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Judge McMullen awarded Katie sole custody of Will, and Brooke figured out that Ridge had orchestrated the ruling. After losing custody of Will, Bill tried to be a better father to all his sons. Emma's jealousy of Zoe reached a tipping point.
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Judge McMullen takes no time to deliberate Judge McMullen takes no time to deliberate
Monday, October 1, 2018

At Forrester, Hope and Steffy hadn't heard from Liam or Ridge yet about how the hearing was going. Steffy asked how busy Hope was, and Hope snapped that she had a lot of time because her line had been scaled back. In Katie's stead, Steffy wanted Hope to help Steffy choose some marketing photos from the proofs she'd received.

Hope was glad to help, even though she doubted she and Steffy agreed on a lot of things. As an example of possible disagreement, Hope asked if Steffy thought Bill deserved to lose custody of his youngest son.

Later, Hope remarked that she and Steffy had agreed on all the photos but two. Hope noted that Steffy still hadn't answered Hope's question about Bill losing custody of Will. Steffy replied that she didn't think it would make that much of a difference because Bill never gave up. In her view, the judge could cut Bill off that day, but Bill would somehow get it overturned.

At the custody hearing in Judge McMullen's office, Carter had no further witnesses. In the corridor, Wyatt thought about leaving, but Brooke told him that he couldn't walk out on the subpoena. Just then, the bailiff called Wyatt into the office to be Bill's first witness.

In the witness chair, Wyatt testified that Bill was a complicated man who probably loved getting to raise Will from birth because Bill had missed doing so with Wyatt and Liam. Justin asked if Bill was kind. "Meh..." Wyatt replied. Wyatt said that Bill and Katie's marriage had been stormy, but the divorce had cleared the clouds.

Justin remarked that Katie had started dating Wyatt next and asked how Bill had responded to the relationship. Wyatt stated that he'd pursued Katie, and Bill had found it disgusting. Wyatt noted that he and Katie had never acted as if they'd been dating while in front of Will. Justin stated that Bill had been portrayed as a person with low moral character, but it sounded to Justin as if Bill had held Wyatt to strict standards.

Wyatt stated that Bill wasn't an easy person and that Bill had surprised himself by some of the things he'd done. Wyatt asked everyone to keep in mind that Bill was a gunshot victim and that he'd almost died. Wyatt asked if there was any wonder why Bill had been flat on his back and unable to spend time with certain people for a few months.

Justin passed his witness to Carter, who depicted Wyatt as Bill's favorite son. Wyatt thought Will was probably the favorite that day. Carter pressed, saying Bill had given Wyatt a Ferrari. Carter asked what Bill had wanted in return for it. Wyatt confessed that Bill had wanted Wyatt to perpetuate the lie that Steffy and Bill had been in an ongoing affair so that Bill could have the wife of Wyatt's brother for himself.

Carter asked how receptive Steffy had been to Bill's affections. Wyatt explained that she hadn't been, but Bill had been persistent. Carter quipped that Bill had been busy for a gunshot victim.

Wyatt asked the judge if he'd ever pursued a woman who'd been completely inappropriate for him. McMullen shifted in his seat. Wyatt stated that Wyatt had, and it had been exciting. Wyatt described the salacious way people perceived Bill's indiscretion with his son's wife, but Wyatt asked that they remember that love made them stupid at times.

Wyatt said love didn't always cause people to act their best, but Bill was his best when it came to Will. Wyatt elaborated that Bill had built the Spencer legacy, which would one day go to Will. "But to say that that kid is not his son anymore -- that's just not right," Wyatt concluded.

Next, Justin called Brooke, and through her testimony, Justin revealed to the court that Brooke didn't think Bill should lose custody. The battle had pitted Brooke against her sister and husband. Brooke denied being against anyone. She asserted that she was for Will.

Justin delved into Brooke's relationship with Will, and the court learned that Brooke had been a mother figure to Will when Katie had disappeared and left the baby with a note in which Katie had begged Bill and Brooke to care for the child. Brooke tried to defend Katie's actions by explaining that Katie had had postpartum depression, but Justin followed it up by highlighting the drinking problem Katie had developed.

Brooke explained that Katie had been unhappy, and Katie had been drinking. Brooke didn't know if that was the same thing as what Justin was implying. Justin asked if it was any way to raise a child. Carter objected, and the judge sustained the objection.

Carter asked Brooke when she had last known Katie to excessively drink. Brooke couldn't remember and said it had been years. Carter asked if it could be characterized as a brief period in Katie's life. Brooke agreed that it had been so. Carter said the stress of motherhood hadn't caused it, and instead, Bill had become involved with yet another woman -- "you."

Brooke stammered. She said she didn't know any married couple who could stand up to the scrutiny of who'd done the most wrong. Brooke said that Bill might not be the best parent, but he was trying and learning. She thought that it should say something that Bill was there, fighting to have his son in his life.

Brooke was sure that, somewhere in the world, there were perfect parents and children, but everyone else just had to do the best they could and correct their mistakes. Brooke believed that Bill was doing those things and that it ought to be enough.

