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Quinn tried to send Sally packing after witnessing a hug between Sally and Thomas. Liam and Hope reconnected, but Thomas succeeded in his plot to drive Liam out of town. Katie turned down Bill's marriage proposal. Shauna escalated a tussle between Zoe and Flo.
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Katie turned down Bill's marriage proposal
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Thomas declares his intentions toward Hope Thomas declares his intentions toward Hope
Monday, April 22, 2019

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge and Brooke were impressed by the designs Thomas had created for HFTF. Claiming not to want to get ahead of himself, Thomas asserted that it was time to revitalize the line and Hope. He hoped that they didn't mind that he'd set up a meeting with the HFTF team. He wanted to fire the team up and inspire them to be there for Hope.

After Thomas had gone, Brooke said she was impressed that Thomas was thinking of Hope's needs while he and Douglas were also mourning. Ridge suspected that Thomas' interest in HFTF wasn't totally selfless. She said that Thomas would benefit from the line's resurgence.

Recalling that Taylor had said Thomas and Hope would make a good couple, Brooke stated that Taylor had been right -- but in a different way. Brooke believed that Thomas and Hope made a good match -- as friends and coworkers.

Brooke noticed that Ridge seemed troubled. He admitted that he was worried about Thomas. She understood her husband's concern and noted that Caroline's death had changed Thomas' life forever. Ridge clarified that it had changed Thomas' life as a parent, not in a romantic sense.

Agreeing, Brooke expressed her shock that Thomas and Caroline had stopped being a couple. Brooke asked what Ridge thought had happened. Ridge said that people sometimes got interested in other people. Brooke asked if he thought it was another woman and if it might be Sally. Ridge was sure that it was another woman, but he didn't think it was Sally.

Brooke asked who Ridge thought it was. Ridge decided that it was best to not get involved. Brooke agreed, wishing someone had told Ridge's mother that. Brooke believed that Thomas would be okay. Ridge replied that Hope would, too, and he and Brooke hugged.

In the design office, Thomas met with Simon, Tiffany, and Emma, all of whom he was sure were anxious for an update on HFTF. The team wondered where Hope was, and Thomas said she wasn't attending the meeting. The team remarked that things had been slow, and Hope hadn't been in much. Thomas announced that he planned to change all of that.

Outside the door, Sally paused and listened as Thomas gave the HFTF team a pep talk and assured them that the line was ripe for a comeback. He wanted them to give their all to HFTF and the woman behind it.

Sally entered. She said she was impressed, and it sounded just like the meetings at Spectra. Handing her some sketches, Thomas invited Sally to stick around. As Sally and the others reviewed the designs, Sally asked if Hope had seen them. Thomas conveyed Hope's excitement about it all. Sally guessed it was really happening, and Hope was returning full-time.

"With the right encouragement," Thomas answered. He told the others that they could give Hope something to be proud of and a reason to go to work every morning. Thomas wanted to push forward. He told Simon to take the designs to the cutting room and instructed Emma and Tiffany to start a social media campaign.

The HFTF team exited. Sally asked Thomas if he thought he needed Hope's permission first. "No, the time to strike is now," Thomas replied. She congratulated him on inspiring the team and said Hope was lucky to have Thomas in her life.

Thomas felt lucky to have Hope. He said he wanted to talk to Sally about something. Sally agreed to listen. He asked if she was sure because they had history together, and "I...uh..."

"Did me wrong?" Sally said. She told Thomas that it was lucky for him that she'd gotten over it. Thomas stated that he'd tried to talk to his father, but it hadn't gone well. Thomas had a lot going on inside him. Sally assured him that he could trust her. He asked what Sally knew about Hope and her marriage to Liam.

Sally didn't think she knew any more than Thomas did by talking to his sister. Thomas said he'd learned some things from Steffy and Hope, but he wanted Sally's take. Sally asked if he'd heard about Hope's insistence that Liam go back to Steffy and the girls.

Nodding, Thomas said Hope felt tremendous guilt. He asked if Sally thought Hope and Liam could work it out. Sally said that Hope might not be ready to. Thomas asked what Sally meant. Sally conveyed her impression that Hope and Liam hadn't been together intimately for a while.

Thomas reminded Sally that he and Hope had once been together. Sally stated her knowledge that he'd proposed to Hope, but Sally said it had been awhile back. In Thomas' silence, Sally's gaze turned into a knowing glare. "Are you telling me...?" she asked.

Thomas said he'd been spending time with Hope and Douglas, and things had started to make sense to him. Sally asked if Thomas was falling for Hope. Thomas asked if it was really falling if one had "never..." Sally figured he was saying he'd never gotten over Hope.

"Seriously?" Sally exclaimed. Thomas said he'd always loved Hope. To him, it didn't take away from what he and Sally had shared, but seeing Douglas and Hope together had made things click for Thomas. Hope was the one woman he'd never truly gotten over. Sally rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief.

