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Katie told Ridge about Quinn and Shauna's marriage scam, but Ridge had already made his decision about the wedding. Eric overheard Quinn and Shauna discussing their failed plot, and Eric walked out on Quinn. Zende piqued Zoe's interest when he returned to town.
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Zende piqued Zoe's interest when he returned to town
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Katie asserts that Ridge's divorce is invalid Katie asserts that Ridge's divorce is invalid
Monday, October 5, 2020

In Wyatt's office, Flo and Wyatt exchanged compliments on how they each looked for the wedding. They discussed how surreal it had felt to see each other at "Bikini" for the first time in years. Flo said he'd instantly felt like home. He replied that they were together again and would witness Shauna marry the love of her life.

Flo cooed that her mom would become a true Forrester. Flo became emotional and tearful because she loved her mother and believed her mother was getting the life and happiness she deserved. Wyatt received an all-caps message from Quinn, asking where they were. He and Flo decided that they should get going.

At Brooke's house, Donna cautioned Brooke against rushing to Eric's house without thinking. Brooke didn't know what there was to think about. Playing devil's advocate, Donna asked if Ridge could be marrying Shauna because it was what he wanted to do. "No!" Brooke exclaimed. She was certain that Quinn and Shauna were behind it. Brooke hoped Shauna had enjoyed it because it would end that day.

Donna asked if Brooke had proof. Brooke didn't, but she knew that the Vegas wedding had been out of character for Ridge, who wasn't that impulsive and wouldn't drink himself to the point that he couldn't recall anything later. In fact, whenever he'd done that, he'd been with Shauna. Brooke refused to let Quinn "gift" Shauna the love of Brooke's life.

Donna tried to convince Brooke to sit down. Donna feared that, by going to the wedding, Brooke would make it more painful for herself than it already was. Brooke said Donna couldn't expect Brooke to just sit there. Brooke's blood was boiling because of Shauna and Quinn's manipulations. Donna reasoned that Ridge was a big boy and wouldn't be manipulated if he didn't want to be.

Brooke insisted that Ridge had been vulnerable due to all the strife over Thomas. Brooke was unable to imagine how many times Shauna probably "bumped" into Ridge at Eric's house while wearing nothing at all. Brooke couldn't prove anything, but to her, it was convenient that Ridge had gotten too drunk to even remember anything.

Donna decided that Brooke was right. Donna just hadn't wanted to see her sister in more pain, but she believed that Brooke had a right to fight. There was too much history and life on the line to just hand the man that Brooke loved over to Shauna Fulton. Grabbing her purse, Brooke asserted that she wouldn't let those two wannabes from the desert steal her husband away.

In the design office, Zoe stated that the Forresters had a lot of respect for Carter to ask him to officiate their weddings and make him COO. She hadn't forgotten that they still needed to celebrate. Naughtily, she said she had some ideas for later.

At Eric's house, Quinn and Eric discussed how nice the house looked and mentioned that Ridge and Shauna were still elsewhere, getting ready. Eric noted that Quinn had gone all out. Quinn replied that, unlike the couple's last wedding, "this one" would be unforgettable.

Eric informed Quinn that Thomas had arrived from seeing his sister. Quinn thought Steffy's attitude about going forward with the wedding was great, and she asked if Eric was more accepting of it. Eric decided that if it was what Ridge wanted, he could do worse than Shauna.

Zoe and Carter arrived. Quinn hoped Carter had a special ceremony planned because Shauna deserved the best. Carter had to wonder if that was what Shauna was getting. Zoe and Eric stopped talking and cut their eyes in Quinn and Carter's direction. Carter said he knew Quinn didn't want to hear it, but as Ridge's close friend, Carter believed that Ridge loved Brooke and always would. Quinn quipped that Carter had been right; she didn't want to hear that.

Carter responded that he was just offering his opinion based on his personal knowledge of Ridge and where Ridge was coming from -- where Ridge was always coming from. Quinn acknowledged that Eric had reservations, too, but Brooke was a normal person who could be gotten over just like anybody else. "Have you met Brooke?" Carter asked.

Quinn countered by asking if Carter had met Shauna, an amazing woman who was committed to only Ridge. Quinn guaranteed that Carter would never see Shauna's lips on another man. Quinn said she'd put a lot of effort into the day and wondered if Carter would have a problem officiating. Carter said he wouldn't. Quinn sent Carter and Zoe to the terrace for drinks.

Flo arrived and said Wyatt was getting his phone out of the car. Quinn explained that Shauna was still getting ready at her friend's house. Quinn stated that Shauna had waited a long time for her happiness, and Quinn wouldn't let anything ruin the day.

