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Hope had it out with Flo, and Ridge had Flo arrested. Sanchez sought Thomas for questioning about Emma's death. Refusing to accept the end of his marriage, Thomas cornered Hope at the cliff house. During a scuffle with Brooke and Hope, Thomas went over the cliff.
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During a scuffle with Brooke and Hope, Thomas went over the cliff
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Hope lashes out at Flo Hope lashes out at Flo
Monday, August 19, 2019

At Wyatt's house, Wyatt congratulated Liam. Liam was ecstatic that Beth was back. Wyatt spread his arms open, and Liam apprehensively asked what Wyatt was doing. Wyatt thought his brother needed a hug. They hugged, and Liam proclaimed that Beth was alive.

Liam received a message signifying that Justin and Bill had arrived. Liam had told Bill that he'd be at Wyatt's house and hoped Wyatt didn't mind. Wyatt didn't, but he was curious about why Justin was there. Liam explained that Bill had some legal questions.

Entering the house with Justin, Bill was upset that Beth and Hope were not there. Liam said Bill had just seen the baby that day, but Bill stated that he had to make up for lost time. Liam asked how Justin and his family were, and Justin said they were still trying to make sense of things.

Justin conveyed that Bill had filled him in on things, and Justin was aware that Beth had been with Steffy that whole time. Liam said he'd just been to the cliff house to check on Steffy and Kelly. Justin couldn't believe the doctor had pulled it off. Liam explained that the doctor had had help, and Wyatt bitterly affirmed that it was true.

Bill stated that his people hadn't found Reese, but Reese had been arrested. Liam didn't know if Reese would be extradited or what would happen next. Bill knew what would happen next -- Reese's little helper, Flo, would get arrested, and the two of them would rot in their cells.

Bill was sure Flo would do time. Liam was willing to testify, and he was confident Hope would. Justin said they might have to do that if Flo pleaded not guilty. Wyatt didn't think Flo would do that or fight it. Liam asked if Wyatt really thought that. Wyatt wasn't sure of anything about Flo, including the type of person she was. He did know that she wasn't faking remorse and was ready to face the consequences.

Bill asserted that Flo would face the consequences regardless of being ready. Liam hated Flo for what she'd done and said he always would; however, he figured that Wyatt had mixed feelings about it because he'd cared for Flo. Wyatt claimed that his feelings were clear. He valued trust and honesty and stated that Flo had known it. A part of him would always love her, but there was no room in his life "for that now," not after what she'd done.

Bill wanted Justin to find out who the judge was in the case, but Justin had thought "we" had learned a lesson about that. "That was Ridge," Bill replied. Bill merely wanted to make sure they did whatever they could to put the culprits away for as long as possible, and he wanted to get on it to make sure Flo was arrested. Liam agreed that the guilty needed to pay, and he said Ridge was on it about Flo. Liam didn't think Flo would remain free for long.

At Brooke's house, Shauna was trying to convince the Logan sisters that Flo would get through to Hope. In Shauna's mind, the Logans were loving, caring, and supportive of each other. "Yeah, not when it comes to stolen babies!" Katie quipped.

Ridge arrived home and asked what was going on. Shauna said she was there to ask for a little forgiveness. Ridge asked if she was really serious. Shauna began to say that Flo had never intended to do something. Cutting her off, Ridge asserted that they didn't care about Flo's intentions. Instead, they cared about Flo's actions, and those actions would land Flo in prison.

Sensing that Hope had a big heart, Shauna was hopeful about what would happen when Hope heard Flo's side of the story. Katie asked how "Flo's side of the story" amounted to anything more than that she'd stolen a baby, sold it, and lied about it for months. Shauna asserted that Flo, who'd been helping a friend, hadn't known it had been wrong until it had been too late.

"Really? Because I would have known it was wrong the moment I said the baby was mine," Brooke responded. Donna said she would have known it the moment she'd signed false paperwork. Ridge stated that Flo had put a stolen baby into Steffy's arms to raise as her own. Brooke said Flo had gone along with Reese's plan, which made her just as guilty.

Shauna insisted that only one person had taken the baby, and that person had been Reese Buckingham. Ridge replied that there was plenty of blame to go around, even with Buckingham in custody. Shauna was surprised to hear that Reese was in custody. Ridge asked if she knew the odds favoring Flo being arrested that day.

Shauna begged Brooke for mercy, saying that Flo was Brooke's niece. Brooke replied that Flo had stolen and sold Brooke's granddaughter and had lied about it for months. "She's not my niece. She's a thief, just like Ridge said. And that's all she will ever be to me!" Brooke declared.

In Brooke's cabin, Flo begged Hope to start over with Flo and let Flo be the cousin she was meant to be. Hope asked if Flo thought she deserved it. Flo didn't. Hope stated that Flo had known what that man had done; she'd known that Beth had been alive, but she'd said nothing.

Flo stated that she couldn't change it. All Flo could do was try to make it right. Hope asked if Flo thought she could make that right. Flo didn't, but she also didn't want to lose Hope. Flo was willing to do whatever it took to prove to Hope that she could trust Flo again.

Flo claimed that she hadn't planned "this." She hadn't known what Reese had done. She hadn't known the trouble he'd been in, and if she had, she never would have been involved in it. Hope asked if she was supposed to forgive Flo because Flo had just been trying to help a friend and had had no idea of what had been going on.

"Thomas knew. Did you know that?" Flo readily asked. She said Thomas had threatened her life because he hadn't wanted anything to get in the way of him being with Hope. Flo knew that it wasn't an excuse and that she still should have gone to Hope. Hope replied that she knew about Thomas, but Flo had had plenty of time to reveal it before Thomas had become involved.

