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Zoe sided with Thomas, despite the proof Xander had found implicating Thomas in Emma's death, and Xander chose to leave Zoe instead of living a lie. Many tried to talk Hope out of her engagement to Thomas, but Douglas' nightmare spurred Hope to move up the wedding date.
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Thomas scared Douglas with a ghost to convince Hope to move up their wedding date
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Hope agrees to marry Thomas Hope agrees to marry Thomas
Monday, July 8, 2019

At Brooke's house, Liam was determined to go to the cabin to stop Thomas' marriage proposal to Hope; however, as Liam reached the front door, Ridge arrived and asked what was going on in there. Brooke explained that Douglas had proposed to Hope for Thomas. Starting for the door again, Liam said he wouldn't let Thomas get away with it.

Ridge told Liam to hang on and not go anywhere. Liam stated that Ridge hadn't seen his son, the puppet master, in action. Ridge asked what that meant. Brooke tried to explain. Ridge interrupted, saying he knew what Liam was trying to say but not why Liam was concerned about it. Ridge stated that Liam was living with Steffy and sleeping in her bed.

Liam opened his mouth to speak, but Ridge bellowed that Liam wasn't with Hope any longer. Ridge said that Thomas had made mistakes, as they all had, but Thomas was kind and honorable. Brooke reasoned that Hope wasn't prepared to accept a marriage proposal from anyone at all. Liam quipped that Thomas was strong-arming Hope into it.

Ridge didn't see how letting a little boy propose was strong-arming. He thought it was endearing. Liam insisted that Thomas had put Douglas up to it. "So now he's coaching his kid?" Ridge replied. Brooke said that Liam, like herself, was just worried about Hope.

Ridge claimed that he was, too, and so was Thomas, who loved Hope and wanted to spend his life with her. Ridge asked why everyone was looking at Thomas as if he were an axe murderer. Brooke replied that no one was calling Thomas that. Brooke made it known that she was a fierce protector of her daughter. "All right, Stephanie," Ridge replied.

Brooke asked what Ridge had called her. Ridge said she'd heard him, and Stephanie had interfered in their lives for years. Brooke asked him how she could forget. He didn't know, but it was apparent to him that she had. He said they'd made an agreement to never interfere with their children's lives, but there Brooke was, doing it at that moment.

Turning his attention to Liam, Ridge said Liam had a family to take care of. He ordered Liam to take care of Steffy and the kids. Ridge was sure that things would work out just fine if Hope accepted Thomas' proposal and said Thomas would keep Hope safe and warm.

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas urged Hope to accept his marriage proposal and make Douglas the happiest child in the world. The overwhelmed Hope shook her head, and Thomas assumed that she was hesitant because the proposal had been from Douglas. Thomas assured her that he wanted the marriage, too, and that he was dying to marry her.

Thomas figured that Hope hadn't expected a proposal from Douglas. Thomas was glad that Douglas had taken the initiative because it showed how strong Douglas felt. While Caroline would always be Douglas' mother, Thomas thought that Hope and Douglas' love for each other was amazing, and Douglas needed the same kind of family Hope wanted for Kelly and Phoebe.

Thomas stated that Hope had felt lost ever since Beth had been taken from her, but Hope had the chance to mother a child who adored her. Thomas planned to do all within his power to make her happy. He asked her to say that she'd be his wife and make Douglas' life complete.

Thomas gently said that he needed an answer. He felt that he'd been waiting patiently, and it was taking a toll on him. He wanted them to put all the death and sadness behind them. Hope replied that she wouldn't just forget about Beth. He knew that, but he promised that Beth was in a wonderful place. He asked Hope to let it be the start of something wonderful for her.

Turning her around to face him, Thomas told Hope that Douglas deeply wanted it. Thomas wanted it for Douglas and himself, but he mostly wanted it for her. "Yes," Hope uttered. She stated that she would marry Thomas and be a mother to Douglas.

Thomas hugged the mirthless Hope and slipped the ring onto her finger. Thomas stated that it was a big step for Hope. He promised to be totally committed to her and emphasized that he'd do anything for her. "That's how much you mean to me," he said.

Unable to believe it was happening, Thomas was excited to tell Douglas that they'd be a family. He said that Douglas would have a mother that he loved very much. Thomas believed that Hope was good for him and for Douglas. Thomas said he'd loved and lost Hope. It had hurt, but he'd never given up hope that that day would arrive. He promised to prove his love every day and never give her a reason to doubt her decision to marry him.

Hope stared blankly at Thomas. He kissed her hand, and she asked him to excuse her for a moment. Silently, Hope strode through the door leading to the bedroom. On the other side of the door, she replayed her in her mind what Thomas had said when he'd proposed. She stared in the mirror at her shaken reflection and flashed back to Liam proposing to her the prior year.

Becoming tearful, Hope recalled marrying Liam and honeymooning in the cabin. She snapped out of it when Thomas called her name and asked if she was okay. She wiped away tears, recomposed herself, and strode into the living room.

To her surprise, Thomas was standing in the candlelit room with his shirt unbuttoned. He stated that it was official, and they should celebrate. He'd waited a long time for that moment. "So long," he uttered and moved in to kiss her. Hope pulled back and stepped away from him.

