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Ridge and Brooke signed divorce papers, and Thomas urged Shauna to go after Ridge. Thomas convinced Ridge to do a fashion showdown between Hope and Steffy, but Hope decided to find a new designer for HFTF. Liam asked Steffy to help him expose Thomas.
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Ridge and Brooke signed divorce papers
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PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Monday, December 9, 2019

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Impeachment Hearings, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Tuesday, December 10. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Brooke urges Ridge to support her for once Brooke urges Ridge to support her for once
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

At the Forrester mansion, Shauna told Quinn that being with Ridge had been too good to be true, and men like him were meant for the Logans of the world. Quinn said that she was an exception to the rule, and Shauna could be, too. Shauna replied that Ridge had outright said that Brooke was the love of his life.

Shauna complained about Brooke getting on her moral high horse and condemning Thomas. In Shauna's view, what had happened with Beth had been horrible; however, all the right people had wound up in the right place, and it was time to forgive and move on. Quinn replied that Brooke might be incapable of it. Shauna figured that they'd know soon enough.

Shauna recalled that Ridge had been kind to her before the Beth scandal had blown up. At that point, Shauna had been lumped with the liars and conspirators. Shauna talked about how kind he'd been to Flo when she'd been released and how he'd softened up when she'd donated her kidney to Katie.

Quinn remarked that Ridge and Shauna had been going somewhere. Shauna said it had been that way until he'd decided to give one more chance to his marriage. Quinn was sorry about it. Shauna admired him for it, but she didn't understand why Brooke would sabotage her marriage to a man like Ridge, who was truly rare.

Quinn thought Shauna was brave for risking her heart. Shauna reasoned that she could take it too far, like when she'd admitted that she loved Ridge. Shauna still couldn't believe that it was her life, but she figured it would end if Brooke could get out of her own way and forgive Thomas.

At Brooke's house, Ridge implored Brooke not to let anything get between them. Brooke asserted that Thomas needed serious mental help. Ridge assumed that she'd have nothing to do with Thomas until he got that help. Ridge begged her not to let it be their end.

It meant a lot to Brooke that Ridge was trying to save their marriage. She wanted them to be together always. Ridge said that they could find a way. It wasn't that simple for Brooke, who couldn't welcome Thomas back into the family after what he'd done to Hope. Brooke knew that Ridge needed more from her, and she was sorry that she just couldn't do it. She didn't think she ever could.

Ridge couldn't believe Brooke wouldn't to it -- no matter where it left her and her husband. Brooke didn't like feeling that way. "I loved Thomas, and I have forgiven him for a lot of things he's done to my son. But this has gone too far," she said. Ridge replied that family could forgive the most outrageous things.

For Brooke, it wasn't about forgiveness. It was about what Thomas would do next. Ridge asked if she thought his son was out plotting against Hope. Brooke felt that Thomas had shown what he was capable of. She noted that Ridge blindly supported Thomas, and that was dangerous. She insisted that Thomas needed help, and she didn't want him near her daughter.

Ridge reasoned that Thomas was getting better all the time and had signed over half the rights to his son. Ridge still didn't know what that meant. "Exactly! Who does that?" Brooke asked. Confused, Ridge said he'd thought it had been what Brooke had wanted. Brooke said she'd wanted Douglas with Hope but was leery about Thomas being a part of the equation.

Brooke began to talk about what Thomas had done. Ridge knew what Thomas had done but insisted that it was time to get beyond it with forgiveness. Ridge knew her heart, and he knew that she had forgiveness inside it. He asked her to share some with his son and not let it tear them apart. Brooke said Thomas was doing that, not her.

Ridge began to speak, but Brooke insisted that it was true. She believed that Thomas hated her and wanted her out of the family and company. "And he's getting what he wants. Whether you want to see it or not, he is manipulating again, but this time, it's us," Brooke concluded.

Brooke didn't want a divorce. She wanted to be with Ridge forever. "But if that means forgiving Thomas, I don't have anything more to say," Brooke stated. Ridge asserted that he couldn't lose Brooke. She said that he didn't have to. She figured that he just wasn't seeing her view or that he couldn't admit that she was right about Thomas.

