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Ridge informed Brooke of Shauna's desire for another wedding. After a talk with Liam, Finn resigned as Steffy's doctor, but Steffy responded with a kiss. Vinny sent Steffy a stash of pills, and Liam found Steffy passed out at the cliff house. Bill decided on a Logan sister.
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Finn told Steffy he could no longer be her doctor because he had feelings for her
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Bill senses hope for him and Katie Bill senses hope for him and Katie
Monday, September 14, 2020

At Spencer, Justin arrived with papers that closed deals on two radio station purchases. Wyatt and Bill lauded Justin, and Bill thanked Justin for taking up the slack while Bill had been unfocused. Justin replied that Bill had a lot going on in his personal life. Wyatt added that Bill was stuck between Katie and Brooke, and he wondered what Bill would do.

Justin said he'd thought Bill had professed his love for Brooke. Wyatt quipped that Justin had some catching up to do. Bill explained that he had believed he could have a life with Brooke; however, there was also "my Katie," a woman who'd taught him that he could commit and settle down. He had a family with Katie and wasn't ready to give it up.

Bill explained that Katie had shut down on him after that kiss and would hardly acknowledge his presence when he'd pick up Will. Katie had said they'd been done, and that had refueled his attraction to Brooke. Brooke, however, was determined to reclaim her marriage to "that poser." Bill didn't get why she was so hung up on Ridge.

Justin wondered if Bill was saying that he was willing to give up the dream of Brooke for the reality of Katie. "Or is it just that Brooke is not available?" Justin asked.

Bill denied either prospect and said Katie was right for him, more than any woman he'd ever been with -- including Brooke. He stated that he had to earn Katie's trust and be worthy of their family. He admitted that kissing Brooke had been wrong, "and if Katie -- when Katie takes me back, that is one particular mistake I won't make again."

Bill had a meeting to get to, but Justin didn't recall seeing anything on his calendar. Bill gave Justin the day off and said he'd send up a flare if he needed Justin.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Katie, Donna, and Brooke were still together. Katie recalled that Brooke had said that Bill had shown up in the middle of Brooke's last plea to Ridge. Brooke stated that Bill had barreled in there like he'd belonged. She wondered why he'd do that.

Katie thought they all knew the answer to that and said Bill had been looking for Brooke. Brooke recalled that he'd been concerned about her, and Quinn had had a smug look on her face. Katie asked if Quinn could have called him. Brooke responded that if Quinn had, she'd accomplished her mission of halting Brooke's inroads with Ridge. Katie was sure Ridge and Brooke would find their way back together as they'd always done.

Donna asked what would happen to Katie and Bill. Katie said she'd told Bill that it was over. Donna wondered if Katie had meant it and if Katie and Bill could be just as inevitable as Brooke and Ridge. Katie didn't think anything was that inevitable. Katie advised Brooke to do what she was good at -- keeping the faith until Ridge found his own faith. Katie believed that with patience and persistence from Brooke, Ridge would be back.

Donna agreed. Brooke reasoned that Ridge was still vulnerable to Shauna. Brooke blamed herself, citing her thoughtless and careless moment that had alienated him from her and made him susceptible to Quinn and Shauna.

Later, Katie was in the design office when she heard Bill behind her, telling her that she took his breath away. She murmured that she'd heard that before. He said the statement had held true all that time. Katie suspected Donna had called him there.

Bill didn't know what Katie was talking about. He told her that he missed her and their relationship. He knew that he'd ruined everything, and he'd never stop being sorry for it. He looked forward to seeing Will the next day and noted that the boy seemed to handle the separation well. Agreeing, Katie said he was a tough kid. Bill hoped that eventually, Katie would know how much he regretted screwing things up.

Katie was sorry, too. She was sorry Bill and Brooke couldn't stay away from each other, that the trust had been broken, and that she couldn't accept his apology and move forward. Part of Katie was telling her not to be prideful and to think of their family, but she wasn't ready yet.

Smiling, Bill decided that he'd take it as a positive that Katie had said she wasn't ready "yet." It was a sign of encouragement for him. Katie told Bill that he couldn't "stubborn" his way back into her trust. Bill offered to work on being stubborn and also proving that he was worthy of her trust. He missed his Katie, their family, and the life they'd created. He wanted to be the man he was when he was with her. He mostly liked that guy. She replied that she mostly liked him, too. Bill welcomed the challenge of winning her back and vowed to do whatever it took.

At the mansion, Quinn noted that Ridge seemed surprised by the wedding proposal. She wasn't surprised that Shauna wanted another ceremony, this time with friends, family, and a sober groom. It would be a celebration of Ridge and Shauna's love for everyone to see.