Next to take the stand was Bill. Justin asked if Bill had heard the other testimony. "Dad misses swim meet, off with his head," the bitter Bill replied. Justin stated that Bill had missed more than that. Bill agreed. Bill hadn't reviewed every date on Katie's calendar, but he didn't think that his missing-in-action status had been as protracted as some had made it seem. Bill admitted that an obsession had distracted him from what was most important in life, and he felt he deserved to be taken to task for making a mess of things.

Justin asked if, looking back on things, Bill could say he'd forgotten Will. Bill disagreed. He said he knew that Will had been safe with his mother and doing well in school. Bill had assumed that Katie had had his back and would cut him some slack, just as he'd done when he'd been the single parent while Katie had dealt with her issues.

Justin asked how Bill's relationship with Will was. Bill described Will as being mad, angry, and confused by his father. Bill thought that was why it was important for Bill to keep showing up and proving how much he loved Will. Bill intended to apologize as much as he needed to until he repaired the relationship, but he accused the Forresters of wanting to cut him out of Will's life just for spite.

Justin said that the Forresters weren't parties to the case. Bill stated that they weren't officially; however, there was an ugly history between the Spencers and Forresters. Bill felt that no one knew Katie better than he, and there was no way she would have filed on her own. Bill believed that she'd been pushed into it. Staring at Katie, Bill conveyed that she knew he wanted to be a father to Will and that he wanted to be a better father.

Judge McMullen called upon Carter to question Bill, but Bill intervened, saying he'd do Carter's job for Carter. Pretending to be Carter, the cynical Bill asked if it was true that Bill had ordered the demolition of a building with Liam still inside. Bill knew they'd broach the topic, even though it wasn't relevant, and he stated that the answer was affirmative; however, he had not known Liam had been in the building, and Bill had risked his life to save Liam once Bill had found out.

"Next," Bill said. Carter quipped that Bill was quite the hero and had been a long-suffering husband to Katie. Bill replied that they'd done the best they could until they couldn't. Carter asked why. Bill responded that they'd done it because they'd loved each other and for the sake of their son. Carter assumed the response meant that Bill knew that it was best to raise a child in a two-parent household.

Chuckling, Bill said Carter could do better than to hold the five-minute sham of a wedding up as a pillar of stability. Bill asked for an hour to find his own wife to bring back to the courtroom that afternoon. Turning to the judge, Bill asked what message it sent Will to cut Bill out of Will's life.

"That inconvenient people don't need to be dealt with -- that mommy can just make them disappear?" Bill asked. Bill wondered if it would teach his son what a man was or how to be one. Bill warned that if judge McMullen ruled that way, Bill would never stop fighting.

In closing arguments, Carter claimed it wasn't his client's intention to cut Bill out of his son's life. Carter said that, in time, Bill would do that all on his own. Carter advocated that Thorne and Katie were the most capable to provide a happy, loving, safe home for Will. Carter said that Bill could work out visitation with no dashed hopes either way.

Judge McMullen called upon Justin to speak for Bill, but Bill decided to speak for himself. To Bill, many of the people in the room didn't think he was a good person. He said that day wasn't a referendum on the kind of person he was but what kind of father he'd been to Will. Bill said that for the majority of Will's life, he'd been a dedicated father, and there had been many times that he'd been the only person Will could count on.

Bill stated that the power that had made Bill a father hadn't required Bill to take an entrance exam for parenthood, and no test of virtue had been required. Bill said that he respectfully asserted that Judge McMullen's decision didn't supercede the entity that had made Bill a father. With that, Bill sat down.

The judge asked if the plaintiff wanted the same chance to speak. Katie rose from her seat. She said that loving Bill Spencer wasn't easy, but she had loved him. She felt that she always would.

Katie stated that Bill had helped her through her transplant and had given her Will, the love of her life. Katie called Bill fierce and proud. She said he could be angry and cruel. She knew that Bill loved their child, but it didn't translate to the child sight unseen. She explained that all Will ever saw was Bill's absence, and it hurt.

Katie thought that if she had sole custody, it would be good for Bill because he'd shine. She reasoned that whatever Bill did would be beyond the call of duty, and in the meantime, Will would have the guidance of her husband. Katie wanted what was best for her son and for Bill. Judge McMullen replied that Bill had a very clear and very different idea of what the best was.

Judge McMullen announced that they'd take a recess while he deliberated. He glanced at Ridge and decided it wouldn't be needed. The judge believed that he had a firm grasp on the arguments that had been made that day, and he was prepared to make a ruling at that very moment.

Katie gains full custody of Will Katie gains full custody of Will
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
by Pam

At Forrester, Hope and Steffy discussed that there had been no word from Ridge about the custody hearing. Steffy noted that she had hoped Bill and Katie had been able to work it out on their own.

Eric and Quinn joined Hope and Steffy and asked if they'd heard anything. Eric admitted he was partial to Thorne parenting Will along with Katie. Eric suggested that everyone favored Thorne as a better father figure, especially Ridge.