In Thomas' mind, Liam wasn't right for Hope, and everyone could have been spared heartache if they'd figured things out back then. Thomas considered the fact that if they had figured it out, he and Hope wouldn't have had their kids, who were the reasons for their renewed connection.

Thomas refused to ignore how lucky Douglas was to have Hope. Thomas said that Douglas was a child without a mother, and Hope was a mother without a child. In Thomas' view, it was meant to be. "Meant to be? Thomas, take a breath!" Sally replied.

Thomas went on without a breath. He said he wasn't talking about just himself. He was talking about his sister, her daughters, and Liam. Thomas asked why Liam should only see "his girls" part-time and why Douglas should go without a mother.

Thomas believed that Hope was traumatized, and he wasn't just talking about the stillbirth. He was talking about years of trying to make it work with the wrong person. Thomas believed that Hope needed to get out from beneath Liam and from beneath the pain.

"I'm doing this. I am breaking up Hope and Liam. He's gonna go back to my sister and their children, where he belongs. And Hope -- she'll be with me," Thomas declared. Sally looked at Thomas as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

At the cabin, Hope arrived and saw a romantic table set in the living room. "Surprise," Liam quietly said as he entered from the kitchen with Champagne. She asked what all of it was, and he replied that it was a romantic meal for two. He asked how it sounded. Hope said it sounded wonderful, and Liam kissed her.

Liam asked if anything was wrong. Hope said it wasn't anything he didn't already know about. He asked if she wanted to eat or wait. It didn't really matter to Hope. Liam stated that he wanted it to matter. He wanted a meal with candlelight and background music to matter.

Liam believed that he and Hope would grieve Beth for the rest of their lives. He didn't want the grief to define them. He wanted it to make them closer. He believed that it would if Hope would open herself up to "moments like this" and allow herself to enjoy them. He said that it was important, and it mattered. "We matter," Liam stated.

Though Hope appreciated Liam's effort, she just wasn't up for it. Liam said that all he was asking for was to spend time together and to share a meal. "Followed by..." Hope uttered. Chuckling, Liam said that it had been awhile for them, but it wasn't the point of the meal.

Hope insisted that she couldn't at that time. She wanted to be near Liam and close to him, but she couldn't risk it. Losing Beth and fearing a pregnancy weren't the only reasons she felt that way. Hope still felt guilty about keeping him from the girls. Liam wanted Hope to stop thinking that way because it wasn't the case, and the girls were on a business trip with their mother.

Hope asserted that Steffy had taken the trip to create distance between Hope and Phoebe. Hope didn't blame Steffy for it, but the distance wasn't helping. It actually made Hope feel worse about keeping him from his girls. She asked when he'd last held his daughter.

Liam told Hope that Kelly was fine in her mother's care. Hope was the one who needed help, not Kelly. Hope told Liam to stop and go be with his family. He tried to assure Hope that his daughter was fine, and if there was a real need for him to be there, he'd hop on the next plane.

Hope said he didn't have to stay there for her. She was an adult, but the girls were children who needed their dad. She urged him to go and be the father they never had. Hope believed that Liam wanted to stay in town because he was worried about her. In her view, everyone was worried about her, and she couldn't take the constant pity. It was all just a reminder of her failure to stay awake for Beth.

Liam decided to suppose that Hope was right. He didn't think she was, but he asked how they'd move forward and how he could help her forgive herself for it. Hope didn't know.

Liam said the answer wasn't to push him away. He thought he should be holding Hope and loving her. Hope wanted that. She wanted to move on and be the way they had been, but her body was still in mourning. She wasn't sure she'd ever be able to get over what had happened.

Liam replied that she wasn't supposed to get over their daughter dying; however, she should be able to let him in. He said she should let him be the husband he'd vowed to be. The trauma could tear them apart, but Liam was determined not to let it. He didn't want to pressure her into doing something she wasn't ready to do -- but -- he needed his wife. He believed that she needed him, too. Hope agreed that she did, and they kissed and hugged.

Hope and Liam make love for the first time since Beth's tragedy Hope and Liam make love for the first time since Beth's tragedy
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

In the design office, Thomas told Sally that she couldn't talk him out of breaking up Liam and Hope. Sally said Thomas wasn't thinking clearly. On the spur of the moment, she hugged him.

Just then, Quinn opened the door. She saw the hug and quickly shut the door.

Thomas reminded Sally that she'd said he could trust her with the information. He felt that he was thinking clearly and said that the more time Hope spent with Douglas, the clearer things became. In Thomas' view, it was best for everyone involved for Hope and Liam's marriage to end -- "So she can be with me," Thomas concluded.

Sally reaffirmed her agreement to keep Thomas' confidence, but she felt that it was a lot to process. She was shocked that Thomas wanted to get between Liam and Hope, who'd been through so much. Thomas asked if Sally didn't think his son had been through a lot. "He needs a mother, and she is right there! Hell, he even asked her to be his mother!" Thomas revealed.

