The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 16, 2019 on B&B
Ridge and Shauna vowed to keep their night together a secret. Flo attempted to repair her relationship with Wyatt. To prove his commitment to Sally, Wyatt proposed to her. Katie collapsed after suffering puzzling symptoms.
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Ridge and Shauna vowed to keep their night together a secret
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Ridge and Shauna agree to keep a secret Ridge and Shauna agree to keep a secret
Monday, September 16, 2019

In the room above the bar, Ridge awakened alone in the bed. Shauna entered with pills and "Alice's Potion." She handed them to him, and Ridge grimaced as he took the medication. She started to leave so that she could make Ridge something to eat, but he stopped her and asked where he was and why they were there together.

Shauna guessed that Ridge didn't remember much from the night before. As he buttoned his shirt, she asked if he remembered fighting with Brooke. Ridge recalled that he'd stopped for a drink. Shauna joked that he'd been drinking, but there hadn't been any stopping. Ridge asked where they were again, and Shauna said they were upstairs from the bar.

Ridge assumed it was the Bikini Bar. Shauna elaborated, saying he'd passed out while trying to leave, and Danny, who had said he knew Ridge, had helped her take Ridge up there. Shauna exited to retrieve him some coffee. He checked beneath the covers to see what he was wearing.

Later, Shauna returned with a tray of food and asked how Ridge could hate someone who served him breakfast in bed. The bar wasn't open yet, but she'd found a way into the kitchen through the back stairwell. As she said she'd wanted to make him steak and eggs, Ridge interrupted by saying her name. She told him not to worry because she'd cleaned up her mess.

Ridge stated that he was foggy, but he hadn't forgotten. Assuming he meant that he hadn't forgotten the grudge he had against her and her daughter, Shauna said she didn't care. It was because of Ridge that Flo was free. For that, Ridge would always be Shauna's hero, and she told him that there was nothing he could do about it.

As he ate, Ridge thanked Shauna for the meal and asked her where his pants were. She pointed across the room. He didn't remember taking them off. Shauna stated that Ridge dressed nicely, and she didn't want him to awaken with a crease in his pants. She joked that she'd undressed a lot of men, and he'd been a challenge.

Ridge didn't remember Shauna from the night before. He remembered drinking with Carter, and that was it. Shauna said Ridge had been alone when she'd seen him. He asked how obnoxious he'd been. She started to compare him to his wife, but he interrupted, asking if Brooke had been there. Shauna explained that she'd tried to make peace with Brooke before going to the bar, and Brooke had inspired Shauna and Ridge both to hit the bottle.

Ridge cut off any negative talk about his wife. Shauna noted that he'd done that the previous night, too, before he'd passed out. Noticing two water glasses near the bed, Ridge wondered who the second one belonged to. He assumed that Shauna had gone home and returned to him that morning, but she told him that he hadn't wanted her to leave the previous night.

Ridge asked for his pants. Shauna handed them to him, and he gestured for her to excuse him. She said she'd seen him in his underwear already, but she offered to close her eyes. He got out of bed to put his pants on. She didn't close her eyes or give him a lot of room to maneuver.

Ridge didn't believe he'd asked Shauna to stay and thought she was saying things to get back into the family's good graces. Shauna stated that Brooke had made it clear that it wouldn't happen, and Brooke wouldn't become friendlier upon knowing that Shauna was with Ridge.

Ridge asked where Shauna had slept. She said there hadn't been a lot of options. He guessed that she'd been on the floor. Even though Shauna had had good times on floors, she hadn't opted for the floor the previous night. He guessed that she'd slept in bed with him.

Agreeing, Shauna said she'd worried that he might wake up and fall down the stairs. She assured him that nothing had happened between them and that the family jewels hadn't left the safe. "And trust me -- if they had, you'd remember," she added. She claimed that he'd done a lot for her and Flo, and she'd just wanted to make sure that he was okay.

Thanking her, Ridge decided that he needed to call Brooke. Shauna retrieved his phone, but it had no charge. She offered to let him use her charger and said charging the battery shouldn't take long. "Then you'll go, right?" he asked. She affirmed it.

Ridge stated that he shouldn't be there with Shauna. He'd had an argument with his wife and had walked out, which had been stupid in his view. She replied that she'd argued with his wife, but Brooke had thrown Shauna out, which Shauna claimed was okay.

Ridge didn't think it would be a good idea to tell Brooke that he and Shauna had been together. Shauna understood and said Brooke wouldn't hear about it. The last thing Shauna wanted to do was cause more problems for Ridge's family. Ridge joked that he could do that by himself.