Thomas asked what was wrong. Hope claimed that everything was happening very fast, and she hadn't had time to process it. He replied that the ring showed their commitment, and there was no reason to deny themselves any longer. Thomas kissed Hope.

After a moment, Hope stopped the kiss. She apologized and said she couldn't. "But we're engaged..." Thomas replied. Hope stated that it had been a long day, and she'd like to go to bed. He replied that he'd join her. She thought it would be better if he went to the main house to be there when Douglas awakened. She said he could tell his son the news and let the boy know how thrilled she was to be his mother.

Touching his chest, Hope bade Thomas a good night. As she walked away, he said, "Not long until we're husband and wife." Hope went into her bedroom, and he said, "Soon...very soon."

At Forrester, Xander watched surveillance footage and muttered that Thomas had murdered Emma. Charlie entered and asked what Xander had just said. Xander claimed that he hadn't said anything. Certain that he'd heard Xander say something, Charlie dismissively figured that it was part of the territory to talk to oneself in that office.

Charlie asked if Xander had found what he'd needed. When Xander responded that he had, Charlie requested the name of the person who'd broken into Xander's car. Xander insisted upon handling it himself and stated that he knew what he had to do.

Xander went to the design office. There, he found Zoe, who'd been trying to reach him. The agitated Xander asserted that he had proof of what Thomas had done. Xander had seen it with his own eyes on the security footage, and he was all but certain that Thomas had killed Emma.

Zoe asked how Xander knew that. Xander claimed that it had been on the security footage. He explained that he'd gotten Charlie to let him see the building's security footage, and while viewing it, Xander had seen Emma driving off to tell Hope everything. Zoe asked how that implicated Thomas. Xander replied that Thomas had peeled off seconds after Emma had.

"It's all on the footage!" Xander insisted. Zoe stated that Thomas could have been driving anywhere at that point. Xander was in disbelief that she was still defending Thomas. Zoe claimed that she wasn't, but Xander spoke over her, saying that Thomas was fixated on having Hope and intimidating the rest of them into silence.

Xander stated that Emma had lost her life because of Thomas, and Xander was intent upon getting justice for her. He went to the door, and Zoe asked where he was going. Xander was headed to Brooke's house. He stated that Zoe needed more proof, and he was sure that the proof was inside Thomas' car.

On the grounds at Brooke's estate, Xander slipped into Thomas' car. He found the car's key card in the middle console, and he turned on the car. Xander pulled up Thomas' GPS system and discovered that the car had made a stop in the exact place where Emma had gone off Mulholland Drive. Xander stated that there was no doubt that Thomas had killed Emma.

Liam tries to talk Hope out of her engagement Liam tries to talk Hope out of her engagement
Tuesday, July 9, 2019

In the morning at Forrester, Xander and Zoe were talking about Thomas. Zoe resisted the idea that Thomas was a killer. Xander said that he had proof, and there was no more pretending that Thomas hadn't killed Emma.

Xander couldn't imagine how terrified Emma had been while a madman had run her off the road. He asked what it had been for. Answering himself, Xander said it had been because Thomas had seen Emma as an obstacle to his life with Hope. Zoe reasoned that Thomas could be obsessive, but he wouldn't murder in Hope's name. Xander stated that it was exactly what Thomas had done.

Zoe couldn't believe that Xander had broken into Thomas' car. Xander couldn't believe that was the thing that surprised her. He said the car had been unlocked, and the proof had been right there on the GPS. Xander stated that Thomas had sped down that road that night and had stopped in the very place that Emma had crashed. In Xander's view, even if it had been a coincidence, Thomas had to have seen what had happened to Emma.

The distraught Xander said that Thomas hadn't called for help, and he still hadn't acknowledged that he'd even been there. Xander stated that Thomas had just gotten in his car and driven away. Xander asked what kind of person did something like that. Answering himself, Xander stated that a heartless killer did that type of thing.

Zoe conceded that what Xander had on Thomas looked bad, but she asked why the police hadn't found any evidence to indicate foul play. Xander explained that it was because Thomas had covered his tracks well, but it was too bad that he'd forgotten about the giant computer in his car. He was sickened that Thomas thought he'd get away with it.

Zoe replied that Thomas and Emma being on the road at the same time didn't mean that he'd run her off the road. Zoe reasoned that Thomas hadn't reported it because he'd panicked. She said they'd all be there when something horrible happened, and self-preservation kicked in. He asked why she was defending Thomas.

Zoe claimed that she wasn't, but it sure sounded like it to Xander. He yelled that the facts were staring her in the face. She replied that no one knew what had happened that night. Xander said that he knew one thing -- Emma hadn't deserved to die.

Xander stated that Emma had wanted to do the right thing for Liam and Hope, but Thomas had shut her down because he was a heartless, ruthless, selfish "bastard." Xander wouldn't let him get away with it.

Xander turned to leave, but Zoe stopped him. He ordered her to stop trying to manage him. He felt that knowing the secret for as long as she had had warped her perspective. He declared that Thomas had to be stopped, and he guessed he'd be the one to do it.

