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Thomas fast-talked his way out of trouble when Steffy and Hope confronted him about his threats against Liam. Liam proposed marriage to Hope -- as long as she gave up Douglas. Steffy orchestrated a kiss between her and Liam, and Hope broke up with him.
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Hope broke up with Liam after seeing him kissing Steffy
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Steffy is asked out on a date Steffy is asked out on a date
Monday, January 6, 2020

In the design office, Liam repeated Thomas' statement that Thomas would take women and children to Liam's gravesite. In Liam's view, Thomas was threatening him. Thomas replied that Liam couldn't stand being called out. Liam said he hadn't done anything wrong.

Thomas asked when Liam had last seen Kelly. Liam ordered Thomas not to use Kelly to divert from Thomas' obsession with Hope. Shrugging, Thomas claimed that he'd moved on with Zoe. To Thomas, it didn't matter what Liam thought. Thomas would never stop defending Steffy, Hope, or the kids. He said he'd always be in Hope's life, and there was nothing Liam could do about it.

In the CEO's office, Steffy and Hope discussed Thomas and Zoe. They wanted to believe that the couple was real, but Hope was still a bit skeptical. Steffy reasoned that nothing could erase what Thomas had done in the past, but he'd had a reality check. She believed that he was starting a new relationship and was no longer a threat to Hope.

Later, Steffy and Zoe were in the office with Colin, who was showing Steffy some fabrics. His family had supplied luxurious fabrics to Forrester for years, and he wanted to make sure that Steffy was happy with his samples. Steffy said she needed to show them to her designer.

Colin remarked that he'd heard that Steffy was working with Sally Spectra. He thought he'd never hear of a combo like that. He said that, over drinks, he'd loved to hear how that collaboration was going. Bashfully declining, Steffy said she was concentrating on her line at that time. He suggested it happen some other time then, and he exited.

Zoe teased Steffy about Colin's interest. Like Colin, Zoe wanted to see how the fashion show would go, but she wasn't sure she'd be there that long. Steffy said that Zoe had been true to her word and had helped with Thomas. For that reason, Zoe could stay on at Forrester.

Zoe was happy to hear it. As Steffy was saying that she trusted Zoe, Thomas strode through the slightly open door. "Hey, Thomas. What's up?" Steffy nervously said. Flashing a curious look, he replied that he'd been about to ask her the same thing.

Zoe thanked Steffy again for her job. Steffy said that Zoe had proven that she was a valuable member of the team. Zoe promised not to let what was happening between her and Thomas affect her work. Thomas said he and Zoe were just looking toward the future. Steffy asked what that future looked like, and he joked that 20 questions were about to head his way.

Steffy said that she was his sister and allowed to be nosy. Zoe remarked that "this" was what it was like to have a sibling. Thomas and Steffy playfully sassed at each other about how Phoebe and she had tried to be in his business as kids. He hadn't wanted them to know all his business back then, but times had changed. He wanted everyone to know how important Zoe was to him.

Steffy wondered if the pair would move in together. Zoe said they hadn't discussed it. Steffy remarked that Thomas had talked about getting his own place. "And leave Granddad's?" Thomas asked. He joked that he might give up the mansion luxuries for Zoe, but Douglas might need a little coaxing.

Thomas liked what was happening between him and Zoe, and it had come along at the right time. Steffy observed that the two made a gorgeous couple. She was happy that Thomas was getting on with his life.

Later, Thomas had gone, and Zoe and Steffy resumed their conversation. Steffy believed that Thomas liked Zoe as much as she liked him. Steffy had been worried at first, but she was satisfied that Zoe was right about Thomas being a changed man. Steffy stated that if Zoe wasn't in the picture, Steffy might be worried that Thomas was still obsessed with Hope.

At Spencer later, Hope arrived at Liam's behest and asked what was going on. Liam told Hope that everything Thomas had been saying and doing was a farce, including his new relationship with Zoe. Liam explained that he'd gone to talk to Thomas. Upset, Hope said Liam knew that hadn't been a good idea. She asked what had gone on.

Liam called Thomas a terrible human being, and he listed all the names Thomas had called him. He recalled that Thomas had claimed that Liam would be nothing without his father and that Liam should still be with Steffy and Kelly. Hope had thought Thomas was over all that.

Liam said that Thomas could be as insulting as he wanted, but the rage was the problem. Liam described the look in Thomas' eyes as evil and called Thomas a lunatic who'd insinuated himself into Hope's life. Hope didn't know what to say about it and was sorry.