Later, Wyatt had joined the others in the living room. Although Eric wasn't completely behind the wedding, he believed that it had done wonders for his radiant wife. Quinn gushed about the happy day with family that would make her and Shauna even closer. Quinn hoped she'd host a wedding for Flo and Wyatt very soon.

Wyatt asked Quinn to handle one wedding at a time. Quinn was happy that she and Shauna, who'd struggled together as single moms, had found the loves of their lives in the same family. It wasn't just any family, either. It was the Forresters. Every morning, Quinn acknowledged how lucky she was to have Eric. Eric replied that it went both ways.

Eric invited everyone to go outside. Quinn said she'd be along shortly. Eric, Wyatt, and Flo went onto the terrace. Quinn gazed at her picture and flinched when she heard the front door slam. "You've got staying power. I'll give you that," Brooke seethed at the front door.

Quinn quipped that it was big of Brooke to arrive to celebrate Shauna and Ridge. Brooke asserted that she was there to end the madness. There was no way Brooke would let the ridiculous wedding happen.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Katie told Ridge that there was a lot more to the story of his Vegas wedding, and it was about time he found out about it. Ridge asked to hear it. Katie explained that she'd overheard Shauna and Quinn on a video call with each other when Katie had been at Eric's. Quinn and Shauna had been confessing to manipulating Ridge into marrying Shauna and ending his future with Brooke.

Ridge was confused by Katie's words. Katie repeated that she'd overheard Shauna and Quinn on a video call at Eric's house. They'd been confessing, but Shauna had been the only one with a guilty conscience. On the call, Quinn had tried to get Shauna to stop feeling guilty and to forget that night in Vegas. Shauna had persisted in talking about how she and Quinn had manipulated Brooke and Ridge out of a future together. Katie stated that Ridge needed to know the truth.

Ridge claimed that he did know the truth. It was that he'd married someone, but he'd been too drunk to remember it. Katie said Shauna had dragged him to an all-night chapel, but he'd still been married to Brooke. He replied that he'd text-messaged Carter to file the divorce papers.

Katie said Ridge couldn't have done that because he was still in love with Brooke. Katie revealed that Shauna had gotten his phone and texted Carter. Katie said Ridge hadn't ended his marriage to Brooke that night; Shauna had. Katie believed that the divorce papers were bogus because Shauna had had them executed, not Ridge.

Ridge didn't understand how Shauna would be able to do that. Katie figured that Shauna had somehow gotten Ridge's phone, and, pretending to be Ridge, she'd instructed Carter to immediately file the papers. It was the only way that Shauna would have been able to marry him.

Ridge didn't believe Shauna would do that to him. He said she'd been nothing but honest with him. He trusted Shauna. "You shouldn't!" Katie responded. Katie stated that Shauna had set things in motion, but Katie wouldn't be surprised if the whole devious plan had been Quinn's idea. Katie summarized that the plan had been to get him drunk and vulnerable in order for Shauna to marry him under false pretenses.

It sounded farfetched to Ridge. He asked where Eric had been. Katie explained that Eric had arrived, and she'd slipped out; however, right before that, Quinn had laid it all out there. Quinn had repeatedly said that no one could know their secret. Katie had heard Quinn say that Shauna had texted Carter with Ridge's phone and given Carter the instructions to file the divorce papers. Quinn had even said that Ridge hadn't been in any condition to marry Shauna.

Katie added that she'd never forget it when Quinn had told Shauna that Shauna might see it as lies and manipulation, but Quinn saw it as resourcefulness and getting things done. Katie said she'd almost gone to Brooke with it first, but Katie had gone to Ridge because he was the one Quinn and Shauna were trying to trap into a second ceremony.

Katie believed it was a ceremony that Ridge was unable to go through with because he loved Brooke and had always loved Brooke. "It's almost like you knew. Your love for Brooke never died because she's still your wife, and she would have been your wife this entire time if it weren't for Shauna and Quinn," Katie said.

A gloating Quinn receives disturbing news A gloating Quinn receives disturbing news
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

In Eric's living room, Brooke declared that the ceremony wouldn't happen. Quinn exclaimed that Ridge and Brooke were history and wondered when Brooke would get that through her thick head. Quinn said that Ridge was about to stand outside and make it clear that Shauna was his future, not Brooke. Brooke believed that she and Ridge still had a future.

Quinn claimed to have invited Brooke to the wedding so that Brooke could see that Ridge and Shauna's love was real. Brooke contended that Quinn had hoped to rub Brooke's face in it. Noting that Brooke wasn't handling things well, Quinn suggested that Brooke leave. Quinn insisted that the wedding would happen and said everyone was waiting. Brooke reckoned that they'd all be disappointed, because she was there to put a stop to it.

