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Thomas sprang a surprise marriage proposal on Zoe in front of his family at a special dinner. Eric and Ridge questioned Thomas' motives for the engagement. Fearing losing Hope, Douglas implored her to marry his father. Flo urged Wyatt to spend as much time with Sally as possible.
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Flo urged Wyatt to spend time with Sally and Thomas asked Zoe to marry him
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Wyatt and Flo devise a plan to help Sally Wyatt and Flo devise a plan to help Sally
Monday, February 17, 2020

In the photo studio, Thomas had sneaked away to work on two designs on dress forms in private, but Liam tracked Thomas down to again make Liam's point about Hope. Overhearing the men from behind a clothes rack, Hope approached and asked what was going on.

Thomas told Liam that the knight in shining armor routine was played out, and Thomas had moved on with Zoe. Zoe listened in as Liam insisted that Thomas was just using Zoe to get to Hope. Thomas stated that Liam knew nothing about Thomas and Zoe's relationship, and Liam was the one who couldn't let go of the past.

Hope spotted Zoe and greeted her. Zoe strode up to Thomas and asked if he cared about her or if Liam was right about her being just another step on the way back to Hope. Thomas stated that he and Douglas had been reeling when they'd lost Caroline, and being with Hope had made sense back then; however, the Hope chapter in Thomas' life was over. Romantically, he'd moved on with the woman who was standing right in front of him.

Later, Zoe and Thomas had gone. Liam didn't buy Thomas' speech and said Thomas was obviously still all about Hope. Hope wasn't so sure about that. It freaked Liam out that she didn't see that Thomas was working her. She asked if Liam thought she was naive or stupid.

Liam didn't think either. He said she was trusting and wanted to see the good in others, something Thomas was taking advantage of. Hope replied that Liam was making it sound as if Thomas was controlling her every decision. Liam asserted that he wasn't saying that. "Good. Because I was about to be insulted," Hope concluded.

"I miss you. I miss hanging out with Beth like we used to," Liam uttered. Hope said he saw Beth whenever he wanted, but he contended that it wasn't the way it had been. Hope stated that she couldn't live with him and do the back-and-forth anymore. She reminded him that Thomas wasn't between them; it was Liam's kiss with Steffy. That was what was keeping them apart.

Hope told Liam that he could not blame Thomas for that kiss. Liam wasn't trying to. He theorized that, just because there was one thing Thomas hadn't manipulated, it didn't mean that Thomas wasn't still using his son to work Hope. Liam said that Hope had to step back from it.

Hope asked what Liam meant. Liam asked her to let Thomas raise Douglas. "We can still make sure that Douglas is okay," Liam said. Hope asserted that Douglas was her son and a part of the family. She didn't think that they should punish Douglas because of Liam's problem with Thomas. Liam began to disagree. Hope cut him off, stating that Liam's obsession with Thomas needed to stop.

Liam noted that "this" was Thomas working Hope and driving a wedge between them. Hope couldn't believe Liam would say that when he'd been the one kissing Steffy and living with her. Liam didn't know what to tell Hope about that. "There's nothing going on between me and Steffy. I'm sleeping in the guest bedroom, and we're raising Kelly together. And that's it," he claimed.

Disbelieving Liam's statement, Hope said that she could say one thing about Thomas: even if Thomas had ulterior motives to reconnect with Hope, she was pretty sure she wouldn't walk in on him kissing another woman. "At least Thomas can be fully committed to me," she concluded.

Liam looked as if he'd been slapped. He said he heard Hope, and if she felt as if he hadn't been fully committed, then it was something that they needed to look at. "But right now, you need to hear me. Do not let Thomas suck you back in with his lies," Liam told her.

Liam felt that Thomas would do anything to make Hope forget what he'd done to her. Liam asked her to say that she remembered and that Thomas wasn't getting to her. "Hope, tell me!" Liam exclaimed.

In the CEO's office, Brooke and Ridge were arguing about Thomas again. That time, it was about Thomas kissing Zoe at the party. Ridge said it was what couples did, and Thomas was trying to move on as Brooke wanted. Brooke wished her suspicions could disappear with the wave of a wand, but she doubted that she'd ever trust Thomas again. She couldn't forgive Thomas or trust him.

Brooke saw Thomas' face in the crack of the doorway. "Eavesdropping, Thomas?" she asked. Entering the office, Thomas claimed that he'd been about to make his presence known, but it had seemed as if it wasn't a good time. Brooke quipped that she and Ridge were having a terrible time due to Thomas. Ridge conveyed irritation with her statement, and she asked if she couldn't say how she felt. Thomas said he'd love to hear it.

Brooke asked if he even knew what he was doing to his family. She and Ridge loved each other and wanted to get past their issues, but Thomas kept getting in the way. In her view, Thomas was keeping Brooke and Ridge apart the same way he was doing it to Liam and Hope. Thomas concluded that Brooke would never forgive or trust him again.

Brooke wished she could trust Thomas, but he was still obsessed with Hope. The sham of a birthday party proved it. Thomas didn't know how his gesture toward Zoe had become all about Hope, and he noted that Brooke hadn't even been invited to the party. Brooke had heard from Hope about the party and about Thomas' display to freak out his son.

