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Thomas and Zoe hooked up, giving everyone but Brooke and Liam the impression that Thomas had moved on from Hope. Brooke refused to tear up her divorce papers. In a showdown with Liam, Thomas called himself the top dog and Liam's executioner.
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Thomas and Zoe hooked up, but Brooke and Liam believed Thomas was still in love with Hope
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Thomas seduces Zoe Thomas seduces Zoe
Monday, December 30, 2019

At Forrester, Steffy and Hope talked about Thomas' expectations for his date with Zoe. Hope thought Thomas wanted the date to last all night. It was a relief to Hope that he was moving on.

In the CEO's office later, Brooke arrived while Steffy was working. Brooke revealed that she'd spoken with Liam about his and Steffy's enlistment of Zoe to get to the truth about Thomas. Acknowledging that Brooke wasn't a fan of the plan, Steffy revealed that Zoe was on a date with Thomas that could last the entire night.

Brooke was skeptical about it, but Steffy wanted to believe that Thomas was ready to move on and heal. Brooke wanted to trust in Steffy and Liam's plan, but Brooke felt that they were just setting Zoe, who had feelings for Thomas, up for heartbreak. Steffy suggested that they just wait and see. Steffy really wanted Thomas to mean what he said and not lie anymore.

Brooke was all for Thomas becoming interested in another woman, but in her view, one night with Zoe wouldn't confirm anything. Steffy got that, but she was anxious to have her family back and her brother back. Steffy still found it hard to look at Thomas, and she cringed whenever he walked into a room. Brooke replied that she understood.

Steffy remarked that Ridge wanted her to find forgiveness. Brooke asked if Steffy could. Steffy didn't want to be suspicious of Thomas. She wanted Ridge to be right about her brother. Brooke wished she could see Thomas the way that Ridge did. Brooke wished she could find forgiveness, but she just couldn't.

Brooke asked how Steffy would feel if it had happened to Kelly. She asked if Steffy would ever see the people who hurt Kelly as anything other than terrible. Steffy didn't think she could. Though Brooke wished it would be different, she suspected that Steffy's plan would only prove that Thomas was lying all over again.

Though Steffy understood Brooke's position, Steffy asked if any part of Brooke could be open to seeing what would happen. Steffy said her father might be right, and Thomas might be over his obsession with Hope.

Brooke agreed to keep an open mind, but she still thought Thomas needed professional help. She said that one call a week with Taylor wasn't the answer. Brooke stated that even if Thomas proposed to Zoe, Brooke would still be watching him. Something within Brooke was telling her that he was still obsessed with Hope.

In Brooke's cabin, Douglas and Hope discussed whether Beth could understand him when he read her bedtime stories. Liam arrived home late from work and was surprised that Douglas was still there. Hope announced that Douglas would be spending the night, and Douglas cheered. Liam asked what was going on, and Hope mouthed that she'd tell him later.

As Douglas and Beth played together, Liam and Hope remarked that the boy was a good big brother. Douglas wanted to teach Beth everything he knew. Hope asked if Douglas could teach Beth how to prepare for bed. Douglas begged for a few more minutes before bedtime.

Hope approved it, and as she headed for the kitchen, Liam asked when she'd say what was going on with Thomas. In a lowered tone, Hope replied that Thomas was on a date with Zoe.

After Liam and Hope put the kids to bed, he asked what was going on with Thomas and Zoe. Hope explained that Thomas had asked her to watch Douglas while Thomas had a special night with Zoe. Hope claimed that Thomas had made it clear that he wanted to wake up with Zoe, and Hope thought it was a relief that Thomas was interested in someone other than her. Liam agreed that it would be a relief -- if it was real.

Hope had expected Liam to be more excited. Liam wanted to wait to see if it was actually true. Hope claimed that she wasn't naive, and she was being cautious around Thomas. Hope thought it would be great for everyone if Thomas had moved on to someone else. In Hope's mind, Brooke and Ridge could reunite, and Hope and Liam could focus on their family without the constant threat of Thomas.