Liam added that Thomas had said that Liam had been looking into the eyes of his executioner and that Thomas couldn't wait to take Hope, Steffy, and the kids to Liam's grave. "So, Thomas threatened you?" she asked. Liam stated that Thomas wasn't better and had gotten worse.

Hope couldn't believe that she'd thought Thomas had been working on himself. Liam had wanted it to be true because he hadn't wanted to spend his life worrying about her and Douglas' safety. She asked what he thought of Zoe and Thomas. Liam said it was just another smokescreen. Unsure, Hope said it seemed real to her.

Liam replied that a modicum of it could be true for Thomas, but Liam asked Hope to consider how suddenly it had appeared. He thought it was designed to be a show for Steffy and Ridge and to make Brooke look bad for insisting that Thomas get treatment. It also was designed to get Hope to let her guard down. Hope was upset that she'd given Thomas the benefit of the doubt.

Liam emphasized that Thomas' relationship with Zoe was just a strategy to make Hope think that he was over her. Liam said Thomas had stated that he still believed that Hope's future was with him, not Liam. Done with the threats and the lies, Hope decided that she had to talk to Thomas. Liam didn't want her to do that, but she insisted that she had to face Thomas herself.

Later, Liam was alone when Steffy arrived. After talking to Zoe and Thomas, Steffy was feeling bad about doubting her brother. Liam said not to bother feeling that way. He was confident that she could take everything he'd said about her brother and multiply it by a thousand. Steffy asked if something had happened.

Liam replied that he'd just seen a side of Thomas that Liam hadn't even known had existed. Thomas had been full of raw venom. Steffy asked what Thomas had said. "Basically, that he can't wait to see me dead," Liam replied.

Back in the design office, Thomas was observing a model in a design. Hope arrived, and Thomas asked how she felt about the dress. Hope made some recommendations, and he said he'd been thinking the same things. The model left. Hope's eyes angrily narrowed on Thomas, and he assumed that she'd talked to Liam.

Claiming that he'd known Liam would run to Hope, Thomas said he'd been minding his own business when Liam had shown up, calling Thomas a liar. Liam wouldn't hear Thomas' defenses and had called Thomas a liar and a manipulator. Liam had said that Thomas was using Zoe to get to Hope and that Thomas had everyone fooled, including Hope.

Hope asked if Liam was right. Hope had begun to question everything about Thomas and the progress that he'd made. Thomas replied that she was overreacting. She brought up the gravesite comment. He claimed to have said it in the heat of the moment, but she thought it sounded like a threat.

Thomas refused to take it back or apologize to Liam. It was Liam's problem if he didn't like Thomas looking out for Hope, Steffy, and the kids. Hope stated that Thomas had been aggressive, and it worried her. Insisting that he wasn't after her, Thomas said that Liam was up to his same old tricks, stringing her along without a commitment.

Thomas was concerned about Hope's happiness because she was Douglas' mother. Hope told him not to be. Thomas believed that they both knew why Liam still hadn't proposed to her. She replied that Thomas didn't know anything about her relationship.

Thomas stated that Liam was still in love with Steffy, and that was why Liam felt threatened by Thomas. In Thomas' view, Liam was angry that Thomas was calling him out on it. Hope thought Thomas' desires regarding Steffy and Liam were nothing new.

Thomas replied that he wasn't saying that Liam didn't love Hope. He was saying that Liam cared for Steffy, and they'd be connected forever through their child. "Liam is still in love with my sister. Do you really want to share Liam with Steffy for the rest of your life?" Thomas asked.

Liam offers Hope a proposal and an ultimatum Liam offers Hope a proposal and an ultimatum
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

At Spencer, Steffy told Liam that trash-talk between him and Thomas was to be expected. Liam was fine with trash-talking. His concern was for Hope, the woman whom Thomas had admitted he'd never gotten over. Steffy believed in Thomas and Zoe, but Liam said Zoe was just another in a long list of women Thomas bided his time with until he got the one he wanted.

Liam was frustrated that he and Hope still weren't done with Thomas. The whole thing was taking a toll, and it was chipping away at his relationship with Hope.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Carter and Ridge worked and joked that everyone else in the world was skiing at that moment. Carter appreciated the invite to the holiday party at Eric's house and had expected that he'd perform an impromptu wedding for Hope and Liam.