Thomas figured that Sally didn't get it because she didn't have children. He was sure she would have them one day, and when she did, she'd do anything to keep those children from hurting. He was adamant that Douglas needed a woman in his life, and Hope was that woman, as far as Thomas was concerned. Sally asked Thomas to question himself about how much of it was for Douglas versus how much of it was for himself.

Sally had thought that she hadn't been able to fully have Thomas because of Caroline, and she finally understood that it was because he'd never truly gotten over Hope. Thomas said that Sally was in love with Wyatt, and Thomas had fallen in love with Hope years back. Hope had become all Thomas could think about. He believed that Hope needed a man who was totally committed to her. Sally asserted that Hope had a man like that -- her husband.

Disagreeing, Thomas felt that the same thing was happening with Hope and Liam as had happened with Taylor and Ridge. Sally noticed that Thomas was sketching something and asked what it was. He murmured that it was nothing. His phone chimed, and Sally took the sketch pad as he accessed his phone. On the pad was a rudimentary drawing of stick-figures, possibly depicting Hope and Douglas, in a heart with the words "I love you" on the bottom.

Sally exclaimed that Thomas was making drawings and pretending that they were from Douglas. Snatching back the pad, Thomas declared that he'd make the situation right and that the next generation of his family wouldn't suffer the way his sisters and he had because of Brooke. In Thomas' mind, Liam belonged with Steffy, and Hope belonged with Thomas.

Later, Sally had gone, and Thomas called Amelia. He and the nanny flirted with each other, and he asked how his nieces were doing. Amelia bragged about Kelly, who was learning to talk and who was saying "Da Da" every time Steffy showed the child a picture of Liam.

Thomas invited Amelia out to eat with him when she arrived back in the states. Amelia accepted. He asked her to do him a favor and keep it between them. She asked what he needed. Thomas said he had a way to secure his nieces' future and return their father to them. He believed that he could make it happen with her help.

At Spencer, Quinn barged into the office in which Wyatt was working. She was livid that Wyatt had done so much for Sally, and Sally was repaying him by cozying up to Thomas Forrester. Wyatt asked what Quinn was talking about. Quinn asserted that she'd seen the redhead and her ex. "I saw your girlfriend Sally in Thomas' arms," Quinn revealed.

Quinn refused to let Sally make a fool of Wyatt. Wyatt didn't think that was what was happening. She asked what one called it when Thomas and Sally were working side by side at Forrester. Wyatt asked what his mother meant, and Quinn revealed that, because Thomas was working on HFTF, he and Sally would be working together all the time and falling into each other's arms every chance they got. Quinn wouldn't let Wyatt get played for a sucker.

Adamant that Quinn had misinterpreted what she'd seen, Wyatt reasoned that Caroline had just died, and everyone was grieving. He assumed that Sally had been being supportive. Quinn said she'd raised him better than that, and Sally wasn't the girl for him. Quinn began praising Flo and said she knew he still cared about Flo.

Wyatt stated that he'd always care for Flo. Quinn conveyed that Flo seemed to be going through something heavy, and he reminded his mother that Flo had just learned that her father was dead. Quinn urged Wyatt to be there for Flo and forget about Sally.

Quinn claimed that she'd tried to refrain from meddling in Wyatt's love life. Wyatt scoffed. Quinn just couldn't forget the horrible things Sally had done. Quinn believed it was a mistake for Eric and Ridge to let Sally continue to design at Forrester. Wyatt affirmed that the Forresters had hired Sally because she was talented. "She's not talented. She's tacky," Quinn quipped.

Quinn stated that Wyatt and Sally had had their fun, and it was time for Wyatt to ask out Flo. Quinn advised Wyatt to let Sally move out and be with Thomas.

At the cabin, Liam said he understood Hope's fear of conceiving at that time, but he thought that the last thing he and Hope should do was to push each other away. He believed that they needed intimacy more than ever. Liam needed Hope, and he believed that she needed him, too.

Hope missed Liam, too, but she feared having another baby. Liam said it was totally understandable that she wasn't ready to have another child, and he assured her that they'd be safe. He said he wouldn't let her worry about getting pregnant. Hope and Liam kissed each other, and he promised that there wouldn't be a baby until she was ready.

Liam and Hope kissed again, and Liam sat on the sofa. Hope took off her shawl and sat down beside him. The couple began making love on the couch.

Later, Liam and Hope cuddled on the sofa beneath a blanket, and she admitted that he'd been right about them needing to reconnect. Liam stated that it had almost felt like the first time, and Hope replied that it hadn't been that long. "Hasn't it?" he asked.

Liam felt as if it had been a test for their marriage. He'd started to feel like he hadn't been the best husband. Hope assured him that no wife could ask for a more caring husband. She didn't think she could have made it through those months without him, and it had been hard for her to want to be close to him without being ready. She was grateful that he'd been patient.

Liam's phone chimed. Liam said he'd meant to turn it off. Checking the phone, Hope said it was Wyatt, and it seemed urgent. "Oh, it's Wyatt? Is it Wyatt?" Liam excitedly said, grabbing the phone. Unceremoniously, he tossed it on the ottoman.