Flo agreed and said that Hope was right. She asked if Hope could please "just..." Assuming Flo wanted Hope to forgive her, Hope replied, "No. Hell, no. Not now. Not ever."

Hope asked if Flo really thought she could convince Hope to forgive her. In Hope's view, what Flo had done had been vile and despicable. Flo said she understood. Hope believed that Flo wouldn't have shown her face there if she had any idea of what she'd put Hope through. Flo looked away, and Hope told Flo not to look as if she was all torn up, "like some kind of -- "

Sickened, Hope realized that Flo thought she was a victim. Flo tried to say it wasn't true, but Hope ordered Flo not to speak. Hope yelled that she, Liam, and Steffy were the victims. Hope asked if Flo had even thought about Steffy's heartbreak. Flo claimed that she'd thought about Steffy every single day. Hope asked if Flo had considered Kelly and how confused she'd be that her sister wasn't there.

Growing angry with every word, Hope said she could barely conceive that month after month and lie after lie, Flo had tried to forge a bond with her. Flo had made Hope trust her and care about her, but Flo had been deceiving Hope the entire time.

Flo asserted that she'd never lied about their friendship or the desire to be Hope's cousin. "So much for family, right? Even that couldn't make you do the right thing!" Hope lashed out. Hope couldn't believe she'd ever thought Storm would be proud to know Flo.

Flo began to talk about her struggles with the lie, but Hope didn't want to hear it. Hope didn't want to hear about how people had intimidated or bullied Flo. Hope said Flo had remained silent for a man at her blackjack table, and Hope had wallowed in agony for some "jackass'" gambling problem.

"He put a dead baby in my arms and told me it was mine!" Hope asserted. Pointing at Flo, Hope screamed that "that" was who and what Flo had been loyal to . "And that -- " Hope bellowed as she struck Flo in the face, " -- that is what you deserve."

Flo offered to let Hope slap her again, but Hope said she didn't need to hurt Flo, who'd already hurt herself. "But I do want you to leave," Hope added. Flo understood and said she would give Hope more time. Hope clarified that she wanted Flo to leave Hope's life forever.

Flo wished she could return to the moment they'd met, and if she could, she would tell Hope everything. Hope wanted to return to the moment that Flo's friend had handed Hope a dead baby. Hope would love to tell Reese to go to hell and to spit in Reese's face. Hope would have kicked and screamed and done anything to have her baby from day one.

Hope demanded to know if Flo understood what she'd done to Hope and Liam and what Flo had taken from them. Flo hopelessly affirmed that she did. Hope listed firsts, like Beth's first laugh, smile, and lullaby. Hope yelled that Steffy had gotten those firsts, and Hope could never get them back.

As much as Hope would love to go back and make it as if she'd never been without her baby or had never met Flo, Hope couldn't do it. Hope had to live the rest of her life, knowing what Flo had done. "My uncle's bastard. Not a cousin. Not family," Hope concluded.

The front door opened, and in walked Brooke with her sisters, Shauna, and Ridge. Brooke asked what Flo had had to say for herself. Hope said Flo had expressed regrets and had shed tears, none of which mattered to Hope.

Brooke was seething because they'd been happy that Flo had become a family member and that Storm might live on through Flo. Donna and Katie shook their heads in disgust as they looked at Flo. Brooke said they'd been wrong, and Flo was nothing like Storm, who'd sacrificed himself for his family. In Brooke's view, Flo was cruel and mean. Brooke asked how Flo could possibly have been born from him. Brooke thought she'd seen Storm in Flo's eyes, but all Brooke could see was Storm's shame.

Though Flo didn't think anyone would believe it, Flo said that no one felt more shame than she. Brooke believed the shame was due to being caught. Katie asked where Flo's shame had been when she'd been falsifying documents to relinquish Hope's baby to Steffy. Shauna said Flo felt horrible for what she'd done, and Flo added that she'd tried to tell Hope many times.

Donna wanted to know how hard it had been to say that Hope's baby was alive. Flo claimed that people had tried to stop her. Katie and Donna flashed incredulous, head-shaking stares. Flo admitted that she'd let people talk her out of it. She'd thought Beth had been safe; however, she knew it hadn't been enough, and Beth should have been with Hope and Liam.

Katie asked if Flo thought she should have said something when Liam and Hope had broken up, so that maybe Flo could have fixed it. Flo agreed that she should have, but she said she couldn't go back. She was sorry she'd failed all of them.

There was a knock at the door. Ridge opened it and welcomed Detective Sanchez and an officer into the cabin. Sanchez appreciated the call Ridge had made and said it was quite a story. Shauna asked what was going on. Ridge replied that a criminal was on the grounds, and he'd called the police. Shauna got upset, but Flo uttered that it was fine.

Shauna advised her daughter not to speak until they got a lawyer. Sanchez offered to let Flo call one at the station. "The station? The station! What are you talking about?" Shauna asked.

Sanchez informed Flo that she was under arrest. Shauna asked what for. As the accompanying officer cuffed Flo, Sanchez advised that it was for kidnapping -- for one.

Shauna asserted Flo's innocence. Sanchez stated that Flo had participated in the falsifying of government documents and had misrepresented herself as the mother of a stolen child, which was fraud. Shauna appealed to the Logan sisters, saying it was their niece, who'd made a mistake in trusting the wrong man. Ridge stated that Flo would pay for that mistake.

