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Liam and Hope got engaged after Hope learned that Thomas had set Liam up to kiss Steffy. Hope planned a comeuppance for Thomas in a wedding explosion that left Thomas single and bereft of his son. Someone spotted Bill and Brooke kissing in her cabin.
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Hope planned a comeuppance for Thomas in a wedding explosion that left Thomas single and humiliated
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Bill and Brooke get caught up in the moment Bill and Brooke get caught up in the moment
Monday, March 9, 2020

At Forrester in the evening, Shauna arrived with coffee for Ridge. She offered to leave if he was busy, but he didn't see the point of taking a coffee break if he was alone.

Shauna had heard about Thomas' pending wedding. Ridge was relieved about it and thought it would end some people's suspicions. Shauna assumed he was referring to Brooke and asked if he thought Brooke would remain skeptical after the wedding.

Ridge didn't know. He claimed that Brooke had promised to accept Thomas for who he was and maybe even forgive him if the wedding happened. He said Brooke had given her word, but after what had happened that day, Ridge didn't think Brooke could go through with it.

Touching Ridge's arm, Shauna encouraged him to hang in there. She had a feeling that the wedding would change everything. Ridge wondered if she'd always been optimistic. She didn't see the point in being any other way. Ridge replied that some people thrived on pessimism. Shauna assumed that they'd returned to talking about Brooke.

Ridge didn't remember Brooke ever being so pessimistic about things in the past. Shauna said that if he and Brooke were meant to be together, they'd be together, and Brooke knew that a man like Ridge only happened along once in a lifetime. Shauna told him not to forget that. As she walked out the door, she added that he shouldn't forget how special and hot he was, either.

In Brooke's cabin, Thomas assured Douglas that he'd done a good job, and the three of them would soon be a family. "Four with Beth!" Douglas added. Brooke arrived, and Thomas decided that he and Douglas would take off. Thomas mentioned that he'd watch Beth longer if Brooke needed to do anything.

Brooke was happy to watch Beth and noted that Thomas had things to do before his big day. Thomas stared blankly at Brooke, and she clarified that she meant his wedding day with Zoe.

Bill arrived, looking for Brooke. Someone at the main house had directed him to the cabin to find her. He enthusiastically greeted Douglas and caught himself as he almost referred to Thomas as Douglas' loser father while suggesting Douglas get one of his parents to take him to visit his Uncle Bill. Bill exchanged curt greetings with Thomas, who headed out the door with Douglas.

Alone with Brooke, who'd checked on Beth, Bill asked if the wedding was really happening the next day. Brooke wasn't sure whether or not to believe it, and Bill quipped that the diaper-wearing daddy's boy hadn't been honest about anything in his whole life. Brooke took it to mean Bill didn't believe it, either. Bill said that only a fool would.

Brooke wanted to believe in Thomas. It would make things much easier if Thomas had moved on from Hope. Bill wanted to believe in the Tooth Fairy, but at some point, reality always set in. As for Thomas, Bill reasoned that they'd see the next day.

Brooke wanted that and wanted to be able to tell Ridge that he was right. "Tooth Fairy, Brooke. Tooth Fairy," Bill reminded her. Brooke giggled and asked how Bill could make her smile in the worst of times. He was glad to know he hadn't lost the talent.

Brooke was glad about it, too. She felt lonely being the voice of reason. Bill said that she was never alone. He'd always be there to support her. Putting his hands over hers, he stated that, no matter what happened at the wedding, she had a friend in him.

Standing up from the table, Brooke was glad to know she still had a friend in Bill. Bill said that even though they weren't together, it didn't mean that he didn't still "lov -- care about" her or want her to be happy. He stated that they hadn't done a good job of being married. He didn't know why they hadn't, but they had done a good job of taking care of each other. He promised he'd take care of her until the day he died. He asked if she got it. "Got it," she replied.

Later, Brooke and Bill's conversation had turned to how sickening it was that people had buried their heads in the sand about Thomas. Bill was especially livid about how Ridge was treating her. Deciding not to "go there," Bill just hated that Brooke felt alone. He offered to do whatever she needed to help ease the loneliness. Brooke told Bill that he was already doing it.

Brooke wanted to be there for Hope. She was worried about Hope. Bill exclaimed that Thomas was a monster. Bill asserted that if Ridge wouldn't protect Brooke and Hope from Thomas, Bill would. "If you need me, I'm here for you," Bill uttered, and he hugged the tearful Brooke.

Bill's gaze roved over Brooke's sad face, and Brooke and Bill began kissing. From outside the windows with drawn blinds, someone watched.

In Thomas' room, Thomas was on the phone with Vinny, certain that Hope would stop his wedding to Zoe. Thomas revealed that he had even designed a second wedding dress for when he and Hope remarried each other.