Ridge murmured that it had been a Christmas miracle that it hadn't happened. Carter asked if that was because Ridge didn't think the couple was ready. Ridge said that Steffy was still in love with Liam. Ridge sensed that Liam was in love with her, too.

In the design office, Thomas wanted Hope to face reality about Steffy and Liam. Thomas claimed to be looking out for the mother of his child. Hope wasn't worried about Liam's feelings for Steffy. Instead, Hope was worried about the way Thomas had threatened Liam's life.

Thomas claimed it hadn't happened that way, and he'd been defending himself against Liam, the instigator. Hope wanted the truth about whether Thomas was really changing and whether he was really a couple with Zoe. Hope urged him to be honest with Zoe and not to use her.

Thomas revealed that Zoe was good for him and made him happy, but he shared a son with Hope. He didn't want to freak Hope out. He just wanted to be honest. He believed that the best thing was for Hope, Douglas, and him to be a family under one roof, but he understood that it was impossible. He asked if Hope understood that it wasn't the best idea to question his budding relationship with Zoe.

Hope reasoned that she wasn't trying to push Thomas into marrying the girl. Hope just wanted to make sure he wasn't using Zoe. Thomas admitted that he might be using Zoe to move on, but he felt it should make Hope happy. Hope clarified that it was something entirely different if he was using Zoe merely to make Hope believe that he was moving on. The confrontation Thomas had had with Liam made Hope think that was exactly what was happening.

Thomas claimed that Liam was twisting things around. Thomas had only been trying to tell Liam that Hope and Thomas had a mutual devotion to HFTF and Douglas. Those things bonded Hope and Thomas, but Liam wasn't capable of accepting it. Thomas said he'd overreacted to Liam and had brought up his grave. Thomas stated that he could admit the mistake, and he wouldn't do anything to cause his son to lose Hope because of him.

Hope stated that Douglas would never lose her. She thanked Thomas for being honest and said that she could see his view. She wished the best for him and Zoe. Thomas wished the best for Hope and Liam -- if Liam was really the person she wanted to spend her life with.

Hope warned Thomas not to say something he'd regret. Thomas asked her to think long and hard about why Liam hadn't proposed to her. He said that she knew it was because of Steffy. Hope replied that Thomas was wrong. As she turned to leave, Thomas stated that he was looking forward to the new year and what it could bring for all of them.

At the cliff house, Ridge visited with Kelly and Steffy and joked about New Year's resolutions. Steffy didn't have any plans that evening but to be with her daughter. Ridge replied that he had the same plans, and Steffy invited him to stay to watch a movie. He offered to invite Thomas, but she suspected Thomas would be with Zoe that night.

Ridge thought Zoe could be good for Thomas. Steffy expressed Liam's feelings about it, and Ridge said Liam should mind his own business. She replied that Liam couldn't and was more concerned than ever about Thomas.

Later, Ridge scrolled through Steffy's movies and noted that she had every Bob Hope movie. Steffy stated that it had been her and Liam's thing. Ridge opted to play cards instead of seeing a movie. Someone knocked on the door. As Steffy walked over to answer it, she said that a Bob Hope movie would not put her into a depression or tailspin. Ridge quipped that he'd been more concerned about himself.

At the door were Thomas and Douglas. They'd been having a guys' night, and Douglas had wanted to see Kelly. Steffy sent Douglas into the nursery to quietly check on his sleeping cousin. Steffy said she'd thought Thomas would be with Zoe that night. Thomas planned to do that later and was really enjoying bonding with Douglas.

Ridge was proud of Thomas for mending his father-son relationship with Douglas. Thomas credited Hope and said it had improved when she'd started co-parenting with him. Steffy added Liam to the list. Liam had opened his home and had been supportive. "Sure," Thomas bit out.

"So, why'd you go off on him?" Steffy asked. Ridge asked what she was talking about, and she revealed that Liam had accused Thomas of threatening him. Thomas guessed that Liam had beaten him to the punch. Steffy skeptically asked if Thomas had planned to tell her and Ridge.

Claiming that he had planned to, Thomas launched into his version of what had transpired between him and Liam. Thomas didn't know how to prove that he'd changed except through his actions. Ridge quipped that making threats might not be the action Thomas wanted to exhibit.

