and it was where she'd met Xander. Zoe joked about companies having rules against office dating. Emma didn't know if there were such rules but said it wouldn't be the first office romance at Forrester.

Zoe became interested in Forrester. Emma revealed that she and Xander were interns there, and he had a family connection. Emma said he was a hard worker. Zoe joked that Emma's description of him would be good if Emma was talking to her mother. Zoe urged Emma to say what he was really like. Emma described Xander as sweet, kind, and supportive.

Zoe was surprised that a guy likeXander hadn't already been taken. Emma stated that there had been a woman back in London, whom he'd described as creative, adventurous, and a little crazy. "Maybe too crazy," Emma reckoned. Zoe repeated it. Emma elaborated that the woman had been possessive, and it had seemed intense because he'd moved to get away from her.

Emma decided to get some tea from the bar and asked if Zoe wanted anything. Zoe said she hadn't decided what she was going to do yet. Zoe stared at Emma as she ordered from the bartender.

The Forrester crew confronts Zoe The Forrester crew confronts Zoe
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

At Bikini Bar, Emma talked more with the bartender about the after- party. When she took drinks back to her table with Zoe, Emma decided that she really should get back to work. Zoe noted that Emma hadn't even had her tea. Emma said a hottie might stop by the table and drink it. Zoe replied that it would be a hottie like Emma's fellow, and Zoe asked for his name again.

Emma said Xander's name but added that he wasn't her fellow. Emma tried to take off again, but Zoe tugged Emma's arm, asking her not to leave. A phone chimed, and Zoe located it beneath her purse. It was Emma's phone, and Zoe said Emma had almost forgotten it. Zoe saw the message on it and cooed that someone's boyfriend was trying to get Emma.

Emma said she'd see Xander when she got back. Zoe apologized for seeming desperate but claimed she hadn't made a lot of friends. Emma didn't think it would be that way for long, and she asked Zoe's name. Zoe gave it, and the women exchanged contact information. Emma left.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Hope entered after walking Liam out. Katie, Thorne, Sally, and Hope discussed with Xander the possibility of his British ex-girlfriend targeting Emma out of jealousy. Xander didn't know how Sally's computer had become involved, but he wouldn't put anything past his ex. Upon hearing that the woman was British, Sally asked to see a photo.

Xander found a photo on his phone, and when he showed it to Sally, she exclaimed that the woman was Zoe, who was painting a mural at Wyatt's house. Sally called Wyatt and asked if Zoe was there. Wyatt expected Zoe to be by to finish the painting.

Wyatt asked if Sally had convinced the Forresters that she wasn't responsible for the web posts, and Sally explained that they thought Zoe was the culprit. Sally said she'd explain it all later, but she needed him to let her know when Zoe arrived and for him to try to keep Zoe at the house.

As the group waited around, Xander worried about Emma, who hadn't returned his messages. He assumed she might be driving. Thorne asked how Wyatt had met Zoe. Sally said Wyatt had liked Zoe's work and had commissioned the mural. Hope asked if it had been that simple. Disagreeing, Sally stated that Zoe had actually talked him into it.

Katie and Thorne figured that Zoe had known Wyatt's connections to Forrester and had used Wyatt to be near Xander's world. Sally said it also had given Zoe access to Sally's computer. Hope asked if Sally had seen Zoe using it. Sally hadn't, but she recalled that Zoe had been the one to find it when it had been missing once.

Sally murmured that it had almost cost her a job. Katie and Thorne apologized. Sally replied that she hadn't heard that word in a while. Sally didn't blame them because she might have thought the same if it had been a computer belonging to one of them, but Sally was quick to add that she wouldn't post garbage about Hope online. "As much as I'm sure you'd like to at times," Hope replied. Sally said the words were Hope's, not Sally's.

Just as Xander was ready to search for Emma, Emma arrived. She'd heard him being concerned as she'd entered, and she asked why they'd been looking for her. Xander asked where she'd been, and she explained that she'd been seeing about the after-party at Bikini Bar. Thorne asked if anything strange had gone on while she'd been there.

