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January 7 to 11, 2019
Bill, Ridge, and Brooke arrived at the clinic and learned the fate that had befallen their grandchild. Everyone was in disbelief about the stillbirth and looking for answers from Reese. Hope was wracked with grief but gained strength from loved ones who gathered at the Forrester mansion to support her and Liam. Zoe became worried about Reese, who seemed to take the stillbirth personally. Taylor urged Reese talk about what had happened the night Beth had died. While Taylor visited Reese, he presented a baby to her, and the surprised Taylor asked where he'd gotten it from.
January 14 to 18, 2019
Reese's craps dealer from Las Vegas posed as a mother desperate for someone to adopt her baby. Reese presented the opportunity to Taylor, but she insisted that Steffy needed more time to prepare for the undertaking. Reese didn't have time because his debtors claimed to be closing in on Zoe. Will invited Bill to dinner. Donna watched Katie and Bill bond with their son and noticed that Thorne seemed displaced by Bill's increased presence in Will's life. Sally thought giving Hope a puppy might distract Hope from her pain, but Hope went off on Sally for insinuating that a puppy could replace Hope's dead daughter.
January 21 to 25, 2019
Florence refused to continue to help Reese unless he told her the truth about the baby. Reese revealed that he'd helped two mothers deliver babies that night in Catalina, and he'd switched a stillborn baby with Hope's live baby to save his own daughter from the wrath of his debt collectors. Steffy fell in love with the baby at first sight, and Taylor put a down payment on the adoption. Reese offered the payment to his debt collector, but the goon said it wasn't enough. Steffy presented her new baby to Liam, who immediately noticed that the baby resembled Kelly. He couldn't help but feel that the baby belonged with Steffy and Kelly -- and maybe even him.
January 28 to February 1, 2019
Hope questioned Reese about the events surrounding Beth's death, but claiming to have patients waiting, Reese walked out without answering. Taylor paid Reese the balance owed on the adoption, and the guilt-ridden Florence gave the baby to Steffy. Haunted by Hope's pain, Reese paid off the loan shark. When he paid Florence her commission on the adoption, he offered to let her stay at his apartment for the remainder of the lease. Hope decided to meet Steffy's new baby, and Steffy introduced Hope to the child as the child's aunt.
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February 4 to 8, 2019
Hope and Liam returned to work at Forrester, and Eric revealed his and Ridge's intention to revive HFTF. Hope held baby Phoebe and instantly felt a connection. Everyone thought having the baby around would be hard on Hope, but Hope insisted that the baby was helping her heal. Steffy was surprised when Hope returned for a second visit so soon after the first one. Zoe procured Reese's apartment key after he'd left it in a hospital locker. She investigated the place and found Flo living there. Zoe also found the adoption paperwork with Flo and Steffy's names on it. Zoe demanded answers from Flo, who didn't look as if she'd just had a baby a month prior.
February 11 to 15, 2019
Flo did her best to convince Zoe that the adoption of "Flo's" baby had been legitimate, but Zoe overheard Flo telling Reese that Flo really wasn't the birth mother. After getting an angry phone call from Zoe, Reese rushed back to town to try to contain the situation. He confessed to his daughter that he'd taken Hope's baby to pay gambling debts. Zoe ordered him to tell Hope the truth -- or else Zoe would. Steffy was nervous about Hope's unseemly attachment to baby Phoebe, but Liam said it was the only thing bringing Hope back from the edge. For Valentine's Day, Thorne handed Katie annulment papers and flew back to Paris.
February 18 to 22, 2019
Hope struggled with her guilt over taking Liam away from the family he already had with Steffy. Believing that she was preventing the girls from having a father, Hope told Liam to leave and be with Steffy, whom they all knew he cared about. Justin met with Donna to find out how she felt about his plan to reunite Bill and Katie. Donna revealed the plan to Katie, who promptly advised Donna to drop it. Bill asked Wyatt to return to Spencer Publications, but Wyatt refused to do it unless Bill reopened Spectra Fashions for Sally. Bill agreed to the deal -- as long as Wyatt never called Bill a dressmaker.
