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Douglas led Liam to the truth about Phoebe, and Liam demanded answers from Flo. Thomas attempted to leave town with Hope before Liam could reach her. Liam gave Hope startling news about Beth. Despite her misdeeds, Flo claimed to still be the woman Wyatt had fallen for.
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Flo confirmed that she had never given birth and that Phoebe was actually Beth
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Douglas stands by his proclamation Douglas stands by his proclamation
Monday, July 29, 2019

At Forrester, Flo regretted not telling Hope the truth about Beth. Flo said that Thomas had threatened her and was still threatening her. Zoe believed that Thomas was doing that because Flo was out of control and needed to calm down. Flo didn't know how to calm down when Thomas, the actual out-of-control person, was threatening her. She said Zoe knew what had happened to the last person who'd defied him.

Locking the door, Zoe stated that Thomas wasn't the problem. In her view, the freaked-out Flo was the problem. Flo insisted that Thomas was dangerous. Flo said that Hope had been good to her, but Flo had let Hope grieve a baby who hadn't died, had watched Hope's marriage crumble, and had let Thomas manipulate Hope.

Zoe didn't like the things Thomas had done, but she didn't think he'd done anything to Hope. Flo said Thomas had manipulated Hope into believing that the only way to recover was to marry him and be a mother to his child. Flo didn't believe Hope knew what kind of man Thomas was or what he was capable of. Flo asserted that he had to be stopped, and someone had to step up and proclaim that Beth was alive.

Zoe asked if she and Flo, who'd also been silent about Beth, were also a danger to Hope. Flo stated that Zoe knew that it wasn't the same thing. Zoe believed that, like Flo, Thomas could love Hope and lie to her at the same time. Flo didn't believe the marriage would have happened if Hope had known the truth about Beth.

Zoe reasoned that Flo couldn't be confident of that because Liam, torn between his two families, could have decided to return to Steffy, anyway. Zoe said that not everything that had happened was her or Flo's fault, and telling the truth didn't solve every problem. Zoe concluded that Hope had moved on with Thomas and Douglas and could be happy.

Flo replied that Hope wouldn't be as happy as she could be if she knew the truth and was living her life with Liam and Beth. Flo contended that Hope's marriage was a mistake. Thomas wasn't the man Hope wanted. Flo stated that Zoe could deny it all she wanted, but they each knew that Hope didn't love Thomas.

In Steffy's room at the cliff house, Thomas was anxious to get back to Hope and Douglas, but Steffy wanted to talk about Thomas' marriage. To Steffy, he and Hope didn't act like newlyweds. Steffy urged Thomas to be honest with her and with himself, because they each knew that Douglas was a big reason for Thomas' marriage to Hope.

Thomas didn't want Steffy to be concerned. He was confident that the night ahead would change everything. Steffy gleaned that his wedding night hadn't gone as planned. She advised him to follow Hope's lead and be patient because they had the rest of their lives together. She thought it was best to communicate with Hope and be open and honest with her.

In the living room, Hope and Liam became distraught upon hearing Douglas say that Beth was alive. Hope asked if Douglas was saying that she'd always be a mommy to Beth. Douglas repeated that Beth was alive. Hope assumed that he meant that Beth was alive in her heart.

Douglas rendered Hope a frustrated look. Liam asked if it was like Douglas' mommy would always be alive in Douglas' heart. "No. My mommy died. Your baby Beth is alive," Douglas insisted. Upset, Hope asked Douglas why he was saying it and if he wanted to make her sad. Douglas didn't want that, so Hope asked him to stop. "But -- " Douglas began to say.

Liam instructed the boy to listen to Hope. Douglas repeated that Beth was alive. Hope asked the boy to stop saying it. She gently told him that Beth was gone and wouldn't return. Standing up, Hope decided that she needed some air. She asked Liam to tell Thomas that she was in the car.

After Hope had gone, Douglas asked Liam why she'd left. Douglas had thought Hope would be happy.

Steffy and Thomas entered the room, and Liam let Thomas know that Hope was in the car. Thomas pulled Douglas aside by the front door for a talk. As Liam observed them, he saw Thomas wagging his finger in Douglas' face.

By the door, Thomas told Douglas to have fun but to remember not to talk about things he didn't know about. Thomas didn't want Douglas to say anything about Beth. Douglas agreed not to say that Beth was alive again. Thomas exited the house, and Douglas scowled.

In a hotel room later, Thomas set down his and Hope's bags. He said it wasn't a week in paradise, but it was what they needed. Hope replied that it was nice. Cupping her face, Thomas told his wife how beautiful she was. He tried to canoodle with her, but she side-stepped him, saying that she was just a little distracted. Thomas replied that he was distracted by her.

Hope wanted herself and Thomas to take their time and talk a little. She said not to get her wrong; she appreciated all the thought that had gone into the getaway. In Thomas' mind, he and Hope needed the time together. He advised her to throw whatever was in her mind away. He said there were no distractions, and it was just him and her.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Thomas assured Hope that there wasn't anything to worry about. It was just a husband and a wife giving each other their undivided attention. Thomas stated that he wanted so much. He began kissing her.

Hope tried to get into the kiss, but she wound up pulling away. She wasn't sure that she was ready. Thomas stated that they could go slowly. She figured that they had the rest of their lives together. Wanting the rest of their lives to start that night, he replied that he loved her, and he wanted to be with her.

