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The Forresters and Spencers gathered together to lend their support to Hope and Liam as they grieved the loss of their baby. Zoe and Taylor expressed concern about how hard Reese was taking the loss. Reese showed Taylor a baby, and Taylor asked where he'd gotten it from.
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Reese stunned Taylor by presenting her a baby
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Liam and Hope's parents learn of the tragedy Liam and Hope's parents learn of the tragedy
Monday, January 7, 2019

At the clinic, the sullen Liam and Hope sat together, recalling what Beth had looked like. Hope was worried that the memory of Beth would fade, and they'd forget things like whether Beth's birthmark was on her left or right leg. Liam said that it was on Beth's left leg. Hope replied that they knew it was because they'd gotten to hold Beth for the one and only time ever.

Brooke arrived with Ridge and Bill. Brooke was anxious to see her granddaughter, and Bill wanted a gander at the newest Spencer. Hope asked to speak to her mother alone, and Liam decided to take Bill and Ridge into the corridor to update them about the delivery.

After the men had exited, Brooke asked Hope what was wrong and if it had to do with Beth. Hope uttered that Beth was gone. At first, Brooke didn't understand what Hope meant. Realization washed over Brooke, and she hugged Hope, who'd begun to sob. Brooke comforted Hope and urged her to just let it out. "My baby...Mommy!" Hope wailed.

Hope tried to recall what the doctor had said the issue had been, but she couldn't remember if he'd said placental eruption or abruption. She could only remember the silence. Brooke regretted that she hadn't been there. Hope stated that Liam had told her what had happened because she hadn't been awake when she'd lost the baby.

Brooke asked if Hope was physically okay. Hope guessed that she would be. Sobbing again, Hope said she'd just had one job, and she'd failed. She believed that if she'd been awake, she could have done something. Brooke was certain that Hope could not have prevented a placental abruption, and she urged Hope not to blame herself. For Hope, it was impossible not to.

Whimpering and sobbing, Hope asked why it had to be Beth, and why it had to be her baby.

Later, Hope remembered cramping early in the pregnancy. "Part of me almost wishes that..." Hope said and began to cry. Brooke doubted Hope really meant what she was insinuating. Hope said a miscarriage back then wouldn't have been as horrible as what had just happened.

Hope figured that she'd gotten too confident when she'd named the baby. Asserting that Hope had done nothing wrong, Brooke noted that a lot of people named babies before the birth or conception. Hope insisted that she had done wrong because the baby had been alive and kicking hours earlier. Hope asked what was wrong with her that she couldn't do the one thing Beth had needed Hope to do, which had been to deliver Beth safely into the world.

Brooke said that nothing was wrong with Hope. Hope cried that she'd failed her daughter and her husband. Hope berated herself, saying she should have stayed in Los Angeles and put her daughter first instead of insisting on the stupid babymoon. Gripping Hope's shoulders, Brooke demanded that Hope hear it when Brooke said Hope had done nothing wrong.

Hope replied that her body had failed her, but millions of women had babies all the time. Hope stated that Beth had been really beautiful. She said she'd held Beth and had tried to give Beth all of her love, but Beth would never know it. Brooke asked Hope to trust that Beth would know.

In the corridor, Ridge asked where the baby was. Liam stated that Hope had done everything that she could. Gasping, Bill grabbed Liam and hugged him. Ridge became upset as he watched Liam sob on his father's shoulder.

After Liam had recomposed himself, he wondered why something like that had to happen to Hope. He asked if Bill and Ridge knew anyone who deserved to be a mother more. Ridge believed that Hope would be a mother and that any child would be lucky to have Hope as a mother. "Why not Beth?" Liam demanded to know. Bill replied that there was no answer.

Liam wanted there to be a reason for it or some meaning in it. Bill said that if Liam could find any meaning, it should be that it would bring Liam and Hope closer. He advised Liam to be by Hope's side and to let her be by his. Bill told Liam to cry with Hope or be silent with her. "Just be what each other needs," Bill concluded.

Reese approached with paperwork for Liam to sign. Staring at the papers, Liam became enraged. He yelled out, "Why?" Liam needed to know what had happened. He said that Hope had been happy, and the baby had been kicking. He demanded to know what had happened to his little girl in that room.

Reese figured he should have waited before presenting the paperwork. He tried to take it back, but Bill insisted that his son deserved answers. Reese asked if they suspected human error. Bill responded that he was trying to understand what had happened.

