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A misunderstanding between Wyatt and Sally drew Wyatt closer to Flo's side. Flo promised to put the past behind her, and she accepted a job at Forrester. Thomas urged Hope to let Liam go and to start a new life with Douglas and Thomas.
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A misunderstanding between Wyatt and Sally drew Wyatt closer to Flo's side
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A new offer complicates things for Flo A new offer complicates things for Flo
Monday, April 29, 2019

At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke canoodled in the CEO's office, and he expressed his opinion that Katie had been wise to turn down Bill's out-of-the-blue proposal. "And then she thought about it..." Brooke began to say.

Hope arrived, saw the couple in each other's arms, and assumed she was interrupting something. Ridge suspected that Hope had just saved him from a lecture. Brooke asked if Hope had heard from Liam. Hope said Liam was going to the parks and taking boat rides with the girls. Brooke was glad that he was making the most of his time in Paris.

As Thomas arrived, Brooke suggested that Hope move into the main house while Liam was away. Hope assured her mother that she was fine, and Liam would be back before they knew it. Thomas stated that Hope should spend time with "our" family while Liam was spending time with his. Ridge grimaced.

Ridge said that Hope should do what she thought was best for herself. Pitching the move, Thomas stated that Hope could spend every morning across the breakfast table from Douglas, who'd love to have Hope down the hall from him. Brooke felt that it would be good to have everyone under the same roof. Liking the sound of it, Hope agreed to move to the main house.

The topic turned to Flo, the new Logan in the family. Ridge assumed it had been a shock and a relief to Flo to find out who her father was. Brooke believed that Storm would have been proud of Flo. Thomas asked if Brooke believed that Storm hadn't known about Flo. Affirming it, Brooke stated that Storm would have done anything to be with his daughter had he known about her.

Ridge thought it was awful that Storm and Flo hadn't gotten to know about each other. Conveying that Flo had their family, Hope remarked upon the strong connection she'd had to Flo prior to learning about Flo's paternity. Hope was happy to be related to the kind, caring Florence. Brooke stated that the description of Flo was very much like Flo's father.

Hope figured that Flo's mind was at ease with the knowledge that Steffy was providing for Phoebe. Thomas felt that any child would be blessed to have Steffy as a mother. He added that any child would be blessed to have Hope as a mother, too.

Thomas wondered if Steffy knew about Flo being a Logan. Ridge conveyed that Liam had told Steffy, and it had been a lot to process. Hope affirmed that Steffy was Phoebe's mother, and Flo being a Logan didn't change it.

Brooke said the relation to Flo explained Hope's draw to Phoebe. Hope replied that her feelings for Phoebe were intense. She loved the child and felt the need to protect her. Hope missed Phoebe. Hope also missed Kelly and was glad Liam was spending time with them.

Turning the topic back to Flo, Hope wanted to do something for Flo, who'd been through a lot. Hope asked if Forrester could offer Flo a job. Ridge asked if Flo had expressed an interest in fashion or knew what they did there. Hope saw it as a chance to get to know Flo and do something for the woman whose courage and generosity had given them Phoebe.

Ridge was sure they could find a place for Flo, but he didn't want anything to jeopardize Hope's recovery. He asked if Hope would be okay with seeing Flo each day. Hope believed it would be fine, and she really wanted to give back to Flo.

At Flo's apartment, Shauna held Zoe at bay with a stun gun as Flo lay unconscious on the floor. Flo awakened and ordered her mother to put the weapon away. Flo explained that she knew Zoe, who was there to talk about Hope and Phoebe. Shauna demanded answers about why Flo had been knocked out with "this woman" in her apartment.

"My father's apartment," Zoe corrected. Flo claimed that it wasn't any longer. Shauna remarked that friends didn't act like "this." Zoe explained that she'd been trying to stop Flo from doing something that could ruin her life and the lives of others. Flo started to explain to Shauna that Zoe was Reese's daughter. Cutting Flo off, Zoe asked if Flo was unable to see that she was making it more dangerous by telling more people.

Flo asserted that Reese had destroyed Hope's future, and he'd dragged her and Zoe into his plan. Flo believed that she had to do the right thing and tell Hope the truth. Shauna asked if Zoe had been in on it. Denying it, Zoe said she hated what her father had done.

Flo reasoned that Zoe still wanted to protect the man who'd put them in an impossible situation. Flo asked where Reese was while they were stuck with his horrible secret. Zoe yelled that no one would care about their feelings -- not the police and not the Logans -- and telling the truth wouldn't fix anything. Disagreeing, Flo said Hope would have her baby back.