Brooke asked why Ridge couldn't support his wife or her instincts. She asked him to be loyal and supportive of her for a change. Ridge asked if taking off her wedding ring had been loyal. She explained that she'd done it to show him how serious she'd been. In her view, Thomas needed medication and doctors. She said Thomas didn't need to be running loose, creating havoc, and running over people in his way. "Look at Emma, for instance," Brooke noted.

Ridge asked why Brooke had brought Emma up, and he asked Brooke not to do that. Brooke replied that Thomas had been chasing Emma when she'd died. Brooke knew that Ridge didn't blame Thomas for that -- or for anything. "Poor misguided Thomas," she said.

Ridge asserted that Thomas had been misguided, and Thomas had thought he'd been acting out of love. Brooke replied that Thomas' love was misguided and twisted. It hurt her that Ridge couldn't see it. Brooke said that Thomas had done wrong by her daughter.

Brooke noted that Ridge was there to try to save their marriage. She needed something from him. She needed him to trust and believe her when she said that Thomas was obsessed with Hope, and Brooke didn't want him near Hope. Brooke implored Ridge to be there for her and to support her.

At Forrester, Steffy wanted to believe in Thomas, but she suspected that he was going back to using Douglas to get Hope. Thomas tried to say that he wasn't. When Steffy held up the drawing Douglas had made, Thomas defended it, saying that "they" needed Hope back at Forrester. Steff asked if Hope was really considering working with Thomas day in and day out.

Thomas claimed that, unlike Steffy and Brooke, Hope didn't have a problem moving forward. Steffy asked if it was about work for Thomas or about something more personal. He claimed that the line needed a visionary, or "we" might as well put an end to it. Steffy took exception to his use of "we" and said it wasn't his call.

Thomas stated that he wasn't infringing on Steffy's territory. He was just encouraging Hope to return to work. He noted that Hope had been impressed by his designs. Steffy still doubted that it was only about business for Thomas.

As the debate continued between the siblings, Steffy reminded her brother that HFTF was an inactive line, and its relaunch was a discussion for her and Ridge, the CEOs. Thomas noted that Ridge had put him to work on the designs months back. Steffy countered that they were preliminary designs. Thomas hoped that he hadn't been wasting his time.

Steffy stated that designing kept Thomas focused, and there was always a chance his designs would work somewhere else. "In other words, 'stay in my lane,'" Thomas concluded. Steffy replied, "There you go." Sulking, Thomas quipped that it was fine, and he was sorry for trying to do something good for HFTF, Forrester, and Hope.

Steffy asked what made Thomas think Hope wanted to see him every day after what he'd done. Thomas said Hope didn't want her line to fail, and he was the best person to revamp it. "You know she doesn't like you, right?" Steffy asked. Steffy figured that Hope was playing nice because of Douglas, but if she had it her way, she'd be as far away from Thomas as possible.

Thomas wasn't so sure about that. Steffy warned Thomas that he was deluding himself to think Hope wanted a future with him. "Maybe not. Or maybe just not now," Thomas responded. He didn't know if there was a chance, but if there was, he was willing to work for it by being the best man that he could possibly be, not through manipulation and lies.

Alone in the office later, Thomas gazed at Douglas' HFTF sign. Thomas said that he and Hope were co-parents. He urged Hope to take his advice to return to Forrester. He was sure she'd see what he already knew. "We're meant to be," he said. He took a marker and crossed out the word "the" on Douglas' sign and replaced it with the word "our," making the sign read, "Hope for Our Future."

At Spencer, Liam told Hope that he'd always supported her career, but he didn't understand why she'd want to spend so much time with Thomas. Hope defended Thomas' idea that Hope needed to be at the helm of her line. Liam figured that Thomas had made a serious pitch. "Thomas and Douglas," Hope clarified.

