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Charlie popped the question to Pam. Brooke promised Ridge that she'd stay away from Bill, but after Katie gave Bill more access to Will, Bill couldn't stay away from Brooke. Ridge and Thorne showed up at Bill's front door with stern warnings about Will and Brooke.
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Katie and Bill make a new deal Katie and Bill make a new deal

Monday, October 15, 2018

In Bill's office, Katie explained that she and Will were there because the child needed help with his social studies homework, and they thought Bill would be an expert because it dealt with imports and exports for Brazil. Bill said that he was the man.

Katie grinned as Bill and Will discussed what imports and exports were and that Brazil imported and exported oil. Bill joked that he could have had a career in social studies, but he'd instead chosen to be the king of the world. Will and Bill fist-bumped on a decision well made.

Bill went on to explain how Brazil sold crude oil and bought refined oil around the world. Alison interrupted with a phone call. Katie thought of what Brooke had asked her to do about the custody ruling. Bill hustled Alison off the phone and advised Will that, when bossing around a person, it was always good to end with "thank you."

Bill decided to teach Will something he'd never learn in school -- taxes. After the lesson, Will had many questions, and Bill said he could explain more in another session. Katie asked Will to keep track of his time, and Will asked her what time he was supposed to go Andy's.

Katie relayed that she'd asked Andy's mother to pick Will up at Spencer. She explained that some of the parents did a haunted house for Halloween, and one was opening that night. Katie suggested that Will wait in the lobby. Whipping out a bill, Bill handed it to Will, saying he was sure there would be Halloween junk to buy. "Bill, a hundred dollars?" Katie asked.

Bill asked if it should be two hundred, and Katie suggested five. Bill secretly handed Will ten dollars and told him to save it, spend it, or invest it. Bill offered to walk them downstairs, and Katie asked if he was sure because they'd already taken a lot of his time. Bill was sure. As they left, he talked about Will needing a watch. Will asked what a "watch" was.

Later, Katie and Bill returned to his office. Bill mentioned the haunted house and said he sometimes felt like a ghost. Katie asked why he'd invited her to return to the office. Bill replied that he'd wanted to thank her. He'd thought they'd turn into adversaries after the hearing. He'd imagined begging her to see their son while she pushed him away.

Katie told Bill that she'd repeatedly said it hadn't been her intention to be that way. Bill wondered if it had been so even a little bit. Katie glared at Bill. Bill said the social studies homework really hadn't been due that day, and he wondered why she'd really showed up with Will.

Katie had thought it would be fun if Bill could teach Will something, and she'd seen how much Bill was trying to be a dad. Bill quipped that he'd told her that before Judge "McMoron" had made his ruling. Katie admitted that she was reviewing things and seeing them a little differently. She said she'd figured out how she'd use the rights given her. He guessed he'd have to brace himself, but she asserted that she would not get in the way of him seeing his son.

Suspicious, Bill said there had to be more to it. Katie insisted that there wasn't. She swore she'd never gone after sole custody to keep Bill from Will. She simply wanted there to be ground rules, and those rules were pretty much the same as before. For example, Bill couldn't just show up, because Will was on a schedule. "Okay," Bill said, eagerly listening for the next rule.

Katie elaborated that it included school and sporting events and said Will would love it if Bill was more involved in those things. "Absolutely," Bill agreed. Katie decided that she wouldn't tell Will that Bill would be there unless Bill confirmed a day prior.

Agreeing, Bill said it was good in case he had a "legitimate, legitimate" reason for canceling. Katie added that the only legitimate excuse for canceling the day of was if Bill had malaria or someone had died. Bill repeated her words and said he got it. He asked if those were the ground rules.

Katie said all she was asking was that Bill not let Will down. Bill replied that he wouldn't. He was surprised by what was happening. Katie said her sister had helped her to see things in a new light. She guessed Brooke had gotten through to her because Brooke hadn't wanted him to lose custody. Before leaving, Katie thanked Bill for wanting to be Will's dad again.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Ridge asked Brooke what it was going to take. Brooke didn't know what he was talking about and asked what he wanted. Ridge wanted her to stop having secret meetings with Bill in Ridge's office. Brooke shot back that Ridge had had secret meetings with the judge who'd taken Bill's son from him.

Ridge replied that Bill could see Will whenever he wanted -- with Katie's permission. Brooke asked how Ridge would like it if she controlled when he'd see their son. Ridge quipped that it was different because he and Brooke were married. "That's still what we are doing here, isn't it?" he asked. Ridge had no idea where he stood with her.

Ridge had thought he'd been spending the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams, but he'd found out about Brooke's secret meetings with Bill. Ridge didn't understand the purpose of the meetings. Brooke stated that he knew she'd been against Katie going for sole custody. Ridge noted that the case was closed. "Why was Bill here today?" Ridge pointedly asked.

Brooke guessed that Bill had wanted to thank her for being one of the few people who'd stood up for him at the hearing. Brooke said she hadn't told Bill anything, but she still thought he had a right to know what Ridge had done. Ridge asked what else Bill had a right to.

Brooke further explained that Bill had just wanted to tell someone how happy he'd been that his son had wanted to see him, and it hadn't been like Bill had sneaked in the building. She noted that Pam had probably seen him. Ridge replied that Steffy definitely had. Brooke stated that Steffy hadn't mentioned it to her, and Ridge responded that Steffy had been waiting on Brooke.

Shrugging, Brooke asked what the wait was for, and Ridge said it was time for Brooke to explain what she'd done and why she'd been making out with Spencer in Ridge's office. Ridge asked if she'd deny it. Brooke readily said Bill had kissed her, and she'd put a stop to it. She was adamant that Bill had made a mistake, but she hadn't kissed him back.

Ridge asked what Brooke had done. He wondered if she'd slapped Bill or called security. Turning up her palms, she said she'd told Bill before to never do it again. "Before? As in this is not the first time this has happened?" Ridge asked. She began to tell Ridge about running into Bill at Il Giardino, and Ridge cut in, asking if they'd been making out in public.

