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Ridge talked Steffy down and, together with Finn and Liam, convinced her to check into rehab. Ridge agreed to a wedding redo but couldn't shake his love for Brooke. Katie overheard Shauna and Quinn discuss their wedding misdeeds and went straight to Ridge with what she'd learned.
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Steffy checked into rehab and Ridge decided on a redo of his wedding to Shauna
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Finn and Liam confront Steffy about the pills Finn and Liam confront Steffy about the pills
Monday, September 28, 2020

At the cabin, Liam and Hope discussed doing something nice for Donna, who was watching the kids again. Hope didn't know where to start discussing all the things that had gone on with Steffy. Liam said he'd known something had been wrong, but he hadn't thought Steffy would "go there." He said she was in no condition to take care of Kelly.

Hope replied that they would keep Kelly safe. "Safe from her own mother. How did we get here?" Liam wondered. He was upset with himself for not seeing the trouble Steffy had been in with the pills. Hope said Steffy hadn't wanted him to see, and that was how addiction worked. Hope was grateful that he'd put the pieces together before it was too late.

Finn arrived. He'd gotten there as quickly as he could and asked what it was all about. Scoffing, Liam asserted that he shouldn't have to break the news to Finn, who should have seen it already. Hope rolled her eyes. Liam said he was sorry, but it was true; Finn shouldn't be acting as Steffy's doctor if he had a crush on her.

Finn told Liam that, with all due respect, Finn could argue that it wasn't appropriate for Liam to be so invested in Steffy's personal life when Liam had a wife and family of his own. Finn asked why he'd been called there. "Otherwise, I have things to do," Finn explained.

Liam said that something major had happened to Steffy medically, and Finn had missed it. Finn replied that her well-being was his top priority, and he asked what the issue was.

Later, Finn didn't know what to say. He muttered that Steffy had been using with Kelly in the house. He was shocked. Liam stated that the baby monitor had been there, but Steffy wouldn't have heard it in her condition. Liam described how he'd found the pills and couldn't believe that Finn had spent all that time with Steffy but didn't know she'd self-medicated.

"Apparently, that's the case," Finn replied. Liam figured that should have told Finn something, and Finn should have recused himself. Hope interrupted Liam and said that kind of talk wasn't helping Steffy. Finn asked how Steffy had reacted to Liam finding the pills.

Liam claimed that Steffy had tried to minimize her use and had said she'd just take one or two occasionally to get through a rough patch. Liam conveyed that he'd taken Kelly home with him. Finn became concerned. Finn didn't disagree with what Liam had done, but Finn was concerned that taking Steffy's child could cause a huge emotional setback. Recalling what had happened with Beth, Finn stated that taking Kelly could make Steffy feel the need to use even more.

Finn asked if anyone had spoken to Steffy that day. Hope and Liam conveyed that they'd talked to Ridge, who'd stayed the night with his daughter. Hope believed Ridge would stay until Steffy was off the meds. Liam replied that "this Steffy" would call the police to remove Ridge.

Finn asked why Liam had referred to Steffy that way. Finn was shocked to learn from Liam and Hope that Steffy, who hadn't been herself, had pulled a knife on them. Liam stated that the lying, hiding, and anger weren't Steffy. He'd taken Kelly for Steffy's sake, too, because he knew Steffy would never forgive herself if Kelly had been hurt on Steffy's watch.

Finn understood that but was worried that the separation might increase Steffy's use. Finn wondered if he could get through to Steffy and make up for what he'd missed right in front of him. He felt awful about it and said that Liam had been right to call him out. Liam felt that they all needed to get together and convince Steffy to get the help she needed.

Hope was concerned that her presence would do more harm than good. Liam stated that he and Finn agreeing on something might make an impression, especially since Liam hadn't been a fan of Finn's. Hope wished them luck, and the men left.

At the cliff house, Steffy dragged herself out of her room as if on her way to the nursery. She was surprised to see that Ridge was still there. Ridge hadn't thought it would be good to leave her alone after what had happened the day before. He asked how she felt. Steffy stated that he knew how she felt. "Hope and Liam stole my baby," she asserted.

Ridge said that Hope and Liam were caring for Kelly until Steffy was able to. Steffy guessed Ridge thought she was a bad mother. In Ridge's view, Steffy was the most amazing parent he knew -- when she wasn't taking pain medication. He understood why she'd taken them, but they weren't helping anymore. Instead, they were pulling her deeper into a place she didn't want to be, and she had to stop for the sake of the little girl who needed Steffy.

Steffy thought Ridge was blowing it out of proportion. She wasn't an addict, controlled by medication. She admitted to taking a couple of pills for pain, but she said that if she were an addict, she would have hidden it. "But here I am. Open book," she claimed.

Ridge thought Steffy was in denial, and she quipped that speaking "my truth" was negated as a symptom of addiction. He wasn't an expert, but he knew one couldn't fix it until one admitted the problem. Agreeing, Steffy said she had a problem, and it was being without her daughter.