Reese explained that the placenta had detached from the womb, and the baby hadn't gotten the nutrients and oxygen she'd needed. He claimed it was a very unusual condition. Liam asked what had caused it. He needed to know in case he and Hope tried to have another baby.

Reese stated that it wasn't a preventable condition, but the chances of it reoccurring were very slim. He advised Liam that there were things one could do to reduce the risk. He figured that Hope's regular doctor could review them with the couple when and if the time arrived.

A phone somewhere in the clinic rang. Reese said that he couldn't imagine the pain Liam was in. Reese was terribly sorry for it. Reese touched Liam's shoulder and left to answer the phone.

Back in Hope's room, Brooke stated that Hope might feel that she'd never get beyond it, but Brooke was confident that Hope would. Brooke noted that Hope had a lot of support from people who loved her.

Liam returned to the room with Ridge and Bill. Each man conveyed that they all would be there for Hope. Hope said she wanted to go home. Liam replied that she'd soon go to her own bed and get the rest she needed. She asked if it was even possible to rest. Liam felt that anything was possible with Hope, even recovering from the loss of the baby.

Liam was aware that moving forward wouldn't be easy, but he said they'd do it together. He stated that he and Hope would get through it by leaning on each other and on the people who cared about them. Liam said they'd built up a whole world in their minds about their future, but as it turned out, Beth wouldn't be going home. "But we are. We are coming home because life moves on," Liam stated.

"One life isn't," Hope uttered. Liam became emotional. He asked if the others could understand that he had a desire to say something to Beth. Hope started to sob. She didn't think she could do it. Liam replied that he'd do it for them both. Liam asked everyone to join hands. Ridge took Bill and Brooke's hands, and Liam held hands with Hope and Brooke.

Liam introduced himself and Hope to Beth as her parents. As he cried, he said Beth wasn't there physically, but they felt as if she was still with them. He and Hope had wanted more of their daughter, but he believed they'd learn to be okay with what Beth had been able to give them. He stated that Beth was loved by everyone in the room and would be in their hearts forever.

Hope decided to speak. She said that she knew Beth was there. Hope was sorry Beth couldn't stay with them and said a day wouldn't go by that Hope didn't think of Beth. Hope said she felt the baby's spirit. The feeling was very strong. According to Hope, it was as if Beth were in her arms. Hope claimed she could feel it because Beth was a part of her and always would be.

Hope said she'd tell Beth that she loved her every day. "Mommy loves you," Hope whimpered and sobbed. Liam hugged her.

Reese claims he can get the money within a week Reese claims he can get the money within a week
Tuesday, January 8, 2019

At the cliff house, Taylor poured coffee and wondered if it had happened yet. Unsure, Steffy said she hadn't heard from Liam. The women assumed Catalina had lost cell service due to the windstorm. For Steffy, it was starting to feel real. She hoped they could really be a family. Taylor had never had familial feelings for Brooke, but Taylor had faith that a child could heal everything.

Later, the haggard Ridge arrived. He asked how Kelly was. Taylor informed him that the baby's temperature was normal that morning, and everything was good. Steffy entered from the bedroom as Ridge said they couldn't just assume things would be okay, and they needed to consult a doctor. Touching her mother, Steffy replied that they had a doctor right there.

Steffy asked if Ridge had talked to Liam. Ridge affirmed it. She assumed that Liam had made it to Catalina before the winds had kicked in. Ridge replied that none of them had, and Steffy gleaned that Hope had been alone. He conveyed that Hope had been alone for most of it.

Steffy asked if Hope was okay. Ridge believed that Hope would be eventually. Steffy and Taylor became emotional as they realized that something was wrong. Steffy gasped, and Taylor asked if the baby was okay. Ridge replied that her name had been Beth, and she hadn't made it.

Later, Steffy wanted to see Hope, but she wondered if Hope would see her. Ridge thought Hope would love to see Steffy, just not that day. Taylor asked if there was anything they could do. He replied that they were already doing it, and Brooke was giving Hope what she needed. "Except the child she's been carrying inside her all these months," Steffy stated.

Later, Ridge gave Kelly back to Steffy and said he hadn't known how much he'd needed to hold the baby. As he prepared to leave, Taylor asked him to let Brooke and Hope know they were in Taylor's prayers. He said he would, and he urged Steffy to take Kelly to the doctor for a follow-up. After Ridge had gone, Taylor said Beth's death would affect everyone for a long time.

Alone with Kelly later, Steffy told her daughter that it was hard to lose a sister, and she couldn't even tell Kelly what her sister had looked like. Steffy wanted Kelly to be strong for her father, who'd be brokenhearted.