Hope believed that it was an important night and a critical step for Thomas. A step toward Zoe meant a step away from Hope, and it could mean that he was over Hope. Liam hoped that it was true and that Thomas would prove that he was over Hope. She said that Thomas was with Zoe, the woman he should be with.

At Eric's house, Thomas and Zoe continued their date. Zoe asked Thomas to be candid about his motives behind the evening. Thomas didn't know if there was anything he could say to convince her. He felt that he needed to show her.

It made sense to Thomas that Zoe questioned his motives because, a short time back, he'd been trying to be with someone who hadn't wanted to be with him. He stated that he hadn't deserved that. Instead, he deserved to be with someone who appreciated him. Zoe affirmed that she did.

It made Thomas happy that Zoe looked at him the way he'd wanted Hope to look at him. He claimed that he could see his future in Zoe's eyes. He said that he was making good choices, and it was because of her. He hoped that she could see her future in his eyes.

Later, Zoe and Thomas had wine after dinner. She felt like a fairytale princess. He said it was a good look on her. She thanked him for making her feel as if she belonged and mattered. He claimed that it was just the beginning, and after that night, she'd know what she meant to him.

Thomas invited Zoe to take a walk around the grounds. When they stood, he began kissing her. Between kisses, he uttered that they'd postpone the walk. He wanted to take her upstairs. He said he wanted her. Thomas took Zoe's hand and led her upstairs.

In Thomas' room. Thomas lit candles. He told Zoe that they could start something special that night. Zoe and Thomas began kissing and caressing each other. As the moment intensified, Thomas pulled back. Zoe asked what was wrong. He said it was nothing. Thomas resumed making out with Zoe, and he lowered her onto the bed.

Thomas invites Zoe and Hope over for Christmas Thomas invites Zoe and Hope over for Christmas
Tuesday, December 31, 2019

In Brooke's cabin on Christmas Eve, holiday decorations were on display as Brooke, Hope, Beth, and Douglas sat in the living room. Douglas beamed about it being Beth's first Christmas. Brooke said that Douglas was right, and he ran off to write his and Beth's letters to Santa. Brooke asked if Hope had found out what had gone on with Zoe and Thomas the previous night.

Later, Douglas had finished the letters, and Hope decided that she needed to send Thomas a message to let him know that she'd drop Douglas off soon. "Just in case he's 'busy,'" Hope knowingly said to Brooke.

Douglas went to read Beth one last story before his departure. Liam had gone to Bill and Katie's house, but Hope said he'd be back soon to watch Beth. Brooke wished that Douglas could stay there. Hope reminded her mother that she had partial custody of Douglas. She figured that it wouldn't be that way for long if Thomas didn't get the help he needed.

Brooke and Hope wondered what was really going on with Thomas and Zoe. They questioned whether it was real or just for show. As much as Hope didn't want to think about Thomas' love life, she desperately wanted him to move on and let go of his obsession.

Hope thought it would be especially good for Brooke and her marriage if Thomas moved on. Brooke didn't want to be apart from Ridge, especially at Christmas.

At Eric's house, Ridge admired all the decorations Eric, Quinn, and Charlie had put out. Charlie also attributed the work to Pam and asked if anyone liked what he'd done to the motor court. Ridge said the motor court looked perfect -- if it one liked Time Square at Christmas.

Eric asked who'd be there and if Quinn had invited Shauna to Christmas the next day. Quinn had, but Shauna planned to spend it with Flo. Eric asked Ridge if Brooke would be there. Ridge was sure Brooke knew that she was welcome. Eric said that Brooke had to be there because she was the only one who knew all the moves to Twelve Days of Christmas.

Chuckling, Ridge replied that they weren't doing that again. Eric insisted that it was a family tradition. Wanting to get honest about the Brooke thing, Quinn said the divorce papers had been signed, and it would be uncomfortable for Brooke to be there.