Ridge assumed Steffy was playing her warrior role again. He knew that she'd had a hard time in life, and it had been compounded by Bill leaving her in a world of pain with the accident. He got why she'd depend on a pill to get through the day. Steffy asserted that she wasn't dependent, and she believed that Ridge was buying into Hope and Liam's agenda to steal Kelly the same way they'd stolen Phoebe. Ridge said that wasn't happening.

Insisting that it was, Steffy said Liam had taken Kelly and given her to Hope. Ridge repeated that Liam and Hope were taking care of the baby just like Ridge was trying to take care of his baby. Steffy refused to be seen as his baby. She was a grown woman, and she was in control of her life; the drugs weren't. She wished he'd believe her instead of siding with Hope and Liam.

Ridge persisted in explaining that he wasn't siding with anyone. He said everyone loved her and wanted her to be free to make choices and not take pills. Steffy rolled her eyes. Ridge told her that she needed help and rehab. Steffy insisted that Ridge had bought into Hope and Liam's lies. She persisted in the belief that they wanted to steal Kelly, but Ridge said they were trying to help. Steffy thought it was wrong to question whether she was a danger to the daughter whom she'd protected from day one.

Steffy grabbed her keys. Ridge asked what she thought she was doing. Steffy intended to bring her kidnapped daughter home. Heading to block the front door, Ridge said Steffy wouldn't leave the house. He didn't care if she hated him or not, but he wouldn't let her go anywhere until she admitted she had a problem and got help for it. She didn't know if she could forgive Ridge for siding with her baby's kidnappers, but he replied that it was a chance he had to take.

Later, Ridge tried to get Steffy to eat breakfast. Shoving the plate on the table, she said she didn't want anything from him, and he couldn't keep it up forever. She asked if he'd lock her in her room or tie her to a chair. He stated that he'd do whatever it took to protect her and Kelly.

Steffy began ranting about Hope and Liam taking Kelly but stopped short upon seeing Liam enter the house. She asked if he had Kelly. He said he didn't, and she seethed that he wasn't welcome there. Liam revealed that he'd brought someone else. Finn entered the house.

Steffy asked what Finn was doing there with Liam. Finn revealed that Liam had called him because Liam had been concerned. Finn had become concerned, too, after what he'd heard. Steffy knew Liam had been calling her an addict, but she insisted it wasn't true. She admitted to being upset and asked if he knew that Liam had taken Kelly.

Finn affirmed that he knew it had transpired after Liam had found Steffy passed out with a vial of hidden pills -- pills that he hadn't given her. Steffy said it wasn't a big deal. Liam asked if she heard herself. She claimed she just needed a little help for a bit longer to get her over the hump. Finn asked if she'd bought the pills on the street. Steffy yelled that she didn't have to tell him.

Steffy ordered all of them to get out of her house. Liam said that she knew he loved her and wouldn't lie to her. "You got a problem. A big one, and you're not going to solve it by yourself," he told her. He said she needed help, so she could get back to being Kelly's mother. He claimed that none of it was her fault; it was just that managing her pain from her accident had gotten away from her, and they had to deal with it.

Liam admitted that he'd done something drastic to protect Kelly for the time being. He said it wasn't permanent, and he wanted Kelly back there as soon as possible. He suggested that Steffy use Kelly as motivation to get help. Steffy said there was no help. "I need them. I need my pills!" she yelled.

Steffy arrives at a crucial realization Steffy arrives at a crucial realization
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

At the cabin, Thomas arrived to pick up Douglas. Hope was frazzled because she hadn't gotten Douglas ready, and he was at the main house with Donna and the other kids. Hope asked when Thomas had last seen Steffy. Thomas explained that he'd seen Steffy behaving erratically the other day, and he'd gotten their father involved. Thomas asked if it was the pills.

Hope was really worried about Steffy, who, acting as if she'd been abusing pain medication, had pulled a knife on others. Thomas quizzically repeated the statement and became emotional. He was glad Ridge had stayed with Steffy but knew that it wasn't a permanent solution. Thomas said that when he'd talked to his father, Ridge had conveyed that Steffy was in denial.

Hope said Liam had gone with Steffy's doctor to convince Steffy to get help. Thomas recalled that the doctor had given her the pills. Hope explained that Dr. Finnegan hadn't done that and had been shocked to learn about Steffy's new pills. Hope didn't believe Finn had had anything to do with it. "And you know Liam -- he had a problem with him to begin with," she added.

Hope said Liam had thought Finnegan's romantic interest would cloud his judgment. She wasn't saying that Liam was right, but "if the warning signs were there, and the doctor missed them..." Sighing, she said everyone's eyes were open, and when they'd told Finnegan about Steffy's defensiveness and lying, he'd said it amounted to someone struggling with addiction.

Thomas figured that it was a full-on intervention going on, and he should be there. Standing, he said his sister needed his support, but Hope stopped him from leaving. She was concerned that if too many people were around, Steffy might feel attacked. He didn't want that, so he thought of other ways he might be able to help Steffy. Hope assured him that Liam, Finn, and Ridge would get Steffy the help she needed.