Thomas stated that he and Hope had gotten married so that she could move forward and feel alive again. He wanted her to get all of the thoughts about Liam and Beth out of her head. Believing that he could help her move forward, Thomas said she had no idea how amazing it would be to let go of the pain.

Hope replied that she couldn't just let go of Beth. Thomas insisted that she had to let go of the pain. He said that he was her husband, and he could help her if she'd trust him. Thomas began kissing her again.

Back at Steffy's house, Steffy asked if Douglas wanted to build a fort. She said that she and her sister had made the best forts, and Douglas' father had been super jealous. Douglas asked if Steffy and her sister had let Thomas into the forts. "Not without a secret password," Steffy replied. She whispered one into Douglas' ear. Douglas asked if he had to keep the secret. Steffy permitted him to tell anyone he wanted to tell.

Douglas asked if the girls could play in the fort. Steffy was sure the girls would be excited to see Douglas when they woke up. Douglas wondered if he could ask a question. Steffy granted Douglas permission to ask.

Douglas noted that Phoebe had been adopted. Steffy asked if he knew what that meant. Douglas replied that Phoebe had another mother. Affirming it, Steffy said she loved her just the same. Douglas asked if Steffy knew who Phoebe's other mother was. Steffy affirmed that she knew. Douglas asked if it was a secret.

Steffy replied that it wasn't, but they didn't talk about it because they didn't want to make "her" feel uncomfortable. Steffy began to explain that Phoebe's birth mother had become a part of the family; however, the girls cooing interrupted her. Steffy went to the bedroom to retrieve the girls.

Noting that Douglas had asked mature questions, Liam told the boy that he was smart. He recalled that Douglas' mom had been smart, too, and would always try to figure out things. Liam guessed it ran in the family because he was that way, too. In Liam's view, there was nothing wrong with curiosity. Liam said he was a curious person, too.

Douglas flashed back to his father reprimanding him for saying that Beth was alive. Douglas apologized for making Hope sad and asked if she was mad at him. Liam said Hope wasn't, and she loved Douglas. Douglas remarked that Hope had left.

Liam explained that it was hard for her to talk about Beth. Liam was sure Douglas didn't want to hurt Hope, and he wondered why Douglas would say Beth was alive. "Because she is," Douglas insisted.

"Dude, uh..." Liam said, sighing. He wished it was true. Douglas said it was. Liam reasoned that if it was true, Douglas could show him, but Douglas couldn't do that.

"Yes, I can!" Douglas declared to Liam's amazement.

Thomas loses his patience when Hope doesn't want to be intimate with him Thomas loses his patience when Hope doesn't want to be intimate with him
Tuesday, July 30, 2019

At Forrester, Brooke was in the CEO's office with her sisters. Katie and Donna were worried about Brooke, who was distraught about Hope. Donna respected Hope for her choices regarding the children. Though Brooke did, too, she hadn't liked discovering that Hope had spent her wedding night alone on the sofa, thinking about Liam.

Katie didn't think Thomas would stand for that. She said that Hope had become "his," and he had expectations. To Brooke, it was terrible to think of Hope having to give herself to a man she didn't love, and Brooke asserted that Hope never should have married Thomas.

"I agree," Flo said, entering the room. Flo thought there were many reasons that Hope shouldn't have married Thomas. Donna concluded that the Logans were all on the same page, but Katie asked if Flo knew something that the rest of them didn't.

Flo stated that Liam and Hope had had a lot going for them. Donna added that it had been that way up until Catalina, and nothing had been the same since. Flo replied that Hope and Liam had been robbed. Agreeing, Brooke stated that Thomas had capitalized on it by using Hope's grief and need to be a mother to his advantage.

Flo explained that Thomas had marital expectations of Hope. Because he hadn't had the wedding night he'd wanted, he'd taken her off to some hotel for the night. The Logans were convinced that Hope didn't love Thomas as a wife should, and Brooke felt bad for her daughter because having a ring on one's finger didn't make problems go away. Brooke concluded that the marriage had been doomed from the start.

As the discussion continued, Donna couldn't imagine what Hope had been feeling when Phoebe had called her mama at the ceremony. Brooke wondered if Phoebe felt the inexplicable connection that Hope had found between them. Katie didn't think it explained why Phoebe would refer to Hope that way when Steffy had been standing right there.

Brooke indicated that all the pain from losing Beth was still with Hope, and as much as Hope wanted to be a mother to Douglas, she still had a lot to work through. Brooke asserted that Thomas wouldn't have forced the marriage upon Hope if he'd understood her predicament.

Donna noted that Thomas had expectations that he wanted fulfilled that night. Brooke was worried about the outcome if he didn't get his way. Flo asked what Brooke meant. Brooke and Donna began discussing Thomas' instabilities and proclivity to fly off the handle.

Katie, thinking it was more serious than her sisters said, recalled that Thomas had set Rick's house on fire. Flo was aghast at the revelation. Katie said it had been years back. Still, Brooke could see the same insecurities within Thomas, and that concerned her.

Later, Flo was reeling from the fact that Thomas had pushed Rick out of a window. Referencing the window in that very room, Katie said it hadn't been quite like that. She stated that Thomas had shoved Rick, who'd gone through the window and onto the bushes below. Donna added that Thomas had supposedly dealt with his issues and wasn't the guy anymore.

Flo wondered if Thomas just wanted people to believe he'd changed when he really hadn't. Upset, Flo rose from her seat, murmuring that she couldn't take it anymore. She abruptly left as Donna, Katie, and Brooke quizzically wondered what was going on and where she was going.

