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Liam steadfastly clung to his marriage as Hope pressured him to make a life with Steffy and her girls. Wyatt refused to return to Spencer unless Bill resurrected Spectra Fashions. Bill agreed to it but set forth a stipulation of his own.
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Hope wanted Liam to leave her for Steffy, but Liam insisted he wasn't leaving Hope
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Hope declares that Liam belongs with Steffy Hope declares that Liam belongs with Steffy
Monday, February 25, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Hope insisted that Liam had to do what was right. Liam reasoned that "we" were what was right. He stated that they had a life together and a marriage. Hope said it couldn't be that way because Steffy and the girls needed him. Hope felt that Steffy and the girls were his family, and being in their lives was the right thing for Liam.

Liam told Hope that her heart was in the right place, and she was thinking of everyone but herself. He got that she was focused on the kids because her maternal instincts had kicked in. "But the kids are fine. They're fine. Nothing about this situation needs to change. I don't need to be with Steffy. Nobody here wants that," Liam asserted. He affirmed that he was married and committed to Hope, and he refused to let her push him away.

Hope felt that she'd been selfish, and she said she couldn't be that way anymore. Liam replied that she was in mourning and not thinking straight. In his view, it was okay because he was thinking straight enough for both of them. He declared that she was his family, and that was forever. He told her that she didn't get to send him away, and he wasn't going.

Hope began to speak, but Liam said to let him finish. He asserted that he'd be there if Steffy needed help, but Hope would be there, too, by his side. He stated that grieving was hard; however, they'd get through it together, and he wouldn't let her turn away from him.

At Forrester, Sally sketched and asked if Eric had heard from Thomas and Caroline. Eric said the couple was well and very happy. He asked if Sally had any regrets. Sally didn't and said it hadn't been fun to get dumped by Thomas twice. Eric was glad that Wyatt and Sally had found each other. She replied that she wouldn't be "this version" of herself if she hadn't met Wyatt.

Eric told Sally that she was a talented designer and that going after the HFTF designer position was the right thing for her to do. He promised to put in a good word for her with Hope, who'd be making the final decision. Sally appreciated him offering to do that. She believed that it might be time to take her career to the next level, and she would prefer to do that at Forrester.

At the cliff house, Steffy's computer pinged, announcing that several tasks had become due. She scurried around the messy house, trying to get things done and attend to the crying baby.

Later, Eric had arrived. He and Steffy sat down at the table where she'd been working, and she thanked him for stopping by and singing to the children. She asked how he was, and he said he was still adjusting to Thorne's abrupt departure. Steffy asked how Katie was. Eric replied that Katie was resilient, and luckily, Bill was taking his fatherly role seriously. "Kind of making Thorne's departure not such a bad thing," Eric concluded.

Eric asked how things were with Steffy and the girls. Steffy tried to gleefully say it was heavenly, and Eric suppressed his chuckles. Admitting that it was tough, Steffy said she wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Eric was proud of Steffy. Steffy wished the girls could know their great-grandmother. He replied that they would know Stephanie through Steffy.

Eric reminded Steffy not to be afraid to ask for help, which the family was willing to give. He said she was doing a great job, but she was doing it all alone. Steffy replied that Hope didn't think Steffy should be alone; instead, Hope thought Liam should be there, raising the girls, too.

Surprised to hear it, Eric asked why Hope would encourage Liam to be with Steffy. Steffy guessed that Hope's maternal instincts had gone awry, and Hope wanted to look out for Steffy's kids because Hope's child was gone.

Steffy added that Hope was happy with the girls, especially baby Phoebe, and it had been as if the two had had an instant connection. Steffy believed that Hope wanted baby Phoebe to have every advantage. Eric guessed that included having Liam for a father. Steffy nodded blankly.

Later, Eric had gone, and Hope arrived, sorry for showing up unannounced. Hope wanted to talk to Steffy about Steffy's family and Liam. Saying that she was aware of what Hope had told Liam, Steffy suspected that Hope was transferring her maternal instincts onto Steffy's kids. Steffy knew that Hope was looking out for Steffy, "but what you're suggesting -- "

Interrupting Steffy, Hope said that Steffy still had her child, but Hope's child was gone. With baby Phoebe in the picture, everything had changed. Steffy said that Hope's world had turned upside down, but time would change things. In Hope's view, time wouldn't change it, and things wouldn't improve as long as she felt as if she were keeping a father from his children.

