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Ridge vowed to reunite with Brooke and got annulment papers for his marriage to Shauna. Quinn urged Bill to go after Brooke before Ridge roped Brooke back in. Finn, against his better judgment, refilled Steffy's prescription.
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Ridge vowed to reunite with Brooke
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Quinn advises Brooke to let Ridge be happy Quinn advises Brooke to let Ridge be happy
Monday, August 17, 2020

At Eric's house, Shauna thanked Quinn for letting her spend the night in the guest room. Quinn wished it had been in Ridge's room, but she believed it was just a matter of time. Shauna felt more positive about things that day, and that was due to Quinn, who'd reminded Shauna how much Ridge appreciated her. Quinn replied that Shauna would soon hear it from Ridge.

Waking up in the mansion as Ridge's wife, even though she wasn't by his side, had felt like a dream come true for Shauna. Quinn insisted that it was true, and he was better off with Shauna. Quinn stated that she was very happy for her friend, and it was amazing what they could accomplish when they put their minds to it.

Shauna assumed Quinn was referring to their little secret. Shauna recalled that she'd had a little too much to drink that evening, and so had Ridge. Quinn said Shauna hadn't had to drag Ridge out of there. He'd left the house of his own accord and had been up for anything. Quinn insisted that all she'd done had been to help Shauna make the marriage legal.

"If Ridge only knew," Shauna replied. Quinn asserted that Ridge wouldn't ever know, and neither would Brooke. It was vital to Shauna's marriage and Quinn's future with Eric that no one knew. Quinn concluded that, as long as they kept the secret, they would get rid of Brooke, and Shauna could live a happy life with Ridge.

In Quinn's view, Ridge was lucky to have Shauna as his wife; Shauna had known what he'd needed, and she'd done it for him. Shauna hadn't believed that it would be as easy as text messaging Carter to file the divorce papers. Quinn reasoned that Carter had no reason to question it because it had come from Ridge's phone. Furthermore, Carter knew about the troubles between Brooke and Ridge, and for all Shauna and Quinn knew, Ridge could have talked to Carter about filing the papers while on the way to Vegas.

Quinn stated that Shauna was a good person who didn't want to get caught up in a bunch of lies and who hadn't wanted to be the reason that Brooke and Ridge had split up, but in Quinn's view, Brooke had brought it all on herself. All Shauna had done had been to make sure that Brooke couldn't worm her way back in. Quinn insisted that Ridge finally got to be married to a woman who appreciated him and would never betray him the way Brooke always had.

At the cliff house, Ridge paid Steffy a visit. Steffy could tell that something was troubling him. He divulged that Shauna had returned to town, and she'd brought some news with her. Steffy wondered if it was good. He replied that Shauna was upset that he wasn't happy about it. "So, it's bad news?" Steffy questioned.

Ridge told his daughter that he'd made a mistake. He said he had been a mess when he'd left for Las Vegas with Shauna. He couldn't believe that he was saying it, but after all he and Brooke had overcome, their marriage was over.

Amazed to hear it, Steffy said she'd thought Ridge and Brooke had been doing better. Ridge said that he and Brooke had been about to move back in together. Steffy wondered if she really needed to hear what had happened between Ridge and Shauna. Steffy figured she could just guess what it had been.

Ridge relayed that he and Shauna had been drinking at her house in Vegas, and then they had gone and drunk more on the Strip. His memory of things beyond that was hazy. The next thing he'd known, he'd awakened at Eric's house the following morning. Steffy assumed something had happened to make her father fly back home.

Agreeing, Ridge said he'd wanted to make things right with Brooke. He had told Shauna that, and he'd thought everything had been fine until she had shown up at Eric's house to say that she was Ridge's wife. Steffy couldn't believe it.

Ridge continued, saying that he and Shauna had gone to an all-night wedding chapel. Steffy doubted he should take Shauna's word for it and reminded him that he was married to Brooke. Ridge said he'd seen pictures and a wedding certificate, and more things had happened that he hadn't remembered.

Ridge told Steffy about the instructions he'd given Carter by text message. Sighing, Ridge wondered what he was doing to himself, to Brooke, and to Shauna. He felt that he'd turned everyone's lives upside down, and he didn't even remember it. Steffy stated that it kind of said something that he'd taken off with Shauna.

Disagreeing, Ridge said he should have left but not with Shauna. Better yet, he should have remained at home and worked things out with his wife. Things had been raw because of Thomas and because of Brooke kissing Bill, but Ridge felt that he could have handled it better. He felt he could have gotten over that kiss, but everything was a mess.

Steffy agreed that it was a mess, but she told Ridge that he could fix it. Ridge said it had already been fixed. He had been about to move back in with Brooke, and then Shauna had told him that she was his wife. Steffy told her father that there were things he could do to make it right. Ridge asked where he should start.

