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Sally agreed to move in with Wyatt. Thomas moved up his wedding date, and Douglas pressured Hope to marry Thomas. Steffy confronted Thomas about his true intentions toward Zoe and Hope. Steffy confessed to Liam and Hope that she'd staged the kiss to break them up.
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Steffy confessed to Liam and Hope that she'd staged the kiss to break them up
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Sally gives Wyatt her decision about moving in Sally gives Wyatt her decision about moving in
Monday, March 2, 2020

At Forrester, Katie urged Sally to spend the rest of her life with Wyatt. Sally, however, couldn't give Wyatt the future he wanted with kids and grandkids because she was dying. Katie reasoned that Sally could give him memories with the woman he adored.

Sally quipped that the memories would be ones of Wyatt being her hospice nurse. She didn't know how she'd hide her symptoms if she was living with Wyatt, and she didn't want him to pity her. "He doesn't pity you," Katie bit out. Sally rendered Katie a sharp look, and Katie stated that he "wouldn't" pity Sally.

Certain that it was why Wyatt was doing what he was doing, Sally asked if Katie had told Wyatt that Sally was dying. Katie was silent. Sally said she needed to know if she could trust Katie. Katie claimed that Sally could. Sally asked if it meant that Wyatt didn't know. Katie crossed her arms but said nothing. Sally asked Katie to promise not to tell anyone.

Katie said she could promise to keep urging Sally to tell people. She asked if Sally understood that Wyatt would be hurt to learn upon her death that she'd kept it from him. Sally asserted that it was her death, and she'd decide how it happened.

Katie asked how Sally envisioned the end and if Sally wanted to be alone in a hospital room. Sally murmured that if it had to be that way, then so be it. Katie argued that it didn't have to be and that Wyatt could be with Sally.

Sally was adamant that she wouldn't make anyone watch her die. Katie contended that Sally wouldn't be making anyone do anything if Wyatt chose to be there on his own. She urged Sally not to push him away and to let him take care of her for whatever time she had left.

At Spencer, Wyatt, Flo, and Bill were worried that Sally had figured out that Wyatt knew about her illness. Wyatt felt that he'd done his best to keep his feelings in check, but he feared that if Katie was confessing to Sally, it was over. He said that he could forget Sally living out her days with him because she'd probably run away.

Bill was impressed with Wyatt and Flo and was glad they'd have each other when it was over. Wyatt was worried that it was over already and continued to fear that Sally was on her way out of town. He said that Katie just had to get through to Sally; Katie just had to.

Wyatt received a message from Sally, saying that she wanted to see him. Turning to Flo, Wyatt said, "This might be one of the last times that we get to..." Flo knew it and said it was the right thing to do. Wyatt and Flo kissed. Bill said that he was proud of Wyatt. As Wyatt left, Flo mouthed that she loved him.

Back at Forrester, Sally noted her shaky hands, and Katie assumed it was getting worse. Sally received a message from Wyatt, who had agreed to meet her at his house. Sally still didn't know what to say to Wyatt.

Katie urged Sally to accept Wyatt's proposal, but it wasn't so simple for Sally, who couldn't give Wyatt the life they'd planned for. It was better, Sally reasoned, for her to just walk away. That way, she wouldn't put him through anything, and she wouldn't have to hide her condition.

Katie advised Sally not to hide it; however, if Sally insisted upon it, Katie still wanted Sally to just let Wyatt be there for her and to just live her life without worrying about the future or explaining anything. Katie said that it was okay for Sally to just live in the moment.

Sobbing, Sally said she didn't want to be alone. She wanted to be in Wyatt's arms when it happened. She forced herself to be realistic because there would be hospitals and tubes. Katie ordered Sally to stop thinking that way. Katie said it could be any way Sally wanted it to be, and Sally could be in Malibu with the breeze on her skin, listening to the waves. Katie yelled that Sally just had to choose it. Katie urged Sally to go to Wyatt and live her life until her body wouldn't let her anymore.

Later, Katie was alone when Flo, who'd sneaked into the building, arrived. Katie said Flo was her niece and was welcome at any time. Flo wondered what Sally would tell Wyatt and if Sally knew that others were aware of her illness. Katie was hoping Sally would make the right choice. Katie said that Sally had grilled her, but Katie hadn't confessed. Katie hated lying to Sally.

Flo thought it would be terrible if Sally found out. It was important that Sally believe she was going out on her own terms, and part of that meant spending time with Wyatt. Katie revealed that Sally wanted to die in Wyatt's arms. Flo stated that it was what she wanted for Sally, who needed to make the most of the time she had left.