Liam said that he was grateful that he got to have Hope and share his life with her. He loved her, and he loved who he was because of her. Liam and Hope kissed.

Later, Liam had gone. In her robe, Hope let Thomas into the house. He was there to thank her for caring for Douglas and to deliver a drawing from Douglas. Hope was amazed that Douglas had drawn it for her and said the print was really good, too. Thomas claimed that Douglas had had Thomas "double-check" that and also the boy's spelling.

Thomas remarked that the only thing that brought Douglas joy was thinking of Hope. He didn't want Douglas' love for her to be a burden for her. Hope felt that Douglas was a wonderful boy, and she was glad to help him through a tough time. Thomas said that Hope had done it for him, too, and she'd been a godsend to him and his son.

Hope thanked Thomas again for the drawing. Thomas decided that, before he left, Hope needed to see something. He claimed that Amelia was concerned about the girls, especially Kelly, and had sent him a video. He showed Hope a video of Kelly walking around, following a camera phone and repeatedly saying, "Da Da!"

Thomas claimed that Amelia had said that Kelly called out for her father all the time, and the girls really missed their father. The video and his words seemed to affect Hope. He said that Steffy didn't know that Amelia had sent the video, and "she" didn't want Liam to be upset.

Thomas stated that the girls needed their father, and Liam couldn't wait any longer. Thomas believed that Hope understood that it was time, and Liam needed to be with his family.

At Spencer, Liam arrived and told Wyatt that it had better be good. Wyatt sarcastically asked if he was pulling Liam away from something. Liam stated that, as a matter of fact, he'd been with his wife. "So?" Wyatt asked. Liam repeated it, and finally getting what Liam meant, Wyatt said, "Oh! That's great!" Wyatt wondered why Liam was even there with Wyatt.

Liam replied that it was because Wyatt had kept sending text messages, and Hope had insisted that Liam take care of whatever his brother needed. Wyatt said he wouldn't have kept doing it if he had known what had been going on, and he guessed that Liam was ecstatic. Liam beamed that he was, and he was grateful to be back on track with Hope. He felt that he and Hope had weathered the worst of it.

Sally and Quinn square-off over Sally's living arrangement with Wyatt Sally and Quinn square-off over Sally's living arrangement with Wyatt
Wednesday, April 24, 2019
by Pam

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Liam discussed that Hope had been brave and started to put her life back together after losing Beth. Wyatt acknowledged how much effort it had been for her and Liam "on top of your own grief."

Liam said it had been hell, but he finally felt like he and Hope had taken steps toward their future and reconnected in a physical sense. Wyatt was happy for Liam, and Liam thanked Wyatt for being especially supportive throughout the crisis and added that he appreciated Wyatt as a brother.

Liam admitted that he'd worried that he and Hope would never heal. He hoped that someday Hope would want to start a family. Wyatt understood. He also knew that Liam had to being missing Kelly and Phoebe. Liam agreed. He said he called every day, but video chats weren't the same as being there.

Liam lamented that they were all apart. "Steffy's been gone a little longer than I expected. What if they forget me?" Liam asked. Wyatt scoffed and suggested Liam visit his family in Paris. He added that Hope had been vulnerable but seemed to be working through things, and she had Thomas, Brooke, and Ridge to support her while Liam visited Paris. Wyatt encouraged a trip. Liam thought about it.

At Hope and Liam's cabin, Thomas showed Hope a video from his phone in which Steffy and Liam's daughter Kelly was missing her dad. Thomas and Hope agreed it was heartbreaking that Kelly missed her dad so much.

Thomas said that the girls had been away from their dad for weeks. Hope was emotional. She and Thomas discussed how hard it was to grow up without a dad. Thomas said that Douglas didn't like to be away from Thomas for hours, let alone weeks.

Thomas and Hope discussed that Hope had encouraged Liam to spend time with the girls on previous occasions, and Thomas pressured her to encourage Liam to visit the girls because they needed him most. Hope watched the video again and said she thought she'd heard Phoebe in the background. "I miss both of them," Hope said about the girls.

Thomas encouraged Hope to keep the existence of the video a secret because he didn't want to get Amelia in trouble for sending it to him. Hope agreed. She hated keeping Liam away from the girls. Thomas said he hated seeing Hope torture herself and always putting other people first.

Thomas thanked Hope for all her help with Douglas, who had been so despondent after Caroline's death. Thomas said that Douglas had not wanted to get up in the morning when Caroline was gone, but with Hope in his life, he looked forward to getting up because he knew he would see Hope.

Thomas pressured Hope to encourage Liam to visit the girls in Paris because they needed him just as much as Douglas needed Hope. Hope looked confused. She said she wanted what was best for "those precious little girls." Thomas agreed they had "tragically" lost Beth, but the girls needed their dad and were very far away from him.

Liam entered and greeted Thomas and Hope. Thomas said he had just stopped by to check on Hope. Hope agreed and said they had been talking about Steffy and the girls and how much they missed Liam and he missed them. Hope insisted that Liam had to visit them. Liam said that Thomas should leave because it was a private conversation, but Hope said it was all right. She told Liam she loved him, but he had to visit.