Quinn wouldn't stand for Brooke interrupting anything. She said Brooke had had her chances with Ridge, and the way Brooke had disappointed him for decades was sickening. Brooke said that it wasn't about Quinn, but Quinn contended that it wasn't about Brooke, either. It was about Shauna, and Quinn wouldn't let Brooke ruin Shauna's big day.

Brooke asked where Shauna was, and Quinn revealed that Shauna was getting ready at a friend's house. Quinn gloated that Shauna would be the bride Ridge deserved, and the ceremony would be the one that Shauna deserved. Brooke wondered why Quinn would want her best friend to marry Ridge, who was in love with Brooke.

Quinn remarked that all Ridge and Brooke had together was a child. Quinn reminded Brooke that Shauna and Ridge were already married, but Brooke said he didn't remember supposedly marrying Shauna. Quinn predicted that it would change that day, and he'd remember every vow he'd take in front of the family. "Deal with it, Logan -- or else," Quinn threatened.

Brooke wanted to see Ridge. Quinn wouldn't confirm whether Ridge was there or not. Quinn wondered if Brooke really expected Ridge to profess love for her after marrying Shauna in Vegas and agreeing to remarry her that day. Quinn suggested that Brooke get over it and move on because Ridge was no longer hers; he was Shauna's and always would be.

Brooke revealed her suspicion that Quinn had played a role in keeping Ridge and Brooke apart, and the look in Quinn's eyes confirmed it for Brooke. Quinn stated that Ridge wasn't Brooke's for the taking, and he wasn't interested in what Brooke had to offer, especially in comparison to Shauna. Brooke stated that it was enough, but Quinn said she was just getting started.

Brooke announced that she was going upstairs to see Ridge. Quinn exclaimed that it would be over her dead body, and there was no way Brooke would ruin the day for Shauna or Ridge. Quinn tried to convince Brooke that Ridge wouldn't return to depravity with her and that Shauna could give him a life that Brooke couldn't. Quinn claimed that Shauna understood the meaning of love and commitment, but a "slut" like Brooke never would.

Brooke said that Quinn had lost it. Quinn contended that Brooke had finally lost Ridge. Quinn declared that Brooke was no match for Quinn. Quinn reminded Brooke of her failed attempt to break up Eric and Quinn. Quinn proclaimed that she was still the matriarch with her portrait on the wall, and the only person getting evicted from the family was Brooke.

At Forrester, Katie told Ridge that the truth was out, and Ridge hadn't sent the message to Carter that had ended Ridge's marriage to Brooke. It had been Quinn and Shauna. Ridge became disillusioned that he'd trusted Shauna, who'd done that to him. Katie said Shauna and Quinn had done a terrible thing by getting Carter to file those papers and leading Ridge to a ceremony he'd been in no condition to participate in.

Ridge stated that the drunken night in Las Vegas hadn't made sense to him, and that was mainly because he hadn't thought he'd do that to Brooke. He hadn't thought he'd text Carter about the papers without even talking to Brooke. He finally knew why. It was because Shauna had lied to him, which she'd said she'd never do. He felt that he needed to talk to her.

Katie said Ridge already knew what Shauna would say. In Katie's estimation, Shauna would say how sorry she was, plead with him to remember the times they'd shared, and urge him not to question her feelings for him. Shauna would claim to hate herself for keeping the secret, but Katie told him not to listen to it or trust Shauna ever again.

Outside in her robe at her friend's house, Shauna flashed back on moments with Ridge in Las Vegas. She recalled her concern that Ridge would leave her if he knew the truth. Shauna made a video call to Ridge. She said she needed to tell him something that had been weighing on her. It was about the night in Vegas.

Ridge revealed that he knew Shauna had lied to him. Ridge said she'd texted Carter to end Ridge's marriage. Sorry for it, Shauna said there was no justification for her actions. She'd wanted a life with him, and she'd made it happen. He asserted that she'd conned him into marrying her. She replied that she'd known it had been wrong, but she'd done it, anyway.

Ridge asked if Quinn had pushed Shauna to do it. Shauna admitted that Quinn had been involved, but Shauna believed she could have done the right thing on her own. Shauna stated that she loved him too much to go through the ceremony without him knowing the truth. She knew that he valued honesty, and she'd destroyed his trust. She could never forgive herself for that. "I mean, do you ever think you could forgive me?" she asked.

Ridge believed that Quinn had pushed Shauna and that Shauna had compromised herself because she'd wanted to be Mrs. Ridge Forrester. He hoped it was worth it. He said he wanted her to know that he had already chosen not to complete the ceremony before he'd even learned what she'd done.

