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Sally swore Katie to secrecy about Sally's test results, but Katie told Bill and Wyatt that Sally was dying. Just as Thomas had planned, Douglas reacted badly to Zoe and Thomas' relationship, paving the way for Thomas to ask Hope if they could give Douglas the family he craved.
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Sally received a devastating diagnosis, and though Katie promised not to tell, she told Bill and Wyatt that Sally was dying
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Sally reels from a devastating diagnosis Sally reels from a devastating diagnosis
Monday, February 10, 2020

At Eric's house, Shauna and Quinn had drinks to celebrate the union of their children. Shauna wanted to be cautious about it until Sally accepted the breakup, but Quinn was adamant that Sally was history. Flo arrived, and Quinn hugged her, saying that it was "about damn time."

Quinn was referring to Flo's reunion with Wyatt. Quinn went on a tear about Wyatt being too compassionate. She wished Sally would just take her hurt feelings and step aside. Flo sensed that Sally felt too hurt and betrayed to accept it. Shauna stated that she and Quinn had both been there before, so Quinn should cut Sally some slack.

Quinn claimed not to be judging Sally. "Okay, maybe I am," she relented under Shauna's knowing stare. Quinn was just anxious for Flo and Wyatt to start their life together. Flo was sure that it would happen in time. Quinn stated that the "kids" took time for granted and thought that time would just stand still for them. She urged Flo not to tempt fate by waiting to get married.

Shauna wondered if Sally was getting used to the idea of the breakup. Flo told Shauna and Quinn about Sally's visit to the apartment. After detailing everything that had gone on, Flo concluded that Sally was caving beneath the stress. Quinn remarked upon Sally's work performance and said that, if Sally got fired, it might be the last they'd see of Sally Spectra.

Later, Flo had gone, and Shauna and Quinn reflected upon how well their children had turned out despite them. They were sure their grandchildren would be fabulous.

Quinn wanted the grandkids right then and asked who put their lives on hold while an ex made emotional adjustments. Shauna said Wyatt did, and Quinn stated that Flo took sweetness and understanding to a new level by allowing it.

At Spencer, Bill figured that Wyatt was overreacting about Sally. Wyatt, however, was certain that something was going on with Sally, and it was more than work or the breakup. Bill reasoned that Wyatt had had the best of intentions when he'd gone back to Sally, but Wyatt thought that it was messed up that he'd left Sally for Flo twice.

Wyatt wished that he could make the separation easier. He said that the best thing was for him and Sally to be kind to each other, and that was the reason that he and Flo were taking things slowly. They didn't want to make things worse for Sally than they already were.

Bill noted that Wyatt wasn't responsible for the adult Sally's emotional well-being. Wyatt stated that he had to own up to his own actions. He berated himself because he hadn't been able to dump Sally fast enough when he'd figured out that he was still in love with Flo. When Flo's role in the baby scam had been exposed, he'd run back to Sally just as fast. Wyatt hadn't allowed himself to process it in between, and that was why he felt responsible for Sally's pain.

Bill said that Wyatt was a good boy, but Wyatt quipped that he wasn't one of Bill's German Shepherds. Bill jokingly asked for Wyatt's paw.

Deciding to get serious, Bill stated that even though Quinn was a hot mess, she'd instilled values within Wyatt, values that were foreign to her -- and at times, foreign to Bill. Bill acknowledged that he could have contributed to Sally's stress, too. He regretted his involvement in it. Wyatt said that Sally didn't take things lying down. It made her an extraordinary woman and a born fighter.

Later, Wyatt was working alone when Flo arrived. She said she'd been with their mothers, who didn't get why she and Wyatt couldn't get married the next day. Flo added that Quinn was frustrated by Sally's unwillingness to let go, but Flo didn't want to make it harder for Sally.

Wyatt believed that Sally was dealing with a lot. Even though Sally was a strong woman, he wondered how much she was supposed to take. He and Flo hated that their happiness was at someone else's expense. Flo wanted him to stop beating himself up and remember that he'd been a constant support to Sally while they'd been together.

Wyatt said he'd taken that support away from Sally at a time when she was going through a lot. In no rush, Flo wanted Wyatt to take whatever time he needed to take. He said it wasn't fair to him and Flo. Flo insisted that it was okay, and with all they had ahead of them, they could take the time to be compassionate.

At the doctor's office, Sally was leery of receiving her test results. The doctor asked if she needed a moment. Sally was nervous about what it could be, and she didn't know if she was really ready to find out.

The doctor asked if Sally wanted Katie there for the results. Sally wished for Katie, who'd been Sally's support system, to remain in the room. The doctor said that Dr. Pappas had run several tests and panels, including an MRI and CT scan. Sally asked the doctor to just tell her what it was.