Hope respected Steffy for choosing to raise the girls on her own, but in Hope's opinion, Steffy looked exhausted. Steffy claimed to be fine and didn't want Hope to worry. Hope couldn't help worrying about Steffy and the girls. Hope felt that it was a lot of work, and Liam should be there.

Steffy thought Hope's feelings were out of control because of the terrible loss. Hope replied that she'd never get over it, but Steffy assured Hope that she would. Hope stated that it didn't matter, she didn't matter, and their "stupid rivalry" didn't matter. None of it mattered to Hope.

Hope stated that she loved Liam and always would, but she couldn't hold onto him anymore because she was taking him away from the children. She couldn't live with herself for doing that. She felt she had to let Liam go so he could be the loving, devoted father that he was destined to be. "And he loves you, Steffy...You still love him, and we both know that. You're his future now. Not me. His place is here with you and the girls," Hope concluded.

At Spencer, Bill thanked Wyatt for giving him another chance. Bill had learned that he was nothing without his sons, and he was honored to have Wyatt back by his side. Bill was also happy to have Sally -- if she was part of the deal. Wyatt was glad to hear Bill say it and glad to be back at Spencer.

Bill thought that working at Spencer with Sally had something to do with Wyatt's happiness, and Bill hoped he hadn't put a strain on Wyatt and Sally's relationship. Admitting that Sally wasn't Bill's biggest fan, Wyatt reasoned that a Spencer-affiliated fashion house might help the two forge a friendship. Bill promised to be on his best behavior around Sally. Wyatt quipped that they'd see how long that would last.

Figuring that they had serious business to attend to, Bill said he and Justin would have to hammer out the details with Sally and her attorney. Bill asked what they'd call the design house. Bill wondered if it would be Spectra 2.0 or if Sally would head up a division of Spencer Fashions. He stated that Sally might not want it at all and might tell him to pound sand.

Doubting that, Wyatt figured that Sally would be excited and appreciative. He noted that Bill was really making an effort. Bill stated that he wanted Wyatt to have everything he needed to live his best life. If Sally working at Spencer would help, Bill was all for it, especially if he profited in the process. Wyatt replied that that was the Bill he knew and loved. Wyatt was excited about reuniting the family and felt that they might just pull it off.

Later, Wyatt had gone, and Liam wandered in while Bill was working. Bill expressed surprise to see Liam. Liam was looking for Wyatt and said Sally had told Liam to try at Spencer. Bill replied that Wyatt had just left and was probably on his way to see Sally. Liam turned to leave, but Bill stopped him in hopes of getting his opinion of Wyatt and Sally.

Liam thought the relationship was great and that Sally made Wyatt really happy. Becoming leery, Liam asked if Bill was planning on doing something. Denying it, Bill said those days were behind him. Bill's past behavior was something he wanted to talk to Liam about, but at that moment, he suspected that Liam needed help and had something on his mind.

Liam stated that it wasn't that simple, and he should go. Bill asked Liam not to go. He said he was still Liam's father, and he wanted to help Liam. Liam decided that he couldn't be talking to Bill about it. Bill wondered if "it" meant Steffy. Liam replied that it wasn't about Bill and Steffy; it was about Liam and Steffy -- and Hope. Bill asked if there was a problem between the women.

Liam told his father that it was just the opposite, and Hope wanted him to be with Kelly and baby Phoebe. Bill asked what "be with" meant and guessed it meant to spend more time. "A lot more time," Liam responded. He said Hope wanted him to go back with Steffy.

Back at Forrester, Wyatt arrived as Sally was smiling and flashing back on their relationship. He hoped that he'd put the smile on her face, and she affirmed that he had. He said he'd just been talking to his father about them. Sally asked how "that" had gone. Wyatt called it a productive visit, and Bill had said he wanted to put the family back together.

Sally anxiously asked if she had to pry it out of Wyatt. "Do you have a lawyer?" Wyatt asked. She asked if she needed one. He replied that it couldn't hurt. "Because you're back in business, baby!" Wyatt announced. Sally gasped and hugged him.

Sally wondered if it was true or if Bill had actually laughed Wyatt out of the office. Wyatt admitted that it had taken Bill time to process the request, but Wyatt had reminded Bill of his misdeeds toward Sally. Sally assumed that meant that Wyatt had coerced Bill. "Yeah, but in the most loving way possible," Wyatt quipped.

Sally figured that Bill was going into it with resentment, which would never work. Wyatt told her that it wasn't true, and Bill was going into it, knowing how much Wyatt loved her and how important she was to him. He said that she was the one he'd been waiting for. Sally felt that same way about Wyatt and couldn't believe what he'd done for her.

