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Katie gave Bill the papers restoring his custody rights to Will. Eric set Pam straight about his marriage to Quinn. Brooke reassured her husband about her feelings for him. The Forresters celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends.
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Eric sets Pam straight about Quinn Eric sets Pam straight about Quinn
Monday, November 19, 2018

At Forrester, Quinn and Eric worked on their guest list for Thanksgiving dinner. Quinn announced that Vivienne and Julius would be with Rick and Maya, and Eric decided to invite Xander, so he wouldn't be alone for the holiday.

Quinn handed Eric the list, and he noticed Pam and Charlie weren't on it. Eric stated that Pam and Charlie usually did the lion's share of the cooking. Quinn replied that Pam probably needed a break from Eric and Quinn. Eric decided to add the couple to the list. "Fine," Quinn murmured.

Pam entered and asked to talk to Eric. When Quinn didn't leave, Pam said she'd like to talk to him alone. Eric asked if Quinn minded, and she left.

Eric informed Pam that he and Quinn had just been working on the holiday guest list. Pam said she and Charlie wanted to have a quiet evening at home. Calling it nonsense, Eric showed her that she and Charlie were on the list. Eric asked her to change her mind, but she instead changed the subject.

Pam asked if Eric believed that powers watched over them from another dimension. She believed Stephanie was trying to communicate with her. Eric appeared skeptical, but Pam continued. She said that when she'd been answering the flurry of calls earlier, she'd looked up and seen Donna staring at her in the same way Stephanie had done when she'd been alive.

Pam thought Stephanie was trying to tell them that Donna was back because of Eric. Eric quipped that his spirit world antenna was broken. Pam insisted Stephanie saw everyone and everything, and Stephanie saw that Donna had really loved Eric.

Outside the office, Quinn wandered over to the cracked door. She heard Eric saying that Pam's intuition had to be off because Stephanie had never been one to procure women for him. He doubted that Donna's presence at that point in his life meant anything more than dear friendship.

Claiming that it was more than that, Pam said Eric had given Quinn more chances than anyone ever would have. Pam couldn't shake the feeling that there were dark clouds on the horizon for the family. "Because of her," Pam insisted.

Eric advised Pam that he needed her to understand some things. Eric didn't require a watchdog. He wanted Pam to respect his feelings. He asserted that he was married to Quinn, and the marriage hadn't happened by accident. He was glad that Donna was there, but he loved his wife. Eric said they needed to leave the subject in the past.

Pam replied that she'd just wanted to let Eric know. Eric quipped that if Stephanie was angry with him from the afterlife, she'd let him know herself -- with a thunderbolt or something. Eric left the room. Looking at the ceiling, Pam apologized to Stephanie.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," Quinn stated, startling Pam from behind. Pam turned and saw that Quinn had entered the room and strode up behind her. Quinn said Pam should be apologizing to Quinn, not Stephanie. Quinn reasoned that Stephanie was dead and, therefore, unable to make Eric happy. "She can't protect you, either," Quinn ominously added.

Quinn threatened to crack Pam's head open like an egg if Pam kept trying to drive a wedge between Quinn and Eric. Pam gasped, and Quinn said that was exactly what Pam wanted. Quinn believed that Pam wanted Quinn to lose control and cause all of Pam's premonitions to be true.

Quinn refused to give Pam the satisfaction, but Pam wasn't so sure Quinn would be able to help it. Quinn revealed that she knew what Pam was up to by flaunting Donna in front of Eric; however, Quinn insisted there was nothing Pam could do to interfere with Quinn's marriage.

In Bill's office, Justin noted that Brooke had gone. He said Bill knew what would happen when she arrived home. Shrugging, Bill replied that she was married to the man. Justin urged Bill to just say the word, and they'd make Ridge a guest of Los Angeles County.

Bill didn't reply, and Justin wondered how, after all Ridge had done to Bill, Bill had become a turn-the-other-cheek kind of guy. Behind Justin, Liam and Wyatt entered and conveyed their puzzlement about that same matter.

Liam said that Ridge and the judge hadn't been right in what they'd done. Bill replied that people got away with doing things that weren't right all the time. Wyatt said it was because there was no one to hold others accountable in those situations, but in Bill's case, there was.