February 25 to March 1, 2019
Hope took off her wedding ring and pressured Liam to be with Steffy for the sake of the children. Liam was adamant about honoring his wedding vows and refused to ever give up on him and Hope. Upon discovering that Flo worked at Bikini, Zoe urged Flo to make a new start somewhere else. Wyatt agreed to return to Spencer but only if Bill revived Spectra Fashions. Bill agreed to do it -- but only if they called it Spencer Fashions.
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MARCH 2019
March 4 to 8, 2019
Flo eavesdropped on Hope and Katie and deduced that Hope was Phoebe's birth mother. Zoe arrived in time to stop Flo from revealing the truth to Hope. Wyatt bumped into Flo and was amazed to see his high school sweetheart again. At a dinner party at Wyatt's beach house, Flo and Hope's connection deepened, and Flo's guilt about giving away Hope's baby intensified. As Xander and Zoe lay in bed after making love, Zoe saw a photo of Wyatt and Flo on social media, and Zoe rushed out of the apartment to deal with Flo. Ridge and Taylor weighed in on Hope's attempt to send Liam back to Steffy.
March 11 to 15, 2019
Flo convinced Zoe that telling Hope the truth was the right thing to do; however, Reese arrived just in time to talk Zoe into perpetuating his lies. Steffy announced that she was leaving with the girls to conduct business in Europe, and Steffy hoped that Hope would have her own child by the time Steffy returned. The Spencers and Forresters were blindsided with the news that Caroline Spencer had died suddenly, and the two families rallied around Thomas and his young son, Douglas.
March 18 to 22, 2019
The Forresters and Spencers helped Thomas have a memorial service for Caroline Spencer in Los Angeles. Thomas revealed to his parents that he and Caroline had merely co-parented Douglas and hadn't had a romantic relationship. Taylor noted to Ridge that Hope and Douglas were bonding, which could help each of them heal. In an emotional moment, Taylor kissed Ridge. After witnessing the kiss, Brooke warned Taylor that Brooke would deal swiftly with any indiscretions.
March 25 to 29, 2019
Sally's athletic wear received unanticipated publicity, and Ridge made Sally a tremendous offer to remain at Forrester. Though Wyatt refused to stand in Sally's way, he was disappointed that their future had been altered by one word from Ridge. Quinn believed that fate had put Flo back into Wyatt's life, and she was curious about why Flo seemed disinterested in finding her birth father. Thomas convinced Taylor to fly to Europe with Steffy. The mystery cupid ambushed Katie and Bill with a romantic dinner in his office. Donna and Justin each continued to deny being the culprit.
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APRIL 2019
April 1 to 5, 2019
Brooke obsessed about Taylor's desire for Hope to be with Thomas so that Liam could reunite with Steffy. Though Ridge thought Taylor was merely concerned for Douglas, Ridge reminded Thomas that Hope was a married woman. Sally left town to visit Shirley, leaving Wyatt with free time to support Flo as she awaited results from an ancestry kit. Quinn received a visit from Shauna, Flo's mother, and as the women caught up with each other, Shauna was stunned to learn that Bill Spencer was Wyatt's father. Katie and Bill finally deduced that the mystery cupid charging up Bill's credit card was none other than Will Spencer.
April 8 to 12, 2019
Shauna accused Bill of abandoning her after a one-night stand in Las Vegas and of fathering Flo. Quinn, Shauna, and Bill told Wyatt that his high school sweetheart might be his sister. The results of the ancestry DNA test revealed that there was a 52% chance that Storm Logan was Flo's father, and Bill rejoiced that he was not the father. When Hope insisted upon reconnecting with Flo, Zoe left the country. Just as Flo was about to tell Hope the truth about Beth, Shauna arrived with Wyatt and Quinn, and they told Flo and Hope that Flo was a Logan.
April 15 to 19, 2019
The Logans happily accepted Storm's daughter into the family. When Shauna heard Hope claim that Flo had given her baby up for adoption, Shauna told Hope that she was confused because Flo had never even been pregnant. In private, Flo confessed her crime to her mother and was shocked when Shauna advised Flo to keep the information to herself. Thomas' feelings for Hope began to reemerge, and Thomas agreed with Hope that Liam should be with Steffy and the girls in Paris. Sally and Wyatt advised Liam to take a break and visit Steffy and the girls.