Emma relayed that Danny, the manager, had been great. Nothing had been unusual, though she'd met a new British friend who was cool but a little weird. Everyone in the room stared around knowingly, and Xander guessed the friend was Zoe. Emma asked how he knew that, and he reluctantly said Zoe was his ex. "And we think she might be dangerous," Katie added.

Later, Emma asked why the others thought Zoe would threaten Hope. Hope explained that Emma was the target. Thorne asked what Zoe had talked to Emma about. Emma said they'd mostly talked about Xander. Xander asked what Zoe had wanted to know.

"Everything," Emma replied. Emma had thought Zoe had been being polite, but she supposed Zoe was jealous and using Emma for information on Xander. Sally said Zoe had been using them all, and Sally revealed that Zoe had been using Sally's computer for the threats.

Hope wondered if they should send the police to Wyatt's, but Xander didn't want to do that. He was sure he could talk to Zoe. Emma wanted to talk to Zoe, too. Xander suggested that Emma stay at Forrester, but Emma was insistent upon looking Zoe in the eye and calling her out.

At Wyatt's house, Zoe let herself in. She was startled that Wyatt was there. He asked where else he'd be. She asked what he thought of the mural thus far. Wyatt behaved conspicuously, calling it "" He murmured that his words were stupid, and Zoe asked if he was okay because he seemed preoccupied.

Wyatt claimed to have work stuff on the brain, but Zoe reminded him that he was unemployed. Wyatt replied that he'd been reinstated and would resume work soon. On the wall, there was the mural of the ocean with five vertical surfboards stationed in the sand before it. She'd painted two of the boards, and three were outlined, waiting for colored filling. Zoe said she'd be done in a jiffy. Wyatt told her to take all the time she needed. He stated that he'd just be there, working.

Later, Zoe had mostly finished the three boards. Wyatt was working at his laptop. He stole a glance at Zoe and then text-messaged that Zoe was there. As each of them worked in silence, they sneaked suspicious glances at each other. Sally messaged Wyatt that she was on the way. Zoe announced that she was almost done, and Wyatt said there was no rush.

Wyatt started chatting with Zoe about how long she'd been painting. Zoe said he was distracting her. He mumbled that he'd always wanted to paint, and she quipped that he should have told mummy and daddy. Wyatt joked that they would have given him a roller and pointed to the side of the house. Zoe removed some edging tape and said, "Fini." Wyatt recognized it as French. He didn't think she was "fini" and asked her to shade one of the boards more.

Zoe decided that the painting was perfect as it was, and she wanted Wyatt to pay her so that she could get on with her day. Wyatt stated that she'd become a fixture there, and she'd be gone without him knowing anything about her. Zoe accused him of stalling. Wyatt admitted it and said it was because he was delaying until Sally arrived. He was sure Sally would want to see it and thank Zoe in person.

Zoe said Sally could see it when Zoe was gone. Zoe wanted Wyatt to pay her, and Wyatt said he needed to get his checkbook. Zoe didn't want a check and directed him to pay her online. Wyatt picked up his phone, but as he stalled, Zoe asked why he was so hesitant to have her leave. Wyatt asked why he would want a beautiful, talented British artist to leave. Zoe said he was just "mad" about the redhead, and Zoe ordered him to pay her so she could go.

Wyatt transferred the money. He asked what Zoe's next plan was and if she'd return to London. "Hopefully not alone," she murmured. He asked what she meant. Zoe was sure he'd learn soon enough. She handed over his key, and he asked if she wanted help packing up her paint and brushes. Zoe said to put them in the garage, and she'd get them later.

"Zoe, don't leave," Wyatt said. At the door, Zoe turned and said it sounded like a threat. Sally arrived on the doorstep. "There you are," Zoe said, letting Sally in the house. Sally replied that she wasn't alone. Thorne, Xander, and Emma filed in behind Sally.

Zoe said that Wyatt had done "this." She assumed it was a surprise party for her because she'd finished the mural. She introduced herself to Thorne. He introduced himself to her and asked if she'd been making threatening posts on the HFTF website. "Me?" Zoe asked.