Hope explained that Thomas had asked her to meet at work. She'd thought it had been about Douglas. "But it wasn't, was it?" Liam asked. Hope said that it kind of had been. She stated that Thomas had surprised her with a mini fashion show. Liam rolled his eyes. She said the designs had been good. Liam asked what it had to do with Douglas.

Hope conveyed that Douglas had made his own HFTF sign. Outraged, Liam asked how she knew that Thomas wasn't once again trying to use Douglas to get to her. Hope claimed that she knew how Thomas operated, so she wouldn't be caught off guard. There was something about "this time," though, that had seemed different. She assumed it might be because of the shared custody.

Liam reminded Hope that the custody arrangement was Thomas' last-ditch effort to be close to her. He insisted that Thomas was still after her, and it guided every move Thomas made. Hope conceded that Liam might be right about that, but she said she'd never be with Thomas in a million years. It was even ridiculous to her for anyone to think about it.

Liam quipped that Hope working with Thomas daily was ridiculous, too, "but here we are." Hope claimed not to be happy about having to spend time with Thomas, either, but she had to because they shared a son. Liam asked her to see how neatly it fit into Thomas' agenda. It gave Thomas time with her, and it gave her a chance to see him as a doting parent.

Hope wanted Thomas to be a good father, and she felt that being close to him would let her see the warning signs in case anything bad happened. Liam didn't want to tell Hope what to do. He doubted that he could even tell her what to do; however, he strongly objected to her working with Thomas again. He couldn't see it ending well.

Brooke and Ridge sign the divorce papers Brooke and Ridge sign the divorce papers
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
by Nel

Ridge reminded Brooke that he had promised that they wouldn't ever divorce again. He suggested that Brooke read the document. He explained the conditions of the divorce to her. Brooke said she didn't want the divorce, and she was certain Ridge didn't, either. She said Thomas hated her, and he'd made it a well-known fact. She asked if Ridge was going to let Thomas get between them. Ridge claimed Thomas had nothing to do with the divorce -- it was about them -- but Brooke said Thomas had everything to do with it. Ridge claimed they needed to decide who they were to each other.

Ridge and Brooke proclaimed their love for each other. Ridge said Thomas was his son and would always be with him. Ridge signed the divorce papers. Brooke asked how he could let Thomas tear them apart. She said that Thomas had been attempting to undermine her for years. Ridge remained silent. In tears, Brooke signed the divorce papers and accidentally smeared her signature with a tear. Ridge assured her it was fine. He embraced Brooke while she wept. Ridge said he would never change how he felt about her.

Ridge picked up the divorce papers, and before he left, Brooke asked him not to file the divorce papers. Alone, Brooke hoped Ridge would realize who Thomas really was and that he would return to her one day.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas received a call from Zoe. She said she was still at Vinny's and waiting for Thomas to contact her. He told her to sit tight, and he would make her return to Forrester happen. He explained that he'd had a medical issue and that he'd had another fall. Zoe asked if his problem was paralysis over Hope. Thomas said that Hope was receptive, and things were finally going his way.

A short time later, Ridge arrived and put the divorce papers on the desk. Thomas saw them and told Ridge he was sorry, but Ridge didn't want to talk about it. Ridge asked what Thomas was working on. Thomas informed Ridge that he'd been working on the Hope for the Future line. Ridge wondered why because Hope for the Future had been dormant for a long time. He informed Thomas that Steffy had an up-and-coming line, and they couldn't do both lines. Thomas said he chose to stay with Hope's line, but Ridge said it wasn't Thomas' choice.

Thomas told Ridge that Hope was warming up to the idea of partnering with him. Ridge asked about Steffy's line. Thomas suggested a runway showdown. He said that whoever got the most buyers would win. Ridge said he would consider it. Thomas told Ridge he was sorry about Ridge and Brooke. However, as soon as Ridge left, Thomas almost did a happy dance because he was really happy that Ridge and Brooke were divorcing.

At Spencer Publications, Hope asked if Liam understood why she needed to get back to work. Liam said he wanted her to do what she loved, but not with Thomas. Hope said she hadn't decided whether she would work with Thomas. Liam suggested that she bring someone new in and train them, but Hope insisted she could manage Thomas. Liam said she'd made that claim previously. He asked what would happen if Thomas tried to use Douglas again. Hope argued that Thomas would be working for her, and her eyes were wide open.