Zoe countered that Steffy would lose her baby, Flo would lose her new family, and they'd all go to jail. Zoe asked if Flo wanted that. Intervening in the discussion, Shauna said it wouldn't happen, and they'd find a way to handle it that was good for everyone.

Shauna advised Flo to use her head and think things through. It was Shauna's view that not doing those things had caused the situation. Though Shauna doubted that Zoe was Flo's friend, Shauna believed that Zoe was right about Flo not telling Hope that Phoebe was her baby.

Picking up her phone, Flo was adamant about telling Hope the truth. The phone rang in Flo's hand with a call from Hope. Zoe said not to answer it, but Flo did anyway. Flo stated that she'd been just about to call Hope.

Hope let Flo know that she was on speakerphone with Hope, Brooke, Thomas, and Ridge, who'd been discussing Phoebe, Flo's great gift to their family. Hope said that everyone was happy to have Flo in the family, and they wanted to offer Flo a job. Flo was surprised to hear it. Hope stated that it was a family business, and Flo was part of the family.

Flo began stammering, and Hope took Flo off speakerphone. Though Flo was grateful for the chance, she wasn't sure what she could do at Forrester. Hope, who was always looking to add talent to her team, suggested that she and Flo could work together on HFTF. Flo said she didn't think she could do it. "Take it!" Shauna said in an excited whisper.

Hope invited Flo to talk about it at the office and promised not to pressure Flo into anything. Hope believed that Flo would be a good fit there and said they could get to know each other better, too, if Flo worked there. Flo agreed to think about it and said she'd be in touch.

As Flo ended the call, Zoe asked if Hope had offered Flo a job. Flo replied that Hope wanted to meet to talk about it. Shauna cooed that Hope wanted Flo to feel like part of the family. Flo didn't believe she should take the job. Living with the secret was hard enough for Flo without having to work with Hope daily.

Zoe agreed and said it was too much pressure. Zoe instructed Flo to get away from all of it and move back to Vegas. "Both of you, go home and pretend this never happened," Zoe advised. Shauna declared that she and Flo weren't going anywhere. She said that Flo couldn't cut off the Logans, who'd been so gracious to Flo.

Shauna didn't want Flo to sacrifice everything just because Reese had committed a crime. Shauna figured that Flo was conflicted and wanted to do right by Hope; however, Shauna believed that the baby was living a wonderful life that Flo shouldn't throw into chaos.

In Shauna's view, the way to help Hope find peace was to be there for Hope and to help Hope find happiness again. Shauna believed that Flo could put the past behind her by starting something new with her aunts and cousins at Forrester. Shauna said that Flo needed to embrace the job and her wonderful new family.

Wyatt questions Sally and Thomas' closeness Wyatt questions Sally and Thomas' closeness
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

At Flo's apartment, Shauna wanted Flo to take the job at Forrester, and Zoe wanted the mother and daughter duo to return to Las Vegas. Flo said that she should be having the best time in her life, but instead, she was living in a nightmare that Zoe's father had dragged her into. Zoe didn't think Flo or Shauna grasped what was at stake.

Shauna was fed up with hearing about the danger to Reese's future and said Reese didn't care about Flo's future. Zoe explained that Flo was an accomplice to forging documents and selling a baby, and Zoe and Shauna were accessories after the fact. Zoe believed they could save themselves if Shauna and Flo left town and if none of them ever spoke of the crime again.

Flo hated what Reese had made her a part of. Shauna said Flo hadn't known what had been going on at the time. Flo said she hadn't, but then she had. Zoe asked why Flo hadn't backed out once she'd known. Flo claimed that it was because she'd already presented herself as the birth mother.

Zoe stated that Flo still could have walked out. Flo asked what would have become of the baby, but Zoe asked what concern it was of Flo's. Flo didn't know how it could not be her concern. She figured that she could have walked away upon learning that Reese hadn't been helping a patient. Instead, he'd stolen Hope's newborn baby.

Zoe assumed that Flo wished she hadn't answered Reese's call. Flo reasoned that she wouldn't have found out who her father was if she hadn't. Because Flo didn't want anyone to go to jail, she'd decided to stay in town and finish what she'd started. She claimed that part of doing that had started to mean coming clean to Hope.

Shauna told Zoe that they were on the same side and wanted the same thing. Denying it, Zoe said she wanted both Shauna and Flo gone. Determined not to go anywhere, Shauna said they needed to figure out how to do right by Hope and keep everyone out of jail -- even though that was what Zoe's father deserved.

Shauna asserted her desire for Flo to take the job. Zoe shot it down, saying that Flo was already falling apart. Flo denied that she was. Shauna stated that Zoe got to live the high life at Forrester while Flo had to go back to dealing with drunks in a smoky casino.