Shauna asked if Brooke and Ridge had been childhood sweethearts. Ridge replied that it had almost been that way. Shauna had always wondered what it was like to be with someone for a long time and be really close to them. He stated that the strange thing about knowing someone so well was that one had to accept that there were things one would never understand.

Shauna said that the people she met thought she was strange or weird or that she reminded them of someone else they knew. Ridge noted that she'd seen him drunker than he'd probably ever been. He couldn't imagine how rude he'd been to her.

Ridge appreciated that Shauna hadn't left him and, instead, had taken care of him and gotten him breakfast. He said she'd also said that she wouldn't cause problems for his family. Because of that, she didn't remind him of anyone he'd known before. He added that her being a stranger had gone out the window when she'd taken his pants off.

At Brooke's house, Eric arrived. Brooke answered the door in her robe. Eric was looking for Ridge to get his signature on some papers. Brooke revealed that Ridge hadn't returned home all night. She didn't know where he was, and his voicemail was full. Brooke figured it might be nothing but then wondered if Ridge was trying to punish her.

Eric asked why Ridge would do that. Brooke confided to Eric that she and Ridge had had a terrible fight about Thomas. Eric replied that he should have figured that. She wondered if Ridge was hurt on the side of the road or if she should call the police. Disagreeing, Eric said squabbles happened, and it wasn't the couple's first. Brooke emphasized that it was the first one "like this."

Eric hoped Brooke didn't think Ridge was off with some female. "Oh, God, no," Brooke responded. She and Ridge had been happy together, and a thought like that hadn't entered her mind. The problem was Ridge's blind spot for Thomas. Eric replied that it was an occupational hazard for any parent. Brooke said Ridge believed that his son's problems stemmed from Ridge not being there for Thomas when Thomas had been a child.

"I never really bought that," Eric replied. He said his grandson had had more years with his father than Steffy had. "And look at her. She's a force," Brooke added. Eric asked if Brooke had considered that Ridge was defending Thomas while knowing how wrong Thomas was. She asked how she could refrain from defending her daughter, Thomas' victim, who'd been blameless in it all. Eric asked if Brooke believed it. Brooke did and asked if Eric did, too.

Without answering, Eric wondered if Ridge had possibly stayed at Eric's guesthouse. Brooke asked if Eric had seen Ridge's car at the mansion. Eric hadn't. He suggested that Brooke, who was in her robe, get changed while Eric made some phone calls.

Later, Brooke was dressed, and Eric was telling her that his staff had said no one had been at the guesthouse. He'd also called Steffy, who'd assumed that Ridge was at home. He asked if maybe Ridge was with Thomas, but Brooke said Thomas hadn't had any visitors all night. She added that the nurses had called to say Thomas could go home that day.

Brooke asked if she was wrong about not wanting Thomas to be there. Eric said that he was her friend and father-in-law but not her conscience. She stated that she valued his opinion. Eric thought there was a chance that she was wrong. Shocked, she asked if it was okay for Thomas to just do whatever he wanted.

Eric stated that he wasn't easily shocked, but what had happened regarding Beth had made his blood run cold. Even so, he had to wonder if Brooke was oversimplifying things. She asked him to explain. He said that all the bad decisions might not be Thomas', and some might belong to Hope. Brooke didn't think that was fair to Hope.

Eric asked why Hope had pushed Liam out of a marriage he was desperate to save. Brooke said Hope hadn't believed that she could have more children. Eric asked if the doctor had contradicted that. Brooke said Hope hadn't been thinking clearly. Eric figured that Liam and Thomas could use that excuse, too.

Brooke exclaimed that Thomas had been prepared to let Hope go to her grave, never knowing that Beth was alive. Eric agreed that Thomas' badness outranked other "badnesses," but Eric said the only question was what would happen next. He believed that Ridge would turn up. Noting that he'd been the family outcast for salacious reasons -- one being Brooke -- Eric stated that the home was always home.

As Brooke pondered Eric's words, Eric said that she couldn't expect Ridge to give up on his son. Brooke didn't expect it. She just didn't want Thomas living there. Eric stated that she was sending Ridge a message that she didn't trust him to control his son, to rehabilitate his son, or to care for and cure his son. Brooke stated that it was more than that, and Thomas needed more than just a lecture.

Eric thought that Brooke was underestimating how fathers felt about their sons. While fathers loved and protected their daughters, "a son is judgment, and his actions reflect upon us," Eric explained. He said that a son's mistakes were mistakes the father needed to correct, because fathers felt that their sons were them -- just a little removed.