The camera angle changed from being inside the room to filming into the doctor's office through the lobby window. Katie and Sally listened to the doctor for a while, and Sally sobbed.

Back inside the room, Katie comforted Sally. Sally couldn't believe it and wondered if it was a mistake. The doctor was sure that it wasn't. She said the sooner Sally could accept it, the sooner Sally could make a plan. Scoffing, Sally asked how she'd do that.

The doctor advised Sally to expand her support system. Sally refused to let anyone else know about it. Katie asked if there really were no treatment plans, trials, or studies for Sally to participate in.

There weren't, according to the doctor. She said that Sally could get a second opinion, but all their office could do was make Sally comfortable through medication. It would improve Sally's quality of life and give her more time.

The doctor said that she was sorry, and she left Sally and Katie alone to take in the news. Sally sobbed uncontrollably, and Katie hugged her.

Katie told Sally that she didn't have to accept the diagnosis and could get a second, third, or fourth opinion. She offered to have Bill fly in a specialist. Sally said it was no use, and the hospital board had even weighed in on it.

"You are a fighter! Stand up and fight!" Katie urged. Sally asked if Katie didn't think Sally wanted to fight. Sally was confused and didn't know why it was happening.

Katie felt that it was too big for Sally to handle alone and implored Sally to surround herself with friends and family. Sally didn't want anyone's pity or for people to treat her as if she were halfway gone. It was no way to live, and Sally wanted to live as long as she could.

Katie asked that Sally at least tell Wyatt. She said that he loved Sally and would want to be there. Sally loved Wyatt too much to do it to him. She didn't want Wyatt with her out of obligation or to feel guilty for not loving her anymore.

Sally preferred to go out on her own terms and control whatever part of it that she could. Katie raged at Sally's stubbornness. Sally asked if that was Katie's bedside manner. Katie replied that Sally would need rough love.

Katie told Sally that being surrounded by love had helped Katie in the past. Once, Katie had gone it alone, and it had been a huge mistake. Katie had gone to a dark place, and she didn't wish that on anyone. Katie asserted that she wouldn't go anywhere and that Sally wasn't alone. Katie pledged to be Sally's friend and confidante for whatever time Sally had left.

Katie breaks her promise to Sally Katie breaks her promise to Sally
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

In the design office, Sally frantically searched for something and said it was "now or never" to come through for her. Katie told Sally that Steffy wouldn't want her worrying about work. Sally asserted that Katie had said she wouldn't say a word to anyone, and that included the people at Forrester. Katie thought Sally might change her mind once the shock wore off. Sally uttered that it might not wear off in one month, which was all she had left.

Sally was devastated by the doctor's prognosis. She'd expected to have an over-the-top life like her Aunt Sally. Katie said that the elder Sally would be there quickly if she knew what was happening. Sally replied that her aunt was on a tropical island, exactly where her aunt should be. Sally didn't want Grams or Coco to know, either.

"Advanced stages. No treatment. That is what the doctor said," Sally stated. Sally had just wanted to know love, marriage, and motherhood. She had wanted those things with Wyatt, but it could never happen.

Katie told Sally that they'd meet with specialists and get second opinions, but first, they needed to fill Sally's prescriptions before meeting with the palliative care team. Sally decided that it was better that she and Wyatt hadn't gotten married. It made things easier.

Katie implored Sally to hear that she didn't have to do it alone. Sally said she loved Wyatt too much to do it to him or let her illness take over his life. Katie insisted that Wyatt would want to be there for Sally. Sally persisted in wanting to do it her way. It was the one thing she could control. She was adamant that Katie not tell anyone about the illness.

At Spencer, Justin sat in a meeting with Wyatt and Bill. Wyatt was still preoccupied with Sally, and Bill updated Justin on the status of Wyatt's love life and broken engagement. Wyatt expressed frustration because he wanted to help Sally with what she was going through, but he didn't know what was really going on with her.

Bill told Wyatt that Sally wouldn't want him to stay with her out of pity. Entering the room, Katie agreed and said Sally didn't want anyone's pity. Wyatt asked if Katie had seen Sally, and if so, how Sally was doing. Katie replied that Sally was okay -- considering. Wyatt was filled with guilt for what he'd done, and he said Sally had had a rough life. Katie murmured that it wasn't getting any easier.

Wyatt received a message, and he and Justin left to take care of a matter. Bill sensed that Katie was dealing with something. He asked what was weighing on her. He was still concerned that her doctors had said something to her. Katie assured him that everything was fine with her. It was Sally that Katie was worried about.

Later, Bill sat on his desk and uttered, "Dying?" Katie explained that Sally had sworn her to secrecy. Katie felt bad about breaking the promise, but she hadn't wanted to keep the secret from Bill. He asked if the prognosis was certain. Afforming it, she said that the board had reviewed the case and had consulted with other hospitals.

