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The Logans were divided about Flo's gift to Katie. After learning about the infamous kiss, Thomas encouraged Shauna in her feelings for Ridge. Hope urged Liam to set Steffy straight about his relationships with Steffy and Hope.
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After learning about Shauna and Ridge's kiss, Thomas encouraged Shauna to pursue Ridge
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The Logans weigh in on Flo's donation The Logans weigh in on Flo's donation
Monday, October 14, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Sally held Beth and wondered where the extra diapers were. Wyatt was sure Hope had written it on the instruction list -- if only he could find it. As Wyatt fretted over the missing list, Douglas entered, carrying a diaper bag and the list that Wyatt had apparently put on the refrigerator -- so that he wouldn't lose it.

Grateful for Douglas, Sally wished she and Wyatt had one of him at their house. Douglas sat down to draw, and Sally noted that it was time for Beth's nap. Douglas suggested that Wyatt rock the baby like Liam did. Sally told Douglas that he made babysitting easy.

Douglas liked Beth and was glad that she was back with her real family. Wyatt commended Douglas for his honesty, which had helped Beth find her way back to her mommy.

Later, Sally put Beth to sleep and left Douglas reading a book in the nursery. In the main room, Sally asked if Wyatt had heard anything from the hospital. Wyatt informed her that the transplant had happened, and everything seemed fine. Sally and Wyatt were cautiously optimistic. They were happy for the family, especially for Will, who wouldn't lose his mother as Douglas had.

Sally and Wyatt talked about how amazing the strong and resilient Douglas was. Wyatt said that Douglas had put an end to the lies about Beth. Sally quipped that Flo had perpetrated the lies. "Sally," Wyatt replied. Sally replied that Flo hadn't masterminded the crime, but she'd had plenty of chances to tell Hope that Beth had been alive and living with Steffy.

Wyatt claimed that it hadn't been the girl he'd fallen in love with in high school. That girl, according to him, had been honest to a fault. Sally noted that he'd loved Flo a lot, and Flo still loved him. Sally was positive that Flo wouldn't give up on trying to get him back.

Sally couldn't believe she and Wyatt were talking about Flo, even after their engagement. Wyatt stated that he still needed to get Sally a ring. He wanted Sally to know that he wasn't still thinking about Flo. Wondering if he was sure about that, Sally remarked that Flo had been his first love. He asked about Sally's first love.

Sally replied that she and her first love hadn't felt the same way about each other; however, it had been mutual between Flo and Wyatt. Wyatt stated that he and Flo had been kids back then. Sally countered that they were grown and had picked up where they'd left off in high school.

Wyatt contended that it had been before he'd seen the hidden side of Flo, the side he hadn't known about until she'd gotten pulled into Buckingham's scheme. Sally said that Flo still wanted him. He replied that he knew of nothing Flo could do to get him to see her differently.

Wyatt checked the baby monitor and announced that it was all quiet on the baby front. Sally was glad and said the baby thing was daunting. He advised her to get a second wind because they were only halfway through the list. Sally didn't even know what half the stuff on the list was. Wyatt didn't, either, but he said they had to figure it out if they ever wanted to have kids.

Sally suggested that they tie the knot first. Wyatt replied that he hadn't forgotten about that part. "I'm ready when you are, snookums," Sally said. Wyatt questioned the name she'd called him. Sally claimed to be trying out pet names on him. She was sure Flo had had one for him.

Sally apologized for bringing up Flo again. Wyatt told Sally that it was okay. He just wanted her to know that she had nothing to worry about.

At the hospital, the Logans were aghast to learn that Flo was Katie's donor. Ridge instructed Shauna to start explaining. Shauna said that she and Flo had been worried, and Flo had wanted to help. Brooke and Hope figured that Flo and Shauna had hoped that the gesture would make everyone conveniently forget what Flo had done.

Camille asked that everyone settle down for Katie's sake. Brooke said Flo and Shauna shouldn't have shown up. Shauna asked if Brooke preferred that Katie not know about it.

Dr. Davis entered. Surprised to see both patients, she began to praise Flo for her sacrifice and tout the virtues of being a donor. Camille interrupted and asked to speak to the doctor and nurse in the hallway. The three left, and Shauna asked if they were unable to listen to the doctor and be grateful for the amazing gift Flo had given Katie.

