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Hope was heartbroken to learn that Liam had slept with Steffy. Thomas coached Douglas on how to propose to Hope. Liam vowed to put a stop to Hope's engagement. Xander launched his own investigation into what happened the night of Emma's death.
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Thomas coached Douglas on how to propose to Hope
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Liam's behavior becomes erratic after he drinks a beverage laced with drugs Liam's behavior becomes erratic after he drinks a beverage laced with drugs

Monday, July 1, 2019

At Wyatt's house with Flo, Wyatt was kind of bummed out that Shauna had decided to leave town so abruptly. He was sure that his mother would feel the same way about it. Flo said that her mother had left to give her the space to live her new life without dwelling in the past. Also, Shauna missed home. Wyatt asked if it would be like mother, like daughter.

Flo joked that she didn't think so. Wyatt told her not to dare, and the two kissed. She was amazed that things kept getting better in her life. She recalled that, when young, they'd imagined living together. Wyatt said it was no longer a fantasy because it had become as real as it could get. The two began kissing.

Wyatt and Flo had sex on the sofa. Afterward, Flo wondered if there was a catch to living with Wyatt. Wyatt said that he wanted her beside him every night and every morning. He didn't believe that many people got to have a second chance with their first love.

At the cliff house, Hope, Liam, Thomas, and Steffy entered with the children after spending time on the beach. The group was buzzing about the handstands and hand jives Liam had done on the beach. "When the mood strikes..." Liam replied, reaching for his drink. Thomas watched and flashed back to drugging Liam's drink earlier.

Later, Steffy had put the girls down for a nap and said that Douglas had fallen asleep, too. Liam wanted the adults to take advantage of it and start partying. Everyone stared at Liam, who asked what was wrong and insisted that they should just start partying at that instant. He decided to turn on some music, but Steffy warned him to keep it low.

When he turned on the music, Liam seemed to melt into contentment. The music was really moving through him, and he asked Hope to dance. Hope didn't want to. He said that it left Steffy because he wouldn't dance with Thomas. As Liam and Steffy danced, Thomas noticed how happy Liam was with Steffy and the girls and asked Hope if that wasn't what it was all about.

Aside with Steffy, Liam began to get mushy about the past and said that he and Steffy had been through a lot and had made it. He said they'd taught each other to be adults. Steffy agreed that they'd made it, and Liam told her that he loved her. Touching her hair, he got an idea. He wanted to wake the kids up for a dance party.

Hope and Thomas watched as Steffy tried to keep Liam from going into the bedroom. Liam and Steffy laughed together as she was tugging on him, and Thomas again remarked about Liam's good mood. Hope said that Liam wasn't being himself, but Thomas said that, for all Hope knew, that was just the way Steffy and Liam were together.

Liam changed his mind about waking up the kids; however, he wanted to keep the party mood going and murmured that it was kind of lame at the moment. He decided to get Hope to dance with him, but she kept insisting that she didn't want to. Thomas told Liam to leave Hope alone.

Liam said that he didn't like Thomas, but Thomas probably was a good father. Liam persisted in trying to get Hope to dance and shed the unhappiness and pain. Hope asserted that she didn't want to do it, and she asked what was wrong with him. Hope asked why he was acting like they hadn't just had a tragedy in their lives.

Liam became bewildered as Hope yelled at him. She said she was trying to be happy, focus on the kids, and return to the world instead of focusing on her own grief, but it was hard. He agreed that it was hard. She replied that she'd thought it would be hard for him, too, but he was acting like everything was fine and was dancing.

Liam just wanted everyone to feel better. He said they didn't have to dance. There were other things they could do. Thomas told Liam to let it go, and Steffy advised Liam that it wouldn't happen. Hope strode into the bedroom while the others were talking, and she walked back out with Douglas. Steffy told the boy that she'd enjoyed having them there.

Hope thanked Steffy for the day. Liam wished Hope didn't feel like they had to go. Hope snapped that she wished they didn't, either. Thomas wanted to talk to Steffy before he left with Douglas and Hope. Hope went outside with Douglas, and Steffy asked Liam to wait upstairs in the loft. Liam seemed confused but complied.

Once Thomas and Steffy were alone together, Thomas noted that Liam was happier than Thomas had seen him in a long time, and it was obvious to him that Liam and Steffy were into each other. Not needing love advice from her brother, she asked what he was getting at.