Shauna assumed it was because Ridge loved Brooke too much. Shauna said that part of her had known it would turn out that way. She hated secrets and hadn't been able to keep living with that one. She claimed she wouldn't have exchanged vows in front of Carter without being honest. It had meant a lot to her to be Ridge's wife. It was the happiest she'd been in her life.

Shauna hadn't wanted Ridge that way. She claimed it wasn't what she was about. She loved Ridge with her whole heart. There had never been, and would never be, a man she'd want the way she wanted Ridge. It broke her heart to know she'd hurt him. She promised to do everything in her power to make it up to him.

"Goodbye, Shauna," Ridge replied and clicked off the call.

At Brooke's house, Hope arrived at her aunt's request. Hope assumed that Donna wanted Hope to help support Brooke on Ridge's wedding day. Donna conveyed that Brooke wasn't home and had gone to put a stop to the wedding. Hope didn't like that Brooke had gone alone.

Agreeing, Donna imagined they could have all gone there together and presented a united front. Hope laughed, saying Quinn would lose it if a bunch of Logans charged in there. Donna shared Brooke's suspicions about Quinn's hand in pushing Ridge and Shauna together and said Brooke had had enough of it. Hope wondered if Donna could imagine the fireworks at Eric's house.

Later, Donna and Hope checked their phones, but neither of them had heard from Brooke. Hope assumed the ceremony had to start soon. Donna said it wouldn't if Brooke had gotten to Ridge.

Brooke quietly entered the house, and Hope and Donna were full of questions and concern. Brooke said she loved them, but she wanted to be alone at that moment.

Brooke went upstairs, sat on her bed, and remembered the moment by the fountain when Ridge had returned home from Paris. She glanced at the floor and gasped to see rose petals in the form of a pathway out of the room. She followed the path down the stairs and discovered Ridge standing by the fireplace with a rose in his hand.

"The ceremony?" Brooke asked. Ridge told her that he couldn't exchange vows with Shauna. "It's always been you," Ridge stated, handing Brooke the rose. He called Brooke his beautiful Logan, and they kissed.

Back at Eric's house, Quinn received a video call from Shauna. Quinn wanted to know when Shauna would get there. Shauna informed Quinn that there would be no wedding or celebration, and Shauna's marriage to Ridge was over.

Zende Forrester returns to Los Angeles -- alone Zende Forrester returns to Los Angeles -- alone
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

At Forrester, Carter and a dejected Zoe returned from the canceled wedding ceremony. Zoe expressed that she had really been looking forward to seeing a Forrester wedding. "Don't worry," Carter said with a laugh. "They happen all the time. There's bound to be another one soon." Zoe purred that the sexy wedding officiant had turned her on. Before things could get too heated, Zoe was called away on a work matter.

Shortly after Zoe left, a voice from the doorway called out, "I see how it is. Someone gets promoted to chief operating officer, and suddenly, he's too busy to text back." Carter turned around as a puzzled look crept across his face. He then formed a smile when he realized that the voice belonged to Zende Forrester. Zende returned the smile and told Carter that he was moving back to Los Angeles.

Carter offered to help Zende and Nicole get settled back in. Zende held up his hand, exposing a ringless finger, and shared that he'd returned alone. Nicole would be staying in Paris. "I guess some things just aren't meant to be," Zende stated.

Carter asked if there was a chance that Zende and Nicole might get back together. Zende almost found himself responding, but he realized that Carter was trying to change the subject. Zende then asked about the vow renewal ceremony that his Uncle Ridge was supposed to be having. Carter explained that the ceremony was not happening and again tried to press Zende for details about how his marriage to Nicole had fallen apart. Zende politely declined to offer any more details, instead asking about Carter's love life.

Carter smiled broadly and became somewhat bashful as he told Zende of his "relatively new" romance. The door to the office opened slightly, and Zoe, in a lacy dress, said how she was looking forward to the "after-party [with] just the two of us." Her voice trailed off when she saw that Carter was not alone. "Just us? Wow!" Zende quipped, adding, "And we haven't even officially met."

Carter introduced Zoe and Zende. Zoe remarked that she and Zende followed each other on social media. Zende said it was finally nice to meet her in person. The two expressed their mutual admiration and shared awkward glances.

Brooke was clearly moved by Ridge's romantic gesture but admitted that she initially didn't want to allow herself to believe it could have been done by Ridge. "You came back to me," she said softly. "I decided on 1987," Ridge replied. He declared, "I've always loved you. You're the love of my life." Ridge told Brooke that he'd told Shauna that he still loved Brooke, and in return, he'd gotten an unexpected earful from Shauna.

Ridge then corrected himself, clarifying that Katie have given him news. Brooke was even more confused. Ridge declined to elaborate, saying only that Shauna had made it clear that she did not want to go through with the wedding. Ridge then confirmed that Brooke had been right all along: his Las Vegas wedding hadn't been on the up and up, and Quinn had been involved. Brooke voiced her outrage but said that she'd always known Quinn had been involved.