At Brooke's cabin, Brooke, Hope, and Liam arrived. The main room was littered with baby gifts, just as Hope had left it. Brooke wanted to take the gifts to the main house, but Hope asked if it would be wrong to remember the way things had been before it had all changed. Liam said it wouldn't be wrong; it just wasn't easy.

Liam offered to get Hope some breakfast, but she didn't want it. Brooke decided to make coffee, but he said Hope probably just wanted to lie down. Hugging a pink onesie, Hope murmured that she knew Liam and Brooke had things to do.

Hope picked up the Santa sonogram photo and gazed at it. Liam and Brooke watched Hope hug a picture frame Emma had given her for the baby. As Hope touched a nearby bassinet, Brooke imploringly called Hope's name. Hope told them not to expect her not to say "her" name. Liam replied that no one expected that, but he should probably take away some of the things.

Hope held up an infant dress. She recalled picking it out and imagining how it would look on "her" when the doctors would place "her" in Hope's arms. On the verge of tears, Hope said "she'd" been almost exactly as Hope had dreamed.

Brooke made Hope a cup of tea, and as Brooke gave it to Hope, Hope asked Liam where he was going with all those things. Liam had a wicker bassinet loaded with baby toys in his arms. He set it on the pink bassinet by the fireplace, saying he was just trying to clear some things out of the way. Hope told him she didn't want the things to be thrown away. He said they'd be right there whenever she wanted to look at them.

Hope glared at Liam, watching his every move as he, out of camera view, relocated the items. Brooke decided to leave so that Hope could rest, and she offered to call Hope's siblings to relay what had gone on. "Could you?" Hope asked.

Agreeing to do it, Brooke said she'd tell them that Hope needed a few days to process it alone. Brooke asked if she should call Wyatt for Liam, but Hope said not that day. Brooke stated that she'd also make dinner while at the main house, and she wanted no arguments about it.

Brooke left, and Liam sat with Hope. He asked if she hurt and wanted the pain pills Buckingham had prescribed. Hope didn't. She said she could still feel "her." Liam reasoned that "she" just might not have been ready. Hope responded that "she" might have been too good for the world. Liam and Hope sobbed and held onto each other.

Hope laid her head in Liam's lap. Liam said he'd once thought that things happened for a reason, but he couldn't say that about what had happened. Hope asked why it had happened, and he said "she" might not have been able to stay.

Liam began to say something about "next time," but Hope told him that she couldn't hear it at that moment. Liam said she couldn't fear it. He was confident that they'd have another child and a family. He said it wouldn't be to replace Beth, their firstborn. Hope felt grateful to have Liam. Liam replied that he was grateful to have her, and he loved her. Hope said she loved him, too.

In Brooke's bedroom later, Brooke discovered that her husband was back. He conveyed that he'd gone to see Steffy, and Taylor had said that Hope and Beth were in her prayers. Brooke asked how "that" had gone. Ridge said Steffy and Taylor had been shocked, and they wanted to visit Brooke and Hope. Ridge had told them that they couldn't do it that night.

Brooke couldn't stand that Hope was blaming herself because it hadn't been Hope's fault. Ridge stated that it hadn't been anyone's fault, but Hope was young and strong. He said Liam and Hope might try again in a while.

Brooke stated that one just planned so much around a child, even before it was born. Parents selected names, thought about first birthdays, and picked out schools and clothes. "You just try to figure out their life, and it's just -- it's just empty," Brooke said, crying. Ridge asked what he could do, and she said to just hold her. Ridge also shed tears as he held Brooke on the settee.

At Forrester, Zoe tried to convince her father that there had been nothing he could have done. Reese said she didn't know and hadn't been there. Zoe started to say what she'd heard from the Forresters, but Reese cut in, stating that he was a doctor. He was supposed to heal people.

Zoe stated that Reese couldn't do the impossible, and "if that baby hadn't been meant to live -- " Reese asserted that they'd all been meant to live -- from Zoe, to him, to that little girl. Every time Reese closed his eyes, he relived the worst night of his life.

Zoe asked Reese to say what he thought he'd done wrong. In his silence, she decided that he couldn't because he hadn't done anything. He replied that there was such a thing as confidentiality. Zoe contended that some people knew what had happened, and by that night, everyone would. He insisted that they didn't know everything. She replied that they knew that his staff had abandoned him.

Reese corrected that the staff had just finished their shifts. He said they'd known the wind had been coming, but he didn't know how he should have known that, an hour later, trees would block the roads, preventing the next shift's arrival. Zoe said he'd been all alone in the dark. He thanked God that the backup generator had started.