At the cliff house, Ridge tried to tell Steffy that she didn't need the pills and was capable of stopping. The sobbing Steffy didn't know how, and she didn't see a reason to quit. Finn replied that not having a prescription was a huge reason. She insisted that the pills helped.

Ridge wished he could take the pain away. Finn told her that a patient shouldn't take highly addictive pills for longer than prescribed. She replied that it applied to some but not to her. Liam claimed she'd been sneaking pills and lying about it to everyone. Steffy yelled that he was blowing it out of proportion. She said she'd take the pills for as long as she "damn well" wanted, and she didn't want to hear about it anymore.

Ridge asked if they were supposed to sit back and watch her abuse pills. Steffy replied that the only abuse she saw was emotional abuse from the three of them. Liam told her that she was on drugs. She contended that they were prescription, but Finn noted that she no longer had a prescription. He asked if she'd tell them where she got the pills. "The pharmacy," she said.

Ridge asked where that pharmacy was, but Steffy ordered them all to get out of her house. Liam replied that it wouldn't happen. Steffy quipped that she was hearing that from the man who'd walked away from her more times than she could count. "My hero!" she bit out. He claimed he'd be by her side, whether they were together or not.

Noting that they weren't together, Steffy instructed Liam to go to Hope and tell her that kidnapping was a crime. She told Liam to remind Hope about Reese Buckingham. Steffy hinted that Hope might end up in a cell like Reese.

Ridge replied that no one was going to prison because no one had been kidnapped. Steffy suggested that Ridge ask Kelly where her mother was. Ridge wondered the same thing because Kelly's mother obviously wasn't there with them in the cliff house. He said Kelly's mother hadn't been there at Brooke's house when someone had pulled a knife on everyone.

Steffy yelled that she wasn't her strongest self because she'd been hit by a car. She knew she'd get through it. She just needed time, and anyone who didn't like the way she was recovering could walk away. Ridge yelled that they all wanted her to get better, but it wouldn't happen with the pills. He said she'd never see her daughter again if she continued that way, and he wouldn't see his daughter again, either.

Ridge insisted that Steffy's family and friends were behind her and helping so that the problem didn't get bigger. The only problem Steffy thought they should be discussing was that Liam and Hope had taken Kelly. Ridge repeated that Steffy wouldn't see Kelly again like that. Liam added that they wanted Steffy to see Kelly again, and that was the point. Ridge urged her to listen to them and to stop it for Kelly. "I can't," Steffy cried. "I can't stop. I can't stop!" Steffy sobbed.

Later, Steffy called the gathering a witch hunt gone bad. She said they were blaming her for taking pills that Finn had prescribed. Finn said no one was blaming her, and taking pain medication for her accident had been an appropriate response.

"Until you decided it wasn't," Steffy quipped. Liam affirmed it, saying it was her doctor's job to decide when it was appropriate and when it wasn't. Ridge thought taking pills she hadn't been prescribed was a sign of trouble. Finn concluded that it was a sign of dependency. He stated that over time, the body became more dependent upon opioids, but addiction was a step beyond dependency. He saw that she'd built up a tolerance and needed more and more pills to get relief. Steffy said Finn didn't know how she felt.

Finn cited how aggressively Steffy had asked him to refill her prescription. Steffy called him melodramatic. He listed symptoms like sweating, sleeplessness, and nausea and asked if they sounded familiar. He sensed that she was seeking the pills for more than pain and concluded that she was seeking them in order to not to feel sick or "in hell," because that was how her body felt when she wasn't taking the medication. Steffy ordered him to stop.

Liam declared that they'd stop when Steffy stopped. He said the addiction had caused Steffy to go out and get pills on her own. Ridge added that Steffy had no idea of what she was even taking at that point, and Finn stated that she didn't know the dosage, either. Finn told her that if the pills were synthetic, she could overdose. Steffy said it wouldn't happen to her.

Finn reasoned that others had said the same thing, but then they'd died. Liam asked if she was listening. Ridge told Steffy that he'd lost one daughter and wouldn't lose another. Liam asked Steffy not to do anything to risk leaving Kelly. Steffy wasn't falling for Liam's sudden concern about her being in her daughter's life, not after he'd taken Kelly.

Steffy didn't think it should matter if she took pills for a few weeks. Liam countered that it had mattered to her because she felt the need to lie about it. Finn added that the lie had affected his ability to treat her, and he couldn't do his job correctly without the right information. Ridge apologized for not seeing that she'd been pulling away the past few weeks. He was scared. He didn't recognize her, and she wasn't acting like herself.

Steffy insisted it was because she was recovering from an accident. Liam thought she was acting like an addict, and he'd been afraid that she'd never wake up again when he'd found her passed out. Finn noted that addiction was seen as a moral weakness, but not by them, and they weren't there to judge her. Finn concluded that she was ill.

Steffy corrected that she felt ill about her daughter being taken from her. She said her family was gone, and Liam had turned his back on her; therefore, it shouldn't be a problem if she took a pill every now and then. Liam asked her to define it. "Now. I need some help now!" she said, going to her cabinet. She retrieved a bottle of pills. As she opened the bottle, the pills all spilled onto the floor. Steffy began sobbing that she needed some pills.