Thomas claimed that he'd been defending himself, something he had a right to do. He wasn't surprised that Liam had picked and chosen what parts of the conversation he'd reveal to others. He knew that Liam would never believe him. Thomas was grateful for Steffy and Ridge. Thomas didn't want to think about the previous year, and he was anxious to move into the new year being "Forrester strong." Ridge liked the sound of that. Steffy flashed a dubious gaze.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam set up a romantic evening. Hope arrived home, and he said Beth was down for the evening. He was sure Beth would stay down because she knew that Daddy wanted to show Mommy what she meant to him.

Liam wondered how things had gone with Thomas but decided that he didn't want to talk about Thomas that night. Liam said it was a miracle that he and Hope were together after the year they'd had. They'd lost Beth and their marriage. Liam would never stop being thankful to Douglas for getting them there to that moment. Liam wanted to reunite because he loved Hope and the life that they had created.

Hope asked what Liam was saying. Though Liam had been planning it for a while, he hadn't found the right moment. He decided that the start of a new year was the perfect time. He asked her to make a commitment with him to put Beth and their family first.

Though Liam didn't want to talk about Thomas, he figured that he had to because it was about Thomas, too. Hope said that Thomas had admitted to saying the things Liam had told her, but Thomas had said he'd been defending himself because Liam had been coming at him. Shaking his head, Liam replied that it wasn't how he'd thought the talk would go.

Hope stated that she was co-parenting with Thomas, "and if you went out of your way to provoke him..." Liam declared that Thomas was manipulating her again. He said he and Hope had to be united for Beth and their future. Hope claimed to want that, too. Liam asked her to please see Thomas for who he was -- a liar and manipulator. Hope's face darkened.

Liam insisted that nothing had changed, and Thomas would keep finding more creative ways to get to Hope. Liam feared that Thomas was succeeding in driving a wedge between them. Kneeling before her with a ring in his hand, Liam knew that she understood that Thomas was a monster. Liam said that she needed him to keep reminding her of that, and he needed her. "So, for God's sake, marry me, Hope. Marry me," Liam proposed.

Liam asked Hope to marry him, be his wife, and separate herself from Thomas so that she and Liam could put the horror of the past behind them. Liam said it meant ending her collaboration at Forrester and her co-parenting arrangement. "What?" Hope replied.

Liam promised that he and Hope would still be in Douglas' life and look after him as much as they could, but they had their own family to take care of. Their duty was to Beth, and Liam couldn't keep living his life with Thomas in it. Liam loved Hope. They could have the future that they had dreamed of, but Hope had to leave Thomas and his lies behind her. Liam asked her to say that she'd marry him.

Ridge encourages Steffy to fight for Liam Ridge encourages Steffy to fight for Liam
Wednesday, January 8, 2020
by Nel

At the cliff house, Steffy told Ridge that she hoped Zoe would help Thomas get over Hope. She believed Zoe was proof that Thomas wanted changes, but she felt that Thomas still wanted Hope to be part of his and Douglas' life. As long as Hope was a co-parent for Douglas, she would be in Thomas' life. She said that Thomas needed to let go of Hope. Steffy said she had Kelly to care for and that taking care of Thomas was Ridge's job.

Steffy carried out some freshly baked cookies. Ridge said that Steffy amazed him. She not only ran a company and raised a family, but she also found time to bake cookies. Ridge said he was taking care of his family and doing what any parent would do for their children. Steffy reminded Ridge that Thomas was a grown man raising his son. Ridge said that Thomas was doing a good job of it compared to his actions from a few months earlier. Steffy noted that Douglas appeared happier and more secure, but that was thanks to mommy Hope.

Ridge told Steffy that the co-parenting was bound to become very complicated when Thomas found someone he wanted to settle down with. He asked where that would leave Hope. He said it would get messy. Steffy warned Ridge not to borrow trouble, but Ridge claimed he was being realistic. He said it was a new year and a new beginning, and he felt it would be a good year for Thomas.

Ridge recalled how happy his kids had been and how happy Steffy had been with Liam. He wanted to see that again. Steffy asked if Ridge was playing matchmaker and if he was implying that Liam was her destiny, not Hope's. He realized that they used the word "destiny" a lot. Steffy stated that it was the word Ridge had always used when referring to himself and Brooke -- she was his destiny. Ridge said he wouldn't take anything away from Taylor because they'd had three amazing children together. Steffy said she and Kelly missed Taylor, but she knew that Ridge was always looking out for them.

Ridge said he was proud of who Steffy had become in spite of Taylor. He thought she was an amazing human being, and he believed she could leap buildings in a single bound. He pointed to the picture of her and Liam and said that if that looked like happiness to Steffy, then she should fight for it.