In the doorway, Zoe asked who was getting remarried. Thomas hurried off his call and told Zoe that she'd ruined the surprise -- unless she thought the surprise was too cheesy. He claimed that the wedding was for family, and he wanted to do a vows renewal alone on their honeymoon. Zoe didn't find it cheesy at all. She loved the idea. The two hugged, but Zoe's face darkened as he embraced her.

Zoe wondered if Vinny would take Thomas out for a bachelor party, but Thomas said he didn't want to show up hungover on such an important day. Zoe was on her way to meet with Eric and Quinn about some last-minute details. She asked if he had any input. Thomas said, "Whatever my bride wants, she gets." That was his only input. Zoe giggled and kissed him.

Alone later, Thomas prepared to retire for the night. He grinned, recalling his previous wedding to Hope.

At the cliff house, Steffy confessed that the kiss had been planned to break up Liam and Hope. Steffy didn't know why she'd done it. She chalked it up to instinct. Steffy said Hope could hate her for it, but Steffy had had to come clean. Liam expressed his urgent desire for Hope to know that Thomas was still manipulating. Steffy added that her brother was still obsessed.

"Well, he isn't the only one," Hope replied, looking at the portrait of Liam and Steffy on the wall. Steffy didn't get what Hope meant and said she was sorry. Hope asked if Steffy was sorry she hadn't trapped Hope in a gondola that time.

Surprised that Hope was getting down on Steffy, Liam attempted to return the focus to Thomas, but Hope said to forget about Thomas. "If you want to talk about lies, if you want to talk about manipulation, I'm looking at the master," Hope said, her gaze trained on Steffy.

Steffy persisted in being sorry for her role in the matter and for being caught up in the kiss, but she insisted that Hope had to forgive the innocent Liam, who'd been manipulated by Steffy and Thomas. Steffy stated that Liam loved Hope, and Hope had to forgive him.

Hope replied that she didn't have to do anything Steffy, who'd gone back to teaming up with her brother, had to say. Steffy claimed that it wasn't true, and she'd wanted to believe that Thomas had been changing. Hope asked if the call about the staged kiss from Thomas had finally clued Steffy in. Steffy replied that she'd wanted to trust her brother.

Liam stated that they needed to talk to Zoe and stop the wedding. Steffy agreed and added that Hope and Liam needed to get back on track. Liam asked Hope to look at him. Pushing his hand out, he told Hope to "forget all that." He asserted that they could be a family with Beth "and a family with Douglas."

Hope asked if Liam meant it about Douglas. Liam affirmed it. Steffy urged them to be a family. Hope asked about Thomas. Steffy said Thomas would always be Douglas' father, but Thomas couldn't offer the child the stability that Liam and Hope had. Steffy believed that the love Hope and Liam shared could get them through anything.

Liam was sorry for hurting Hope with the kiss. He said that was on him, but he'd meant every word of his marriage proposal to Hope. He didn't intend to give up. He'd propose to her day after day if he had to. He'd do it until she gave in because he believed they deserved their four-member family -- "You, me, Beth, and Douglas." Liam told Hope that they could take Thomas down and have their family. She just had to agree.

Hope wondered what Liam was asking. "I'm asking you to marry me. I'm asking you to spend the rest of your life with me," he responded. He added that her role at the moment was very important because she had to say, "Yes." Slowly, Hope uttered, "Yes."

Emotional, Liam asked if Hope had actually said it. Hope nodded, saying it again. She told him that she loved him. She wanted a family and forever with him. Liam grabbed her and kissed her. They laughed with joy. Nearby, Steffy smiled.

Hope plots to expose Thomas at his wedding Hope plots to expose Thomas at his wedding
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

In Brooke's cabin, Bill and Brooke shared a long kiss. Unbeknownst to them, someone watched them through the windows. Brooke asked where the kiss had come from, and Bill said it had been from the heart. She replied that he couldn't kiss her because he was in love with her sister.

Bill said he'd kissed Brooke because he cared about her and had gotten caught up in what she was going through, not because he was less committed to Katie or unhappy with their life together. Brooke replied that she wouldn't have it any other way. Bill wished he could say the same about her life, but he'd rather see Brooke committed to anyone but the dressmaker.

Brooke asked if Bill wanted her to be happy. Bill asked when she'd last been really happy with Ridge. Brooke blamed it on Thomas, and Bill quipped that Ridge couldn't admit that he'd sired a monster. It felt good to Brooke that someone in addition to Liam actually got it, and it proved that she wasn't a crazy lady.

Bill thought that Brooke was right to be on guard with Thomas, who'd proven that he'd do anything to get Hope. Bill wondered if Thomas would actually go as far as marrying Zoe. Brooke didn't know if the feelings were real; however, she hoped that Zoe would marry Thomas. That way, Brooke could reunite with Ridge.

Bill noted that Brooke really wanted that guy back. Brooke clarified that the guy was her husband, whom she loved. Bill said he'd root for Brooke, even if it meant rooting for the dressmaker. "The sacrifices you make," Brooke replied.