Katie felt like the world's worst secret keeper. Flo said that Katie had been a good friend to Sally. Katie responded that Flo had been, too, but Sally would never know it. Flo didn't care about that; she just wanted Sally's last days to be the happiest that they could be.

Katie asked if it bothered Flo at all. It didn't. Flo was secure in Wyatt's feelings for her and knew that they had the rest of their lives together. Flo would be more concerned if he'd wanted to turn his back on Sally when she needed him the most. Katie said Wyatt would never do that. Flo knew it, and that was why she loved him. She believed Wyatt would give Sally peaceful last days, which was what they all deserved.

At the beach house, Wyatt flashed back to times he'd shared at the house with Sally. Sally arrived, and he thanked her for returning. She said she'd needed to process what he'd said. She'd been blindsided because she'd thought he'd been into Flo, but "out of nowhere..."

Wyatt claimed that it hadn't been out of nowhere. His feelings for Sally hadn't gone away. Sally asked if he was sure he was over Flo. Wyatt stated that Flo was important to him. He respected Flo and would cherish the moments they'd had together. "But right now, I want to focus on the woman I want to make a life with, and that's you," Wyatt claimed.

Sally believed that Wyatt really loved her. Wyatt asked if that meant she would stay. Sally asked if he was still allergic to doing dishes. Wyatt began complaining about dishpan hands, and she decided that she had no choice but to stay and take care of him. He replied that they'd take care of each other. Sally told him that she wanted to be with him for as long as she could.

Wyatt and Sally hugged. Wyatt asked what Sally's favorite memory of them was. Sally asked why he'd thought to ask that. He told her that he'd been looking back on their times together in that house. He knew they'd make a lot more memories there, but his best memory would be that very day, the day she returned to him, all radiant.

Sally hadn't thought of herself as radiant in a long time, but he'd made her feel it that day. Sally had thought that happiness was for other people. She began to talk about their breakup, but he didn't want to. She said that goodbyes were a natural part of life, but he insisted that they weren't "right here, not right now." He said they were far from goodbye, and they'd live in the moment. She wanted to live for the day and not fear the future, "but -- "

Wyatt told Sally that there were no "buts," only love. Sally asked if it was really happening. Touching her hand, he said it was about time that it had happened. He was by her side, and they'd deal with whatever life threw at them together. Wyatt hugged Sally and kissed her.

Sally asked if Wyatt knew what he'd just given her. "A life worth living," she uttered, and they hugged again.

Thomas antagonizes Douglas with a new "mommy" Thomas antagonizes Douglas with a new "mommy"
Tuesday, March 3, 2020

In the design office, Vinny visited Thomas. Vinny needed to figure out what to do with his apartment if Zoe moved out -- if the engagement between her and Thomas was really real. Thomas figured that the rock he'd put on her finger should show his seriousness.

Vinny didn't get it. He knew that Thomas was stringing Zoe along and manipulating Douglas to get Hope back. Thomas corrected Vinny, saying that it was to get Douglas the family he deserved. Thomas admitted to using Douglas to crack Hope and get her to marry Thomas.

As Vinny and Thomas had box lunches, Vinny asked Thomas if he'd thought about the fact that he was putting the weight of his entire future upon a child. Thomas added that it was a very adorable child who'd stolen his lady's heart. He asked who wouldn't use that.

Thomas didn't know why his friend was so worried about Thomas' son, anyway. He insisted that the boy would be fine once the boy was living under the same roof as his parents. Vinny couldn't tell if Thomas was a genius or psycho. Thomas had noticed that Douglas was particularly upset at the mention of Zoe as his mommy. Vinny figured that meant Thomas would keep saying it.

Thomas said that Douglas would bring Hope back to them permanently. Vinny didn't think everyone would follow Thomas' precise plan. He asked what would happen if Zoe won Douglas over or if Liam and Hope settled down with their child. Vinny asked if Thomas would still pledge to love Zoe for the rest of his life. "Why not?" Thomas asked.

Vinny denounced Thomas for using everybody and putting so much pressure on Douglas. Thomas replied that Douglas worked well under pressure. The child was pretty remarkable and always trusted his gut. Thomas had to make sure it worked in his favor that time.

"What kind of a father are you?" Vinny asked. Offended, Thomas declared that he loved his son and warned Vinny to never question that. Vinny replied that Thomas was using Douglas as a means to an end and questioned Thomas' confidence that Douglas could handle the pressure. Realizing that Vinny was right, Thomas decided that he needed to move things along.

In the CEO's office, Douglas colored as Zoe asked him if he liked roller coasters. He barely even looked at her, replying that he was too little for them. She wanted to take him to an amusement park. She said they'd make a weekend of it and even stay in a hotel.

