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Hope embraced baby Phoebe, but Hope's loved ones weren't sure it was a healthy thing for her. Zoe found the adoption paperwork in Reese's apartment and demanded answers from Flo. Hope returned to work, and Eric offered to revive HFTF.
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Zoe found the adoption paperwork in Reese's apartment and demanded answers from Flo
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Hope bonds with Steffy's new baby Hope bonds with Steffy's new baby
Monday, February 4, 2019

In the evening at Forrester, Brooke and Ridge were in the CEO's office. Brooke questioned the wisdom of sending Hope to the cliff house to meet the new baby, but Ridge thought Hope wouldn't have gone if she hadn't been ready. He was proud of Hope for opening herself up to the baby. Brooke was, too, but she was worried about how it would affect Hope.

Brooke and Ridge kissed. Taylor arrived and asked them to excuse her for interrupting. Taylor was there to talk about the adoption and how it might affect Hope. Brooke congratulated Taylor on her new grandchild, and Ridge conveyed that he'd already given Hope notice about it.

Taylor asked how Hope had taken the adoption news. Describing Hope as emotional but excited for Steffy, Brooke revealed that Hope was meeting the baby at that moment. Taylor wasn't sure it had been wise for Hope to see the baby. Ridge said that Hope wanted to be supportive, and Brooke added that Hope always put the children first.

Agreeing, Ridge informed Taylor that Liam, Hope, and Steffy had made an agreement that, whatever happened, they would put the children first. Taylor said it seemed as if Hope was handling things well thus far. Taylor was just worried that being around the baby would be painful for Hope and would remind her of what she'd lost.

Brooke noted that the adoption had happened remarkably quickly and asked if Taylor had set it up through a connection of hers. Affirming it, Taylor said Steffy had been very lucky that things had fallen into place. Taylor was aware that the timing wasn't great, but she felt that the baby had always been meant to be a part of their family.

Later, Taylor had gone, and Ridge stated that the talk had gone well. Brooke replied that she and Taylor could put aside their differences to focus on the children. Ridge was proud of how Brooke was handling the adoption. She revealed that it bothered her on some level that Steffy had two daughters, "and Hope..."

It broke Brooke's heart that Hope might never, ever feel the bond between a mother and baby. Ridge said that Hope had family to help her through it, and the baby would be great for everyone. He believed that babies healed things. Agreeing, Brooke stated that they'd love the child and welcome her into the family. Brooke believed that, eventually, Hope would, too.

In the photo studio, Charlie reprimanded Zoe and Tiffany for zipping through the hallways on scooters. Zoe reasoned that the mode of transportation was efficient, and Tiffany told him to imagine catching a perp on "one of those bad boys." Charlie's brows rose, and he considered how good he might look on one.

Reese arrived. Zoe was glad to see her father and said she'd been worried about him. Reese informed her that she didn't have to worry about him anymore, and he thanked God that he didn't have to worry about her, either. Zoe wondered what he was talking about.

Charlie assured Reese that he didn't have to worry about any security concerns with Charlie around. Reese replied that he was trusting Charlie to take care of Zoe and Tiffany. Zoe noted that her father was acting weird, and she asked what was going on. Reese revealed that he was there to bid her farewell and that he was headed back to London.

Alone with her father later, Zoe was surprised that Reese had just sprung his departure on her, and she asked when it would be. She was further stunned when he said it would be that night. He claimed that he wasn't in any trouble. He was merely being transferred back. "There's been a lot of reshuffling. Plus, I can focus on my research," he explained.

Reese thought leaving was best, especially for Zoe. Zoe told her father that she didn't want him to leave. He replied that his presence stressed her out. She admitted that she'd been worried at first, but she'd grown to enjoy having him there. She said he didn't have to return to England, and he could rebuild his practice there. He wished it were that simple.

Zoe began to cry. Reese expressed love for his daughter and his pride in her. Zoe said that he didn't have to leave. He promised to visit and said she'd go to London to see him. He vowed to come running anytime she needed him. He urged her to make her dreams come true and continue with her painting. Reese loved Zoe more than anything and said she meant the world to him. They hugged, and Zoe said she loved him, too.

At the hospital later, Taylor arrived in Reese's office. Seeing that the place was half packed up, she guessed he was really leaving. Reese replied that he had a red-eye flight to Europe. Taylor was glad she'd stopped by before she'd missed him.

Reese was glad to see Taylor, too, and asked how the baby and Steffy were. Taylor said the mother and daughter were great, and Steffy was a wonderful mother. Reese was confident in that and said it was why he'd introduced them to the birth mother. Taylor was grateful and didn't think she'd ever be able to thank Reese enough for what he'd done.