Bill offered to fly in the best specialists. Katie said she'd told Sally about that option, but "given that her condition has progressed so rapidly..." Katie told Bill that Sally was a fighter; however, the condition had overwhelmed her, and she wanted to control whatever she could. Bill figured that Sally might reach out after she had a chance to process things. Katie said it would be too late.

Bill asked what Katie would do. Katie wanted to make Sally's last days as peaceful and comfortable as possible. Katie felt bad about telling Bill, but he was glad that she had. He stated that his past treatment of Sally had nothing to do with how he felt at that moment. In his view, Sally had her whole life in front of her. He felt terrible for her.

Katie said that Sally had gotten the news on top of her breakup with Wyatt and the possibility of losing her job over the way her illness had affected her designs. Bill figured that there had to be something that they could do for Sally.

Just then, Katie received a call from Sally. Upset, Sally stated that she needed to know that Katie was not having second thoughts about telling anyone about Sally's condition. Sally needed Katie to promise again not to say one word to anyone about it. Katie looked at Bill, sighed, and promised not to tell anyone.

The call ended, and Bill assumed that it had been Sally. Katie stated that she wouldn't let Sally go through it alone, but there was one person who should be by Sally's side. "Wyatt," Bill said. Katie believed that Wyatt would be there out of love, not pity. She was worried that Sally might push her away and wind up with no one. Katie asked how she could refrain from telling Wyatt.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Zoe took a rose from Thomas and asked how he'd known that it was her birthday. Thomas said it was a requirement of a boyfriend. She told him that he had other requirements, as well. Hope opened the door to the office. Thomas saw her and made a show of kissing Zoe.

Hope apologized for interrupting. Zoe got a message that it was time for her photo shoot. As she left, Thomas made sure they were still on for that night, and Hope wished Zoe a happy birthday.

Alone with Hope, Thomas asked if everything was okay. Hope said she was trying to focus, but she kept ruminating on Steffy and Liam's kiss. Thomas figured that Liam had hurt Hope. Hope replied that it hadn't been about hurting her. It had been about Liam's feelings for Steffy and the pull between them. It would never go away.

Brooke entered. Seeing Hope with Thomas, Brooke guessed she'd gotten there in time.

Later, Brooke noted that Thomas had left in a hurry. Hope assumed that he hadn't wanted a confrontation. Brooke said he wanted Hope to believe that and to think that he was the better person. Hope knew that Brooke didn't trust Thomas. Hope had been there herself, but she asked Brooke to trust her when she said that Thomas wasn't fixated on her anymore and was with Zoe.

Brooke asked if Hope was keeping the lines of communication open between her and Liam. Hope said that he was living with Steffy. Brooke replied that Hope still loved him. Hope said she would always love Liam, but something had shifted within her when she'd seen him kiss Steffy. Brooke asked if Hope had lost hope for her and Liam.

Hope was still hurt by what she'd seen, and she was frustrated by it. Brooke blamed it on Thomas. She believed that he was responsible for Hope and Liam's separation. Hope explained that she and Liam had broken up over the kiss, and Thomas hadn't had anything to do with it.

Brooke reminded Hope not to let her guard down with the perpetually scheming Thomas. She urged Hope to remain vigilant because only God knew what Thomas was up to at that very moment.

In the photo studio, Zoe wound down a shoot with a photographer. Carter approached and complimented her. It was no wonder to him why the camera loved her. She asked if he'd seen the shoot. Carter had happened by while it had been going on. She asked if he had been unable to resist watching her.

Bashfully, Carter stated that Forrester was lucky to have Zoe -- and so was Thomas. Zoe assumed that Carter wasn't a fan of Thomas. Carter was a fan of Thomas' designs, but not Thomas' obsession with Hope. Zoe was sure that Thomas was beyond that. Carter hoped it was true for Zoe's sake.

In the design office, Thomas and Vinny tried on dress shirts from a rack of clothes in the room. Vinny was curious about how things were going with the ladies in Thomas' life. He knew that Thomas was working with Hope but seeing Zoe. Vinny asked if it was real with Zoe or if Thomas was just playing her. Thomas flashed Vinny a look, and Vinny asked what Thomas was up to.

Thomas swore Vinny to secrecy and admitted to doing everything he could to get Hope. Thomas was working day and night on the line and doing everything he could in between. Vinny asked about Zoe. Thomas replied that he was throwing her a birthday party. Vinny guessed that Thomas was using Zoe to make Hope jealous and to make Hope suddenly realize that she had to have Thomas. Vinny called the plan ridiculous.

Thomas stated that Hope had had an epiphany about what an indecisive phony Liam was. It had opened the door for Thomas, and that was where Zoe and Douglas fit into the plan. Vinny asked what Douglas had to do with it. "Everything," Thomas responded.

