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Brooke drank some spiked juice and began eyeing liquor bottles. Thomas warned Quinn against tampering with Brooke's sobriety. Wyatt and Katie reached out to Sally, who finally sat down to learn her test results. Liam kissed Steffy.
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Thomas warned Quinn against tampering with Brooke's sobriety, and Sally sat down to get her test results
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Monday, February 3, 2020

Due to CBS News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule. 

Brooke unknowingly drinks juice Quinn spiked with alcohol Brooke unknowingly drinks juice Quinn spiked with alcohol
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

At Forrester, Eric arrived to talk to Ridge about the Brooke and Quinn feud. He asked if Ridge knew that it had gotten physical. Eric told Ridge about the slap fest at his house. Eric said that Brooke was undermining Quinn's sense of security and thereby undermining Eric's life. Ridge said that they couldn't have that, and they couldn't have Quinn and Brooke fighting.

Ridge hadn't figured that Brooke would deck Shauna. Eric didn't like having Fight Club in his living room. Ridge said he'd talk to Brooke. Eric wished Ridge luck. Ridge was sure Brooke would listen. Ridge stated that he was the one who had to clean up the mess with Shauna, and it didn't mean that Brooke had to go to battle with Quinn.

At Eric's house, Brooke held her juice bottle up to her lips. Quinn flashed back to spiking the juice. She spoke quickly, causing Brooke to forgo taking a drink. Quinn tried to tell Brooke that she didn't want to tangle with Quinn, but Brooke, who still believed Quinn was pushing Shauna at Ridge, insisted she'd open Eric's eyes about Quinn.

Quinn questioned where Brooke got off, talking to Quinn like that. Quinn cited that Brooke hadn't been born into the Forrester family and had come from the wrong side of town just like Quinn had. Quinn asked when Brooke had become better than Quinn and who'd given Brooke the right to dictate Quinn's place in her home and family.

Quinn decided that Brooke could do her worst, and they'd see who would be on top in the end. Brooke asserted that it would be her. She said that Quinn wasn't worthy and never had been. Quinn's lips slightly curled as she watched Brooke drink her juice.

Brooke polished off the juice. Quinn recalled that Stephanie had called Brooke the slut from the valley. Quinn said that Brooke was still the same person, just in better clothes. Brooke told Quinn to leave Stephanie out of it. It was revolting to Brooke to see Quinn living in Stephanie's house with Stephanie's husband, but Brooke advised Quinn to enjoy it while she could, because the horror show would soon end.

Quinn stated that it was still her house. She ordered Brooke to get out. Brooke grabbed her bag and left. Quinn snatched up Brooke's bottle and took a whiff of it.

Eric arrived home, and Quinn asked if he was still upset with her. Eric didn't want to be. She thought there was an easy fix to things if Eric or Ridge would just tell Brooke to stay out of her face. Eric reasoned that it wouldn't kill Quinn to cut Brooke some slack. Eric knew that Quinn was affectionate, forgiving, and understanding. He asked her to apply the qualities to Brooke.

Quinn replied that Brooke wasn't applying any of those qualities to Quinn. Eric suggested that Quinn be the bigger person. He stated that the women were family, and he wanted them to act like it. He asked Quinn to hug him. She reluctantly allowed it.

On the sofa in the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge was with Brooke, apologizing for the thing with Shauna. It hadn't meant anything to him. He had told Brooke about it because he hadn't wanted to keep secrets -- not so that she and Quinn could start a war with each other.

Ridge asked if Brooke were paying attention. Brooke nodded. She'd heard him. Shauna wasn't the problem for Brooke. It was Quinn, and Brooke needed to protect Eric. Ridge said that Eric didn't need protection from his wife. Brooke asserted that Quinn was the same dangerous person she'd always been, and the whole family needed protection from her.

Ridge stated that Brooke was upset with him but taking it out on Quinn. He wanted to work it out and get their life together back the way that it had been. For him, accomplishing that would be something to celebrate. Brooke gazed at the minibar across the room.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Liam worked together. Wyatt inquired about Liam's distractedness. He assumed it had something to do with Hope seeing Liam kiss Steffy. Liam didn't want to talk about his problems. He implored Wyatt to talk about Wyatt's problems instead. Wyatt said that he was unable to be objective about Sally, and Liam was one of the reasons why.

