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The Forresters celebrated Christmas with family and friends. A debt collector threatened to hurt Zoe if Reese didn't repay the two hundred thousand dollars he owed. Due to the Santa Ana winds, Hope wound up in labor alone on Catalina Island.
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Taylor accepts the consequences of her actions Taylor accepts the consequences of her actions

Monday, December 24, 2018

At Il Giardino, Taylor was excited about Kelly's first Christmas. Taylor said she could still remember the excitement of the holidays for her own children when they'd been young. Reese assumed that Steffy wanted the same type of thing for Kelly. Taylor replied that she didn't know how it would be because Hope and Brooke were unpredictable.

Reese recalled that Taylor had said something about Steffy adopting a child. Taylor expressed that she'd love any advice he had about it. Reese approved of adoption but warned that it could be complicated and expensive -- upward of fifty thousand dollars, according to him.

For Taylor, money was no object. She'd spend ten times that amount to get the sister Steffy wanted for Kelly. With a satisfied grin, Reese said that a loaded grandma was definitely a plus.

Taylor realized that she needed to get back home because she'd promised not to be gone long. From her purse, she whipped out a stack of bills. Reese's eyes widened as she fanned out the stack, revealing that she wasn't carrying anything smaller than a fifty-dollar bill.

Reese wanted to pay the tab, but Taylor offered to at least pay half. He insisted that it was his treat. She thanked him, and he hoped he'd get to see her during the holidays. Taylor wanted to get him a gift, but he said that the only gift he wanted from her was more of her time. Reese kissed Taylor, and she left.

Later, Reese glanced around the restaurant and stood up to leave. His server stopped him and mentioned that the check was ready. "Of course. I was just coming to find you. You're late," he replied, taking the receipt folder. He glanced at the bill and looked overwhelmed by it.

After a while, the server returned to tell Reese that his card had been declined. Claiming that it was impossible, he instructed her to try again. She replied that she'd already tried. Reese said he didn't have time to try another card. He shelled out the amount of the check in cash. He said he'd get to work and call his credit card company later.

The server fanned the cash, revealing smaller denominations than had been in Taylor's stack. The look on the server's face appeared to convey that Reese had paid the exact amount with no tip. As he stood to leave, he saw a man enter the restaurant. Becoming anxious, Reese turned to exit the establishment another way.

At the cliff house, Taylor held Kelly as Steffy prepped ornaments and decorations. Taylor was excited about spending time with loved ones and remarked that she'd meant to tell Steffy that she'd been spending time with someone new, a man who'd been showing interest. Steffy asked if she knew him. Taylor replied that it was Zoe's father, and Steffy's eyes bulged in her disbelief.

Steffy was happy for her mother, but she hadn't realized that Taylor was ready for "something like that." Taylor replied that she hadn't said she was, but Reese was easy to talk to. Steffy hoped Taylor hadn't told him about Bill. "No!" Taylor asserted. She said that she'd opened up to him about her painful history with Brooke, though.

Reminding Taylor that she was vulnerable, Steffy advised her mother to take it slowly. Taylor replied that she wasn't getting ahead of herself; however, Reese had kissed her. Steffy asked if it had happened out of the blue. Taylor explained that it had happened in conversation, and she hadn't been expecting it. "Come on. You liked it," Steffy teased.

Taylor revealed that Reese wanted to see her over the holidays, but she'd made it clear that spending time with her granddaughter was her priority. Steffy got a sad look on her face, and Taylor assumed something was wrong. Steffy stated that Hope had been there to talk about the holiday. Taylor figured that Hope wouldn't let Liam be with Kelly on Christmas Day.

Steffy said it wasn't that. Taylor was relieved, but she claimed to understand how Steffy might not like having to watch Hope in the middle of Kelly's celebration. Steffy stated that she wouldn't have to because she wouldn't be there. Steffy had decided that Kelly could be with Liam, and Steffy and Taylor would celebrate on their own.

