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Thomas and Douglas planned a surprise dinner for Hope at Forrester. Things turned deadly when Thomas fell into a vat of hydrofluoric acid.
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During a tense encounter with Hope, Thomas tumbled into a vat of acid
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Thomas spins Hope's scam on its head Thomas spins Hope's scam on its head
Monday, November 4, 2019

At the cliff house, Liam checked his phone and said he hadn't realized how late it was. With Beth asleep in the nursery, Steffy invited him to stay as long as he wanted. Liam, however, was surprised that he hadn't heard from Hope yet and didn't understand why she'd stay out that late with Thomas and Douglas.

Steffy thanked Liam for trying to be the voice of reason about custody of Douglas. Liam felt protective of Caroline's son, but he didn't agree that adopting Douglas was in Douglas' best interest. Though Steffy didn't trust her brother much, she did trust him to do right by his son. Liam didn't trust Thomas but noted that Douglas had loving family members around him.

Steffy and Liam named family members whom Douglas had support from, including Quinn, and they joked that Wyatt hadn't turned out half bad. Steffy missed Wyatt at work and claimed she'd never forgive him for returning to Spencer. "Speaking of Spencer Publications..." Liam said.

Steffy gleaned that Liam meant that he'd leave, too. Liam stated that Bill had been sprinkling hints around, but Liam didn't know if it was right for him. Though Liam was invaluable to Forrester, she thought he should go for it because it was his birthright.

Liam replied that it had taken him a long time to get to that place again with his father. Steffy said she'd do anything to take back what she'd done. Liam told her to forgive herself because he had; he said she should forgive and move on. She responded that it would be good for him to forgive and move on, too, with Bill.

An alert popped up on Steffy's phone. Liam caught a glimpse of it and asked if it was a dating app. She tried to act like she didn't know what he was talking about, but she eventually stated that even though she didn't need a man, it didn't mean she didn't "need" a man.

Liam stammered that it was good for her. Steffy had downloaded the app, but she hadn't filled out the profile yet. She still wasn't sure about it, but she knew that she couldn't keep putting her life on hold. "No, you can't," Liam thoughtfully responded.

Steffy assumed that Liam didn't like the idea of her dating. Liam stated that it wasn't easy to think about. A new man in her life meant a new man in his daughter's life. As Liam thought about the prospect of a new person with his own opinions and ideas of parenting, Liam decided that he hated the guy already.

Steffy said Liam was getting worked up over someone who didn't even exist. Liam was sure that the man would exist. She suggested that Liam write her profile. They laughed. Liam thought that having her ex-husband write her profile might scare a guy off. Steffy said she wouldn't date a guy who didn't understand how important Liam was and would always be to her.

At the mansion, Ridge paced in the dark. Shauna entered the house with the intention of raiding the pantry for water. She asked what he was doing, and Ridge said that Hope was still upstairs with Thomas, and it made Ridge worry about what she was up to. Ridge reasoned that if Hope was up to something, it meant Brooke was, too. He stated that they had better not be trying to take Douglas from Thomas. Ridge decided there was one way to find out what was going on.

At Brooke's house, Donna and Brooke agreed that Hope's plan was risky. Donna added that it was also risky for Brooke and her marriage to Ridge. Brooke didn't want to keep the plan from Ridge, but she didn't know what to do because Ridge wouldn't see Thomas clearly. Brooke added that Liam couldn't find out about it, either, because he'd be really upset.

Brooke received a phone call. It was from Ridge. He was suspicious about Hope being friendly with Thomas earlier and about Hope being up in his room long after the party had ended. Ridge hoped that Hope wasn't trying to convince Thomas to give up custody of Douglas because that would be a big mistake.

Brooke said she was sure it wasn't the case, but she had to go. Ridge told her not to let the kids divide them any further. Brooke replied that she missed Ridge, and she ended the call.

Donna and Brooke became concerned about whether Hope had really thought through her actions. Brooke was frustrated about Hope being alone with Thomas and upset that Ridge didn't see how dangerous Thomas was.

Back at the mansion, Ridge was suspicious about what Hope and Brooke could be up to, and he asked Shauna why they couldn't leave his son alone. From Shauna's point of view, Thomas was working hard on healing and being there for his kid. Ridge replied that Hope and Brooke believed that Thomas was a psychopath, but that wasn't who Thomas was.