Douglas glanced at her ring and asked why his daddy had given her such a big ring. He resumed focusing on his coloring book. She remarked that it was beautiful. "I guess," he said with a shrug.

As Hope filled the space in the open doorway to the office, Zoe explained that it was a symbol. Douglas asked what that was, and Zoe said it was a sign of Zoe and Thomas' love and commitment to each other. She said that the three of them would be a family. She was looking forward to getting to know him and had a feeling they'd be awesome friends.

Douglas smiled at Zoe. He noticed Hope in the doorway and ran straight to her. He was glad that she was there. Sensing his anxiety, Hope noted that there was a lot of change going on. Douglas replied that he didn't like it. Hope reminded him that she'd told him that his emotions were okay, but she believed he'd start to like the idea of the marriage.

Zoe checked her phone and said she had a surprise for Douglas. The tickets for the park had been confirmed. It would be a day trip instead of a weekend thing. She asked if it would be fun. "Mommy can come, too," Douglas replied. Zoe said not that time, and he asked why not.

Zoe explained that it was important that she and Douglas spend time together. She started talking about being a family and having a future together. She hoped to give him a brother or sister one day. Douglas shook his head and looked at Hope. Hope suggested Zoe take it one day at a time and get through the wedding first.

Thomas arrived and was pleased to see Hope, Zoe, and Douglas together. Zoe said she'd been suggesting that she and Douglas spend more time together. Liking the idea, Thomas remarked that Douglas was lucky because he'd have two mommies.

"I don't want two mommies!" the boy exclaimed. Thomas said not to knock it because it was twice the love, but Douglas insisted that he only needed one. Hope said it was a little too much for Douglas at that moment. Understanding, Zoe told Douglas that she didn't mean to push him. Thomas was sure it would be fine, and he whisked Zoe away to talk to her in another room.

In the design office later, Zoe and Thomas canoodled. She joked that he was starting something that he couldn't finish. Wanting to make a bet, Thomas went to lock the door. She stopped him, saying that Douglas and Hope were just across the hall. She asked what Thomas had wanted to talk to her about.

Thomas was sorry that Douglas hadn't been receptive. Zoe understood that Douglas, who'd lost his mother at a young age, needed time. Thomas said it was why he'd moved there. It had been to give Douglas a life surrounded by family. Zoe said Douglas was thriving there, and a lot of it was due to Hope. Zoe understood that Douglas feared losing Hope due to the marriage.

Thomas said Douglas wouldn't lose Hope, but Hope had her own life. Thomas had his own life, too, for that matter, and he couldn't keep putting it on hold. It wasn't good for Thomas or Douglas, who needed two parents under the same roof.

Zoe said she and Thomas would give it to Douglas, and she was willing to wait for Douglas to accept it in his own time. Thomas stated that he couldn't wait. He wanted his wife and the life they were planning, and he didn't think it was good to keep Douglas attached to the status quo. Zoe asked what Thomas was saying. He asked why they should wait to get married.

Taken by surprise, Zoe felt that it was happening fast, and she and Thomas had happened out of nowhere. Thomas claimed that he and Zoe had been happening all along, before they'd even known it; however, Zoe noted that he'd been obsessed with Hope. He asked why she was mentioning that, and Zoe said it was because it counted. Zoe asked what would happen if Hope decided that she wanted him, after all.

Thomas replied that Hope would be out of luck because he wasn't interested. Zoe asked if he was being real and if he really loved her. He noted that the ring hadn't come out of a cereal box, and he had also gotten down on his knee in front of his family. He said he was the one trying to do it right away. Finally persuaded, Zoe guessed there was no real reason to wait.

Thomas kissed Zoe and cheered. She asked about Douglas. Thomas was ready to tell the boy. Zoe thought they should ease into it, but Thomas said it would be like ripping off a Band-Aid. He figured that the sooner they told the child, the sooner they'd have their family.

Back in the CEO's office, Hope asked Douglas if he was okay. "No! I don't want Zoe! You're my mommy, not her!" Douglas replied. He didn't want two mommies. He only wanted Hope. Hope said that he needed to give Zoe a chance. He insisted that Zoe was not his mommy. Hope agreed but said Zoe would be the step-mommy that they'd talked about. "I don't care! I don't want her!" he yelled.

Douglas said that Thomas, Beth, and Hope were his family. Agreeing, Hope replied that they were all connected through Douglas. He stated that they didn't live together. He wanted "us" to move into the new house. Asking if Douglas had forgotten about Liam, she claimed to still love Liam. Douglas said that Liam lived with Steffy and Kelly, and Douglas wanted to know why Thomas couldn't marry Hope and make that the new family.