Quinn was ready to book Carter, but Ridge told her to hold on. He wondered why she was pushing for a second wedding. Quinn quipped that she should be ashamed for wanting to help her friend achieve a happily ever after. She asked if Shauna deserved a husband who remembered their wedding. Ridge said they were already married, and he didn't think another event would change anything. He suspected that something else was going on.

Quinn reasoned that Ridge had lucked out in having Shauna, who was just asking for one little thing. Quinn didn't know why he'd think twice about it. A woman's first marriage was supposed to be memorable for both parties, and having a wedding would solidify their union in front of the entire family. Quinn asked if he wanted all of the Forresters to accept Shauna as his wife.

Ridge asked if Quinn realized that the family included Brooke. Agreeing, Quinn expressed her desire to have Brooke there and said it would help her accept the fact that she and Ridge were no longer married and that Shauna was his wife. Ridge wanted to hear from Shauna.

Quinn said Shauna would tell him what Quinn had been saying. Shauna wanted a wedding in front of the family, kids, and Brooke, especially Brooke. Quinn insisted that Brooke needed to see it. It would be the only way that Brooke would accept the marriage.

Ridge flashed back to Brooke saying she couldn't stand the thought of him with Shauna and that she loved him. He agreed with Quinn that first weddings were important, but he also didn't want to rub Brooke's face in it. He said he'd think about it and talk to Shauna. Quinn appreciated him letting her spoil the surprise before Shauna. She just wanted Shauna to be happy. Ridge said he was going to the office, and he left.

Sometime later, Quinn was on the phone with Shauna, asking what Ridge had said when he'd called her. After listening a bit, Quinn said the big picture was that Ridge was considering a second ceremony, and if it happened, all of Shauna's guilt about filing the divorce papers and marrying a drunk Ridge would go away. Shauna would have a wedding that no one would forget -- especially Brooke.

Later, Ridge was in the CEO's office, sketching. He flashed back on moments with Brooke, and to his surprise, she entered the office. She was sorry to interrupt and said he'd seemed far away. He replied that he'd been closer than she thought.

Brooke was frustrated that she and Ridge always went two steps forward only to get pushed two steps back. Ridge guessed the universe was telling them something. Brooke believed it was Quinn and said it hadn't been a coincidence that Bill had wound up at the mansion earlier.

Upset, Ridge didn't want to talk about Quinn, Shauna, or Bill. Ridge claimed he'd left the house when Bill had arrived because he hadn't wanted to lose his temper.

Ridge wanted Brooke to hear it from him that Shauna desired to have another ceremony at the house. Brooke asked why Ridge would want to do that and legitimize it in front of the family. Ridge replied that it was already legitimate. Brooke was in disbelief. She blamed herself for kissing Bill and sending Ridge into Shauna's arms. Brooke said she and Ridge needed to fix it. She wanted her husband back. She loved him and would always love him.

"Oh, Logan, I love you so much," Ridge replied. He called her the love of his life. Ridge was still seeing Bill's hands all over her and hearing that she loved Bill. It was the same thing she'd just said to Ridge. Brooke stated that it wasn't the same. He insisted that it was. He couldn't "unhear it" and didn't know where to put it.

Brooke said Shauna wanted the wedding to keep her claws in Ridge. Brooke stated that he didn't even love Shauna. Brooke asked why he'd go through with it. Brooke declared that she and Ridge loved each other, and they were the ones with the history. She wanted them back and stated that no one -- not even Shauna -- would get between them. Brooke believed that they'd be reunited. She intended to hang onto that belief. She asked him not to get Shauna's hopes up or go through with that wedding.

Steffy calls Vinny's gift illegal Steffy calls Vinny's gift illegal
Tuesday, September 15, 2020

At the cliff house, the anxious Steffy stared at an empty pill bottle. She called Finn and asked if he could swing by her place. Finn was happy to do it but said that if it was about the refill, he still couldn't do it. She still wanted him to stop by, and he said he'd be there later that morning.

After the call, Thomas arrived with some rare coffee Steffy had been looking for. It was courtesy of Vinny, who'd also asked Thomas to deliver a wrapped gift to Steffy. Thomas remarked that Vinny had a huge crush on her. Steffy contended that not everyone had an angle, and some people just wanted to be nice.

Thomas requested to see Kelly, but Steffy informed him that her daughter was out with Hope, Douglas, and Beth again. Thomas was surprised that Steffy was alone, and he advised her to put her foot down about all the time Liam and Hope were spending with Kelly. Steffy said they were giving her a break, and Kelly loved hanging out with the other kids.

"I'd have them over here, but -- " Steffy added and gestured to herself. Thomas guessed his sister was referring to her pain. She hoped it wouldn't be that way for much longer.