Squinting, Brooke denied it. She said it had been innocent. Bill had wanted her to talk to Katie, and Brooke had agreed to try. Ridge assumed Brooke had reported back to him. She revealed that she'd gone to Bill's office. "More than once?" Ridge asked. As Brooke stammered, Ridge assumed it was true. Shaking her head, she said she didn't know, and it was a couple of times.

Ridge asked if Brooke could remember how many times she'd kissed Bill. Getting upset with Ridge's attitude, Brooke claimed it was why she didn't even like to bring up Bill's name. "This is how you get, and it scares me!" she exclaimed.

Ridge yelled that he got that way when someone was kissing his wife and his wife didn't tell him. Brooke apologized. She should have told him, but she'd known it would make him unhappy. Ridge said she didn't have any idea how unhappy he was. Brooke hoped he'd accept her apology and move on, but Ridge snapped that she was just sorry to be caught.

Brooke claimed she'd always be sorry if she hurt Ridge. Ridge asked if she saw nothing wrong with aligning herself with a man who'd hurt him, his family, and her. Brooke replied that it hadn't been about Ridge. It had been about Bill's fear of losing his son. Ridge asked if she saw nothing wrong with a man whom he hated putting his hands and lips on her.

"It wasn't like that," Brooke explained. She said Bill had just been trying to find a way to express his gratitude. Ridge retorted that it was old-fashioned, but maybe Bill should have thought about sending a greeting card. "Gratitude for what? You betraying your sister?" Ridge asked.

Brooke claimed she hadn't done that, but Ridge told her that it was exactly what she'd done. She asserted that she'd told Katie her own thoughts about it, not Bill's. Ridge asked to hear more about Brooke's crusade to do right by everyone but him. She replied that it hadn't concerned him, but he wanted to know why she'd keep him in the dark.

Citing that Ridge had thought he'd been doing the right thing with the judge, she stated that she'd thought she'd been doing the right thing, too. Ridge corrected that he'd been doing the wrong thing. He'd known it, but he'd been trying to do the wrong thing to get the right result.

Brooke questioned whether exposing him and the judge to criminal charges had been the right thing to do. "You don't realize how much I love you. It's why I didn't implicate you," Ridge reasoned. Brooke asked if he'd thought it would have been better if she'd found out when he was arrested if the judge had turned him in instead of helping him.

For Ridge, it had been a calculated risk. He knew that she was unhappy about it, but he figured they'd never have to deal with it again if she didn't tell anyone about it. Brooke said she hadn't told Bill; however, she had felt the need to tell Katie. "Excuse me?" Ridge replied. Brooke figured that Katie couldn't make things right without knowing how thing had gone so wrong.

Amazed, Ridge stated that he'd thought Brooke had said she hadn't wanted to see him in handcuffs. Brooke believed that Katie wouldn't tell anyone. Ridge figured that Katie would tell Thorne, whom Ridge regularly argued with. Brooke replied that Thorne "would never..."

"You have any idea who was at the top of my list of people who would never?'" Ridge asked, pointing at Brooke. Brooke insisted that it wasn't the way he was thinking. He asked if they could at least agree that Bill had tied to kill him, but she didn't think Bill had intended that.

"Damn it!" Ridge roared. He asked if Brooke understood how angry she made him whenever she defended that animal. Ridge guessed Bill didn't intentionally falsely accuse Ridge of shooting Bill in the back, either. "It should have been me," Ridge murmured.

Ridge stated that Bill might not have "intended" to seduce Ridge's daughter and ruin her marriage. He yelled that Bill might not have intended for Ridge and Brooke to stand "here like this." Ridge told her that Bill had played her because he'd wanted her to be with him and side with him, and Bill had known Ridge wouldn't go along with it.

Brooke replied that Bill didn't have that power. "His hands on you. His lips on you," Ridge stated and noted that they were the same hands and lips that had canceled the future for Ridge's daughter. Ridge believed Bill did have power over Brooke, and Ridge didn't know why. He was tired of fighting it, and she was free to go if she wanted to be with Bill instead of married to Ridge.

Brooke told Ridge to stop it and give them a chance to work through it. She loved Ridge and knew how much he loved her. She asked him to try to get beyond it and make it work. She insisted that it wasn't over, and she asked him to say he believed the same thing.

Ridge asks Brooke to make a big promise Ridge asks Brooke to make a big promise

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke insisted that Bill had kissed her of his own initiative, not hers. Though she knew sorry wasn't good enough, she felt she had to repeat that she was sorry for disappointing Ridge and not being completely honest with him. She swore she hadn't been turning to Bill. Ridge replied that he could have dealt with it had it been another man, but he wondered if Brooke had really risked everything they had for the likes of Bill Spencer.

Brooke assured Ridge that her heart would always belong to him, and she'd only met with Bill to discuss the case. That was all. She said she hadn't lied about where she'd been, either. Ridge guessed it was because he hadn't asked her. He hadn't thought he'd had to or that she'd be with his worst enemy, plotting against her sister.

Claiming that no one had been plotting anything, Brooke insisted that Bill had been trying to hold onto his son, not pursue her. Ridge believed Bill had asked for her help because he'd known Ridge wouldn't like it. Brooke stated that she hadn't helped Bill to oppose Ridge. She'd only been doing what she'd thought had been right.

Ridge asked if keeping secrets from him had been the right thing to do, but Brooke clarified that they'd kept them from each other. She knew she should have said something to Ridge and cut off contact with Bill the first time he'd kissed her. She was aware of how much Ridge hated Bill, but she hadn't thought about what she'd be risking -- only about what had been right for Will.

Brooke reminded Ridge that she'd grown up without her father, constantly questioning if it had been her fault. Noting wanting Will to grow up that way might have clouded her judgment. She'd believed that she could bridge the communication gap between Katie and Bill, but not in a million years had Brooke thought it would cause a rift between her and Ridge. She asked him not to let it divide them and asked him to say he could forgive her.

Brooke urged Ridge to look at her, and Ridge turned his smoldering gaze in her direction. She said they could get through it, and they'd proven to each other again and again that their commitment could overcome anything. She asked him to say that he believed it. Ridge was silent. She told him that he knew she didn't love Bill. Ridge was the only man she'd ever loved and would always love.