Shauna didn't like seeing Ridge upset and said Brooke should trust Ridge's instincts. Shauna decided to retrieve her water and get back to her beauty routine at the guesthouse. She kissed Ridge on the lips and bade him a good night.

In Thomas' bedroom, Hope was hesitant about Thomas' offer. Thomas proposed that they just forget the whole thing because she obviously wasn't as committed as he'd thought she was. Hope pretended that she was confused and just trying to process it all. He figured that a back rub might help. Hope said she was fine. Thomas assured her that she would be -- with him.

Thomas suggested that Hope sit on the couch. Hope complied, and he began rubbing the tense Hope's shoulders. She rolled her eyes when he said how beautiful she was. He'd never thought they'd wind up back in his bedroom. Hope remarked that the mansion beat Vinny's apartment -- plus, Douglas had a support system at the mansion.

"Douglas...Yeah..." Thomas replied and stopped rubbing her shoulders. Hope claimed to still be sore and asked him for a few more minutes. Thomas resumed the massage. He said he wasn't sure he wanted to stay in town. He'd been thinking about going to Forrester International.

Upset, Hope said that Thomas couldn't. Thomas stated that it would be good for Douglas; however, Hope and Douglas would miss each other. Thomas asked if she'd miss him. He suggested that she give him a reason to stay.

After a while of massaging Hope, Thomas asked if she was starting to relax. Hope affirmed it, and he stated that it had been good for him, too. He'd missed touching her and thought that her skin was "so soft." Thomas began to kiss her neck. "Thomas!" Hope exclaimed and pulled away.

Thomas assumed that he was receiving mixed signals. Hope stated that she hadn't meant to do that. He asked if it was about Liam. In Thomas' view, marrying Liam, would be a terrible decision because they could never share custody of Douglas that way. Hope figured that there would be a lot to work out, but they all wanted what was best for Douglas.

Agreeing, Thomas said it was why he wanted him and Hope to raise Douglas together. Thomas claimed that he couldn't help his feelings, and he just had to be near Hope when she was around. He pulled her close and asked if it was okay with her. He figured that she didn't want to be married again, but it didn't mean that they couldn't give in to their desires.

Thomas tried to kiss Hope, but she turned her face away. Hope stated that she wanted to raise Douglas with Thomas, but she had Beth with Liam. Hope was planning her life with Liam. Thomas replied that Liam was better off with Steffy. Disagreeing, Hope said she and Liam would probably get married, and she and Thomas would be co-parents.

Thomas wanted more than that. He wanted a relationship and to be the man lying next to Hope at night. She had what he wanted, and he had what she wanted. He told her that they should be adults about it and seal the deal that night.

Hope said that she wanted Thomas in her life, but in a healthy, nurturing way for Douglas. Anything else wasn't an option. "Okay. Then co-parenting isn't an option," Thomas replied.

Thomas asked why Hope was there, wasting his time. He could see right through her niceness and flirting. He said she was doing what he'd do, but "that" wasn't her. Thomas stated that he was being open and honest about what he wanted and needed. He told her that if she wanted his son, she had to show him that there was a possible future for them.

"And you somehow think by doing this -- this is going to bring us closer together? Bribing me with a life with your son for sex?" Hope asked. Thomas told her that she could just go then. Hope headed toward the door. He stated that it had been a nice night, and they should do it again sometime. Before Hope opened the door, he added that she could bring the papers with her.

Hope stated that she'd like that. Thomas asked for one last hug and stated that he wouldn't bite. Hope walked back to him and hugged him. "Unless you want me to," he added while she was still in his arms. Thomas stated that she needed Douglas, and Thomas needed her.

Zoe discovers where she stands with Thomas Zoe discovers where she stands with Thomas
Tuesday, November 5, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam chatted about the fun Liam and Beth had had with Kelly and Steffy. Hope was curious about how Steffy had been with Beth. He thought Steffy had been great and said Steffy always wanted to see the girls together.

Liam asked how Halloween had been with Douglas. Hope beamed about how glad Douglas had been to see her. Liam was sure Thomas had been glad, too. Hope flashed back to Thomas' sex proposal. She told Liam that she'd gone there for Douglas. Liam hoped she wasn't still trying to get Thomas to sign the papers. Hope replied that Douglas had to be free of Thomas.

