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Wyatt told Sally that he and Flo had decided to see each other. A letter from "Caroline" helped Hope decide to end her marriage. Steffy told Hope that ending her marriage didn't mean Liam and Steffy would reunite. Liam confronted Thomas about manipulating Hope.
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Hope ended her marriage to Liam with the hope that Liam and Steffy would reunite
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Thomas presents a letter from Caroline Thomas presents a letter from Caroline
Monday, May 20, 2019

At Wyatt's house, Liam and Wyatt had beers, and Liam mentioned that Steffy would return soon. Wyatt was sorry he'd had to pull Liam away from his overseas trip, but Liam was grateful for the heads-up Wyatt had given about Thomas. Wyatt found Thomas' scheme ridiculous, and Liam said Thomas wasn't even trying to hide the fact that he was going after Liam's wife.

Wyatt claimed that he'd been close to kicking Thomas' "ass" himself upon learning about the plan from Sally. Liam was glad Wyatt had let him handle it instead. Wyatt was sure Liam had wanted to hit Thomas. Liam eagerly nodded but said it would be better if Thomas took the energy he put into Hope and put it into taking care of Douglas.

Liam turned the topic to whether Wyatt had talked to Sally since she'd moved out. Wyatt stammered that Sally had left of her own accord. Liam wondered how hard Wyatt had tried to stop her from going. Wyatt asserted that Sally had chosen Thomas over him, and Wyatt wasn't "about" Thomas' plan to destroy Liam's marriage.

Liam asked if Wyatt was really ready to throw the relationship away. Wyatt said he liked to think of it as a reevaluating period. "Hold on. Where does Flo fit into all this?" Liam asked. Liam prodded Wyatt into revealing that he'd kissed Flo and wanted to see where things went with her.

Liam guessed Wyatt hadn't gotten over Flo. Agreeing, Wyatt said Flo had been his first love. She'd been completely trustworthy, and he doubted that would ever change. Wyatt assumed that Liam felt sorry for Sally, but in Wyatt's view, she'd gotten herself into the situation with Thomas and had chosen to risk their relationship.

Turning the topic back to Thomas, Wyatt asked if Liam thought Thomas would back off. Liam didn't know. Though he'd told Thomas to back off, Liam sensed that Thomas would keep using Hope's vulnerability to push her into being Douglas' mother, just so Thomas could get Hope for himself.

At the Forrester mansion, Hope demanded to know what Zoe and Flo had been saying about Beth. Zoe tried to change the subject to Flo and Shauna moving into the mansion, but Hope insisted upon knowing what it was about Beth. Zoe claimed that she and Flo had been discussing how hard losing Beth had been on Hope.

Hope asked Flo if it was true or if there was something else. Flo said that she and Zoe had been expressing how awful they felt about what had happened with Beth. Confirming it, Zoe said Flo had started to feel even worse about it after she'd learned that she and Hope were related.

The tearful Hope was sorry that she'd overreacted. She was still raw about Beth, but she thanked Zoe and Flo for being supportive of her. Recomposing herself, Hope asked Flo and Zoe to tell Quinn that Hope would return later to check out Quinn's jewelry ideas.

Hope left the house. Flo told Zoe that Hope would never get over losing her little girl. Flo wished that "they" could know the truth.

Shauna arrived and asked what Zoe was doing there. Zoe said that she and Flo had just had a close call with Hope, and every time Hope became emotional about the baby, Flo was ready to spill her guts. Zoe didn't trust Flo to keep quiet, and that was the very reason Zoe wanted Flo and Shauna to return to Las Vegas.

"No, absolutely not," Shauna replied. She insisted that she and Flo were staying right there. Zoe continued trying to persuade Shauna and Flo to leave town. "Will you please shut up about all of this!" Flo replied. In Flo's view, Zoe acted like Flo would burst with it at any given moment, but Zoe posed just as much of a risk by constantly cropping up to check in on Flo.

Flo felt that Hope could have heard everything if she'd walked in just a moment sooner that evening. Zoe replied that they'd talked their way out of it. Shauna decided that Zoe was the problem and should go to "England" to live with the baby switcher. Zoe thought Shauna was crazy for saying that and said Shauna was lucky that no one else was at the house.