Wyatt explained that it wasn't a firm deal, and there were a lot of details to iron out. It was Spencer's first fashion venture, and it would take time to work it out. Wyatt asked if she was in and ready to work together to relaunch Spectra under his family's company. Sally said there was nothing she wanted more, and she kissed Wyatt.

Liam struggles to save his marriage Liam struggles to save his marriage
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

At Forrester, Sally reveled in the idea that Spectra was back. Wyatt warned that it might not be easy, and Bill might have crazy ideas -- like naming the business "Spenctra." She claimed that no one had ever stood up for her like Wyatt had, but Wyatt said his brother had tried. Sally had thought the blown-up building had been the end of her life, but then she'd found Wyatt.

Sally wondered when she and Wyatt should tell Steffy. Wyatt didn't want to rush into doing that until the deal was solid, but Sally wondered if Bill might tell Steffy first. Wyatt was sure that wouldn't happen because Bill knew that he needed to keep his distance. Wyatt was also confident that Bill desired to be a family man again, but the only thing missing was the family.

Wyatt began wondering what Bill might give Liam to get Liam to return to the family and the business. Sally asked what Liam would want. Wyatt didn't know, and not knowing worried him. He said Liam didn't care about the money or the job. Sally reasoned that Liam cared about having a father. Wyatt recalled that there was another family member whom Bill needed to make amends with, and her name wasn't even Spencer anymore.

Later, Wyatt pretended to be Bill to help Sally with her negotiating skills. Tossing his feet up on the desk, Wyatt asked her to pour them some drinks. Sally started to comply, but Wyatt asked what she was doing. He warned her not to fall for that because Bill could drink sailors under the table. Sally told "Bill" that they could celebrate after the deal was done, and Wyatt replied that it was a good answer.

Wyatt explained that Bill negotiated by making people feel less important, so they'd ask for less. Pretending to look at papers, Wyatt asked if twenty million in seed money was a typo. Sally told Wyatt that she'd never ask for that because Bill would laugh her out of the office. "Sally! Do not let him get off easy, okay?" Wyatt exclaimed. In his view, Bill owed her anything she wanted, and she should demand it.

Sally said that what she really wanted was to tell Wyatt how much he meant to her, and it wasn't just because he was the son of a gazillionaire. She said Wyatt got her, which wasn't easy to do. All she'd wanted was for Spectra to rise again, but when she hadn't been looking, something else had taken priority. "You," she told him.

Sitting on Wyatt's lap, Sally said she was indebted to him, but she couldn't repay him with money. Wyatt didn't want her paying him back for anything. Sally replied that he'd done something heroic for her, and it was her turn to make his dreams true.

Wyatt claimed that he didn't dream much. Touching his lips, Sally said that was unfortunate. Wyatt stammered that he could start dreaming, and Sally kissed him.

At Spencer, Liam didn't know why he was telling Bill anything. Urging Liam to speak, Bill said that if they couldn't discuss Steffy, the only topic left would be the weather. Bill asked if Liam agreed with Hope that their marriage was a mistake in need of correction. "Do you? Is that what you want?" Bill asked.

In Liam's silence, Bill assumed that Liam didn't want to open up to Bill about his wife leaving him. Liam replied that he hadn't said that, but Bill asked how Liam's wife wanting him to be with someone else was different. Liam stated that Bill had never understood Hope. Bill reasoned that he knew that Hope had loved Liam for years, but somehow, it had changed.

Liam suspected that Hope was just putting up fences because of her grief. Bill assumed that Hope didn't think anyone else could understand. Liam explained that her future had collapsed, and the only thing that helped her was time with the children, especially the infant. In Liam's view, it wasn't a good thing because Hope was transferring her feelings onto the child.

Bill replied that the baby already had a mother in Steffy, and what the baby needed was a father. Liam told Bill that he had to let that be. Bill asked if Liam was really so sure that Hope's solution wasn't the right one.

At Katie's house, Katie arrived home. Donna was there and said Will was playing outside. Katie asked if anyone had called, and Donna asked if Katie was expecting a call from Thorne. Katie didn't think she'd hear from him for a while. "Oh -- from Bill then," Donna concluded. Katie replied that Bill didn't call; he barged in.

Donna remarked that she'd be headed back to Forrester soon. She liked being able to go home in the middle of the day. She reckoned that it wasn't really her home, but Katie said that it was. Donna revealed that she'd been checking the real estate market -- just in case she needed to leave and let someone else move in.