In Ridge's silence, Brooke repeated that Bill had been the one to kiss her, and that had been Bill's mistake. She swore she hadn't been disloyal. She'd never do it to Ridge, to herself, to their marriage, or to their family. Ridge was still stone quiet. Starting to cry, she said she hadn't told him about it because she hadn't wanted tension between them.

Ridge walked around the conference table. She wandered behind him, explaining that they'd had arguments about their daughters; however, they'd gotten through them and been happy for the most part. She needed him to know how precious he was to her, and she'd meant her wedding vows.

Closing in on Ridge, Brooke told him that "these" were the only arms she wanted to have around him. She cupped his face and said "these" were the only lips she wanted to kiss her. She reminded him that, in his vows, he'd referred to her as his shining star. She asserted that she was his shining star and urged him not to turn away from her.

Ridge hadn't forgotten what he and Brooke meant to each other or what they'd accomplished to get to that moment. He felt that secrets would derail him. Brooke knew and said she was sorry. He was sorry, too, because after all that time, there were still things they didn't and couldn't share with each other.

Brooke supposed that things would be different if she'd shared what had been happening. She stated that she and Ridge had both wanted to do the best thing for Will. Ridge told her that it was about Will's father, too, and Brooke knew the things Bill had done to hurt people Ridge loved and Bill's own sons. Ridge said there was no bottom to Bill's madness.

Ridge acknowledged Brooke's regrets and said he had his own regrets. He'd made mistakes that could have destroyed them, and she'd forgiven him. He didn't doubt her love for him and asked her not to doubt his for her.

Taking her hands, Ridge said that Brooke was his light, his shining star. It scared him to think that someone could take it from him, because he could never find his way home. He asked her to promise that she'd never let anyone take the light away.

"Okay," Brooke uttered, and the two hugged each other tightly. Ridge said they could never let it happen again, and he told her not to let Bill anywhere near her. Brooke said she wouldn't. Ridge stated that he didn't think he'd have the strength or forgiveness. "Okay?" he asked. She agreed. They kissed and hugged again.

In the backstage area, Hope and Steffy discussed Wyatt being back on board at Forrester. Hope noticed Steffy was irritated and wondered if she'd said something wrong. Steffy was reluctant to divulge anything, but with prodding, Steffy revealed that it was about Hope's mother.

Steffy decided that if she and Hope were to continue working on getting along, they shouldn't talk about their parents. Hope gleaned it meant there was a problem between Brooke and Ridge, and it had to do with Hope's line. Steffy said it had nothing to do with Hope. It was about Brooke, who claimed to have a destiny with Ridge but had continuously walked away from him.

Hope started to defend Brooke, saying that Steffy couldn't fault Brooke for defending Hope, HFTF, or Brooke's love for Ridge because Brooke was just following her heart. Steffy ordered Hope to stop defending Brooke. To Steffy, just following one's heart wasn't romantic. It was sick. Steffy disclosed that she'd seen Brooke kissing Bill in Steffy's office.

Shocked, Hope didn't believe it. Steffy asked if Hope thought Steffy was lying. Hope didn't doubt Steffy had seen something, but Hope didn't think it was what Steffy thought it had been. Steffy was insistent about it, but it didn't make sense to Hope, who believed that Brooke loved Ridge.

Steffy rolled her eyes, but Hope persisted, citing that the couple had been closer than ever, despite their differing views on issues. Hope figured that Brooke also knew Ridge's feelings for Bill. Steffy asked why Hope thought Steffy was so mad at Brooke about it, and Steffy reiterated that Brooke and Bill had been in each other's arms, kissing. "My mother and Bill Spencer..." Hope said in a sickened tone.

Hope didn't know why Bill had done it. "You're blaming Bill?" Steffy flatly asked. Hope claimed to just be trying to understand how it had happened. Steffy quipped that Brooke had let it happen. Calling Steffy wrong, Hope stated that Ridge and Brooke were happy, and Brooke didn't want Bill. Steffy shot back that Brooke had testified for Bill at the hearing.

In Hope's mind, Brooke had done it out of concern for Will, and Hope insisted that there was nothing going on between Brooke and Bill. Steffy revealed that Ridge thought Bill was trying to ignite something. Hope assumed that meant Ridge knew about the kiss.

Steffy admitted to telling Ridge and divulged that he was rightfully furious about it. Steffy said Brooke knew how Ridge felt about Bill, and Steffy wasn't sure Ridge would get past it that time.

In Bill's office, Bill was on the phone, planning a locker room meet and greet for Will. Bill ended the call when Wyatt arrived with news that he was ready to go back to work. Bill was thrilled until Wyatt added, "At Forrester Creations." He explained that Forrester had offered him the social media management position.

Bill raged at Wyatt for choosing middle management at the dress farm instead of helping his father build their empire. Bill said Wyatt could have returned to Spencer, and Bill reminded Wyatt that they'd talked about it before. Wyatt wasn't in a rush to be back at Spencer after the way things had been when he'd left. Forrester felt like the right fit for Wyatt, who said Steffy had given him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Bill decided not to argue about Wyatt hanging around at the bottom of the ladder. Wyatt asked if Bill accepted the decision or not. Bill replied that he thought it was ridiculous, but he accepted it. Confused, Wyatt asked what was going on there. Bill said he was trying to be a better father.

Wyatt noted that when he'd arrived, Bill had been planning to take Will to a game and asked if Katie was fine with it. Bill announced that Katie was no longer enforcing the custody ruling and was letting him see Will whenever he wanted -- with certain stipulations. Wyatt was excited to hear it and asked what had changed Katie's mind. "It was Brooke. It was all Brooke," Bill said, grinning.

Bill explained Brooke's persistence in helping him. Though Wyatt thought it had been good, he hadn't realized Brooke and Bill had gotten close again. Wyatt said that he and Hope had joked that no one ever really got over her mother. "Is that what this is?" Wyatt asked.

Bill said he'd always have feelings for Brooke, and she'd gone to the mat for him. Wyatt remarked that Brooke had been subpoenaed. Bill called it a formality because Brooke had wanted to testify for him, and Brooke had been working behind the scenes, talking to Katie, which Brooke hadn't had to do. Brooke had done it, anyway, at the risk of upsetting Katie and "poser."