The officer began to read Flo her rights as he and Sanchez escorted her out. Shauna was raging at them not to arrest her daughter. She tried to follow them out, but Ridge grabbed her arm and closed the door behind them before she could leave, too. Shauna sobbed and asked them all to please believe that Flo had just gotten caught up and hadn't meant to do it.

Sanchez seeks answers about Emma's death Sanchez seeks answers about Emma's death
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

At Vinny's apartment, the shirtless and sweaty Thomas sat near a fan, checking his chiming phone. Vinny assumed it was another message from Ridge and suggested Thomas call his father back. Thomas didn't want to talk to his father, who he believed didn't "give a damn" about him. Vinny replied that Thomas knew that wasn't true.

Thomas asked why his father had left "us" for Brooke. "She's the boss of him," decided Thomas, who felt he couldn't trust his father or anyone except Hope. "And what I am?" Vinny asked. Apologizing, Thomas stated that Vinny was a good friend and thanked him for the place to stay.

Thomas felt like an idiot that he was married but crashing on his buddy's couch like a college student. He was also crabby about the air conditioning. Vinny said Thomas was lucky that the wall unit worked at all and advised Thomas to quit complaining about his free place to crash.

Thomas felt as if his brain was on fire. Vinny advised him to chill out. It was ironic to Thomas that Vinny would say that in such heat. Thomas didn't know how he was supposed to chill out when his wife was with another man. Vinny suggested that he and Thomas get out and grab some food. Thomas griped that he couldn't think about anything while he was freaking out. "Are you dipping into my stash again?" Vinny asked.

Ignoring the question, Thomas stated that he'd had it all set up: Liam had been with Steffy, and Hope had been with Thomas and his son. He yelled that he and Hope had gotten married. Vinny replied that Thomas was right, and that was the bottom line to focus on.

Vinny, who'd known Thomas for a long time, had never seen him that way before. He suggested that Thomas calm down and take deep breaths. As Vinny demonstrated breathing, Thomas asked how he was supposed to do that when Liam was taking advantage of Thomas' wife. Thomas hated the smug Liam, who felt he was entitled to Hope and Steffy.

Thomas didn't know what the women saw in Liam but asserted that Liam needed to know his place -- over there with Steffy. "Hope is mine now! Right? I have to get her away from Liam for good this time," Thomas decided, declaring, "People better not forget that or try to get between us."

Thomas didn't think Vinny had any idea of how much Thomas had done to get Hope. "And I didn't even get a damn wedding night!" Thomas seethed. Vinny got that Thomas was in love, but he noted that all Thomas talked about was Hope. "What about your son?" Vinny asked.

Thomas asked if Vinny meant "that little brat" that had ratted him out. Vinny urged Thomas not to talk about his wife and son in those ways. The Thomas who Vinny knew was calm and strategic, not the hot mess pacing a hole in the floor that Vinny saw before him. Agreeing, Thomas said Hope didn't like it when he was like that. He stated that it scared her. Vinny reasoned that scaring her was the last thing Thomas wanted to do.

Agreeing, Thomas decided that he needed to be calm and rational when talking to Hope about Beth. He said he'd tell her that he'd done the best thing for them and their family. He was sure that once she understood that, they'd go on with their lives, and she'd send Liam packing. Vinny thought it sounded like a plan. Thomas stated that he'd meant every word of the vows he and Hope had taken. "Until death do us part. Anything else is unacceptable," Thomas declared.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope sat in a rocking chair with the baby, talking about how smooth the transition was going. Hope said it was just her, Beth, and Beth's daddy, the way it had always been meant to be. Hope acknowledged that she'd made a wrong decision and had a mess to clean up. She told Beth that she intended to fix it.

Liam knelt beside the chair and laced his hand with Hope's. Hope figured he'd been listening to her go on and on. Liam replied that it was his favorite sound. Hope informed Liam that Justin would be there soon. She was glad that Bill had suggested that they use Justin while Carter was out of town. Hope had questions about the supposed adoption. "But it's more than that," she added and told Liam that she wanted to concentrate on their future.

Hope put Beth in the nursery. Returning to the main room, she said Beth was an easy baby, and they had Steffy to thank for it.

Justin arrived. He was thrilled for Hope and Liam and happy to help them in any way he could.

Carter had sent Justin the adoption paperwork and brought Justin up to speed. Justin relayed that Carter felt terrible for his role in keeping Beth from Liam and Hope. Liam said it hadn't been Carter's fault, because Carter couldn't have known about the deception.

Justin remarked that Reese had hired a pro to do the papers, which looked legit in Justin's view.

Hope and Liam wanted to start their life together fresh and to ensure that they had indisputable rights to Beth. Justin planned to file a motion in court, pertaining to the fraud. He asked if they expected pushback from Steffy. Liam and Hope didn't think Steffy would lay claim to Beth.

Justin was sorry Liam and Hope had had to mourn their child, who'd been there all along. Hope said that the only thing besides getting Beth back that mattered was annulling the marriage to Thomas. Liam stated that the marriage was just as fraudulent as the adoption.

Hope wanted the marriage over with as quickly as possible, but she was worried that it would hurt Douglas. She planned to still be there for the boy, but she couldn't stay in a marriage to Thomas for a second longer than necessary. Liam explained that Thomas had known about Beth and had kept it from Hope. Hope added that Thomas had threatened others not to tell her.

Liam remarked that nothing about the wedding had been truthful. Hope said Thomas had promised to love and cherish her. "And look what happened. Besides, I didn't love him. I never did," Hope said, rubbing Liam's arm. Hope stated that she needed out of the marriage. Justin agreed to initiate the paperwork and try to get it fast-tracked.

