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Ridge and Brooke's reunion was derailed when Ridge overhead Brooke expressing her feelings for Bill. Katie's hopes for a reunion with Bill were dashed when she overheard Bill and Quinn discussing Bill's profession of love to Brooke.
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Ridge and Brooke's reunion was derailed and Katie called it quits with Bill
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Ridge is devastated by Brooke's admission Ridge is devastated by Brooke's admission
Monday, August 24, 2020

At Spencer, Bill wondered "who the "hell" Ridge thought he was. Quinn replied that Ridge would be the man who was with Brooke if Bill didn't do something about it. Quinn urged Bill to go to Brooke and tell her how he felt before Ridge talked her into going back to him.

Quinn wondered why Bill was still just sitting there. Bill stated that he had a family with Katie. Sarcastically, Quinn said she hadn't known that Bill and Katie had gotten back together. Quinn figured that Bill wanted to be a good dad and put family first, but in Quinn's mind, Katie was no Brooke. Quinn said that Katie wouldn't take Bill back, but Brooke might if he went to her right away.

Quinn warned that Bill would regret it if he passed up the opportunity. Bill noted that if Brooke and Ridge reunited, "Showgirl Shauna" would be left out in the cold. Quinn didn't deny that she wanted happiness for her friend. She felt that Ridge and Shauna could have a wonderful life together, and so could Brooke and Bill.

Claiming to be a woman, Quinn stated that she'd seen how Brooke looked at Bill. "Don't ask me why," she mumbled in disgust. Quinn felt that the kiss had proven that Bill was a lightning rod in Ridge and Brooke's relationship. Quinn reasoned that the kiss and wedding in Vegas had happened for a reason, and the Bill Spencer she knew was a man of action.

Quinn exited the office, leaving a restless Bill with his thoughts. Within moments, he put his drink down and charged out of his office. In the corridor, Quinn watched him go.

At Eric's house, Shauna gazed at a picture of Ridge. Eric arrived, and Shauna let him know that Quinn had gone on an errand. Eric apologized for seeming harsh earlier. Shauna said she couldn't fault him for being protective of Brooke, his lifelong friend. Noting that Quinn was Shauna's lifelong friend, Eric said that Quinn would do anything for Shauna.

Shauna knew it and figured that Eric had been drawn to Quinn's passion. Eric confirmed it and said Quinn was also a protective person. He sensed that Shauna's happiness was important to Quinn, and there was nothing Quinn wouldn't do for Shauna.

Before Eric left for another meeting, he told Shauna that he didn't want to hurt her. He understood why his son would turn to her. Eric also knew that Ridge hadn't known what he'd been doing when he'd filed his divorce papers.

Later, Shauna and Quinn were alone in the living room, and Quinn was laughing about how Bill had rushed out of his office as if he'd had a jetpack on his back after hearing what Quinn had had to say about Brooke and Ridge. Shauna didn't see Bill as the type to listen to anyone.

Quinn explained that Bill was addicted to Brooke, and the kiss had changed everything. Quinn was certain that he wouldn't give up a chance to be with Brooke again. Shauna said Quinn had wound Bill up and let him go. Quinn replied that she'd forced Bill to be honest with himself. There was no doubt in her mind that Bill had gone to profess his love for Brooke, but Quinn wondered if it would be enough to keep Brooke and Ridge apart forever.

At Brooke's house, Brooke assured Ridge that he could put Bill out of his mind because Bill was certainly out of hers. Not wanting to waste any more time on Spencer, Ridge said all he needed to do was get Shauna to sign the annulment papers. Brooke wondered if he and Carter had a plan in place in case Shauna refused to sign the annulment.

Ridge didn't think Shauna would do that. Brooke said that he gave Shauna more credit than she deserved. Ridge didn't remember much about that night, but he accepted his part in it and that he'd drunk a lot. Brooke was suspicious about the fact that Shauna seemed to remember everything about that night, but Ridge had no memory of it whatsoever.

Ridge and Brooke didn't want anything to get in their way again. He asked if Bill would be an issue. She didn't know why Bill would be a problem. Any feelings she'd had for him were in the past and way behind them. Ridge told her not to worry about Shauna. Brooke and Ridge expressed love for each other, and Ridge exited the house.

Brooke went to the kitchen. Ridge returned with a rose in hand. He said he had an idea. He didn't see Brooke in the living room. He headed up to the bedroom and began writing a note.

Back downstairs, Brooke returned to the living room with a mug. Bill waltzed into the house without knocking, wanting to know if it was true that the big baby had run off to Vegas, filed divorce papers, and married his girlfriend. Brooke corrected that Shauna wasn't Ridge's girlfriend. "No, she's his wife," Bill clarified.