Sad to see Reese go, Taylor noted that he hadn't been there long. Reese responded that it was time, and he'd accomplished what he'd set out to do. She deduced that one of his accomplishments had been ensuring that his daughter was settled in town.

Taylor said that she'd miss Reese, who'd made a big impact on her and her daughter. Finding the baby with Reese's help had been a miracle, in Taylor's view. She remarked that her long-suffering daughter had lost a lot, from her sister to Liam, and Steffy had had a miscarriage, too. Taylor believed that the baby Reese had provided would give Steffy a lot of hope.

At the cliff house, Hope held "Baby Phoebe" and welcomed her into the family. Hope said Phoebe would have the best life and be so loved. Hope told Steffy that the baby was beautiful, and Steffy replied that the birth parents had been responsible for that. Hope told the baby that she'd be a good sister to Kelly, who would adore her younger sister. To Liam and Steffy, Hope said that the baby felt like family.

Hope stated that she was unable to take her eyes off the infant. Steffy thought that the baby was already falling in love with her aunt and that the baby and Hope seemed to form a special bond. Liam wondered if it was time for a bottle, but Steffy conveyed that the baby would let them know when she wanted it. Hope asked the baby if she was cozy where she was. "I am, too," Hope told the child. Liam and Steffy grinned as they watched Hope with the baby.

Kelly stirred, and Steffy went to the bedroom to get her. Liam approached Hope and the baby. The two silently gazed at the baby and each other. Steffy returned to the room, and Hope swore that she'd seen the infant smile at Kelly. Hope stated that the girls were lucky to have each other, and "this" was how the parents had originally seen it. "Me holding my daughter, and you holding Kelly. That's how it was supposed to be with Beth," Hope stated.

Steffy told Hope that the infant would need all the family she could get, and Steffy would need help. Steffy wanted Hope to be a part of the baby's life. Hope wanted the same thing.

In Brooke's cabin later, Liam and Hope arrived home. Liam thought it had taken a lot of courage for Hope to welcome the new baby into the family, and he was proud of her. Hope said the baby would be in their lives for a long time.

Hope couldn't stop thinking about the baby. When she'd held the child, an energy had shot through her. She thought that it was hard to explain, but Liam revealed that he'd felt the same thing. He was surprised that Hope had held it together.

Holding the infant had been surreal for Hope. She'd wanted to close her eyes and pretend that the child had been Beth. Hope felt that it was a terrible thing to say, and she knew that her baby had died. Hope had just wanted to feel, for one moment, what it was like to hold her own daughter and be a mom. Hope couldn't help but feel like "that life" should have been theirs and like the baby she'd been holding in her arms should have been Beth.

Hope sobbed. As Liam rocked Hope in his arms, Steffy was at home, telling "Phoebe," that mommy was there. "Mommy's here," Steffy repeated, rocking the baby.

Zoe stumbles upon Florence Zoe stumbles upon Florence
Tuesday, February 5, 2019

In the Forrester CEO's office, Quinn, Eric, Brooke, Pam, and Emma gathered to greet Liam and Hope. Pam had set out brownies for Hope and said the vegan ones were for Liam. Emma handed Hope a card signed by the HFTF team. Hope said they hadn't had to do those things, but Brooke replied that they'd wanted to let Hope and Liam know they'd been missed at work.

Eric stated that returning to work was a big step. Quinn added that Hope and Liam had a support system, and everyone wanted to help the couple. Eric noted that Hope and Liam had given a lot to the company. He wanted Hope and Liam to be around people who supported them. Eric stated that Hope had given a lot of hope with her line, and it was time for some of it to go back to her.

Brooke received a phone alert and said people were buzzing about Hope and Liam's return to work. Quinn stated that it wasn't all people were talking about. Eric elaborated that word had gotten out about the adoption. Liam began stammering, but Hope cut in, saying it was okay to talk about it.

Brooke conveyed to everyone that Hope had seen the child. Eric thought that had been a brave thing to do. Hope said the baby was an angel and would have a wonderful life in their family. She believed the baby would bring a lot of light around there, just like "our Beth" would have.

Later, Liam and Hope were alone with Brooke, Quinn, and Eric, who commended the couple for returning to work. Eric said that Hope's absence had made some things clear to him and Ridge about HFTF, and Forrester was ready to revive the collection Hope asked about the budget allocation. He replied that they'd put additional resources toward the next collection.