At the cliff house, Liam texted Hope a message to let her know that he knew about Thomas' proposal. Liam wanted Hope to say she'd turned it down. Steffy entered from the bedroom. She had just put the girls to sleep. Wanting to know what had happened to Liam the previous night, she said he'd rushed out of the house, and she'd been asleep by the time he'd returned home.

Liam explained that Brooke had called him to her house to talk. Liam and Brooke were in agreement about Thomas, and in Liam's view, their perspective was well-founded. He stated that Douglas had proposed to Hope. "You mean Thomas?" Steffy replied. Liam affirmed that he'd meant Douglas, and Liam was sure Thomas had told Douglas exactly how to do it.

Steffy wondered if it could have actually been Douglas' idea, and Liam asked if she was kidding. Steffy received a call from Thomas, who announced that Hope had agreed to marry him. She expressed surprise, and Liam grimaced as he overheard the call.

After the call ended, Liam called Thomas diabolical for using a motherless, innocent five-year-old to propose to Hope. Steffy stated that Hope had to feel different, or else she wouldn't have agreed to marry Thomas. Liam believed that Hope had agreed to it because a boy with sad brown eyes had asked her to be his mommy.

Steffy thought Liam was talking as if Hope didn't know her own mind. Steffy reasoned that Hope might find peace with Thomas and Douglas. Liam considered that it might be true about Douglas, but never Thomas. Not wanting to argue, Steffy said she was happy for her brother, and Liam needed to accept the pending marriage.

Liam stated that something was wrong with Thomas. Steffy knew that it was upsetting to hear so soon after the annulment that Hope was marrying a man with whom Liam had issues. Liam said he had issues with Thomas using his son to take advantage of Hope. Steffy noted that no one had forced Hope. She suggested that they put their differences aside and support Hope.

One of the babies cried, and Steffy went to check on the girls. As soon as Steffy was in the bedroom, Liam hopped up and rushed out of the house.

At Brooke's house, Thomas entered from a morning swim. Ridge noted his son's good mood, and Thomas immediately announced that Hope had agreed to marry him. Happy for Thomas, Ridge said that Douglas was a romantic genius for taking it upon himself to propose to Hope.

Thomas grinned, flashing back to coaching Douglas on how to propose to Hope. Thomas said that it just showed how much Douglas loved Hope, which was almost as much as Thomas. He appreciated Ridge's support and was sure that some people wouldn't be happy. Ridge assumed that Thomas was referring to his wife and said that Thomas didn't need her approval.

Thomas believed that Brooke would warm up to it once she saw how happy he made Hope. Thomas remarked that he and Hope would tell Douglas themselves. Ridge asked what Steffy thought about it, and Thomas stated that she'd been surprised. Thomas didn't think anyone had thought Hope would accept his proposal, but he felt that people underestimated his and Hope's connection all the time.

Thomas imagined that Douglas would be happy. He said that Douglas loved Hope and wanted her to be his mother. Ridge replied that Hope would be an important woman in Douglas' life, but Caroline would always be the boy's mother.

"Of course. You know what I mean," Thomas replied and quietly grinned. Thanking Ridge for his support, Thomas decided to check in on Steffy, who was probably getting an earful from Liam.

Later, Thomas was at the cliff house with Steffy, who was doing laundry. She congratulated him on his engagement. Thomas was glad to have her and their father's support. He figured some people wouldn't wish them well, especially Liam. Thomas thought Liam would just have to get over it. "Actually, why don't I take a stab at him?" Thomas asked, glancing around.

Steffy said that Liam wasn't there at the moment. She was sure he'd gone to see Hope.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope received a text from Liam but didn't respond. Brooke arrived, wanting to know why Hope hadn't answered any of Brooke's calls or texts from the previous night. She'd heard about Thomas' proposal, and all she wanted was to hear that Hope had turned it down.

Hope held up her left hand to display the engagement ring and said that hadn't been exactly how it had gone. "My God, Hope! What were you thinking?" Brooke responded. Hope asked if Brooke could believe that Thomas had kept the ring all that time.

Brooke asked if Hope had stopped to ask herself why. "You never even showed you cared, so why would he carry that around? Just in case?" Brooke asked. Hope stated that if Brooke liked Thomas, she'd be saying that it was destiny. Brooke replied that destiny wasn't manipulation, and it was despicable of Thomas to use Douglas the way he had.

"Unless, of course, there's something you want to tell me. Maybe you have fallen in love with Thomas, and Liam is no longer a factor. Is that the case?" Brooke asked. In Hope's silence, Brooke concluded that she was right. She asked why Hope was wearing Thomas' ring.

Hope explained that it wasn't just about Thomas. Douglas needed her and needed a motherly guiding force in his life. Hope needed Douglas, too. He filled a void in her heart. Brooke understood that but stated that Hope didn't love Thomas. "The man that you love is Liam," Brooke insisted.

Hope stated that Liam was gone. Liam was with Steffy and his daughters, and they were a family. It meant that Hope had to move on. Hope asked how she couldn't be affected when Douglas had held out the ring and asked her to be his mommy. She said he was being a big boy and trying to accept that his mother had disappeared and wouldn't be back.