Taylor stated that it was absurd and asked why they couldn't celebrate as a family. Steffy said she'd be with Taylor, and Taylor gleaned that Hope was making Steffy choose between her daughter and mother at Christmas. Steffy said that Liam would have Kelly and then drop her off at home later, and that would be fine.

"No, no, no!" Taylor said, starting to cry. She exclaimed that it was Christmas. Steffy replied that it still would be Christmas. Taylor declared that Steffy would go to Eric's house for the whole day. Steffy didn't want Taylor to be alone. Steffy wanted Taylor to be at Eric's house, too.

Taylor said she couldn't be. Taylor got down on herself for shooting Bill. She said that she, not Steffy, had to pay the consequences for her actions. Taylor wanted Steffy to go to Eric's house the next day and focus her attention on Kelly.

Taylor knew that Steffy's Christmas wish was to get her family back, with Liam under the same roof as Steffy and Kelly. Taylor said it was okay for Steffy to say it, and it was the way things were meant to be.

In Brooke's cabin, Maya visited Hope and Liam. Liam assumed that Rick was at the main house, and Maya guessed that Liam and Hope hadn't heard that Maya and Rick were getting a divorce. Liam and Hope were taken aback by the news and hoped Maya was okay.

Maya said the divorce wasn't final, but she and Rick had wanted to tell everyone before the holiday, so that things wouldn't get awkward. Hope believed everyone was glad to have Maya and Lizzy home, and Hope promised that nothing would make the holiday awkward.

Later, Hope returned to her seat, saying she'd been told that Rick would call her when he was done with his meeting. Hope wanted Maya to rely on Hope and Liam for anything Maya needed, especially babysitting. Liam joked that Brooke would have something to say about it. Hope asserted that Brooke couldn't hog Lizzy to herself.

Maya remarked that Liam and Hope would have a little girl soon. Liam added that it was a little girl with no name. Hope stated that they wanted a meaningful name Citing that Rick and Maya had already named their child after her Logan great-grandmother, Hope wondered if they would share the name. She explained that Maya's child would be Lizzy, and Hope's would be Beth.

Maya loved the idea and said that it would give the cousins their own special bond. Liam was amazed that it was finally settled, and their daughter's name was Beth.

After Maya had gone, Hope wondered if she should have laid the name thing on Maya at a difficult time in Maya's life. Liam didn't see the issue and said Maya was all for it. "Beth," Liam and Hope each said. The name felt right to them.

Hope chuckled about getting sentimental. It was a beautiful time of year, and she wanted to avoid tension and conflict for Liam's first Christmas with Kelly. Hope said that she couldn't recall anyone arguing during any of her holidays around the piano at Eric's.

Liam called it the magic of Christmas. Hope said it would be that way "this year," and the next year would be even better. The next year, Kelly would be old enough to get excited, and Beth would be there, too.

Hope wanted Liam to know that she wouldn't try to keep him away from his daughter on her first Christmas. Hope merely had concerns about Taylor celebrating with them. Hope knew that it had to be hard on Steffy, but Hope asked if Liam understood that Steffy had to tell Taylor that Taylor couldn't spend Christmas with them. Hope hugged the conflicted Liam.

Later, Liam was alone in the living room, touching his Christmas stocking. A song played, and he picked up an ornament that read, "Baby's First Christmas." He stared out the window at the moon. At the cliff house, Steffy was also staring at the moon.

The Forresters celebrate Christmas The Forresters celebrate Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

At Eric's house, Steffy arrived early and took pictures of Kelly by the Christmas tree. The house was decked with holiday decorations, complete with mistletoe hanging over the balcony doors. Eric and Quinn emerged from the den and wished Steffy and Kelly a merry Christmas.

Brooke and Ridge arrived, followed by Hope and Liam. Ridge and Liam greeted everyone on their way to speak to Kelly by the fireplace. As Hope watched her husband with his daughter, Brooke said Hope would soon have a baby of her own. Steffy added that the following year, Hope and her baby would celebrate with Steffy and Kelly as one big, loving family.

