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Thomas bribed Danny to get him to tip Brooke off about Ridge's night with Shauna. Ridge decided to move out and focus on uniting his kids, but Steffy seemed unready to forgive Thomas. Brooke confronted Shauna and dubbed her the Slut of the Desert.
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Thomas bribed Danny to get him to tip Brooke off about Ridge's night with Shauna
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Thomas sets Brooke up for a divorce Thomas sets Brooke up for a divorce
Monday, September 30, 2019

At Forrester, Ridge told Shauna that he had a lot to do. She replied that she knew a dismissal when she heard one. He reiterated his gratitude to her for the other night. Shauna said she'd told him that she'd repay him for helping Flo, and something told Shauna that tucking him into bed had been just the beginning.

Ridge was glad that someone had fond memories of that night -- or any memories at all. Shauna assured him that nothing had happened between them. Ridge didn't like keeping the secret from his wife. Shauna suggested that he tell Brooke, but he figured it was a bit late for that. He felt it was best to just leave it alone at that point.

Ridge stated that Shauna was trying to repay him for a favor, but he felt that he hadn't done anything. She insisted that she could tuck him into bed every night, and she'd still be indebted. He pronounced the debt repaid, but she stated that it was more than that.

Shauna didn't know how to say what she had to say. She stated that he was Ridge Forrester. She'd never thought she'd meet him, let alone have him change her life. Ridge replied that he'd done what he'd done to protect Thomas. It had had nothing to do with Flo. Shauna understood that he had mixed feelings about it, especially given how his wife felt.

Ridge asserted that his wife had a right to her feelings. Shauna agreed but said the problem was that Brooke was taking it out on Ridge, and Ridge never would have been in the bar that night if he'd felt supported. Shauna concluded that Brooke was pushing him away, but Shauna would be there for him until Brooke figured things out.

Shauna guessed that she was boring Ridge. Ridge didn't find her boring. He wished Brooke had some of Shauna's insight. Shauna understood Brooke's need to protect her daughter. Ridge asked if Shauna would tell her husband that his son wasn't welcome and that she feared his son. He asked if she'd tell her husband that his son wasn't good enough to be a father.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was appalled by the way Thomas was talking to her. She vowed to convince Ridge of who Thomas really was and said Ridge would then agree not to allow Thomas back into the house or company. Thomas said that a Logan would never dictate who was allowed at Forrester. "Brooke Logan Forrester certainly will!" Brooke replied. Also dictating who was allowed in her home, Brooke ordered Thomas to get out.

Thomas left. On the stoop, he received a call from Vinny, asking if Thomas had gotten the text message. Vinny asked Thomas to get to "Bikini" to hear big news about Ridge.

Later, Liam and Hope arrived to see Brooke. Amelia was watching Beth for them. They'd been to the hospital to see Katie, who was hoping that the family members who'd passed the blood test would be a match for a kidney. Brooke said she needed to return to the hospital to see Katie. Liam replied that Bill was there and would let them know if there was any change.

Hope and Liam noticed that Brooke seemed agitated. Brooke wondered if Amelia was friendly with Thomas and if it were possible that Thomas would just wander down there. Liam asked why Brooke would be worried about that. Brooke revealed that they'd just missed Thomas.

Later, Liam was on the phone with Amelia, making sure that Thomas hadn't been by the cabin. Liam let her know that he and Hope wouldn't be much longer. After the call, Hope said she was glad that Douglas hadn't been there when Thomas had been.

Just then, Douglas arrived home, courtesy of his friend's father. The father conveyed that Douglas had asked to return home early, and he wasn't sure what the matter was with Douglas. Douglas stated that he didn't feel good.

Brooke saw the father out as Hope checked Douglas' forehead. He didn't have a fever. Douglas diagnosed himself with a tummy ache. It was the same one he always got when his father yelled. Liam asked if the boy had seen his father. Douglas revealed that he had and that his father wasn't happy with him. He felt that Thomas was still really mad at him.

The adults questioned the boy and learned that Thomas had been there before Douglas' play date. Hope was sure that Thomas wasn't really mad at Douglas. "He said he missed me. Then he called me bad because I disobeyed him," Douglas stated. Liam asked if Douglas knew that he wasn't bad. Douglas nodded and conveyed that Thomas hadn't liked it when Douglas had said that Liam thought Douglas was a hero.

Brooke explained that Thomas had some things to work through and was spending time away from them so that he could become the best father he could be. Brooke stated that in the meantime, Douglas would get all the love he needed there at her house. She said that they'd make sure he never had that feeling in his tummy again. Douglas hugged Brooke.

At the Bikini Bar, Thomas arrived and told Vinny that it had better be good because Thomas was having a bad day. In a pitied tone, Vinny replied that Thomas had been doing very well that morning and had even been sketching. Thomas said that had been before he'd seen the stepmother "from hell." He believed that Brooke had his father wrapped around her finger.