Thomas received a call. As he took it by the front door, Steffy opened the gift from Vinny. Inside was a teddy bear. Beneath the bear was an amber pill bottle with a few pills in it. "What?" Steffy uttered. Included in the box was an envelope with a handwritten note. Referring to the bear, the note from Vinny said he'd thought Kelly would enjoy another friend. In the postscript, he added that he'd heard she'd been out. "No one should be in pain. Especially you, Vinny," it concluded.

Steffy flashed back on her painful life since the accident. She recalled Finn agreeing to see her but making it clear that he wouldn't give her another refill. Vinny text-messaged Steffy to see if she'd gotten his gift. She typed back, asking what he was doing. She called the pills illegal. Vinny claimed that they were the same as from her doctor. He was just trying to help. He told her not to worry because it would be their secret.

Thomas ended his call. Steffy swiped the pills off the table. Thomas asked her what Vinny had gotten her. She told him about the bear. Thomas remarked that Vinny wanted her back to herself and had been wishing there was something he could do for her. Steffy murmured that he'd done more than enough.

Alone later, Steffy held onto the pill bottle, seemingly fighting the urge to take a pill.

In Finn's office, Finn ended the call with Steffy, and Liam ducked his head into the room. Assuming Steffy Forrester had been on the phone, Liam asked if she was all right. Finn figured out that Liam was Liam Spencer but said he wasn't at liberty to discuss Steffy. Though Liam understood, he said he and Steffy weren't strangers; she was the mother of his child.

Finn asked if he could help Liam with something. Liam wanted to ask general questions about how Steffy was doing. Finn figured it was about Steffy's pain management. Liam admitted that he was concerned about her, and he was getting the feeling that Finn was, too.

Later, Finn was saying that he hadn't prescribed more pills for Steffy, and doing so would be irresponsible. Liam assumed it was because of the addictive nature of the pills. Affirming it, Finn said a patient could become dependent while using, as well as misusing, the drug.

Liam asked if it was possible that Steffy had taken too many. Finn wouldn't discuss his patient but asserted that he was keeping a close eye on her. He thought the best thing was for Steffy to spend time with Kelly. Liam was surprised that Finn knew the name of Liam's daughter. Liam remembered that Finn had been at the house when Hope had been there.

Finn informed Liam that Steffy had opened up to him, and Finn was aware that Kelly had been spending time with her father and sister. Finn thought the tight-knit family was good, but he also knew that Kelly was important to Steffy. Liam agreed but felt that a four-year-old was a bit of a handful, and that was why he and Hope had been watching her more during Steffy's recovery. Liam added that Kelly was at the cabin at that very moment.

Finn replied that Steffy hadn't mentioned that, and he'd assumed that Kelly had been with her. Liam asked if Steffy had called Finn or if it had been the other way around. Finn clarified that she'd called him, and they'd made plans. He intended to stop by her house later.

Chuckling nervously, Liam repeated what Finn had said. "Wait a minute. Uh, are you interested in Steffy?" Liam asked. Finn said he was naturally interested in his patient's well-being. Liam felt that Finn knew what Liam was asking. Finn thought he'd be lying if he didn't say that she was one of the most remarkable women he'd ever met, and she was tenacious and accomplished. He respected her a lot.

Liam agreed that Steffy was remarkable, but Liam said he wasn't her doctor. He questioned "if your interest in her goes beyond just being a patient -- I mean, that is what you're telling me, right?"

Later, Finn stood, needing to see a patient. Liam stood to leave but asked for an answer to his question. Finn asked if Liam was being a bit presumptuous. Liam asked if Finn was being a bit evasive. Finn understood that Liam had a complicated history with Finn's patient.

Liam emphasized that Steffy was Finn's patient. It was fine with Liam if Finn had an interest outside of that. He just wanted Steffy to be happy. "But as her doctor, I need to know you're not making decisions -- " Liam began to say. Finn asked if Liam was questioning Finn's professionalism.

Claiming not to be, Liam said he just didn't know how often doctors did house calls those days. Finn said it was easy for him to check on Steffy either on his way to the hospital or home -- if he felt it was warranted. Finn was sure Liam checked on her, too. Affirming it, Liam said he cared about her, and it was a really difficult time in her life. Finn assured Liam that Finn knew that. Finn gave his word that, as her doctor, he'd do everything within his power to take care of her.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Carter was surprised to see Zoe. He'd thought that after their lunch the other day, they'd been doomed to text messages and voicemails. Zoe claimed she'd had endless photoshoots and publicity stints. She didn't even know what day it was. She was dropping off some marketing items for Steffy and wondered if he'd seen her.

Carter hadn't. He believed that Steffy was still working from home and said that Ridge could sign off on whatever it was. Noting that Katie really wanted Steffy to see them, Zoe decided to just run them by Steffy's house later. Zoe asked how he was. Grinning, he said he'd become "much better now."