Brooke and Hope flanked Katie at the head of the bed, and they asked how it had happened without the family's knowledge. Shauna explained that Flo had wanted to be anonymous. Hope quipped that Flo was good at keeping secrets. Shauna explained that Flo hadn't thought the family would allow it, and by their reactions, Shauna gleaned that Flo had been right about it.

Shauna stated that Flo had given a piece of herself so that someone she loved could live. In a raspy voice, Katie asked why. Flo replied that she'd had to, and she'd wanted to. Flo became emotional, and Shauna told her that she didn't have to talk about it. Flo wanted to speak.

Flo acknowledged hurting the family and said that they all hated her. She figured that her father would be disappointed in her, too. She'd learned that Storm had been a great person who'd do anything to save his family. That was why Flo had done it. She'd done it for Katie, Will, and those who loved Katie as Flo did. Flo had also done it so that her father could be proud of her.

Donna told Brooke that they didn't have to forgive Flo for what she'd done to Hope, but they should at least thank Flo for giving Katie the kidney. Donna couldn't ignore that they could have lost Katie. "Thank you," Brooke uttered, "but it doesn't erase what you did." Agreeing with Brooke, Hope said they were grateful, but it didn't absolve Flo.

Brooke stated that Flo thought she was wiping the slate clean, but there was no forgetting what Flo had done to Hope and Beth for months. They were glad that Katie was alive and well, but it didn't change the way Brooke and Hope felt about what Flo had done. It also didn't mean that Flo was back in the family. Brooke asserted that Flo was not a Logan and never would be.

Katie stated that Flo had hurt the family and told many lies. She couldn't ask anyone to accept or forgive Flo, but she was grateful for Flo. Storm had given his life for Katie, and because of Flo, the gift hadn't been wasted. Katie said that because of Flo, Will had his mother back; Katie had her life back. She felt that Storm would be proud of Flo.

Dr. Davis returned and asked if everything was okay. Ridge and Donna explained that it was just an emotional time. Dr. Davis instructed an orderly to take Flo to rest in her room. Katie thanked Flo again. Flo left, and Ridge went to get coffee. Shauna thanked Katie for what she'd said to Flo about the sacrifice.

Shauna exited, and Donna asked if they could get Katie anything. Katie asked for them to stay until Liam, Bill, and Will got back. Hope and Donna agreed to stay, and Brooke stated that she was going to go and get Will.

In the corridor, Brooke encountered Shauna. Shauna was thrilled that Katie was doing well and hoped that Katie would get her life and future back. She claimed it was what she and Flo were praying for. Brooke asked if Shauna was also praying that Hope and Brooke would change their feelings about Flo. Brooke stated that Shauna wanted the Logans to feel indebted to them.

Shauna claimed that wasn't it. "Good, good -- because we're not," replied Brooke. Brooke believed that Flo had been sincere about her reasons for the donation, but Brooke told Shauna not to paint Flo as a saint after what Flo had done to Hope. As far as Brooke was concerned, Flo could slither back to where she'd come from. No matter how many organs Flo donated, Flo would not be back in the family.

Brooke stated that Shauna was just as guilty as Flo was, and Brooke was putting Shauna on notice. "Say away from me. Stay away from my sisters, and stay away from my husband," Brooke warned and strode off. Ridge approached and gazed at Shauna.

Thomas learns about Shauna and Ridge's kiss Thomas learns about Shauna and Ridge's kiss
Tuesday, October 15, 2019

In the Forrester CEO's office, Ridge asked if Brooke had been to the hospital. She noted that Will and Bill had been camped out in Katie's room for days. Ridge stated that Flo had really stepped up. Brooke wished Flo had gone back to prison after the hospital had released her.

Ridge asked why Brooke had laid into Shauna. Brooke didn't want the Fultons creeping back into their lives. To Ridge, it looked as if they were trying. He wondered if Brooke would try. He asked where her forgiveness was. Brooke couldn't believe that he was asking her that. Though Brooke was grateful about Katie, there was no way Brooke would welcome Flo and her shady mother back into the family. Ridge asked what sacrifice was worth Brooke's forgiveness.

Thomas entered the office, and Brooke asked what he was doing there. Thomas replied that he worked there. Brooke told him that he didn't and that he'd given up his place there when he'd decided to betray her daughter. Claiming not to want to upset her, Thomas explained that he was just dropping off designs for Ridge.