Hope insisted she wouldn't take "No" for an answer because the girls needed him. Thomas watched, and Liam sighed. Hope admitted that she missed the girls, too. Hope understood that Liam had stayed with her to help her heal, but she wasn't fragile anymore. "I love you so much for caring about me and making me a priority, but I'm doing better now," Hope said. She added that she had plenty of people around, with her mother and Ridge at the main house and Thomas and Douglas nearby, as well.

Thomas promised to check in on Hope. He added that the Forrester legal team was on its way to Paris in the corporate jet, and he was sure that Liam could hitch a ride. Liam said the timing was incredible, and he had missed the girls a lot. Thomas promised to hold the jet for Liam. Hope added that Liam could be putting the girls to bed by the next day. Liam agreed.

Liam reminded Thomas that what they had been through was devastating, and Hope was doing a lot better -- especially when Douglas was around. Thomas promised that Douglas would spend time with Hope. He said he would make the arrangements. Thomas left.

"Wow," Liam said. Hope assured him that he would be reunited with his girls soon, and she would be in good hands after he left. They embraced and kissed. Thomas watched from outside. Liam worried that they had just started getting closer, but Hope said it would be good for them to miss each other. "I love you with all my heart," Hope said. Liam kissed her hand and said he was glad they were back on track. "I love you," he said. They kissed and hugged, and Thomas continued to watch through the window from outside.

At Wyatt's cottage, Sally entered and found Quinn there. Quinn sat on the couch, drinking a glass of wine. Sally wondered what she was doing there. Quinn said that Sally was taking a trip -- "one way, out of my son's life." Sally was surprised.

Quinn praised her son as a warm and generous person who had opened his home to Sally when she had needed a place to live, but Quinn maintained that Sally was "like the proverbial houseguest who never left." Quinn demanded that Sally leave "today." She offered to help Sally "pack up."

Sally interrupted and said she could easily afford her own place, and she agreed that Wyatt had been very supportive of her, but if he wanted her out of his house, she would leave. She insisted it was Wyatt's decision, not Quinn's.

Quinn countered that Sally needed to put on her "big girl pants" and find herself a place to live. Sally wondered why Quinn was on the warpath. Quinn said her gut told her not to trust Sally, and Sally's track record was a good reason. Quinn reminded Sally that she'd stolen from the Forresters.

Sally agreed and said she regretted that, but the Forresters had forgiven her. She wondered why Quinn would hold a grudge. She added that she and Wyatt were in love. Quinn scoffed and said that Sally was "living rent-free on the beach in Malibu." Quinn said it had to be a dream, considering where Sally had grown up.

Quinn continued to insult Sally and advised her to get out before Wyatt kicked her out. Sally doubted that would happen. Sally said Quinn couldn't kick her out of her son's home. Quinn said she could. She knew Sally's type -- a woman who played the perennial victim, when she was really a "con artist and a fake."

Sally was confused as to why Quinn was so hostile. She agreed they had never been friends, but they had respected each other when they'd worked together. "I have no idea where any of this is coming from," Sally said. Suddenly, she paused, and it hit her. "It's Flo, isn't it? You want Flo back with Wyatt," Sally said. "Nothing would make me happier," Quinn answered.

Quinn and Sally argued more, with Quinn insisting that Sally wasn't committed to Wyatt. She repeated that Sally needed to get out of Wyatt's life and his house. Wyatt entered, and Sally said he was "just in time" because his mother was trying to kick her out of his house. Quinn smiled, and Wyatt told her she couldn't do that.

Quinn recalled that Wyatt had supported Sally and gotten her a job with Hope for the Future and then worked to get her her own line at Spencer, but she had decided to stay at Forrester. "She took this gift and threw it back at you," Quinn said, and she added that she remembered Wyatt had been "hurt and disappointed. Tell her." Wyatt said goodbye to his mother. Quinn left.

Wyatt apologized to Sally. She asked if what Quinn had said was true. "I don't want to talk about my mother right now. Please," Wyatt said. He embraced Sally and said, "I'm sorry."

After Katie turns him down, Bill runs into Shauna After Katie turns him down, Bill runs into Shauna
Thursday, April 25, 2019

At Spencer, Katie stopped by Bill's office to run something by him. Bill thought it was perfect timing because he'd wanted to talk to her about something, too, regarding their family.

Bill brought up the time he'd lost his way. He wanted to reassure Will that it wouldn't happen again, and he had figured out the best way to do that. Katie asked what Bill's idea was. Dragging his guest chairs to face each other, Bill offered Katie a seat. They sat down together, and he asked what boys wanted most in the world. "A girl," Katie deduced.

Bill agreed but said he meant boys Will's age. He remarked that Will still thought girls were gross. Katie replied that she hated to break it to Bill, but Will no longer thought that. Bill felt that what a boy wanted most was his family and home. That was where a boy knew who he was. Katie said that Will had the Logans and the Spencers surrounding him.