Bill hoped Brooke could see Ridge for who he really was. He stated that Ridge had questioned Brooke's commitment to him, but "what about his commitment to you?" Bill reasoned that he and Brooke had gotten caught up in a moment, but Ridge had walked down the aisle. Bill felt that Brooke should be happy that she was done with Ridge and able to be with a man who'd always love and appreciate her. She told Bill that he didn't know what he was saying.

Bill figured that Brooke was worried about Katie. Brooke affirmed it but added that she was also worried about Ridge returning and finding Bill there in "our" house. "'Our house'?" Bill repeated. He stated that Ridge had no place there after he'd dumped Brooke and married Shauna. Brooke said the kiss had set Ridge off, and he'd gotten drunk and done something reckless.

Bill surmised that Ridge's excuse for getting married within five minutes was that he'd been angry and drunk. Brooke said Ridge didn't remember any of it. Bill told her that Ridge had filed divorce papers and had thrown his marriage in the garbage. She conveyed that Ridge had begged for forgiveness. Bill hoped she hadn't given it.

Brooke confirmed that she had. Bill explained that Ridge's actions spoke louder than words. Brooke said Ridge, who regretted what he'd done, was on his way to present Shauna with annulment papers. Brooke added that she'd regretted what she'd done by kissing Bill.

Upstairs, Ridge placed the note and rose on the bed. As he went to the door, he heard the raised voices of Brooke and Bill downstairs.

Back downstairs, Bill began to talk about how Ridge always pulled Brooke back into his dysfunctional cycle, but mid-thought, Bill decided that it wasn't about Ridge. Bill wanted Brooke to know that he was there for her, just like he'd been when they'd kissed. It had been an incredibly passionate kiss, and he hadn't been able to stop thinking about it. It had reawakened feelings within him that he'd repressed for his family and Katie.

Ridge appeared on the staircase overlook above Bill and Brooke. Bill declared his love for Brooke. Brooke tried to stop Bill, but he asked if he should stop being honest about how he felt. She admitted that, as a married couple, they'd had special memories and incredible adventures. She'd never forget them, and a part of her would always love Bill.

"I will love you for the rest of my life," Brooke said. Hearing that, Ridge retreated back upstairs. "But the man that I truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with is Ridge," Brooke added out of the earshot of Ridge, who stood in the hallway upstairs. Brooke's admission of love for Bill echoed in Ridge's mind.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Carter was changing shirts after a workout. Zoe opened the office door, and he embarrassingly said he thought he'd locked it. As she gazed at his shirtless frame, he explained that he'd been unable to use the locker room to change because a crew was cleaning it. Carter caught her staring at him. She apologized, but he was okay with it because he'd had his eye on her, too.

Carter had wanted to talk to her for a while, but she'd always seemed busy with work. He supposed that it was a distraction, and he asked how she was doing. Getting over things with Thomas had been challenging for Zoe, but returning to work had been positive. It was good for her to see people and do the things that she loved. It was also a little hard for her because she kept wondering if everyone was talking about her.

Carter motioned to indicate that it wasn't the case, but Zoe cut him off, saying that she never would have accepted Thomas's marriage proposal if she hadn't cared about him. Carter knew that, and it was the reason he'd been worried about her. Zoe revealed that Thomas had apologized to her, and he was trying to make amends. Carter chuckled mirthlessly. Zoe added that Thomas had even asked if there was any chance that they could try again. Zoe couldn't do that because Thomas had hurt and used her.

Carter said that was on Thomas, not Zoe. Carter reminded her that he'd told her that there would be a guy who could truly appreciate her. "There still is," he stated. Zoe bashfully observed that Carter was trying to make her feel better. Carter said he was trying to let her know how special he thought she was.

Carter had tried to respect Zoe's relationship with Thomas, and Carter didn't want to push Zoe. He hoped that she'd be ready to move on someday, and when she was, he'd be there to help. She asked what he had in mind.

Carter offered to take Zoe to dinner, so they could get to know each other. Zoe felt that she should be taking him to dinner. She said that others had warned her about Thomas, but Carter had been the only person who'd been truly concerned about her. She could sense that he still felt that way, and that meant a lot to her.

Quinn is thrilled by the outcome of her plan Quinn is thrilled by the outcome of her plan
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

At Brooke's house, Ridge, unseen, listened in as Bill professed his love for Brooke. Brooke told Bill not to do it, but he asked if he shouldn't be truthful about his feelings. Brooke said that, as a married couple, they'd had many memories, and a part of her would always love Bill. She'd love him for the rest of her life.

Upset, Ridge went into Brooke's bedroom. Brooke's words to Bill echoed in Ridge's mind. He ripped up the note he'd left on the bed and threw it and his rose into the trash.

Ridge left the house. Outside, he paced, recalling confrontations with Bill over Steffy and Brooke. Ridge remembered seeing the kiss on the photo frame, and his anger boiled. He thought of Bill's profession of love to Brooke, Bill's reference to the passionate kiss, and Brooke saying she'd always love Bill.