At the cabin, Liam was on bended knee when he told Hope that he wanted them to be husband and wife and to commit as a family. He said it was a mistake to allow Thomas to show up on their doorstep whenever he chose, and he said they needed to move on without Thomas and Douglas. He said that in spite of what Thomas said and did, he was still as obsessed with Hope as ever. He said Thomas would never give up on her unless they cut him out of their lives completely. Liam said he understood what it would mean to Hope to cut Douglas out of their lives completely, but he promised he would not ask unless he knew with certainty that Douglas would be okay.

Liam told Hope that he couldn't put the ring on her finger and worry about Thomas for the rest of his life. He said it meant ending any collaboration and co-parenting. He said before he could put the ring on Hope's finger, they had to exorcise Thomas from their lives once and for all. Before Hope could respond, Douglas burst into the cabin. Liam asked what he was doing there. Thomas walked in and said Douglas wanted to see Beth. When Hope took Douglas to see Beth, Thomas apologized for not calling ahead, but Liam spat that Thomas wasn't sorry at all because Liam marrying Hope was the last thing Thomas wanted.

Thomas wondered why, if Hope had meant as much to Liam as he'd claimed, Liam hadn't proposed sooner instead of stringing her along. Thomas found it odd that Liam had proposed to Hope after Thomas had reamed him out for dragging his feet. He wondered if Hope should give Liam's proposal serious consideration. Liam ripped off his tie when Thomas commented on the tension between Liam and Hope when he'd arrived. Liam said it was none of Thomas' business.

Thomas asked if Liam was proposing with the same ring he'd given Hope previously. He wanted to know if Liam was recycling the engagement ring because of the environmentalist in him. Angry, Liam asked why Thomas was really there. Thomas asked why it bugged Liam so much to have him and Douglas there. Liam stated that he saw right through Thomas, but Thomas laughed and said that he and Douglas had interrupted Liam's umpteenth proposal to Hope. Thomas claimed that Liam could pick up where he'd left off as soon as Thomas and Douglas left, but when they'd arrived, it had appeared that things had been very tense between Liam and Hope.

Thomas told Liam that when he'd arrived, it hadn't seemed that it had been a carefree, romantic proposal. He said it appeared that Liam had put Hope on the spot. Liam said he wouldn't discuss it with Thomas because it was none of his business. Thomas claimed that judging by Liam's reaction, he believed Hope had turned him down or that it had something to do with Thomas. Thomas said he was aware that Liam hated him and didn't want him in Hope's life, but the reality of the situation was that he and Douglas would be in Liam's life forever because Hope was Douglas' mother. Liam told Thomas not to bank on it.

Thomas realized that Liam had proposed to Hope with the idea that she had to cut him and Douglas out of her life. Thomas said he knew how much Hope loved Douglas and how much Douglas needed her. Furious, Liam shoved Thomas. Thomas was about to shove Liam back, but Hope and Douglas returned. Thomas whispered to Hope that she couldn't do what Liam was asking her to do. He asked for a moment to speak with her, but Hope said it was Douglas' bedtime. Liam opened the door, and Thomas left with Douglas.

Once they were alone, Hope pleaded with Liam not to make her choose between him and Douglas. Liam stated that they needed to get Thomas out of their lives. Hope said she would set boundaries. Incredulous, Liam said that Thomas would violate any boundary because he was using Douglas to cross any boundary. Hope reminded Liam that they wouldn't have a family if not for Douglas. Hope begged Liam not to give her an ultimatum, but Liam claimed he couldn't be married to her and Thomas. Liam stormed out as Hope called after him.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas was distracted when Douglas told him that he had brushed his teeth. Thomas got Douglas into bed. Douglas said he wished they could have stayed with mommy Hope longer, and he wished they could live with her all the time. Thomas said he was working on it, and he believed he'd made progress. He hoped that, after he'd left, nothing had happened to change that.

Thomas uses Steffy to end Hope and Liam Thomas uses Steffy to end Hope and Liam
Thursday, January 9, 2020

At Forrester, Thomas was preoccupied while sketching. Zoe noticed and decided that he should take a break. She kissed him. They were interrupted by Ridge's arrival, and Zoe left for a fitting.

Thomas thanked Ridge for Zoe's job and for supporting Thomas when no one would. Thomas was optimistic about the new year but wished that things would work out for everyone. Ridge said that he hadn't given up yet. Thomas hoped that Steffy hadn't, either. Ridge replied that the resilient Steffy would find her way. Adamant that Steffy shouldn't have to do it alone, Thomas decided to leave to take care of something that couldn't wait.