Hope asked Douglas how he felt about Zoe. Douglas kind of liked Zoe but didn't want her to be his mommy. Hope asked if he wanted his father to be happy. Douglas wanted his father to be happy with Hope and to marry Hope. She told Douglas that they'd talked about that already. To Douglas, it felt wrong when Zoe and Thomas kissed. It made Douglas' tummy hurt, not "happy" like when Thomas kissed Hope.

Hope said that it was over. Douglas replied that it was because Thomas hadn't told Hope about Beth, but Thomas had made a mistake and was sorry. Douglas insisted that Thomas loved Hope, not Zoe, and wanted to marry Hope, not Zoe.

As Hope comforted Douglas, Thomas and Zoe returned. Thomas asked if Douglas was okay. Hope replied that Douglas was upset. Thomas was confident that he could change it with some good news.

Thomas told Douglas that he'd been a trooper and a brave, strong comfort after Caroline had died. Douglas had opened himself up to healing and love, and Thomas was proud to have Douglas as his son. Douglas thanked Thomas for saying that.

Thomas wanted to give Douglas all the things he deserved and considered them lucky to have found Zoe. Thomas believed that Douglas would come to love Zoe as much as he loved Hope. "Maybe we can do this another time," Hope uttered.

Thomas said he'd been putting his life on hold for too long. He stated that he and Douglas shouldn't have to do that. It was why he'd asked Zoe to marry him. Douglas asked if that was the good news. Thomas said that the news was that there was no reason to wait. Thomas announced that he and Zoe would get married right away, and Douglas would have a mommy and daddy together under one roof.

"No! I don't want that! Mommy, make it stop!" Douglas yelled and buried his face in Hope's embrace.

Steffy calls Thomas out for manipulation Steffy calls Thomas out for manipulation
Wednesday, March 4, 2020
by Nel

At the cliff house, Steffy noticed that Liam was very quiet while he played with Kelly and Beth. Liam claimed that no matter how generous Hope had been about him visiting with Beth, it wasn't the same as living with them. He realized that if the roles were reversed, he would complain about not seeing Kelly. Steffy had hoped things would be better because she saw what his separation from Hope and Beth was doing to him. Liam said he didn't want Steffy to be by herself, either. Steffy had a sudden flashback to the kiss that Thomas had orchestrated between her and Liam.

When Liam said he needed to get Beth home, Steffy asked if Hope would ever allow Beth to spend the night with her and Kelly. Liam felt it should happen, since Steffy had raised Beth for the first months of Beth's life. Liam said that Hope would eventually get over the kiss, but he felt that at the present time, his life was broken. He didn't want Steffy to blame herself for the kiss. He told Steffy that he kept telling himself there was a way to fix things, and he was determined to find that fix.

Steffy and Liam agreed that it had been a great day. Steffy said the girls loved him, and Kelly loved being with her sister. Liam commented that things had changed once Thomas had signed the custody agreement. Liam said he'd often thought about how different things would have been after they'd gotten Beth back -- if it hadn't been for Thomas. Steffy agreed. She admitted that Thomas manipulated people. She cautioned Liam about allowing Thomas to take anything away from him, such as the girls' love for him and his love for the girls. Steffy said their love was true, and she told Liam never to forget how much they all loved him.

In the Forrester Creations office, Douglas was upset, and he cried that he was against Thomas marrying Zoe. Hope told Thomas that Douglas needed more time to get to know Zoe. Thomas told Douglas that he and Zoe would be married in a day or so, and if he could, he would marry Zoe sooner. Douglas wailed, "No." Thomas apologized and said he was excited about marrying Zoe, and once they were married, he, Zoe, and Douglas would have a lot of adventures. Thomas promised that once he and Zoe were married, Douglas and Zoe would get to know each other, and they would be a real family. Douglas refused to accept that and stated that Hope was his mother.

Hope told Douglas that there would be some big changes, but it didn't change everything. Zoe told Douglas that she was nervous because it changed her life, too. She said that she and Douglas could help each other, and it would be fun. Douglas hugged Hope tighter. Thomas told Douglas that he needed to give them a chance. Hope had had enough and said she needed to take Douglas for a snack. As she left, she glared at Thomas. Thomas assured Zoe that everything would be fine.

Alone in the office, Thomas was on the phone with Vinny. Vinny chastised Thomas for using Douglas, and he said things would blow up in Thomas' face. Thomas gloated that when he'd told Hope and Douglas about the wedding, they had both totally freaked out. Thomas said Hope had held it together, but Douglas wasn't happy. Thomas said he was trying to give Douglas the family he wanted.