Wyatt assumed Ridge hadn't known about Brooke's deeper involvement. Bill affirmed it, saying he and Brooke had kept it quiet because Ridge despised Bill. Wyatt figured that "behind the scenes" meant "behind Ridge's back." Bill asked what choice Brooke had had and said that no one knew how Ridge would react if she'd told him.

After Wyatt had gone, Bill flashed back to moments with Brooke, from Monte Carlo to the bedroom. He smiled to himself.

Thorne's reaction surprises Katie Thorne's reaction surprises Katie

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

In Bill's office, Bill taught Will about dividends by comparing them to the time Will spent with a female friend and the things Will got in return for it -- like friendship and sharing lunch sandwiches. Will said he loved spending time with his father, and Bill replied that spending time with Will was Bill's number one priority.

The topic turned to Bill's sword necklace. Will was curious about it, and Bill explained that it represented family and loyalty. Will recalled that his brothers had once had the same necklaces. Bill said they still did, but they didn't wear them as often.

Bill conveyed that he'd had the necklaces made for Will's brothers, and when Will was old enough, he'd have one, too. It would remind Will to be a warrior. Bill growled. Will growled back. Pretending to be startled, Bill said Will had scared him, and it had been perfect.

The time arrived for Bill to take Will home, and the father and son expressed how great the half day had worked out for them. Bill felt that he had people to thank for the new time he had with his son. Bill asked Will to guess what car they'd take. Will guessed the blue convertible. Bill affirmed it, and the two said it was awesome at the same time. Before Bill and Will left, Bill made a call to ask someone to track Brooke down.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Hope asked Brooke if it were true. Brooke said that it sounded worse than it was, and Hope stated that kissing Bill sounded pretty bad. Brooke insisted that Bill had initiated the kiss. Hope asked why Bill had thought he could do it. Brooke explained that he'd been swept up in happiness about the support she'd given him in the custody case, but kisses would never happen again. Brooke declared that she had no interest in Bill.

"Of course, she doesn't. She's with me," Ridge said as he entered the room and kissed his wife. Ridge guessed that Hope knew what had happened with the kiss and said it had been just another way for Bill to take advantage. Brooke asked why Ridge always got so upset and angry when they discussed Bill. She didn't know why Ridge gave Bill that power.

Ridge bit out that he couldn't stand that guy. Brooke understood it, but she said Ridge knew that he was her beloved husband. She had a lunch meeting to get to but promised to show him how much she adored him once she was at home later.

Once Brooke had gone, Ridge locked the door and asserted to Hope that he and her mother were fine. Hope was glad to hear it and said that, for what it was worth, she knew her mother did not have feelings for Bill. Ridge replied that he knew how pushy and devious that guy was. Hope thanked Ridge for being understanding. Ridge said they were good as long as Brooke stayed away from Spencer.

In the design office, Thorne questioned Katie about her decision let Bill spend more time with Will. Katie said that Bill and Will wanted it, and Thorne asked what had happened to the custody agreement. She replied that she didn't think it was the way to go, and Thorne asked what she meant. Katie replied that she was going to give Bill as much access to his son as he wanted.

Thorne questioned the decision because of how hard she'd fought for custody. Katie said she'd wanted her son's father in her son's life, and it was happening. "For God's sake, he's Will's father," Katie snapped. Thorne wondered if Bill had threatened her, but she denied it. Thorne felt like he wasn't getting the whole story.

Katie decided to tell Thorne something, but she told him that he couldn't tell a soul about it. She insisted that Brooke would kill her. Thorne agreed not to, and Katie revealed that Ridge had gotten the judge to rule in her favor. Thorne asked how that had happened, and Katie explained Ridge's connection to the judge and the "favor" Ridge had asked of the judge.

Katie said Ridge could get in a lot of trouble and possibly go to jail. She couldn't imagine what would happen if Bill found out. Katie said that her sister had sworn her to secrecy, but she hadn't felt right keeping it from her new husband.

Katie was still shocked that Ridge had done something like that. Thorne hadn't believed that Ridge had it in him. "Good for him," Thorne said. Katie frowned dubiously at him and asked if he was serious. In Thorne's view, Ridge had done them a favor.

Katie yelled that Ridge had committed a crime. Thorne reasoned that Ridge had done it for them and for Will. Katie replied that she'd been put upon to find a way to live with it. She emphasized that they hadn't gotten a legitimate judgment, and that might haunt them later. Thorne doubted anyone would find out, but Katie said he didn't know that.

Thorne stated that, with all the evidence, there was no way the judge would have ruled against her. Katie said they didn't know that. It felt dirty to her, like something Bill would do. Thorne said they hadn't done anything wrong, and Ridge had chosen to put himself in that position. According to Thorne, Ridge had done the wrong thing for the right reason, and Katie didn't have to feel guilty about it.

In the CEO's office later, Ridge was at his desk, and Thorne was informing him that Katie had decided to discard the custody ruling and let Bill see Will as much as possible. Ridge thought it was a shame because the ruling had been the best decision. Thorne agreed that it had been, no matter how the judge had arrived at said decision.

Thorne said he knew what Ridge had done. Ridge didn't know what Thorne was talking about. Thorne repeated that he knew what Ridge had done. Ridge snarled. "And I want to thank you for it," Thorne added, and Ridge grinned. "We need to stop Spencer. He's done. I want him out of our lives," Ridge told Thorne.

At Il Giardino, Brooke wrapped up a meeting. As soon as the person she'd met with left her table, Bill strode up and asked if she'd mind if he joined her. "Yes, I do mind," Brooke responded. She added that she'd been just about to leave. Taking a seat, Bill said he'd just sit down with her for a minute because there was something very important she needed to hear.

Brooke told Bill that they shouldn't even be talking. She explained that Ridge knew about the kiss and the meetings and was not happy about them. Bill said he was sorry, and he'd meant it when he'd said he hadn't wanted to cause problems for her. He stated that she'd gone to the mat for him, and he couldn't thank her enough.