At Brooke's house, the sullen Hope was telling Brooke about the proposal and ultimatum Liam had made the previous night. Hope said Liam had walked out, and she didn't know where he had gone. Brooke blamed Thomas for the situation, but Hope said it was about Douglas.

Brooke insisted that Thomas was trying to destroy Liam and Hope the same way he'd destroyed Brooke's marriage. Brooke said that Thomas had manipulated Hope into giving him another chance, and he was using it against them all. Hope replied that adopting Douglas hadn't been a mistake. Brooke urged Hope to go to Liam and not let Thomas interfere in her relationship.

Hope understood that the situation wasn't easy for Liam, who wasn't comfortable with Thomas in their lives. Brooke was worried about it, too, and said Thomas was using Douglas to drive a wedge between Liam and Hope. Hope expressed her love for Liam, and Brooke said that Hope's family with Liam was all that mattered.

At the terrace door, which was slightly ajar, Thomas pulled back the curtain but darted back outside and out of sight. He listened in as Hope said she loved Liam more than anything and never wanted him to doubt her commitment to him; however, she'd made a commitment to Douglas, and Liam had walked out the door because he hadn't wanted to hear about it.

Brooke advised Hope to go to Liam and say that she wanted to fight for her family. Thomas seethed as Brooke said that Thomas was a virus that corrupted the family. Brooke understood that Hope wanted to be there for Douglas and save her line, but she asked what it meant if Hope didn't have the life she wanted with the person she loved. Hope replied that Brooke was right. Hope couldn't lose Liam.

At the cliff house, Liam awakened to Kelly playing with toys on top of him on the couch. In a silk-shorts pajama set and an open robe, Steffy entered. Thanking her for letting him crash there, he figured that he'd fallen asleep watching a movie with their daughter. Steffy asked if everything was okay but told him that he didn't have to say anything if he didn't want to.

Liam revealed that he'd proposed to Hope the previous night. Steffy was surprised that he'd wound up at her house after an event like that. He said that Hope wanted to marry him, but it couldn't happen as long as Thomas was in the picture.

Later, Steffy was still in her pajamas as she returned to the living room after sending Kelly off on a playdate. Steffy resumed the discussion of Liam and Hope. Liam was confident that he and Hope would get engaged once Thomas was out of Hope's life. Steffy brought up Douglas. Liam explained that he and Hope would take care of Douglas, but Liam needed Hope to cut legal ties with Thomas. Steffy asked if Hope wouldn't agree to it.

Liam said that Hope wanted to figure it out after the wedding, but unable to accept that, he had walked out. He stated that he'd been about to put the ring on Hope's finger, and he could see their future in front of him. He understood that Hope didn't want to abandon Douglas. Liam didn't, either, and said Hope wouldn't see that Thomas was leveraging that against them.

As Liam went on about it, Steffy stared off. He called himself a jerk. He apologized for taking advantage of her diplomacy. She told him that she wanted to be supportive. He replied that she had been, and he didn't want to take advantage of her or hurt her feelings. He'd just wanted to vent, and there was no one on the planet he'd wanted to talk to except her.

Liam stated that he was trying to protect Hope, and he didn't know what else to do. His phone rang. It was a call from Hope, and he let her know that he'd spent the night with Kelly. Hope really wanted to see Liam and asked him to meet at the cabin. He said it would take a minute, but he'd see her soon.

After the call, Liam wasn't sure what more he could say to Hope. Figuring that Hope had had a night to think about it, Steffy said he might not have to say anything. She suggested that he take a walk on the beach and think as he had in the past. He promised not to stay long, but she told him to take as long as he needed.

At Brooke's house after the call, Brooke was surprised to hear that Liam was at Steffy's house. Hope decided that she couldn't wait to talk to Liam. Offering to watch Beth, Brooke urged Hope to go to him, and Hope took off. Thomas, who'd been listening, also left.

Later, Ridge arrived. He saw that Brooke was still in her pajamas and joked that she'd thrown them on because she'd seen him pull up. Brooke said she'd been talking to Hope. Ridge had stopped by to compliment Hope on the work she'd done with Thomas. Brooke stated that Hope had gone. Ridge asked if everything was okay.