Later, Liam couldn't believe that Wyatt was still riled up about Sally's name slip-up. Wyatt didn't know what his problem was, and he let it slip that he'd been seeing Flo. Liam asked if Wyatt and Flo were getting back together and if he'd talked to Sally about it. Wyatt revealed that Sally hadn't taken it very well, and he hated to be the guy to do that to her again.

Liam and Wyatt agreed that Wyatt couldn't marry Sally if he was still in love with Flo. Wyatt said that Flo was the most amazing person he'd ever known. Liam stated that it was with the exception of her stealing his baby. Wyatt claimed that Buckingham had done it. Liam sighed. Wyatt said he wasn't making excuses, and Katie had helped him find forgiveness for Flo.

Liam asked how Sally had reacted upon hearing it. Wyatt explained that Sally hadn't accepted it. Sally was going through a lot, and he was really worried about her.

In the doctor's office, Sally remarked that it was weird for Katie to be there. Katie agreed that it was uncanny for her to show up in the middle of Sally's appointment. Chalking it up to being in the right place at the right time, Katie offered to be there if Sally needed it.

Sally opened up. She rarely went to the doctor, so being there at that time meant that she was worried. Sally had been healthy, and she'd taken it for granted. She didn't know what had started to happen. She conveyed that she'd had dizziness, uncontrollably trembling hands, and headaches. She was afraid of what could be wrong with her.

Katie said that it was okay and normal to be scared. She advised Sally not to let it overcome her. Instead, Sally should try to relax and know that seeing a doctor was the right thing to do. Sally stated that the doctor would draw blood and do tests. Katie replied that it sucked to go through it alone, and she offered to keep Sally company.

Later, Dr. Pappas had taken Sally's blood. He was glad to see that Sally had Katie. The doctor would be out of town for a few days, but his staff would call Sally if he wasn't available when the results arrived. Sally said that the real struggle, waiting, was about to begin.

After the doctor had gone, Katie suggested that Sally stay mellow because the results could come back as nothing. Sally remarked that she could still lose her job and Wyatt, who wanted to go back to Flo. Katie advised Sally to talk to Wyatt about her health issue, but Sally said that the last thing she wanted from Wyatt at that time was pity. Katie stated that Sally wasn't alone, and Katie was there if Sally needed her.

Thomas teams up with Quinn against Brooke Thomas teams up with Quinn against Brooke
Wednesday, February 5, 2020
by Nel

At the Forrester mansion, Eric stressed to Quinn that she needed to coexist with Brooke. He said that the ongoing impasse with Brooke about Thomas had taken its toll. Quinn countered that it didn't give Brooke a free pass to slap Shauna and tell Eric to dump her.

Thomas stood behind the door and eavesdropped.

Eric told Quinn there wouldn't be any further open warfare between her and Brooke. He asked Quinn to be the better person.

After Eric left, Thomas entered and said that Brooke had some nerve. Quinn appeared annoyed that Thomas had been eavesdropping. Quinn gave him the short version and said that Brooke believed that she had encouraged Shauna to pursue Ridge in order to ruin Brooke's marriage, and Brooke had tried to turn Eric against her. Quinn said she wouldn't allow Brooke to get away with it. Quinn admitted that she'd spiked Brooke's juice, and she said it wasn't like her to do that. Thomas said it was exactly like Quinn, before she married Eric and became a saint -- well, almost. Quinn said Brooke brought out the worst in her.

Thomas told Quinn she'd gone too far by spiking Brooke's drink, but Quinn felt that Brooke had gone too far when she'd invaded Quinn's living room, slapped Quinn's best friend, and told Eric to kick Quinn to the curb. Thomas said Eric wouldn't do that because he loved Quinn too much. Quinn told Thomas that Eric had a soft and gooey spot in his heart for Brooke. All Brooke had to do was turn on the tears, and he became putty in her hands.