Thomas disconnected the call when Zoe returned. She said she was worried about Douglas and asked if Hope and Douglas had returned. Thomas said they hadn't, but he wanted to show Zoe something. He took her to the drawing table and showed her two sketches of two different wedding dresses -- one was for her, and the other was for Hope for the Future.

Hope returned and slammed the door. She told Thomas that Douglas was extremely upset and in tears thanks to the bombshell Thomas had dropped on him. Ignoring Hope's comments, he showed her the sketches and explained that one of the dresses would be the showstopper for her line. Zoe said she was needed across the hall, and she left.

Alone with Hope, Thomas warned her that once he and Zoe were married, Zoe would be with Douglas most of the time. Thomas hoped that she understood that. Hope reminded him that she was legally Douglas' mother, but Thomas claimed that things would change. Hope said she didn't understand why he'd fast-tracked the wedding. Thomas shrugged and said that Douglas would adjust, and he would be fine. It would be like ripping off a bandage.

Steffy arrived and asked what was going on. Hope told Steffy that Thomas and Zoe were getting married in a couple of days. Hope said she had to see to Douglas, and she left.

Steffy asked if Thomas had planned a quickie wedding, and Thomas said it had to happen immediately so that he could move on. Steffy asked what he was planning -- a future was with Zoe or one with Hope. She said she had wanted to give Thomas the benefit of the doubt, and she admitted she'd felt guilty since the kiss between her and Liam. At the time she'd believed he had done it for her and Kelly. She told Thomas that she had been with Liam a short time before, and she saw that Liam being apart from Hope and Beth was tearing him apart. Thomas said that Liam was an idiot, and if Steffy played it right, she would have Liam. Steffy countered that Thomas would have Hope.

Steffy told Thomas that Liam and Brooke had been right all along. She asked if Thomas intended to push Douglas until he begged Hope to stop the wedding and have Thomas marry Hope. She asked if that was what Thomas was hoping for. Steffy spotted the sketches and questioned Thomas about them. He explained about the dresses and that one of the wedding dresses would be the showstopper for Hope for the Future. She realized that Thomas had been taunting Hope. She commented that Thomas wanted the real showstopper to be Hope wearing the wedding gown and marrying him.

In the design office, Carter congratulated Zoe on her engagement. Zoe said it felt surreal, and she couldn't believe she would soon become a Forrester. Carter said she would fit in well with the Forresters. Carter was stunned when Zoe told him that the wedding would take place in a couple of days. She told Carter that she was concerned about Douglas. Carter assured her Douglas would be okay.

At the cabin, Liam noticed that Hope was very upset. Hope told Liam about Thomas' impending wedding, and she couldn't understand why Thomas seemed to make it his mission to upset Douglas. Liam said that Thomas wanted a reaction from Hope and was terrorizing Douglas so that Hope would marry him. Hope said she wasn't that naive. She believed that Thomas cared for Zoe, but she couldn't understand why he was rushing the wedding.

Hope told Liam that Thomas had advised her to back away so that Zoe and Douglas could bond. Liam told Hope that everything Thomas had done had been to get her into an emotional state. Liam begged Hope not to let Thomas get away with manipulating her.

Steffy's confession rocks Liam Steffy's confession rocks Liam
Thursday, March 5, 2020

In the design office, Carter was disturbed to hear about Zoe and Thomas' expedited wedding plans. Zoe said it was what Thomas wanted. Carter asked what she wanted. He felt that it was happening too fast. Zoe explained that she wasn't naive. She'd questioned Thomas about Hope. Thomas had said he was over Hope, and Zoe believed him.

Carter hoped Zoe was right, but he'd talked to Brooke and Liam, who were convinced Thomas was using Zoe. Carter was worried that it was true. He noted that she was loyal to Thomas, who'd pressured her to keep the secret about Beth. Zoe said she and Thomas had been through a lot. They regretted the secret. She asked if it was supposed to follow them all of their lives and if they were unworthy of forgiveness.

Carter didn't feel that way about Zoe. He felt that she was a good person. Zoe asserted that Thomas was, too, and she believed he'd be a good husband. Carter hoped it was true, but he suspected that she could do a lot better than Thomas Forrester.

In the CEO's office, Steffy accused Thomas of designing the second wedding dress in hopes that Hope would be his bride instead of Zoe. In Steffy's view, his feelings for Zoe were just a means to an end, and he'd never give up until Hope became Mrs. Thomas Forrester.

Thomas noted that Steffy's hands weren't clean, either. She'd kissed Liam, and that was the reason Liam was living with her and Kelly, not Hope and Beth. Steffy responded, saying she was still guilt-ridden about the kiss, but Thomas had made Douglas and Zoe into pawns.