Shauna replied that it was exactly why Zoe shouldn't bring it up again. Zoe agreed but still thought the mother and daughter were playing with fire by staying in Los Angeles. Shauna repeated that she and Flo weren't going anywhere. Shauna asserted that Flo had a huge future there and had reunited with the love of her life.

Zoe began stating that it was her father's fault, but before Zoe could complete her statement, Flo interrupted, saying that "fault" was putting it lightly. In Flo's view, the secret had torn up a family. Flo believed that Steffy would give the baby back if she knew the truth, but instead, they were all stuck with a horrible secret that could destroy Hope's marriage.

At Brooke's house, Thomas was at a desk in his bedroom, practicing writing like Caroline. On the desk were a shipping box with a label, an open photo box filled with keepsakes of Caroline's, including her on the cover of Eye on Fashion, a letter he was practicing from, and crumpled drafts of a letter.

Later, Thomas completed a letter and began to read it to himself. It began by saying that no mother wanted to think about not being around for their child, but if "I can't be there for Douglas..." After he proofread it, he put the forged letter into an envelope labeled "Just in Case" and set it in the photo box with the other Caroline memorabilia.

Downstairs later, Hope arrived and flashed back to when she'd lost Beth. Thomas snapped her out of it. He assumed she was thinking of the night she'd lost her little girl. Hope said she tried not to think about it, but then something would happen, trapping her back in that moment.

Thomas told Hope that a box of Caroline's things had arrived. He was afraid to open it. He had decided to wait until Douglas had gone to bed to do it, and Douglas was asleep at that moment. Thomas asked if Hope would be there when he opened the box. Agreeing to it, Hope said that he didn't have to go through something like that alone.

Upstairs later, Thomas approached a sealed box that appeared as if it had been shipped to the house. He was sure Caroline had put something important in there for his son and thanked Hope for being there while he opened it.

Thomas unsealed the box and pulled out the photo box that had been on the desk earlier. He sorted through it, zeroing in on the "Just in Case" envelope. Turning to Hope, Thomas showed her the envelope and asked if he should open it. Hope thought he should.

Thomas opened it and said it was crazy seeing Caroline's handwriting again. He read the letter out loud. It said that no mother wanted to think about not being there for her child, but if something should happen to her, "Caroline" had a dream for her son. Caroline believed that there was a woman out there who'd need a son as much as Douglas would need a mother.

The letter from "Caroline" continued, saying Douglas would see the woman as a mother. The woman would bring him as much happiness as he brought to the woman. Caroline saw a family in her absence, and it would be everything that her son and the woman deserved. The woman would give Douglas love, and he'd give the woman love. It was Caroline's "hope" for her son's future.

Hope was affected by the letter. She said it was beautiful and moving. Taking it from Thomas, Hope conveyed that it was almost as if Caroline had known. Hope felt that the woman whom Caroline mentioned could be Hope. Hope said she could be that woman. "Thomas, I think I am," Hope concluded.

Hope vows to always be there for Douglas Hope vows to always be there for Douglas
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn had drinks with Shauna and Flo to celebrate the Fultons' first night in the home. Eric told the women to wait until they woke up to the views from their new rooms. Shauna asked if Eric was sure he was okay with living in a house full of women. Quinn claimed that he was used to it, and the place had once been filled to the brim with female energy. "It's the way I like it," Eric stated.

Shauna said that she and Flo were grateful. It was a new adventure for them, and they were "so ready" to put the past behind them. Shauna inquired about the house rules. Eric had only one rule: treat the house as if it were one's own, which in his view, it was. Quinn said the house was meant for casual living, and she invited them to put their feet up.

Flo didn't know if she'd ever feel that comfortable. Not wanting the ladies to feel intimidated, Quinn urged them to relax and live there as if they would anywhere else. Shauna cooed that the "Quinn and Shauna Show" was finally back, and Quinn stated that there were many years to catch up on.

Flo expressed how grateful she and her mother were. Quinn wanted Flo and Shauna to stop doing that because Quinn was getting something out of the deal, too. Eric supplied all of Quinn's needs but one -- female companionship. Quinn missed having a woman around who had her back, and Shauna was the only woman Quinn had felt that way about. Flo had always been like a daughter to Quinn, and no one was more grateful that they were there than Quinn.