Hope didn't know how Douglas could understand it when Hope, as an adult, couldn't understand the same thing about Beth. Hope said that she and Douglas healed each other's pain. Brooke replied that Douglas and Hope could do that without Hope marrying Thomas.

Brooke asked if Thomas and Hope had slept together and was relieved to hear that they hadn't. She felt that Hope needed time alone to clear her mind and figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Brooke thought Ridge would be upset to hear her talk about Thomas that way, but she didn't care because it was how she felt. She implored Hope not to marry Thomas because nothing good would come of it.

Hope replied that it wasn't true because Douglas would have a family. Brooke reasoned that Douglas would have that, anyway. Thomas was Brooke's problem. He scared her, and she didn't feel good about the situation. Brooke asserted that Hope didn't love Thomas. "You never have, and you never will," Brooke stated.

Later, Hope was alone when Liam arrived. He apologized for not calling first. She assumed that he'd heard about her and Thomas. Liam looked at the ring on her finger and grimaced. He asked if Hope was doing it because he'd been with Steffy.

Liam was sorry he'd hurt Hope. Hope said he didn't have to apologize or feel guilty, and she wasn't that naive about him living with Steffy and being a family. Liam insisted that he did need to apologize if what had happened between him and Steffy had paved the way for Thomas to put that thing on Hope's finger.

Hope said she'd been trying not to drown in her grief and trying to find some semblance of her life. She couldn't, and she'd been faking it. A part of her felt attached to Beth, but "this" could be her way forward. Liam understood Hope's struggle and would do anything to help her. He didn't know what the answer was, but he knew that it wasn't Thomas.

Hope said that it might be Douglas, who'd been the one to propose to her. Liam stated that Thomas was using his son to get to Hope. Liam thought he might be out of line, but he loved Hope and wanted her to have the best things in life. He didn't believe Thomas was that.

Liam didn't question Hope's relationship with Douglas, but he didn't think Hope needed to be Thomas' wife in order to have Douglas in her life. Liam implored her to take the ring off her finger before something bad happened.

Thomas threatens Xander Thomas threatens Xander
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
by Pam

"Hope is engaged," Brooke announced to Donna and Katie in an office at Forrester Creations. "Do I look happy?" Brooke asked. Donna and Katie were surprised, but Katie said it had to be good news even though Hope and Liam had needed to break up in order to find their way back to each other. "It isn't Liam," Brooke said. Brooke said that Hope was engaged to Thomas.

"Why?" Katie asked. She tried to hide her disdain, but repeated her question. Brooke said Douglas had given Hope the ring. Xander interrupted and said he was looking for Thomas, and Donna said she hadn't seen him. Brooke assumed Xander wanted to congratulate Thomas on his engagement to Hope. Xander looked surprised, but hurried to leave. Donna asked if Xander had a message for Thomas. Xander said he would see Thomas soon, and he bolted out of the office. In the hallway outside, Xander said, "That bastard has to be stopped."

TIffany entered the office after Xander left. Brooke told her that Hope and Thomas were engaged, but Tiffany said she was there to discuss design samples with Hope. Tiffany looked surprised at the news and exited. Donna and Katie asked Brooke how she and Ridge had coped with the news. "Ridge and I are fine," Brooke said.

At Hope's cabin, Liam held Hope's hands and said that he knew the engagement was not what she wanted. Liam said that if she still wanted a husband, she had one in him. Liam begged her not to rush into anything because she had not adjusted to their breakup, but Hope said that Liam had adapted. "Maybe I need that, too," Hope said.

Hope said that she'd had one great love in Liam, but Douglas needed a mother. "And I could be happy doing that," Hope said. She added that she couldn't keep living her life "the way we have since we lost Beth." Liam worried that he was "nothing but a reminder to you that we lost Beth."

Liam and Hope discussed that they were still in love, but Hope said that Liam had "a responsibility to those little girls." She had made her choice. Liam insisted that he would not give up on them. He begged her again not to rush into anything. "He's a con...he's using you," Liam said. Hope begged him to stop and asked him not to hate her. "I wouldn't know how," Liam said.

At Steffy's, Thomas and Steffy discussed that Thomas had proposed to Hope. Steffy was surprised, and Thomas wanted to know if Liam had gone to Hope's to "trash-talk me." Thomas encouraged Steffy to do something to solidify her relationship with Liam. She said she didn't need "a leash" for Liam. She warned him that his feelings might not be reciprocated by Hope. His phone rang, and he had to take the call.

Zoe was on the phone, and she warned Thomas that they had a big a problem in that Xander had threatened to tell Hope or the police about Thomas' involvement in Emma's accident. Thomas said he would be there soon. Ridge entered with Champagne and wondered if he had missed the party to celebrate Thomas' engagement. Steffy and Thomas glared at each other, and Ridge wondered if he needed a referee costume.

At Forrester, Xander found Zoe and told her that Thomas and Hope were engaged. He worried about Hope, but Zoe defended Thomas and said he cared about Hope. Xander disagreed and said that he worried Hope would throw her life away with Thomas. He begged Zoe to tell him that she cared about Hope and wanted to do the right thing. Zoe hesitated, but said, "Of course, I care."