Thomas wanted Steffy to be happy. Steffy said that she was, and she urged him to go outside to the alone and upset Hope. Thomas stated that Steffy didn't have to worry because Hope wouldn't be alone again.

After Thomas had gone, Steffy went up to Liam's bedroom to check on him. He said he felt great, but he wished Hope hadn't had to go that soon. Steffy thought that Liam should lie down because it had been a long day. "Only if you lie down with me," Liam uttered and pulled her down onto the bed with him.

Steffy and Liam sat on the bed by the headboard. They discussed the day, and Steffy noted that he'd been the life of the party. She'd found it cute but stated that Hope had had a different opinion. For Liam, it had felt good to unload, even if for a moment. She said she got it. He replied that Steffy always got it. He told her that she was beautiful and had a beautiful soul.

"Liam," Steffy bashfully replied. Liam continued, saying she got him, and he was grateful that he never had to justify himself to her. With her, he could be himself. He could laugh, cry, and dance. In his view, she accepted all of him. Steffy said it went both ways. She attempted to get up off the bed, but he pulled her back.

Liam was grateful for the two children Steffy had that would bond them forever. He asked if Steffy knew that she was amazing. He kissed her. Pulling back, he asked what was wrong with him. Steffy said that nothing was wrong with him, and he kissed her again.

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas, who had put Douglas to sleep in another room, asked Hope if she was okay. Hope was still weirded out by how Liam had been acting. Thomas thought Liam had been rude and had been acting like he and Hope hadn't gone through a tragedy. "The way he was all over Steffy..." Thomas stated. Hope replied that Liam had told her that he and Steffy were just co-parenting.

Thomas asked if Hope really believed that. "You don't?" Hope replied. Thomas stated that after watching the way Liam had touched Steffy, Thomas had to wonder about it. Thomas claimed that he hadn't meant to get into her head. Hope said that he hadn't, but it had been jarring to see Liam like that. She just wondered what was going on. Thomas asked what she thought was going on with two people who lived together and loved each other.

Thomas enlists Douglas to help with Hope Thomas enlists Douglas to help with Hope

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

At Brooke's house, Thomas was on the phone with Vinny, who figured that Thomas had had fun with the "stuff" and had had the best sex of his life the previous night. Thomas said that the reviews weren't in, and he hurried off the phone as Douglas entered the room.

As Thomas put batteries in a toy, he asked how the day at the beach had been for Douglas. Douglas had enjoyed himself and liked being a helper with the babies. Thomas asked if Douglas had had fun with Hope. "We see her all the time, though," Douglas responded. Thomas replied that it wasn't that way yet -- but he was about to change that.

From his pocket, Thomas retrieved a ring. Douglas asked what it was. Thomas said it was something he wanted to give Hope with Douglas' help. Thomas explained that when Hope put on the ring, she'd become Douglas' mommy. Douglas said that his mommy was in heaven, and Thomas stated that Hope would be Douglas' new mommy.

Douglas asked if that would make his mommy mad. Thomas replied that people in heaven didn't get mad, and Douglas' mommy didn't want them to be lonely. He asked if Douglas wanted Hope to be his new mommy. Douglas nodded, and Thomas stated that all Douglas had to do was say it. "I want Hope to be my new mommy," Douglas affirmed.

Thomas said he and Douglas should say it to Hope until Hope put the ring on her finger. Douglas questioned the idea that he should do it, too, and Thomas replied that they were a team. Douglas asked what would become of Liam and said that Hope loved Liam. Thomas replied that it wouldn't be so if things had gone well the previous night.

At Steffy's house, Liam awakened in bed with Steffy, who was gazing at him as she filed her nails. When he sat up, she asked if he was asking himself why he'd done what he'd done the previous night. Liam claimed that he wasn't. He just had a headache, and he was worried that he hadn't been himself the night before. Steffy replied that he'd definitely been himself, and she was starting to feel like herself, too.

Liam struggled to sit up, and Steffy handed some aspirin to him. He assumed that he'd had a lot more to drink than he'd thought the previous night. She said he really hadn't. Baby cries sounded from the monitors, and she said that, the previous night, he'd insisted she put the monitors in there because it was where she'd be staying. She told him to take his time getting out of bed, and she'd get the girls started.