Vinny wasn't so sure about that. Thomas replied that Vinny hadn't seen what Thomas had seen. "Yeah, well, you haven't seen what Danny has seen," Vinny countered. Vinny revealed that Danny had seen Ridge drinking at the bar with a blonde -- a blonde that hadn't been Thomas' stepmother.

Vinny's phone chimed. He had to leave, but he suggested that Thomas talk to Danny about it. As Vinny strode out, Danny approached Thomas and asked what he could get Thomas. Thomas ordered some information. He said Vinny had told him that Danny had seen Ridge there with someone.

Taking a seat, Danny said it had been a couple of nights back, and Ridge had had one too many after arguing with Brooke. Thomas wasn't surprised and assumed that he'd been the topic or the argument. When Danny conveyed that Ridge had been with Carter, Thomas inquired about there possibly being a woman. Affirming it, Danny stated that it had been Flo's mother.

Thomas was astonished to hear it. Danny stated that he hadn't paid much attention to what had been going on until Ridge had passed out. Thomas couldn't believe his father had been that drunk. Danny said that Shauna had thought about driving Ridge home but hadn't thought it would go over well with Brooke. That was when Danny had suggested the upstairs room.

For Thomas, it was just getting better and better as Danny spoke. Danny was hesitant to continue, but Thomas urged him to finish. Danny said he'd helped Shauna take Ridge upstairs, and she'd promised to take care of Ridge. Danny stated that she'd certainly done that.

Thomas asked what Danny meant. Danny conveyed that he'd opened the bar early in the morning. He'd seen Shauna there, wearing the same clothes from the previous night. Thomas was amazed and wished he had proof. Danny revealed that he had Ridge's belt, which proved that some amount of clothing had been removed. Thomas couldn't wait for Brooke to find out.

Danny assumed that Brooke was the last person that Thomas should want to know about it. Thomas claimed that Brooke had been a walking disaster for his family, and she hated him. He added that she also hated Shauna and would become unglued to learn that Ridge and Shauna had spent the night together. Chuckling, Thomas said it was his chance to get rid of Brooke.

Danny couldn't believe that Thomas would tell Brooke that Ridge had spent the night with Flo's mother. "I'm not. You are," Thomas replied. Danny refused to call Brooke up and say that her husband was cheating on her. Thomas advised Danny to be subtle. Danny asked what was wrong with Thomas. Danny didn't think it ever needed to be spoken about again.

Thomas suggested that Danny call Brooke and ask her to pick up the belt. Once Brooke was there, Danny could casually talk to her about that night and mention that "we" had taken Ridge upstairs. Brooke would then start asking questions. Danny didn't feel comfortable about doing it.

Thomas asked if Danny was serious about modeling. Danny was. Thomas hinted that Thomas Forrester was asking for a favor. "Come on, man. Don't do this," Danny responded. Thomas said Danny could be modeling full-time. He urged Danny to do it for Thomas and for himself.

Danny called Brooke. She asked if something was wrong with a photo shoot. Danny explained that he was at his other job. He was calling because he had Ridge's belt, which Ridge had left the night he'd slept over the bar. Danny figured that Ridge was probably missing it, but he hadn't been able to reach Ridge at the office. Danny asked if Brooke could pick it up.

Brooke asked if Danny wanted her to do it right then. Danny said she could do it at her convenience. Thomas motioned for it to be right then. "Or right now is good," Danny told Brooke. Brooke said she'd be there, and she was sure Ridge would appreciate the call about it.

After the call ended, Thomas chuckled. He told Danny not to be so glum. Danny didn't get why Thomas wanted to do it. Thomas said that Brooke thought she was in control of his father, his family, and his company. He claimed that she was nothing. He figured she'd be done with his father and would "drag her ass back to Van Nuys. And I hope she's willing to take the rest of those Logan bimbos with her," Thomas stated.

Danny asked if Thomas wanted to ruin Brooke's life over one drunken mistake. Thomas claimed that Brooke had ruined his mother's life and had ruined his childhood. Danny asked if Thomas understood that it would hurt Ridge.

Thomas claimed to be sorry about that and to not want to hurt Ridge. Thomas felt that it was best for Ridge and the family. Thomas was sick and tired of the Logans trampling all over them. He asserted that it would end that day, and Brooke's marriage to his father was over.

Brooke confronts Ridge about his lies Brooke confronts Ridge about his lies
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

At the hospital, Shauna tried to get information about Katie from a nurse and said that Katie was the aunt of Shauna's daughter. Bill spotted Shauna and told the nurse that he would handle it. Bill asked Shauna "what the hell" she was doing there. Shauna knew she wasn't welcome, but she liked Katie, who had the heart of Flo's father.