Eric asked what Hope thought about it. Hope asked if her mother had known about it. Brooke stated that she hadn't wanted Hope to feel pressure about returning. Liam remarked that Ridge had been reaching out a lot to Hope. Brooke asserted that Ridge loved Hope and respected her vision. Eric added that they needed the energy and spirit Hope brought to the business.

Hope didn't know what to say. Eric told her that they wanted to help her move forward. He stated that if she wanted to throw herself into work, he had as much work as she could stand; however, they'd ease back into it if she wanted to go slower. Quinn and Brooke assured Hope that they were there for her and would follow her lead.

Later, Eric and Quinn had gone. Hope said renewed support had been exactly what she'd wanted for her line, but she didn't even know where to start. Brooke asked if Hope needed more time. Hope recalled her last day at the office. She'd been planning the trip, and Beth had been moving a lot that day. They'd had their whole future ahead of them. Hope had been carefree and happy, but "now," she didn't know when the sadness would disappear.

Liam didn't think that going to work would make the sadness disappear, but he said that it might turn down the volume a bit. Brooke advised Hope to trust her instincts. Liam noted that it had turned out well when she'd approached Steffy's adopted child that way. Hope replied that it had been hard. She'd sat in the driveway for an eternity before going inside.

Liam stated that Hope had gone inside, and he believed that she was glad she'd done it. Hope was glad about it, and she sighed, thinking of how it had felt to hold the baby. Brooke wondered if she'd been wrong to suggest that Hope make that visit. Assuring Brooke that it had been beautiful, Hope said she was happy for Steffy and felt it was a blessing for Liam's family.

Hope just couldn't forget that Beth was supposed to be Kelly's sister. It was hard for Hope because Steffy was making plans for her new little girl, "and we're not..." Hope admitted that every moment the new baby had been in her arms, she hadn't been able to stop thinking about how she'd lost her own baby.

At the cliff house, Taylor complained about how long Ridge had held the baby. Steffy entered with Kelly and said there were plenty of grandchildren to go around. Taylor and Ridge offered to watch the girls so that Steffy could rest. Steffy thanked them but said that every moment with the children was a blessing, especially in light of what Hope and Liam were going through.

As the kids slept later, Ridge and Taylor helped Steffy with the laundry and talked about the instant kinship they'd felt with the new baby. Steffy felt that it was destiny. She hadn't wanted to say that to Liam and Hope because it had already been emotional enough for Hope.

Ridge asked how the visit had gone. Steffy said it had been good for Hope. The baby had been comfortable in Hope's arms. Steffy stated that if Hope was up for it, Hope could play an important role in the child's life.

Ridge admitted that the adoption idea had seemed a little crazy to him. He felt that adopting so soon after having a baby could be a challenge. Taylor asked when Steffy ever shied away from challenges. Steffy agreed that raising two babies was a challenge. She didn't know if she would have done it if the opportunity hadn't presented itself.

Steffy said she'd tried not to get too attached in case there had been issues, but she'd known that the baby was hers the moment she'd held the child. Ridge was surprised by how quickly it had happened. Steffy said her mother had helped her with it. Steffy felt forever grateful to Taylor, her contact, and the birth mother, who'd brought the baby into their lives.

Ridge was curious about the adoption and how Taylor had met the birth mother. The infant began to cry. Steffy went to the bedroom, and Taylor glared at Ridge. He said he wasn't being judgmental. Glancing at the portrait on the wall, Ridge murmured that the infant wasn't the only one who had to adjust to things.

Claiming to know what Ridge was thinking, Taylor stated that it was a shame that Steffy had to do it alone. Ridge said Steffy had her mother. Taylor asserted that Liam should be with Steffy.

Steffy returned with the new baby and thanked God that Kelly could sleep through anything. Steffy hoped the baby knew how much Steffy loved her. Steffy wanted her new daughter to feel safe and cared for. She said she'd wanted the little girl as much as any mother would want a child, and no one could love the baby more.

In the studio, Zoe and Xander worked, and he mentioned that Hope and Liam were back at work that day. Zoe wondered how the couple was doing. She said the stillbirth had had a big impact on her father, and he hadn't been the same since.

Xander asked if it was why Reese had gone back to London. Zoe assumed it had been partly the reason, but she suspected that her father had been withholding information about something else bothering him. Holding up a key, she said she hoped to find some answers for herself.

Xander asked if Reese had given her the key to his apartment. Zoe explained that the hospital had told her that Reese had left a few things in his locker. They had offered to send them to an address on file, but Zoe had volunteered to pick the stuff up. She hoped that her father had left something at the apartment to help her understand what had been going on with him.