Bill affirmed that his family was his priority. He figured that Katie didn't know where she fit into it, but he assured her that she did indeed fit in. He asked if she believed that he'd never let their son down again. Katie believed it. Bill decided to just throw "this" out there, and he asked if she knew how many eligible bachelor lists he was on.

Katie hadn't been keeping up with such lists, but she guessed three. "So many more," Bill replied. Katie scoffed. He said he didn't feel like such a great catch. She doubted he believed that. He replied that he was vain and arrogant and thought the world revolved around him. "And you know what? Even if it does, I shouldn't think that way," Bill reasoned.

Bill's egotistical traits had garnered him success, but he thought they were also tools to keep people at bay because of his fear that people who got to know him would not like him at all. Katie said she'd known him for quite a while, and she liked him. Bill replied that it was because they had something special. "We do divorce pretty well," she proffered.

"Trial runs," Bill said. Reaching into his pocket, he told her that practice made perfect. Katie's eyes bulged as he pulled out a black velvet box. Inside it was an elongated cushion diamond solitaire ring in a channel setting. Bill asked if she'd do him the honor of marrying him -- again.

In Katie's silence, Bill gleaned that Katie was surprised, but not in a good way. He said that he loved her. Bill always wanted to have whatever made him happy, and what made him happy was Katie. He asked if she needed time to think about it.

Becoming tearful, Katie said Bill couldn't possibly know what it felt like to hear those words from him. In the past, the words had fed her, but he'd stopped saying them. Katie reasoned that if it was just her, she could risk it; however, there was Will to consider. Katie couldn't allow Will's hopes to be dashed if his parents couldn't make it work.

Bill didn't blame Katie for being wary. He claimed that he was smarter and wiser, and he was sorry that it had taken him so long to see that the only thing missing from his life was Katie. "Not Brooke?" Katie asked. Bill looked down.

Katie asked if Bill knew how badly it had hurt her when he'd left her for her sister. She thanked him for his beautiful words and said that no one uttered them the way that he did. Katie apologized for being unable to give him the answer he was looking for, and she walked out.

At Forrester, Brooke was working with Zoe to schedule some models for HFTF. Zoe asked how Hope was. Recalling that Zoe had been out of town, Brooke announced that there was a new Logan in the family. Zoe began to stammer that she didn't know what Brooke had heard.

Brooke stated that she had a new niece, and Zoe had already met her -- Flo Fulton. Brooke still couldn't get over the fact that Flo, Wyatt's former sweetheart, was the daughter of Brooke's brother. Zoe uttered that it couldn't be.

Brooke wondered what Zoe had against Flo. In Brooke's view, Hope needed a friend and had one in Flo. Brooke said that Zoe should tell Brooke if there was something about Flo that people needed to know. Zoe advised Brooke that, because of the family's stature, the Logans had to be leery of people's motives.

Brooke informed Zoe that the Logans had already developed a sense for it, and in Brooke's view, Flo and Shauna seemed like wonderful people. Brooke was insistent that Hope needed a friend. She believed that the bond between Hope and Flo could only get stronger due to their family ties.

Later, Brooke was working alone at the CEO's desk when Katie charged in. Brooke asked what had happened. "Three guesses," Katie replied. Brooke guessed that Katie had heard from Thorne, and Will had gotten in trouble at school. Katie dismissed each of those guesses but reasoned that Will was like his father. Brooke figured Bill had said something to Katie.

Katie didn't know how she could believe the things Bill had said after all that had happened. Brooke asked what Katie was talking about, and Katie blurted out that Bill had proposed to her. Claiming that it was great, Brooke asked what Katie had said.

Katie asked what Brooke thought Katie had said. "'Yes!'" Brooke exclaimed, giggling. Katie quickly replied that she'd turned Bill down.

At Flo's apartment, Shauna was preparing to get out and see the city. She urged Flo to forget about her past mistakes and enjoy life. Shauna beamed about what a great life it would be because Flo was a Logan.

While doing her makeup, Shauna wondered how much Brooke's house had cost. Flo assumed it had been millions. "Many millions. Not some paltry number like eight," Shauna concluded and said Flo would inherit it someday.

Flo asked if it would happen after every other living Logan died. Shauna was fine with Flo dividing it up amongst the cousins. She was happy for Flo and believed that being a Logan would transform her life.

Flo asked if Shauna had any stories about Storm. Sighing dreamily, Shauna remembered how Storm had turned heads at a restaurant he'd taken her to, and she recalled wondering who the guy had been. She said he'd been a prince and had taken her to a private dining area. Storm had been more of a gentleman than any of the other candidates for Flo's father.

Shauna said that Storm had always gazed at her attentively when she'd spoken. She guessed it could have been the lawyer in him, but she had never gotten that kind of attention before when she'd spoken. Flo asked if he'd been married. Shauna dismissed that idea, and Flo wondered what had been wrong between her parents.