Shauna asked how Katie was. Bill explained that Katie was on dialysis and needed a kidney transplant. Shauna was sorry about that. Bill didn't buy that from the woman who'd encouraged her daughter to ruin his son's life. Bill didn't know how the grifters could justify keeping his grandchild from her parents or letting Steffy bond with the child who'd never be hers.

Shauna launched into a story about how hard it had been for her and Flo in Vegas and how alone they'd been after Quinn and Wyatt had left. In Shauna's view, Flo had finally found a family and Wyatt, and Shauna had made the mistake of advising Flo to keep silent so that she didn't lose it all.

Bill asked how it had worked out for Shauna and Flo. He believed that Flo belonged in prison with Buckingham, and Bill couldn't believe Flo had weaseled her way out of that one. Shauna replied that she was grateful that Ridge had had mercy on her daughter.

Bill wasn't happy about Ridge's actions. Shauna was sorry for what everyone had gone through but noted that Liam and Hope had had the best outcome. Shauna began talking about Steffy's pain and the tension between Ridge and Brooke. Interrupting, Bill asked what Shauna knew about the couple and their problems.

Shauna conveyed that Ridge and Brooke were fighting about Thomas. Bill backed Brooke for taking a hard line with Thomas. Shauna said that Brooke had every right to, but Shauna was concerned that it could take a toll on Brooke's marriage.

Bill ordered Shauna to mind her "own freaking business" about Brooke's marriage. He also didn't want to see Shauna at the hospital anymore because Katie was stressed out enough. Shauna was flippant about Bill's warnings, so he decided to make it more plain. He said that the Logan sisters didn't want her around. In his view, Shauna and Flo had punched their "tickets to hell" and needed to just enjoy the ride.

At Brooke's house, Ridge arrived home and found Liam awaiting him. Hope had gone down to the cabin to see Beth, but Liam had remained at the house to talk to Ridge. He hoped that Ridge didn't approve of Thomas scaring Douglas the way he had.

Ridge sardonically asked if it was okay with Liam that Thomas had missed his son and had visited him. Liam didn't think Thomas should be anywhere near the boy. Ridge said he'd witnessed a nice visit between father and son. Liam was surprised to hear that because Douglas had reported having the same stomachache he got whenever Thomas yelled at him, and Liam said Douglas had indicated that his father was still mad at him.

Figuring that the child was confused, Ridge offered to talk to Douglas. Liam said he and Hope had learned to read Douglas' cues. Liam asked if Ridge had witnessed the entire visit. Ridge claimed to have been there for most of it. Liam reasoned that there had been a window of time during the visit in which Thomas had scared Douglas, and it was unacceptable to Liam.

Ridge yelled that it was unacceptable for a father to be kept from his son. He said that was probably what was scaring Douglas, not that Thomas was trying to do something to him. Ridge asserted that Thomas was trying to be a better person. Liam said that they'd all suffered because of Thomas, and no one had suffered more than Emma.

Ridge replied that Emma's death had been an accident and had been ruled an accident. Though Ridge knew that Thomas was capable of a lot of things, Ridge didn't believe that killing someone was one of those things. Liam replied that Ridge believed that because Thomas was lying to Ridge about things.

Ridge asked if Liam thought Ridge believed everything Thomas said. Ridge knew that Thomas needed help and explained that he was getting it from Taylor, whether Liam liked it or not. Guessing they wouldn't agree on Thomas, Liam explained that he was there to lend his voice. He didn't think Thomas should be around Douglas.

Ridge yelled that no one needed Liam's voice because Douglas was not Liam's son. Ridge felt that everyone needed to pull together to get through their problems. "That includes you and my wife!" Ridge asserted.

Later, Liam was no longer there. Ridge instructed a caterer on how to set up a private dinner. The caterer went to work on the dinner plan. Ridge had a drink and flashed back to Shauna helping him when he'd been drunk. He sent a text message to Brooke.

At the Bikini Bar, Thomas and Danny awaited Brooke's arrival. Danny was still leery about the whole plan and said he'd never known that Thomas had serious issues with Brooke. Thomas claimed that Brooke had previously pretended to be nice to him, and it had made it easier to coexist; however, he couldn't have her trying to turn his father against him.

Danny said it felt wrong. Thomas reasoned that the deal he'd set up for Danny would feel right. In Thomas' mind, Danny wouldn't have to do double duty as a model and bartender. Instead, Danny would strut down international runways. Thomas could make it happen, but first, Danny had to tell Brooke about Ridge's night with Shauna.

Thomas hid behind some plants as Brooke arrived to get the belt and thank Danny for helping Ridge. Danny nervously explained to her how "we" had taken care of Ridge the night he'd been drunk. Brooke asked why Danny kept saying "we" and if he was referring to Carter. Danny stated that Carter had been gone by then, but Ridge had been in good hands.