Hope expressed to Justin that she missed Emma and thought of her every day. Nodding, Justin said he did, too. He'd been burying himself in work to cope, and that was why he'd been happy to fill in for Carter.

The whole thing with Thomas was shocking to Justin. Liam said Justin had no idea. Liam informed Justin that Thomas had been awful; Thomas had gone off the grid and abandoned his son. It seemed to Liam that Thomas was getting worse and shouldn't be anywhere near Hope.

Justin surmised that Hope and Liam believed that Thomas was a real threat. Liam said Thomas had already proven it by knocking Liam out and dragging Hope away against her will. Justin was surprised to hear it. Liam, who likened the incident to an attempted kidnapping, didn't know what else Thomas would have done if Liam hadn't gotten there on time.

Liam said Thomas had used his own grieving son to manipulate the grieving Hope when he'd known all along that Hope shouldn't even be grieving. Liam saw it as Thomas' way to trap Hope in a marriage. Liam called Thomas not only a threat, but a nut, and he wanted Hope to be far away from Thomas.

Justin stated that if Liam was right, annulling the marriage might ignite the threat. He said that if Thomas thought it was over, he'd have nothing to lose. Justin thought it was something that they should consider. Hope replied that she had considered it, and she was taking her life back.

At the main house, Ridge was upset because he still couldn't reach Thomas. Ridge told Brooke that his son was avoiding matters. Brooke said Thomas could only do that for so long. She believed the police would want to talk to anyone who'd known that Beth was alive, and she stated that there would be consequences. Ridge wanted to help his son but said he couldn't do it if he didn't know where his son was.

Douglas descended the stairs. Brooke asked if he'd slept well. Douglas had, but when he'd awakened, he hadn't been able to find his father. "Where is he, anyways?" Douglas asked. Ridge and Brooke said they didn't know where Thomas was, but everything was fine. Douglas asked if Thomas was taking a timeout, and Ridge agreed that it was "something like that."

Brooke and Ridge praised Douglas for telling the truth. They knew it had been a hard thing to do. "But my daddy is mad at me. I don't think he likes me anymore," Douglas responded.

Ridge asked Douglas not to say that. He stated that Thomas loved Douglas, but loved ones sometimes fought. Ridge assured the child that the anger would go away and that the child had done a great job. Brooke called Douglas their hero. Pulling Douglas into his lap, Ridge hugged and kissed him. Douglas smiled.

Later, Brooke and Ridge were alone. Brooke said that she understood Ridge's desire to protect his son, but she felt that they had to acknowledge what Thomas was capable of. Ridge asked what that meant and if she thought his son would hurt Hope.

Brooke cited that it had already happened. Thomas had lied about Beth and tricked Hope into a marriage she didn't want. Brooke added that Thomas was scaring his own son, and if Thomas was capable of that, Brooke had to wonder what it signified that he could do to Hope.

Ridge believed that once Thomas got his head on straight, he'd return and fix his relationship with his son. "And maybe with Hope," Ridge added. Brooke thought Ridge had to be kidding. She reminded him that Hope had her baby back and her relationship with Liam, which Hope had always wanted. Brooke stated that Thomas had to "realize" that. She wanted to find Thomas before he did something he regretted.

Ridge asked what Brooke was saying. Sighing, Brooke asserted that she believed that Ridge's son was dangerous. Ridge thought she was being dramatic. Brooke wished she was, but she believed that there was no telling what Thomas, who was obsessed with Hope, would do when Hope rejected him. Brooke asserted that Thomas was unstable and had been for a while. It was only getting worse, in her view.

"He's done some things in the past," Ridge conceded with a shrug. Brooke insisted that Thomas was still doing things. She said Thomas had lied to Hope, kept the baby secret, and married Hope under false pretenses. Ridge asked if Brooke thought he wasn't concerned about those things. He yelled that he could not find his son, and he didn't know why any of it was happening.

Apologizing, Brooke said that, sometimes, she acted like she was the only one with something at stake. She knew that it was difficult for Ridge, but she wanted to pay attention to the clues. She said there was a big one that they couldn't let go by. Ridge asked what she meant.

In a hushed tone, Brooke recalled Xander's theory that Thomas had run Emma off the road. "No, no, no!" Ridge replied. He said that Thomas was working through some things, but he hadn't killed the young woman. Ridge stated that it wasn't his son.

Someone knocked at the front door. When Brooke answered it, she was surprised to see Detective Sanchez at the door. Ridge greeted Sanchez, who wanted to talk to Thomas. Sanchez had heard that Thomas was living there, and Sanchez asked if Thomas was there or if they knew where to find him. Ridge and Brooke said they didn't know where Thomas was.

Ridge asked if he could help, and Brooke wondered if Thomas was in trouble. Sanchez said it remained to be seen, and that was why he needed to talk to Thomas. Sanchez stated that they were reopening the investigation into Emma Barber's death.

Ridge recalled that the case had been concluded with a determination of distracted driving. Sanchez said they'd thought that at first. The evidence had seemed to support it; however, Xander Avant had come forward with new evidence about an unfriendly encounter between Emma and Thomas on the night in question.

Flashes of Emma's argument with Thomas and the drive down Mulholland played as Sanchez explained that Thomas had chased Emma down Mulholland and had run her off the road. Ridge stated that Xander was mistaken. Sanchez asked how Ridge knew. Ridge asserted that it was because it was his son they were talking about. Though Thomas had some problems, he wasn't a killer as Sanchez was suggesting.