Zoe stated that the baby's issues had begun inside of Hope before delivery. Zoe asked what Reese thought he could have done about it. Reese said that if he'd known what to do, he would have done it. Agreeing, Zoe replied that if he hadn't been able to save the child; no one could have.

Zoe asked if anyone was threatening Reese. Reese quickly denied it and asked if anyone was telling her that. Zoe hadn't heard anything from anyone, but she wondered if he was concerned about a malpractice suit. He said one never knew, but he hoped it wouldn't happen.

Reese had had enough of talking about himself. He'd arrived to talk about her. He asked if she and Xander had moved in together yet. Zoe conveyed that the couple had been spending more time together, but Xander hadn't moved in. Reese thought that maybe Xander should move in, and Zoe should ask him to.

Zoe asked why Reese was suddenly interested in her love life. Reese said it might be that he didn't want his baby girl alone in a strange city. Zoe replied that, except for the sunshine, Los Angeles was no stranger than London. She asked if he could prescribe himself something to help him sleep. "I've never seen you like this. Not that you don't have your own reasons," she said.

Reese decided that he shouldn't have stopped by. Zoe asked why. He replied that she was working, and he needed to go home for a shower. He'd just wanted to see her, hold her, and tell her that he loved her. She asked if he wanted to stay with her for a few days. Reese warned that bad luck followed him around.

Zoe wasn't worried about that. Reese insisted that he was and told her that he was serious about her getting Xander to move in with her. Zoe replied that Xander wasn't a German Shepherd. "A German Shepherd would be good, too," Reese decided.

In the Forrester parking lot on his way out, Reese encountered the debt collector and demanded to know how the man had driven by the guards. The man suggested that he hadn't driven. Reese ordered the man to stay away from Zoe. Grabbing Reese's shirt, the man said Reese didn't make the rules; it was the other way around.

Reese stated that Mr. Thigpen would get what he wanted. "All of it?" the man asked. Reese affirmed it, and the man asked how soon. Reese predicted that it would be a week or less, but he asserted that they'd get nothing if they didn't leave Zoe out of it. The man said that if he got nothing, he had instructions to give Reese something Reese wouldn't like. [EDITOR'S NOTE: In subsequent episodes, "Mr. Thigpen" was referred to as "Mr. Thicke."]

Liam and Hope join their families Liam and Hope join their families
Wednesday, January 9, 2019
by Pam

At Reese's, he recalled when Hope had been ready to give birth. He had encouraged her to push, and then she'd passed out.

At Forrester, Xander and Zoe were ready to leave for the service at the Forrester residence, and Zoe admitted she'd also been worried about her father. Zoe's phone rang, and it was Reese. She told him she'd planned to visit him later, but Reese discouraged her visit. She said she'd been worried about him.

Reese wondered if she and Xander were on their way to the gathering at the Forresters'. Zoe said they were prepared to leave, and she wondered if her father would attend, but he felt it was inadvisable under the circumstances.

Zoe was concerned about Reese. She felt that no one blamed him for what had happened. "Please, don't feel guilty about what happened," she said.

At Steffy's home, she put her daughter down for a nap, and Taylor asked how her granddaughter was. Taylor and Steffy agreed there was no way to understand what had happened with Hope and Liam's baby. Steffy and Taylor didn't want to let Kelly out of their sight.

Steffy and Taylor noted that Eric had planned a memorial service at his home for the baby, and they agreed it was generous of him to do. They felt it was a good idea to surround Liam and Hope with love and support. Taylor was surprised that Brooke had invited her. She and Steffy agreed that Beth's death had put everything in perspective. They both felt terrible about Hope and Liam's loss.

Steffy sighed and said that Liam had been amazing with Kelly and would have been with Beth, too. She acknowledged that the baby had been everything to Hope. "I also feel guilty having Kelly and being so blessed," she said.

At Eric's, Hope cried as she held the sonogram of her baby. "I'm not up for this," she said. Liam and Brooke tried to comfort her and told her that having people around her who cared and who loved her would help to make her feel better.

Hope didn't want to be ungrateful, but she didn't know if a service was a good idea. Brooke said she knew how hard it was for both Liam and Hope. She wanted to take the pain away and wished there were some words she could say to help. Brooke was tearful and said she wanted to surround Hope and Liam with people who loved them.

Eric and Quinn entered and said that he and Quinn wanted to do anything to help Hope and Liam. Other family members started to arrive. Hope and Liam thanked Eric for opening his home to them. He embraced Hope and Liam.