Brooke pressed to find out whose hands. Surprised that Brooke didn't know, Danny decided that it didn't matter because Ridge had slept it off and had made it home safe. Brooke wanted to thank whoever else had helped. Danny said it wasn't necessary, but she insisted that it was. Danny said that the person would rather remain anonymous.

Brooke recalled that Ridge had already eaten breakfast before he'd gotten home. She asked if Danny had gotten the breakfast. Danny denied it, and Brooke assumed that it had been the mystery person. She asked if Danny was leery because it had been a woman. Danny affirmed that it had been a woman. She stated that she had a right to know who'd helped her husband.

Danny replied that he didn't want to start anything. Brooke decided that she wasn't leaving until Danny told her who it had been. Danny revealed that it had been Flo's mother. Brooke gasped. She didn't believe it and asked how he even knew Shauna.

Danny explained that Shauna visited the bar to see her daughter and was a cool person. Brooke wanted to know every detail of what had happened. Danny said it wasn't his place, but Brooke insisted that Danny start talking.

Danny told Brooke that after Carter had left, a grumpy Ridge had conversed with Shauna. Ridge had almost passed out, and Danny and Shauna had taken Ridge upstairs. Shauna had said she'd take care of Ridge. Brooke asked what had happened next. Danny revealed that he'd seen Shauna the next morning when he'd arrived at work, and she'd been exiting, wearing the same clothes as the night before.

Brooke asked if Danny was saying that Shauna had spent the night with Brooke's husband. Brooke looked down and saw a message on her phone from Ridge.

Brooke left, and Thomas approached the bar. Danny wasn't happy about what he'd done. He didn't like that he'd caused problems between Ridge and Brooke, who'd been nothing but good to him. Advising Danny to get his priorities straight, Thomas said that Danny wanted to be on the good side of Thomas, the future of Forrester Creations.

Danny flashed Thomas a look. Thomas told him not to look like that. Thomas didn't like hurting his father, but he had to get Brooke and her sisters out of his family once and for all.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke walked in and was surprised by the romantic setup Ridge had created. He tried to hand her a rose and said the look on her face meant that he could still surprise her. Brooke mirthlessly agreed and walked by without taking the rose.

Ridge felt that he and Brooke needed to find a way to reconnect. He'd known from the moment he'd met her that he'd love her for the rest of his life. He wanted to celebrate that. Brooke didn't think it was the time for celebrations. Disagreeing, Ridge said they'd always been able to carve out time for each other. He missed her laughter and giggles. He missed her.

Brooke turned her face when Ridge tried to kiss her. Brooke said that she was stressed and worried. She asked him to explain what had happened at "Bikini" the night that he'd been drunk. Ridge said that he'd already told her. She explained that it had been brought to her attention that more had happened than he'd told her.

Brooke could see from the look on Ridge's face that it was true. Ridge was silent as Brooke demanded to know the truth. She asked if he'd been alone that night or if he'd spent the night with Shauna Fulton.

Brooke confronts Ridge about Shauna Brooke confronts Ridge about Shauna
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
by Pam

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke argued about Ridge spending the night with Shauna Fulton. Ridge maintained that nothing had happened. Brooke was furious that Ridge hadn't told her the truth about the night he had spent at the Bikini Bar. "All this time, you never said anything," she said. Ridge regretted his decision, but Brooke was angry.

Ridge admitted that Shauna had been there, but she had only stayed out of concern for him. Brooke was livid that Ridge defended Shauna. Ridge and Brooke further discussed his night at the Bikini, and Brooke wondered why he hadn't told her the truth.

Ridge admitted that he had felt sorry for himself after he and Brooke had fought. He was embarrassed that he had gone to the Bikini, and he had behaved like a teenager. Ridge told Brooke that he loved her. She asked for the truth about Danny and Carter. Ridge recounted that he had been with Carter, who had wanted to drive him home, but Carter had left when Danny had said he would take care of Ridge.

Ridge added that Danny had shut him off from drinks. Ridge said that the room had started to swirl and he'd realized it had been time to go home, but he'd stood up and passed out. Brooke was worried that Ridge had fallen and been hurt, but Ridge shared that he was fine. Then he recalled that Danny and Shauna had taken him upstairs. Brooke pulled his belt from her purse. "Somehow, you got separated from your belt," Brooke said. She wondered how it had been left behind.

Ridge was embarrassed and said he'd awakened in his T-shirt and boxers. Brooke was angry. Ridge was surprised that she had heard all the news from Danny. "Please, don't blame Danny," she said. Ridge maintained that nothing had happened -- he'd been passed out drunk. Brooke countered that Danny had said Shauna had still been there in the morning. Ridge agreed and said that Shauna had been concerned, and he wasn't sure he would have done the same for someone else.