Katie couldn't imagine who that someone else would be because she'd been lavishing all her attention on her son. Donna noted that Will was very happy, but she wondered how much happier he'd be if his father was there every day. Katie rolled her eyes, and Donna left for work.

Later, Katie opened her door for Bill, who said she knew he had a tendency not to call. Katie invited him in, and he said he wanted to talk about his son. She stated that Will was outside, but Bill clarified that he meant the son with whom he and Katie had had a little trouble.

Bill revealed that he'd asked Wyatt to return to Spencer. Katie said Bill would be disappointed if Wyatt was happy at Forrester. Bill explained that Wyatt had already agreed to return. Katie remarked that Sally and Wyatt had liked working together. Bill further explained that the arrangement would continue because he'd agreed to underwrite a reboot of Spectra under the Spencer umbrella.

Katie gasped. Bill asked if it had been the right thing to do. Katie affirmed it and didn't know why he'd had to ask. He said he hadn't had to, but he'd just wanted to brag to someone who'd care. Bill figured that Sally was going to want to name the thing after her. Sure that Sally would, Katie said others were just as proud of their names as Bill was.

Will entered. Glad his father was there, Will showed Bill an account on a tablet and griped about eight cents of interest. "Some savings account," he harped. Bill told Will that it was fun money for him and not to worry about it because he was rich. Will asked how that was. Bill replied that what was his was Will's, and Bill was as rich as it got. "Shouldn't I have my own debit card?" Will asked. Katie scoffed, and Bill advised Will to slow his roll.

Will asked if Bill was there to see Katie. Bill replied that he was there to see everyone. Will asked if his parents were friends again. Bill wondered when they hadn't been. Katie explained that she and Bill were passionate and vocal people who sometimes spoke loudly. To her, it wasn't a bad thing. Bill added that Katie was his superhero because she'd given him Will. Bill would always be grateful for that.

Bill stated that he and Katie always wanted what was best for Will. Will replied that they could just ask him. Bill asked what Will thought was best. Dragging his finger in a big circle between the three of them, he said, "This."

At the cliff house, Steffy advised Hope not to do anything drastic. She called Hope a woman of substance and said that, when they'd been young, she'd been selfish and had underestimated Hope. Steffy had learned the hard way that when one was willing to do anything to ease the pain, it was best to sit with the pain instead of acting out of desperation.

"It's why I'm alone. It cost me my marriage. But that doesn't have to happen to you," Steffy cautioned Hope. Hope stated that Steffy hadn't really lost Liam, and he still loved Steffy.

Steffy said she hadn't made the breakup decision on her own, and they'd all made choices and set goals. Hope pointed out that it had been when they'd thought Hope would have a child, but it hadn't happened. Steffy replied that Hope didn't know what the future held.

Hope was adamant about not putting herself through another pregnancy and loss of a child. She didn't even know why she was married and said Steffy was more Liam's wife than Hope. Not knowing what Hope was talking about, Steffy noted that Hope had the man and the ring. "And you have his children," Hope added.

"Child," Steffy corrected. She said that Liam had no relation to baby Phoebe. Hope believed that it could change once Steffy and Liam were back together. Hope claimed it was sweet of Steffy not to say anything, but Hope was sure that Steffy wanted the same thing, too. Steffy stated that Hope was venturing into decisions that weren't up to her.

Hope felt that Steffy and Liam were too worried about her to admit that the situation was wrong. Steffy said Hope had married Liam for love, not for the child, and Hope should let the tragedy draw them closer. Steffy stated that Liam was grieving, too, and Hope shouldn't desert him. Hope didn't understand why Steffy couldn't see how important it was.

Steffy stated that Hope could redesign her own life, not Steffy's. Hope claimed she wasn't deserting Liam; she was trying to give him a way out of the cold, dark place they'd been in since Beth had died. Hope was trying to give Liam his daughter back and give baby Phoebe a father.

Steffy replied that her children were not Hope's to give. Hope cited the fact that Steffy had planned a life with Liam, too, and asked why at least one of them couldn't have that future. Hope knew that Steffy wanted him, and it didn't hurt Hope anymore to hear it and know it.

A knock upon the door interrupted the conversation. Steffy yelled that the door was open. Liam entered. Hope stated that she was sure he had a key. She advised him to use it because it was his home. Steffy and Liam exchanged strained looks.