Back at Vinny's, Thomas had a crazed look on his face as he slipped his wedding ring back onto his finger. "You're mine, Hope. You're mine," he said.

Hope talks to Thomas Hope talks to Thomas
Wednesday, August 21, 2019
by Pam

Detective Sanchez was at Brooke and Ridge's, and they discussed that Thomas had not been in touch. Sanchez was concerned that no one had heard from Thomas, and he wanted to question Thomas about Emma's death. Ridge maintained that Thomas had nothing to do with Emma's death.

Sanchez understood, but he had pertinent information that required him to question Thomas. Ridge quizzed the detective about what "pertinent information" he had. Ridge scoffed that a disgruntled employee had said something. Sanchez was unimpressed. "I need to hear if from Thomas," Sanchez said. Brooke noted that Ridge had called and sent text messages to Thomas, but he had not answered.

Sanchez was respectful of Ridge but pointed out that Thomas had a history of instability. Ridge defended his son, but Brooke said they didn't know where Thomas was. Sanchez acknowledged that Brooke was worried. Brooke said she was worried about her daughter because Thomas had been obsessive about Hope and had kept news about Beth from Hope. Ridge said Thomas was guilty of some bad decisions but not of Emma's death.

Brooke wondered aloud if Xander had been right about Thomas having a role in Emma's death. Ridge again defended his son, but Sanchez said Thomas was a person of interest. Brooke insisted they wanted to keep everything out of the media. She wanted to protect her daughter and Liam and give them time alone with their daughter.

Sanchez understood but said he needed to talk to Thomas. "Give me a call when he reappears," Sanchez said. He added that if Thomas had done nothing wrong, he had nothing to worry about. Sanchez left. "He's fishing," Ridge said. Brooke was frantic. "Where is Thomas?" she asked in desperation. She felt they needed to find him because he was a threat to her daughter. Ridge was distraught.

Brooke was angry and said that Thomas should have called to check on Douglas. She felt Thomas was obsessed with Hope. Ridge argued that Thomas had proposed to Hope, and she had accepted. "He lied about Beth," Brooke shouted. Ridge tried to calm Brooke and insisted that Thomas was not dangerous. Brooke continued to rant that Hope would leave Thomas, and she worried about Douglas.

Ridge repeated that Thomas was not dangerous, but Brooke was frantic and said that Thomas had lied and tricked Hope into marriage. She worried about Thomas' actions when he found out that Hope would leave him. "I'm worried for my daughter's safety," she said. Ridge was also concerned and tried to call Thomas again, but there was no answer.

At Vinny's place, Thomas heard his phone but refused to answer Ridge's call. Vinny encouraged Thomas to answer. Thomas mumbled that everything he'd done, he had done for Hope. Thomas tried to convince Vinny that it had all been necessary to protect his family. He mumbled that they had been happy, and he would explain it all to Hope. Thomas said, "I will not lose you, Hope. You're my wife. You belong with me."

Thomas wanted to talk to Hope. Vinny encouraged him to call Hope. Thomas complained that he hadn't heard "one word" from Hope. "It's Liam and Brooke -- they're trying to turn her against me," Thomas insisted. Thomas convinced himself that he needed to see Hope to help her understand. Vinny agreed. He said she had to be worried about him.

Thomas said he couldn't do it over the phone. He had to see her in person. Thomas was worried that Liam had confused Hope. "This is his fault," Thomas said. Vinny encouraged Thomas to fix it all when he calmed down. "She's your wife, so what are you stressing about?" Vinny asked. He encouraged Thomas to breathe deeply. Thomas complied but said he planned to hold his family together.

At the cabin, Liam and Hope discussed Hope's annulment plans with Justin. Hope asked what Thomas had to do in regard to the annulment. Justin said it was a clear case of fraud and misrepresentation. It wouldn't be difficult. Hope felt Thomas wouldn't take the news well. "I'm never going to let him control my life ever again," Hope said.

Justin promised to process the annulment paperwork quickly. "Sorry for what you've been through," Justin said. He added he was happy for Liam and Hope. Justin left, and Hope and Liam discussed that Thomas had disappeared but would be angry about the annulment. Hope wanted to get her time with Thomas over as quickly as she could. Liam understood. "You thought you were doing what was best for Douglas. I hate what Thomas did to you," Liam said.

Hope and Liam discussed that Thomas' actions had been sick. Hope never wanted to see him again and wanted him out of her life forever. Liam advised her to let Justin handle all of it. Liam worried that Thomas would try to see her again. Liam felt the annulment would "send him over the edge."

Hope and Liam discussed how happy they were, and Hope claimed nothing could "take away the joy I feel right now." She added that Thomas had been cruel to deceive her and the entire family. Hope vowed that Thomas would never do anything else to her. She planned to end everything with him immediately.

Hope called Thomas, and he picked up immediately. "Hope, I knew you'd call. I missed you," he said. He worried that Liam was turning her against him. He said he'd never meant to hurt her. Hope laid into Thomas and told him that she would never forgive him for what he had done. She told him about the annulment. "Our marriage is over," she said. She added that he needed to reach out to his son.

Thomas mumbled that Douglas had spied on him, and he told Hope that she was abandoning Douglas. Hope insisted he had to talk to his family. "I never want to speak to you ever again," she said. Thomas begged her not to hang up. Hope had hung up, and Thomas said she would be his wife "'til death do us part."