Ridge replied that it would be more uncomfortable if Brooke wasn't. He didn't even know what Brooke would be doing for Christmas. Quinn bet that Brooke would be with her family, crying for all twelve days. Ridge didn't want to be away from Brooke, but he figured that she wouldn't want to be around Thomas. Quinn thought it said a lot that Brooke couldn't bend for one day.

Upstairs, Thomas imagined himself watching Hope sleep beside him in bed. He saw that it was really Zoe, and he sat up. Zoe awakened and realized that the previous night hadn't been a dream.

Zoe and Thomas got dressed. He said he'd had a good time the night before. Zoe replied that they'd needed the time to show each other how they really felt. She went to the bathroom, and Thomas received a message that Hope would be on the way over soon.

Zoe and Thomas went downstairs, where the family was still congregating. The conversation between the others stopped, and they gazed curiously at Zoe. Eric greeted her, and Thomas apologized for interrupting.

Zoe complimented the holiday decor and decided to leave. Thomas stopped her and invited her to the holiday celebration going on the next day. He figured that they were just getting started, but they were helping each other move forward. He said the family would see how special she was to him.

"What?" Quinn said to Eric. Eric murmured something, and rolling her eyes, she invited Zoe to the family celebration. Eric considered it an olive branch, and Quinn said Zoe's father had taken advantage of Zoe, too. Ridge added that Zoe didn't have family in the States whom she could be with, so she'd have them -- and Thomas. Eric warned her that she had to sing carols.

Thomas asked what Zoe had to say. Zoe hadn't expected their kindness. She thanked them all, especially Thomas. Thomas thanked her for being in his life just when he needed her.

At Brooke's house later, Brooke decorated her tree alone. Ridge called her from his office. He wanted to know if she could find a way to be at Eric's house for the holiday. She didn't know about that because Thomas would be there, and she told Ridge to just be with his son. Ridge said that it was about family, and Brooke was his family.

Brooke wished things were different. Ridge did, too. He said all the obstacles in their way didn't mean he didn't love her. Brooke felt the same way. He asked her to think about going to Eric's house because Christmas wasn't Christmas without her.

The call ended, and Ridge stared sadly behind his desk at a picture of him and Brooke. At the same time, Brooke gazed at an ornament with a picture of her and Ridge on it. Ridge had a matching ornament, and he placed it on the undecorated mantel in the office.

Back at Eric's house, Zoe and Thomas were alone. She still couldn't believe she'd been invited to the holiday. She was shocked by how kind everyone was being. She wasn't sure she deserved it after what had happened. Thomas said that it was time to move on with their lives.

Zoe replied that it had been a whirlwind for her. It had been the case for Thomas, too. Zoe was glad to hear it. She hadn't thought he'd wanted his family to know about them -- given her past. Thomas asked why he'd keep Zoe a secret. He wanted to shout the relationship from the rooftops. She was an important part of his life and his priority, and he was all in.

Thomas saw the front door open, and he pulled Zoe in for a kiss as Hope entered. "Hello!" she announced herself. Thomas and Zoe stepped away from each other, and Douglas rushed into the house and into Thomas' arms.

Zoe decided to leave, but Hope said not to leave on her account. Grabbing her purse, Zoe claimed to have last-minute shopping to do. Hope wished Zoe a merry Christmas, just in case she didn't see her. Zoe left, and Thomas sent Douglas upstairs to color.

"So, uh, you and Zoe," Hope remarked. Thomas replied that he and Zoe had had a good night. Hope told Thomas about all the fun she and Liam had had with Douglas the previous night. She said that Beth really adored Douglas. Thomas was glad to hear it.

Thomas hoped it hadn't been awkward with Zoe a moment before, but Hope replied that it hadn't been. He coyly conveyed that he and Zoe had gotten closer. He chuckled about how he and Zoe had walked into an audience when they'd arrived downstairs earlier, and that had blown his and Zoe's plan to be subtle about their relationship.

Thomas said the family had been sweet and had invited Zoe to Christmas, which was good because she couldn't be with her father. He suddenly realized that it might be weird for Hope to have Zoe there, but then he realized that he was making assumptions about where Hope would be for Christmas. He knew that Douglas would love to have Hope and Beth there. Thomas added that he'd love to see Hope, too.