Quinn reminded Thomas that Brooke had been on his case since she'd discovered that he'd been in cahoots with Dr. Buckingham. Thomas claimed he'd never been in cahoots with Dr. Buckingham, and he'd never met him. He was frustrated with Brooke because she hadn't been easy on him. Quinn stated that Brooke had made Thomas' life a living hell. She asked what Thomas was going to do about it and if he wouldn't like to see Brooke a drunken mess again.

Thomas said that was the last thing he wanted because Ridge had always been Brooke's knight in shining armor. If Brooke started drinking again, he would try to save her, and Ridge and Shauna would be done forever. He said that if Eric found out, Quinn would lose everything. Thomas said they needed to move forward and deal with Brooke together. He warned Quinn not to spike any more of Brooke's drinks, or Quinn would ruin all his hard work.

Quinn asked Thomas what hard work he was talking about. Thomas explained that Ridge and Brooke were no longer living together. They had signed divorce papers that would eventually be filed. Quinn realized that Thomas had never given up on Hope, even though he'd done his best to convince everyone that he had. Thomas claimed that things had changed between Liam and Steffy. He said that Hope had witnessed a kiss between Liam and Steffy, so not only were Hope and Liam done, but Liam was living with Steffy and Kelly, where he belonged.

Quinn said it had nothing to do with Thomas getting Hope back, and she asked about Zoe. Thomas admitted that he liked Zoe because she was hot, fun, and a good person. He said if not for Hope, there was no telling what might have happened between him and Zoe, but since Hope and Liam were done... Quinn finished his sentence and said that Thomas would swoop in and make Hope his. Thomas admitted that Hope would always be the woman that he wanted, and he'd do whatever it took to make that happen.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke sat at the desk, and she was staring at the bottle of booze on the mini bar when Hope arrived. Brooke asked if Liam had enjoyed his visit with Beth. Hope said that Liam had asked to schedule another visit.

Steffy arrived, and Brooke immediately attacked her. She asked Steffy what had possessed her to kiss Liam. She said that Steffy had no right to take advantage of Liam and Hope's situation. Brooke knew that Steffy still loved Liam, but Liam had just proposed to Hope. Obviously, Steffy had no respect for Liam and Hope's relationship. Steffy claimed she did, but Brooke accused Steffy of moving Liam into her home the very next day and making herself available to Liam. Steffy informed Brooke that Liam had been staying in the guest room, and as Kelly's father, he was welcome to stay in her house.

Brooke told Steffy she didn't have a problem with that, but she did have a problem with Steffy kissing Liam every time Hope and Liam had an issue. She asked if Steffy could restrain herself instead of causing problems.

After Brooke left, Steffy asked Hope if Brooke would be returning because she knew Brooke wasn't finished with her. Hope said if the roles had been reversed and Taylor had discovered that Liam had kissed Hope after he'd proposed to Steffy, Taylor would have had some choice words for her.

Hope told Steffy that they all had to work together, and she wanted everyone to get along professionally. However, she couldn't unsee the kiss. It was seared into her mind and her heart. Hope said she didn't know what had led to the kiss, but she admitted she was still in shock, and she'd been hurt. She couldn't understand how Steffy and Liam had allowed it to happen.

Steffy told Hope she had something to tell Hope about the kiss, but Hope said they didn't need to rehash things because they were trying to move forward. Luckily, she had Beth to focus on.

Thomas had been outside the door, eavesdropping.

Hope said she had to make sure that Douglas didn't think he was losing another mother. She was going to be there for him. She explained that she couldn't accept the conditions of Liam's proposal.

Thomas chose that moment to walk into the office. Hope told him that they had been talking about Douglas and how much he meant to her. She said she'd never thought she'd be in a position where she'd have to choose between Douglas and Liam, but Liam had made his choice. Steffy gushed that she hadn't seen Kelly that happy in ages, seeing Liam every morning and evening before she went to sleep. She said it had been wonderful, and she was grateful.