Later, Liam had coffee in the kitchen, and Steffy asked if he was feeling better. He asked if he'd been "a lot" at the party. She replied that he'd been enjoying himself. She hadn't seen him that happy and loose in a long time, and she assumed that Hope hadn't, either. He figured that Hope wasn't happy with him.

Steffy was sure Hope would forgive him and suggested that he give Hope a call. He said he needed to see Hope because they had things to discuss that were best not left to a phone call. Steffy told him to go and that the girls and she would be fine until he got back.

Later, Steffy was asleep on the sofa. Thomas knocked and entered. When he saw her sleeping, he stealthily hid his phone behind a chair cushion, returned to the door, and loudly reentered the house. Steffy hopped up in a panic. He said it was just him, and things were okay. He asked if she'd slept on the sofa the previous night, and she explained that she'd been napping.

Thomas said he was there to thank Steffy for the good time at the gathering. Steffy didn't buy that, and he claimed he'd left his phone there. As they looked for it, Thomas pointed to Steffy's bedroom and asked if Liam was asleep. Steffy said Liam was out and about already.

Thomas had never seen Liam so loose as he'd been at the party. Steffy quipped that Thomas didn't know Liam. Thomas replied that Hope did, and she'd been rattled. Steffy said that it was different, and he stated that Hope hadn't wanted Liam to be that happy with Steffy and the girls. "Oh, Thomas, it was one party!" Steffy shouted.

Thomas claimed that he'd taken a call with their father while in Steffy's bedroom, and he went in there to look for the phone. Steffy called Thomas' phone, and as it rang, she found it behind the chair cushion. When Thomas returned to the main room, he was smirking. It didn't seem to him that anyone had slept in her bed the previous night. He asked her to tell him the truth.

Steffy didn't think where she slept was Thomas' business. Thomas reminded her that he was her brother. Concluding that Thomas just wanted to hear something salacious, she ordered him to stop. He said they had previously been able to talk about anything. Steffy asked if she could keep one night to herself for a few hours until she could figure out what it meant.

Thomas congratulated Steffy and said she and Liam were meant for each other. Thomas was happy for her. She quipped that he was happier for himself. Thomas guessed that he couldn't say anything right, and he asked where Liam was. Steffy revealed that Liam had gone to see Hope to talk about what had happened at the party and probably about what had happened between him and Steffy. Thomas thought it was best that Hope hear it from Liam.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke arrived after Hope had missed breakfast at the main house. Hope said she'd just wanted some time alone. Brooke asked about the day at the beach. Hope conveyed that it had been nice to be with the kids -- even though she'd made a fool of herself. Brooke doubted that, and Hope revealed that she'd called Phoebe by Beth's name.

"Okay...well, that could happen," Brooke reasoned. Hope believed that holding Phoebe would always make her think of Beth and how she would have been at Phoebe's age. Brooke assumed that happened to Liam, too. Disagreeing, Hope said Liam had changed and had another home and life.

Brooke assumed that Liam had been making the best of a bad situation and asked if Hope had questioned why Liam had been acting a certain way. Brooke theorized that it could be that Liam was unhappy and didn't want the separation from Hope. "But you give him no choice," Brooke concluded. Hope replied that it wasn't what Thomas had said.

Scoffing, Brooke asked what Thomas had said. Hope stated that Thomas didn't believe that Liam wanted his old life back and had said that Liam had moved on. Brooke asserted that Thomas didn't know what he was talking about. Hope said Brooke was being a little harsh.

Disagreeing, Brooke asked when Thomas had even talked to Liam about Liam's feelings. Brooke asked who'd been there for Hope and who had had her back and had earned her trust. In Brooke's view, that person wasn't Thomas.

Later, Hope was alone when Liam entered. He guessed that he should have knocked, but for him, it was a force of habit to just enter the house. Hope quipped that his habits were changing. Liam apologized for hurting her. Hope asked if it was that or if things had somehow changed. He admitted that some things had changed but said his feelings for her hadn't.

Hope claimed that she was all for a good time -- especially after what they'd gone through, but in her view, Liam had been something else the previous night. Liam said he'd been selfish and thoughtless, and he was sorry. He'd done things that he knew he wouldn't have done if he'd been thinking clearly and putting her first. He was there to apologize because something had happened, and she had to hear it from him.