Steffy said Ridge could start there, getting backup and support from his family. Steffy tried to stand up but eased back into her chair, grimacing in pain. Ridge asked why she wouldn't take her pain medication. Steffy explained that she'd been downgraded to over-the- counter medications. "They're just not that strong, which I guess is the point," Steffy added, trying to adjust herself comfortably in her seat.

Ridge began to worry about his daughter being in pain, but Steffy insisted that she was fine. She said she could take a pill for what ailed her, but it wasn't that easy for him. Steffy asked if Shauna understood that it had been a mistake. Ridge asked Steffy not to do that. He said they'd both been drinking, and he didn't want to blame Shauna. Shauna was a good person and a good friend to him. "And you know what, under different circumstances..." he said.

Steffy told Ridge that he still cared about Brooke, but Ridge said Brooke didn't want to hear that. He added that Shauna wanted to know what was going on. Steffy stated that Shauna had married him because she wanted to be with him, and she probably thought he wanted to be with her, too.

At Forrester, Eric was looking for Ridge but instead found Brooke working alone in the CEO's office. Brooke said that Ridge wasn't there. She had checked before she'd arrived. Eric figured that she was avoiding his son. He said he had been there when Shauna had given Ridge the news. Eric was sorry.

Brooke's brain still wouldn't accept it, and Eric said that was because it was unacceptable. She stated that Shauna might turn Ridge's head; however, Brooke still couldn't imagine that he would ever leave her for Shauna, but it was exactly what he'd done. No matter how sorry Ridge was or how many times he said it had been a mistake, he'd done it, and that was something Brooke just could not accept.

Eric asked if she had talked to Ridge that day. Brooke said that Ridge had been trying to contact her to explain. She'd been up all night, trying to understand, but she could not figure out how something like that could have happened.

Eric implored Brooke to see that it wasn't what Ridge wanted. Brooke, who'd heard that from Ridge, believed it, but still, it had happened. Eric recalled that Ridge had been shocked when Shauna had told him about it. Brooke claimed that she and Ridge had talked about it, and they had concluded that neither of them had wanted to file the divorce papers. Brooke wanted to know what, aside from the kiss, had happened to change that.

Sure that the couple could begin again, Eric told Brooke that it wasn't the end. Brooke declared that it was over, and Ridge had filed the papers. Eric insisted that his son didn't remember doing that. Brooke didn't know if that was supposed to make it better or worse, and in her mind, it still didn't excuse what Ridge had done.

Eric knew it. He was just trying to parse out some kind of explanation for why it had happened. He stated that Ridge loved her. Brooke readily said that she loved Ridge, too. In Eric's view, if the couple loved each other, it was all that mattered, and they'd get through it together.

Eric reminded Brooke that he was her biggest supporter. Brooke said it was different that time. Agreeing, he stated that Shauna was his wife's best friend and was staying at the mansion. He was trying to be respectful to everyone. Brooke asked if his wife had been rubbing her hands together and cackling with glee. Eric asked Brooke not to do that.

Brooke pointed out that Quinn was the one trying to push Ridge and Shauna together. Eric said that wasn't important at the moment. What was important was to find some sort of resolution to it. Brooke stated that she'd warned Ridge about Shauna, and she'd also warned Eric about Quinn. Eric understood Brooke's hurt and shocked feelings, but he urged her to understand that, no matter what had happened in Vegas, she was the one Ridge wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Later, Brooke was working alone when Quinn arrived, looking for her husband. Quinn said she'd ask about Brooke's husband, but she didn't want to be insensitive. Brooke quipped that Quinn wanted to gloat. Quinn claimed that Eric wanted her to be more understanding. "So, this is me checking in," Quinn concluded, throwing up her hands

Brooke figured that Quinn was just there to see how well her plan was working. Quinn said she hadn't been on the plane with Ridge and Shauna when they'd gone to Vegas. Quinn figured that it had to have been awful for Brooke. Brooke affirmed it but doubted that Quinn really cared. Quinn didn't want to offend Brooke by saying that she was sorry. Brooke retorted that was because Quinn wasn't sorry

Disagreeing, Quinn said it was because, coming from her, it wouldn't make a bit of difference. Brooke agreed and guessed they were done there. Quinn asked if Brooke didn't have any questions for her. Turning around, Brooke readily asked how Quinn's friend had been able to convince Ridge to file their divorce papers and get married in some sleazy wedding chapel in Las Vegas. "Oh, wait. You don't know. Because you only know what Shauna told you -- same as Ridge," Brooke sassed. Still, Brooke felt inclined to wonder.

Quinn claimed that she wasn't trying to start an argument. She was just reaching out on behalf of Ridge and Shauna, who'd be a great wife to him, devoted in ways Brooke never could be. Brooke snickered. Quinn said that if Brooke loved him, she'd get that and let him go -- maybe even support them. Brooke didn't intend to support that sham of a marriage. The marriage wasn't on the up and up to Brooke, who knew that Quinn and Shauna couldn't be trusted.