Liam wondered why Hope's worry had increased after seeing Douglas with his family. Hope emphasized that Thomas was still the primary caregiver. Liam was happy to have Douglas around whenever possible, but in Liam's mind, they needed to let the Forresters handle the rest. He was adamant that the Forresters wouldn't let anything bad happen to Douglas.

Shaking her head, Hope stated, "They don't know." She said they hadn't seen Thomas' worst behavior, and she needed Liam to trust her.

Bill arrived and sensed that he was interrupting something. Hope and Liam pretended that Bill wasn't interrupting. She left to go to the main house, and Bill asked Liam what was going on.

Later, Bill asked why Liam hadn't talked to Bill about Douglas sooner. Liam concluded that Bill had had a lot on his plate, but Bill insisted that there was always room for family. Liam claimed that he would be more worried about Douglas if Eric, Ridge, and Quinn weren't around. Bill asked if they'd really rely on Quinn to be a stable force in Douglas' life.

Though Bill believed that Douglas was better off with Liam and Hope, Bill also thought adoption was a bit extreme, especially because Liam already had two other children to think of. Liam agreed. He said that things were good, and they were doing okay with two girls; however, Douglas really did see Hope as his mother.

Bill replied that Douglas' sicko father had driven it into the boy. Still livid about Thomas' past actions, Bill offered to deal with Thomas outside of the law. Liam wanted to create peace and reminded Bill that he wasn't that guy anymore.

Liam was torn about it all. He recalled not having his father around but concluded that he wouldn't have had a happy childhood if Bill had been there without being ready for fatherhood. Liam thought that Thomas deserved a chance to change, but if they stripped him of his parental rights, he'd never have the incentive to be the father whom Douglas deserved.

Bill said that it was okay if Liam wasn't on board with the adoption plan. Liam felt that it was nice to have someone understand his position. Bill revealed that he'd visited Liam because it was time -- time for Liam to return to Spencer Publications.

Liam admitted that he'd thought about it. Bill asserted that time was precious. He didn't want to waste it. He wanted his family together. He asked what Liam had to say. Liam was shocked that Bill wanted an answer right then, and Bill yelled that he'd just said he was done wasting time.

Liam had been thinking about family, Beth, Katie, Douglas, and what it meant to be a parent. "Maybe you're r -- r -- right. It is time," Liam replied. Bill asked if that was Liam's long-winded way of agreeing. Liam affirmed it and said he just had to talk to Hope and the Forresters.

Bill thanked Liam for letting Bill back into Liam's life. Bill said he loved Liam. They hugged, and Liam called Bill a sap.

At Brooke's house, Hope and Brooke discussed the fun time Hope had had with Douglas. Brooke wondered if Thomas had been possessive. When Hope said he hadn't been that way with Douglas, Brooke assumed that Thomas might be amiable to shared custody. Hope revealed that Thomas had "straight up" offered to share custody -- on one condition.

Brooke was outraged upon learning that Thomas had offered Douglas in exchange for sex with Hope. It had repulsed Hope, who hadn't believed he'd take it so far. "You didn't?" Brooke asked. Hope assured her mother that she hadn't. Hope believed that she was close to getting Thomas to agree to shared custody. Once he did, she could take all he'd done to a judge, who'd then strip Thomas of his parental rights.

Brooke refused to let Hope be around Thomas. Instead, Brooke intended to alert Ridge about how sick his son was. Hope didn't want Brooke to tell anyone, but Brooke asserted that Thomas had gone too far. In Hope's mind, that was the very reason she couldn't stop. She insisted that she had to get Douglas away from Thomas.

Brooke felt that there had to be another way, and she again contemplated telling Ridge. Hope feared that Ridge would leak the plan to Thomas. Hope couldn't risk it because Thomas would never sign the papers, and she couldn't have Douglas being raised by a man who was appalling enough to try to trade his son for a night of sex.

At Vinny's place, Thomas promised that he hadn't forgotten about Zoe. Zoe had thought she'd see a lot more of him. He claimed that living at the mansion had been paying off. She assumed that he was doing well and stated that his father had let him back into Forrester against Brooke's wishes. "We'll see," he replied.