Hope said she had to be there for her mother, but for the children, she and Liam had planned to stop by Eric's house for at least part of the day. Thomas was glad and had always wanted it to be a big, blended family spending time together. He felt that Douglas would be excited.

As Hope prepared to leave, Thomas thanked her again for giving him a night alone with Zoe. Hope exited, and grinning to himself, Thomas said it would be a good Christmas, after all.

PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air PREEMPTION: The Bold and the Beautiful did not air
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Due to the New Year's Day holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episode as a result. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, January 2, 2020, and picked up where the Tuesday, December 31, 2019, episode concluded.

Ridge goes to Brooke in hope of reconciling Ridge goes to Brooke in hope of reconciling
Thursday, January 2, 2020

In Brooke's cabin, Hope and Liam discussed how great the holiday had been, and he wished she didn't have to go to work. She reminded him that she was behind on preparing for the competition and said that Thomas thought that they should use the valuable time to work.

Liam snickered about Thomas, but Hope said that he'd seen Thomas and Zoe together at Eric's party. Hope believed that Thomas was really into Zoe, and things would be fine.

Later at the cliff house, Liam returned some things of Kelly's that had been put in Beth's bag by accident. Steffy and Liam discussed the fun they'd had for the holiday and how much Douglas and Hope loved each other. "She is his mom now," Liam remarked. Liam was glad about that. Steffy knew it was hard on Liam to have to share every holiday with Thomas, though.

Liam conveyed that Thomas had convinced Hope to go into the office that day. Steffy quipped that she'd be there, too, if she were competing against herself. Liam wanted to be okay with it, but he kept thinking about the time he'd rescued Hope from the helicopter ride.

Steffy wanted to believe Thomas really was better. Liam said that if it was all an act, that meant that Thomas was actually worse. She noted that Christmas had been okay; Thomas and Hope had co-parented, and Thomas had been focused on Douglas. Steffy said it was where they wanted Thomas to focus. "On his son -- and his new relationship with Zoe," she added.

Liam was concerned about Thomas dating their spy and hoped that Zoe wouldn't tell Thomas about Liam and Steffy's plan. Steffy hoped Zoe wouldn't. Citing the way Zoe and Thomas had interacted at the party, Steffy stated that the feelings might be mutual between them.

"And you don't think that will cloud her judgment?" Liam asked. He wasn't sure that they were getting any closer to the truth, and he was starting to think that they were putting Zoe in harm's way, right along with Hope. Steffy asked if it was possible that there was no danger. She wondered if it could all be real, which meant they could all get on with their lives.

Liam didn't know how Zoe could even be objective about Thomas' feelings at that point. Liam reasoned that his next statement could be just a part of his diseased imagination, but he had to wonder if "this" was all a part of Thomas' plan.

In the design office, Zoe was grinning to herself while Thomas worked. She was grateful that she'd gotten to spend the holidays with the Forresters and that they'd made her feel at home. Thomas had wanted her to feel just that way. He had a lot of plans for the future, and he said that she was a part of them. Noting that Hope was on the way there, he sent Zoe to get ready.

Later, Hope arrived, and she and Thomas discussed the great time everyone had had at Eric's party. The unity had reminded him of what everyone could accomplish when they put their differences aside. After the party, all Thomas had been able to think about had been work, and he had a surprise for Hope.

As Hope tried to tell Thomas to save it for another time, Zoe arrived in a white, Grecian-styled halter top gown. Because Hope had loved the design so much, Thomas had rushed it into production. Hope seemed uncomfortable as he neared Zoe and intimately touched her and the gown while he explained why he'd chosen sustainably-sourced silk for the design.

Thomas mentioned that Steffy hadn't assigned Zoe to a line, and Zoe could be a real asset to HFTF. Hope rolled her eyes. Thomas gazed at Zoe, saying that Zoe had made him see possibilities that he hadn't known existed.