Quinn replied that Brooke could deflect, but Ridge had left and married Shauna because he hadn't wanted to be with Brooke anymore. The grand love affair was over. Ridge was moving on with Shauna, and there was nothing Brooke could do about it.

Ridge takes steps to win back Brooke's trust Ridge takes steps to win back Brooke's trust
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

At Steffy's house, Steffy shared the news of their father's nuptials with her brother. After Thomas had heard that Ridge had been drunk and only remembered bits and pieces from the wedding, Thomas wondered if Shauna could be pulling a fast one on Ridge. Cautiously easing herself onto the sofa, Steffy said she had thought Thomas would be happy to hear the news.

Thomas stated that Ridge had been supportive of Thomas when Ridge hadn't had any reason to be. Despite Thomas' complicated relationship with Brooke, Thomas wanted his father to be happy. He didn't think Ridge could be happy without Brooke in his life. Steffy doubted that would happen, no matter how Ridge felt about Shauna.

Steffy reeled in pain. Thomas panicked, but she insisted that she was okay. She clearly wasn't okay in Thomas' view, and he asked where her medication was. She explained that she'd been on over-the-counter medication since her prescription had run out. Thomas believed she needed something stronger. He hated seeing her in pain. Gesturing to her wall, he said Ridge and Liam didn't want to see it, either.

"Why are you bringing up Liam?" Steffy asked. Thomas stated that Steffy was acting as if she were okay with the Hope and Liam reunion, but Thomas believed that his sister was hurting. Thomas said she'd lost the life and family she'd thought she'd have with Liam. Steffy didn't know what Liam had to do with it.

Gesturing to her portrait on the wall, Thomas said Liam obviously still meant a lot to her. Steffy said she cared about Liam as Kelly's father, but that didn't mean Steffy wanted him. Thomas stated that Liam had moved on with Hope, but that left Steffy behind, trying to be a super mom and cope with her accident.

Steffy told her brother that he wasn't being helpful. She was a realist who didn't get stuck in wishful thinking. Glancing at the portrait again, Thomas replied that the reality was that she was unable to move on from Liam. Steffy told Thomas that it wasn't the right time for that. Persisting, Thomas said he knew what the dream life with Liam had meant to her.

"That was then. This is now," Steffy said. She told Thomas to let it go because she had. Thomas thought she was just saying that and avoiding her feelings. "You're wrong!" she exclaimed, turning to face him. She grimaced in pain. Upset, Thomas ordered Steffy to call her doctor for some more pain pills.

At Eric's house, Eric still didn't get how Ridge's new marriage had even occurred. Ridge said it had happened the way things always happened; he would get upset, run off, and drink until he couldn't see straight. Eric asserted that despite the fact that Ridge was married to someone else, Ridge would be in love with Brooke for the rest of his life.

Agreeing, Ridge stated that he would be with Brooke at that moment if things had happened differently. Eric asked, for the record, if Ridge regretted what had happened in Las Vegas. Ridge regretted all of it. "But what do I do? I go and say that to Shauna? It hurts," Ridge replied.

Eric stated that Shauna was in love with Ridge and had become his wife. Eric asked what Ridge would do about it. Ridge declared that he wouldn't give up, and it would not be the end of him and Brooke. He intended to get her back. Eric asked how his son planned to accomplish that.

Ridge didn't know. He figured he'd start by being honest. Ridge couldn't lose Brooke again. He said that she'd been in his life for most of his life. Whenever she wasn't there, life was miserable and didn't make sense. "She's the one, Dad. She's always been," Ridge concluded.

Eric revealed that he had spoken to Brooke on his son's behalf. He'd assured her that the couple would get through it, and Ridge would never stop loving her. Ridge berated himself, wondering why he did the kinds of things he did. He asked who would do that. He questioned who would divorce his wife and marry another woman on the same night. Ridge didn't blame Brooke for feeling betrayed. He knew that he'd lost her trust, and he intended to win it back.

At Forrester, Brooke still suspected that Quinn had had something to do with Ridge's impromptu wedding in Vegas. Although Quinn continued to deny it, she admitted that she couldn't help but be happy about the turn of events. Brooke recalled that Quinn had said that Eric had told her to be more empathetic toward Brooke.

The surprised Quinn had thought she was being empathetic but felt that the sentiment only went so far due to the way Brooke had treated Ridge over the years. Quinn said Ridge didn't need to put up with Brooke's flip-flopping destiny talk anymore; Brooke was no longer Ridge's destiny or wife. Shauna was.

Brooke asked if Quinn knew how ridiculous she sounded by saying that Shauna Fulton was Ridge's destiny. Quinn contended that Shauna Forrester, in a few short months, would have Ridge asking, "Brooke who?" Brooke doubted that because she and Ridge had something that he and Shauna didn't have -- years of history.

Quinn noted that most of it had been painful, and Ridge wasn't looking back. Ridge had begun a future with Shauna the moment he had text-messaged Carter to file the divorce papers. "That's another thing. I have so many questions about that night in Vegas," Brooke stated. Brooke was convinced Shauna had manipulated Ridge.