Brooke was tearful and said that Shauna had planned the whole thing. She reminded Ridge that Shauna had been at the house right after Brooke and Ridge had fought about Thomas. Brooke flashed back to how she had thrown Shauna out, and she believed that Shauna had found a way to get back at her. Ridge grabbed her hands, but she pulled away.

Ridge tried to defend Shauna, but Brooke said Shauna was a criminal, just like her daughter, Flo, and like Reese. They were all responsible for Hope and Liam losing their baby for almost a year and for the damage to their marriage. Brooke reminded Ridge that Reese had put a dead baby in Hope's arms, and Flo and Shauna had known it but never said anything. Brooke was outraged.

Ridge agreed, and he added that he had been wrong to support Thomas and his courtship of Hope. "Hope wasn't ready, and Thomas made a mistake," Ridge said. He apologized and said, "I failed you." Brooke wondered when Ridge would stop failing her. She was incensed that Ridge had forgiven Flo. Ridge maintained that the arrangement that had set Flo free had been a result of him supporting Thomas. Ridge reminded Brooke that he didn't want a trial.

Brooke felt that Thomas should have been punished, but Ridge felt he had to support his son. Ridge reported that Thomas had been improving. Brooke disagreed and said Thomas needed professional help. Ridge promised they could make everything work. "I can't stay here, Ridge," Brooke countered. She didn't want Ridge to associate with Shauna and Flo at all. "How you could be near her?" Brooke asked.

Ridge said he couldn't condemn Shauna when she had been concerned about him. Brooke grabbed Ridge's hands and told him that she needed him to "stand up for me now." She begged him to stay away from "those criminals," and she included Thomas in the group that had deceived Hope.

Ridge said he loved Brooke, but he had to be a father to Thomas, and he promised that Thomas was improving and would get better. Brooke said that Thomas needed more help "than a pat on the head." Brooke countered that Thomas had deceived Ridge, too.

Ridge pulled Brooke into a hug and promised that they could work it all out. "We can work through everything," he said. He asked for help in putting Thomas back on track. They continued to hug, and Brooke cried.

At Flo's, Flo and Shauna discussed that Flo was headed to the pool. They discussed that Katie was on dialysis and needed a new kidney. Shauna added that Bill had not been friendly. Flo said that she expected nothing less. Shauna changed the subject to Ridge.

Flo warned that her mother's fantasy about Ridge had to stop. In fact, Flo wondered if her mother had an obsession with married men. Shauna said she loved all men, and she was grateful that Ridge had kept Flo out of jail. Shauna maintained that Ridge had made her feel like "a sexy woman again." Flo left, and Shauna pulled up photos of Ridge on her tablet. She flashed back to kissing and cuddling Ridge.

At Bikini Bar, Thomas sketched designs at a table. Vinny joined him and said that Thomas was a good artist. They discussed that the air conditioning was broken again at Vinny's apartment. Thomas offered to get it fixed or find a new apartment for them. Vinny suggested that Thomas should rent his own apartment. Thomas smirked.

Thomas shared that he had persuaded Danny to tell Brooke all about Ridge's night with Shauna. He added that Brooke's head "popped like a balloon." He said that Brooke hated the Fultons. Thomas said he was on a mission to get rid of the Logans at Forrester. Thomas said the Logans wanted to get rid of him and turn his father against him, but he planned to turn the tables. Vinny left, and Thomas thought about how the Logans would be "forced to go to war with me...I'm the Forrester. They're the outsiders."

Ridge chooses between his kids and his wife Ridge chooses between his kids and his wife
Thursday, October 3, 2019

At Shauna's place, Shauna was going through pictures of Ridge on her tablet when Thomas arrived. Shauna tried to slam the door in his face, but he strode in anyway. He assured her that her daughter wasn't on his radar. Instead, Shauna was. He revealed that he knew all about her and his father. Shauna stated that she didn't know what he was talking about.

Thomas described her evening with Ridge and remarked that she'd taken Ridge breakfast in bed. Saying she didn't know who Thomas had been talking to, Shauna tried to clarify that she'd been trying to take care of Ridge. Thomas said that he wasn't there to ream her out or defend Ridge's marriage to Brooke. Instead, Thomas was there to encourage Shauna.

Shauna was dismissive of Thomas, but he said that Brooke and the Logans were fair game after the way they'd dumped all over Shauna and Flo. Shauna replied that the Logans had their reasons. Thomas didn't care. He just wanted Hope and Brooke to back off and stop keeping him from Douglas. Shauna couldn't blame them, given how Thomas had treated Douglas.