Thomas played dumb about it, and Brooke said he'd kissed Zoe in front of Douglas. Looking at Brooke as if she were crazy, Thomas said that couples showed affection at times. Brooke ordered Thomas to stop it. She knew that Thomas was playing upon Douglas' fear that Zoe would replace Hope. Thomas asked why he'd do that.

Brooke concluded that Thomas wanted Hope to decide that the best thing for Douglas was for her to be with Thomas. In Brooke's view, Thomas had been using his son as a pawn, and it was disgusting. Ridge said she didn't know what it felt like to hear her attack his son like that. Brooke asserted that Ridge would find out soon enough that she'd been right about Thomas all along.

At Flo's place, Flo and Wyatt had another conversation about Sally's illness. He said Sally couldn't catch a break and never would at that point. Flo asked if there was anything she could do. Wyatt said she was already doing it by helping him absorb the news.

Flo felt that she and Wyatt had to do something for Sally. Wyatt reminded Flo that no one was supposed to know about it. Flo suggested that Wyatt find ways to spend time with Sally to get her to open up to him. He wasn't so sure about that, but Flo insisted that they find a way.

Wyatt didn't know how to do it without revealing what he knew. Flo suggested that he just take it one step at a time, reestablish a friendship, and get Sally to open up to him. He asked if Flo would really be okay with it.

Affirming it, Flo said that she got to spend the rest of her life with Wyatt, but Sally didn't have time. It was clear to Flo that Sally loved Wyatt, and Flo didn't think Sally should spend the dark time alone. Wyatt agreed and said he had to be there for Sally as much as he could.

Wyatt told Flo that no matter what he was doing or what things looked like, Flo was always in his heart. He figured that they'd miss some time together. She wasn't worried about it and felt that they had time to make up for it. She knew that he'd never forgive himself for not helping Sally, and she didn't think she and Wyatt could get over that kind of guilt.

Wyatt concluded that it was settled, and he'd do everything he could to be there for Sally. He knew it would be hard for Flo to watch him with Sally. He instructed Flo to tell him when it became too much. The moment she said it, he'd back off. Flo figured that if she couldn't sit on the sidelines for a month while he spent time with someone who was dying, then she wasn't worthy of Wyatt.

In the design office, Katie found Sally struggling through another day of work. Katie asked if Sally had scheduled a follow-up appointment yet. Sally hadn't done it. Upset, Katie asked why and asserted that she wouldn't let Sally give up.

Sally didn't believe in stretching out the inevitable or wasting the time she had left with pointless appointments, dying one step at a time instead of at once. She'd rather go on a hike or listen to meaningful music. Katie ordered Sally to put her earbuds in and hike to the doctor. Insisting upon controlling her death, Sally only needed Katie's discretion, and she asked if she still had it.

Deciding to tell her personal story, Katie conveyed that she'd been severely depressed after Will's birth. She'd pushed everyone away in exchange for misery and loneliness, even though her family would have been there for her. She said that she should have let them, and she had let them when her kidneys had failed. Their love and support had made it easier.

Sally asked if Katie was pitching for Sally to talk to Wyatt. Katie insisted that he'd be there for Sally in a heartbeat. The problem for Sally was that she didn't want anyone's pity, not her family's and not Wyatt's.

Sally winced because of her headaches. They were getting worse. Katie believed that the doctor could give Sally something for it, but Sally refused to cloud the time she had left. She insisted that she'd manage. Sally staggered out of her chair and fell. Katie caught her and asked if she was okay.

Thomas uses Douglas to send Hope a message Thomas uses Douglas to send Hope a message
Tuesday, February 18, 2020

In the design office, Thomas and Zoe kissed. She thanked him for the party and making her the center of his world. Someone knocked on the office door. Thomas yelled that he was busy. "Why is the door locked?" Douglas yelled back. Thomas opened the door, and he and Zoe greeted the boy. Glaring at Zoe, Douglas asked, "Why are you in here with my daddy?"

In Zoe's silence, Douglas asked Thomas why he was with Zoe. Thomas explained that she was thanking him for the birthday party. Thomas asked the child to wish her a happy birthday. "I did. Yesterday," Douglas snapped. Zoe said she had appreciated the wishes from such a special little boy. Douglas quipped that he wasn't that little.

Zoe decided to take off, and Thomas set Douglas up to draw at the drafting table. Douglas noted that Thomas was always with Zoe, not Mommy. Douglas had thought that Thomas loved Mommy. Thomas said he did, and Douglas asked why Thomas was spending so much time with Zoe. Thomas replied that he liked her, and it would bring Hope back to him.

Douglas said that Zoe was nice, but he wanted his parents together. Thomas explained that it was about what Hope wanted, and Hope didn't want him. Douglas suggested that Thomas buy her flowers and candy. Liking the idea, Thomas asked if Douglas had more suggestions. Douglas exclaimed that Thomas needed to tell Hope that he loved her.