Confused, Zoe responded that she'd thought Thomas had said that the move was paying off. He explained that it had brought Hope closer to him; Hope was seeing him improve, better himself, and become the kind of man that she could be with.

Thomas asked Zoe not to tell him that she was jealous. Zoe was disappointed because he'd been focused before, but he was back to dreaming about Hope. She thought he should be focused on his career and helping her get hers back. He assured her that it would happen, but he wouldn't be completely satisfied until he had Hope back in his life.

Thomas didn't believe that Hope had moved on, despite Zoe pointing out that Hope was raising Beth with Liam. Thomas said Hope wanted to be a mother to Douglas, but Zoe stated that it wasn't going to happen because Hope had left the marriage.

Thomas persisted in believing that it was what Hope wanted more than anything. It was just that he had sensed that there was more happening beneath the surface. Hope hadn't wanted him to know whatever it was, but he felt he could have discovered it if he could have gotten her to stay.

Zoe asked if he'd invited Hope to stay the night. Thomas figured that it was all it would take. "You think you're that good?" Zoe asked. Thomas claimed to know when a woman was into him. Zoe reasoned that "this" wouldn't surprise him then. Zoe kissed Thomas.

Zoe assumed that she'd left Thomas speechless, but he stated that she'd proven his point. Zoe asked what point that was, and he replied that Hope didn't know what she was missing. "Hope," Zoe murmured. She said that she'd planted a kiss on him, but he was talking about Hope. Zoe had thought he'd arrived to talk about his future, not his past.

Thomas insisted that Hope wanted a relationship with him. Scoffing, Zoe said it was as if he was obsessed with Hope. Zoe asked if the kiss had had no impact. He thought that Zoe was sexy and beautiful, and things might be different under different circumstances. He stated that Hope was the only woman for him, and he was trying everything he could to get her back in his life.

Thomas said Zoe was a good and loyal friend, and he'd promised to get her back into Forrester. Zoe wanted that, but she also thought they made a great team. She was trying to keep him focused on what mattered. She believed that he could be a legend in the business. She said she just wanted to help him -- but Hope did not. Hope was about Douglas, not Thomas.

Thomas told Zoe not to say that. Zoe persisted in trying to convince him that he didn't need Hope; however, he believed everyone needed something. Zoe needed a job. Hope needed Douglas. Thomas needed Hope. Thomas intended to get everyone what they needed.

Thomas pulled out his phone and called Hope. She answered on speakerphone while still with Brooke. Thomas wanted Hope to know that he'd had a good time the other night, and Douglas had been talking about her all morning. She said it was sweet. Thomas added that they'd been thinking about Hope -- a lot. He still wanted them to get together like a family.

Hope said Douglas would like to do that. Thomas asked her to bring the papers. He figured that they could spend time alone and pick up where they'd left off. Agreeing, Hope suggested getting coffee together. Thomas wanted to keep it private. He said they'd connected the other night, and he couldn't wait to connect with her again.

After the call had ended on Hope's end, Brooke gasped and said, "Oh, my God, he is sick, Hope! You can't go anywhere near him again!" Hope stated that it was why she had to get him to sign the papers. Brooke told her daughter that Thomas wasn't even rational, but Hope insisted upon being brave for Douglas.

Brooke reminded Hope that Thomas wanted something from her. Hope pledged not to do what he wanted. Brooke couldn't believe that Ridge actually thought Thomas was improving. Hope felt that Douglas needed a stable home he could rely upon, and she promised that she'd somehow be that boy's mother.

Hope dismisses Liam's concerns and heads to dinner with Thomas and Douglas Hope dismisses Liam's concerns and heads to dinner with Thomas and Douglas
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Eric surveyed a pair of models sporting some new designs. Eric called the designs "fresh, vibrant, feminine, [with] a nice edge" and congratulated Ridge on his designs. Ridge told his dad that the designs were not his -- they were Thomas' designs for Hope for the Future. Eric chuckled and referred to Ridge as a "proud papa," a label Ridge proudly embraced.

Ridge opened the door and allowed the models to exit. Eric was pleased that Thomas had "turned his life around," and he had high praise for Ridge's determination to get the family back together again.