Brooke asserted that they didn't want Thomas' designs there. Ridge stated that it was a family business, and Thomas was his son. She said Thomas couldn't waltz back in there and reclaim his place or be rewarded for stealing a baby. Ridge yelled that Buckingham had done that, not Thomas.

Brooke asked when Ridge would stand up for her and ask Thomas to leave. Ridge asked when she'd see that Thomas hadn't committed a crime and when she'd start to heal the family. Brooke assumed Ridge was hinting that she should forgive Flo and Shauna, too.

Thomas pretended that he didn't want to see Brooke and Ridge arguing over him. He claimed that Brooke was right, but he'd been just trying to make a family for his son, whom he missed. Brooke snapped that Douglas had a family with Hope and Liam and was much better off with them. "That's not your call, honey," Ridge responded.

Thomas understood Brooke's feelings and said he was disappointed in himself; however, he felt that she had to give him a chance to make things right. Brooke refused, saying that he'd stood by while his sister had raised Hope's baby. "And then all the horrible things that you did to Douglas. I will never forgive you, Thomas," Brooke replied. Sinister music played as Thomas looked at her.

Ridge asked what had happened to the compassionate woman he'd fallen in love with. He noted that people had forgiven Brooke for her mistakes. Brooke shot back that she'd never let a grieving mother believe her child was dead. Ridge stated that Thomas knew he'd made a mistake, and if Brooke stepped out of her cloud of anger, she'd see that he was getting better.

The whole "Thomas redemption thing" was hard for Brooke, who didn't know how she'd trust Thomas again after what he'd done. Ridge asked what she was suggesting. Brooke wanted Thomas to go to a mental health facility for the help he needed. Thomas stared at Ridge in disbelief.

Ridge said Thomas was getting the help he needed, and Ridge refused to send his son away. Brooke was outraged that Ridge would stand there and defend Thomas, Flo, and Shauna over her and her daughter. Brooke asked if she was supposed to invite the hurtful people back in.

Speaking over Brooke, Ridge said one of the hurtful people had saved Katie's life, but Brooke had barely been thankful. Brooke decided to leave before she said something she'd regret.

Brooke exited, and Thomas apologized for being the root of the problem. Thomas didn't think she'd ever forgive him and said it put Ridge in a position to have to choose his wife or his son. Ridge said he and Brooke would figure it out. He wanted Thomas to concentrate on himself and his relationship with Douglas. Thomas asked what Ridge had been talking about regarding Katie, and Ridge revealed that Flo had been the kidney donor.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam was alone when Wyatt arrived. Liam said that the family had elected him to tell Wyatt something about Katie's transplant. Liam wished he'd been able to do it sooner. It sounded big to Wyatt, and he asked to know what it was. Liam revealed that the family had found out that Flo had been Katie's anonymous donor.

Wyatt was stunned by the news and asked if Flo was okay. Liam said she had been released a few days back. Wyatt was amazed that the family was still rejecting her after that sacrifice. Liam responded that there was still the whole matter of the kidnapping of his daughter and letting everyone think she was dead. Apologetically, Wyatt replied that he knew it.

Liam explained that Katie was grateful; however, not everyone felt that way -- including him. Liam assumed that Wyatt would feel different because a piece of him would always love her.

At Flo and Shauna's apartment, Flo and Shauna arrived, and Flo eased onto the sofa after a walk, per doctor's orders. Shauna was still impressed by Flo and her selflessness, and it made her crazy that Hope and Brooke still turned down their privileged noses at them. Flo asked if her mother had actually expected something different.

Shauna actually had, but Flo advised her mother to accept that the Forresters and Logans would never forgive them. Shauna sensed that Ridge was feeling sympathetic toward them. Flo asked if they needed to have another talk about Ridge. Shauna admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about the kiss.

Flo asked if it was the kiss Ridge had no awareness of. Shauna contended that he might subconsciously, and it might be why he was softening to them. Flo reminded her mother that Ridge was married to Brooke, and she didn't want her mother to set herself up for rejection. Claiming that Brooke had been obnoxious and was also out for Thomas, Shauna wasn't sure how much more tension that marriage could take.