"Of course, it was you. You were using my laptop, you bitch!" Sally exclaimed, charging forward. Wyatt held Sally back, and Zoe guessed it wasn't a party. Thorne asked his question again about the posts. Zoe said Wyatt had done a good job of keeping her there. He grinned, and she figured that he really didn't want to be a painter. Wyatt instructed her to answer the question.

Sally accused Zoe of setting her up. Zoe asked if everyone liked the mural. Sally tried to charge forward again, but Wyatt had a hold on her. Xander asked Zoe to just admit what she'd done, and Zoe asked why she'd do it.

Emma pushed by Xander to get in Zoe's face. Emma said she'd answer the why. Emma accused Zoe of being jealous of Emma. Emma said the posts hadn't been for Hope; they'd been for Emma, and Emma demanded that Zoe admit to stalking Emma.

Zoe decides not to do as she's told Zoe decides not to do as she's told
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

At the beach house, Wyatt, Sally, Xander, Thorne, and Emma confronted Zoe about stalking Emma. Zoe thought it was absurd. Sally instructed Zoe to own it or save it for the cops, and Zoe quipped that Sally was "so dramatic." Thorne said Forrester didn't take it lightly when someone made threats on a Forrester-owned website.

Wyatt assumed that Zoe had set up the whole meeting with him just so she could get the tools she needed. Zoe disparaged them all for ganging up on her after she'd had to fly to the States in coach. Xander demanded the truth about it. Zoe admitted to sending the messages, but as far as calling it stalking, she stated, "You say tomato. I say to-mah-to."

Sally said Zoe wasn't cute. Taking offense, Zoe claimed that she'd spoken highly of Sally. Xander asked if Zoe thought threatening people was a joke. Zoe asked if it had really been threatening and if Emma looked hurt. Zoe asserted that she was the hurt one because, after a year together, Xander had disappeared on her. She asked what she should have done. Sally suggested Zoe accept it and move on. Zoe thought it was easy for Sally, who had Wyatt, to say.

Zoe said she'd been left alone, wondering what she'd done wrong, and Emma had been rubbing it in with the selfies, which hadn't been cool. Uninterested in the details of the breakup, Thorne threatened to press charges. Zoe asked if her playful comments had frightened Emma. Emma asked if the skull and crossbones icon was supposed to be playful.

Zoe called it artistic expression and said, "If you were scared, you were scared away from my boyfriend." Xander corrected Zoe and said he wasn't her boyfriend anymore. Zoe stated that she wasn't the only one hiding things. She ordered him to drop the phony accent and introduce himself for real. Thorne asked Xander to reveal whatever he was hiding.

Xander dropped his American accent and demonstrated that he actually spoke with a British accent. He explained where he'd really been from, and Thorne asked why Xander had wanted to keep it a secret. Xander figured that he'd overreacted about it, but he'd wanted to start fresh and leave the past behind. "And that would be you," Emma quipped to Zoe.

Zoe stated that she hadn't known things had gone so sour. Xander replied that the problem with Zoe was that she did inappropriate things like she'd just done and then wondered why people were upset. He said she wanted them to never mind Zoe, who knew no boundaries but meant no harm. It wasn't good enough for Xander, who was making a new life in the States.

Zoe said she was on time to fetch Xander before he fell into a self-made delusion. She quipped that the weather was superb, but the people were utterly vapid. She ordered him to go home.

Wyatt decided that he had a few questions. He asked how he'd wound up on Zoe's radar. Zoe explained that she'd done her homework and learned that Eric was married to Wyatt's mother. Emma asked if Zoe had arranged to encounter Wyatt, and Zoe admitted to setting up Wyatt to see her and her paintings. Wyatt murmured that he had to stop being so naive. Sally said Zoe had been good to orchestrate it all, right down to befriending Sally and using Sally's laptop so that Sally would get blamed.

Zoe clarified that she hadn't meant any harm. She admitted that she had a jealous streak, but she insisted that Emma hadn't been in any danger because Zoe wasn't a violent person. Thorne didn't think Zoe was as harmless as she claimed. Zoe asked why they couldn't take a joke. She called it a harmless prank designed to get her boyfriend's attention again.