Flo replied that it wasn't exactly like that, and it was pointless for Zoe and Shauna to argue about Flo's life. Flo told the women that they didn't have a say. Zoe stated that she and Shauna cared about Flo. Scoffing, Flo said that Zoe had started to flat-out lie.

Zoe replied that she felt responsible for Flo in a way that Reese hadn't, and Zoe didn't want Flo to have to pay for the things that Reese had done. Zoe wanted Hope to know the truth, but too much depended upon keeping silent. Zoe intended to never speak of it, but she knew it wasn't that way for Flo. That was why the safest thing for Flo to do was to return to Las Vegas.

Zoe said that her father had made a horrible mistake. Flo conveyed that she wouldn't compound the mistake by telling more lies. She was sure the secret would get out, and everyone would learn that she wasn't Phoebe's mother and that "Phoebe isn't even Phoebe."

Shauna wanted to examine two scenarios. She asked who'd be most unhappy if the truth was revealed. Zoe readily replied that she, Flo, Shauna, and her father would be. Flo felt that it was worth it. "To be in prison?" Zoe asked. Shauna added Steffy to the list of unhappy people, and Zoe said Xander wouldn't like to see her go to jail. Shauna was sure Wyatt wouldn't be happy upon learning the truth, either.

In Shauna's second scenario, the truth would remain buried. She asked who'd be miserable in that situation. Flo said that Hope would be. Shauna asked who else, and Flo said herself. Zoe quipped that Flo would be miserable either way. Shauna reasoned that there would be a lot less unhappiness in the second scenario.

Flo thought it was a crazy scenario. In her view, things were right or wrong regardless of who became unhappy about them. Flo was eager to right the wrong she'd done. Shauna reminded Flo that she'd often spoken of repaying Shauna for the sacrifices she'd made to raise Flo. Shauna recalled that Flo had wanted to buy Shauna a house and take her around the world.

Flo replied that they weren't empty promises. Shauna stated that she didn't want the house or the trip. She wanted Flo to promise never to tell Hope about the child. Shauna wanted Flo to get to know her new family and reacquaint herself with Wyatt. She wanted Flo to take the job and let the baby live with her amazing adopted family. Shauna wanted Flo to let the child have a beautiful life, the same beautiful life that Flo's father would want Flo to have.

At Forrester, the power went out while Hope was working in the CEO's office. Hope panicked and flashed back to the night the power had gone out on Catalina Island.

In the dark design office, Sally called out for Hope and flipped the light switch on and off. The building's power came back on, and Sally was startled to see Thomas silently sitting at the drafting table. She asked if he was trying to scare her to death. He said he'd been sketching, and the power had gone out.

Reviewing his designs, Sally said Thomas was picking up the HFTF feel. He replied that he'd been around it a lot longer than Sally had, and he wondered if she'd be his competition for HFTF designer. Sally reckoned that Thorne might return, but Thomas snipped that it would just prove how unreliable Thorne was. She quipped that some could say the same about Thomas.

Thomas apologized for the way he'd ended things between him and Sally. He said he'd been trying to put Douglas' family back together but hadn't been able to get over the lies Caroline had told him. With Caroline gone, Douglas needed a mother. Sally reasoned that Hope was married. "To someone who's proven himself unreliable, and she knows it," Thomas added.

Sally got where Thomas was coming from with his unresolved feelings for Hope and noted that Liam had gone overseas to see the girls. "Where he belongs," Thomas bit out. Thomas had no patience for men who littered the world with children whom they proceeded to ignore. Sally contended that Liam doted on the girls and was a stand-up guy.

Thomas said that he and Sally weren't together because he'd refused to be one of those men -- not because of Caroline. Sally asked how Hope had liked "Douglas'" drawing. Thomas replied that he'd wielded the pencil, but the sentiments were his son's. The same was true for Kelly, he added. "Oh, wow. Kelly has sentiments now," Sally quipped.

Thomas revealed that Amelia had sent him a video of Kelly calling for her father. He mimicked Kelly saying "Da Da." Sally figured that it had been a command performance. She knew that Liam video-chatted with the girls often, which meant that they weren't attention-starved. He claimed that everything a baby did was genuine and noted that it had gotten to Hope.

Guessing that Thomas had shown the video to Hope, Sally wondered if it had led to Liam's sudden departure to Europe. Thomas asserted that it had been what had needed to happen; his son needed a mother, and Steffy's girls needed a father.

"And you need Hope," Sally concluded. Thomas asked what was wrong with everyone getting what they wanted. "You mean everyone gets what you want," Sally corrected.