Brooke wasn't sure that Hope would want Brooke to say anything, but because it involved Ridge's kids, she revealed that Liam had proposed to Hope. Ridge assumed that it meant a wedding would happen. Brooke stated that the couple wanted to be together, but Thomas was keeping them apart.

Ridge began to discuss the situation with Hope, Liam, and Thomas, but Brooke didn't want to talk about it. Kissing Ridge, she said she wanted him back at the house.

On the drive to Steffy's house, Thomas talked to himself, urging Hope not to throw her life away on a guy who loved someone else. He flashed back on all the times he'd gotten to kiss or touch Hope, and he grinned to himself.

Thomas called Steffy, who was outside in her pajamas as she watched Liam on the beach. Thomas said that something had happened. She told him that she knew about Hope and Liam. Thomas asked if Steffy wanted to be with Liam as a family and couple, and Thomas stated that Hope was about a block away from the cliff house.

Steffy asked if Thomas was following Hope and if he still wanted Hope. Thomas said that he wanted Steffy and Douglas to be happy. Thomas stated that Liam was trying to keep Hope from Douglas, but it was wrong. Thomas said he'd call Steffy when Hope got to the house.

"No!" Steffy exclaimed. Thomas stated that Hope and Liam were almost over; they just needed a push. He told Steffy that she knew what to do when he called her back, and he ended the conversation.

Liam strode up to the house and Steffy. Studying her expression, he wondered what was going on with her. She said she was glad he was there and grateful for the time that he'd spent with her and Kelly. Steffy didn't know where he stood with Hope, but Steffy hoped he knew what she meant to him. She asked to give him a hug, and he let her hug him.

Steffy's phone rang in her robe pocket. Liam asked if she'd get it. She said to ignore it, and she swooped in to kiss him. After the kiss went on for a few moments, Liam responded to it. They suddenly stopped, turned, and saw an upset Hope staring at them.

Somewhere near a gate, Thomas watched and grinned.

Hope walks out on Liam Hope walks out on Liam
Friday, January 10, 2020

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Ridge kissed. He said they should do more of that and talk less about the kids. She didn't want to fight about their kids and said they had to figure out how to make it work. He wondered how they'd do that when Brooke couldn't accept his son and when Hope was cutting off all ties with Douglas. Ridge asked if Hope would really do that.

Brooke suspected that Liam was putting a ring on Hope's finger at that moment. Ridge wondered whose idea it was. He thought it was quite a thing to tell a new bride who to talk to and who not to parent. Brooke said Hope wanted to be a mother to Douglas and wife to Liam.

Ridge figured that Liam wasn't having it. Brooke conveyed that Liam had walked out; he'd gone to Steffy's house, and Hope had just left to go there and tell Liam that she was on board with the proposal. Brooke stated that Liam and Hope would move forward without Thomas lurking in the background.

Ridge said that Brooke didn't want to see that Thomas was making changes. Brooke, however, contended that Thomas was still the common denominator in everyone's problems. Ridge insisted that things had changed, and Thomas, who had a new girlfriend, was on the upswing. Brooke was sure that it was what Thomas wanted them to believe.

Ridge was cynical about Liam and Brooke's insistence that Thomas was waiting to pounce on Hope. Brooke asked if Ridge thought she liked the way things were. She didn't like that he wasn't home and didn't want to feel the way she did about Hope and Thomas. Brooke said that the day Ridge saw Thomas the way she did might be the day Ridge returned home.

Ridge wanted to at least give Thomas credit where it was due. He said that Thomas was working hard, designing with Hope, and dating Zoe. Brooke didn't want Thomas designing with Hope and was skeptical about the Zoe romance. Ridge added that Thomas was improving on spending time with Douglas, and Brooke agreed with that point.

Ridge said Thomas was improving because his family was supporting him, and Brooke was a part of that family. Ridge said it tore him up that Brooke was just waiting for Thomas to fail. Ridge was living over at Eric's, but it wasn't one, big, happy family because Ridge wasn't happy when he wasn't with Brooke. Brooke asked if Shauna was still there.

Ridge conveyed that Shauna was in the guesthouse. He said he wasn't talking about Shauna; he was talking about himself and Brooke. He wanted to figure it out before it was too late. "'Too late?'" Brooke repeated. He said that Brooke was in his heart, but if she loved him, she had to love his son.

Brooke believed in second chances. She wanted Thomas to get better. She wanted to be able to forgive. Ridge urged her to do it for herself because the resentment had to be unhealthy for her. He insisted that he wouldn't put her and Hope in danger if he thought it wasn't okay. Ridge wanted to rip up the divorce papers. He didn't want to be without Brooke anymore. Brooke and Ridge kissed and hugged each other.