To Flo and Shauna's surprise, Wyatt arrived. He apologized for arriving unannounced, but he'd just learned that Flo was Katie's donor. Shauna hurriedly left the apartment. Wyatt sat down with Flo and said she looked like she'd just saved someone's life. He asked if she was okay, and she said she'd be fine. Wyatt noted that she was acting as if it wasn't a big deal, but it was.

Flo knew that it was, but she felt that it had been the least that she could do. It had felt like fate because Katie had Storm's heart. Flo felt as if the universe had given her the power to do it, and she and her father were united within Katie forever. It gave Flo peace. She hoped that she'd made her father proud. Wyatt replied that she'd made him proud, too.

Back in the CEO's office, Shauna arrived, saying she knew it wasn't a good idea for her to be there. Thomas expressed how incredible it had been that Flo had saved Katie's life. He didn't know how anyone wouldn't be able to see that.

Thomas exited, and to Ridge, Shauna expressed surprise that Thomas had been nice about Flo. She had expected Brooke to show more gratitude. Ridge said that Brooke had strong feelings about anyone that had been involved with the kidnapping, and he was disappointed in how she'd been handling it.

Outside the door, Thomas listened as Shauna assumed that it had been taking a toll on Ridge. She told him that she hadn't been the one to tell Brooke about the night at the bar. She stared at Ridge, and he asked what the problem was. Grinning, she beamed that there was something else. She hadn't planned to tell him, but not telling him no longer seemed right.

Ridge asked what it was. Shauna reminded him that he'd asked her to stay with him that night. She gushed about how much she'd admired him in the past, and she hadn't been able to stop looking at him. He assumed she'd seen him drooling on himself. She said he'd been beautiful, which was why she'd done what she'd done.

Shauna was sure it had been a mistake, but she didn't care. She asked Ridge not to be mad. He asked what she'd done. Shauna revealed that she'd kissed him, and he'd kissed her back. She claimed that it had been magical and electric, unlike any kiss she'd ever had, and she'd never forget it.

Thomas wants Shauna's help Thomas wants Shauna's help
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
by Pam

At Forrester, Shauna and Ridge discussed that Shauna had kissed Ridge when he'd been passed out. Shauna announced that he had kissed her back, which surprised Ridge. Outside the office, Thomas listened to the conversation. Ridge asked what Shauna was talking about, and she said she hadn't wanted him to "freak out." Ridge reminded her that he'd been passed out drunk.

Shauna agreed he had been pretty out of it, but he had kissed her. Shauna said she had another confession -- that she wanted to kiss him again. Ridge looked flattered but reminded her he was married. Shauna said it had just been one sweet encounter between two attractive adults, and it was their little secret. "Nothing for you to worry about. It will be our little secret," Shauna said. She smiled, and Ridge looked doubtful. She added that she had told Flo about the kiss.

Ridge looked surprised, and they bantered for a few more minutes, with Shauna making jokes that made Ridge smile. She said it was good to see him smile. She said he'd had a heaviness hanging over him because of Brooke's refusal to have a relationship with his son. "Let's not talk about my wife," he said.

Ridge changed the subject to Katie and thanked Shauna for what Flo had done. Shauna hoped that it meant Ridge and his family would give her another chance, especially Steffy. "Please, pretty please," she said. Ridge commented that she was begging, and she said she couldn't get down on her knees because of old "showgirl injuries."

Ridge was surprised, and Shauna noted his surprise. Ridge said he would carry that image of her for the rest of the day. Ridge got a message on his cell phone, and he had to leave. He wanted her to leave, also, but Shauna noted that they should not be seen together, as it might create an "international scandal."

Ridge left, and Shauna waited a few minutes then looked up and saw Thomas. "So, you kissed him," Thomas said. Shauna accused him of eavesdropping, and he said he was glad he had because her news was the best thing he'd heard in a long time. He could tell that Shauna had fallen for his father and that his father was also interested in Shauna.

Shauna suddenly was interested in the conversation, but she felt Thomas was blowing a kiss out of proportion. Thomas disagreed and wanted Shauna's help in getting Brooke out of his father's life. He felt that Brooke and all the Logans were standing in the way of his success at Forrester. He warned Shauna not to underestimate him because he had succeeded in getting Ridge out of Brooke's house.

Thomas went on to say that he had been designing again, and his father liked his designs. Thomas wanted Shauna to help him and promised he would be forever grateful to her and could reward her. He wanted to be in charge at Forrester. He felt it was time to strike back at the Logans, and it was time for payback.