Thomas stated that the best way would be for Douglas to tell Hope. "Okay, I will. Right now," Douglas decided, hopping off his stool. He strode out of the office, skirting by Vinny, who was entering at the same time.

Alone with Thomas, Vinny said that he still had an issue with the way Thomas was using Douglas. Thomas said he'd gotten the reaction he'd wanted. Vinny wondered what else Thomas had done to make sure he'd get Hope.

Thomas revealed that there had been a kiss between Steffy and Liam and that Hope would still be with Liam if she hadn't seen it. Thomas couldn't stand "Mr. Perfect," but that was whom Steffy wanted to build her family with. Vinny guessed that Thomas didn't mind helping Steffy if it meant he'd end up with Hope. Thomas declared that he would end up with Hope, and his son would make it happen.

Vinny was still in disbelief about Thomas' willingness to work his own kid. Thomas claimed to be doing it for Douglas, too. Thomas stated that Vinny knew how much Thomas would always love Hope. Vinny replied that it was an obsession. Thomas admitted to being obsessed, but in his mind, it was a healthy obsession. Douglas was key for Thomas, who planned to wind the boy up tighter than a top. He'd push every button he had to in order to get Hope.

Vinny moved on to expressing concern about Zoe, who really thought that Thomas liked her. Shrugging, Thomas replied that he did like her and was into her. Vinny asserted that it wasn't the real reason Thomas was spending all that time with her. Reasoning that life wasn't easy, Thomas thought that he was teaching his son a valuable lesson at an early age.

Vinny quipped that the lesson was that Douglas shouldn't trust his father. Thomas insisted that Douglas wouldn't lose out, and when the plan worked, Douglas would have the family he'd always wanted. "And you'll have Hope all for your own!" Vinny shot back.

Affirming it, Thomas said that before it could happen, Douglas had to believe that Zoe could replace Hope. Douglas would be heartbroken, and Thomas hoped Douglas was conveying that to Hope at that moment. Vinny asked if there was another way. Thomas insisted that Douglas was his trump card and would come through for his father.

In the studio, Hope told Liam that he sounded just like her mother did about Thomas. Liam said it was because he loved her and wanted to protect her. She believed that she could look out for herself. Liam agreed that she could under normal circumstances, but they weren't under normal circumstances regarding Thomas.

Hope told Liam to just stop because she already knew he despised Thomas. "Like it's just me?" Liam asked in disbelief. He recalled that Hope had once felt the same way -- and with good reason -- after Thomas had kept the secret about Beth. Exasperated, Liam thought it was unimaginable that Hope believed that Thomas had suddenly become a saint.

In Hope's view, it hadn't been sudden. Thomas had been trying to be a better person and father. Liam yelled that Thomas was using Douglas -- and Zoe, too -- to make Hope think that Thomas had set off in a different direction when, in reality, he was doubling back in Hope's direction. Liam declared that Thomas was the same guy he'd always been.

Liam asked if it was possible that Hope's love for Douglas was giving her "permission" to see Thomas differently. Hope decided that she and Liam didn't need to talk about it anymore. Emotional, she admitted that she missed him and their family, and things weren't the same, even though he was spending time with Beth. Their family had been shattered by Liam's indecision, something Thomas hadn't had anything to do with.

"How many times? How many years?" Hope asked and insisted that the kiss had torn her and Liam apart. Liam was sorry about the kiss and that he'd hurt her, but he insisted that Thomas was still using Douglas to drive a wedge between Hope and Liam. Liam wasn't okay with Thomas exploiting Douglas and Hope's love for each other, and Liam was determined to expose Thomas one way or another.

Liam didn't want to make excuses for the kiss, and he didn't want to try to explain it away. He just wished that he and Hope could move on from it. Hope asked how they'd do that and what they'd move on to. He said he had proposed to her. "I still want that," he said. He still wanted a life with her and Beth. Hope refused to abandon Douglas.

Liam claimed that he'd never said that Hope had to. He wanted Hope to recognize that Douglas had a support system with the Forresters. Liam thought it was doable. He said he and Hope had their family, and Douglas had his family, who'd keep Thomas in check.

Just then, Douglas ran in and latched onto Hope's legs. He exclaimed that his problem was his dad and Zoe. Hope asked Liam if she could talk to Douglas alone, and Liam left.

Hope asked what was wrong. Douglas said that he wanted Hope and his father to be together. He stated that Zoe and Thomas were spending more and more time together. It scared Douglas. Hope hugged the child and promised him that she'd always be there for him, no matter whom Thomas spent time with.

Nearby, Thomas listened in as Douglas said that Thomas loved Hope and had told Douglas that he'd rather be with Hope than Zoe. Hope asked if Zoe was nice to Douglas. Douglas liked Zoe, but he insisted that he and his father loved Hope. Douglas was adamant that he'd lose Hope if Thomas kept seeing Zoe. Douglas begged Hope not to let it happen.

Hope told Douglas that she'd never turn her back on him. She'd never walk away, and she'd always be a safe place for him. She stated that it was a confusing time. She was confused, too; however, he was her child, and she'd do anything for him.