One of the things Zoe admired about her father was the way he cared for his patients and the children he delivered into the world. She knew that the stillbirth had rocked him, but she couldn't help but sense that something more had plagued her father.

Xander stated that it had been weird that Reese hadn't let her know where he'd been staying in Los Angeles. Xander guessed that Reese's apartment didn't even belong to Reese anymore. Zoe explained that there were actually a couple of months left on the lease. Xander asked if Reese hadn't been able to get out of the lease. She doubted that her father had tried to.

Xander asked why Reese would want to keep the apartment. "There's only one way to find out," Zoe replied, shaking the key. Xander suspected she'd only find an empty apartment. Zoe expressed her hope that Reese had left something behind. She was certain her father had been hiding something, and she was determined to find out what it was.

At Reese's apartment later, Zoe let herself in. She called out to anyone who could be there, but no one answered. Looking around the living room, Zoe noticed that someone had been sleeping on the couch. There were takeout containers on the coffee table. She spotted a pink makeup bag. As she went through the bag, the front door opened.

"Who are you?" Zoe asked. With a furrowed brow, Florence snapped, "Who are you?"

Florence demanded to know what Zoe was doing in Florence's apartment. Zoe questioned whether the apartment belonged to the woman. Florence decided she was calling cops. As Florence whipped out her phone, Zoe clarified that it was her father's flat. She demanded to know what Florence was doing in it. Florence guessed that Zoe was Reese's daughter.

Ceasing with her call, Florence closed her front door. She carried in her shopping bags and explained that she and Reese were old friends. Zoe asked if Florence was subletting or living with Reese. Florence suggested that Zoe talk to her father. Zoe replied that he hadn't even given her the address, and "now" she discovered that he'd been living with someone.

Florence told Zoe that Reese wasn't there and had gone back to London. Zoe replied that she knew it; her father had told her that part, but he hadn't told her about Florence. Zoe demanded to know who Florence was, what she was doing there, and how she was involved with Reese. The camera panned to the floor. Just behind Zoe was a basket of baby paraphernalia.

Brooke pays a surprise visit to Steffy with questions about the adoption Brooke pays a surprise visit to Steffy with questions about the adoption
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
by Pam

At Forrester, a new Forrester model, Raine, told Hope that all the models and everyone at Forrester wanted to help Hope. She added that they didn't know what to do, but they would do anything to help, even if it was just in the background. Hope thanked her. Brooke overheard the conversation between Raine and Hope and said Raine had made a nice gesture. Brooke noted that people cared about Hope.

Brooke said she had been worried about Hope jumping right back into work. Hope responded that she had been pleased that Ridge had released funds to support the Hope for the Future line. "Did you ask him to do that?" Hope asked her mother.

Brooke responded that Ridge knew it would be something fun to work on. Brooke wanted Hope to work at her own speed and not attempt to do too much. Brooke knew that Hope had always loved Hope for the Future, and it was a good idea to revitalize the line. Hope agreed.

Wyatt, Emma, Katie, and Sally welcomed Hope back to work and offered their support. Hope said that Eric and Ridge had decided to give Hope for the Future a new infusion of cash and to support the line. She wanted to plan their next move. She acknowledged that she personally had to address the loss of her daughter. Katie promised to help with whatever Hope needed.

Hope didn't know the best way to address everything, and Katie promised to be sensitive to what Hope needed. Hope said she was up for it, and she provided a statement about losing Beth. Katie read it and said it was perfect the way it was. Katie called it a "beautiful tribute."

Hope said she was ready for a Hope for the Future reboot. Hope started to chat about how she wanted to be the voice for a future generation. Moms had high hopes for their daughters.

Hope started to have flashbacks about giving birth, passing out, and holding her stillborn baby. Hope said the line had always been about empowering women, but she started to break down because she had not been able to save her own daughter. She lamented she had not had the strength, and she cried that she had failed "when she (Beth) needed me the most."

Katie tearfully hugged Hope, and Hope cried that Beth might be there if Hope had had more strength. Katie sympathized and held Hope as she wept.

At Steffy's, Steffy held Phoebe and explained that the baby's namesake was the real singer in the family. Steffy promised to tell the baby more about Phoebe in the future. "Mommy loves you so much," Steffy said. Someone knocked at the door, and Steffy answered it. It was Brooke. She entered and said that she could see that Steffy had her hands full. Brooke congratulated Steffy and wanted to welcome the newest member of the family.