Zoe asked if Xander would at least stop by to see Harry, who missed Xander. The others asked who Harry was, and Xander said it was a cat. Zoe got offended that Xander had de-genderized their baby, whom they'd rescued from a shelter. Thorne suggested they get back on track and figure out what to do about Zoe, and Thorne asked Xander what he thought.

Xander said Zoe's actions had been obsessive and disappointing; however, her behavior had never garnered the attention of the police, and Xander didn't think it should that time, either. Zoe thanked him and said it was sweet of him. Continuing, Xander said Emma was the victim, and the decision should be hers. Thorne prompted Emma.

Emma said Zoe had acted like a friend, but Zoe was a con artist. Emma wasn't sure Zoe was as harmless as Xander thought and noted that Zoe had put effort into her little game. Emma added that Zoe had also caused Forrester anxiety and grief. Emma decided that she wouldn't press charges if Zoe left right away.

Zoe asked how Xander felt and if part of him was glad to see her and wanted her to stay. Xander replied that craziness like "this" was why he'd left, and she hadn't changed at all. Zoe said she could change and would. She asked him to think of how in love they'd been. Xander told her to book a flight back to London and cease contact with him and the Forresters.

"Very well," Zoe said, and she proceeded to address each person there individually. Zoe told Wyatt to enjoy the mural and told Sally that the truth was that Sally's laptop had been the first computer Zoe had been able to find. Zoe apologized to Thorne and said it had just been for a laugh. Zoe claimed she wished Emma no harm and advised her to enjoy the fling while it lasted.

Turning to Xander, Zoe said she'd missed him, "But if you're done with me, then I -- " Xander cut Zoe off and said, "Goodbye." He put his arm around Emma, and Zoe sadly looked at them.

Later, Wyatt and Sally had wine and reflected on the craziness earlier. Wyatt was glad Sally's name had been cleared. Sally was glad that Hope hadn't been in any danger, but Sally pitied Emma, who "must have been freaked out" to be Zoe's target. Wyatt said Emma had handled it well, but he was stuck with a mural. Sally giggled, and they kissed.

In the design office later, Xander said he couldn't apologize enough to Emma. Emma told him that it was all on Zoe. Emma didn't think Zoe had always been that way, or else Xander wouldn't have been with her. Xander said it was a side of Zoe, who was fun but unorthodox.

Emma called Zoe gorgeous and confident and asked if Xander missed being with her. Xander said Zoe was in the past, and his future was at Forrester with Emma. The two kissed.

At Zoe's place, Zoe held Harry and apologized for leaving him alone for so long. She said she'd talked to daddy and had reminded him of the love they'd shared. Though "they" wanted her to go back to London, Zoe liked it in Los Angeles and believed that she and Harry would be staying for a while.

At Brooke's house, Brooke thanked Liam for arriving at her behest. She and Liam talked about how fatherhood had touched his heartstrings. Brooke said he'd have another baby with her daughter, a woman he loved very much. Brooke sensed it was a difficult, conflicting time for him.

Liam wouldn't wish the position on anyone. It hadn't ever occurred to him that Hope would get pregnant, but he conveyed that it should have. He felt blessed to have such an embarrassment of riches. He had two women who loved him, a baby with one, and another on the way with the other. Brooke said he could only have a life with one of the women. Liam knew it and said he was struggling to make the best decision for them all.

In a heightened tone, Brooke pressed upon Liam the urgency of the situation. She didn't think it was fair that Liam had put Hope's future on hold because he was afraid of hurting someone. Brooke said that ship had sailed, and someone would be hurt. Brooke didn't want it to be her daughter, who'd been faithful to him. Brooke asked if he could say the same about Steffy.

"You know I can't," Liam replied. Brooke had always thought Hope and Liam would be together, despite Steffy, who'd decided to put a stop to Liam and Hope. Brooke said Steffy hadn't been able to do it without asking for Bill's help. Brooke stated that Liam had been manipulated each time he'd gone back to Steffy, who'd wound up betraying him anyway. Brooke asked if that was the kind of woman he wanted to spend his life with.