Zoe insisted that Thomas couldn't have murdered Emma. Thomas overhead the conversation and walked in. He didn't like Xander's accusations and insisted Emma had suffered a tragic accident. "I had nothing to do with it," Thomas said. Xander said that security footage showed Thomas following Emma, and Thomas' GPS showed that he'd been in the same place as Emma when she'd driven over the cliff. "Emma is dead because of you. When I leave this room today, everyone is gonna know that," Xander threatened.

Zoe and Thomas said that Emma had been driving too fast, and Xander was angry. Thomas threatened Xander and his job, and Xander dared Thomas to fire him. "I'll go to your father or grandfather," Xander warned. Thomas pressured Xander and said no one would believe him. Thomas reminded Xander that Zoe, her father, Xander, and Flo would all go to prison. Xander said he would rather be in prison than see Thomas marry Hope. "Xander, don't do this," Zoe begged.

Liam returned to Steffy's house and greeted Ridge and Steffy. Discussion of Thomas and Hope's engagement resulted in an argument between Ridge and Liam. Ridge warned that Liam was no longer Hope's husband. Liam countered that Thomas had been manipulating Hope. Ridge believed that Thomas had turned his life around, and Liam quipped that Thomas turned his life around nearly every year.

The girls cried from the other room. Steffy asked for Liam's help, but Ridge wanted to talk to Liam. "You live with her and your kids -- your family. Please treat the other members of this family with respect," Ridge advised. He added that Hope was no longer Liam's wife.

Liam said he was worried for Hope and that Thomas was using Douglas as bait. "You know it's true," Liam said. Ridge warned that Liam had a lot to learn. Ridge got up to leave. "Tell Steffy there was no bloodshed -- not today," Ridge said, and he left.

At Forrester, Katie discussed some Internet ads with Brooke, and Hope entered. Donna asked about the ring, and she joked about it being real. Then, she apologized. Brooke, Donna, and Katie didn't doubt the diamond was real, but they doubted that that Hope loved Thomas. Hope said it was no one's business.

Brooke asked about Liam, and Hope said she had talked to him. Hope said there was more than one kind of love. Hope's mother and aunts said there was no way that Hope looked at Thomas the way she looked at Liam. Brooke persisted that Liam still loved Hope. "Liam wanted to make sure I didn't rush into a wedding," Hope admitted. She begged her aunts and mother to understand why she wanted to marry Thomas. Brooke argued that Hope wanted to cover up her pain. "Thomas isn't good for you -- he's not safe for you," Brooke warned.

Brooke tries to talk Hope out of marrying Thomas Brooke tries to talk Hope out of marrying Thomas
Thursday, July 11, 2019

In the Forrester CEO's office, Katie, Donna, and Brooke sat with Hope to discuss the wisdom of marrying Thomas. Brooke said that Hope didn't have to marry him to make sure that Douglas felt loved, and Katie noted that Hope was also still in love with Liam. Hope stated that Liam was where he belonged. Brooke said it didn't mean that Hope belonged with Thomas.

Brooke felt that Thomas was trying to force Hope into something she wasn't ready for. Hope noted that it had been Douglas who'd proposed to her, not Thomas. Donna asked if Hope thought that was a little odd. Hope replied that she'd thought it had been sweet, and in her view, it would break Douglas' heart if she didn't do it.

Brooke replied that it was what Thomas wanted Hope to think. Katie said that the Logans would support Hope if the marriage was what she truly wanted. "But you can't marry someone if your heart isn't in it," Katie concluded. Brooke stated that she'd tried to warn Hope about Thomas, who'd been focused on just one thing ever since he'd returned to town.

Hope responded that the one thing was Douglas. "No. You," Brooke replied. It reminded Brooke of Thomas' past anger issues and lack of impulse control. Brooke said that in the past, Thomas had gotten fixated on things, and he was fixated on Hope. Hope said that Thomas cared about her, but Brooke insisted that it was too much. In Brooke's view, Thomas was unstable.

Hope was under the impression that Thomas wanted to build a family for Douglas. She appreciated Brooke's concern but didn't think "that's what's happening now" with Thomas. Hope didn't feel forced or obligated to make a family for Douglas and didn't want to argue about it.

Donna stated that Hope had to admit that the proposal had been out of the blue. Donna said Thomas hadn't been in town long, and Douglas was still grieving. Brooke didn't think it was the right time for Hope to start up a new relationship.

Upset, Hope said that losing her child had changed her, and when she'd married Liam, she hadn't known what the future had held. Hope felt that her marriage to Thomas would be an expression of love because love was the reason she'd agreed to it. She'd agreed to it because of her love for all the children and because of the mother that she wanted to be. Hope loved Liam, and she'd miss Beth forever; however, she'd found a way to honor Beth by giving Douglas the mother that he needed.

Brooke admired the bond that Hope had forged with Douglas but pointed out that he was not Hope's child. Hope replied that he would be. Brooke stated that Hope had said there would always be a hole in her heart for Beth, "and if Thomas is making you think that Douglas is going to fix that -- "

Cutting Brooke off, Hope said that being with Douglas made her happy. She needed to feel like she was making a difference in her life and as if she were doing something positive. She needed something to look forward to, and she looked forward to watching Douglas grow up. She wanted to experience a family and to have a family.