Brooke didn't want Douglas to be poisoned by Thomas. She asked if that was so hard to understand. Eric replied that it would be for Ridge. Eric asked what his son had said before he'd left the house. Brooke conveyed that Ridge had wanted to leave before saying something he'd regret. Eric asked if Brooke had said anything she regretted.

"I regret not allowing Thomas to stay here, but I don't regret saying that," Brooke responded. Eric asked if Ridge had said anything that he might regret. "He was on the verge of saying that he didn't care whether Thomas lived or died," Brooke claimed.

Concluding that it was best that Ridge had left, Eric said that a night apart was a small price to pay to keep that ugly accusation from escaping Ridge's lips. Eric was sure that Ridge was okay. Eric said that, if something bad had happened, they'd already know about it.

Katie orders Flo to get out of town Katie orders Flo to get out of town
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

At Brooke's house, Eric waited for word about Ridge with Brooke, who paced and wondered where Ridge had gone. She understood wanting to leave and relieve tensions, but she didn't get staying away all night. She wondered where Ridge could be.

At the room over the bar, Ridge thanked Shauna for taking care of him that morning and the previous night. Shauna said not to worry about it, and Brooke would never hear about it from Shauna. Ridge said he owed Shauna. She felt as if she owed him and said she'd always be there for whatever he needed.

Ridge gathered his things and wondered if he'd had a belt when she'd seen him. He looked at his phone, and Shauna instructed him to call "her."

Ridge called Brooke, who was relieved to hear from him. He told her that he was fine, and he'd explain once he got home. He didn't want to talk about it over the phone. Brooke said she loved him. He replied that he loved her, too.

Once the call had ended, Shauna asked how upset Brooke was. Ridge figured he was about to find out. Shauna said he could tell Brooke about the night if he wanted, but Shauna wouldn't. Ridge thanked Shauna again and left.

Shauna lingered in the room and grinned at the bed as she remembered kissing Ridge. She exited the room, leaving the door ajar. Danny happened by, saw the unmade bed in the room, and stared down the corridor at the departing Shauna.

Back at Brooke's house, Ridge arrived, and Brooke told him to never do that to her again. He apologized and said he hadn't wanted her to worry. She didn't know how she could have avoided worrying when he had stayed out all night without contacting her. He claimed that his phone had died, but she didn't think that was an excuse not to go home.

Ridge said he hadn't been able to go home. Brooke asked why that was and what had gone on the previous night. Ridge explained that he was a little hungover. Gleaning that he'd stayed out drinking, Brooke told him that he should have stayed and worked it out with her instead.

Drinking had seemed like a good idea to Ridge at the time, and he hadn't wanted him and Brooke to say things they'd regret. He explained that he'd gone to Bikini Bar. Brooke assumed that he'd been in good hands with Danny but asked who else had been there. Ridge named Carter. Brooke asked why Carter hadn't driven Ridge home or called her.

Ridge was still fuzzy about the evening and suspected that he'd told Carter to leave him alone. Brooke didn't think Carter would abandon a friend, but Ridge said Carter had left him with Danny. She asked why Danny hadn't taken Ridge home, and Ridge stated that he might have passed out "a little bit." Alarmed, Brooke asked how much Ridge had drunk.

Brooke couldn't believe that Ridge had been so upset with her that he'd had to drink until he'd passed out. Ridge stated that it hadn't been about her. She asked where he'd slept. He explained that "they" had let him crash at a small apartment above the bar. Brooke couldn't believe that they'd dumped him off in an empty apartment. Ridge replied that he was sure they'd known he'd been in good hands.

Later, Ridge thanked Brooke for the coffee, and she offered to get him some aspirin. He stammered that "she" had already done something, and Brooke readily cut him off, questioning his use of the pronoun. He claimed that a waitress and the whole crew at the bar had taken care of him. Brooke felt that she should have been there to take care of him.

Ridge stated that he would have liked that. Brooke hated that they'd argued. She was still worried about Thomas, but she didn't want to fight with Ridge anymore. "So, what do you want to do?" he asked and raised his brows naughtily. Giggling, she said they couldn't let their children or anyone get between them. Ridge agreed.

Ridge and Brooke kissed, and she put her head on his shoulder. She expressed how worried she'd been and how she'd been waiting for the police to give her horrible news about him. He was sorry he'd worried her. She didn't like sleeping without him and said she couldn't do it without his arms around her. She bet it had been hard for him to sleep, too.

"I'm lost without you," Ridge responded. Brooke hoped that meant that she and Ridge were okay and wouldn't let Thomas get between them. Ridge said they wouldn't let anyone get between them. "About last night," Ridge started to say. Ridge felt that he never should have left. He felt terrible and said there was something Brooke needed to know.