Later, Ridge was working at his desk when Charlie knocked on the door to give him a maintenance update. Jake Maclaine accompanied Charlie into Ridge's office to offer an update on the industrial washing machines that had been leaving rust deposits on garments. They were "pickling" as they spoke, a term for the process that removed the rust. The machines couldn't be used at that moment because parts were soaking in hydrofluoric acid.

Jake assured Ridge that the project -- as big as it might sound -- would be finished relatively soon. Jake then went into greater detail with a bunch of technical terms, but Ridge only heard one thing: "dangerous chemicals" were inside the building. Charlie explained that the site had been roped off and otherwise secured. "Accidents happen," Ridge retorted and asked to see the cleaning site.

Thomas found Douglas sitting on the sofa, reading a book. Douglas expressed his sadness over missing his mommy. Thomas said that he also missed Hope. He then told his son to call Hope and invite her over for dinner -- they could all make a "special evening of it." Steffy entered as Thomas was calling the idea "cool," and asked what was "so cool." A jubilant Douglas jumped off the sofa and raced over to greet his aunt. When Steffy referred to Douglas as her "favorite nephew," Douglas quickly noted that he was her only nephew.

Once Douglas had scurried out of the room, Steffy asked Thomas about their plans with Hope. She surmised that the idea was wholly Thomas' idea. Thomas stated that Hope had been a big part of Douglas' life. Steffy pointed out that Hope also had wanted to adopt Douglas. Thomas replied that Hope had done some research that showed an existing parent could still maintain rights to a child as long as the adoptive parent or parents agreed to it.

Steffy looked stunned and asked Thomas if he still had plans to give custody of Douglas to Hope. Steffy urged Thomas to talk to their father about his decision. Thomas assured Steffy that he knew what he was doing. Steffy called Hope's attachment to Douglas "obsessive." She questioned why Hope didn't realize that her role as guardian to Douglas had come and gone.

Douglas returned to the room, chirping merrily that Hope had agreed to join them for dinner. Steffy said that she had to be going, but, before she did, she asked Douglas if he loved Hope. Douglas said that he did, extending his arms widely to show how much he loved Hope. Douglas gave Steffy a big hug and headed up to his room in the Forrester mansion. Thomas resumed the discussion he'd been having with Steffy, reiterating that he knew what he was doing. "I got this," Thomas said as he embraced his sister.

Liam asked Hope if it was a mistake for him to go back to working for Spencer Publications. A morose Hope stared off into space. Liam soon realized that Hope hadn't heard a word he'd said. Hope apologized and admitted that she'd been thinking about Douglas -- and Thomas.

As Liam was asking Hope if she believed that Thomas would change his mind about the adoption, Hope received a video call from Douglas. Douglas giddily told Hope that his father had wanted her to join them for dinner. Hope reluctantly accepted as Liam demonstrated his frustration in the background. When she finished the call, Hope told Liam, "I just need to do whatever it takes to free Douglas from Thomas."

Liam was worried by Hope's use of the phrase "whatever it takes." Liam worried that Hope might not be safe around Thomas. Hope dismissed that concern, saying that her only concern was for Douglas' well-being. Hope claimed to know Thomas better than anyone and vowed that she would not rest until Douglas was wrested from Thomas' clutches.

Liam said that he knew Hope was "coming from a place of love," but he didn't like that Hope had to spend time with Thomas. On cue, Thomas called Hope to give Hope more details on Douglas' earlier request. Thomas also asked Hope to make sur e that she brought the custody papers with her. Hope suggested that they have their dinner at Forrester, and, since it was after hours, there would be no one there to disturb them. Hope hung up the phone with a smile. On the other end, a scowl crept over Thomas' face.

Jake and Charlie escorted Ridge to the cleaning site, which was only cordoned off by a single piece of yellow caution tape. Inside the room, a trio of workers carefully moved around a large vat of hydrofluoric acid. Ridge didn't like that the vats were so large. Charlie and Jake assured him everything was safe -- and that they'd gone above and beyond typical cautionary measures. "We've got warning signs everywhere," Charlie proclaimed. Jake said that there was no other way to clean the parts. Ridge noted that hydrofluoric acid "is what drug dealers use to get rid of their enemies." The workers raised a freshly cleaned part out of the acid, and it was noticeably shinier than an identical part that had not yet been cleaned.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Thomas set up for a candlelight dinner with Hope. Hope entered the office, and Douglas raced over to greet her. "We're having spaghetti!" Douglas beamed. Thomas explained that Douglas had picked the menu and that the meal options had been whittled down to spaghetti and mac and cheese. "This is what I always wanted -- the three of us together like a family," Thomas said.