Thomas explained that he had a big surprise for Douglas at the birthday bash. It would be the first time Douglas saw Thomas with Zoe as a couple. Vinny advised Thomas to give Douglas a heads-up first. "Or..." Thomas said.

Vinny disliked that Thomas wanted Douglas, who wanted his parents together, to be surprised that way. "Man, you gotta stop using your kid! It's such a bad idea!" Vinny exclaimed. Vinny added that Douglas had busted Thomas the last time, so Thomas probably shouldn't mess with the boy.

Thomas stated that Douglas' head would spin upon seeing Thomas with Zoe. It would cause Hope to see how much the relationship would affect Douglas. Thomas figured that she'd conclude that the only way to stop it was to be with Thomas herself. That would cause Douglas to have the family he deserved, and thanks to Douglas, Hope would be Thomas'.

Wyatt learns about Sally's condition Wyatt learns about Sally's condition
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
by Nel

At Spencer Publications, Bill told Katie how strong Sally had always been. They discussed Sally's diagnosis and her imminent death. Bill couldn't believe that Sally wanted to keep her illness a secret. Bill said that Sally's grandmother would be "pissed" when she found out. Katie told Bill that Sally would die loving his son Wyatt.

Katie told Bill that Wyatt cared about Sally, and he needed to know about her diagnosis. Bill asked if Katie was planning on telling Wyatt. She said she was conflicted because she didn't feel good about Sally dying alone.

At that moment, Wyatt arrived, stopped dead in his tracks, and said that Katie and Bill looked tense. He asked if Katie's condition had changed. Katie assured him she was fine but said someone else wasn't.

Katie told Wyatt that she'd been at the hospital for her scheduled appointment and had bumped into Sally, who had also had an appointment. Katie said Sally had been scared, and Katie had stayed with Sally while she'd had various tests done. She said they'd gone back for Sally's test results the next day. Wyatt asked if Sally had a case of the flu, but Katie began to cry and said she wished that was all it was.

Katie told Wyatt that Sally was dying and didn't have much time left. She explained that Sally had gone to the hospital because of the ongoing symptoms of headaches, and she'd been unable to concentrate or draw. Katie said the test results were much worse than they had imagined. Wyatt sat down and felt guilty because he hadn't noticed the symptoms. Katie told Wyatt that Sally only had a month to live. That sent Wyatt into panic mode.

Wyatt immediately wanted to go to Sally, but Katie stopped him. She said that she'd promised she wouldn't tell anyone about Sally's condition, especially Wyatt, because Sally loved him so much. Sally had believed she would have a life with him after they were married. Katie said she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't share what Sally was going through. She told Wyatt he only had a month to be with Sally.

Wyatt asked if Sally didn't want him to know. Bill told him that Sally didn't want anyone to know. Wyatt said Sally shouldn't go through it alone. He was overwhelmed that Sally only had a month to live and stated that it was "so unfair."

In the Forrester design office, Sally became frustrated when she tried to sketch, but she couldn't control her hand. Frustrated, she threw the pencil down and began to cry. She hesitated when she tried to retrieve her pencil from the floor.

Eric and Quinn entered and told Sally it was time to attend Zoe's birthday party, but Sally declined, stating she wasn't feeling up to it.

Douglas sat beside Hope, drawing. Hope offered to take him to daycare, but Douglas claimed that was for babies. He said he wanted to stay with her and asked what he could do to help her. Hope told him she would love a big hug. Douglas threw his arms around her and gave her the hug she had asked for.

Hope received a call from Thomas asking her to bring Douglas to the studio. Hope assured him she and Douglas would be there shortly.

In the studio, Vinny attempted to convince Thomas not to use Douglas in his plan to get Hope. Thomas claimed it was necessary, and he was certain that Hope would never let Thomas be with Zoe. Vinny asked what would happen if Thomas' plan didn't work. Thomas said he would win either way, because if Hope rejected him, he would move on with Zoe. Thomas said Zoe was a beautiful, sweet, and passionate woman.

Vinny asked Thomas what he would do if Hope and Douglas didn't react the way Thomas hoped. He wanted to know why Thomas didn't go with Zoe rather than looking at her as a consolation prize. Thomas claimed that Hope was the mother of his son, and it was time for Hope and Douglas to attend the party. He told Vinny that the party was going to be a big surprise for Zoe and an even bigger surprise for Hope and Douglas. He called Hope and asked her to take Douglas down.

Everyone had gathered for Zoe's party, and when she entered, they all shouted, "Surprise." Thomas told her that he couldn't let her birthday go without a fuss. Zoe and Thomas hugged. Zoe was surprised to see Vinny.

Hope and Douglas arrived and asked what was going on. Thomas told her that it was a surprise birthday party for Zoe. Douglas saw that Thomas and Zoe were holding hands. Hope was concerned about Douglas as she watched him looking at Thomas and Zoe.