Ridge glossed over most of the details, instead skipping ahead to the most important part: Shauna was the one that had texted Carter to file divorce papers. That meant that Shauna and Ridge's marriage was invalid, and he and Brooke were still legally married. The pair vowed not to let any obstacles keep them apart ever again. "Now you're back where you belong. You're finally home," Brooke gushed as she embraced Ridge.

After dismissing everyone involved with the wedding, Quinn made a video call to Shauna to find out exactly what had happened between Shauna and Ridge. "I have had enough of your good conscience stuff to last a lifetime," Quinn snarled before vowing that she was not going to allow Shauna to sabotage herself. Shauna stunned Quinn with the revelation that it was Ridge who had called off the wedding. Quinn tried to find the bright side, noting that Shauna and Ridge were still married, even if Ridge had called off the ceremony. Shauna doubted that her marriage would last much longer, since Ridge knew the truth.

Quinn was furious. She rattled off a series of scenarios and responses that Shauna could have used to keep Ridge from running back to Brooke. As she vented about "what really happened in Vegas," Quinn was unaware that Eric was just around the corner. Eric listened intently as Shauna said she regretted taking Quinn's "horrible advice" and realized that Quinn's main goal had been finding a way to get Brooke out of Eric's life. Quinn admitted that she reaped some benefit but insisted that she had mostly wanted Shauna to find happiness.

Quinn worried that she'd have substantial damage control to do. As she began to panic, she repeated aloud every sketchy thing she'd done in helping to get Ridge and Shauna hitched. "Ridge is gone because I allowed myself to get caught up in your lies," Shauna snarled. Shauna said she didn't want to talk anymore, bade Quinn farewell, and ended the video chat. Eric stood silently trying to process everything that he'd heard.

Quinn stood in the Forrester living room, staring at her portrait above the fireplace. She swallowed hard, not knowing that Eric was standing behind her. She was startled when Eric said her name. Quinn said that it was a shame that the wedding hadn't happened and told Eric that "something came to light" about Shauna and Ridge's Las Vegas wedding that she wanted to talk to him about. "To light? Don't do that," Eric snapped, adding, "Have enough respect for me to stop telling lies."

Quinn went on the defensive, saying that Ridge and Brooke had to have been saying terrible things about her. Eric shook his head. It wasn't Ridge or Brooke. It was Quinn. "I heard you and Shauna talking on the phone," Eric revealed, adding, "I heard all of it." Quinn stared down at the ground, unable to look Eric in the eyes. Eric demanded to know why Quinn had done what she'd done.

Eric confronts Quinn Eric confronts Quinn
Thursday, October 8, 2020

At Brooke's house, Ridge admitted that he should have listened to Brooke, who'd been right about Shauna. Brooke said she'd never believed that she and Ridge would have ended that way. Ridge stated that they hadn't ended, and he hadn't wanted to divorce Brooke. He stated that he was home, and he wanted to make it right.

In the CEO's office, Carter told Zende that Eric would be thrilled about Zende's surprise arrival in town. In fact, everyone would be. Zoe seconded the statement, adding that it was awesome that Zende was there to stay. Zende stated that Paris had been amazing, but he'd begun to miss Los Angeles and his family. Zoe had heard Zende mention that his wife hadn't returned with him. She wondered if everything was okay between them.

Carter received a call from Ridge, who wanted Carter to meet at Brooke's house to help with something. Carter let Zende and Zoe know that he had to go, and she wondered if Ridge's request had something to do with his canceled wedding.

Later, Zende reviewed sketches on the conference table. Zoe, who'd gone for a fitting, returned, wondering what she'd missed. Looking at his sketches, she remarked that they were sexy. He asked if it was too much. It might be for some, Zoe reasoned, but she liked what she saw.

Zoe was still interested in what had happened between Zende and Nicole. Zoe had thought Zende would be married for life. Shrugging, he replied that life threw curveballs. Zoe was glad that he was back and that they'd met in person. It was crazy to him that their paths had never crossed. Zoe felt as if they knew each other through social media.

Zende replied that he didn't post as much as he had in the past. Believing that he should, Zoe called him a remarkable photographer and designer. He said he didn't have millions of followers like Zoe did. Zoe conveyed that he was doing fine. She'd admired him from afar, but he was even more impressive in person. He asked if she was flirting with him.

"Well, if you have to ask, then I guess I'm not doing a great job," Zoe decided. Spinning around, she offered to model Zende's designs for him once they were ready. He was humbled by her offer to do that for "little old" him. Zoe replied that he was Zende Forrester, who was no slouch.