Just then, Wyatt arrived, and Thomas and Sally were suddenly silent. Wyatt felt as if he was interrupting something, and he noted that he'd heard something about Hope. Thomas claimed that he and Sally were friendly rivals designing for HFTF. Thomas took his sketchpad and excused himself from the room.

Wyatt told Sally that he still felt as if he'd interrupted something. He said that they'd always been honest with each other, and he asked if she'd tell him if there was anything that he needed to know about the relationship, himself, or his family. Sally said that there was nothing going on with her and Thomas, and she'd be a fool to jump back on that merry-go-round.

Sally hadn't had any idea of what love was until she'd dated Wyatt. She said that Thomas had needed a friend, and instead of being cold, she'd attempted to be a bigger person. "You would be honest with me, though, right?" Wyatt asked. Sally affirmed it, and they hugged.

Back in the CEO's office, Xander arrived and saw that the power had been restored to that office, as well. He informed Hope that there had been a mechanical issue, and there had been no time to give anyone a heads-up before cutting the building's power. He wondered where Zoe was and remarked that Zoe had said she'd be working with Hope that day.

Hope asked if Zoe wasn't in the building, and Xander affirmed that Zoe wasn't. Because Reese had helped Hope through the worst night of her life, Hope felt an obligation to him regarding Zoe, and Hope revealed that she'd noticed a change within Zoe.

Later, Hope was asking, "But things have been good between you two, right?" Xander replied that things had been and hadn't been. He revealed that things had been weird for Zoe ever since her father had been in town. Whenever Xander questioned her, Zoe would say that she had a lot on her mind. He wanted to be a good partner but couldn't be if Zoe wouldn't let him in.

Hope explained that sometimes, people didn't talk about things because they thought they could handle them on their own and didn't want to make others sad in the meantime. She sometimes wished people would be patient and wait until the troubled person gained clarity, but she realized that she might not ever gain clarity.

Xander asked what would happen then. He asked if Hope just kept her sadness bottled up inside where it would never go away. He believed that he owed Zoe better than that.

Later, Xander had gone, and Hope was working with Thomas. She asked if he'd talked to Steffy. He hadn't that day. Hope had never thought she'd say it, but she'd started to miss Steffy. Hope confided in Thomas that she missed Phoebe most of all. Hope said her connection to Phoebe hadn't made sense until she'd discovered that they were family.

Wyatt surprises Flo with an invitation to dinner and a kiss Wyatt surprises Flo with an invitation to dinner and a kiss
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
by Pam

At Forrester Creations, Hope met with Thomas and explained that the reason she had always felt so connected to Phoebe was because she was a Logan -- since Phoebe was Flo's baby, and Flo was Storm Logan's daughter. Hope likened holding Phoebe to a "jolt of electricity."

Thomas was understanding, but he reminded Hope that Phoebe and Kelly were Steffy's children -- not Hope's. He said he didn't mean to be harsh, but she was Aunt Hope and a stepmom to Kelly and Phoebe, while Liam was their father. He added that Liam was where he needed to be -- with his girls and with Steffy. Hope smiled when she flashed back to holding Phoebe.

In Paris, Liam and Amelia, the nanny, discussed how nice it was that Liam had been able to make a trip to Paris to be with the girls. Liam was grateful to be there and acknowledged that he hadn't realized how much he'd missed the girls. Amelia gushed that the girls loved having him there.

Amelia said Liam was where he needed to be. She didn't want to make him feel guilty, though. She added that Steffy was a great mother and independent, but "she still deeply loves you."

Amelia continued to compliment Liam, Steffy, and the girls. She was glad that Liam was sharing in the magical time with the girls. She added her gratitude for her job, and she felt Liam was a wonderful father. She called him Phoebe's father, as well, and Liam said he wasn't her father, really, but Amelia said he was there for her.

Amelia said that Liam should be with the girls full-time. The baby monitor indicated that Phoebe was stirring, and Liam offered to get her; however, his phone rang, and it was Hope. Amelia got the baby while Liam took Hope's call.

Liam said he was glad to hear Hope's voice, and they agreed they missed each other. Hope asked if everyone was doing well, and Liam answered that it was good and that the girls were amazing and "growing too fast."

Hope was pleased that Liam was enjoying his trip. She told Liam that she had offered Flo a job with Hope for the Future. Liam was glad, but Hope said she wasn't sure Flo would accept, since it might be awkward working with Steffy. Liam congratulated her for making the offer. Hope told Liam that all was well in Los Angeles. She said he didn't need to rush back, but she did miss him. Liam agreed and said that the Logan bond was very special.

At Forrester Creations, Sally and Wyatt discussed that Flo was a Logan and that Wyatt had helped her learn that Storm Logan had been her father. Wyatt dismissed his help, but Sally said he had reconnected to his ex-girlfriend. Wyatt called her a friend. Sally seemed distracted, and Wyatt wondered if she was all right.