Bill explained that it wasn't as if he didn't want to hold Ridge accountable; Bill just hadn't wanted to hurt Brooke. Bill decided that, as Ridge's wife, Brooke could hold him accountable if she wanted to. Bill joked that things really had changed around there if his sons were eager to see Ridge in an orange jumpsuit. Liam and Wyatt weren't, but they'd thought Bill would be.

Angry, Justin said, "Would you wise him up if you can? Make fun of him if you can't. Just remember that when he dies, this will all be yours, mine, or who knows! I'm out." Justin stormed out of the office, and Wyatt asked if Justin needed to be on blood pressure medication. Bill quipped that it had been a long day, and he didn't have that many friends to spare.

Studying Liam's expression, Bill asked Liam to spit it out. Liam said he got that Bill's conscience had awakened from an ancient slumber, but Liam still saw evidence of self-interest. He accused Bill of playing the long game to get Brooke back. "Another married woman," Liam noted. He said Bill had so much that the only thing left to want was what belonged to others.

Later, Bill was searching his desk and telling his sons that there had been three things he'd wanted to address with them -- if he'd ever gotten to see them again. He said that during Liam's mutiny, Liam had made a list of nonprofits in need of funds. Liam guessed Bill had shredded it.

"No. I did not," Bill said, placing the list he'd just located on the desk. Bill asked Liam if any of those on the list could use funding and a downtown property. Amazed by the gesture, Liam highlighted two names on the list. Wyatt asked what downtown property they were talking about. Bill indicated it was the Spectra lot.

Wyatt asked what had happened to "Sky." Bill said it wasn't the time for him to build monuments to himself. Wyatt suggested Bill give it back to Spectra. Bill quipped that he hadn't gone so far around the bend that he'd miss out on the tax break from charity.

Turning to Liam, Bill said that he did think about Brooke. Bill wondered how he could not think of her when his life had gone "to hell" upon losing her. Bill didn't want to get her back by sending her husband off to punch license plates. He desired her to see that he was a changed man, the kind of man whom she and his sons could love.

Liam and Wyatt asked what the other two things were that Bill wanted. Bill said that removing the sword necklace hadn't eliminated the shame he felt for how he'd treated his sons. In Bill's view, committing violence against his son was the worst commandment to break. Liam replied that it wasn't a commandment, but "honoring thy father" was.

Bill believed that his sons had honored him, and he planned to keep apologizing to them until they could trust him and until he was actually an honorable father. Liam replied that Bill never could have hurt Liam as much as he had if Liam hadn't loved Bill.

At Brooke's house, Brooke arrived home and found Ridge in her dimly lit bedroom. She noted that he seemed to be in the middle of something. Putting aside a framed photo of them that he'd been viewing, Ridge said he'd been meditating. She replied that he hadn't meditated a day in his life, but he claimed it was as easy as sitting and being quiet.

Before Ridge could say anything, Brooke stated that the answer to his question was yes. She had indeed been with Bill ever since Ridge had left Bill's office. She reminded Ridge that the day could have ended with him in a jail cell. Because of that, she'd thought it had been reasonable to hear what Bill had wanted to tell her.

Ridge wanted to guess what Bill had said. "He's a new and improved person, and you are the reason why. Am I right?" Ridge asked. Ridge stated that Bill was trying something new, taking a shot at kindness, because Bill knew that Brooke loved grand gestures. Ridge told Brooke that Bill wanted her back. Brooke insisted that Ridge was jumping to conclusions and letting his feelings for Bill get in the way.

"It's late. I've been sitting here waiting," Ridge said. Brooke asked if he wanted to fight about it. He didn't. He merely wanted her to see that the man who'd targeted his daughter had started to target her. Brooke decided to try to explain. "Bill and I were married," she said.

Not getting what that had to do with anything, Ridge asked if it meant Bill could kiss her whenever he wanted. She said it wasn't that, but she and Bill had a relationship. She and Bill were two people with a history. She didn't know what she could do if Bill felt things beyond politeness. She added that feeling things wasn't a crime.