Hope told Steffy she'd always put children first, and she would figure out how to get through it. Hope said that when she'd thought about finding a resolution with Liam, she'd jumped into her car, believing that she and Liam would leave Steffy's and start their lives together. She said she couldn't believe that Liam could do that to them after everything they'd been through and survived together. She'd realized she'd been wrong. There was only one way to interpret the kiss between Liam and Steffy.

Steffy told Hope there was another explanation. Thomas, who stood behind Hope, gave Steffy a warning look, but Steffy said there had been more going on than the kiss -- much more than Hope knew. Thomas glared at Steffy.

At Spencer Publications, Liam received Hope's text regarding Beth. Wyatt sympathized about Liam being separated from Beth, and he questioned Liam kissing Steffy after he'd proposed to Hope. Liam blamed Thomas for their problems. He blamed himself for the kiss but said everything leading up to the kiss was on Thomas, who continued to scheme and manipulate. Wyatt and Liam agreed that Thomas would take advantage of Liam and Hope's separation, and they knew Thomas wouldn't stop. Liam knew that Thomas would continue to play on Hope's insecurity, and he would remind Hope how much Douglas needed her and what a happy family they were.

Wyatt asked Liam where that left Zoe. Liam claimed that Thomas was using her and would dump her. Thomas' prime concern was Hope, and once Liam was out of the way, Thomas would be more emboldened. Liam said that freaked him out.

Later, Brooke arrived, and she confronted Liam about kissing Steffy. She said it had been hurtful. She told Liam that he had to fix things with Hope, and he needed to move out of Steffy's. Brooke said she didn't blame Liam because there was only one person's manipulative hands all over the situation: Thomas'. Liam claimed that Thomas had had nothing to do with the kiss; that was all on him. Brooke spat, "Not that we know of."

Liam said that Thomas had admitted that he'd been pressuring Steffy for months to show Liam how she really felt; and Thomas was happy that she finally had. Brooke was floored by Thomas' admission. Liam said that if he was with Steffy, Thomas would be free to pursue Hope. Brooke was adamant that wouldn't happen. Liam said he would always protect Hope from Thomas, whether he was with her or not, because Thomas had caused Hope too much misery. Liam admitted he had also caused Hope grief. He repeated that Thomas had had nothing to do with the kiss.

Brooke questions Liam about moving in to Steffy's house Brooke questions Liam about moving in to Steffy's house
Thursday, February 6, 2020

In the design office, Carter handed Zoe some security paperwork to sign. He was surprised that Thomas hadn't told her to expect the documents. Carter explained that they needed to upgrade security due to the fashion showdown. Zoe asked if the show was still happening. She'd heard that it might be called off.

Carter noted that Thomas hadn't told Zoe about that, either. Zoe said that Thomas had been busy with Hope, working on the designs. Carter, who'd seen Zoe model some designs, remarked that it had been beautiful -- and he wasn't merely talking about the designs.

Flattered, Zoe said that one never knew what would happen if she weren't with Thomas. Noting that Thomas was a complicated guy, Carter asked if she was sure that Thomas was being honest with her. Zoe conveyed that she knew all about Thomas' feelings for Hope. Thomas had been open with Zoe, and she believed him when he said he wanted to move on.

In the CEO's office, Steffy was adamant about setting the record straight for Hope about the kiss. Steffy said that if the kiss was the only reason that Hope and Liam had broken up, then Hope needed to know what had really happened. Thomas reasoned that there were many reasons for the breakup that had had nothing to do with the kiss.

Steffy persisted in her belief that Hope needed to know that more had been going on in the moment that the kiss had happened. Hope could tell that Steffy felt guilty, but she didn't need Steffy to explain what more was behind the kiss. Hope didn't want to blame Steffy anymore because, in Hope's view, the kiss had been mutual. Hope concluded that it had happened because Steffy and Liam had both been feeling something.

Thomas told his sister that she didn't have to feel bad for being happy. Steffy contended that she hadn't been completely honest. Thomas reasoned that she had been honest with him, and she'd told him how amazing it was to have Kelly's father at home. Steffy clarified that Liam was staying in the guest room.