Thomas grinned as Douglas hugged Hope and said he loved her.

In the CEO's office, Liam happened upon Zoe and asked how the party had gone. Zoe explained that it had been nice and that Thomas had given her earrings. Liam murmured that Thomas knew how to cover his bases. Zoe figured that Liam still believed that Thomas was using her and didn't have real feelings for her.

Liam didn't like saying it to Zoe, but it was true in his mind. Zoe chose not to be offended because she knew how she and Thomas were together. She didn't think Hope was on Thomas' radar anymore.

Thomas steps up his plan to get Hope Thomas steps up his plan to get Hope
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
by Nel

In the Forrester office, Zoe told Liam that Thomas had been trying very hard to show how much he'd changed. Liam stated he didn't trust Thomas. He said that Thomas knew how to quickly turn on the charm. He asked if Zoe knew for a fact that Thomas' feelings were real. Zoe claimed that Liam couldn't be impartial, and she said she knew Thomas' feelings were real.

Liam told Zoe that his gut told him Thomas was manipulating and using her. Zoe said that his gut was mistaken. She said that things had gotten serious between her and Thomas, and he wanted her to spend more time with Douglas. She said that Thomas had a plan for the future, and she was part of it.

At the Cliff House, while playing with Kelly, Ridge told Steffy that Thomas had planned a family dinner for later that evening, and Thomas wanted her to be there. Steffy asked what Thomas was up to. Ridge said that every time he fixed things between her and Thomas, it always fell apart. Steffy apologized. Ridge said Thomas asked her to be at that family dinner.

Ridge told Steffy that Thomas had been trying to redeem himself, and his focus was on work, his son, and Zoe. He said that Thomas was trying to put his life back together, and Zoe was a big part of it. He asked why it was so hard for her to trust Thomas. He told Steffy that Thomas had moved on from Hope and was with Zoe.

Steffy recalled how she'd gone along with Thomas when he'd called her and told her to kiss Liam right at the moment Hope had arrived.

Liam arrived with Beth, and Steffy was overjoyed to see Beth. Steffy told Liam that Thomas had arranged a family dinner, and he wanted her to go. Liam asked if it was family only. Ridge said he hoped to convince Brooke and Hope to attend. Liam asked what the occasion was. Ridge said Thomas wanted to show everyone that Zoe had made things better for him and that she was part of his life. Liam said it sounded like a production. Annoyed, Ridge said it would be low-key. Liam asked how it could be low-key when Thomas planned it.

After Ridge left, Liam told Steffy that he and Hope needed to work out a schedule for visitation, but Hope had allowed him to see Beth whenever he wanted. He said Hope knew how much the girls meant to him. Steffy said that the girls loved him. Liam said that Hope felt the same way, but things had changed after she'd witnessed the kiss between him and Steffy. Steffy said she'd been caught up in the moment. Liam said it hadn't been a malicious choice. Steffy said she hadn't known that Hope would be standing there when the kiss had happened. He told her to stop beating herself up about it.

Liam told Steffy they should go to the family dinner because if Thomas wanted an audience, then they needed to be there. He said he'd spoken to Zoe earlier to warn her that Thomas was using her to get to Hope. He said, "So much for Zoe being our spy." Steffy asked if he didn't believe that Zoe was being honest. Liam was afraid that Zoe wasn't being honest with herself.

Liam told Steffy that he didn't understand how Thomas managed to get inside people's heads, especially the people who knew better, like Hope. Steffy asked Liam if he needed to be there because Hope would be. Liam admitted he did, but he was grateful to be with Steffy and the girls. He said he loved Steffy and the girls, and that would never change. Steffy reminded him that he'd chosen Hope. She said that Liam had always wanted to save Hope, and he agreed.

Steffy pointed out that Liam had proposed to Hope, and she couldn't understand why Hope hadn't said yes. She said that Douglas would always be taken care of because it was a big family. She said Hope wanted it all, and that wasn't possible.

In the Forrester dressing room, Hope told Douglas that nothing would come between them. She said it didn't matter if Thomas and Zoe were together. Douglas complained that Zoe wanted to do things with him. Hope said it was okay. Douglas moaned that he didn't want to be with Zoe. He wanted Hope to be with his daddy. He said he wouldn't let anyone take Hope's place.

Thomas, who had been eavesdropping on Hope and Douglas, chose that moment to walk into the room. He looked at Douglas, and he asked his son what was wrong. Hope told Thomas that Douglas was confused because of Thomas' relationship with Zoe, and he was afraid Hope wouldn't be his mother anymore. Hope reassured Douglas that Thomas' relationship with Zoe wouldn't change Douglas' relationship with her.

Thomas told Douglas to trust him and insisted everything would work out for them. He said if something bothered Douglas, he wanted to know about it. Douglas asked if it was okay that he had told Hope. Thomas and Hope both said it was okay; they were family. Douglas said that Zoe wasn't family. Thomas explained that he really cared about Zoe and that Zoe wanted to know him better. Zoe also wanted take him to a museum, but Douglas insisted he only wanted to be with Hope.