Liam stated that they understood, but Steffy said he didn't. Liam told her that she wanted to feel okay but thought the pills were the only way to get there. He said there were more paths back to health and Kelly, but Steffy had to find the strong woman that they knew and loved.

Steffy sobbed that she was gone and had no willpower. Liam told her that she was sick, and Finn knew of effective treatments. Finn and Liam urged her to start right then by admitting she had a problem. She remained recalcitrant and just wanted her daughter back. Ridge asked if Steffy wanted Kelly to watch her mother pick pain pills out of her breakfast.

Sobbing, Steffy muttered that she'd get better for Kelly. Steffy said her body was racked with pain, and the pills were the only things to give her peace. As if suddenly realizing, Steffy gasped. "Oh, my God. I'm..." she uttered.

Finn gave Steffy permission to say it. He added that, if she wanted him to, he could get her into an excellent inpatient facility. Ridge asked if they'd reached the moment and if she was ready. "I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm addicted. I'm addicted! I have a problem! I have a problem!" she cried, sinking down onto the step by the patio.

Steffy cried that she wanted her daughter, and she needed to get better. She needed to be herself again. She repeated that she was addicted and needed help. Ridge sat down beside her as she continued to sob.

After the episode, Scott Clifton appeared with a PSA on opioid addiction. To get help, dial 1-800-662-HELP or visit

Quinn pushes Ridge to re-marry Shauna Quinn pushes Ridge to re-marry Shauna
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn asked Ridge if he wanted breakfast. Ridge politely declined, prompting Quinn to ask him where he was going. Ridge commented that "everyone kind of knows" what had been going on, so he was headed into work. Quinn nodded understandingly and remarked, "That Steffy's in rehab."

Ridge told Quinn, perhaps in an attempt to convince himself, that Steffy was being treated in a "good facility." Ridge grumbled that none of what Steffy was going through was her fault -- it was Bill Spencer's fault. Quinn told Ridge that both she and Eric were available if Ridge should need anything. She also reminded Ridge that Shauna was also there for him because Shauna wanted to be a "supportive and devoted" wife.

Quinn understood that Ridge was worried. She also inserted another mention about Shauna, nothing that Shauna was also a parent and would understand Ridge's pain. She also seized the opportunity to push the idea of Ridge and Shauna getting married again -- but this time, at the mansion in front of family and friends. Ridge dodged the topic and said he had to get to work.

Before Ridge could leave, Quinn told him to give the idea some thought and sweetened the deal with an offer to take care of all of the wedding planning. Ridge said that it was not the right time for a wedding. Quinn argued that a wedding was just what the family needed. Ridge assured Quinn that he would talk to Shauna about a wedding. Quinn whipped out her phone and announced that she would call Shauna so that they could talk about it. After all, Quinn noted, she had Shauna on speed dial.

Ridge scowled as he watched Quinn video chat with Shauna about a wedding. Shauna apologized to Ridge for Quinn overstepping and told Quinn that planning a wedding was something that she wanted to do with Ridge. Quinn did not relent. Quinn shared that she wanted Brooke to be in attendance so that Brooke could catch the wedding bouquet and get a "little bit of oomph" to find her own husband. Ridge shook his head in disbelief. With the back of Quinn's phone facing him, he had no idea that Shauna was also not amused. Shauna told Quinn that she did not want to pressure Ridge into anything, especially not when he was dealing with Steffy's troubles.

Ridge told Quinn to turn the phone around so that he could see Shauna. Much to everyone's surprise, Ridge said that he agreed with Quinn. Perhaps a wedding would be the right thing to do. "I think I owe this to you," Ridge said, adding, "And hopefully I'll remember this one." Ridge announced that he had to go to work, but he said that he and Shauna would discuss things in more detail when they saw each other next. After Ridge left, Quinn leaped to her feet and cheered Ridge's announcement. Shauna, however, sighed deeply.

Quinn went on to mock Brooke and the reaction that Quinn believed Brooke would have to Ridge and Shauna getting married -- again. Shauna stated that she could not be totally excited about a wedding because she still felt wrong for the sham wedding she and Ridge had had in Las Vegas. "I manipulated him, Quinn," Shauna said softly. Quinn told her friend that Brooke would back off the minute that Shauna had a California marriage license in her hands. Quinn warned that if Shauna told Ridge the truth, she would lose him forever. "No one knows what we did to Brooke and Ridge's relationship -- and no one is ever going to know," Quinn said icily, adding, "It is a secret we are going to take to the grave."

At Forrester, Donna and Quinn discussed Steffy. Donna was optimistic, stating that she was sure that Steffy would pull through her trials, stronger than ever. As they talked, Zoe arrived with some papers for Ridge to review. Zoe briefly offered her support and, speaking for the employees at Forrester, said that everyone was looking forward to Steffy being back at work and "being the boss lady that she is." Zoe then turned her attention to Brooke and asked Brooke if she had seen Ridge since everything had happened with Steffy. Zoe acknowledge that Brooke and Ridge were no longer a couple, but Zoe sensed that Brooke still cared deeply for her ex-husband.