Bill said he'd always have a special place in his heart for Brooke. Brooke said Bill would always have one in hers, but she'd become worried about her sister. Bill told Brooke not to be -- even if he couldn't say he was sorry about the kiss. Brooke stated that it could never happen again. He agreed. She added that no one could know about it, and he said she had a deal.

At Eric's mansion, Thomas and Douglas were upstairs, talking in Thomas' bedroom. Douglas didn't want Thomas to marry Zoe. Thomas said that they needed a family. "I know. With Mommy and Beth!" Douglas said. Thomas stated that Douglas was doing a good job convincing Hope, but they had to do better. Thomas decided that they'd practice more in the morning.

Downstairs, Zoe met with Ridge, Quinn, and Eric about the wedding. Ridge exited, saying he was going to the office. Thomas arrived in the living room and asked how the plans were going.

Quinn raved about how great the wedding would be. Zoe asked if her groom was nervous. Denying it, Thomas said it would be the best day of his life. Eric couldn't wait to welcome Zoe into the family. Thomas and Quinn agreed that it meant Eric would have a big toast with lots of Champagne. Quinn decided to take Eric to the cellar to retrieve more bubbly.

Alone with Zoe, Thomas asked if she had second thoughts. Zoe asserted that nothing could stop her from marrying Thomas. Seeing Douglas on the stairs, Thomas told her that he was looking forward to the wedding night. He kissed her as the moping Douglas walked by them and sat down in a seat in the living room.

Thomas said that Douglas was supposed to be in bed, but Douglas murmured that Thomas had told him that he could have a snack. Thomas claimed to have forgotten due to the wedding prep, and he noted that Douglas had a big job the next day. Douglas and Thomas exchanged glances, and Thomas said Douglas would make it the best day ever.

Eric and Quinn returned from the cellar and decided to head up to bed. Thomas and Zoe resumed talk of the wedding. She told Douglas that she was excited to be a part of his family and that they'd take it as slowly as he needed. She offered Thomas one last chance to back out, but he said the day would go exactly as he'd planned.

Zoe took off, and once alone with Douglas, Thomas told the boy that the wedding would happen. Douglas said he didn't want Zoe to be his mommy. Thomas replied that Douglas knew how to stop it, and Zoe would be Douglas' stepmom unless Douglas got Hope to marry Thomas instead. Douglas pleaded with Thomas not to marry Zoe.

Thomas replied that he wouldn't -- not if Douglas could get Hope for Thomas. "Make it happen, buddy. Our future depends upon it," Thomas concluded.

At the cliff house, Steffy watched Hope and Liam bask in the joy of their engagement. Hope was grateful that Steffy hadn't kept the secret. Steffy said that, after all the couple had been through, they deserved to be together. Hope had had no idea that the day would wind up in a reunion. Liam said he'd be home and would never leave Hope even if she begged him to.

Hope planned to hold on tight because there was too much to lose. She thanked Liam for including Douglas in their family. Liam said he should never have given the ultimatum, and Douglas belonged with them, not his psycho father.

Hope couldn't believe all that had happened by Thomas' hand. Steffy suspected that Thomas wasn't done and that his wedding was a ploy to get to Hope. Steffy stated that they couldn't let Thomas win, and they had to stop him.

Hope was sorry she hadn't listened when Liam had been telling her the truth about Thomas. Liam stated that Thomas was the master, and Thomas had Zoe actually believing that he loved her. Liam asserted that they needed to stop the wedding.

Hope thought it was ironic that the three people hurt most by the secret Zoe had kept would be the ones trying to save her. Steffy didn't think anyone should be lured into a marriage with a man who was obsessed with someone else. Hope declared that it wouldn't work, and it was time to turn the tables on Thomas.

Steffy, Liam, and Hope agreed that they needed to do something to show undeniably what Thomas was really all about. Steffy said her brother would just worm out of any confrontations. Hope had a way to expose Thomas' true colors, and Steffy and Liam wondered what Hope had in mind. Hope declared that it would happen at Thomas' wedding, and everyone would finally see who Thomas really was.

"Tomorrow will be Thomas' day of reckoning. Tomorrow, Thomas will finally pay," Hope proclaimed.

At Forrester, Ridge gazed at a sketch. To his surprise, Shauna entered. He noted that she'd been there earlier. She said she clearly couldn't get enough of him and had been hoping that he was still at the office. Ridge explained that he'd left to have a wedding-planning session but had returned to get an idea in his head down on paper.

Not wanting to interrupt, Shauna decided to leave. He showed her the sketch and said he was done. She called it beautiful. He asked if she wanted it. She didn't think he was serious, but handing her the pad, he said that once an idea was out of his head and on paper, it existed in the universe. Ridge offered her a drink, and she studied him as he filled some glasses.

As Ridge and Shauna had drinks, she noticed that he was jittery. Ridge admitted to being excited about the wedding. A lot was riding on the event. Shauna guessed that he meant his reunion with Brooke. Ridge said that Brooke would see that Thomas was moving on, and Ridge could finally go home. He knew it wasn't what Shauna wanted to hear.