Back in the house, Brooke told Bill that he needed to stop saying things like he had, and she wondered what would happen if Ridge had heard Bill. Bill said that she needed to hear him. Disagreeing, she asserted that Ridge was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Later, Brooke was with Donna, who'd stopped by to see how Brooke was doing. Donna knew that it would be hard to forgive Ridge for marrying Shauna, but she assumed it would be harder to live without him. Donna wondered if, after all Ridge and Brooke had been through, Brooke would really give up on him at that point.

Brooke said that she wasn't ready to give up on Ridge. There was no way she could give up on Ridge. She and Ridge had hurt each other, but they loved each other. They wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. She and Ridge had survived a lot through the years, and they'd survive that time, too. Brooke revealed that Ridge and she would finally start their lives together.

Donna was thrilled to hear it and said Brooke should be upstairs with Ridge. Brooke replied that Ridge had had to take care of something first. It sounded mysterious to Donna. Brooke asked if Donna thought Brooke would invite a married man into her bed. Donna assumed Ridge was getting annulment papers. Brooke said he should be shoving them in Shauna's face by then.

Donna was still suspicious of the wedding. She wondered how Shauna had gotten Ridge drunk enough to marry her. Brooke shared her sister's suspicions but said that Ridge was taking responsibility for his part in it. Brooke was taking responsibility, too, for the kiss with Bill.

Donna said the kiss hadn't meant anything. Brooke replied that she still felt awful for Katie. Donna did, too. Brooke revealed that the kiss hadn't meant anything to her, but she didn't know how Bill had felt about it. She explained that Bill had been there, looking for another chance after hearing about Ridge's marriage. "Oh..." Donna said, grimacing.

Brooke hadn't wanted to hurt Bill's feelings. "Oh, my God. Oh, my God," Donna stammered and asked if Bill had said he still loved Brooke. Brooke nodded awkwardly. She was glad Ridge hadn't been there and asked if Donna could imagine that altercation.

Brooke didn't want the night to be about bad feelings. It was supposed to be her and Ridge's reunion. They had their future to think of. Brooke declared that what had happened with Shauna and Bill was in the past.

At Eric's house, Shauna figured that Bill could have gone anywhere, but Quinn insisted that Bill had been on a mission, and his knight-in-shining armor instincts had kicked in. Shauna guessed that was the end of Bill pretending the kiss had meant nothing. Calling it total bull, Quinn said that even Katie knew that Brooke was the love of Bill's life.

Shauna reasoned that it didn't mean Bill was the love of Brooke's life. Quinn made fun of Brooke for thinking that locking eyes with Ridge at a party in the '80s had made them destined to be together, and Quinn bet that Bill was begging Brooke to take him back at that very moment. Quinn believed that he'd succeed, because if anyone could prevent a Brooke and Ridge reconciliation, it was Bill.

Shauna didn't want Ridge staying with her just because he was upset that Brooke was fighting her attraction to Bill. Shauna said that if Ridge still wanted Brooke, then there was no marriage. Quinn replied that it might be one of the reasons Ridge would stay with Shauna, but it wouldn't be the only reason.

Quinn believed that Ridge adored Shauna, and if Bill was making a play for Brooke, Ridge would just walk away. She said that Ridge might not remember marrying Shauna, but with Bill sniffing around Brooke, Ridge would be eternally grateful that he had married Shauna.

Quinn applauded herself for going to Bill, who was easy to read. Ridge was even easier to read, in her opinion, because he despised Bill so much. It didn't even matter if sparks flew between Brooke and Bill or not. Quinn guessed that Ridge would just be furious that Bill was there. Quinn wished she could witness Ridge walking away from Brooke.

Shauna stated that Quinn really couldn't stand Brooke. Quinn asked if Shauna could. Shauna felt kind of sorry for Brooke. Ordering Shauna not to dare feel that way, Quinn claimed that she'd tried to tolerate Brooke, who'd been out to destroy Quinn's marriage from the beginning. Quinn said that Brooke was about to find out what many had always known -- that Quinn was the most dangerous person in the room.

Shauna said that it wasn't a war, but Quinn replied that Brooke had made it one when she'd tried to undermine Quinn's marriage. Quinn wanted Brooke gone. Shauna said that they had to be realistic because Brooke was part of the family and had children with Ridge and Eric. Quinn would rather say that Brooke was loosely tied to the family. Quinn believed that Brooke had to go for Eric's sake. Eric had a soft spot for Brooke, and that was dangerous.

Shauna stated that Brooke would go straight to Eric if she ever found out what Shauna and Quinn had done. Quinn responded that it would put both of their marriages in jeopardy, which was why Shauna had to start seeing Brooke as an enemy. Shauna believed that her marriage was already in jeopardy. She certainly wasn't having the honeymoon she'd dreamed of.