Thomas told Douglas that they would always have a special place in their hearts for Hope. He explained that he and Hope had tried to be together, and it hadn't worked. Thomas said he knew it was confusing to Douglas when he talked about Zoe because for a long time, he'd claimed he wanted to be with Hope. Thomas explained that they could still have an amazing family, but things had to change. Being with Zoe would have to be one of those changes. He assured Douglas that they would always be a family. Thomas felt the change would be great, and he asked Douglas to give it a chance.

Thomas told Douglas that it made no sense to keep trying to get something that was never going to happen. He said that everything he was doing would be good for them. Hope asked to speak to Thomas alone.

Stepping out of Douglas' hearing range, Hope told Thomas that all he'd done had been to tell Douglas that everything was going to change, and that had scared him. She said Douglas had seen Thomas kissing Zoe, and he'd told Douglas that Zoe would be an important part of their lives. Thomas asked if that bothered Hope. He said he was doing everything to make Douglas feel better, but all the reassurances in the world wouldn't change the situation. He said he was in a relationship with Zoe, and they cared for each other. He said Douglas and Zoe needed to get to know each other, and one day Douglas would have another mother.

Zoe arrived and told Thomas she'd received his text message. Zoe told Douglas that she wanted to take him to the museum, and she asked what his favorite food was. When he didn't answer, Hope said it was pizza. Thomas said he had other plans for that evening. He told Douglas he'd planned a family dinner. Douglas asked if it was only with Beth and Hope, but Thomas said it was with the whole family. Hope asked if Thomas had a sitter because she would be happy to stay with Douglas. Thomas said he want to fire up the whole house and have some fun because family was important to him, and he wanted to show Zoe what made their family so special.

Thomas told Douglas that he wanted everyone there, especially Douglas and Hope. He said they needed to celebrate each other. Thomas admitted that he and Zoe had made mistakes in the past, but they had moved on with their lives. He said that Douglas needed to be there because he was the key to the whole dinner. Douglas asked if Hope would be there, as well, and Thomas assured him that she would be.

Thomas said he'd spoken with Ridge and the rest of the family, and they all wanted him to move forward. He said it had been a long road for everyone, but after that evening, everything they'd hoped for would soon come true.

Thomas' announcement stuns Douglas and Hope Thomas' announcement stuns Douglas and Hope
Thursday, February 20, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy asked if Liam was ready for Thomas' dinner. Liam was still skeptical of it. She asked if he'd ever considered that Thomas had real feelings for Zoe. Though Liam would love to consider it, he was positive that Thomas was up to something.

Steffy thought that Thomas was just introducing Zoe to the family. Not buying it, Liam cited that Thomas had done that during the holidays. Plus, the family saw Zoe at work. Steffy asserted that it was really hard to see Zoe after the baby-napping incident, and Thomas was probably going the extra mile to make sure that they accepted Zoe.

"Even you don't believe that," Liam quipped. Steffy wanted to and wished Liam would, too. She hoped the evening would change "all that."

Amelia arrived to watch Kelly. Steffy said she and Liam wouldn't be at her grandfather's house long. Amelia sensed that they weren't excited about it. Steffy explained that Liam wasn't thrilled because it was Thomas' dinner. Liam chimed in that Thomas was showing off his new girlfriend. Amelia thought that was major, but Liam said it wasn't a real thing.

Amelia, who had a crush on Thomas, didn't see why the girlfriend wouldn't be into him. Steffy and Liam exchanged looks, and Liam advised Amelia to steer clear of Thomas. Amelia concluded that she'd lost her chance, anyway. Liam divulged his suspicion that Thomas' new relationship was just for show, and Thomas obviously was still into Hope. Steffy glared at him. "What?" Liam replied.

At Eric's house, Eric and Quinn greeted Ridge and Brooke, who arrived together for Thomas' party. Brooke was surprised that she'd been invited, and Quinn snapped that it made two of them. Ridge was glad that Brooke was there. Brooke was glad to see him, too, but she'd attended the party because she still didn't trust Thomas where Hope was concerned.

A short time later, Zoe arrived, still dressed in her military green romper shorts. She'd arrived straight from a photoshoot and hoped she wasn't late. Eric assured her that if she'd been any earlier, Thomas wouldn't have been able to put the event together in time. Eric was thrilled to have Zoe there. With a curt smile, Quinn told Zoe to make herself at home.

Upstairs, Thomas helped Douglas dress, and Douglas asked why Zoe had to be there. Hope tried to help Thomas reassure the boy that all his favorite people would be there, but Douglas just wanted to have dinner with Thomas, Hope, and Beth. Hope explained that Beth was with Donna. Douglas repeated his desire for it to be just the four of them.

Thomas explained that it was too late for Beth to be up. Agreeing, Hope said Douglas was old enough to be up for the festivities. "But I don't want to go to the party," Douglas murmured. He wanted to have spaghetti night with his family and also recalled that Thomas had grilled steaks before.

Thomas stated that he had a different plan in store for the evening. Hope said they could have a family night another time, and Thomas agreed, adding that they could invite Zoe. Thomas received a message from Zoe, indicating that she'd arrived, and he went downstairs.