Thomas asked Hope if she had the papers with her. Hope bent down and told Douglas that she only wanted what was best for him. "I hope that I will be able to give that to you, starting tonight," she said softly. She and Douglas smiled lovingly at each other. A few feet away, Thomas looked intensely at Hope and Douglas.

Ridge confides in Shauna about his feelings for her, Brooke, and his family Ridge confides in Shauna about his feelings for her, Brooke, and his family
Thursday, November 7, 2019

At Eric's house, Shauna arrived as Ridge was drinking and waiting for Thomas and Douglas to return. Shauna was in need of company. Ridge decided that she needed some cognac. Ridge poured her a drink, and she joked that Thomas had a curfew. Ridge explained that Thomas was having dinner with Hope. Shauna assumed that trouble might be on the menu.

As Ridge and Shauna chatted, he received a message from Charlie, who was with the crew finishing up the drum cleaning. Shauna wondered how Ridge kept it all together. She wanted him to know that she would always be there for him.

Talk turned to the house, which Shauna thought was great for destination weddings. Agreeing, Ridge added that there had been some "desperation" weddings, too. She asked how he saw things working out and if he'd be staying on at the mansion. Ridge planned to move back in with his wife once he got Thomas back on his feet.

Shauna liked the cognac and having Ridge all to herself. It was as if she was the other woman but not. She became embarrassed, and touching her leg, he said that he liked the cognac, too.

Shauna suggested that she and Ridge go for a swim. Ridge wanted to wait around for Thomas and Douglas. She jokingly compromised, saying they could swim with their clothes on. She didn't want him to think she was trying to get him naked. He didn't think that. She decided that, in that case, it was the perfect time to make a move on him.

"There it is," Ridge replied. Shauna was glad someone got her jokes. Ridge stated that he could be a real pain. He knew that she had certain feelings, but he wasn't stopping her because she chased his blues away. She was glad. She'd never had a relationship like that before, and she'd be sad if it went away. Ridge stated that he would be, too.

Ridge thanked Shauna for waiting up with him. Shauna asked what he was worried about. He was worried that Hope and Brooke had a plan to take his grandson and that it was working.

At Brooke's house, Donna arrived as Brooke was trying to make sense of a text message she'd received from Hope. It said that Hope was having a special dinner in Ridge's office with Thomas and Douglas. Donna wondered if they were celebrating signing the adoption papers.

Brooke figured that Hope would do her celebrating at home. Donna wondered if Thomas was getting too antsy. Brooke didn't think Thomas would do anything in front of Douglas.

Donna believed that Hope could handle herself. Brooke said that, like a carrot, Thomas was dangling Douglas in exchange for sex, and Brooke asked Donna not to say she condoned it. Donna found it appalling, but to her, it meant that Thomas was responding to the plan. Donna figured that Hope had to be sensing that Thomas would sign the papers soon.

In the CEO's office, Hope's dinner with Thomas and Douglas had wound down. Douglas held up some papers and asked Hope what they were. Hope said that they were top-secret documents.

Thomas showed Hope and Douglas a portfolio of designs. Douglas noted that the model looked like Hope. Thomas was sure that they all looked like her. Thomas told Douglas that Thomas would be running the place. Hope was surprised to hear it. Thomas replied that his sister wasn't a designer, which was what the face of the company needed.

Douglas wondered if the office would be Thomas' soon and if Douglas would have an office. Thomas said that it would be his office, and it would also belong to Douglas in time. Thomas promised to give the child guidance all the time, not just when he was in trouble.

Douglas asserted that he wouldn't get in trouble. Thomas replied that it happened to everyone. Douglas insisted that it wouldn't to him, and Thomas guessed that Douglas was perfect. Hope agreed that Douglas was perfect, and Thomas replied that they all started out that way.

To Hope's surprise, Thomas decided that the family evening was over. Thomas revealed that he had other plans for Douglas, but Thomas and Hope would remain to discuss top-secret business. Douglas hugged Hope and left with Thomas.