Steffy believed Ridge would have done anything to keep Bill away from Will. Eric noted that it was touching that Ridge had supported Thorne because it hadn't always been that way. Steffy said that she was confident Ridge would have made "a deal with the devil" to assure that Katie got full custody.

Hope, Steffy, and Quinn agreed it had to be hard on Bill to lose custody of his son. Eric had no sympathy. Quinn agreed, but she said she couldn't imagine how she would feel if she lost custody of her son. Eric scoffed and said that Bill had been pursuing "my granddaughter."

At the court, the judge commended the civility that Katie and Bill had shown throughout the hearing. He added that Bill and Katie clearly and genuinely cared about Will. The judge paused and recalled Ridge's words about doing the right thing.

The judge explained that he had a son of his own and had confidence that Katie and Bill had respect for each other. He noted that a father and son bond was special.

The judge added that Bill would and should have a role in his son's life. He felt that Bill loved his son, but he acknowledged that Bill had made some mistakes. Chasing after his son's wife, the mother of his granddaughter, and ignoring his youngest son for months was not acceptable. He said that love for a child could not be turned on and off "like a spigot."

Katie asked to speak, and she stood up and tearfully said that she and Bill didn't always agree, but they were always "united in our mutual love for our son." She wanted the judge to know that she didn't want to hurt Bill. Bill looked away.

The judge said he was prepared to render his decision, and he said that he'd found Bill's behavior in regard to his son's wife as "reprehensible." He added that Bill's treatment of his older sons had caused him concern that the damage he'd done to his older sons could be repeated with his youngest. The judge said he believed that Bill regretted the damage he'd done to everyone, but he worried that Bill could become distracted again.

The judge ruled in favor of Katie Logan Forrester. He added that Katie and Bill could work out visitation. The judge invited Bill to revisit the ruling in six months. He hoped that Bill could prove that he deserved to have shared custody again, but he had to convince the court that he had earned it. Bill agreed.

The judge adjourned the court session, and Thorne and Ridge patted each other on the back. Katie continued to cry. Carter congratulated Katie and said that her son was in good hands. The judge stared at Ridge.

Justin reminded Bill that he was still Will's father, and he had a second chance to prove how much he loved his son. "No one is trying to take your son away from you," Thorne said to Bill. Thorne kissed Katie and left her alone with Bill. Katie sighed. "I'm sorry," Katie said. She said she'd never wanted what had happened.

Bill blamed Katie for the reason they were in court. "Bill, you're the reason we're here. I don't want to point fingers or make accusations. I know you're hurt, and I don't take pleasure in that," Katie said.

Katie reminded Bill to heed the judge's advice and make their son his top priority. Bill agreed. He promised to do better. Katie said she would tell Will, and Bill asked if he could see his son. Katie cried and agreed, but she worried that he would lose his temper.

Bill stressed that he would not lose his temper. He just wanted to see his son. Katie and Bill agreed that Katie and Thorne would tell Will, and Bill could join them afterward. She added that Brooke would be there, as well. Bill thanked Katie, who wiped away her tears, and she left. Bill looked conflicted.

Outside the courtroom, Brooke, Liam, and Wyatt discussed that Bill had loved his sons. Liam maintained that Bill's love was toxic. "Will has already gotten a taste of that," Liam said. Brooke defended Bill and maintained that her sister should never have filed the case.

Katie entered the hall, and Katie hugged Brooke. Bill talked privately to Wyatt and Liam. Bill thanked both Wyatt and Liam and for trying to be fair. Liam encouraged Bill to take advantage of getting a second chance with Will. "Just don't blow it," Liam advised.

In another part of the hallway, Ridge called Eric, and Eric put him on speaker so that Hope, Steffy, and Quinn could hear him. Ridge announced that Katie had been granted full custody. He added that Katie had to protect her son. Eric said it was the best possible outcome.

Down the hall in the courthouse, Bill and Justin discussed the case, and Bill felt the judge might have ruled in his favor. Ridge overhead the conversation. "I'm gonna be the best dad," Bill said. Six months down the line, he promised to regain shared custody. Ridge interrupted and said the judge would never change his mind. Bill and Justin left, and Ridge smirked.

Later, Ridge thanked the judge for helping him and said that his debt was repaid. The judge said that no one could ever find out. Ridge agreed.

At Katie's, Katie and Thorne explained to Will that the hearing was over and that Will would live with Katie and Thorne, and he could see his dad whenever he wanted. Thorne reminded Will that they would never keep Will away from his dad. Will asked if his dad was okay, and Bill entered and said he was fine.

Bill sat down with Will and promised that he would love Will a little bit more every day. "I am super proud of you," Bill said. He emotionally explained that Will was more than Bill deserved. He promised to always love Will. "You are the best thing in my life, and I love you very much," Bill said. Bill opened his arms, and Will jumped into his dad's arms and hugged him. Bill was tearful, and so were Katie and Brooke.