"Didn't you?" Brooke asked Shauna, who'd arrived on the threshold of the office. Shauna stated that she'd been looking for Quinn, and Pam wasn't at her desk. Quinn asked if everything was okay. Answering herself, Quinn decided that it had to be because Shauna was newly wedded to Ridge. Quinn asked what could be better than that. "A groom who actually remembers marrying her," Brooke retorted.

Shauna decided to leave and perhaps return later, but Quinn told her friend not to dare go. In Quinn's mind, Shauna had nothing to feel uncomfortable about, and Brooke had to accept things. Brooke asked if she was supposed to accept that it had happened the way Shauna had claimed it had happened -- without any manipulations.

Quinn figured that Brooke, who couldn't imagine losing to another woman, would see it as a manipulation, but Shauna had won Ridge fair and square. Quinn proclaimed that Shauna was the new Mrs. Ridge Forrester, and Ridge was free of the hopeless cycle with Brooke.

Brooke said that Shauna had been after him from the beginning. Brooke didn't know how Shauna had gotten herself married to him, but Brooke was confident that the truth would come out. She'd make sure of it. Brooke stated that Ridge loved her and always would, and that was something Shauna and Quinn could never take from Brooke.

Later, Quinn and Shauna were alone. Shauna noted that Brooke had been upset. Quinn said Brooke was used to getting her way. Shauna was still worried about the way it had all happened. Quinn said they'd just given Ridge a little nudge in the right direction.

Shauna would hardly call it that. She flashed back to Quinn instructing her to text Carter about the divorce papers. She said that she, not Ridge, had filed the papers, and he'd been completely out of it for the ceremony. Shauna flashed back to begging her minister friend not to ruin her wedding night. "If it wasn't for my friend, I..." Shauna said.

Quinn urged Shauna to remember that she'd done Ridge a favor. Quinn insisted that they'd keep the secret. Quinn advised Shauna that once Ridge got used to Brooke not being in his life, things would fall into place. Shauna wondered when Quinn had become so optimistic.

Quinn didn't want Shauna to beat herself up and felt that Shauna would be a much better wife for Ridge. Shauna said she never would have gone through with the plan if she hadn't believed that, too. She just felt guilty for manipulating Ridge.

At Brooke's house, Brooke flashed back to Ridge proposing to her with Stephanie's ring. Ridge arrived, jolting Brooke from her thoughts.

Ridge said he had needed to see Brooke and hadn't wanted to leave things the way they had been. He revealed that he'd been with Eric, their biggest supporter. She replied that Eric's support didn't change that fact that Ridge had filed their divorce papers and married someone else. Ridge stated that whatever he'd done could be undone.

Brooke didn't want to get into it. It was too painful. She asked Ridge to go. "No, I'm not leaving. I can't," he responded. He was unable to give up on them. Brooke quipped that he'd already given up and had married Shauna. He called it a terrible mistake.

It hurt Brooke how quickly Ridge had filed the divorce papers and married someone else. She said he hadn't even been able to wait 24 hours. It was as if he hadn't been able to wait to get rid of her. Ridge didn't remember any of it. He said there was no excuse for what he'd done, but he wanted to fight for them.

Ridge reminded Brooke that they had made mistakes but had always found their way back to each other. He asked her to forgive him one more time. Holding up some papers, he said he'd had Carter draw up annulment papers. Ridge wanted to put that drunken night behind him. He didn't want to be married to anyone else but Brooke. He declared that she'd always been the one for him, and he asked her not to give up on him or them.

Ridge begs Brooke for forgiveness Ridge begs Brooke for forgiveness
Wednesday, August 19, 2020
by Nel

At Eric's, Quinn told Shauna that Eric was at the office so they had the house to themselves. They once again rehashed how well their plan had worked and how thrilled they both were that Shauna was married to Ridge. Shauna said she wished the marriage had happened differently because it was all a lie. Quinn said that Shauna had given Ridge the push he'd needed and that he was much better off with Shauna as his wife.

Shauna told Quinn that she'd tricked Ridge into marrying her. She knew Ridge had real feelings for her, but she was concerned about his feelings for Brooke. Quinn said that Brooke was Ridge's past, and Shauna was his future. She said that Shauna needed to be happy about her situation. Shauna reminded Quinn that her marriage to Ridge had blindsided a lot of people. Quinn told her not to feel bad for Brooke because Brooke had brought everything on herself. Brooke had betrayed Ridge. Quinn gloated that their plan had worked, and they had achieved their goal. It was time for Shauna to get accustomed to the title of Mrs. Ridge Forrester, and Brooke had finally lost her crown.