Flo believed that Quinn was going above and beyond. Quinn stated that the hardworking women deserved it for their goodness and honesty, and she welcomed them home.

Later, Quinn showed Shauna and Flo the room Flo would stay in. Shauna said Flo had missed out on a lot because Shauna hadn't had the means. Hugging Shauna, Flo replied that Shauna was her mom, and she'd been okay with it being them against the world.

Shauna felt that she was in a fantasy world. Quinn told Shauna to stop it. Shauna said that Quinn was her very best friend ever. Quinn believed that they were more than that; they were like family, and if things progressed between Flo and Wyatt, they could actually be family.

Shauna got the feeling that Quinn wasn't a big fan of Sally's. Quinn reasoned that Sally hadn't been an honest person, and Quinn wanted Wyatt to be with someone principled, truthful, and trustworthy. "A woman exactly like Flo," Quinn concluded.

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt and Liam were still having drinks and discussing the way Thomas was targeting Hope at her most vulnerable. Liam had once sympathized with Thomas about losing the mother of his son; however, Liam's sympathy had run out, and it was time for Thomas to stay away from Liam's wife.

Liam said that Hope was doing everything she could to make it through each day, but Thomas was taking advantage of her. Wyatt asked what kind of guy would do that. Liam questioned what type of guy would let another man ruin his marriage. Liam didn't know if it was better to have a guy doing it behind the scenes or in front of his face.

Wyatt believed that it was better to see it coming when it was about their marriages, and he said that he and his brother had each learned their lesson about that over the years. "Touché," Liam replied. Growling, Liam expressed anger about Thomas' brazenness.

Although Wyatt understood Liam's feelings, he asked if Thomas could be driven by concern for Steffy. Wyatt said Thomas believed that Liam belonged with Steffy and her girls, and Wyatt wondered if any part of Liam felt that his place was with them instead of with Hope.

Wyatt felt that Liam's devotion to Hope was unquestionable, but after Catalina, Liam and Hope were no longer the same people. Liam said he didn't know how they could be after their daughter had been born dead. Wyatt believed that the couple deserved to have their child; however, Liam had a second chance with Phoebe, and the girls needed Liam.

Liam wished that he could clone himself. Wyatt replied that Liam could only be in one place, and Hope wanted Liam to be with Steffy and the kids. Wyatt felt that there would always be love between Liam and Steffy. Liam asked if Wyatt thought Thomas was right -- if Liam should be with Steffy and the girls while Hope was with Thomas.

Wyatt claimed that he was just being a good brother and a sounding board while Liam was trying to figure out what to do with his life. Liam admitted that he missed the girls and Steffy. He missed Steffy's spirit and the way she made him laugh. Being away from them was weird and unsettling.

Wyatt believed Steffy would want Liam with the girls daily, and it was what Hope and Thomas wanted, too. In Wyatt's view, they all just wanted what was best for the children, including Douglas.

In Thomas' bedroom at Brooke's house, Hope held the letter Caroline had supposedly written. Thomas asked Hope to read it. Hope read it aloud and said it gave her chills. "'A woman who will bring him love as he will bring her love. That is my "hope" for my son's future.' I feel like Caroline wrote this about me. That I'm the woman she had in mind," Hope said.

Hope felt like she was the woman who Caroline was describing. The words aligned with what Hope wanted and needed. She asked when Caroline had written it. Judging from the other things in the box, Thomas guessed it had been when Douglas had been a couple of years old.

Hope deduced that Caroline had written it in case the worst happened. "And then I lost my baby, and Caroline was taken away from us, leaving Douglas without a mother. And now you're both here. It's like Caroline knew...all of it -- the future," Hope said in amazement.

In Hope's view, the letter was prophetic. Thomas replied that it was certainly uncanny, and he wondered if Caroline was somehow connecting Hope and Douglas. Thomas didn't know if he believed in that sort of thing, but he asked, "Like what's yours is meant to find you?" Hope asked, "Well, it does, doesn't it?"

Douglas yelled for his mommy, and Hope and Thomas rushed into Douglas' room. Douglas was sitting up in bed, saying that he wanted his mommy. Thomas reminded the boy that his mother was in heaven. Pulling the covers over his face, Douglas said he wanted to see her.