Brooke stated that she had not seen Ridge and recounted how surprised she'd been when Ridge had returned from Las Vegas, married to Shauna. When Donna chimed in that Ridge didn't remember anything about his wedding, Zoe wondered how that was possible. Brooke admitted that she wondered the same thing. Zoe called everyone at Forrester her "extended family" and was grateful that Hope was even willing to work with her. However, Zoe wondered if Brooke might still harbor some resentment for Zoe's part in keeping Phoebe from Hope. Brooke said that she could tell that Zoe was remorseful and indicated that she and Zoe could move forward.

Zoe stated that she was rooting for Ridge and Brooke because their love story was "kind of legendary." Donna agreed, adding that "Brooke and Ridge are meant to be together." Brooke disagreed with her sister's remark that Ridge and Shauna's marriage was just a "hiccup" in the road to Brooke and Ridge reuniting. Zoe sided with Donna, saying that Ridge and Shauna's marriage couldn't be that serious if Ridge couldn't even remember getting married to Shauna. Brooke implied that Quinn was somehow involved because Quinn, according to Brooke, would do anything to destroy her.

Donna hurried off, prompting Zoe and Brooke to discuss the meet-up for coffee that Donna was having with an unknown person. Zoe wondered if Donna might have a new love interest. Brooke was unsure, saying that the meeting was "very cryptic." Brooke asked Zoe if she had anyone special in her life. Zoe smiled broadly and said that she was in the early stages of dating someone.

Later, Ridge arrived at work, and he and Brooke discussed Steffy. Brooke tried to assure Ridge that he'd done all the right things for Steffy. It was Ridge's fierce loyalty to his family that was one of the many reasons that Brooke would always love him. Ridge smiled as Brooke vowed to be there for him if he ever needed anything -- even if they were no longer married. That prompted Ridge to tell Brooke that he wanted to talk to her about his marriage to Shauna.

"I didn't want you hearing this from anyone else," Ridge said. Ridge told Brooke that he had made a commitment to Shauna -- even if he didn't remember it. So, in order to be fair to Shauna, he planned to remarry Shauna as quickly as possible.

Despite warnings, Ridge plows ahead with wedding plans Despite warnings, Ridge plows ahead with wedding plans
Thursday, October 1, 2020

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Brooke couldn't believe that Ridge was serious about holding another wedding ceremony at the mansion for himself and Shauna. Brooke said he'd been in no condition to get married the first time. Ridge claimed that was why he wanted to do it again -- so he could remember it. Brooke asked when he'd wake up and realize that Shauna and Quinn were manipulating him.

Brooke pleaded with Ridge not to do it, citing that he didn't love Shauna the way he loved Brooke. Ridge looked away. She asked him not to do it just for Shauna's sake. In his silence, Brooke expressed fear that they wouldn't find their way back to each other if he had a wedding to Shauna in front of everybody.

At Eric's house, Quinn was on a video call with Shauna, imploring her to keep quiet about what they'd done to make the first wedding to Ridge happen. Quinn believed that Ridge's agreement to do another ceremony, to be held the next day, was a testament to his commitment to Shauna. Quinn wanted them to never bring up their secret again.

Eric entered, and Quinn abruptly ended the call. She told him that she was dealing with Bridezilla Shauna. Eric stated that Ridge and Shauna were married already. Quinn explained that they were doing it again for friends and family. Eric didn't get it. Quinn said that, as much as Shauna loved Ridge, they hadn't had the kind of ceremony a woman would want as the foundation of her marriage; therefore, they planned to redo it within a day from then.

Eric was surprised to hear it. Quinn explained that it would be at the house, if Eric agreed. Eric asked if it was what Ridge wanted. Quinn enthusiastically affirmed it. Eric asked about Steffy, and Quinn explained that Steffy didn't want her father to hold up his life while she was in treatment. Quinn intended for it to be a small affair. Eric asked again if Ridge wanted it.

Quinn reaffirmed it, and Eric agreed that the wedding could be at the house. Quinn assured him that he didn't have to lift a finger, and she'd take care of everything. She gushed about Shauna and Ridge's commitment and how honored Shauna was to be Eric's daughter-in-law. Nodding dubiously, Eric said he only wanted what was best for Ridge -- and Shauna. Quinn was grateful that Eric had made Shauna feel included. Eric left, and Quinn squealed, "Tomorrow is the day!"

Later, Quinn texted to Shauna that all of Shauna's doubts and guilt would wash away when she exchanged vows again with Ridge. Shauna hoped Quinn was right.

Brooke arrived. She was there to see Eric but wasn't surprised to find Quinn there, texting and scheming with her best friend to keep Brooke and Ridge apart.

Quinn advised Brooke to pack up her tiny violin and noted that no one was forcing Ridge into anything. Brooke replied that Quinn had said the same thing about that night in Vegas, but Ridge remembered none of it. Quinn claimed it was why they were doing it again. She said they'd do it right that time, in front of friends and family. Quinn thought it was sweet that Ridge would want to marry Shauna twice.