At Shauna and Flo's place, Katie arrived. Katie hadn't wanted to see Flo again, but Flo's prison break had left Katie with no choice. Flo began explaining about her plea deal, but interrupting Flo, Katie said she didn't believe for a moment that Flo was doing anything good for the world or that she even cared about medical document scammers.

Katie wanted Flo to know that she was a liar and the opposite of her father. As Katie placed Flo's hand on Katie's chest, Katie hoped Flo could feel her father's anger, disgust, and shame. Flo began apologizing for disappointing Katie and the family. Katie scoffed when Flo said she might be able to win back the family's respect. Flo thought Ridge's blessing was a start.

"Excuse me?" Katie replied. Flo explained that it could be a chance for healing. She said Ridge could have fought Flo's deal, but he hadn't. It said a lot to Flo and meant the world to her and her mother. Flo hoped to get forgiveness someday, but Katie said Flo didn't deserve it and never would. Flo understood Katie's feelings but wondered if Storm would.

Katie saw a picture of the Logan women on the coffee table. She picked it up and decided to tell Flo something about Storm, who would have been horrified by what Flo had done. Flo knew that, but she also knew how much he'd cared about family. Katie responded that Flo had betrayed hers in the worst way.

Katie felt that Flo had stabbed them all in the back. Katie was appalled that Flo would use Storm in her plea for forgiveness. Katie said that she felt Storm all the time, and right then, she could feel his disgust and disillusionment. Flo was aware of the pain she'd caused the family, and she was happy that the secret was out and no longer causing damage.

Katie explained that there was a ripple effect, and it was affecting the marriage of Brooke and Ridge, who didn't see eye-to-eye about things. Katie wanted Flo to pray that it didn't destroy the couple. Flo claimed she hadn't wanted any of it to happen, and she regretted her involvement with Reese. She wanted to do whatever it took to earn their trust back and to help them.

Deciding that there was one thing Flo could do, Katie proposed that Shauna and Flo pack their bags and crawl back home. Flo said Vegas didn't feel like home anymore. Katie didn't care if they went to Vegas or not. She just wanted Flo and Shauna to leave Los Angeles and never return. Katie felt that she could speak for the Logans when she said they didn't want anything more to do with Flo.

Just then, Shauna, who'd opened the front door and entered as Katie had been speaking, said it was a terrible thing for Katie to say. Shauna wanted Katie to put herself in Flo's position. Katie decided she'd leave and let them pack. Shauna wondered what it was with the Logans. She remarked that Brooke had chewed Shauna out when Shauna had asked for understanding.

Shocked, Katie asked if Shauna was asking for understanding from them. Shauna said it was a trait she and Flo had heard so much about when they'd met the Logans and Forresters. She'd heard that the families were loving and supportive, and "blah, blah, blah." She concluded that it was a load of crap, and only one person had shown any kind of understanding -- Ridge.

Katie made it clear that she didn't agree with Ridge's decision. She felt that Ridge should have done everything in his power to make sure everyone connected to the secret paid for what they'd done. Shauna said that he'd instead shown compassion and kindness, which would return to him tenfold. Katie asked what self-help book Shauna had gotten that from.

Shauna indignantly claimed to be a mother defending her daughter and felt that it was sad that she had to defend Flo to her aunts. Shauna decided it was time for Katie "honey" to go. Katie readily agreed. She restated that Flo and Shauna needed to go away and leave them all alone.

After Katie had left, Flo said she couldn't blame Katie for wanting to say her peace. Shauna thought Flo was a bigger person than Shauna. Flo wondered when they'd talk about why her mother hadn't returned home all night. Shauna tried to deny it, but Flo noted that Shauna hadn't slept her in her bed and was wearing the same clothes as the previous day.

Excitedly, Shauna took Flo's hands and said she'd spent the night with a man. Flo asked if it had been a random hookup. "Ridge Forrester," Shauna revealed. Flo was shocked to hear it. "It was wonderful," Shauna added.

Ridge and Brooke patch things up Ridge and Brooke patch things up
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke discussed that they didn't see eye to eye regarding Thomas, and they had disagreed before. Brooke noted that they had to be more sensitive to one another. She didn't want to argue. Ridge agreed but noted that they were not on the same page. Brooke said she loved Ridge "more than anything," and she wanted them to work together to figure it out. Ridge said he loved that about her. "You made this about us," he said.

Ridge apologized that he'd left the previous night, and he was sorry he had worried Brooke. Brooke was happy that he'd run into people who cared about him -- Carter and Danny the bartender. She wanted to thank them both, but Ridge wanted to forget about it and move on. Brooke was glad that Ridge had not tried to drive -- and she was grateful Danny had helped him upstairs. Ridge looked away and sighed.