Warning Steffy not to get all high and mighty, Thomas told her that he'd practically handed Liam to her. "So you could have Hope for yourself!" Steffy exclaimed. "Everything you do, you say, you think -- it always goes back to Hope. And it always will. Unless..." Steffy's voice trailed off.

Thomas warned her not to even think about going to Zoe. Steffy asked what Thomas would do. She asked if he'd out her about the kiss. She said that if he did, he'd be sealing his own fate. Steffy contended that Thomas wanted Hope, "Zoe and Douglas be damned." Calling the statement unfair, Thomas said he cared for Zoe, and Douglas was his beloved son.

Steffy snapped that Thomas wasn't above using Zoe and Douglas to get Hope back, and it was ridiculous of Thomas to marry someone he didn't love. Thomas replied that Liam was living with Steffy, and she'd finally gotten Kelly the life she wanted for Kelly. Steffy didn't want it that way. Although she'd made mistakes in the past, she was trying to be a better human being.

Thomas defied Steffy to tell him that the "last few months" hadn't been the best she'd had with Liam and Kelly. Steffy didn't want it based on deception. Thomas stated that Liam was better off with Steffy, and there was too much drama with Hope. Steffy said it was drama that she and Thomas had created. She wished she'd never gone along with the kiss because, if it hadn't happened, none of them would be in that situation.

Thomas quipped that Liam would be with Hope, and Steffy would be alone -- again. Steffy replied that she was never alone because she had her daughter, and she didn't need a man to fulfill her. Thomas challenged her to say she wouldn't be happy if Liam got down on one knee.

Refusing to indulge Thomas, Steffy said Liam had proposed to Hope, and they might be married if it hadn't been for the kissing. Thomas told his sister that she'd screw it up for them if she opened her mouth about it. He asked her to think about Kelly. He stated that Steffy already had what she wanted. He warned her not to blow what could be her last shot with Liam.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam tried to convince Hope to call out Thomas on his plan to get to her through Douglas and Zoe. Unsure, Hope reasoned that Thomas did care about Zoe. Liam insisted that Thomas was using Zoe and the wedding to get Hope to do for Douglas something she'd never do on her own.

Liam stated that Thomas had already told Hope that she'd have less access to Douglas once the wedding happened. Hope said that was exactly what scared her, because Douglas depended on her. Liam pinpointed that as the problem, saying that Thomas wanted her to be so scared of losing Douglas that she'd marry Thomas to prevent it.

Liam asked how Douglas and Beth were together. Hope said Douglas loved being with Beth, but it wouldn't be the same once Thomas and Zoe were married. Liam doubted that the marriage would happen. He figured that Thomas would make up an excuse to get out of it.

Liam said Thomas hadn't changed. Hope contended that Ridge wouldn't say that. Liam reasoned that Ridge needed to believe it because Ridge felt guilty for letting Thomas down as a child. Hope didn't want to ever feel that way -- as if she'd let Beth down.

Kneeling before her, Liam told Hope that she could never let their daughter down. In his view, Beth adored Hope the same way Beth's father did. Liam hadn't given up on him and Hope. "And that kiss. Oh, God, that -- I hate that I put you through that. And I hate that it now means that I'm not here with you in this home as a family. Yeah, I'm staying with my other family now, but my heart is here with you," Liam stated.

Later, Hope was alone in the main room of the cabin. Thomas watched her through the windows as she checked the baby monitor and began reading. He knocked on the door. Opening the door, Hope said that Douglas was at the house with Brooke. Thomas had wanted to talk to Hope, who he sensed was upset about his wedding.

Hope was upset about the way Thomas had handled things with Douglas. Thomas was sorry that he hadn't handled it in the best way. He'd wanted Douglas to share in the excitement. Thomas hadn't meant to upset Douglas or Hope, and he said that nothing gave him greater joy than the bond she had with his son. Thomas asked if there was any wonder that Douglas wanted them to be a family.

Hope looked away. Thomas stated that he'd been honest with Douglas and with Hope. Thomas wanted it, too, but Hope didn't. Thomas had been forced to move on with his life, and he was doing it with Zoe. He didn't know why Hope was holding it against him. Hope wasn't. She just didn't want Thomas to rush. Instead, she asked him to give Douglas time to adjust.

"No!" Thomas yelled and insisted that it couldn't wait. It had to happen quickly, and prolonging it would be too hard on Douglas. "This has to happen now!" Thomas yelled.