Quinn told Shauna that the romance was coming. It might not have been the marriage or honeymoon that Shauna had dreamed of, but in Quinn's view, the outcome had been the same. Quinn said that Shauna was Mrs. Ridge Forrester, and Ridge would be with his bride.

Deciding to give Shauna privacy, Quinn said it would probably happen that night. Shauna wondered if it would be their union or breakup. Quinn told her to think positively.

A song played over a montage of scenes. Bill was drinking at the office and flashing back to kissing Brooke and to their wedding. The singer sang, "I just can't accept defeat. What we've shared is not complete..." In another scene, Brooke was in her bedroom, in a nightgown and robe, awaiting Ridge. She flashed back to being in a bed of rose petals with Ridge.

Back at Eric's mansion, Ridge arrived with papers in hand, and Shauna was awaiting him. Quinn peaked out from the door to the den and watched. Shauna asked if Ridge was okay. He put the papers in his pocket and called Shauna his wife. He held out his hand to her and guided her upstairs. Quinn silently jumped for joy.

Brooke finds Shauna in Ridge's room Brooke finds Shauna in Ridge's room
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
by Nel

In his office, Bill was deep in thought, and he recalled Brooke telling him that she would love him for the rest of her life but that her true love would always be Ridge. As he poured himself another drink, Quinn arrived and asked him to pour her one, as well, because she wanted to celebrate. Bill told Quinn to get back on her broomstick and leave. He called security and asked them to escort Quinn out of the building, but he changed his mind and told security that he would do it himself.

Quinn said she didn't understand why Bill was in such a foul mood, unless he'd gone to see Brooke and she'd rejected him. Bill said he shouldn't have listened to Quinn. Quinn stated that she'd given him information she'd thought he would be interested in, but he hadn't needed to act on it. Quinn asked if he'd gone over to Brooke's and if Brooke had told him to leave because she hadn't wanted Ridge to find Bill there. Angry, Bill said that Quinn always worked with an agenda, and he'd known that she'd been up to something the minute she'd arrived to see him.

Quinn asked Bill to look her in the eye and tell her that he hadn't been elated when he'd heard Quinn and Justin tell him that Ridge had filed the divorce papers and married Shauna and that Brooke was free for Bill. Quinn asked what Bill had said to Brooke. Bill told her that he'd been very open about his feelings for Brooke, but she'd told him that she was committed to Ridge and that Ridge was the only man for her. Quinn said that Ridge wouldn't feel that way after Brooke heard what she'd seen, and what Quinn had seen earlier at the house would be a game-changer. She told Bill it was so big that he shouldn't give up on Brooke.

Quinn told Bill that she hadn't been snooping, but she'd seen Ridge enter the house with quite the look on his face. Concerned, Shauna had asked him if he was okay and what was wrong. Ridge had said, "My wife." Bill asked if that was it. He asked if she'd seen Ridge and Shauna in bed. Quinn told Bill that Shauna and Ridge were probably making sweet love as they spoke.

Bill told Quinn that Brooke had told him that Ridge had been on his way to get Shauna to sign annulment papers. Bill said he was very certain that Brooke and Ridge were going to reunite. Bill couldn't believe that Ridge had done it to Brooke again and that he'd compounded that hurt by bedding Shauna. He said that Brooke would be paying the price again. Quinn said that Brooke would need support, and Bill should be there to provide it to her.

Bill angrily said that Quinn was really enjoying Brooke's situation and the fact that Ridge had thrown Brooke over for Quinn's she-wolf pal, Shauna. He said nothing gave Quinn more pleasure, but Quinn said she got more pleasure from being Eric's wife. She stated that Brooke had tried to dismantle Quinn's marriage to Eric since the wedding day. She said she knew that Ridge would be happy with Shauna. Quinn said that Brooke and Ridge's reunion had come to a screeching halt.

In her bedroom, Brooke, who was dressed in some beautiful lingerie, waited in anticipation for Ridge to arrive. She looked very happy. After a while, Brooke became concerned and checked her phone for a text message from Ridge. There wasn't one.

Brooke received a call from Donna, who wanted to check up on how the annulment had gone. Brooke informed her that Ridge hadn't returned, and she was concerned because she was certain that Quinn was egging Shauna on. Donna said that no one should be involved in the annulment other than Brooke, Ridge, and Shauna. Donna continued with her pep talk about Ridge and said that Brooke and Ridge would finally have the life they should. Brooke told Donna that she would go over to Eric's and help Ridge.