Alone with Hope, Douglas asked if they really had to do it. He thought Zoe was nice, but he wanted his parents to be together. Hope knew that, but she assured him that they were still his parents. She said it would never change, and he'd always be her special guy.

Back downstairs, Thomas greeted Zoe and thanked everyone for being there. Brooke asked if Hope and Douglas would be down soon, and Thomas affirmed it. Zoe took Thomas aside to tell him how special he'd made her feel. He said it was the point of the night. She wondered what he had in store. As Douglas and Hope descended the stairs, Thomas spotted them and decided to kiss Zoe. Douglas scowled at the kissing couple.

Everyone gathered in the living room except for Douglas and Hope, who sat on the stairs. Steffy and Liam had arrived, and Liam was glaring at Thomas, who hugged Zoe from behind. Zoe thanked Eric and Quinn for the dinner, but Quinn made a point of saying Thomas had done it all himself. Thomas had Zoe's favorite food and flowers. He wanted everyone to celebrate her.

Zoe was enchanted by Thomas and his efforts. She said everyone was sweet. Ridge remarked that he hadn't seen his son that happy in a long time. Thomas couldn't agree with Ridge more.

Liam murmured to Steffy that Thomas was laying it on thick. Steffy felt that Thomas was allowed to show his girlfriend affection. Nodding in Douglas' direction, Liam was sure it made the child uncomfortable, which was all part of the plan. Steffy asked if Liam thought Thomas was doing it all to manipulate Hope. Liam said that was exactly what he thought.

By the stairs, Hope tried to coax Douglas to eat, but he said his tummy hurt. Zoe approached and asked how he was. Douglas' eyes rolled away from her. Hope told him that Zoe was asking him a question. "Fine," he bit out in answer to Zoe's question. Zoe told him she'd heard that there might be sundaes for dessert. Douglas was not impressed.

Zoe asked to know Douglas' favorite ice cream. He liked cookie dough and said that his parents both liked mint chip. Zoe smiled awkwardly. Brooke called Hope over to talk, and Hope complied, leaving Zoe and Douglas quietly glancing at each other.

Hope joined Brooke, who noted that Hope was stressed out about Douglas. Hope said that he was confused. Brooke didn't know how else Douglas would be and said "this" is a joke. Brooke was certain that Thomas was just trying to get a rise out of Douglas and Hope, and Brooke implored Hope not to let it happen.

Douglas called to Hope, and Hope apologetically walked away from Brooke. Thomas slipped up beside Brooke and commented on how nice the party was. He hadn't been sure she'd show up. Brooke said she was there to keep her eye on him. He told her to go ahead and do that. He offered her an adult beverage, but she snapped that he knew she didn't drink.

Thomas pretended that he'd forgotten. Brooke seethed that Thomas knew exactly what he was doing; he was trying to exploit Douglas and Hope's feelings. "Not this again!" Thomas replied with a tight, humorless smile. He said he was moving on with an outstanding woman, just like Brooke had told him to do. Brooke stated that she didn't buy it.

Just then, Zoe walked up. Thomas told Brooke that he had feelings for Zoe, and he sensed that she felt the same way. Putting her arm around him, Zoe affirmed it. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself in the middle of. You're going to be very hurt," Brooke replied.

Ridge quickly swooped over to wrangle Brooke in. He asked her not to do "that" for one evening. Thomas said that it was okay. He knew what Zoe meant to him and his future, and he wanted everyone to see how far he was willing to go for his happiness.

Thomas kissed Zoe. Brooke looked away. The camera panned around the room, capturing everyone else's reactions to the kiss. The camera settled on the long-faced Thomas and Hope.

Later, Quinn was aside with Thomas, thanking him for a lovely dinner. Thomas was glad that everyone was happy. "Not everyone," Quinn responded, glancing at Brooke. Thomas had thought Brooke would be happy that he'd moved on. It seemed to Quinn that he had; she noted that he'd been "all over" Zoe. He remarked that Quinn had noticed.

Chuckling, Quinn advised "Romeo" to dial it down a bit before people started to suspect that he was putting on a show. Thomas claimed to have feelings for Zoe, and Quinn quipped that he also had a lot more feelings for somebody else. Thomas declared that the night was about Zoe.

Quinn sauntered off, and Steffy engaged Thomas in conversation, asking him what he was up to. Scoffing, he asked why he had to be up to something. She questioned why, for her whole life, she'd had to wonder what he was up to. Thomas advised her not to listen to Liam and to cut her brother some slack. The evening felt weird to Steffy, who asked what he was trying to do. He claimed to be trying to make dreams come true.

By the bar, Brooke got a bottled water, and Ridge told her that she looked beautiful -- even if she was mad at him. Brooke wasn't mad at Ridge. He said he missed her. She missed him, too. Ridge asked what more Thomas could do but try. She replied that Thomas could forget his obsession with Hope. Ridge claimed that forgetting it was the reason for the whole evening. Brooke didn't know what the evening was about but feared they'd find out.