Brooke stated that Hope could have done that with Liam. Hope replied that Liam had Kelly and Phoebe, and that was his future. "And this...this is mine," she said, referring to the ring.

Katie noted that Hope had done a lot of talking about Douglas, but none about Thomas. Hope replied that Thomas knew how much she wanted to be a mother. Wryly agreeing, Brooke replied that he was exploiting that and using Hope's loss and maternal instincts to make Hope his wife.

Later, Hope had gone, and the Logan sisters were talking about Hope and Thomas. Donna asked Brooke if Ridge knew that Hope was still in love with Liam. Brooke said that Ridge didn't care and thought it was working out as it should. Brooke believed that Thomas knew the kind of woman Hope was, and he was using her best qualities against her to get what he wanted.

Brooke told her sisters that Ridge had likened her to Stephanie. Katie readily dismissed the comparison. She could see why he'd said it, but she thought the situation was completely different because Ridge and Brooke had been destined. Brooke replied that Thomas thought that way about himself and Hope, and he was convincing Hope of it. Brooke was sure that Hope didn't even realize what Thomas was doing.

In the studio, Thomas decided that Xander couldn't live with the secret and shouldn't. Thomas welcomed Xander to clear his conscience with the police but warned him that he had to kiss Zoe, who was looking at ten to twenty years in prison, goodbye. Thomas figured that Xander and Flo would be in prison, too.

Noting that Zoe was scared and freaking out due to Xander, Thomas said that exposing the truth was going to lead to investigations and indictments. The sobbing Zoe said that her father was in London, trying to stay busy; however, he was traumatized by what he'd done and terrified about them all going to prison. Zoe believed that lying about it made them all in it just as deep as her father, and she begged Xander to keep the secret for her.

Xander told Zoe that Liam and Hope deserved to know the truth. Zoe didn't know a way to make it possible. He yelled that they just needed to say it. Zoe became indignant about the idea that they should just sacrifice themselves. Thomas said revealing the truth was destructive and unnecessary. Xander stated that Liam and Hope's lives had been turned upside down.

Thomas claimed that Hope and Liam seemed happy to him. Xander replied that they didn't know what Reese had done. Thomas said that it was what Reese and Flo had done; it was a crime that Thomas' mother and sister had unknowingly taken part in, and it was a crime that Zoe had tried to cover up. Thomas said that it wasn't as simple as Xander was making it, but in the end, everyone had turned out fine.

"What about Emma?" Xander asked. He declared that Emma was dead because of Thomas and the evil secret. Thomas replied that Emma had been reckless and selfish, which was what Xander was being. Xander asked if that was a threat. Zoe stated that no one was threatening anyone. Xander told Zoe that Thomas was working her and preying on her fears, just as he was preying on Hope.

Xander revealed that he'd overheard Brooke talking to her sisters, and she wasn't happy about the engagement. He said that Brooke knew that it was wrong, and he asked what kind of marriage Thomas would have when it was based upon a lie. Looking at Zoe, Xander asked what kind of life they were supposed to have with the secret hanging over their heads.

Xander decided that either he and Zoe would come clean about the secret, or he'd leave. Zoe said he couldn't do that. Xander stated that either they would go to Hope, or he was leaving Forrester and Los Angeles. "And I'm leaving you!" he concluded.

Zoe readily offered to go to London with Xander, but he said he'd go alone. She didn't understand why and said they both could get away from the pressure. Xander replied that if she was determined to keep the secret, he didn't know if he could be with her. Zoe didn't want to lose him, but he said she wasn't giving him much of a choice.

Xander recalled that Zoe had followed him to the city because she'd loved him and would do anything for him. She'd made him fall in love with her all over again, but he felt as if he no longer even knew her. Because she wouldn't listen to reason, he thought she should stay there, keep her new life, fancy job, and money; however, he said she wouldn't be able to keep him.

Zoe yelled that she couldn't go to prison or put her father there, either. Thomas couldn't believe that Xander had promised to protect Zoe, but he wouldn't protect her from jail. He also couldn't believe that Xander would have Zoe turn on her father for Xander's own sense of justice.

Zoe loved Xander, but she couldn't do what Xander was asking. Xander decided that he was moving back to London alone because he couldn't take another moment of "this." He bade Zoe farewell and strode out of the studio.

Thomas went after Xander and stopped him across the room, between some clothing racks. Xander asserted that Thomas couldn't stop him. Thomas said that Xander could go. As Thomas began to issue a threat, Xander asked if Thomas planned to kill Xander or Zoe. Xander said that if anything happened to Zoe, he'd go to the police, and Thomas wouldn't be able to stop him.

Xander left, and Thomas returned to the sobbing Zoe. Thomas told her that she'd done the right thing. In his view, the secret was safe, and the best thing that they could do was move on.

At Brooke's cabin later, Hope was alone when Thomas let himself in. He asked if she'd gotten his text message, but she claimed her phone was in her purse. He kissed her. Hope awkwardly ended the kiss and noted that he was in a good mood. He asked if she'd shown off her ring. Hope replied that it had gotten a lot of attention.