In Ridge's room, Shauna noticed that Ridge was very quiet. She asked Ridge if she should guess why he was so quiet. She said that being his wife, she'd never felt closer to him. She said she loved him, always. Ridge just stared at her. Shauna said there was much she wanted to say to him. Being alone in his bedroom was more than she'd imagined, but she had imagined what it would have been like with him on their wedding night. Ridge said he'd been out of it. Shauna said that Ridge's pilot had dragged him out and taken him home, but they were there alone -- and husband and wife.

Ridge's phone pinged, indicating he had a text message. Shauna said it was Brooke, and she should answer it. Ridge said he'd heard enough from Brooke for one day. Shauna said she was ecstatic being his wife. Shauna said she knew his situation was way more complicated than hers. She said she'd never been married before, and she'd never imagined being married to such an amazing man as Ridge. She promised she would make him so happy, more than Brooke ever had, and she promised that she wasn't bad-mouthing Brooke because she knew how much Ridge still loved Brooke. Ridge said Brooke loved someone else more.

Shauna said she could see that something weighed heavily on Ridge, and she asked what she could do. Ridge said she was doing it. Shauna said he could tell her, and she would understand whatever it was. Ridge said he didn't understand, and he wasn't sure what had happened between him and Shauna, and Brooke and Bill.

Ridge told Shauna that he'd been at Brooke's, and before he'd left, he'd wanted to do something nice for her. He explained that he'd gone upstairs, and that was when he'd heard Bill downstairs, talking to Brooke. He'd heard Bill tell Brooke that he loved her and that she was the one for him. Ridge said he'd been about to go downstairs and put an end to that once and for all -- until he'd heard Brooke tell Bill that they'd been married for some time, and they'd had some wonderful memories together and incredible adventures that she would never forget. She said that part of her would always love him and that she would love him for the rest of her life.

Ridge asked Shauna how Brooke could have said that after everything Bill had done to Ridge and his family. He asked how Brooke could tell Bill that she would always love that bastard.

Ridge dropped the subject and asked Shauna how he could have filed the divorce papers and married her. He said he didn't remember, but Shauna told him to focus on the "here and now," and she promised to be the best wife for him. She said there wouldn't be any drama, games, or betrayals; she would be the best wife that he deserved. Ridge excused himself and went into the bathroom.

In the meantime, Brooke arrived at Eric's in time to hear Shauna call out to Ridge that his wife was waiting for him. Brooke went upstairs and walked into Ridge's room. Shauna asked Brooke what she was doing there. Brooke had the same question for Shauna. She asked if Ridge had found her and told her that her little plan in Vegas that drunken night hadn't worked.

Brooke said she and Ridge were still together, and she'd forgiven him. Brooke said that Ridge loved her, and he was very devoted to her. Ridge appeared, and she asked what was going on with Ridge and Shauna. She asked Ridge to tell her.

Katie overhears an earful from Bill and Quinn Katie overhears an earful from Bill and Quinn
Thursday, August 27, 2020

At Spencer, Quinn bragged about the union of Ridge and Shauna, who Quinn believed were consummating their marriage at that moment. Bill said Quinn didn't know that. She stated that she'd seen Ridge lead his bride up the mansion stairs. Bill assumed it was to tell Shauna that the joke of a marriage was over. Quinn hadn't gotten that impression and recalled that she'd felt their heat from where she'd been standing. "From where you were spying?" he corrected.

Bill insisted that Quinn's theory didn't hold water, and Brooke had told him something different. Quinn replied that Ridge had returned to the mansion, distraught about something. Bill wondered if Ridge had overheard something. Quinn asked what Ridge could have overheard.

Later, Quinn was amazed to hear that Brooke had said she'd always love Bill. Shrugging, Bill explained that it had been said in a typical friendship sort of way, and Brooke had meant that she'd always care about him. "And that's it," he concluded, adding that he'd been a perfect ten on the idiot meter for listening to Quinn.

Quinn wondered if Brooke had been literal about her feelings, but Bill told Quinn to "give it a freaking rest." He didn't want to discuss it with her. Quinn theorized that Ridge would have gone ballistic if he'd overheard Brooke. Bill said Brooke had told him that Ridge had left the house. Quinn assumed Brooke had been mistaken.

Bill said that Ridge wasn't a creeper like Quinn, who lurked in the shadows. Quinn reasoned that Brooke hadn't known that Ridge had been there. Bill knew Ridge to be a notorious flip-flopper, but Bill said Brooke had been clear about her and Ridge repairing their relationship.

At the door that was slightly ajar, Katie stood and listened in. Quinn told Bill to imagine how Ridge would feel if he'd seen Bill professing his love for Brooke in Ridge's living room, and in turn, had heard Brooke reply that she'd always love Bill. Quinn was sure that Ridge had heard all of it, and it was the only explanation for what she'd seen at the mansion.

Katie swung the door open, and Bill and Quinn greeted her. In Katie's silence, Quinn decided to leave. She complimented Katie's dress on the way out. Katie closed the door behind Quinn. Bill said that he was happy to see Katie. He'd been texting and calling her. "You told my sister that you love her?" Katie asked. She guessed the kiss in the cabin hadn't been enough.