Zoe wondered how it had been to live in Paris and was eager to hear Zende say something in French. Complying, Zende told her in French that she was beautiful, but she had a boyfriend. Zoe said that she and Carter hadn't put a label on anything. Zende told her that Carter was into her, and "he's my friend, so..."

Zoe asked if she was Zende's friend. Zende narrowed his gaze on her. She expressed confidence that they'd have fun together. She assumed that, even though he didn't want to talk about it, he was back on the market.

Later, Zoe was lauding Carter's career climb and called him quite a catch. Zende admired Carter, who'd been nothing but loyal to his Uncle Ridge and the Forresters. Zoe jokingly asked if Zende had seen Carter work out. Chuckling, Zende decided that he liked her. He liked her spirit and confidence.

Zende mentioned that he knew Zoe had gone through a rough time with Thomas. Surprised that Zende had heard about it, Zoe revealed that she'd been two words away from being a part of the Forrester family and their iconic fashion dynasty. She couldn't imagine that an opportunity like that would ever present itself again.

Back at Brooke's house, Carter congratulated Brooke and Ridge on their reunion and wondered why they'd needed to see him. Ridge asked if Carter recalled receiving the divorce text. Carter said he hadn't been able to believe it when he'd read it. Ridge stated that it was because it hadn't been real. Carter asked what Ridge was talking about.

Ridge stated that he'd been drunk that night. Carter added that Ridge hadn't remembered half the night. Ridge claimed to remember "not sending" the text message. He explained that he'd lost track of his phone that night, and Shauna had used it to text Carter. Brooke added that Ridge hadn't really wanted to end their marriage, and it had been a manipulation led by Quinn.

Carter was surprised to learn that Shauna, not Ridge, had texted the instructions about the divorce papers. Brooke said it was fraud. "You know what this means?" Carter asked. Ridge said he had an idea. Carter explained that if they could prove that Ridge had never directed Carter to file the divorce papers, then the divorce was invalid, thereby nullifying the marriage to Shauna. "For all intents and purposes, you're still married," Carter concluded.

Brooke exclaimed that it was amazing. Ridge said he'd told her so. He'd just needed Carter to confirm it. She stated that she was still his wife, and he said he was still her husband. Brooke wanted to pick up where they'd left off and not miss another moment.

Carter announced that he'd look into reversing the divorce right away. He was glad that it had worked out, and he'd always known that Brooke and Ridge loved each other. He noted that he'd been telling Zoe that earlier. "Zoe..." Ridge replied, recalling that she and Carter were dating.

Carter replied that he and Zoe were still in the early stages, but it was starting to get serious. Ridge considered Zoe to be smart and talented, but he said she had a bit of a past. Carter expressed Zoe's deep regret for her involvement with the incidents regarding Beth. Ridge hoped Zoe did regret it. Carter asked what that meant. "Just be careful. Watch your back," Ridge said.

Later, Carter had gone, and Ridge expressed confidence that Carter would straighten things out. Brooke and Ridge marveled at their chance at a new beginning. She couldn't imagine her life without him. He said he didn't have to imagine being without her, either. Brooke had known that they'd reunite. She'd also known Quinn would get exposed for what she'd done to them. "Pretty soon, her life is gonna come crashing down around her," Brooke concluded.

In Eric's living room, Eric asked Quinn to say it wasn't true that she and Shauna had sabotaged Ridge and Brooke's marriage. Quinn begged Eric to hear her out instead of overreacting. "You're caught. I heard everything!" Eric responded.

Eric knew that Quinn had instructed Shauna to use Ridge's phone to con Carter into filing the divorce papers. Eric added that she'd talked Shauna into taking Ridge to an all-night wedding chapel when he'd been in no condition to do that. Quinn admitted that she'd done the things he'd heard, but she'd had a good reason for it. She implored him to let her explain.

Quinn told Eric that he was her life. She didn't want to lose him. Eric told her that she couldn't go back to behaving the way she had in the past. Agreeing, she said it looked bad on the surface, but she hadn't been merely being vindictive. She said her motives had been from the heart.

Eric stated that Quinn couldn't justify setting up Ridge. Quinn claimed that her best friend adored Eric's son, and Eric had said himself that Shauna was remarkable. Quinn believed Shauna could have given Ridge the commitment that he deserved. Eric didn't believe it was about Shauna. In his mind, it was about Quinn's hatred for Brooke.

"Oh, Brooke!" Quinn seethed. She said that Brooke had been trying to get rid of her from day one. Quinn was sick of Brooke insinuating herself into their life, and Quinn had felt compelled to protect what they'd built. Eric asked if she was saying she'd done it for them. Quinn affirmed that she'd do anything to defend their marriage.