Later, more family members had arrived. Maya talked to Eric, Brooke, Julius, and Vivienne about a text message Maya had gotten from Rick. Maya relayed that R.J. and Rick were headed to a ski lodge in Zurich and planned to call home later. Julius stated that it was wonderful to still be included in the Forrester gathering. Taking Julius and Vivienne's hands, Eric replied that they were family, and their granddaughter connected them forever.

Brooke asked where Lizzy was, and Maya said Liam and Steffy were reading a Christmas story to Lizzy and Kelly upstairs. Vivienne said that, even though Maya was going through a lot, Vivienne was glad to have her daughter home at Christmas.

Katie, Thorne, Ridge, and Donna huddled together, wondering if anyone else knew about the surprise. Katie got a text message from Will, and as she and Donna discussed it, Ridge asked why Thorne was dressed like a leprechaun. Thorne thought his green suit made him look more like an elf.

Katie's phone chimed again, and Katie motioned with her hands, indicating that it was the message they'd been waiting for. Thorne got Brooke and Eric's attention and said a text had just arrived from Bridget, who said --"Merry Christmas!" Bridget shouted from the front door as she entered the house.

The elated Eric and Brooke hugged their daughter. Bridget said Owen had wanted Logan to see family in San Diego. Bridget hadn't been able to resist visiting the mansion and said she planned to meet up with Owen and Logan later on.

Wyatt arrived with Sally, and Quinn greeted them. Sally apologized for being late and said that Wyatt had insisted on stopping at several convenience stores. Quinn gleefully clapped her hands, unable to believe they'd gotten "them" for her. Sally and Wyatt gave Quinn some chocolate-covered cherries. He said they hadn't baked in his house when he'd been young, and Santa had loved the cherries. "She still does," Quinn affirmed and hugged her son.

The Logan sisters were eager to go to the kitchen. Katie said Pam didn't think they could cook, so Pam would talk and talk to them, hoping to distract them from touching even a spatula while she did the actual cooking. Eric said that, before they went to witness Pam's culinary filibuster, he wanted to thank everyone for being there. Speaking to all the guests, Eric wished that the blessing of the season would be upon them all.

By the Christmas tree, Liam saw Wyatt and Sally with a six-pack of home-brewed beer. Sally said Wyatt had been obsessing over brewing. Wyatt told Liam that it was a bourbon stout and had taken eight weeks to condition. Liam hugged the six-pack then hugged Wyatt. Wyatt said Liam had to share. "I'm not going to," Liam readily replied.

By the balcony, Xander and Zoe kissed under the mistletoe. Watching them, Eric said, "Ah, to be young again." Thorne didn't know what his father was talking about and said he'd just seen Eric and Quinn kissing in that location moments earlier.

Julius said he remembered those days, the anticipation, and the falling asleep to the glow of an electric candle in the window. Julius asked if Eric had ever gotten an orange in his stocking. Eric had and said it had been a prized gift. Eric's parents had kept that tradition alive in their family.

In the kitchen later, Pam and Charlie were suited up in their aprons, and the Logan sisters and Bridget listened as Pam gave out detailed baking tips. A timer beeped, and Pam announced that the first of the three bastings had just completed. Brooke volunteered to baste, but Pam drowned out Brooke's offer as Pam opened the oven and shouted that it wasn't on.

Charlie realized that he'd set the timer but not the temperature. Pam began to have a fit about the timing being all off for cooking the meal. Donna pressed some buttons on the oven and said, "All fixed." Pam asked what Donna had done.

Donna explained that she'd put the oven on the convection setting. She calculated that Pam had only lost about ten to fifteen minutes cook time. Everyone looked confused, and Donna revealed that she'd dated a chef in Dallas -- "amongst others." Pam said Donna had just saved Christmas, and she hugged Donna.