Hope sat on the bed and asked Douglas to look at her and tell her about the dream. Douglas feared that talking about it would make it return, but Hope said sharing it took away its power. He revealed that, in his dream, he'd been alone and hadn't been able to find his way home.

Hope said she'd had the same dream. She'd been scared and alone, but when she'd awakened, the feelings had gone away. Taking Douglas' hand, Hope told him to look in her eyes. She decided that she'd send him love until he wasn't scared anymore, and once he felt better, he could look away from her.

Douglas and Hope gazed at each other for several moments. He smiled and rolled his eyes and head away from her. He said Hope had taken away the scare the way his mommy had.

Hope asked to lay beside Douglas. Granting Hope permission, Douglas said it was what his mommy would do. Hope believed Caroline had known exactly what to do, and Hope promised that the nightmares would go away in time. Hope said that more and more, he'd have fun and play with his daddy. "And you?" Douglas asked.

Hope told Douglas that his mother had known that if she'd had to go away, he'd never be alone like he'd been in his nightmare, and he'd have his dad and someone else. Douglas asked who. Hope replied that it was a woman who loved him and wanted to take care of him. "You?" Douglas asked.

Agreeing, Hope said she'd always be there for Douglas, and he could count on her. Douglas hugged Hope. She decided that it was time for him to go to sleep and have good, fun dreams. He asked her to lay with him until he fell asleep. Hope agreed and watched Douglas close his eyes.

Hope tells Liam that she fell in love Hope tells Liam that she fell in love
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

In Flo's new bedroom, Shauna urged Flo to allow herself to enjoy the good things happening in her life, including her new chance with Wyatt. Flo felt that she was deceiving everyone she cared about, including Wyatt. Shauna didn't want to argue on their first night in the mansion. She felt that she and Flo deserved "this."

Flo replied that Hope and Liam deserved to know that their child was alive, but Flo's bad choices could ruin her life and Hope's. Shauna stated that Flo wasn't responsible for Hope's marriage; all couples had problems, according to her. Flo said Liam and Hope could work through them if Thomas wasn't moving in on Hope. "Who?" Shauna replied.

Flo explained Thomas' situation with Douglas and that Hope had been helping and spending a lot of time with them while Liam had been in Paris. Shauna asked if something had happened between Hope and Thomas. It was starting to sound to Shauna like Hope's bad judgment was in play, not Flo's.

Flo conveyed that Hope loved Liam but was vulnerable. Flo believed that if the couple broke up, neither of them would fully heal, and they wouldn't have another child together. Flo explained Thomas' agenda for Steffy to have Liam and for Thomas to have Hope, so that Hope would be Douglas' mother.

Shauna asked if Flo was supposed to be responsible for everything that happened to Hope and whatever bad luck befell her. Flo replied that it wasn't bad luck; it was a lie, and it was poisoning her and Hope's lives. Flo blamed herself for it and asserted that none of it would be happening if Liam and Hope knew the truth about their daughter.

In the evening at Forrester, Sally was surprised when Wyatt's frame filled the doorway to the design office. He noted that she was working late, and she replied that it wasn't as if she had anyone to go home to. He grimaced, and she apologized for making him feel bad when she was the one who'd moved out.

Sally had never wanted to hide things from Wyatt. Noting that she saw Flo around the office, Sally said she'd started to wonder how badly she'd blown it. Claiming that he didn't want to hide anything from Sally, Wyatt revealed that he and Flo had agreed to see each other.

Wyatt stated that he wasn't saying it to be cruel. The emotional Sally understood that he was being transparent. He told her that he hadn't forgotten what they'd had, and he still cared about her a lot. Sally cared about Wyatt as much as she ever had, but she was hearing that he felt he needed to revisit his love affair with Flo. Sally said there was only one way to find out if Flo was the only woman for him, as Quinn believed.

Wyatt claimed not to be jumping into anything, adding, "One date, and -- " Sally interrupted him. She didn't want the details. In her mind, actions had consequences, and she'd been the one to hurt him. He replied that it wasn't payback.

Sally knew and reminded Wyatt that she'd been the one to give him space. She wanted him to know that her feelings hadn't changed for him one bit. Sally kissed Wyatt.

In Douglas' room, Douglas was asleep, and Thomas was grateful that Hope had calmed his son down the way Caroline would have. Hope said that it was just like Caroline's letter had said. Being there with Douglas made Hope think of what it could have been like with Beth.