Brooke and Steffy agreed the timing had to be difficult for Hope, but Brooke acknowledged there was no good time, and they were all happy for Steffy. Steffy confided that she had asked for Liam's blessing before completing the adoption. Steffy knew that it would be hard on Hope. Brooke understood.

The baby cried, and Steffy went to get her and put her in Brooke's arms. Brooke said that the baby was beautiful.

Steffy noted that it had to be hard for Brooke to think about holding her own granddaughter. Steffy understood that Brooke and everyone had to take time to mourn. Brooke agreed.

At Reese's apartment, Florence encountered Zoe and asked how Zoe had gained access. Zoe responded that the hospital had contacted her to pick up things that Reese had left behind. Zoe had wanted to deliver them to her father's residence. Florence introduced herself, and Zoe said she had a lot of questions.

Zoe started with the fact that her father had never mentioned Florence. "I'm curious about your relationship," Zoe said. Florence grew a bit nervous and said that she had met Reese in Las Vegas. Zoe wondered if Florence had been a dancer, but Florence laughed and said that she had been a dealer at the craps tables.

Zoe was curious and felt that if Florence had been staying with Reese, she might know why he had left and returned to London. Zoe also wanted to know if Florence was aware that Reese had been dealing with some personal issues and the loss of an infant at the clinic in Catalina.

Florence didn't feel she could be much help. Zoe pressed for more information. She felt that Florence had clearly moved in with her father and had to know plenty about him. Zoe asked about the arrangement with her father. Florence said she didn't know anything. Zoe insisted something had happened. Florence apologized.

Zoe planned to look around, and Florence said it was fine. Zoe called her father and left an urgent message on his phone that she was worried about why he'd left Los Angeles so quickly. She added that she'd met Florence.

Sally and Wyatt note a similarity between Phoebe and Kelly Sally and Wyatt note a similarity between Phoebe and Kelly
Thursday, February 7, 2019

In Brooke's cabin in the morning, Katie and Donna poured a puzzle onto the coffee table. Brooke said she couldn't believe them, and Hope stated that her mother had told her that her aunts had been arriving with breakfast. Katie held up a bag of pastries, and the women commenced working on the puzzle, an activity the Logan sisters had done as kids.

Donna and Brooke recalled that Katie had liked to sneak down in the middle of the night to mess up the pieces, but their mother had never reprimanded her golden-haired angel. Katie claimed that she'd been solving the puzzles, not messing them up.

Hope was surprised to hear that Katie had been blonde as a child. Brooke said that Katie had been fair-haired growing up. "You know babies," Donna added. Hope wondered if Kelly's hair would darken like her mother's. Katie and Donna stared around in awkward silence, and Hope wondered if the adopted baby's hair would darken, too.

The puzzle solving continued, and the ladies laughed together as the Logan sisters regaled Hope with their childhood memories. Liam arrived with groceries. He said he'd put them away and get out of the women's hair. Asking him to stay, Hope said they'd just been talking about Kelly and whether Kelly's hair would darken.

Liam said he imagined it could. Hope asked what he thought about baby Phoebe's hair. Hope couldn't imagine the child with dark hair. Grinning, Hope said she'd only met the child once, but she couldn't stop thinking about her. The Logan sisters exchanged concerned looks.

Later, Liam was about to leave again, but Hope asked him to join them in working on the puzzle. Katie requested boat pieces from anyone who had them. Liam asked what the place in the puzzle was, and Donna said it was somewhere that Stephen had taken them. Brooke and Katie vehemently disagreed, and Katie said their father had never been around for their vacations.

Donna insisted that she remembered their father talking about the place. Katie quipped that it wasn't the same thing. Donna conceded that she was probably wrong and that she sometimes remembered things from the past as being better than they had been. Brooke admitted to doing the same thing and asked who wanted to remember the bad times, anyway.

"What if it's the only way you can remember the good times?" Hope asked. She said that being pregnant with Beth had been the happiest time in her life, and Hope had never been more in love. Everyone was silent, and Hope assumed that they just wanted her to move on and forget about Beth. Katie replied that no one wanted that.

Brooke stated that everyone just wanted to help Liam and Hope through a difficult time in their lives, but they didn't know how. Brooke urged Hope to get the anger and bitterness off her chest. Hope didn't know what Brooke wanted Hope to say. Brooke advised Hope to just say what was true about her feelings.

Hope didn't know how to convey her feelings. She figured that she could say that she was sad, but it was much deeper. She didn't know how she was feeling or if her feelings were right. Katie didn't think the feelings had to be right and said the family would be there whether Hope spoke about her feelings or not.