Hope stated that she didn't need to hear the details. Steffy wanted Hope to know that things hadn't gone beyond the kiss and that when Steffy and Liam were together, it was about Kelly, who adored her father. Hope stated that Beth adored him, too. Steffy concluded that, no matter what happened, Liam would be a devoted father to his daughters.

Thomas asked Steffy about the special evening she was planning. Steffy stammered that it was just dinner. He recalled that it had something to do with pictures and videos. Steffy elaborated that she and Liam had been taking lots of photos and videos, and Liam was going to "come over and edit them." They planned to make a digital family album.

It sounded sweet to Hope. Thomas thought it was good that Steffy and Liam were creating those kinds of memories for their daughter. Thomas brought up the special connection that Douglas and Hope shared. Thomas said that, despite the difficult time they'd had, they'd been coming together like a family and putting the children first. He was glad that they'd started there and asked who knew how far it could go.

Later, Steffy had gone, and Hope and Thomas quietly worked in the office. Hope glanced at Thomas but looked away when he gazed up at her. He asked if she wanted to take a look at a sketch he was working on. Hope viewed it and asked how he kept cranking out amazing designs. He replied that she inspired him. She stated that it could be the best collection HFTF had ever produced.

Thomas stated that he was there for Hope. He was devoted to her and would give her whatever she needed. Hope rendered him a look. He apologized and promised that he wasn't coming onto her. He knew that she was going through a tough time. He wanted to fix it and make it better, but he figured that if he was being completely honest, he'd say that it wasn't the best thing for him. He stated that he should have tried harder to forget her.

Thomas believed that Hope's mother and family hated him, and that wouldn't change. Hope asked what he was trying to say. Thomas stated that he hadn't given her partial custody just for Douglas' sake. Thomas had done it to show her that he loved her. He did love her, but he was starting to realize that he couldn't get what he wanted, no matter how much he wanted it. What he'd wanted for so long was Hope.

Hope said she'd been under the assumption that things were going well with Thomas and Zoe. Thomas replied that they were. It was fun, and he and Zoe enjoyed each other. Hope assumed that it wasn't serious. He figured that it could be, but he needed a woman of his own, a woman who appreciated him. He needed a woman that he could build a life with, and he wanted that woman to be Hope.

Just then, Zoe entered the office. Thomas greeted her with a kiss, and she inquired about them going to a cabaret show. Noting that it could go late, Thomas asked Hope if she'd watch Douglas that night. Thomas offered to get Ridge to do it, but Hope agreed to watch the child. Zoe and Thomas left, and Hope seemed affected by the moment.

At Spencer, Liam took responsibility for the kiss he'd shared with Steffy. Brooke didn't know how he could go and kiss Steffy right after he'd proposed marriage to Hope. Liam said that he'd protect Hope from Thomas, whether Liam was with Hope or not. Brooke responded that Liam could protect Hope -- he just had to get Hope back.

Liam wanted what was best for Hope. He was grateful that Hope wasn't keeping him from Beth, but he had a whole other family with Steffy and Kelly. He couldn't apologize for being with them.

At the cliff house later, Steffy, Liam, and Kelly spent an afternoon taking photos and videos together. Afterward, they sat on the floor by the coffee table, reviewing the footage and shots. Liam said that being a dad was the best part of his life, and he kept his daughter in his heart in times when he wasn't with her. Steffy replied that they felt the same way about him.

Liam remarked that it had been really nice to spend time there. He asked Kelly if she knew what a totally cool, loving, and responsible mother she had. Steffy chuckled, and she and Liam shared a smile.

Steffy and Liam put Kelly down for a nap and talked about photos they still wanted to take with Kelly. He stated that they had a lifetime of memories ahead of them. Steffy asked if he felt joy there. Liam did feel it. She explained that it was Kelly's magic. He believed that their daughter was blessed to have Steffy as a mother. "Right back atcha, papa," Steffy replied.

Steffy stated that Liam was dealing with a lot, and she hadn't made it easier by kissing him. He didn't want her to feel guilty about the kiss. Though she did still feel guilty, she said that the kiss had given her the greatest spark of energy, something she'd desperately needed. She said she focused on Kelly and the company but was rarely focused on anything else "until now."