While Zoe thanked everyone for being there, Quinn approached Thomas and said she hadn't figured out what he was up to. Thomas told her that he had two very beautiful options, and he walked away.

Elsewhere, Carter told Zoe he didn't have a gift for her, but he offered to give her free legal advice.

Thomas took Douglas over to Zoe and asked if Douglas wanted to wish Zoe a happy birthday. Douglas wished her a happy birthday, and Zoe asked if he was having fun. Douglas said he guessed he was, but he wanted to go back to Hope.

Vinny told Thomas that Douglas appeared super confused because of all the attention Thomas was paying Zoe. Thomas claimed that it meant his plan was working. He said that giving Hope custody of Douglas had been the best decision he'd ever made. He said Douglas was happy because his mommy and daddy would soon be together.

Thomas asked for everyone's attention because he wanted to make a toast. He said that Zoe was a valued person at Forrester Creations, and she was valuable to him. He said that when he'd been in a dark place, Zoe had turned things around for him. He was thankful for the bright future he had as a result of her help. Thomas presented Zoe with a birthday gift. Zoe opened the box. He had given her beautiful earrings that had been designed by Quinn. Zoe thanked everyone and told them they'd made her day.

As everyone let, Thomas told Vinny it was time to amp things up. He walked over to Zoe and kissed her deeply. Douglas panicked, and he asked Hope why Thomas was kissing Zoe and if his dad was going to marry Zoe. Hope assured him that Thomas and Zoe had become good friends. Douglas asked if Zoe was going to be his mom instead of Hope. Hope assured him that she would always be his mom. Douglas said he didn't want to lose her. Hope said she wasn't going anywhere.

Thomas hugged Zoe and watched Hope and Douglas.

Thomas asks Hope if they can ever be the family Douglas dreams of Thomas asks Hope if they can ever be the family Douglas dreams of
Thursday, February 13, 2020

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge called Thomas a hopeless romantic for throwing the birthday party for Zoe. Brooke, however, thought that Thomas had been putting on a show for people to witness his "devotion" to Zoe. Incredulous that Brooke would be suspicious of Thomas about something like that, Ridge asked why Brooke couldn't accept that Thomas wasn't threatening anyone and had moved on from Hope.

Ridge felt that time was running out for him and Brooke and said that the longer they stayed apart, the harder it would be to get back together. Only one thing was keeping them apart in his mind. "Thomas," Brooke concluded. Disagreeing, Ridge said it wasn't Thomas; it was Brooke's feelings about Thomas and Brooke's refusal to believe that Thomas was improving.

Brooke asserted that it was all an act. Thomas was fooling everyone, especially Ridge. Ridge figured that Brooke had to be tired from all the pushback she was doing about Thomas. Brooke replied that Ridge still hadn't gotten Thomas the professional help that he needed. She conceded that Thomas' behavior had changed but said his motives were the same.

Brooke didn't want to pick a fight with Ridge. She wanted to remain his wife. She insisted that Thomas was a danger to Hope. She needed Ridge to open his eyes and see it. Ridge wished that Brooke could step away from her anger and see Thomas and Hope the way everyone else did, as two people working and parenting together.

Brooke wished that she could. She asked if Ridge knew why it was such a struggle for her. She revealed that something had happened; she'd had a moment of weakness, and she'd wanted a drink. She hadn't succumbed to it. Instead, she'd called her sponsor and gone to a meeting. Worried, Ridge said they couldn't let her go that route.

Brooke believed that it was due to the stress of Thomas. Ridge was amazed that it might drive her to drink. He wanted to work through it because she was the most important thing to him. She said he was that important to her, too, but she didn't trust Thomas around Hope.

Brooke was tired of arguing and figured that it didn't make a difference, anyway. Disagreeing, Ridge said her statements about his son made him feel different about her, and he didn't want that. He told her that she could end the conflict that day. Brooke said she couldn't because she couldn't change her feelings about Thomas.

In Brooke's view, Ridge had lost faith in their marriage and had turned to someone else. She decided that if he didn't want to deal with "this," then he could go be with Shauna. Ridge didn't want to be with Shauna. He wanted to be with Brooke more than anything in the world, but in his opinion, Brooke was making it very difficult.

Ridge said that he and Brooke had vowed to be together. He wanted to be with her, but it meant that Thomas would be there, too. Ridge wanted to work it out because he couldn't be without Brooke. He kissed her and said he needed her.

In the photo studio, Zoe's party had wound down. Douglas watched Thomas kiss Zoe. Clinging to Hope, Douglas asked why his father was doing that. He said that Hope was his mommy, and he didn't want another one. Hope assured him that she'd always be his mommy.