At the hospital, Brooke and Bill visited with Katie, and she said she was "feeling so much better." Brooke couldn't get over the fact that the donor had been Flo. Katie reminded Brooke that she felt nothing but gratitude. She had been dying, and instead, she'd woken up to her son's smiling face. Brooke agreed they all were grateful, but they could not forget what Flo had done.

Will entered and smiled. He shared that he'd had a "big, juicy burger" and presented a bag of gummy bears to his mom for when she felt better. He wanted to know when she would be able to return home, and she promised it would be soon. She couldn't wait to get home to Will and his daddy. Will wondered if it felt "weird" with a new kidney. Katie said it was doing what it was supposed to do and was amazing.

Will said he had been worried. Katie and Bill caressed Will, and Katie said that Bill and Will "are stuck with me for a long time." They all discussed that Katie had been lucky to find a donor so quickly. Will remembered that Katie had always told him there were angels in heaven and some on earth. He said his uncle Storm was an angel in heaven, but the donor had been an angel on earth. Katie nodded.

Later, Katie, Bill, and Will discussed that Will had homework to do with his daddy. She said she'd been proud of Will for all he had done. She felt she had the greatest guys in the world in Bill and Will. They all shared I love you's.

At Flo's apartment, Wyatt was amazed that Flo had given up a kidney for Katie and called it the "pinnacle of compassion." Wyatt thanked her, and Flo gushed that no one had to thank her. She was glad to do it for her aunt, and she loved the whole family. She'd done it for Katie, but she'd done it for her dad, too. Wyatt noted that Katie had her life back, thanks to Flo.

Wyatt hoped it would improve Flo's relationship with Brooke, Liam, and Hope, but Flo didn't expect that she would be welcomed back into the family. Wyatt said they might come around eventually because there wasn't much that was more meaningful than saving someone's life.

Wyatt said that Hope and Brooke would have to see her differently, "because I do." He praised her and said she was amazing. Wyatt was sure that his dad appreciated it, too. Flo said that she didn't expect things to change between them -- meaning Wyatt and Flo -- because she'd heard he was engaged to Sally. Wyatt was surprised that she'd heard about it. Flo smiled and said that Sally had made a trip to the Bikini to tell her about it.

Wyatt apologized that Flo had heard about his engagement from Sally. Flo congratulated him and said she wanted him to be happy, but she had hoped his happiness would be with her. She said that she would always love him.

At home, Brooke heard a knock at the door, and Ridge entered. She thanked him for responding to her text. She wanted to talk to him because the conversation with Thomas had been heated in the office. Ridge grabbed her hands, and they discussed that they missed each other. Ridge said it was best that he worked on his family at Steffy's because he knew Brooke couldn't stand Thomas. Brooke agreed and said she wanted to make it work. She had been hurt that Ridge had spent time with Shauna and lied about it.

Ridge was confident they could move past all that, but he worried that she could "barely look at my son." Brooke said she didn't trust Thomas, but she didn't want it to come between them. They embraced and hugged for a long time.

Steffy asks if there is a chance with Liam Steffy asks if there is a chance with Liam
Thursday, October 17, 2019

At the cliff house, Liam entered with Beth while Steffy was on a call. Steffy was surprised and overjoyed to see Beth, and Liam figured that it meant Steffy didn't mind the unscheduled visit.

Later, Kelly and Beth played with toys around the coffee table, and Steffy guessed that Kelly was happy to have her little sister there. Steffy marveled at how Beth had grown and how happy she looked. Though Steffy was grateful for the surprise, she asked if Hope knew that Beth was there. Liam said they'd gone to run errands, and he'd decided to stop by.

Steffy took that to mean that Hope did not know. Liam corrected her, saying that Hope didn't know yet. Steffy was leery about Hope not knowing. Liam insisted that the girls were sisters and needed to see each other. Liam wanted to work on it and said things would get better.

Steffy hadn't heard from Hope, and in Steffy's view, it seemed like Hope wanted to keep Beth to herself. Liam explained that Hope was making up for lost time. He knew that Steffy was still suffering, but he promised to do everything he could to keep Beth in Steffy and Kelly's lives.