Ridge asked what things Brooke felt for Bill. "Gratitude. And if I were you, I'd feel the same thing," Brooke stated. She reminded Ridge that Bill had had two chances to put Ridge in jail over the past few weeks, but Bill hadn't done it. She was very grateful to Bill for it. Ridge hoped she understood that he'd done what he'd done for Will, and Ridge insisted that he hadn't bribed or threatened the judge.

Chuckling, Brooke said the correct word was "lean." Ridge had leaned on Craig. Ridge declared that Bill was just the kind of person to do that same thing. Brooke hadn't forgotten the things Bill had done in the past. She was just trying to say that sometimes "bad people do good things."

Ridge assumed Brooke thought he was being unreasonable. Brooke didn't know why he didn't see it himself, and he said it might be because he loved her unreasonably. She replied that she wasn't referring to their relationship. She thought they were fine. Ridge asked if that was really so.

Brooke affirmed it, saying she and Ridge were solid, and Ridge knew it. She said they were in their room day to day, dressing and undressing, and they talked about their fears. Ridge asked what she feared. Brooke was afraid of where his anger toward Bill would take him next. She asked Ridge what he was afraid of. Ridge feared losing her.

Brooke told Ridge that no man could ever take her away, but Ridge sometimes pushed her away. She didn't want him to do that. Ridge told her that he didn't always do nice things when he had to protect the people he loved. Brooke replied that she didn't need him to be perfect; she just needed him to love her.

Ridge affirmed his love for Brooke. He just wished he was more lovable himself. Brooke felt that he was lovable. Each time he walked into a room, she saw it, and it became like the first time she'd ever seen him. She'd feel all over again that he was "the one." Ridge and Brooke kissed and said they loved each other.

Katie waits until Thorne is at work before meeting with Bill Katie waits until Thorne is at work before meeting with Bill
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

At Forrester, Liam dropped Kelly off in Steffy's office and gave Steffy the stuffed bunny that she hadn't been able to find. It had been in Liam's car ever since he'd walked Kelly on a nature trail. Liam joked about Kelly being a botanist someday or sharing a desk with Steffy later in life.

Steffy said there was something else she wanted for Kelly, and Liam asked what it was. Steffy wanted Kelly to be happy. Liam thought it was so far, so good on that front. Steffy noted that the child smiled for days upon seeing him.

As Steffy and Liam talked about what a good father he was and how precious Kelly was, Hope arrived. Hope offered to return later, so she didn't disrupt the family moment. Steffy said that it was fine, and at the end of the day, they were all family.

Later, Steffy and Kelly had gone, and Hope asked if Liam was sure she hadn't cut into his time with his daughter. Liam was sure and said that his time with his daughter shouldn't be walled off from other parts of his life. Hope was glad because she loved seeing him with his daughter.

Liam hoped Steffy would feel that way when she saw him with his and Hope's daughter. Hope was sure Steffy would. Hope was impressed by what Steffy had said earlier. Liam replied that Steffy had spoken the truth; the five of them were a family, and nothing would change it.

Steffy returned and said the nanny was taking Kelly home for a nap. Hope brought up what Steffy had said earlier about family. Steffy stated that she'd meant it, and it was true even when tensions arose. Agreeing, Hope responded that she'd been disappointed that Ridge had chosen Intimates over HFTF, but the biggest disappointment was that it had felt like she and Steffy had been at odds again after making a lot of progress together.

Steffy said she could have reached out. Liam remarked that each woman seemed to be reaching out at that moment. Steffy wanted them to feel like a real family before Kelly's sister was born and asked that they put their differences aside for their little girls.

Hope and Steffy thought it was worth a shot. Excited about their daughters having sisters around their ages, the women discussed the girls taking shopping sprees together and learning to drive together. Steffy thought that having a sister was a gift, and she was sure Liam would spoil their girls.

Steffy asked if Hope and Liam had chosen a name for the baby yet. Hope and Liam hadn't figured it out yet. Liam wanted a strong name, but Hope said his name choices were better suited for Viking warriors. Liam defended his suggestion to name the baby Brunhilda. "Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked Steffy. Liam believed that both his girls would be strong, powerful, and beautiful just like their mothers.

As Steffy packed up to go home, Liam suspected she'd stop by a toy store. Steffy asserted that she couldn't do it, but Liam tried to goad her into it. She admitted that the toys were all cute. She stated that it was Kelly's first Christmas. Hope guessed that Steffy had to be "so excited."