Liam noted that Brooke wasn't pulling punches. Brooke said that the time for tiptoeing around the situation was over, and the past was a determination of character. Brooke thought Steffy was resilient and smart, but she hadn't always been truthful or loyal; it couldn't be ignored when the stakes were so high. Liam stammered that he knew Steffy had done some things.

Brooke asserted that Steffy had slept with Liam's father, something Hope would never do. Brooke stated that Liam's answer was in character, which didn't lie. It was Liam's barometer for the future. Brooke said she couldn't take credit for Hope's character; Hope had been born with it and was a light in the world. Liam said he knew it.

Brooke said that Steffy was a wonderful woman and Kelly's mother, but Liam had to base his decision on character. Brooke cited that Steffy had chosen to sleep with Bill while married to Liam. "Your wife slept with your father," Brooke asserted. Liam started to get upset and said he knew it. Brooke insisted Hope would never do such a thing, and it wouldn't even cross her mind.

Brooke confessed to doing things she wished she could take back, but she couldn't because there were consequences to every action. One of the consequences was loss of trust. Brooke wondered if Liam could trust Steffy, if Bill wouldn't eventually wear Steffy down, or if the catalyst for the betrayal wouldn't resurface.

Liam tried to say that Steffy wouldn't, but Brooke insisted that Steffy already had. Brooke claimed not to be there to trash Steffy, but Brooke said Liam had to carry what Steffy had done with him for the rest of his life unless he chose a life with Hope, who loved him, was faithful, and was carrying his child. Brooke urged Liam to figure out what he really wanted and what kind of woman he really wanted to spend his life with. To Brooke, the answer was simple. For Brooke, the answer was Hope.

Charlie lets the wolf in the hen house Charlie lets the wolf in the hen house
Thursday, July 19, 2018

At Spencer, Justin was trying to talk business to Bill, but when he recognized the faraway look on Bill's face, Justin accused Bill of thinking about Steffy. Bill said he was always doing that and always making plans for their future, which Bill believed was becoming more likely than ever.

Justin replied that he didn't want to know. Bill assured Justin that Justin did want to know and that it was so good, it deserved a drumroll. Bill drummed on the desk and announced that Hope was pregnant. Bill asked Justin to guess who the baby daddy was.

Bill declared that the whole situation had been turned on its head. "Leaving Steffy for you? No, man, it can't be," Justin replied. Imitating the voice of his beloved Muhammad Ali, Bill said he'd told Justin that Liam and Hope belonged together. Bill touted that he was a big-picture man. "I'm the greatest of all times! You know how great I am, and yet you doubted me!" Bill exclaimed.

In his own voice, Bill shamed Justin for doubting. Bill stood, and opening his arms wide, he asked when Justin would realize that eventually the universe brought all things to Dollar Bill. Justin asked Bill to stop and think. Bill claimed that he had thought about it. He said "quick draw" had a baby with Hope, too. Justin asked if that was a good thing.

Bill said Liam would be free to be with his true love, and Steffy would be free to be with hers. Justin found it hard to believe. Bill decided that it was a good thing that Justin would go to the fashion show. Justin replied that it was to support his niece. Bill added that Justin would keep an eye on Liam and Hope, too, and if Justin saw something that could make things even more abundantly clear for Steffy, Bill wanted Justin to do it.

Justin assumed Bill meant that he wanted photos. Agreeing, Bill instructed Justin to do what he had to do to help move things along. Grabbing his keys to leave, Bill asked that Justin text message anything he got to Bill, who'd help Steffy understand what she would be seeing.

At Steffy's house, Steffy resentfully looked through the HFTF press pack. She murmured that Hope would have a lot of support at the fashion show. Liam, who was preparing to attend it, said Steffy would be there, too, if she weren't on maternity leave. He asked if Steffy understood that it was a big day for Hope. Steffy said she did, but in her mind, she recalled Bill telling her that Liam would constantly be juggling two women.