Wyatt wanted Sally to join him for dinner with Flo, but Sally seemed irritated and said she had too much work. Wyatt was irritated and said he might take Flo out to dinner. He hoped Sally could join them for dessert. Sally seemed miffed that Wyatt had reached out to Flo and was seeing a lot of her.

Wyatt and Sally argued about Wyatt spending time with his ex-girlfriend, and the argument escalated to how Wyatt had been upset that Sally was too busy for him since she had started working for Forrester. Sally apologized for choosing Forrester over Spencer.

Wyatt dished that he had gone out on a limb to get Sally her own line at Spencer, and she had turned it down -- something that had been a surprise to him. Sally asked why Wyatt hadn't said something sooner, but Wyatt said that he'd wanted to be supportive. They reminded each other that there would be no secrets between them.

Wyatt and Sally returned to their discussion about Flo and dinner, and Sally became upset. Wyatt wondered if she was jealous about his friendship with Flo, who was very attractive. Sally was offended and wondered how attractive Sally was to Wyatt. She reminded him that all she had heard about was how Flo had been his first love.

Wyatt felt Sally was being unreasonable. He wanted her to join him for dinner. Sally refused and said she had too much to do. She didn't want to discuss Flo any longer. She left the office. Wyatt was disappointed. Sally's phone indicated a text message had been received, and Wyatt read it. Thomas had sent Sally a message that had asked her not to tell Wyatt about a conversation that Thomas had had with Sally. Wyatt was upset.

At Flo's, Flo, Shauna, and Zoe discussed the offer that Hope had made for Flo to work at Forrester. Flo insisted she couldn't do it because working alongside Hope and all the Logans, knowing that Flo had been responsible for Hope losing her baby to Steffy, was too much. Zoe agreed that it was a terrible idea to work at Forrester with Steffy and Hope.

Shauna reminded Flo that she had been dragged into a situation and conned by Zoe's father. Flo had made a terrible mistake, but she had to move past it and "live the life you were born into." Shauna suggested it was Flo's birthright, and she should take advantage of it. Flo argued that Beth also had a birthright. Zoe insisted that they would all go to jail if Flo told the truth. Shauna agreed.

Someone knocked on the door, and it was Wyatt. Shauna and Zoe exited to another room, and Flo welcomed Wyatt and invited him in. Wyatt said that he'd been thinking about her and all the incredible things happening to her. Wyatt said being related to the Logan sisters and Hope was wonderful news, and "it couldn't happen to sweeter, kinder, more deserving person."

Wyatt promised that Flo would never be alone again as a member of the Logan family. Flo shared that Hope had offered her a job, and Wyatt encouraged her to take it. Flo was unsure, but Wyatt said it was the career opportunity of a lifetime. "You have to take it," he said.

Wyatt told Flo not to be like Sally, and Flo didn't know what he meant. Wyatt explained that his dad had offered Sally her own design company within Spencer, and she had agreed but then chosen to remain at Forrester. Wyatt said it had caused a rift between them.

Wyatt added that he was worried that Sally was keeping secrets from him. He had discovered that her ex-boyfriend Thomas, Steffy's brother, had asked her to keep a secret from Wyatt. Flo worried about Wyatt. Wyatt said that Sally had been distant since Wyatt had been spending a lot of time with Flo.

Wyatt admitted he'd been thinking a lot about Flo, and Flo grabbed Wyatt and kissed him. She stopped quickly and apologized. Wyatt embraced Flo, and they kissed several times until Shauna entered and teased that she'd spent a lot of her time interrupting them when they'd been younger.

Wyatt told Flo he would text her later and meet her for dinner. Wyatt left, and Zoe entered. Shauna said it was obvious that Flo and Wyatt were still in love. She reminded Flo that if she ever told the truth about Hope's baby, Wyatt would never forgive her. Flo agreed.

Flo admitted that she had always loved Wyatt, and "I am still in love with him." Shauna advised her to "see where it goes" and never speak of Beth again, not to anyone. Zoe, Shauna, and Flo agreed to a pact to forever keep the secret that Phoebe was Beth.

Shauna pressures Flo to work at Forrester Shauna pressures Flo to work at Forrester
Thursday, May 2, 2019

In the design office, Xander was excited about some tickets he'd gotten for himself and Zoe. He noted that she had something else on her mind. Zoe thanked him for the tickets and for always knowing what she needed. "Well, not always. Not lately," he replied. He sensed that something was going on with her, and he asked why she couldn't share it with him.