Liam wasn't happy. He told Hope that by sharing custody of Douglas with Thomas, Thomas became half her husband and would be a constant presence in her life. Liam said he loved her, and he just wanted her to be happy and safe.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn and Shauna had been discussing Ridge's divorce from Brooke when Eric arrived. Eric was informed that Ridge had left earlier with divorce papers in hand. Eric became upset and said Ridge and Brooke's marriage wasn't supposed to be ending, and he wanted to know what had happened.

Later, Ridge arrived looking for Eric but found Shauna. Ridge told Shauna that the divorce papers had been signed. Shauna expressed her sorrow and said she would leave him alone. She gave him a peck on the cheek and told him she would always support him. She left. Alone, Ridge agonized over the papers.

Hope arrived at Forrester Creations and asked why Thomas had called her. He said he had some good and bad news. Hope wanted to hear the bad news first. He told her that Ridge and Brooke were divorcing. Hope was stunned. She wanted to leave, but Thomas stopped her. Hope told him she had to get home because Brooke needed her. Undaunted, Thomas told Hope about a possible runway showdown between her and Steffy's lines and said the one who received the most buyers would win.

Hope told Thomas that she had nothing to show, but Thomas claimed they had more than enough to win. He asked if Hope thought that winning sounded good. Hope said she needed to think about it. Thomas said he understood that Liam wouldn't like them working together, but he assured her he would respect her relationship and prove that they could work together. He wanted her to give him a chance, and they could work as a kick-ass team.

Eric arrived at Brooke's, and he embraced her. He asked where Ridge was and what had happened. He spotted the divorce papers and asked if Brooke had signed them. She admitted she had because she wouldn't allow Thomas into their lives. Eric comforted her, and he suggested they go away to a mountain cabin and tell each other stories about how things should have happened rather than the way they'd turned out. He said everyone would miss them and would want them to return.

After Eric left, Brooke sat alone and brooded over the divorce papers.

Hope refuses to work with Thomas Hope refuses to work with Thomas
Thursday, December 12, 2019

At Spencer, Wyatt divulged to Liam the faux pas Sally had made. Liam thought it was a common slip-up to call someone by the wrong name, but Wyatt emphasized that he and Sally had been discussing their future at the time. Liam noted that he and Sally had never been involved, but Wyatt doubted that Hope would like for Liam to call her Steffy.

Wyatt refused to chase another girl who'd rather be with Liam. Liam said Wyatt wasn't chasing Sally because he was engaged to her. "Cautiously engaged," Wyatt replied. He feared that Sally's slip had caused a lot of damage.

At the mention of "damage," the topic turned to Thomas, who was up to no good, as usual. Wyatt was surprised to hear that Thomas expected Hope to work with him after all he'd done. Liam was upset that, in addition to co-parenting, Thomas wanted to monopolize Hope's time at work.

Wyatt said Hope wouldn't agree to work with Thomas. Liam replied that Hope might be considering it. "What?" Wyatt exclaimed. Liam hoped he'd convinced her not to do it, but he feared that Thomas would get what he wanted.

Wyatt didn't know how anyone could believe Thomas had changed. Liam pointed out that Ridge did, but Wyatt said parents could be blind to who their kids were. Liam didn't get how Hope could ever agree to spend any more time with Thomas than she had to. Wyatt didn't think Hope wanted to, but he did think Thomas would get her to believe that she needed to. Liam asserted that he wouldn't let Thomas do that.

In the design office, Thomas pitched his case to work with Hope on the line competition. All Hope could think about was getting to her heartbroken mother. Thomas urged Hope to hear him out and consider what an unbeatable team they'd make.

Thomas didn't want to see Hope lose HFTF but feared it would happen if Steffy's line outsold Hope's. He posited that helping Hope would help him prove that he'd changed. He repeated his fear that her line would be taken from her, and he implored her to let him work with her.