Nearby, Thomas and Zoe canoodled. She walked off to take a call, and Vinny approached Thomas, fuming about the emotional stress Thomas was putting his son through. Vinny said that Douglas was freaking out about the kiss, and Hope was upset, too.

Thomas insisted that the only way to get Douglas the family he wanted was to make him fear that it wouldn't happen. Thomas was certain that Douglas would be the one to convince Hope to go back to him and Thomas. Vinny was adamant that using Douglas was a bad idea. Thomas said he was getting Douglas the family he needed in the only way Thomas could.

Zoe ended her call, and Thomas asked her to watch Douglas because Hope seemed as if she wanted to talk to Thomas. Zoe agreed to it, and Thomas told Douglas that he would go upstairs and spend some time with Zoe. Douglas quietly smiled. Thomas told him to be extra nice to Zoe because it was her birthday, and Hope told Douglas that she'd be up there soon.

The moment that Zoe and Douglas walked away, Hope asked Thomas how he could do that to his son. Shrugging, Thomas stated that the child was fine with Zoe. Hope asked if he hadn't seen how upset the boy had been, but Thomas noted that Douglas had said it had been okay.

Hope replied that Douglas had been being polite, and it hadn't been okay to let Douglas see the kiss. Thomas acted as if he didn't get what Hope was getting at and called it a simple kiss. She explained that it hadn't been simple to the confused Douglas. She asked if Thomas had talked to the child about Zoe. Hope said the confused boy hadn't known what had been going on.

Thomas claimed that he didn't like upsetting Douglas and never wanted to hurt the child's feelings. Thomas explained that he was with Zoe, and it was natural to kiss her. Hope replied that he had to consider how it looked to Douglas, who barely knew Zoe. Thomas conveyed that he wanted Douglas to get to know Zoe.

Hope told Thomas that it was something they had to discuss. "We are co-parenting together. We are a family -- " Hope stated. Interrupting, Thomas contended, "But we're not." In his view, they weren't like a real family that lived together, and that was why Douglas was upset.

Hope asserted that they didn't need to be with each other "like that" to be a family, but they did need to respect each other and to communicate and avoid things such as kissing others without preparing Douglas first. Thomas hadn't realized that it would be a big deal. Hope replied that she'd tried to comfort Douglas, who'd been asking if Zoe would be his new mommy.

"He actually said that?" Thomas asked. Hope explained that, to Douglas, the kiss meant that Thomas was in love and that Zoe would replace Hope as his mommy. Thomas said he didn't feel good about Douglas being worried; however, Thomas countered that he was single and could date whomever he wanted.

Hope said that Douglas needed stability, and in Douglas' mind, the thing with Zoe was threatening it. Thomas replied that the child needed to realize that they weren't that kind of family, and he and Hope weren't husband and wife. Thomas knew it was what Douglas wanted. He wished he could give it to Douglas, but Zoe wasn't preventing it.

Thomas didn't want to upset Douglas. Thomas agreed that it was up to him and Hope to provide stability for the child. "So, you have to tell me now, before I go any further with Zoe, could the future, the family that Douglas dreams about, ever be a reality for the three of us?" he asked.

At Spencer, Wyatt was devastated upon hearing the news of Sally's condition. He asked Katie if the doctor was sure that it was terminal. In Katie's silence, Wyatt decided that he had to see Sally. Bill stopped Wyatt from leaving, and Katie said that Sally had made Katie swear not to tell anyone. "Except for me, though," Wyatt replied.

Katie told Wyatt that Sally especially did not want him to know. Wyatt didn't think that was right, and he needed Sally to know that he was there for her. Katie was adamant that Wyatt not tell Sally that he knew. She said that they had to do it Sally's way because it was the one thing Sally thought she could control. Katie didn't want to regret telling Wyatt.

Wyatt didn't know how to act like things were just fine. Bill insisted that Wyatt had to do it because it was what Katie had asked of him. Wyatt didn't understand Katie's reasoning that Sally loved him too much to tell him that she was sick.

Katie stated that she knew what it felt like to not want to be a burden. In her view, it was possible that Sally would want to tell Wyatt, and if Sally did, Katie wanted him to be ready for it; however, it wasn't time yet. Wyatt replied that Sally didn't have a lot of time left. "She needs me now!" he exclaimed and charged out of the office.

Alone with Bill, Katie was sad about betraying Sally's trust. She'd hoped that Wyatt could be there for Sally without making her feel like an obligation. Bill doubted that Wyatt would make Sally feel that way. Katie said it would happen if Wyatt revealed what he knew. Bill trusted that Wyatt would do what was right for Sally.

In the design office, Sally worked at the drafting table, and Quinn was at the desk, talking about Zoe's party. Quinn noticed that Sally seemed distracted. Summoning up the only ounce of compassion she had for Sally, Quinn asked if Sally was okay.