Thomas blames his failures on Douglas Thomas blames his failures on Douglas
Thursday, August 22, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Liam and Hope discussed her conversation with Thomas. Liam asked if he'd heard Thomas say that he wouldn't let Hope get the annulment. Hope didn't know. She was fixated on the fact that Thomas hadn't even inquired about his son or asked who was taking care of Douglas. All Thomas had cared about was explaining himself to Hope. Liam rendered her a quizzical expression. She told him not to worry; she was not that foolish.

Liam advised Hope to tell Douglas that she'd talked to his father so that Douglas wouldn't start to wonder if his father was in heaven. Hope wished she'd listened to Brooke and Liam about Thomas, who'd gone into a downward spiral. She said no one knew where it would end.

Later, Liam was working on his laptop to solve a server issue at work. Hope told him that she wanted to teach Douglas how to care for Beth. Hope was also thinking about having Douglas live with them. She said the boy's parents were not around. She wondered if Thomas would be enough, even if he got his act together.

Hope said she'd meant her vow to take care of Douglas. Douglas was happy where he was, and Hope didn't want to uproot him again. Liam said he didn't want Douglas near Thomas again.

Later, getting the servers back online was taking longer than Liam had imagined. He suggested that Hope head to Steffy's house, and he'd catch up later. Hope didn't mind waiting. He wanted her to go ahead because Steffy hadn't wanted to be at the house while they picked up Beth's things. He wanted him and Hope to have it done before Steffy returned home.

Liam had thought about taking Douglas in. Liam wasn't averse to it -- if it got down to that. He just thought the whole Forrester family would have their opinions about it. He didn't want to get caught up in a feud between the families. Hope understood. She just didn't think it felt safe for Douglas to be alone in Thomas' care.

Hope glanced at the fake drawing that Thomas had passed off to her as Douglas' work. She asked if Liam wanted to invite Douglas to a movie night. Liam agreed to it and apologized for the work he was wrapped up in. Hope decided to go to Steffy's house, and Liam gave her his key. He asked her not to answer the phone for Thomas, who could be even more volatile because of the annulment.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was asking Ridge if Thomas realized that he had a child to take care of. Just then, Douglas strolled down the stairs. Brooke and Ridge offered to let Douglas finish his breakfast before his trip to the zoo with Amelia, but he didn't want it.

Douglas asked where his father was. Brooke and Ridge didn't know, and Douglas wondered if Thomas had told Hope his whereabouts. Brooke offered to let Douglas spend time with Hope once he was back from the zoo and once she was back from picking up things at Steffy's house.

Later, Brooke left Douglas upstairs to get ready for the zoo. She arrived downstairs, where Ridge was upset that she thought Thomas couldn't take care of his son. He said Thomas knew that, in his absence, his family would care of Douglas. Brooke replied that it was for the best that Douglas' father wasn't around Douglas at that time.

Ridge couldn't believe Brooke had said it. Brooke stated that Thomas was in trouble -- and not just in legal trouble. She meant psychological trouble. Ridge knew what she meant. He said he couldn't get in Thomas' head, but caring for Douglas meant understanding that Douglas needed his father. Brooke replied that caring for Thomas meant understanding that Thomas needed help. Brooke thought Ridge really needed to find Thomas before something else happened.

Ridge confided in Brooke that he thought it was all his fault because he hadn't been a good father to Thomas. Brooke said he'd raised Thomas and Steffy the same way. Ridge stated that Steffy had been certain of herself from the start, but Thomas had had many questions. Ridge didn't think he'd answered them. Brooke stated that Thomas just needed to learn to use the advantages given to him. Ridge replied that he should have taught Thomas how to.

At Vinny's place, Thomas researched contesting an annulment. Vinny stated that the marriage had never been consummated. Thomas said not to be disgusting. Vinny had some things he needed to talk to Thomas about. Thomas scoffed when he saw Vinny produce a list.

"Number one: Cleanliness," Vinny began. He said he didn't have a maid. The next problem was that there was only a pickle jar in the refrigerator. Third, Vinny didn't like that Thomas was using Vinny's stuff. Thomas said he'd arrived with only the clothes on his back. Vinny noted that Thomas had put Vinny's clothes on Thomas' back, and Vinny asked what he'd wear.

Thomas gave his credit card to Vinny and instructed him to buy groceries and clothes. Thomas looked back at his laptop and griped about how a 45-pound brat had caused the annulment. Vinny instructed Thomas to stop calling his son names. Vinny knew something about being a kid with a father who'd called him names.

Thomas asked if the mean daddy had turned Vinny into a drug dealer. Vinny said he wasn't a drug dealer. He did favors for friends, but he hadn't realized that they'd look down on him for it. Apologizing, Thomas said he'd been out of line. Vinny said that, as bad as his father had been, it had scared him when his father wouldn't return for long stretches, and emergency operators had gotten tired of him calling and asking where his father was.

Thomas told Vinny to go shopping. Vinny stated that Thomas' son probably felt the same way, and he advised Thomas to do something about it. Vinny left the room. Thomas decided that Vinny was right, and Thomas and Douglas had unfinished business.

Later, Thomas called Amelia, who was with Douglas. Thomas asked her not to hang up. She didn't know why she would, and he stated that it depended upon whom she'd been listening to. Amelia was aware that there was a private family matter going on.

Thomas conveyed that he had a shared calendar with his family, and the day's entry had time blocked off for Douglas and Amelia. Amelia affirmed that she was going to the zoo with Douglas. Thomas asked her to swing by where he was staying. Amelia was unsure about it but said that she'd do it if Douglas was okay with it. Thomas said he'd send her the address.