"No," Hope replied. She didn't want to work with Thomas. Thomas expressed surprise and noted that they were raising a child together. Hope considered that to be different. For Douglas' sake, she was willing to work with a man who'd hurt her more than she'd ever been able to imagine. Thomas asked if she could work with him for the sake of the line, which was her baby.

Hope replied that she had a baby, and Thomas had kept the baby hidden from her. She respected Thomas as a designer but drew the line at co-parenting with him. She said she'd find another designer. He told her that she knew she couldn't find another designer as good as he.

Hope stated that what she knew was that it would be unbearable to work with Thomas. She didn't like saying it, but it was true. With that, she left the office, and Thomas stewed in silence.

Later, Liam arrived. Thomas assumed that Liam was looking for Hope. Liam was there to see Thomas, who scowled and asked what was up. Liam ordered Thomas to back off. Thomas noted that Liam had just barged into Thomas' office. Liam told Thomas that working with Hope was off the table. Thomas revealed that Hope had turned him down.

"She did? Of course, she did," Liam responded. He asked if that had been enough for Thomas to get that Hope wanted to spend as little time with him as possible.

Thomas claimed that he wasn't a threat to Liam and Hope's relationship and that he wasn't manipulating anymore. Liam said that designing for Hope was a manipulation. Insisting that it wasn't, Thomas claimed that he hadn't "really worked with couture yet," and it was a way for him to hone his craft. He'd also thought that working with Hope would be a way to make amends.

Thomas insisted that he wasn't trying to interfere with Hope and Liam's relationship. Thomas had merely seen a way to help Hope. Liam replied that Thomas almost sounded sincere. Thomas replied that it was because he was, and he was no longer obsessed with Hope.

Liam asked if Thomas had been obsessed when he'd signed the custody agreement and let Hope think that she'd killed him. Thomas admitted that he'd made mistakes. He was trying to be better. He insisted that he wasn't a threat, and he wanted them all to get along.

Liam was sure they would get along because he planned to watch Thomas. Thomas said that he was done with the manipulations. He just wanted Hope to be happy, and if Liam made her happy, then Thomas was happy for her. Thomas hoped Hope would change her mind and work with him, so that she could have the fulfilled life he wanted for her.

Liam didn't get Thomas. He wanted to believe Thomas, but he couldn't. Liam was sure that there was an angle Thomas was working. Liam didn't know what it was, but he planned to find out. He vowed to never let Thomas hurt Hope again.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Steffy was sorry to hear about her father's divorce. She assumed it had to do with Thomas. Ridge guessed that he and Brooke loved their children too much. Steffy expressed sorrow that Thomas' obsession with Hope had caused the breakup.

Ridge contended with Steffy's word choice, but Steffy insisted that Thomas was obsessed. Ridge's expression soured, and Steffy asked him not to give her that look. She'd been trying to forgive Thomas, but it would take time. Ridge said it was supposed to take time, but she was at least doing it. Steffy liked seeing Thomas at work as a designer and not as the liar he'd been.

Ridge conveyed that Thomas had pitched the idea of a fashion showdown between Hope and Steffy's lines. Steffy noted that it meant Thomas would work long hours with Hope. Steffy questioned whether Thomas believed in the line or merely sought to drive a wedge between Liam and Hope.

In Steffy's view, the showdown should be about the work, but for Thomas, it was about getting Hope back. Ridge said that Steffy couldn't know that, but Steffy said she could make an educated guess. Ridge wondered why she was questioning her brother's motives when she'd just said she was trying to give her brother a chance.

Steffy said it was because she was co-CEO. She wanted to make sure everyone was invested in the showdown for the right reasons. She wanted to believe that Thomas was reformed. The look on her face expressed that she still had her doubts.

Steffy and Ridge looked at the numbers and decided that only one youth line was possible at the time. She was prepared to let the buyers decide which line through the competition. He expressed his hope that his children would work on a line together to mend their relationship. Steffy said there was no chance of that for Thomas as long as there was HFTF.