April 22 to 26, 2019
Sally was shocked to see Thomas forging a drawing from Douglas to give to Hope. Quinn witnessed Sally hugging Thomas and went straight to Wyatt with the news. When Wyatt wouldn't leave Sally over it, Quinn attempted to throw Sally out of the beach house. Liam and Hope finally made love. Thomas showed Hope a fake video of Kelly crying for her daddy, and Hope convinced Liam to go to Paris. Katie turned down Bill's marriage proposal. Just as Katie decided to trust her heart, she saw Bill having drinks with Shauna. In a tussle with Zoe over a cell phone, Flo hit her head and passed out. Shauna arrived and pulled a weapon on Zoe.
April 29 to May 3, 2019
Shauna, Flo, and Zoe made a pact to never speak of the baby secret again. Hope offered Flo a job at Forrester, and at the insistence of her mother, Flo accepted. Sally was disillusioned when Wyatt wanted to go to dinner with Flo, even after Sally had said she couldn't attend. Wyatt saw a text message on Sally's phone that alluded to a secret between Thomas and Sally. When Wyatt invited Flo to dinner, she kissed him, and he kissed her back. Using Steffy's girls and Douglas as leverage, Thomas pressured Hope to leave Liam and be a family with Thomas and Douglas.
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MAY 2019
May 6 to 10, 2019
Wyatt confronted Sally about the secret he'd learned about between her and Thomas. Sally revealed Thomas' plan to break up Hope and Liam. Wyatt was livid about Sally being disloyal to him, and she moved out of the beach house. Wyatt alerted Liam to Thomas' plan. Liam flew home from Paris, confronted Thomas, and asked Hope if she wanted to end their marriage to take up with Thomas. Wyatt told Flo that he didn't know where things stood between him and Sally, but he felt compelled to explore things with Flo.
May 13 to 17, 2019
Wyatt didn't know where things stood with Sally, but he felt compelled to pursue things the right way with Flo, starting with a date. Quinn and Eric invited Flo and Shauna to live at the mansion, and Quinn was happy to hear that Wyatt wanted to pursue Flo. Hope walked in on an argument between Zoe and Flo, and Hope demanded to know what they were saying about Beth. Katie asked Shauna to try to seduce Bill to prove whether he was serious about reuniting Katie and Bill's family. Bill declined Shauna's advances, and Katie announced to Bill that she was ready to return home to him.
May 20 to 24, 2019
Wyatt revealed to Sally that he and Flo wanted to see where things might go between them, and Sally told Wyatt that she still loved him the same as always. Thomas forged a letter from Caroline in which he described "Caroline's" hope that Douglas would find a mother if something should happen to her. Hope took it and her ability to soothe Douglas after a bad dream as a sign that she should end her marriage to Liam. Liam accepted Hope's decision but confronted Thomas about manipulating Hope. Hope informed Steffy that she had ended her marriage to Liam for the sakes of the children, but Steffy said it didn't mean she and Liam would reunite.
May 27 to 31, 2019
Wyatt and Flo's first date started at the pool and ended beneath the sheets in the bedroom. Thomas and Ridge each visited to Steffy to encourage her to reunite with Liam. Hope stopped by the cliff house to ask if Liam could move in, but Steffy urged Hope not to end her marriage. Thomas kissed Hope, but she affirmed that Liam was the only man she loved. Flo and Zoe reeled upon hearing about Hope and Liam's breakup, and Xander overheard them talking about Beth being alive. As Liam and Hope enjoyed one last night as a married couple, Xander confronted Zoe, who admitted to him that Beth was alive and living with Steffy.
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JUNE 2019
June 3 to 7, 2019
Xander urged Flo and Zoe to tell Hope the truth about Beth. When Zoe asked for more time to talk to Flo in private, Xander charged over to Brooke's house to stop Hope and Liam's annulment. Thomas lured Xander away with a false alarm and tried to get him to reveal what he had to tell Hope and Liam. Xander admitted that it was about Flo but refused to say more. Thomas confronted Flo, and as he yelled at her, demanding to hear what Xander knew, Flo blurted out that Beth was alive. Hope and Liam annulled their marriage and parted ways.