Bill began to speak, but cutting him off, Katie said she'd just heard Quinn say that -- unless Quinn had been making it up. Bill said Katie was making it sound simpler than it was. To Katie, it was simple. He'd told Brooke he loved her, or he hadn't. "Wow," Katie uttered in his silence.

Bill said he'd been reaching out to Katie, calling and texting her, but she hadn't responded. It had been as if she hadn't wanted to work it out. "Because I wasn't ready," Katie replied. She'd needed time to figure out what she'd wanted for herself and their son. She'd arrived there that night to see if she and Bill could move forward and put their family back together. Scoffing, she added, "God help me, I missed you."

Bill missed Katie, too. He felt terrible that he'd hurt her. Katie stated that he did it over and over again. She'd thought she could move past what had gone on with Bill and Brooke, but the problem was always there. "This problem is that you don't want me. You want my sister," she said.

Katie claimed that Brooke had been the third wheel in their relationship from the very beginning. Bill knew it and was sorry. Katie said that he didn't feel bad enough to control himself. She didn't get what Brooke did for him that Katie couldn't. Katie stated that he'd sworn up and down that the kiss hadn't meant anything, but it apparently had if he was telling Brooke that he loved her.

Bill said he wasn't lying about the kiss being spur of the moment; however, Katie was right that it was no excuse. Katie felt numb and said it was the same disappointment over and over again. He told her that they'd been much more than that. Katie agreed and added that they had beautiful memories and a son. She'd wanted to give them a second chance, but she couldn't let him break her heart again.

At Eric's house, Brooke asked Ridge why Shauna was on his bed and what was going on. Brooke said she'd forgiven him, and they'd planned to move on with their lives. "Now this?" Brooke asked. Ridge asked Shauna to let him speak to Brooke alone, and Shauna left the room. Brooke asked Ridge to say it wasn't what it looked like.

Brooke didn't get why Ridge had said he would take Shauna the annulment papers and return home, but instead, he had Shauna on his bed. Ridge asked if Brooke had any feelings for Bill. Brooke asked why they were talking about Bill, and Ridge yelled that he'd heard her.

Brooke didn't know what Ridge was talking about. Ridge said they'd forgiven each other. She'd forgiven his one drunken night with Shauna, and he'd forgiven her kiss with Bill, even after what Bill had done to Ridge's family and daughter. The talk between them had been nice, and he'd returned to the house to leave Brooke a little note. That was when he'd heard Bill downstairs.

Brooke stated that she hadn't invited Bill over there, and she couldn't control what he said or did. She explained that Bill had found out about Ridge's wedding and had wanted her to forget about Ridge. Ridge added that Bill had professed his love for her. She understood how hearing that would make Ridge feel, but she said she wasn't responsible for Bill's feelings.

Ridge countered that Brooke was responsible for her own words. Brooke asked what Ridge meant. He replied that he'd heard what she'd said to "that bastard." Brooke expressed confusion. He roared that he and Brooke had had a long conversation about what "that piece of garbage" had done to his family.

Brooke knew that and said she'd told Bill not to bad-mouth Ridge. She'd told Bill that she and Ridge were recommitting, and she didn't understand why Shauna had been on his bed. Ridge yelled that Brooke had put a knife in him and had destroyed him. Brooke asked what she'd done. He stated that she'd told him that Bill meant nothing to her.

"He doesn't," Brooke replied. She asserted that she wanted Ridge, not Bill. Ridge replied that Ridge wanted her, too. Crying, Brooke said she didn't understand why she'd found him with Shauna. He asked how Brooke could tell Bill that she'd always love him. Brooke didn't know what Ridge was talking about and claimed she'd never said that.

Ridge insisted that Brooke had. He couldn't get it out of his head. A flashback of her statement played on the screen. "Okay, maybe I said something like that," Brooke realized. Ridge asked why she'd said it. She replied that she'd been married to Bill. She didn't love Bill the way she loved Ridge. She loved Ridge deeply, and what she'd said to Bill had been just an expression.

"It was what? What did you say?" Ridge asked. Brooke repeated that it had been an expression. She said she'd been married to Bill and had spent time with him. She was sure Ridge felt the same way about Taylor. Ridge claimed that it was different because Taylor was the mother of his children. "No, it's kind of the same," Brooke insisted.

Brooke stated that she'd been married to Bill and Eric. She was fond of both men and had nice memories of them. They'd been very important to her at different times in her life. It was all she'd been getting at. She conveyed that she'd told Bill to leave and that Ridge would be upset that Bill had been there. She promised that was all that it had been.