Shauna told Quinn that that night played over and over in her mind. Quinn interrupted and reminded Shauna that was the night Shauna had hit the jackpot, but Shauna admitted that she was bothered by what they'd done. She said that Ridge had barely been coherent that night, and the only reason they were married was because the chaplain was a friend of hers. That was the only reason they were husband and wife. Quinn assured Shauna that Ridge would be thanking her for giving him the gift of life -- a life away from Brooke.

Shauna told Quinn that she knew Brooke wasn't the right woman for Ridge; however, Shauna wasn't a manipulator, and what had happened that night went against everything she believed in. Quinn said that sometimes one had to take matters into one's own hands. Ridge no longer had to look over his shoulder and question Brooke's loyalty. Quinn stated that Shauna would give Ridge a much better life. Quinn told her not to feel guilty because she was the better woman for Ridge. Shauna claimed that a relationship shouldn't be that much work, but Quinn said that was what it had been like for Ridge with Brooke for years.

Shauna told Quinn that she'd listened to Ridge talk about his marriage to Brooke and how his marriage hadn't been working for a very long time. She said she wanted to give Ridge a life of excitement, the life he deserved. Quinn told her to settle into marital bliss and that it didn't matter how they got there. She reiterated that Shauna was the woman for Ridge and could bring him the joy and stability Brooke never could.

At Brooke's, Ridge told Brooke how sorry he was and that he wanted to make things right. Brooke said that no matter what happened between them, she had never believed that they would divorce and he would marry another woman. She said that Shauna was his wife, and she didn't know how he could make it right. Ridge claimed he was confused about the filing of the divorce papers, but he wanted to start fixing the situation with annulment papers to end his marriage to Shauna. He said he had really messed up. He claimed he didn't remember marrying Shauna. He said he was sorrier than he could say, and he needed Brooke to believe him.

Brooke said that Ridge was no longer hers, but Ridge promised her that he would be hers until the day he died. He asked her to help him turn things around. Brooke said she knew how much he cared about her, but it had not been enough for him to stop himself from marrying Shauna. She asked why he'd made the decision to file the divorce papers. She said something had made him do it. Ridge repeated that he'd messed up. Brooke couldn't understand how he could make Shauna his wife.

Brooke told Ridge that she was sad for the future they would never share. She said she blamed herself because she'd set the events into motion. It had begun with that meaningless moment when she and Bill had kissed, and it was something she would regret the rest of her life. She told Ridge she would always love him, but for him to marry Shauna was wrong. She couldn't believe that Ridge had tossed her aside for Shauna. Ridge repeated that he wanted to fix it.

Brooke told Ridge that he could try, but she wasn't certain that she could get past his marriage to Shauna. She said there had to have been something between them for Ridge to marry Shauna. She said she would never love anyone the way she loved Ridge, but after what he'd done, he wasn't the same man she'd known. Ridge told her that he wouldn't give up, and he was going to fix the situation, no matter what it took. He said he would tell Brooke every day that she was the only woman for him, and once again, he asked for her forgiveness.

At the cliff house, Steffy told Thomas that she'd put Kelly down for a nap. When Steffy moved, she cried out in pain. Thomas wanted her to get pain medication from her doctor. Steffy said that Dr. Finnegan wouldn't give her any more. Thomas said that was ridiculous, and he didn't want to watch Steffy suffer. He stated that Steffy had been in a very serious motorcycle accident and was in a lot of pain with a sprained spine and cracked ribs. He said he would call Dr. Finnegan himself, but Steffy stopped him. Thomas urged her to call the doctor herself and tell him the truth -- that she was in a lot of pain and had a child to care for.

Steffy called Dr. Finnegan and told him about the pain she was in. She said she needed to go back on the pain medication because the pain was too intense. Dr. Finnegan told her that he was on his way home and would stop by to see her. Steffy told Thomas that Dr. Finnegan was on his way. Thomas was happy that Steffy would get relief from her pain once she received the pain medication.

Dr. Finnegan arrived a short time later and asked Steffy how bad her pain was on a scale of one to ten. Steffy said six to six and a half. Dr. Finnigan decided her pain level was an eight. He asked if the pain was more intense at night. She said she felt the pain all day, but she tried to push through it. She told him that she got severe pain when she lifted Kelly from her crib. She asked for more medication because she couldn't take the pain anymore.

Ridge and Brooke reach an agreement Ridge and Brooke reach an agreement
Thursday, August 20, 2020

At Brooke's house, Ridge insisted that Brooke and he had known that they'd been it for each other from the moment they'd met. Brooke was the only woman he loved and wanted to be married to. He refused to give up on "us." She noted that there was no "us" because he'd married Shauna. Urging her to listen to him, Ridge said Brooke was his wife, and he was her husband. He refused to let her go.

Brooke said that it was no small thing, but Ridge quipped that it never was with them. There was nothing bigger or scarier than his mom, and if they could get past Stephanie Forrester, then no one could stop them. Ridge didn't know if Brooke would give him another chance, but he intended to go to Shauna, get her to sign the annulment, and file it. He wanted to be Brooke's husband again more than anything in the world. He stated that he'd sit on a rock and wait until Brooke wanted him back.