Liam said that Hope had asked if he and Steffy had been getting closer. He'd told the truth at the time, "but last night..." Hope gasped and deduced that Liam and Steffy had had sex. He said he'd wanted Hope to hear it from him. Nearly in tears, Hope guessed that she'd seen what she'd thought she'd been seeing. Liam didn't know how to explain it.

Hope didn't know why Liam didn't know how to explain it. She recalled that he'd said that he and Steffy had just been co-parenting. Liam said that they were. Hope added that he'd been sleeping in the guest room. "I am," he affirmed. She asked what had changed. Stammering, Liam concluded that it had just happened. Mirthlessly laughing, Hope didn't know why she was even asking.

Liam said he was sorry. Hope didn't want him to apologize. She was the one who'd ended the marriage and had insisted that he live with Steffy, but he'd been the one fighting for the marriage. Shrugging, she said it was what she'd said she'd wanted, and if she got hurt, it wasn't his fault. Hope reasoned that might be good and probably needed to happen. She asserted that she needed to move on, and Liam didn't have to worry about her.

Liam replied that it didn't mean he'd stop thinking of Hope. Hope didn't want him to say things like that. She wanted him to go and be with the mother of his family and love that family with everything he had. She told him to be happy, and she'd be happy for him because he was living the life that he deserved and the life she couldn't give him.

Liam and Hope have a tense conversation Liam and Hope have a tense conversation

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

by Pam

At Hope's cabin, she and Liam discussed that Liam had slept with Steffy. Hope was tearful, and Liam said he didn't want to leave her. "I'm fine. This is what I wanted," Hope said. Liam countered that it was what she said she wanted, but he was unconvinced.

Hope said she wanted him to be with the mother of his children. "Do I wish it were me? Yes, but some things aren't meant to be," she said. Liam shook his head. Hope added that she was glad he had slept with Steffy because he was moving on, but she hadn't thought he would do it so fast. Her voice cracked when she spoke. "Be with Steffy. Be with her," Hope said.

Hope said that it was what was supposed to happen. Liam shook his head and said he didn't think he'd had so much to drink the night before. Hope ordered him not to make excuses. "I wasn't myself," Liam said. Hope agreed but reminded him that she knew him better than anyone. She told him his time with Steffy wasn't a hookup. It meant something. "You wanted her. You should want her. Steffy is the woman you'll spend the rest of your life with. As difficult as this is, you're exactly where you need to be," she said.

Liam said he missed Hope. "Did you miss me last night?" Hope shot back. Liam looked defeated. "I miss you every day," Hope cried. She said she would always cherish the memories "after all of this." Hope said, "You have a new life to live." Liam worried about Hope, but Hope said she had to move on and that Thomas was right to encourage her. "No," Liam said. He didn't trust Thomas.

At the cliff house, Thomas learned that Steffy and Liam had slept together, and he was happy for her. Steffy noted that if she and Liam got back together, it would free up Hope for Thomas. He agreed. Steffy warned that it had only been one night, and they had not made plans.

Thomas said he was "getting closer to the life I'm supposed to have with Hope." Steffy looked at him oddly and said his love life shouldn't hinge on her relationship with Liam. Thomas countered that Liam should be with his daughters and never should have left in the first place.

Steffy shushed Thomas, and Ridge showed up. Thomas greeted his father and congratulated Steffy before he left. Ridge asked about the congratulations. Steffy explained that things had been "progressing" with Liam, and their relationship had "led to something else last night." Ridge paused and said he was happy for her.

Steffy was surprised that he was happy. Ridge said that Liam and Steffy were supposed to be together. He reminded her that he knew what it was like when one never stopped loving someone and what it was like to finally get that someone back in one's life.

Steffy cautioned her father. She knew that Liam was at Hope's. Liam had some big decisions to make, and it couldn't be easy for him. With everything that had happened, Liam had expected to spend the rest of his life with Hope. Steffy didn't want to rush into anything. "It's one night," she said. She added that she didn't want to pressure him, but Ridge said it was good that Liam had moved into one house and had only one family.

Steffy and Ridge checked on the girls, and they were sleeping. Ridge said he could wait for his "granddaughter fix" and would return another time. Ridge worried that Steffy hadn't heard from Liam, but Steffy told him it was fine. She was pretty confident in her relationship. "We all want the same thing," Steffy said. She added that she was confident that it was what Liam wanted and what Hope wanted.