Later, Hope had gone, and Thomas flashed back on forging a letter from Caroline. He recalled Hope's reaction to reading the fake letter. Douglas awakened and apologized for getting scared earlier. Thomas assured Douglas that it was okay, and he was there. "Hope?" Douglas asked. Thomas answered that Hope had had to go to bed, too.

Douglas asked if Hope had meant it when she'd said she'd always be there with them. Thomas asked if it was what Douglas wanted. Douglas nodded. Thomas asked if Douglas loved Hope "that much." Douglas nodded. Thomas replied that he'd make sure that Hope was always there for Douglas.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam was there when Hope arrived. She said she'd been up at the main house. Liam asked if it was a good idea to be around Thomas while he was professing love for her and trying to turn her into his child's mother. Hope revealed that she was beginning to think that there were greater forces at work in their lives.

Liam asked what that meant. Hope replied that Thomas was right, and Douglas needed her. Liam asked what she was saying and if Thomas had done anything. Hope replied that it was all her. Liam tried to say Douglas was just a kid, but Hope cut him off, telling him that she'd been able to comfort Douglas when Thomas hadn't been. She said she'd stayed with Douglas until he'd fallen asleep.

For Hope, it had felt really good to be able to soothe Douglas. She knew she would have done the same thing with Beth. Nothing would replace Beth, but Douglas was a child in need. Liam touched Hope's shoulders, and she tensed. "All right..." he said, dropping his hands. Liam felt bad for Douglas, too, but it didn't mean that they had to "let Thomas -- "

Hope yelled that it wasn't about Thomas. Liam was the only man Hope had ever wanted. She claimed to love him more than anything, but she believed that "this" was bigger than them. She didn't know who they were if they put their needs before the children. Liam exclaimed that the kids were fine, and though the situation wasn't ideal, it wasn't wrong, either.

Hope said the kids deserved the absolute best lives that the adults could give them. Liam replied that it wasn't an "either/or" situation, and they didn't have to sacrifice their marriage. Hope and Liam had taken vows, and he didn't feel comfortable walking away from them. He explained that they hadn't said "I do until someone needs us more." Liam didn't want to believe that Hope was comfortable walking away, either.

Liam insisted that Thomas was putting stuff in Hope's head, but she didn't have to throw away their marriage to do right by the kids. Hope denied that Thomas was doing that. She said she'd tried, and Liam had been understanding. He stated that it was because he loved her. Hope loved Liam, too, but she said it was time to put the children first.

Hope knew that Liam had feelings for Steffy and said he and Steffy could be like the photo in Steffy's living room. Hope said she'd be okay. She clearly saw what she needed to do. She'd known it all along, but Liam's love had stopped her. Sobbing, Hope said she had to give the children the future they deserved. "I have to end our marriage, and I have to let you go," Hope stated.

Liam didn't want to let Hope do it. Hope claimed that no one had made her happier in her life, but she'd lost something the night they'd lost Beth. She couldn't get it back. Knowing that she could give Douglas and the girls everything she'd wanted for Beth took away the pain. She refused to deny Liam the chance to be a full-time father. "I can't give you that. ...the family we imagined, it's gone," Hope concluded.

Hope had discovered another way that she could be a mother. She knew that it wasn't what Liam wanted, but she felt that they had to do what was best for "our" families. Liam replied that Hope didn't know the future or how she'd feel in six months or five years. Hope claimed that she'd felt a change, and she'd fallen in love.

Liam became crestfallen, but Hope said she meant with Douglas. She'd finally found a way past her grief and a way to have meaning and purpose in her life. She asked Liam not to fight her on it because her mind was made up. Liam didn't want to cause Hope any pain or see her suffer. She asked him to do "this" for her. She asked him to go to the girls and let her go to Douglas.

Parting ways didn't feel right to Liam, but he saw that it was killing Hope. She said he wouldn't put her through it. "But it can't end like this. I'll give you what you want, but it can't end like this," he decided. Hope sobbed. Liam said that after all they'd been through, he just wanted one night to be normal. He wanted to watch a movie, have dinner, and find closure. Hope nodded. He thought they owed it to themselves and asked if she'd do it. Hope nodded.