At the cliff house, Liam arrived at Steffy's behest. She'd asked him there urgently, and he wondered what was going on. Steffy said that the last few weeks had been hard on her. She wanted to talk to him about himself, Hope, and Thomas. She explained that she'd wanted to give her brother the benefit of the doubt, but she'd known it had been wrong all along. She desired to be honest with Liam, and it was time he knew the truth -- all of it.

Liam asked what Thomas had done that time. Steffy said she was sorry. He wondered why she was sorry. Steffy could see how much he adored Beth and hated being apart from her. He told Steffy that it wasn't her fault, but Steffy persisted in saying that it was. The kiss was her fault, too. Liam sighed, but Steffy insisted that it was.

Steffy recalled that Liam had gone to her place after his marriage proposal hadn't gone well with Hope, but the next morning, he'd been prepared to work things out with Hope. Steffy said that something had happened; she'd kissed him. Liam and Steffy went back and forth about whether it was her fault, but she yelled that it was. She wished she hadn't answered the phone.

Liam asked Steffy to slow down. She wished she'd hung up the call on him. Liam asked whom she meant. "Thomas," Steffy replied. She said that Thomas had called to alert her that Hope was on the way there. A flashback of Steffy and Thomas' call played on the screen.

Steffy went on, saying that Thomas had been freaking out because he hadn't wanted Hope and Liam to work things out, and he'd followed Hope. Steffy asked if Liam remembered the ringing cell phone. He vaguely recalled it. Steffy told him that it had signified that Hope had arrived. "The phone rang, and I kissed you, knowing Hope could see us," Steffy uttered.

Liam's mouth dropped open. More flashbacks of the kiss and Hope's hurt expression played on the screen. Steffy hadn't known how she'd gotten caught up in Thomas' game. "He just has a way, you know," she stated. Thomas had wanted Hope and Liam to break up. Steffy revealed that Thomas was still in love with Hope and was more obsessed than ever.

Crying, Steffy didn't want to make excuses. She knew it had hurt Liam, Hope, and their family. Steffy was sorry. Liam scoffed. Anger boiled in his eyes. She repeated that she was sorry.

Thomas makes it clear that Zoe will be a big part of Douglasí future Thomas makes it clear that Zoe will be a big part of Douglasí future
Friday, March 6, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy informed Liam that the kiss that had ended his and Hope's relationship had been staged. Liam asked if Thomas had staged it. Steffy reasoned that she hadn't had to go along with it, but Thomas had orchestrated it to get between Liam and Hope.

Liam asked how Steffy had let it happen. Steffy was sorry for misleading him. The guilt had been eating away at her, but she said Liam finally knew that he'd been right about Thomas all along.

Liam said he'd been trying to make sense of that moment. Steffy replied that there was no sense in it, and what she'd done to Hope and Liam had been unfair. Steffy stated that Liam and Hope deserved to be together, and Brooke and Liam had been right all along that Thomas would do anything to get Hope.

In Brooke's cabin, Hope was shocked that Thomas wanted to throw a wedding in one day. She asked if he was considering their son. Thomas said that Hope didn't want to have a family with Thomas and Douglas, so the best thing Thomas could do for Douglas was to get him onboard about Zoe, who'd play a big role in their future.

Hope went to check on Beth. The mopey Douglas arrived. Thomas had asked Douglas to go there because he had an important job for the child. "For your wedding with Zoe?" Douglas responded, rolling his eyes.

Thomas said the only thing that would stop it from happening was for Hope to marry Thomas instead. Thomas claimed that, as Hope's son, Douglas was the only one who could make it happen. He asked if Douglas wanted them to be a family. Douglas affirmed it, and Thomas instructed him to make it happen.

Later, Thomas told Douglas to remember what to say to get Hope to stop the wedding and be with them. Douglas nodded.

Hope returned to the room and expressed surprise to see Douglas. Thomas claimed that he and his son were spending time together before the big day. Douglas exclaimed that he didn't want Thomas to marry Zoe.

Hope reasoned that the wedding could be fun; Douglas could wear his tuxedo and have lots of cake. Douglas said he liked Zoe, but he loved Hope. He wanted Hope to marry Thomas instead. Douglas said they could be a family if she'd just marry his father. Douglas implored Hope to do it.

Hope told the boy that his father was marrying Zoe. "But he wants you," Douglas replied. Thomas said he cared about Hope, but she didn't want to marry him. Douglas told Hope that they'd be happy together, and he begged her to agree to marry Thomas.

Hope received a call from Liam. He asked her to meet him at Steffy's house. He said their future depended on it.

After Hope ended the call, she told Douglas that he and Beth were her first priorities and promised that they would figure it out. Hope needed to find her mom to watch Beth. Thomas offered to look after the baby until Brooke arrived.