Liam stated that he didn't have a mother or aunts and uncles to tell him that things were okay, and he wouldn't believe them even if they were around to say it. Liam asserted that he'd failed Hope, and he didn't want Hope to say it wasn't his fault. He stated that he should have been there. He'd promised to be there; however, he hadn't been, and he was sorry. Liam hugged Hope and repeated that he was sorry.

Donna guessed that the puzzle idea hadn't been her best. Hope asked everyone to stop thinking that everything they did was wrong. Hope thought their efforts were beautiful, and she told Liam that he could never fail her. Liam replied that they both knew that he had -- more than once. Hope replied that she knew that he'd never stopped loving her.

Hope figured that she and Liam had had to wait until then, when they were stronger and wiser. She stated that things sometimes turned out for the best -- except for what had happened to Beth. Hope would never understand why God had taken the child, but Hope was beginning to see that there was something that could help her go on.

Katie asked what it was. Hope explained that she'd had to try to put her pain aside to welcome Steffy's new child into the world, and Hope hadn't known if she could do it. Liam said Hope had been perfect. Disagreeing, Hope corrected that the baby had been perfect. Hope told them that when she'd held the child, electricity had shot through her body to her heart, which had been dead for such a long time.

Becoming emotional, Hope stated that there was something about the baby, her smile, her smell, and the way she looked at Hope. The girl, whose mother didn't want her, had made Hope feel like a mother. Hope was happy for Steffy, but Hope hadn't had much left in her until that moment. Hope didn't know how to explain it, but she believed that the baby had entered her life to give her back her hope.

At the cliff house, Wyatt and Sally arrived to see the new baby. They'd seen Pam's pictures of the child, but those photos consisted mostly of Pam's thumb. Wyatt told Steffy that, as Steffy's neighbors, he and Sally were due for a viewing.

Later, Sally and Wyatt exited the bedroom after visiting the little girls. Wyatt thought that either he was crazy, or there was a resemblance between the daughters. Steffy said she saw it at times, too. Wyatt wished "my brother and Hope's baby..." Steffy replied that she did, too.

As Wyatt and Sally visited with Steffy, Steffy conveyed that she'd been open to keeping in touch with the birth mother, but the mother had been determined to close that chapter in her life. Sally asked how Steffy had found the mother, and Steffy explained that her mother, who knew a lot of people, had quietly put the word out about Steffy's adoption interest.

Wyatt stated that Taylor had found the mother. Affirming it, Steffy said she hadn't been ready at the time. He quipped that life didn't wait until one was ready. Steffy agreed with the sentiment and said it seemed as if everything had miraculously fallen into place.

Wyatt offered his and Sally's babysitting services, but Sally said it was just as long as they didn't have to be a good influence. "Just an okay influence," Sally bargained. Steffy quipped that she didn't want to see her girls on social media with new tattoos, but she'd call if she were in need of a sitter.

Wyatt asked Steffy if she thought his brother was okay. Steffy replied that Liam was beating himself up and wondering about the outcome if he'd done things differently. Steffy believed that he'd be okay, and she wanted to keep a respectable distance because she didn't want the new baby to be like salt in Hope and Liam's wounds.

Later, Steffy rocked the baby to sleep and wondered if she'd call the child "Phoebs" as she had her twin. Steffy thought of the baby as a princess in a fairy tale. She said the king and queen were looking for the princess, who was safe with Steffy. "And this is where you'll stay," Steffy told the baby.

In the Forrester design office, Zoe happened upon Xander, who was half-naked, changing clothes after working out. She kissed him, but he said they couldn't do it there. She replied that it would be something to look forward to later, and she really wanted to talk to him about her little adventure. He asked what adventure it was. "Her name is Flo," Zoe revealed.

Xander wondered who Flo was, and Zoe referred to Flo as a person of interest. Zoe conveyed that the key had been to her father's apartment, as she'd assumed. Xander asked if Reese hadn't let her know where the place was because he'd been embarrassed by it. Zoe said that it hadn't been a lavish place, but it had been nothing to be ashamed of.

Xander assumed Zoe had let herself into the place. Zoe asked if he wouldn't have done the same thing. Zoe didn't know why her father had been in Los Angeles or why he'd left, but she felt that she was beginning to get some answers. Xander figured that Flo had something to do with it. Zoe explained that Flo was a young woman who'd been living with Reese. " -- Until...well, that's what I don't know yet," Zoe told Xander.