June 10 to 14, 2019
Thomas set out to tell Steffy the truth about Phoebe, but he couldn't go through with it after learning that Liam had moved in with Steffy. Though she made no promises, Hope agreed to see where things could lead with Thomas. Zoe, Flo, and Xander deliberated about their futures once Thomas revealed that Phoebe was really Beth. The crew was shocked to learn that Thomas hadn't revealed the secret, after all. Insisting that they never would, either, Thomas threatened them into compliance. Brooke became leery of Thomas' intensity toward Hope.
June 17 to 21, 2019
Bill and Liam decided to move on from Bill's past mistakes. Steffy and Flo were apprehensive of a beach day Liam and Wyatt had planned for them and the girls. Steffy turned it into an opportunity to show Flo that she'd made the right decision by letting Steffy adopt Phoebe. Brooke warned Hope that Thomas might be using Douglas to get closer to her, but Ridge advised Hope to look to Thomas for happiness and fulfillment. Emma confronted Zoe and Xander after she'd overheard them talking about Reese swapping Beth at birth. Zoe called Thomas to stop Emma from telling Hope. After a heated argument with Thomas, Emma wound up dead in her car at the bottom of a ravine.
June 24 to June 28, 2019
Wyatt made the final break with Sally and asked Flo to move in with him. Shauna decided that she needed to leave town to help protect the baby secret and Flo. Word of Emma's death spread, and Flo and Xander suspected Thomas of her murder. Thomas ordered Flo, Zoe, and Xander to never speak of Beth at the office. Thomas obtained some pills from a friend, and at the opportune moment, he slipped one into Liam's drink. Hope struggled with seeing Liam in a family with Steffy and the girls, and Hope and Thomas' relationship put Brooke and Ridge at odds with each other.
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JULY 2019
July 1 to 5, 2019
Liam, under the influence of a drug Thomas had sneaked into Liam's drink, upset Hope with his unusual behavior at the beach party. That night, Liam slept with Steffy and told Hope about it the next morning. Thomas put Douglas up to proposing to Hope on the Fourth of July, and Hope found it hard to believe that Douglas had put the proposal together on his own. When Liam heard about the proposal, he vowed to stop it. Xander checked security footage at the Forrester building and deduced that Thomas had followed Emma the night of her death. Xander became convinced that Thomas was a murderer.
July 8 to 12, 2019
Xander gathered proof that Thomas had been on the road Emma had taken that fateful night. Zoe dismissed the proof and refused to go to Liam and Hope with Xander. Xander decided to leave Los Angeles and Zoe rather than continue to bear the secret. Brooke and her sisters tried to reason with Hope about her engagement, and Brooke butted heads with Ridge over it. When Hope told Thomas that they had to wait until their wedding night for sex, Thomas set Douglas up to have a nightmare that spurred Hope to move up the wedding date.
July 15 to 19, 2019
Thomas was anxious to consummate his relationship with Hope. Unable to determine if she'd ever be able to commit to him that way, Hope second-guessed their engagement. Thomas pressed beyond it to plan a quickie wedding. Liam and Brooke failed to talk Hope out of her wedding, and Hope walked down the aisle to marry Thomas. Phoebe interrupted the wedding with cries for her mother. A drunken Flo attempted to persuade Zoe to attend the wedding and help Flo tell Liam and Hope the truth about Beth.
July 22 to 26, 2019
Hope married Thomas, but when she preferred to spend their wedding night with Douglas, Thomas convinced his son to urge her to stay with her groom. Hope opted for the sofa, leading Thomas to book a hotel getaway. Liam overheard an argument between Thomas and Flo. Liam enlisted Wyatt's help to get to the bottom of it, and Wyatt's conclusions led Liam to investigate Phoebe's adoption. Douglas overheard Thomas say that Phoebe was Beth, and despite Thomas' vicious threats, Douglas told Hope and Liam that Beth was alive.