Shauna just wanted Ridge to be happy. Ridge declared that he loved Brooke, and Brooke loved him. The break in their relationship hadn't changed their commitment to each other.

Later, Ridge was alone. He called Brooke, who was also alone, waiting for Hope's return. Ridge mentioned that it would be a big day the next day. Thomas would start a new life with Zoe, and Ridge would get back to his old life with Brooke. He missed her. She said she missed him, too. He said the break had been the right thing to do. She reasoned that it might have saved them.

Ridge agreed with Brooke but was done with the separation. He wanted to be back in Brooke's arms and in her bed. Brooke stated that it was the little things like getting ready for work together and sitting by the fire. Ridge promised that they'd get it back. Brooke wanted it, too. She felt lost without him. Ridge told her that he'd be back the next day, and they'd never be apart again.

Brooke conveyed that her love and commitment had never wavered and were as strong as ever. She asked if Ridge believed her. He did. He said he'd see her the next day and that he loved her.

Thomas wants Hope to stop the wedding Thomas wants Hope to stop the wedding
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
by Nel

In the Forrester living room, Ridge and Brooke kissed. Aloud, Brooke wondered if Thomas would go through with the wedding to Zoe. Ridge said that Thomas and Zoe would move on with their lives, and after the nuptials, he and Brooke would be together.

Ridge and Brooke joined Eric and Quinn. They thanked Carter for making himself available to perform the ceremony. Eric sent accolades to Quinn for having done a fabulous job getting everything ready for the wedding. Vinny arrived. He greeted everyone and asked how "he" was holding up. Brooke asked if Vinny was referring to Thomas or Douglas. Ridge frowned, and he said that Thomas was holding up just fine. Vinny went upstairs to see Thomas.

In his bedroom, Thomas asked Douglas to change his shoes from sneakers to dress shoes. Thomas said he knew that Douglas wanted Hope to marry him, but he said that Zoe would make a great stepmom. Douglas claimed he didn't want Zoe to be his stepmother. He only wanted Hope. Thomas told Douglas that there was still time to convince Hope to stop the wedding and marry Thomas.

Vinny entered Thomas' room and complimented Douglas on his suit. Thomas told Douglas to find Hope. After Douglas left, Vinny asked what Thomas would do if his plan to get Hope to marry him backfired. He wondered if Thomas was going to go through with his wedding to Zoe. Vinny tried to get Thomas to call off the wedding. Thomas told Vinny to stop throwing roadblocks in his way. He thought Vinny was his friend. Vinny said that as Thomas' friend, he was trying to knock some sense into Thomas before it was too late.

Thomas asked if Vinny remembered the dress he'd designed for Hope's line. He said he could see Hope wearing it after Douglas convinced Hope to stop his wedding to Zoe. Thomas said there would be another wedding -- his and Hope's. Vinny told Thomas to call it off before it was too late. Ridge walked in and asked what Thomas should call off. Thomas said it was nothing, just Vinny being Vinny. Vinny claimed it was all the planning for the honeymoon, and on that note, Vinny left.

Ridge told Thomas he had a good feeling about Thomas and Zoe. Thomas said he didn't want to disappoint Ridge again. Ridge said that after Thomas married Zoe, everyone would see that Thomas was over Hope.

In another room, Zoe thanked Steffy for agreeing to be her maid of honor. Steffy commented that some people had had a hard time believing that Hope was part of Thomas' past. Zoe admitted that she had questioned that, as well. Steffy claimed that Thomas had had an obsession about Hope, but Zoe maintained that she and Thomas would start a new life together. Zoe admitted she was aware that Thomas always got what he wanted. Steffy told Zoe that Thomas couldn't make Hope love him, no matter what he did or how hard he tried.

At the cabin, Hope and Liam were ready to leave for the wedding. Liam knew that Hope wanted to stick it to Thomas, but he asked if she was certain she wanted to do it the way she'd planned it. Hope said she had already arranged everything, and she assured Liam they could do it.

Hope and Liam arrived at the Forrester mansion together, much to Brooke's delight. Brooke asked if Hope and Liam had reunited. Hope said she and Liam had a lot to talk about, but it wasn't the time or place to discuss her situation. Liam added that the day would be full of surprises.

Eric asked Ridge if Thomas had designed Zoe's wedding dress and another one as Hope's show-stopper. Ridge said Thomas had and that he'd come into his own as a designer.

Douglas arrived downstairs and went straight to Hope. Douglas told her he wasn't happy about the wedding. Hope assured him things would be okay, and everything would work out in the end. She said she would make sure of it. She hugged him.

Eric commented that there had been many weddings in that living room over the years; some went smoothly, while others ended with lots of drama.

Liam asked Hope about Douglas. Hope informed him that Douglas was watching television. Brooke felt that Douglas shouldn't be there at all. She said that Thomas knew how Douglas felt about him marrying Zoe. Hope told Brooke to let things play out. Everyone would see who Thomas really was.