Hope seemed uncomfortable as she watched Thomas adjust the hem of the dress. Zoe giggled, saying that it tickled when he touched her like that. Thomas sent Zoe to change and asked Hope what would be next in their day. Hope asked if he'd rather spend the day with Zoe.

Thomas flashed a curious look at Hope. He said he'd made a commitment to Hope to help her win the showdown, and he and Zoe had plenty of time to spend together. Hope asked if he and Zoe had become official. It seemed to Hope that the two had become serious.

Thomas said it depended upon what Hope meant by the word "serious." He wasn't into labels, but Hope stated that it was safe to say they were more than friends. Thomas conveyed that his time with Zoe was about moving forward, and she'd made a positive impact on his life.

Hope could see that, but she'd been surprised that Thomas had invited Zoe to Eric's party. Thomas hadn't wanted Zoe to be alone for the holiday. He realized that people might still have a problem with Zoe, and he was sorry if his dating her upset Hope. Hope wasn't upset by it; she was just curious about it.

Thomas said he hadn't expected it to happen with Zoe, and it had been the last thing on his mind when he'd encountered her. He felt that he had a lot to be grateful for, including Hope. Even though their relationship had changed, Hope was still an important part of his life. He stated that he understood that his relationship with Zoe could be a problem for Hope.

Hope said that it wasn't. It was just weird for Hope to see Zoe there, even though Hope was trying to move past what had happened. Thomas was trying to do the same thing, and he wanted to be the best he could be for his son, the company, the line, and Hope. Zoe was helping him do that. "That's what you wanted, right? For me to move on?" Thomas asked.

At Brooke's house, Ridge and Brooke had coffee. She remarked that she would have spent Christmas alone if he hadn't shown up on her doorstep. It was one of the best gifts she'd ever gotten for the holiday. Ridge toasted to that, and they told each other that they missed each other a lot. He didn't want to be without her ever again.

Brooke reminded Ridge that he'd signed divorce papers. He said she had, too, but he hadn't filed them. She appeared surprised. He stated that he hadn't been able to do it. She was happy about it. She loved Ridge and didn't want to lose him.

Sure that they'd make it through, Ridge said she'd been there at Christmas, and she'd seen Thomas and Zoe. Brooke didn't know what Ridge was getting at. Ridge said Thomas had brought Zoe around all the people he cared about. Ridge thought it was great for him and Brooke. Brooke didn't see how.

Ridge said he knew his son and knew that it wasn't just a fling. Brooke mentioned that Hope had watched Douglas so that Thomas and Zoe could spend an evening together. Ridge, who'd seen the two the morning after that, said they had really seemed to care about each other.

Brooke replied that it really didn't prove anything. Ridge thought it proved that Thomas was moving on and getting better. He said Brooke should give his son another chance.

Ridge was eager to believe that Zoe and Thomas were legitimate and said it was a positive step forward. Brooke replied that it could be, but it didn't mean that Thomas' or Brooke and Ridge's problems were solved. Ridge asked why Brooke couldn't see that Thomas had made significant changes in his life the way Ridge and Hope had seen it.

In Brooke's silence, Ridge asked if Brooke wanted to be together and to tear up the divorce papers. He said there was nothing stopping them. Brooke wanted that, but she insisted that Thomas should get the professional help that he needed.

Ridge said that Thomas needed his family's support. Ridge added that she'd seen Thomas with his family and Zoe at Christmas. "You know he's changed, right?" he asked.

Brooke wanted Ridge back home. She wanted his arms around her. Ridge moved in to kiss her. "It's just -- I don't trust Thomas. I really don't," Brooke said, and Ridge stepped back. She conveyed that she'd seen nothing at Christmas that could be proof that Thomas was no longer a threat to her daughter.

A scene played of Hope and Thomas, who were still at the office. In a voice-over, Ridge told Brooke that Thomas had changed. Ridge believed in his son and said that Brooke needed to believe in Thomas, too.

As the office scene continued, Hope talked to Thomas about the line, but all Thomas could do was stare at her lips and chest. Over the scene, Ridge stated that Thomas was a new man and had moved on. "Thomas is no longer obsessed with your daughter," Ridge asserted.