Thomas asked if Shauna was going to believe a bunch of lies about him. He was willing to excuse her because he believed that he and Shauna wanted the same thing. He suspected that she was forming feelings for Ridge and probably wanted him to be a free man.

Shauna tried to put Thomas out of her house, but he persisted in asking questions about the night with Ridge. She swore she hadn't done anything inappropriate, but Thomas assumed that it had crossed her mind. Thomas revealed that Brooke knew about it and probably wasn't happy. He assumed that Ridge and Brooke would go rounds over it and break up.

Shauna didn't want to cause problems for Ridge. Thomas didn't buy it. He believed that she wanted Ridge to be free of Brooke. Thomas said it could be happening right then.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam watched Douglas and Beth drawing together. Hope cooed that "this" was their life. Hope took pictures of the children and showed them to Douglas. She said that Beth lit up when he was around. Douglas expressed that he loved being around Beth, and it made him happy to be there with Liam and Hope.

Later, Douglas returned to the living room after reading Beth to sleep in the bedroom. He told Liam and Hope that he loved Beth. Douglas loved Liam and Hope, too. Hope replied that she and Liam loved Douglas, too, and she pulled him onto her and Liam's laps.

Douglas and Liam went outside to fill the bird feeders. Liam returned inside. Hope was thinking about sending some of the pictures she'd taken to her mother. Liam remarked upon how big Brooke was on family. Hope replied that it was why Brooke wanted Douglas to be with Hope and Liam, and Hope agreed with it. She said they'd keep Douglas safe by keeping him as far away from Thomas as possible.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge hated the position that they found themselves in. She believed that nothing had happened between Shauna and Ridge, but his spending the night with Shauna and having breakfast in bed was unacceptable due to what Shauna and Flo had done to Hope. Brooke still couldn't believe he'd involve himself with Shauna.

Ridge claimed that he wasn't involving himself with Shauna. He knew that Brooke felt betrayed, but he insisted that they had to stick together and not fight. He was deeply worried about his children and wondered if anyone else was concerned about what Steffy had gone through. Brooke exclaimed that people were concerned about Steffy, "but if Thomas didn't do -- "

Ridge stated that Buckingham had done it, not Thomas. Brooke replied that Buckingham had taken Beth, but that didn't make Thomas' deeds any less horrible. Brooke said she could not forgive or forget what Thomas had done to her daughter. It just wouldn't happen.

Brooke tried to walk away, but Ridge pulled her back into the conversation. She hated to speak the words, but she felt compelled to say that Thomas repulsed her. Ridge said that she was talking about his son. Brooke knew that, but Hope, Hope's daughter, and Hope's marriage mattered. Brooke didn't know how Ridge couldn't get it through his brain that Hope's life had been ripped apart.

Ridge claimed he understood. Brooke didn't think so. She felt that he'd gone soft on Shauna, Flo, and Thomas, who'd faced no consequences. Ridge asserted that there had been plenty of consequences for everyone. "Exactly! That's just what I'm saying! This is what you do! You defend them! And that is unacceptable," Brooke shot back.

"Just like that night you spent with Shauna. That's unacceptable, too," Brooke concluded. Brooke had a problem with him hiding the night with Shauna and said secrets destroyed marriages. Moving on to Thomas, Brooke said he'd done horrible things, both known and unknown -- like his involvement with Emma's death.

Brooke stated that it was even more urgent for Douglas. She didn't believe that Thomas was fit to be a father. Ridge agreed that it was urgent, and it was why he had to help his children. Brooke agreed that he had to help his daughter, but in her opinion, his son was beyond help.

Brooke decided that Ridge could do what he wanted to do, but she couldn't be a part of it. She didn't want Douglas involved, either. She made the case that Douglas needed a loving and secure home, which he had with Liam and Hope. Brooke said that Douglas should live with Hope, and if Ridge loved his grandson as he said he did, he'd agree.

Ridge asked if she expected Thomas to just hand his child over to Hope and Liam. Brooke reasoned that Douglas was living with them already, and they were a sweet family. Brooke's phone chimed, announcing an incoming photo. Showing Ridge the photo Hope had sent of Beth and Douglas, Brooke noted how happy Douglas was.

Ridge asked what Brooke was getting at. Brooke said that she needed Ridge to talk to Thomas and get him to let Hope and Liam be Douglas' legal guardians. In Brooke's mind, it was the only way to stop Thomas from swooping in and grabbing Douglas at will. She believed that Hope was good for Douglas, who needed a stable upbringing.

Ridge replied that Douglas would have a stable upbringing -- with his father. Brooke was under a lot of pressure. She said that it was too much -- especially with all that was going on with Katie. Crying, Brooke said she might be the only donor match for her sister. It had been a horrible year for Brooke, who couldn't muster empathy for Thomas and Shauna.