Katie and Donna entered and hugged Hope. Pam showed up and said she couldn't bear to see Hope so sad, and she started to serve food to everyone. Quinn agreed it was all horribly sad.

Brooke and Eric embraced and discussed that the baby's death had been a loss for everyone. Katie told Hope that Will had a stomach bug and couldn't attend, but he'd made a picture for her when Katie had told him that Beth was in heaven, so the picture was of Beth with angel wings. Hope cried on Liam's shoulder.

Wyatt and Sally entered along with Bill. Liam greeted them, and Wyatt and Sally embraced Liam. Bill hugged his son. Liam said it meant a lot to him that they were all there together.

Later, Hope and Liam discussed that Rick hadn't been able to attend; Maya overheard and looked uncomfortable. Bill sat next to Brooke, and they discussed that Liam and Hope had desperately wanted the baby. Bill noted that nothing prevented them from having another child.

Steffy and Taylor arrived, and Ridge embraced them. Liam and Hope thanked them for attending, and Taylor said how sorry she was. Hope asked about Kelly because she'd had a fever. Steffy confessed that she regretted calling Liam the night that he was supposed to be with Hope in Catalina. "I shouldn't have called you that night. I'm so sorry," she said.

Steffy embraced Hope and promised to help her through it. Taylor was alone with Hope for a few minutes. Afterward, Hope told Brooke that Taylor had suggested the phone number of a support group and a grief counselor. "Do you think it might help?" Hope asked. Brooke hugged her.

Taylor took a call from Reese, and Taylor asked if he was all right because he didn't sound like himself. She felt that he shouldn't blame himself. She promised to call Reese when she left the service at the Forresters'. Taylor hung up.

Brooke took a call from Bridget, and Brooke thanked her for calling and asked her to give Logan a hug.

Bill sat with Katie, and he asked about Will's stomach bug. Katie said it was nothing serious. She encouraged Bill to stop by the house and check on him. Bill watched Hope and Liam together and said they had a strong love.

Brooke approached Taylor and thanked her for reaching out to Hope. Taylor felt they were all connected, and Beth's death was a tremendous loss. Liam and Hope thanked everyone for attending. Liam emotionally said that he wished Beth could have met all of them and experienced family and friends ? "and how they really are there when you need them."

Liam started to break down. Hope cried, but she spoke about how the sonogram she held in her hand was the one tangible thing she had of Beth. She emotionally talked about Beth's beauty. "I can't believe this ? I still feel her presence all around me," Hope said. She added that they would all love and cherish her forever. She started sobbing.

The lament for Beth Spencer continues The lament for Beth Spencer continues
Thursday, January 10, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, some family and friends had left, but others still lingered, talking softly in groups after the event. Sally noticed Wyatt's distant expression and asked how he was. He claimed to be okay, but she conveyed that it was okay for him to be sad after losing a niece. Wyatt didn't think his feelings compared to what Liam and Hope felt.

Nearby, the Logan sisters huddled in a group, wishing they could do something for Hope. Brooke thought that being there was enough. Donna affirmed that she and Katie were there for Hope and for Brooke, who'd lost a granddaughter. The sisters hugged.

Across the room, Liam held Hope and figured that it was probably okay to leave because others had begun to head home. Steffy approached and asked if she could get Hope anything. Hope declined the offer. Steffy said that if Hope needed anything -- even to get out of the house and walk on the beach -- she could call Steffy. Hope replied that she might take Steffy up on it, and the women hugged.

Steffy joined her mother near the balcony and expressed how deeply she felt for Hope, who'd held Beth afterward. Taylor didn't think any parent should have to go through it, and she'd become even more grateful for her children and grandchildren.

Liam approached Steffy, and Taylor excused herself. Steffy asked if Liam needed anything. Liam said all he needed was for her to take care of Kelly and make sure nothing happened to her. Steffy assured him that nothing would happen to Kelly. He mentioned that he might want to see Kelly a bit more, and Steffy said he could whenever he wanted.

Liam stated that he didn't know what he'd do without Beth, and Steffy hugged him. Liam felt blindsided by the event, and he'd never expected anything other than one outcome. He'd imagined taking Hope to the hospital and going through labor. The only result he'd anticipated was that Beth would be born, and after that, everything would be fine.

Liam wondered if he'd been stupid for not preparing for any other possibility. Steffy said he wasn't, and once he healed, he'd be grateful for the memories of Beth.