Steffy curtly nodded. Hope asked if she'd said something wrong. Steffy tried to put on a brave front, but she confessed that the holidays might be difficult for her. Steffy didn't want Hope and Liam to think she was jealous or resentful. She was mourning the loss of the future she'd planned, but she wasn't fragile.

Steffy was happy for Liam and Hope and wanted to focus on everything they had to be grateful for. Hope said they'd all try their best. Liam believed that they could do it. "For our children," Hope said. Smiling, Steffy repeated, "For our children."

At Katie's house, Katie was surprised when Bill arrived right away. Bill said he'd assumed that the meeting had to do with Will. Bill asked where Thorne was. Katie replied that her husband was still at work. Bill ribbed Thorne for missing the opportunity to stick his nose in Katie and Bill's business. Handing Bill an envelope, Katie said the meeting was between her and Bill, and she had something she'd wanted to give him.

Inside the envelope were legal papers. Bill joked that he didn't usually like getting legal papers from an ex. Katie replied that it was the shared custody agreement, and Bill's parental rights had been restored. Bill had thought he'd receive the papers from Justin. Katie explained that she'd notified Justin of the filing, but she'd wanted to give Bill the papers herself. That way, she and Bill could discuss how they'd move forward from there.

The custody agreement was the same as it had been before, giving Bill equal rights and custody. Katie knew that it was what Bill wanted. Bill said the old Bill would have wanted more, and he would have thrown Ridge in jail and gotten the judge disbarred to achieve it. Bill said he wasn't that man anymore, and there had been enough conflict between them.

Bill thought Katie was right about them needing to talk. The hearing had rocked his world, and it was hard to fathom that things had just gone back to the way they had been so easily. He thanked her and said Will was his priority. Bill just wanted to move forward and agree that the custody battle had been an absolute mistake.

Katie didn't agree. Though she'd never condone what Ridge had done, she'd sued for custody because she'd believed that she'd been doing the best thing for her son. She still believed it. Bill replied that she could see he'd changed. Katie could see it and said it was all she'd wanted.

Katie asked Bill to try to understand that she hadn't gone for custody to punish him. Katie had just been terrified because she hadn't recognized Bill any longer, and she'd had to protect Will from Bill's obsession and neglect. She said she and Bill had always been on the same page about raising Will. She desired to go back to that, but she wanted to know if it wasn't possible for Bill to do it.

Telling Katie to wait a minute, Bill noted that Ridge had been the bad guy, not Bill. Bill had seen the custody battle as a wakeup call. It had made him realize how fiercely Katie loved their son, too. Bill believed Will deserved two parents who'd fight for him -- not against each other.

Bill asserted that Will and Katie could count upon Bill, and he'd be the father Will deserved. Katie and Bill were glad to have the conflicts behind them and agreed that it was nice to be on the same team again.

Will's carpool driver dropped him off. Will was happy to see Bill but wondered why Bill was there. Bill said he had something to tell Will. Bill was enjoying the time he and Will had been spending together and wanted more of it. Bill proposed having sleepovers and getting onto a regular schedule with each other.

Will looked to Katie, who nodded her permission. Will asked if it would be like before. Bill replied that it would be better than before, and they'd be like a family again. Bill promised to do all within his power to give Will the most "awesomest" life he could dream of.

Bill talked to Will about his school work. He reminded Will to put in maximum effort, so he'd have no regrets. Katie asked if Bill could take Will to basketball practice the next week. He agreed to it. She said she hadn't been sure if he'd be in town for the holidays. Bill replied that he couldn't leave town when he had so much shopping to do.

Bill wanted Will to make a list and fill it up because Bill planned to make all of Will's wishes happen. Katie asked Bill to keep things within reason. Will said he just wanted one thing -- to spend more time with his father. Bill asked if they could open that gift early, so he could make it happen for Will right then.

Katie responded that it was a thoughtful thing to ask for. Bill thought it was a perfect thing to ask for because he wanted the exact same gift from Will. Bill stated that there was no greater gift than spending time with loved one, and there was no longer anything standing in his and Will's way. Katie shed tears, and Will and Bill hugged.