Shauna said that nothing had been wrong between them, but Storm had been wounded by something unknown to her. He'd always said he'd wanted an ordinary life with a family and small law practice, but for some reason, he'd felt as if those things had been meant for others. She believed that he would have been proud of Flo.

At Il Giardino later, Bill was at the bar. He snapped the ring box shut and put it away. Shauna approached and said she'd thought she'd seen him when she'd arrived. Bill told her that she could see good, and she looked good. Shauna asked if he was drinking alone, and he offered her the seat beside him. It was too early for her to drink, but she took the seat.

Shauna thought it was wild that they could have been parents together, and she asked what he would have done if Flo had been his daughter. Bill said he would have bought Flo and Shauna a house. Shauna was surprised to hear it. Bill replied that it was what he did. He'd bought homes for his older boys because he hadn't been able to give them homes when they'd been growing up.

Shauna decided that Bill wasn't as bad as Quinn said. Shauna ordered a wine. She sensed that he needed someone to talk to, and she suggested that he tell her all about himself like he had that "memorable" night in Vegas. Bill replied that he'd probably told her a hundred lies. She quipped that he could tell them again because she'd forgotten them.

Back at Flo's apartment, Flo opened the door for Zoe, who asked when and how it had seemed like a good idea for Flo to deem herself a Logan. Flo assessed that Zoe was back in town. Zoe asked how Flo had known that Zoe had been gone. Flo quipped that Zoe hadn't been in her face daily, and Flo had text-messaged Reese to make sure nothing had happened to Zoe.

Zoe was amazed that Flo had been threatening to expose the truth and then had turned herself into a Logan. Denying that she had turned herself into anything, Flo explained that she'd learned who her father was, and his name had been Stephen Logan Jr.

Zoe asked why Flo hadn't just gone back to Vegas. Flo figured that Zoe didn't know what it was like to not know one's father. Flo said that she could never know her father, but she had met her people, her family. Hope had turned out to be Flo's friend and cousin, and no one had been kinder to Flo than the Logans.

Zoe replied that the Logans would hate her if they found out. Flo conveyed that the Logans could decide to forgive her for the sake of her father. Zoe disagreed with that notion. Flo said it was a risk, but she couldn't live with it anymore. Zoe asked what Flo intended to do.

Shauna pulls a weapon on Zoe Shauna pulls a weapon on Zoe
Friday, April 26, 2019

At Forrester, Brooke exclaimed that Katie could have at least thought about Bill's marriage proposal. Brooke knew that Katie still loved Bill. Agreeing that she did and always would, Katie expressed that her problem was whether she could trust Bill. Brooke reasoned that Bill wouldn't have proposed if he hadn't meant it.

Katie was still unsure and said that Brooke knew Katie and Bill's past better than anyone. Brooke replied that she also knew how much Katie loved Will and her family. Brooke stated that Bill wanted Katie and only Katie. When Katie wondered if she was ready to make herself vulnerable to Bill again, Brooke said that only Katie could answer that question.

Donna arrived and asked what was going on. Brooke announced that Bill had proposed to Katie. Donna asked what she'd missed. She hadn't even known Bill and Katie were together. Katie affirmed that they weren't. Brooke said that they could be if Katie wanted it. Katie didn't think it was that easy. Donna said that Katie was afraid to let Bill in.

Brooke thought the fear was understandable, and it was okay if Katie couldn't get beyond it; however, if there was a tiny piece of Katie's heart that wanted to take the risk, it would be worth it. Donna agreed and said she believed that Bill was a different person. Donna hoped that Katie would find it in her heart to try for her and Will's sake.

Katie thought that her sisters were right. She loved Bill. She couldn't help it. Though she was scared, Katie didn't know if it was wise to turn her back on putting her family back together. Donna became ecstatic and said Will would be thrilled to know his plan had worked. Donna urged Katie to hurry up and tell Bill the answer.

Katie used a GPS app on her phone to locate Bill. She said they'd agreed to use the app to sync up Will's schedule. She saw that Bill was at Il Giardino. Katie thanked her sisters for being supportive. She could really tell that they wanted her and Bill to be together. Brooke reasoned that Katie was the one who had to want it.

Katie did. She wanted to marry Bill. She had her reservations but believed that life was short. Katie said it was all about forgiveness, and there was no reason to hang onto the past. She planned to just follow her heart. Brooke and Donna urged Katie to go, and Donna said to let them know when to start planning the wedding.

Katie didn't want anyone getting ahead of themselves. She had a good feeling that her life would change that day, and she'd finally put her family back together.

Later, Brooke and Donna ate together and hoped that things were going well with Bill and Katie. Brooke still felt guilty for her role in the couple's problems. Donna said it had been awhile back, and Katie had forgiven Brooke. Brooke said she'd love to see Bill and Katie together, and Brooke thought it would be nice to see the family reunite.

Donna asked how things were going with Flo. Brooke said that Flo was getting used to Los Angeles and becoming closer to Hope. In Brooke's view, there was nothing like family loyalty, and it was nice to see that Hope had a friend she could trust.