Ridge was adamant about fighting for them. They'd lost a lot of time when he'd been wrong about Thomas, when she'd kissed Bill, and when Ridge had gone to Vegas. Ridge thought it had been all wrong and all wasted time. He insisted that they stop the madness and get back to "us," because when they were together, nothing could break them apart.

Brooke asked if Ridge really thought they could do that. Ridge said that she knew they were supposed to be together. "Let's get back to us, so we can love again," he said. He asked her to forgive him. "For divorcing me and marrying another woman?" Brooke asked. Ridge said he'd forgiven her for marrying Bill the troll. She asked if Ridge were really comparing the two. She said she and Bill hadn't run off to Vegas and planned a future on some drunken night.

Ridge reasoned that he'd had to chase Brooke all the way to Dubai, and Bill had thrown him out of a helicopter. Brooke stated that Bill had been wrong for that. "Oh, he was? Thank you. That's nice," Ridge responded. Brooke said it had nothing to do with Shauna and Quinn plotting to steal him away from her. "You let that happen, Ridge!" she said.

Ridge stated that it was because Brooke had kissed Bill. Brooke replied that Ridge wasn't supposed to know about that. Ridge asked if that was her excuse. In his book, it was worse than his. Humored, Ridge wondered what they were doing. He said that whenever he saw her with another man, he couldn't control himself. Rage would come over him. He couldn't calmly discuss things. He'd just do something stupid like getting drunk and running off to Vegas.

Brooke stated that she didn't even have drunkenness as an excuse for kissing Bill. Ridge admitted that Bill had been there for Brooke when she'd felt dismissed and as if no one had been listening to her. Ridge was sorry about it. He said that she'd be his life and his reality until the day he died. She affirmed that she felt the same.

Ridge asked if he and Brooke could get past it and get back to them. Brooke was still bothered by him divorcing her and marrying Shauna without a heads-up. To Brooke, he didn't seem bothered by it, and she asked how he could do it. He repeated that there was only one woman for him, and it was Brooke. It had always been Brooke.

Brooke said that she loved Ridge more than any other man in the world. "And if there's a chance for us, well...I guess I'll take it," she decided. Ridge asked if she was forgiving him and if they could have their life back. Brooke said she was forgiving him. She wanted their life back. She wanted Ridge. She'd always wanted Ridge. Brooke and Ridge kissed.

At Eric's house, Shauna let Flo in. Flo had been out of touch because she and Wyatt had gone away for a few days. She asked why Shauna had wanted to meet there and if Quinn had just given Shauna the run of the house. In Shauna's silence, Flo asked what she'd missed.

Shauna initially played coy about it but eventually revealed that she and Ridge had gotten married. Flo was stunned to hear it and had a million questions. She congratulated her mom, and Shauna asked if Flo could believe that Shauna was Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Later, Flo asked why Shauna was just then revealing that she'd gotten married during a crazy night in Las Vegas. Shauna conveyed that there had been a hitch; Brooke had instructed the Forrester pilot to drag Ridge away on his wedding night. Shauna suspected that Brooke would be the bane of her existence.

Shauna continued, saying she'd called Ridge to discuss how they'd tell everyone, but he hadn't remembered anything that had happened after they'd left Shauna's. Her feelings had been hurt, but she felt that he hadn't meant anything by it. He'd been genuinely baffled. Because of her pride, she hadn't told him about the wedding. She'd wanted him to remember on his own.

Flo assumed that Shauna had eventually told Ridge. Shauna said that she had. He was in shock and disbelief, and he still didn't remember it. Flo was sorry. Shauna believed it would be good eventually. She wasn't naive. She knew Ridge was still in love with Brooke; however, Brooke, who'd hurt him, didn't deserve him. Shauna would never hurt him. She'd spend every moment giving him the stability, love, and trust he'd never gotten from Brooke. In the end, he'd be all hers.

Flo asked what had led up to the wedding. Shauna explained that they'd been partying, and Ridge had really needed it after how stressful Brooke had made things for him. Shauna felt that Ridge had seen her, approved of her, and loved her. Flo gushed over it, glad Shauna had felt that way. Flo said the filed divorce papers said a lot about how he felt about Shauna.

Shauna silently recalled instructing Carter to file the papers by text message. Flo asked if the wedding had been all Shauna had dreamed of. Shauna thought of Ridge's drunken lean at the altar. She flashed back on holding the certificate and kissing Ridge outside the chapel. She admitted that it hadn't been her fantasy wedding; however, it had happened, and that was all that mattered. She said she and Ridge were husband and wife, and nothing would change it.

Flo was happy for Shauna. Shauna asked how "this" had become her life. She'd had a crush on Ridge but had never thought their paths would ever cross. Flo said that what was meant "for you" would find its way "to you" no matter what. Flo was excited and said Shauna deserved all the happiness she'd get in her new life.