Hope entered Zoe's room and said that Zoe didn't look at all nervous. Zoe said looks could be deceiving. She couldn't believe how fast things were moving. Hope asked if Zoe's family was aware of the wedding. Zoe said they weren't. She added that people were still questioning Thomas' feelings for her. Douglas entered the room and told Hope he needed to talk to her and that it was very important.

A short time later, Brooke arrived to have a word with Zoe. Zoe said she was about to put on her wedding dress. Brooke asked if Zoe was aware that Thomas had made a dress for Hope's line. She asked if it bothered Zoe that Thomas had designed a dress for his bride and one for the person who was always on his mind.

Brooke said she didn't want to ruin Zoe's wedding day, but she couldn't keep quiet about Zoe keeping the secret about Beth. Brooke also realized that Thomas had bullied Zoe because he'd wanted to be with Hope. Brooke said that Thomas was still obsessed with Hope. He'd just found a better way of hiding it. Brooke asked Zoe to take a good look at Thomas for who he really was. Brooke stated that Thomas couldn't be trusted. She asked Zoe to do it before it was too late.

Thomas went downstairs, and Liam asked who Thomas was looking for. Thomas was told that Douglas was upstairs with Hope. Thomas claimed he'd left his cell phone in his room, and he went upstairs.

Hope was in one of the upstairs bedrooms with Douglas. She told Douglas that she was aware of how upset he'd been, but she wanted him to be carefree and assured him that she would do whatever was necessary to ensure that she would always be his mother. Thomas stood outside the door and listened. Ridge came up behind Thomas and told him to go downstairs and marry the girl of his dreams.

Despite Douglas' meltdown, Zoe urges Thomas to move forward with their vows Despite Douglas' meltdown, Zoe urges Thomas to move forward with their vows
Thursday, March 12, 2020

At Spencer, Bill recalled the kiss he'd shared with Brooke in her cabin. Wyatt entered and called Bill a daydreamer. Noticing Bill's solemn expression, Wyatt asked what was wrong. Bill stated that Thomas had messed with Brooke's family for too long, and someone had to stop him.

Wyatt didn't question that Thomas was a psycho, and Bill and Wyatt agreed that the wedding that day was a scam. Bill hollered that the deaf, dumb daddy dressmaker couldn't see it. Wyatt suspected that Thomas was playing chicken with Hope. Bill said that if Thomas had gotten Douglas revved up enough, there was no telling what Hope would do.

At the mansion, Vinny noted that Carter had done a lot of weddings. Quinn quipped that Carter should offer discounts for repeat customers. Vinny said that the bride and groom hadn't given Carter much notice, and Carter replied that the couple was highly motivated.

Nearby, Liam and Steffy discussed how badly Douglas didn't want the wedding to happen. Steffy said that Hope knew Thomas' plan. Liam reasoned that Hope would do anything for Douglas. Confused, Steffy asked if Liam thought Hope would cave and marry Thomas.

Upstairs, Hope urged Douglas to be brave and to trust that she'd always be a mother to him. She vowed to never, ever let anything bad happen to him and asked him to be brave that day.

Thomas stood by the door, listening. Ridge hurried over to tell Thomas to grab Douglas, so the ceremony could begin. Thomas wanted to give Hope and Douglas more time. Ridge relented but advised his son not to take too long. Ridge didn't know how Thomas could wait to marry the woman he loved. Ridge left, and Thomas turned his attention back to Douglas and Hope.

In another bedroom, Brooke claimed she hadn't meant to upset Zoe. Though Zoe appreciated the concern, she told Brooke that she knew what she was doing. Brooke said that if Zoe had doubts, she should heed them. Brooke received a message from Ridge, who wanted Zoe to know that Thomas and the guests were set. Zoe asked for a few moments alone, and she stared at herself in the mirror.

Downstairs later, everyone began to take their seats. Hope and Douglas sat in the front row. By the front door, Vinny whispered to Thomas, asking what Douglas and Hope were doing down there. Thomas said that they were taking their places, just as Vinny should be doing.

Figuring neither Douglas nor Hope would stop the wedding, Vinny urged Thomas to do it. Thomas instructed Vinny to chill and revealed that Hope had told Douglas that she'd do whatever it took. Thomas believed that Douglas had gotten through to Hope, who wouldn't let the wedding happen.

Ridge cued the wedding to start. Thomas took his place near Carter by the fireplace. The bridal march played, and Zoe appeared at the bottom of the staircase. Douglas pushed his head into Hope's skirt after everyone had stood for the bride.

Zoe made her way down the aisle and handed her bouquet to Steffy, and Carter commenced the ceremony. Carter said that Zoe and Thomas' story was one of forgiveness and redemption. It was of two people overcoming their mistakes and finding peace and appreciation for each other. It had slowly grown over time and had developed into a commitment that would bond them for the rest of their lives.