Zoe didn't want Xander to worry about her and said she was okay. Disagreeing about that, Xander noted that she was preoccupied. He asked if it had to do with her trip to see her father, which had been shorter than he'd thought it would be. He didn't want to push, but he wondered if she was in over her head about something.

Zoe stated that she wasn't a saint; however, she and Xander had managed to rebuild their relationship, and she'd found something special at Forrester. She thought it was typical that one got thrown a major curve just when things were going one's way. She said that was what had happened to her. Xander began to inquire about the major curve, but she cut him off, saying she was just being overly dramatic.

Zoe didn't want Xander to worry about her. She assured him that she had it under control. Xander asked what "it" was and if there was trouble with her father again. She didn't want to talk about her father. She just wanted to get on with her life and stop worrying about things that she couldn't control. Xander thought it was a good plan but wondered if she'd actually do it.

Zoe replied that it had taken her years to finally get everything that she wanted, and she didn't want to lose any of it. She didn't want to lose Xander. Xander said she wouldn't lose him. He affirmed that they were solid and that nothing would change it.

In the CEO's office, Hope, Brooke, and Ridge discussed the job opportunity Hope had offered Flo. Ridge wondered what position would fit Flo. Hope was concerned that Flo might not even take a job because it might be too awkward for her to work with Phoebe's adopted mother. Brooke and Ridge promised that they and Steffy wouldn't allow any awkwardness.

Ridge wanted to meet Flo and thank her for what she'd done for his family. He just didn't want to overwhelm Flo, who'd also just found out who her father was. Brooke exclaimed that Flo was a Logan. Ridge added that it made Phoebe one, too.

At Flo's place, Shauna modeled a handkerchief dress for her daughter and wondered if it was good enough to keep her from embarrassing Flo on her first day at work. Flo said it wasn't her first day, and she wasn't even sure it was a good idea to take the job.

Shauna didn't know how Flo could turn down working in all the glitz and glamour. Flo frowned, and Shauna reminded Flo that they'd made a pact with Zoe to put the past behind them and move forward. Though Flo got that, she didn't know how she could do it while holding onto the awful secret. Flo believed that Hope deserved to be reunited with her child.

Shauna insisted that Flo stop it and realize that the baby was happy and cared for. She believed that Flo could be happy, too, if Flo stopped beating herself up. Shauna asked if Flo knew how lucky she was. In Shauna's view, a new world was opening up for Flo, and Flo deserved it. Shauna insisted that Flo embrace her place as a Logan and everything that went with it.

At Forrester later, Shauna and Flo arrived at Pam's desk. Before Pam could announce them, Hope rushed out of the CEO's office to greet them. Shauna claimed that Flo had been born into the fashion business because Shauna was a part of it. "Well, sort of," Shauna said.

Hope led them into the CEO's office, where Brooke and Ridge greeted them. Shauna said Ridge's name before Brooke could introduce him. Shauna claimed to be such a fan of his. Flo relayed that her mother worked at a casino boutique.

As Shauna chattered about the changes in Flo's life and Flo becoming a member of a legendary family, Flo appeared to zone out of the conversation. Hope asked if Flo was okay. Shauna realized that she was talking too much and taking the focus off Flo.

Ridge gave Flo a big hug. He said he'd wanted to meet Flo, who'd given his family an amazing gift. In Flo's silence, Shauna said Flo wasn't used to receiving compliments, especially from important people. Brooke stated that her husband was down-to-earth but assured Flo that if he gave Flo trouble, the Logans would handle him.

Hope stated that the Logans took care of their own. Brooke added that Storm would have done it if he'd known about Flo. Shauna prattled on about how she hadn't known that Storm was Flo's father. Flo said no one was blaming Shauna. Brooke hoped Shauna didn't think that she was blaming Shauna. Shauna didn't and was glad the Logans had welcomed Flo, a complete stranger. Hope stated that Flo hadn't been a stranger because she was Phoebe's mother.

Ridge told Flo to look at how many people she'd made happy. Steffy had a new daughter, Ridge had a new granddaughter, and Eric had a new great-granddaughter because of Flo. Ridge was grateful to Flo. Hope said that they wanted to show their gratitude and show Flo that she was one of them by having her work there with them every day.

Though Ridge wasn't sure what Flo's position would be yet, he promised that they'd make Flo feel at home. Hope wanted Flo to join the HFTF team. Shauna exclaimed that it was her most favorite line. Hope offered to mentor Flo in the fashion business and said they could get to know each other even more. In Flo's silence, Shauna expressed their appreciation.