At the cliff house, Finn said he preferred to have Steffy on over-the-counter medication. Steffy said she wasn't asking for stronger medication because she liked taking them. She was in tremendous pain and had a toddler who needed a lot of attention. She implored him to help her.

Finn stated that he was already walking a fine line with Steffy by stopping by her house. Steffy thought that was nonsense. She really appreciated the personal care. She didn't want to get him in trouble, but she needed to take care of her daughter. She'd tried the over-the-counter meds, but the pain was still too much for her. She needed another prescription.

Steffy continued to explain to Finn why she needed the medication. Finn said it was a slippery slope, and she had to be careful about managing the pain. She reminded him that she hadn't wanted to take the pills at first. Everyone had convinced her to take them when she really needed them, and she honestly needed them again.

Finn agreed to call in a refill. He called in one final refill. Steffy thanked him, and he warned her to be very judicious with the prescription. She said she was good at goals. He believed she was good at anything she put her mind to. "Look at what you just got me to do," he bashfully added. Steffy stated that she wouldn't make him regret it.

Quinn urges Bill to go to Brooke Quinn urges Bill to go to Brooke
Friday, August 21, 2020

At Eric's mansion, Quinn arrived home, and Shauna divulged that she'd told her daughter about her marriage. Quinn asked if it had been exhilarating to announce it. Shauna was happy, but she wanted Ridge to be just as happy, too.

Quinn said that Ridge had been too drunk to make the right choices, so she and Shauna had had to do what they'd had to do to make the marriage nice and legal. Quinn asked if Shauna trusted her minister friend. Shauna was certain that he'd never tell. Quinn advised Shauna to enjoy her life and new status as Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Quinn looked up and saw that Eric had entered the living room from the den. Eric said he'd heard Quinn's advice to Shauna about embracing her marriage, but it wasn't good advice, in his view. Quinn didn't think he should feel that way and noted that Ridge and Shauna had been getting closer day by day.

Eric thought it was odd that Ridge, who hadn't given up on Brooke, had filed divorce papers while he'd been in Las Vegas. Quinn said Eric was overlooking Ridge and Shauna's feelings for each other, and Quinn thought they should just accept that Brooke and Ridge were finished. Turning to Shauna, Eric said that what was between Ridge and Brooke would never be finished.

Quinn insisted that Shauna was Ridge's wife. Eric said he'd just been with Ridge, who was with Brooke, begging her forgiveness. Eric didn't want to hurt Shauna, but he said Ridge and Brooke had broken up many times and had even married other people. The marriages were always doomed to fail because Ridge and Brooke always found their way back to each other.

Eric left the house. Shauna told Quinn that he'd basically said that Shauna was a pit stop on Ridge's way back to Brooke. Quinn reasoned that patterns were meant to be broken, and she wouldn't let Brooke get back with Ridge. Quinn decided that she'd work her end of it and said that Shauna needed to work hers. Quinn intended to bring in someone who she knew could thwart any Brooke and Ridge reunion.

At Spencer, Liam was with Bill. Liam had taken Kelly to see her grandfather, and as Bill and Liam talked, Wyatt had Kelly with him in his office. Bill still felt horrible about being involved in Steffy's accident. He was glad that Steffy had been so forgiving and that there hadn't been any lasting damage. Liam seemed hesitant, and Bill asked if she had any lasting damage.

Liam conveyed that Steffy had a lot of residual pain due to bruising and her sprained back. Just then, he received a call from Steffy, who was wondering when Liam and Kelly would be back. Liam said they were visiting Bill. Steffy asked if Liam would stay a while after he returned Kelly home because Steffy had an important errand to run. Liam agreed to do it.

The call ended, and Bill said it was terrific the way Liam was helping out while Steffy healed. Bill wondered if she'd sounded okay on the call. Liam said she'd sounded a little intense. Bill bid his son farewell, and as Liam exited, Justin entered, greeting Liam along the way.

"Uh-oh. What are you worried about?" Justin asked upon seeing Bill's thoughtful expression. Bill said it was annoying when Justin did that. Justin replied that he knew Bill's expressions. He asked what was going on, and Bill said he hoped that Steffy was okay.

Justin asked if Bill had gotten through to Katie. Bill hadn't. He said that whenever he visited his son, Katie was civil and polite, but he could sense her anxiousness for him to leave. Justin asked if Bill was doing all he could to get through to her. Bill asked why Justin would even question it. "Brooke," Justin replied.

Bill asked about Brooke. Justin told Bill not to pretend he didn't hold out hope for a future with her. "Over Forrester's dead body," Bill quipped. Justin suspected that Bill thought it could be arranged, but it probably wouldn't have to go to that extreme. Bill asked if Justin was trying to tell him something. "Yep. About Brooke and Ridge," Justin replied. "Their marriage is over."