At Hope's, Liam and Hope were involved in a tense conversation, and Thomas interrupted. Thomas greeted Liam and said that he'd heard about Liam and Steffy. "You need to leave," Liam said. He was irritated and said that he and Hope needed to finish their conversation. Thomas looked at Hope and asked if she wanted him to leave. Hope admitted she had a lot to process.

Hope said that something happened between Steffy and Liam. Thomas glared at Liam and chastised him for sleeping "with my sister, and then you come over here to rub it in her (Hope's) face? What the hell is wrong with you?" Liam and Thomas yelled at each other, and Hope tried to interrupt.

"You need to go home to Steffy and those two daughters you have. I'll take care of Hope," Thomas shouted. Liam glared at Thomas, but Thomas didn't let up. He accused Liam of rubbing "salt in the wound" and ordered Liam to give Hope some space. Hope advised Thomas that she and Liam needed to talk alone. Thomas finally left.

"He means well," Hope said of Thomas. "No, he doesn't," Liam said. He worried about how much Hope trusted Thomas. Hope countered that Thomas wasn't evil, but Liam disagreed. "You don't get to worry about me anymore," Hope said tearfully. Liam said that he would always care about her, and they should be together.

Hope and Liam agreed they wanted a life together, but Hope encouraged him to return to Steffy and "be the best father you can to those girls." She reiterated that she had been surprised that he had moved on so quickly. "This is too painful," she said tearfully.

Liam insisted that Thomas was not the person for Hope because he was taking advantage of her. "Do you love him?" Liam asked. Hope avoided the question, but Liam asked again. "No, because he isn't you. He'll never be you, but I can't have you, and I can't have Beth," Hope said and shook her head. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Hope said she could have Douglas in her life, and it felt good. "You get to have your family, and I can have mine, too," Hope said. Liam flashed back to when they had spent happy times together, and then he had the sad memory of Hope crying after they had lost Beth in the hospital. Hope sighed and said that everything would have been different.

Hope said some dreams weren't meant to work out. She felt it was necessary for him go be with Steffy and to be happy. "Be loved and enjoy being a father," she said. Liam grew tearful. "I'm doing what you asked...what you want me to be, but it actually doesn't matter where I am in life or what family I'm with...I'll always love you. Do you understand that?" Liam asked. Hope nodded and said she would always love him, too. Liam nodded. He left. Hope cried inside the house, and outside, Liam had tears in his eyes.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

At Steffy's house, Steffy had put the girls down and wondered if they'd be up in time for the fireworks. Liam didn't think Phoebe would miss her first Independence Day, but Steffy stated that Kelly had slept through hers. Steffy noticed that Liam seemed to zone out.

Liam told Steffy that he'd been thinking about his talk with Hope the other day. Steffy imagined that the talk hadn't been easy. He replied that if anyone had to tell Hope that he and Steffy had "made love," it had needed to be him. Steffy thought it was good that Liam had been honest with Hope. Liam replied that Hope had been honest with him, too -- really honest.

Steffy figured that that was good because it meant they'd said everything they needed to say. Liam just didn't want Hope to be more hurt or to become more vulnerable. Steffy asked what Hope would be more vulnerable to and readily guessed that the answer was to Thomas.

Liam knew it wasn't easy for Steffy to deal with the fact that he couldn't trust her brother. Steffy understood that Thomas had come on too strong with Hope when she'd been Liam's wife, and Steffy claimed that, had she been in town, she would have told Thomas to knock it off. Steffy didn't blame Thomas for wanting a family with Hope, who would be an incredible mother.

Agreeing that Hope would be an incredible mother, Liam insisted that Thomas didn't want Hope for Douglas; Thomas wanted Hope for himself. Steffy thought Liam was making Thomas out to be obsessed. Frowning, Liam replied that she'd said it, not him. Though her brother could be intense, she didn't see anything wrong with Thomas wanting to make a life with Hope. "Well, I do," Liam replied.

At Brooke's house, Thomas entered and told Hope, who was reading a magazine, that Ridge and Brooke had been expecting her at the pool. Thomas added that Douglas, who was upstairs changing, was looking forward to seeing the fireworks with Hope later that night -- but only if Hope was up for it.

Hope didn't want to let Douglas down. Thomas said it was okay for her to be unnerved by Steffy and Liam reuniting as a couple. Hope responded that she was trying not to think about it. She just wanted to make Douglas's first Fourth without his mother the best that it could be.