At the hotel, Thomas' phone rang while he was trying to get passionate with Hope. She insisted that he answer it because it could be about Douglas. Thomas dismissed the idea that there was any issue with his son, who was with Steffy. Hope wanted him to answer it, anyway, and couldn't help thinking about who could be on the call.

The phone stopped ringing. Thomas told Hope to put all the thoughts out of her head. He was dying to be with his wife. He said the night was about only them. He began kissing her again. After a few moments, Hope pulled away. She said she knew he had expectations. Thomas replied that he was her husband, and he loved her.

"I know..." Hope uttered. Thomas told her to let him show her. Hope remained hesitant. He urged her to let go and get it out of her head. Shaking her head, she replied that she couldn't. He told her to try. It was torture for him not to be with her the way a husband and wife should be. He asked what she was thinking at that moment.

Hope said that Thomas already knew. "It's Liam," she stated. Thomas couldn't believe that Hope's husband had gone through so much trouble to create a romantic environment, but all Hope could think of was Liam. She replied that he'd asked her what was holding her back. He asked what else he could do to make her want him as he wanted her.

Hope stated that Thomas had already done "so much." She appreciated it all, especially having Douglas in her life and having the chance to be a mother to his little boy. "Okay, can we not talk about Douglas?" Thomas asked. Hope asked how she could exclude Douglas, to whom she'd also become committed.

Thomas said he hadn't meant it that way. He'd just hoped for one night as newlyweds. It would be one night where they didn't talk about or think about anyone but them. He didn't think it was selfish and said Douglas got enough attention as it was. "That's because he needs it," Hope responded. Thomas agreed.

Becoming aware that they were right back to talking about Douglas, Thomas said he couldn't have one conversation with Hope about "something more important without it reverting -- "

Recomposing himself, Thomas said Hope knew how much he loved his son; however, as a husband, he had to focus on Hope and couldn't neglect her. He stated that they couldn't neglect each other. He loved Hope so much that it hurt. Again, Thomas kissed her.

Hope tried to get into making out with Thomas, but she eventually pulled away. Frustrated, he said she couldn't keep doing it to him. Hope told him that she couldn't help what she was thinking. She was thinking of Beth, Liam, and the life they were supposed to have.

"Seriously?" Thomas asked. He couldn't believe Hope was going there at that moment. Deciding to say it one last time, Thomas declared that Liam was her past. He told her to accept that Beth was gone and was never returning.

At the cliff house, Liam thought it was a nice idea that Douglas thought he could take Liam to Beth. Douglas persisted in saying that he could. Liam tried to tell Douglas that they'd lost Beth; however, Douglas again claimed that Beth was alive, and he could take Liam to her.

Liam wished Douglas really could do that. Douglas repeated that he could. Liam explained that it wasn't possible because Beth was in heaven, just like Caroline. He advised Douglas not to discuss it anymore in front of Hope.

Steffy returned to the room and asked what was going on. Douglas revealed that they'd been talking about baby Beth. He noted that Hope missed Beth a lot. He asked if the girls were up and if he could see them. Though the girls were still resting, Steffy said he could.

In the nursery, Douglas grasped the rails on Phoebe's crib and watched her quietly playing around in her bed. He flashed back to overhearing Thomas' call, during which Thomas had said that no one would know that Beth was alive. He remembered Thomas instructing him to keep silent about Beth. "Beth, I know you're Beth," Douglas whispered to the baby.

Back in the living room, a confounded Liam tried to explain to Steffy that Douglas had just said the most amazing and impossible thing. "He said Beth is alive," Liam disclosed, shaking his head in wonder.

Steffy was taken aback to hear that Douglas had not only said it to Liam, but he'd said it to Hope, too. Steffy asked what on earth would make Douglas say it. Though Liam didn't know, he explained that it had been too much for Hope. Steffy gleaned it had been why Hope had gone to Thomas' car.

Liam didn't know where Douglas had gotten the idea, but Liam was amazed by how sure of himself Douglas had been. Steffy offered to talk to Douglas about it because it was a hurtful thing to say. Liam replied that Douglas was aware of that, and the most unbelievable part was that Douglas had said he could take Liam to Beth.

Steffy wished she had an explanation for it. Liam did, too. He loved the kid, too, and had told the boy that he couldn't be talking about Beth. Suddenly, something clicked in Liam's mind. He became overwhelmed with a strong sense of knowing. He asked where Douglas was. Steffy asked if Liam remembered that Douglas was with the girls.

In slow motion, Liam brushed by Steffy, headed for the nursery. He opened the door and saw Douglas intently watching Phoebe. "No, buddy, hey," Liam said, turning the child to face him. Liam told Douglas that the baby was Phoebe. Douglas asserted that she was baby Beth.

Liam replied that Douglas had to stop it, and Liam repeated that the baby before them was Phoebe. "That's Beth. Phoebe is baby Beth," Douglas proclaimed.

Liam stood over Phoebe in her crib, and Phoebe said, "Da, Da, Da." Liam glanced down at Douglas and then back to Phoebe. A tidal wave of revelation washed over Liam.

Douglas helps Liam discover who Phoebe is Douglas helps Liam discover who Phoebe is
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
by Pam

At Wyatt's, Flo entered and searched for Wyatt, but he wasn't home. She sent a text message to Wyatt and encouraged him to return home because she needed to see him, and it was important. Flo flashed back to all the memories she had that were related to the baby switch and all the lies she, Zoe, and Reese had told. She recalled when her mother had told her that her father was Storm Logan, and she remembered her surprise at being a Logan. She remembered Thomas' multiple threats.