Zoe was certain that Flo knew what was going on with Reese, but Flo just wasn't saying it. Xander asked if Zoe had let herself into the woman's apartment. Zoe corrected that it was her father's apartment, and Reese had just let Flo stay there -- so Flo said -- even though Flo technically still lived in Las Vegas. It wasn't adding up in Zoe's mind.

Zoe explained that she'd let herself into the apartment, and when Flo had arrived, she'd threatened to call the police. Once Flo had learned who Zoe was, everything had changed. Zoe described Flo as circumspect. Xander figured there had been a bad breakup. Zoe hadn't gotten that vibe, and she sensed that Flo liked Reese, whom Flo had met at a casino.

Zoe couldn't tell if Flo still worked at that casino or not and noted that Flo had seemed a bit lost. Flo's demeanor had changed when Zoe had asked her if she'd seen a change in Reese, and all Flo had said was that she was sorry. Xander asked what Flo was sorry about, and Zoe replied that she had yet to find that out.

Zoe confronts Flo about the adoption Zoe confronts Flo about the adoption
Friday, February 8, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke, Katie, and Donna had gone. Liam told Hope that she didn't have to be brave with him, and losing a baby and getting used to Steffy's adoption was a lot to handle. Hope couldn't stop thinking of the beautiful baby and what it had been like to hold her.

Hope figured that Steffy was expecting Liam for a visit. Liam decided that he'd stay with Hope, but she said she didn't want to keep him from his daughter. She just wondered if she could go, too. Liam looked skeptical, and Hope asked if it was okay.

Liam said it was okay with him. He just didn't know if it was a good idea. Hope blurted out that she wanted to hold the baby. "I mean, it would be nice to spend time with the girls," Hope elaborated. Liam wondered if she should just stay home and relax. Hope didn't blame Liam for his concern, but she felt like she needed it. "I just want to hold that baby," Hope stated.

Liam didn't think being around babies -- especially baby Phoebe -- was good for Hope. Hope asked why it wasn't, and he said it put undue stress on her and was a painful reminder. Hope told him that she'd meant what she'd said about being one big family, and she didn't want to be excluded. Being around the girls helped Hope.

Liam's phone rang with a call from Steffy. Hope left the room, and Liam answered the call. Steffy said her mother had gone to some meetings. She asked if Liam was on his way over there. Liam affirmed it. He tried to ask about Hope visiting, too, but before he could, Steffy hastily ended the call because the babies were fussy.

At the cliff house, Steffy heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was Liam, she yelled for him to enter. Liam entered the house, and Steffy asked if he wanted to help her fold the laundry. Hope said she could help, too. Looking up, Steffy expressed surprise to see Hope.

Liam explained that, earlier, he'd tried to ask Steffy if Hope could join them. Hope asked if it was okay and said she'd really like to see baby Phoebe. Steffy told Hope that she was welcome at any time. Hope asked to see the infant, but Steffy stated that the girls were still asleep. Hope wanted to peek in and promised not to wake the children up.

"I'm sure the girls will be up soon, right?" Liam proffered. Agreeing, Steffy said the baby would be up because she was always hungry. The disappointed Hope seemed fidgety and awkwardly silent. Steffy offered to get Hope food or a drink.

Forcing a cheery demeanor, Hope said she was fine, and it was nice to get out of the house. Hope stated that she'd still like to be a blended family. It was tough for her to be at home alone. Grabbing clothes and nervously folding them, Hope said she was there and ready to help. She'd do whatever Steffy needed. "It's just nice being in a home close to Phoebe -- and Kelly, too," Hope remarked. She knew it wouldn't replace Beth, but it helped to lessen the pain.

Steffy didn't want Hope to take it the wrong way, but Steffy thought that being around the baby would make things worse. Liam chimed in, saying that he'd tried to talk about that earlier because he wasn't positive that it was the best thing. Hope insisted that it was fine, and it felt like the right place for her to be.

Baby Phoebe's cries emanated from the baby monitor. Steffy was about to get the baby, but Hope asked if she could check on the child. Hope said she really wanted to spend time with the baby if it was okay with Steffy. Steffy agreed, and Hope went into the bedroom.

The moment Hope was gone, Steffy said she couldn't believe that Hope was already back there. Steffy had thought it would be way too hard on Hope. Agreeing, Liam replied that Hope had said it wasn't, and being around the babies made her happy. To Steffy, it didn't seem healthy.

Liam didn't know what else to do to help Hope. Steffy stated that he was doing a great job. He thanked her for understanding and sharing her baby and said Hope had a soft spot for the child.