Carter took a peek at the promos and was amazed by the way Zoe looked in them. Zoe assumed that makeup had covered her imperfections, but he didn't think she had any. She said he should see what she looked like first thing in the morning. Carter became intrigued, but Zoe asked if Steffy would like the promos. He believed so. Zoe felt for Steffy, who'd been going through a lot since the accident. She wondered if he'd heard anything more about Steffy.

Carter stated that he and Zoe were both concerned about Steffy, but there was another woman he was more interested in. Zoe giggled and asked for a hint to the woman's identity. He said she'd never ridden a motorcycle and hadn't ever married Liam, who wasn't her type.

Zoe asked who her type was. Carter bit his lip in thought. He said he couldn't stop thinking about her or wanting to see her. It had been awhile since he'd felt that way about a woman, and then he doubted he'd ever felt quite the way he was feeling. Zoe was flattered.

Carter said he usually didn't wear his heart on his sleeve, and he asked if it was a turnoff. It wasn't to Zoe. He was glad because he liked how real it was between them. He actually wanted to see more of her. She wanted to see him, too, but said they were really busy people with busy lives. He stated that he wasn't too busy for her if she wasn't too busy for him.

"Oh, I think I can make the time," Zoe replied. Carter scoffed, repeating her. She asserted that she knew she could do it for a man who made her feel so special. He admitted that he hadn't been lucky in love, and she said they had that in common. He was sure that it was about to change for both of them and suspected it already had.

Finn tells Steffy he can no longer be her doctor Finn tells Steffy he can no longer be her doctor
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Zoe and Carter returned from lunch at Il Giardino. Zoe thanked Carter for being so sweet. "I want the world to see me out with a woman as smart and beautiful as you are," Carter said with a beaming smile. Zoe thanked Carter for having shared his ravioli with her. Zoe talked about her sham engagement to Thomas.

"For what it's worth, you looked stunning in that wedding gown," Carter shared. Zoe said that a part of her felt she deserved the twisted relationship with Thomas as some sort of karmic retribution. "The universe was putting me in my place," she said softly. Carter assured Zoe that the past was the past and that it was important for her to make the most of her second chance.

Zoe expressed her gratitude that someone like Carter could have faith in her. "We have a lot more in common than you realize," Carter replied.

At Forrester, Thomas finished up a phone call with Vinny, thanking him for the gift he'd given to Steffy. Liam barged into the office and was visibly annoyed to have found Thomas instead of Ridge. As Liam turned to leave, Thomas called out to him. Thomas noted that Liam seemed stressed. Liam started to explain what was bothering him but changed his mind. Thomas encouraged Liam to open up to him. Liam explained that even though he knew that Steffy could take care of herself, he was still worried about her. If Liam were truly worried, Thomas argued, then Liam would be living with Steffy and taking care of her.

Before an argument ensued, Thomas assured Liam that Steffy was on the road to recovery. Liam said he had a strange feeling about Steffy's doctor and asked Thomas what he knew about the physician. Thomas vouched for Dr. Finnegan's reputation. Liam felt it was unusual for Finn -- or any doctor -- to be making house calls in 2020. Thomas assured Liam that Finn was fully vetted and that the Forrester family would "never, ever put Steffy in the hands of someone we did not think was world class." Liam remained unsure, stating that he believed Finn was interested in Steffy and that that attraction was coloring the doctor's judgment.

Thomas was floored by Liam's accusation, and grew even more perturbed when Liam said that he'd gone to visit Finn. Liam stated that he didn't like that Finn knew personal details of his life and that Finn was giving him advice. Thomas proposed that Finn might be treating Steffy like a patient instead of a number. He also suggested that Liam might be jealous.

Liam denied being jealous. He then stated that when he'd gone to see the doctor, Finn had chattered on about "how exceptional and how beautiful" Steffy was. Thomas so no problem with what the doctor had said. Thomas then pointed out Liam's hypocrisy: Liam claimed that Thomas was controlling, but yet Liam saw no issue in his own meddling in Steffy's life.

"I don't get to worry about the health of the mother of my child?" Liam snapped. Thomas said that Steffy was a grown woman who could make her own decisions about her health care. He then urged Liam to "drop it" and to stop trying to come between a doctor and his patient.

At the cliff house, Steffy slowly walked around the living room, looking at a bottle of pills. She recalled how Thomas had brought her a gift from Vinny, a box that contained a large teddy bear and a clear bottle containing several pills. On her mobile phone, Steffy sent a text message to Vinny, declaring that the pills were "illegal." Vinny sent a reply urging Steffy to "chill" because the pills were the same as the ones Steffy's doctor had prescribed. He concluded by stating that Steffy should not be in pain and promised that the pills would be their secret.