The door opened. Flo thought it was Wyatt, but Shauna entered and said she had been concerned about Flo. Flo was panicked and told her mother that she could no longer keep the secret. She planned to tell Wyatt. Shauna wondered why Flo would tell Wyatt. Flo hoped he could help her break the news to the others.

Shauna discouraged Flo from telling the truth, and Flo grew angry that Zoe, Reese, and her mother had encouraged her to be a liar. Flo said that she had to save Hope from Thomas because Thomas was a real threat to Hope. Shauna doubted it, but Flo was angry and said that Thomas had tried to blow up Hope's brother's car. "And Hope married him?" Shauna asked.

Flo said she would tell Wyatt as soon as he returned home. She needed to do the right thing. She cried that she loved Wyatt, but she wanted Hope and Liam to have their little girl. She understood that she could lose Wyatt, her job, her freedom, and the Logans, but it would be worth it. "I'll always regret my involvement," she said, but she felt that she would be proud to give Beth back to her mother and father.

In a hotel room, a shirtless Thomas romanced Hope, but she was distant. He begged her to move on from Liam and forget her past. Hope looked away, and Thomas said that Hope needed to stop talking about Liam. He backed away and acknowledged that Hope had wanted to "take this slow." He said it was fine and romantic. He said he would order room service and promised some candlelight and music. He promised not to rush things. "We have all night," he said, and he left. Hope looked hesitant.

On his way back to the hotel room, Thomas took a call from his friend Vinny. They discussed that Thomas had gotten married, and Vinny congratulated him. Vinny promised a "little wedding gift for you and the lucky lady -- something I know you'll enjoy." Thomas entered the room and ended his call. Hope asked if he'd been talking to Douglas. Thomas lied and said he had and that Douglas was fine. The waiter delivered food and drinks. Hope noted that Thomas had ordered Champagne. Thomas agreed and said it was a celebration. Hope looked nervous. They toasted.

Thomas hoped that Beth was looking down on Hope and wanted her to be happy with Douglas and Thomas. Thomas' phone rang again, and he said it was work, so he ignored it. Hope encouraged him to take the call because she needed a moment. Thomas agreed and left the room. While he was gone, Hope flashed back to happier times with Liam. She hurriedly drank the Champagne and encouraged herself to "let go."

At Steffy's house, Liam was in Phoebe's room with Douglas, and Phoebe kept babbling "Dada." Liam looked at Douglas and asked why he had said that Beth was alive. "She's Beth," said Douglas. Liam doubted that Douglas understood. "She is. Phoebe is Beth. Beth didn't die. That's your baby. That's Beth," Douglas said. Phoebe continued to say "Dada."

Liam said that he wished it was true, but he wondered if Douglas had dreamed it. Douglas answered that he'd heard it. "Where?" Liam asked. Douglas hesitated and flashed back to when his father had told him not to say a word to anyone about overhearing Thomas' conversation about Beth. Douglas looked at Liam and replied, "Daddy. Daddy told me."

Liam was shocked, and he took Douglas out to the living room and told Steffy what had happened. Steffy chastised Douglas for making up lies, but Douglas insisted it was the truth. Steffy suggested Douglas go upstairs to play video games. Before he left, Douglas looked at Liam. He whispered that he was worried that Liam and Steffy were mad at him, but his mom had always told him to tell the truth. Liam nodded and said that his mother had been right.

After Douglas left the room, Liam explained to Steffy what had happened, and Steffy was shocked. Steffy guessed that Douglas had been trying to get attention. Liam explained that Douglas had said he'd heard that Beth was alive, and the source had been Thomas.

Steffy looked alarmed but insisted that Douglas had misunderstood. Liam's phone rang, and he said he had to take the call. It was Dr. Cortez, the physician whose name had been on Phoebe's birth certificate. Liam shared that he had been worried that Flo Fulton, the birth mother, had never been pregnant. He was looking for verification that Dr. Cortez had delivered a baby girl for Flo.

Dr. Cortez said it was impossible because she had been out of the country at the time. Liam wondered if Flo could have been at the hospital under an assumed name. Cortez maintained that she had never signed that birth certificate, and she wanted to know how her name appeared on the certificate. She had to disconnect because she had been paged, but she told Liam that she wanted to find Flo Fulton.

After Liam ended the call, Steffy asked what was going on. Liam stated that Flo had lied about Phoebe's birth, and the doctor whose name was on the birth certificate had verified that she had not signed a birth certificate for Flo. Steffy wasn't processing what had happened. She insisted there had been a mistake on the certificate. She wondered why Liam would think Flo had lied.

Liam explained that Wyatt had told him that Flo had implied she'd never had a child -- she'd never given birth. Liam said the doctor had confirmed it. Steffy tried to reason that Phoebe had been born somewhere else, but Flo wouldn't have lied.

"Douglas was right," Liam said. He raced into the bedroom and called the baby Beth. He picked up the baby and cried. He repeated her name and kissed her through his tears. The baby repeated "Dada" several times. Steffy looked on in confusion. Liam kissed and hugged his daughter.

Liam confronts Flo about her lies Liam confronts Flo about her lies
Thursday, August 1, 2019

At the hotel, Thomas was in the corridor with Vinny, who was bummed that Thomas hadn't invited his old friend to the wedding. Thomas explained that it had been just family there. Vinny understood, but he had a wedding gift for Thomas, anyway. Seeing a baggy containing three white capsules in Vinny's hand, Thomas declined. Vinny pushed the baggy into Thomas' hand and urged him to have a fun night with the new Mrs. Forrester.