Quinn said she didn't take pleasure in Sally's pain. She knew that it was a difficult time for Sally, and the future Sally had planned with Wyatt wasn't going to happen. "No, it's not," Sally murmured. Quinn didn't want it to throw Sally off her game. She saw positive things on the horizon for Sally. Sally asked if Quin was trying to be nice to her.

Quinn, who hadn't been thrilled to have Sally as a daughter-in-law, did respect Sally as an artist. Quinn thought that Sally was young, feisty, and ambitious. She was sure that Sally would bounce back from it. Quinn left, and Sally grappled to control her trembling hands.

Sally struggled to concentrate and draw. Wyatt opened the office door and watched Sally release and contract her fingers. He greeted Sally, and she spun out of her seat, covering her drawing with a cloth swatch. He said he'd been in the area, hoping that she'd spend a moment with him. She asked if he was looking for an exclusive for his magazine.

Wyatt wasn't, but he asked if Sally would be the first one he'd call if anything was happening. "Sure," she replied. Wyatt still cared about Sally, and even though they were no longer together, he hoped that she still considered him a friend.

Wyatt reminded Sally that it had been that way from the start when he'd let her crash at his house. He had wanted to be there for her then, and his feelings hadn't changed. He stated that if she needed a friend, she had one in him. Sally nodded.

Katie urges Sally to fight for her life Katie urges Sally to fight for her life
Friday, February 14, 2020

At Spencer, Liam noticed that Bill was pensive during their meeting. Bill was glad that Liam was living with Steffy -- whether it was platonic or not -- but Bill was concerned about Douglas, who had a play mommy and psycho daddy. As Brooke entered, she agreed with Bill's assessment and added that, with Liam out of the way, Thomas was becoming more obsessed with Hope.

Brooke asked Bill to help her convince his son to leave Steffy's house and return to Hope. Bill claimed that he couldn't tell Liam what to do, but in his mind, it did appear that Liam had things to sort out. Liam stated that no one was as concerned about Hope as he was. Brooke urged him to return to Hope before Thomas manipulated her any further.

Liam explained that Hope was still upset about witnessing the kiss. He stated that Hope wasn't hearing any of them at that time, and they needed to change their strategy. Brooke was willing to let Liam try anything. Desiring to expose Thomas, Liam stated he'd make Thomas prove that his relationship with Zoe was what he claimed it was.

In the photo studio, Thomas asked Hope if there was a chance to give Douglas the family he wanted. Just then, Douglas ran up and hugged Hope. Thomas asked if the boy had had fun with Zoe. Douglas had, but he'd been unable to wait to get back to Hope.

Zoe followed Douglas into the area, telling him that she hadn't shown him the secret candy stash yet. That sounded like fun to Thomas, but Douglas preferred to stay with his mommy.

Later, Thomas and Hope were alone again, and he murmured, "Well, that was awkward." Agreeing, Hope replied that it had been confusing for Douglas. Thomas asked if Hope had plans for the evening. He wanted to take Zoe out for her birthday that night.

"Right. Of course," Hope bit out. Sensing something in her tone, Thomas stated that he was moving on -- like she'd told him to. "With Zoe..." Hope responded. Glancing at Douglas and Zoe, who were digging into a candy bowl across the room, Thomas insisted that Douglas would eventually accept Zoe -- but he'd never love her the way he loved Hope.

Sometime later, Thomas and Douglas were still in the studio when Liam arrived. Douglas enthusiastically greeted him and told him about the party Thomas had thrown for Zoe. Douglas liked Zoe, but he wanted his parents to be together. Liam bet that was true.

Thomas sent Douglas to meet up with Charlotte in the corridor. Alone with Thomas, Liam asked if the party had accomplished Thomas' goal. Thomas feigned innocence, and Liam said he wasn't buying all the fake relationship drivel. In Liam's mind, everything Thomas did, he did to get Hope, and Thomas was playing the old hits -- using his son to prey on Hope's feelings. Liam was there to tell Thomas to stop.

Not caring what Liam had to say, Thomas stated that he was focused on moving forward with Zoe every day and making a life for himself and his son. Liam asked if the life would be with Zoe or Hope. Thomas advised Liam to focus on his own life. Citing that Liam was entangled with Hope and Steffy, Thomas said that when he committed, he didn't waffle.

Liam said it was because Thomas was obsessed. Thomas contended that Liam thought that because he didn't know how to focus on one woman at a time. Liam wasn't fazed by Thomas' opinion of him. Liam was there to tell Thomas that Liam loved Hope, Liam always would love her, and he would always protect her from Thomas.

Liam believed that Thomas was using Zoe to make Douglas afraid of losing Hope. Liam saw that Thomas was still a disturbed individual. Liam said that Hope might be vulnerable to Thomas, but he wouldn't let Thomas lay a finger on Hope.