"No, Mommy, stop them!" Douglas yelled. Hope tried to tell Douglas it was going to be okay, but Douglas refused to believe it and ran upstairs. Thomas watched as Hope followed the child. Ridge asked if Thomas would go after them. Thomas didn't know what to do. Stammering, he said he'd thought Douglas would be okay. Carter assured Thomas that it was okay if they needed to wait.

"No," Zoe said. Thomas hid his annoyance at her and said they should wait for Hope to calm Douglas down. Ridge thought that if it was too difficult for Douglas, then they should continue without him. Thomas insisted upon giving Hope time, saying she'd know what to do. Carter was willing to wait but believed that Ridge had a point. "So do I," Zoe quietly persisted.

Thomas said he'd really wanted Douglas to feel a part of the ceremony. Zoe stated that the child obviously didn't, so it might be best to keep going and help Douglas accept it later. Taking Thomas' hands, she said she was ready to make the commitment. She asked him to keep going. Thomas didn't want to rush through it and claimed it was too important.

"Before we continue, I should ask -- doesn't anyone else object to this union?" Carter asked. Guests looked away, and Carter resumed the ceremony. He prompted Zoe to say her vows.

Zoe said that Thomas had come into her life when she hadn't had anyone else. She'd been vulnerable and alone. He had told her that she hadn't had to be. He'd told her that they'd had a connection, and the connection had grown. Recalling when he'd brought her back to Forrester, she said his family had given her a second chance. Their connection had then become something else. She said he'd won her over and made her fall in love with him.

Thomas seemed a little impatient as Zoe spoke. She vowed to be the kind of woman who made him a better man and who made Douglas happy. She was committed to doing what was best for them, even when it was hard. She promised to be honest, strong, and worthy of holding a place in their incredible family. She'd always do her part to take care of Douglas and create a future they all deserved. She promised to always remember what had brought them to that moment. "Everything that you did to make it happen," Zoe stated.

Cater prompted Thomas to say his vows. As Thomas looked at the guests, Quinn whispered to Eric that Thomas looked nervous. Zoe told Thomas that it was okay if he didn't remember the words. She just wanted to know how he felt.

Thomas revealed that he felt overwhelmed. He said that he'd returned to town to move on from something. He hadn't done a great job, but spending time with Zoe had shown him what his future would be. She'd given him clarity and purpose. He didn't believe that love, marriage, and commitment were things that he could say to her "up there." They were things he had to do every morning when he awakened. Thomas promised to be thankful for Zoe every day.

Carter moved on to the exchange of rings. Vinny glared at Thomas in panic, and Thomas glanced toward the stairs. Carter prompted Zoe to put a ring on Thomas' finger. Thomas asked if they could stop for a moment. He'd really wanted Douglas to be a part of it. Thomas wanted Douglas to feel as if they were becoming a family and weren't just two people getting married.

From the audience, Liam shook his head. Zoe figured that Hope would have brought Douglas back if he were ready. Steffy advised her brother to trust Hope's judgment. Carter said the vows had happened, and they were almost done.

"Yeah, I just really thought that they would be back by now," Thomas reasoned. Zoe didn't want to wait. She loved Thomas. She said that in a few minutes, they'd be husband and wife, and they had the rest of their lives to celebrate their commitment with Douglas. Ridge patted Thomas on the back, and Carter directed Zoe to slide the ring on Thomas' finger and repeat after Carter.

Repeating Carter, Zoe stated that she'd given Thomas the ring as a symbol of her love and devotion. She told him to wear it to remind him of their scared and lifelong commitment. Carter handed Thomas a ring and instructed him to say the same things. Thomas complied and slid the ring onto Zoe's finger. Carter said there was one final step to take.

Carter asked Zoe if she took Thomas to be her husband until death did they part. Zoe replied that she did. Carter asked the same thing of Thomas. "I -- I -- uh -- " Thomas stammered.

Just then, Thomas' mouth dropped open as he saw Hope and Douglas standing together at the end of the aisle. They were holding hands and smiling. To the amazement of the guests, Hope was wearing a wedding gown.

Humiliated, Thomas leaves the wedding in tears Humiliated, Thomas leaves the wedding in tears
Friday, March 13, 2020

At Spencer, Wyatt handed Bill a drink and guessed that Bill was thinking about Brooke again. Bill said he felt for Brooke, who had to put up with the dressmaker and his degenerate son. Wyatt said Thomas had ruined Brooke and Ridge's relationship and had gotten between Hope and Liam. Bill yelled that Ridge still expected Brooke to welcome Thomas with open arms.

Wyatt concluded that the wedding was almost over, so Thomas was Zoe's problem. Bill called the wedding a joke and said that anyone na´ve enough to marry Thomas deserved him. Wyatt noted that Liam had been trying to sound the alarm about Thomas for a while. Bill added that Brooke had, too, but Ridge would rather give up his wife than admit Thomas' problems.