In a growling tone, Brooke said Ridge was being pressured into it. Quinn insisted that no one was twisting his arm. Quinn invited Brooke to be there to witness the soul mates exchange vows and pledge devotion to each other until death would they part.

Brooke didn't know how Shauna could ask Ridge to say vows to her again, knowing that he was still in love with Brooke. Quinn noted that her portrait was above the fireplace. It wasn't Brooke's or Stephanie's, and Quinn and Shauna would move the Forrester family forward. Brooke concluded that it was all about winning, and Quinn would do anything to spite Brooke.

Quinn didn't think Brooke got the significance of Ridge renewing vows with Shauna in the family home and said he was making a powerful statement. Brooke couldn't believe Eric would support it, but Quinn said he wanted the entire family to partake in the celebration, especially Brooke.

Quinn figured it would be healthy for Brooke to see it with her own eyes, and it would help Brooke let go of the notion that she and Ridge were destined. "Tomorrow, Brooke. It all ends for you tomorrow," Quinn concluded.

In the design office, Zoe and Carter discussed her surprise that Brooke had talked to her about distrusting Shauna. Zoe wondered if it had been wrong of her to assume that Ridge and Shauna wouldn't last. The union had seemed sudden to Zoe. Carter had thought it had been sudden when Ridge had text-messaged him to execute the divorce petition.

Zoe agreed, saying it had happened when Ridge and Brooke had still been working things out. Carter recalled that the parties had signed the divorce papers, but neither would file them. Carter had never imagined Ridge would ask for the filing and then remarry the same night.

Zoe urged Carter not to feel guilty. Carter murmured that he'd double-checked, and Ridge had texted an affirmation. Zoe was sure Ridge was accustomed to giving Carter, the lead counsel at Forrester, directives all the time, and Carter had been doing his job. Carter replied that Ridge was a friend, and deep down, Ridge still cared for Brooke, despite being Shauna's husband.

Later, Carter arrived in the CEO's office at Ridge's behest. Carter was surprised when Ridge asked if Carter were available to officiate another ceremony between Ridge and Shauna. Carter agreed to do it but wondered if it was really what Ridge wanted. Carter still felt uneasy about what had happened in Vegas that one night.

Ridge reasoned that he and Shauna were already married, and the ceremony was just for the memory. Carter asked why Ridge wasn't bothered by his inability to recall the first one. It did bother Ridge, which was why he wanted to do it again. He said he'd had a few drinks in him. Carter reckoned that it had been more than a few. He guessed that the redo was Shauna's idea.

Ridge replied that it was Quinn's idea mostly. Quinn wanted a nice day for her friend, and it had made sense to Ridge. Carter asked about Brooke. Ridge assumed that Brooke wouldn't attend but might send a gift. Carter clarified that he meant Ridge's feelings for Brooke.

"I'm always gonna love Brooke. Nothing to do with this," Ridge replied. Carter urged Ridge to be straight with him. Carter asked how being with Shauna could fulfill Ridge when he was still in love with Brooke. Ridge appreciated Carter for looking out for him, but Ridge felt that he had it under control. Carter questioned whether that was true.

Changing the subject, Ridge announced that he'd also asked to see Carter to tell him that he was no longer lead counsel at Forrester. Carter asked if that was because he was questioning Ridge's feelings. Ridge stated that Carter had been promoted to the new COO of Forrester. It meant more responsibility and a seat on the board. Ridge asked what Carter had to say.

Carter reasoned that he couldn't turn it down. He was grateful. He asked if the downside was working more hours with Ridge. Ridge said Carter had to take the good with the bad.

Eric entered, and Ridge informed him that Carter had accepted. Chuckling, Eric was glad to have Carter in his new role. Carter was a value to the team and a great friend to the family. Ridge advised Carter to celebrate mildly because there was a wedding the next day. As he left, Carter advised Ridge to think about what Carter had said.

Alone with Ridge, Eric noted that his son and Carter had developed a friendship over the years. Eric had heard about the wedding from Quinn and asked if Ridge was sure he wanted to do it. Ridge rolled his eyes. Eric understood how Ridge felt about Shauna, but he wondered if she was the woman Ridge wanted to grow old with. "Or is that still Brooke?" Eric asked.

Eric said he'd been in Ridge and Brooke's corner for a long time. He didn't accept that it was over. Ridge told Eric that he had to. Ridge said he and Brooke had had a long run and had loved each other very much, but that was it. Eric guessed that Ridge was determined to go through with it. "We're married already. What are you so concerned about?" Ridge asked.

Eric wanted Ridge to be happy. Ridge claimed that he was. Eric questioned it. Ridge asked what Eric was doing and noted that Quinn was at home, baking and cooking for the ceremony. Eric shouted that he and Quinn disagreed about it, and his only focus was Ridge and Brooke. Eric said that ending up drunk in a wedding chapel with a wonderful woman didn't mean that Ridge had to honor that marriage, not if he still wanted to spend his life with Brooke.

Eric advised Ridge that he didn't have to honor the marriage or go through with the ceremony. Eric was afraid that if Ridge did, he'd lose his future with Brooke forever.