As Steffy was deep in thought, Finn let himself into the house. Finn commented that the house was quiet, but he noted that it was probably good for Steffy to have a little time to herself. Finn walked over to a window and said that he could see Catalina from the window. With his back turned to her, Steffy quickly hid the bottle of jelly bean-sized pills that Vinny had gifted her. Steffy said she was very grateful for the view. Finn said that Steffy seemed to have been in the middle of something and questioned if she'd forgotten that she'd asked him over.

Steffy told Finn that she was fine but admitted to being in some pain. Finn reiterated that he could not prescribe Steffy any more painkillers because they were highly addictive. Steffy claimed to understand Finn's position and thanked him for taking such good care of her. She was lucky, she said, to have him as her doctor. "About that," Finn replied nervously, continuing, "I really don't know how to say this, but... you can no longer be my patient."

Steffy was hurt by Finn's proclamation. She asked, "Did I do something? I know I've been high maintenance." Finn assured Steffy that she'd done nothing wrong. Finn agreed with Steffy's assessment that they'd developed a great rapport. "This doesn't necessarily need to be a bad thing," Finn responded. He told Steffy that he'd devoted most of his life to medicine and never had any sort of distractions. Steffy still did not understand what Finn was talking about.

"I think about you all the time, Steffy," he explained, adding, "I can't continue to have these feelings and be your doctor." Steffy looked down at the floor, and Finn sensed Steffy's uneasiness. Finn apologized for his forwardness and promised to find Steffy a suitable doctor. Finn made his way to the front door, but before he got there, Steffy called out to him. Steffy walked briskly to Finn and give him a passionate, though very unexpected, kiss.

Steffy and Finn chart her new ''treatment'' plan Steffy and Finn chart her new ''treatment'' plan
Thursday, September 17, 2020

At Forrester, Thomas assumed that Liam was freaked out that Steffy was spending time with another guy. Liam asked to be excused for being concerned about her. Thomas figured that Liam was concerned about himself and his own ego. Liam asserted that the doctor was too interested in Steffy to do his job, but Thomas quipped that being interested was the job.

"You know damn well I'm not talking professionally," Liam replied. Thomas figured that Liam finally had competition for Steffy, who no longer had to wait for her seasonal turn with Liam. Thomas wondered how it felt to be the jealous one.

Liam contended that it had nothing to do with jealousy, but disagreeing, Thomas asserted that Liam had been perfectly content with Steffy over there alone and pining for him. Liam asked if Thomas hadn't found it concerning that Finn had called Steffy beautiful and remarkable.

Thomas thought Finn was just being honest, and that was a good thing. Liam guessed Thomas wasn't concerned about his sister, but Thomas remarked that he was concerned that Liam thought any of it was his business. Calling Liam a hypocrite, Thomas pointed out that Liam was jealous even though he was the one who'd thrown Steffy away.

Just then, Ridge arrived and asked if everyone was behaving. Liam and Thomas gave contrary answers, causing Ridge to ask what the problem was. Thomas quipped that they needed to call the newspapers about the news that Liam was jealous of Steffy's doctor.

Later, Ridge ascertained that Dr. Finnegan had feelings for Steffy. Liam began to say, "And if there's any way that that means he can't be objective of her -- " Cutting Liam off, Thomas said Steffy and Finnegan were adults who could make their own decisions. Thomas decided that the real concern was why Liam had a problem with it.

Liam claimed that he couldn't care less if Steffy got involved with someone. In fact, he wanted her to. He wanted her to find happiness and romance -- but not with the guy who was responsible for her recovery. Thomas insisted that it wasn't up to Liam, who'd walked away from Steffy. Liam asked if Thomas didn't think the blurred lines would compromise her recovery.

Ridge asked if Liam was getting ahead of himself. To Ridge, it seemed as if the doctor had merely expressed an interest. Liam said it was that plus the extracurricular visits. Sure that Steffy had picked up on it, he complained that she was supposed to be able to trust the guy about her health. Ridge said they all knew Steffy would put the guy in his place if she had to.

Thomas added that if Steffy liked it, she'd flirt right on back, and that was what Liam really had a problem with. Denying it, Liam persisted in his theory that Finnegan should not be Steffy's doctor, whether the feelings were mutual or one-sided. Thanking Liam for always seeing to any trouble surrounding Steffy, Ridge noted that the doctor hadn't expressed any feelings yet. Liam replied that Finnegan wouldn't have been evasive if he didn't have feelings.

Thomas, who'd talked to Steffy about the doctor, conveyed that she liked and respected the man. Liam claimed that it was because the man was giving Steffy special treatment, including prescribing her another round of pain pills just because she'd asked for them. Liam said that Steffy could be vulnerable if her doctor had an ulterior motive that was clouding his judgment.