Bill bonds with Kelly Bill bonds with Kelly
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
by Pam

At Forrester, a photo shoot took place with the models for the Intimates line. Zoe modeled her outfits, and Xander waited for his turn. Ridge and Sally watched, and Sally asked what Ridge thought of the designs. Ridge approved. "They're great -- young, original, naughty, but still classy -- worthy of the Forrester name," Ridge said. Sally was thrilled and happy. Ridge warned that Sally wouldn't get that kind of praise all the time. He admitted he was in a good mood.

Xander stepped in to model and felt uncomfortable. He looked uncomfortable. The photographer encouraged him to relax, and then Zoe stepped in and showed Xander how to move. She advised him to focus on "what you're wearing and who you'd wear it for."

Xander relaxed a bit and handled a few poses but froze up again. Zoe stepped in again to help, and the photographer encouraged her to interact with Xander. The photographer advised Zoe and Xander to "turn up the heat." Another model said Zoe and Xander looked like they'd wanted to kiss.

Zoe and Xander moved closer together and came close to an embrace. Emma watched from a distance then walked away. Ridge interrupted and checked out the photos. He said they were good and told everyone they could leave.

Ridge told Zoe she brought the designs to life, and Steffy would be pleased. Ridge teased Xander that it wasn't "easy being a model." Ridge said Zoe was good for Xander. Ridge and Sally left.

After Ridge left, Zoe reminded Xander of what Ridge had said. Emma entered and said that Zoe never gave up and had her hands all over Xander. "We were working," Xander said. Zoe said she'd hardly had her hands all over Xander.

Xander defended Zoe and said that she had helped him get the hang of things. "It was my first photo shoot. I kind of froze up there. You were watching us?" Xander said. Emma said she expected that kind of behavior from Zoe but not from Xander.

Emma wanted everything to go back to the way it had been before Zoe had shown up. She said that watching Xander model underwear with Zoe was wrong "for so many reasons."

At Katie's, Thorne and Katie greeted Will and encouraged him to ace his spelling test. Will wondered why they were still home and hadn't gone to work. "Your mom and I wanted to be here for you this morning," Thorne said. Katie added that they were a family. She hugged Will, and Thorne hugged both of them. They all laughed, and Katie called it a mom sandwich.

Will brought up the custody arrangement and wondered if his dad would ever get shared custody again. Katie and Thorne agreed it was possible, and Katie reminded Will that his dad was sorry and wanted to see more of Will.

Will worried that his dad would "get busy with work again like before." Katie and Thorne believed that Bill would be the father that Will needed.

Will left, and Ridge showed up. Thorne and Katie noted that Ridge was very happy about how things had turned out. He felt the judge had made the right decision. He asked about Will, and Katie and Thorne said Will was happy.

At Spencer, Bill held his custody papers in his hand and flashed back to telling Will that Will was the best thing in his life.

At Steffy's, Liam and Wyatt chatted, and Liam shared that he was watching his daughter, Kelly, for the day because the nanny had been sick and Steffy had meetings all day.

Liam said he enjoyed spending time with his little girl, and Wyatt agreed he liked spending time with his niece. Wyatt and Liam discussed that neither of them had spoken to their dad, but they both wondered how he was doing. Liam's phone rang, and it was Bill.

Liam answered and told his dad that he and Wyatt had wondered how Bill was. Bill said he was struggling and wanted to see Liam and Wyatt. Liam said he was watching Kelly for the day at Steffy's. Bill asked if he could visit with Wyatt and Liam. Liam agreed. Bill hung up. Liam noted that their father never said "Goodbye." Wyatt agreed. "I don't understand that," Wyatt said.

Bill showed up, and Wyatt greeted him while Liam checked on the baby. Liam entered and asked what his dad wanted. Bill thanked Liam and said he was glad to see his adult sons hanging out together.

Wyatt received a text message, and it was Sally. She needed to see Wyatt right away. Wyatt said he would only leave if it was okay with Liam and Bill. Liam and Bill agreed it was fine. After Wyatt left, Bill noted that Liam got " to spend the day with your princess," Bill called Liam a lucky man.

Bill thanked Liam "for not crucifying me in front of the judge." Bill admitted that he had alienated most of his family members, and losing custody of Will didn't feel good. "I don't know where you're going with this," Liam said. Liam reminded his dad that it wasn't what Katie had wanted to do. Bill agreed and understood.

Bill said that his granddaughter was the only one he had not alienated. "I'd really like to see her if that's all right with you," Bill said. Liam carried Kelly out. "Do you want to hold her?" Liam asked. Bill held Kelly, and Liam looked on painfully.

Bill talked about how much it meant to see her "angelic face," and he appreciated Liam sharing Kelly with him. Bill said that he saw all of Kelly's parents in her, and he praised Steffy and Liam.

Bill added that Kelly was the future of the Spencer family. Bill said Kelly had her mother's strength and her dad's kindness and compassion. Bill continued to praise Liam and Steffy as parents and said that Liam was a wonderful father who had "me beat hands down."

While Bill talked, Kelly grabbed his ear and his hair. Bill thanked Liam for all he'd done, and he was glad that Liam had a little girl to look up to him. Bill was emotional.