Brooke, Katie, and Donna sat with Hope on a long chaise facing a food buffet. Hope described the emptiness she felt after carrying Beth for such a long time. She asked how "nothing" could hurt so much. Brooke said that Hope would always love Beth, who'd be a part of Hope's life in a different way, as a guardian angel. Katie and Donna recognized that it was a challenging time, but they promised to help Hope through it.

Taylor approached to say farewell. Hope thanked her for being there. Taylor said that if Hope needed anything, she could call. Hope glanced at Brooke, who decided to walk Taylor out. By the front door, Brooke thanked Taylor for being there and said everyone appreciated her presence. Taylor responded that she'd been touched that they'd included her. In Taylor's view, the loss was unspeakable. She hugged Brooke.

By the front door, Xander was with Maya and Zoe. He wondered how one rebounded from such tragedies. As he and Maya discussed it, Zoe ducked away to talk to Brooke.

When Zoe approached Brooke, Brooke thanked Zoe for being there. Zoe expressed her father's condolences for the loss and said that he felt terrible about being unable to save Beth. Though Brooke appreciated the sentiment, she didn't understand what had gone on that night, and she intended to have a conversation with Reese at some point.

After Brooke had walked away, Xander approached Zoe and asked if she was okay. Zoe was disappointed that she had to repeatedly defend her father -- even though she knew that no one was outright blaming him. Xander assured her that people probably believed Reese was a good man, and they understood that it had been difficult for him to lose Hope's baby.

Xander guessed that Zoe was really worried about her father. Zoe replied that Reese had worked in his field since before she'd been born. Beth wasn't the first stillbirth Reese had dealt with, but he seemed to be taking Hope's especially hard. Zoe had never seen Reese that way before and couldn't stand to see him hurting the way he was. Xander was sure she'd help her father through it. He felt that he and Reese were lucky to have her.

Later, Sally and Wyatt prepared to leave. They offered to be there for Hope and Liam, and Sally said she and Wyatt would have Hope and Liam over to the beach house soon.

Wyatt and Sally left, and Maya approached Hope and Liam. Hope said that their daughters were supposed to share a name. "And they still do. It's Lizzy and Beth," Maya replied. Hope burst into tears and apologized for doing it. Maya said that Hope got to cry and scream if she wanted to, as long as she remembered that everyone loved her.

Maya conveyed that Rick was sick over it. Liam thanked Maya for being there. Maya said she wouldn't be anywhere else. Maya left the house, and Liam hugged Hope.

After everyone had gone, Hope sat on the sofa with Liam and Brooke. Liam thanked Brooke for pulling the event together and said it had helped him. Hope said she'd dreaded being there and facing the heartbreak over and over. Brooke apologized, but Hope concluded that, in the end, being surrounded by everyone had helped.

Hope said her loved ones had helped her find some strength. She hoped she'd keep it because she'd need it for a long time. Brooke responded that the family had more to give, especially Brooke. Whimpering, Hope said she missed Beth. She never wanted to forget the baby.

Liam said losing a child so fast was unthinkable, but Beth was still there, even if not physically. He had faith that he and Hope would grieve, heal, and start the family they'd always talked about. "Beth can't not be a part of that. She is our child's future big sister," Liam asserted.

Hope said Beth was supposed to be there, and they were supposed to help Beth get through her stages in life; however, Beth had already been gone just before she'd made it through the first one. Hope began to sob, and Liam hugged her.

At Reese's apartment, Reese thought of Taylor and smiled. Taylor called to say that she was about to leave the Forrester mansion. She asked if he still wanted to see her. Reese requested that she go to his apartment. She agreed, and he said he'd message her the address.

Later, Reese was gambling online with his cellphone. "Three of a kind" flashed on his screen. He put the phone down when he heard a knock at the door. Taylor arrived, and, taking her coat, Reese said the place was modest but the best he could do on short notice.

Reese guessed that the gathering at the Forrester house had been sad. Agreeing, Taylor added it had also been touching. He asked about Liam and Hope. Taylor conveyed that Hope and Liam were devastated but strong and that they'd had family surrounding them.

Taylor asked how Reese was coping, but he said he wasn't the one anyone should worry about. She insisted that he let her worry about him a little bit. Reese replied that he was humbled.

Taylor knew that Reese was still struggling with what had happened that night on Catalina. By just looking at him, she could see that he was going through a lot. Reese didn't think his feelings compared to Liam and Hope's, and Reese felt that he should have done more.

Taylor said Reese had been up against unexpected medical conditions that had led to a crisis. She didn't want him to beat himself up, because he'd done the best he could. She apologized for talking to him like a patient, but she said she couldn't help caring.