Bill revealed that Katie was allowing him to see Will whenever he wanted, and he'd just had an amazing afternoon with Will. Brooke said it was great, but he should be thanking Katie. Bill was grateful to Katie but knew "damn well" that Brooke had turned Katie around. Bill asserted that Brooke had never doubted him or his love for Will, and Brooke had been willing to risk fighting for them. Brooke replied that he hadn't deserved to lose Will.

Bill thanked Brooke for standing up for him and Will when it could have created problems for her. It was a testament to her strength and integrity. He saw her as a "hell of a woman" whom he was lucky to have in his life. He'd been an idiot to let her slip through his fingers.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn, Eric, Charlie, and Pam had lunch together in the living room. Quinn was impressed by the meal. Charlie credited Pam, who said it really hadn't been that hard. Quinn scowled as Pam explained that there was a magic room in the house called a kitchen, and it had a refrigerator and stove in it.

Pointing at her portrait on the wall, Quinn quipped that she felt more at home in her living room. Pam thought the portrait was okay for a replacement piece, but she was more fond of the original work of art. Eric said Stephanie's portrait had been gorgeous up there, but Quinn's was "there now," and it was beautiful.

"Speaking of seconds..." Pam said, and Quinn shot Pam another look. Pam asked if anyone wanted more food from the kitchen. No one did, so Pam said she'd leave the leftovers for Eric, so he wouldn't starve. The comment earned her another glare from Quinn.

As the lunch wound down, Charlie spilled water all over the coffee table. He stammered as he tried to clean it up, and Pam wondered why he was so nervous that day.

Later, Charlie and Pam were in the kitchen, and in the living room, Quinn wondered if she should get back to Forrester. Eric asked her to spend the afternoon at home with her husband and said he had pull at her office. The couple discussed how nice lunch had been with Pam and Charlie. Eric thought Pam and Charlie made a cute couple, and Eric was glad Pam had found someone. Quinn said Pam and Charlie were a quirky couple, and Charlie had seemed more so than usual that day.

Quinn and Eric went over some of Sally's designs, which Eric said paired nicely with Quinn's inspired pieces. Quinn brushed it off as Eric just saying that, but Eric insisted that he didn't give out design compliments lightly. She thanked him and kissed him.

Pulling Quinn close, Eric wondered how many more hours until martini time. Quinn pushed him back, saying there were too many, especially with Charlie and Pam still being in the kitchen. The couple had been in there a long time, and Quinn hoped everything was okay.

In the kitchen, Pam pulled a hot pan of lemon bars out of the oven. She saw Charlie with a tablet and asked what he was doing. Charlie had put something together for her, and he wanted to show her. "Look. It's Pam and Charlie's greatest hits," he said, thumbing through pictures of the two of them.

A flashback montage played of Pam and Charlie baking together and falling in love. It also contained clips of their medieval adventures. Pam thought it was great of him to make the photo slideshow, and she said she loved it. "And I love you, my little lemon bar," he replied.

Pam turned her back to get some utensils, and Charlie sneaked to do something with the pan she'd taken out of the oven. As she prepared to slice the lemon bar, Charlie pointed out a lump in the corner bar and said it had never happened before. Shrugging, she figured it was fine, but he insisted that it was a big bubble.

Pam decided to cut it out of the pan and throw it in the garbage. Charlie started to stammer in protest and said they couldn't let it go to waste. "Fine then. You eat it," she said, and chuckling, she shoved it into his mouth. Charlie looked as if he might choke. Pam stared at him in concern. Slowly, he pushed something out of his mouth and held it between his lips.

Pam gasped as she saw a diamond between Charlie's lips, and he grinned, exposing the ring clamped between his teeth. Bewildered, Pam asked what he had in his mouth. As he removed the jewelry, he said it was an engagement ring for her. Pam said it was beautiful and guessed it was why he'd been nervous all day. She called him the sweetest man on earth.

Charlie told Pam that people said to go big or go home. He asked if she'd go big with him. He wanted to be her knight in shining armor. Charlie loved her that day. He'd love her the next day and forever. He asked if she'd do him the honor of being his wife. The tearful Pam gasped a "yes" and said she'd marry him. She hugged and kissed him.

Bill's newest move enrages Ridge Bill's newest move enrages Ridge

Thursday, October 18, 2018

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn asked Eric how many Pam and Charlies it took to make a lemon bar. Eric thought she had to be joking, and Quinn replied that the pair in question had been in the kitchen a long time. Eric hoped they weren't bickering in there. Quinn hoped Charlie wasn't trying to add a new ingredient to Pam's coveted lemon bar recipe.

In the kitchen, Charlie rinsed off the engagement ring and said he'd almost swallowed it. Pam couldn't believe he'd put it in the lemon bars. He said they were the one thing she loved second to him. Charlie got down on one knee and asked Pam if she'd be his wife. Pam replied that she'd love to be. She knelt on the floor with him and kissed him.

The happy couple went into the living room, and Quinn wondered what Charlie and Pam had been doing in the kitchen all that time. Pam joked that it had been very engaging. Eric assumed the two were up to something, and Quinn asked what was on Pam's finger.

Pam exclaimed that it was an engagement ring, and Charlie had proposed to her. Quinn slid her glasses on for a better look at the ring. "Isn't it beautiful?" Pam asked, showing off her ring.

Later, Charlie, Pam, Eric, and Quinn enjoyed Champagne, and Eric toasted to the magic and wonder of marriage. He hoped Pam and Charlie would be as happy as he and Quinn. Pam asked for Quinn's professional opinion of the ring. After studying the ring for a moment, Quinn stated that it was lovely, but she was curious about the yellow bits on it.

Quinn recalled that the couple had said Charlie had put it in the lemon bars. As Quinn started to clean it with her shirt, Charlie said he'd thought he'd licked it all off. "Ew!" Quinn exclaimed, grossed out. Charlie took the ring and put it back on Pam's finger.

Eric asked if the couple had thought of where to get married. Pam asked what place could be better than right there -- if it was okay with "you." Quinn asked if Pam meant in Quinn and Eric's living room, and Pam replied that she would love it.

Pam and Eric discussed the history in the house, and Eric thought Stephanie would be pleased that Pam was getting married. Quinn suggested a destination wedding and said she and Eric would love to chip in on a wine-country wedding.