Hope arrived, and Ridge invited her to join the discussion. She expressed her sorrow about the divorce. Ridge said he'd always love her mother, but they hadn't been able to figure it out. Hope said she'd heard the news from Thomas, who'd also told her about a fashion showdown.

Steffy stated that Hope didn't have to do it if she had reservations about working with Thomas. Hope replied that she wouldn't be working with Thomas. She wanted to launch her line, but not with Thomas as the designer. Ridge didn't want to force Hope to use a designer she was uncomfortable with, but he reminded her that Thomas was the best in the business.

Hope agreed that Thomas was one of the best, but after all she and Thomas had been through, she couldn't work with him. Steffy said Hope needed to have a designer to have a chance in the competition. Hope intended to find one. Steffy asked to speak to Hope alone, and Ridge exited.

Hope asked Steffy not to talk her into working with Thomas. Steffy didn't want to do that. Instead, Steffy asked if it was possible to talk Hope out of the competition. Though Steffy respected Hope's line, it had been dormant for a while with all Hope had had to focus on. On the other hand, Steffy had been working on her new line for months. She noted that Hope didn't have a line or a designer.

Hope replied that HFTF wasn't dead. Hope admitted that the line had fallen by the wayside, but she believed in it and its message. She was sure she' find a designer who shared her passion and vision. "So, I'm ready to do this, Steffy. Game on," Hope responded.

Liam requests Steffy's help in exposing Thomas Liam requests Steffy's help in exposing Thomas
Friday, December 13, 2019

In the design office, Thomas asked Liam to cut him some slack. Liam wasn't buying the routine. Thomas admitted that he'd made mistakes; however, he said Liam had gotten Beth and Hope back. Claiming to be happy for Liam, Thomas said he was no longer trying to win Hope over.

Liam mentioned Thomas' indecent proposal, which Thomas had followed up by trying to get Hope to work with him. Thomas noted that Hope had turned him down. He insisted that she would change her mind because the partnership was good for the company.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about!" Liam exclaimed. He said Thomas wouldn't take no for an answer, and contrary to Ridge's belief, there wasn't a sane, well-adjusted bone in Thomas' body. Thomas was sorry to hear that Liam felt that way. Thomas had hoped that he and Liam could get along for Douglas' sake. Liam said it wouldn't happen because Thomas was trying to arrange a future for himself and Hope. Liam refused to let that happen.

At the mansion later, Thomas arrived as Shauna was entering the living room. He had figured that she and Ridge would be celebrating. Shauna said she didn't know what Thomas was talking about, but he could tell from the look on her face that she did know. She said she'd never be excited about the end of a marriage. Thomas replied that she and his father would be great together.

Shauna downplayed her relationship with Ridge, but Thomas knew better than that. He tried to goad her into revealing some details about it, but she only divulged that she and Ridge hadn't "made love" -- if that was what Thomas wanted to know.

Announcing that Ridge was a free man, Thomas told Shauna to take what she wanted and be with his father. Thomas said that Brooke blamed it all on him, but in his view, Ridge hadn't been happy for a while. He thought Ridge and Shauna deserved a chance at happiness, and he urged her to take the opportunity.

Thomas wasn't a fan of Brooke's and doubted that Shauna was, either. Shauna didn't have much against Brooke and just wanted her to give Flo a chance. Thomas thought that the Logans should bow down and roll out the red carpet for Flo after her sacrifice. Shauna didn't expect that much. Thomas said Brooke could learn from Shauna.

Shauna realized that Thomas really didn't like Brooke. Thomas didn't like Brooke for his father, but he'd be happy if Ridge started a relationship with Shauna. Shauna didn't want them to get ahead of themselves.

Apologizing, Thomas said he was glad to talk to someone that wasn't out to get him. He figured that Shauna didn't know him, and he swore that he wasn't that obsessed person anymore. He wanted everyone to realize that and find forgiveness so that he could move forward and build a life with his son. "And Hope," Shauna added.

Thomas tried to minimize his feelings about Hope, who he'd always care about because of Douglas. Shauna suspected there was more and that he actually wanted another chance with Hope. Thomas admitted that he wouldn't turn it down.