Eric yelled that Brooke couldn't destroy them, "but this, Quinn..." He stated that he'd stood up for her to everyone, and he'd believed that she was a changed woman. Quinn insisted that he'd seen it with his own eyes, and he knew how hard she'd worked on herself. She just hadn't been able to sit back and watch their life together get ambushed. She said she'd overreacted because she hadn't been able to watch Brooke chip away at what they'd created.

Eric accused Quinn of punishing Brooke by manipulating Brooke's marriage and manipulating Ridge. Quinn said Brooke didn't deserve Ridge, but Eric bellowed that Quinn didn't get to decide who Ridge chose. Eric didn't think Quinn had changed at all or ever would.

Quinn insisted that she had changed, and it had been due to his love and support. She didn't want him to lose sight of that. She said she just hadn't been able to let Brooke jeopardize their love. "Not Brooke. You, Quinn. You," he replied. He said it was Quinn's insecurity and jealousy that had gotten in the way and destroyed his and Quinn's future.

Eric said he'd begged Quinn not to revert to her old ways, but she'd done it. Quinn exclaimed that she'd been afraid of losing him. She asked what she could do to regain his trust. Eric didn't have any idea. He couldn't believe that she'd do something like that to someone who was dear to him without thinking of how it would affect him.

Eric declared that Quinn had crossed the line, and he couldn't do it. He said she'd crossed a line that he couldn't forgive. He couldn't even look at her and didn't think he'd be able to ever again. Eric strode out of the house, and Quinn called after him. Devastated, she sank onto the sofa.

Zoe's interest in Zende continues to grow Zoe's interest in Zende continues to grow
Friday, October 9, 2020

In the design office, Zoe gazed at Zende's picture on a laptop. Carter arrived, and she closed the device and wondered if he'd found out what had been going on with Ridge. Carter informed her that Ridge's divorce was invalid, and Ridge was still married to Brooke.

Zoe asked how that was the case if Carter had filed the papers. In his silence, she wondered if he'd made a mistake. Carter said it was an easy fix, but Shauna and Quinn had done shady things to tamper with Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Zoe assumed that meant Brooke had been right about them. Carter figured it would cause serious damage to Eric's marriage.

Zoe reasoned that Eric was very understanding, but Carter stated that there were limits. She asked what Quinn had done. Carter explained that Eric had warned Quinn not to interfere in Brooke and Ridge's marriage, but Quinn had been determined to split them up. Zoe pointed out that it hadn't worked, and once Carter corrected things, everyone could go on with their lives.

Carter wasn't sure Eric would see it that way. Carter decided to leave to take care of things for Brooke and Ridge. Zoe told Carter not to forget that they still had to celebrate his new position later. Carter left. Zoe opened the laptop and resumed gazing at Zende's picture.

In the corridor, a sullen Eric strode into work and checked messages on Pam's desk. He thought of when he'd exposed Quinn earlier, and he tossed the messages aside.

In the CEO's office, Eric was surprised to find Zende working. Eric asked how long Zende would be in town, and Zende replied that he didn't know what the future held for "us" right now. Eric believed that his grandson's future was bright at Forrester, and he expressed admiration for Zende's designs. Eric spotted some jewelry on the conference table, and his face darkened.

Zende asked what was wrong and mentioned that he'd heard there had been excitement at the mansion. Eric admitted that he'd learned something unsettling about his wife, and he'd become uncertain of his future, too.

Sitting down, Eric conveyed that Brooke had warned him, but he hadn't wanted to believe it. Zende replied that Eric didn't have to tell him that marriage was complicated. Eric didn't mean to burden Zende, and Zende replied that he didn't mean to pry. Eric said that it was better to know the truth than to live with a lie. He couldn't ignore what Quinn had done.

Determined not to weigh Zende down with Eric's problems, Eric turned his attention to a design Zende was working on. Zende mumbled that it was still rough. Chuckling, Eric agreed but still found it to be good. Eric complimented Zende's technique. He noted that Zende had made a name for himself in Paris and wondered why he'd become uncertain of his future.

Eric said he'd been surprised when he'd heard that Zende would return to Los Angeles. Zende was shocked that Eric had already known about it. "Well, this is my company," Eric responded. He added that Julius had finally gotten Eric to join him in a round of golf and had told Eric. Nicole hadn't given her father a lot of details, and Eric had remained discreet.

Zende said there was still a lot for them to figure out, and he'd always love Nicole and want the best for her. He respected her and said they didn't want to hurt each other. He guessed it sounded ridiculous. Eric replied that it sounded like love.

Eric got a notification. He said he could stay if Zende wanted to talk. After all, it was his company. Zende offered to catch up with Eric later. Eric left, and Zende resumed sketching.