Hope called Brooke, who was frantic about Hope's safety. Brooke wanted Hope to get Douglas and leave, but Hope said she didn't know where Thomas had taken Douglas. Brooke began to worry that Thomas had done something to the child. Hope said that everything had gone well, but Thomas had said he'd made other arrangements for Douglas.

Brooke didn't like the sound of that and said she was on her way there. Hope said that it was okay. She sensed that Thomas was about to sign the papers. Hope heard the elevator and hurried off the phone before Thomas returned to the room.

Hope noted that Thomas hadn't been gone long. She wondered where he'd taken Douglas. Thomas assured her that the boy was fine. He said that Hope had been Douglas' mother "ever since," and they could make it official that night. She replied that they'd be making Douglas' wish come true. "And mine, too," Thomas added.

Thomas sat down with the paperwork and noted that Hope had made some changes to it, giving them both custody. He said it had been what the marriage had set out to accomplish. Hope suggested that Douglas be there, but Thomas didn't want Douglas to hear the word "adoption" or ever doubt that he was a Forrester.

Hope agreed not to use the term, and she offered to get Douglas. Thomas remarked that she loved Douglas very much and was fierce when someone had her heart. He and Douglas needed that. He asked if they'd have more family nights like that one, and she replied, "Why not?" Thomas asked if she'd change her mind, and Hope said those were the things that made them a family.

Thomas asked if Hope knew what she was asking of him. "I do," she responded. He noted that she'd said that on their wedding day. He stated that she was being nice to him again, and he wondered if it was real. Hope said that he knew her well.

Thomas had once thought so. He knew that Hope would never con him. He stated that he trusted her, and he loved her -- even if she didn't say it back. He told her to take his signature as proof. In his mind, there was nothing he could give her that could ever compare to sharing his child with her. Thomas picked up the pen and poised it over the custody papers.

Back at Brooke's house, Brooke panicked and still wanted to go to Forrester. Donna said that there was a risk they had to let Hope take, and Hope would call Brooke if necessary.

Thomas takes a deadly fall Thomas takes a deadly fall
Friday, November 8, 2019

In Brooke's cabin, Liam read stories to Beth. He didn't seem to know what to do next, so he decided to call Steffy to see if Beth could visit her sister, since he and Beth were alone again that night. Steffy said Thomas had mentioned that he was having a night with Hope and Douglas. Steffy gladly permitted Liam to visit that evening.

Later, Liam and Beth were at the cliff house with Kelly and Steffy. Steffy loved and missed Beth. She was glad she got to see Beth from time to time. Steffy and Liam discussed their surprise that Thomas and Hope were together that night. Liam had understood when it had been Halloween, but not some random night like that one.

Steffy asked what Liam thought was going on. Liam assumed that Hope was still trying to get custody of Douglas. Something about it didn't feel right to Liam. He felt that if Hope was to be obsessed with a child, it should be Beth. Liam didn't want to begrudge Douglas and wouldn't mind her focusing on the boy if it wasn't for Thomas.

Steffy still had her issues with Thomas and trying to understand him. She said Thomas had suffered a lot because of their broken family. It was crazy to Steffy how history repeated itself. She said her father had fallen for a Logan, and so had her brother.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was surprised to see Ridge in her living room. He hoped he was a pleasant surprise. She kissed him and asked if the kiss had answered his question. He stated that she smelled nice, and he missed her. She missed him, too, and even though they had to be apart, she loved having his arms around her.

Ridge knew that Thomas was with Hope that night, and he asked Brooke to say that Hope wasn't trying to talk Thomas out of his son again. Brooke asked if shared custody was such a bad thing. Ridge didn't think Hope had a right to it. He said that Beth was Hope's child, not Douglas. Brooke explained that Hope wanted to be able to protect Douglas if need be.

Ridge said it wasn't necessary. Brooke replied that Ridge refused to acknowledge the wrongs Thomas had done, and Hope had every right to be concerned about Thomas.

Later, Ridge handed Brooke a mug. They sat together, and he asked if they could table the fight about their kids. He'd visited because he missed his wife, and staying at his father's didn't make sense. Brooke missed him, too. She missed falling asleep in his arms, dinner conversations, and making love. She missed talking about things other than Hope and Thomas.