Later, Douglas was at the table with a meal. Thomas was anxious to leave and murmured that Brooke was taking her sweet time. Douglas asked if Hope would marry Thomas. Thomas thought it depended on whether Douglas had gotten through to her. Thomas sensed that Hope was having an epiphany and was realizing she'd been wrong about him.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy and Liam agreed that she should be the one to tell Hope. Liam was still processing it, but he knew that Thomas had taken advantage of Steffy, who hadn't had time to think it through. He figured it wouldn't have gone that way if she had.

Steffy said it wasn't like she hadn't wanted to kiss Liam, and she believed he knew how she felt about him. The picture on the wall was a constant reminder of the family they could have with Kelly. However, Steffy didn't want it to happen through Thomas' lies and machinations. Liam said he blamed Thomas a lot more than Steffy.

Hope arrived. She asked if the urgency had anything to do with Kelly. Liam said that Kelly was fine, but Hope needed to hear what he'd just learned.

Steffy asserted that it was her fault. She'd brought pain into Hope and Liam's lives and had caused him to lose time with Beth. Steffy was hoping that after Hope heard her out, she'd take Liam home and start their family.

Steffy brought up the day of the kiss. It had been a painful day for Hope, and she asked not to have to relive it. Liam interjected that Thomas had been involved. Steffy explained that Thomas had been following Hope and had known that Liam had been with Steffy. Thomas had called Steffy to let her know that Hope would accept Liam's proposal.

Hope was weirded out because she hadn't even seen Thomas that day. Steffy said he'd demanded that she do anything to put an end to Liam and Hope. That had set the plan in motion. Hope asked what plan.

Steffy explained that Thomas had said he'd call, and it would be the signal. The phone had rung, and Steffy had kissed Liam, knowing that Hope could see it. Steffy exclaimed that it had been staged, and it hadn't been Liam's fault.

Steffy concluded that Hope had the truth that Thomas and Steffy had manipulated the kiss. Liam hadn't betrayed Hope. "He loves you. He's always loved you," Steffy told Hope.

At Flo's house, Shauna asked if Sally really had to move in with Wyatt. Flo explained that she and Wyatt wanted to make Sally's last days as comfortable as possible. Shauna figured that Flo had to really love Wyatt to sacrifice that way.

Flo noted that Shauna had fallen hard for someone, too. Shauna didn't know what good her crush was doing her. Flo didn't believe her mother was giving up just yet.

Shauna pointed out that Ridge and Brooke were still married, but Thomas was still their major issue. Flo asked if Shauna knew about Thomas and Zoe's engagement. Flo was amazed that the couple had even hooked up. Shauna reasoned that if the wedding happened, Brooke would see that Ridge was right about his son.

Flo didn't think that Ridge, as Thomas' father, was unbiased. Shauna insisted that Brooke should still stand by Ridge and show forgiveness. Shauna noted that everyone else was moving on. Flo was freaked out about Zoe and Thomas moving on together. Shauna questioned whether the couple was serious.

Flo stated that Shauna needed to prepare for Brooke and Ridge to move back in together. Shauna was already resigning herself to it, and she felt she had to be okay if it was what Ridge wanted.

Alone later, Shauna flashed back to moments with Ridge.

At Forrester, Ridge whisked Brooke into his arms upon her arrival. According to him, they had something to celebrate. Brooke was surprised to hear that Zoe and Thomas would get married the next day. Ridge was excited because it meant that he and Brooke could reunite.

Ridge was disappointed that Brooke wasn't happy. Brooke wanted to believe that Ridge was right about Thomas, but it seemed rushed to her. Ridge asked why she couldn't be happy for Thomas.

It seemed like a spectacle to Brooke, who noted how unhappy the whole thing made Douglas. She was concerned that it was just a ploy to get Hope.

Ridge decided that Brooke was as stubborn as an ox, but she was his ox. He asked if she could agree that Thomas had gotten better. Brooke hadn't seen enough to make that determination. Ridge didn't know why it was so hard to meet him in the middle. He missed Brooke, and he loved her. Ridge hugged Brooke.

Brooke received a message from Hope and decided to leave quickly because Thomas was watching Beth. Ridge said Brooke thought Thomas was a monster. Brooke said she was doing it because Beth was still a baby.

Ridge told Brooke that he wanted to be in her house, in her life, and in her bed, starting that night. Brooke wanted that, too, but she didn't have confidence in the wedding. Ridge urged her to have faith in him and his son. Brooke claimed to be trying. He said it wouldn't break them. Thomas would marry Zoe, and Brooke and Ridge would return to being themselves.

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