Liam knew that Steffy didn't want him to go. Fixing Liam's tie, Steffy remarked that it wasn't just a fashion show; Liam was supporting the mother of his child. He said it would take time to figure things out. Steffy knew it, but she didn't like sharing him with Hope. Liam said he knew that, too. Steffy said she'd see him when he returned, and he left.

At Forrester, a setup crew worked on preparing the showroom for HFTF's preview. Hope arrived for a final look and brushed off Pam, who needed Hope for something. Brooke was able to snag Hope and coo with excitement about the showing and the pregnancy. Hope pressed her finger to her lips to indicate that the pregnancy was a secret, and Brooke chuckled with excitement.

Later, Katie had arrived and was congratulating Hope. Brooke said Hope and Liam would make good parents. Katie hugged Hope, who said that, despite the timing, she couldn't be happier.

Hope left to tend to show details, and Katie and Brooke handled the guests and the press. The proud Brooke told journalists that she couldn't wait for them to see the "other things" her daughter would bring into the world.

Backstage, Xander tried to calm Emma's jitteriness and assured her that her routines were "sick." Emma thought her anxiety had to do with what had gone on with Zoe. He promised that Zoe wouldn't be a problem. As Charlie and Pam walked by, Xander asked if Charlie had the picture Xander had sent him. Flashing Zoe's picture on his phone, Charlie assured Xander that the woman in the picture would not be getting in the showing.

Hope met briefly with Jake and Thorne. Jake had the music from Xander, who'd also emailed backups. Jake left, and Maya, Sally, and Emma convened briefly with Hope about show details.

Later, Sally asked where Xander was. Emma said he'd gone to see Zoe. Sally believed he'd be back and wouldn't miss Emma's day. Emma remarked that Sally knew Zoe pretty well. Sally wasn't willing to say she knew Zoe. Emma asked if Sally had been concerned about Zoe being around Wyatt so much. Sally replied that Zoe had lost Xander to possessiveness, and Emma shouldn't make the mistake of being jealous of Zoe.

Nearby, Hope, Maya, and Thorne made last-minute changes in the lineup. Afterward, Hope was alone when she noticed that Liam was staring at her. She was excited that he'd decided to be there. Liam said he wouldn't miss seeing the line that reflected everything he admired about her. Hope replied that she'd had a lot of help and support, especially from him.

At Zoe's place, Zoe was in her underwear and an open robe, staring at an HFTF press release. She told Harry that it was a big day for Emma -- or maybe not. Xander arrived, and Zoe remarked upon his impeccable timing. Xander said they'd talk after she'd gotten dressed. Zoe sat on the bed and remarked that they'd once been very comfortable with each other.

Zoe told the cat that his daddy was there. Xander said he couldn't stay. Zoe asked if he wouldn't even greet his son, who missed him like crazy. Xander spoke to the cat and stroked him. Xander said he was there to make sure she was still leaving town. Zoe said she would -- eventually.

Xander saw the photos of him set up with greeting cards he'd given Zoe. He asked if she knew that it was weird. Zoe said they were important memories for her. He suggested she pack them up and take them with her. She replied that she would when it was time to go.

Xander ordered Zoe to stay away from Forrester, and Zoe guessed that he wasn't there to invite her to the show. He told her that security had been instructed to keep her out. It sounded like a challenge to Zoe. Xander said that it wasn't, and he warned her not to interfere.

After Xander had exited, Zoe said it would be a shame to miss such an important showing.

Later, Xander returned to Forrester. He told Emma that Zoe wouldn't be a problem. In the showroom, Pam ordered Charlie to stop staring at that photo. Charlie said it was official security business. Pam walked off, and he resumed staring and grinning at Zoe's photo.

In jeans, a tank top, hat, and dark glasses, Zoe slipped through the doors of the showroom. Immediately, Charlie saw her and said she wasn't supposed to be there. Assuming she was a model, he instructed her to use the models' side entrance. Zoe asked for directions. He gave them to her, and she left.