Reese conveyed that the feeling was mutual and revealed that it was why he'd asked Taylor to visit him. He stated that she was right; the stillbirth had had a profound effect on him in ways he hadn't begun to understand. Taylor replied that it hurt to lose a patient, especially a newborn.

Reese stated that the child had been wanted very much. "And I think about all the children in the world who are abused, neglected, and abandoned. That baby -- Beth -- she was gonna be welcomed by two parents who were already crazy in love with her," Reese lamented.

Taylor claimed that Reese had experienced that loss with Liam and Hope, and that was the reason Reese had called Taylor. She believed that he needed a friend, and she assured him that he had one. Taylor conveyed that she was there for Reese, and she hugged him.

Reese says he wants to tell Taylor everything that has happened Reese says he wants to tell Taylor everything that has happened
Friday, January 11, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Brooke huddled together, grieving on the chaise. Bill arrived. He'd just checked on Liam and Hope at Brooke's cabin and had ordered a food delivery for them. Believing that the memorial had meant a lot to the couple, he thanked Brooke for putting it together. He asked her to thank Eric and Quinn for hosting it.

Ridge remarked that Eric and Quinn had gone to the office. Brooke, Ridge, and Bill still reeled over the tragic event, and Ridge wished there was more they could do. All Bill knew to do was to be there for the couple and let them know that their parents were grieving with them.

Bill, Ridge, and Brooke acknowledged that it was a long road ahead for Liam and Hope, but the memorial had been a good start. Bill told Brooke that she'd done a wonderful thing. Agreeing, Ridge stated that Brooke's memorial had been necessary, and the time had arrived for Bill, Brooke, and Ridge to do what was necessary for their families. Puzzled, Bill gazed at Ridge.

Brooke told Ridge that it wasn't the right time, but Ridge believed that it was exactly the right time. Ridge told Bill that Liam and Hope's parents had gotten thrown into "it" because Liam and Hope had gotten married, and the parents had to get on the same page to guide the couple through it. Brooke said she'd like to see it, "but the two of you..."

Ridge acknowledged the history between Bill and him. Bill didn't understand "what the hell" Ridge was getting at. Ridge asserted that Brooke was his wife until death would they part, and that was the way it would always be. Bill didn't see how Ridge's concerns had anything to do with Hope and Liam and the worst tragedy of their lives.

Agreeing with Bill, Brooke said she didn't want a fight. Ridge didn't want one, either. He claimed to be trying to get along with Bill. Bill thought that would be great -- if it was possible. Ridge asked how it could be possible when he didn't know who Bill was anymore without his necklace.

Bill stated that his priorities had shifted. He'd mellowed some, made his boys his priority, and become less reactive -- as Ridge could plainly see. Not buying it, Ridge called it a ploy to woo his wife. "A ploy?" Bill replied.

Sighing, Brooke asked if they could talk about it another time; however, Ridge decided that right then was a great time because it could move them to a place to better take care of their families. Bill said Brooke had just asked Ridge not to get into it.

"All right -- all right -- fine," Brooke said. She hadn't wanted to get into it, but because it was on the table, she decided to address it. She told Bill that she hadn't been thrilled with some of Ridge's choices, but Ridge was her husband. Brooke said Ridge was her soulmate, they shared a child together, and their marriage was going to last.

"You heard that, right?" Ridge asked Bill. Ridge believed it was a defining moment for the three of them, but it didn't have to be bad. Instead, it could help them look after their respective families and take care of the granddaughter they shared. "But before all that, you have to respect my marriage -- our marriage," Ridge said, pulling Brooke close. He asked, "What do you say?"

Brooke disagreed with Ridge's assessment of Bill's change. She believed Bill was committed to being a better man, but she said he had to do it for himself and his sons, not her. Proud of the changes he'd made, she said she'd always respect him and care about him, whether Ridge liked it or not. She noted that Bill and Ridge shared something sacred; they were Kelly's grandfathers and needed to get along for Kelly's sake.

Brooke asserted that they were one, big, complicated family, and she, Ridge, and Bill would interact for a very long time. She said it would be nice to do it without tension. Bill stated that he was listening.

Brooke told Bill that her daughter needed her, and his son needed him. She affirmed that they had to put their children and their children's needs first. Brooke asked if Bill understood. Bill replied that he understood. He'd heard her loud and clear. Bill grabbed his coat and walked out of the house.