Thomas invited Hope to the main house that night to make their engagement official. Hope replied that she wanted to tell Douglas first. Thomas said that was what he had meant, but he liked where her head was.

With a nervous laugh, Hope suggested that they go to a restaurant, but Thomas wanted to order in and have Champagne. "Or cake and ice cream," Hope said, stating that Douglas would want to be a part of the celebration. Nearing Hope, Thomas decided that once Douglas was in bed for the night, Thomas and Hope could celebrate on their own.

Thomas tried to kiss Hope again, but she pulled away. Hope said that she was sorry, but she wanted to wait until the wedding night. Thomas clicked his jaw but smiled.

In Douglas' room at the main house later, Thomas entered while Douglas was reading a book. Thomas offered to read it to Douglas and said Hope could, too, later that night. "Like mommy used to?" Douglas asked. Thomas affirmed it and said that he and Hope had something to tell Douglas later, but first, Douglas had to clean his room.

As Douglas hopped off the bed to comply, Thomas watched the boy and thought to himself, "I have to get this done. I'm sorry to do this to you, Bud, but I can't wait any longer."

Thomas uses Douglas to expediate the wedding Thomas uses Douglas to expediate the wedding
Friday, July 12, 2019

In the design office at Forrester, Flo was working late, and Wyatt entered with takeout. As the two kissed, Sally appeared in the doorway. She flashed back to her relationship with Wyatt. Flo noticed Sally watching them, backed away from Wyatt, and greeted Sally.

Entering the room, Sally suspected that a dinner date was transpiring. Flo said she hadn't known that Sally was still at the office. Sally quipped that she was always there and really had nothing to go home to but her houseplants. In Wyatt and Flo's silence, Sally joked that she was glad that things were super awkward at that moment.

Flo invited Sally to join in Flo and Wyatt's meal and said that Wyatt always ordered way too much food. "How fun that we both know that," Sally replied. Having food at home to eat, Sally decided to take a rain check.

"Speaking of checks," Sally said and assumed that Flo would want her paycheck. Flo agreed with that. Sally explained that she'd been talking to payroll about Flo, and her check had been returned in the mail due to the address. Flo replied that she'd been living at her old apartment when she'd gotten hired and hadn't updated her employee records.

Sally snapped that it seemed as if Flo had been moving around a lot. Flo and Wyatt exchanged glances, and Sally advised Flo to hurry down to payroll before Jen left for the night. Flo told Wyatt that she'd be right back. Sally said not to worry; she'd keep him company.

The takeout food looked good to Sally, who decided to take Flo up on her offer to share it. Sally additionally asked Flo to stop by the graphics department for something Sally needed for a morning meeting. Flo left, and Wyatt asked if there were any more errands that she could give Flo. Sally asked if he'd blame a girl for trying to get a moment alone with the one who'd gotten away.

Wyatt hoped that Sally wasn't taking their breakup out on Flo. Sally reasoned that if it was the case, Wyatt would have heard about it during wine and couch-cuddling at home. She asked who'd said she was angry about it. Wyatt told her that it was okay to be angry or sad. He admitted that he was those things, too, and said they'd been good together.

Sally replied that it had been that way until she'd let Wyatt down. Wyatt stated that she'd been keeping secrets, but Sally contended that everyone had secrets, even high school sweethearts. Wyatt clarified that Sally's had been about his family. Sally said she'd always regret allowing Thomas to get between them.

As Sally ate out of the takeout boxes, she let Wyatt know that she wouldn't crash the dinner date. Wyatt replied that Flo had invited Sally. Rolling her eyes, Sally said it made Flo all the more "endearing," and it was no wonder Quinn had wanted Sally gone the second that Flo had gotten there. Wyatt looked away.

Sally asked if Flo made Wyatt happy. Wyatt affirmed it, but he wanted to make sure that Sally was happy, too. Sally asked if he thought she was home alone, pining. He replied that he'd never said that, and he remarked that she'd mentioned her plants, which meant she wasn't completely alone.

Sally said she cared about Wyatt. Even though she wasn't pining for him, she was still open about the future. Touching his chest, she said she hadn't forgotten how good they'd been together. Something told her that he hadn't, either. Sally gave Wyatt a long and tender kiss.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke talked to Hope and Thomas about telling Douglas about the engagement later. Brooke was surprised that Douglas hadn't asked about it already and noted that the proposal had been his idea. Thomas admitted that he'd fibbed to Douglas that morning, telling the boy that Hope was still mulling it over.

Ridge said that if that was Thomas' worst mistake as a parent, then things would be just fine. In Ridge's view, Thomas was a good father who'd brought Hope into his son's life. Thomas asked Hope if she was ready to tell Douglas. "Now?" she asked. He replied that there was no time like that moment. Brooke masked her disdain as she observed the grinning Thomas.

Later, Brooke and Ridge were alone in the living room, and Ridge questioned Brooke's support of the engagement. She contended that it was rushed, but he said it was what young people in love did. "Are they really?" Brooke replied. She said Thomas was infatuated, and though she didn't know what Hope was feeling, she was sure it wasn't love.