Backstage, Hope gave her crew a pep talk. Justin arrived after it was over, and Emma and Xander greeted him. Justin noticed Xander had an accent that he hadn't had before. Xander explained that it was a long story. Emma hadn't expected Justin, and Xander asked if Justin would stay for the show. Affirming it, Justin replied that he wanted to see if the rumors were true.

Xander and Emma walked off, and Justin saw Hope and Liam talking to each other. Hope was expressing how glad she was that Liam had shown up, and Liam said the show had been a priority for her. She hinted to other priorities, and he said that, even though the show wasn't as big as the baby, it was still monumental. He was sure Hope would blow the crowd away.

Justin hid behind a clothing rack as Liam encouraged Hope, who'd suddenly gotten nervous. Liam believed people would get her message that each person had the power to change things. He said they'd raise their child with that message. The two hugged, and Justin snapped a photo.

Nearby, Zoe hid behind a dressing screen and watched as Xander soothed Emma's nerves and kissed her. To herself, Zoe said it would be a show Emma wouldn't forget.

Back at Steffy's house, Bill arrived, to Steffy's dismay, and she asked what he was doing there. Bill had figured she could use some company because Liam was at the fashion show. Steffy replied that Liam had worked on the website. Bill asked her not to make excuses for Liam, who didn't have to be at the show.

Steffy agreed and said Liam wanted to be there. Bill emphasized that Liam wanted to be there for Hope. Steffy wished Bill would go, but Bill asked whom she'd talk to. He figured she couldn't tell Liam how she really felt and how furious she was about things.

Bill believed he knew Steffy and what the situation was doing to her. Bill knew Liam, too, and despite what Liam might say, Liam was devoted to Hope. Bill said Steffy might find it too painful to admit to herself that Hope and Liam would be connected forever, but Bill would always tell Steffy the truth. Bill claimed that he cared enough about Steffy to tell her that she'd be sharing Liam with Hope forever.

Bill shows Steffy her future Bill shows Steffy her future
Friday, July 20, 2018

At Forrester, the showroom was full of people. Ridge, Eric, and Brooke had drinks and enjoyed being on the viewing side of the showing. They encountered Justin, who said he was there to support his niece. Brooke expressed pride in Hope, who Brooke said had created something beautiful. Justin flashed back to learning that Hope was pregnant.

The show started, and Justin excused himself. On stage, Hope opened the show by describing HFTF's mission to inspire people to act for the greater good and make their voices heard. She said a portion of the proceeds went to charity, and she left the stage to make way for the show.

The lights dimmed, and when they went back up, Emma was on stage with Diana Ross-inspired hair. Other dancers accompanied her, and they all wore jeans and white crocheted fringe tank tops, slit down in a fringe style to their knees. The troupe performed, and then models began hitting the runway, prancing and dancing in fringe and metallic outfits.

In the crowd, Xander asked Charlie if he was sure he hadn't seen Zoe. Charlie claimed to have two eyes on the crowd and one on the door. Xander totaled up three eyes, and Charlie replied that it was why Zoe was anywhere but there.

Backstage, Hope congratulated Emma and couldn't wait to see the second routine. After Hope walked off, Emma saw someone suspicious passing through backstage. Emma bumped into a model who squealed in pain. Emma asked if the model had seen the person.

The model complained about her ankle and worried that she'd twisted it. Maya approached and helped the model limp away to get some ice.

Emma gave a pep talk to her dancers before their routine that led up to the showstopper. Afterward, Xander gave Emma some words of encouragement, and Zoe watched from behind clothes racks as he kissed her.

Nearby, Hope and Quinn joined Maya in helping the injured model, and Hope wondered who'd wear the showstopper. Quinn asked if Maya could fit in it. "I can do it," said Zoe, who'd just walked up. She removed her hat and glasses and claimed to have modeling experience. Zoe appeared to be the right size, and Quinn urged Hope to make a decision. Hope told Zoe to get changed.

Later, Emma apologized to Hope for injuring the model. Hope explained that she'd gotten another one. Thorne asked who. Hope didn't know and guessed it was a model's friend who happened to be backstage. Maya approached to cue Emma for the dance routine.