Later, Liam and Steffy set up the baby monitors and said that the girls napping together was like old times. Steffy said that Beth felt at home there. Steffy wished there had been a way to ease into Beth's transition to a new home. Steffy suggested that Hope could have moved into the cliff house. It had all happened so fast for Steffy, who'd lost another Phoebe.

Liam said that Hope hadn't meant to hurt Steffy and hadn't been viewing it that way. Steffy claimed to understand that Hope had just wanted to start being Beth's mother. Steffy sympathized with Hope but wished Hope had been more sympathetic to her.

Liam was amazed that Steffy wasn't bitter. Steffy said she was just focusing on work and Kelly. People had told Steffy that it would just take time. Liam didn't know why people thought that statement was reassuring. Steffy said she had her good days and her bad days. She sometimes panicked because Phoebe was missing, but then she'd relive the moment Phoebe had left.

Liam was sorry that he hadn't been there to support Steffy. She replied that he'd had to take care of his family. He emphasized that Steffy and Kelly were his family, and Steffy shouldn't have to doubt it. Steffy didn't, but she knew he had to be there for Hope and Beth. Even though so much had changed for Beth, he'd been the one constant in her life.

Steffy said that Liam was important to Beth, Kelly, and Steffy. Steffy looked at the photo on the wall. She said she'd gaze at it and wonder what she wanted in her life. She couldn't wrap her head around Buckingham's crimes or push herself to forgive Thomas. Liam didn't blame her. Steffy wanted to keep moving forward and be there for her family.

Liam offered to help Steffy with it and said he'd be there for her and Kelly. Steffy believed it, but she said she'd be okay if he chose to stay with Hope and Beth. Steffy stated that everyone had assumed that Liam would just be with Hope as if his time with Steffy and Kelly hadn't existed. Steffy stated that it was too bad because they could have had a beautiful family.

Liam seemed to struggle to say something. Steffy stated that his face was contradicting what she'd said. "Liam, is it possible? Can we do this again?" Steffy asked.

In Brooke's cabin, Brooke arrived while Liam was out with Beth and while Douglas was at the library with Eric. Brooke guessed it meant that she and Hope could talk. Brooke conveyed to Hope that there was news about Reese Buckingham.

Although there was a gag order on Reese's proceedings, Carter had been updating Brooke about Reese's case ever since Reese had been extradited. Brooke announced that Reese had pleaded guilty and received a sentence, which should soon become public news. Hope gasped in joy that it was over, and she hugged her mother.

Brooke believed that Flo and Shauna should have been before the judge, too. Brooke didn't know what galled her more -- Shauna thinking that a kidney was the way back into the family or Thomas, who didn't think he had to earn their forgiveness at all. Hope was unable to justify what any of them had done, but Brooke stated that Hope shouldn't have to.

Glad that Liam, Hope, and Beth were together, Brooke asked if Liam and Hope had thought about their next steps together. Brooke offered to watch the kids so that Hope and Liam could "reconnect." Giggling, Hope said Brooke didn't need to worry because Hope and Liam had found plenty of time for that.

Being with the children brought Hope joy, and every second with Beth and Douglas was precious to her. Brooke acknowledged that Hope and Liam were devoted parents, but Brooke was curious about Liam and Hope's commitment to each other. Hope guessed that Brooke was wondering if Liam had proposed to Hope.

Brooke assumed Hope would have already said so if that had been the case. Laughing, Hope said it hadn't crossed their minds. Brooke asked if Hope didn't think it should cross their minds. Hope replied that she didn't need a ring to know that Liam was committed to her and their family.

In the corridor at Vinny's house, Zoe was surprised to see Thomas in her building. Thomas, who was outside of Vinny's door, asked if she lived there, too. Zoe conveyed that it had been all she could afford after she'd gotten fired. Thomas stated that he was staying with a friend.

Zoe asked if Thomas' family didn't have an extra mansion he could use. Thomas replied that not many places were open to him. He invited her inside Vinny's house to talk, and she agreed to follow him inside. Thomas guessed that things had been rough for both of them.

Zoe said that she couldn't find a job and was nearly broke, and her father had been given the maximum sentence for his crime. She had been there for Reese because, even after all he'd done, Reese was still her father. Thomas felt that family needed to stick together.

Thomas launched into a diatribe about how he wouldn't have his job, family, or son if it were up to Brooke. He said his father understood that he hadn't committed the original crime. Zoe was glad that Hope had Beth and was happy.