Hope said she'd loved Liam more than she'd loved anyone in her life. Their marriage had been her greatest joy, and she'd dreamed of it for a long time. She sobbed that everything would be so different if they hadn't lost Beth. Liam hugged Hope as she kept saying how sorry she was.

Hope tells Brooke that she ended her marriage Hope tells Brooke that she ended her marriage
Thursday, May 23, 2019
by Pam

At Brooke's, Hope walked in and greeted her mother, who was mailing out cards. Hope asked if they were hosting something, but Brooke answered that she had been helping Thomas answer all the mail from people who had sent condolences after Caroline had died.

Brooke said that Ridge had said Steffy was returning with the girls. Hope announced that Liam had missed them, and she had, too. She felt that Liam should be with the girls. Brooke wondered what was wrong, and Hope admitted that she felt Liam belonged with Steffy and the girls. She had decided to end her marriage. Brooke looked unhappy and reminded Hope that Liam still loved her.

Hope said she was making a decision based on what was best for everyone. Brooke disagreed and said it wasn't what Liam wanted. Hope agreed, but she said it was the right decision. She noted that everyone had tried to talk her out of letting Liam go, but it felt right to her. She felt she was keeping him from his family, and she could no longer do it. It didn't make her happy. She was tired of everyone suffering because of her. Brooke argued, but Hope said her dream was never going to happen because there was no magic.

"Liam still loves you, and his dream is to be with you," Brooke reminded Hope. Brooke wondered if Hope had an unreasonable fear that she wouldn't be enough for Liam, and Brooke insisted that Hope was taking Liam's dream away from him. Hope agreed, but she knew that Liam could be with his daughters, and that was what she wanted for him. Hope said she wouldn't have children, but Brooke argued that Hope was young and could have more children. Hope felt she couldn't do it again after losing Beth.

At Forrester, Thomas and Ridge discussed that Steffy and the girls were home. Ridge knew that Thomas had ulterior motives and wanted Hope to leave Liam to be with him and Douglas. Ridge told Thomas that it wasn't up to Thomas to influence Hope or Liam. Ridge understood that Thomas wanted a better life for Steffy, but Thomas had to stop trying to influence them.

"Hope loves her husband," Ridge said. Ridge tried to persuade Thomas to let go of the idea that he could be with Hope because "being a mother to someone else's kid is not the answer." Ridge wanted Thomas to stop interfering in Hope and Liam's lives.

At Steffy's place, Liam greeted Steffy, Kelly, and Phoebe. He was glad the girls were home. He admitted he had missed them all. Steffy said that the girls loved being with Liam. He asked how they had managed the flight, and Steffy said Phoebe had been too excited to nap much, but she felt the girls would nap once they finished eating.

Liam offered to stick around and help out. Steffy appreciated it, but she told Liam he didn't have to help out. "It's fine. I've got a system," she said.

Liam held Phoebe and kissed her while Kelly was asleep in the other room. He noted that it was "nice being here with you and the girls." Liam explained that Hope had decided to end their marriage. Steffy was confident that Hope would change her mind, but Liam was not. He said she had repeatedly wanted to see him with the girls.

Liam also explained that Thomas had pressured Hope to be a mother to Douglas. Liam and Steffy agreed that Hope and Douglas had hit it off, and it gave "her maternal instinct a place to go." Liam worried that Thomas had an agenda to make a family with Hope in it. Steffy said that Thomas could be persuasive, but Hope could turn away from him. Steffy added that Hope had loved Liam for so long that she couldn't believe Hope would leave him.

Liam was tired of arguing with Hope and said it felt good to be there with the girls.

Steffy said Liam was welcome to be with the girls anytime. "Nothing melts my heart more than seeing you with the girls," she said. She added that her home was his home any time he wanted to be there.

Hope tells Phoebe that Steffy will always be her mom Hope tells Phoebe that Steffy will always be her mom
Friday, May 24, 2019

Steffy was surprised to see that Liam had not left. "I guess I felt like there was more to say," Liam replied. He then went back and forth between whether he really did have more to say or if he was talked out. Finally, Liam settled on a definitive response: he just needed to be around his daughters. Steffy reminded Liam that he was welcome in her home day or night. She asked Liam if he wanted her to speak to Hope on his behalf. Liam told Steffy that there was no need for her to get involved. Liam briefed Steffy on Thomas' plan to "attack" his marriage to Hope. Steffy told Liam that she planned to have a conversation with her brother.