In the CEO's office, Hope was telling Brooke about the surprise party for Zoe that had wound up surprising Hope and Douglas. Brooke was surprised to hear that Thomas had given an emotive speech about Zoe and then proceeded to have what Hope referred to as a "full-on make-out session" with Zoe. "That's disgusting. Douglas didn't need to see that," Brooke replied.

Hope conveyed Douglas' confusion about his father's relationship with Zoe. Douglas feared that he'd lose Hope as a mother. Brooke asked if Hope saw what was happening. It was clear to Brooke that Thomas was once again manipulating his son to get what he wanted -- Hope.

Hope didn't know about that. To her, Thomas and Zoe's relationship seemed sincere. Brooke insisted that he was using Zoe, but Hope persisted in believing that Thomas was really into Zoe. Brooke reasoned that the kiss Hope had seen and the romance were a charade.

Hope didn't want to believe Thomas was taking advantage of Zoe that way. Brooke thought Hope had to be kidding. Brooke insisted that Hope knew what Thomas was capable of. She began listing his misdeeds, but Hope stated that she knew all those things. Hope added that she wasn't saying that Thomas didn't still want a future with her, either.

Hope revealed that Thomas had asked if there was a chance to be the family Douglas wanted before Thomas got further along with Zoe. "Oh, my God! This is the proof right here; don't you see it?" Brooke exclaimed. She asked how Thomas could go from being completely obsessed with Hope to being hot and heavy with Zoe.

In the Forrester design office, Sally asked why Wyatt was there and if he should be with Flo. Wyatt was there because he wanted to be, and he vowed to continue to be there, whether Sally liked it or not.

Katie entered and hoped she wasn't interrupting anything. She wanted a moment alone with Sally. Fine with that, Wyatt said he'd been letting Sally know that he was available to talk about anything or even to listen to Sally vent. Because he and Sally had meant a lot to each other, he wanted them to stay in each other's lives. Sally didn't respond, and Wyatt awkwardly left.

Once alone with Sally, Katie pressed about whether Sally had made her follow-up appointment. Sally said she'd heard all she'd needed to hear from the doctor. There was nothing else for Sally to do. Katie exclaimed that Sally didn't know that. In Katie's view, Sally was a fighter, and she urged Sally not to give up.

Sally didn't want to let anyone give her a false sense of hope. Katie didn't see how it could hurt to see the doctor again. She reasoned that new treatments and trials became available all the time, and the doctor had asked to see Sally again for a reason. Sally didn't want to talk to anyone or see any specialists. It was a waste of time. "Maybe if we caught it sooner, but I'm not going to put my body through all of that for nothing," Sally asserted.

Katie said that Sally was a fighter, but Sally yelled that she'd already lost. Katie knew how it felt to feel betrayed by one's own body and to feel as if there was no option but death. She assured Sally that there was always hope.

Katie stated that she had never thought she'd have her brother's heart or niece's kidney. Katie said she wasn't telling Sally that it would be easy or that there would be a cure, but she was saying that Sally could stand up, fight the illness, and choose to live. Katie affirmed that she was there because she'd fought to live, and Sally had to fight. Katie determined that Sally had to fight for herself, for her family, and for Wyatt.

Sally just wanted to be left alone, but Katie refused to leave. Katie proclaimed that she was a miracle of modern medicine and a survivor. "And you can be, too, but you'll never know if you don't fight back," Katie stated. She urged Sally to fight for all that she had to live for.

At Flo's apartment, Shauna and Flo discussed groceries and their excitement about Flo and Wyatt's relationship. Flo didn't want to flaunt it in front of Sally. Shauna quipped that Sally had done it to Flo. Shauna hoped that Sally was finally getting the hint.

Noting that she and Quinn had been waiting for the union of their kids ever since the kids had been babies, Shauna expressed a desire to talk about grandbabies. The tickled Flo replied that she and Wyatt weren't ready for that yet.

Just then, Wyatt arrived, and Shauna left to pick up her dry cleaning. Flo asked what was going on, and he replied that he had to talk to her about Sally. Flo wanted him to stop beating himself up about the breakup. She believed that Sally would get over it and hook up with an artsy actor.

Wyatt didn't think that was going to happen. He explained that Sally had gotten the worst news of her life from her doctors after she'd gone in to see about some symptoms she'd been having. He thought it was unfair because Sally was a resilient, brilliant woman. "And this is all she gets?" he pondered.

Flo asked what was going on, and Wyatt revealed that Sally was dying. Flo was stunned. He said Sally had sworn Katie to secrecy about it, but Katie had told him, anyway. Flo was glad that Katie had done it. Wyatt felt powerless to help. The doctors had said that the illness was too far along, and a month was all Sally had.

Wyatt said he couldn't let Sally go through it alone. Nodding, Flo replied that they both knew what he had to do.

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