Crisis averted, the group headed to the living room. There, Hope and Liam called for everyone's attention. They said they'd finally found a name for their little girl. Brooke got misty-eyed, and Liam said she needed to hold the tears for a few more moments. Hope announced that they would name the baby after "grandma." Touching her belly, she introduced the family to Beth.

Brooke said Hope and Liam were "so blessed." Ridge decided that they all were blessed. Ridge was feeling the spirit of Christmas and asked if everyone wanted to talk about their individual blessings. Eric thought it was a great idea.

Ridge shared that he was blessed to have Steffy and Brooke, who taught him daily what strength and compassion were and what it felt like to be loved daily. He hugged the women. Eric told the group that his biggest blessing was the ability to open his house to everyone.

A montage of the family celebrating Christmas played on the screen. Each person spoke over it, sharing what his or her blessings were. Quinn's was to be surrounded by family. Sally and Wyatt felt blessed to have love. In the montage, Ridge and Thorne found oranges in their stockings, and Eric and Julius laughed together. Thorne said he was blessed with brotherhood.

As the montage continued, Donna squealed because she used a thin cloth to take a pan out of the oven. Pam handed Donna a mitten, and in the voice-over, Pam stated that she was blessed to have her partner in crime back. Charlie told everyone that he was blessed to have his Pammy. Donna stated that she was blessed to be with her sisters.

Zoe and Xander felt blessed to have second chances and the patience to guide them to those second chances. Katie took a video call from Will, who was spending the day with his father. In her voice-over, she said she was blessed to have a happy son.

Several family members gathered around Eric to view a photo album. As they laughed at the photos, Bridget voiced-over that she'd been blessed with time to see her family a lot that year.

"I was blessed with an eagle on the fifteenth last week," Julius said with a dreamy expression on his face. Vivienne called his name, snapping him out of his glorious golf memory. Julius said it paled in comparison to being with their daughter and granddaughter for the holiday. Vivienne agreed, and Maya said she also felt blessed to be with her family.

Brooke watched Hope open a gift. It was a photo of Hope's sonogram. Someone had edited the photo to put a Santa hat on Beth and a candy cane in her hand. Brooke felt blessed to be a grandmother again. Hope said she was blessed to bring a new life into the world, and Liam remarked that they were "so fortunate."

For Steffy, being a mother to Kelly was everything, but she didn't think she could have done it without her family's support. She felt that she and Kelly were "so blessed."

Eric told Ridge that his idea to state their blessings had been a great one, and Eric believed it was important to remember the blessings in life, big and small.

Later, Xander read Luke 2:13-14. The scriptures depicted a multitude of angels, praising God and saying peace on earth and good will toward men. Eric thanked Xander and said that it was a tradition to read the passage from "this book" and to remember what Christmas was really all about -- the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

Eric stated that the holiday had also come to represent other things like peace, love, and togetherness. Eric felt that they should carry those traits around all year long, and the world would be a better place if everyone did. Steffy wished the holiday spirit would last all year long. She didn't want to get too philosophical, but she felt that they were one big, happy family.

Eric liked that Steffy, Liam, and Hope were trying to implement the one-big-happy-family spirit in the lives of their children. He liked the idea of inclusiveness and felt that the world could stand more brotherhood, helpfulness, and forgiveness. Eric was happy that everyone was there, celebrating and sharing time with him and Quinn. He wished them a Merry Christmas.

Later, everyone gathered around Eric's piano to sing "Joy to the World."

Hope plans a 'babymoon' Hope plans a 'babymoon'

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

by Pam

At Liam and Hope's cabin, they discussed Christmas gifts they had shared and bike tours. They joked that they wouldn't be able to take a bike trip together until their baby girl had graduated from college.

Hope noted it wouldn't be that long, but she guessed they wouldn't do much traveling in the first year. She added that she had one last present for Liam -- a babymoon. She explained that it combined a honeymoon and baby moon into one trip they could take before they traveled again together or as a family. Liam said it was a genius idea, and Hope explained that she had realized he had never been to Catalina Island before. She wanted to travel to Catalina.