At Wyatt's, Wyatt wondered why Sally had wanted Wyatt to return home and what was so urgent. Sally greeted him in one of her Forrester designs for the Intimates line. She said they were going to celebrate.

Wyatt whistled then asked, "What are we celebrating?" Sally explained that the day's photo shoot had featured her designs. "You killed it," Wyatt said. Sally said that Ridge had called her designs "worthy a of a Forrester label." Sally added that she was "really good at what I do." They kissed.

Brooke becomes suspicious of Ridge Brooke becomes suspicious of Ridge
Thursday, October 4, 2018

At Brooke's house, Brooke wanted to take credit for Ridge's good mood, but she noted that he'd been smiling ever since they'd left the courthouse "the other day." Ridge said he was happy about Katie's win and Bill's loss. Though Brooke didn't take pleasure in Bill's pain, it was icing on the cake for Ridge, who'd reveled in watching the judge rule against Bill.

At the cliff house, Bill thanked Liam for letting Bill spend time with Kelly. Bill hadn't felt connected to his family for some time. Liam stated that he knew Bill wasn't doing okay. Bill replied that it was his own fault, and he had a long way to go to fix things. Bill was determined to make it his priority to repair his relationships with all his sons.

Later, Bill had gone, and Ridge arrived, wanting to talk to Liam about the custody hearing and Liam's feelings for Bill. Liam didn't regret his testimony, and when he began to consider Bill's side of things, Ridge urged Liam not to do it. Liam asked what he shouldn't do.

Ridge was worried that Liam was considering giving Bill a second chance and reminded Liam that Bill had abandoned his child to chase Liam's pregnant wife. Ridge believed that what had happened was best for Will, and Bill was finally paying for his mistakes.

Liam informed Ridge that Bill had just been there. Ridge suspected it was to see Steffy, but Liam corrected that it had been about seeing Kelly. Guessing that Bill had held the baby and become all emotional, Ridge warned that Bill would try to play Liam. Ridge told Liam to be strong and protect the people he cared about.

Confident that Ridge didn't have to worry about Liam being hoodwinked by his father, Liam said he knew exactly what Bill's apologies were worth, and Bill knew how far Liam was from ever forgiving Bill. Liam refused to be mad at Bill for putting his energy into fixing things with Will.

Ridge asserted that Liam couldn't separate Bill's treatment of Will from Bill's treatment of Liam. In Ridge's view, Bill was the same person in either case; Bill was the same person who'd made sure Steffy and Liam would never raise their daughter under the same roof just because Bill had wanted Steffy for himself. Liam replied that he knew it.

Continuing his rant, Ridge said Bill had pushed that little boy out of the way to chase Ridge's daughter. Ridge doubted Bill would ever change. Liam replied that it sounded as if Ridge didn't like that man. Ridge responded that he hated Bill.

Ridge hated what Bill had done to Ridge's loved ones, and the fact that he'd gotten to hold Ridge's granddaughter made Ridge sick. Ridge felt that if it were up to him, Bill wouldn't be allowed around anyone, especially kids who couldn't defend themselves. Ridge felt that the judge had done a good thing "today" and had done them all a favor by ruling for Katie.

At Spencer, Bill thumbed through phone pictures of Will. To his surprise, Brooke arrived, wanting to check on him because they hadn't had a chance to talk after the hearing. She asked how he was doing. Bill stated that he wasn't great, but since her arrival, he was better than he'd been moments earlier.

Brooke couldn't stay long. Bill was sure the dressmaker would wonder where she was, and he figured that Ridge had to be loving it. Not there to talk about Ridge, she said they needed to focus on Will. Bill replied that he'd been trying to do that until the judge had taken Will away. Bill felt that Brooke had been a lifeline for him, unlike her husband, who probably would have done anything to make sure Bill lost custody of Will.

Brooke told Bill that Ridge knew she didn't like the way he talked about Bill. Bill replied that he didn't "give a damn" what Ridge had to say. All Bill cared about was Will and how the custody change was affecting him. Bill admitted that he hadn't been as attentive as he should have been, but it hadn't risen to the level of criminal neglect.

Bill loved his son and thought he'd made that fact clear during the hearing. Brooke agreed, saying Bill had spoken passionately. Bill replied that it hadn't made "a damn bit of difference." He didn't think Katie had proven her case. All Katie had done, in his view, was have a bunch of people talk smack about him, without even mentioning his relationship with Will -- except Liam.

Bill said that Liam had been the only person with something positive to say. Bill recalled that Katie had also talked about how much Bill loved her son. Brooke replied that Katie had spoken the truth -- they all had. Bill apologized for having put Brooke in a tough spot at the hearing.

Brooke asserted her belief that Bill didn't deserve to lose his son. She'd meant what she'd told the judge, and she believed that Bill was doing the best he could. Brooke still felt that the custody battle had been a mistake and said that Will could do worse than Bill for a father.