Brooke couldn't believe what was happening. She said she and Ridge couldn't keep doing it, and they couldn't let Shauna and Bill get between them like that. It was ridiculous to her. She said they'd been happy and had agreed to move on with their lives together. It didn't make sense, and Brooke insisted that they fight for their relationship.

Brooke was sorry that Ridge had been hurt by what she'd said to Bill, and she was sorry that he'd felt the need to turn to Shauna. She said that Ridge knew she didn't want him to do that. She declared that it wasn't the end for them. She promised that it wasn't and said it couldn't be.

Downstairs, Shauna sat in the dark. Quinn arrived and was surprised that Shauna wasn't upstairs with Ridge. Quinn thought Shauna should get a bottle and head back up to celebrate. When Quinn asked where Ridge was, Shauna said he was upstairs with Brooke.

Quinn wondered if Brooke enjoyed torturing herself. Shauna said Brooke had great timing for herself. Quinn asked if Shauna and Ridge had been in the middle of something. "No, thank God, but I was sitting on top of his bed," Shauna replied. Quinn wanted to hear more.

Shauna chuckled, glad that someone was getting a kick out of it. Quinn said that Brooke had had it coming for decades. Shauna welcomed the end of the relationship, but she felt bad for Ridge. She said it couldn't be easy on him.

Katie puts an end to her relationship with Bill Katie puts an end to her relationship with Bill
Friday, August 28, 2020

At Spencer, Katie surmised that Bill had been leaving her messages to reunite at the same time he'd been professing love to her sister. Bill said Quinn always had an agenda. Katie told him that she knew what she'd heard. Upset, she decided that being there was a bad idea.

Bill stopped Katie from leaving. He wanted to talk it out. Katie asked if Bill had meant it when he'd told Brooke that he loved her. In his silence, Katie said she'd been thinking about working through things because Bill had said it was what he'd wanted. She'd believed him. She asked if she'd taken too long to answer him, thereby wounding his pride.

Bill explained that he'd reached out to Katie several times to get a second chance. Katie said she'd wanted to give him one, and it was why she'd shown up there. Bill expressed that his feelings for her hadn't changed. Katie said his feelings for Brooke hadn't, either, and she guessed that he'd needed Brooke to know that.

Katie figured that the things Bill had said to her about them and their family were part of his fantasy he had about them. She recalled that he'd even said that she made him a better man. Bill affirmed that it was true. She reasoned that she'd made him a better father or a kinder man, but he was still the same man who loved her one moment and broke her heart the next. In her mind, his connection to her sister wasn't over, and she didn't think it ever would be.

Bill couldn't deny what had happened, but he said it didn't mean that he didn't love Katie. Katie knew that, and it was what made things so hard. She loved Bill, too, but she couldn't let him hurt her anymore. Bill replied that it hadn't been his intention. She knew that and figured she hadn't even crossed his mind when he'd gone to Brooke because, ultimately, it wasn't about Katie. It was about Brooke, and it had always been about Brooke.

Katie told Bill that it would be really easy to let him convince her to take him back, but she couldn't. She was devastated for Will. She'd tried to protect him; however, she said that if Bill could tell Brooke the truth, then Katie and Bill should be able to tell their son the truth. "And the truth is -- we're over," Katie stated. She hadn't been able to face it before, but finally, she could.

Katie turned to leave. Bill called her name, but she walked out of his office.

At Eric's house, Brooke and Ridge were upstairs. Brooke couldn't believe she'd found him with Shauna. He asked if Brooke wanted to know why that was. It didn't matter to Brooke. She and Ridge were on the brink, and she refused to let them fall. She knew Ridge was hurt, but she asked how he thought she felt to find Shauna lying all over the bed like she owned the place.

Brooke told Ridge that every ounce of her being wanted to run out of there, but she wouldn't. She, instead, would give him the chance that he hadn't given her, and they'd talk about it. Brooke asked what had happened and how he could turn to Shauna.

Later, Brooke said she'd thought they'd worked it out. Ridge replied that they'd said they'd put Bill behind them. She insisted that they could. Ridge resented the fact that Brooke had said she'd always love a man who had taken advantage of Steffy and had almost killed her. Ridge added that Bill had run over Brooke and Ridge's relationship and broken Katie's heart. "And you love him? You will always love him?" Ridge asked.

Brooke declared that what she'd shared with Bill was in the past. Her future was with Ridge. Ridge disagreed, insisting that it wasn't in the past; it was right there with them. Ridge had seen the way she'd looked at Bill, and Ridge couldn't get the words she'd said out of his head. He also couldn't imagine a future without her. He said that he and Brooke always figured it out, but he didn't know how to handle her loving the man he despised most in the world.

Brooke offered to discuss it at home, but Ridge thought he should thank Bill. Brooke didn't know what Ridge was talking about. He decided that if she loved Bill so much, she should just get out and go be with him. He sat down and started undressing.