Liam and Hope agreed it could be the honeymoon they had never had. Liam wondered if they had time to do it, but Hope said she had already booked the hotel. She advised Liam to hurry and pack because they would leave that afternoon.

Liam worried that Hope's due date was only a few weeks away, and Hope said she had the doctor's approval. They laughed and planned to enjoy the trip. Liam wondered about swimming, and Hope said December would not be a good bet for swimming. She planned only bubble baths.

At Steffy's, Ridge visited with Steffy, and they discussed that Ridge had a gift for Taylor. Steffy said Taylor was out, but Ridge realized Taylor was at a therapy appointment. Steffy admitted that her mother was at therapy. Ridge was happy and said it gave him time to visit with Steffy and Kelly. He teased that he wanted to see Kelly's gifts. "This is nice," Steffy said. She was happy to be with her father and admitted that sometimes she felt alone. They hugged, and Ridge told her she would never be alone.

Ridge and Steffy discussed that she might adopt, but Ridge was confused because he had thought that Steffy's daughter and Hope's daughter would be close. Steffy agreed but said she worried that Hope didn't want her daughter near Taylor. Steffy wanted Kelly to have a close sibling relationship with a sister. She planned to adopt in order to make it happen.

At breakfast at Il Giardino, Zoe and Reese waited in line, and Reese was impatient. Zoe wanted him to chill, but Reese wanted to go to another restaurant. Zoe objected. Reese agreed they would wait.

Reese wondered how Christmas had been with the Forresters. Zoe raved about it. He was glad the Forresters had welcomed his daughter. They discussed that both of them had gained a fresh start in Los Angeles.

Zoe reminded her father that they were too old for beginnings that never led to new middles. Reese assured her that everything was fine. He asked about Zoe's career, and she told him that she was grateful to be modeling, but it was not a lifetime career for her.

Zoe worried that her father was in financial trouble. Her father laughed and said he made a healthy salary. Zoe was glad, and she understood that he had a connection to Steffy's mother.

Zoe and Reese discussed that Reese had always been charming and dashing. After Zoe left, Reese walked out of the restaurant, and a man stopped him and reminded him that he had a debt to pay from Las Vegas that amounted to $200,000. The stranger advised Reese to come up with the money.

At Forrester, Xander and Emma discussed their holidays. Emma said that her Uncle Justin still treated her like she was eleven. They both laughed. Emma admitted that she had been childish when she'd first met Xander.

Emma wanted to be friends with Zoe and Xander. Xander said that Zoe had often seemed more distant than she meant to. Emma understood. Emma wondered about Zoe's dad, and Xander said he wasn't sure about her dad.

Kelly's fever affects Liam's travel plans Kelly's fever affects Liam's travel plans

Thursday, December 27, 2018

At Forrester with Xander, Zoe continued to worry about her father. She sensed that something was going on with Reese, but she wasn't sure what it was. She revealed that Reese had a gambling problem, and in her experience, that was where her father's troubles always began.

According to Zoe, Reese liked to take risks and live the high life. She feared that he was in over his head again. Xander asked if she thought that was why Reese was in Los Angeles. She said that Reese had claimed to be there for her, but she doubted that she was the only reason Reese was there.

Zoe divulged that Reese had a knack for attracting rich women and getting them to support his lifestyle. Reese would shower the women with attention. Xander guessed that Reese gave the women the impression that he was more interested in them than he really was. Zoe said Reese wasn't trying to hurt anyone; he just saw a rich woman as his chance to get out of a jam.

Zoe knew that it sounded weird. Xander reminded her that her father's actions weren't her fault, and she couldn't control what Reese did. That was what scared Zoe. She was also worried that Reese would do something foolish one day -- if he hadn't already.

Zoe recalled that things had been hard on her and her mother. Her parents' marriage hadn't worked out, and having a father who wasn't always honest hadn't helped things. She claimed to remember that people were always calling or showing up at their door at odd hours.