Later, Thomas had put on a shirt and cleaned up around the apartment. Amelia arrived with Douglas. Amelia noted that it was a "different sort of address" for Thomas. Claiming to be helping a buddy get squared away, Thomas noted that they'd even gotten the air conditioning fixed. He offered them drinks, but Amelia said that the monkeys and elephants awaited.

Thomas had thought they'd hang out for a while. Amelia replied that she'd promised Douglas. Thomas asked what the boy wanted to do, and Douglas chose to be with Thomas. Amelia guessed that they could stay for a while, but Thomas wanted it to be guy time. Though Amelia was uncomfortable with it, she decided to get a coffee and return, but she told Douglas to call if he needed her sooner.

After Amelia had gone, Thomas asked how it was at home. Douglas said that it was good, but everyone was looking for Thomas. Thomas thought that they'd be better off without him and asked if that was so for Douglas. "No," Douglas replied. Thomas asked if the "so nice" Liam was still nice to Douglas. Douglas affirmed it. Thomas asked if Liam was back in the cabin. Shrugging, Douglas guessed that was the case.

Thomas asked if Liam was being so nice to Douglas because Liam hated Thomas and had wanted to take Hope away from Thomas. "And you let him!" Thomas accused Douglas. Douglas asked his father not to be mad. Thomas asked if he didn't have a reason to be. Douglas said that Thomas should go home. Thomas replied that he'd thought his home was supposed to be with his wife and son, but his wife was with another man whom his son liked better.

Thomas asked if Douglas recalled telling Thomas how mean he was. He guessed that Douglas had convinced Hope of it, too. He asked if Douglas knew what an annulment was. Douglas didn't. Thomas explained that it was like a time machine that erased people's marriages. Thomas asked why Douglas would do that and said he'd had a mother for Douglas. He asked how Douglas could open his mouth and blab that Phoebe was Beth.

Douglas stated that Thomas had said that Douglas should always tell the truth. Thomas said the truth could hurt people, and it had hurt them. "And what I told you was to obey me. And did you do that, Douglas, did you?" Thomas asked. Douglas apologized, but Thomas ordered the boy to be more specific. He asked if Douglas was sorry for not listening to his father or for going behind his father's back and doing what his father had told him not to.

"Are you sorry for what? For what? Destroying our lives? Our future? My marriage to Hope?" Thomas screamed at the boy. Throwing his hands up defensively, Douglas turned his head to the side, crying, "Daddy, no!"

Thomas take a deadly tumble Thomas take a deadly tumble
Friday, August 23, 2019

At Brooke's house, Brooke was worried because Ridge still couldn't find Thomas. Ridge was sure that Thomas wouldn't cause any further trouble, but Brooke's mind kept flashing back to what Thomas had done to Rick. Ridge contended that it had been years back. Aware of that, Brooke said Thomas had nearly killed Rick and had since become a threat to her daughter.

Hope arrived and let Brooke and Ridge know Hope and Liam's plans for the day. Hope would pick up Beth's things from the cliff house while Liam watched Beth and worked from home. Hope stated that Steffy wouldn't be home while Hope was over there. Ridge said it was tough on his daughter. Hope thought it was an adjustment for everyone. Ridge remarked that it was for Thomas, too. Brooke replied that Thomas had brought it on himself.

Ridge asked if it was okay for him to feel sorry for his own son. Hope advised Ridge that she'd be filing an annulment. He asked if she should talk to his son about that. Hope explained that she had talked to Thomas on the phone, and Thomas wasn't happy about it. Brooke responded that it was what she'd feared, and she suspected Thomas would do something desperate.

Ridge began to say something but decided that he wouldn't try to talk Hope out of the annulment. Hope was glad and said Justin had already begun the work on it. Hope wanted to get out of the marriage as quickly as possible.

Ridge stated that he understood that Hope was upset with Thomas. "After what he did to me? The way that he treated Douglas?" Hope asked. She had lost all respect for Thomas and no longer wanted anything to do with him.

Hope left, and Ridge stated that Hope wanted to end the marriage already. Brooke asked if he blamed Hope for wanting to move on with her life. Brooke was sure it would push Thomas over the edge, and she wondered what they were going to do about it. Ridge told her that they shouldn't panic, but Brooke insisted that there was no telling what Thomas might do.

Ridge didn't want to give up on his son. He said Hope had given up on Thomas. Steffy was disillusioned with Thomas. Sanchez suspected that Thomas had been involved in Emma's death. He was sad because things just seemed hopeless for Thomas. Brooke said Douglas needed his father, and she wished Thomas would stop thinking of himself for once.

Ridge thought he should put Douglas and Thomas in therapy. Sighing, Ridge said he sounded like Taylor. Brooke believed that Thomas would need Ridge. Ridge replied that he'd need Brooke. Surprised by the statement, Brooke replied that he had her.

Just then, Amelia arrived, worried that she'd done something wrong. She explained that she'd dropped Douglas off with Thomas, who'd called her and requested to see the child. Ridge asked where his son and grandson were, and Amelia showed him her phone. Ridge asked her to go back to the place, and when he arrived, he wanted her to let him into the apartment.

Amelia left, and Ridge tried to call Thomas again. Thomas still wouldn't pick up the phone.

At Vinny's apartment, Thomas yelled at Douglas, who he felt had betrayed him. He said that he'd lost Hope because Douglas hadn't kept his little mouth shut. Thomas demanded to know why Douglas had disobeyed his father. Douglas was sorry he'd made his father mad, but in his view, Hope had had to know that Beth was alive.