In the hotel room, Hope stared at her Champagne and glanced around the room. From her purse, she pulled out the crumpled sonogram of Beth. Brooke text-messaged Hope. Worried about her daughter running off alone with Thomas, Brooke asked Hope to call her. Hope looked at her rings and flashed back to marrying Liam.

Thomas returned to the room. Hope asked where he'd gone. He said he'd forgotten to pick up his valet ticket. He noticed that she hadn't touched her Champagne, and she claimed that she'd been waiting for him. He remarked that he was there, and it was time to get things started.

Citing that it was still early, Hope suggested that they do something, like go to the hotel spa. Thomas said they could the next day, but that day, he thought they could give each other massages and be together like a married couple would on their honeymoon. It was what he wanted. He wanted them to be together. He wanted to show her how much he loved her.

Crazed delight smoldered in his eyes as Thomas uttered, "I'm your husband now. I want us to be together and fully commit to each other the way a husband and wife should."

Thomas retrieved a gift bag and handed it to Hope. He had picked up the gift for her and had thought the color would be perfect on her. Hope pulled a dark red negligee and robe from the bag. Without even unfurling them, she said they were nice.

Thomas asked if that meant Hope would try the set on for him. Hope's eyes widened. Thomas said he thought it might help them connect, but there was no pressure. He'd thought it would look gorgeous on his beautiful wife. She reluctantly headed for the bathroom. As Thomas watched her go, he slowly sipped his Champagne.

While Hope was in the bathroom, Thomas tucked the pills in the nightstand beneath a magazine. He retrieved Hope's phone from her purse, silenced it, and put it in the desk nearby.

Hope returned to the room, wearing the nightie and robe. Thomas told her that she looked beautiful. Hope averted her gaze from him as he unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. He cupped her face and began kissing her.

In Steffy's nursery, Liam reunited with Beth. Douglas stood beside Steffy in the doorway, and she asked what Liam was doing. Turning to Steffy, Liam stated that Beth was alive. Steffy replied that it wasn't Beth; it was Phoebe. The euphoric Liam repeated that it was his daughter, Beth, and he and Douglas smiled at each other.

Steffy took Liam back into the living room to find out what was going on with him. She knew what Douglas had told Liam, but she believed that Douglas was a little boy who had no idea what he'd been saying. Liam told her to talk to Douglas herself, and she'd see. "This is my daughter we're talking about! Beth is gone!" Steffy asserted.

Apologizing to Liam, Steffy said there was no way that Beth could be alive. Liam replied that Douglas had heard Thomas say that Beth was alive. Liam proclaimed that Phoebe was Beth. He believed that Beth was the secret Thomas and Flo had been discussing. Grinning joyously, Liam again declared that it was Beth in the nursery.

It made no sense to Steffy, but it was completely logical to Liam, who cited that it had been why Flo had slipped up when she'd told Wyatt that she'd never had a baby. Steffy concluded that Liam might be having a nervous breakdown. Insistent that he wasn't, Liam stated that Beth was not dead; she was in the other room.

Steffy didn't want Douglas to hear Liam saying that, but Liam reasoned that Douglas had told it to Liam. She figured that Douglas was confused and suffering due to his mother's death and probably thought that Phoebe was an angel. Liam asked how Steffy explained that the doctor hadn't helped Flo give birth. Steffy didn't know and figured that Flo would straighten it out.

"Flo? Oh, my God! Flo has known this whole time!" Liam realized. Steffy said that he needed to stop jumping to conclusions from what a boy had told him. Liam believed the words of Douglas, who'd merely repeated what his father had said. Liam asserted that her brother wasn't who she thought he was. Thomas was a horrible person who'd had a secret with Flo.

"And that's it! That's the secret in there! That's Beth! That's my baby!" Liam yelled. Steffy didn't think he was thinking clearly. Aware that it sounded insane, Liam persisted in believing that it fit. He asked why Hope had been so attached to Phoebe. He reminded Steffy that Thomas had threatened Flo. Liam asked what Thomas wanted more than anything. Answering himself, he said Hope was what Thomas wanted. He asked what the one thing was that would make Hope leave Thomas.

Steffy reminded Liam that Beth had been stillborn. Liam needed Steffy to trust him and said every fiber of his being knew that "that little girl" was the baby he and Hope had lost that night. Steffy replied that he'd seen himself that the baby hadn't been breathing, and Hope had held the body. Steffy asked how he could explain that.

Liam didn't know yet. Sorry to say it, Steffy told him that Beth was gone, and Phoebe was Flo's birth daughter. Liam decided that there was only one person who could verify it, and that was Flo. Determined, Liam strode out of the house.

Douglas entered the living room, wondering where Liam had gone and if Steffy was mad at Douglas. Steffy assured him that she wasn't. Douglas asked if she'd call his dad and said he wanted to stay with her that night. She told him that he would indeed stay for the sleepover.

A baby sobbed, and Douglas said it was Beth crying. Steffy told him that it was Phoebe. She went into the nursery, picked up Beth, and said, "Mommy's got you. Mommy's got you."

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt had arrived as soon as he could at the behest of Flo, and he asked what was going on. Flo needed to talk to Wyatt about Thomas. Wyatt became worried, but Flo replied that it was nothing like that or anything going on between her and Thomas. Wyatt asked if he should be worried.