At the bar at Il Giardino, Bill and Shauna drank together. Shauna said she'd just moved to Vegas when Bill had visited there. Bill recalled that he'd go there for the fights, and he'd won big that night. She remembered that he'd been in a celebratory mood.

The topic turned to Bill being a candidate for fatherhood, and Bill said he'd been glad to fail that test. Shauna was happy that Flo had turned out to be a Logan.

According to Shauna, Bill was in a somber mood. She offered to be there if he wanted to talk. Bill uttered that he'd gotten rejected that day. He showed her the ring. "Somebody rejected that?" Shauna asked. He revealed that he'd asked Katie to marry him, and she'd turned him down. Shauna replied that she hadn't realized that he and Katie were together.

Bill stated that he and Katie weren't. "But you proposed to her?" Shauna asked. Bill replied that he was a man of grand gestures. Shauna thought it was sweet. He quipped that it was too bad that Katie hadn't seen it that way. Shauna reasoned that he'd caught Katie off guard.

Bill figured it could be that, but he felt that Katie wasn't ready to trust him. He admitted that he hadn't been Husband of the Year, and Katie had every right to be guarded. He stated that he was trying. Shauna figured it was all one could do -- apologize and try harder.

Agreeing, Bill said he'd put a lot of time into self-reflection and into his son, and he'd calmed down. "I haven't punched anybody, so I'm making better decisions. And I have my priorities straight," Bill stated. Shauna thought it was good for him. He wished Katie could see it and give him another chance. It was what he wanted for himself and his family.

Bill noted that Shauna was an attractive woman. She said that he was an attractive man. He wondered how she could be single. Shauna claimed that she was picky, but she admitted that the guys in Los Angeles were something to look at. He asked if she'd be sticking around for a while. She said they'd see. He was sure she'd have no trouble finding a date.

Shauna said that spotting Bill at the bar had reminded her of their time in Vegas, and she could easily keep drinking with him and see where the night took them. Shauna stated that Katie was a Logan and part of Flo's family. It made Katie sort of part of Shauna's family, and Shauna wouldn't want to do anything to interfere with Flo being accepted by the Logans.

At the restaurant entrance, Katie arrived. She saw Bill with Shauna at the bar and paused to observe them.

Bill thanked Shauna for being considerate of Katie. He said that Shauna was quite a woman. She had been a beautiful woman in the past, and she was even more so that day. Putting his hand on her shoulder, he said he was glad he'd run into her.

Shauna slipped off her stool and wished Bill luck with Katie. Shauna left through a different exit. By the entrance, Katie watched Bill pour himself a drink.

At Flo's place, Zoe attempted to convince Flo that she had to keep the secret. Flo couldn't allow Hope's family -- Flo's family -- to continue to think that Beth had died on Catalina Island. Flo said that she could have a new chapter in her life, but it wouldn't be that way because she'd been involved in something horrible. Flo couldn't even look at Hope anymore.

Grabbing her phone, Flo decided that Hope had to know, and Flo had to tell her family. Zoe doubted the Logans would treat Flo like family after learning that she'd participated in and covered up what had happened to Beth. Zoe asserted that they'd put Reese and Flo in jail for kidnapping, conspiracy, and fraud, and she asked if Flo knew what kind of time she'd get.

Flo said she couldn't think about that. She wanted to honor her father and her family. She said she had to think of Hope. The Logans were Flo's family, and Flo believed that families protected each other. She had to protect Hope. Flo said she couldn't keep the secret any longer.

Zoe ordered Flo to deal with it because it wasn't the time to clear her conscience. Flo yelled that she couldn't keep it any longer, but Zoe replied that Flo had to. Zoe insisted that Flo's whole world would be destroyed. Flo replied that it was the way it had to be.

Zoe asked how Wyatt would feel when he learned that Flo had helped Reese to steal his brother's baby. Zoe said Wyatt would never want to look at her again, and Flo would have nothing; however, the wonderful life Flo had envisioned would become true if she agreed that it was a secret that they'd take to their graves.

Flo revealed that she'd told her mother. Zoe asked what Shauna had had to say. Flo stated that Shauna wanted her to keep quiet, too. Zoe affirmed Shauna's advice and told Flo to forget about the incident and move on. Flo didn't know how to forget stealing a baby from its mother.

Zoe responded that Beth was in good hands with Steffy. Flo said that didn't make it right. Zoe urged Flo to use her head and said Flo's life would be very different as a Logan. Flo didn't think it mattered and said it would all crash down.

Flo reasoned that they might do a test. She was sure they were bound to find out. Flo said that those could have been the best days of her life if it hadn't been for Reese. Unable to move on and forget about it, Flo became adamant about calling Hope.

Flo and Zoe began wrestling over Flo's phone. Flo fell and hit her head on the coffee table. Shauna opened the front door and saw Zoe hovering over an unconscious Flo. Reaching into her purse, Shauna whipped out a stun gun and demanded to know what Zoe had done to Flo.

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