Thomas replied that he could have made Hope happy, but she'd chosen to live her life with a noncommittal man. That was fine with Thomas, who had more important things to worry about. Taken aback, Zoe said Thomas had been obsessed with Hope and determined to marry her. She found it strange that he no longer wanted anything to do with Hope.

Thomas snapped that the obsession had been Brooke's take on his feelings. Thomas didn't want to continue living like he was. Zoe didn't think either of them had a choice because no one would ever forgive them.

Thomas suggested that he and Zoe find another way. He said that the only power people had over them was the power that they gave the people. Thomas asserted that, as a Forrester, he didn't have to take anything from the Logans. He warned that Brooke had better think twice about trying to get rid of him.

Thomas noted that Zoe had been the only person to show him loyalty. Zoe said she wouldn't really call it loyalty. He noted that it had been more than her rat of a boyfriend had done. Zoe revealed that she and Xander were no longer together.

Thomas thought Zoe was better off without Xander and her friend Flo. Zoe and Thomas agreed that Flo had thrown them under the bus, even though her name had been all over the fake birth certificate. Thomas didn't appreciate the Logans equating him and Zoe to Reese.

Thomas claimed that a revolution was going on in his family. Looking over at a small dry-erase board, he asked what column on the board Zoe wanted to be in. "In or Out?" Thomas asked.

On the board, Thomas had drawn two columns, designating "In" or "Out." Each column had names in it. On the "In" side were Ridge, Steffy, Eric, Taylor, Shauna, and Thomas. On the "Out" side were Brooke, Donna, Katie, Liam, and Hope.

Attempting to make it easy for her, Thomas said Zoe didn't want to be on the "Out" side with the Logans, who'd been a problem for his family long enough.

Hope urges Liam to set Steffy straight Hope urges Liam to set Steffy straight
Friday, October 18, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Liam told Hope that he'd left Beth at Steffy's house to spend time with her sister while he searched for some papers. Hope noted that Liam hadn't communicated to her that he'd planned to even go to Steffy's house. Hope seemed disillusioned by it as Liam, scurrying around to find his documents, said Steffy missed Beth and hadn't seen her in a while.

Liam's phone chimed. Hope checked it and saw a message from Steffy, thanking him for making her day with Beth. In the message were heart and love emojis. Hope abruptly informed Liam that she needed to take care of something, and she left the house.

At Steffy's place, Steffy held Beth and suggested they go to the beach after a nap like they'd done when Beth had lived there. Steffy hoped Beth remembered living there. She talked about how hurt she'd been when Beth had been taken away but said that, thanks to Liam, that was about to change.

Later, Hope arrived to pick up Beth. Steffy said the girls were asleep. Hope also wanted to set Steffy straight about Liam. "'XOXO heart emojis.' Really, Steffy? He is not yours anymore. He's living with me," Hope asserted. Steffy said she didn't need a reminder of where Liam lived.

Believing that Steffy did need it, Hope further reminded Steffy that Hope, Liam, and Beth were a family who'd experienced a horrendous trauma. They just wanted to live their lives without the added drama of Steffy.

Taking offense, Steffy said she had a family with Liam and that Hope had insisted upon Liam living with Steffy. In Steffy's view, it had been working out. It had all fallen apart when Hope had taken Beth away. Hope corrected that Beth had been stolen from her and given to Steffy.

Steffy claimed to realize that; however, Steffy said Hope, who didn't seem to care about Kelly and Steffy's feelings, had just ripped Beth away. Steffy assumed that Hope didn't care about the pain she'd caused because she was a Logan, and all Logans did was take and take.

Hope asked if Steffy was really going to attack Hope's family and dredge up old grievances. Steffy claimed to just be saying how it had felt when Hope had taken Steffy's daughter. "My daughter, Steffy!" Hope corrected, adding that Beth was her daughter with Liam.

Steffy snapped that Kelly was her daughter with Liam. Hope asked if Steffy thought that gave her reason to undermine Hope's relationship with Liam. Steffy claimed not to be trying to do that. Instead, she'd been focusing on herself and Kelly, who needed her father.

Hope replied that Liam being with her and Beth didn't make him love Kelly less. Hope stated that Liam saw his future with Hope. Steffy asked if Hope was sure about that. Steffy thought that Hope was getting ahead of herself.