Flo said she loved Wyatt, and there was no one in the world she'd rather be with. She wanted it to work out between them more than anything. Wyatt didn't know why it wouldn't and cited that they'd found each other again and were living together and committed to each other. Flo stated that it was why she had to be honest with him.

Before Flo got to the point of the matter, she decided to tell Wyatt everything that she'd gone through since she'd arrived in Los Angeles. She said she'd done someone a favor -- someone she'd thought was a friend -- and she'd gotten into something that she was ashamed of. She reasoned that if she hadn't gone to L.A., she wouldn't have reconnected with Wyatt, found her family, or gotten her job at Forrester.

Wyatt said he'd sensed that something had been going on, and he wanted to help her through it. He asked her not to hold back. Flo stated that everyone deserved the truth, and she needed to come clean. "Right. About Thomas," Wyatt responded.

"And your brother...and Hope," Flo added. Wyatt revealed that Liam had overheard Thomas and her arguing at the wedding. Flo was surprised to hear it. Wyatt said it had been about a secret and asked if that was what Flo wanted to talk about. Agreeing, she replied that she'd wanted to unburden herself for a long time, but everyone kept talking her out of it.

"Even if it means losing you -- " Flo started to say. Wyatt assured her that she wouldn't lose him. He claimed that he didn't care what it was. He wasn't going anywhere. Flo asked him to just hold her. Wyatt hugged her and said that it couldn't be that bad. He asked her to talk to him and tell him what it was about Hope and Liam. "And their baby, Beth," Flo replied.

Just then, Liam charged into the house. Hopping from his seat, Wyatt asked what his brother was doing and said he and Flo were in the middle of something. Liam stated that he couldn't wait. Wyatt replied that Flo had been about to say something about Liam, Hope, and Beth.

His gaze narrowing on Flo, Liam said that what he and Hope had been through had destroyed them and their lives. He accused Flo of letting it happen and of sitting back and lying to them. Liam exposed Flo's secret that she'd never been pregnant and had never given birth to Phoebe. He said it was time for Flo to admit it. Flo tearfully gazed up at Liam.

Wyatt asked what Liam was even saying. He couldn't believe that Liam was accusing Flo of lying about her baby and refused to let Liam take his bitterness about Thomas out on her. Liam reminded Wyatt that she'd already told him that she hadn't had a baby. Wyatt claimed that Flo had explained that she'd said it because giving up Phoebe had been too hard for her.

Liam stated that adopting Phoebe out didn't mean that Flo had given birth to her. He told Flo that the doctor she claimed had delivered Phoebe had been on vacation during the time of Phoebe's birth and hadn't even heard of Flo.

Wyatt figured that Liam had called the wrong doctor, but Liam insisted that it had been the doctor listed on the birth certificate that Flo had faked. "A fake birth certificate?" Wyatt asked. Liam ordered Flo to admit it. Wyatt told Liam to stop yelling at Flo and accusing her of things.

"He's right. He's right. I've never been pregnant. I never had a baby!" Flo exclaimed. Liam closed his eyes as the truth washed over him. He instructed her to say who'd had the baby. In her silence, he yelled at her to just say the name.

"Hope! Hope! Hope is the mother! It's Hope!" Flo finally admitted.

The truth about Beth finally finds its way to Liam and Hope The truth about Beth finally finds its way to Liam and Hope
Friday, August 2, 2019

At the beach house, Wyatt tried to get Liam to back off of Flo, but Flo confessed that Phoebe was Hope's baby. Wyatt asked what she was even saying. Flo stated that she'd never been pregnant and had never had a child.

Distraught, Wyatt asked why Liam was forcing Flo to say those things. Liam said the words were true. Wyatt asked why Flo had lied about being Phoebe's mother. Confused, he wondered if Beth and Phoebe were twins. Liam stated that Phoebe was Beth, and he told Flo that she might as well say it. Flo stated that Phoebe was Beth, and Beth was alive.

Liam asked how it had happened. Flo asked if it mattered. It mattered very much to Liam, who'd held a dead child in his arms. Flo replied that it hadn't been Beth. She began to explain about her friend, but Liam didn't care about her friend. He only cared about how it had happened.

Flo explained that her friend had wanted her to pose as the birth mother of a baby. "And you said yes?" Wyatt exclaimed. She replied that it had been very hush-hush, and she hadn't known the whole story. She'd assumed it had been a celebrity or public figure who couldn't acknowledge the child and that they'd been bending the rules to give the child a good life.

Liam asked if the friend had been working with Taylor. Affirming it, Flo claimed that by the time she'd learned the truth, she'd become an accomplice without even knowing it. Liam asked how her friend had gotten Beth. Flo replied that her friend had delivered Beth. She said her friend hadn't premeditated taking the baby, but when Hope had lost consciousness...

Liam asked if someone else had been in the delivery room. Flo explained that no one else had been there, but another woman had given birth in the clinic that night, and the baby had been stillborn. Liam figured that Reese had been the baby broker. Wyatt was incredulous about Reese knowingly putting a dead baby in Hope's arms. "Why?" Liam demanded of Flo.

Flo explained that Reese had owed a lot of gambling debts to bad people who had been threatening his daughter. "He sold my baby for a gambling debt?" Liam asked. Affirming it, Flo said that Reese had discovered Taylor's willingness to pay a lot of money to help Steffy adopt a baby. The events on Catalina had afforded Reese an opportunity, and he'd made the switch.