Later, Brooke and Ridge agreed they needed a date night, and Brooke promised to schedule it all and make it a big surprise for Ridge. They kissed. Ridge said he'd wanted to be honest with Brooke. He admitted that he'd dug in his heels whenever it came to Thomas. Ridge confessed that he didn't know what to do for Thomas.

Ridge added that Thomas had made a lot of bad choices ever since Caroline had died. Ridge worried that he had missed seeing Thomas' downward spiral. He was apologetic for everything that Thomas had done. Brooke agreed that Ridge had been put in a terrible position with everything that had happened. She added that Thomas needed professional help. Ridge agreed, but he felt the family needed to help Thomas, as well.

Brooke agreed but said, "Thomas is a danger." She didn't want him staying at the house. Ridge understood, and he didn't want to argue again. They agreed to work together to deal with Thomas. Brooke added that Thomas was not alone in hurting Hope. Brooke blamed Reese, Shauna, Flo, and others who had all been aware of what Reese had done.

Brooke said that Shauna had tried to persuade Flo not to tell the truth. Brooke was disgusted by Flo and Shauna and said it made her "blood boil" to think that Shauna had the nerve to ask Brooke to forgive Flo. Brooke never wanted to see "Flo or Shauna ever again." Ridge looked sick. Brooke asked if Ridge wanted breakfast, but he declined and said he'd had breakfast. Brooke said that Ridge should never have left home. They kissed.

Brooke and Ridge agreed they wanted to put the past behind them and concentrate on good energy and "the well-being of our family." They hugged, and Ridge looked guilty.

At Flo's apartment, Shauna and Flo discussed that Shauna had spent the night with Ridge. Flo was disgusted and wanted a detailed explanation. Shauna relished the memory of her time with Ridge but finally admitted that nothing had happened. Ridge had passed out drunk, and she and the bartender had taken him to the room upstairs. Shauna admitted she had taken off Ridge's shoes and pants and had planned to leave, but Ridge had asked her to stay. Shauna said she had stayed because she'd worried that Ridge might wake up, not know where he was, and try to drive home.

Shauna proudly said she had stared at Ridge while she'd slept, and she praised what a good-looking man he was. She said she had kissed him and then crawled into bed next to him. Shauna was excited that she had been with Ridge all night long. Flo was shocked and said that Shauna had given the Logans more reason to hate them.

Shauna laughed, but Flo found nothing funny. Shauna explained that she had tried to visit Brooke and explain that Flo needed forgiveness and was family, but Brooke had thrown her out of the house. Shauna said she'd needed a drink, so she had stopped at the Bikini Bar. That was where she'd encountered Ridge, and he'd been wasted. That was where it had all started.

Shauna fantasized about what it would be like to be married to Ridge. Flo said it was all making her nervous. Shauna said it was her little secret, and no one would ever know. However, Shauna returned to how much she'd loved being with Ridge. Flo wanted her to stop talking. Flo shook her head again.

Shauna continued to praise Ridge and said she felt something for Ridge, and she imagined being his wife and waking up with him every day. Flo advised her mother to stop and gave her a reality check.

At the Bikini Bar, Danny was working, and Carter showed up and said he had left his credit card there the previous night. Carter and Danny discussed that it had been "some night." Danny flashed back to how Ridge had been. Danny and Carter agreed that Ridge had been out of control. Carter said he'd never seen Ridge that drunk, and he was worried about him. He claimed Ridge was a good guy who was always in control.

Danny agreed that Ridge seemed like a good guy, and Carter said that Ridge had been a good friend. Danny said that Ridge had been in good hands. Later, Danny brought towels to the room upstairs and flashed back to the night before when he and Shauna had taken Ridge to the room.

Shauna asks Quinn to help Flo get Wyatt back Shauna asks Quinn to help Flo get Wyatt back
Thursday, September 19, 2019

At Flo and Shauna's place, Shauna cooed about her night sleeping by Ridge's side. Flo didn't like how giddy her mother was about it and insisted that it shouldn't happen again. Shauna stated that it had been innocent. Shauna didn't want to talk about it anymore, and she changed the topic to Flo, who had the chance to move on with her life and get back together with Wyatt.

Flo wanted a second chance with Wyatt. She'd never felt for anyone the way she did for him. Shauna urged Flo to fight for it. Flo thought it might be too late and that he might not forgive her. Shauna believed that he would and insisted that Flo had to have faith. Flo was trying to be realistic about it, especially with Sally hanging around.