"Vulnerable to what? To a warm glance? To some flirtation?" Thomas asked. Liam scoffed. Thomas asked if Liam was saying that Finnegan was taking advantage of Steffy. Denying it, Liam ordered Thomas to stop painting him as an alarmist. Liam insisted that Finnegan's desire to make the relationship more than professional wasn't a good thing. Liam asked if Ridge saw how a doctor without objectivity was dangerous for Steffy.

Thomas noted that Liam was the one who lacked objectivity. Dr. Finnegan, on the other hand, was paid to be objective, whether he hated or loved his patients. Liam stated that his mother had been a Forrester model with breast cancer. Liam knew a thing or two "about this" and insisted that it mattered more than Thomas thought.

Thomas said Liam was making it out to be a bigger deal than it was because Liam was scared of Steffy moving on with another guy. Liam asked if Thomas knew what Steffy was going through. Thomas roared that he'd been over there, visiting and helping, way more than Liam had, and it had been a challenging time for Steffy. Thomas considered his sister to be physically and emotionally vulnerable. "And the emotional -- that's on you!" Thomas added.

Ridge tried to intervene, but Thomas insisted that Liam hear what playing Hope and Steffy against each other for years had done. For years, Liam had gone back and forth, leaving one for the other. Thomas said that one would have thought Liam would have stuck around once Steffy had gotten pregnant, but he'd left her yet again for Hope.

Liam stated that Thomas knew it was more complicated than that. Thomas replied that Liam had complicated it himself, but if he had just picked one of the women years back, both women would be better off for it. Thomas stated that the conceited Liam needed to know that whenever he felt like it, he could leave one and call the other to get back with him.

Liam said it was disgusting and untrue. Thomas asked if Liam didn't love Steffy. "Oh, I love her. I'll always love her, which is why I'm actually concerned about -- " Liam replied.

"Then leave her alone!" Thomas bellowed, insisting, "Back the hell off! She's not yours." Thomas thought it would be fantastic if Steffy and her doctor liked each other. It meant that she could finally move on from Liam. Thomas told Liam to let her go so she could finally find some happiness.

At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn shared a long kiss. Finn said he sure hadn't seen that one coming. Steffy noted that he hadn't backed away. Stammering, he replied, "Not a chance." She asked if the kiss had opened his eyes a bit to how she felt about him.

Finn was floored. He'd expected to end their professional relationship and never see her again. Steffy asked if he regretted anything. He regretted telling her that he couldn't be her doctor. He said that all she had to do was say the word, and it could end there with one memorable kiss. He'd find her another doctor, and as much as he didn't want to, he could still walk out the door.

Steffy didn't know why she'd want another doctor. Finn didn't want it to be awkward during appointments, and she quipped that he'd already been planning on kissing her at the hospital. She thought he'd been brave to come to her with his feelings and reasoned that he could have just transferred her to another doctor without an explanation.

Finn pointed out that he lived down the street. Steffy joked that he would have had to sell his house and move in the middle of the night. "It's really hard to avoid me," she joked.

Steffy was glad that Finn was her doctor. She admired him and felt he cared about her needs. She'd had her share of doctors. None had been as kind and attentive. He really listened to his patients and put his integrity first. It meant a lot to her that he was willing to walk away to avoid conflict. That was the kind of doctor she needed and the kind of person she wanted in her life.

Finn replied that Steffy was the kind of person he wanted in his life, too; however, her health, not his feelings mattered. He wanted her to really think about it. He'd enjoyed talking to her. His heart raced when he saw her, but he never wanted his feelings to get in the way of her care. He wouldn't do it. He promised to understand if she had any reservations about continuing with the doctor whom she'd just kissed.

Steffy guessed Finn needed another kiss to get her meaning. She teased that he'd get one if he played his cards right. Finn wanted to play his cards right because he liked being her doctor. He didn't want to give it up, but he'd also learned that the feelings might be mutual. He stated that if he had to give up being her doctor or seeing where the feeling went, "the choice is clear."

Steffy could see how it would complicate things. "Especially if it didn't work out," Finn responded. She told him not to go breaking them up when they hadn't even had a first date yet. Suddenly nervous, Finn decided that it was crazy. He said he should leave, and they should forget any of it had even happened.

Steffy asked how many times she had to say she wanted Finn to stay. She appreciated his concern and focus on her medical well-being. It showed her the kind of man and doctor he was. She wanted him to stay as her doctor "and whatever else you may end up being." She'd discovered that his skill set went beyond medicine, and she wouldn't let him walk away.

For Steffy, it was a first to be considered a distraction. She said that he'd have to prove that she was much more than that if he wanted another kiss. He reasoned that his admission to being distracted by thoughts of her day and night had been a compliment. She wondered if he could be obsessed with her. "Okay, true," he readily admitted.