Liam stated that he hadn't been around as much as he should have been. He was still figuring out the complicated life they were creating, but he was happy to be there with her and Kelly. Though he was facing challenges, he had an embarrassment of riches. He felt lucky to be welcome in Steffy's home. He said that, no matter the status of their relationship at times, it was one of the great treasures of his life. Steffy said that he didn't need to say that. He felt that he did, and he needed her to know how much he meant it.

A montage of memories that Liam and Steffy shared over the years played on the screen. Liam asked Steffy never to forget how much she meant to him. He said that she'd shown him what was in her heart, and he wanted to show her what was in his. Liam leaned forward and kissed Steffy. They shared several small kisses, and she stared wondrously at him.

Sally braces herself for her test results Sally braces herself for her test results
Friday, February 7, 2020

At Eric's house, Shauna visited Quinn, who was still stewing about Brooke "kicking" Shauna out of there. It was okay with Shauna. She was enjoying spending time with her daughter. Quinn realized that they hadn't had a chance to celebrate the development between Wyatt and Flo.

Quinn planned to get Shauna back in the guesthouse someday, but Shauna didn't think it would happen if Brooke had a say. Quinn didn't care about what Brooke had to say. Quinn began ranting about Brooke but said she'd decided that Brooke couldn't take up any more negative space in Quinn's head -- especially because everything she and Shauna had wanted for their children was finally becoming true.

Shauna was excited for Wyatt and Flo but concerned about Sally, who wouldn't accept that the engagement was over. Quinn said that Wyatt cared about Sally and didn't want to hurt her. Shauna wanted Flo to end up with a good guy like Wyatt, not make the same mistakes that Shauna had.

Quinn noted the improvement in Shauna's taste in men, but Shauna disagreed, citing that she'd fallen for a married man. To Quinn, the marriage was just a technicality. She said Ridge would be Shauna's once he signed his divorce papers. Shauna liked the sound of it but doubted it would be that easy with "Brooke-nado" still swarming around.

Quinn said they wouldn't let it happen, but Shauna thought that Brooke was already winning. After all, Shauna was back living with her daughter. Quinn insisted that it was just a matter of time before Flo and Wyatt moved in together. Shauna hoped so but said that the couple couldn't take that step until Wyatt officially ended his relationship with Sally. Quinn exclaimed that he'd done it, but Sally wouldn't accept it.

Quinn stated that relationships ended, and she asked if Wyatt was supposed to be responsible for Sally for the rest of his life. She insisted that Sally was an adult and needed to move on. Though Shauna felt bad for Sally, Shauna said that Wyatt and Flo had already missed out on "so much." Quinn asserted that the writing was on the wall, and Sally's days were numbered.

In the design office, Sally received a call from Katie, who sought to find out if the test results were in. Sally hadn't heard anything yet, and part of her didn't want to hear. Katie didn't mean to overstep, but she wanted to be there for Sally. Sally appreciated it but preferred to handle things on her own. She implored Katie not to tell anyone, especially not Wyatt.

Just then, Wyatt arrived, and Sally rushed off her call. He said he hadn't meant to make her do that. Sally was surprised to see him. He timidly responded that he'd wanted to see how she was doing. He was worried about her. Laughing it off, Sally asked if she looked like someone who he needed to be concerned about.

Wyatt expressed concern about the way he and Sally had left things. Sally chalked it up to them being in different moods that evening. She'd wanted to have fun, and he'd been "Mr. Serious." He stated that he'd always be concerned about what was going on with her.

Shutting down Wyatt's concern, Sally abruptly told him that everything was fine, and he had nothing to worry about. She knew that she'd acted a little crazy the last time he'd seen her, but she was fine. Wyatt tried to press, but her phone rang, interrupting them.

Sally answered the call. It was from a doctor who was filling in for Dr. Pappas. Sally's test results would be ready within an hour, and the doctor asked Sally to meet at the office to discuss them. Sally ended the call, and Wyatt asked if everything was all right. She said that everything was fine. Wyatt got the feeling that things were not fine, and he said she had to let him in just a little bit.