Ridge hoped that Bill believed it, but Ridge didn't trust the guy. Brooke told Ridge that he should try if he wanted to make it work. Ridge liked what she'd said about the kids. She stated that she'd meant it. She said they'd never see Beth smile or hear her laughter. Ridge assured Brooke that they'd get through it, and he hugged her.

Later, Brooke visited Hope at the cabin on Brooke's estate. Liam had gone out for a bit. He hadn't wanted to leave Hope alone, but she'd insisted. Hope revealed that she wasn't sleeping, and Brooke urged her daughter to rest and take care of herself. Brooke reminded Hope that she could lean on everyone who wanted to be there for her during that time.

Hope was holding a crumpled sonogram photo. She whimpered that she had only gotten to hold "her" for a minute, but "she" had already gone. Brooke held Hope, saying it shouldn't have happened. Hope didn't want to forget the memory of holding "her" in her hands. "She" had been the life Hope and Liam had created, and Hope had carried her.

"This is the only thing I have left of Beth!" Hope cried, gesturing to the sonogram photo. Hope didn't understand why she'd had to lose "her." Brooke didn't understand it, either. Hope said she'd never believed that "she" hadn't been meant to be.

Hope believed that Beth should be there in Hope's arms. Hope was sure that she was about to sound crazy, but part of her believed that Beth wasn't gone. "She isn't," Hope insisted. Brooke held Hope tightly and said she was sorry.

At Reese's apartment, Taylor comforted Reese and reassured him that he'd done all he could for Hope's baby. Reese said it shouldn't be about him; Hope and Liam had lost their baby. Taylor replied that she was devastated for the couple, but she also wanted to help Reese, who needed to let it out. She encouraged him to open up and tell her all about it.

Saying that it was exactly what he wanted to do, Reese revealed that he remembered every detail. It had been a nightmare. He wished he could have done more. Taylor said Hope hadn't lost the baby because of him. He claimed he'd done everything he could. Taylor believed it.

Reese said he should have seen the signs of what was to come, but he'd thought he'd had it all handled. Everything had happened fast. Taylor assumed he meant the delivery. Agreeing, he said that he wanted to tell her everything. She advised that it would be therapeutic for him to talk about it, and she asked him to tell her everything that had gone on that night.

Reese explained that nothing could prepare a doctor for what had happened. It was a doctor's worst fear, and a doctor didn't know what to do until such a time arrived. He'd felt helpless, but it was his job to help. It was what he did in life -- he delivered healthy babies. Taylor knew it was hard to lose a patient's child, but on the other hand, not all babies were born healthy.

Reese stated that there had been omens and signs everywhere that day. The winds had been angry, the power had gone out, and he'd been short-staffed. He said "she" had arrived in full-on labor, and it should have been routine. He'd done it hundreds of times before, but the placenta had detached from the uterus that time. The condition was rare, but it had happened.

Reese explained that the baby girl hadn't been getting oxygen in the womb. He'd tried to get her breathing again, but she'd already gone. Taylor said Reese wasn't to blame, and it had been out of his control. He replied that the whole situation had been out of control. Taylor imagined that it had been heartbreaking for Hope, who'd held Beth and then had to let Beth go.

Taylor assessed that it was difficult for Reese to talk about, and she urged him to seek help to get through it. Reese thanked her for listening. He knew she cared. Taylor affirmed that she cared a lot. He replied that he cared about her, too, and it was the other reason he'd asked to see her. "It's about you," he said.

Reese hoped his vulnerability wasn't too much. Taylor was glad that he could be honest with her. He said he'd asked her there because he'd needed someone to confide in. Though he and Taylor hadn't known each other long, he cared about her and wanted to show her how much.

Though Taylor appreciated his words and thought he was sweet, sensitive, and attractive, she was going through a lot in her life. She was flattered, but she wasn't ready for a relationship. "I understand, but that's not why I brought you here," Reese replied.

"Oh," Taylor responded. She said he was being mysterious, and she wondered what was going on. Reese told her that she'd see. He went into another room, and Taylor stared around with a puzzled look on her face. She opened a book on a table and thumbed through it.

Reese returned and said "this" was why he'd asked her there. Taylor looked up and said, "A baby?"

Reese entered the room with a Caucasian baby in a beanie, swaddled in a hospital blanket. He asked if Taylor wanted to hold her. "Reese, why do you have a baby?" Taylor asked in hushed tones, questioning, "Where did it come from?" In his silence, she asked him to answer her. Again, she asked, "Where did you get this baby?"

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B&B TWO SCOOPS: Pregnant (un)pause
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