On the chaise, Douglas sat and listened to one of Liam's lame jokes. Douglas did not crack a smile at Liam's best joke, and Hope said the boy just wasn't in the mood for a party. Hope sent the child to get something, and Liam hoped that Hope saw that Thomas was trying to make her give up and be with him out of concern for Douglas. Hope shrugged.

Thomas got everyone's attention to thank them for gathering in the Forrester home that connected them all together. He said that love flowed around every corner. Eric was glad to share the magic of his house with them and Zoe. Ridge said that the family wasn't perfect, but it was full of support and solidarity.

Thomas said he'd wanted to share that with Zoe, but it wasn't the only reason she was there. He talked about the way they'd helped each other, and he was thankful to be with a beautiful and smart woman. He said he had a clear vision of happiness for him and his son. "Zoe, you are the key to my happiness," he told her. Liam nodded sardonically.

Kneeling before Zoe, Thomas said he wanted to move things forward. Thomas presented a ring and asked if Zoe would be his wife. In Zoe's silence, Thomas' gaze discreetly cut to Douglas. Douglas glanced up at Hope.

Many question Thomas' motives for marriage Many question Thomas' motives for marriage
Friday, February 21, 2020

At Eric's house, Zoe stammered in the wake of Thomas' surprise marriage proposal. She was honored but flabbergasted because she hadn't known he'd make it in front of his family. Thomas said that it could be her family if she agreed to become his wife and a stepmother to his child. Douglas flashed a worried look at Hope.

Zoe needed something from Thomas before she could accept. She needed him to say that he loved her. Thomas had never said it to Zoe, and it was something she needed to hear before she could give him his answer. Liam rolled his eyes, and others in the room became concerned.

Zoe knew that Thomas liked her and had fun with her, but she needed to know that it was deeper than that before she agreed to the marriage. She'd seen love in his eyes, but she thought saying it should go before a marriage proposal.

Agreeing, Thomas said that it was hard for him to express his feelings. Looking at Hope, he stated that he'd been burned. He assured Zoe that he felt it, and he had proposed because he wanted Zoe to give him and his son a bright future. "Okay, but you still haven't said it," Zoe replied.

"Zoe Buckingham, I love you. I honestly do," Thomas stated. Zoe hugged him and thanked him. She said she loved him, too. He was sorry that it had taken him time to say it. Realizing that it could be too much too fast, he offered to let her take time to think about it. He said he'd think harder about a more romantic and intimate proposal.

Zoe didn't want to take time. She was thrilled to accept the proposal and become Thomas' wife. The family dubiously clapped. Douglas strode silently upstairs, and Hope followed him.

Later, Eric took photos of Thomas and Zoe as Brooke and Liam noted that Hope had been consoling Douglas upstairs for a while. Liam asserted that Thomas should be up there doing it because Thomas was the reason that the child was upset. Brooke doubted that Thomas had noticed Douglas. Sure that Thomas had indeed noticed, Liam said Thomas was getting everything he wanted from the stupid proposal.

Eric, Zoe, and Thomas discussed Eric posting the photos to social media. Thomas was surprised that Eric was on social media. Eric was surprised that Thomas wasn't following his grandfather. Steffy decided to take a picture of herself, Eric, Zoe, and Thomas and post it.

Afterward, Zoe heard Liam and Brooke excitedly discussing how devastated Douglas had been. Zoe pulled Thomas aside, wondering if they should really let Steffy post the picture to half the world. She wondered if she and Thomas were moving too fast.

Rushed or not, it felt right to Thomas. He asked if Zoe knew how much he needed her and her goodness. Zoe said she needed him, too, and she was just beginning to realize how much. She'd been shocked at first, but she was glad that he'd proposed to her. She was happy that he believed in them, and she was excited to have a future with him.

Chiming in, Eric stated that he was excited, too. Zoe couldn't believe that she was really joining their family. "Come here," Ridge said, and he hugged her.

Brooke and Liam took Thomas aside to berate him for proving how little he cared about Douglas. She asked if Thomas had even seen what the proposal stunt had done to his son. Thomas claimed to know firsthand that kids didn't always like getting stepparents, but Douglas, who had Hope, would get over it.

Liam asked if Thomas understood that he didn't have Hope and wouldn't. Liam accused Thomas of throwing a fake proposal at Douglas to get him so upset that Hope would feel as if she had to be with Thomas to fix it. Liam said it was a stupid plan that only resulted in pain for Douglas and Zoe. Liam wouldn't let Thomas get away with it.

Later, Brooke approached Zoe to offer a word of advice: run. Zoe didn't know how to take that bit of wisdom. Brooke asserted that Thomas didn't care about Zoe. She asked how Zoe could accept a marriage proposal from Thomas, knowing how he felt about Hope. Brooke snapped that Thomas and Zoe, partners in crime, made some couple.

Zoe figured that Brooke would never forgive Zoe for what had happened with Beth. Brooke quipped that Zoe had that right. Zoe insisted that Thomas had said he was over Hope and ready to move on with Zoe, words Brooke had heard herself.