Ridge did, too. Brooke still felt as if they couldn't ignore the things Thomas had done. She knew Ridge didn't want to hear it, but Thomas wasn't capable of raising Douglas and shouldn't be anywhere near her daughter. Ridge didn't think Brooke knew how much it hurt to hear her talk about his son that way.

It hurt Brooke, too, but she said that it was about what Thomas had done, not about her. Ridge claimed that Thomas was getting better and making amends. Brooke said it appeared that way, but she didn't believe it or trust Thomas. She asked if Ridge knew that Thomas had gotten in her face, called her awful names, and gone off about not wanting her in Ridge's life.

Ridge didn't believe it. Brooke insisted that it had happened in one of Thomas' unhinged moments. She said that she and Ridge both knew what Thomas was capable of. She just didn't know how it would escalate. Ridge asked what horrible thing Thomas was capable of.

Brooke flashed back to learning that Thomas wanted to exchange Douglas for sex. She told Ridge that she didn't know, but she knew that Thomas wasn't getting the help he needed. A few calls from Taylor a week weren't helpful, and Taylor wasn't even there to look him in the eye and determine whether or not he was manipulating her.

Ridge said Brooke was acting like Thomas was a serial killer, and she wanted to punish him for the rest of his life. Brooke wanted Thomas to get the help he needed and to get a grip on his emotions, but until then, she didn't want Thomas anywhere near Douglas or Hope.

At Forrester, Thomas backed away from the papers. Hope assured him that he was doing the right thing by giving Douglas the mother he'd promised the child. She promised that Thomas wouldn't regret the decision. Thomas signed the papers, and Hope rushed toward the door, anxious to tell Douglas the news.

Thomas stopped Hope. He didn't see the need to rush and said Douglas would find out soon enough. Thomas had signed the papers because Hope was an incredible mother. He'd also done it because he loved her and would do anything for her. He hoped that they could finally have the family that they'd dreamed of. He said it was time to celebrate.

Thomas felt that giving half the rights to his son to her was a huge show of love. He believed that they could have a great future together if they could get past their differences. Hope was grateful for the shared custody, but she wanted to tell Douglas.

Thomas yelled at her to forget about Douglas. Hope was worried about Douglas. She didn't know if he was in the building or being supervised. She didn't understand why Thomas didn't want her to go to the child. Thomas replied that he knew she'd pull something like that.

Hope asked where Douglas was. Thomas said that the boy was safe and out of their hair so that they could be alone for a moment. She wasn't comfortable not knowing where Douglas was. Thomas asked her to just focus on him for one minute, but Hope, who was worried about the child, wanted to see him.

Thomas asked if what he wanted ever mattered to her. He guessed she'd been manipulating him to get him to sign on the dotted line. Hope again asked where Douglas was. Thomas said he'd take her to the storage room when they were done. Hope was outraged that Thomas had left the child locked up somewhere. "It's not -- he's fine!" Thomas insisted.

Hope was upset that Douglas was unattended. She demanded to know where Douglas was. Thomas said that it was for him to know and her to find out. He wanted Hope to trust him when he said Douglas was fine.

Thomas turned his back for a moment, and Hope rushed out of the room. She ran across the hall and through the design room. Thomas chased after her. They ran through the dark backstage area and up a flight of stairs to the roof. Hope yelled, asking who Thomas was and how he could be so cruel to Douglas.

Hope opened a door and ran outside. She stopped, cornered on a small balcony. Below them in the night shadows was the vat of hydrofluoric acid. Thomas said they weren't doing "this." Instead, they'd go inside and have the evening that he'd planned for them. He promised that Douglas was fine and said she just had to trust him.

In the dark night, Hope didn't understand why Thomas wouldn't tell her where Douglas was. Thomas wanted to talk about them first. He wished he could go back and change what he'd done. He wanted to become better. He'd gotten caught up in the lie, but Buckingham was the one who'd done it. Thomas didn't get why he was taking all the heat for it.

Thomas said that none of it mattered. He just wanted them to be a family. Hope asked him to let her go, but he kept insisting that they could be a family. Hope and Thomas stopped talking and stared at each other. Thomas stepped forward to kiss her.

Hope shoved Thomas and ran back through the door. Thomas flipped over the balcony railing and landed in the vat of hydrofluoric acid.

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