Thomas hurls deadly threats at Liam Thomas hurls deadly threats at Liam
Friday, January 3, 2020

In Brooke's cabin, Bill arrived to see Beth. Hope let him in, and they chatted about the quiet Christmas that Bill and Katie had spent at home with Will. Hope understood that Bill hadn't been around much because he was helping Katie recuperate. Bill remarked that he'd heard that Hope was co-parenting and working with Thomas.

To Bill, that was a lot of Thomas in Hope's life, and Bill said Liam was concerned about her exposure to "that creature." Bill questioned Hope about how things were going with Thomas, and she conveyed that Thomas was behaving better. Though Bill was glad to hear it, he would set Thomas straight at any time Hope gave Bill the word.

Hope said she was keeping a close eye on Thomas. Bill replied that it was good to hear. Bill didn't trust that twisted freak, and if Thomas messed with Bill's family again, it wouldn't end well for Thomas. Hope stated that she knew Bill thought she was na´ve.

Interrupting Hope, Bill said he thought Hope was a good person -- and too trusting. He suspected that Thomas would try to use it against her. Hope claimed that she had an eye on Thomas. Bill replied that he did, too, and if Thomas tried to hurt her, Liam, Beth, or Douglas, Bill would handle Thomas in Bill's way.

At Steffy's house, Liam and Steffy met with Zoe for a status update about Thomas. Steffy and Liam admitted their surprise to see her at the family celebration. Liam was even more surprised to hear Zoe refer to Thomas as a boyfriend when she spoke about the welcoming way Thomas and his family had been to her at the party. Liam asked her to promise to stay objective.

Zoe insisted that knowing Thomas' feelings about Hope was important to her, too, and Zoe wouldn't knowingly open herself up to a man who didn't want her. Zoe believed that Thomas was sincere and really cared about her. Liam questioned Zoe's objectivity, but Zoe said her heart was on the line. She wouldn't go down that road if she didn't think Thomas really cared.

Zoe admitted that Thomas' feelings for Hope were complicated; however, Zoe insisted that they were behind him, and his focus had shifted to her. Steffy was relieved to hear it, but Liam was still skeptical. Zoe said it was true, even if saying it meant there was no longer a need for her to work at Forrester. Zoe declared that Thomas was no longer all about Hope.

Liam told Zoe that Thomas was snowing her. Steffy said Liam didn't know that for sure, but Liam insisted that he did. In Liam's opinion, Thomas was only telling people what they wanted to hear. Steffy assumed that there was nothing Thomas could do in Liam's mind to prove himself.

Liam replied that he wasn't saying there wasn't anything Thomas could do; the problem was that Thomas just wasn't doing anything. Liam didn't want Zoe to be Thomas' next "roadkill" and advised her to be careful. Insistent upon doing damage control, Liam walked out of the house.

At Eric's house, Shauna and Thomas were alone. He claimed that he and his father had missed her at the family celebration. Shauna doubted that about Ridge because Brooke had been at the party. Thomas quipped that he was trying to forget that Brooke existed. Rendering his vision of the future, he said Brooke would be banished from all things Forrester, Shauna would be by Ridge's side, and Thomas and Hope would be together every day and night.

"Hope? What about your new relationship with Zoe?" Shauna asked. Thomas didn't know what she was getting at. Shrugging, he said that Zoe was pretty and smart, and they were having fun. With a chuckle, Shauna asked if "fun" had become a euphemism for sex. He said everyone should be glad about his sex life because all he'd been hearing was that he needed to move on.

Shauna decided that she was getting to know Thomas a little too well, and she believed that he was just going through the motions with Zoe. Shauna suspected that he was just trying to make Hope jealous. Thomas revealed that he was playing the long game with Hope, something Shauna was doing with his father.