Thomas was proud of the way Douglas had been handling things, and he said that his son's courage was due to Hope. In Thomas' view, Douglas was a lost little boy who didn't understand that his mother hadn't meant to leave him, and Thomas feared that Douglas could be set back in his progress very easily. He just wanted Douglas to know that Douglas was loved. Hope stated that Douglas knew that Thomas adored him. Thomas replied that it would be good if Douglas knew that Hope did, too.

Ridge and Brooke entered from the terrace, and Thomas went upstairs. Brooke asked what Hope and Thomas had been discussing, and Hope revealed that they'd talked about Liam and Steffy and the party the other night. Hope said that Liam had visited her the morning after the party to discuss it. Brooke was surprised that Hope hadn't yet said anything about the visit.

Hope explained that she'd needed to process it on her own first. Brooke asked what Hope had needed to process, and Hope stated that Liam had told her that he and Steffy had made love. "They're back together," Hope concluded.

Hope was glad that Liam had been honest with her; she just hadn't expected it to happen so soon. Chuckling, Hope said that, of course, they'd get back together; they'd been living together and raising their children together. Hope said that Liam and Steffy loved each other, and they loved the girls. Hope didn't know how she could be angry about that.

Hope admitted that it hurt, and she was jealous on some level about the life Liam and Steffy got to have together as a family. In Hope's mind, their life would be every bit as beautiful as the life that she and Liam would have had with Beth. Hope concluded that Beth was gone, and the life she and Liam had wanted to have had never been meant to be.

Upstairs, Thomas asked if Douglas had had fun by the pool. Shrugging, Douglas guessed so. Thomas asked what was wrong, and Douglas asked if his mommy was still in heaven. Thomas affirmed it, and Douglas asked if he would see his mother again. Thomas assumed Douglas was asking if his mother would ever be back, and he apologized to Douglas, saying that Caroline would not return from heaven.

Thomas claimed that Caroline had told him that if she'd ever had to go to heaven, she'd be happy as long as Douglas was happy. Thomas asked if Douglas was happy when he was with Hope. Douglas affirmed it. Thomas said that it was true for him, too, and it would happen for them; he, Douglas, and Hope would be a family. Thomas just needed Douglas' help to make it happen.

Douglas wondered if there would be ice cream at the fireworks show. He said that his mother had liked ice cream with fireworks. Betting that Hope liked that, too, Thomas asked if Douglas loved Hope and wanted her to be his mommy like they'd talked about. Douglas replied that Thomas and Hope were getting married. Thomas said he had to ask first -- "but yes."

Thomas said that it would make them a family, and Hope would be Douglas' new mommy. He asked if Douglas wanted that. The boy nodded, and Thomas asked if Douglas wanted to practice saying it. "I want Hope -- " Douglas started to say. Interrupting, Thomas instructed Douglas to say it as if he were speaking to Hope. "Say, 'Hope, I want you to be my mommy,'" Thomas said. Douglas repeated it, and Thomas praised him.

Thomas claimed that Hope was sad, and he and Douglas needed to give her something to show how much they loved and needed her. "The ring!" Douglas exclaimed. Thomas stated that the ring was magical, and once she put it on, everything would be perfect. Douglas asked if Thomas would give it to her that night. Thomas replied that he had a different idea.

Later, Thomas spoke to Douglas about marriage proposals and said the one that night would be special because Douglas would also be asking Hope to be his mommy. Thomas asked Douglas to try it. "My daddy wanted me to ask you to marry him," Douglas said.

Not wanting Douglas to ask that way, Thomas said Douglas couldn't tell Hope that Thomas had asked for it. "You did," Douglas replied. Thomas stated that it was their secret. He explained that the proposal would be special because it would come from Douglas. He asked Douglas to try it again, and Douglas practiced asking Hope to marry his dad and be his new mommy.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope set out food and glanced nervously around the house. She heard fireworks and went outside to gaze at them. Unbeknownst to her, at the same time, Liam was at the cliff house, touching holiday decorations and staring around aimlessly. He also heard the fireworks and went outside to watch. At the same time, Hope and Liam flashed back to Hope telling Liam that she was pregnant on Independence Day.