Zoe's family had once lived in a huge, gorgeous flat; however, her father would always "forget" to pay the electric bill, and her mother's credit card had regularly gotten declined. Zoe said her father had tried to make it up to them with expensive gifts for her mother and new outfits for her.

Xander was sorry that Zoe's father hadn't been there for her the way she'd needed him to be. Zoe wished Reese would put it behind him for their relationship and for his own good. Xander said Zoe, who knew her father better than anyone, could be right about Reese running from something, or it could be that Reese was looking for a fresh start.

Xander stated that California was all about fresh starts, and he and Zoe were making one of their own. Zoe hoped that they were. She said that their relationship in London had been amazing, and they'd been mad about each other before it had gotten complicated in the end.

Zoe's feelings for Xander hadn't changed. She didn't expect him to say the same thing about his for her. He revealed that his feelings had never gone away. She asked what he was saying. He stated that he and Zoe had grown apart for a while and had hurt each other. "But we're together now, starting a new chapter in our life. I love you, Zoe," he tearfully admitted. Zoe kissed him.

Outside Il Giardino, Reese tried to get away from the money collector, stating that he had somewhere to be but would get the money soon. The man said that Reese had been dodging them for months, and the man's boss needed the money back right then.

Reese claimed to be good for it, but his money was a little tight due to his move. He said he'd just started a new job in Catalina and had patients who depended upon him. The man asked if he looked like he cared. Reese exclaimed that it was two hundred thousand dollars, and that kind of money took time to get. The man told Reese to pay it or suffer the consequences.

The man snatched Reese's arm. Reese wrested himself away. He said that if he got fired, the man would not get his money. Reese offered to wire some money to the man by the end of the week. He promised to get what the man wanted and said he knew what would happen if he didn't.

The man hoped Reese was being straight for his own sake and remarked that they'd hate to involve anyone else in the situation. Reese asked what that meant. The man noted that Reese had a pretty model for a daughter, and she lived in West Hollywood. The man figured that Zoe wouldn't be too happy to hear what Reese had been up to.

Reese told the guy to leave Zoe out of it. The collector suggested that Reese find the money, "or someone will get hurt." With that, he strode off.

At the cliff house, Steffy took the temperature of the crying Kelly and discovered that Kelly had a fever. She called the doctor's office and reported that the child had a one-hundred-point-six temperature. The nurse determined that it wasn't too high, but she believed the doctor would still want to see the baby. Steffy said she was on her way in.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope suggested that she and Liam stop for salt-water taffy after they arrived in Catalina later. Liam said that in a few weeks, it wouldn't be just the two of them anymore.

Hope reminded Liam that he needed to finish packing. He asked what she'd wear, and she said she'd wear anything she could fit into. Liam said he was getting psyched about the trip. Hope stated that it was their last little getaway before they welcomed home their baby girl.

Later, Liam was packed and ready to go. He and Hope were ready to let the babymoon begin. Just then, Liam's phone rang. It was Steffy calling to inform him about Kelly's fever and doctor's appointment. Hope motioned as if it was okay for Liam to go, and he told Steffy that he'd meet her at the doctor's office.

After the call, Hope affirmed that Liam should be with Kelly, and Hope decided to meet Liam at the airport. Liam thanked Hope for understanding. He said that after Kelly got a clean bill of health, he and Hope would soon bask in their alone time together.

Hope urged Liam to get to the appointment. Liam said he'd forgotten something, and he kissed Hope. He told her that he loved her and the family they were about to have together.

At the doctor's office, Liam arrived as Steffy rocked Kelly and waited for the doctor. Liam asked how the baby was doing, and Steffy said Kelly was glad to see her father. Liam stated that he wouldn't miss it, and he'd always be there for Steffy and Kelly.