Shauna told Thomas that Hope was with Liam, with whom she had a child, and that they were a family. Thomas said it didn't mean that he couldn't have a vision of a future with Hope. He respected Hope's relationship but still believed that he'd end up with Hope.

Later, Thomas was alone in the living room. He imagined that Hope's portrait was on the wall and that photos of him, Hope, and Douglas through the years were displayed around the room. He was in the room with Hope, who wore black for a funeral. He was sorry about Brooke's untimely death. Hope said it made her even more grateful to have him and Douglas.

As the fantasy continued, Thomas remarked that the 16-year-old Douglas was out driving his new car. Hope praised Thomas' new line. He said that all the Logans were gone except for Hope, and there he and Hope were, living in the Forrester mansion. Liam and Steffy were together, and Ridge was with Shauna. Thomas said that everyone was happy.

Hope claimed that no one was happier than she. Though she'd miss her mother, she'd married the most talented and sexy man. She stated that he was all hers, and they kissed.

Thomas snapped out of the dream and grinned. "Goodbye, Brooke. Hello, happiness," he said.

In the CEO's office, Steffy asked how they'd have a fashion showdown if Hope didn't have a designer. Hope said she'd find one. Working with Thomas wasn't the right thing for Hope, who could really only focus on Brooke and Ridge's divorce at that moment. Steffy said that the divorce was a shame, and Hope replied that it was happening because of Thomas.

Later, Steffy was alone. Liam arrived, and she said she saw him more since he no longer worked there. Liam was interested in continuing the trend and said he needed her help because Thomas was up to no good again. Liam wasn't buying Thomas' "changed man" routine, and he doubted that Steffy was, either. Liam wanted to prove that Thomas was still dangerous, and Liam couldn't do it without Steffy.

Liam asked if Steffy had found it weird that Thomas had wanted to partner with Hope. Steffy admitted that she'd been surprised that Thomas had suggested the showdown, but she was hoping that he wasn't using it to get closer to Hope. Liam replied that if it didn't benefit Thomas, Thomas wouldn't do it.

Steffy contended that Thomas wanted to design again. Liam was fine with that, but as far as he was concerned, Thomas had lost his right to design with Hope. Steffy asked if Liam expected her to take down her brother. Liam wasn't asking her to betray Thomas. Liam just wanted her help in uncovering the truth.

Liam was sure that Thomas was back to chasing after Hope. Steffy said that Thomas was trying to be a better person -- she just didn't know how long it would last. He wanted Steffy to help him expose whether the new Thomas was real or not before they all got sucked back in. The torn Steffy said that Thomas was her brother.

Liam knew that he was putting Steffy in a tough spot, but he had to find out the truth and do it quietly. Steffy asked if Liam wanted her to go behind her brother's back. He replied that it wasn't anything Thomas hadn't done to her, and it was the only way.

At Brooke's house, Brooke paced and sat alone in the living room with the divorce papers. She watched Ridge walk through the front door, but his image disappeared. After a while, Hope arrived, and the two hugged.

Hope felt responsible for the divorce, but Brooke was sure that Ridge would see that the custody agreement was best for Douglas. Brooke explained that Ridge had needed her to forgive Thomas, but she hadn't been able to do it. She hoped that Ridge wouldn't file the papers. Brooke believed they'd have another chance if he could see the true Thomas. "And then you can be away from that maniac," Brooke concluded.

Hope revealed that she was starting to question Thomas' motives for everything. She told Brooke about the impromptu fashion show Thomas and Douglas had thrown. Hope murmured that the designs were good, even if she might have to tweak a few things. Brooke asked if Hope was considering working with Thomas. Hope said she'd turned it down. Brooke thanked God, but she couldn't imagine how he'd taken another rejection from Hope.

Hope was worried about Brooke and wanted to help Brooke through the divorce. Brooke just hoped that Ridge could see through Thomas, who was definitely obsessed.

B&B TWO SCOOPS: Pregnant (un)pause
B&B TWO SCOOPS: Pregnant (un)pause
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