"Hope, we just talked about this!" Liam asserted. Hope asked if he'd been listening. Liam told her that it wasn't the time to make decisions about the rest of her life -- let alone his. Hope asked when it would be. "When the girls have already grown up without you?" she guessed.

Steffy stated that they all knew Kelly wouldn't grow up without her father. Hope said it was only once or twice a week. "Okay, okay, okay..." Liam said. Before he could say more, Hope insisted that she was thinking clearly. She knew that he'd lost a child, and she was urging him to see that a child needed him right then. Hope claimed that she'd carried the absence of her father with her, and she begged him not to do it to baby Phoebe.

Liam told Hope that he hadn't met his father until he'd been a grown man, and baby Phoebe hadn't been dealt those cards. Liam promised to treat the baby as his own, but "right now, you and I are more important." Hope stated that she couldn't accept that, and she wouldn't fail Kelly and baby Phoebe the way she'd failed Beth.

Liam yelled that it wasn't true, and the doctors had told them that. Hope screamed back that she knew how she felt. She believed that Beth would be taking a nap with Kelly if Hope hadn't fallen asleep during the delivery. Hope wanted all of her love and protection to go to Kelly and baby Phoebe instead of being wasted, and for her, it meant two parents raising them together.

Referring to the portrait, Hope told Liam to see how happy he and Steffy could be together. She said it didn't have to be just the past; it could be a snapshot of the future. Hope tugged her ring. "No, no, no. We're not going there today!" Liam said, grabbing Hope's hand.

Hope insisted that she wouldn't be responsible for keeping a family apart. She asked if Liam remembered the vows he and Steffy had made. She told him to make the life that he'd promised.

Due to news coverage, B&B did not air Due to news coverage, B&B did not air
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Due to news coverage of Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air.

While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, February 28, and picked up where the Tuesday, February 26 episode concluded.

Wyatt and Sally tell Eric and Quinn that they'll be working for Spencer Wyatt and Sally tell Eric and Quinn that they'll be working for Spencer
Thursday, February 28, 2019

At Katie's house, Will sat on his father's lap. He liked being with his parents. Bill liked being with Will and Katie and said the three of them had created some of the best times of his life. Katie concurred, and Will wondered why his parents had split up. He noted that they'd been happy and had loved each other. "How does that happen?" Will wondered.

Katie explained that adults sometimes made different choices, and sometimes, it was better to separate. Bill added that Will was the bond between Bill and Katie that could never be broken, and Bill and Katie had worked hard to get over their disagreements. "But you didn't get back together," Will replied. Bill stated that they were still a family, and they were stronger than ever.

Bill offered to take Will to a basketball game that week. Will wanted his mother to go, too, but Katie said it was something Will usually did with his father. Bill replied that it might need to change, and they could turn boys' night out into a family night.

Later, Bill and Katie were alone. Katie wasn't so sure about letting Bill plan their next family outing, but she loved seeing how happy Will was about spending time with his father. She noted that Will was happy and confident, which was important because of the abrupt changes in his life. Bill had stepped up, and it meant more than Katie could say.

Bill stated that some of the happiest times in his life, the times that he'd been at his best and had felt the most at peace were "times like these." He had never thought about the cost of winning until it had cost him his sons. It had been a hard lesson to learn, but it was finally paying off for him. Katie thought that, in a lot of ways, Bill was in a better place with Will than before.

"What about us, Katie? Are we in a better place? Because things were good between us once," Bill responded. In Katie's silence, Bill stated that she'd seen something in him that no one else had. Katie replied that he'd always said she brought it out in him. He agreed that she probably had. She reasoned that it was always there, but it was covered up by bravado or intimidation.

Bill responded that he hadn't intimidated Katie. Katie told him that he'd tried. He said it had been the old Bill. "He wasn't all bad," Katie uttered. He figured that he was better "this way -- right?" Katie asked if that was a question. "Not really, no," he replied. Bill felt that it was good, being able to be there and to see Katie and Will. In Bill's view, it was much better than the alternative.

At the cliff house, Liam grabbed Hope's hand to try to stop her from removing her ring. He told her that she couldn't do it, and it was insane. Adamant that she couldn't live with the guilt, Hope yanked off her ring and presented it to Liam. "I need you to do this!" she asserted.

Cupping her hand in his and pushing her ring back toward her, Liam said it wasn't the answer, and Hope wasn't thinking straight. Hope insisted that he could be with Steffy and the girls, and Hope wouldn't stop him. "Yeah, except nobody actually wants that," Liam responded.