Back on stage, another set of models in fringe designs danced their way down the catwalk. Eric received a message about the injured model. Katie was about to go backstage to check on the problem, but over the loudspeaker, Hope announced the showstopper.

Emma and her dancers took to the stage for a short routine that ended with them at the back of the stage in kneeling, arms open poses that ushered in the showstopper. Zoe strode out in white pants and a white shirt that hung from her shoulders in fine fringe strips spanning to her calves.

Charlie's mouth dropped open when he saw Zoe on the stage. Zoe turned and winked at the shocked Emma.

Justin slipped backstage. There, Liam and Hope were excited, and she exclaimed that they'd done it. Liam said she'd done it and urged her to go on stage.

Hope walked to the end of the stage and joined Zoe in the flickering lights of cameras. As Hope closed out the show, Emma went backstage, where Xander wondered how his ex had gotten on stage. On the television in the back, they saw Zoe announce herself as Zoe Buckingham.

Emma couldn't believe Zoe was on the stage in the showstopper. Xander said that Emma and Hope had made the show a success, and Emma couldn't let Zoe take that away from Emma.

Zoe arrived backstage with reporters who wanted to know where they'd seen her before. She vaguely replied, "Here, there, everywhere." They asked if she was the new face of the relaunch, and she told them that they'd have to wait and see.

Zoe excused herself from the reporters and walked up to Xander and Emma. Xander said he'd told Zoe to stay away. Zoe quipped that it was a good thing she hadn't because she'd saved the day.

Elsewhere backstage, Liam and Hope hugged and gushed about the show's success. Liam wanted to know who the model was. Hope didn't know but said the press loved the model. He corrected that they loved the collection. Hope didn't know what she would have done if Zoe hadn't stepped in. Liam replied that the show stood on its own with or without the showstopper, and Hope had to give herself more credit. He said it was all Hope and no one else.

Hope said it was a fact that she couldn't have done it without Liam's support. She claimed it was the best day of her life -- besides the day that she'd give birth to their child. The two hugged and stood close together. Liam stroked her face. Justin took pictures from behind a rack.

After the show, Ridge, Brooke, Katie, and Eric wondered who the model was. Pam said she hadn't seen the model at any fittings. Ridge stated that wearing the showstopper was a lot of pressure, but the woman had pulled it off. Eric said Hope had discovered a new star.

At the cliff house, Steffy didn't want to talk to Bill, but Bill insisted upon saying how much it had to hurt that Liam was with Hope and his other child instead of being there with Steffy. Steffy didn't appreciate Bill trying to make her paranoid about something that wasn't a big deal. Disagreeing about its significance, Bill said it was indicative of Steffy's future. She'd be sharing Liam with Hope, and it wouldn't change.

Steffy told Bill that she didn't want him. She reminded him that he'd lied, manipulated, and betrayed her. She said he'd threatened to put her mother in jail if she married Liam. Steffy didn't think it was love; instead, it was controlling.

Bill stated that it had been extreme, but he'd been trying to save Steffy from herself. He felt that he'd been right because Liam and Hope would be tied to each other forever. He asked why Steffy would choose that life when she didn't have to.

Steffy received a message from her father that the show was over. Bill received a message, too, and it made him frown when he saw it. She said Liam was probably happy for Hope. Holding up a picture on his phone, Bill quipped that Liam was already celebrating. The picture was of Liam and Hope standing close together. Hope's hands were on his waist, and his hands were near her face as if he was steadying her before a kiss.

Steffy asked where Bill had gotten the picture. Bill didn't think it mattered, but he said it had been taken backstage. She didn't know why she should believe Bill, but he asked what Liam had been wearing earlier. Bill insisted that the picture had been taken that day and that it was a snapshot of Liam and Hope's future.

Bill urged Steffy not to fall into the trap Taylor had fallen into with Ridge. Steffy refused to let Bill ruin what she and Liam had. Bill said he wasn't doing it; Liam was. Bill urged her to give them a chance and make a life with him. He wanted to protect her and her daughter if she'd just give them the chance. "Marry me. Be my wife," Bill said.

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