"Breaking up your marriage isn't taking care of the kids," Brooke exclaimed to Hope. Hope argued that it was better for Phoebe and Kelly for Liam to be with them full-time. Hope also noted that it would be better for Douglas because it meant she would be "more available" for Douglas. An exasperated Brooke noted that Hope would then be in a "loveless relationship" with Thomas -- and that would be anything but good for Douglas.

Brooke firmly stated that Liam was the man that Hope was meant to be with. Hope argued that the situation was not about Thomas or even the way that she felt. "It should be about you," Brooke snapped. "This is your life." Frustrated with the situation, Hope grabbed her keys and purse and told her mother that she needed to leave because there was someone else that she should be talking to.

Ridge stunned Thomas by agreeing that "feelings evolve." Though the idea first seemed ridiculous to him, Ridge ceded that he understood what Thomas was trying to accomplish. Hope, Ridge noted, was not happy, and she would continue to be unhappy if Hope felt that she was keeping Liam from his family. Thomas said that he wanted Liam and Steffy to be happy and that he wanted Hope to be a mother to his son.

In his office, Thomas daydreamed about Hope. As he stared off into space with a smile on his face, Liam entered and asked Thomas what had put a smile on his face. Thomas claimed that he was just happy that Steffy was back in town. Liam blasted Thomas for getting in Hope's head and "preying on her sense of loss" and vulnerability. Liam claimed Thomas had no scruples. Thomas said that it was for Hope to decide what was best for her.

"Congratulations -- you win," Liam snapped, adding, "All of Hope's grief over Beth has finally pushed her over the edge." Thomas claimed he had no idea what Liam was talking about. Liam explained that Hope had "thrown in the towel" on their marriage. Thomas said he was proud of Hope for "seeing the light" and ending her marriage to Liam. Thomas told Liam that he had a great opportunity to see the light himself -- and told Liam that he should seize the moment to reunite his family.

Ridge returned home and learned from Brooke that Hope had decided to end her marriage. "I don't think she would be considering it if it weren't for your son," Brooke said somewhat angrily. Ridge countered that he didn't feel that Thomas could be blamed for something that Hope had decided to do. Brooke worried that Hope would regret ending a marriage that she had fought so hard to have. She added that if Thomas cared for Hope, then Thomas should help Hope to realize that she needed to stay married to Liam.

Brooke acknowledged that she felt for Thomas and his pain, but she claimed that he could not turn Hope into an "instant mom." She urged Ridge to talk to Thomas and to convince Thomas to tell Hope to stay married to Liam. "This is tragic for everybody," Ridge replied. He asked Brooke to consider that Hope might feel like she was drowning in her marriage -- and that her marriage could be the very thing that was making Hope so miserable. "Maybe leaving this chapter behind her [is] exactly what she needs," he said.

Hope arrived at Steffy's home, wanting to talk. Hope somewhat awkwardly asked about Steffy's trip. Steffy cut short the small talk, instead telling Hope that Liam "can be with the girls as much as he wants and still be your husband." Hope seemed taken aback that Steffy knew about her decision to end her marriage. Steffy reckoned that Hope might have shown up on her doorstep because Hope knew that Steffy would try to talk some sense into her.

Steffy said that she appreciated Hope's intention but reminded Hope that she'd made a commitment to Liam. Hope explained that Douglas made her feel like she had a purpose and that being a mother to Douglas brought her peace. She stated that she wanted to find the "best possible solution" for Kelly, Phoebe, and Douglas.

Still, Steffy noted that Hope ending her marriage did not automatically mean that Steffy and Liam would get back together. Steffy left the room briefly and returned with Phoebe. Hope's face lit up, and she asked if she could hold the baby. Steffy smiled broadly, saying that she understood why Hope had felt such a connection to the baby -- Hope's cousin was the child's mother.

"From the first moment I met her, I felt like she was supposed to be in my life," Hope said. "Stephanie Forrester raising a Logan," Hope said with a chuckle. Hope told the baby that she was so lucky to have Steffy as her mom. "She is and always will be your mother," Hope cooed.

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