Pam replied that she didn't have history at a place like that. She asked if Eric remembered when she'd first moved in there with Tiny. Charlie said Eric had made her feel at home. Pam reasoned that she might not have stayed in town if Eric hadn't been so kind, and that meant she wouldn't have met Charlie. She didn't think they knew what it would mean to her to get married in front of the fireplace, under the portrait of Stephanie, the true matriarch of the family.

Gesturing at the wall over the fireplace, Quinn asked if Pam was saying she wanted to put Stephanie's portrait up there. Agreeing, Pam said it would be like Ridge and Brooke's wedding, and it had been so incredible having Stephanie in the room with them that day. "You want to take my portrait down, and you want to put Stephanie's portrait up," Quinn pointedly stated.

Pam responded that Stephanie was her sister. Quinn said she knew it, and Stephanie would be with Pam in spirit wherever Pam got married. Charlie started to say they could discuss it later, but Pam cut in, stating that she even knew where the portrait was. "If this all wouldn't be too much to ask," Pam added, asking, "So, is it, Eric? Is it too much to ask?"

Quinn interjected that they couldn't plan a wedding there so close to the holidays. Pam suggested doing it earlier to avoid the conflict, but Charlie doubted they could plan a wedding overnight. Pam said it wouldn't be overnight, and they had planned Hope's wedding quickly.

Stating that Pam and Charlie were a unique couple, Quinn said they wouldn't want a normal, boring wedding. Quinn suggested that they do it at Medieval Knights, and they could wear period costumes. Quinn thought it would be fun.

Pam scowled and said "you" didn't want them to have the wedding at the mansion. Eric replied that he and Quinn would love to host the wedding. "Wouldn't we?" he asked Quinn. Quinn decided that the groom should have a say in it. "Don't you want your say, Charlie? I mean, King Arthur! And all the Forrester men would be knights of the round table," Quinn suggested.

Charlie agreed that it would be fun. Pam said Charlie's name, and he quickly decided he'd do what his bride wanted. Quinn's expression flattened. Pam thanked Eric, saying he didn't know what it meant to her to get married in the home her sister had lived in. It would make it the happiest day of her life. Eric said they'd make it a day she'd never forget. Quinn glared at Eric and Pam as they hugged.

At Forrester, Ridge said he hadn't been sure how Thorne would react to what Ridge had done with the judge. Thorne was proud of Ridge and grateful that he'd tried to give Will a chance at a better life. Thorne stated that Bill wasn't a good guy, and Ridge asked Thorne to guess what Bill was up to that time.

Later, Thorne was surprised to hear that Bill had been hitting on Brooke. Ridge explained that it had been in his own office, and Steffy had walked in on it. "Bill kissing my wife in my office," Ridge stated. Thorne was stunned and asked what Ridge would do. Ridge didn't know and said Brooke had told him that it wouldn't happen again.

Thorne didn't think it should ever have happened because Ridge and Brooke were married. The agitated Ridge said he knew, but Bill had supposedly played on her sympathies for his case. Ridge conveyed that he'd told Brooke she couldn't ever be near Bill again, and she'd agreed. Even so, Ridge still felt that he needed to do something to protect his family.

Slapping his fist into his palm, Thorne said he couldn't imagine what he'd do if Bill had tried to hit on Katie. Ridge wouldn't put it past Bill to do it. Thorne replied that Katie would never put up with it. "Neither did Brooke," Ridge replied. Thorne reasoned that it had happened twice, but Ridge insisted that Brooke had been caught off guard.

Ridge believed that Bill wanted Ridge's wife. Thorne had thought Bill would stay away after what had gone on with Steffy. Ridge had thought so, too, but apparently, that wasn't Spencer. Thorne asked if Brooke would stay away from Bill. Ridge was sure Brooke would, and Thorne asked if Bill would stay away from her.

Ridge replied that if Bill walked up, Brooke would walk away -- or she'd call Ridge, who'd like nothing better than to get in Bill's face. Ridge refused to tolerate Bill hitting on his wife ever again.

At Il Giardino, Bill wanted to know how Brooke had gotten through to Katie. Brooke insisted that she hadn't done it; Katie had decided on her own. Bill persisted to believe it had been Brooke's doing, and he said he'd gotten his son back all because of her.

Brooke was suspicious of how Bill had just happened to find her there. Bill admitted that he'd tracked her down, and she gasped in shock. He said he'd had to see her. He knew she was off limits, but she'd given him his son back. He asked what she'd said to Katie to convince her. Brooke said she'd just told the truth. In her mind, she flashed back to when she'd confronted Ridge about his manipulation of the judge.

Later, Brooke told Bill that he hadn't had to pay for her business lunch. Bill thought she deserved a private island after what she'd done for him. She stated that he had to stay away from her, and she'd promised her husband that he would. Bill quipped that she shouldn't make promises that he couldn't keep.

Bill asked if Ridge was really that upset with her, and Brooke shot back that Ridge was upset with Bill for kissing her. Grinning, Bill replied that it was because Ridge thought there was more to it. "Well, there isn't. I'm in love with my husband and only my husband," Brooke responded.

"And yet you jumped through hoops to get Katie to let me spend more time with my son," Bill replied, still grinning. Brooke replied that it was because Bill and Will deserved it. Bill called Brooke a miracle worker, and he was still eager to find out what she'd ultimately said to Katie to change things after the ruling.

Brooke urged him let it go and to just focus on the blessing of having Will back in his life. Bill intended to, but he felt that the true blessing was Brooke. She thanked him for paying her bill and said it was the last time he'd have to do that. Brooke hastily left the restaurant.

At Spencer later, Bill smiled to himself and said his boy was back in his life. It was all because of Brooke. Bill flashed back to kissing Brooke after Stephanie had died and to the time the pair had spent in Aspen, Monte Carlo, and Abu Dhabi.

Back at Forrester, Brooke was in the corridor, thinking about her argument with Ridge about Bill. She recalled saying that she didn't even like to mention Bill because of how Ridge would get about it. She remembered Bill hugging her, and then she flashed back on all the romantic times she'd had with Ridge. She recalled him asking her not to let anyone take his light away.