Shauna stated that Sally couldn't hold a candle to Flo. Sure that Sally wanted to reunite with Wyatt, Flo noted that Sally had been hanging around his office, eavesdropping, and had torn into Flo. Shauna thought Sally was threatened by Flo. Agreeing, Flo added that Sally was sure Wyatt wouldn't forgive Flo. Part of Flo was worried that it was true.

Shauna said Flo had made one mistake and would never make one like that again in her life. Flo replied that it was the worst mistake she could have made, and forgiveness might be too much to ask of Wyatt, especially if he was hanging out with Sally. Shauna asked if Flo thought he'd reunite with Sally. Flo didn't know. Shauna figured that there was one way to find out.

At Forrester, Sally found Quinn working in the CEO's office and asked if she'd had time to pair Sally's designs with spring jewelry pieces. Quinn hadn't yet. As Sally left, Quinn remarked that Wyatt and Sally were dating again. Affirming it, Sally asked if Quinn disapproved.

In Quinn's silence, Sally decided that Quinn didn't even need to answer the question. Sally already knew that she wouldn't get Quinn's undying support. She merely hoped that Quinn's eyes had been opened and that Quinn no longer believed in a future between Wyatt and Flo.

Sally began to rattle off Flo's crimes. Quinn said everyone knew the story, and she murmured that Wyatt hadn't been pleased. Quinn stated that Wyatt and Flo being apart at that moment didn't mean that Sally and Wyatt should be together.

Sally informed Quinn that Sally and Wyatt were taking it slow. Sally, who'd been burned too many times, said Wyatt had to prove himself to her, and she wasn't rushing back to him. Quinn thought that was good. She believed that, deep down, he still loved Flo and always would.

Later, Sally was in the design office alone when Pam entered, asking how it had gone with Quinn. Pam remarked that she didn't have a good relationship with Quinn, either, and she'd seen Quinn sneak up to eat the very lemon bars she claimed she didn't like. Pam thought Quinn was a tough one and was surprised that she had even one friend.

Pam left, and Sally grinned to herself as she flashed back over her time with Wyatt.

Back in the CEO's office, Quinn was shocked to see Shauna stride in. Shauna said if she could get on a casino rooftop, she could get by Forrester's security. The women laughed about the good time they'd had that night, and Shauna hoped Quinn didn't mind her being there.

Quinn replied that Eric was still angry with Shauna. Quinn had heard that Flo was out of prison. Glad about it, Quinn said she hadn't been able to stand to think of Flo in there. She hoped Flo would use the chance to do something good with her life. Shauna stated that it had been thanks to Ridge, and Shauna was there to talk to Quinn about Flo and Wyatt.

Shauna begged Quinn to hate her but not Flo. Shauna claimed that Flo had gotten caught up in something she'd had no clue about. Shauna wanted Quinn to get through to Wyatt. She said she and Quinn knew how good their kids were together, and she asked if there was any way that Quinn could get through to her son or help. Quinn grinned.

At the beach house, Wyatt arrived home and took a call from Sally, who looked forward to their dinner date that evening. Wyatt remarked that she could stay for breakfast, too. As the call ended, Bill and Katie entered. Bill guessed that Wyatt had just been on the phone with the discount designer. Katie stated that they were just glad that Wyatt was no longer with Flo.

Bill and Katie agreed that what Flo had done to Hope and Liam had been disgusting and unforgivable. "And you know that, son," Bill said to Wyatt. Bill ranted about the things Flo had done and announced that there would be no second chance for Flo.

Bill assumed that Flo would eventually seek out Wyatt and beg for forgiveness. Wyatt revealed that she'd already been by to see him. Bill was livid to hear that Flo had been at the beach house. Wyatt corrected him, saying it had been the office, and Bill asked Katie to remind him to tell security not to let Flo within two blocks of anything with his name on it.

Katie asked what Flo had said. Wyatt conveyed that Flo was sorry and knew that she'd messed up. Katie revealed that Flo had said the same things when Katie had confronted her, and Katie had let Flo know how ashamed Storm would have been. Bill asserted that there was nothing Flo could do to redeem herself, and he asked Wyatt to say that Wyatt understood that.

Later, Bill and Katie had gone, and Wyatt was working at the coffee table. Someone knocked on the door. He opened it and saw Flo on the stoop with a bag of takeout. She claimed she'd been in the neighborhood. She had his favorite Indian food and offered to eat and talk with him.

Wyatt said he had dinner plans. Flo guessed that he wasn't eating alone. He affirmed it, and she further guessed that he'd be dining with a redhead. "Flo," he replied. Flo said she shouldn't be there, but she felt as if they'd left a lot unsaid. She couldn't stand the thought of him hating her.