Bill didn't know how Katie could have won with her flimsy proof. "She used some old-ass calendar and talked about what a bad father I am," Bill roared. He asked what kind of proof that was. He fumed about the judge ruling against him and wished he'd followed his instincts about seeing "him" before the hearing. Brooke asked who.

Bill revealed that Justin had talked Bill out of seeing the judge before the hearing. Brooke wasn't surprised that Justin had taken that stance because tampering with a judge was a crime. Bill said he didn't care. He'd been willing to take that chance, but instead, he'd walked in there blind. He asked Brooke to look at how that had turned out.

Bill complained about getting a few measly days with Will whenever it fit into Katie's schedule. "Will's playmates have more say in my son's life than I do!" Bill seethed. He declared that it was not fair or right because he was Will's father.

Later, Bill was alone, thinking of what Brooke had just said to him about doing the best he could for Will. Bill thought of Brooke pulling away when he'd tried to kiss her.

At Brooke's house, Ridge was making a call to Craig McMullen in the bedroom. Brooke was about to enter the room, but she slipped behind the door to listen after hearing the judge's name. Ridge left a message thanking Craig for the decision about Will.

After the call, a different cell phone rang. Brooke watched Ridge retrieve that one from a jacket on the bed. As Ridge took a call from Pam on the second phone, Brooke glanced at a bag on her ottoman coffee table that contained the first phone Ridge had been using.

At Wyatt's house, Sally stood in one of her lingerie designs, giving Wyatt an exclusive, private showing. Wyatt, who claimed he was her biggest fan, said he was okay with that. The two kissed, and Sally said she didn't think Wyatt was ready for his preview. Wyatt assured Sally that he was indeed. Sally tossed him onto the bed and said, "Now you're ready."

Seductively modeling, Sally asked if Wyatt could see the line of the bodice. He told her that she needed to move closer, but tossing her leg up on a chair, she told him that she needed him to get the full effect. As she rolled her thigh-highs down, the salivating Wyatt asked her to get over there. She told him that there was plenty of time, but he ordered her to get over to him. "This is the showstopper right here," he stated, kissing her.

Later, Sally and Wyatt lay together in bed beneath covers. Sally said that it couldn't have happened without him. Wyatt was glad his talents were appreciated. Sally did appreciate them, but she clarified that she meant her job at Forrester.

Wyatt said he hadn't asked Steffy to hire Sally to design, and he hadn't asked Ridge to compliment her. Wyatt told her that she'd earned the shot, and he knew she'd make the most of it. Wyatt agreed with Ridge's assessment of her work, and Wyatt even thought she was hot enough to model. Chuckling incredulously, Sally exclaimed that she was not a model.

Wyatt wasn't so sure. He said she'd proven to him that she could do anything she set her mind to. He called her an incredible woman. Sally called him incredible, too, and they kissed.

At Forrester, Xander tried to explain to Emma that he and Zoe had just been working. Emma said that Zoe had been all over him, but he claimed it was what the photographer had asked for. To Emma, it seemed that Xander and Zoe had been enjoying it. Xander insisted that it had just been modeling, and the photographer had wanted them to be loose.

"Really? That's loose?" Emma questioned. Zoe asked Emma to give Xander a chance to explain. Emma stated that she knew what was going on there, and if Xander wanted Zoe, then he should just be with Zoe. Emma stormed off, leaving the robe-wearing Xander and Zoe alone.

Zoe said that Emma didn't get it and should be supportive of Xander's job. Zoe thought it was the mature thing to do, but Emma was still just a girl. In Zoe's view, it was unfortunate that he had to find it out the hard way.

In the Forrester corridor, Emma's "BFF," Tiffany, giddily took selfies in front of the company logo. Emma ushered Tiffany into the design office. Tiffany had thought she and Emma were going to lunch, but Emma said she just couldn't. Tiffany sensed something was wrong, and Emma began venting about Zoe throwing herself at Xander.

The concerned Tiffany asked if Emma was okay. In Emma's silence, Tiffany feared that it was happening again. "You know what I'm talking about," Tiffany added. Emma asserted that she had a right to be upset with Zoe. Though Tiffany agreed, she asked if Emma remembered what had happened the last time with Jonathan.

Emma said she and Xander had something good, and she didn't know why he couldn't see that Zoe was trying to ruin it. Tiffany said that Emma could get jealous at times, and that messed things up sometimes, too. Emma thought Tiffany was right and decided she needed to apologize to Xander. The two agreed to get lunch another time. Emma thanked Tiffany and said she didn't want to lose Xander, whom she cared so much about.

Back in the photo studio, Zoe advised Xander that his relationship with Emma wasn't healthy. In Zoe's view, it was too much for Emma and not enough for him. Xander replied that he wouldn't say that. Zoe thought he deserved someone better suited for him, and he guessed she meant herself. "You said it, not me," she replied and kissed him.

Later, Xander was alone and dressed regularly when Emma returned, asking if they could talk. "I don't know, Emma. Can we? Because I was trying -- " Xander started to say. Emma stated that she'd overreacted and had gotten jealous. She understood that he'd just been modeling, and she was sorry for her behavior. She hoped he could forgive her.