Back in the design office, Zoe was livid when Carter told her that he was no longer lead counsel for Forrester. Carter chuckled and announced that she was looking at the new Chief Operating Officer. Zoe cheered and congratulated him. She expressed pride in him for his promotion.

Katie hears an earful about Shauna's wedding jitters Katie hears an earful about Shauna's wedding jitters
Friday, October 2, 2020

In Wyatt's office, Wyatt and Flo adjusted their clothes, and she hoped that he'd locked the door. He had locked it because he hadn't known where getting dressed for the wedding in his office would lead. Flo told him that it had been his idea to do that, so they'd get to the wedding on time. Wyatt figured Shauna could wait a little longer for her daughter, but Flo said Shauna had waited long enough.

Flo thought Shauna and Ridge's renewal of vows would be beautiful. Wyatt replied that Quinn would make sure of that. Flo gushed about how beautiful her mother would be and exclaimed that Shauna deserved everything that was coming to her. Wyatt worried that Flo might outshine the bride, but Flo didn't think so. She believed her mom would be glowing.

At Brooke's house, Brooke anxiously waited to hear that Ridge had changed his mind about the wedding. Brooke was grateful that Donna was there to support her. To Donna, Ridge's choice made no sense. Brooke insisted that he was being manipulated, and she knew who was behind it.

Donna and Brooke contemplated whether there was still time for Ridge to call off the wedding. Brooke reasoned that Ridge didn't do anything for show, so it would really be the end for her and Ridge if he actually went through with it. Brooke realized that she had to do something to stop it, and she figured she could get through to him if she had more time.

Donna didn't know what else Brooke would say to Ridge. Brooke feared that one horrible mistake had destroyed two important relationships in her life. Donna reasoned that Katie had forgiven Brooke, and Ridge knew how sorry Brooke was about Bill.

In Donna's mind, Brooke had apologized in every way that she could, and it was clear that Ridge was the only man for Brooke. Donna believed it and felt that Ridge did, too. It was just that, if Brooke wanted Ridge to put his trust in her, then Brooke had to put her trust in Ridge. Donna urged Brooke to have faith in Ridge's love and that Ridge and Brooke could survive Quinn and Shauna.

Despite Donna's advice, Brooke was still a wreck. She believed it was her fault for the mistake she'd made, but Donna instructed her to stop blaming herself. Brooke was desperate to make a move and felt that time was running out. Donna wasn't sure it was a good idea for Brooke to do anything. Certain that Ridge didn't want to be with Shauna, Brooke decided to go to Eric's.

At Forrester, Eric found Ridge sketching at the drafting table in the CEO's office. "Aren't you getting married today?" Eric asked. Shrugging, Ridge figured that the ceremony was later, and he was already married. He asked what the big deal was. Eric thought Ridge could spend time with his bride instead of distracting himself with work.

Ridge claimed he wasn't doing that. He'd stopped into work after seeing Steffy in rehab. He reported that she was doing okay, and Thomas was still visiting her. Glad to hear the news about Steffy, Eric said that it was okay if Ridge was having second thoughts.

"Are you?" Carter asked as he arrived. Readily, he volunteered to let everyone know that the ceremony was off. Carter said he and Ridge had barely even talked about the ceremony. Eric noted that Ridge was barely even thinking about it -- or was thinking of someone else. Ridge insisted that he was there to get some work done, and they shouldn't make it more than it was.

Eric accused Ridge of still loving Brooke. Ridge replied that he'd always love her, and it wouldn't change, no matter what happened that day.

Eric left, and Carter tried to get some input from Ridge about the ceremony -- if it was really happening. Ridge said Carter wasn't listening to him. Carter stated that he had nothing against Shauna; it was just that he knew Ridge and Brooke always found their way back to each other.

Carter affirmed that he'd be there to back Ridge up if the wedding was Ridge's way of telling everyone that it wouldn't happen with him and Brooke that time. Ridge said nothing. "Okay. See you at the wedding," Carter stated, and he left. Ridge stared around the office restlessly.

Across the hall, Carter went into the design office. Zoe noted how handsome he looked. Visibly pleased by her presence, he replied that he had to be handsome for his plus one. She guessed they were making their debut at the wedding as a couple. He said people knew they were dating, but she responded that she'd be on the arm of the new COO.

Zoe said she was looking for Katie. Carter informed her that Katie had gone to drop something off at Eric's house. Carter thought of what would happen if Katie ran into Shauna or Quinn. He stated that Brooke was having a difficult day, and Logan women were fiercely loyal.

Zoe suspected that Carter would get as many congratulations as the bride and groom due to his promotion. Carter said that might be the case if the wedding actually happened. He didn't think that, deep down, Ridge really wanted to go through with it.

At Eric's house, Quinn, dressed in a rose pink, sequined mini dress, was on a video call with Shauna. Shauna was in a robe, outside in a garden at a friend's house. Quinn figured Shauna would look "so beautiful" once she'd finished getting ready for her big day. Quinn gushed about how beautiful the garden looked at her house.