Brooke yelled that she wanted Ridge, not Bill. No matter how frustrated Brooke was at the moment, she still wanted Ridge to go home with her. She said they'd overcome a lot to be together. She couldn't understand why they'd gone back to fighting all over again. She asked why they were fighting when all they wanted to do was to love each other.

Brooke left the room. Ridge dimmed the lights. He held the annulment papers in one hand and his shoes in the other. He recalled telling Brooke that he loved only her. Flashbacks of Ridge learning about the kiss played on the screen. Ridge recalled rushing off to Vegas with Shauna. He remembered waking up at Eric's house afterward and pledging himself to Brooke.

Next, Ridge recalled learning that he was married to Shauna. He remembered working things out with Brooke. Sitting on the bed, Ridge recalled overhearing Brooke say that a part of her would always love Bill, and she'd love him for the rest of her life.

Downstairs, Quinn urged Shauna to get her sexy self upstairs and get Brooke away from Ridge. Shauna suspected that Brooke would be hurrying out the door at any moment. Shauna didn't believe that Ridge would take Brooke back, and after what Brooke had just seen, Shauna doubted that Brooke would ask him to.

Quinn asked if Brooke knew what she'd walked in on. Shauna claimed that she and Ridge had been "so focused" on each other, and Brooke had seen it with her own eyes. "Ridge wants to be with me," Shauna stated. She didn't know why else Ridge would show up there.

Quinn mentioned that she'd told Bill that. Shauna stated that Quinn's plan had worked, and Bill had told Brooke that he loved her. Shauna explained that Ridge had heard it himself, and he'd also heard Brooke say that she'd always love Bill. Quinn grinned.

Later, Quinn was telling Shauna not to let "this" change things. Shauna asked if Quinn was saying that Ridge hadn't gotten the entire story about what Brooke had said to Bill. Disbelieving that it mattered, Quinn said Ridge hadn't turned to Shauna because Brooke had hurt him. He'd done it because he knew that Shauna wouldn't hurt him.

Shauna was worried about how long Brooke had been upstairs with Ridge. Quinn doubted Brooke would get over walking in on Shauna and Ridge, and Ridge wouldn't put up with Brooke's loyalty to her stallion. Shauna noted that Ridge hadn't heard the whole conversation, but Quinn said he'd heard enough to know that he wasn't the only man in Brooke's heart. Quinn urged Shauna to relish in being Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Later, Shauna was alone when Brooke arrived downstairs. Brooke said that Shauna was lying in wait, just as she'd done the first time she'd set her sights on Brooke's husband. Shauna quipped that Ridge had gone to her that night. Brooke asked if Shauna knew what had happened that night. Shauna said she'd describe it, but she didn't want to be cruel.

Brooke stated that the only cruelty was Shauna trying to get between Ridge and Brooke, who were trying to work out their relationship. In Brooke's view, Shauna was waiting in the wings to pounce on Brooke's husband. Shauna noted that Brooke kept saying her "marriage" and her "husband." Brooke dared Shauna to correct her with the details about Las Vegas.

Shauna advised Brooke to take a deep breath and remember to whom she was talking. Claiming to know exactly whom, Brooke found Shauna to be transparent. Brooke recalled how Shauna had played the kindness routine to spend the night with a drunken Ridge over the Bikini Bar. Brooke said Ridge remembered that, but he didn't remember "one damn thing" about the wedding to Shauna. "He wasn't drunk tonight," Shauna claimed.

Brooke explained that Ridge was upset and hurt. Shauna replied that it was because of Brooke. Shauna declared that her marriage was real, and she was Mrs. Ridge Forrester. She refused to let Brooke question her motives. Everything Shauna had done had been out of love for Ridge, and she wouldn't have married him if she didn't think he loved her.

Shauna claimed that she was the woman Ridge wanted to be with, and she was the one who'd give him joy and fulfill him the way Brooke hadn't been able to because she'd been preoccupied with kissing other men and professing love for them. Shauna said that Ridge had chosen her because he never had to question her commitment to him.

Brooke couldn't stand the holier-than-thou attitude. She said there was nothing worse than a slut from the desert. Brooke reasoned that after Shauna had seen Quinn living in opulence, Shauna had decided that she'd wanted a Forrester husband. Brooke accused Shauna of targeting Brooke's husband. "And you got him. You married my husband!" Brooke said.

Chuckling, Shauna replied that Ridge wasn't Brooke's husband. Shauna said Brooke had hurt him, and he'd gone to his wife, Shauna, who'd be there for him. Brooke told Shauna to shut up, but Shauna added that Ridge knew that she'd always satisfy him. Brooke stated that Shauna and her bestie had gotten between Brooke and Ridge; however, Ridge loved Brooke and always would. "There's not a damn thing you can do about that!" Brooke concluded.

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