Still holding her ring, Hope exclaimed that the girls were innocent babies, and she didn't want to be the reason they grew up without a father. Steffy stated that the girls were fine. Liam repeated it and told Hope that she didn't need to do it. "Yes, I do! Yes, I do!" Hope exclaimed.

For Hope, it was the only thing that made sense. She couldn't go on while knowing she was keeping Liam from them. Hope implored Steffy and Liam to be together, love each other, and make a family together.

Liam urged Hope, who was overwhelmed with grief and stress, to start taking care of herself. Steffy stated that having Hope spend time with the girls had seemed like a good idea. Hope affirmed that it had been and said it had made her see what she was taking away from the girls.

Hope explained that when she held the baby, she thought about Beth and simple things like laying on the bed in the morning, playing outside, and "mommy and daddy" being there. Hope hadn't had that growing up. She hadn't been able to give it to Beth, either, but she could give it to Liam and the girls. Hope begged Liam to let her give them that.

"You can't just give me away. You can't take off your ring and end our marriage because you think it's what's right. You're wrong; it's not. I'm sorry. I love you, and I'm not going anywhere," Liam told Hope. He said he could be a good husband and father at the same time, but what he couldn't do was give up on them. "And I'm not going to let you do that, either," he concluded.

Hope told Liam that he hadn't been listening, and she couldn't live with it anymore. Liam asserted that the children would have incredible lives, and he'd be there for them. "And so will you," he added. Steffy reassured Hope that the girls would be happy. Liam said the girls would be fine, and someday, Liam and Hope would be, too.

Liam stated that he and Hope had lost a baby together, and they would heal together. It was the promise he'd made on their wedding day. He reminded her that he'd said they'd face whatever was in the future together, hand in hand. Wondering if she remembered what she had said that day, he asked her what she'd told him gave her strength and courage.

"Our love for each other," Hope tearfully uttered. Liam told her that she was "damn right." Taking her ring from between her fingers, he said that, if she didn't mind, he wanted to put it back where it belonged. Hope nodded and let him put it on her finger. He told her to never forget how much he loved her, and they hugged. Liam said they'd promised to take care of each other, and it was what they would do.

Baby Phoebe cried, and Steffy went into the bedroom. Hope sobbed and apologized to Liam. She'd thought she'd known what to do, and she'd thought she could make at least one of them happy. She'd wanted to give the girls everything they'd planned to give to Beth. Liam replied that the girls had everything they needed, and Hope didn't have to worry.

Hope knew she didn't have to worry, and it was because Steffy was an amazing mother. Hope didn't even know why she'd been going on like she had been. She only knew that she wanted to make everything okay for those beautiful girls.

Steffy returned with baby Phoebe. She wasn't sure if it was the best thing to have the baby in there at that moment. Hope said that it was okay, and Steffy let Hope hold the child. While feeding the baby, Hope wished the baby could have met Beth.

Hope said the baby had loving parents, a secure and happy home, and the future that she and Liam had wanted for Beth. Hope told baby Phoebe that Liam and Steffy loved her. Hope stated that she loved the baby, too. Hope loved the baby "so, so much."

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Eric and Quinn arrived at the behest of Wyatt and Sally. Quinn was worried that something was wrong. Wyatt replied that things were actually great and that he and Sally had a major change on the horizon.

Assuming Wyatt and Sally were engaged, Quinn grabbed Sally's hand. "Seriously? You didn't get her a ring?" Quinn asked. Wyatt said that he and Sally weren't announcing an engagement. Wyatt explained that Bill had asked him to return to Spencer, but Wyatt would only return if Bill resurrected Spectra Fashions.

Quinn assumed that Wyatt and Sally had accepted the offer, and Eric guessed that they were both leaving Forrester. Wyatt thanked Eric for his generosity and for taking a chance on him and Sally. "All three of us, if you come to think about it," Wyatt said, adding his mom to the list.

Eric said that Wyatt and Sally had made a big impact on the company and him. Eric and Quinn understood why Sally and Wyatt needed to go. Quinn wasn't thrilled about it, but she understood Wyatt's need to work with his father. She just hoped Bill wouldn't hurt Wyatt again.

Sally stated that it had been a hard decision because being on a design team with Eric and Ridge had been more than she ever could have imagined. Eric thanked Wyatt and Sally for bringing a fresh perspective to the company, just like his wife had done.

Noting the look on Eric's face, Quinn said not to worry because her talents would stay at Forrester. Sally stated that she'd be using hers to compete against them. Eric didn't mind competition -- as long as it was friendly and fair. Sally promised that it would be, and Eric urged her to "bring it on." He wished her luck in her future endeavors.