Bill asked where Justin was getting his information. Apparently, Justin had a contact at City Hall that had told him that Carter had filed Ridge's divorce papers. Bill said it was fantastic, and Brooke didn't have to deal with the pouting poser anymore.

Justin was about to tell Bill more, but Quinn barged into the office. Bill told her to slither her way back out, but she asked if that was any way to treat the bearer of good news. Bill said he already knew about the divorce, but Quinn guessed he didn't know that Ridge was remarried.

Bill didn't believe it, but Justin said it was what he'd been about to tell Bill. Quinn revealed that Ridge had married Shauna. "No way in hell," Bill responded. Justin affirmed that Ridge had married Shauna in Vegas after filing divorce papers. Bill stated that "Forrester proves" once again that he wasn't worthy of Brooke. Quinn suggested that someone worthy of Brooke should point it out to her.

Justin left. Bill figured that Quinn had an agenda, and he said she needed to spit it out. Quinn called Brooke a tramp who was trying to undermine Quinn to Eric. Quinn claimed that Brooke was upset that Eric hadn't mourned Stephanie for a lifetime and had married someone supposedly beneath him. Quinn said Shauna would be loyal to Ridge, unlike Brooke.

Bill assumed that Quinn was referring to his and Brooke's kiss. Bill recalled that shady Shauna had recorded it, and Quinn had broadcast it to everyone. Bill said Katie had thrown him out of the house over it. Quinn corrected that it had been because he'd kissed Katie's sister. Quinn figured that Bill should be thanking her because it had set in motion events that had caused Brooke to be available for him again.

A song played, and Bill flashed back over memories with Brooke. Quinn said that Brooke was the love of his life, but Ridge was trying to get her to forgive him. Quinn urged Bill to go to Brooke and profess his love for her before Ridge pulled her back in.

At the cliff house, Steffy ended her call with Liam. She sucked in a breath and braced herself against the onslaught of pain in her back. She shook her empty pill bottle. She called to check on her prescription and let the pharmacist know she'd be there as soon as it was ready.

By the time Liam arrived and put the sleepy Kelly in the nursery, Steffy's prescription was ready, and she prepared to go to pick it up. Liam was surprised that she was still on the pills. She said the over-the-counter meds weren't working, so her doctor had refilled her prescription. As she turned to leave, Liam offered to pick up the prescription for her. She said he didn't have to do that, but he told her to try to stop him.

Later, Liam returned with the pills, and Steffy thanked him for getting them. She also thanked him for having Kelly over at the cabin with Hope and Beth. It was no problem for Liam, who wanted to see Steffy healed up.

Liam seemed concerned at how easily Steffy's doctor had refilled her medication. He said that doctors didn't usually do that, but he had to believe the doctor knew what he was doing. "Well, he is a doctor," Steffy quipped. Liam understood. He just wanted Steffy to be careful and follow the instructions. She said she would. He watched as she took a pill.

At Brooke's house, Ridge was amazed that Brooke had forgiven him. Brooke said that all he had to do was annul that marriage with Shauna, who'd then return to the desert where she belonged. Ridge kissed Brooke.

Ridge still didn't get what had happened in Las Vegas. Brooke stated that he'd made a mistake, but it wouldn't happen again. He swore that it was the last time he'd be careless with their relationship. Waving the annulment papers, he said he would see Shauna, end their brief marriage, and tell her that his life was with Brooke.

Ridge wanted to remarry Brooke as soon as possible. Brooke said they would as soon as he annulled the marriage. She asked if Shauna would refuse. He said Shauna wasn't like that. Brooke scoffed. He insisted that Shauna wasn't like Spencer, who took advantage of vulnerable people. Brooke stated that she and Bill were equally to blame for the kiss.

Ridge said he'd never believe it. In Ridge's mind, Spencer just barreled through life and didn't care about anybody. Bill had hurt Ridge and Brooke and had run over Steffy. Ridge despised Bill and the way he took advantage of women like Brooke and Steffy. He said Steffy and Liam had never been the same after that. He was livid that Bill could have killed Steffy with his car.

Brooke said that Steffy would be okay, and it had been an accident. Ridge asked if kissing Brooke had been an accident, too. Brooke replied that it hadn't been deliberate. Ridge asked how finding another man's wife at her house and kissing her hadn't been deliberate.

Brooke said Ridge's name, but he kept ranting about Bill. Bill drove Ridge crazy, especially the thought of his hands and lips on Brooke. Ridge was especially irked by the thought that there could be some lingering feelings. Brooke told him to stop. She asserted that there were no lingering feelings. She said it was in the past. It was over. Brooke loved Ridge and only Ridge.

Ridge apologized for going on about Bill and thanked Brooke for another chance. Ridge intended to be the greatest husband to her. Brooke asked him to start right then, but waving the papers, he said he had some loose ends to tie up first. He stated that he'd apologize to Shauna for turning her life upside down, and then he'd return to Brooke. Brooke apologized again for her kiss with Bill and insisted that there were no lingering feelings whatsoever.

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