Wyatt said that it wasn't as if the wedding would make Thomas' problems disappear. Bill wasn't sure the wedding would happen at all. Wyatt wondered where Hope would wind up in the fallout. Bill hoped she'd stay in Douglas' life. Bill appreciated the way she'd stepped up.

Wyatt figured that there was more that he and Bill could do as part of Douglas' family. Bill cared about Douglas and wanted to play an active role in the boy's life. He wanted to protect Douglas from that maniac. In Bill's view, the less involved Thomas was in Douglas' life, the better.

At the wedding, everyone was stunned that Hope and Douglas had interrupted the ceremony. Wearing the wedding gown Thomas had designed for her, Hope said she couldn't let him marry Zoe. As Thomas stared at her in astonishment, Zoe told him not to dare leave her at the altar. "Thomas, who will it be?" Carter asked.

Thomas was amazed that Hope was actually there in the gown he'd designed. Zoe ordered him to forget about Hope. Zoe exclaimed that it was their wedding day, and Thomas had proposed to her. He stared at Hope for a moment. To Zoe, he apologetically said it had to be a shock for her. It was a shock for him, too. Zoe asked what he was doing.

Thomas explained that Hope was the mother of his child. "I have to give that a shot, okay? She wants to marry me. I can't miss out on that chance with her," Thomas decided. Zoe slapped Thomas in the face, and the guests gasped. He guessed he deserved that. She ordered him to save it. She didn't want to hear it.

Turning and walking toward Hope, Thomas deduced that she'd arrived in the dress to marry him and unite their family. He said she'd made him the happiest man in the world. Brooke hopped from her seat to prevent Hope from doing it. Hope asked her mother to let her handle it, but Brooke persisted in trying to dissuade Hope from marrying a man she didn't love.

Thomas instructed Hope not to listen to Brooke, who he insisted didn't know what she was talking about because her daughter was in the gown. Thomas' breath was taken away by Hope's appearance in the gown he'd designed especially for her. He knew that she was there to complete the family he'd always wanted for Douglas. Taking her into his arms, Thomas admitted that he'd never stopped loving her.

Halting Thomas from getting too close, Hope stated that it was a beautiful gown, but the only reason she was wearing it was to expose him. Hope shoved him away and said Steffy had told her and Liam everything. Thomas glanced at Steffy and told Hope that she didn't know what she was talking about.

Hope accused Thomas of preying on Douglas' fears and insecurities to scare him into thinking that Thomas' marriage to Zoe would cut Hope out of Douglas' life. Ridge asked if it was true, but Thomas claimed that it was a big misunderstanding. "Zoe, tell him," Thomas requested.

Angry, Zoe ordered Thomas not to look at her. She'd hoped that Hope had been wrong about him, but Hope had been right all along. Zoe informed him that he wouldn't be marrying either of them. Thomas was confused and asked what Zoe was talking about.

"Do you even hear yourself speak?" Zoe yelled and complained about how quickly he'd tossed their relationship away -- if there had ever even been one. She felt gullible for believing Thomas and his act. All the while, he'd been praying that Hope would stop him from marrying Zoe. Thomas claimed that it hadn't been what had happened.

Zoe revealed that Hope had approached Zoe about the plan, and Zoe had gone along with it because she'd wanted to reveal the truth about her and Thomas. Instead, Zoe had learned that he'd been lying to her and scheming for months. Zoe thanked God that she hadn't married Thomas. She thanked God that Hope had saved Zoe from him.

Thomas turned to Hope and said she couldn't mean it. Hope affirmed that she did. He turned back to Zoe and tried to get her to see that he'd been ready to marry her. He thought it could still happen. Zoe replied that he was out of his mind, and she'd never be a consolation prize.

The sad part about it for Zoe was that she'd loved him and thought he'd wanted to spend his life with her. In truth, she and Douglas had been pawns. She thought Thomas should be disgusted with himself. Thomas tried to say that it hadn't been like that, but Zoe insisted that he'd messed up big time. Standing by Hope, Zoe stated that everyone knew exactly who he was, and he'd never take advantage of them again.

Thomas tried to tell everyone that he wasn't a bad person and that they had it all wrong. Liam suggested that Thomas not embarrass himself more than he already had. Steffy informed Thomas that Hope and Liam knew. Thomas began to go off on his sister, but Ridge instructed Thomas to let Steffy speak.

Steffy explained that after Hope had learned that she and Liam had been manipulated by the kiss that Thomas had convinced Steffy to partake in, Hope had developed the perfect plan to out him. Hope wasn't a fool and had known that he'd designed the dress, hoping she'd wear it to marry him. Steffy said Hope had had the gown delivered to the wedding and had put it on.

Thomas asked who the real manipulators were and wondered who else had been in on it. Steffy said that all she and Ridge had done had been to try to support Thomas, and Ridge had nearly ruined his marriage over Thomas' lies. Thomas asked if it had occurred to any of them that he'd done it for his son, who'd dreamed of being a family with Hope.