Steffy said she was just being hard on Finn. Finn replied that he loved every minute of it. She guessed that a man like him didn't allow himself to get distracted a lot, and he didn't have time for much else. Affirming it, Finn said he was ready to open his world and think of something other than just medicine. She guessed it took the right patient to happen along.

Finn said he and Steffy hadn't known each other long. Rightly so, their relationship had focused on getting her well, but they'd managed to have some beautiful moments between them. It had meant a lot to him that she'd opened up about personal things to him. He was grateful that she'd remain his patient and see where things went. He was looking forward to opening up, too, and showing her who he was without the stethoscope.

Steffy said that when Finn had looked into her eyes that first day, she'd known she'd be okay. She'd known she'd be able to fight to get better. She was looking forward to spending more time with him -- with or without his stethoscope. Steffy laid a passionate kiss on Finn.

Liam stumbles upon a distressing scene Liam stumbles upon a distressing scene
Friday, September 18, 2020

At the cliff house, Finn admitted that the kiss had been better than he'd imagined. Steffy couldn't believe he'd been about to refer her to another doctor. Part of him still wanted to because "this" could complicate things. She contended that it could make her recovery more enjoyable.

Finn asked if Steffy was still in discomfort. Gazing into his eyes, Steffy said she wasn't at the moment. He recalled that she'd wanted a refill and asked if she understood why he couldn't do it. She stated that the only thing she'd be asking for was another kiss. She didn't need any more pills. Steffy flashed back to receiving pills from Vinny.

Hope walked in, saying Kelly was in the car. Upon seeing Finn, Hope grinned bashfully and asked if it was a bad time.

Later, Steffy had put Kelly in the nursery. Because the doctor was there, Hope wondered if she should still keep Kelly. Finn explained that it wasn't a professional visit. Steffy bit back a smile. Hope noted that Steffy seemed better, like her old self again. Steffy said it had taken awhile, but she was finally feeling optimistic. "And it's nice to see," Hope said, looking at Finn and Steffy.

Hope again offered to keep Kelly -- just in case Steffy needed some alone time. Steffy noted that Hope had said that. With a knowing glance at Finn, Hope claimed to be trying to do anything to help. Steffy again said it was okay. Raising her brows and glancing between Finn and Steffy, Hope said, "I know. I just mean..."

"Bye, Hope," Steffy said, still stifling her grin. Hope cheerfully headed to the door and gave Steffy one last smile before leaving.

Finn hoped he hadn't made the exchange with Hope awkward. Steffy said Hope was just trying to help. The discussion turned to Kelly being with her father more than Steffy liked. Steffy stated that it was hard being away from Kelly. "And separated from her father," Finn added.

Steffy responded that Liam had moved on and made a life with Hope. "And...I'm trying to accept it. Yeah," Steffy concluded. Finn figured that some wounds could take longer to heal than others, and being patient and taking one's time could be beneficial. He felt that the more time one gave oneself to heal, the more complete and lasting the recovery. She was beginning to think she was moving in the right direction, and he said he'd do what he could to help.

Just then, Thomas arrived, saying he'd thought he'd left his wallet. Upon seeing Dr. Finnegan in the living room, Thomas wondered if everything was okay. Steffy explained that Finn was checking up on her, and Finn stated his belief that Steffy would make a full recovery.

Finn received an alert from the hospital and said he'd check on Steffy later. Finn left, and Thomas found his wallet in the kitchen. He wondered if Finn stopped by a lot for private house calls. Steffy didn't want to talk about it but did reveal that Finn had taken an interest in her. "I'm sure he has," Thomas quipped, grinning.

Steffy refused to have the conversation. Thomas became hopeful that there might be a conversation to be had and that she might take down that "constant reminder" for someone new. Steffy insisted that the portrait was for Kelly, but Thomas said it was there for Steffy to see each morning and night. He remarked upon Liam's concern that the doctor had the hots for her, and Steffy decided that it was time for Thomas to go.

Thomas gave up his brotherly inquisition and left. Steffy gazed at the portrait. She checked on Kelly, went into the living room, and watched Kelly sleeping on the monitor. Steffy flashed back to kissing Finn. She gazed at the portrait of her and Liam. A sharp pain hit her. She reached into her sofa cushions, retrieved Vinny's pill bottle, and took a pill with water.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Liam worked, but Liam was worried about Steffy. Liam said Ridge and Thomas thought he was overreacting, but Liam was worried that her doctor's interest in her was more than professional. Wyatt asked if that was really what the doctor was up to. Stammering, Liam said the doctor hadn't denied it, and if he'd continue treatment, it would be a problem.