"And you knew about this?" Liam asked. Flo claimed that she'd wanted to tell Hope many times. "But I had this new life...And I was being threatened," Flo stated. Liam assumed it had been Buckingham who'd threatened her. Silently, Flo shook her head. Assuming that meant others knew, Liam asked who else had known.

"Xander and Zoe, my mom...Thomas...Emma..." Flo named. She said Emma had confronted Thomas about it and had been about to tell Hope the truth that night. "Thomas told me that what happened to Emma that night would happen to me," Flo stated.

Liam took out his phone and called Hope. Unbeknownst to him, her phone flashed in a drawer.

At Steffy's house, Steffy told Douglas to tell no more stories about Phoebe. Douglas asked if he could call his father, and Steffy showed him how to use her phone. He hugged her and told her that he loved her. Steffy responded in kind.

There was a knock at the door. Steffy asked Douglas to watch Phoebe while Steffy answered it. Alone with Phoebe, Douglas told her that he knew her name was Beth.

Ridge arrived and greeted Douglas, who said Phoebe was better. Ridge asked what was wrong with her. Steffy sent Douglas into the nursery to make his call. Steffy told Ridge that something was going on with Douglas, who was saying things. Ridge asked what the boy was saying. Steffy conveyed that Douglas had said that Beth was alive and that Phoebe was Beth.

At the hotel, Thomas uttered that he'd been waiting a long time for that moment. Hope said they'd just gotten married. He replied that, for years, he'd dreamed of touching her hair and her cheek, but there had always been another guy for her. "Until now," he stated and kissed her. As he kissed her neck, Hope glanced around the room for something to save her.

Thomas got really aggressive in making out, and Hope escaped from his grasp. "Now what?" he asked. She recalled that he'd said he'd be patient. He asked what he was doing wrong, and she told him that he wasn't being patient. To Thomas, it seemed as if she was in the mood. "Then you're not seeing me at all!" Hope replied.

Thomas' phone rang. He didn't want to answer it because "this" was more important. Handing his phone to him, Hope said it was Steffy, who was watching his child. "What is it?" Thomas said upon answering the call. It was Douglas on the line, but Thomas could barely hear him. Douglas stated that it was because Kelly was asleep.

Thomas asked if Douglas had called to tell him that. Douglas told his father that Steffy and Liam were nice, not mean like Thomas. Walking across the room, Thomas whispered into the phone, asking if Liam and Steffy fed and clothed Douglas or gave him all the toys he wanted. Douglas stated that Beth and Kelly were nice, too.

Thomas ordered Douglas to never talk about Phoebe like that. Douglas declared that Phoebe was Beth. "And I told Liam, too!" Douglas confessed. Thomas asked what the boy had told Liam, but Douglas clicked off the line.

Behind Thomas, Hope sensed that something was wrong and asked if Douglas needed them. Thomas asked if Steffy and Liam knew where Thomas and Hope were. Hope said that they did because they were watching Thomas' son. Thomas decided that he and Hope should get out of there, because it was like Hope had said; he was going about it all wrong.

Hope replied that she hadn't said that. Thomas claimed that he was reading between the lines. He urged her to get dressed so they could do something else.

Back at Steffy's house, Steffy had just checked on Douglas and Kelly. Ridge wondered if he should talk to Douglas about the Beth/Phoebe thing. Steffy didn't want Ridge to do that and said Thomas was the boy's father. Ridge asked what had happened to it taking a whole village, and he wondered where Liam was.

"And what is that? You have a landline?" Ridge asked upon hearing a phone ring. Steffy said she used it because she worked from home, and she reminded him that he'd suggested it. When she answered the call, Thomas was on the line, asking how it was going.

Steffy asked if Thomas had told Douglas that Phoebe was alive and that Phoebe was Beth. Steffy stated that Douglas had said so. Thomas advised her to put Douglas in a timeout. Refusing, she said Douglas was just a kid who didn't know what he was saying.

Agreeing, Thomas asked if Steffy had told Liam that. Steffy said she'd tried to, but she hadn't been able to stop Liam from tearing out of there to see Flo about an error in Phoebe's birth certificate. Thomas clicked off the line. Confused, Steffy told Ridge that the call had dropped.

Later, Douglas returned to the living room, claiming that he and Kelly were hungry. Steffy said he could get a snack, but Kelly had a doctor's appointment. Douglas reasoned that Kelly might have said that instead. He didn't always understand her. Ridge stated that people sometimes misunderstood things, and he asked Douglas to take for example what he'd heard about Beth.

Ridge asked where Douglas had heard it. Douglas explained that it had been from his father. He said Thomas had gotten mad upon learning that Douglas had overheard it. Ridge doubted that Thomas had gotten mad and figured that Thomas had just said it had been a mistake. "No. He just said not to say anything," Douglas responded. Ridge and Steffy looked concerned.

Back at the hotel, Hope emerged from the bathroom in a black dress. Thomas thought she looked beautiful, but he didn't know why she was dressed that way. She reminded him that he'd said they were going out. He corrected that he'd said they were getting out. He asked her to put on traveling clothes. She asked where they were going. Claiming it was a surprise, he said she'd thank him later. Fighting back frustration, Hope agreed to go pack -- again.

"It can't end this way," Thomas uttered once Hope had returned to the bathroom. He called Terry to get a helicopter pilot to meet him at the Forrester helipad. He lied that he'd been called out of town at the last minute and told Terry that there would be another passenger.