Brooke entered the CEO's office. Ridge was working there alone. He greeted her and asked how her meeting had gone. With one look at her, he assumed something had happened, and he asked what was wrong. Brooke claimed nothing unusual had happened, but he told her that her face said something different.

Reluctantly, Brooke revealed that something had happened. She said that, after the meeting, Bill had appeared at her table. She hadn't invited him. Ridge raged that Bill was everywhere she was. Brooke explained that he'd wanted to tell her that Katie had given him access to Will. Ridge asked why Bill had needed to tell her that and how Bill had even known where she'd been.

Brooke didn't know and said he'd found out somehow. She stated that Bill had just wanted to tell her that Katie was seeing things more clearly after Brooke's discussion with her. Ridge said it was because Brooke had told Katie about him and the judge. Brooke replied that Katie had deserved to know; however, she'd sworn Katie to secrecy, and Katie wouldn't tell Bill.

Ridge didn't get why Brooke didn't understand that Bill was poison to her and her sister. In Ridge's mind, Bill was poison to Thorne and to Will, too. Brooke responded that Bill loved that little boy, and it had been why Bill had found her at the restaurant. "No, no, no, no," Ridge said, insisting, "He came to the restaurant because of you. Because he wants you. He's going after you."

Brooke told Ridge not to overreact. Ridge yelled that he wasn't overreacting to some guy kissing his wife. Brooke insisted that she didn't care about Bill and asked if Ridge couldn't see that.

Ridge asked if Brooke couldn't see that he had to do something to end it. To Brooke, Ridge was sounding like Bill, but she said Ridge wasn't like Bill. Instead, Ridge was her sweet husband, and she loved him. She insisted that Bill couldn't get to them. She asked Ridge to just stop it. She hugged Ridge, who seemed to be boiling in anger.

The Forrester brothers double-team Bill The Forrester brothers double-team Bill

Friday, October 19, 2018

Backstage at Forrester, Pam and Charlie showed off Pam's engagement ring to Liam, Hope, Steffy, and Thorne. The four were excited for the couple, and Thorne joked that Pam might go blind if she kept staring into her ring. Pam said she'd never dreamed she'd have such a beautiful ring or such a sweet man.

Hope became emotional and misty-eyed about how cute Pam and Charlie were. Liam stroked his wife and said she was a little sensitive due to the pregnancy hormones. Steffy stated that she remembered them well. Liam checked the time and said he and Hope had to go to an appointment with Dr. Phillips. Steffy asked if everything was okay with the baby.

Liam and Hope reported that the baby was doing well, but they had a really important appointment. Hope said they'd been holding off on knowing, but they'd decided to find out if they were having a boy or girl. Hope felt that knowing the gender might make her and Liam closer.

Steffy responded that it had been that way with Kelly. Learning that they'd been having a girl had made it seem more real. Liam agreed that it had. Thorne asked if the couple had a preference, and Liam and Hope didn't as long as it was healthy and happy. Steffy thought it was amazing that Kelly would have a half-brother or -sister.

At the doctor's office later, Hope and Liam were excited about the appointment, but Hope was also nervous because of what had gone on the last time she'd been there. Liam didn't want her to think of anything but happy thoughts.

Dr. Phillips arrived and guessed that they'd decided not to wait. Liam stammered, and Dr. Phillips called it a big moment for the parents. Hope asked Liam if he was sure he wanted to know. He replied that he had been until she'd just asked. Hope wanted to know, but she also liked the idea of being surprised. Dr. Phillips wanted them to be certain because there would be no going back. Liam and Hope stared at each other. They nodded and decided to do it.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke expressed her displeasure with Ridge getting worked up about Bill. Ridge didn't know how she expected him to act when Bill was everywhere she was, and she couldn't even have a business lunch without Bill hitting on her. Brooke claimed that it wasn't like that, and Bill had just wanted to tell her about Katie's decision.

Ridge quipped that it had been a bad decision. Ridge didn't like that Brooke had become Bill's new best friend, and Ridge asked if she wanted him to sit on the sidelines and let Bill claim her. Ridge asserted that it wouldn't happen in their lifetime.

Brooke said Ridge was getting upset for no reason, but Ridge countered that a man kissing his wife was good reason. Ridge didn't want Bill anywhere near her. She replied that she'd told Bill, but she couldn't control where he showed up. "Then I will," Ridge responded.

Brooke thought it was as simple as a man who'd just wanted to reach out because he was happy about his son. Ridge believed it was just a line Bill was feeding her, and Ridge asked her to remember what Bill had done to Liam and Steffy. Ridge accused Bill of tearing Steffy's life apart and taking her happiness. He told Brooke to wake up. In Ridge's view, Bill wanted her, and Ridge implored her not to get sucked in.

Sometime later, Brooke had gone, and Pam entered the office, asking why Ridge had text-messaged her. She said she'd been backstage, sharing pretty big news. Ridge stated that he wanted her to do something for him, but she asked if he wouldn't guess. He asked what he was supposed to guess, and she replied that she had big news for herself.

"Let's have it," Ridge said. Pam announced that Charlie had popped the big question. "What? He did? Really?" Ridge exclaimed. Pam held up her hand and told Ridge she'd accepted. Ridge gave his aunt a congratulatory hug.

Thorne entered and assumed Ridge had heard the news. Ridge said he was very happy for Pam and Charlie. Pam was about to "float back to her 'office,'" but then she remembered that Ridge had wanted her for something. Ridge said he needed her to find Bill.

Pam left, and Thorne asked if something had happened with Bill. Ridge quipped that something was going to happen if Bill didn't stay away from Ridge's wife. Ridge told Thorne about Bill showing up out of nowhere at the end of Brooke's lunch meeting. Thorne thought it was a good sign that Brooke had told Ridge instead of keeping secrets.

Ridge had a problem with Brooke downplaying it as if Bill had just been expressing his gratitude for her support. Thorne revealed that he didn't like Bill's new access to Will and didn't think it was right. Thorne watched Will's light go out a little each time his "so-called" father disappointed him, and Thorne didn't think Bill should be rewarded for being a deadbeat father.

Ridge said it was time Bill was accountable to the people he hurt. Thorne didn't know how that would happen when Bill didn't have a moral compass. Thorne and Ridge agreed that it wasn't right that Bill had gone after Ridge's wife. Ridge intended to put a stop to it once and for all.