Steffy and the girls joined Liam outside. Steffy figured that Beth had to be on Liam's mind because it was the day that Hope had told him that she was pregnant. Liam affirmed it. He remembered what had happened and also what had never happened, and it was bittersweet for him. Being there with the girls was nice, and it helped. It was comforting to him.

Liam said that Phoebe had to be Beth's age. He claimed not to be comparing the children or projecting. Becoming emotional, Liam said that the love was the same, and Phoebe was really a daughter to him.

Back at the cabin, Douglas and Thomas had joined Hope to watch the fireworks show. As Hope explained that fireworks had always been her favorite and how her family had celebrated the holiday in the past, Thomas and Douglas silently gave each other cues. Douglas told Hope that he had something important to tell her. Hope asked what it was.

Douglas stated that Hope made him and his father "so happy." He said that his mommy was gone, but when he was with Hope, he didn't feel sad. He didn't want Hope to be sad, either. Douglas pulled a ring box from his pocket. Opening the box to reveal the ring, he said that he loved Hope. He asked if she'd be his mommy and marry his daddy.

Hope's mouth dropped open, and Hope glanced at Thomas. He shrugged as if he'd had nothing to do with it. Douglas continued to smile, hold the box, and await Hope's response.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Outside Brooke's cabin, while watching a fireworks show, Douglas presented a diamond ring to Hope and asked her to marry his father. Hope asked Thomas if he'd known that Douglas would propose and ask her to be his mommy. Douglas turned around and looked at Thomas.

Later, Hope was inside the cabin, flashing back to Liam proposing to her. Thomas entered. He apologized, saying he'd had to get Douglas to bed but not before a few bedtime stories. He claimed that Douglas had wanted him to tell Hope goodnight, and he asked how cute Douglas' proposal had been. He hoped Douglas hadn't put her on the spot.

Hope asked if Thomas really hadn't known Douglas would do it. Thomas persisted in pretending that he hadn't. It was hard for Hope to believe that the young Douglas even knew what a proposal was or where to find the ring. Having an answer for everything, Thomas said Douglas had seen the ring in Thomas' room and knew how special it was to Thomas.

Hope didn't understand how Douglas could have pulled it off all by himself. To Thomas, the answer was pretty obvious. He said that Douglas loved her and had asked her to be his mother before. Thomas stated that Douglas knew that it would make him happy. Hope replied that Douglas was just a kid, but Thomas stated that his son was a smart kid who knew how much Thomas loved her and wanted her to be his wife.

Thomas reminded Hope that Liam and Steffy had made love and were on their path, which was what Hope wanted. Hope stated that she did want that, but it didn't mean she no longer cared about Liam. Thomas remarked that Hope might not be ready to accept the ring, but he knew that she loved Douglas. In Thomas' mind, Hope had saved the little guy's life. Thomas wanted to save her life.

Thomas said that they could be a family, and even though Hope had lost Beth, he could give her Douglas. Thomas stated that he would do anything for Hope -- anything. Thomas flashed back to Emma's car wreck. He snapped out of it and asked Hope to give him a chance. He said that he'd cherish and protect her forever. Thomas insisted that she could trust him.

Thomas claimed that Hope's maternal instincts had led her there. He said that she could be a mother to Douglas. "He's your child now. You can be a mother, Hope. A mother. We will make you the happiest woman in the world," Thomas promised. He presented the ring and asked Hope to take it and be his wife.

At Brooke's house. Liam arrived at Brooke's behest. Liam thought it was a good time to stop by because Ridge was visiting Steffy and the girls. Brooke said that she was glad Ridge had gone; she'd wanted to talk to Liam alone. Brooke was really concerned about Hope, especially Hope's involvement with Thomas.

Brooke revealed that she knew about Liam and Steffy, who'd slept together the night of the party. Liam said that it hadn't been planned. Brooke stated that it hadn't been what Hope had had in mind when she'd asked Liam to live with Steffy and the girls. Liam grimaced. Brooke said that it had hurt Hope, and Brooke feared that it would push Hope closer to Thomas.

Brooke hadn't asked Liam there to berate him. Liam said he got where Brooke was coming from. She replied that the ink had barely been dry on the annulment papers before he'd moved on with Steffy. She'd heard that he'd been drinking. He stated that he had been, but he'd known what he'd been doing. Brooke guessed it had been inevitable, but she'd wanted things to work out between Liam and Hope. "You and me both," Liam responded.