Shauna still seemed skeptical about going through with the wedding based on lies and manipulation. Shauna didn't know how she could do it to Ridge. Quinn tried to chalk Shauna's feelings up to nerves, but in Shauna's silence, Quinn ordered Shauna to let go of what had happened in Las Vegas.

Behind Quinn, the door to Eric's office/den opened. Whoever was behind the door paused and listened in. Quinn said that it would all be wiped clean that day, and there would be no doubt that Shauna was the one and only Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

The person behind the door continued to listen as Shauna said that Ridge didn't know what she'd done. Shauna insisted that she and Quinn had gone too far in sending Carter an order via text message for him to file Ridge's divorce papers. Shauna said she'd practically dragged Ridge into the wedding chapel, and he'd hardly known what he'd been saying.

Quinn contended that she and Shauna were giving Ridge a chance to say it again. It was Shauna's do-over. Shauna didn't feel she could go through with it without being honest with Ridge. Coming clean was the only way Shauna believed she could make a lasting future with him, and she felt that if Ridge loved her, he'd forgive her and move forward without deception.

Quinn refused to let Shauna sabotage herself. Quinn said they could lose everything if Brooke and Eric found out what they'd done. "We live like royalty. Our husbands treat us like queens!" Quinn claimed. Quinn said she was all about honesty and contrition, but the problem was that Brooke wouldn't give up. Quinn urged Shauna to cement her marriage that day while Ridge was ready to commit to her and the marriage.

Quinn figured that Shauna didn't think she deserved it, but Quinn insisted that Shauna did. Quinn asked Shauna to think of Flo and how their lives would change. Shauna wished it was that simple. She felt more connected to Ridge than any man she'd ever been with, but she couldn't ignore the fact that he still loved Brooke. Shauna couldn't ignore that she and Quinn had manipulated Brooke and Ridge out of their future together.

From behind the door to Eric's office/den emerged Katie. She glared at Quinn in disbelief. Quinn, who was sitting by the mini bar, was engrossed in her video call and didn't see Katie. On the call, Shauna couldn't pretend that she'd been honest with Ridge or that he didn't love Brooke. Shauna knew that he was conflicted. Quinn said Brooke was toxic, but he'd get the poison out of his system for the rest of his life.

Shauna insisted that could happen after she told Ridge about the lies and manipulation to get Ridge out of his marriage. She intended to leave Quinn out of it, so it wouldn't affect Quinn's marriage to Eric. Katie rolled her eyes. Quinn said she wasn't thinking of herself. She was thinking of the two feisty moms from Vegas who'd finally gotten better lives for their children.

Quinn exclaimed that they'd finally made it. She said Eric's family hadn't accepted her at first. Some still didn't, but they'd gone on to see how happy she made Eric. Quinn was sure the same would happen for Shauna with Ridge. Shauna didn't think they could be happy if her marriage wasn't grounded in honesty.

Quinn replied that Shauna had to do what she had to do, just like Quinn, who'd had to fight for her marriage to Eric. Shauna quipped that Eric hadn't been involved with anyone else when Quinn had gotten with him. Quinn told Shauna not to make excuses for Brooke. Quinn believed that Shauna was doing Ridge a favor.

Refusing to hear any more about it, Quinn dismissed the fact that they'd pretended to be Ridge in a text to Carter and had ordered him to file Brooke and Ridge's divorce papers. "And maybe he wasn't coherent enough to marry you later on that evening, but what you call lies and manipulation, I call resourcefulness," Quinn defended. She insisted that it was about making things happen or not happen, especially for Brooke and Ridge.

Eric descended the stairs, and Quinn hurried herself off the call. Katie retreated to the den, unseen, and Eric asked if he'd heard Brooke's name. Quinn said that Shauna felt bad for Brooke, and it was just like Shauna to think about others, even on the most important day of her life. "You don't share her same sympathies?" Eric asked.

"For Brooke?" Quinn asked, chuckling. Eric said Quinn had made great strides at quelling her most troubling impulses, and no one could doubt their love and commitment. Eric feared that her animosity for Brooke could easily drag Quinn back down. It was a sad day for Brooke, and Eric hated to think Quinn was taking pleasure in it.

Back in the CEO's office, Ridge fumbled across a promotional flyer with Brooke's picture on it. He flashed back over times with her since his return from Paris. Katie arrived, glad that Ridge was still there. Ridge figured he needed to go. Seeming torn, he told Katie to understand that Shauna was an incredible, kind, and affable woman. She'd been a good friend to him.

Katie stated that Shauna actually had not been a good friend to him, and he had no idea. Ridge said he understood that he'd gotten drunk and married her. He didn't remember the ceremony, and it wasn't fair to Shauna, who didn't deserve it. Katie asserted that Shauna did deserve it.

Ridge asked how Katie could still defend her sister. Katie replied that she loved Brooke and knew that Ridge did, too. He confessed that he did. There was nothing he could do about it. "And that's why I can't go through with the ceremony," he concluded.

"No, you can't! Especially not after you find out what Shauna and Quinn have been up to. You need to know the truth about what happened that night in Vegas," Katie told Ridge.

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