Thomas stated that it hadn't been Douglas' place. Douglas countered that everyone had said he'd done the right thing. Thomas asked who had told Douglas that. Douglas said it had been Hope and Ridge and that Hope was happy to have Beth back. Thomas hoped Douglas was happy that, because of him, there would be no more Hope for him and Thomas.

Douglas said that he missed his old daddy. Thomas wasn't the way he used to be, and Douglas wanted his old daddy back. Douglas thought Thomas should be happy for Beth and Hope. Thomas said Douglas didn't understand that Thomas' whole world had been blown apart. Douglas replied that lying was bad, and his father was not bad.

"You're good, Dad," Douglas concluded. Something within Thomas softened. He asked if his son really thought so. Douglas did think so, and he called Thomas his best friend. Douglas reminded Thomas that he'd said that he'd love Douglas forever. Thomas thanked Douglas for the reminder. He said he'd love Douglas forever, and Douglas was also his best friend.

Thomas was sorry for being so hard on Douglas. Douglas said that it was okay, but Thomas insisted that it was not okay for daddies to act that way. He said that Douglas didn't deserve it, and Douglas was a good kid. He was very sorry for getting carried away. He'd just wanted Douglas to have a mother again. Tearful, Thomas said he'd been so focused on Hope that he had forgotten about Douglas, who was the most important thing.

Thomas and Douglas hugged. Thomas repeated that he was sorry. Douglas figured that Thomas missed Hope. Thomas agreed, saying that he missed her a lot. Douglas stated that he knew where Hope was. Thomas asked Douglas to tell him, because Thomas had to see Hope.

Douglas was unsure of whether Hope's whereabouts were supposed to be a secret. He told his father that Hope was going to play with him when she returned. Thomas asked where Hope would be returning from, and Douglas wondered if Thomas would be returning home.

Thomas assured Douglas that his father would be home. Thomas said that he had needed to sort some things out, but he never would abandon Douglas. Talking to Douglas had already made Thomas feel better. Thomas claimed that the next step was to talk to Hope and fix things.

Thomas wanted to try to get their family back together. He asked if Douglas wanted that, too. Douglas nodded, and Thomas said that Douglas needed to tell him where Hope was. Douglas revealed that Hope had gone to Aunt Steffy's house.

Just then, Amelia arrived. Thomas was glad for her timing because he needed to go somewhere to see someone. Hastily, Thomas left Amelia alone in the apartment with Douglas.

Later, Ridge arrived and was disappointed that he'd missed his son. He asked if Douglas knew where his dad had gone. Douglas revealed that Thomas had gone to the beach to see Hope.

As Ridge headed to the cliff house, he called Thomas, to no avail. Ridge called Brooke next and told her that Thomas was on his way to see Hope at Steffy's. Brooke had tried to call Hope but hadn't gotten her due to spotty reception. Brooke was worried about what Thomas would do to Hope, who was alone at that house. Ridge said Thomas wouldn't do anything, and Ridge was on his way there. Brooke stated that she was on her way there, too.

In Malibu, Hope arrived at the empty cliff house. On the coffee table was a container of baby things. Near the top of the container, there was an outfit with Princess Phoebe written on it.

"An annulment?" Hope heard Thomas say behind her. Hope hopped from her seat and scurried across the room. Thomas told Hope that he couldn't let her do it.

Hope ordered Thomas to get out of the house. Thomas knew that he had made terrible decisions that he couldn't take back. He said that Douglas still loved her. Hope had nothing to say to Thomas and told him that she wouldn't have that conversation with him. All she needed to know about Thomas was that he had kept the truth about Beth from her.

Thomas said that he was sorry. As far as Hope was concerned, it was too late for that. She told him not to dare say that he loved her. Thomas claimed that he did love Hope, but she yelled at him that he was a liar who'd kept her child from her.

Thomas claimed that it had made sense at the time. Liam had been living with Steffy, and Douglas had finally had a mother. Hope called Thomas sick for using his own child as a tool of manipulation. Thomas implored her to let him explain and said she owed it to him. Hope replied that she didn't owe him anything.

Thomas stated that nothing he could say would justify what he had done to her. Hope yelled that she wasn't interested in anything he had to say, and they were over. She ordered him to leave right then. Refusing, Thomas wanted to explain to her where his head had been.

Hope decided that she would be the one to leave. She tried to get by Thomas, but he grabbed ahold of her as she made her way to the front door. Shoving him, she ordered Thomas to get his hands off of her. Thomas let her go.

Hope dashed through the kitchen and out the terrace door. Thomas pursued her. She ran from him, telling him to get away from her. By some bushes near the cliff side, Thomas grabbed her arms and turned her around to face him.

Thomas tried to get Hope to understand his side of the story, but Hope didn't want to hear it. She said Douglas would be part of her life, but she never wanted Thomas anywhere near her.

Brooke arrived at the back of the house and saw Thomas holding onto Hope. Hope yelled at him to let her go. Brooke rushed up and broke Thomas' hold on Hope. Standing between Thomas and Hope, Brooke yelled at him to get away from her daughter.

As Brooke faced Hope, checking to see if Hope was okay, Thomas stood directly behind Brooke. He was touching her and trying to turn her toward him. Brooke turned, shoved Thomas, and demanded that he stay away from her and Hope.

Hope gasped as Thomas flipped backward over the bushes and fell to the beach below. "Thomas!" Ridge screamed upon arriving on the scene. Ridge looked over the cliffside, saw his son, and flashed an accusatory glare at Brooke.

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