At the helicopter station at the airport, Matt and Kieran, the travelers Quinn and Sally had encountered on trips abroad, arrived, hoping to get last-minute seats on the flight to Catalina for their camping and fishing trip. The couple had planned to take the ferry, but the wind had been whipping up too much for Matt's stomach. The reservationist still had two passengers who hadn't checked in for the flight. She said that if the passengers didn't show up, Matt and Kieran could have the seats.

Hope arrived to check in. Matt and Kieran recognized Hope and said they were big fans. They wanted to take a photo with Hope, who suggested they do it at the harbor in Catalina. Matt realized that Hope was on the flight that he and Kieran hoped to catch. Hope affirmed that she and her husband were. Matt and Kieran smiled at Hope but shared a look a disappointment.

Hope chatted with Matt and Kieran, who said they followed Hope on "all the social media." They congratulated Hope on the baby and said they had an eighteen-year-old that they'd left at home because they needed a little "we time."

Matt and Kieran had never been on a copter before, and Matt was hoping he wouldn't throw up. He showed Hope his barf bags and said he always came prepared. With gestures and noises, he demonstrated vomiting into the bag. At that point, Hope stepped away to make a call.

Hope called Liam and was surprised that Kelly hadn't seen the doctor yet. Panicking, he asked if he'd missed the flight. Steffy, who was listening to Liam's side of the call, asked if Hope and Liam were going somewhere. Liam said he and Hope were taking a short trip, and Hope was at the airport. Steffy told him to go ahead with his trip, but he insisted upon staying with Kelly.

Putting Liam on hold, Hope checked with the reservationist to see if they could change to a later flight. The reservationist said there was only one seat left on the next flight. Hope said she'd take their original flight, and he'd take the later one. Liam asked if she was cool with that. She claimed that she didn't mind. He told her that he'd see her in Catalina, and he loved her.

In the doctor's office after the call, Steffy said Liam "totally" could have gone. Liam said he and Hope would have plenty of time on the island. He just wanted to make sure that Kelly was okay. Steffy stated that he was a good daddy, and Kelly was lucky to have him. Liam asserted that he, Steffy, and Kelly would be a family long after Beth was born. "I'm always going to be committed to you -- and our little girl. Don't forget that," he said.

Hope doubles over in pain Hope doubles over in pain

Friday, December 28, 2018

At the helicopter station, Matt and Kieran were excited about flying to Catalina. Matt noticed how pregnant Hope looked and decided he wanted to take a group photo with Hope and Kieran, featuring the baby. He and Kieran posed around Hope for the picture.

Afterward, Kieran asked if Hope was going to Catalina for business. Hope said it was a babymoon, but Liam had to catch a later flight. Kieran promised to take care of Liam while he waited for his flight, and Matt exclaimed that, with any luck, he and Kieran would be on Liam's chopper.

The reservationist informed Hope that the helicopter was ready for boarding. Hope was surprised to hear that boarding was happening so soon. The reservationist explained that winds were picking up, and the pilot wanted to get in the air and fly ahead of the weather.

Kieran offered Hope some homemade cookies for the flight, but when Kieran opened the container, she saw that only a few cookies were left. Kieran asked Matthew what had happened to all the cookies, and he replied that he'd thought they'd be on the highway forever.

At the doctor's office, the doctor asked Liam and Steffy questions about Kelly's demeanor over the past few days then took the baby for an examination. When the doctor returned with the baby later, he said that she had a mild upper respiratory virus. He left to print out instructions on ways to keep Kelly comfortable and her fever down.

Liam received a message from Hope that the helicopter was boarding. Steffy said that if he left right then, he could make it. He conveyed that Hope had scheduled him on a later flight so that he could stick around for Kelly. He claimed it was no big deal for his vacation to be a little delayed.

Later, the doctor gave Steffy his instructions for Kelly's care, and he exited. Steffy took the baby from Liam and urged him to catch his flight. Liam seemed reluctant to go, but he said he would only be gone for a few days. He asked Steffy to call if she needed anything. He told Kelly that he'd be back soon. Grabbing his coat, he said, "Time for you to be a big sister."