Wyatt pressed, and Sally admitted that she had a lot on her mind. He assumed that it was work. Going with that excuse, Sally said she'd put a lot of effort into a show that might not happen. He was sorry about that. He knew that she was also disappointed in him. He hated that he'd hurt her, but he meant it when he said that he'd always care about her.

Wyatt wanted to be someone Sally could go to for support. He wanted to at least be her friend. He figured it wasn't what she wanted to hear, and he thought that he could be asking too much, too soon; however, he didn't want to lose her completely. She was way too important to him to just be gone from his life forever.

Sally looked down. Wyatt decided to let her get back to work, and he awkwardly left. Sally sighed and flashed back to Wyatt proposing marriage to her.

At Spencer, Bill and Katie canoodled and talked about how great it was to have her up and around. Katie was glad to be feeling like herself again. Bill asked how her appointment had gone. Katie stated that it had been interesting. Thinking of Sally, Katie added that she'd learned more than she'd expected.

Bill sensed that something was wrong. Katie told him that her report had been good, and she was doing better than expected. He could tell that something was weighing on her and asked for reassurance that she'd tell him if something was wrong. She affirmed it and told him that she had to run. There was someone she needed to see.

Later, Bill was alone when Wyatt arrived late for work. Bill began ragging on Wyatt but stopped upon noticing that Wyatt was upset. Wyatt said that he'd been at Forrester. Assuming Wyatt had gone to see Sally, Bill said he'd thought that was over. "It is! I -- I guess," Wyatt replied.

Bill asked what that was supposed to mean. Wyatt stated that he and Sally knew that it was over, but Sally wasn't accepting it or dealing with things. Bill asked if Wyatt had expected Sally to throw herself a party after the breakup. Wyatt said he still cared about Sally. Bill could see it in Wyatt's puppy-dog eyes.

Wyatt asked if Bill knew how it was to know a person very well and be able to sense that the person was keeping something from him. Bill knew how that was. Wyatt said that Sally was keeping something from him. Bill figured that Sally was just heartbroken but would soon move on to the next sucker. Wyatt informed his father that Sally was under stress at work and about the breakup. He just hoped it wasn't anything more than that.

Back at Forrester, Katie arrived at the design office and jolted Sally out of her thoughts. Sally said that Katie had just missed Wyatt, who was worried about Sally. Katie was, too, and asked how Sally was doing.

Sally informed Katie that Sally was about to head to the doctor to receive her results. Katie offered to accompany Sally, but Sally turned Katie down. Katie insisted, saying that she wanted to be a support for Sally. Sally replied that it was nice of Katie.

Katie replied that she never would have gotten through her situation without the help of family and friends. She said that she and Sally might get good news, and if they did, they could celebrate together. Sally chuckled. Katie stated that she'd be by Sally's side either way.

At the hospital later, Katie and Sally arrived at the doctor's office. Sally was ready to leave and say "screw it" to learning what the results said. Katie figured that Sally was imagining the worst, but Katie urged Sally to think positively. Sally nodded and sat down.

Katie sat down with Sally, and Sally thanked Kate for being there. Sally recalled that Wyatt had been sweet earlier. She hated lying to him. Katie didn't think that Sally had to lie to him, but Sally was adamant that no one know about the medical issue or feel sorry for her. She asked Katie to promise not to say anything.

The doctor arrived before Katie could answer. The new doctor had updated herself on Sally's charts and asked how Sally had been feeling. Sally was still experiencing the same symptoms, and she hadn't been eating much. The doctor asked if Sally had worked on stress relief or talked to friends and family.

Looking at Katie, Sally told the doctor that Katie had been understanding. No one else in Sally's life knew, and she wanted to keep it that way. Sally asked if the doctor had the results. The doctor did. Taking a deep breath, Sally said it had been hard to wait for them. She prided herself on being strong and apologized in advance if she were to freak out.

Katie told Sally that it was all right. Sally asked what the results said. "Am I okay?" she asked.

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