Ridge glared at Brooke. Brooke didn't mean to be hurtful, and she knew that he wanted the pair to get married. She just wasn't there yet. "Yet," Ridge emphasized. He figured that Brooke would join the family in celebrating the union very soon.

Brooke wished she could celebrate, but Thomas was pushing himself on Hope. Ridge denied it. Brooke insisted that it was true and that Thomas was using Douglas. Ridge hated that she'd chosen to see his son that way. Brooke hated that Thomas was forcing her to.

In Douglas' room, Hope and Thomas arrived at Douglas' bedtime. The child was playing with a worn stuffed bunny and asked Hope if she'd met Peanut Butter yet. Hope sat down to properly meet the stuffed bunny, who'd belonged to Caroline as a child.

Hope still had a stuffed bunny just like it that her mother had given her. She asked if Douglas would like to take care of it. Douglas accepted the task but wondered if Hope would rather give it to her own child like his mother had given her bunny to him. Hope replied that she wanted Douglas to have it.

Thomas told Douglas that Hope and Thomas had some news that would make Douglas very happy. Thomas asked if Douglas remembered that he'd told Douglas that Hope would let them know about the engagement. Hope said spending one's life with someone was a big deal because one would be with that person forever, and she'd needed to think about it. Hope held up her left hand, and Douglas noticed that she was wearing the ring.

Hope asked if Douglas knew what that meant. Douglas replied that Hope had agreed to marry his father. Affirming it, Hope said it also meant that she got to be his new mommy. Hope explained that no one could replace Caroline, but Hope would take care of him the way Caroline had. Hope wanted to be the best mommy ever and would be everything he needed in a mommy.

Douglas said he needed lots of hugs. Hope pulled him onto her lap for a hug. He asked when the wedding was. He hoped it was soon because he couldn't wait for her to be his mommy. Hope replied that weddings took time to plan, but it didn't change how much she loved him.

Hope and Douglas hugged again, and Douglas took Hope across the room to tell his stuffed animals the news. In his mind, Thomas told Douglas not to worry because, after that night, Hope would happily move the wedding along. Thomas hated doing it to Douglas, but they needed it and needed it right away.

Later, Hope was in the living room with Brooke and Ridge, discussing how happy Douglas was about the engagement. Hope said it was cute that Douglas was anxious to have the ceremony. Brooke asked how Hope had responded to that. Hope said she'd explained that wedding planning took time. Relieved, Brooke encouraged Hope to take as much time as she needed.

Ridge offered to get Champagne to celebrate. Hope said Thomas was tucking in his son before taking a shower. Brooke asked Ridge to hold off on the Champagne. Deciding that Hope was tired, Brooke said Hope could go to the cabin while Brooke bade Thomas a good night for Hope.

Ridge told Brooke that Hope and Thomas had just gotten engaged. "Of course, Hope's going to wait up for him," Ridge concluded. He hugged Hope and expressed his happiness for her. He believed that her little family was meant to be.

Ridge left to get something to drink. Brooke told Hope that she couldn't marry a man she didn't have feelings for. Hope assumed that her feelings would materialize with time. Brooke quipped that the feelings would be of anger and resentment once Hope realized she'd made a mistake.

Hope said it was more than a commitment between two people; it was between three. Her love and commitment to Douglas weren't in question at all. As for Thomas, Hope thought he was a good man and father. She was sure she'd learn to love him. Brooke advised Hope to have a long engagement and not marry until the feelings were there.

Brooke said she'd intercept Ridge and the Champagne and take him on a walk around the property to give Hope space. Hope said she didn't mind if he made a toast. Brooke replied that she'd be the one to make the toast -- once she saw that Hope felt for Thomas the way a wife should for her husband.

Back upstairs, Thomas put Douglas to bed. Once Douglas was asleep, Thomas sneaked into the closet, retrieved a device, and crouched down by the bed. He planted a mini projector beneath the bed, gently shook Douglas, and then ducked out of the room.

Douglas slowly awakened. He glanced at the wall in front of the bed. Frightened, he sat up and began screaming uncontrollably. On the wall, a sheeted ghost animation swooped around. A timer beneath the bed counted down to zero, and the figment disappeared.

Hope, who'd heard the screams, ran upstairs and stormed into Douglas' room. She asked Douglas what was wrong, and he yelled, "Ghost! Ghost!" He pointed to the wall, but Hope said nothing was there. "Mommy! Mommy!" he yelled.

The shirtless Thomas ran into the room, and Hope said that the boy had had a nightmare. Hope tried to calm Douglas down, and Thomas said that he was there. Douglas stated that he wanted "mommy," and he latched onto Hope. Thomas told Hope that the nightmare was worse than the others that Douglas had experienced.

Douglas wanted Hope to stay with him. Holding Douglas, Hope said that it needed to happen. She and Thomas needed to be there to take care of Douglas and be a family. She decided that she and Thomas should get married right away. "Mommy," Douglas said. Hope stated that she'd always be there for him.

In a voiceover, Thomas stated that it had worked. He apologized to his son but said he'd just gotten the child the best mother in the world. "Hope Logan, you will finally be mine," Thomas said inside his head.

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