Xander replied that he hated seeing Emma like that, and it seemed as if his job was a problem. He didn't want Emma to be jealous of him working with Zoe. He said Emma was a nice girl and should be having a great time at Forrester. He asked if their involvement made it hard for her.

Emma replied that it didn't; it made it better, and seeing Xander was the best part of being there. She didn't want to lose it and promised that it wouldn't happen again. Emma hugged Xander, and he slowly hugged her back.

Brooke confronts Judge McMullen Brooke confronts Judge McMullen
Friday, October 5, 2018

At Wyatt's house, Bill entered and saw Sally in a robe. Bill guessed he should have called first. Sally offered Bill some water or whiskey. He declined and thanked her for pretending she didn't hate him. Sally replied in kind, and Wyatt decided that they needed the whiskey, after all.

As Wyatt left to retrieve it, Sally told Bill that she didn't hate him -- at least not like she had. Bill replied in kind, and she said she could imagine what it felt like to him to have his son involved with her. Bill said she really couldn't because she wasn't a parent.

Wyatt handed out drinks. Bill stated that he wouldn't have chosen her for Wyatt, but Bill had learned the hard way that a parent only had so much control. Bill was happy for Wyatt if Wyatt was happy. Wyatt was surprised to hear that Bill was happy about the relationship. Bill clarified that he was happy that Wyatt was not alone. "What? Like you are?" Wyatt murmured.

Wyatt said he hadn't meant it, but Bill thought there was no need to retract it. Bill accepted that he was indeed alone. Wyatt noted that Bill wasn't really alone, and Bill named Alison and Justin, who were contractually obligated to be by his side. Wyatt added that Bill had three sons with whom no payment was required.

Bill agreed that there was at least one son, although Bill felt he'd shown Wyatt that Bill wasn't worth the trouble. Bill brought up Liam, who had yet to open his heart to forgive Bill. Bill named Will and said it was dependent upon Katie. Sally knew how much Bill cared about Will, and she wished that the judge had seen it, too. Bill thanked her, and she went into the bedroom to work.

Bill asked why the judge hadn't seen it, and "why the hell" the judge had ruled against him. Bill decided that he wouldn't let the ruling get him down, and he'd have faith that, as Katie had said, nothing would change. Wyatt replied that he'd never thought it had been about Katie keeping Will from Bill. Bill explained that it had been that husband of hers who had convinced her to do it.

Bill declared that it would backfire on Thorne because Bill would be there for Will one-hundred percent. Bill was frustrated about doing it by the judge's ruling, but he was confident that they could revisit it in time. Wyatt pointed out that Bill would see Will if Katie kept her word. In Bill's view, Katie wasn't the problem. The problem was Thorne, who was manipulating Katie and Will.

Wyatt asserted that he and Liam wouldn't let Thorne manipulate their younger brother, and Wyatt didn't think Brooke would, either. Thinking of Brooke, Bill said she'd been amazing to support him when she'd had no reason to. Wyatt was sure it wasn't helping Brooke's relationships with Katie or Ridge.

Snarling at Ridge's name, Bill said that poser needed to figure out that Brooke was a strong woman with her own opinions, especially when it was about family. Bill was sure that if Ridge had a problem with Brooke supporting and helping Bill -- which was the right thing to do in Bill's opinion -- then Ridge would push her away again. Bill didn't believe Ridge gave "a damn" about Will, Katie, or Thorne. Ridge only cared about sticking it to Bill. Bill said that the one good thing that could come of the situation would be for Brooke to figure out who Ridge really was.

After Bill had gone, Wyatt thanked Sally for letting him and his father have time alone. Sally asked how Bill was doing. Wyatt replied that Bill was trying to put a positive spin on things. It was great, but odd. Wyatt appreciated Sally showing his father compassion after all that had happened. Sally clarified that it had been because she cared about Wyatt.

Sally felt for Bill because she knew firsthand that parents sometimes needed to lose custody. She revealed that her grandmother had raised her because her parents had had no business raising kids. Sally thought it was different with Bill, who actually wanted to raise Will and be there for his son. She respected it.

Sally didn't want to hang out with Bill and didn't think she ever would; however, he was Wyatt's father, and whether she liked it or not, Bill was in her life. Wyatt replied that the not liking it usually outweighed the liking it. He hoped that wouldn't scare her away. Sally replied that nothing could ever do that, and the two kissed.

In the corridor of Brooke's bedroom, Brooke peeked through the cracked door of her room and watched Ridge put one cell phone on the bed and another one inside a satchel on her coffee table. She entered the room, surprising Ridge, who hadn't known she was home. He sensed something wrong with her, but she claimed she was fine.

Ridge didn't buy it, but Brooke changed the subject to where he'd been. Ridge said he had gone to work out after talking to Liam. Brooke asked what they'd talked about, and Ridge said Liam's idiot father. Noting that Ridge had gotten what he'd wanted, she asked what the point was of rehashing things with Liam and calling Bill an idiot.