Shauna snapped that they were talking about Thomas, and she asked where Zoe fit in. In Thomas' view, Zoe was a pleasant distraction. He still loved Hope, but he couldn't rush it. In the meantime, he'd put Hope at ease by being with another woman. Shauna thought that he was really rolling the dice by telling her. He reasoned that she could tell Ridge, who'd lost his marriage while defending Thomas.

Thomas said it was exactly why Shauna wouldn't tell Ridge. Doing so might spark a reunion between Brooke and Ridge. Thomas thought that she was better with Ridge than Brooke, and Thomas was better for Hope than "ping-pong" Liam. Shauna asked what would become of Zoe. He replied that she'd land on her feet -- beautiful women always did.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Sally cringed as Steffy negatively critiqued another sketch. Steffy said she'd given Sally notes, but Sally wasn't hearing Steffy. As they discussed the sketch, Hope arrived and apologized for interrupting. Steffy invited Hope in.

Steffy asked how things were going for Hope. Steffy asked if Thomas was behaving himself by not putting romantic pressure on Hope. Hope stated that he seemed pretty focused on Zoe. Steffy was happy that he was focused elsewhere; she just wished it wasn't on Zoe. Hope was glad that it was anyone other than her, and she really wanted to believe he was moving on.

Sally left, and Hope and Steffy continued to talk about Thomas. Hope said she couldn't work closely with Thomas if she felt that he was still hung up on her. Hope felt that Thomas' energy had been directed toward Zoe. Steffy was glad to hear it from Hope. Steffy believed what her father had been saying -- Thomas was no longer a threat to Hope or Hope's relationship with Liam.

In the design office, Thomas was working when Liam entered. Liam wanted Thomas to really hear what he was about to say. Liam said that Thomas might have convinced the whole town that he was a new man, but Liam saw the real Thomas.

Thomas claimed that he'd moved on, and Liam didn't need to protect Hope from big, bad old Thomas. Thomas said that it should have been apparent to Liam, who'd creepily watched Zoe and Thomas at Christmas, and Liam could ask her himself. Liam insinuated that Thomas was lying to Zoe. Thomas didn't know what more to say other than that Liam's wife was in no danger.

"Oh. Wait a minute. Hope isn't your wife," Thomas quipped. He wondered why Liam hadn't put a ring on it yet. Thomas realized it was because Liam had an embarrassment of riches with two women pining for him. Thomas stated that Steffy was Liam's "Brooke," the one Liam always went back to. Thomas figured that was the reason Liam hadn't pulled the trigger on Hope. Thomas said that, deep down, Liam still loved Steffy.

Liam refused to talk to Thomas about Hope and Steffy. Thomas figured that Liam would be willing to talk once he proposed to Hope. In Thomas' mind, Liam would be looking to marry into Thomas' family with Hope and Douglas. As the mother of his child, Hope would always be a part of Thomas' life.

Liam asserted that trying to fool him was a waste of time. He knew that Thomas was after Hope, and it wasn't going to happen. "You know, if you keep talking like this, you're just handing Hope right over to me," Thomas concluded. Liam asked what Thomas had just said.

Thomas stated that the weak vegan computer geek was no match for him. Thomas said that Liam needed to be needed. Steffy and Kelly needed Liam in Malibu, and Hope and Doulas belonged with Thomas. Liam was in awe that Thomas had finally exposed the truth.

Thomas said that it would be Liam's fault if Hope ended up with Thomas. Liam would show himself to be a pathetic man and terrible father figure to Douglas. Thomas stated that Liam would be nothing without his father's money and power.

"This is Forrester country, and I will be top dog of his family, of the company, of everything I see," Thomas said. He planned to expose Liam for the liar he was. Liam called Thomas insane.

Thomas told Liam to look into Thomas' eyes. They were the eyes of Liam's executioner. Thomas said he'd have the last word. He was the ruler of the kingdom, but Liam had a chance if he treated Steffy well. Otherwise, Liam would be left with nothing. Thomas would celebrate the day when he'd take the women and children to Liam's grave and remind them of what a two-faced, selfish "son of a bitch" Liam was.

Liam asked if that had been a threat. "Yes," Thomas replied.

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