Ridge said that Logan women had always been a huge part of Forrester, and Flo deserved to be there. Agreeing, Brooke said Donna and Katie would love to have Flo there, too. Hope assumed that Flo might be hesitant because being there could be difficult for her. Flo asked how. Hope explained that Steffy would be returning and putting Phoebe in the daycare at work. Hope said she understood if Flo would find it hard to be around them.

Shauna gave Flo a stern look. Flo said that learning about her father's side of the family had been surreal for her. She was happy to be a part of their loving, caring family. Flo revealed that things were difficult and more complicated than she had imagined. Shauna said that Flo's family was offering her an amazing opportunity, and Flo needed to take it.

Hope stated that Flo didn't have to. Instead, Flo needed to do what was best for herself. Hope didn't want Flo to feel pressure and said Flo was a good person who'd given them Phoebe. Flo wasn't sure that she was a good person. Insisting that Flo was, Hope said Flo had made an amazing choice to give her baby to Steffy.

Hope revealed that she was also worried about how she, herself, would react to Steffy having her daughters at the office. Hope thought about the connection she had with Phoebe and said holding the baby was like holding Beth. Hope believed that it made sense because they were family. Hope was hoping that she and Flo could do "this" together and asked Flo if she'd go work with Hope at Forrester Creations.

Shauna takes the opportunity to wear a Forrester Original Shauna takes the opportunity to wear a Forrester Original
Friday, May 3, 2019

At Forrester, Ridge, Hope, Brooke, and Shauna eagerly attempted to persuade Flo to work at Forrester Creations. Hope didn't want the fact that Steffy had her children at the office to deter Flo from accepting the job. Reasoning that Flo was family, Hope thought Flo was bound to see Phoebe regardless of where. Ridge offered to let Flo think about the offer a little longer.

Shauna asserted that Flo didn't need to, and there was no way Flo would turn down the dream job. Flo said that it was hard to imagine working with Steffy every day. Flo had thought she'd signed the adoption papers and would never see "that little girl" again. Hope figured that it was because Flo had known that she'd found Phoebe such a good home. Hope also thought it was obvious that Flo often thought about the child whom she'd given birth to.

Flo replied that she'd really misjudged the situation. She did think about the baby more than she'd thought she would. Phoebe being a part of Flo's extended family made it hard for Flo to remain in town, let alone take the job. "But my mom is right. I can't let this opportunity get away from me," Flo concluded. She said she'd try to put the past behind her and take the incredible opportunity. Hope hugged Flo and said Flo would never regret it.

Later, Ridge, Hope, and Brooke conferred together by the desk. Shauna and Flo were by the conference table. Shauna murmured a happy birthday to Flo and couldn't think of a better present "than this." Hope overheard the comment and exclaimed that it was Flo's birthday.

Hope hugged Flo, and Ridge decided that he needed to call Pam and Charlie about a cake. Flo didn't want a cake, but Shauna advised Flo to let her new family make a fuss over her and celebrate her if they wanted to. Flo insisted that the job was enough.

Brooke and Hope claimed Flo as a part of team Logan. Brooke didn't want Flo to worry about the past or the time lost and said they were all together finally. Hope stated that they were trying to say that they loved Flo. Flo didn't feel as if she deserved it all. Insisting that Flo did, Hope didn't know how Flo could question her place in the family.

Later, Hope said she hated to leave on Flo's birthday, but Hope had promised to hang out with Douglas that day. To Shauna and Flo, Hope explained that Douglas, Wyatt's cousin, was Ridge's grandson and had just lost his mother. Flo urged Hope to go, and Hope took off.

A model entered in a blush-colored gown. It was a one-strapped sequined gown with a trumpet, ostrich-feathered bottom. Shauna gushed over the gown, which was fancier than those at her casino boutique. Ridge apologized to the model for forgetting her fitting and sent her to alterations, where he promised to meet her later.

Shauna suddenly excused herself to make a call and followed the model out. Flo expressed her excitement and nervousness about the job. Brooke said that Hope would probably help Flo the next day because Hope would likely be with Douglas all afternoon. Brooke stated that Hope really wanted to help Douglas but wondered, "How? How do you replace a mother?"

Later, Flo was alone with Brooke, who'd just ordered Flo's security badge. Brooke said they didn't actually wear them, but having them created made Charlie feel important. Brooke stated that it was the same thing as having Pam's lemon bars there.

Brooke had to go to a meeting, but she gave Flo permission to hang out for a while. Flo bade Brooke farewell, and after Brooke had gone, Flo said it was Aunt Brooke. Flo couldn't believe that she had multiple aunts and a job at Forrester.

"Ta-da!" Shauna exclaimed from the doorway. Flo turned to see Shauna shimmying and sashaying into the room in the gown they'd just seen on the model. Shauna announced that she was going to the ball in a beautiful gown designed by the gorgeous Ridge Forrester.