Wyatt said he didn't hate Flo. Part of him still loved her and had loved her since they'd been kids. Though nothing could change that, nothing could change what she'd done, either. He still couldn't believe the way she'd hurt his brother. She understood his pain and why his first instinct had been to go back to Sally. Flo assumed that Wyatt and Sally had "already..."

Wyatt clarified that he and Sally hadn't and were taking it slow. Flo claimed that she didn't want to complicate things. She loved him and didn't want to lose him again. She decided to leave, but before she went, she emailed him something.

Wyatt sat down and looked at the email. Instead of leaving the house, Flo joined him. Attached to the email was a slideshow of high school memories Flo and Wyatt shared. As the slide show went on, she said they'd had a lot of great memories. She hoped they'd make more.

Wyatt's phone chimed. Guessing it was Sally, Flo again decided to leave. Flo grabbed his hand and said she wanted to be clear about something. She was certain that Wyatt was the man she was put on earth to spend her life with. She had to believe that true love didn't disappear or just go away. She said that true love could find forgiveness.

Flo left with her takeout bag, and Wyatt seemed as if he were in a quandary.

In Bill and Katie's bedroom, Bill was still fired up about Flo and the possibility that Wyatt would take her back. He'd seen that puppy dog look in Wyatt's eyes before. In Bill's view, Sally wasn't Miss America, either.

Bill noticed that Katie seemed a little wobbly. She admitted that she'd been feeling wonky. He thought she needed to eat. Katie wasn't hungry, but she suspected that she'd pulled a muscle in her back while working out. She just wanted to lie down, but Bill wanted to call the doctor. She asked him not to. She believed that she was just tired, and she was sure it would pass.

Will entered, greeted his parents, and hopped on the bed with Katie for a big hug. Will asked if Katie was okay, and she told him that she was. He wondered if they'd still go to the park. Katie glanced at Bill, and he suggested that Will go with him to get fresh "hundreds" from the bank.

Katie told Will to have fun, and Bill asked her to call him if she needed anything. After the guys left, she grunted and pressed a spot on her back.

Wyatt shows Sally the depth of his commitment Wyatt shows Sally the depth of his commitment
Friday, September 20, 2019

At Forrester, Brooke arrived as Ridge finished up with a model named Antonia. He'd seen that Brooke had canceled a meeting. Pulling her close, he wondered what to do with the time. Brooke had canceled the meeting because Thomas, who'd scheduled it, wouldn't be in.

Though she and Ridge were making up, Brooke hadn't changed her mind about one thing. In her view, Thomas was a troubled man. Ridge didn't want to hear her demonize his child. She claimed that she was protecting her child, the same as what Ridge was doing, and she couldn't reconcile why no one had told the truth about Beth until an innocent child had stepped up.

Brooke didn't think she could forgive anyone who'd remained silent about Beth. Brooke thought Flo should have been prosecuted. Ridge contended that there was no way to do that without risking Thomas. She asked if Thomas' apology was supposed to make everything okay. Ridge replied that they would deal with Thomas.

Brooke asked about Shauna, who'd coached her daughter to keep silent. As far as Brooke was concerned, Shauna Fulton was just as guilty as anyone else involved. Ridge didn't want to get distracted by other people while trying to put their family back together. Brooke pointed out that Shauna was interjecting herself by thanking Ridge for not fighting Flo's release.

Ridge believed that Shauna was just looking out for her kid like the rest of them. Brooke asked if he didn't see what Shauna was doing. Citing that Shauna had already been to see her, Brooke said it was only a matter of time before Shauna set her sights on Ridge. Brooke didn't want him anywhere near that "horrible, horrible woman."

Brooke felt that Shauna was a complication they didn't need. Agreeing, Ridge asked why they were talking about her. Brooke didn't trust Shauna. Brooke said any person would have known to stay away after what Flo had done, but not Shauna, who'd shown up on the doorstep and barged in the front door, demanding a free pass for Flo.

Brooke asked Ridge to say that he wouldn't have anything to do with Shauna. Ridge easily agreed. Brooke thanked him and strode out of the office. Ridge flashed back to bits and pieces of the night with Shauna and her promise that Brooke would never know.

At Shauna and Flo's house, Flo arrived, and Shauna was anxious to hear how it had gone with Wyatt. Flo explained that she'd taken Wyatt some food, but he'd already had plans with Sally. Shauna asked who cared if Wyatt spent time with another woman because Flo was the love of his life.