Zoe knocked on the door. She stood on the threshold in a couture gown. She'd heard that Zende had wanted to see the newest designs. She'd thought that, instead of using a mannequin, she'd show him on the real thing. Zende was impressed. Turning on some music, she said Forrester's hottest new designer deserved the VIP treatment.

Zoe swayed to the beat, and Zende clapped. She switched off the music and asked if he wanted to see another dress. "Another time," he responded. Zoe's smile faded. Changing the subject, she told him that he still hadn't answered her question about him and Nicole. He replied that he'd rather not get into it.

Zoe said she was a world-class model and a good listener if Zende ever changed his mind. He cracked a smile, and she felt she'd accomplished her goal. She said they'd get close while working together, and she was looking forward to their collaboration.

Back in the design office, the pensive Eric touched Quinn's jewelry and recalled times with her.

Back at the mansion, Quinn heard the front door open. She thought it was Eric, but instead, it was Brooke. Quinn asked why Brooke was there. Brooke didn't think Quinn should be surprised to see her because the two of them had been headed toward that moment for a long time. Brooke asked where Shauna was, and Quinn said Shauna wasn't there.

Wanting to make it easier for both of them, Quinn suggested that Brooke go ahead, take her victory lap, and crow about getting Ridge back. Brooke said that things could have gone easier earlier that day, but Quinn had insisted upon rubbing Brooke's face in the impending wedding.

Brooke recalled that Quinn had told her how honest, sweet, and innocent Shauna was. Brooke stated that Quinn would have died before letting Brooke spoil Shauna's day, but as it had turned out, Brooke hadn't had to do it. Ridge had done it. Ridge had called off the ceremony. Brooke said she'd told Quinn that Ridge loved only Brooke and that no one would get between them. "But you didn't listen. That was a big mistake," Brooke concluded.

Quinn asked if "this" was her punishment for insulting Brooke. Quinn asked if she had to listen to Brooke rant on and on about her faded-out love story just because she hadn't believed in it. Quinn asked if Brooke thought Quinn would apologize for supporting her friend. Outraged, Brooke said Quinn had risked everything she cared about just to get back at Brooke.

Quinn claimed that Brooke had tried to turn Eric against Quinn and destroy Quinn's marriage and that Brooke had kept making threats and denigrating Quinn to her husband. Brooke asserted that she'd told Eric the truth about Quinn trying to get between Brooke and Ridge and manipulating Ridge from the moment she'd moved Shauna into the guesthouse.

Brooke said she'd even warned Eric and Ridge about it. Brooke had seen everything Quinn had been up to -- except the illegal actions. "Impersonating Ridge?" Brooke said, followed by, "Tricking Carter into filing fraudulent legal papers?"

Quinn didn't know how "fraudulent" the signed divorce papers had been. Quinn told Brooke to stop pretending that the marriage had been a fairy tale when they'd been on the brink for months. Quinn yelled that Ridge had wanted out, and none could blame him after all the misery Brooke had put him through.

Brooke yelled that Quinn needed to stop and take responsibility for the chaos she'd created. Brooke recalled that when Quinn had seen Brooke and Ridge on the verge of reuniting, Quinn had launched the crazy stunt with the picture frame. She'd then gotten Shauna to lure Ridge to Vegas for that sham wedding. Brooke called Quinn hideous and a loathsome person. She said she saw it in Quinn, and Eric and the family would see it, too.

At the end of her patience, Quinn decided that Brooke had said what she'd wanted to say and could go. Brooke refused. She asserted that Quinn was done interfering in Brooke's life and relationship. Brooke asked if Quinn had really thought she could tear Ridge away from Brooke and noted that Eric had even warned Quinn about trying it. "But you wouldn't listen," Brooke said.

Quinn asked if Brooke thought she was the only person who could make Ridge happy. Quinn stated that she hadn't forced Ridge to go to Las Vegas. Brooke asked if Quinn really thought Shauna could take Ridge from Brooke. Brooke claimed that she and Ridge had never grown so far apart that they hadn't been able to find their way back to each other.

"Until you split up again," Quinn added. She was sick of people holding that relationship up as a monument to true love and felt that Ridge would be better off with Shauna. Brooke announced that she and Ridge were still married, and the manipulation hadn't worked. Brooke asked how Eric would react to learning Quinn had manipulated his son.

"Oh, he did find out," Brooke concluded from Quinn's cloudy expression. Brooke stated that Quinn had taken his love, compassion, and forgiveness for granted. Brooke admitted that Eric did love Quinn but added that his loyalty was to his family -- to Brooke and to Ridge. Motioning to the portrait, Brooke said Eric had put it up there, and he'd take it down. She stated that Quinn would be removed from the family and all of their lives forever.

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