Brooke was worried about Hope's well-being. Liam felt that Hope was vulnerable. Part of it was due to him, but part of it was Thomas circling. Brooke said she didn't want to say it to Ridge, but something was off about Thomas. "Exactly!" Liam exclaimed and told Brooke that he didn't trust Thomas at all. He believed that Thomas was using Douglas to trap Hope in a relationship.

As Brooke and Liam discussed Thomas using Douglas to reel Hope in, Liam noticed Douglas descending the stairs. Brooke greeted Douglas and asked why he was up. Douglas was on his way to get a snack. Brooke asked where his father was, and he replied that Thomas was with Hope. Brooke had thought the three of them had all been together.

Douglas explained that they had been, and he'd given Hope a present. Liam asked what the present was, and Douglas stated that it was a special ring -- a big diamond -- and his daddy had said it was an engagement ring. "And you gave it to her," Liam said. Affirming it, Douglas revealed that his father wanted to marry Hope so that she could be Douglas' mommy. "Oh," Liam replied, and he and Brooke exchanged glances.

Later, Brooke returned downstairs after putting Douglas back to bed. "What the hell was that? An engagement ring?" Liam asked. Brooke couldn't believe it, either. Liam was sure Thomas had put Douglas up to it, and Brooke replied that it was unfair and too much pressure on the little boy who had just lost his mother.

Liam stated that Thomas was capitalizing on it and using it to reel Hope in. To Liam, it showed just how twisted Thomas was. Brooke said that it was very conniving, and Liam stated that Thomas was obsessed and would do anything, including using his son. Liam said not to worry about it because he was going to put a stop to it.

In the Forrester design office, Xander and Zoe were anxiously discussing Thomas and his involvement in Emma's death. Zoe wanted to have just one night where they didn't talk about the situation. Xander couldn't get the things they'd done out of his mind. He was upset because Emma was gone, but Thomas was living his life as if nothing had ever happened.

Xander didn't want to hear that Thomas hadn't been involved and reminded Zoe that Pam had overheard Emma and Thomas arguing that night. Xander asserted that they all knew Thomas had been lying about arguing with Emma over dancing at the fashion show. Zoe asked if Thomas was supposed to reveal the real reason for the argument.

Xander hadn't expected that because he knew Thomas was a liar. "And, Zoe, I'm telling you: Thomas Forrester is a murderer," Xander declared, adding, "And now he's got control over all of us." Xander wanted to go to the police, but Zoe was convinced that they'd go to prison. She said there would be no more nights in each other's arms or lying in bed on the weekends. It would be over, and she doubted it was what he wanted.

Xander asked about Emma. He couldn't let Thomas get away with it. Claiming to feel horrible about what had happened to Emma, Zoe insisted that it had been an accident and that Emma had lost control. Thomas hadn't been responsible. Xander didn't think Zoe believed that. Zoe remarked about Emma texting and driving, but Xander believed that the police needed to open an investigation. He said that Emma hadn't deserved to die.

Xander needed to know if Thomas had been there that night and suspected that the answers might be in Thomas' car. Xander believed that if he could uncover the truth, Thomas would be exposed, and they could finally come clean about Beth. Xander headed for the door, determined to get the truth.

Xander went to the security room, where Charlie was working. Xander claimed that something had been stolen from his car the other day. Charlie didn't recall receiving a report on it. Xander said he'd just realized that it had happened, and he wanted to look through security footage to see if he could spot anything unusual from the day he thought it could have happened.

Charlie showed Xander the video system and parking lot footage. Xander noted Ridge and Thomas' parking spaces in some of the footage. Xander asked where Emma had usually parked, and Charlie pointed it out on the screen. Jake arrived with a problem for Charlie to solve. The badge reader on the side entrance wasn't reading badges. Xander asked if he could look through the footage while Charlie handled the issue, and Charlie said it was fine.

Once alone in the office, Xander dug through the footage and located Emma on camera in the Forrester corridor leaving the building. He checked the parking lot footage and watched her car pull out of its parking space.

Next, Xander retraced Thomas' steps at the office. When he saw Thomas in the corridor by Pam's desk, Xander exclaimed that Thomas had followed Emma. Xander checked the parking lot footage and observed Thomas' car pulling out of its parking space. "He killed Emma. Thomas Forrester is a murderer," Xander stated in horror.

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