Flo said she'd shown Wyatt the presentation she'd made of their memories. She thought he'd liked it. Shauna was sure he'd loved it. She believed that Wyatt and Flo could reunite and that Wyatt wanted to spend his life with Flo. Shauna didn't think the thing with Sally would go anywhere. Flo replied that Sally and Wyatt hadn't gotten back together "in every way" yet.

Shauna saw that as the best news ever. Flo wasn't so sure. She said Wyatt had wanted to take it slow and build something solid with her, and Wyatt taking it slow with Sally could mean that the relationship was serious. Shauna thought that Sally was being insecure and that Sally and Wyatt would be hot and heavy if Sally thought it would work out.

Flo assumed that Sally was being cautious because Wyatt had "dumped her for me." Shauna advised Flo to see that Sally moving slowly just gave Wyatt more time to come to his senses. Shauna urged Flo to get back in there and reunite with Wyatt.

At the beach house, Wyatt received a work email. When he opened his phone to check it, the high school slide show popped up. Sally knocked on the door, and he called out that it was open. Sally was surprised that the door was unlocked, and he said he wanted to make her feel welcome in any room.

Wyatt kissed Sally. He commented that he'd missed her. "Seeing you walk through that door and holding you like this," he stated. He asked her to say it wasn't just him. He uttered that he wanted her "so much" right then. Sally and Wyatt kissed. She said she felt everything that he was feeling. They'd been good together, and she believed they could be again.

Wyatt and Sally kissed, but she pulled away, saying that she just couldn't. She felt that she had to be cautious. She knew it might seem insecure, but she felt she had reason to be. She was committed to being honest about everything.

Wyatt said that when it happened for them -- and it would -- he wanted Sally to be as certain about them as he was. He asked what he could do to reassure her. Sally wasn't questioning their feelings or what they had. She just had a lot of "what ifs" in her mind. Wyatt asked "what if" he was happier than he'd been before and "what if" he'd been working out more.

For Sally, the bad doubts were the problem. She asked "what if" she was just unlucky in love. He told her not to say that. Asking him to look at her history, Sally asked how many times she'd lost out to the other woman. She couldn't do it again, especially not with him. She loved him too much and hadn't been able to get him out of her system. That was why she was being cautious. Sometimes love wasn't enough. She feared that many factors weren't in their favor.

Wyatt asked, "Like what?" Sally cited Quinn and Bill, who weren't fans of Sally's. Wyatt said he couldn't imagine what Grams had said about him. Sally didn't know how they'd do it. She stated that she was out of the "Romeo and Juliet phase." She couldn't handle another heartbreak. She wanted a commitment and a solid future with the man she loved.

Wyatt told Sally that she deserved to be happy and shouldn't have to question things. He said she'd stayed true to herself, and he had always admired her creative attitude and her endurance. She was special to him and had brought something unique to his life. He acknowledged that he'd messed up and had caused her pain.

Wyatt assumed that he probably seemed like every other guy who couldn't see how lucky he was to have her. He affirmed that it wasn't true, and he hadn't forgotten how good they'd been together. He felt that she deserved a guy who was courageous and as committed as she was. He thought she needed a guy who knew what he wanted and went after it.

"That's why..." Wyatt stated, kneeling before Sally. She asked what he was doing. He didn't have a ring, but he asked what it looked like he was doing. "I love you. Marry me, Sally," Wyatt proposed.

In Katie's bedroom, Katie researched her symptoms, back pain and fatigue, on the Internet. Will and Bill returned to the bedroom and informed her that Will's friend had invited him to a pool party, so Bill and Will would go to the bank at another time.

Will went to get ready for his friend to pick him up, and Bill and Katie talked about Flo's misdeeds. Katie, who had Storm's heart beating inside her, recalled that she'd told Flo that her father would have hated what she'd done. Katie said she could feel Storm's disappointment.

Bill remarked that Katie didn't talk much about her transplant anymore. Katie said that her brother had given her an incredible gift and the life that she had. She'd felt ashamed of her scar and had felt guilty about it; however, it had become a part of her, and it represented everything that was most precious to her -- her life, family, and future.

Bill asked if Katie would tell him if something was wrong. Katie asked what he meant. Bill noted that she'd been talking more about her heart and hadn't been herself. Katie claimed that it was because of Flo. Sighing, Katie remarked that she felt run down and had pain in her back and calves. Bill decided to take Katie to the doctor -- just in case.

Katie insisted that she was fine. Bill contended that they'd be doing much more in that bed if she were feeling fine. He decided not to mention it again if the doctor agreed with her that it was nothing.

As Katie got out of bed, she was saying that she really didn't want to go anywhere. Her legs collapsed from under her, and she dropped to the floor. Bill rushed to her side, called to her, and checked her pulse.

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