Brooke ordered Zoe to wake up. Brooke asked whom Thomas had been looking at during the proposal. Answering herself, Brooke said he'd been looking at Hope, gauging her reaction. Brooke believed that Thomas had gotten what he'd wanted because Douglas had run upstairs, and Hope had gone after him, probably feeling guilty.

Zoe didn't understand why Hope would feel guilty. Brooke said it was because Hope wasn't giving Douglas the family with Thomas that Douglas wanted, and that was what the marriage proposal had really been about. "In your opinion," Zoe replied.

Claiming it was a fact, Brooke declared that Thomas was using Zoe to get to Hope. Although Zoe thought Hope was an admirable person, she said Hope wasn't all things to all people. In Zoe's view, Thomas' infatuation with Hope was in the past. Zoe concluded that she didn't care if Brooke believed it or not.

Near the fireplace, Thomas thanked Eric and Ridge for accepting Zoe. Eric said that Thomas should know that his family would always support him. It just seemed a little sudden to Ridge, and he asked if Thomas was sure about it. Ridge wondered how well his son knew Zoe.

Thomas said that Zoe was nice, kind, and beautiful, and she was the path he saw toward his future. "Your future with Zoe or your future with Hope? Son, what's the real reason behind this proposal?" Ridge asked. Ridge didn't want a fight, but he needed Thomas to look him in the eye and tell him about the proposal.

Eric said that Thomas had to admit that it had arrived from out of nowhere. Eric was willing to welcome Zoe into the fold, but he and Ridge wanted to know if there was more to it, something that might have to do with Hope. Thomas stated that Hope didn't want him, and he had to accept that he only fit in her life as co-parent and designer.

Pressing, Ridge stated that Thomas had been obsessed with Hope for a long time. He just wanted Thomas to say that the evening had nothing to do with Hope. Thomas admitted that it did have to do with Hope. It had to do with getting over her. Thomas had an incredible woman who wanted to marry him, and he asked them not to question his feelings for her. Ridge wasn't questioning that. He was questioning the rush. It seemed suspicious.

Thomas was sick and tired of the suspicions. He was tired of Liam and Brooke questioning him. He said they wanted him to move on but questioned him when he did. He didn't want to listen to that anymore. He wanted to move on with his life and get beyond what he had with Hope. He wanted to move forward with Zoe. "That was all I wanted to hear," Ridge stated.

Thomas decided to check on his son. On his way to the stairs, Zoe and Quinn stopped him. Quinn noted that his conversation with Ridge and Eric had seemed intense. Shrugging, Thomas said Ridge was being Ridge, but Eric and Ridge were happy for Thomas. Thomas continued upstairs. Pausing, he heard Zoe giggle and tell Quinn that she hadn't seen it coming.

By the dessert table, Liam asked Steffy to say she wasn't supporting "this." Steffy was trying her best to do it. Liam stated that Thomas didn't want Zoe, but Steffy contended that they didn't know that. Liam asked if she'd seen Douglas' reaction. Steffy had. Liam insisted that Thomas was using Douglas to make Hope crack. "And she's gonna go back to him?" Steffy cynically asked. Liam affirmed that Steffy had it exactly right.

Upstairs, Douglas asked Hope why his father would do "that." Hope expressed her own surprise about the engagement, and he asked if she had known about it beforehand. Hope hadn't known, but she could see why Thomas wanted to marry the nice and beautiful Zoe. Douglas agreed that Zoe was nice, but he didn't want another mommy. He only wanted Hope.

Hope reminded Douglas of what the custody papers she had in her possession meant. She said she'd always be his mommy, no matter whom Thomas married. Douglas wanted Thomas to marry Hope, not Zoe. Hope explained that they'd tried it, but it hadn't been the best fit. The good news was that Thomas had found a possibly good fit for himself and Douglas.

"No! I don't want that!" Douglas raged. Hope thought it was because he didn't know Zoe, but she said that Zoe had been trying to get to know him and be his friend. Douglas asked why Zoe couldn't be Thomas' friend, too, and why Zoe had to marry Thomas. Shrugging, Hope hoped it was because they really loved each other.

"I won't call her mommy," Douglas concluded. Hope didn't think Zoe would ask it of him. Hope said that no one expected him to grasp the complicated situation so quickly, but she'd always be there for him as his mommy. "That's what my first mommy said. I already lost her. I can't lose you, too," Douglas stated. He was sure it would happen if Thomas married Zoe.

Douglas implored Hope to marry his daddy so that she wouldn't go away. Hope understood the child's fears but assured him that she wouldn't go away. She told him that the marriage meant that there would be just one more adult to look after him. He wouldn't see any less of her.

Thomas stood in the doorway. Douglas reasoned that he'd see even more of her if she married his father. He said they could live together. Douglas asserted that his father had told Douglas that he loved her, and he wanted to marry her, not Zoe. "We could be a family with Beth. Please say yes. Tell Daddy you want to marry him. Please, Mommy," Douglas pleaded.

Hope hugged Douglas. She saw Thomas in the door, staring worriedly at her and Douglas.

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