July 29 to August 2, 2019
Douglas persisted with this proclamation that Beth was alive. Believing Douglas, Liam forced the truth about Beth and Phoebe out of Flo. Wyatt was stunned, but Flo claimed to still be the woman he'd fallen in love with. Thomas' attempts to bed Hope failed, and he ran out of time when Douglas confessed that he'd told Liam about Beth. Liam tracked Hope down at Forrester, where Thomas had taken her to meet a helicopter departing for parts unknown. Liam told Hope that she was Phoebe's birth mother.
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August 5 to 9, 2019
Ridge and Brooke sought out Flo and forced her to tell them the truth about Beth. Unsure about calling the police in just yet, Ridge and Brooke took Flo, Zoe, and Shauna's driver's licenses, and Ridge vowed to make the perpetrators pay. Thomas tried to escape with Hope, but after a brawl with Liam, Thomas ran off. Liam took Hope to Beth, and together, Hope and Liam broke the news about the baby scam to Steffy. Steffy refused to let Hope take the child, and Hope said no one should dare to stop her. Wyatt sought Sally out to apologize for the way they'd parted.
August 12 to 16, 2019
Steffy realized that Phoebe was Beth and sobbed in Ridge's arms after allowing Hope to take the child home. The Logans and Spencers welcomed Beth to the family. Though Ridge couldn't find Thomas, who was hiding out and smoldering in anger at Vinny's house, Ridge managed to have Reese apprehended in London. Xander told Ridge his theory about Emma's death, and Ridge fired Zoe. Wyatt apologized to Sally for being so harsh with her during their breakup, and Sally laid out a path for a hypothetical reunion. Shauna and Flo invaded the mansion to tell their side of the story, and the Logans lit into the mother-daughter duo for their deceptions.
August 19 to 23, 2019
Flo asked Hope for forgiveness, but all Hope had for Flo was a slap across the face. Ridge had Flo arrested but was shocked when Detective Sanchez returned to the house with questions for Thomas about Emma's death. Hope hired Justin to work on ending Beth's adoption and Hope's marriage. Thomas and Douglas had a talk in which Douglas revealed Hope's whereabouts to Thomas. Thomas refused to accept that Hope was ending their marriage. A scuffle between Brooke, Hope, and Thomas landed Thomas at the bottom of a cliff. Ridge rendered his wife an accusatory stare.
August 26 to 30, 2019
Animosity between Brooke and Ridge brewed over Thomas' fall. Brooke, who believed that she'd been protecting Hope at the cliff, felt horrible upon hearing that Thomas had been apologizing to Hope, not trying to hurt her. The moment Thomas awakened, Detective Sanchez insisted upon questioning him about whether his fall had been an accident. Sanchez asked for Flo's help in a case about a fake document ring. Shauna appealed to Quinn on Flo's behalf, but Quinn, disillusioned by Flo and Shauna's actions, declined. Wyatt and Sally agreed to begin their relationship anew.
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September 2 to 6, 2019
Thomas told Detective Sanchez that no one had pushed Thomas off the cliff. Ridge insisted that Brooke thank Thomas, but she persisted in her claim that it had been an accident. Liam and Brooke worried about Thomas returning to the mansion to recuperate and about how to make Thomas pay for what he'd done. Bill searched Thomas' car, to no avail, but realized that the car's GPS system might contain evidence against Thomas. Ridge prevented Sanchez from questioning Thomas but later forced Thomas to reveal to Ridge the truth about Emma's crash. Hope and Liam made love.
September 9 to 13, 2019
Detective Sanchez informed Ridge that the police had closed the Emma Barber case, and if Flo's victims didn't contest it, the State wanted to release Flo Fulton in an immunity agreement for her cooperation with another case. Ridge agreed, for Thomas' sake, not to contest it. Brooke was livid about Ridge's decision, and an argument between the couple led to Ridge drinking too much at a bar. Shauna helped him to a room upstairs at the bar and cuddled with him in his sleep. Steffy confronted Flo and Thomas for what they'd done to her family.
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