Ridge asserted that Bill was an idiot, and Ridge wanted to take joy in the fact that Will would have a nice childhood. Ridge was bothered by Brooke's need to defend Bill after all Bill had done to them, but he didn't want to argue with her. She said she didn't want to do that, either. Deeming it good, Ridge said he'd take a shower, and they'd have dinner and do other stuff.

Once Ridge had gone into the bathroom and had started his shower, Brooke pulled the older Blackberry phone out of the satchel and saw the phone number, 310-133-2201, on the call log. Moving to the text messages screen, she saw messages from Ridge to that number.

One message told the number's owner not to contact his main cell and to use the number to the phone in Brooke's hand. The other said that Ridge was counting on the person the way the person had counted on Ridge years back. "'I expect you'll do what you know is the right thing...' What the hell?" Brooke said.

As Brooke read the messages, she got upset, realizing that Ridge knew the judge. The shower water stopped flowing, and Brooke quickly typed the 310 number into her own phone. She put the Blackberry back into the satchel just as Ridge returned to the room in a robe. He asked where she was rushing off to, and she said she had to go look into something. Ridge asked if he could help, but Brooke replied that it was something she had to do on her own.

At Forrester, Pam was gossiping to Charlie about friends and their recipes when she suddenly said she had to go. She urged him to check his security feed to find out why. Pam ended the call and asked if she could help Bill, who'd approached her desk. Bill noted that the lemon bar plate was empty and said she couldn't help him at all.

Pam said she could totally make another batch and asked how long Bill would be there. Bill ate a crumb off the plate and headed into the CEO's office with Pam on his heels. Ridge was working at the desk as Pam offered Bill some frozen Bundt cake. Picking up the receiver for the phone on his desk, Ridge reminded Pam that she was to call when people arrived that he didn't want to talk to. Pam said Bill had totally walked by her.

Pam offered to microwave the cake, but Ridge directed her out of the office. Ridge asked why Bill was there. Bill quipped that he and Ridge didn't spend enough quality time together, and Bill wanted to talk to Ridge. Ridge asked what about, and Bill replied Brooke.

Ridge didn't want to talk to Bill about Brooke -- he didn't really want to talk to Bill about anything. Ridge said he was still upset about Bill trying to pit Brooke against her sister in the custody hearing. Bill didn't think that "telling the truth to a judge" was pitting sisters against each other. Ridge suddenly shook and twitched and announced that he'd thought he could talk to Bill, but he'd been wrong: Bill had to get out of there.

Bill said he'd only wanted to tell Ridge not to give Brooke a hard time about the testimony. Ridge snapped that Bill had arrived to give marital advice. At first, Bill didn't think it was marital advice, but upon second thought, he figured that it could be. Bill stated that if Ridge was smart, he'd side with his wife and help her convince her sister to put things back the way they'd been.

Ridge believed that there was a reason the child had been taken from Bill, and Ridge had faith that Brooke would eventually see it. Ridge felt that the judge had made a choice, and the mighty man who always won had lost. It was justice, and in Ridge's view, there was nothing Bill could do about it.

Later, Brooke arrived in Judge McMullen's chambers. He was surprised to see her, and she promised to be brief. He assumed it was about her sister's case. Brooke stated that she had concerns about the reasons behind his ruling and asked if he'd reached the decision by himself. McMullen affirmed it. Brooke said that, in her view, the testimony had leaned toward shared custody.

McMullen stated that he meant no offense; however, there was a reason that he was a judge and she wasn't. Brooke wasn't offended by the statement. Rather, she was offended by being lied to. He became confused, and she accused him of making up his mind before he'd even heard the testimony. She believed someone had told him what to do.

McMullen told Brooke that she was implying something reckless. Brooke assumed he could get in trouble. He replied that anyone who'd done it could, but it wasn't true in his case. Brooke asked when he'd first met her husband. McMullen claimed that he'd met her husband at the same time he'd met her -- at the hearing.

Brooke assumed that meant McMullen hadn't met Ridge in person when Ridge had done the favor for McMullen in the past. McMullen claimed not to know what she was talking about. Brooke replied that it had sounded like McMullen had depended upon Ridge for something. Brooke explained that Ridge really hated Bill, but she'd never imagined Ridge would tamper with a judge.

McMullen ordered Brooke to leave. Brooke revealed that Ridge had been texting McMullen from a secret phone. McMullen denied it, but Brooke said she'd seen Ridge do it. Brooke dialed a number. Another phone in the room started to ring.

As if using it as an excuse to get rid of her, McMullen said it was his phone. "Oh, that's your phone? The one that I'm calling right now?" Brooke asked. She stated that she'd gotten the number from Ridge's phone, and she thanked McMullen for giving her all the proof she needed. McMullen replied that it only proved that she had his number.

Brooke said that Bill wasn't the best person in the world, but he wanted to be the best father he could be. She felt that he deserved that chance. McMullen claimed that the evidence supported his decision. Brooke asserted that Ridge had done it, and McMullen had helped make it happen. Brooke accused McMullen of helping Ridge take Bill's son from him.

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