Hope asked if it was because she didn't have a ring yet. To Hope, Steffy sounded as if she thought Liam was still fair game. Hope relayed that she and Liam were living together and sharing a bed. Steffy wondered how long it would last and said Liam hadn't made a permanent commitment. Hope said it didn't mean Steffy got to go behind Hope's back.

Liam entered the house as Hope ranted about Steffy's notes and emojis. He asked what was going on. Steffy said it was okay, but Liam launched into a defense of Steffy, who had lost her Phoebe. He asked if Hope understood that. He felt that he should have taken Beth there more and that "we as a couple" should have let Kelly and Beth play together more. He asked Hope to try to show some compassion.

Hope affirmed that she had compassion for Steffy. Liam said Hope had to respect his choice to take Beth there. Hope replied that it wasn't about that. It was about Steffy not showing respect for Hope and Liam's family. Liam asked how Steffy wasn't doing that and went on about how he had a daughter with each of them. He said they were doing their best.

Hope began talking about Steffy feeling stuck in limbo, but Steffy claimed she hadn't said that. The words said didn't matter to Hope, who thought it all amounted to the same thing. She asked Liam to give Steffy a clear answer once and for all. "Who does your heart belong to?" she asked him. Liam looked irked and confused.

Hope said that she and Liam were living together and raising their child. It didn't mean he wouldn't see Kelly or be an attentive father, but that was where it ended. Hope wanted Liam to tell Steffy that he saw his future with Hope. Hope wanted the shades of gray and confusion to be set straight, and she stated that they needed to set Steffy straight.

Hope clarified that Steffy and Liam were just co-parenting, and the romantic relationship was over with. "Please, tell her," Hope instructed. Liam scoffed. Hope didn't even know why they had to go through it or have a ring and paper when their love spoke for itself. Hope asked Liam to make it clear to Steffy. Hope felt that it was the right thing to do, so that Steffy could move on with her life. Hope asked Liam to tell Steffy that it was over.

At Vinny's place, Zoe observed that Thomas was wound tight. Thomas was done with the coven of Logan witches, and getting them out of his life started with his father and Brooke. He raged about Brooke, who could be in jail after the cliff incident if it hadn't been for him. He was angry that, instead of cutting him slack, she was being even harder on him.

Zoe got how Thomas felt about Brooke but sensed that he was just angry with Hope because she was with Liam. As far as Thomas was concerned, Hope was just another Logan. If it wasn't for Steffy and Kelly, he'd even say that Liam and Hope deserved each other.

Zoe wondered how Thomas would get rid of Brooke, Ridge's wife. Thomas revealed that it wasn't as hard as Zoe thought and that the couple was already separated and living apart. Zoe began to talk about destiny, but Thomas affirmed that destiny was about to take a sharp turn due to another woman in Ridge's life -- Shauna.

Zoe was amazed to hear it. Thomas told Zoe the short version of what had happened at the bar overnight with Ridge and Shauna. Although nothing had happened between the two, Shauna was hot for Ridge, and Brooke was pushing him into Shauna's arms.

Zoe noted that Thomas really had it out for the Logans. Thomas claimed that he'd watched the Logans infiltrate his family all of his life. He'd fallen for Hope's innocent act, but she was just like her mother. Thomas said that they didn't care that they'd hurt Steffy, Taylor, and Thomas. Thomas hoped that Liam realized that his place was with Steffy, not a Logan.

At Forrester, Shauna arrived and announced that happy hour would start at five. Ridge asked what he could do for her, and she said it was a loaded question. She assumed he wanted to know how she'd gotten by security. Ridge guessed that she'd flashed Charlie. Shauna joked that she had done that -- right after making sure Brooke's car wasn't there.

Shauna informed Ridge that someone else knew about their kiss -- Thomas. Shauna explained that Thomas had overheard them talking about it. Ridge became concerned about Thomas misconstruing things. He said that Thomas was in a tough spot, and he didn't want Thomas to think that his father was distracted by a new, shiny thing.

Shauna and Ridge talked about loving their kids. Ridge wanted to be there for his children. He said something had broken within Steffy when they had taken Beth. Touching his arm, Shauna said she got the feeling that Brooke and Hope weren't sensitive to Steffy's pain.

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