Brooke believed that Ridge knew it was what Douglas needed. She said that Douglas would be tortured for the rest of his life if he were with Thomas, and she refused to let that happen. Ridge asked Brooke to see it from his perspective. He couldn't ask his son to hand his child to another family. Brooke said Douglas couldn't continue to be around Thomas, and she couldn't be around Ridge if he continued to act "this way."

Indicating that he'd lost all focus, Brooke cited the fact that Ridge had helped Flo get out of jail and had spent the night with Shauna. Ridge insisted that his focus was on his wife and his marriage. He said that his family needed help. He couldn't help them there, so he needed to find another place where he could fix his kids.

Brooke told Ridge that he couldn't fix Thomas, who needed professional help, aside from talking long-distance with his mother. Ridge believed that Thomas needed his family, his sister's forgiveness, and his father. Brooke insisted that it was more than that, and Thomas had deep-seated issues. She didn't know what the answer was.

Ridge yelled that he didn't, either; however, he couldn't just throw his son away. Brooke said that Ridge could go and be with Thomas, but she wanted Ridge to return with custody papers that would give Hope and Liam custody over Douglas. Brooke knew that it was hard, but she felt it had to be done. She told Ridge to take care of his kids, and she'd take care of Hope and Douglas. She stated that they'd have time apart, and things between them would resolve themselves.

Tears streamed down Ridge's face. He wiped Brooke's tears and said he'd call her when he got settled. He turned to leave, but she pulled him back and said she loved him. Ridge replied that he loved her, too. He walked out, and Brooke sobbed.

Ridge urges his kids to reconcile Ridge urges his kids to reconcile
Friday, October 4, 2019

At the cliff house, Ridge arrived as Steffy completed a business call. After they had greeted each other, Ridge asked if he could move into her guest room for a while. She assured him that it wasn't necessary, and she was okay. He explained that he needed to do it because he and Brooke had decided that it was best to stay out of each other's way for a while.

Steffy wanted to know what was going on, and Ridge reluctantly admitted that there was tension at home. She figured that it had to do with Thomas. Ridge replied that he'd lost one child, and he wouldn't lose another one. Steffy bitterly stated that she knew how that felt.

The front door opened. Thomas entered, and Steffy grew upset. Ridge said he'd told Thomas to meet them there. Steffy didn't appreciate the ambush, nor did she have time for it. Ridge asked if she expected to never talk to her brother for the rest of her life. Steffy wasn't ready to talk, but Ridge said he'd left Brooke's house because he wanted his kids to figure things out.

Thomas asked if Ridge had left Brooke. Ridge replied, "I left the house. That's what we're calling it." Steffy stated that it couldn't have been easy. Ridge conveyed that it hadn't been and that "goodbyes always seem final."

Thomas wanted to know who'd done the breaking up, Ridge or Brooke, but Ridge thought it was more important that Thomas get on with making up with his sister. Thomas yelled that he'd already tried many times. Steffy admonished Thomas to keep his voice down because of the sleeping Kelly, and Ridge suggested that Thomas try again.

Relenting, Thomas told Steffy that his first impulse had been to tell Steffy the truth. Steffy asked if he wanted points for that. Thomas said it had been the day that Liam had decided to move in, and as Thomas had watched Steffy getting the family she'd wanted, he hadn't been able to rip Phoebe and the family away from her.

"I came up with a lie, and it was the start of everything wrong," Thomas said. Steffy stated that everyone had had "good intentions," but none of the people involved had had the power to break her heart -- except Thomas, the one she'd loved and looked up to each day of her life.

Ridge wanted the siblings to keep talking. Thomas said that Steffy wasn't ready. Steffy asked when she'd ever be ready to write off the loss of a child the way Thomas had. She said that Caroline had barely been cold in the ground, but Thomas had been ready to pass Douglas off to Hope. Steffy asked if Thomas knew where his son was and if he even cared.

Thomas told Steffy not to tell him how to love his son. Steffy contended that Thomas alternated from manipulating Douglas to abandoning Douglas. Thomas turned to walk out of the house. Grabbing Thomas' arm, Ridge halted Thomas. Ridge asked why they couldn't be like the Logans, who circled the wagons in times of crisis.

Thomas asked God to help them if the Logans were their role models. Steffy murmured that they could agree on that. Ridge pointed out that each of his children was in a lonely place, but Thomas could become the brother that Steffy had looked up to again. Ridge could see it. He asked why Steffy couldn't, too.

At the hospital, Brooke visited with Katie and Bill. They discussed Katie's kidney specialist, Dr. Davis, who was the best in her field. Sensing that something was wrong, Katie asked if everything was okay at home for Brooke.