The Forresters celebrate Thanksgiving The Forresters celebrate Thanksgiving
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn gushed over Steffy and Kelly and the fact that it was Kelly's first Thanksgiving. Eric said he was grateful for everyone.

Brooke and Ridge entered, and Quinn greeted them. Brooke thanked Quinn for inviting them.

Hope and Liam entered, and they greeted Kelly and Steffy. Liam held his daughter, and Hope, Liam, and Steffy discussed that it was Kelly's first Thanksgiving. Liam walked around with Kelly, and Steffy and Hope chatted.

Steffy told Hope that she looked nice, and Hope said that Liam had been talking all morning about it being Kelly's first Thanksgiving. They both laughed. Steffy noted that in a year, they would celebrate Hope's daughter's first Thanksgiving. Hope and Steffy agreed that Kelly could show Hope's daughter the ropes.

Ridge, Brooke, and Donna entered; they greeted Quinn and thanked her for the invitation. Katie and Thorne entered and Brooke, Katie, and Donna all presented dishes to Pam. They told Pam not to worry. They hadn't cooked any of the dishes. Pam was glad and laughed.

Later, Eric and Brooke sat on the couch, looking at their phones and admiring photos that Maya had sent of her daughter. Brooke and Eric missed Rick and Maya, who were in Paris.

Xander and Zoe arrived, and Zoe teased that the house was much "more spacious than my flat." They both laughed. Eric and Quinn welcomed Xander and Zoe to a "bona fide Thanksgiving in America." Quinn and Eric teased that they liked to be authentic and wear pilgrim hats. Zoe looked confused, and everyone laughed that they had been joking. Eric and Quinn walked away to mingle with guests, and Zoe and Xander embraced. He told her she looked beautiful.

Sally and Wyatt entered, and Quinn greeted them. Quinn encouraged Wyatt to visit with Liam. Sally presented a bottle of Pinot to Quinn and nervously chatted. Sally admitted she was nervous, and Quinn warmly advised her not to be nervous. "Just make my son happy," Quinn said. Quinn smiled, and Sally relaxed.

Wyatt and Liam talked, and Wyatt shared that Bill had said he was spending Thanksgiving with Justin and Emma instead of joining the Forresters. Liam said he wasn't sure he believed it, and Wyatt agreed.

Sally joined Wyatt and Liam, and Wyatt asked if everything had gone well with his mother. Sally said it had. Wyatt kissed her. Brooke and Ridge watched from a distance, and Brooke remarked that Sally and Wyatt looked sweet and loveable. Ridge agreed and said that he and Brooke should do the same. They kissed.

Later, Felecia called, Bridget called, and R.J. called, all at the same time. Eric was frustrated that he couldn't talk to all of them, and he announced that the next year, everyone had better be in attendance.

In the kitchen, Pam and Charlie prepared dinner, and Pam set appetizers on a plate. She said that she had made some special spicy meatballs for Quinn. She suggested that Charlie make sure to serve those directly to Quinn. "What in the name of God are you up to?" Charlie asked. Pam maintained that it was a harmless little prank. Charlie smiled and agreed to serve the meatballs to Quinn.

In the living room, Brooke noted that R.J. and the Avants were all in Paris with Rick and Maya. The crowd agreed that they could start their own Forrester football traditional game in Paris. Thorne and Ridge talked to Will about how the Forrester football game was competitive. Will wondered if it was tackle football, and Katie interjected that it was more a game of tag. "After five minutes, everyone comes in and claims victory," she said, and everyone laughed.

Charlie entered and took meatballs directly to Quinn, who was talking to Xander. Charlie offered the Swedish meatballs, and Xander took one of the meatballs that had not been overspiced, but Quinn declined. Charlie turned away and caught Pam's eye. She looked disappointed.

Charlie turned back to Quinn with a meatball and napkin. He insisted she had to try them. Quinn agreed, and she gagged and spit the meatball into a napkin, claiming it had been too hot. Pam watched from a distance then drew closer and apologized, saying she'd thought she had "thrown that batch out." Quinn looked livid.

Later, at the dinner table, Steffy announced that it was time for the Forrester family tradition to begin. She explained that they would continue the tradition that Hope had started years earlier in which each person would turn to the person to their right and tell them something they were thankful for about them.