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke kissed in the CEO's office. Brooke acted surprised by the kiss, and Ridge said he had to not be doing it enough. She reasoned that they were at work. He replied that it had never stopped them before, and he resumed kissing her.

Ridge said that Brooke was at the top of his New Year's resolutions list. He asked if she was disappointed that they didn't have big plans for the holiday. She wasn't. She remarked that Liam and Hope were taking a babymoon, and it would be a holiday the couple wouldn't forget.

Ridge was surprised that the couple would travel at that point in the pregnancy. Brooke replied that Catalina wasn't far away. With a titillated look in his eyes, he recalled that he and Brooke had taken getaways all the time in the past. He decided that they should do a babymoon. Agreeing, Brooke asked why newlyweds got to have all the fun.

Ridge asked how many honeymoons he and Brooke had taken. Brooke said that the last time they'd gotten married was the last time they would get married. He replied that it didn't mean they couldn't have a honeymoon, and in his view, they'd earned it.

In a Catalina hotel room, the concierge told Hope about the hotel's amenities and offered to send a golf cart for Liam when he arrived at the property. Hope remarked that Liam was late because he was taking a later flight to the island. The concierge hoped the heavy wind wouldn't prevent Liam from making it.

The concierge informed Hope that the hotel had closed the rooftop dining area because of the wind. It wouldn't open again until the next night. Surprised that it would take so long, Hope asked if the concierge thought Liam would even make it onto the island. The concierge didn't know, but she offered to check with the helicopter charter company.

After the concierge exited, Hope received a call from Brooke, who wanted to check on her daughter. Hope told her mother about everything that had gone on with Kelly's fever and Hope and Liam's separate flights to Catalina. Hope expressed concern that Liam wouldn't make it to Catalina at all due to the Santa Ana winds. Brooke was sure that everything would work out as it should and said that whatever happened was meant to be.

After the call, Brooke informed Ridge of the situation. He asked if Kelly was okay. Brooke believed that the baby was okay and said the concern was Liam getting to Catalina. Brooke checked the weather and learned that there was an alert out until the following day. She became worried that Liam wouldn't make it to Hope that day.

Ridge decided that they'd make Brooke's words to Hope about everything working out into their mantra for next year. He stated that another resolution of his, set even higher than the kissing, was to put Brooke first. "The way I love you. The way I care about you and the family. Number one resolution, no matter what happens," he said, and they kissed.

Back at the helicopter station, the harsh wind caused Liam to struggle with the front door upon entering the office. He checked in with the reservationist, and Matt and Kieran greeted him. The couple gushed about Hope, with whom they'd just been, and Matt claimed he'd buy a dozen HFTF Hawaiian shirts if Hope ever made them. Matt asked for a tour of Forrester, and Liam said it could be arranged.

Liam looked at his ticket and told the reservationist that the flight should have already departed. The reservationist said there was a delay due to heavy wind. Liam stated that his pregnant wife was alone, and he needed to be with her. The reservationist empathetically stared at him.

Liam began stressing out about his predicament. Kieran offered him a cookie, but he claimed he was good. The pilot arrived to say that Liam's flight had been canceled due to the weather, and the helicopters had been grounded until further notice.

Liam asked when they could be cleared to fly. It was hard for the pilot to give an accurate answer because wind events could go on for days. "Days?" Liam yelled. Matt and Kieran urged the pilot to get Liam to his wife pronto, but the pilot said that all he could do was keep them apprised of the situation.

Liam called Hope to give her the bad news about his flight. Upset, Hope wanted to know if he could leave right then before the wind got worse. He said nothing could be done. He promised to get there as soon as he could.

A pain hit Hope. She moaned and groaned, rubbing her belly. Liam heard Hope moaning and asked what was going on. Hope said she thought she'd had a contraction and might be in labor. He stated that it was too soon, but the distressed Hope replied that her water had just broken.

Liam vowed to find a helicopter and get to Hope. Hope begged him to get there because she needed him and couldn't go through it alone.

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