Looking around, Thomas asked where Douglas even was. Douglas walked around the table in the foyer, making himself visible. Thomas asked Douglas to tell Hope what he'd told his father about wanting to be a family. Vinny hopped from his seat and ordered Thomas not to put his own kid on the spot like that.

"You, too?" Thomas asked. Looking around, he questioned whether anyone wanted to take his side or hear him out. Zoe said he'd brought it on himself, and Brooke added that he had no one to blame but himself. Thomas replied that he'd been tricked and humiliated in front of his family. He apologized to Douglas, who'd had to witness it.

Hope revealed that Douglas was fine. She's already had a long talk with him about why she couldn't marry Thomas and, more importantly, why Zoe couldn't. Hope had explained to Douglas why she'd had to do what she'd done, and Douglas had revealed to her that Thomas had put Douglas up to begging Hope to marry Thomas or else Douglas would lose her.

Thomas asked Douglas if he'd known about the plan but hadn't told his father. Douglas nodded. Thomas asked Hope if she had used his son against him. "It was bad of you to lie to Mommy and Zoe," Douglas said, taking Hope's hand. "It was bad of you to make me feel I was going to lose another mommy again."

Thomas tried to say he'd done it for Douglas, but Liam quipped that one didn't use his son as a fishing lure. Thomas told Liam to shut up, but standing beside Vinny, Steffy interjected that Liam was right. So were Zoe, Hope, and Brooke. "You're the one who's wrong!" Steffy declared.

Brooke was ready for Thomas to take some accountability. With a mirthless grin, Thomas guessed everyone was just going to hate him. "I want to be with Mommy, Liam, and Beth. I'm happiest there with them, Daddy, not you," Douglas announced.

The disillusioned Eric said that they'd believed in Thomas. Quinn added that Thomas' grandfather had had Thomas' back. Eric asked if it had been a ploy. Thomas denied it, saying that Eric knew who Thomas was. Eric stated that he was deeply disappointed in Thomas. Steffy added that they all were.

Moving toward Zoe, Douglas, and Hope, Liam said he'd known he'd been right about Thomas. "Great," Thomas groaned. Liam welcomed Thomas to belittle Liam all Thomas wanted; it would just reinforce all the things Liam had been saying about Thomas. Because Thomas had tricked everyone, they'd had to "do it this way" in plain sight for the world to see that Thomas was just as bad as he'd ever been. Liam said he'd been right not to give up. Liam reminded Thomas that Liam had vowed to never stop protecting Hope, and in Liam's mind, that went for Douglas, too.

Thomas stated that Liam would not take Douglas from Thomas. Liam replied that it wasn't up to Thomas and that Thomas had heard what the boy had said. Liam asked if Thomas wanted to know why Douglas had said it. It was because Hope and Liam could actually make Douglas' dream of a family into reality.

Brooke stated that Thomas had hurt a lot of people. She asked if he knew how hard it was for her not to trust her husband's son. She'd felt guilty about it, but after all the things Thomas had done, Brooke was just glad the truth was out. She was proud of Hope and Zoe for fighting back and bringing down an evil man.

Ridge quietly told Brooke that she'd tried to tell him, but he hadn't been listening. He hoped she could forgive him. Brooke knew that Ridge had just wanted to give his son a chance.

Thomas asked what Ridge was doing. Thomas said that Ridge had been his rock. Ridge had been Thomas' love and support, and Thomas didn't think he could live without that. Ridge replied that Thomas was his son, and Ridge would always love him. Ridge would always want what was best for Thomas. "But you played me. You played me!" Ridge rasped.

Ridge said Thomas had learned nothing from what had happened with Beth. Thomas became red-faced and teary as Ridge stood in disbelief that Thomas had used his son again and had used an innocent woman. Motioning to Zoe, Ridge asked what she'd ever done to Thomas. He asked what was wrong with Thomas and how Thomas could do it to the people who loved him the most.

Ridge could no longer look at Thomas, who seemed to be holding in an explosion of sobs. Hope asked Thomas if his tears were even real. She said he'd taken advantage of her feelings and had used her devotion to his son to get his way. "And you tell me that you love me?" she questioned. He affirmed that he did love Hope. Hope replied that he didn't know how to love.

Hope was done with Thomas and declared that he was done playing games with her family. She regretted giving him chance after chance to prove himself. She stated that she'd raise Douglas in a loving and patient home. Douglas would be protected and cared for as a child should be.

Thomas replied that he and Hope could still make it happen. Hope told him that he didn't deserve her, and he definitely didn't deserve Douglas. Hope declared that it was over. "You will never have me, Thomas. Never," she said.

Thomas looked around the room. One by one, people turned their eyes away from him. His eyes fell upon Douglas, who gazed back unblinking. Thomas silently strode out of the house. Liam and Hope gathered Douglas in their arms, and he smiled.

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