Donna and Will arrived, interrupting the conversation. Brooke left, and Will quoted poetry to Katie. He'd had to memorize it for school. Katie asked how he was behaving for Donna. Donna had no complaints. Will revealed that he was sometimes scared that his mom wouldn't return home. Katie promised that nothing would keep her from him. He became skeptical of what the doctors would say. Katie told him that doctors could be wrong, but mothers never were.

Later, Dr. Davis arrived, and Donna sent Will to get her change for a parking meter. Bill requested that Katie continue her dialysis at home. Dr. Davis indicated that it could happen in time, but they were concerned about getting her acclimated to the new anti-rejection meds. Katie couldn't have a kidney transplant if her heart wasn't strong.

Bill asked about the transplant time frame. According to Dr. Davis, it was three to five years for a deceased donor, so a live one was the best hope. Donna was a match, but because she'd had a type of virus as a child, it disqualified her. Bill asked about Brooke's results. The testing was still underway, and the doctor would have news about it later.

Dr. Davis left, and Donna began sobbing that she was sorry. "Well, if I can't have your kidney, can I have your suede coat?" Katie joked. Donna seemed to cheer up, and she went to check on Will. Katie reassured Bill that she'd be okay, no matter what.

Later, Katie let Will know that she had to stay in the hospital longer. Will said he and his father had fixed up the movie room and had all her favorite, cry-worthy flicks. He bragged about how clean his room was. Katie was impressed, but she sensed that there had been a lot of pizza and burgers eaten with no broccoli in sight. All of that would change once she got home. She promised, though, that they'd still have lots of fun.

At Shauna's house, Flo was on her way out. Shauna stopped her to let her know that Thomas had been by there the previous day. Flo didn't even know how he knew where she lived. Shauna said he'd been there to tell her that Brooke knew about Shauna's night with Ridge.

Flo didn't know how Thomas had even found out. Shauna asked if Flo had let it slip. Flo, who'd been trying to get a second chance with the Logans, said she hadn't told anyone. Shauna pitied Brooke, who had a sister in kidney failure and had to face rumors about her husband that sounded spicier than they were.

Shauna claimed that she didn't want to mess up Ridge's life. In her view, it would be a display of ungratefulness toward the man who was the reason Flo wasn't in jail. Flo replied that Thomas was the reason and assured her mother that her testimony would have had Thomas' name all over it if they'd gone to trial.

As Flo left for the store, she advised her mother to stop answering the door. Once alone, Shauna wondered to herself why Ridge would swear her to secrecy but then tell Brooke about the night himself. Shauna concluded that Ridge hadn't told Brooke.

Later, Shauna answered the door for Brooke, who didn't think Shauna seemed surprised to see her. Brooke assumed it was because Shauna was used to visits from angry wives. Shauna asked about Katie. Brooke said it amazed her the way that Flo and Shauna pretended to care.

Shauna said they were still family. Brooke quipped that they'd fallen for that already. She was interested to know what kind of game Shauna was playing with Ridge. Shauna denied that there was one. Brooke stated that Shauna had spent the night with Ridge and had wanted more than she'd gotten. Shauna insisted that she'd just helped Ridge after what he'd done for her and Flo.

Brooke asserted that Ridge didn't give a damn about Shauna and Flo, and the last thing he needed was a liar in his life. Shauna guessed that meant there was no problem. She asked if Brooke had driven there or if she needed Shauna to call her a car.

Brooke questioned why Shauna hadn't called Ridge a car in lieu of dragging him up all those stairs. Shauna didn't think Brooke could have appreciated her showing up with Ridge in the middle of the night. Brooke reasoned that she would have picked Ridge up herself if Shauna had called. Shauna asked why she should have done that after Brooke had reamed Shauna and Ridge out earlier that night.

Brooke stated that Shauna didn't know anything about Brooke and her husband or what they were going through. Brooke didn't even know what her brother had seen in Shauna. Shauna claimed that she hadn't asked because it hadn't lasted long. "As my late mother-in-law would say, you're just a slut from the desert," Brooke concluded.

Shauna laughed and asked if Brooke was really calling her that. Affirming it, Brooke said Shauna hadn't known who'd fathered her child without medical confirmation. Calling Brooke a hypocrite, Shauna cited that Brooke had slept with every male member of the Forrester family.

Shauna said she'd read about Brooke in the tabloids and knew that Brooke's son-in-law was the father of the precious Hope. Shauna recalled that it was Deacon, who was in prison. "So, if anyone in this room earned the title of being a slut -- " Shauna began to say.

Brooke slapped Shauna, knocking Shauna's earring out of her ear. Amused, Shauna thought it was no wonder that Ridge drank. Brooke ordered Shauna to stay away from Ridge. She told Shauna not to go by the office and not to look for him in bars, because he wouldn't be there. "He's knows you're trash. Do you understand me?" Brooke asked.

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