Chuckling, Flo said her mother was too much. "How did you -- " Flo started to say. She said that Shauna looked amazing and wondered if a part of working there meant she'd get to wear the designs. "Maybe we both will," Flo said in a singsong tone. She said there was no more fantasizing, and they'd be able to walk the red carpet because of her amazing job.

Shauna stated that it was because of Flo's amazing family. Shauna believed that good things happened to good people. Hugging Flo, Shauna expressed her happiness for her daughter.

At Brooke's house, Thomas left a message for Steffy. He said it wasn't necessary for her to call back. He was simply checking in and wanted her to send a picture of her, the girls, and Liam.

Douglas arrived with a pad and some drawing utensils. He wondered if Thomas still wanted to draw with him. Douglas wanted to draw a car for his dad and asked what Thomas' favorite color was. Thomas suggested that Douglas draw a picture for Hope first and that it be something to show Hope how Douglas felt about her. Douglas asked if he should draw a heart, and Thomas said a heart was a great idea.

Later, Douglas had produced a drawing that actually looked like a child had made it. Thomas said it was a cool picture. "Thanks. I hope it works," Douglas replied. Thomas asked what his son meant. "Making Hope happy. I don't want her to be sad anymore," the boy responded.

Thomas revealed that he'd been thinking a lot about what Douglas had asked Hope. Douglas figured Thomas meant when Douglas had asked her to be his mother. Agreeing, Thomas said that it could be possible. "But how? She's not my mommy," Douglas replied.

Thomas said Hope could be Douglas' mother someday. Douglas asked if Hope would want to. Thomas thought she might if they treated her right and showed her that they loved her. Thomas advised Douglas to tell her. "That I love her?" Douglas asked. Thomas said, "You do, right?"

Shrugging, Douglas answered, "Sure." Thomas suggested that Douglas tell Hope so and said that Hope needed to know how much they cared about her. Douglas stated that his picture would show Hope.

Douglas went to the kitchen to get a snack. Thomas text-messaged Steffy, reminding her to send the group photo. He said Douglas was anxious to see his cousins. Next, Thomas called Pam and learned that Hope would go straight home after her meeting at Forrester. After the call, Thomas looked at Douglas' drawing and said a thanks to Douglas, who was still in the kitchen.

Later, Hope arrived in Brooke's living room. A shirtless Thomas descended the stairs. Hope said she was looking for Douglas and wanted to play "Go Fish." Thomas guessed that she had to settle for him because Maya had taken Lizzy and Douglas to the park. Hope joked that she wasn't having that, and Maya wouldn't replace Hope as Douglas' favorite.

Thomas joked that Hope had better give Maya a piece of Hope's mind. Hope was in a good mood and willing to forgive Maya that once. He asked why, and Hope announced that Flo had accepted the job offer to work at Forrester.

Hope saw a drawing on the table and asked what it was. Thomas replied that it was proof that she'd always be his son's favorite. Hope said she'd put it with the other drawing. He asked if Hope understood how special she was because of the way she cared for Douglas and put children first.

As Thomas' phone chimed, he said Hope was that way with Steffy and Liam's daughters, too. He showed Hope a picture of Steffy and Liam with the girls that had arrived on his phone. Thomas stated that Hope' instincts about sending Liam to Paris had been right, and it was where Liam needed to be.

Hope's face darkened. Thomas stated that Hope had known it all along, which was why she'd sent Liam to be with Steffy and the girls. Hope replied that she wanted the girls to have two parents in the same home, raising them together. Thomas replied that the girls could have it, and Hope wouldn't be alone. She'd have him and Douglas, and they'd heal together.

Gesturing to the picture on the phone, Thomas believed it said it all, as did Douglas' drawings. Hope asked what Thomas was trying to say. He told her that three children had a chance at having better lives if the adults in their lives would give them the families they needed. Thomas said they needed to step up and do the right thing the way Hope had done when she'd told Liam to be with Steffy.

Thomas figured that Hope had done it because it was best for the girls, and the four of them could be together if she could be strong enough to let Liam go. Thomas asserted that she could be strong because he and Douglas were there, and she'd never be alone. She'd have a child, a little boy who needed a mother.

Hope told Thomas that she understood the arrangement he'd had with Caroline, co-parenting without getting "involved," but Hope didn't think she could do something like that. Touching her shoulders, Thomas said he wasn't asking her to. Hope tensed.

Stating that there was life after Liam, Thomas instructed Hope to let Liam go. Thomas said that he and Hope could move on together. He cupped Hope's face and kissed her. Hope pulled away and stared quizzically at Thomas.

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