Wyatt asked if Steffy knew about the doctor's feelings. Liam hadn't spoken to Steffy about it, but he planned to see her soon, anyway. "Oh, no," Wyatt objected. Liam asked what Wyatt was "oh, no-ing" about. Wyatt advised Liam to tread lightly because, just like Thomas and Ridge, Steffy might suspect that Liam was jealous.

Liam proclaimed that Steffy was the mother of his child, and he refused to stop looking out for her just because she might think he was jealous. "Let's be honest here," Wyatt decided. He asked what Liam was really worried about -- because he and Liam knew Steffy didn't need a protector, and Steffy hated when people told her how to live her life.

Liam repeated that the man was Steffy's doctor, and it would affect his ability to be objective. Wyatt quipped that the man wouldn't take worse care of Steffy. Liam claimed that Wyatt didn't know that, and part of being a good doctor might be telling patients things they didn't want to hear. Wyatt asked if Dr. McHandsome was dragging out treatment to spend more time with her.

Liam replied that he hadn't even thought of that. Wyatt said to forget he'd even said it. Liam said that was exactly what he meant, and there were so many ways it could go wrong. He insisted that Steffy was vulnerable, and it was a difficult point in her life.

Wyatt figured out that Liam was feeling guilty and told him not to do it to himself. Liam felt that he could have handled it better. Wyatt believed that it had been an impossible situation, and Liam had had a choice to make. One way or another, the truth had been bound to get out, and someone had been bound to be hurt.

Hope arrived and announced that she'd just dropped Kelly off at Steffy's house. Liam bet Steffy was glad to have Kelly back. Hope said it was one of the reasons Steffy had been in a good mood, but she bet Liam and Wyatt would never guess the other reason. Hope had picked up on some vibes and a change in Steffy's attitude. Though she wasn't completely sure about it, Hope announced her belief that Steffy had a new man in her life.

Later, Hope asked if Liam should have gone to the meeting with Wyatt. Liam felt that Wyatt had it handled, and Liam wanted to hear about Hope's visit at Steffy's house. Hope hadn't meant to make a big deal out of it; she'd just been excited. Liam asked to hear about the new guy.

Hope explained that Steffy had been at home with her doctor. Liam noted that he'd been there the last time Hope had been. "Well, I think I know the reason why," Hope teased. She'd seen it all over Steffy's face. Liam stated that the doctor hadn't even been able to hide it when he'd been trying to be professional with Liam.

Hope asked what Liam meant. Liam revealed that he'd gone to talk to Dr. Finnegan about Steffy's recovery, but "all he'd wanted to talk about was what an amazing person Steffy is." Liam remarked that Steffy hadn't said it was mutual. Hope was sure that it was. He asked why she'd said it as if it were a good thing.

Hope felt that it was a good thing that Steffy was moving on. "Yeah, with her doctor," Liam emphasized. He asked if Hope didn't see it causing problems down the line, but Hope said Finn wouldn't be Steffy's doctor forever. Hope asserted that they should be happy for her.

Liam reasoned that he would be if Steffy weren't in pain and if she had healed; however, she hadn't, and Liam didn't know how the doctor was treating her. The doctor had said he'd take care of her, but, given the situation, Liam didn't know that it was the best thing for her. He claimed to also be worried about Kelly. Hope said he sounded as if he was worried about Kelly's safety.

Shrugging, Liam said Steffy should be focusing on her recovery, and it was the only thing the doctor should be concentrating on. Liam stood up and walked out of the office.

Later, Hope ended a call, checking on the kids. Wyatt entered, hoping to catch Liam before he'd left. Hope said he'd gone to Steffy's house. Hope got Liam's concern about the doctor but wasn't sure Steffy would. "So, he's not listening to you, either, huh?" Wyatt concluded. He asked if the new man in Steffy's life was indeed the doctor.

Hope affirmed it. She'd hoped that Liam would have been as pleased about it as she had been. Wyatt reasoned that Liam was worried about the doctor's objectivity and Steffy's treatment. "You know how he is. He gets protective!" Wyatt explained. Wyatt added that Liam liked to take things into his own hands, and Steffy had been through enough already.

Hope knew that it being Steffy's doctor might make it complicated, but Hope said Liam hadn't seen them together. Steffy had seemed much lighter. Hope understood Liam but wished he'd focus on the positive side of it. Hope asked if it was what Steffy might need -- a new relationship and something good on the horizon. Hope said they all wanted Steffy to heal, and Hope wanted that for Kelly. Hope thought the doctor could help Steffy get back on her feet.

Back at the cliff house, Steffy was passed out on the sofa. Liam knocked on the door. He tried calling her phone and heard it ring through the door. With a key on his key ring, he opened the front door and found Steffy on the sofa. He thought she was sleeping, but when he tried to rouse her, she was unresponsive. Frantically, he checked her pulse.

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