Eric hugged Sally, and she became tearful. She couldn't believe she was so emotional. She said that Wyatt had put his relationship with his father and his shot at Spencer on the line to make sure that she got her shot. If that wasn't love, she didn't know what was. Wyatt and Sally kissed.

Later, Eric and Quinn had gone, and Sally wondered what was next. Wyatt said they'd gotten the hard part -- telling his mother -- out of the way. Sally thought that Quinn had taken it well. Wyatt warned Sally not to let Quinn's calm fool her. Sally asked if they had anything to worry about from Quinn. Wyatt said they wouldn't -- but Bill might if he flaked on the deal.

Wyatt doubted that Bill would flake. Sally appreciated that Wyatt had taken on her "passion project," especially because it could have cost him something he'd wanted very much. Her life had never been "so good," and she felt she owed it all to Wyatt.

Bill makes a major change to the Spectra deal Bill makes a major change to the Spectra deal
Friday, March 1, 2019

At Spencer, Bill reviewed a contract. Justin expressed his displeasure with the fashion house deal. Justin said it was unthinkable for them to go to the lengths Bill had gone for Sally. Bill conveyed that Wyatt had had one condition for his return, and Bill was fine with repairing some of the damage he'd done to Sally's career, especially because she meant so much to Wyatt.

Just then, Sally and Wyatt arrived. Bill exclaimed that he'd just been spreading the good news, and Justin was excited about it. Bill thought it was an amazing day for the family and for Spencer. He said his son had returned and brought a smoking hot redhead with him.

Bill conveyed that making dresses at Spencer Publications would be a learning curve, but he felt that they all were up for the challenge. He joked that, before getting a law degree, Justin had contemplated a career in design. "While Bill was considering interpretive dance," Justin quipped, swirling his hips. Bill reminded Justin that he had somewhere else to be, and Justin exited.

Wyatt said that he and Sally were extremely excited about the venture. Sally stated that she was still in disbelief about going forward with the man who'd blown her aspirations to smithereens. Bill said he wasn't the same man. He felt terrible about what he'd done to Sally and to Spectra.

Sally replied that she didn't need another apology; she just needed to know she could trust Bill as they moved forward. She promised not to take it out on "Sky" again the next time they didn't agree. Bill gazed at the repaired skyscraper model and said it was good to know.

Sally was thankful for the opportunity, but she knew the devil was in the details. She asked if Bill was really prepared to start up Spectra Fashions again. "No," Bill replied. Wyatt sat up and began stuttering about what he thought Bill had said. Bill replied that he knew what Wyatt had thought, but "that's not happening."

Wyatt and Sally hopped up from their seats, agitated and regretful that they'd trusted Bill. Bill told them to slow their rolls and take breaths. He said he wasn't reneging on the deal; he was clarifying it. Wyatt asserted that Bill had said he'd fund Spectra Fashions. Bill replied that he would not fund the clothing line or fashion house unless it was called Spencer Fashions.

Wyatt scoffed. Bill said that it was his money, and he was taking all the financial risks. His only stipulation was that the new venture carry the Spencer name. He didn't think it was too much to ask. "Do you?" he inquired of Sally and Wyatt.

Bill further clarified that Sally would be the lead designer and execute her own vision. His only condition was that the venture he was backing carried his name. Wyatt asked Sally what she thought. Sally replied that it would be crazy to quibble over it when such a great opportunity was on the table. Wyatt asked if they were in.

Sally affirmed it, and Bill chuckled with delight. Sally said that the business wouldn't have the Spectra name, but it would have the Spectra passion. She promised not to let them down.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope laid out baby clothes. Liam handed her a mug of tea. Hope set it beside the crumpled sonogram photo on the table. He silently noted the photo was there and asked her how her meeting had gone. Hope said she'd postponed the meeting. She started to say that she'd had intentions, but interrupting, he said she didn't have to explain it to him.

Hope told Liam that the clothes she was sorting had been Beth's. Hope wanted to give them to Steffy for baby Phoebe -- if Liam thought it was okay. Liam replied that she could do what she thought was best. Hope didn't want to part with the garments, but she had to find a way to move forward. She didn't know how to do that when her every thought was of Beth.

Liam applauded Hope for making an effort and said she was dealing with a lot. Hope acknowledged that he was, too, and she felt that she was making it worse for him. Holding her hand, Liam said he didn't want her ring to ever come off again. "Promise me," he stated.