Steffy told Xander that he had been a great addition to Forrester. He thanked her, and Steffy added that listening to his accent was "swoon worthy." Everyone laughed, and Steffy said she was glad to have him on the Intimates team.

Xander thanked Steffy and turned to Zoe and said he was proud of her and her success. Zoe looked at Wyatt and said she wouldn't have been seated at the Forrester table if it hadn't been for him. He had made her feel welcome. She felt lucky to have met him. Wyatt thanked her.

Wyatt turned to Sally and said he had been the lucky one to have met Sally. She had brought an energy to his life that he had never known before. They kissed, and everyone smiled.

Sally turned to Charlie and said she admired his artistry in the kitchen and his passion for Pam -- it was obvious how happy they made each other. She called him a sweet man.

Charlie turned to Pam and said she had been his partner in cooking and medieval adventures, among other things. He hoped he would be lucky enough to become her partner in life. He called her sweetheart and promised to be hers, no matter what, "every single day."

Pam thanked Charlie and looked at Quinn. Pam said she was thankful that Stephanie's portrait had returned to the house, even though it was a much smaller portrait -- it was one that hopefully Quinn couldn't put her foot through. Everyone looked uncomfortable, and Pam said she'd been kidding. Pam thanked Quinn for being so "gracious to invite us all into your home."

Quinn thanked Pam and sighed when she looked at Eric. She said it was good to belong. She thanked Eric for giving her a life she'd never imagined she could have had. She added that she felt she was where she was supposed to be and was honored to be by Eric's side, "leading this family." Donna and Katie looked at each other and were surprised.

Eric said he was honored to hear Quinn's and everyone's comments to one other. He was grateful "for all of you." They all clapped.

Eric looked at Donna and recalled that there had been a time when the Logans had not been welcomed "in this house for a very long time." He said that they'd all had a long history with Stephanie. Eric grabbed Donna's hand and said he was glad she had returned to Los Angeles.

Quinn looked unhappy. Eric added that L.A. had not been the same without Donna. Donna said she hadn't missed L.A., but she'd missed her family. She said that being far away had made her realize how much she'd missed the people she loved the most. She thanked her sisters, especially Katie, for being generous and allowing her to crash "at your pad."

Katie looked at her son, Will, and said she was proud of him. It made her happy to see the man he was going to become, "and that man is gonna be awesome."

Will looked at Thorne and said that Thorne had made his mom happy, and he thanked him. Thorne thanked Will for accepting him into his family. He also thanked Will for allowing him to be a father again. "It was the most important job I ever had," Thorne said.

Thorne looked at Ridge and told him they had developed a mutual respect. He was happy that Ridge had supported him at work, in his personal life, and in the family he had with Katie. Thorne added that it was a great time for the Forresters. Ridge agreed.

Ridge looked at Brooke and said he had the "most beautiful woman in the world." Ridge said there was a word for their relationship, but he couldn't think of it. Everyone laughed and said "destiny." Ridge and Brooke agreed that was it. Ridge said that they'd had a lot of ups and down, but they had never given up on each other. He kissed Brooke.

Brooke looked at Hope and said she was the most thoughtful person that Brooke had ever known. She was proud of the woman that Hope had become. She couldn't wait to see what kind of mother Hope would be to her daughter.

Hope said she had a lot to live up to in the mom department. She promised she could handle it with Liam by her side. She was happy to see that Liam was such a caring father to his daughter Kelly.

Hope added that since she was the one who had created the rules for the Forrester Thanksgiving tradition, she was going to break them. She thanked Steffy and admired her.

Liam agreed and said that he had been impressed by Steffy's kindness. He appreciated that she had let him into her heart. Steffy thanked him and hoped they could all share many more Thanksgivings together in peace and set aside their disagreements, even if just for a day. "Now, it's turkey time," she said.

Pam and Charlie wheeled in the turkey, and the family passed around food and toasted one another. Steffy said, "Happy Thanksgiving," and Liam, Hope, and Steffy smiled at one another.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Thursday, November 22, 2018

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air.

This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on November 26, 2018, and picked up where the November 21, 2018, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Friday, November 23, 2018

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air.

This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on November 26, 2018, and picked up where the November 21, 2018, episode concluded.

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