At the cliff house, Thomas watched from behind a chain-link fence as Hope marched to where Liam and Steffy stood on the patio. Hope asked Liam "what the hell" he was doing kissing Steffy after he had proposed to Hope the previous night. Steffy said that it wasn't what Hope thought. Steffy explained that she had hugged Liam, and she'd been the one to kiss him.

Hope didn't care and didn't want to hear excuses. Liam stated that Hope knew how he felt about her because he'd gotten down on bended knee to propose to her. Hope responded that she'd wanted to put the ring back on her finger, but his conditions were harsh. Liam began to talk about Thomas. Cutting him off, Hope said she knew how he felt about Thomas, but Douglas mattered, too.

Hope knew that it was a complicated situation, but she hadn't expected Liam to go running back to Steffy. Liam said that he still wanted to marry Hope; nothing had changed. Hope explained that she'd lost sleep, deliberating overnight about the ultimatum, and after talking to her mother, she'd been ready to talk through a solution with Liam. He believed that they could work it out.

"But then you went and did something like this!" Hope screamed. She said that their family had been reunited due to Douglas, and she wouldn't walk away from him. Liam stated that he'd heard Hope, but she wasn't hearing him when he expressed concern about Thomas. If their relationship was to work, it had to come before everything else. She asked if Liam meant that it would be ahead of Douglas.

Hope reminded Liam that Douglas had been the only one to tell the truth. Douglas had given them their lives and their daughter back. Hope didn't know where she'd be without Douglas. She loved Liam, but she was a mother to Douglas. She refused to abandon him. After seeing Liam and Steffy together as they had been, Hope had become more confident of her choice.

Liam was sorry that Hope had seen that. Steffy said it was her fault. Liam insisted that he wanted to be Hope's husband. He wanted to be with Beth and Hope forever; however, he had conditions about Thomas. Liam rattled off all the things that Thomas had done, and he couldn't believe that Hope was working with Thomas again. He felt as if it was a horror movie that Thomas kept sucking her back into.

Hope hadn't forgotten Thomas' misdeeds, but she believed that Thomas was trying to get better and trying to move on. Disagreeing, Liam said that Thomas was a psychopath. Hope asked if they should leave Douglas with a psychopath. Liam contended that Douglas had a home, family, and support system, and he and Hope would always be in Douglas' life; however, Hope couldn't be Douglas' mother because it meant a lifetime connection to Thomas.

Hope stated that Thomas was the least of their problems. She'd seen with her own eyes how much Liam still loved Steffy. Liam was upset that Hope was talking about ending things. "You were kissing Steffy!" Hope exclaimed. Liam replied that Hope had been dragging Thomas deeper into their lives, and Liam couldn't have that.

Hope guessed not, since Liam had spent the night at Steffy's house. Steffy tried to speak, but Hope said that instead of working through things, Liam wanted to take the easy way out. "What I want is you!" Liam yelled. Hope stated that she didn't think she was an option anymore.

"That is why I went to Italy all these years ago! Because of this!" Hope claimed. Liam couldn't believe Hope was bringing up Italy. He said he'd stayed at Steffy's house, and it had made him realize that he didn't see enough of Kelly. Hope quipped that he'd get to see more of Kelly, but it broke Hope's heart that he wouldn't see Beth every morning.

Liam asked what Hope was talking about. Hope asked how they could fix it. She yelled that Liam had kissed Steffy and had wanted to kiss Steffy. She asked if he loved Steffy. In his silence, Hope sobbed. "We have a child together. Yeah, I love her," Liam finally said.

Hope said that she couldn't do it anymore. Steffy tried to speak, but Hope stated that she didn't want to play games. Hope didn't want to share Liam with Steffy. Hope said that Liam had broken her and had broken them. She cried that every worry and insecurity about the relationship had returned. Liam wanted to go home with Hope, take a breather, and talk about it.

Hope decided that the thing between her and Liam wasn't Thomas; it was Steffy and always had been. Hope claimed that Liam had never gotten over Steffy. Hope would always love Liam, but she wouldn't do it anymore. Hope walked away. Liam called her name. She gazed back at him, and Hope strode off, shaking her head in disbelief. Steffy touched Liam's shoulder.

From the bushes beyond the gate, Thomas grinned.

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