Hope received a message from Katie that invited Hope to "Bikini." Liam thought the sun, fresh air, and cocktails with her aunt would be good. He reminded Hope that he'd just asked her for a promise. He knew it was hard for her to talk about it, but he felt they had to because of what she'd tried to do. He asked if she got that staying together was the right answer.

Hope stated that what she got was that she was keeping Liam away from the girls. It made her feel selfish, and she didn't feel right about it. She picked up the sonogram photo and said that she'd wanted to give Beth the life she had deserved.

Hope said Beth wasn't there and never would be. Steffy's girls, however, were there and deserved the best. Hope felt that giving them the best meant that Liam and Steffy had to be there every day, making a life together. Liam began to speak, but Hope interrupted, figuring that he'd say the girls would be fine. Hope insisted that they wouldn't be.

Liam said that everyone would make sure of it, including Hope. Hope asserted that they weren't her girls and never would be. She said that Beth was gone, but in her heart, she still felt like a mother. Hope couldn't move on because she felt as if Beth was still there.

Hope didn't want to forget Beth. Liam said no one would. He believed the child would be in their hearts forever, but he didn't think it meant they should stop living. Hope knew it and was trying her best to move forward. Being with the girls helped her.

Liam was glad something helped, but in his view, it didn't mean she should force him and Steffy back together or give up on their marriage, future, and family. He said that they might have a child of their own. "And when that day comes -- " he started to say. Upset, Hope yelled that she couldn't. She couldn't go through losing another baby again.

Hope asked if Liam couldn't see that she wasn't meant to be a mother. Liam told her that she was a mother. She was Beth's mother. It wouldn't change, and it was forever. He knew that she kept saying she couldn't go through it again, but he assured her that she could. He said they could have a family someday if she wanted it.

Liam stated that when he and Hope had said their vows, he'd meant them. He wouldn't allow her to push him away. Hope started sobbing. Liam hugged her and said he was never, ever going to give up on them.

At Bikini, Danny was glad to have Flo behind the bar, working with him, because he'd been shorthanded before he'd hired her. He recalled that she'd worked at a casino. Flo explained that she'd worked behind a craps table, not a bar. Danny thought she was doing great.

Danny went to attend to a table, and Flo's smile dropped when she saw Zoe stride up to the bar. Zoe asked Flo if she was out of her mind. Flo didn't have time to talk at work, but Zoe asked if Flo could take a break. Returning behind the bar, Danny remarked that Flo was overdue for a break, and he relieved Flo.

Flo walked off to the side of the bar to continue her conversation with Zoe, who said that Flo couldn't work there and really shouldn't be in Los Angeles at all. Flo asked how Zoe had known where Flo was working. Zoe explained that she'd gone by her father's flat and had been surprised to see that Flo's things were still there. The building manager had happened by, and when Zoe had asked him where Flo was, he'd told her about Flo's new job.

Flo mumbled that she'd never tell that guy anything again. Zoe didn't know what Flo thought she was doing and said Flo had to know how foolish and dangerous it was to remain in L.A. Flo liked the city and thought the risk was small because of how populated it was. Zoe insisted that it was a huge risk and asserted that Flo needed to go home that instant.

Flo felt that there was nothing for her back in Las Vegas. She was trying to start over. Zoe advised Flo to start over somewhere else because of what had happened in L.A. Flo said she'd never forget how Reese had dragged her into a baby swapping scheme. Zoe asked Flo not to say it out loud. The guilt was haunting Flo, and she was sure it was haunting Zoe, too.

Zoe disliked the situation but thought that it was better not to talk about it because everyone involved could go to prison, possibly even herself. She implored Flo to keep it a secret. Flo asked if she should -- even if it meant letting the poor woman suffer. Zoe reasoned that Steffy adored the baby, and the child would have a wonderful life and lack for nothing.

"Except for knowing who she is, who her real mom is," Flo replied. She couldn't believe that because of what Reese had done, she had to live with the guilt for the rest of her life. She felt bad because "this Hope" had a child that was lost to her forever.

Danny called for Flo to return to the bar. Zoe said she was sorry that Reese had gotten Flo involved and that she and Flo had to suffer the consequences. Zoe loved her father and didn't want him to go to prison, no matter what he'd done.

Flo said Reese had put a stillborn in a mother's arms and had lied that the real baby hadn't made it. The real baby was alive and well and being raised by another mother who thought of the child as her own. "This poor woman. Poor Hope," Flo said.

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