Over the baby monitor, Steffy and Liam heard Hope talking to the baby. Hope told the baby that she would have been a mother to a beautiful girl. Hope said she'd tried her best and done all she could, but she'd fallen asleep. When she'd awakened, they'd told her that the baby had already gone. Hope said she'd gotten to hold the baby, but she'd had to say goodbye.

Hope told the baby that it had been the most horrible night of her life, but she forgot it all when she looked at the baby. She grinned, and the child smiled in response. Hope was glad that the baby was too young to understand any of it. Everything felt right when she looked at the baby.

In the bedroom, Hope held the baby and flashed back over her pregnancy. She told the baby that Aunty Hope loved her "so, so much."

In the design office, Zoe continued to discuss with Xander the mystery surrounding Flo and Reese. Zoe didn't think Flo was just some woman Reese had picked up in Las Vegas. Xander reasoned that her father had said there was nothing to worry about. She replied that it was just something Reese had said to protect her. Zoe had a feeling Reese was mixed up in something bad and that Flo was involved in it, too.

Zoe decided she'd return to Reese's old apartment to look for more clues into what her father had gotten himself into. Citing that she'd done that already, Xander asked what else she could possibly find on a second trip. Xander figured that Reese had packed up everything and taken it all to London. "Seems that way -- except for Flo," Zoe reasoned. Xander offered to go with Zoe, but Zoe thought she should go alone. He said he was there if she needed him.

At Reese's apartment, Florence flipped through the adoption paperwork. She flashed back to meeting Steffy and completing the adoption. Hastily, she put the adoption papers in a drawer in the living room and went into the bedroom.

Later, Zoe let herself into the apartment and immediately began sifting through mail, checking drawers, and flipping through notebooks. Eventually, she made her way to the dresser where Flo had tucked the adoption papers. Zoe pulled out the papers and saw Flo and Steffy's names and signatures on them.

Flo emerged from the bedroom in a robe with a blunt weapon in hand. Gasping, she put the weapon down and demanded to know what Zoe was doing there. Zoe replied that she'd returned to get more information regarding her father. Holding out the papers, Zoe said Flo had had a baby and given it up for adoption. "Steffy Forrester's new baby girl," Zoe added.

Flo admitted to having a baby and giving it up for adoption. "You had a baby last month?" Zoe dubiously asked. "What day?"

Flo claimed that Zoe was able to see the date for herself in the paperwork. Zoe asked for the name of the doctor. Flo repeated the question, and impatiently, Zoe affirmed her question. Flo claimed not to remember and said it had been a big medical center. Zoe sarcastically quipped that Flo didn't remember.

Zoe asked Flo to remove her robe. Flo readily refused, and Zoe pulled it open, revealing Flo's flat torso in a white bra and boy shorts underwear set. "Really? You had a baby? Because it doesn't look like it," Zoe cynically stated.

Flo replied that she'd been working out a lot. Zoe didn't buy it, and Flo asked if Zoe thought she was lying about it all. Zoe noted that Flo didn't know the day the baby had been born or the name of her doctor. Zoe demanded to know what was going on and how it involved Steffy Forrester's baby.

At Wyatt's beach house, Wyatt and Sally cuddled in bed after having sex. He asked if she'd been kidding when she'd said she had baby fever. Sally asked if he'd hop out of the bed if she admitted that it was true. Wyatt claimed he wouldn't, and he'd like to have kids -- someday. Sally agreed that it would be someday, and Wyatt said they got each other.

Wyatt and Sally were glad they'd gotten to meet Steffy's new baby. Sally remarked that Steffy had been very happy. Wyatt said it was hard to see the child and not think of Hope and Liam.

Later, Sally and Wyatt ate popcorn and drank beer in bed. Sally said they couldn't do that activity in the middle of the day if they had a baby. Wyatt told her that it was crazy that it had to stop just because they had kids. He said parenting couldn't be that bad if Steffy had chosen to do it twice in one year. Sally and Wyatt thought it was incredible that Taylor's contact had connected Steffy to a baby so fast.

Wyatt asked if Sally knew what else was incredible. He started tossing popcorn in his mouth and missing the goal every two times. She laughed at him until he got on a catching streak. At that point, she asked him to do her. They laughed as he tossed popcorn at her without looking at her, and she caught a few in her mouth.

Gazing out the window later, Wyatt said it was a beautiful day, and he and Sally should go paddleboarding or hiking. Sally seemed to be deep in thought, and he asked what was wrong. Sally was gloomy about Hope and wished there was something they could do. Wyatt said that all they could do was be there for Hope and Liam.

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