At Forrester later, Thomas and Hope arrived with their bags. Thomas called out to Pam and stated that the place seemed empty. Hope didn't understand why they were there, and he explained that a helicopter was picking them up on the roof. Gasping, she asked why. Thomas joked that no bad story started with, "and he whisked me away in a helicopter."

Hope needed a better reason than that to stop asking questions. Thomas wondered why she had to question everything he tried to do for her. She wanted to know about Douglas and how long they'd be gone. Thomas said Douglas was fine with Steffy.

Thomas walked across the corridor and called Flo.

Back at the beach house, Liam was about to leave to deal with Thomas when Flo received a call from Thomas. Liam said to pretend he wasn't there and that she hadn't seen him. Flo answered the phone and put it on speaker. She asked what it was that time, and Thomas stated that he didn't like her attitude. She asked if blackmail made people cheerful.

Thomas asked if he was on speakerphone. Flo claimed that her hands were full. She asked what he wanted. Thomas explained that Liam, who thought he knew something, was on his way to see Flo. Thomas wanted her to shut Liam down. She asked how.

In the background, Wyatt, Liam, and Flo heard Pam asking Hope if she wanted to carpool to a retirement party with Pam. Thomas told Pam that he was on the phone. Pam blew air at his rudeness, and taking off, she told Hope that she'd see Hope at the party.

Flo asked Thomas if he was at Forrester. Thomas warned her to keep her mouth shut and said she knew what would happen to her if she didn't. Thomas clicked off the line, and Liam raced out the front door.

Flo and Wyatt locked gazes. She said he couldn't hate her more than she hated herself, and she was sure he had questions. Wyatt figured that everything had been a lie, and that pretty much summed it up. She'd known she'd lose him when she finally told him the truth, but she urged him to believe that she was still the woman he'd fallen in love with.

Back in the Forrester corridor, nothing about the trip felt right to Hope. She decided that if she and Thomas would go somewhere, he'd have to tell her where. Thomas asked her to trust her husband. He reminded her that it was what she'd wanted. When he kissed her cheek, she cringed. He asked her to wait in the office while he checked on the pilot.

Thomas went to the roof. The gym that had been up there was gone, and it looked as if Forrester was remodeling. Thomas called to find out what was taking the pilot so long. The pilot was making his way there, but he still needed to know the flight plan. Thomas said he'd tell the pilot when he got there. He demanded that the pilot hurry.

Downstairs, Hope went into the CEO's office, leaned on the door, and slowly locked it behind her. "I don't have to go. I don't have to go," Hope said as if a realization had dawned on her.

Someone began shaking the door and turning the doorknob. Hope whipped open the door, prepared for a confrontation with Thomas. Instead, there stood Liam. He asked where Thomas was. Surprised to see Liam, Hope asked if Douglas was okay. "He's more than okay. He's my freaking hero. Where is Thomas?" Liam asked.

Hope assumed that Thomas was talking to the pilot. "'The pilot?''' Liam repeated. Hope stated that Thomas was taking her somewhere. Liam locked the door, determined that she wouldn't go anywhere. She asked what was wrong with him.

"Hope, they lied to us. They stole from us. They sold her like she was a piece of furniture," Liam said. Hope asked who he was talking about. He told her that they hadn't lost the things they'd thought they'd lost. Liam wasn't making sense to Hope.

Liam explained that another mother had been at the clinic, and she'd suffered the tragedy that Hope and Liam had believed had been theirs. Hope did not understand. He said that the woman's baby had been stillborn. "Okay?" Hope quizzically responded.

Liam told Hope that she'd held the stillborn. "No, I held Beth," Hope replied. Taking her hands, he said Dr. Buckingham had lied. The disconcerted Hope didn't know why they were discussing it. He replied that it was because Douglas was right; Beth was alive.

Hope ordered Liam to stop because it had been hard enough to hear it from Douglas. "And where do you think he heard it from? His father!" Liam exclaimed. Liam asserted that Thomas had been using it against them the whole time. Hope didn't want to believe that about Thomas.

Liam said that Steffy had thought she'd been adopting Flo's baby. Hope replied that Steffy had done that. Disagreeing, Liam revealed that Phoebe was not Flo's child. He'd called the doctor, who hadn't even heard of Flo, and he'd learned that Flo hadn't even been a patient at the birth hospital on record. Hope assumed that he'd called the wrong place.

Liam stated that he'd already gotten Flo to confess that she'd lied and had never been pregnant. Hope began asking questions, but she was interrupted by Thomas shaking the office door and asking if she was in there with Liam, whose voice Thomas had heard through the door.

Continuing with the discussion over Thomas' muffled voice on the other side of the door, Liam started talking about Hope passing out on Catalina. Hope begged him not to make her think about it. Thomas demanded that they open the door. Liam said Hope had thought she'd been safe, but he should have been there. He stated that she'd passed out, and that was all it had taken for a thief to do his job.

Still outside the room, Thomas told Hope not to listen to Liam. Hope asked what thief. Liam stated that they'd taken her, and they'd sold her; however, Steffy hadn't had a part in it and hadn't known. Crying, Hope asked what Steffy hadn't known.

"That Phoebe's mother is you!" Liam revealed. Shaking her head, Hope uttered, "Beth..."

"Never died," Liam said. Outside the room, Thomas raged that Hope was his wife and that their honeymoon was waiting. "Beth's alive, Hope," Liam proclaimed, and Hope stared around in tearful wonder and confusion.

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