Pam entered. She'd made some calls and found out that Bill had gone home for the day. Thorne asked what "we" were going to do. Pam listened curiously as Ridge asked, "'We?'" Thorne said he was with Ridge, and they could pay Spencer a visit together.

In the design office, Steffy asked if Brooke had heard about Charlie and Pam's engagement. Brooke hadn't, but she thought it was wonderful that Pam finally would get to be a bride. Steffy wished Stephanie was there, and it was one of those times that Steffy missed her grandmother. Brooke said she did, too.

Sighing, Brooke said she wanted to talk to Steffy about something. Steffy had figured as much and asked if Brooke was angry. Brooke wasn't because she knew Steffy just wanted to protect her father. Brooke just needed to tell Steffy two things. One, Steffy didn't need to protect him from Brooke, and two, what Steffy had seen hadn't been what she'd assumed.

Brooke insisted that Bill had kissed her. To Steffy, it had seemed mutual. Brooke replied that both kisses had been on Bill's initiative. "Both kisses? There were two? Wow." Steffy asked. Steffy rolled her eyes as Brooke explained that Bill had been very grateful that she'd supported him. Steffy said he should have had Alison send Brooke a card.

Brooke said she wasn't excusing Bill's behavior. She had pulled away, and if Steffy had watched a second longer, she would have seen it. Brooke wanted to make it clear that she had no feelings for Bill, and she only loved her husband. She shouldn't have let Bill get close enough to kiss her, but Ridge had forgiven her.

Brooke added that she'd seen Steffy right after the incident, and Steffy should have just revealed what she'd seen instead of running off to tell her father something she'd known would upset him. Steffy stated that she'd had to tell her father what she'd seen, and she also knew how relentless Bill could be. Brooke replied that she wasn't available to Bill.

It hadn't looked that way to Steffy. Brooke asked why Steffy hadn't talked about it when the women had seen each other. Steffy claimed she'd given Brooke the chance to come clean. Brooke said Steffy could have asked about it and let Brooke explain it. Instead, Steffy had felt the need to run off to her father. Steffy said she'd been shocked and concerned.

Sighing under Brooke's penetrating gaze, Steffy admitted that she could have done it differently. Brooke thanked Steffy, who said that Ridge at least wasn't mad at Brooke. Brooke replied that Ridge was furious with Bill -- again -- and the ramped-up animosity worried Brooke. She thought Ridge might explode.

At Spencer, the cynical Justin said that Bill was awfully chipper. Bill exclaimed that it was a glorious day. Justin assumed his boss's mood stemmed from the new custody arrangement. Justin was happy for Bill but surprised that Katie had made such a quick turnaround.

Bill figured that Katie had just let Thorne get into her head about the custody issue, but Thorne's influence was already wearing off her. It would wear off Will, too, Bill predicted, and Bill intended to make sure Thorne wouldn't have the final say in matters regarding Will.

Justin reminded Bill that it made Justin nervous when Bill was overly jovial. Bill said most people would be thrilled if their boss was in a good mood. Justin quipped that most people didn't work for Bill. It was just weird to Justin. Bill declared that "Happy Dollar Bill" was the new him -- all of the time. Justin glared at Bill, who said, "Most of the time. All right -- more than you're used to."

Bill was glad to be out of a dark period in his life and that things were coming together. He was still frustrated that he had no legal say with Will; however, things were improving, and he was sure he and Katie would share custody again. Bill attributed it all to one person.

Justin was happy for Bill that things had taken a big step forward. Bill replied that Katie hadn't made it to that decision on her own. Brooke had nudged Katie to it. Justin stated that Brooke didn't hold back when she thought something was wrong. Bill stated that beneath Brooke's soft exterior was a woman to be reckoned with, and he was glad she was on his side.

Justin asked if Bill had told Brooke that. Bill grinned, saying that he had. Justin wondered how things were between Bill and Brooke. Bill reported that Brooke was guarded but receptive. Justin had thought Brooke and Bill might get close again.

Bill stated that there was a bump in the road. "The inconvenient fact that she's married," Justin replied. Bill said Ridge had pitched a fit upon learning that Bill had kissed Brooke.

At Bill's house, Bill flashed back to Brooke in her money nightie when she'd given him the stallion statue. He heard persistent knocking on the door, and when he answered it, Thorne and Ridge crowded Bill's foyer. "Well, look at this. It's needle and thread," Bill said, chuckling. He joked that he had a walking sewing kit at his front door.

Stating that he was in a good mood, Bill invited them in and said he wanted to buy them drinks. The men further entered the house. Ridge declined the drinks, but Thorne started ordering coffee with almond milk. Bill quipped that he wasn't a barista. Raising the drink he had in his hand, Bill offered to toast to Katie's decision. He said he'd toast to Thorne if Thorne hadn't objected to Katie's decision.

Wincing, Thorne said he had. Ridge stated that it had been a terrible decision. Thorne hoped Will wouldn't regret it. Bill replied that his relationship with Will wasn't Thorne's business. Thorne asserted that he was Will's stepdad. Bill corrected that Thorne was Will's "manny" and stepdad in name only. To Bill's view, fatherhood trumped Thorne every time.

Bill stated that he'd been in a Zen state, but he'd started to sense some hostility from both of "you clowns." Bill's civility was out the window, and he said he should have never let them in the house because he'd heard everything they had to say before. Bill wasn't interested in hearing again that he was an awful person, terrible father, and plague on humanity.

Ridge said it was true, and Bill had used Brooke and pitted her against her sister. Bill asked if having Brooke subpoenaed to give truthful and willing testimony was using her and pitting her against her sister. Ridge accused Bill of pulling Brooke into his drama, and Ridge knew that Bill wanted his wife. Thorne told Bill to find another family to prey on.

Chuckling, Bill asked if the two fashion boys were there to rough him up and stitch him to death. Thorne chuckled, too, and said they were just there to make it clear that Bill would treat Will with respect. "Stay away from Brooke," Ridge said.

"Or what?" Bill asked. Ridge replied that he'd put a stop to it once and for all.

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